Thanksgiving Message & Abbreviated WNW for 11.23.23

By Greg Hunter’s USAW (WNW 609 11.23.23)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I am most thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Father Jehovah.  I am deeply grateful for being your source of truthful news for the past 15 Thanksgivings.  I am also grateful for your support and smart comments on the USAW site.  Finally, I am grateful for our direct advertisers as I was kicked off of Google’s YouTube and AdSense for telling you the truth.

There is much more in the 12-minute Thanksgiving message and short newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of for this abbreviated version of the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 11.23.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Biblical and financial analyst Bo Polny is back for what he says is the biggest financial warning he has given in years.  He will explain the timing and severity on the Saturday Night Post.

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  1. Dave Barabash

    As a Canadian, my Thanksgiving was last month. But I have lots of American family/relatives. So, enjoy your Thanksgiving; God bless you.
    Can’t wait for Bo.

    Dave Barabash

    • Mike

      Happy Thanksgiving Greg
      Jesus loves you and so do we, very much.
      Mike and Jean

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Mike and Jean! Much love back my Brother and Sister in Christ.
        Brother Greg

        • Tom C.

          Thank you so much and God bless you Greg.

          God bless us all and may God bless America.

          • Greg Hunter

            America is worth fighting for. Never give up!! Thanks Brother!!
            Brother Greg

          • Dawn

            I just cannot believe that people believe Jehovah will only save the USA and F the rest of the world.
            SMH 🤦‍♀️

            The whole planet must be worth saving bc planet Earth IS the only home WE have.

            Evil is out to destroy ALL the world and if Jehovah is going to step in and save the day He WILL step in and save everyone most worthy and NOT just the war mongering USA + friends.

    • Shirl

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    • Andalin

      You are the best, Greg!

    • Eugenio Trinidad

      Can’t wait for Bo, Just FYI Let him know DJT died on January 2022 but very soon you will be told he just died and he was a hero, the narrative of mainstream media will change the real white hats ACA The office of the guardian is now InCharge LOVE KIM

      • Greg Hunter

        Polny is up and playing.

  2. Robert J. Gargasz

    I am so grateful to God for you! Praying for your Family and Friends. Blessings upon you Brother. May Jesus Christ and His Father favor you in every possible way. I pray for strength to repeat the Truth I learn from you. Our local papers are false narratives that lie to us. We walk amongst satanic evil and monsters. Christ is needed and I thank you. Bob Gargasz

    • Dave Barabash

      Bob, we do indeed ‘walk’ go through Satanic evil. Great comment!


    • Better Chetter

      Your comment reminds me of a Caitlin Johnstone article, where she says she cultivates an ability to stay surprised by the depravities of the elite’s actions. She goes on to say, “No longer being shocked by the murderousness of the empire is a counterintuitive sign that something unhealthy is happening to you, like when the body stops shivering as it sinks into the later stages of hypothermia, or when the hunger pangs go away in the later stages of starvation. It’s a sign that your system is no longer forcefully rejecting conditions it ought to reject, and has instead shifted into giving up and trying to conserve energy.”
      Sadly, I have fallen into despair, fearing, though Greg reminds us to ‘Fear not’. Caitlin’s words remind me (as Greg Hunter also does) of the greater good still being in our world … “I spend all day every day staring into the ugliest parts of the imperial machine, but I refuse to let it desensitize me. These monsters have taken so very, very much from the world, and I refuse to let them take that too. I refuse to let them rob me of my humanity like that.
      I see it as a sacred duty to keep a flame lit in myself which knows what a healthy world looks like, which knows what sanity looks like, which knows how things ought to be, and which naturally finds it jarring when the sickness of this civilization reveals itself.”
      –>Perhaps I’m desensitized from living in a liberal city, though in a conservative state, where I’m constantly shocked by the encroachment of woke-policies, the LGBTQ? agendas and a lack of friends with whom I can live of, but not in, this weird world.

      (I apologize to you, Greg, for any of my comments that detracted from the unifying, fear-dispelling work that you aim to do here. I’m ashamed of being conditioned to accept the depravity as normal, forgetting the greater promises of Christ, falling short of letting His Holy Spirit live in me – in thoughts, words and deeds. Please forgive me. And don’t publish this part in parentheses)
      Belated Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Walt “Doc” Fahey

    A very Blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving to you Greg …
    I know I speak for many in your listening audience …. We are Thankful for your Truth and Coursge in keeping us on the right path in these crazy insane times …
    May the Lord be with You …
    Doc & Roz. 🇺🇸🥰

  4. Denise Andersen

    I am grateful for your relentless pursuit of the Truth. Thank you for hanging in there with us.

    Blessings to you and your family. Be safe.

    Denise Andersen and the kitties ( Six Toes and Buddy)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Denise and for your Kitties too. Kitties are good!!

    • Dawn

      I love cats too
      I do TNR and I foster

  5. Alexander D MacArthur

    Thank you , Greg , for all your efforts to keep America informed and We the People on track . I have not been able to help you financially for ‘way too long, now , but I hope to play catch-up eventually . God is good !
    Prayers and blessings .

    • Greg Hunter

      No worries. Thanks for the nice comment of support!!

  6. Christel

    Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours, Greg.
    We are most grateful for you, and for the truth, which you help reveal…especially the truth of our Lord and Savior.
    Keep on keeping on, until He returns.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Christel, You and yours too!!

  7. michael

    You are such a blessing to us Greg, thank you for all of these years of USAW. Sure do miss John Williams.

    • Greg Hunter

      Book John soon and thank you for supporting USAW!!

  8. Raymond Browning

    God bless you dear brother!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Ray!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!
      Brother Greg

  9. Robert Maloney

    Thank you for the years of truth, care and concern! You are truly doing God’s work, Yashua, Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are firmly in control and are all so proud of our USAWATCHDOG, GREG HUNTER! KEEP UP THE FIGHT AND KNOW WE ALL ARE SO PROUD OF THE WORK YOU AND YOURS DO FOR WE THE PEASANTS LOL!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Robert!
      Brother Greg

  10. D.B. Cooper

    Good one Greg, keep ’em coming…

  11. Nick-Dog

    Thank you Greg for the superlative job you do every week. I am sincerely grateful for your news podcast and all of the great voices you being to us every week. May God Bless you abundantly! Praise be Jesus Christ!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Nick!
      Brother Greg

  12. Dave

    Thanks for everything, Greg. Love your show, appreciate your research and your great guests. More power to you, hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and that your turkey did not escape!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dave. T Day was good because of people like you!

  13. Edgar J Hartman

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg thanks for what you do

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Thanksgiving back to you my friend.

  14. Suzette Lawrence

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg! I know I write for many when I say that I appreciate you and your broadcast. I have learned so much from you and your guests . Few things feel as good as hearing someone I like and trust express and confirmed my own thinking🥰 May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to protect and provide for you/us!🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Sister Suzette, for the very kind words of appreciation and well wishes!!

  15. Francine

    I don’t always agree with you Greg, but I depend on you for the excellent work that you do. I am grateful to you and the Lord that he has provided men like you to help his people. May you and your family be blessed today and always.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Francine. I was right about NOT getting the CV19 bioweapon vax. I hope we agree on that.

  16. Paul from Indiana

    The Branco cartoon says it all. So sad to see this pass to which we have come. I fear this ends badly. My best to all Watchdoggers through the years. Happy Thanksgiving. PM

    • Greg Hunter

      It would be funnier if not so true!!

  17. Joyce

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I am so glad I found your site as I look forward to all of your videos. It takes a lot of strength to share it all with us. Thank you so much and may God Bless you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Joyce! Blessing back!!
      Brother Greg

  18. Lou

    More Truth – Great Report

  19. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Happy Thanks Giving Greg, we don’t celebrate it over here in the UK or Europe. Have a lovely time. God Bless, Vince in London.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Vincent, for the kind words from across the Atlantic!

  20. Mark

    Dear brother Greg,
    Thank you for all of your diligent efforts to report the occurrence of events according to their weight of importance and to report the facts concerning those events in as accurate a manner as the Lord enables you to do so and to provide a platform for others to do so as well like Karen Kingston from whom it was so good to hear from again! (Thank you Lord for healing her and protecting her family!)
    As always brother Greg, may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit and with that of your dear wife (Gal.6:18) and with all who come here to read and post who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, (1Jn.5:9-13) who having been “CRUCIFIED FOR OUR OFFENSES AND RAISED FOR OUR JUSTIFICATION” (Rom.4:25) has also become in resurrection a “life-giving Spirit” (1Cor.15:45) so that any and all who believe into Him for THIS RIGHTEOUSNESS which has come into being through HIS FAITH, (or His faith-fulness) (Rom.3:22) receives the very “Spirit of His Son” sent forth into their hearts which cries “Abba, Father”(Gal. 4:6) which is the same Spirit by which we now cry “Abba, Father” (Rom.8:15) so that being “born from above” by His Spirit in our spirit (Jn.3:3-6) we have been “joined to the Lord” as “one spirit” (1Cor.6:17) for “that which is born of the Spirit is spirit” (Jn.3:3-6)!!!
    And so brother Greg, as you often exhort and the Scriptures testify, we are to “FEAR NOT” for “If any man is IN CHRIST (he is) a NEW CREATION, the old things have passed away, behold all things have become new” (2Cor.5:17) and “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”. (2Tim.1:7) for “Greater is He that is IN YOU than he that is in the world” (1Jn.4:4)

    • Greg Hunter

      Fantastic comment Brother Mark
      Brother Greg

  21. Irene Elliott

    As always Greg, for 4-5 years, I have been so very thankful for all your excellent reporting and faith in Johovah/Yeshua! I live in BC, Canada, thou I am from FTW, Texas, I know God has sent you to guide me and encourage me with truth. Blessing from my home to yours.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good to hear, Iene!! Thanks!

  22. Daniel Wilkinson

    Greg thank you for what you do and your show every week , I look forward to hearing from you and your guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Daniel, for always being there!

  23. Mason

    Good job Greg!

    • Greg Hunter


  24. Donna Wilson

    So very grateful for you and USAWatchdog all these years, Greg. Peace and white light to you and yours this holiday season. Much love, Donna

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the kind words, Donna!

  25. carl

    Greg – Hope your Thanksgiving Day was filled with Happiness and Joy – both have become very difficult, rare and elusive states to achieve in today’s troubled world!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Carl!

  26. LoriQ

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg and family. I appreciate your sacrifices to bring Tuth to anyone who will listen. 2024 is going to be one heck of a ride! People need to pay attention to what you and other brave souls are risking your lives for. One of these days we won’t have access to anything except a Pravda-like news outlet.

    • Greg Hunter

      L Q,
      I agree 2024 a year to remember but fireworks before 2023 is over.

      • Nancy

        I have been listening to you and sharing USA Watchdog for several years as a primary source for truth. Look forward to your broadcast weekly.

        Clewiston, FL

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Nancy!!

  27. MJ Quinn

    Many thanks for everything over past 15 years. Wishing you health, faith, well-being and broadcasting for the forthcoming decades !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting USAW all this time!

  28. Mark Shepard

    God Bless you Greg! I am and always will be a fan!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Mark, for your kind words and dedication to the truth!

  29. Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

    Greg you are our leader and savior. Without you and your guests much of the information we receive here would not be told.
    Thank you and have a good Thanksgiving.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll be happy to light the path, but our Savior is Jesus and no one else. Thanks for the kind words.

  30. John Maskell

    Happy Thanksgiving from England . Greg , you’re one kind hearted person who helps us each week with your excellent reporting and brilliant interviews . Thank you , John .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John!

  31. Peter Roumanas

    Hi Greg

    Can you ask Bo what happens to the Euro in the coming dollar collapse

    Thank you


  32. Nicole

    Hi Greg, I watched this video early Friday morning. I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    I don’t know if you are aware of this, but a new “mystery illness” is killing dogs. It’s a respiratory virus. Could it be due to vaccines? Shedding? Who knows, but the recommended treatment coming from the truther community is Fenbendazole. Just like Ivermectin, it is an antiparasitic drug. That’s quite a “coincidence,” isn’t it?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Nicole and it is awful. That’s for pointing this out.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        Thanks to you both for posting this. Knowing how much interaction goes on, I was going to post the same thing. The owners of sick dogs would have to admit whether they had been vax’d or not.

    • Michael McCammack in Indiana

      Fenben has been recommended by several people for the same benefits as Ivermectin. Fenben is only one leg in the chemical compound short of Ivermectin.
      Fenben has been reported to stop cancers just as Ivermectin.
      Cliff High recommended Fenben (on this channel) as a substitute if you could not find Ivermectin.

      • Greg Hunter

        There is also good science that both Fen Ben and Ivermectin used together also have good results along with B17.

  33. Victor SK

    to be useful to God, to be ready for what we all see is happening in the world, one must develop a consistent pattern of prayer and sacrifice.

    exorcist Fr. Ripperger

  34. Don Ho Howe

    Lee Fang: Moderna is SPYING On Your Vaccine Discussions Online
    The Hill 56,829 views Premiered Nov 21, 2023
    Independent reporter Lee Fang breaks down his new reporting on pharmaceutical Moderna and how it is breaching personal privacy.
    What do you expect when the Deep Creeps take our tax dollars, so we get a so called free vax, so we taxed, end up paying for our own vax related health problems that are slowly killing us! Dead folks walking?_Did Alex Soros get his boosters?

    Dem Feds, Pretending To Be N@zis March In Wisconsin
    The Jimmy Dore Show 21K views 1 day ago
    A group of alleged neo-N@zis recently marched through Madison, Wisconsin, but where they really N@zis? Seems a lot more likely they were feds cosplaying as fascists, especially if recent history is any guide.
    Where’s Alex Soros, when we don’t needs him? Funding real fake right wing op cops?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Don, for adding this important information. These Big Pharma weasels will not stop until we are all dead.

    • Shiloh1

      The Madison Wisconsin Fed psy-op should have had a band playing the Hogan’s Heroes theme music.

      • Glenn

        Hi Greg. You and I do not have the same view on the Hamas/Israel conflict. However, I take a step back as I listande to the following :

        You can say that both you and I and everyone else have not understood what it is all about. Pepe Escobar gives a very unexpected explanation – information that most of us would never get through normal channels. Listen – very unexpected plus a dose of other geopolitics.

        • Greg Hunter

          I have a hard time believing and listening to people who use fake names to comment. Who is Pepe??

          • Glenn

            Pepe Escobar is a geopolitical analyst – the equivalent of the world’s biggest rock star.

            • Greg Hunter

              What is his name? Mine is Greg Hunter and I do not post anonymously. What does “Pepe” got to hide? If you do not own your words your information is worthless. I have confidential sources, but I know who they are and the reason they must not be revealed. I have very few I do that with.

  35. Mark Gunderson

    Good Morning Greg, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank you for your courage and service to Our country. God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  36. Collette Lefebvre


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Collett for supporting USAW all the way from the UK!! Prayers to you and yours.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I found you by accident ( maybe God brought you to me) several years ago.
        Thank you for all you do!!!! Also keep your sense of humor. You can be very funny and that is what we need once in a while.

        Take care and God bless you and family


        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Tim. All would be much funnier if not so deadly true.

      • Paul

        Thanks for being the bull dog.
        I am always listening to your reporting and interviews with your great guests. Keep up the good work
        Paul from arkansas

  37. Steve

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for all you do.

  38. Chad

    Hi Greg
    You you look at what the Air force base in North Dakota said to the men and women. You can’t go to any Trump supporter rallies

  39. stanley skrzypek

    after following you for Years…I came to the Conclusion that you Really are a “Good and Honest Man”….a very “Rare” commodity in you’re type of Business….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Stanley for backing USAW and me.

  40. David K

    Greg thanks for all you do for us little guys ! God has a plan for us and we just need to stick together ! Sorry I have not been able to send any $upport but I will soon,

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t worry about the support. Time is short spend all your time preparing and praying to Jesus.

  41. Joseph Boudreau

    Greg, you are a great American, human being and friend. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    I must say that with all the different guests you’ve had on, you now have a treasure trove of truth in your videos. Who knows, 100 years from now (or sooner?), historians might be studying your videos. They’re just so full of information and has really helped so many people connect the dots. Keep making them. Once they’re out there, it’s part of the historical record.
    Oh… and about that bank.. Could it be U.B. ASS?
    And yes, America is worth saving!!!!!!!!!
    Best wishes from Joe (a.k.a. Sweptoverniagara) in Canada.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joseph!!

  42. Les L

    To you and your family Greg, have a great holiday and keep up the good work, I pray for your protection every day and others like you.
    Blessings to you and yours

    Les L

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Les I just said a prayer for you as I wrote this response.

  43. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    We are all very grateful for you!
    Thank you for your continuous and courageous coverage of the truth!
    May God bless you and your family abundantly!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am way more grateful for you and everybody else who comes to

  44. mrbean

    T H A N K S GREG !!!

  45. Miles

    God bless you and yours Greg.
    Thank you for the information and encouragement!
    You are a standard, in my weekly gathering of understanding.
    “Fear not, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are firmly in control!!!”

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy USAW made the cut!!

  46. Jane Hill

    Thank You Greg for Reporting TRUTH!

    Yes: U saved Many including myself from Health issues & death!

    Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jane. You know I was especially worried about women. Statistically speaking, women, (for some reason or another) took the CV19 shots at a much higher rate than men. Something like 10% to 15% higher rates of CV19 injection. I don’t know where I saw this, but it really stuck with me. So, I am VERY happy you did not take the CV19 injections!!!!!

  47. Mary Ann Saluri

    Thank you to you, Greg and your family for the sacrifices all of you have made to share God,s word and update us on the status of WW III over the past decade. I pray that when we rebuild our country and reestablish free speech and accurate reporting, that you will be on the national scene.

  48. Nora

    Israeli officials are trying to get the Biden regime to resettle millions of Palestinian Muslims into America.

    Our “greatest allies” want their most dangerous problem to become your most dangerous problem.

    Recognize the game and stop it.

    –Emerald Robinson

    • Greg Hunter

      I say not NO but Hell No to that idea.

  49. Angelo

    I live in a small area in upstate ny and we just had 2 young Doctor’s drop dead suddenly one 33 and other 49 both looked very healthy. Was with my family yesterday and I just can’t get over how people are still sleepwalking and don’t see the depopulation agenda.

  50. Vernon Locke

    Russia’s Retaliation Threat To NATO Over ‘Military Corridor’ Plan; ‘Nothing But Consequences…’Hindustan Times 9,534 views Nov 24, 2023
    Russia has warned NATO of “consequences” if it builds a military corridor proposed by the U.S.-led bloc’s logistics chief Alexander Sollfrank. Sollfrank had urged EU nations to establish a “military schengen” in the continent, a reference to the agreement which allows easy travel within Europe. The Kremlin, however, said any such plan would deteriorate the already strained relationship between Russia and Europe.

  51. Diane Carol Mark

    Thank you, Greg, and may you and your family receive many Blessings from Our Lord and Our Lady Mother Mary!
    🙂 Diane Carol Mark

    • S. Revere

      DCM, Mary was only the birthing mother of Jesus, and the other children she had afterwards during her marriage to her husband, Joseph. She is not anyone elses’ mother; not mine, not yours.
      She was an ordinary human being not unlike any one of us. She
      realized she needed a savior as much as any other human being who was born as a sinner. Proof of this is where she referred to Jesus as ”my Lord, my Savior”. Ultimately, as she is now dead, she is totally unable to ”bless anyone” nor is she able to communicate with anyone in any way. Nor can she appear to anyone in any way.

  52. Rose Mont Sellicka

    Obama Advisor’s Insane Racist Tirade Caught On Video MULTIPLE Times!
    The Jimmy Dore Show Nov 23, 2023
    Give it up for the latest superstar viral sensation — former Obama administration diplomat Stuart Seldowitz, who recently blew up online after multiple videos emerged showing Seldowitz berating an Egyptian-born New York City street vendor over his Muslim beliefs. Seldowitz has since been detained and charged with hate crimes over comments that simply have to be heard to be believed.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss why Seldowitz’s actions merely contribute to anti-semitism.

    Former Obama advisor caught on video berating NYC street vendor
    NBC News 20,806 1 hour ago

  53. My God! Mini-Tornado!

    Satan’s angry, knowing he’s just about outa time!
    Maybe he didn’t like everybody getting that free vitamin D3?

  54. Roger Winkelman

    The three most nefarious threats to Globalist wet dream uni-party dis-order
    Guess Who’s da Boss?
    YOU GUESSED IT! The Artist him selfie! Total Control of the room,WW3 stopper!

    Cardi B TRASHES Biden, Says Foreign Wars Are BANKRUPTING America
    The Hill 60K views 2 days ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Cardi B’s refusal tp endorse President Biden.
    The Deep Left Creepy LGBQ+ Alex Soros State Uni-party feel cornered? YUP!

  55. 'a' simple horseman

    Thank you, Greg.
    Maybe this will be the year that your “other guests” start talking about and addressing engineered weather. Did you see what “they” did to Mecca after the Israel attacks?! And 200mph winds in the Philippines? And on and on!! How often does engineered weather have to occur for the money trackers to face it head on? Maybe a good old fashioned mega earth quake on the home land would get there attention. The Cascadia is locked a loaded. It would/will be easy for “them” to set it off. 120ft tsunami anyone? Just sayin.
    Love and strength to ALL
    Face to the wind, Always

  56. Dwight Branson

    Thanksgiving Love and Blessings to all here on USA!!!

  57. RW

    Oop’s No. 3
    Guess Who’s da Boss?
    YOU GUESSED IT! The Artist him selfie! Total Control of the room,WW3 stopper!

  58. Trouble OnThe Campus

    The Tesla Domain Nov 24, 2023
    Welcome back to The Tesla Domain, where we delve into the most astonishing events that shape our world. Today, we’re shifting our gaze to a recent development that has sent shockwaves across the globe. Iran, a nation with a rich history and a complex present, has unveiled a hypersonic missile, a technological feat that has put two of the world’s most influential nations, the US and Israel, on high alert.

  59. Akdave

    Trust your gut as Tucker Carlson said. It’s probably the Holy Spirit whispering in your brain. I could write a book about times people trusted their gut and it saved them. I could fill a few chapters myself.

    • Cliff Bondi

      Stephen Gardner: Tucker Carlson WARNS To Get Ready For THIS!
      3 hours ago

      Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter ADMITS January 6 Is A Scam In SECRET VIDEO!
      The Jimmy Dore Show 123,333 views Nov 24, 2023
      Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, was caught on a secret video recording talking with a group of January 6th defendants, and her comments were quite revealing. Pelosi insisted that the so-called “MAGA Shaman” who got a 31 month prison sentence had been railroaded and that Democrats would likely milk the January 6th proceedings as much as possible, even if the actual “insurrection” was nothing of the kind.
      Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether Pelosi has unintentionally given the game away.

  60. Patagonia

    greg, good too that you are thankful to your sponsors. I was taking a look at dryelement water filter, not sure if they ship internationally too, and did not understood to much what they offer. You once promoted 2 times or so an inventor for anticovid measures, maybe you can talk a bit too with others what they have to offer. In one location I have water only thru a water pump out of a nearby somewhat volcanic lake, supposedly safe due to azufre, but water quality measurements not too common, could be spoilt thru agriculture/tulipans plants..and detergents. So far I give it only to cats and dogs. In another location there could be dangers thru manganese/iron soils if wells are not deep enough, affecting even the laundry. Maybe sort of Q´and A could be of interest to others too.

  61. Adam Giessler

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thank you for all of your efforts in having meaningful and relevant interviews.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks very nice of you to say and that means a lot to me.

  62. Susan R

    I appreciate you too Greg, another saved soul from not taking the shot. God Bless you and your wife, always.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy for you Susan for not taking the clot shots.

  63. Kirk Bradley

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg.

    Just wanted you to know that God’s name is Yahweh and not Jehovah. An Archaeologist found his name on a pillar in Egypt that gives us the true pronunciation. There is also a peered review paper on it as well.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Kirk you are correct, but the English translation IS Jehovah. We don’t speak Egyptian here.

      • Josh Dwyer

        Yes I agree too Greg and for me the most interesting part about this inscription. Is that originally the Hebrews did not write God’s name with vowels, so there was a lot of discussion about the correct pronunciation. But since the Egyptians wrote their words with vowels, it looks like we now have archeological proof of the correct spelling outside of scripture.
        The Roman Catholic publication Our Sunday Visitor, back in the day of October 1, 1961, commented on the name “Jehovah” it said: “Jehovah is a Christian mistake. The name was neither written nor pronounced like that by the Jews.”
        The thinking represented by these examples is common to the religious leaders of Christendom. They generally argue that using the name “Jehovah” when referring to Almighty God is incorrect. Hence, many of them eliminated it from their Bible translations, and from their speeches, writings and worship as well. Yes, the major religions of Christendom have practically abandoned using a name for the Creator and contend that titles such as “Lord” or “God” are sufficient.
        From all this the average person who is unfamiliar with Biblical scholarship might conclude that there is no name for God, that the term “Jehovah” is an invention that has no basis in fact. So a fundamental question to ask now is: “Does God have a name?”
        Where would you go to find the answer to this question? If someone doubted that you had a name, wouldn’t it be the most logical thing to inquire of you? Yes, because you would be in the best position to answer, although it would seem to be a very foolish question to you since you had used your name all your life!
        In the same way it would be most logical to inquire of God himself as to whether he has a name. Where can we go to do this? To the record he inspired by his holy spirit, which record is the Holy Bible. In that Word of God it states, according to the Roman Catholic Douay version: “Our Father who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name.” (Matt. 6:9) A more recent translation, the Revised Standard Version, states at Psalm 22:22: “I will tell of thy name to my brethren.” The widely used King James Version renders Isaiah 12:4 this way: “And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted.” The Catholic Knox translation of Jesus’ words at John 17:6 says: “I have made thy name known.”
        While there are many more scriptures from many more translations that could be quoted to show the same thing, shouldn’t we conclude from these samples that God has a name? All reasonable persons would have to acknowledge, Yes. But is that name “God” or “Lord”? No, for these are not names but titles, much as you might be called “Mister” or “Sir.”
        That it is vital to know the name of God and to use it, God’s own Word makes clear, for at Romans chapter 10, verse 13, which is a quotation from Joel chapter 2, verse 32, it states: “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”—Catholic Douay version.
        The evidence from God’s Word is therefore conclusive that God indeed has a name and that it is important for life seekers to know it and to even use it. Doubting that God has a name is much more foolish than doubting that you have a name.
        While there is no doubt that God does have a name, the question still remains, What is it?
        In the Hebrew portion of the Scriptures that name is clearly spelled out for us in four Hebrew letters, called the tetragrammaton. These four Hebrew letters are the equivalent of our four English letters YHWH (or JHVH). Yes, the divine name “was spelled in Hebrew letters which are equivalent to YHWH.” “It was written with consonants only: YHWH.” The preface of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible spoke of “the four consonants YHWH of the Name.”
        Since the Hebrew letters of the Divine Name are so well known, why should there be any difficulty in determining what the name is? The difficulty comes in translating the ancient Hebrew language. In the ancient Hebrew writing only consonants were used, no vowels. Those who spoke it supplied vowel sounds by their knowledge of Hebrew pronunciation.
        It is because the Divine Name is represented by four Hebrew consonants, and no vowels, that the difficulty presents itself. Those familiar with Hebrew, as were Jesus and the ancient Hebrews before him, certainly well knew and correctly pronounced the name, since it was found 6,962 times in the Hebrew Scriptures. But especially after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E., the correct pronunciation gradually came to be lost. Added to this was the apostate Jewish superstition that it was a sin to pronounce the Divine Name, which superstition, of course, was not shared by Jesus, the early Christians, or the ancient faithful Hebrews. So in time the proper pronunciation of YHWH became generally unknown.
        Vowel signs in Hebrew copies of the Bible came into use first in the seventh century of our Common Era. These signs indicated which vowel sounds were to be used when reading the all-consonant Hebrew text. But because of the superstition of not pronouncing the Divine Name, the vowel signs for Elohim (God) and Adonay (Lord) were inserted to warn the reader to say those words instead of the Divine Name. By combining those warning vowel signs with the four Hebrew consonants, the pronunciations Yehowihʹ and Yehowahʹ were formed, from which we derive “Jehovah” in the English language. It was thus introduced into English translations of the Bible, including the King James Version of about 400 years ago.
        Although the exact pronunciation of the Divine Name in Hebrew is not known today, what pronunciation might be the closest? A Roman Catholic version, The Holy Bible, edited by Monsignor T. O’Connell, commenting on Exodus 3:14, says: “I am who am: apparently this utterance is the source of the word Yahweh, the proper personal name of the God of Israel.” The Revised Standard Version states: “It is almost if not quite certain that the Name was originally pronounced ‘Yahweh.’” The Evening Star article said: “If the name were to be spelled out it would be more correct to spell it as ‘Yahweh.’”

  64. S. Revere

    If I would have to be thankful for just one thing,
    it would be that Jesus exists and has availed himself
    sacrificially for our salvation, for those who would
    come to the Cross, repent and follow/live His Ways.
    If you dont have Him, you dont really have anything.

  65. Lauran

    Greg……….I thank God for your direction and spiritual commentary!. Your interviews are the best, and we all depend on them for the education needed to weather this and the coming storms. Please stay well, and know that you are loved by your viewers!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lauran. That’s very nice to hear.

  66. Marie Joy

    If you need prescriptions you should stock up as much as is possible. Seriously.
    Very, Very Seriously.

    • Better Chetter

      For the masses of society on anti-depressants, getting the mineral, Lithium, can help regulate the irrational mind, in times of lock-downs/economic collapse.

    • Marie Joy

      But then, is Big Pharma genocidal?

  67. Self Exiled

    The young lions lack [food] and grow hungry,
    But they who seek the LORD will not lack any good thing. Psalm 34:1

    Greg Thank You: for all the years. Looking forward to meeting you.

  68. Paul

    Remember, Mr. Hunter. ….
    Exercise! …. Beneficial on all planes, in all directions. Peace to you.

    • Better Chetter

      But if one cannot exercise, at least do deep breathing. There are 10 liters of blood per minute passing through the lower lung area, but only 1 liter of blood thru the top lung, so shallow breathers fail to empty the accumulated toxins out of the lung-bottoms, which leads to pneumonia for the elderly or inactive people in the world. Deep breathing happens naturally with a good exercise program, but w/o exercise (for the elderly, infirmed or handicapped), the inclusion of a deep breathing regimen can help empty the body of toxins setting in the bottom of the lungs and bring in fresh oxygen, especially if one is able to do so outdoors, around trees, bushes or grasses.

    • Better Chetter

      Deep breathing, while a natural output of an exercise program, can assist the elderly or the handicapped, to expunge the lung-bottoms of the build-up of toxins from cellular respiration, and/or the chemtrail and/or air pollution toxins in the air we breathe. While the top of lungs only have 1 liter of blood per minute passing through, the lung-bottoms have 10 liters of blood passing, so we only need do deep breathing to help the body cleanse the area that usually creates pneumonia, in sedentary adults.

  69. Marie Joy

    Come together.

  70. Charles

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, we all support you. God Bless You.

  71. Patagonia

    Add on Greg. Quayle surprised me in his last outstanding video, he is far more ample minded and very well informed, at first I thought he has sort of alien spleen. No doubt that there are aliens and abductions too, but that is usually nothing to talk about outside of befriended insiders, as human beings are usually a rather dumb race unable to understand strange things.
    He referred in one moment to the importance of water filters. I am convinced that in many aereas even in the United States water quality measures are inexistent or inadaquate even if there are rules to obey. If weather becomes drier and wells to close to surface once permitted who checks! And public water suplies can be spoiled as many are taking water out of rivers, not fun if spoiled thru oil from a truck that fall from a bridge in an accident..

  72. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    We have much to be thankful for!
    God bless,

  73. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Thanks Greg.

  74. Carol Bolt

    Dear Greg, God Bless you and yours. I am so grateful we have the ability to hear truth in these unsettled times. We here were so happy to see some of the Israel hostages finally freed. We continue praying that the rest of them get free soon. I don’t comment often, but always watch all your lovely reports. Thanks for being there for us all Greg. Your very appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving from us in Canada. Carol and Stuart.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope all the hostages get free. Hamas is buying time.

  75. Lupe Corel

    if yer gonna dig a hole to bury gold, be sure you’re in a dense forest or sumthin

    Biden sees all from sky — satellite surveillance of earth surfaces 24/7

  76. Jerry

    Thank you to all that post on this site. I have learned so much. You never stop learning! The truth will set you free and boy does it.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      I have commented on Watchdog for over 12 years. There use to be a regular older man from the Lake of the Ozarks comment regularly. Last I heard he was very sick. Can you tell me what happen to him? Jerry. Maybe this is him but it seems different.

  77. Dresden

    if you get a chance, on-air please ask Bo Polny what he told Nino Rodriguez about the Blood of the Cross being found and scientifically tested to have only the chromosomes from Blessed Mary. This sounded a lot like the many Eucharist miracles over the years.

  78. J.Dwyer

    If I may continue Greg,
    Yes, many Bible scholars acknowledge that “Yahweh” more nearly represents the Hebrew pronunciation of the Divine Name. But this also shows the inexcusability of most religions of Christendom for taking the Divine Name away from Bible translations and everyday worship! If the pronunciation “Yahweh,” or even another, is said to be more correct, then why do they not use it? What sense does it make to admit a more correct pronunciation and then eliminate its usage altogether? Truly, it is outright hypocrisy to defend one pronunciation over another and then never use either!
    Yet today a groundswell view the pronunciation ‘Yah.weh,’ and it’s use as the more correct way.”
    If the archaeologists and Biblical scholars and the Biblical investigative journalist Kirk Bradley recommended to Greg, recognizes that “Yahweh” is more correct, why would some still use “Jehovah” in their translations, writing and worship instead? Because as Greg pointed out, the form “Jehovah” has been familiar to people for many centuries, and that form of The Name, tries just as faithfully as other forms, to preserve the sounds of the four consonants of the tetragrammaton. Furthermore, we do not speak Hebrew today! We speak other languages. When we speak English, for example, then we use the English pronunciation of the Divine Name, which is “Jehovah.” In other languages the divine name is pronounced differently, although quite similarly most of the time.
    Those who reject the English “Jehovah” and insist on using the Hebrew pronunciation would do well to ask themselves why they say “Jesus Christ,” when that was not the way his name was pronounced in Hebrew. That is the English way, derived from the Greek language. In Hebrew, Jesus would be closer to “Yehóshua” and Christ would be “Mashíahh.” So, as we say “Jesus Christ” in the English language, we also say “Jehovah,” both being correct when speaking English.
    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 8, 1910 edition, page 329, notes the correctness of using “Jehovah” in English when it states: “Jehovah, the proper name of God in the Old Testament.” Interestingly, it adds: “It has been maintained by some recent scholars that the word Jehovah dates only from the year 1520. . . . But the writers of the sixteenth century, Catholic and Protestant, are perfectly familiar with the word. . . . Besides, Drusius discovered it in Porchetus, a theologian of the fourteenth century. Finally, the word is found even in the ‘Pugio fidei’ of Raymund Martin, a work written about 1270. Probably the introduction of the name Jehovah antedates even R. Martin.”
    Hence, it is perfectly correct for the King James Version to say at Psalm 83:18: “That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth.” It is also correct for other translations, such as the American Standard Version, Moulton’s Modern Reader’s Bible, Robert Young’s translation, the New World Translation, and others, to use “Jehovah” in English. Translations in many other languages use the Divine Name in their own tongues.
    That the Divine Name should be used was well expressed by Johann David Michaelis in his German translation of the Old Testament of the eighteenth century. When commenting on Genesis, he said in part: “On the other hand, the name Jehovah [Jehova in German] is used in equally long sections [of the Bible] and the Supreme Being continually called Jehovah God, likely with the intent of conveying to the reader that the God of whom Moses is speaking is that one God who had made himself known to him by the name Jehovah and who distinguished himself from all other gods by means of this peculiar name. . . . so I considered it to be a matter of integrity in translation to identify it, even though it might not always be pleasing to the German ear.”
    In Michaelis’ comments on the book of Job, he said: “Nothing has more often aroused doubts on my part in translation than the name of God, Jehovah, occurring so frequently in the Hebrew [Scriptures]. Several of my friends insisted that I not at all insert this foreign word. . . . Jehovah is a Nomen Proprium, and, just as properly as I retain other nomina propria [such as] Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or, taking names of other gods as examples, Baal, Ashtaroth, Dagon—they may be as foreign-sounding as they like—it can well occur in the case of Jehovah. In the translation of a classical author one would not have the slightest hesitance toward the use of the names Jupiter, Apollo [and] Diana; and why then should the name of the Only True God sound more offensive? I do not therefore see why I should not use the name Jehovah in the German Bible.”
    As this translator makes so clear, the name of God, Jehovah, occurs so often in the Bible that God-fearing men of integrity are bound by conscience to render the Divine Name in their translations and worship in whatever language they speak.
    That it is correct to use the Divine Name in the language we speak should not seem so strange. It is just the same with other names. Is your name “John” in English? Well, it is not that in the Spanish language, for in Spanish it would be “Juan.” In the French language that same name would be “Jean.” In the German language it is “Johannes.” In Hebrew it is “Yohhanán.” In other languages this same name could be pronounced in varying ways. But just because your name is pronounced differently in different languages, would you abandon its use in your own language altogether? Of course not! Neither should God’s name be abandoned just because it is pronounced differently in different languages!
    The vital point is not whether “Yahweh” or some other form of the Divine Name is more correct in Hebrew. The vital point is whether you use the pronunciation common to your language. Any religion that abandons its use cannot be the true religion, for God said: “My people shall know my name.” Not only do they know what The Name is, but to them it is a name that is exalted and treated with respect.—Isa. 52:6, King James Version.
    Those who want to serve God faithfully and receive his blessings use his name. They use the Divine Name in their own language and strive to magnify it to the greatest extent possible. They are well aware that God has “turned his attention to the nations to take out of them a people for his name,” and they want to be associated with those people.—Acts 15:14.
    So, then, what is God’s name? In English, as faithfully translated from the Hebrew Scriptures, the Bible answers: “I am Jehovah. That is my name.”—Isa. 42:8.

  79. Justn Observer

    Greg. Hope ya had a great Thanksgiving!
    Some good truths are shared within as to looking to Jesus for your freedoms NOT the goverment…
    “They are PSYCHOPATHS” Former Democrat Exposes Party’s Evil Past
    ‘ Vince Ellison, who argues that the Democratic Party is actively trying to turn America into a Marxist nation. He claims they are evil, supporting things like atheism, Marxism, abortion, open borders, and drug trafficking. Ellison states they have a long history of trying to legally murder Americans’
    The Democrat party uses Black preachers =
    ‘ In his epic “I Have A Dream” speech, reportedly written by his White communist handler, Stanley Levinson, King planted a sense of perpetual slavery in the minds of every Black person when he said, “One hundred years after the Emancipation Proclamation, the Negro is still not free.” That is not true. I was born free. God gave me my freedom.

    In that speech, he placed in the Black mind the blasphemous idea that government is above God when he said we have come here to cash a check from America guaranteeing our unalienable rights. That isn’t true. Our unalienable rights are given to us by God. According to John Locke, these rights are irreversible, unsellable, and nontransferable.

    Cementing in the minds of Black Americans and America the belief in Black inferiority, he delivered his most quoted line: “I have a dream that one day my four little children will not be judged by the color of their skin.” You wish not to be judged only by something that shames you. One should never be ashamed of something that God gave him. Furthermore, Christianity teaches that we cannot and should not try to control the actions of others. The stupid, ignorant racist should not be concerned about me. I am never concerned about his judgment or bigotry. We can only control ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with the color of my Black skin. You are welcome to judge me by it. Underestimate me at your peril.

    He ended this epic speech by doubling down on the fact that Blacks were not free, and we needed the permission of White people to be free by saying “knowing that we will be free one day” and on a certain day we can say, “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we’re free at last.”

    Let me reiterate: I was born free. No man can set me free. I just am.

    his speech set in motion decades of Black victimization and White guilt. It is recited from every classroom in America, indoctrinating future generations to believe the lie of Black inferiority and the goodness of government dependency. Instead of being recited, it should be re-evaluated, condemned, and placed in the trash bin of history beside the Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson rulings.’

    CLearly, Vince Ellison … IS on fire for the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the freedom and free will HE gave all from birth!
    That is something to be Thankful for… more light of truth in these dark days!

  80. Freedom-4-All

    Hey Greg,

    I know I am late, but swamped Thurs. and Friday. Hope your Thanksgiving was restful and wonderful. Buckle up. 2024 is going to be a wild ride. Thanks for keeping the truth.

    Don Conrad

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Don!!

  81. William Mitchell

    As Donald Trump says “these are times that try men’s souls”.

  82. Renard Yardley

    The Saddest Video Of Ukrainian Soldiers You’ll Ever See!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 144K views 2 days ago
    A recent video showed a woman walking up and down the aisle of a theater singing to Ukrainian soldiers who filled the seats. Except the solders all appear to be 50 years old or even older and were paying virtually no attention to the singer.
    Sad that not only the young woman of Ukraine having to go husbandless, but now the middle-aged mothers having to loose their husbands to the great war to the last Ukrainian! Thank you Toria Oldbagland!

  83. Klaus Meyer

    The Saddest Video Of Ukrainian Soldiers You’ll Ever See!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 143K views 2 days ago
    A recent video showed a woman walking up and down the aisle of a theater singing to Ukrainian soldiers who filled the seats. Except the solders all appear to be 50 years old or even older and were paying virtually no attention to the singer.
    Sad that the young woman of Ukraine will never have a husband unless they export themselves to the US. or Australia to lecherous old men there, now the middle aged and older ladies will be joining them, same in Russia.
    War what is it good fer? Old western men! Usually Yanks and Aussies!

  84. S. Revere

    So things are a bit quieter right now as we await
    day 2 of hostage releases and hope that Bibi stops
    listening to Bribem trying to curtail restarting the
    war after these 4. I hope Bibi keeps his word; we
    will see on Tuesday.
    And so I will report that our mac and cheese T’Giving
    dinner for two was one of the best we have made, LOL.
    Try it before you laugh too hard. 3/4 cup of dry Three
    Farm Daughters macaroni, cooked in water with a little
    olive oil and salt, till well done. Drain. Add 1/3 c milk
    and 1/3 c. fresh sour cream. Stir through then add 1 cup
    of fresh shredded colby cheese off the block. Pour into a
    buttered casserole dish, sprinkle some sweet hungarian
    paprika on top. Cover and bake till hot and beginning
    to bubble @ 350 for about 25 mins.
    (NO velveeta. Nada, nada, nada.)
    The homemade lemon cream puffs were also delicious
    with the green tea.

  85. Slim Shady Ln.

    Col. Douglas Macgregor: Israel will have to surrender or use NUKES! Road to WW3″

    • Greg Hunter

      Israel will never surrender.

  86. Vernon Locke

    Russia Hit More Jets in 30 Days Than Expected Amount of F-16s for Kyiv
    Defense TV 19,046 views Nov 25, 2023
    Ukraine’s long-standing aspiration of acquiring F-16 fighter jets draws nearer to reality, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has claimed that the number of Ukrainian aircraft shot down by Russian air defense systems in the previous month was nearly double the number of F-16 fighters committed by Western countries.

  87. Uni-Party Leader

    Watch: Romney Says He’d Vote Democrat Instead of Trump or Ramaswamy
    November 25th 2023, 1:05 pm
    “I’d be happy to vote for a number of Democrats too! It would be an upgrade, in my opinion, from Donald Trump,” says RINO Utah senator.
    Image Credit:
    screenshot/CBS News





    Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said he’d vote for any of the Republican presidential candidates — except for Donald Trump or Vivek Ramaswamy.
    In fact, the failed 2012 GOP presidential nominee said he’d rather vote for Democrats than America First candidates like former President Trump, the current GOP frontrunner, or Ramaswamy.

  88. Hip Joint

    Prof. John J. Mearsheimer: Will Russia and China Intervene in Gaza?
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 120K views Streamed 3 days ago
    The current consensus suggests that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are making significant strides against Hamas in Gaza, inching closer to achieving their objectives.

  89. danknight

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too, Greg.

    Thank you for the work you put in, and …

    God bless you all.

  90. Earth Angel

    My feeling is this; If they can hold a cease fire for 4 days to free hostages- then they can CEASE FIRE PERMANENTLY and negotiate a PEACE TREATY. What is the sense of beginning more bombings and killing/ maiming of innocent life?.. Only to PROFIT the military industrial machines and their contractors, eh? This war has in effect already been stopped..Why start it again?! ‘NEGOTIATE, Don’t Escalate! PLANTING PEACE’ / PS- Thanks for the holiday message Greg and for all the tireless work you do for us. It is well appreciated! I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed a peaceful Thanksgiving.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hamas has in their written charter to “Kill all Jews” as an ultimate goal. How do you have a peace deal with that kind of thinking?

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