Special Labor Day Update 9.3.12

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

A lot going on this weekend, so I am giving a special Labor Day update.  Looks like things continue to heart up in the Middle East.  Israel is asking the world to set a “clear red line” for Iran’s nuclear program.   Tensions between the U.S. and Israel have reportedly been rising over the timing of a possible attack to stop Iran.    It looks like the Russians are not pulling out of Syria as previously reported.  Fed Head Ben Bernanke spoke Friday and said there’s not much harm to all the money printing (trillions of dollars to bailout the banks).  So, he is ready and willing to do some more. The GOP has some new rules that some say will stifle changes in the party coming from people like Ron Paul.  Paul is going to make a big announcement this week on the Tonight Show.  I’m betting it is a third party run for President.  Greg Hunter gives his analysis on these stories and more in this special Labor Day update. 

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  1. Navy91

    Thanks for this update Greg! I hope Ron Paul does run as a third party candidate. Cross you fingers! I was going to hold my nose & vote for Romney, because of all the attacks on the constitution from the Obama administration. But if Ron Paul runs I’ll have someone to FOR instead of having to choose the lesser of two evils! I really like that man. He’s one of a very select few in DC that has any integrity.


  2. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg for that update. I always find something new and interesting at USAwatchdog.com.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch and Happy labor Day to you and all USAWatchdog.com supporters.

      • Ted Kass

        Ron Paul would only act as as a spoiler and guarantee Obama the Presidency. Paul never won a single primary which should have told him that he is not an acceptable candidate. He is definitely not mainstream and his message was heavily endorsed when several years ago he spoke at right wing racist meetings.

        After listening to the Republican Campaign I came away with the feeling that not only does Romney have the aptitude and record to lead this country but there is a unspoken goodness In his character. I was so impressed with the many things that he did for people that he never trumpeted.

        I do take issue with his foreign policy where we are foolishly engaged in nation building. We obtained nothing in the protracted middle east campaigns and should have at least taken over some part of the oil there for our country. We did not even get the contracts to rebuild the pipelines and our kids are being shot in the back by the people that they were set to train and protect.

        I also feel that the banks have to be broken down as they are too powerful in this country and no longer represent the American People. Imagine losing billion dollars and giving bonus money to the people who were responsible for its safe keeping.

        I hope we finally get a government that truly cares for its Citizens.

        A concerned citizen who votes.

        • Greg

          Your assertion that Paul “would only act as a spoiler” is wrong according to many pols I have seen. Here is one of the many: http://www.christianpost.com/news/ron-paul-would-take-more-votes-from-obama-than-romney-in-3-way-race-74682/ that says Paul would take more from Obama. As far as not winning a single primary, Paul shared a three way tie in Iowa. There is also lots of evidence that shows he was cheated out of victory in several other states, starting with Iowa. Remember the report of a pickup truck with ballots from Ames that was “lost?” Ames is a college town and young voters overwhelmingly voted for Paul than any other GOP candidate. That is fact. I am not saying Romney is a bad man, and I thought he got a very bad shake over Bain Capital. I am also not an advocate for Ron Paul but he is a big problem for both parties. Thank you for your comment and yes I agree with you the banks need ton be broken up. Thank you for your comment and for supporting USAWatchdog.com.

          • jay

            Greg. I learn so much from your example. well stated.

        • Matt

          Ted, I think you need to do some research. You mention you don’t like big banks, Ron Paul want to end the FED therefore end the central banks. You don’t like our current foreign policy, Ron Paul wants to pull our military back and only get involved in conflicts if there is a declaration of war by congress. He also said he will not let the UN dictate our policy. Sounds like you have more in common with Ron Paul than you think. Check out his voting record, that is the only research you need to check. Never voted to go to war, never voted for TARP or bailouts, never voted to raise the debt ceiling…. Matt

  3. art barnes

    Greg, your speculation about Ron Paul’s possible announcement if it does happen would really shake things up. Mr. Paul has been so quiet as of late that most thought he went home to retire and got out his childhood fishing pole to take the grand-babies to the lake. Mr. Paul would send both parties to scramble the media machine to discredit his policies as so radical that it would destroy the country as we know it. Imagine the Democrats as arguing that we need to keep 186 bases over seas and the Republicans claiming we need to keep the Fed Reserve and their easing policies in place and increase the debt. The propaganda that would follow from both parties cannot be counted on any modern computer and what events that follow could be just about anything. The Supreme Court will help take Mr. Paul out when ask, that you can bet on, which will further inflame the regular people who still believe that we live in a democracy. Nice Labor Day reporting, we will wait for the Tonight Show.

  4. Navy91

    Hey Greg, back again.

    I just read Firestorms & Currency Twisters. Holy smokes!!! I knew the banking system was in bad shape, but DAAANNNNGGGGG!!! Kinda makes you want to crawl into a cave and not come out for a few years!
    I wouldn’t do anything that drastic. But I sure am glad I’ve been preparing for hard times for the last couple of years!

    How do those people (the Banksters) sleep at night?!


    • Greg

      Take a look at the latest from Morgan Stanley under Hunter’s Top Stories. Things are getting weird at Morgan Stanley. Here’s the link: http://www.cnbc.com/id/48862928 The CNBC report talks of “bounced checks.” Is this more than a technology issue? Thank you for your comment and support.

      • jay

        Thanks for the link.
        Looks like the 4 that control billions will get there way. all this maybe attached to the prep for collapse warned of in 2010.As to ron paul.I will vote for him eitherway.This electing the lesser of two evils …i cant do ever agian. Thanks as always.

        • George Too

          So, you would choose the greater of two evils?…Just checking.

  5. GoodOleBoy

    Love your videos Greg but it thought I would point something out. From the reports I have heard, the current administration is doing everything they can to start a war. Statisticly, history show that people support the government more in times of conflict. Especially for a country like Isreal that carries a religious connotation for s many people in the opposite party (even though the state wasn’t created until the mid 1900s and was named because they new it would garner support and fulfill people’s beliefs in completion of prophesy). From what I have seen, they are trying to create conflict and are being met with resistance in the military. General Dempsey has said he doesn’t want to be seen as complicit in an attack on Iran. A month ago, our top brass met with Russian top brass in DC. Considering that and the fact that a general in the Russian military academy saying “Obama will declare martial law before the end of the year”, they know whats going on. There are some good guys and bad guys but pay attention to their statements and you can tell whose who. The military guys understand the effects of thermonuclear war and will try and avoid it, unlike the insane oligarchs running the show. They in themselves have no power, it is only by the willingness of others to do their bidding which gives them the illusion of power. God bless

  6. Henry

    Thanks Greg!
    Superb objective analysis, especially about Ron Paul.

    • Greg

      Thank you Henry!!

  7. norcar survivor


    I am not sure what is next on the horizon but I can tell you now, even with all the warnings and reports you and others who report as you do (few) and the discussions your readers have with the general public, nothing is on peoples radar. Life goes on with out a care. No body I talk to has any concern about where all this is going. They have their indignation that the economy is a shambles and their general fear about what’s happening with the country, but the conversation about doing anything to get ready is not out there. I have been counselling my sister to get ready for over a year now to get prepared and last Wednesday her husband lost his job of 9 years and it shocked the heck out of her that it happened. That is part of what we had been talking about and still she was shocked. Peoples vision is so Peripheral that they can not see what is in front of them. It reminds me how many people are going to be caught with their guard down when the events start to unfold that bring it all to a close. Our government, economy, jobs, finances…..everything is about to change and the general public has not a clue. It makes me wonder how you go on with your post everyday. I know you have you followers, but this needs to grow like wildfire so people can be prepared. Keep trying even though it seems hopeless at times because God has used even still small voices to shake the foundations of man throughout history. Maybe there is still ears to hear and hearts to turn. I just hate to see so many people shocked and scared as my sister is today when she has heard for so long, this is coming. Keep up the good work Greg.

    • Greg

      I feel I am living in a “Matrix” movie world. I have taken the “red pill” and see the storm coming. Everyone else is happily in the “blue pill” world–for now. It’s sad. I have stopped telling my friends and family to prepare. I just do it on the site. Thank you for this heartfelt and important comment.

  8. Diane Carol Mark

    Hi Greg,
    I’m voting for Ron Paul for Pres even if he’s not on the ballot. Thanks for taking time to post your Labor Day Rant! It was great.
    🙂 Diane

  9. josh

    thanks for taking time out from your holiday weekend to put this together. very inciteful. i fall into the category of a liberal who is very angry with obama. i voted for the him in both the primaries and the election last time and i feel cheated. i can forgive his economic policy because he’s between a rock and a hard place and it is not his area of expertise. the same can be said for his prosecution of the two wars he inherited from president bush. i am not a big fan of healthcare but i think the plan has more good than bad and could be the basis of something better down the line. however, there are several things that are unforgivable.

    president obama was a professor of constitutional law. a major part of his campaign focused on reversing the bush administration’s destruction of our civil liberties and reputation abroad. the situation concerning civil liberties has deteriorated greatly under this administration. habeas corpus is no longer the law of the land. military tribunals and rendition are still going on. the government has increased it’s spying on it’s own citizens. it’s so bad that ecuador makes a compelling case for granting julian assange political asylum because he has a legitimate fear of being disappeared by the u.s. government.

    i’m no libertarian but that doesn’t mean that i’m not willing to stand by while the corporations take over our country. at least ron paul isn’t bought and paid for like romney and obama. if ron paul runs, i would have to give serious consideration to voting for him.

    • Greg

      You are a classic example of what I am talking about when I say Paul will take democratic voters. A lot of people on the left and right would vote for Ron Paul. This is going to be a big wild-card problem for BOTH parties.

  10. randbo

    if Ron Paul is so great why does he take earmarks? Also why does he enrich his own family with proceeds from his presidential campaigns? Plus he is a 9-11 truther. I don’t think we are going to elect someone who appears on the Alex Jones show.

    • Matt

      Do you have any proof RP is a 911 truther or he enriched his family with campaign funds? Do you like Social Security? I don’t but I have to pay anyway and plan to use it when the time comes. RP uses earmarks for the same reason. He doesn’t like them but is looking out for his constituents.

  11. TC in Southern Hemisphere

    Greetings from New Zealand. Great News broadcast Greg!
    I read a post someone made above about not voting for the lesser of two evils. Does that mean we should vote for the Greater of two evils? I hope not. I am a little tired of picking the person I think will damage my country (USA) the most, too; but I see no alternative as we have no statesmen. Ron Paul is the closest we have and I think that he is wrong in some of his foreign policy positions.
    Good Analysis about movement of warships, they are most vulnerable at port. The GOP old guard is trying to keep control just like Kremlin. As a forensic accountant, I am appalled that votes were lost and I cannot imagine how you can say you lost a truckload of ballots. I like Ron Paul. My biggest nightmare is a second term for Mr. Obama. He will accelerate crisis. He is a great community organizer but he is not up to the task of running a country.
    I had a paper route delivering an evening paper when I was in the fifth grade. I went to work as a kitchen helper before I was 16. I had a thriving small business before it was crushed by excesses of the Federal Government in the form of regulations and the bankers, like George Soros, whose bets triggered a decline in value of the foreign currencies where I was selling. I have more experience at running a business or a country than Mr. Obama. I am in the process of starting another now.
    One thing Mr. Obama excels at is propaganda and using the rules (fiat by executive order) and or official latitude against the people. NDAA scares the dickens out of me! It has more in common with Stalinist Russia and North Korea than any principle of a free America. Are the Democrats thinking if they can overthrow the current system we have that they will better be able to take money from those they choose and give to their friends? OR are things getting to the point that Mr. Obama knows that there is going to be a crash soon and they are preparing for the hard times coming. FDR put many in prison because they opposed him. Yes, the USA had political prisoners under FDR. You do not hear that in the media do you.
    God bless America, New Zealand, and Israel.

    • Greg

      Thank you TC!!

  12. rrrobert

    OH…that would be awesome Ron Paul for prez. with running mate Elizabeth Warren or Ralph Nader or Al Gore…imagine the BIG money coming from both sides to knock this guy out of the running…wouldn’t you like to know what would be going through the minds of the Supreme Court judges…and he WINS

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