The Real Deal from a Real Trader (NOT!)

By Greg Hunter’s  (revised and corrected)

It looks like what I said yesterday was not accurate.  I said that Alessio Rastani was a professional trader.  In reality, this so-called trader in the video is much more of a talker than a trader.  I and the BBC and probably many other media outlets got hoodwinked on this one.  I am sorry for that. (Click here for a link that really explains Rastani’s qualifications.)     Now that revision and correction is out of the way,  I believe what he says is on target.  I think that is why he fooled so many into thinking he is a big time trader.  That said, I think the video is still worth listening to.  What follows is my original intro to the  Talk to a trader.   Traders are getting ready to harvest some big fast money in the next calamity.  When is the next crash going to happen?  I don’t know, but traders are setting themselves up for it now.  If you are not a professional trader, there is only one thing you can do, and that is follow my number one rule of investing:   Do not lose money!!!!  Rule number two of my little investing handbook is:  See rule #1!   According to independent trader (see above revision and correction above) Alessio Rastani, “the savings of millions of people are going to vanish.”  Mr. Rastani gave a chilling appraisal of the current economy and where he thinks it is heading.  Not everyone is going to lose money; some are going to get fabulously rich from the next downturn.  Please take the time to listen to all of this interview that aired recently on the BBC:

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  1. Jan

    I doubt he will be a guest again! The German High Court has just toss a stone in the wheel of the ECB bail out machine. My German family are saying it is about damned time. I worry about them and wonder what the powers-that-be will do to coerce the German people into voting on a new Constitution? This could get ugly.

    There is a new twist and turn every day, it is hard to keep up.

    • Greg

      I guess this is what the “end game” looks like. Thank you for the comment and content.

  2. Brad

    Wow! what a video! He did not tell us how to protect our assets or how to prepare, but I am assembling goods that do not evaporate with inflation: food, PM’s, tools, seeds, fuel. I am a farmer and I have purchased 15,000 gallons of diesel, pesticides, fertilizer, and any supplies whose price will blast off. Rx meds typically have a shelf life of many years, like twenty years. They may be hard to get and I am not about to let my blood pressure kill me for lack of meds. My family depends on me to pull them through and I will do my best to get her done. Greg, yours is the only site I know of where the site’s owner responds to the commenters and in such a personal, kind way. You are a class act and I feel your friendship. Thanks!

    • George

      They say RX has shelf life of one year but military has some stockpile over thirty and they still tested adequate. Or so the Govt claims

  3. Sam

    I saw this yesterday on Drudge, and it is chilling.

    That a trader would say that the Euro zone has had it, and that Goldman Sachs rules the world, is indeed depressing.

    However, one can make money by being bearish. Right now the market is up about 200 points, due to jubilation that investors are switching to Treasuries and the dollar. One can ride it to the end of the week, and then sell out, whilst the going is good.

    Troublesome thought is that investors are also abandoning “safe money” (gold, silver), to shore up positions in the market. Sounds like 1929, when investors borrowed money to shore up positions. Just as in 1929, these investors will be eating crow when things come crashing down.

  4. Diane Carol Mark

    Safe money, buy U.S. Treasuries? An authority figure? Goldman Sacs rules the world, not governments?

    Well, readers of your site are well-versed in Goldman…but, treasuries? Everyone cites commodities as safe investments, particularly gold and silver coins, bullion and shares. Additionally, food-related commodities, energy, land (agricultural)–real assets are what I’ve noted from a variety of experts. Also, Martin A. Armstrong says the stock market will rally later when the big money moves from Public to Private.

    🙂 Diane

    • Greg

      Thank you Diane for weighing in on this post! I would not trust Treasuries either but it is the only place for the big money on the planet to be parked )at least for now.)

  5. nm


    Why is a BBC reporter calling him a prankster who pulled off another stunt in 2007?–or-prankster–tells-bbc-market-is-toast-video/2011/09/27/gIQAAber1K_blog.html

  6. g.johnson

    be prepared!! spiffy advice. how about be happy or be prosperous.
    why not be impervious to social collapse? oh the things you can advise when you don’t have to explain the how part.

    what we call meoney is not money at all. it’s just credit. and we fell for it hook line and sucker when we should have been falling off the damn turnip truck instead.

    media, education and religion worked overtime to keep us stupid. it worked. a few transcended but found it nigh impossible to communicate the magnitude of the problem to the affected masses.

    a few more began to wake up to various degrees of reality, but few, although the problems became blatantly evident, could bring their trained monkey minds to the harsh realities of the approaching end game.

    be prepared? does this mean buy gold? or get ready for the fight of your life?

    answer forthcoming shortly.

    be prepared. 🙂

  7. BigTom

    Greg – you are so right on here – view: – this is just one version of how the pros on wall street, allowed by our elected congressional watchdogs in government oversight and covered up by MSM i must add, have set up the unsuspecting middle class american…’s sad but i still had to laugh my a** off at this video….!

    • Greg

      This is great video BigTom!!
      Thank you Greg

  8. me

    I love this guy’s honesty. He doesn’t reflect many of my values, but it was refreshing to hear someone say this out loud.

  9. Ken Varga

    Greg, Based on what Nr. Rastani say’s, what should one do now. What steps should one take to preserve ones savings and stock positions?

    Thanks in advance

    • Greg

      I would make sure I had a really good brokerage such as Edward Jones or Scottrade (I do not get ANY compensation from these companies.) These two brokerages have some of the highest capital ratios and very little exposure to OTC-derivatives. I would also have my stocks held as a “book entry.” That means the stocks are held in my name and not in the name of the brokerage. I would also own individual stocks with low debt and strong cash flow and balance sheets. I like oil companies but I do not give stock picks. I would also have a secure residence preferably paid in full with the deed in my possession. Finally I would hold physical precious metals for the long term as a hedge against calamity and inflation. I am not a financial planner or a survivalist but this is what I would do. On a more primal level, I would make sure my vehicles are paid for and in good working order. It would not be a bad idea to have some food and water stored in the event of some sort of calamity. I am not a financial planner or a survivalist, but this is what I would do. That is it in a nutshell.

      • Bob

        I’m not a survivalist , ya right

        • Robert V.

          Any more, there is a slim difference between survivalist and realist.

  10. norcar survivor

    Survivalist, economist, doesn’t matter. Lets try realist and move forward. Debating what we are gets us nowhere. The only thing that matters is that we are using this time to prepare for how a major downturn in our pathetic economy would affect you and your loved ones. It will not matter later on what you called yourself in the past. If you’ve been listening and reading to Greg’s blog you will be prepared. There will be time to figure the semantics later when your taking inventory of supplies and your making plans for making it through tomorrow.

    • Greg

      Amen Norcar!

  11. world clock

    The Real Deal from a Real Trader (NOT!) | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog – just great!

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