One-on-One with Chris Duane

By Greg Hunter’s 

Chris Duane was a 30 year old millionaire working at his family’s East coast car dealerships when he walked away from it all to become a citizen journalist.  He sold his house in 2005 and started renting just before the real estate crash.  He began warning anyone who would listen about the collapse and paradigm change coming to America.  His YouTube channel,, has gotten 3.5 million views-in less than a year!  He says, “The collapse is going to unwind all social and financial contracts worldwide.”

He tells people to, “Get out of every single paper asset you own because it’s all going to be worth nothing. . . . If you’re not ahead of the curve, you’re going to be historical road kill.”  He also thinks sometime in the next three years, “the dollar will be completely worthless.”  When that happens, Duane predicts, “mass hysteria, power grabs and food riots.”  His number one investment is physical silver because it is in short supply and extremely undervalued.  Greg Hunter goes One-on-One with Chris Duane.

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  1. Reality Check

    Wall Street Journal and City of London Financial Times publish articles about “insolvency” in the European Banking System. (Despite the fact that Germany had 5 consecutive years of One Trillion plus exports. ) In any case, The Europeans are moving and will hopefully succeed in bringing their respective financial sectors under control, especially the outlaw and criminal parts. In contrast, the US UK Financial sector has nothing to fear in this regard.

    • JILL

      US & UK Financial Sectors have nothing to fear… Are you kidding?

      • Reality Check

        I kid you not.

    • John Smith

      Nothing to fear! Huh? The US is more bankrupt than Europe and is only teetering along because the banks literally control everything including the printing presses (fiat and media). The problem of course is that you can’t eat paper money. Eventually the resource crunch will hit and the playing field won’t be will be blasted flat. At the moment, although the US is completely insolvent by anyones standard, the game is simple; More and more abject poverty, more social misery, more crime, more drugs (the biggest pusher is the Govt) until eventually somewhere in the US it will reach boiling point and explode and it will spread like wild fire. The financial crisis is merely the precursor to the real problem, Finite natural resources. When this really hits home nothing will save us. Money is just paper. If the problem was just about money there would be no problem. It’s about money’s inability to sustain real wealth ito of food, clothing, fuel, housing. Economists will have you believe that if you throw enough money at a problem it will go away. FALSE. We heading for the cliff in a car with no brakes, without safety belts and no air bags.

  2. art barnes

    Greg, I’m betting on printing as opposed to default as its the only mindset of our money junkies leaders & the FED. Printing is a tried and true method of “kicking the can down the road” and “holding the lid” on the system. Its already in place, most commodities are on the rise, and the poorly manufactured cheap trinkets out of China are going up as well. In reality, its because of the dollar losing its value not the trinkets intrinsic value increasing. Most American struggling families are yet to wake up and understand the labor game they have been playing has been rigged by the elite. Wait until you have been working another three or so years without a raise and your local tomato is $2.00 a pound during summer. Sooner or later your poor paying job will barely pay enough for the expense to get to work and back, much less support a family. At that point in time the printing will commence in earnest and we will have arrived at our destination; a third world banana republic. Great interview!

    • Greg

      Thank you Art. Life will get much tougher for the unprepared.

  3. M. Saylor

    I really enjoy the one on one interveiws, this news site is becoming better all the time. Thank you for all the work you’re doing.

    • Greg

      Thank you M.Saylor for your comment and support.

  4. Joni Carleton

    Greg, after listening to Chris for the first time this morning,(missed him on Coast to Coast radio program) he had even me pacing back and forth while he was talking. From reading all of my 10 financial guru newsletters who are saying the same things, Chris definitely knows what he is talking about. But his more definitive statements are causing me to take action and tweek a few things in my own financial house. I definitely will be following up by watching his videos, etc. Thank you so much for introducing a younger voice pounding on this subject. Perhaps now the younger set will sit up and take notice. Regards, Joni, a Baby Boomer 🙂

    • Greg

      Thank you Joni, Jim and George too!

  5. Jim H

    Thanks Greg for another great interview.
    I know I keep writing about this but I still believe we need to quit thinking so much about the way things have worked in the past to determine what action to take to protect ourselves. Do business, political or military rules of the past even apply any longer?
    The goals of the Elite mean more in my humble opinion than past rules and everything tells me, two of their goals are a cashless society and futher consolidation of Nations and international corporations (banks included) to help bring this about.
    It could very well be that one day my silver and gold are worthless just because they decided it is.

  6. George Too

    WoW – Something that I have been saying for a while now. If you understand even basic math, you understand that America is financially kaput…Bankrupt. America is living large on the taxpayer dime and the government will squeeze the “little people”…that is you and me, folks…until we are bled dry and then they will go to the next group.
    Thanks Greg!

  7. Lulu

    If you had no debt except your Mortgage (thru credit union), and $100,000.00 sitting in the bank, would you use it to pay off your mortgage? My fear is that our paper Mortgage will become useless as well….even if paid in full! Any thoughts? Thank you so much for your insight.

    • Greg

      I am hesitant to give specific advise. Having a house that’s paid for is a good thing but one should also have a core long term investment in some gold and silver coins. Only you know your situation well enough to distribute your assets. That said holding your savings in cash will probably be a big mistake because of the coming inflation. Go to this site and watch the John Williams interview for more perspective.

  8. Dan

    Great article Greg. Here is what I think is going to happen.I think they are biding their time until after the election then all heck is gonna breakout. I mean WW3.
    So the collapse of the dollar will happen next year or early in 2014 when the charter for the Federal Reserve Bank expires in Dec 2013.
    One other thing doesn’t the bible say every man shall be paid one ounce of silver per day for his labor.(where is this quote in the bible I’d like to read it)
    Keep up the great job your doing, you are a God send for waking up the people.
    Dan S.

    • Greg

      Thank you Dan for your comment and kind words of support!

    • Dave

      QE3 just after 11-6-12. That’s my guess, too.

  9. g.johnson

    good stuff. but i do have a serious question.

    covert your assets to precious metals. good enough but…..

    ok, the dollar goes poof, the scenario plays out as mr. duane describes it. power grabs, food riots, etc. basically your typical beyond thunderdome paradigm.

    you have silver, you have gold.

    how do you spend it without letting the cat out of the bag that you have it?

    where do you spend it? will walmart remove their cash registers and install assaying equipment at the checkout line? doubtful walmart will even exist as there is no longer impetus (money) to move freight.

    survival will depend on a lot more than what’s in your “wallet” if the shit truly hits the fan as it looks like it very well may.

    i have seen the shows on tv about getting “prepared” and i have to say that i give a higher chance to those preparing as a community that i do to those who plan to light out on their own.

    food, shelter and protection of your children and loved ones will be the top priorities.

    good planning, but not necessarily a getaway plan. i mean, where are you going to go? to someplace that someone else just got away from?

    stay put, dig in, aggressively defend but try hard not of offend. keep your humanity, and as much humor as you can muster. the idea will not be to see who is the last man standing, but to reclaim social unity, sooner the better.

    • Nathan Hale

      Answer to question 1
      Spend it the same way you spend paper. It will become popular again, as it was 40 years ago. Yes maybe someone will see you use a silver dollar and try to rob you, same as cash in this day and time. Keep a shootin iron with you.
      Answer to question 2
      No, Wally World will be behind the curve this time. They won’t know what to do with it. But your mechanic will, the rancher that raises cattle will, the farmer that grows food will. I bet you could trade it just like they did in the 1800’s.

    • slingshot

      Hello g.johnson,
      You have alot of wisdom in your last sentences. Although we do have some time to prepare, we can not cover all the bases for what is in store for us in our future. What we read here and what we do with that information may help us all, through life and death events. The hard part is, how can so many go through life without a care as the indications do not bode well for the country. The fact you care, gives us hope that, We Will Endure! Maybe not all of us, but the vast majority.
      It may come to pass that gold and silver will be hard to spend without letting the cat out of the bag. I plan to use silver coinage, to include copper pennies before 1982 and modern nickels before 2013. They are going to change the composition of the nickle next year. The penny before 1982 is worth in metal about 3 cents while the nickle now is worth 7.5 cents. Silver dime about $3.00. Not a garrantee for transactions but the paper dollar will be worth zilch. Keep your gold for wealth preservation. Silver for major transactions of rebuilding and your coinage for everyday usage.
      As for all those prep sites. Take what you can use and dump the rest because everyones situation is different. Have to stay flexible and change yours plans if need be.
      FYI, I plan to stay put. Too old and grumpy to go running around in the woods.;o)

      Another “Grand Slam”, Greg

      • Greg

        Thank you Sling for that high complement!!

  10. bob

    I must give Chris Duane real credit here. He’s a fine young guy who can see all hell heading sraight at us. He’s trying to help by sounding a warning before it hits. Thank you Greg for having him on your show and please—-continue on.

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob, M Smith and Jan for your comments and for supporting this site.

  11. M SMITH

    Greg, nice job. It takes a lot to get people to wake up, even close family members are some of the hardest to get them to look at what is really going on. As he said we will see huge changes come about. I just hope we will do it as peace full as Iceland, but what I & other see leaves many doughts on that. All we can do is do our best & be prepared. Thanks for all your great interviews & research.

  12. Jan

    Thank you for adding these wonderful interviews to your site. These people add so much information we do not get in the MSM. I wish I could subscribe to all of their sites, but alas that would break my too small to bother with bank.

  13. Weary of Taxes


    Another superb interview !

    I review your website often, but have seldom placed a comment. Not that what is here is not interesting. It is just that I feel beaten and thrown over a cliff particularly with the onslaught of new taxes and Emir O’s perpetual disregard for the Constitution. We are being destroyed & looted from within everyday.

    I again read the Declaration of Independence last eve. Since we disconnected from cable TV & broadcast TV propaganda years ago, we read heavily. With a few substitution of words, very few, that document would apply today to what this destructive government is embarking on.

    Agreed , this is not going to end well. For those of us that saved, worked hard, lived conservatively, own your home and property, we will suffer the greatest losses. We have much to lose or be taken for redistribution.

    November will be pivotal. The nation sinks or gets to tread water longer waiting on a yet to be determined rescue austerity plan. If the election goes the left fork in the road, it will be a one way road with a no return exit.

    How did we come to this? A question I keep asking myself.

    • Greg

      Thank you for weighing in Weary of Taxes.

  14. Bob


  15. T-Ricky

    The physical silver gang are a religious cult, don’t get sucked in! Everyone should defintely own some but don’t listen to these apocalytos and survivalists.

  16. karel

    Chris is a smart guy.But Greg is just a dumbo.

    • Greg

      Ouch! Thanks for the comment even though you cut me down.

    • slingshot


      And just where is your website?

  17. Ed V.

    Greg, I’m so glad you left the MSM. We need more truth seekers like you. I’ve been watching Duane for a long time, he has helped me put things in perspective. Thanks for having him on. Also, thanks for all the great stories you write, thanks for telling us the truth. It’s really dispicable what the MSM and their sellouts have done to us. They are nothing more than high paid prostitutes. The MSM, republicrats, the legal system and our law enforcement have all sold us out. We have become a lawless country. Like GC says, justice is not for everyone – Just Us. Us meaning the above mentioned. God help us all.

    • Greg

      Amen brother Ed V.
      I have calls into Mr. Willie and he has committed to an interview I just don’t know when. Mr. Willie is a brain!!!

  18. Ed V.

    Greg, respectfully request you get Jim Willie (aka The Golden Jackass)on for an interview. He really knows his stuff.

  19. C.Moore

    God Bless the USA

  20. Joe

    After years of attempting to identfy people that have a real track record for being right, every single authority I have found has in common a prediction of a catastrophe within the next 12 months. The interesting element is that they describe at least a half dozen ways the catastrophe can happen and what causes it. A collapsing Europe, overwhelming worldwide debt, an Obama plot to take down American capitalism, continued printing of money. The one I find most interesting is a, not so secret plot by China and Russia and smaller countries like Brazil, to completely abandon the US Dollar. If and when that happens, America will collapse relatively quickly. However, we also have the very real possibility of an EMP event, either by enemies or by ever increasing Solar Flare activity that has already interrupted power in many areas of the world. The scientific community has asked our Congress to act, but of course, nothing will happen. I could go on.

    Bottom line is we are going to be subjected to more than one nationwide or worldwide calamity and soon. If you don’t get ready, don’t come calling on those silly preppers for help. Too late!

  21. Gary

    Greg, you have made many correct adjustments to your life in anticipation of the upcoming end game to our financial system. However you should never underestimate the creativity of the US and other governments to interfere with what you would expect to happen. Silver will never reach the levels you suggest of 1:1 with gold, as with all predictions they all are in the same vane as the weather forecast.

    Silver is an industrial metal first and foremost and even though we consume large quantities it is not in short supply. It is if you include the paper silver but that will be corrected by those fools losing their money when the music stops and only one chair remains. However I agree there is a huge disconnect with gold/silver ratio that should revert back to historical average of 15:1 to 20:1. We have ample reserves for silver to be mined and they will come on line when the real demand is realized. Governments, currencies come and go with gold/silver always remain for those who learn from history is one way to preserve your wealth.

    The problem with fiat currencies is that without some method of accounting for currency it will always without exception lead to cheating by simply printing whatever amount you want at the time you find convenient. Fiat currency has failed without exception throughout all of recorded history. Gold/silver is convenient because it’s hard to get, it doesn’t decay (oxidize), hard to cheat with and the sum of it remains constant as you can’t just counterfeit it. All of the mined gold in the world still remains in circulation, that’s not the case for silver we waste a large amount every year.

    Whereas governments can counterfeit their own currencies by just printing more bogus notes backed by nothing. They cannot manufacture gold out of nothing. That’s is why the spend addicts hate gold/silver you have to put up or shut up when you’re at the table.

    Good luck to those few who have the foresight to protect themselves from the financial upheaval that lies ahead.

  22. Falcon Man

    Greg, this is an absolutely EXCELLENT video. Chris is brilliant and he is a good guy too. Thank you for a great discussion with Chris. I will certainly be visiting your site more frequently. On a slightly different topic (there is a link about CNN on the side of your site) I have totally boycotted mainstream media. TOTALLY ! I dont watch MSM on TV, and I don’t visit MSM internet websites because they are all full of lies and propaganda, and non important garbage.
    Thank you Greg for an excellent website!

    • Greg

      Thank you Falcon Man for your support and traffic.

  23. Al

    “You are either ahead of the curve or you are road kill” I like that statement from Chris Duane. I also like the point he made that people can’t face the truth and when they do finally “get it” the reality of truth overwhelms them. Some commit suicide. How many parents will kill themselves when they realize they cannot feed their kids anymore? I believe it might be thousands and thousands here in the US alone. Chris named his series “The Greatest Truth Never Told” and it was dead on. I hope more awaken to the lies being told to them by “trusted” officials. Nice interview with Chris Duane—One of the “Good Guys” for sure—–

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