North Korea Success, Iran & Israel Tangle, Blue Wave Sinks

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 334 5.11.18)

Even the biased propaganda of the mainstream media (MSM) had to call what is happening in North Korea a good thing. Will Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize?  Who knows, but there is zero doubt that Trump has made more progress on North Korea than any president since Truman.

Iran has been building military bases in Syria for war, and Israel is attacking them. Syria is also attacking Israel in what looks to be a new chapter in the Syrian conflict.

This week featured several primaries in multiple states. Instead of a so-called “Blue Wave” hitting the political shores, what we saw was a blue fizzle and laid bare the advantage the Democrats have been touting for the upcoming 2018 mid-terms.  The Dems are running on tax increases, impeachment of Trump, destroying the 2nd Amendment and basic Marxism.  That is a very tough bill to sell without outright lying and cheating, which is what I predict the Dems will have to resort to come November.

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  1. Robert Zionist Lykens

    The United States will defy most of the world with its Jerusalem embassy opening on Monday.
    There’s something almost spiritual about going against what the majority of the world wants. I’m not saying it is spiritual, understand. But the Bible makes it plain that there are three enemies: the world, the flesh and the devil.
    So combine America defying the will of the world with honoring Israel – whom the world despises – and it adds up to an act of our government which is very encouraging to fundamental, Zionist Christians.
    Seeing America blessing Israel by officially recognizing that Jerusalem and Israel are inseparable is a very encouraging thing.
    God bless America.

    • Greg Hunter

      God the Father is smiling!! He might even be laughing out loud.

      • Robert Zionist Lykens

        “Trump’s decision to pull out of the nuclear deal, but also the blows Iran and its proxies have sustained in recent days in Syria, have been received with unveiled glee by many in the Arab world, who sense that Washington is returning to filling a leading role in the region by defending its allies and blocking Iran’s expansionist endeavors.”

        Greg, I suspect that the Arab nations which approve of Trump’s actions are the “Sheba and Dedan” of Ezekiel 38:13.

      • Mohammad

        Smiling and laughing at the lives that will be wasted in the coming inferno?


        • Greg Hunter

          Why would you be smiling and laughing?

          • Mohammad

            Not me Greg
            Am asking why would your god be smiling and laughing at when scores of lives are going to be lost in the coming war.
            He should be sad.


            • Greg Hunter

              Because the truth was exposed. You think the lies would protect everyone??