Serious Global Pain as Economic Model Dies – Daniel Estulin

Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

International best-selling author, journalist and counter-intelligence expert Daniel Estulin says the problems in the world revolve around the rapidly dying financial system and a “coming global bankruptcy.”  Estulin contends, “We are looking at $3 quadrillion or $4 quadrillion of global debt, and you are looking at the end of the Bretton Woods economic model.  We are at a critical stage for humanity that will determine the direction of the world.  There is much at stake for us but especially for the liberals because their model, which is based on infinite growth, is coming to an end.”

According to Estulin, the United States is in for hardship and poverty never seen before.  Estulin says, “This is the year for the United States.  A lot of things are going to be decided financially, economically, socially and with a president that should not be there.  The Democrats understand this, and that is why they are leaving in droves. . . . We are coming into some serious pain moments for the global economy.  The Russians are used to suffering and having to live on nothing.  You (USA) are not.”

How bad will this get?  Estulin, who is former Russian intelligence, says just look at what happened to the Soviet Union when it broke up in 1991.  Estulin points out, “Between 1991 and 1998, 26 million Soviet citizens died.  It was caused by starvation, depression, drugs, alcohol and all kinds of things.  Most importantly, it was because 40% of our countrymen lost everything that they saved over the history of their country. . . . In 1989, in the entire Soviet satellite space, there were around 500 million people in the Soviet Union.  There were only 14 million people living under the poverty line.  That’s 14 million out of 500 million people.  In 1996, just seven years later, these 14 million with the destruction of the Soviet Union, became 168 million.  So, from 14 million, it went up to 168 million people living under the poverty line.  The same thing is going to happen to the West and the United States. . . . This will be at least two times worse than what happened in the 1929 to 1933 period.  That means future generations are going to be infinitely worse off than my generation. . . . It means the standard of living in the West is going to be something they have never in their lives imagined.  The kinds of things coming to America and to the west is what you see on television.  You are talking about World War III zombies or some kind of other horrible things.  It is coming home because the United States is in the same position as the Soviet Union in 1991.  You have a President named Joe Biden who has dementia for goodness’ sake. . . this is a carbon copy of Brezhnev in the Soviet Union in 1981.”

Estulin also contends to deal with the so called “reset” and their dying financial system, the desperate globalists have no problem doing away with large chunks of the population or dramatically changing their DNA.  Estulin says, “The final stage for the liberals is the evolution of humanity. . . . In other words, the politics of post humanism. . . . The liberals (such as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum) are praising the new possibilities of post humanism.  We need to understand what these people are going to do with us, and it’s in black and white.  It’s the fusion with a machine that will greatly enhance body strength, memory and genetic engineering . . . what these people want is immortality. . . . Any one that does not agree with this agenda, they are declared enemies of open society, and you get cancelled.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author Daniel Estulin to talk about what is going on now with the “global bankruptcy” and “reset.”  These are just a few of the topics Estulin analyzes in great detail in his latest book 2045 Global Projects at War.”  (There is much more in the 54 min. interview.)

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Self Exiled

    Doing away with people. —— Rare Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Detected in Vaccinated Young: Lancet Study

    • Anthony Australia

      Love this bloke and thanks for the interview Greg!

      • mike martin

        awesome timely guest. you never disappoint Greg.

        If I may Greg…
        To all my fellow Canadians who visit here regularly as I do..

        THIS IS OUR TIME..
        begin today emailing or phoning or texting your bogus Prime Minister his Globalist minded Cabinet. Your Federal and Provincial MP’s and MPP’s.
        Put the fear of GOD into them for their assault on Canadians and the consequences for them of doing what they may or may not have done.

        Raise your voice and be part of the movement that takes back our Country.

        Thank You all, GOD is waking many up now and lets give him some help.

      • Anthony Australia

        Thoughts and prayers to all those dealing with floods in Queensland.

    • Anthony Australia


      Got sent a clip showing Philly. American dream is is a calamity. The world used to run there, now they’re heading in the opposite direction.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Anthony,
        Constantly thinking about everyone in Oz. Nearly emigrated there in my late teens as a £10 Pom, and regretted not doing so – until now!
        Re your link. I posted similar to USAW some months ago. Looks like the set of a zombie apocalypse movie!!! I guess this is Klaus Schwab’s intent for all of us . . .

        • Anthony Australia

          Agreed. Wasn’t throwing stones at glasshouses but it’s so sad to see a place of ambition, enterprise & freedom descend into an abyss.
          Slim hope for us here but judging by the numbers of sheeple, prospects seem doomed.

      • helot

        I wonder if anyone has thought to check the pets & livestock of the, “vaccinated” for signs of shedding? A veterinarian or two might be a route to verify?

        And, if the pets & livestock are not being shedded upon, why?

      • Self Exiled

        I think it’s possible we might be breathing in this graphene if it is molecularized and sprayed into the atmosphere.??????????

        • helot

          If it is from geoengineering fallout then it seems likely it would be in wildlife as well.

          I wonder if anyone is looking?

      • virginia clark

        I guess it can. This doctor is confirming it with visual evidence. HOLY TOLEDO I can’t thank you enough for posting this. As a massage therapist semi retired I’have been wanting to go back to work and I’m so confused and hesitant. No, not vaxxed.

    • Laura McDonough

      Possible release of ebola- smallpox bio weapons during the Olympic games, time will tell as people now back in their countries. By end of March 6th, we will know if people are coming down w/ it.

      • Gabriella

        Polio has come to Israel. Head doctor saying the boy did not get the polio vaccines.

  2. Self Exiled

    I doubt this will be on the news. —————- soldiers of the Ukrainian army will be sent home to their families.

    • IIG

      Breaking News! – Ukrainian President Signs Letter “Demanding Inclusion In The European Union” – Purposely Putting a Red Hot Poker Into The Eye Of The Russian Bear – Thus Instigating Putin Who Now Will Have No Recourse “But To Level Ukrainian Cities”!!
      PS: I bet Stan will soon be telling us he is selling more gold on this news!!!

      • Stan

        IIG: You are blind if you cannot see that this is the best time to short Gold in years. I’ve been busy all day placing leveraged short positions.

        • Camp Nu

          Jog off

  3. Faith

    Gold has been money for 6,000 years.
    That isn’t complicated. It’s very simple.
    Every state needs a bullion bank.

    • BDS

      Highly probable based on Vaers, DOD reporting, life ins company spike in life claims, uptick in mortuary business, and the great reset! The damage is done and people responsible walk the planet financially secure!

    • Wayne

      Bad link…:

  4. Roger...

    Daniel Estulin Quote 22 min mark on Trump

    “it is one thing to start a revolution, it is one thing to keep it going, and another to defend it and he was not willing to do it”

    “Trump did not have the fortitude to defend American freedom”

    • Self Exiled

      Very difficult choice to make. I also do not think Trump has the intelligence; both personal and operatively to carry out a revolution. It would require an infrastructure; maybe not as large but extremely efficient as the deep state has achieved in the last50 years. His choices and administrative designs did not reflect this ability. His failure in such an enterprise; in my opinion would have been much more destructive than constructive. I’m grateful of that which he did achieve and thankful he appeared when he did.

      Psalm 11:3
      If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?”

      Proverbs 10:25
      When the whirlwind passes, the wicked is no more, But the righteous has an everlasting foundation.

      • Anthony Australia

        Revelation 19:20

        And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who in its presence had done the signs by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped its image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur.

        Revelation 20:10

        And the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        All Trump had to do in the first days of his presidency was liquidate the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. Bring in state and municipal people (Republicans) from around the country to replace them and start over.

        • Self Exiled

          Republicans = Counsel on Foreign Relations = Rockefeller Foundation = NWO

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            Either that or your choice is Democrats (Antifa, BLM, etc.).

            • Self Exiled

              Interesting quagmire: isn’t it.

      • John

        The answer to psalm 11:3 is in the rest of the psalm 11. There will be a just eternity. I look forward to it.

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      Yes, sadly, he’s right, and I’m afraid it’s true. But how could he? Everyone around him, including his VP, tucked tail and turned! And the courts are corrupt, no one would look at the evidence. In hindsight, that was the moment to spark the revolution.

    • Merlo Theodore

      Rodger, you think Trump is through? He didn’t stop because he stepped down, that was of the plan. There plenty more to do and that’s what he’s been doing. Now it’s time to finish it. The majority of people don’t know bible prophecy, we are about to enter the last 3 1/2 years in revelations and the eagle (US) do things to help God’s people in the last 3 1/2 of this age (6000 years), so the US is not going anywhere. You about to see what is take place next and Trump will be back on the seen.

      All Blessings Come From God!!!!
      Merlo Theodore

      • Steven

        So in other words Trump, his backers, and his base “losing totally & completely was always the plan”? Yeah, when on the verge of a possible civil-war, its always a great idea to surrender the power of the central-government to enemies who hate you and want you dead, lol. Wake up man!

    • Marie Joy

      Americans were/are not, yet, ready to go to war. That may, or may not, happen, but, for now, not going to happen. We haven’t lost everything, yet.

    • Mark Washburn

      Agreed. The moronic liberals had to see what idiots their leaders are and the only way to do that was to let the steal go through. Some will never open their eyes, but many are. If Trump had simply forced it, we would have had civil war for sure. I don’t think it’s a matter of Trump (and those behind him) not having the guts to see the revolution through, I think it’s more they are attempting to see it through with as little civil war as possible. Victory starts with education and exposure, then bring the pain. I also think there is an economic plan as well that gold, silver and bitcoin will be a part of.

      • Lucas Doolin

        I think you would appreciate Patel Patriot on Telegram. org

    • A Friend

      DJT in two words, Friends:

      JUDAS. GOAT.

      • Cassie

        Completely agree!

    • Spur

      You’re talking about a guy who thinks it’s right to get the kill shot…! Really??????

    • Laura McDonough

      Roger and others reading comments: Trump is a globalist and gatekeeper for the elite, he did nothing while in office, just bloviating speeches ongoing w/current rallies building a MAGA cult following. Pushing covid shots, refusing while president to drain the swamp or make arrests via dept. justice. We no longer vote ,knowing for decades elite control congress and presidents. America is fininished and the economy is ruined.

    • Laura McDonough

      I have heard this for sometime, and since Trump pushed covid shots during his recent rallies (watched on C-span) , why would informed people trust him? He is a gatekeeper for the globalists (wolf in sheeps clothing). He didn’t drain the swamp or have people arrested for treason.

  5. Ken

    Thank you Greg so very much for this insight, I know which way we going and more to the point we’re we as a nation Ned to traverse from here. Again great information.

  6. John Botha

    The problem is some “ country’s “ have the right to exist and others do not, Israel is a apartheid state much worse than South Africa pre 1994, Ukraine has the right to exist, Taiwan a bunch of traders to China call themselves a country and they have the right to exist, How about white Americans, can white Americans have there own country, how about a Christian country as the state religion and no other religion allowed like in Israel or Saudi Arabia, would that be allowed, think about it

    • Freebrezer

      J – I was going to reply (deleted about 20 lines) and decided not worth it!

    • Laura McDonough

      America is now a secular country. Has been for decades. Corp. gov. 501c3 controlled churches are social clubs, preaching social justice, collecting money, and brushing real preaching aside. Reading puritan sermons or listening to solid preaching is usually to be had online. Few churches exist today that are Biblical and sing old hymns. Usually they are in the country, still some in southern states mostly.

  7. Jerry

    I’ve waited for an interview like this. There’s nothing left to say.
    Daniel nailed it on every point. We just finished phase one of the reset with the pandemic. Here’s the planning for phase two.

    Did you see how involved the Russian banks were with this exercise?
    It makes perfect sense. They were instrumental in the collapse of the former Soviet Union, just like Daniel said. Keep an eye on the dog and pony show going on in Ukraine right now. ( even though I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people ) It’s a setup for phase two of the reset, which involves cyber wars and the complete takedown of the global banking system. Klaus Schwab has said, “cyber polygon”will make the pandemic look like a Sunday school picnic. I believe the next war will be fought in cyberspace and will determine which country will survive the aftermath of a global grid takedown. Banks are issuing warnings right now about cyber attacks coming.

    What will people do when they no access to the internet and the power has gone off in their home? Such a scenario was unimaginable a few years ago, but with today’s technology it can become a reality in just a matter of minutes. The only thing we have left is the timing of the reset,
    and our faith in Jesus Christ. Without the protection of the Holy Ghost, it will not be possible to survive what is coming, no matter how much food storage you have.

    • Jerry

      For those of you who don’t know what star link is, think of it as a global matrix of the NWO.–QCU8HK-1apRIy2XvnD_OX_iLTdVpVfrbwBL2AQBAbo

    • BDS

      Thanks for the article. Lots of info. No stakeholders Capitalism/equity for the bottom 50% for sure.
      The sad part is what do the bottom 50 do? They don’t even know the tsunami is on its way! The 4th industrial revolution has many moving parts that most can’t piece the puzzle part together to figure out what the hell is going on. I can’t figure out who was the smart person who put all this together? To boot, they probably used our tax revenue and every day they say what dumb shits people are! In all fairness to the DS’s (including myself) how the hell you get anyone to correct the wave of population destruction? Put yourself and family in the best position with knowledge and see what the WEF people are doing!

        • Freebrezer

          J – Question: SunTzu comes to mind – Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer … Hmmm? The Russian scholars and Ex KGB Do NOT study CRT/BLM/Gender studies etc, thus one has to wonder do the Russians really understand the Chess board? Or, just maybe is the west getting snookered? By the way, snooker is a great cue sport! Too bad the casinoes are not taking bets on this one … I know where i would place mine.

          • Mark Maples


            Had to comment on “snooker”

            Had not thought about that game in years

            Growing up in California, one of my best friends as a child, his parents from England. Still had British accent

            Anyway, his dad has a “snooker” table so I learned about and how to play the game

            He was a nice man. Appreciate you triggering the good memories for me!

        • Freebrezer

          J – Question per the post: SunTzu comes to mind – Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer … Hmmm? The Russian scholars and Ex KGB Do NOT study CRT/BLM/Gender studies etc, thus one has to wonder do the Russians really understand the Chess board? Or, just maybe is the west getting snookered? By the way, snooker is a great cue sport! Too bad the casinoes are not taking bets on this one … I know where i would place mine.

    • JayJay

      So, is cyber polygon zoom on steroids??

    • Mark Maples


      Off topic:

      How are you doing in regards to your health challenges?

      You are in our prayers

  8. Nick de la Gaume

    Brilliant! Great guest! Gets better! Nice to have some clarity. Toilet paper and coca cola….LARF. As a farm boy I learned to wipe my ass on leaves a long time ago and as a hippy I learned to live in a cave as a teenager.

    Great timing for this guest, Greg, you are the kiddy as old ex brits say.

  9. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with original perspectives!
    29:44 mark: “England needs to regain its former power.” Wow! That’s what I have been commenting about here on USAW – British government ministers, including the Prime Minister, being bellicose about “Evil Putin” in particular and Russia in general. The British Empire had its place in the sun, then blew it! Problem is, the mindset of the British ruling class never accepted loss of Empire. I guess, keeping the British Commonwealth project going gave the British aristocracy the illusion of Empire.

    P.S. I comment as a British citizen, pi**ed off with the ‘Hooray Henry’ mentality of our political class. Why is it that I have to look to Lavrov for statesmanship? ‘Western’ nation politicians have all gone NUTS! Perhaps they’re all triple jabbed?!

  10. Self Exiled

    I appreciate Daniel’s international view. “Inexecution to control humanity” by the “Parasitical global order” interesting and accurate terminology. ”Israel will disappear by 2022” in light of the vaccine distribution: this reference of Daniel Estulin of Rothchild’s quotation is extremely interesting. This satanic goal of Rothchild is evident with the 90% inoculation of the Israeli population. It fits in entirely with the constant theme that is presented in the Bible of satans need to exterminate God’s people right down to the execution of children 2 years old and younger by Herod: at the time of Christ birth to prevent prophesy, and God’s will. Oh, what an insightful and prophetic God we have with inexhaustible abilities that exceed our imaginations. This again proves the satanic leadership of satan thru the power addiction of the banking system and of satan himself.

  11. Paul

    Doesn’t muddy words

    We too are resource independent
    Just need to get our rid of the parasites he describes and tap our ancestral ability of revolt, hardship, frugality and common good

    Paul from arkansas

  12. J. Loughran

    See Dr John Rao’s discussion, “Suicide of the Enlightenment”, recorded on Vendee Radio (Youtube channel). Note remarks concerning Diderot and transhumanism.

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      Excellent channel, traditional Catholics, I believe? I’ve heard some programs on their channel and they do a good job.

  13. Richard Miron

    Has the Ukrainian Army Collapsed? What is he talking about?

    • Freebrezer

      What I watch of the US/British Media – All BS/Propaganda … Here is an analysis from someone who is disassociated with corruption emanating from DC … Very interesting take …

      • Mark Maples


        I don’t believe any media narrative, East or West at this point

        Propaganda has always been an effective arm to galvanize support on both sides of any conflict

        I don’t disagree regarding US/West media narrative, but I don’t think the Russian media is believable either

        Fog of war and all of that

  14. drdog

    Trust me, many Southerners know pain even if it is historical. The civil war was not a cake walk and left a mark on Southern thinking — It Pays Not to Lose. Your guest missed that one.

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      That’s true! And many Americans like myself are only one generation removed from serious strife and calamity. It’s why our fathers and mothers came here, after all, so deep down, we’re not as soft as the world thinks. Maybe that was a bit of jealousy talking? Perhaps, idk, I can’t speak for Daniel. I would be jealous of how I grew up if I had been born in India, for example. That’s not a dig at Daniel I think he was a fantastic guest, a lot of insights..!
      Either way, we may soon find out exactly how tough and resourceful we really are, may God have mercy on me, a sinner. ☦️🙏🏻

      • J. Loughran

        Dec 2020 we got hit with a big snow, 14 in. and wet. The neighbors and I spent the day digging out our common drive. At days end my neighbor signaled me to come across the road and help push a car out of a plowed up mound the driver intentionally drove into. Here we are the aged and the driver’s friend, young lady, trying to coordinate a push with the car’s slipping front wheels when I learn the driver is from way South of the Mason-Dixon Line, he does not effectively speak English, and, to top it off, the young lady is pregnant and because he doesn’t want to get his loafers wet he the driver is shoeless . What to do? Well, the youngest old guy, that would be me, took charge. I leaned inside the car and close to the driver and said, “You are not a serious man. Park the car. Put on your shoes. Get out. Grab a shovel. Dig the snow out from in front of the car. And let your “Wife” drive.” By the way, if there is a child involved then I will call you Man and Wife, sacrament or not. Within minutes the car was free and they were off to her Doctor appointment. I was close to throwing in the shovel but I am glad I didn’t. I hope to live long enough to fight this ubiquitous stupid that threatens us all and to see it through. When it comes to digging out the more the merrier, Zombies included. As long as you keep the shovel powered in the right direction I will listen to your sing song all the work day long. J. Loughran, 3rd generation Digger, fearful only of my Judgment and Wife. God Bless and Keep You.

        • JayJay

          Your actions coincide with my spiritual lesson this morning..stop concentrating on what you are getting and focus on what you can give.
          ‘That’ sentiment alone would end the world’s problems.
          May God bless you.

          • J. Loughran

            Thanks for the course confirmation. Glad you close the door to spend time with the Word. Lent is upon us (fav time of the year). Below is a title to a “complete” sermon on fasting (penance). Hope you will consider it. Stay Obedient. “Sexagesima: Penance Done Right”, Sensus Fidelium (Youtube channel).

    • Tom Grier

      Winning is all! Find it so grim, so true, so real!
      — Metallica

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      In the end the real loser in The War Between The States was The North. Sure, Southern cities were sacked and burned in the 1860s. But in the 1960s it was Northern cities turn (see Detroit 1967). As the saying goes—“If Abe Lincoln could see his free people now he would’ve joined the Confederate Army.”

  15. Justn Observer

    Greg and Daniel Estulin, Excellent presentation of views seen from the side MSM and FOX never allow being the puppets of UK and the 5 I control over media…
    Much better understanding of how Putin sees the world arrayed against him.
    Much to agree on, yet so sorry for the Ukraine people which one wonders if they really understand their choice to go with what appears is a world socialist Klaus Schwab one being set up which does not comport with what average people of the U.S. believes in, who are so dumb down and slaves of ‘the beast credit’ system that is about to turn a take a large bite out of them regardless of what Putin does or does not do. Of course, much of what they will try to blame Putin for, most viewers here know was long in the making and likely going to happen Ukraine or no Ukraine. Great interview Greg. Thank you !

  16. Greg

    Awesome interview Greg. Thoroughly informative and thought provoking !

  17. Denrio

    Great interview Greg
    All sounds about right
    Hard to find anything to argue with in his presentation
    People in America are so used to the lights coming on when they flip that little switch are due for a rude awakening on there comfort level.
    So sad it could have so much better for all of us.
    Lousy bankers, always playing both sides and they produce nothing good.
    Only war.
    Thanks for all your hard work Greg

  18. Daryl Este

    Greg, thank you for all your efforts. Please find attached a great teacher.

    Brave Church
    Plan on going Sunday’s

    Live 9am and 11am

    Be Brave.

    Brave Church
    3651 South Colorado Blvd.
    Cherry Hills
    Co 80113

    Sundays 8am &

    Everyone is Invited !

    God’s Time

    • JayJay

      Catholics during the dark ages changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. 7th Day Adventist have it right still.
      Catholics also outlawed Bibles for all except papists.
      Catholics made religion, political.

      Watch The Days Of Noah…part 1-3. Educational, well-directed, and very crucial to understanding today’s turmoils….but, so inspiring.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        You live under some very amusing misconceptions.

  19. Self Exiled

    Thank You Greg for a speaker who reflects a view of the United States without having been influenced by our own biases. A blessing, I have received from The Most High is the opinions and ideas I have been given from people in other countries that have been honest and bold enough to express them. I have been lectured by Australians, British, Swiss, Pilipino, Thais, Danish and others. The British man was very to the point and angry about all the difficulty we/US have caused on a worldwide construct for at least 40 years with our constant wars. I proceeded to refine and added to his arguments of wars for corporate gain and corporate nation creation. The Australian asked me what I had against the Australians, ”You didn’t kick the British out soon enough.” Even the Brit laughed, and he asked why I came to the Philippines. ” I got tired of keeping grass blades the same height.” I miss their company.

    Proverbs 29:8
    Scorners set a city aflame, But wise men turn away anger.

  20. Nate

    So basically, we’re screwed, that’s what I got out of it. I suppose I could flower it up for the more sophistcated.. But, basically the same thing, right?

    • IIG

      Right – you are like a Black Life that “thought it mattered” – until your Mother brought you to abortion clinic!! – Or like a White Life that “thought you mattered” until your Mother brought you the queer gay transgender “commie school” for Story Time perverts to tell you to cut off your balls and become a girl!!

      • IIG

        There seems to be no difference between some women today and those Aztec women of years ago who surrendered their children to the “Authorities of their day” (violating the basic human rights of their own children) – Aztec women would give their children to the Authorities “to have their hearts cut out” – today’s women give their children to the Authorities “to induce heart attacks with jabs or butcher them for their organs.”
        It Is Time for “every women” to follow the words of Jesus (Thou Shall Not Kill) – and simply “Say No” to the Authorities – “Who Want to Kill their Kids”!!

        • IIG

          And what about our men today? – just like Aztec men – they stand down and do nothing while their women sacrifice their children to “Authorities” – and they stand down when their children are sent to war in the Ukraine “to defend another nations borders” while allowing invaders to freely cross their own borders?? – and they will vigorously defend the borders of the Ukraine “even if it means – All Out Nuclear War With Russia – and the complete destruction of our Constitutional Republic and the creation of a Cold Dark Radioactive Winter that results in the complete annihilation of Humanity from Planet Earth like we are some sort of Dinosaur that needs to be removed to make room for some other species”?????

  21. Brett Hamilton

    We as Americans cannot survive in 4 degrees cold. But I live in South Louisiana. We’re not dumb enough to live in 4 degrees weather. I’m better off than most of the mush brain , soft typical Americans that live in the urban areas. I love Daniel’s book on Tavistock.

  22. john forgione

    Greg, Recently I’ve noticed the sat night email does not come thru????

  23. Joseph V Minicucci

    all I can say is, Great !

  24. david wilson

    Fantastic .
    Really enjoyed
    So, my plan is get a mule to work the garden, enlarge chicken coop, get a couple of hogs and build a root cellar. Also, get the moonshine back going and plant some weed for hard times.
    and pray that God will have mercy on America because our leaders have betrayed and destroyed our country and the people have stood by and let it happen. The Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump and Biden should all hang together. Remember Trump took an oath to defend our Constitution and chickened out. He could have done a hell of a lot more. Too late now
    Putin is the Only leader looking out for his country. What is wrong with that? All of our leaders were stealing, kick backs and pedos

    • JayJay

      David, consider this. That garden won’t be secure until the big die-off and with so many taking the injection, 2-5 years will take care of that.
      God have mercy on Pure Bloods.

  25. wm.jnana

    I appreciate the insights derived from Estulin’s expertise in the global arena as a former Russian colonel in counter-intelligence. I also appreciate the heads-up for what’s coming America’s way. However, he is disappointed that Trump didn’t take us to civil war while he had the chance. Trump didn’t take that option because another plan was being followed that minimizes the loss of life. Trump is just the front man for an alliance that has taken decades to build. The alliance has war gamed what is unfolding with super computers among their strategy arsenal. (Yes, financial and monetary collapse has been factored in.) Know that Trump didn’t establish in 2018 a new branch of the military called the Space Force just to navigate space. Its purpose is to monitor and capture any and every communication on the planet–from election fraud through Dominion voting machines to easily-cracked coded communications among those targeted. Putin and Trump are part of this alliance. It seems that famous prophecy from the Christian mystic Edgar Cayce, given in 1944, is coming to fruition on the world stage at this very moment (How fitting for a country that has officially declared itself as a Christian theocracy where God, family, and country form their governing matrix): “In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” (Edgar Cayce, 1944, No. 3976-29).

    • virginia clark

      Good points. Didn’t know Casey had predicted that. I recently heard someone say that Russia was going to save the world. That is where it came from I guess.
      Yes, he made some profound statements and insights. Agree with what you are saying

  26. Ron

    Greg, how about interviewing this Scottish guy from British GBNews?
    “Neil Oliver: We watch Russia – but we must watch what our leaders are up to here in the West”

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ron,
      Thanks for the link. Great monologue!

  27. Lillian

    How is it possible to have the IMF involved, my understanding is that Putin paid off all debts to the IMF. Russia has gold, food, gas and a sound banking system compared to the rest of the Western world, true, false?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Lillian,
      According to world debt clock, the national debt per citizen as of 07:56 a.m. GMT, 27th Feb 2022, is: USA $81,698 Russia $1685. IMHO, this is an indicator of relative resilience.
      Click on each country link and scroll down the landing page to review the debt per citizen:

  28. Michael Johnson

    Trump’s primary strength is that he is a businessman first and foremost. While there is an extent to which he is a “fighter” that is to be understood in that he normally does not back down from confrontations in general. But that is not necessarily the same thing as being willing and able to start and wage a war in which one knows that millions of innocent people will die. That was what Trump didn’t have the stomach for.

    The sad thing is that I believe we are going to end up having some sort of serious internal conflict anyway. There will be a lot of poor people who are going to end up getting killed simply because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And by the time all is said and done this will probably end up resulting in greater loss of life and destruction than if Trump had simply taken the bull by the horns and invoked the Insurrection Act.

  29. Paul

    Always the banking parasites- Russia controls 50.1 percent of central bank , imf the rest ?

    We will Find Strength in Pain.

    They tried to bury us. They didnt know we were seeds.

    Paul from arkansas

  30. barsoom43

    I have been saying much of what Mr Estulin is saying and I have been preparing for many years.. However, I would slightly disagree with him about the depths of suffering.. We’re all going to suffer but poor folks already know how to suffer lack, want.. I grew up very poor; my dad said that poor folks have poor folks ways.. I became middle class but I haven’t forgotten poor folks ways.. There was a song, “A country boy can survive.”
    I know how to do many things but the upper middle class and rich may not- they depend on their money.. What if their money is no good, then what?
    I don’t save money anymore.. I buy “stuff” as suggested by Greg Hunter and I’m out of debt.. stuff is more important than monopoly money: Tools, weapons, ammo, cold/wet weather gear, long term storage food, solar, PM’s.. Very important: knowledge of all kinds..
    Alexander Tytler predicted our current state of affairs- just about right on schedule.. The economic tsunami that’s coming is going to sweep away everything.. The Great Depression will be remembered as a weekend holiday picnic..

    • eddiemd

      More stuff.

      Stock up on some oil for your vehicles, filters, tires. Oil will go up very soon along with gas. Oil changes are simple.
      Detergents, cleaning supplies, basic hygiene stuff (soap, toothpaste, etc), kitchen stuff, cast iron to cook with, lights, batteries, etc. Spend the money while you have it and there are goods on the shelf.


    “RIDIN THAT TRAIN” !! if no one caught it….

  32. Tarey Reilly

    Moving to Mexico is a no-brainer for americans and canadians who have not been gaslighted by the propaganda by the us gov’t about mexico (ooo, scary). Nothing could be further from the truth. Easy decision for me, as I can get ivermectin and hydoxychloroquie over the counter for a great price. However, you need money deposited in your canadian bank account over 2500$ each month to get a temporary visa. Just sayin”

  33. Igby MacDavitt

    I learned a lot, thank you.

  34. George

    History has been thrown out the window I understand why our politicians don’t care about the people Jesus fought these same demons 2000 years ago how long must this go on before the people get some peace

    • Anthony Bulluck

      Our ongoing battles against demons will most likely be an eternal endeavour, given that the evil of demons is ultimately an inherent part of our nature as humans. Therefore, humanity’s ceaseless struggle for peace and happiness must be continuously waged within the life and soul of each and every person, an ongoing “inner revolution” that must take place deep within the life of each of us, i.e., a “human revolution.” The ultimate effects of such an undertaking will create ripples that grow into tsunami like waves resulting in the creation of common values which people the world over have urgently sought and continue to thirst for.

  35. Jim Ledayrd

    Very soon, the Mass Formation Sleep-Walkers are going to realize that Joe Biden , Fauci, The CDC, FDA and media lied to them, locked them down and forced poison. The law suits will begin to fly. Life insurance companies are losing billions and they are tired of it. They are blowing the whistle.

  36. Warren B.

    Not everything is at it seems….intentionally….!!!
    The ” Illusion ” of separatist states operating independently of the collective achieves the goal of dispelling “secret cooperation”.
    1:09………”Frau Merkel, Tony Blair and even President Putin……were all young Global Leaders” from the WEF School. There you have it….confirmation right from Santa’s mouth….OWG is already in place. The next phase of the RESET is about to begin.

  37. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Daniel’s right, historically the United States and Russia have been allies, pre 20th Century too.

  38. Shirley Thompson

    I don’t believe our future is as easily projected as Estulin makes it particularly comparing the United States to Russia during their collapse. Aside from the Sheeple, our population is not in the same condition as Russia when things fell apart. Communism has a way of dulling the spirit and weakening the soul. America’s Patriots, those everyday Americans, are not in that state. It will be difficult that I agree and it will endure for a period of years, and the globalist cabal will exert their final blows on humanity, but I truly believe good will prevail and those who have a relationship with God are much better off than those who don’t. Yes many will die and many will be destitute, but I believe those who had the fortitude to forego so much to instead prepare not just setting away food, but literally preparing to survive. Those are the people who will rise as the leaders and help others survive. All those who have been looking for that “someone” to rescue them and make everything better will learn that “someone” was them, each of us. Unfortunately for many it will be too late.

    • IIG

      When will the Globalist Fascist Commies know it is “all said and done”? – when everyone is sad (pretending to be happy about it) – when we are all dutifully standing in line for our “jab”, allowing six boosters and the Mark of the Beast (just to get food) – that’s when it will be “all sad and done”!!


    This guy is a 100% Russian his heart is Russian

  40. William Simonton

    Daniel doesn’t mention the quality of housing, cars, tractors or the vast corruption in USSR. The areas of Russia under USSR that had very low crop yields now produce vast amounts of nonGMO grains and Russia is a top exporter.



  42. Hannah Geisman

    Just to culturally share with Daniel…his observation about Americans during the pandemic and our obsession with Coca Cola and toilet paper—Russians are very tough people and have been through hard times, and the national drink that was a balm to bolster the Russian constitution was VODKA. Coca Cola is simply the Vodka of America! And toilet paper—we Americans must always maintain the illusion of being supremely civilized, and nothing gives that base security in a more solid manner than having something solid to wipe with. Every city could burn and a zombie apocalypse could happen but as long as we have a civilized toilet regimen we can know that all civilization is in tact.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Hannah,
      Love your ‘defence of toilet paper’. I have prepped for many years and toilet pepper was on my list. Somehow, the preservation of toilet paper has become a joke – a slur upon all preppers. So, here are a few practical reasons for including toilet paper in your preps:
      1. It maintains good hygiene
      2. It is (or was when I prepped) relatively inexpensive
      3. It is lightweight and can be stored in the attic (loft)
      4. It provides added insulation when stored in the attic
      5. It has unlimited shelf life when stored dry
      6. In Venezuela, it became a means of exchange (barter).

      • PersonaNonGrata

        However many times I review my comments before posting I always find the error after posting!
        Toilet pepper may prove somewhat irritating (!!!).

          • IIG

            Notice how fast the Globalist banksters got Trudeau to “rescind his emergency orders” against the Canadian Truckers and anyone else who supported the Honk Honkers – Trudeau easily fell into the Truckers “Honk Honk Trap” – forcing him to impose emergency powers to seize anyone’s bank accounts who supported the Truckers (thus causing every Canadian to run in a panic to their bank to withdraw their money) – lets hope the American Truckers can do the same to Biden “and cause a bank run in America” by forcing Biden to say the US dollar “is no longer valid to spend” if it is spent to support Peaceful Protesting Patriots – once the Bankers bring in their digital currency they will be able to limit your ability to spend it the way you want – thus everyone should be buying their gold and silver “now” (before the bankers bring in their digital currency and tell you their crypto can’t be spent to buy precious metals)!!

            • IIG

              The Globalists “needed to steal the election” and put someone in charge in the US with “a particular type of brain” that would send troops to protect the borders of a nation 8000 miles away from us – but not send US troops “to protect his own nations peoples boarders against foreign invaders” – however – would “see no problem” calling out US troops “to protect himself” in the Capitol (from his own people who don’t like the fact that they have to pay taxes and sacrifice their children’s lives to defend other Nations borders while leaving their own nation open to harm – or the fact that they have to sacrifice their children to take a killer jab to enrich psychopaths at Big Pharma (who are in league with Satanic eugenicists who want to “hack our God given DNA” and make us into “robotic silicon enhanced” Borg’s under their complete control!! – It is time – It Is Time to remove all these “psycho demon rat commies from office” who knew they would be starting a war with Russia (who would then cut off our oil supplies) and so they purposely closed down all our American oil and gas pipelines “to create as much economic damage to America as possible – while they sent Story Time transgender queers into our schools to immorally tell our young girls to cut off their breasts!!

  43. Jay Rocco

    Home run another fantastic guest.

  44. Don Doerr Sr.

    How can we be optimistic when Americans voted in Jimmy Carter, the Anti-Christ Obama, and Joe “I Take Bribes” Biden? People that stupid and always looking for government handouts cannot recover. This is why the Democrats and RINOs have thrown our borders open to Invasion and Occupation and why the Obama Administration (now in its 3rd Illegal Term) is handing out money to buy votes via bribery.

  45. bert trim

    That was a very interesting guest. Thank you Greg for having him on your show. Jah! i would love to move to Mexico, but I have too much stuff. Time to lighten the ship and get the hell out of dodge.

  46. They/Them/Those Captain Greenhair Piercing, USN

    Awoke USSA… 2023 the NFL selects an obese homeless unemployable 97 year old black tranny as the MVP. Meanwhile the over 1,590 NFL players that actually play the game can’t say word without becoming fat shaming, racist phobes. CNN and MSNBC all proclaim the black granny selection as a victory for history.

    “Fruck the Fans” logo is painted in the endzones, 50 yard line, on the jerseys and helmets. Yet viewership and tax-free revenue profits are at a record.

    Beavis Biden selects the SCOTUS based on race and sex. MSNBC proclaims the black woman selection as a victory for history. Since when wouldn’t you demand to hire the best for the job? You end up looking like the employees at the Kroger store, none know how to add, and you don’t know their sex and their hair colors are neon-clowns. It is important to hire the absolute bottom of the dumpster if it meets the awoke quota!

    Yep, just like how the government contracts are mostly gotten by multinational corporations, or non-white, non-straight, non-males.

    There is a reason why seven year old girls aren’t in the House of Representatives… yet AOC and the rest of the anti-American goon ‘squats’ are there. It will take a total collapse of society to once and for all remove societal trash. USA 2.0 won’t have money to pay those that do nothing.

  47. David Bagley

    Wow.. Daniel is a genius.. What an awesome source of knowledge and perspective. He called it right, liberalism is a parasite.

  48. Bruce Stebbing

    History proves that after plagues and pandemics , economic failure, depression, wars and collapse of society occurs. This is happening again. Watch what China does next…….as America is in decline !

    • IIG

      The Globalists have been using Plandemics and World Wars to exterminate us – the following chart shows how Wars last about three years longer then Pandemics (and are just as deadly) – – the Covid-19 plandemic has lasted two years “so far” – so this World War they are ushering in with Russia should last until about 2025 “at a minimum” (do people have enough canned or freeze dried food to last that long??)!!

      • Johnny Cool


        Martin Armstrong says…

        “If there was ever a PERFECT time for World War III – this is it. ”

        • Mark Maples


          I disagree with Armstrong regarding North Korea.

          As a former Marine, I remember all the chatter about Iraq having 4th largest military in the world

          They had us believing that invading Iraq would be similar to our March across the Pacific vs the Japanese

          History tells us that the Iraquis were a paper tiger

          North Korean military will tap out at the first sign of resistance, and will surrender in droves

        • IIG

          The bankers greatest nightmare is that people will wake up and realize their US paper dollars are worthless and that Germany and France (when their Euro goes under) will flee from the domination of the Anglo-American Globalists running the US and NATO and join with Russia and China in a new world financial system “backed by gold”!!

          • IIG

            I wonder if Stan (now shorting gold) will ever be able to comprehend seeing where the price of gold goes – when European Governments need to by gold on the open market to pay for Russian gas??

            • Stan

              IIG: Gold will crash when Russia needs to sell its stockpile to survive

              • IIG

                Explain to me Stan how Russia (who will be “collecting gold” for the oil and gas they sell to Europe) will have any need to sell their stockpiled gold???

  49. Tom C

    At this rate, we’ll be ruined by the time Trump could get back. We won’t last that long.

    • Ed Mustafo

      Trump will be back before the end of this year. If you research the 22nd amendment you’ll find that he can serve as president for the remaining two years of this term and then still be eligible to run in 2024 ( which he will) and he will win then too. So he’ll end up serving 10 years as president. All the Trump haters should stock up on tissues now before hyper inflation kicks in.

  50. Marie Joy

    So, is the end of Israel upon us? Is the 90% rate the end of Israel? Can we trust that 90% number? OR has Trump’s appearance, on the scene, delayed that by 4? years? Do we know what’s, really, going on in Israel? Do they have their sports figures lying dead on the field?

  51. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Estulin, essentially its all about the MONEY and how our politicians have destroyed it.
    Amazes me how much Mr Estulin talks about reflects in Mr Martin Armstrong’s work.
    Mr Karl Denninger shows that each unit of money needs a unit of energy and te USA had and has the technology but for some reason does not have the will.
    Here in the UK our economy is truly awful for us plebs and even shortages and explosive inflation is wide spread particularly in medicines and meat.

  52. Carol Hudak

    There is a deep, over-riding Spiritual side to all of this.
    We are in the End Times.
    Jesus Christ will come soon.
    Donald Trump is a free mason. (Notice his hand signals.)
    Jesus told us this time would be far worse than anyone
    could imagine. And we see that already.

  53. Kurt Lent

    Just wasn’t that impressed, He could last a week on the forest floor, I’m not impressed,

  54. Jeff Nunn

    Greg, I have been following you regularly for about a year and am a big fan. Your weekly wrap-up closings about preparing mentally, physically and above all spiritually; that our Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit are firmly in control; that Jesus is real… awesome and absolutely true. Hallelujah and God Bless You for it. However, with that said I am still waiting to hear anything from you or any of your guests about Devolution; about the literal war that is occurring under our very feet all around the world destroying DUMBs and freeing human trafficking victims; over our heads with geoengineering and weather wars; about the fact that “Biden” is NOT, I repeat NOT, the real Joe but a body double, actor, imposter; that “Biden” has never been in the real White House but operates out of one or more fake replicas and sound stages; that the real White House has blast fencing installed around it and is very likely being prepared for demolition; that Putin is actually cleaning out the Deep State / Cabal / Illuminati / Khazarian Mafia in Ukraine; that President Trump is in fact the true President in exile orchestrating the greatest military sting operation in history to expose the Deep State players and systematically arrest them, try them in military tribunals and execute them. I understand you may be uncomfortable talking about many of these subjects, that you may feel you don’t have enough proof to make these claims. If so, you need to at least start exposing that “Joe Biden” is NOT the real guy. This is so ridiculously easy to substantiate that it baffles me that you and others haven’t already started to do it. Just compare photos side by side over the last 5 – 10 years or so. The differences are obvious in terms of ears, chin, smile, facial proportions, overall stature, etc. I am tired of hearing people whine about “dementia Joe” or “poop his pants Joe”. IT’S NOT THE REAL GUY! The real guy is either a vegetable on life support somewhere or already tried and executed. And since he’s not the real guy, then who exactly put in the fake…..the Deep State / Cabal or Trump’s military White Hats who then force him to do stupid things to expose more people as the choreographed movie and covert world war plays out? Let’s start hearing about some of this please. We get it about the Covid Scamdemic, the Death Shots, the corrupt federal agencies, the impending financial crash, etc., etc. Updates there are always welcome, but when can we hear more about all these other elements of the real events unfolding before our very eyes? I apologize if this comes across harshly. That’s not my intent. I thank you for your commitment to truth and honest journalism. Your brother in Christ.

    • David K

      Hey Jeff,
      Couldnt agree with you more … now is the time to shift our focus and tell all listeners what has/is/will happen with Pres. Trump and devolution because it is happening. It’s here, you can see it!

    • Jeff

      Jeff Many on this site know everything you state (I do). And Bidet is not the only double walking around. Do we really need any more guests to state the obvious? I hear your frustration and I too deal with it.
      There is a theme lately coming from commenters that our only hope is God. That is remarkable and something we didn’t see even a year ago. So, God IS moving in our hearts even though we feel we are standing still. He is getting our attention as only He could.
      God keeps telling me to pray with all my heart for justice and that this nation turns back to Him. I believe that is what He is waiting for.
      He wants His children to remember who they are and use all that He has given them.

    • JayJay

      Every word you typed–I agree.
      It’s time to wake up, America.

  55. Dr. T

    After watching the interview, I would say he got most things right. Where he was wrong was that Trump could have changed the direction of where things are now heading. Trump was nothing more than a one term pawn used by the globalist to create diversion and unrest in the US which is exactly what occurred.

    Everything starting with covid-19 in 2020, lock downs, business closings, distancing and then vaccinations has been carefully planned as will be what is coming in the future. The globalist are not on the run and there is no way to defeat them. It is time to wake up and accept the reality of the situation and consider what, if anything you are going to do next.

    Where Estulin was right was the US and much of the west will experience something that is incomprehensible and it won’t be long in coming. People will not only lose their most precious assets but most will lose their lives as just existing will become a challenge many will not win.

    He did provide you with an option and it’s one you should strongly consider. Head south and get out of the US while you still have time. For most of you Mexico may not seem like a panacea but compared to what is coming your way, it may be your best and only solution to survive.

  56. Paul

    Meanwhile there is another ongoing war against 100 % of humanity. The following plan is from 2001. It refers to the report from iron mountain which is from the 60s. Video is about 30 minutes.

  57. Judd

    Actually it can’t. High technology requires rare earth materials, potash is require for large scale agriculture. These are just two items that we need to defend and feed ourselves.

    • Marie Joy

      A lot of things, including potash, can be made the old fashioned way. It won’t be easy but it can be done.

    • JayJay

      And Taiwan supplies most chips..90%??
      Yes, we are screwed. Makes us be more careful with all our ‘things’.

  58. Clayton Bye

    Another stellar show greg.
    Really enjoyed your guest’s perspective.

  59. Luther

    Mark my words, the elections this year will be rigged, but not for Democrats, but for RINOs, and that’s how they are going to get away with it. This way they can say “see, “Republicans” won a huge red wave as expected so obviously there was no rigged election.” I’ve been saying this for 20 years. RINOs are more dangerous then Democrats. If Republicans actually did their damn job, Dems would get away with very little and our country would be a very, very different place for the better today.

    Another problem is the term RINO has gotten more and more lax over the years. I would consider at more than 90% of Republicans in office now are RINO’s and it’s very often in the same way. How many times do we hear about a Republican who’s outspoken on our border issues, but a war monger, or outspoken on not getting tangled in foreign affairs but don’t say a damn thing about censorship, or outspoken in a conservative way about all these things but don’t do a damn thing about. Far too much talk and no action among so-called Conservatives.

    • Tom Wigand


      Very astute on your part. It’s no accident that virtually the GOP refuses to talk about the color revolution of 2020, or election integrity for future cycles. Your premise that there will be a “red wave” of RINO’s makes perfect sense, as both parties are wedded to maintaining the rigged election system.

      Along those lines, I think you’ll appreciate my recent “Deductive Reasoning” series on Trevor Loudon’s site, including this one (“Who Actually Controls the GOP?) – – and its predecessor installment “The GOP Was in on the Steal.”

  60. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, I just read the overview of the interview. As I’ve said before, I don’t trust anything an “Intelligence Officer” says whether KGB or CIA. These people lie for a living. They have no credibility. At least not with me.

  61. Bernard J Van

    Lol Breznev in 1991 (the guy died in 1982)

  62. David Gordon Dunne

    I love Daniel’s data. A very smart man. He is saying Zombieland is coming to America and the west in total. No place to hide. If you don’t own gold and silver, you are up chit creek and may be anyway. People will literally be like in Valenzuela, eating dogs and cats but now they are all eaten so now people will have to eat each other. I guess that is going to solve the culling of the herd in the world. What places are the best to survive? SE Asia where we got run off too in 2016, Russia like Steven Segal moved too or is there no place to hide? I am in Thailand so we won’t freeze to death. All of this is overwhelming to me. I pray 3 hours a day to Jesus. I have many friends who got all the kill jabs and now they are sick and dying. Thailand is a big producer of food in the world as it is hot most of the year and the land is very fertile. I fear for my grown kids and grand babies. I don’t know how to really prepare for this devastation. You can store food but it runs out. Most can’t run out and buy a farm and start farming. I am deeply depressed. God is with me and so far over this 2.5 years of lock down here, that is the only reason I stay happy. God wins in the end and if you are a believer, you have nothing to fear but I am not really fearful but saddened for those I love and others in the world.

    • Michele

      I agree Mr. Dunne.
      We are in for something quite extraordinary.
      Those who understand the concept of getting small will survive. God help us.

    • Bob

      Is it safe to eat the vaxed?

  63. Larry Giglio

    God will be mysterious
    A pipeline; corporate acquisition pipeline: across Ukraine, played out of the American use of military, covert force private mercenary contractors, occupying property-security interests, to profit; never overtly forced to deploy the country’s military, and kill civilians by Putin FOR Putin,
    Within a framework of threatening Chinese bioweapon, and second military theater, in Taiwan,
    And profits from circumventing sanctions between Russia and China; in the energy and military purchases sectors.
    Bring on the cryptocurrency. End human slaughter.

  64. Marie Joy

    Compared to Russians, most Americans are soft and spoiled, myself included.

  65. Self Exiled


  66. Self Exiled

    New York City In Danger!

    • IIG

      There are good Jews and there are bad Jews – it’s those bad Jews (like Soros, etc.) who wold kill “their own” to make a profit that we need to worry about – just like they had no qualms taking down the WTC on 9-11 to get a 20 year war started in Iraq and Afghanistan – they would have no qualms about setting off a “dirty nuke” in NYC in order to get a war started with Russia and/or China!!

  67. Terry Garrett

    You’ve been valiant in your communicating the geopolitical and economic reality facing the world and the U.S. – through the WNW and the wisdom of the guests who appear with you. Thank you Sir!
    Daniel Estulin brings phenomenal understanding of the wide spectrum of problems faced by humanity, and his contribution is very much appreciated.
    A big problem of the entire last millennium – and certainly longer – is how to communicate reality to the vast majority of humans under the water and in the mud (Buddha compared humanity to the lotus plant: roots in the mud, stem in the water, and leaves above water. The beautiful lotus flower blooms only with exposure to sunlight. Of course a corollary is “no mud, no water, no lotus flower”)
    Please maintain your effort and know that it is appreciated

    • Ron

      As the USA Freedom Convoy heads east keep in mind that the manority of the violence done to peaceful protesters in Ottawa was done by a large countingency of unmarked unidentified uniformed goons. Unbeknown to the masses, a U.N. carrier plane was filmed at an airport some 200 miles north of Ottawa, in a sleepy little town called
      Northbay It would appear that the Premier had UN tropps sent in to do the dirty job that our police men and women were not willing to do! They would obviously not want the UN troops landing at Ottawa int airport… for obvoous reasons.
      This is scary! As we now have the UN physicslly invading our territory in secret! This gives credence to the rumour mill of UN troops having been spotted throughout the 50 states over the past years.
      Are American next in line for a beating as the USA truckers convoy leaves California!? Can you spell Sevond Amendment!? Fon’t take it for granted that the troops hiding behind masks and barricades are Americans.

      The globalist are evil and nothing is beneath them. Here in Canada the cops have lost the respect of the citizens…. In tbe guture the pepple will fight back… but that is exactly what the NWO wants!
      It was a set up! Violence begets violence. Beware my cousins beware!
      Farmer Ron

  68. Jack Salazar

    NEVER, in the history of watching a Greg Hunter interview, have I heard so few words uttered by Greg Hunter.
    And to think that the last interview was excellent, only to see this one hit it out of the ballpark. Phew! I am running out of compliments for Greg.

    If you don’t take action to protect yourself from the coming calamity, then it is your own fault!

  69. ryan

    Don’t be naïve USA!
    Did you know Russia is also at war with her own White Christian population ?
    Did you know they have their own government supported illegal immigration going on ?
    Why did a court in Russia force the political organization against illegal immigrants to shut down ??!!

  70. Bryce DeBorde

    Excellent interview, excellent guest. Cancel culture literally means, you don’t agree or go along with lgbtq, climate change, own nothing and you’ll be happy, adios, goodbye, if we don’t kill you outside of the camps, you will die there.

  71. Roger Stamper

    tks daniel greg

  72. Joseph Boudreau

    Thanks for another great interview, Greg. Mr. Estulin shared some valuable information. Here in Canada. I believe we have the instinct to survive. We go into a deep freeze for 7 months every year and we do just fine every time. You should see all the greenhouses in the Niagara area where I grew up.
    The incredible support we Canadians have gotten from our American cousins over the last month has been phenomenal. Now, it’s out turn to return the favor… and we will!
    We have plenty of gas, oil, electricity, water, wheat, copper, you name it and yes, we still have the machines to make and build our own products! I doubt we’ll stand by and let our American brethren go down. It’ll be hard but we can do this. We will prevail. Where we go one, we go all.
    As a Canadian, I am so disappointed in the opposition parties in Parliament. They all voted ‘Yay’ in favor of the Emergencies Act. For a few days, I was really worried, indeed.
    Here’s my latest article at my blog…
    Thanks again, Greg. All the best to you and your family.

  73. Susan R

    I come here to learn and trust you Greg to find truth. The structure Daniel surveys aligns with many others who also find similar conclusions. It is helpful to hear the slants of perspective that will enable many to find their own affiliations. Nonetheless, truth is truth and no one can stop it.

  74. Justn Observer

    Greg, Three quick links to look concerning corruption of some in Ukraine area as we hear FOX NEWS make a point that the Ukraine President is Jewish =
    this is NOT to disparage the religion or Jewish people but explains the difference as to who are historically ‘bloodline’ and biblically Jewish vs. converted so) which might have led to many concerns as to who recognizes and treats Jewish in some areas differently, has different perspectives religiously say as Talmud vs Torah and why some Jews actually treat other Jews poorly as those, they claim were Jewish in both Germany and Russia?) I am confused listening to Putin as to whether Putin’s historical references at time is of old Imperial Russia or the more comtemporary Communist Russia post Lenin/Stalin. Maybe it is a mix as he is seen as a Communist leader dealing with the Russia he has vs. the one he’d like to be seen as returning back to an older Imperialist one? I only touch on it lightly because there is something there that has driven wedges in Israel itself and how some Jews view others and maybe why some supposedly Jewish treat others.
    along with those events building those ‘Archs of BABLE’ events in London, NYC etc. and think maybe guests like Rabbi Cahn have the depth to explain, especially of such from area as we are focused on here so near the areas of the pogroms?
    It is a sensitive subject but now that we have a nuclear threat over that area it might be interesting to have a better perspective on this?

  75. Da Yooper

    Great interview Greg…… are killing it.

    A thought has occurred to me. While Daniel paints Mexico as the land of freedom & milk & honey. What Happens to Mexico when it & Mexico’s population & Central America as well as South America’s populations are not longer useful tools of the globalists to destabilize the USA?

    IF America falls Mexico & everywhere south of that goes seriously in the shitter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the kind words and your analysis.

  76. Jeff

    Love your steadfast belief Ed. I will add this will all occur because God stepped in, regardless the unbelieving believers here waiting for Christ to rescue them.
    We were called (and CHOSEN) for such a time as this. Why were we CHOSEN? Because WE chose to be. God is no respecter of persons and delights in those who believe that anything is possible.
    Too many “believers” have their personal beliefs that don’t mirror what Jesus said. They pick a verse to quote and have no power.
    “Greater works you will do”. “Whatsoever you ask you will have”. “These are the signs of a believer (speak in new tongues, raise the dead, heal the sick)”. Do those verses Jesus continually repeated sound like weakness to you? The only one who is going to argue against His words is Satan who wants us all impotent.
    God is going to do a great thing and He will do it because we stand up and work through Him and the Holy Spirit. His kingdom is a kingdom of power.
    If we are not walking in that power, it is our fault (unbelief) not Gods. So stop looking for verses to support your unbelief. Humble yourselves and ask for that power.
    You have not because you do not ask.
    For without faith it is impossible to please Him. Meditate on that. It is impossible to believe too much.

    • wayne hardin

      Why were we CHOSEN? Because WE chose to be.
      Anybody that chose to be chosen that says God said something and it doesn’t happen .
      Was not chose . FACT .
      And anybody that still believes people that said they were chose and it can be proven they lied . Are blind in one eye and cant see out of the other . also a FACT .

      Wayne Hardin .

      • Jeff

        What gibberish and total flesh. Listen to the holy spirit and you will understand. Or can you hear His voice?
        Did you not CHOOSE to except Jesus as your Lord and savior? Did not God give man since Adam free choice? Wasn’t EVERYONE in His word given free choice?
        Jesus seated us next to Him, the Father gave us the Holy Spirit. He also told you YOU would do greater works (than He). But you brother, must make the decision to want it and thus seek Him with all your heart. Thus, YOU choose your destiny. That simple and I really wonder when you repeat “fact”. But coming down on a brother for believing more than you is from the pit of hell.
        Fact is, until you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, hear His voice (my sheep hear my voice) and surrender all, you have no idea what “fact” is.
        You only know what man taught you or your arrogant mind that is unwilling to humble himself to God and seek the truth. Yes, seek the truth not what you prefer it to mean.
        You are an example of why there are 35,000 denominations in the USA. All taught of man and living in dilution. Holding on to a form of godliness but denying the power.
        There are now multiple revivals going on across our country. Where God is moving in a mighty way. People are being saved by the hundred, being baptized in tubs, lakes, and the ocean. And they are getting baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in new tongues. Yes, just like Jesus said. Imagine that.
        I suppose Christians like you will say that’s not God. Better tell God how wrong He is for doing what He does. And the healings also happening. Better tell God He doesn’t know what He’s doing.
        Before this is over, unbelieving believers will be on their knees repenting for rejecting His words. Thank God, He is a merciful God. Fact

        • wayne hardin

          All i am saying is there seems to be people that think they can change what God has said would happen .
          All i can say is don’t go on a fast thinking you can because you will starve before it changes FACT .

          The End .
          Wayne Hardin

      • Jeff

        Sorry I said anything. Only the Holy Spirit can teach, and He can only do that when one humbles himself and seeks Him. It’s not my job. God bless.

        • wayne hardin

          You do not know me . FACT .
          God has not only used me to heal / deliver / and bring people to Jesus .with the evidence of being set free from sin .
          So as far as you saying i have no faith or you have more is a Joke .
          By the way you are full of your self . FACT .
          And i have a prayer language also .
          As far as tongues goes i suppose if i run into somebody that doesn’t understand english
          he will give it to me .

          Wayne Hardin

    • wayne hardin

      So stop looking for verses to support your belief.
      The verse that talks about having a form of Godliness but denying the power has nothing to do with working miracles .
      It has to do with saying you are a christian and living in sin .
      Notice i didn’t say and sin / sinning and living in sin are two different things if it
      weren’t so no body would make it to heaven .
      So maybe you need to know what a verse means before you try to use it to prove what you believe .
      Sorry if i hurt your fillings for real .

      Like Greg says we will have to agree to disagree .
      Seems to be a lot of that going on more than ever .

      Wayne Hardin .

  77. Connie

    Interesting interview and nice to have a perspective from someone outside the US. With it, as with all opinions from others, discernment is needed.

    This scripture was shared with me this week and I believe it explains our current situation.

    Proverbs 29:4 International Standard Version
    A king brings stability to a land through justice, but a man who takes bribes brings it to ruin.

    I believe this is where we stand currently. Only God can save our land and He will not move until HIS people humble themselves and pray. Then and only then will He hear our pleas, forgive our sins and heal our land. (Paraphrased from 2 Chronicles 7:14.)

  78. ron martin

    Couldn’t sleep, got up @ 3AM, had to kill time so I read all of the comments. Many are throwing down palm fronds awaiting Trump to ride in on an ass and save America. Newsflash! Trump is not our savior. Like Q, he swept into our post-Obama republic, turned black to white for 4 years, 80M of us got on the train and woke up on Wednesday and found Obiden was back. Quickly, white became black again with 3 more years to finish us off. Not to worry, Trump at CPAC told us he is climbing back on the ass in 2024. Until then, have faith that the hoped for RINO/Dem majority headed by a Turtle and McCarthy will hold the reins until Trump arrives. Imagine the American carcass after Klaus etal have done their magic. Three years of the forever plannedemic(s), famine, wars, $10 gas, global warming tyranny, vast vaccine die-offs and too many other dystopian events to mention make one ponder if the US will even exist until 2024. I’ll stop here because the once-a-Trumper-always-a-Trumper group will stay the course. As for me and mine their is but one savior because there is no human solution to a spiritual problem and boy do we have problems! I am super prepped and will persevere but more importantly I will pray to my Father through His Son as the only ones to rescue us from this Red Sea moment.

    • Jeff

      God is our hope as you say but He works through His children. Whether we approve or not He did choose Trump. I do not worship him or give him any undue consideration.
      I worship the Lord my God and it is He who chose Trump. None of His children in the bible were perfect and yet He used them.
      It is the prayers of the saints (those who truly believe and stand despite whatever comes) that will bring this nation back. Hand wringing at this point will get us nothing.
      Either stand on His word and promises or be destroyed.
      I hope your waking early is a prophetic sign of the bride who till now is in deep slumber.
      This deep sleep is the reason God is allowing these things to happen. He longs for a strong and pure bride, and He will have it before He is finished. Don’t be surprised if Trump is also transformed and a new man before He is done.

  79. Paul

    The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.

    Thanks for all the doers who stay in their countries who fight along with their brothers and sisters against oppression.

    The most critical time in any battle is not when I’m fatigued, it’s when I no longer care.

    I shall not run away, We will run toward our adversary.

    Fudge the safe spaces,

    Seek liberty, not security. A boat in the harbor is safe, but soon its bottom will rot out. –

    Paul from arkansas

  80. al

    Excellent guest, WOW!

    It absolutely is common sense. Anyone with a critical eye can see what is happening.

    I don’t know if I agree with his overall outcome for the US, Russians and Americans are different folks and we have the 2nd amendment. (as a side note, the Ukraine Citizens are now all gun owners)
    Remember, we have lived in a Republic for over 200 yrs, Russians have not. The national collective consciousness is very different, therefore the outcome will be different. Hopefully for the better.

    In the 2nd World War, it took approximately 7 weeks for the NAZIs to take over the Ukraine.
    They never left. Now Putin is there “to de-NAZI-fi the Ukraine” to quote your guest.
    Putin seems to be intellectually on our side.
    When I hear a jet engine running but cannot see the airplane, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    In other words, much is happening in the background for the good, we hear it but are not seeing it in front of our face.
    Here is a great barometer: When the Marxist Media jumps on a “conspiracy theory”.. you can bet that theory is true. The quicker and more fierce the info-whores jump on it, the more they give it validity.
    Case in point: Putin blew up 8 Bio-Weapons labs in the Ukraine. It’s a NAZI cleanup operation. This notion was Immediately met with vile anger, de-platforming and massive “fact checker” cycles to “debunk” what is true.

    Thank you for the new faces, it’s nice to know others know the truth.
    God Bless you and your Family Greg, and may he protect you all

    • Johnny Cool


      Martin Armstrong: There are all sorts of rumors that the US has biological weapons installations in Ukraine and Putin has been targeting them for destruction. I have found no truth to this from reliable information. It would also be totally illogical to attack such facilities for that would unleash any such biological weapons that would then also attack Russian troops and carry it home to Russia. You cannot blow up a biological weapons lab. That would unleash who knows what and it could even kill Fauci because he could say – “What lab?”

      If he can capture them before they destroy samples, then he would have a political feather for his hat. But there is no indication that he is targeting them with missile attacks.

  81. Greg Morrissey

    Orthodox Community Prepares for False Flag in New York. please watch what this. this group of people left before 9/11 in New York they are leaving again.
    scroll down to the 2/19/22 orthodox community and watch the presentation
    Scary and Putin just put his nuclear arsenal on high alert
    Know the Lord and his purpose for your life. Watch the following lesson
    on the book of Deuteronomy
    Deuteronomy 4:15-5:21 – Skip Heitzig, the book Jesus quoted from the most on his time on earth.

  82. David A. Hill

    Well done Greg, Daniel Estulin is a brilliant mind, worthy of my time…….although as a warm over-fed and soft Canadian I need to hear him more than once to enable my slowly awaking self to better understand his message.

    Tkx Greg,

  83. Diana Brown

    Holy crap Greg. The man has the answers on a level we could not, and do not, have access to as simply a hard working American citizen. Largely withheld, deliberately, in my view, this information clarifies much of the confusion for me. The fact Estulin managed to get out of Canada in the nick of time speaks highly of his ability to anticipate the disaster we now see in Canada. Its a shame.

    In so far as a civil war goes in our United States, I would agree this would seem to be inevitable given the present condition of our nation. It may in fact be necessary. I wish that Mr. Estulin had expanded his comments on #45 as I would have been interested to hear that perspective. Personally, I know the ball was dropped, I just dont know why. Intuitively, as I have nothing more on which to base this, SOMETHING happened to derail #45’s mission. I know he could have carried out the mission as Estulin outlined. It is profoundly sad that the literal steal of the election 11/3/2020 is yet to be corrected. This not only on the federal level but on each of the states level as well.

    Thank you for bringing us Mr. Estulin and his perspective.

  84. Alan Van Cleave

    He is correct in regards to Americans being soft and not knowing how to suffer.

  85. Reuben

    Well done as always Daniel Estulin, I’m very glad you could join Greg Hunter again this week, don’t be a stranger around these parts sir! Your unique perspective and experience, and fair-minded analysis, are sorely needed during these times, especially as it pertains to Russia.
    As someone who enjoys playing chess online, I have a special respect for my Russian friends and opponents, and I consider them the farthest thing from being an enemy of America, I hope the best for a people who have endured so much needlessly, and still prevailed in the face of that hardship for generations as a nation.
    The feckless current leadership here in the West needs to attend to the problems America faces, and put an end to the encroachment upon Russia’s border, even my patience run out on behalf of the Russian people, but the swamp creatures in D.C. seem to still not be contented until they have beaten on every hornet’s nest, and poked every bear and dragon they can find.
    We’ll continue in prayer that wiser heads will prevail, and this mad push towards globalism will fail, since that is a provably failed path for all nations. Our peoples and progeny deserve much more, as well as a secure future and prosperity, free from the hands of greed and tyranny in any form. May you have a blessed week moving forward, and know that here among Greg Hunter’s subscribers many of us ‘get it’ and understand what is playing out, our will is for peace, not war.

  86. al

    PS: I’m not picking on Daniel, but his mindset is akin to many non-Americans, including Klaus Schwab (NAZI extraordinaire’), Soros, all the World Leaders and so forth.
    It’s a subtle ignorance that comes from the lack of experiencing a true Republic. This will be their downfall

    Like many others that defected their Country (including the U.S.), this thinking seems logical to them because of their non-American experiences.

    These non-Americans do not understand what a true Republic is because they never lived in one. It’s not going to be taken away from us that easily, the few that are fighting now are but a small number of front-line Americans fighting tyranny. When it’s called for, the number will grow exponentially. I will be one of the tyranny fighters.
    No one listens to the Marxist Media, they lost control.

    I was born outside the U.S., went to school in Europe. I came here with that similar mindset that Daniel has and after I became a Citizen something happened. I saw the power of the American lifestyle and in the past 30+ years I have grown to love the Constitution even more, to the point of protecting it with my own life if need be.

    These non-Americans do not understand the Constitution because it’s easily poked and prodded, but the main pieces are still intact and getting stronger, specifically THE SECOND AMENDMENT!

  87. Jeff robbins

    Great guest Greg! You had a tough time getting your questions in there. The different world views are so under appreciated- i appreciate them, thank you. I’m surprised he didn’t mention how much American oil and gas will benefit from the Ukraine ’situation’. Ultimately, those of us at the bottom of the pyramid will pay and pay in many ways. I think i was happier when i knew less, but being the head of my house has its responsibility to my family.

  88. Jeff robbins

    All of us should be thinking and preparing of/ for how do we leverage what we have or can do for the benefit of others. Trade type skills, space to grow things, hosting small group organizations, something is better than sitting around stressing and doing nothing. Personally, I’m really excited about a pond project for fish stocking and playing in. Currently filling it with a garden hose, and making sure theres no stress on the liner. Should have enough water by summer for some fish- channel catfish and black crappie are the only fish i plan to have- i am the top predator- no bass.

  89. Jim Hall

    I really enjoy reading the comments. This is a very intelligent group. Daniel Estulin is spot on, I believe. He referenced Catherine Austin Fitts, another brilliant woman. I don’t think that we will survive this coming apocalypse in our present form. One other thing that I enjoy is not hearing the consistent lies told by the msm. I personally believe that this is the beginning of the Tribulation and I think that it’s prudent to stockpile food, water and prepare for the worst, I don’t think that this is a guarantee of survival. The blame for this problem is squarely on the West. I remember when George HW Bush said that we would not encroach one inch toward the Russian border. I don’t trust our government or any other. They’re all grifters and the majority of people are blissfully unaware that they are debt slaves. If you suffer from the illusion that our government is any different, then look back to 1932, the Bonus Army, the military was used against veterans of the First World War. Look back at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, and 911. If you’ve got any grand illusions about our not living in a Police State, think again please. I fully believe that the preponderance of police would machine gun children for their paychecks and their pensions. The only thing I find of any consolation is that they will not get any of the pensions that they have been bribed with to commit their atrocities. I don’t think that the police involved in the George Floyd incident murdered him. This is a another set up to create the illusion necessary to incite riots to try and destroy the Trump Presidency. I think that Donald Trump was unaware of the depth of the corruption of the government. I know that he is aware of many things that are hidden from us, the people. I am 67 and I never saw any president treated the way that he was, not even close. For all of his faults, I do believe that he had the best intentions for the people of the United States. I think that most of the people suffer under illusion that the country is in good shape and that they are simply going to be unscathed by what’s happening. If you don’t realize that we are far more indebted than we are led to believe, I implore you to look into the work of Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr Mark Skidmore. I believe that this hindered President Trump in his attempt to reinvigorate the United States economy. We are facing an insurmountable amount of debt, under which the entire system is collapsing. Take a look at Dr Chris Martenson, another brilliant man, but as always, it’s far more important to be a good and moral person than merely intelligent. All four of the people mentioned here are both, as well as the USAWATCHDOG himself, Greg Hunter.

    • Olga

      We are in the Great Tribulation- the Distress of those Days- We are in Revelation chapter 6 right now:
      The GREAT RESET = the Great Tribulation = (Distress of those days of Mt. 24:29) = New World Order = New Normal = Agenda 21


      We have entered the Great Tribulation (Distress) We are in Revelation 6 right now.
      1st Seal and 2nd Seal have been opened.

      SEAL #1: The rider on the white horse was given a crown. (Corona) and a bow (Toxon, from which we get our word poison)
      SEAL #2- fiery red horse: peace taken from earth and men slaying (slay in Greek can also mean main or wound) each other with this poisonous “toxon” (bow) jab;

      SEAL #3 black horse: (hyperinflation & scarcity of food and products) See Lk. 21:11 which will lead to famine

      MARK OF THE BEAST is between 3rd and 4th seals [captivity (quarantine center) & sword of Rev: 13: 10-11] Sword in Greek can be broad blade or cutlass

      SEAL #4 pale horse: ¼ of earth to die by famine, SWORD (guillotine; see Rev: 20:4 about beheaded saints) and men slaying each other

      SEAL# 5 Souls under the alter of martyred saints who did not take the mark & held to testimony of Jesus;

      SEAL # 6- The Rapture- sun will be darkened, moon will not give its light, stars will fall from the sky; “son of man on the clouds” (see also Mt 24:29, Lk 21, Mk 13)

      SEAL #7 Wrath of God-bowls of wrath of Rev. 16 (also at 7th Trumpet of Rev. 11: 5 or the last trumpet of 1 Cor. 15:52)

      • eddiemd

        Not quite.

        The great tribulation has not arrived yet.

  90. James

    Fascinating take from Estulin. Great interview, Greg! Thank you and God bless.

  91. Paul

    For all the trolls and doomsayers.
    No matter how you feel about trump, he awakened an army of over 100 million + USA patriots willing to send our diluters of of sovereignty and liberty back to hell.

    No matter the price

    Paul from arkansas

    • James

      Agreed, Paul. Trump did the most important job which was getting half the nation to finally realize how rotten the media is. The media smears were too obvious to ignore. His presidency also opened the nation’s eyes to the corruption of the courts, schools, medical system, human trafficking, the voting system, etc. I’ve never heard an explanation of how this is “part of the plan.”

  92. Robert

    Greg, I noticed God is not part of his world view and consequently he does not take Russia’s rejections of God’s laws into account when talking about the collapse of the Soviet Union. I found his pro Soviet utopian views undercut his credibility and his disregard of the suffering Americans incurred from our own civil war disturbing. A better explanation of why Trump didn’t push back on the fraudulent election is due to his knowledge of the suffering of our previous civil war and not a weakness in his character.

  93. DanKnight

    Excellent interview, Greg … would love to ‘see’ this guest again.

    God bless.

  94. Steven

    Trump fooled us once (in 2016)–shame on him.
    If Trump fools us twice (in 2024)–shame on US.

  95. Diane

    Wow..Daniel….amazing interview
    Thanks Greg

  96. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. Very interesting. He reminds me, in what he says, of Dimitry Orlov, an ex-Russian who became an American citizen but often visited Russia to see how things were going. I think this man’s got it mostly right. We have a year and a half? That’s hopeful. Get ready.
    Good luck, Greg

  97. mark branham

    Listening to Daniel Estulin only highlights how dumbed down the American population has become. The outlook for us looks very bleak.

    • IIG

      The outlook looks even bleaker for the Nazi’s in the Ukraine – as Russian forces now annihilate the Nazi’s (the same way they annihilated Hitler)!! –

      • IIG

        Honk Honk – Take Notice how that Nazi in Canada Chrystia Freeland (Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance) is able to peacefully protest on Canadian streets in support of Ukraine “without her bank account being frozen”!! – nor was she arrested and sent to a Canadian Concentration Camp by the police “like was done to the peacefully protesting Canadian Truckers”!!

  98. Trinacria

    Very interesting, especially since I was not familiar with this guest. All very good as part of rounding out the big perverted web that these evil elite clowns have spun.
    So, they want immortality??? I suspected this all along with that trans-human garbage. Also, as you have been saying all along Greg, that with the technology “they” think they are on a level with God. So, we are back to the hubris of the Tower of Babel. It will fall just like Babel….and we the honest and hark working folks need to be prepared for what’s coming due to this off the charts downright evil hubris.
    Also, this immortality non sense is downright Faustian….”we’ve been here before Sam, we’re going in circles” as Frodo said to Sam on the way to Mordor.
    The devil incarnate – Klaus Schwab- has seduced and, apparently succeeded to some degree, the evil elite clowns (who are NOT very intelligent, just evil scammers) as the devil tried to seduce Jesus in the desert during the 40 days. As Jesus said, get away from me Satan, as man does not live by bread (meaning of course, money and power) alone. Well, for these evil clowns, money and power is their god. With such evil clowns essentially believing in NOTHING, they will believe anything – as the saying goes. Still, as Jesus instructed, pray for your enemies…we don’t need to break break with them, but we need to pray and defend ourselves. We don’t want to stoop to their demonic levels. The Canadian Truckers have won because they did not descend into hell as did the Canadian government. It will take time but the truckers won…as Ghandi said:
    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” …the fact checking evil clowns – who are washed up “journalists” – will of course deny this. Whatever, it is a great saying and it is true. It is exactly what Jesus said in pray for your enemies…in other words, do NOT return violence with violence. Protect yourself in peaceful ways.
    Finally, of course the evil banksters are smack in the middle as they are the great enablers of this evil. Do you think companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google et all became huge without the help of government, CIA, etc.??????? So, careful who you patronize – on a side note, I wish authors would not use Amazon as we patriots need to find other avenues and there are many.
    Thomas Jefferson, a genius on stilts presciently said:
    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies,” Jefferson wrote. ” If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around(these banks) will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
    Prepare for what is coming. Trust in God. Travel light, as it says in the Gospel of Matthew. Downscale to the bone, deleverage, deleverage, deleverage. The banksters will feel the pain of deleveraging. I’ve already done this personally since many years, so I practice what I preach. As a financial planner/CPA, I have been preaching this to my clients for years and, it has been my mission to educate my clients and help them all to get out of debt and to a simpler life. The gratitude and the satisfaction have been immense.
    There isn’t much time to do this. May God watch over us all.

    • Christopher Strunk

      In 1804 before the 12th Amendment, the POTUS runner-up with second most number of EC Votes became Vice President and President of the Senate solved our present dilemma.

      If there ever is an Article 5 Convention of the States as we presently have the votes among the States, we must endeavor to get rid of the 12th 16th 17th amendments to right our sinking ship.

  99. Jennifer Sue Smallin

    Trump did NOT turn the Nuclear codes over to Biden. He gave them to the military. We are in a situation of devolution… don’t lose heart. The Ukraine situation is taking out the money laundering apparatus of the deep state. We will get through this. Could it be Trump and Putin are both fighting the swanp?

  100. Tracy B

    Hi Greg. Thanks for the video. I’m a little confused. What did you mean “the Ukraine invasion only lasted a day’? Did I miss something because Russia is still there and upping the ante as of today 02/27/2022? Regarding Mexico, I have also heard that a lot of U.S. citizens are moving to Mexico. My sister and her husband (baby boomers) are in fact doing so. I would note that since the start of the plandemic el Presidente` Lopez-Obrador’s Communist Party (PRD) that is presently in power in Mexico has presided over an unprecedented drop in the value of the Mexican Peso. It is continuing to decline. He has openly stated that China is an ally of Mexico. Further, from the beginning of the plandemic, the military (SEDENA) manages ALL protective equipment that comes into Mexico. If you try and import it, the materiel will be seized and you will be arrested. It’s all about mordida (the bite). If you don’t pay the 100% bribe to the Army, it doesn’t come in. And so far, very little has come into Mexico…unless it arrives via drug cartel. There is video evidence of the cartels rendering aid to the common folk in the form of food and supplies during this time. Where has the government been? Also, lest we forget, Mexico is a member of the UN since 1945 and more than likely a member of the World Economic Forum. You know, compadre to Klaus. Also, unless I am mistaken, from what I can tell, a foreign national can only “buy” property through a 99 year trust in Mexico. It’s really a sort of long term lease for lack of a better term. It’s not true ownership as we understand it to be in the USA or Canada. Finally, there are significant plans for Mexico vis a vis Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset. Microsoft (huge data center), Amazon (several distribution centers) just to name two are already there. Mexico is not an escape. It is only a band-aid, for now. It won’t last and in case anyone has forgotten, the cartels OWN Mexico and El Presidente` who ended the “war on the cartels” the day he was “elected”. If the cartels want or don’t want something, that’s that. No, they have not had mandates or lockdowns, so far. One would have to ask the logical question -why ? Statistics show 70% of the population has been vaccinated. Maybe that’s why. Anyway, I have way more questions than answers about Mexico. Something is off here. I personally feel like Mexico is a trap.
    Best Regards,

  101. Timothy Paul Phillips

    Wow He teels it like it is. More!

  102. Saved by Grace

    Prayer for Rob Kirby, and all of Gods people

    Corporate prayer;

    Dear Heavenly Father, please hear our prayers for Brother Rob, Lord we ask your will be done, and bring comfort to Brother Rob Kirby. We ask Your Holy Spirit touch each person as they help in Your will that he will be healed, and give you all the GLORY.

    Amen. …

    • Da Yooper

      Nicely done ………Amen

      Rob & his family will be in our thoughts & prayers

  103. Paul

    Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.

    Paul from arkansas

  104. Todd M. Murphy

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you as always for what you do. Catherine Austin Fits and so many others have been great as guests. This Russian spastic is wrong on so many levels. He assumes a great deal and that is all he offers is assumptions and the idea that he knows the United States. He downplays President Trump and he speaks out of his backside. You have so many great quests (Marc Armstrong) and I have no desire to listen to this blowhard again. God bless you my brother in Christ.

    • Jeff Nunn

      Todd, I agree with you completely. I was left more than underwhelmed by this fast-talking guy who granted had some unique perspectives, but was rude in talking over Greg repeatedly, wouldn’t even allow him the courtesy to say the title to his book (twice) before cutting in to do it for him, and who proved his ignorance by bad-mouthing President Trump as not having the guts to see through his boast to drain the swamp. Hello? Has anyone here heard of Devolution and Q, the great military sting operation that’s underway, the Global Alliance of White Hats? That was a rhetorical question….yes, of course many have, but not this know-it-all who moved to Mexico and then had to make sure everyone knew how to get to his website, etc. to buy his new book before Greg ended the interview. I won’t be watching this one again.

      I’m still waiting to see Greg or his guests cover Devolution, Q, the White Hats sting operation, the thousands upon thousands (hundreds of thousands) of sealed indictments, all the military arrests and tribunals and executions, the multitude of Deep State people already gone and replaced with doubles / actors / CGI / clones / robots starting with the fake “Joe Biden”, cleaning out the DUMBS, weather wars, I could go on and on. Unfortunately the list is looooo000ng. But the masses need to wake up (most certainly my own family) and it goes way beyond the scamdemic, death shots, unconstitutional mandates, censorship, big tech, big pharma, corrupt agencies, etc. As with many on this site I have taken steps to prepare for the unknown and am trusting in and praying daily to my Lord Jesus Christ, my Rock, my Refuge, my Fortress (Psalm 91)…..but I also look forward to the day when this covert spiritual and physical war goes public full bore and the little dribble, dribble bits of slowly exposed evidence is rapidly transformed to an enormous tsunami of proof and justice and God’s vengeance that is clear for all to see. Yes, I never expected I would say it, but that includes televised public executions on every TV channel for all the crimes against humanity that have been committed for decades and centuries that are too horrific and grotesque to even put words to. How long dear Lord before the enemy’s children receive their rightful harvest and your justice, righteousness and glory falls swiftly upon the earth? There will be people dancing in the streets and praising the one true Living God all around the world. I will be among them and eagerly await that day. In Jesus name, Amen.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        ” Has anyone here heard of Devolution and Q, the great military sting operation that’s underway, the Global Alliance of White Hats?”

        Please familiarize me with them by listing their verifiable accomplishments.

    • Stan Tuttle

      Todd you are correct 💯% the DayStar does not appear to have risen in this man’s heart, Lord may he answer the good news that you sent for man kind in Jesus name

  105. Christopher Strunk

    Rather than fight to defend the American Revolution pragmatist DJT went with WEF, Davos and Klaus Schwab he depends upon the Russian military to cleanup the NAZI – CIA – Five Eyes controlled Deep State. He may have devised the Devolution Continuity of Government of 1945 in 2020 before he left, but he never used it, thereby leaving us to fend for ourselves.

  106. Pinky

    Thank you Greg for bringing new perspectives to us each week. This was interesting and I do agree with some of his ideas, I felt he was projecting at times his own experiences as Russian onto us.

  107. William R J Nicholson

    Interview was quite interesting however the guest gave distinct impression that he stays totally within the rhelm of intellectual environment . He says nothing that indicates a willingness to let Creator God Enter his world , of the author. The views are gathered apparently by intensive study along lines of the intelligence community to which he was a part of. That community is not known for acknowledging Creator God & The Miracles He Provides. I encourage everyone to rewatch the video with the aspect of determining your own belief of whether you think he is having any True Belief in Creator God or just being an agnostic or atheist speaking mostly from a academic intellectual environment. Thank you for your consideration. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195 , credited by crew of LST-1195 w / saving U.S. Navy ship in Biblical Class Storm , early January 1974 in The China Slot aka The Graveyard. Seal Team , Marines , 200 ships crew & C_A’s Top asset all safely delivered 2 Hong Kong harbor . Praise God Whom Temporarily Gave me strength of Hercules & Samson in order to accomplish the task.

  108. Olga

    QUANTUM DOT TATTOO (QDT) as PROOF OF VA666INATION COMPLIANCE delivered along with a MICRONEEDLE VA66INE (Skin Patch) will be the MARK OF THE BEAST (NOT the hypodermic needle/syringe they have been using up to now- Feb 27, 2022). IT LOOKS LIKE A BAND-AID. QDT will use Luciferase enzyme that makes microneedles patch glow under a smart phone app or scanner– it is not about immunity; it is about IDENTITY and TRACKING!!!

    You will need this to “get back to normal” (CODE FOR BUY AND SELL) You won’t be held down and forced that way; but as Windows Central said about their Worldwide Digital ID system, “non-participants will be unable to buy or sell goods or services”. People who don’t get it just won’t be able to buy and sell; your financial transactions will be blocked. It looks like a patch. (See Revelation: 13:16-18, and 9:12-14)

    The QDT can store all personal and financial data on body; the ‘health’ stuff is just a Trojan horse to make it look respectable.

    CLICK ON THE LINK TO SEE PICTURES OF THIS NEW TECHOLOGY! It can even be sent to you via the mail, Fed Ex, UPS, etc..

  109. Jr

    All of you who still trust trumps “endorsements” or anything else he has to offer you need to shake off the spell:

  110. Felicia Music

    Mr. Estulin’s 80 yr cycle for the US agrees with Strauss & Howe’s. But we have a convergence of cycles- economic, societal, environmental sun, etc. One question I would like his answer for, since it is obvious he loves Russia, is why he left his country and continues to live in other countries.

    • Anita

      It maybe you love your country and its people but not the countries system.

  111. Rich R

    Great interview Greg, and thanks Daniel Estulin . Greg Bo Pony nailed the DATE 2-20-2022 on his last interview. He said He did not know what was going to happen but something big. His next date is 322. Do the elite have a special plan. Skull an Cross bones.

  112. James

    He’s the only person I have ever heard say things were better during the time of Soviet Union. Maybe he thinks that because he was in the military. The people I know personally that actually lived in the Ukraine during Soviet rule paint a totally different picture. As for America, it’s certainly not for the people, by the people, and of the people anymore. I don’t believe that’s always been the case but probably has been since at least LBJ’s time.

  113. J. Loughran

    Needed to chime in on the TP and prep H conversation. If you go natural keep in mind that a tincture of walnut hulls is anti ring worm, anti round worm, anti viral. It is the original Apple horse paste. Also, you know you are winning when after two years of lockdowns, and three years of the pending rationing, you emerge only to be screened out as UNVACCINATED and are told that for your own good you’ll be attending “Summer camp Hillary” you bust out in laughter. Life is Good. Pass it on!

  114. Walter Baumgarten

    Excellent and timely interview Greg, great work as usual. As the American public has its attention directed towards the Ukraine, our “buddies” in Bejing will surely advance their agenda and would be fools not to considering that Dirty Joe Biden may be totally impotent and incompetent but is also on their payroll with his demented spawn Hunter. Of course, they are BOTH on the dole from the Ukraine as well and is staggers my mind to see that no one anywhere has the brains or balls to bring this fact to the spotlight, except of course, for our host.

    Keep up the great work Greg, the GHNN is where we come to find out the truth in what is happening.

    Bless you.

  115. Country Codger

    Daniel: Excellent!!! Excellent!!! Excellent!!!.

    Please, please, please, tell me why you chose the year 2045. It is a very key and pivotal date in Scripture so , please let me know your reasoning. ((If you want mine, I will show you but I am sure you will have no need of it.)) I will be buying your latest book. ((Hey, very good pointing out the Kondratieff wave with the life cycle of America. Genius.))

    Greg, so far, this is the top interview of 2022. Daniel spoke volumes. We will keep Rob Kirby in prayer, big time.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  116. Paul

    Russia Holds More Gold Reserves Than the US Dollar
    The Kremlin is gradually showing the world that de-dollarization is nearer than many think

    According to the latest data from the Bank of Russia, Russia’s central bank, the Kremlin, holds more gold reserves than the US Dollars. It is a warning to the United States that Russia is willing to risk de-dollarizing its economy.
    Since 2014, Russia has been decreasing its holding of US Dollars. It has accumulated gold and non-American currencies, especially the Euro.
    Gold and Foreign Reserves
    The latest Bank of Russia reports that only 22% of its international reserves are US Dollars, while gold accounts for 23%.
    As of January 28th 2022, Russia holds about $634 billion in international reserves, the world’s 4th largest forex reserves.
    Russia’s largest reserve currency holding is the Euro which accounts for a third of all reserves. Gold is the second largest, and the US Dollar is the third largest. Chinese Yuan comprises about 12%.
    Russia’s international reserves have reached historic levels. The country is investing in assets like gold and foreign currency amid growing economic uncertainty, with inflation spiking steeply after a global borrowing spree.
    The Bank of Russia has a target level for international reserves of $500 billion. The Kremlin first surpassed this threshold back in 2008 with $598 billion. Its reserves tumbled on many occasions in the following years, including as low as $356 billion in 2015 following the 2014 oil price slump.
    In addition to gold and foreign currency, Russia’s reserves also include Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). An SDR is a reserve means of payment issued by the International Monetary Fund. The amount of SDRs held by Russia has increased significantly from $7 billion to $24.6 billion.
    Impact on the United States
    The incremental shift away from the US Dollar is part of a deeper strategy outlined by President Putin to ‘de-dollarize the Russian economy to lower its susceptibility to US sanctions amid worsening relations with the United States.
    Governments hoard gold because they expect a volatile future, possibly due to another world war or global economic crisis. Therefore, Russia is stockpiling gold to better prepare and defend itself from the inevitable collapse of the US Dollar as US spending gets out of control.
    To pay for its COVD-19 response in 2020, the US government spent $4 trillion. That amount is greater than the GDP of any country except for the top three: the United States, China and Japan.
    $4 trillion is larger than the GDP of the lowest 135 countries globally. It is also larger than the combined GDP of Oceania & Africa, the whole continent of South America, and the combined GDP of the Middle East and North Africa.
    Furthermore, with $4 trillion, the United States could build the Panama Canal 425 times over. Adjusted to inflation, $4 trillion is equal to the cost of all US wars combined, except for World War 2.
    In Fiscal Year 2020, the American government spent $6.55 trillion, and the total revenue generated came to $3.42 trillion. Thus, the US budget deficit came to $3.13 trillion. That deficit surpassed all the debt America incurred from 1776 through 1990. This period encapsulates the Civil War, the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Cold War conflicts, and the First Gulf war.
    The only force holding the US Dollar from crashing and causing hyperinflation is its global demand. According to the IMF, About 59.2% of international trade is still conducted in US dollars. Many countries buy US Dollars for trade or hold as reserves.
    Apart from Russia, in January 2021, the European Commission set out 15 key actions it plans to take to promote the Euro as the world’s exchange and reserve currency and compete against the US Dollar. Already, 20.5% of the world’s reserves are held in euros.
    Without the demand for US Dollars from foreign countries, the US economy and its practice of massive money printing would collapse.
    The era of the US dollar’s ‘exorbitant privilege as the world’s primary reserve currency is gradually coming to an end.

    Esf at work?
    I guess than “fed” can buy all russia’s dollars-4 trillion spent on Covid, otherwise those dollars coming home.

    Daring to de-dollarize
    Another gold heist in progress?
    Another sovereign nation being globalized?

    Another patsy being blamed on our defunct debt system?

    Cover for our deep state money laundering?

    Cover for derivative time bomb?

    Another resource economic hit?
    Distraction for cover up of Covid lies
    Biden corruption
    Election fraud
    Incoming Durham report
    Upcoming Nuremberg 2.0 Covid ruse
    Trudeau dictates
    Jan 6 fraud
    Depopulation agenda
    Or all of the above?

    Greg I know you have a world wide audience, and they need to know the people here in USA don’t support these globalist devils. Contrary to media.

    Paul from arkansas

  117. John bull

    Great interview, but I didn’t get how he didn’t know the difference between Britain and England. We English have no parliament, we have no voice, we are the cash cows for the rest of the uk. It is the British government, British royal family not English, it is the British meddling in the affairs of the world not the English.

    • Seymour Clearly

      Don’t ferget Null the Scots Irish they’s Brits too and that’s no Bull, Bull!

  118. Laura

    Prayer for Rob Kirby:

    Father God, I come before you in the name of Jesus. I pray Father that you would touch Rob Kirby, in the name of Jesus. May every cell, every tissue, every organ, every system work in alignment with your perfect health and well-being. We invite the healing power of your Holy Spirit to enter into his body. We pray the blood of Jesus over Rob and that you, Lord, would remove the spirit of infirmary from him and from the hospital. Deliver him From evil. Give Divine wisdom to the doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals that are taking care of him. May life-giving treatments be given to him. In the Name of Jesus. May it be so.

  119. Wilma Slaghoople

    The great 55 day omen ends Monday, 28 Feb

    DJIA could/should fall 6,000 points tomorrow

  120. Justn Observer

    Greg, As long as we are all on this quest to expose truths of the devolution and GLOBALIST plans to tame and shape the world as ‘they’ see it and become our Gods….I hope you can find some time for a revist with Wayne Jett. So much of what is happening ‘they’ have done and but a repeat and amplication of their MO. His past book, Fruits of Graft, for the ‘normies’ and unknowledgeable is still eye opening as to the deep state in its infancy as compared to today.excerpts from one of open source posts =The Plan for Global Rule. This vast, dominant power entered the 20th Century with a sophisticated plan to control the social, political and economic systems of every country and the world as a whole.710 The plan included use of privately owned central banks acting in concert and in secret. This global financial cartel eventually created the Bank of International Settlements in 1933 based in Basle, Switzerland, owned by the seven most powerful central banks, to aid coordination of the cartel’s business.
    * H. G. Wells: Elitist Shill=Wells’ early books were science-fiction and futurism spiced with mystery and horror. Early novels included: The Time Machine, The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, When the Sleeper Wakes, and The First Men in the Moon. His first best-seller, surprisingly, was something quite different—non-fiction—and it brought Wells international acclaim and prominence. It described the paradigm for human society envisioned by the dominant elite and their plan for rolling back middle-class progress so as to take full power in a new world order. His 1901 book Anticipations declared that, since the dawn of history, human society divided into only two classes until mechanization began in the mid-18th Century. The “most necessary” class was the “working cultivator, peasant, surf or slave” which provided “human machinery” to be directed and sometimes owned by a “superior class … bound usually by a point of honor not to toil…. [T]his simple scheme [of only two classes in society] was the universal organization of all but savage humanity as though it was a distinction residing in the nature of things.”711 The “human stability” achieved by this “simple scheme” of two classes, Wells warned, was mortally threatened by “two inveterate enemies … innovation, and that secular increase in population security permits.

    One could go on and on with so many reveals of the foundation laid to from the NWO and their plans to de-populate the whole world not just the western useless idiots as they saw them… The book unmasks the characters to set it and set the plans into action…
    It describes what seems at its final end stages today!
    For those that have not read it…you should!
    Would love to hear his opinions on where we are today. thanks for the post
    Greg…. I see how busy you are and you sure tying up knots and connecting dots at a miraculous fashion already!
    His book =

  121. Tiny Rock

    In the beginning he was neutral and calm, later in the interview especially when saying Americans can’t handle any hardship he switched to using “we” as a Russian and he was quite loud and emotional – his assessments felt more like wishful accusations.

    His mask slipped.

    His positions on various points about USA weakness were absolutes whereas in my assessment they have varying degrees of correctness.

    It feels like he has a disdain for North America as a culture.

    And while yes Mexico has some alternative positives he simply moved to another country run by different gangs with different emblems but same overall goals – I’m not sure why he feels so proud about that.

  122. BlueCapitalist

    Thanks for bringing him on Greg. I have purchased his book and his audiobook on the Bilerberg Group from 2009. He was way way ahead on this.

  123. Anita

    Thank you both. I have not heard from Daniel for yrs. Wow, Daniel has much to share. I had understood what we are seeing are factions fighting to be at the top of the pyramid, but he added much to this. I will have to listen again & check his YT channel out. The time is ripe for Antichrist to arise as there is this perplexity of nations with none knowing the way out.

  124. Susan R

    God bless Rob Kirby and keep him close as he battles covid. He has many of us here to pray for him and lift him up to God’s embrace. May he feel and hear our prayers. May we see Rob here again through God’s Grace.

  125. Baja

    Absolutely right, Ed.
    Appreciate your post….

  126. stephen jones

    Might be your best guest ever. Very impressed.

  127. Paul

    This article mirrors Greg’s guest Daniels presentation precisely.
    And he’s not ex Russian military.
    Author: Harry Schlanger

    Paul from arkansas

  128. Saved by Grace

    “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”: “baptism” plays in helping someone break free from life-controlling problems such as drugs or alcohol addiction, pornography, gambling, lying, cursing, smoking, or compulsive eating disorders.

    It is time once again to ask the question, “Does the baptism of the Holy Spirit help addicts overcome their problems, and does it help them have ongoing victory over drugs?

    I am willing to pose the question again and again because I am absolutely sure about the answer!

    • wayne hardin

      The answer to your ? is yes .
      I am willing to answer the question again and again because I am absolutely sure about the answer!

      Wayne Hardin

  129. Justn Observer

    Greg, This is a rather significant revelation to most if true =
    “This narrative totally ignores everything which has happened since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It also ignores the fact that Putin is not a Communist. He secretly joined the Russian Orthodox Church while still serving in the KGB, a dangerous move at the time. He remains a committed Christian. It also ignores the actual content of Putin’s speech.
    If you read Putin’s actual words you will see that it is no rant, but a nuanced history lesson in depth. How could it be otherwise? Putin had to lay out the historical bases of policy and potential war to the immense Russian nation, spread across their eleven time zones. And they are no dummies. They know some history, and Russia is also one of the few major nations where the majority has a four-year college degree or equivalent—and not in diversity or basket-weaving. These are not easily-earned degrees; they tend to be in the hard sciences.”

    • Jeff

      Thank you for your fresh perspective. There are probably more true Christians in Russia than the US. I know one thing; God is going to move and bless them also.
      How we can hate a whole country and say we follow the commandment of our Lord.
      How many pray for them, our fellow brothers (believer and unbelievers alike)?
      I bet they are praying for our country because they know “as America goes, so goes the world”.

  130. Paul Flannigan

    [Zec 12:3 KJV] 3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

  131. Judy McCleary

    Greg, so appreciate all the great guests that you bring on for us. I forwarded this to friends and family before I listened. Had to send an apology to them and retraction to listen. All doom and gloom, belittling Americans, praising Russians and no mention of our God, who walks with us, gives us strength, love for our neighbors and gives us hope to bring us through this war of evil vs good. Made me sick to hear him bashing our actual, chosen by God, President. This man needs Jesus. It would totally change his perspective. God bless.
    Love you. Judy McCleary

  132. Paul

    Rule your mind or it will rule you

    So Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive in spite of it.

    Paul from arkansas

  133. Randy Best

    With choices like Biden and Trump, you can see how far the country has fallen.

  134. Jeff Nunn

    US embassy just REMOVED all their Ukraine BIOWEAPON LAB DOCUMENTS from the website… Here they are…

    • Tim Wavers

      Nonsense!!! Russia is invading Ukraine because Putin fears democracy on his door step!!!

  135. wayne hardin

    To whom it may concern .
    If you think signs and wonders are a sign of being born again you are wrong / the devil does the same things .
    The sign of being born again is the putting away of sin . Be coming a new person .

    Seems simple to me but i guess some cant comprehend it .

    Now i will be on my way .
    Wayne Hardin .

  136. Elena Fedrich

    The Narrative Is Shifting
    972,913 views Feb 27, 2022 Russell Brand
    Whilst it’s revealed that the CDC hasn’t been publishing a large part of the Covid-19 hospitalizations data it collects, Bill Gates has been speaking about the dangers of misinformation. So, shouldn’t this rule apply to everyone?

  137. lara bell

    This Is Not a Test (1962) SCI-FI
    599,947 viewsSep 8, 2013
    Stars: Seamon Glass, Thayer Roberts, Aubrey Martin
    Director: Fredric Gadette
    A highway patrolman stops motorists on a highway after he hears news reports of a possible nuclear attack. He tells them their best chance at survival is to use it as a bomb shelter. Time is short and tensions in the small group quickly rise.
    B Mandel 2 years ago
    I remember asking my mother what we would do if the bombs were launched toward Houston. She said we’d all get in the car and drive as close to downtown or the refineries as we could get because they were sure targets. I asked her why drive TO the danger? She said it wouldn’t be worth living in a world after the bombs dropped. I believe she was right.
    Rich, time is short and tension mounting. Thank you for the faith that brings calm in these trying times!

  138. L.Bell

    Oh my, forgot the link, here it is!
    Go back 60 years, could be in our near future, enjoy!

  139. Jerry

    They left out getting under your desk.

    As a kid during the Cuban missile crisis we were told to get under our desk in school when the sirens went off. I realize now that was an exercise in futility as that would have done absolutely nothing. I find the instructions from our government instructions under I posted just as ridiculous. Stay in your house? Really? How about moving to the nearest bomb shelter? Oh that’s right we don’t have any, at least for us. The elites get to go underground facilities on a railway system to a bunker of their choice while the rest of us get to fend for ourselves. If that’s their plan, I will be paying an unscheduled visit to Highlandville Mo. as unexpected dinner guest.
    I’m sure Biden is already hiding in his bunker now that he’s pissed off Putin and he’s issuing nuclear war threats. Are you getting it yet? It’s either we capitulate to the planned reset or face nuclear destruction by the globalist. Personally I’m spiritually ready so I’m not concerned. The rest of your readers who think this is a game, may want to do a spiritual evaluation of themselves and find out where they are spiritually. We are at a tipping point, of several choices the globalist intend to make, and none of them are good.
    Option #1 – release more viruses into the population and kill millions more people.
    Option #2 – launch cyber warfare under cyber polygon and crash the global economy.
    Option #3 – tactical nuclear war.
    There may be more, the globalist aren’t showing yet, but one way or another, they want their reset.

  140. eddiemd

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Almighty God in the flesh.

    Put your trust in Him.

    Not in the JW doctrine.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Isn’t it a wonderful blessing, how the Church finally overcame the challenge of the Arian heresy in AD 381, and we all now understand that our Lord Jesus is consubstantial with the Father, as stated in the Nicene Creed?

      • eddiemd

        The “Church” is still worshipping wooden idols and praying to the dead.

  141. Jerry

    In cased you missed it, here are the government instructions in the event of a nuclear attack.

    My personal favorite is standing six feet apart from other people inside a building. Can we agree that our lives are in the hands of fools? When I read that my mind drifted back to getting under my desk in grade school during the Cuban missile crises. At least that made more sense 😊

    • eddiemd

      That link was a good laugh. It is current as of 2/25/22. Even funnier.

      I remember back in the 60s when the air raid siren went off at noon every Saturday. There were air raid sirens on the public schools that would spin 360 degrees.

      It made for a great alarm clock.

  142. Clint Young

    Daniel Estulin is assuming that the USA will survive. This may not be the case. There are many evidences that the USA is the last day’s Babylon. If so, it will be destroyed in one hour by the king of the North according to the Bible. And that could happen any time in the near future with Biden and NATO poking the bear.

  143. Hammering Truth

    Still no retraction or the fake stats by Robert Malone?

  144. Bill

    This was a GREAT interview. Estulin was able to succintly describe the whole of what your other guests talk about. His ability to synthesize is very good. Thanks for this one.

  145. eddiemd

    The mind control propaganda on drudge report.

    Look at the headlines. With a large majority of iPhone addicts just reading headlines, you can see the propaganda mind control on full display.

    The new narrative is that Putin is mentally unstable. I listened to Fox news Brian Kilme (sic) this morning on the national syndicated radio show and it is straight deception, lies, propaganda, and fear inducing misinformation. It is the new narrative replacing coronavirus.

    Coronavirus has not gone away in the sense that they are instituting vaccine passport electronic monitoring. Google is now inside your browser and monitoring everything you do. Laptops, iPhones, IoT…everything listening, watching, and monitoring. It is the antichrist system of complete control.

    The hook is in the jaw of Putin. Whether he is evil or not does not matter. He will be used by the Almighty God for His purpose. In the middle east. Ukraine is the distraction.

    Jerry is correct. Cyber polygon and a massive cyberwar to reset the global bankruptcy under the cover of “war”. Cover their tracks.

    The coming disaster in the world is here now. Just working out the bugs.

    There will be no place to hide. Not the US, not Mexico, no place will be safe. The Restrainer will be removed, and all hell will be unleashed. There won’t be enough rocks and crevices to hide in.

    Your only preparation is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Almighty God in the flesh. He will deliver you from what is coming. He came to set the captives free. Repent and believe. Do not resist the Holy Spirit.

    • Johnny Cool

      “The children of the Sons of God play an integral role in all apocalyptic prophecy, as you will read in the next four chapters. The rebelling angels and their offspring, the Nephilim, are the sole reason there is to be an apocalypse. This often-disregarded aspect of Christian eschatology minimizes the role of humanity.”

      Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, 2013, Page 67

  146. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report, Daniel Estulin has a far better understanding of the world than all the imbeciles and idiots in the United States Government.

  147. Ken

    Given what is going on in Ukraine, I am very surprised and disappointed in the lack of upward movement of gold lately !

  148. Marie Joy

    Matt Bracken, on TheModernSurvivalist, on YouTube, explains WHY Putin had to go into Ukraine.

  149. helot

    Interesting observations, esp this one:

    “So tell me this. Have you seen any video footage of actual armed clashes between Ukrainian civilians/soldiers and Russians? Actual back and forth prolonged shooting? (Not aftermath stuff.) I haven’t.

    With the Ukraine press on high alert, and with a zillion cell phones active in the country, I should have seen MANY gun battles, live, by now. If there are any.” …

  150. Clay Wayne

    Russian-Ukrainian Negotiation Failed. Magic Did Not Happen. St Petersburg, Russia. LIVE 505 watching now
    Started streaming 39 minutes ago Baklykov. Live
    The first official negotiation between Russian and Ukrainian delegations which had to go yet yesterday at the 27th of February, 2022, was postponed and finally happened just today. It is lasted for 5 hours behind the closed doors. After the negotiation the members of delegations gave a very short comments with a very general phrases. Officially, they have found “the points where they can get along” and “leaving for further consultations to their capitals of Kiyv and Moscow”. In practice, it’s FAILED. In this stream, I’m gonna talk about it

  151. Bob

    Great interview with the Lt. Col.

    I would ask him to point out which areas of battle the US had their tails handed to him as he said. I we won EVERY battle in Vietnam, and our own treasonous gov’t officials chose to make us lose the war, even though we won all the battles. They would not let us go on offense and win. If he is talking about Afghanistan and China Joe’s debacle of leaving, again that was done on purpose by globalists leading us. It is true that the USSR was very key for helping us win WW II, for which we should all be greatful.

  152. turiya

    Daniel Estulin, like Catherine Austin Fitts, like Joseph Farrell, like Daniel Liszt & so many, many others continue to underestimate Trump & why he was picked by military planners to direct the devolution that is presently taking place. People have not seen the end of Trump & what is forthcoming. The best is yet to come.

    • MC

      actually a lot won’t live to see because they followed Trump’s advice all of 2021 to go get triple vaxed and boosted.

  153. Marie Joy

    Will there be accountability for mass murder? OR will they all get away with it again?

    • IIG

      You can fill a glass cup with beet bulb juice “only so much” – then the red liquid spills over the top – and the Commie/Fascist Globalists in league with the Beelzebub US Congress have now overflowed the glass with the blood of their citizens (jab victims) – but that is not enough – now they want to start a “Worldwide Nuclear War” of complete human civilization annihilation “to defend the borders of the Ukraine”?? – when – they won’t even defend their own border with Mexico???????

  154. Paul

    I ready recently George soros call for unity for other countries to repel Russia aggression. Wasn’t George’s open society
    Foundation closed there in Russia as a national security risk? Is Putin is trying to rid the Ukraine of the khazarian tribe. Russia still commands ownership of 50.1 percent of their central bank.

    The russian mafia is now stronger in Israel than Israel’s mafia’s

    Interesting to know in Israel
    There is no law against money laundering or belonging to an illegal organization. They feel much safer in Israel than in Russia.

    Paul from arkansas

    • Michael Davidson

      That’s total nonsense that in Israel there’s “no law against money laundering or belonging to an illegal organization.” You’re making up crap about Israel as you go along.

  155. Marie Joy

    Soros is on Ukraine’s side. That should tell you all you need to know.

  156. MC

    Total Wine in Clif High’s home state has suddenly removed all Russian vodka from its shelves. They even removed Stolichnaya which is technically de Latvia.

    Next they will probably remove Polish vodka because Poland, like Russia, opposes the LGBTQP subversion of Catholic/Orthodox heritage.

    If you wait much more, you won’t be able to acquire any hard liquor. The elite know it is liquid courage and anesthesia during times of war and economic collapse. When your yuppie neighbors suffer a psychological breakdown because the systems have collapsed, being able to pour them a few shots of liquor is the only thing that can save them from dying from shock and nervous breakdown. Liquor also increases peoples desire to discuss religion and spirituality. These yuppies have rejected God, but with liquor at the table you will be able to minister them effectively. Without liquor you will aggravate them and cause their psychosis to rapidly worsen.

    The elite want you to go for cannabis because it makes men giggle and forgetful and lazy.

    Liquor is a superior barter item. Nobody lacks appreciation for the utility a bottle of liquor but very few comprehend a silver coin. Don’t wait any longer.

    Corn and wheat are not getting cheaper. The seers are saying to look out for huge jump in food prices soon. . . . This impacts distillers. If food or grains get too much higher, the government will order prohibition to prevent starvation & etc, but they don’t want you to have the elixir anyway.

    • J. Loughran

      Yes. Ethanol will be taken from the table but left in the tank. Those who have declared war against respiration stand to get very wealthy as they slim US towards dystopia. Some good news is that micro brewers and distillers are flourishing. If you wonder about composting you will love fermentation. At one time every local hub of exchange included a grain mill and a cidery. Give it a try (if it turns sour use the batch as a foot bath). If your liking is “free” water you may be happy to learn that Crimea has water again, magically (see Cynthia Chung below). Referenced readings follow.
      It’s Fat Tuesday. Time to burn the stored goods (winter beer belly). Happy Lent.

      Ethanol is the Main Biofuel Generating Credits for California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, AUTHOR IFBF Research and Commodity Services- By S. Patricia Batres-Marquez, Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS). PUBLISHED 7/12/2017

      How Corn Ethanol for Biofuel Fed Climate Change
      The Renewable Fuel Standard promised to pay farmers to fight climate change and boost U.S. energy independence. Instead, a new five-year study of its impact on land use suggests it led to increased fertilizer use, water pollution, and likely at least 24 percent more emissions than gasoline.

      The Blame Game: Who Are We to Believe is Responsible for the Situation in Ukraine Over the Past 8 years? Cynthia Chung
      Feb 26, 2022

  157. Marie Joy

    Looks like Putin cured covid.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  158. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Like Clif High, some of Benjamin Fulford’s opinions are too ‘far fetched’ – for me at least. However, the link is to a recent interview Benjamin did with Mel-K and the content is down to Earth, and positive. Much of it supports what Daniel Estulin had to say . . .

  159. Paul

    Thanks for your comment Michael
    I am not making this up. I have never had any aggression towards Israel.

    Regarding my comment on money laundering, I cited an article published in 1998. The aml has very slowly gotten better but still exempt precious metals and real estate industries from prosecution. I would say both of these industries are massive and harbor vast majority of the laundered money. It’s like shutting down the kids lemonade stand and leaving out the corporation’s for taxes.

    Professional facilitators
    Real estate agents, dealers in precious metals, and trust and company service providers are not covered by the Israeli AML/CFT system. These are professions in which professional money laundering facilitators could potentially work.


    Diamond dealers, lawyers and accountants were only recently incorporated in the AML/CFT regime, although lawyers and accountants are not required to report suspicious transactions.

    For your viewing

    I hope this clears it up

    Paul from arkansas

  160. Paul

    Lastly, I contend, why exempt precious metals and real estate, since they represent 2 of 3 known cornerstones of lasting wealth.

    Paul from arkansas

  161. Lightning


    This link is to an article that’s incredibly detailed and extremely well sourced. It explains the “covid” biology in extreme detail but also a lot of detail on the brain/ digital interface capabilities of nanotech particles that are likely in the “vaccines”.

  162. Lightning

    Gov. DeSantis just signed a bill giving hospitals immunity for covid related deaths and injuries.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why I do not trust DeSantis. He also never says a word about Ivermectin.

      • Self Exiled

        Cooperate Sovereign Industrial Medical control, just like the media, military, etc. I went to CNA for Asian news, and it was all about Ukraine. Oh, what anxiety for those who are not anchored to the Living God who spoke all living beings and matter into existence by His Voice: The Living Word of God His Son Jesus Christ: God with us. I always think of the prostitute: who bowing to Him new this and poured oil over His feet not saying a word in His presence. Heart to Heart.

      • Computer Guy

        He also didn’t call for halting the shots either. Sen Ron Johnson is the only senator who has. Even Rand Paul still says he believes in the vaccines. Pfizer’s bribery runs deep.

    • Marie Joy

      They should all be disemboweled before they are drawn and quartered but, unless I do it myself, it won’t happen.

    • Self Exiled

      Hopefully this works last one my fault. ——-

      Contrails that never evaporate like years ago, never saw this in my home state until about 1998??? Before always disappear.

      • Lightning

        Normal contrails are just the water vapor from the combustion process in the jet engine. they disperse quickly as you remember as a kid.

        The contrails we have now are Chemtrails and are aerosolized dispersal of who really knows what into the atmosphere which then disperse onto the ground over time. Whatever is in them they end up in the food, the water, everywhere.
        I personally have no doubt that its not healthy.


  163. The Great 90 Day Crystal Ball

    June 1st… America is forced to send everything it can over to Europe in the form of a free gift to keep the people from starving to death. Biden’s speech, “to hell with all you American legal citizen working taxpayers, to hell with you all!” Obama gave Biden a standing ovation and a happy ending. America, already on its knees since the Chinese ban of all exports to America in April. Bumbling Beavis Biden has now destroyed the American economy with nearly all personal savings and wealth destroyed into the black hole of inflation.

    July 4th, the day America falls, as Bumbling Beavis Biden signs the formal declaration of surrender to the Chinese on Alcatraz Island, Biden’s new crib. China quickly establishes new government and takes 100% control of all people and assets.

  164. Self Exiled

    ”The scant news coming out of Ukraine is so infected with propaganda that it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going on there these early days of the Russian invasion.”

  165. Skip Havely

    One more credible source saying the same thing…..Global financial collapse ahead. All of these people cannot be wrong. THANK YOU for trying your best to warn everyone.

    Stay safe and well Greg.

    Keeping Rob Kirby in our prayers. Any update on his condition?

  166. Self Exiled


  167. SkeptiSchism

    Great interview had to watch it twice. 🙂

  168. The True Nolan

    At 30:00: Very interesting idea that Great Britain wants to dump Israel and align itself with the various Islamic nations in the Middle East. I have been wondering just WHY the COVID kill-shot has been pushed so very hard in Israel. It will be interesting to see just how high the death rate goes in Israel between now and the next year or two.

  169. Frank Stiles

    Estulin’s an interesting guy, though, his being raised in an atheistic society (his bio is also devoid of an religious affiliation) taints his fundamental understanding the the western world’s Christian ethic. I’m not saying he’s wrong, the Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, and all the global elites hold great sway. But, they’re a tiny minority of creatures herding us cats.

  170. Charles H.


    Late to the boards here… went to attend a funeral – got Covid instead. Finally back home. I know you’ll read this.

    Technology is the Second Tower of Babel – the false means offered to humanity to reach Heaven without God. The devil has hijacked knowledge and Nature – to pervert and control the Creation: but being behind the scenes – allows mankind to believe it can reach immortality by itself, and without God. Transhumanism; a Hive-Mind (all connected); then a supposed transformation to a ‘higher’ existence, or other form of Life: all an empty carrot for the donkey to follow. The devil knows that man wants to be God – so there can’t be any accounting to the True God. So the greater part of humanity follows the devil, unknowingly: but God is not mocked. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (and God Himself) to the glory of the Father – as all humanity WILL be judged by Him, whether at the Judgment Seat of Christ, for the Believers; or the Great White Throne – where all unsaved souls will be condemned to the Lake of fire.
    The Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh to the Father (meaning Heaven) but by Jesus Christ. The Gospel presents a Savior; the world – a (false) way to save oneself.

  171. virginia clark

    Thank you Greg. As always your guests are so interesting to follow. Mr. Estulin said some extremely profound things like: the liberals stole or took the office and then realized they could not fulfill their goals. (paraphrase). He also says Trump chickened out and did not fight for the office. I think it was more sinister then that. I think there was a threat of dirty bombs and to his family. I heard at the time. At any rate, you don’t become President without the blessing of a force behind the scenes. Trump was put in as a total set up. Trump knew in the beginning just how the whole thing was to play out. I could tell in 2019 that he knew he would not get the office again. It is all a set up. Everything is planned. I just hope what ever their (white hats) plan is that they don’t wait too long and allow the liberals too much ground. I pray we make it to 22 let alone 24.
    Mr. Estulin also said Americans are not able to with stand hard ship and danger. For the younger (30’s down) I agree. They have never experienced anything but abundance and convenience. HOWEVER, I think people would be surprised what happens to a person when their back is up against the wall and they have to endure, fight and persevere. We might just surprise you.
    Mr. Estulin gave a very interesting and much needed (for Americans) world view.
    Thank you

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