Time to Tell these Crooks they’re Fired-Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes World Bank WhistleblowerBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (Update #2)

(You Tube has restored the video.  Apparently it was some sort of glitch on their end.  I am happy it is back up.)

World Bank attorney Karen Hudes says she is one of a group of global whistleblowers.  Hudes contends, We’re running out of time. It’s time to tell these thugs and crooks that they’re fired.”  Hudes goes on to say, “We don’t have to wait for anybody to fire the Fed or Bank for International Settlements . . . some states have already started to recognize silver and gold, the precious metals, as currency . . . there are other alternatives like Bitcoin . . . We, the consumer, can choose which currency to use, and that’s what we’re going to do in very short order.”  What’s really going on in Syria?  Hudes, who was Senior Counsel and worked at the World Bank for 20 years, charges, “Qatar, who has all this natural gas, wanted to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria to reach the European market.  Who’s supplying the European market with gas?  Russia. . . . All this business about dead babies and sarin gas is just all to keep us confused.”  Hudes says this is not a fight about money but survival of the planet.  “We’re dealing with whether we can continue as humanity and have an earth or whether we blow ourselves up. . . . whether we love each other enough to save the world, or we all go to hell in a hand basket,” says Hudes.  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes.

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  1. Allen Ols


    Charming ideas, but naive, the power hungry leaders, bankers, and business, etc are not going to beat their tools of evil weapons of greed and power and wickedness; into love thy neighbor plowshares; until war breaks out and christ intervines. Remember. The horseman; and the seals on the sccrolls spoken of in revelation have to happen, revelations of the bible must transpire even as the whistle blowers unite. Peace in world will come when the Prince of Peace returns to rule a millineum.

    Finger on the pulse@usawatchdog

    Al ols

    • Christopher Storm

      Christ’s return is a metaphor. Christ is within us all. Some more than others. The others are just much further back on their souls journey. They are beyond help in this life. The bible is based on timelines as they looked back when they were written. We have been altering those timelines. With every soul that wakes up to the truth and embraces it, the light spreads on Earth and we further strengthen our chances for success. Namaste to you all.

      • kennyg

        Have you ever read the BIBLE my friend……I think not.

        • Katie

          The Bible is a fairy tale sir. Why so many people refer to it like it is carved in stone is amusing, to say the least. It is NOT the “word of God.” Geez… It has been rewritten numerous times and there really is no proof of all the crap in it. But you “believe it.”

          The church uses the whip of fear to keep the faithful in line. It sure works. Religion is nothing more than control of the masses. I’ll stick with Einstein. I hear he was pretty darn smart.

          “The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human
          weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable but still primitive legends which are
          nevertheless pretty childish.” — Albert Einstein

          • Greg

            Even thought I totally disagree I will post your comment.

          • Allen Ols

            Professing themselves to be wise they become fools

          • St.Marchesi

            Katie I feel sorry for you, you are a poor ugly psychopath who got sc—- by a Christian and dumped you on a half hour stand this explains your anger.

          • Dannie R

            Katie, ever since the Bible was written, historians, fact checkers, and scientist’s have been trying to debunk the story’s of the Bible, they can’t. Even if you take the event’s of the Bible as history, Jesus and the people in the Bible are real, proven by historians. Now the miracles are much harder to prove, but they have been written by people who did exist and by multiple people who were not connected to each other. Many stories were written decades before they happened. Dont believe if you dont want to, but dont tell me the Bible is a fairy tale.

          • Mohammad

            Einstein dealt with the smallest object which is the atom, it has the same structure as the largest object which is galaxy, both have the same design, a core with particles revolving around it which indicates the maker of them is the same, Einstein made his science discoveries with the tools god gave him, he is not god and let me give you the proof…… HE DIED. Death is meant to show us that no matter how smart, strong we are, we ARE VULNERABLE.
            Bible is not childish, it is a book from god.
            Is Einstein smart? yes, but his soul is empty, he was the reason of discovering the deadliest power after all, i guess he regrets that in his grave right now.

          • Dave

            I pity you, the Leftist fool.

          • emily indigo

            @St.Marchesi: Spoken like a true love filled Christian? Wow, nice.

        • pepper

          Yes, but I now read it with a WHOLE different perspective. While reserching where law comes from, you start to realize it is NOT about the mindless mombo jumbo you hear from the pulpet. “born again” takes on a whole new meaning when you learn Roman civil law. Because if you ONLY read the bible, you have NO referance point to understand it. Jesus tried, but he words were twisted and sold to mean something totally differant than intended….The romans made commerece a religion. Not saying this to be mean, as it is being revealed to many at this time. We have to think with our souls not a head full of propaganda and lies

        • Robert Moran

          If they had a read of the bible they would see the evil things happening today was prophysised over 4ooo 3000 2000n years ago are happening today

        • Who Me

          The antichrists dont believe or they know and act despite knowing being a part of the conflict the antichrist spirit and that and all the deceptive and oppressive things in reliegion and politics

      • Allen Ols

        You would be totally wrong, the Rturn of Christ is just as real as the resurection of Christ, the miracles he did, and was totally rejected in his day, ie ”He came unto his own and his own received him not” He will come again in like manner as he left. ” two will be in various spots, one taken, the other left behind.
        Could be you may be left behind?

        • droidX-G

          What you said!

      • Anthony Enos Wicher (@911aew)

        You got it right, buddy, it is a metaphor. Christ is within us, not outside us. There is nothing to wait for.

      • greg haa

        Well said brother. An interesting point… why does the US money say “In GOD We Trust”? Because we, the people, and our faith and goodness is GOD. It is our work and our sweat that is in the “trust”. Debt is the money of slaves. Barter is the money of peasants. Silver is the money of gentlemen, and gold is the money of kings. The US was a republic where each man was a king. That is why we had gold backed currency. The king is the only sovereign and you are his subject.

      • droidX-G

        Sorry, not buying metaphor

    • jayjay


      I guessed you missed the part where Karen Hudes was counsel for about 20 years at the World Bank.

      Her work, along with many others, has got the sytem “on the run.”

      More than anything – she’s just trying to INFORM peeps of what is going on – so they won’t be shocked and can help by continuing the same direction with their state governments.

      Christ has intervened. Just not like the evangelical description.


  2. Liquid Motion

    WOW !!!!
    Greg….that was a slam dunk way back from the centre line… my good man. Outstanding piece. My unquenchable thirst for knowledge just got an overdose.
    Karen is an absolute treasure. How could anyone not be on her side.
    Provocative doesn’t cover it.
    She blasts right on past that and opens up the world of “The Devil”.
    All of it from the seedy bottom to the corrupt top….she scored by disembowelling the beast that has corrupted this world. What’s inside is not a sight for adults….. let alone children.
    I have had very similar opinions/thoughts about many of the topics she covered but was always hesitant to discuss them in public. She has put my mind at rest. Given her background I can take what she says with the highest integrity. Although she might retain some misgivings about the World Bank in light of her treatment, some might even call it resentment, I feel that she is genuine in her beliefs and more than qualified / knowledgeable in matters of the financial system and its creators/minders.
    I have for some time likened the rulers of the financial system as the equivalent of the Mob/Mafia…they are gangsters only difference is the degree of power and control that they exert. Hence the name “Banksters”. They are no different in the sense that they are Thieves. Karen is absolute in her scorching remarks and with the highest conviction she states that it is in their agenda to take all the wealth on the planet. The “secret” vault conjures up images of Indiana Jones. If we all get together ….maybe we can all become Indy’s for a day and steal it all back. Very much in keeping with Karen’s agenda.

    Given Karen’s comment about the Presidents of past (murdered), I cannot leave without passing comment about the implications for her in pursuing the judicial and righteous beheading of the financial system that we all live and breathe by:

    a) Is She safe – knowing how powerful these criminals are and their need for suppression of any outspoken thoughts/campaigns/actions that may derail their grandiose plans.

    b) It wouldn’t surprise me to see some means of discredit being circulated and directed at Karen after this interview goes viral. This would in fact be the red flag that fully recognises that their game is up (not that I’m looking for one).

    The Truth really does hurt after all. Whether you want to hear it or not.

    I admire her fortitude and optimistic view in her closing….”we will survive”….almost as if it were preordained. How much is at stake and how big is the beast are the questions that need answering, in the quest to send the evil cartel and their wicked game asunder. According to Karen…its the survival of the planet..Damn Important !!

    • Greg

      Thank you Liquid Motion. It was a lot to take in. I am going to have her back and get granular on banking, currencies and gold.

      • Rusty

        I have bee telling people about this for years and they thought I was crazy, and NOW here is the truth coming out, the crocks are better know as the ALUMINATI and this women speaks the truth, and after hearing this ! What a great day. Theses people have turned the world upside down and should be brought to justice!and the surface has only just been cracked.Thank you thank you so much and now its time that we show them what “WE THE PEOPLE ” stand for !

  3. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    I found this interview a little painful, or it rubbed me wrong. I stopped it a couple times before deciding to finish it. Basically, you either “buy into it” or “you don’t” – and I pretty much don’t. Crusaders tend to believe they will win their battles and sustain their causes. You can’t blame them. Nevertheless, let me share a few points she introduced.
    Two great presidents tried to straighten this all out and they were killed; but us ordinary people will succeed where they failed. Uh huh.The CIA and all the Intelligence agencies work for the Big Thugs, and they control the Banks (worldwide) and the Press – but “We need to say NO; and “Take back what’s ours.” Yeah, sure. The really good lines were ‘the IRS dollars are going to the Vatican’, and the ‘priceless treasure and gold are in vaults’ and somehow ‘we will avail ourselves of all that’. Well sign me up for some of that Ethiopian Royal Treasure they finally got to truck out. And the ending spelling out Control and Love. Wow. I will admit there is a whiff of truth in some of that.
    The Roman Catholic Church DOES figure into the end-time world-wide government. Power tends to condense or concentrate – even for religion. and when through the course of time, religions are whittled-down: the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t figure to be left behind. They have vast, if not immeasurable wealth, in treasures; and have their own government and bank (political, economic, and religious power). What Ms Hudes says of the Jesuits is mainly correct: they ARE the military and intelligence arm of the Vatican. They were implicated in Lincoln’s death. The same Catholic Church backed Hitler, and condoned the Independent State of Croatia, and the SS wannabe’s, the Ustashe – who’s extermination camps about Jasenovac (Yugoslavia?) were among the most horrendous. As the Muslims are a growing competitor, it make sense that the (Western?) Catholic Church would make some move to insure power.
    But my main objection is that I see NOTHING favorable about Obama. He has lit the fuse in the Middle-east with the “Arab Spring” – and we all no how THAT is going. Economically he is drowning America in a sea of debt. And he has divided the country like no one else. And laws, or Congress, or anything but what he decrees doesn’t seem to matter.
    Karen Hudes speaks with conviction and a little charisma – but she misses the point: behind the politics, and economics, and consolidation of temporal power – is the spiritual, draped in philosophies and dark guiding principles. This is WHY her descriptions of conspiracy seem so grandiose and fantastic: because it actually is. In the end though – we are NOT going to politely “rise up” and demand our due and throw off the mantle that’s upon us; any more than Hitler would have voluntarily laid his arms down and surrendered.

    • Greg

      Charles H.
      It was a lot to take in and I knew I would get some push back for it. I want to put up as many views a possible because the global situation is so very complicated. Lots of comments on this and it is extending the content of this post. Thank you for weighing in. You make some valid points on Obama. I even gave her push back on that statement. I still think she is very smart and connected. I am going to have her back to talk about currencies and gold.

      • Guns N Rosaries


        The Church signed an agreement with Hitler to offset the threat of communism, i.e. the lesser of two evils, as they say. Since all Catholic monarchies were overthrown and/or stripped of effective military power by secret-society inspired revolutions, you can quickly see that it was Hitler or no one. The Church seemed to be “broke;” the concordat allowed German money to replenish the Vatican’s coffers; this move also relaxed restrictions against Catholic worship that has plagued Germany since Bismarck’s reign.

        This move seemed like a good move from various perspectives.

        And keep in mind, just four months prior to this pact, the “international state of Zion” (or whatever term one chooses), declared war on Germany, thus starting a type of “cold war” in Germany. Four years later the Church responded publicly with an encyclical against Nazism after Hitler started cracking down on dissidents in his country, including Catholic bishops, priests, Jews, communists, etc.

        Obviously he was fighting a type of “cold war” during this period.
        Hitler said he was fighting a “pack of freemasons,” referring to FDR, Churchill and Stalin.

        After the Vatican signed the condordat with Germany in 1933 events become somewhat murky, and even to this day, I still believe that Hitler is somewhat of an enigma.

        As far as the Vatican and the “end times” goes, I’d better save that for another day.

        • jcdenton

          “I still believe that Hitler is somewhat of an enigma.”

          There is a lot of truth in that. We could say with some confidence that Hitler was a voluntary patsy. He took the “30 pieces of silver” and kept it to his death. At least from what we gather from Sister Pascalina:

          15 Brienner Strasse (http://tuppersaussy.com/museum/html/writings/articles/15brienner.html)

          Do pay close attention to the opening quote, as it does pertain to very present events with our Sino neighbors across the “much bigger pond.”

          “As far as the Vatican and the “end times” goes, I’d better save that for another day.”

          Volumes have been written on that. Volumes still are to be written on that.

          Agree with others here, that Hudes as well informed and connected she is, I think she is still a bit selectively naive about outcomes in our near future.

          From a true theological standpoint and critical view of western civics, the notion of “human rights” is more bogus than any of us wish to admit. The Enlightenment is soon to fully mature.

          See “From Sea to Shining Sea” via itunes (FREE) by Dr. Joel Biermann. You will walk away with even more illumination [not in the gnostic sense] on top of a reading or two of “Rulers of Evil” by Saussy.

  4. Thad

    What do you know? Karen Hudes and Der Bingle, (Bing Crosby), agree on something, that there’s going to be a great day. Soon! Hear, (Great Day Bing Crosby), on (youtube).

    PS.> They fail to mention though, we’ll have to go thru the fire, (the complete and total collapse and destruction of the present system of things). Remember, the Poseiden? If ya don’t, rent it, you’ll be glad ya did, See ya’ll there, mates! That great day, Captain Greg!

  5. Merc

    Jim Sinclair will not touch Hudes. I have sent him her interviews but he is not interested in her.
    Why, I do not know. Anyone have a clue here?

    • Greg

      I do not know but she worked at the World bank for nearly 20 years. She has contacts and credentials that are undeniable even if folks disagree with some of what she says. Thank you for weighing in.

    • mohammad

      Mr. Sinclair is a very busy man, he posted many times that he had to stay up till late night hours just to respond to his emails, he never leaves one single email without an answer, he has been recently on road trips and town meetings just to inform the public about what is coming, he also been having some health issues related to pinched nerve that caused him pain made him a little slower in responding to emails, i think it is the lack of time that probably prompted his response.
      The guy is a true gentleman and i have a great deal of respect to him.

  6. George Silver

    Incredible! Incredible! Incredible! Well done! Greg.

    Amazing lady with an amazing story. Unfortunately and it’s a big UNFORTUNATELY. She was always talking in the macro-big-picture. Once again there was not the practical advice for the average person.
    Greg you did your best to get her to come down from the top level to the average persons everyday experience but she returned to saying what everyone should be doing without actually explaining how they should do it.

    So it’s all to do with the Jesuits and their World-wide Mafia of top crooks. She didn’t actually say who these top crooks were. This left me totally excited but dissatisfied.

    Get her back on Greg so she can name names.

    • greg haa

      Use the information you have to start your own research. I know it isn’t easy but the information is out there. Don’t dismiss ideas because they go against the popular opinion or because it is a “conspiracy theory.” Conspiracies are only conspiracies because they evidence hasn’t been widely disseminated yet. At least the jesuits were kind enough to allow Ratzinger to retire before they JFK’d him… Yikes!

  7. J.C.Davis

    Kudos to K Hudes. She is soooo right. The trouble with going after oligarchy’s is finding them. Oligarchy is the oldest, and most used form of government. When one at the top is found out They trade everything, and enter so called retirement. Unlike Karen Hudes I have no confidence oligarchs will suffer any lose. The borrower is servant to the lender. Greg , next time your have Karen on please ask her who is at the top of this present oligarchy. I love this interview. Karen is a world of info. I cant get enough of her. thanks .

    • Kate

      The Pope

      • jcdenton

        Yes and no. Being that Francis is the very first publicly admitted S.J., he has a boss who is temporal (even though he might think himself more). Ask James Parton and Madame Blavatsky who he is. Not good enough for you, then ask Anthony “Jess” LaVey. Son of Anton LaVey. He confirms Parton, Blavatsky, et al. He is the 13th member of the Committee of 12. (aka MJ-12). Again, LaVey confirms.

        I’m not sure Hudes would wish to admit this openly. Again, I think she is selectively naive on some points. Better sources are Marilyn Barnewall and Leo Wanta. Wanta is devout RCC. He knows how things work. Probably better than Hudes.

        Greg, you want an interview? Get Barnewall and Wanta. Wanta worked with “Bills” Casey and Colby.


  8. Jerry

    While Karen Hudes credentials can’t be argued with, her economic theories sure can be. Barack Obama wanting to fire the Banking Thugs?
    Really? Can you say Cloward and Piven? Read their book. They outline the strategy for economic collapse that Obama is following. Mrs. Hudes lost me after that statement. Later she says Barack Obama is an actor. Which is it? I think Mrs. Hudes needs to check her meds. I know after this interview I sure am. Greg this was an interesting interview. I’m probably going have to watch it several times, to maneuver through the B.S. to find the nuggets of truth she was trying to throw out. Good one Greg.

    • Chip

      With you there Jerry.

      Interview started off well but went downhill. Maybe i don’t know enough about what she was talking about but was kind of all over the place. And “sit down and figure it all out and take it back”…? No, not going to happen. Not enough people understand what is going on and if this lady is right, having confused me, I know that there are only a handful of folks in the world that might understand what she’s talking about…

    • Hawkeye

      He’s playing geopolitical chess with a rather ‘monolithic and ruthless’ opponent, as JFK phrased it. In a public forum, when asked by a supporter why he was not being more ‘progressive’ (read- aggressive) his reply was “Have you forgotten what they did to Dr. King?” He knows all too well, and Karen alluded to it, that he has a narrow parameter he can operate within and not take a bullet. See the bigger picture.

      Just for perspective:
      NSA Blackmailing Obama? | Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6m1XbWOfVk
      This insider was sweating beads giving this interview.

      One more for perspective: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/05/06/is-obama-a-pow-prisoner-of-washington/

  9. Tom

    WOW! She takes conspiracy theories to a new level. Lincoln assassinated because of Wilson’s actions? The Vatican CIA? All the world’s treasures buried in vaults?

    • Adam

      Lincoln was assassinated because he introduced the “Greenback” which the bankers couldn’t manipulate and control. Lincoln knew better than to allow the bankers to create a centralized banking system in the US. And he was ultimately assassinated for his resistance.

    • droidX-G

      Amen Brother,
      I had to check the URL when I finished as I thought the I had been hijacked to a Jessie wannabe conspiracy site.
      Do you think she has stock in BitCoin or did someone pay her in them? I know the dollar is failing but I can still use it to buy gas. No chain I know takes BitCoin. I can’t help but think she is a victim of a secret CIA plot and they slipped Karen some LSD. And from some of the other posts I read, the CIA must have spread it far and wide. I am going to self test tomorrow.

      • Hawkeye

        She is talking about alternatives to the present fiat paper system and fractional reserve banking (and fractional gold/silver markets) and the monopoly created by the owners of the Fed, and virtually all other central banks, including as she mentioned, the BIS global ponzi scam created at Bretton Woods to enshrine the USD as global reserve currency (thereby giving the BIS a slice of all international trade being resolved under their roof).

        Bitcoin and Litecoin are just the beginning of decentralized currencies. State issued currencies and regional currencies are another.

        State/public banks are another. Research state Bank of North Dakota. ND doing fine while the other 49 got sucked into the undertow of the meltdown.

        Spend time at http://www.publicbankinginstitute.org/ whom I personally put Ms. Hudes in touch with. There are many, many people working on solutions. Like the tagline for Thrive movie says: The world is waking up.

  10. Ugly

    Greed can do a lot. For these NWO folks, anyone in the way is just collateral damage.

    Going to be hard to switch $trillions in investments and ownerships to that of silver and gold, but is better than the dollar in long-term thinking.

  11. William Betts

    This is by far the most notable person you have had on you news program. She brought up points that you could deal with each at least an hour. JFK murdered because of his desire to abolish the FED. Lincoln murdered by the Rothchilde’s insane belief that bank’s must create the people’s money. You need to have this woman conduct a siminar on the monetary policy of the world. She knows what she is talking about. If we get enough people like this out front telling everybody what is going on, we can beat the bastards before they destroy us. She and Paul Craig Roberts are truly people that can save this place!!! Betts

  12. Chuck

    Greg, you have had a few lu lu’s in the past but this one takes not only the cake, but the entire cake factory! Yeah, we are all going to band together and take down the true world rulers. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME”? Half the people in this country can’t get together to agree on what time it is. In between swiping the EBT card, seeing what Miley Cyrus is doing, and looking at what Kim Kardashian is wearing there is just no time. Oh, and by the way, I really think it’s a great idea for people to take cue from an Obama loving, banker/lawyer!! Great idea. If I remember correctly, I think Jon Corzine had those same credentials.

  13. eppoh

    I was in on a meeting recently of activists and legislative wonks with a Texas state Representative trying to get a bill through for Texas to set up their own gold depository and set up some kind of gold based currency. Unfortunately, they have been schooled in the way of the Fed too long and ultimately will guarantee the currency with the “Full Faith and Credit” of the State of Texas…. whatever that means.

    We are moving in the right direction, at least.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the inside reporting from the Lone Star State. (For those of you that don’t know, Texas is the ONLY state in the Union that was once its own country.) I lived there in the 80’s and loved it!

      • greg haa

        Technically it still is. I do not believe that when it was incorporated as a state that the original government was dissolved. Kind of like “the united states of America.” As opposed to “The United States.”

      • Chip

        Come on back Greg it’s still great! Lovin’ life on the south Texas coast….

    • Mohammad

      No I am afraid, you are moving in the wrong direction, any gold backed currency in the printing to infinity environment can deplete your state’s gold deposits in a blink of an eye, either all the world goes to some kind of gold (or food/oil or whatever commodity fits) ATTACHED currency or none.
      May be they are trying to confiscate your gold in a nice way!

  14. carl

    The current president is really trying to reverse course on these crooks? Please give me one example. How can that be so when his own attorney general said that “prosecuting one of these banks/shisters could lead to something catastrophic.” Well maybe that wasn’t his exact quote but pretty darn close.

  15. Rodster

    Greg, I always listen to your entire interviews and look forward to them. I’m so glad I wasn’t sipping on my cup of Hot Joe or it would have been all over my screen.

    I had to stop with the “POTUS” is trying to fix the Fed. Mr Golf is trying to fix the Fed? Wow !

  16. Michael Calhoun

    Good get, Greg. I’ve been following this superwoman for a few months in different alternative media outlets.

  17. britt greene

    She took a paycheck from the World Bank for 20 years and all of a sudden she has a change of view? Please….she is a big fat rat who has helped to contribute to all of the problems we are now facing. Send her to the gulag along with the rest of the banksters for crimes against the American people.

    • Clark Kent

      @ britt,

      You really should learn more about Karen Hudes more before making assertions like that. She is easily researched. She didn’t “suddenly” change her view. She gradually discovered the corruption and tried to expose it from within. Eventually she was fired. There’s no denying this woman has credentials.

      Perhaps you are a Paid Disinformation Internet Shill? For those of you out there who are unaware, they really do exist. See this link for more info: http://ow.ly/oqiem

  18. Mike

    WOW!!! Greg you are the MAN. Great Interview.

  19. Nathan

    Another great interview Greg! Keep them coming.

  20. Doug C

    Well, that was interesting on a ” Macro” level, not so much on a “Micro” though. It just proves there is an awful lot going on behind the sences that people k is nothing about. Great job as usual Greg

  21. AndyB

    Greg: Not so sure that peace, love and understanding are going to fix everything, especially when the perpetrators of all the planet’s ills and who hold all the reins of power, are unabashed psychopaths.

  22. oldnurse

    Going to Yale law school does not inoculate a person from being paranoid. Her assertion that the dead civilians after the chemical weapon attack are actors seems quite bizarre to me.

    My psychiatric patients used to say, “We’re crazy, but we’re not stupid.”

    She clearly isn’t stupid, but I’m not so sure about the crazy part.

  23. frosty


    Great interview with one who really gets it!

    Ms. Hudes, having worked on the inside, now seeks to bring down a system that she realizes functions solely according to the will of a few men who conduct their operations covertly without regard to to the rule of law or any fear of justice. This system has been been mentioned in Biblical prophesy and,as it has evolved, meticulously described by numerous people ranging from concerned citizens to informed journalists to patriotic politicians and even to American Presidents. Now that it is fairly well established, it is even openly boasted about by the arrogant and presumptuous people who implement and control it as their New World Order.

    Unlike the controllers however, Ms. Hudes firmly believes that humanity is served best when the rule of law and justice is held superior to the will of a few rich and powerful men. She concentrates her efforts on using legal means to bring due process to bear in order to demolish the corrupt system and to refund to earth’s inhabitants the plunder and graft that has been taken from them.

    Greg, she says that by complaining of the potential for economic pain involved in supporting her efforts, and others like her, you are “stuck at one level of theater” and need desperately to reach another, higher level. What I believe she is saying is that we are watching an act that has been carefully crafted to make us believe we are utterly helpless, like prisoners chained to a wall, complaining about things while patiently waiting to be taken outside and shot through the head. She is saying that this is not a viable solution but one that leads inevitably to global destruction.

    In your interview with Ms. Hudes, I was reminded of a line of Biblical prophesy related to the conditions we face today. She seemed to be echoing what John wrote in Revelation 18:4 …”And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

    For your courage and your love of humanity, may God bless and protect you Ms. Hudes

    • johnblo

      @oldnurse…why is it so hard to believe???…there were actors in most of the false flag attacks i.e. the batman shooting; new town; aurora

  24. g.johnson

    thank you for introducing me to this fine humanist. I hope she comes back too, and very soon.

    it’s about time someone pointed out that the financial aspect of this great dilemma that confronts all of humanity is only that, an indicator aspect. the question is not where the price of gold is going so much as it is, will we stand up against a pack of sociopathic traitors to their own species, who have stolen our wealth, our sovereignty, and our very dignity and end this madness? or will we perish from sitting around grumbling and waiting for someone to end it for us?

    there is no “someone else” there is only we the people and we have a challenge before us.

    get down to city hall and reel in the goofballs who are sucking from the fed matching fund trough. make sure that your police departments are pared back down to a size relative to the size of your community. insist that officers be trained to respect the constitution and act within its bounds and to understand is that job one is service to the people. the government, at any level, in a republic, should only be about facilitation and never about impedance to everyday life.

    but obviously this world is suffering from a pandemic mental disorder called sociopathy. undiagnosed, ignored and uncredited because too many of those whose job it is to diagnose, pay attention and validate are, themselves suffering from this disorder. just a small case in point: some of the most insecure bubble headed loonies I have ever encountered in my life have had doctorates in psychiatry. that is no joke.

    no greg, not getting away from the dollar, but how about getting away from the federal reserve note and back to the dollar?

    we the people will sink or swim by our own efforts or lack of them.

  25. Chris

    I think Karen is very well intentioned but the criminals running the banks aren’t going to let go until the whole financial system explodes. I don’t know where this treasure is that she talks about but she might want to check with Eric Sprott because he thinks all our gold is gone. Pepe Escobar has the details on Pipelineistan and why we are having a war in Syria. Hope you can get him on sometime. Nice job as always Greg

  26. Cathy Downes

    It seems that her facts about the Vatican are true and the other info, my first thought after the conclusion of her interview was that I don’t think she knows just how “asleep” most people are. But very informative, thanks again Greg!

  27. Top Hat

    Greg, I appreciate the scope of those you interview. Keep up the good work. I would not have heard of this lady without what you are doing.

  28. Heather

    Hi Greg,
    I am a regular visitor to your site. I have learned so much from your news stories and I thank you for that. You are one of the good guys Greg.

    I don’t usually post comments but I wanted to give you kudos, on the grandest scale, for this interview. She is absolutely correct with everything, but especially in the fact that we must, as a nation and as fellow human beings, come together and take back what has been stolen. If we don’t there will be no future for any of us. WE are running out of time.

    I can’t help but be reminded of Charlie Chaplin and his speech some 70 years ago in the Great Dictator and how he warned everyone that we must come together and unite for democracy. It brings me to tears with it’s truth ever time I hear it. I will leave a link for anyone who is interested in hearing it.

    Thank you again for all that you do Greg!


    • Greg

      Thank you Heather for the comment and the link.

  29. Bob

    BRAVO!!!!!!! I could have listened to that sweet gal for another week!! This interview was THE most eye opening information Greg Hunter has EVER put out, by far. Get this woman back on your site again. The world needs this kind of inspiration from honest, sincere folks just like her. She can’t be left alone to fight these monsters. I hope this great interview is picked up and shown everywhere on earth!!!!!

  30. Mark

    Lincoln tried to fix Wilson’s mistakes and that is why Lincoln was assasinated? The Syrian people killed by a brutal poison gas attack were actors? Being well-educated and once holding a prestigous position does not make one immune to going off the deep end.

    • Allen Ols


    • OutTheFed

      Do a little research on crisis actors and Lincoln’s greenback. I think you might change your mind. This world is off the deep-end, just not enough know it yet.

  31. David Howard

    The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects. http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337485161

  32. David

    Very interesting interview. However, she lost me when she talked about getting all the gold out of the vaults to pay off all the debts and everyone would have more money than what they’d know what to do with. Nonsense. In the history of mankind there has been 174,100 tons of gold mined. That’s it. 174,100 tons. That figure is acknowledged by multiple sources. A couple of weeks ago I did a spreadsheet factoring in the weight of gold per cubic foot (1203.74 pounds) and went through all the calculations multiple ways. That 174,100 tons amounts to a cube precisely 22.045 yards on each side. That’s it. The total number of gold mined over time has been 5,077,916,551 troy ounces. Given that there are 7 billion people in the world that means that there is .73 troy ounces per person or roughly $1,000 per person at today’s spot price. So tell me Ms. Hudes, how exactly would that solve all the world’s economic problems? This undermines every other argument that you made. You don’t understand simple math.

    Greg, I would recommend you bring this up should you ever have her on again. Frankly, the only reason I’d watch an interview with her is to see how she squared that mathematical circle.

    • Greg

      Good point David I will. Thank you. You have to admit she got us all thinking and talking. That is a good thing.

    • Mohammad

      Your calculation was off, it was based on the spot price which is way way off the real VALUE.

      If you count how much circulated dollars out there divided by how many ounces, it is 50000$ and ounce, so i go back to your calculations which is 0.73 ounce a person X 50000$ = 36500$ a person and that is plenty of money.


      • greg haa

        Not only that but she didn’t mention only gold. She also mentioned diamonds. Nevermind silver, platinum, and other materials with intrinsic value. The 50k spot price can be correct with manipulation.

      • David

        Mohammed –
        Sure, I understand that. I’ve been buying gold and silver since the 70’s so have some understanding of how it works. Still, you can’t argue with the fact that there exists less than 1 ounce of gold for every person in the world. In a world economy of hundreds of trillions (in USD) and some say over one quadrillion if you factor in derivatives that is a huge burden to put on the back of a single asset. And sure, gold is undervalued but your notion of pricing is flawed because you are basing it solely on u.s. dollars which are fiat in nature. Bottom line – there is only .73 ounces of gold for each person on earth. That’s it. It’s an indisputable fact. Which means that (in a free society) other assets have to be used for exchange. Gold, while terrific isn’t a panacea for the world’s economic woes. And finally, who are you to determine that $36,500 is enough to live on? Ask Warren Buffett or Bill Gates about that. Anyone who says such a thing is obviously a proponent of central economic planning as opposed to the free market determining what money is.

        • Mohammad

          This earth have plenty for every one, GREED and EVIL thinks otherwise, They throw crops in the oceans to keep the prices high.
          Thank god they do not control air other wise they will put a meter on our mouth and another one in our *$$ so they will charge us for Oxygen going in and Methane out, if we do not pay the bill they will shut it off.
          The bottom line she was making a point there are plenty of resources on earth that will be MORE than enough for every one if it was not for GREED and EVIL.
          At least this is how i understood her.

    • Hawkeye

      I believe she is talking about ‘Yamashita’s gold’ and the plundered ‘Nazi gold’.

      For an informative perspective on revisionist history, take the time to digest this deeply researched and documented series of articles 1-6. Eye opening at the very least.

      then this one

  33. Charles H.


    Just two items. 1) article this morning of supreme portent:
    This may pave the way for the REMOVAL of the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.; and subsequent New Temple for Old Testament restoration of (superseded) animal sacrifices, setting up Revelation End-time scenario. I’m told the NYT was recently hacked – so verify this.

    2) The Western World Puppet-masters angling for the NWO will USE the failure of the “System” to accomplish THEIR consolidation of power. Think of it as a “Controlled Demolition” of the world-wide structure THEY built.

    • Greg

      Charles H.
      There is something wrong with the link or the story has been taken down. If you find it please repost. Very interesting and Important points you bring to the table!

      • Charles H.


        Sure nuff, it doesn’t come up. I DO have a print from the article, as my wife requested it. Wait – I missed part of the date… (between “aug” and “collapse” belongs “27”, separated by forward slashes) I retried the correct address and came up with another source to the original article. http://rotter.net/forum/scoops1/45514.shtml This quite apparently is Israeli; but does contain the article in English.

        • Charles H.

          This link is still available –

          This seems to provide the pretext for the removal of the building, perhaps to an “adjacent” location for technical reasons. And again, IF this should take place: the Old Testament Jewish sacrificial system could be re-instated through a NEW Jewish Temple built where the mosque prevents it. It would be in that temple where the red sow will be offered in the middle of Tribulation; and the whole nation of Israel will turn back to Jesus Christ as their Messiah (who they refuse – and opens them up to accepting the false-messiah, the anti-christ: who they’ll accept for offering them peace ((and opportunity to build the temple?!??))). I’ve read that much of the materials for such a new temple are already purchased or sourced.

    • Hawkeye

      Not by natural causes, you can be sure. Tunneling under al-Aqsa by Izraeli fanatics going on for several years now. You must hear the testimony Palestinians from 2:35 onward.

      Masons Rebuilding Solomon’s Temple

      Dome of the Rock Virtually Destroyed- http://www.roitov.com/articles/domeoftherock.htm

  34. al

    Greg. I’ve seen her before. She sounds great at first and her Resume’ precedes her credible and influential… (here we go)… However. In the course of the Interview she looses me.

    What about Syria and the pipeline and the UAE selling Russian arms? I didn’t get that at all. Yes, the Vatican is also crooked, this we’ve known for ages but to harp on that? And Obama? He’s trying to do what’s right? What?

    It’s unfortunate that such she’s pursuing such a worthy cause with great credentials yet comes off on left field with some topics. If she just stuck with the Federal Reserve and Banksters and crooked Politicians and put everything else aside, she would go a long way.

    Awesome show. I am turning many people on to your show. God bless and thank you for being there.

  35. jimha

    A little hard to follow this lady. She appears to be Jewish. I was always under the impression that it was the Jews that had all the money and controlled things but now I am being told that it is the Catholic church. Which is it. LOL

    • Greg

      I think there ought to be a religion called “Greed.” That way we can include everyone responsible for the mess we are in globally.

  36. ALLEN



  37. Bert

    She is 100% wrong. The problem is the Rothschild London Zion banksters, American and European politicians and Israel. She blames the Vatican and praises Obama, BAHAHA!

    • Greg

      I’ll say it again, “I think there ought to be a religion called “Greed.” That way we can include everyone responsible for the mess we are in globally.”

  38. Paul


    2 minutes into this video your guest insinuated that Kennedy and Lincoln were assassinated because they were trying to get rid of the Federal Reserve.

    OH COME ON !!! I put no credence in anything she said after that. I can just as easily blame aliens from outer space for our financial situation before I would blame the Jesuits. How about some proof?

    You are a great consumer reporter who rely on facts when dealing with your viewers so you’ve got to put these ding dong guests in their place.


    • daveys35

      Proof? Are you kidding me? Why don’t you read a book once in a while so that you will know WTF is going on in the world? There was no time during this interview to “prove” things that are common knowledge. And it is common knowledge that the international banking cartel funded the US Civil War and ALL wars, that the cartel tried NUMEROUS times to institute a central bank in the US but were thrown out each time before they finally succeeded in 1913. Get a clue, idiot!

    • Jeff


      There is plenty of proof of all of her claims. Do your own work, if you don’t believe the people telling the truth, then it is on you.

  39. henry

    She said all payments to the IRS really go to the Vatican.
    Let that sink in. Sounds crazy yet my gut feeling is that
    it is true.

    • droidX-G

      Really…you buy into that?

    • Hawkeye

      Monies paid to the IRS, which is the collections dept. for the Fed, goes to pay the interest charged for the Federal Reserve Notes they so kindly loan to the government at compounding interest, and ‘we the people’ pick up the tab by way of taxation and inflation. Ever wonder why the ‘national debt’ continues to expand exponentially? Ever wonder why the Fed can print (counterfeit) endlessly without Congressional approval?

      Same formula is replicated the world over with all privately owned central banks loaning debt based fiat into the system. Hence the global ‘debt’ crisis by design.

      As dynasty founder Mayer Amschel Rothschild said: “Give me control of a nation’s currency, and I care not who make it’s laws”.

      If governments issued their own debt free currency, end of story for the banksters.
      That is what she and many others are ultimately working toward. Freedom from Financial Tyranny.

  40. Shadow of Doubt

    Hi Greg,
    There was a saying that came out during WWI that maybe as applicable now as it was then:
    “Lions (Powerful governments and institutions) were led by donkeys (lawless, greedy, psychopaths)”. History has shown us repeatedly that these time frames usually end in large scale destruction and death. Since I don’t think our generation is any smarter or any more insightful than previous generations—the outcome looks dismal.

    Thanks again for your expertise,

    • Greg

      This was a lot of wisdom in a short comment. Thank you!

  41. Chris

    Hi Greg,

    Needless to say, this was a great interview! Karen Hudes is one of the few commentators out there right now that has the courage to actually bring up theories and topics that the majority of people won’t touch with a barge pole. That said, what she is saying might sound crazy but if you follow certain documented research the evidence is pretty startling not to mention utterly fascinating.

    I think you should follow-up on Ms. Hudes’ topics with Dr. James P Farrell. He is a brilliant researcher and has an incredible knack for making these seemingly insane and kooky theories seem quite logical. I came across him recently in a Solari Report interview with Katherine Austin-Fitts and he’s definitely worth checking out.

  42. Chris

    So not only did I spell Catherine incorrectly, but I got Dr. Farrell’s first name wrong:

    Dr. Joseph P Farrell


    Bad day for names – ha!

  43. David Maharaj

    Mr. Hunter
    I am writing you for the first time. I am a Canadian, and a huge fan of your show.
    Your guest, Miss Hudes, was certainly interesting, although she did come off at times as a crank.
    I understand she has impressive credentials, but she constantly made claims as if there were true without supplying credible proof.
    Her comment that Obama was “trying to do the right thing,” was laughable.
    Really? This man is a wannabe tyrant, who has no regard for civil liberties, or freedom in general, for that matter.
    Not to mention the harsh fact he is a mass murderer, via his Drone program.
    She then answers your challenge about Onama by claiming, “he’s an actor.”
    Which is it, Miss Hudes? Thank you. Love your show.

    • Greg

      David Maharaj,
      Thank you for commenting and for your support!!!

  44. Janet Holmes

    Wonderful interview, Greg. I’ve been following her for the past few months and have watched her bravely face the false charges against her in DC. I, like others, am confused about her take on Obama, but maybe she’s thinking “all things are relative.” She reminds me of Jane Burgermeister, who helped expose the H1N1 scam and stopped them sending out tainted vaccines. I’m looking forward to more interviews by you.

  45. John

    Greg you should have butted out of this interview more as you repeated the same old lines over and over. She is right Syria is all about gas and oil fields off Israel ,Lebanon and Syria. Go to the Steve Quayle website
    and look at V’s economic alerts. This interview should have been much longer to do it justice, as she gave you another piece of important news about the Jesuits. Whether her contacts can pull things around is another matter as this requires an awake nation but we could through her finally see who the real crooks are which is just as important as the facts we think we need to know.

  46. Jerry

    Greg I listened to Karen Hudes interview again after my blood pressure came back down from her comment about Barack Obama trying take on the Bank Thugs. Does it really matter who’s bringing down the Banking system? The fact is it is mathematically going to happen, and there’s nothing we or she can do to stop it. She talked about kicking out the Bank Thugs. I’m all for it. Where do we start? The fact is these people not only control the Banking system, they control Congress , the Justice System and just about ever other pillar of power in this nation. Its not going to happen. Thanks for keeping it interesting Greg. You made me watch your video three times.

    • Greg

      Please don’t be mad when I have her back. Point taken and thank you for your support!!

  47. George

    Greg, you have so many excellent guests. Jim Rogers this week is just one example of the kind of wisdom that your sight brings us. On the other hand this woman may be very well educated and credentialed, but she is a loon.

    I have seen people like this before. They are very good at taking a strand of truth and weaving it into a fabric of paranoia and fantasyland.

  48. A. Paco Liptz

    Karen’s comments border on hysteria and blue sky pipe dreaming. If she were as knowledgeable as she asserts, and if she were actually effective in her objectives, then like the presidents she mentions, she would have been disposed of promptly. Her very existence and vociferous whistle-blowing are both testaments to the likely truth that she is considered impotent and totally irrelevant by the controlling powers she disdains. It will take an act of God or some form of extraterrestrial intervention to save mankind from itself. The die is cast. Humanity is going down the drain after having turned the earth into a huge toilet bowl. Who owns the “gold” is an irrelevant issue. Most people on this planet can no longer eat healthy food, breath clean air, or drink clean water. Personally, I have leaned toward skepticism about God and religion. Yet, it would appear, that if the highest power out there is man, then we are most certainly doomed. Let’s all hope there is a God. We’re going to need him!

  49. Jim H

    WOW! Thanks Greg for a great interview. Karen seems to be a good soul with the right idea. While our Republican boy’s and Girl’s seem to worry about things like how to con Latino American’s out of their vote, this lady talks of a change in consciousness and a new direction. In my humble opinion any system based on profit trumping the good of mankind is doomed to failure and always leads us back here or worse. History should bare this out I guess. I really enjoy the mix you have provided us and look forward to who knows what else down the road. We can hope there are those invisible names with power at the “top” who have conscience just as there are those who are greedy and afraid of losing the “rich” life at the expense of everyone else. She certainly seems to have rubbed elbows with both light and dark souls who in the end may have more power than the 99% to determine where we go from here. It’s too easy to focus on the dark side to remember we may have our agents in the game too. One thing I totally agree with Karen about is, nothing about the way things really work is presented by the MSM today. Good to know there are more Karen’s and Catherine’s (Fitts) out there. Keep them coming Greg and thanks.

  50. Jay


    I was intrigued by this interview, although I didn’t fully grasp how we can right this situation.

    I was particularly taken by the explanation of what is going on with Syria. Russia doesn’t want their gas market to the UK disrupted, so they are against military action against Syria. The US and UK are in step with moving to take action, to support getting an Arab pipeline built that will benefit the UK, and Egypt is supportive because they want to bring the Syrian gas to market without getting their hands dirty. Why would the US want to get into the middle of that mess other than that we are allies with the UK. This leaves Israel to fend for themselves in the event of retaliation.

    If Karen is spot on with this scenario, I guess the question of who owns the petrol company is in order and if it ties back to the World Bank conglomerate she was talking about.

  51. mark

    Hi Greg,
    In response to your interview with Karen Hudes, I would like to quote Dr. Jim Willie-of goldenjackass.com from his latest Hat Trick letter in reference to Ms Hude’s view of how things will unfold.(published before this interview was posted) ” Karen Hudes talks how in response to whistle blowers such as herself, the Rule of Law will be firmly introduced and the cabal will be harnessed for the harmful influence in other countries. She gives the impression that all will be well soon. My response is firm and strident In opposition. Hudes comes form within the system and inside the dome of perceptions, including the indulgence of power. All her perceptions are based upon power within, not outside. Her implication of a return to order in the next several years has no chance whatsoever of happening. Disorder has taken root and is spreading like wildfire, not the least factor of which is the rampant food price inflation in the rest of the world. Most emerging market nations have seen roughly a 30% food price inflation effect in the last six months from the USFed monetary policy action, seen as meted out in unilateral manner. The USGovt. continues to make policy in foreign lands, to control SWIFT codes for banks, to block the pipelines, to permit drone aircraft to attack sites in Pakistan, to apply sanctions in trade, to urge governments like India to restrict gold sales, and to permit the big banks to operate with criminal impunity, while they continue to interfere with every conceivable financial market. Even though the bankers are in a certain retreat, they still lash out. Be sure to know that the utmost respect is given Hudes for courage and forthright actions. But her views on a return to order are childlike.” Dr. Jim Willie http://www.goldenjackass.com Hat Trick letter Aug 2013 edition.

  52. Pete

    She’s a loon and because of this, she is most likely not a whistleblower, but an unknowing “PLANT” for disinformation.

    I didn’t really hear about the real people that control the planet… Bernacke, Greenspan, Summers, Rothchild, Blankfein, etc. are not marching to the orders of the Vatican.

  53. Terri

    Blaming the Jesuits and the Vatican really set off the alarm bells for me. I have read on many sites that Ignatious of Loyola, who started the Jesuit Order, was Jewish and that the Order is/was a Banker Jewish front. I have also read that banker Jews have controlled the Vatican since 1824. Sorry I can’t site any sources, but it will come up on a google search. BUt if this is true, then pointing a finger at the Jesuits is only going to send one on a wild goose chase, wasting precious time needed to bring down these bankers.
    I also agree with Mr Greene above who pointed out that after 20years of working for the WB, she is part of the problem. Also, Her credentials read like a who’s who of the elite–a real insider. To me, something smells really fishy here.

  54. Greg

    This woman is insane. The Saudi’s offer to sell the Russians “arms for cheap” (starting at 9:54) if they allow a pipeline from Qatar through Syria? Saudi’s offering to sell arms to Russia for cheap? The Saudi’s produce no arms, and even if they did it is unlikely the Russians, who I believe are the second largest arms exporters on the planet, would buy from them at any price! I could disassemble every irrational statement this woman made but I don’t want to waste that much time. If this woman said anything that was truthful it was completely obscured by her lunacy. She didn’t get fired because she was a whistleblower. She got fired because she was nuts.

    Greg, you were wrong when you said she’s not a kook, she is! I don’t care what her credentials are.

    By the way, I am retired military. If all the money the IRS collects goes to the Vatican, who the heck is paying my pension? And why isn’t the Federal deficit 3 trillion dollars a year instead of one trillion if all the money goes to the Vatican?

    At 19:42 she says, “I have the whole world backing me.” In her dreams.

  55. daveys35

    All you people who are just now catching up to the FACTS, we “CONSPIRACY THEORISTS” have been talking about this for YEARS. You can see photos of gold in vaults on this website, but start here for the history lesson. http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1022-lawsuit-end-tyranny-ii

  56. daveys35


    Oh, and the figure you people have for “all the gold ever mined in the world” is waaaaaay wrong.

  57. Serious Sam

    Greg – this lady is the chief clown in the circus. People like her are the most dangerous…they appear to be knowledgeable and good, but their purpose is to decieve. The Vatican??? The Vatican??? The Vatican HAS BEEN infiltrated, but the infiltrators are the enemy, not the Vatican itself. My guess is that she works for the infiltrators.

    I’d bet she is getting well paid for her services.

    Greg: “You’re not a kook.” Wake up Greg. Please. Smell the coffee.

    I love your site Greg, but this one I’m not falling for.

    • Greg

      You do realize the Vatican was wrapped up in a money laundering scandal just last year: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/vatican-money-laundering I try to put on the best people I can find even though I do not agree with everything everybody says. I let the audience decide. Ms. Hudes did work for the World Bank for 20 years. She was fired for whistling blowing on corruption and fraud and she was Senior Counsel to the World Bank at the time of her firing. You may disagree with what she says, but the facts say Ms. Hudes is no “Clown.” Thank you for adding your perspective.

  58. Derrick Michael Reid

    The Video Clip of Karen Hudes was an eye opener for a few reasons.
    First, there are people like me out there in the real world. Second, she also is getting close to putting it all together. Third, the attempts of people to put it all together, comes from different people with vastly different backgrounds, but characterized as high achievers with many years experience, with deep resumes, reaching essentially the same conclusions.

    Now, she needs a presidential dark horse who is totally unafraid of getting shot. 🙂

  59. Janice

    After listening to you interview w/Ms. Hudes I went to her website. She has another interview available there
    with RTTV / June 2013. In this ‘Breaking the Set’ interview just before the 5 min mark she states that the whole financial system will come to a halt because of backwardation (excuse the spelling) in gold. The interviewer did not peruse this statement with Ms. Hudes. Well, we’ve been in backwardation for awhile. If you have her on again I’d appreciate hearing her discuss this in detail.

    • Greg

      I will have he back on and backwardation will be included. Thank you.

  60. George

    Something’s been gnawing at me since I listened to this interview. I have been a big fan of your site. I have always thought it offers serious, alternative yet important commentary on current events — not the kind of drivel you find in MSM. Your interviews are insightful and your guests are mostly smart, independent thinkers who have timely, serious things to say.

    This woman on the other hand is as obviously crazy as they come. What is this stuff about the Jesuits and the vaults of gold and diamonds? Give me a break… What’s next flying saucers? I guess I’m more disappointed in the judgment to have run this interview at all.

  61. droidX-G

    Forgive me for saying this with regards to this interview, “Poppycock”

  62. Patrick

    Karen lost me a little.
    But, that is why most of us are here. Perspective.
    Just think of how many more of us today are “cleaning up our own back yard” than 10 years ago.
    I still believe there are some heavy-duty, gut-punches on the way.
    I’m much more confident in myself, and (so many more) of my neighbors.
    If this keeps up, they may very well, revoke my cynicism-ship.

  63. George Silver

    Dear Greg
    I’ve been thinking about the interview and it seems to me there’s just something that doesn’t add up.

    How is it that a relatively small group the Jesuits can control the most powerful countries and armies in the World. It just doesn’t make sense. Money can’t be the mechanism as many at the top have more money than they can ever use. It can’t be power as it seems to me the Jesuits do not have a big enough stick.

    How does the Vatican manage this control? I think your guest needs to answer this question.

    • Serious Sam

      George Silver – it makes perfect sense when you think that her purpose is to mislead people. She is an agent of misinformation, and she is pretty good at it. People think “Wow, she was ‘one of them’ and she got fired, and turned on her master. Now she is on a mission to save the world.” Yeah, right! The obvious “head fake” in her discussion is mentioning the Vatican/Jesuits as the reigning evil force in the world, without mentioning the real culprits.

      • Hawkeye

        She may not have all the pieces of the puzzle, and all the who’s who, but she’s got many. The control of global wealth by Vatican City is well known. Wealthiest landowner in Hawai’i? Catholic Archdiocese. Go figure.
        Like Greg said elsewhere “I think there ought to be a religion called ‘Greed’. That way we can include everyone responsible for the mess we are in globally.”

  64. Darlene

    I would bet that if a man wrote this article, it would be absolutely accepted as fact.

  65. Dwain

    I’m thinking this is how it works Greg.

    As US economic indicators threaten at home and abroad, we intimidate nations by threatening war. Threats distract and discourage them from taking action that would jeopardize US toilet paper money, In real terms, elite power structures, propaganda and theft.

    I think the closer we get to the financial cliff, war drum beating intensity will increase.

    This is the real economic indicator.

  66. Chris


    You had it correct when you said, “She sounds like a kook”. She is, and your credibility has gone down a notch or two from my vantage point. She substantiated absolutely none of her claims. Please don’t bother to have her on again. I’d hate to have to delete your “up-until-now” excellent YouTube Channel.


  67. Jim

    I am really blown away that most people know nothing or very little about what has been and still is going on. I realize it takes so more time to study all of this than most have, plus they have learned what the cabal has fought them too well. No matter how hard the truths are to believe all the proofs are out there. Most every wild and crazy, hard to believe conspiracy theory you all think you have ever heard is in fact no theory at all, it is conspiracy fact and there is proof to every bit of it you all can find proof of if you find out how to reverse the brainwashing we all have endured for thousands of years. It is all being taken care of by many behind the scenes but everyone HAS to learn sometime and the sooner the better! Join in with Gods plan as you watch it unfold. Please don’t expect others to do your part. The cabal has already lost the war but we all, together, must fight the battles. I assure you, it will be a lot easier that way. Jim.

  68. Greg

    Jesuits??? now I’ve heard it all.

  69. Jim

    Greg, your interviews are fantastic. But I do not understand why folks are marginalized with terms such as whistleblower, instead of a more correct term such as truth teller or discovery of corruption orator.

  70. John

    C’mon Greg, this woman is absurd. The vatican controls the world, really! Obama is a good guy, really! This woman is either a loon or some kind of disinfo agent. Look over here, not over there. Besides if there was any truth to what she says, they would shut her up really quick, like many others have been!

  71. Rich Crankshaw

    Much of what she said is on the money. No doubt the Media is in control of the Corporate and big bankers, and so are the Politicians. I call it a big pyramid, at the top are the real rulers, Big Pharma, big banks, big corporations, big money. At the bottom are the support staff, Need the politicians to do the bidding and take the heat, and need the media to sell the dream. This is obvious. The problem is, The seed has been planted and the same propaganda control we get from the main stream is taking place on the Internet, or known as alternative media. Alternative media has the only source for true journalism, however, it is also filled with garbage. But this is a good thing, by principle. It is true free press, and we actually have the choice what to believe. But we are groomed to follow the leader and go with the nearest emotion that appeals to our attachments. Much of what this woman said appeals to peoples attachments to greed and money and the hopes for peace that we know nothing of. So discretion is the real issue not applied by the people of this world. Distinction is replaced by trust in someone who says they are our friends. When we stop this instinct to follow one another over the cliff blindly, the world will change. We can’t change the environment. We can only change ourselves and the environment will manifest itself as a result of our change. That is a fundamental course of nature. We are not a good society because we are not good people.

  72. Dennis Dugan

    You need look into the only real solution. Karen is right on target as to the problem, but she is off the mark totally on the solution.

    It is impossible for gold and silver to fix the current system and “save the word”!

    JFK had a solution and had a vision of the future that he was trying to impliment (NAWAPA)

    The Glass-Steagall Act that the banks fear needs to be passed. HR129 & S.1282.

    Have Karen debate Michael Kirch? The problem will be solved by returning to the Hamiltonian Government credit system of our Constitution.

    Are you for Glass-Steagall or for Wall Street?

    Michael Kirsch wrote the following:


    Have Michael Kirch on your program!

  73. Doreen Agostino

    Italian politicians agreed 08.13 to meet with Rev. Kevin Annett and ITCCS officials 09.13 to plan a “comprehensive campaign to de-secularize” the Vatican.

    The meeting will plan what an internal statement calls “a comprehensive political and legal campaign to de-secularize the church and bring it under the rule of law and democratic control”. This campaign will include as its aim the annulment of the so-called Lateran Treaty between Italy and the Vatican which protects the church from prosecution for its crimes against humanity.

    Inspired by the August 4 Brussels Declaration of the ITCCS that proclaimed the Roman Catholic Church to be a transnational criminal body under international law, the Italian parties agreed that the time has arrived for “decisive political action in Italy on behalf of all the victims of the papacy”. http://itccs.org

    • Greg

      Thank You for the Comment, info and link!

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment, info and the link.

  74. Abe

    Greg’s “ding-dongness naivety” is showing here. The pResident is only the leader of the 10 miles square. Greg almost made it into the Alex Jones club, by all of his butting-ins. LET HER TALK!

    • Greg

      Why do you come here? It is so bold of you to throw insults anonymously.

  75. Gary

    Those who wrote that Jesus Christ’s second advent is a metaphor, speak out of ignorance of Biblical prophecy. If Christ is who He said He is (and I believe He is), then He is the “I am that I am”, that identified Himself to Moses from the burning bush. The Bible speaks more of the “second coming” than it does of the first advent. If His return is a metaphor, then He sure wasted a lot of words in the holy scriptures.

    • Hawkeye

      Gary, with all respect, the New Testament was a production of the Emperor Constantine, and his all-male Council of Nicaea in 324 CE. They eliminated at least 45 known books/scriptures of the time, (womens gospels?) and edited the rest to suit their agenda of homogenizing the spiritual beliefs of all ‘subjects’ of the Empire, and insert The Church as middleman in the spiritual affairs of the people. An enlightened and empowered population is a threat to empire, then as it is today.
      This on top of much mis-interpretation from the original Aramaic. Hence much of the true message of Yeshua and crew were lost in translation.
      One Aramaic scholar who is a standout of integrity is Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz. His work can be found at: http://www.abwoon.com/

  76. Rebecca

    “We just have to take it back.”
    Who is the “we” Ms. Hudes is talking about?
    According to her statements, she and her fellow “whistleblowers” are in contact with governors, ambassadors, parliaments all over the world.
    If she has been working on this for “five years” with all her powerful allies and has not been able to stop this yet, then who are the “we” who “just have to take it back”?

    What has her group accomplished in five years?
    What is her group doing?

    I’m sorry, Greg. I must agree with many others, Ms. Hudes has disconnect from reality. Power brokers maybe don’t realize we little people have no power.

  77. David E

    Have you ever noticed the best teacher is one not much older than ourselves? Professors often fail to get through to their students

    Greg, I watched the video very closely and noticed the oddities your posters posted above. My belief is that Karen Hudes is misunderstood. That she has revealed information that is common knowledge in her group of contacts. Contacts that are made up of some of the most influential people in this world. What may seem strange to us is normal conversation with them. Mutually accepted facts amongst themselves that do not need to be proven to each other. What Karen Hudes needs to do for us is give us anecdotal stories of conversations she has had in her circle. Why she and they have reached the conclusions that they do. In other words she needs to bring us up to speed.

    What I got out of this interview is that there are top insiders that know a transformation needs to happen or we are all facing economic ruin. That there are forces of good and truth that are aware of the forces of evil and lies that are running this world.

    Greg, I’m the gold refiner guy that knows what happens when gold is “leased.” Keep up the good work!

    • Greg

      Thank you David E for your comment and support. I took a lot of heat on this interview, but I try to put many views on this site.

  78. JAMES

    The states are becoming police controlled more and more. How can we stop that. Why are we losing our God geven rights, because of the
    greedy bankters and oil mafia, etc, etc, etc.

  79. ingrid

    So what if humanity chooses to love vs destroying each other.

    What about the plume of radiation approaching the west coast!!!???

    “The Iodine-131, Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 that are constantly coming from Fukushima are going to affect the health of those living the the northern hemisphere for a very, very long time. Just check out what Harvey Wasserman had to say recently…

    Iodine-131, for example, can be ingested into the thyroid, where it emits beta particles (electrons) that damage tissue. A plague of damaged thyroids has already been reported among as many as 40 percent of the children in the Fukushima area. That percentage can only go higher. In developing youngsters, it can stunt both physical and mental growth. Among adults it causes a very wide range of ancillary ailments, including cancer.

    Cesium-137 from Fukushima has been found in fish caught as far away as California. It spreads throughout the body, but tends to accumulate in the muscles.

    Strontium-90’s half-life is around 29 years. It mimics calcium and goes to our bones.

    So humanity, at least in the Northern Hemisphere is going to be cancer ridden.

    if we don’t blow our world up, we are poisoning ourselves with cancer….

    how do we face the radiation unleashed by Fukushima?

    How are you going to fire the vatican intelligence? Your Fire?

    it seems humanity is over.

  80. ingrid

    How are you going to fire the vatican intelligence? Your Fired?

  81. bob d


  82. Liquid Motion


    Karen’s comment about the TNC’s who control the world and the study that was done by the Zurich team,to prove it mathematically….I found an article that covers the very same. List of the top 50 is also conveniently provided. For those wanting to pursue the matter further check it out here :


    and here:


    and for a different perspective here:


    Conclusion drawn is that the concept of ” Globalisation” is merely a cover for the TNC’s to ensure profit is retained by the few and those few will continue to manage and control humanity. It (Globalisation) does not bare any resemblance to the provision of equality, improved goods or services or of raising living standards for the masses. In fact the acute opposite is true now for the USA, Europe and Japan. Once mega centres of industrial production where the middle class prospered, they are now deteriorating at phenomenal speed. The capitalists (who are/were the true beneficiaries of the global capitalism project) have moved on to greener pastures and left misery for those that remain.

    Karen’s agenda is one that will or should start a revolution and that means getting a large percentage of the population to support the concept with full capacity. It seems that any mention of such would set alarm bells ringing at the DOHS/CIA and any other agency primed for suppression …I mean surveillance. Too much power and control in too few is never a good thing. Too much corruption ….too much greed always leads to pain. Unfortunately the odds are stacked in favour of the TNC’s and so the pain will be burdened on the masses. The gates are closed ….we are all trapped inside this construct of a world…where truth, honesty and fairness can only reside within oneself. I am now waiting for the next bastion of restraint to be implemented…”the Thought Police”…..!!!!! Absurd !!!

  83. Leslee W

    This wonderful interview is further validation for me regarding the work of The One People’s Public Trust, in which, through the use of the same UCC Code in which our government has tricked and enslaved us, they freed us as of December 2012 by foreclosing all corporations, which includes the U.S. corporation. They no longer exist legally, but are still pretending they do.

    Hudes makes the statement that when we take full responsibility and take action, we will ultimately be swimming in abundance because we are each worth millions or billions. This is why. The corporations took our value long ago, they are foreclosed, and their assets are seized and coming BACK to us. This is all over the web right now. Follow http://i-uv.com/ as a starting point. It IS mind blowing, because we’ve been deceived so deeply for so long, therefore it does not SEEM real.

    Please don’t dismiss this because it doesn’t “fit” your understanding of prophecy. Remember what Jesus felt/did with the money changers in the temple. Do you really think Jesus/Muhammad/Buddha WANTS us to let these criminals continue their activities, or would he/they convict our hearts to do as much as we can within our power and understanding to stop them? Are some of the readers here waiting for somebody else to figure out a plan of action for them from A to Z? That’s how we got into this mess in the first place! Always letting other PEOPLE get between ourselves and God? Or between ourselves and our own discernment and critical thinking?

    For that matter, what is the purpose of prophecy? Might it be to WARN us what WILL happen (because in a higher dimension, past/present/future can be seen all at once, like viewing a map from above)UNLESS we choose to make DIFFERENT decisions with our FREE WILL? Remember that. Free will.

    Doubters here that have zero confidence in the ability of the people to change the current system: Wake up! YOU are the fuel that powers the current system! It cannot exist without your belief and cooperation! The opposite is also true, get it? Unplug from the old, plug in to the new. Do I have a handbook from A to Z to tell you how to do that? A better world hinges on YOU taking responsibility and doing the work YOURSELF! You have to want to know, you have to decide to take actions, then it will come step by step. DON’T BE LAZY!

    This is exciting guys, love to all of you! 😀

  84. April Grace

    Hi, Greg.,

    Very soon, this woman will be thoroughly vindicated and your instinct to have her on validated. She is not a loon, you are not a loon, I am not a loon. If you interpret the world without a spiritual lens, you miss out. I’ll bet anyone, anywhere, anytime everything I have on what I just said without fear of loss because the spiritual signposts are unmistakable, once you clean your filters.

    Assange and Snowden are lauded by the mainstream press and Karen is vilified. The former is the plant, the latter the truthsayer. Discernment via the body which never lies is the key and once you understand this, no one can ever lie to you again… Best BS detector in the world. But we have to do the work. Good military, bad military, truth, lie,, etc. I get it, Karen, about President Obama’s acting…he has strategically placed key people in Government so we can see who’s who. Is Kerry’s case for chemical weapons the truth or a lie? You gotta get to that place where you KNOW. (Hint: the truth is always attacked by the powers that are.) The truth shall set you free is all about exposing the shadow, personally and collectively. We are there Karen, thank you for your courage. Greg, you must have her back whenever you have such a polarized response, you know you’re on track. Don’t cave. As a spiritual bodypain therapist, I know of what I speak. And I know exactly when people are lying, including top politicians, media people, etc. And so does everyone else, deep down if only they would sit with it awhile. I spent years avoiding doing this very thing, you know, I knew best, reiterating the programming, avoding the anxiety the truth brings up initially, etc. This peace is so much better…free at last we soon all will be.

    • Greg

      Thank you April.

  85. April Grace

    Of course there is much truth to the Assange and Snowden revelations, obviously. But where are the rest of the secrets, hmmnn? Their absence is telling.

  86. Sunnylady

    I was glued to this interview and really buying it until her comment that the chemical attack in Syria is “fake” and the people are actors. Credibility gone.

  87. hope

    History showed us that wars are won not by conttollimg currency but controlling wster and food supply.

  88. April Grace

    Check out Intellihub.com– faked footage of Syrian attacks by CNN. It sure wouldn’t be the first time. Ever heard of false flags?

  89. Ian

    So it is the Jesuits who are the bad guys?
    Nothing about the tribe, which, presumably she belongs to.
    And obama is the good guy.
    Also no bail-ins…phew!

  90. CavScout62

    Syrian chemical attack was a False Flag Op. As far as “We The People” taking back what is rightfully ours, I just don’t see it happening due to the fact that we can’t even get on the same page to remove an administration that is Criminal in the Extreme, much less take back control. Remember, “The Tree Of Liberty Must Be Watered With The Blood Of Tyrants About Every 20 Years” in order for this REPUBLIC to thrive and survive. Have not seen that happen in my lifetime and don’t believe I will. In fact, it’s not going to happen because we have let the MONSTER that is the Government(controlled by the Money Men) get too BIG & POWERFUL. Hang on, the ride is going to get much rougher….

  91. Adinkrahene

    Hope I’m not to late to add an opinion. This is for all the people out there that think that the bible has merit (AS I DO) even with all the unreal crazy stories. And to those who don’t!
    (But I’m not a bible thumper. I only got into the bible by way of trying to understand what the heck is going on in the courts system.) Just following the history you could say! This is a simple case of garbage in, garbage out! The main reason that the bible is rejected
    by many is the fact that those in power in the church never tell you to read and understand Galatians 4 and more to the point, verses 22-24. In those verses it is clear that all stories in the bible are in the form of an allegory, all stories because the story in question is the root story in the Bible from which all others stem.
    So if you been reading the bible as a history of the Jewish nation you have been getting garbage in, and so the only thing that could be expected to come out of that is garbage.
    You have not read the bible the way it was intended. Even with the changes that have been made the message remains in the story. But only if your not reading it as history! But you are reading it as a story that relates a message to the one who lives within.
    No matter how the storyline changes the message remains. The story is about you.
    Myself and the bible suggest “BE YE NOT DECEIVED.” the Bible is a natural law book in story format! Law and the spiritual experiences should not be parted, but it seems that they have been.
    The stories in it were not written by any one culture, man or nation but by many down the long corridors of time. It’s just that many stories didn’t make the roman’s cut. Council of Nicaea in 324 CE.
    Here is an idea that sounds crazy! All of the western religions are one in the same, and all can be traced by their ideas to Rome, Islam included by reason of their stated history. I said it sounds crAZY!
    But notice that Catholics must give homage to the (so called) Jew (a Catholic invention). The people of the bible were not a nation of Jews. They were Hebrew and that is not the same thing! Because the bible states that: a Jew is one who looks inward “Romans 2:28 and 29”. So it’s not a race of people, but it is people. The bible also talks about those “which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;” in Revelations 3:9. Notice also that looking inward is not part of
    catholic, Jew or Islam’s way. Islam is needed for conflict.
    The biggest problem in the world today is no one wants to educate themselves. More over not many know the meaning of the word education. Which is from the Greek and pronounce (E-DO-KA-RE)
    and which means “TO DRAW OUT”. So you may have a PHD and still not be educated but be indoctrinated.Just the opposite! And then the people listen to the PHD. Then we wonder how do people get indoctrinated.
    NOTE* (Some PHD’s have used the information to draw out the best in themselves. ie Jim Willie and his type)
    But we have these people that have to be told how and what to think. This is what sets them up for cognitive dissonance when the truth comes to light.
    Please check this page to lighten the dissonance of events like those of law and money.
    Be advised the site is under a never ending attack by unknown folk.

    I don’t understand how people say that she dose not get us a way out. That’s just unreal. She said take back your power (=current=currency) You can’t expect to have law when there is no honest money in use.
    The answer as I see it is to take control of your current (= energy,currency} in the system. You can pull out what your not using. In other word cut back on using banks. (GET OUT OF HER) Because you get a net lost from using them no matter how you look at it.
    Start there then educate (not indoctrinated) yourself! (YOU HAVE TO DO IT) there are lots of good links on this page and the link above and you will find lot more if you look. seek and ye shell find, knock and it will be open to you!

    One thing is for sure, this was a good interview! I don’t write many post on other peoples pages!
    To much work looking up reference I don’t know by hard.

    Men lose their mind’s in herds, but they regain them one by one!

    Because of cognitive dissonance:
    No one can be told (educated to) what the matrix is, You have to (do the work to) see it for yourself !

    Our house is still a mess by nature of the hackers but your still welcome to visit us at geneticmemory.org
    8 years, 6 of those being hack and still going!

  92. Barb B

    The video has been removed by youtube. PLEASE load it to your website so I can post it for others to watch. It’s such and amazing 23 minutes full of information. PLEASE!

    • Greg

      I do not have the ability to load it to the site. I am appealing the You Tub action. I do not understand why they did it.

      • Joe J

        Hi Greg,

        There are plenty of other sites to host the video. I missed it and would like to watch it. If you still have the original I can assist in hosting.

        Best Wishes,

        • Greg

          Joe J,

          I don’t know what I am going to do but I still have the original video already edited. Please Stay in touch. Thank you for reaching out.


  93. Leith

    You are a slave buried beneath multiple Trusts and Acts, thus making you part of the Human Zoo. Who has the keys to your cage?? YOU DO !! KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY!


    1302 Pope Boniface issued his infamous Papal Bull Unam Sanctam, being the first Express Trust claiming control over the whole planet and effectively “King of the World”.
    Pope Nicholas V in 1455 via the Papal Bull Romanus Pontifex. All land is claimed as “crown land”. The 1st Cestui Que Vie Trust created when a child is born, depriving them of all their beneficial entitlements and rights on the land at birth.
    1481. The papal bull Aeterni Regis meaning “Eternal Crown” by Sixtus IV. The 2nd Cestui Que Vie Trust created when a child is born being the sale of the birth certificate as a Bond to the private central bank of the nation, depriving them of ownership of their flesh and condemning them to perpetual debt servitude as a Roman person, or slave.

    1537 by Paul III through the papal bull Convocation. The 3rd Cestui Que Vie Trust created when a child is baptized (ie: simply born) being the grant of the Baptismal certificate by the parents to the church or Registrar being the gift of title of the soul. Hence, why the Bar Association is able to legally enforce Maritime law against men and women- because they can be treated as things, cargo that does not possess a soul.

    Under King Henry VIII of England and his Venetian/Magyar advisers, the first poor laws were promulgated around 1535 coinciding with the first official mandate requiring uniform record keeping by all Church of England parishes of births, deaths and marriages. The poor were
    considered the responsibility of the “Church” including ensuring they had ample work
    and did not starve to death as they were considered by default the property of the

    7) Under Queen Elizabeth I of England, a set of measures were introduced which had the effect of accelerating the disenfranchisement of land peasants into landless paupers. Under the Erection of Cottages Act 1588, peasants required local parish permission to erect dwellings whereas
    before the erection of a dwelling by a land peasant on their lord’s land was considered a “right”. As a result, the ranks of the landless poor, or “paupers” swelled.

    8) Under Queen Elizabeth I of England, the laws concerning the administration and care of the “poor” were refined through the Poor Law (1601) which introduced a basic set of “rights” for the poor as well as the
    introduction of two “Overseers of the Poor” (Guardian) in each Parish, elected at Easter and funded through the first levy (tax) through local rates (now called “council taxes”) on property owning rate payers.

    9) Under Charles II of England, the concept of “Settlements” as plantations of working poor controlled by the Church of England was further refined through the Settlement Act (1662) and Poor Relief Act (1662) including for the first time the issuance of “Settlement Certificates” equivalent to a “birth certificate, passport and social security” rolled into one document. A child’s birthplace was its place of settlement, unless its mother had a settlement certificate from some other parish stating that the unborn child was included on the certificate. However from the age of 7 upwards the child could have been apprenticed and gained a settlement for itself through called indentured service, or “voluntary slavery”.

    10) Under the “reforms” of the Settlement Act (1662) and Poor Relief Act (1662), no one was allowed to move from town to town without the appropriate “Settlement Certificate”. If a person entered a parish in
    which he or she did not have official settlement, and seemed likely to become chargeable to the new parish, then an examination would be made by the justices (or parish overseers). From this examination on
    oath, the justices would determine if that person had the means to sustain himself. The results of the examination were documented in an Examination Paper. As a result of the examination the intruder would
    then either be allowed to stay, or would be removed by means of what was known as a Removal Order, the origin of the modern equivalent of an “Eviction and Removal Notice” when a sheriff removes people from their home. (oh dear!)

    11) According to the various settlement acts from the 17th Century onwards until the introduction of Birth Certificates, the issue of a Settlement Certificate was considered a privilege, not a right. If a peasant wanted to move, the home parish could choose to issue a Settlement Certificate which then effectively became an indemnity insurance to the new parish if the pauper was unable to earn a living. A settlement certificate was only valid if it bore the seals of the overseers of both parishes and that of the local Justices and was not transferable. This is the same model of modern passports for citizens listed as “P” (Paupers) used today. Check your passport under ‘Type’. THE CHURCH OWNS YOU !!

    12) Due to the increase in the number of “poor”, in 1723 a new law was passed called the Workhouse Test Act (1723) in which those who wished to claim benefits and relief as poor now had to enter a “workhouse” being essentially a prison for men, women and children to perform some set work. To ensure that all poor were accounted and could be identified, new laws were also introduced to force the Paupers to wear a ‘P’ on their right shoulders as a mark of their status. This is both the origin of the “P” still placed as a mark on modern passports and other “official” documents and the “P” worn by prisoners from the 20th Century.

    13) Beginning in 1773 with the Inclosure Act 1773, followed by the Inclosure Consolidation Act 1801, English Parliament effectively “privatized” massive amounts of common land for the benefit of a few, causing huge numbers of land peasants to become “landless paupers” and therefore in need of parish assistance. The Inclosure Acts are the foundation of Land Title as it is known today. Because of the deliberate “legal” theft of land under parliamentary Inclosure laws of the late 18th and early 19th Century, the number of paupers dramatically increased. This led to the most awful and cruel laws being introduced to deliver to an elite few, the slave labor force needed for the industrial revolution through the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 which effectively stated that the poor could not receive any benefit unless they were constantly “employed” in a workhouse prison. Thus, despite international treaties against slavery, the very worst slavery being “wage slavery” or “lawful slavery” was born whereby men, women and children lived in terrible conditions and were worked “to death”.

    14) Beginning in 1834, a number of historic changes were introduced to the record keeping of births, deaths and marriages, the issuance of documents and the management of the “poor”:
    In 1834, British Parliament introduced the Poor Law Amendment Act (1834) which reorganized Church of England parishes into unions which would then be responsible for the poor in their area and administered by a Board of Poor Law Guardians, also known as the Board of Guardians The clerks of Magistrates Courts still hold the power of a Clerk of the Board of Guardians; and
    In 1835, the Municipal Corporations Act (1835) was introduced which effectively standardized the corporate model for towns and boroughs including making the municipality with elected officials responsible for data collection and service administration; and
    In 1836, the Births and Deaths Registration Act (1836) was introduced which for the first time created the General Register Office and the requirement for uniform records of births, deaths and marriages across the Empire by Municipal Councils and Unions of Parishes. Thus on 1 July 1837, the Birth Certificate was formed as the successor of the Settlement Certificate for all “paupers” disenfranchised of their land birthright to be considered lawful (“voluntary”) slaves with benefits provided by the local parish/region underwritten by the Society of Lloyds as it is still today.

    15) Beginning from 1871, further historic changes in the administration of “vital statistics” such as birth certificates and death certificates with the introduction of health districts or “sanitary districts”. The Local
    Government Act of 1871, Public Health Act 1872 and Public Health Act 1875 created a system of “districts” called Sanitary Districts governed by a Sanitary Authority responsible for various public health matters including mental health legally known as “sanity”. Two types of Sanitary Districts were created being Urban and Rural. While the sanitary districts were “abolished” in 1894 with the Local Government Act of 1894, the administration of the “poor” is still maintained in part under the concept of district health boards of Guardians including magistrates and other “Justices of the Peace”.

    Since 1990 under the United Nations and the World Health Organisation (WHO) by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the system of issuing birth certificates as proof of a man or woman being a permanent
    member of the underclass has become an international system.

    One fundamental flaw that remains within the Settlement (Birth) Certificate System for the Roman Cult and its agents remains the fact that a Settlement Certificate is proof that a man or woman must have been
    born on the land for the certificate to have effect, regardless of convoluted subsequent presumptions of what the certificate actually represents. If a man or woman was not born on the land somewhere a certificate could not be issued. Therefore any rejection, or return of a Birth Certificate serves as perfected evidence that a man or woman was born on the land and support to any Affidavit of Truth concerning their immutable rights from the Divine Creator. Therefore that individual cannot be deemed chattel of the Law of the High Seas.

    As Settlement Certificates and later Birth Certificates are solely and purposefully designed to disenfranchise men and woman from their rightful inheritance through voluntary enslavement and admission to being “paupers”, the system of Birth Certificates is wholly without legitimacy, a global system of organized fraud and crime and without lawful effect.

    16) The Board of Guardians, later known as “Guardian Committee” and simply as the “Council” of a County or Borough is a formal geographically bound body, constituted by various public statutes, granting certain legal authority and duty of care to its elected and appointed members for the physical, mental, personal and property interests of others, now commonly called “wards”. In most western nations today, the Board of Guardians is effectively the Town, City, County or Borough Council. In 1834, British Parliament introduced the Poor Law Amendment Act (1834) which reorganized Church of England parishes into unions which
    were then be responsible for the poor in their area and administered by a Board of Poor Law Guardians, also known as the Board of Guardians. The Board was assisted by a new office known as the Clerk of the Board
    of Guardians, also known as the “Clerk of the Guardians” being an additional title granted to the existing local Clerk of the Peace responsible for administering the records and matters of the Magistrates
    Court of the area.

    17) The Clerk of the Peace, assuming the powers of Clerk of the Guardians aswell as Clerk of the Magistrates from 1836 onwards was granted even greater power as the Registrar of the Court of Record and responsible for the accurate recording of births, deaths, marriages and events within the parish union. Importantly, the Clerk of the Guardians was said to be “in custody” of all persons on the poor rolls on account of their name being registered at birth.

    18) From 1871 onwards, the Board of Guardians and Clerk of Guardians were granted even more guardian responsibilities with the creation of “districts” called Sanitary Districts governed by a Sanitary Authority
    responsible for various public health matters including mental health legally known as “sanity” through the Local Government Act of 1871, Public Health Act 1872 and Public Health Act 1875. The Boards of
    Guardians and Clerk of Guardians were also granted guardianship over minors through the Guardianship of Infants Acts 1886 and 1925.

    19) Significantly, from 1879 with the Summary Jurisdiction Act (1879), the Clerk of the Peace, also known as the Clerk of the Guardians, also known as the Clerk of the Magistrates, also known as the Registrar of the Court of Record was granted the powers of the Clerk of the Privy Council as
    their agent for summary judgment matters. Thus when the Clerk of the Magistrates or their agent such as a Justices’ Clerk issued a summons or warrant under Crown seal, the matter could be handled as a summary judgment simply by evoking these extraordinary powers over all
    subjects, regardless of whether they were poor, insane or a minor.

    20) In 1929 in the United Kingdom with the Local Government Act (1929), the Boards of Guardians as well as the position of Clerk of Guardians were finally “abolished” by allocating their powers to a different office:
    (i) Board of Guardians became Council of a County or Borough; and
    (ii) Clerk to the Guardians became Clerk of the County Council or Town Clerk; and
    (iii) Guardian as an individual became a member of the Council of a County or Borough; and
    (iv) Poor Law Union became a County or Borough.

    21) In most western countries following Roman Cult law and English law, the Town Clerk remains effectively the “Clerk of the Guardians”, the “Clerk of the Peace”, the “Agent of the Clerk of the Privy Council”, the
    “Clerk of the Magistrates” and “Registrar of the Court of Record” with the Justices’ Clerks of Magistrates Courts’ their agent possessing the claimed power to conclude summary judgments.

    Based on the continued claimed powers of the Clerk and their agents, a Magistrates Court is effectively a Court of Wards and Guardians with a hearing effectively either “examination” or a “summary judgment” for
    petty matters limited by cost and penalty.

    22) Upon the presumptions of power claimed by the Clerks, when oneattends a Roman law Magistrates Court, it is presumed one has consented to being treated as a Ward unless such presumptions are
    rejected before attendance or immediately upon being brought forcibly before the Magistrates Court.

    23) As the claimed authority of Councils and Boards of Commissioners in their capacity as “Boards of Guardians” is founded on a history of fraud and the disenfranchise of men and woman from their rightful
    inheritance through voluntary enslavement and admission to being “paupers”, such powers are wholly without legitimacy and lawful effect.

    24) Given the claimed authority and powers of the Town Clerk and their agents by claiming historic authority as effectively the “Clerk of the Guardians”, the “Clerk of the Peace”, the “Agent of the Clerk of the Privy
    Council”, the “Clerk of the Magistrates” and “Registrar of the Court of Record” is based on a historic of fraud, voluntary enslavement and false premise, all authority and power of Justices’ Clerks of Magistrates
    Courts and their principal is null and void from the beginning.

    25) You are “legally” a slave, just as your parents, your grandparents and great grandparents were slaves. You may be lucky enough to live in a pleasant plantation with other slaves, managed by overseer slaves
    such as police, judges, doctors and politicians where few examples of slave cruelty occur. Or you may be witnessing changes in the community plantation, which is part of a state slave plantation and
    national slave plantation where there is more crime, more misery and death. The fact that you are a slave is unquestionable. The only unknown is whether you will permit your children and their children
    to also grow up as slaves.

    26) Upon a new child being borne, the Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate willingly and knowingly convey the beneficial entitlements of the child as Beneficiary into the 1st Cestui Que (Vie)
    Trust in the form of a Registry Number by registering the Name, thereby also creating the Corporate Person and denying the child any rights as an owner of Real Property.

    27) You are a slave because since 1933, when a child is borne, the Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate knowingly and willingly claim the baby as chattel to the Estate. The slave baby contract is then created by tricking the parents to signing the baby away through the deceitful legal meanings on the live birth record.

    28) This live birth record as a promissory note is converted into a slave bond sold to the private reserve bank of the estate and then conveyed into a 2nd and separate Cestui Que (Vie) Trust per child
    owned by the bank. Upon the promissory note reaching maturity and the bank being unable to “seize” the slave child, a maritime lien is lawfully issued to “salvage” the lost property and itself monetized
    as currency issued in series against the Cestui Que (Vie) Trust.

    29) You are a slave because since 1540 and the creation of the 1st Cestui Que Act, deriving its power from the Papal Bull of Roman Cult leader Pope Paul III of the same year, whenever a child is baptized
    and a Baptismal Certificate is issued by the state at birth or church, the parents have knowingly or unknowingly gifted, granted and conveyed the soul of the baby to a “3rd” Cestui Que Vie Trust owner
    by Roman Cult, who has held this valuable property in its vaults ever since, managed by the Temple Bar since 1540 and subsequent Bar Associations from the 19th Century representing the reconstituted
    “Galla” responsible as Grim Reapers for reaping the souls, or salvage also known as “salvation of souls”.

    30) Therefore under the UCC Slave Laws which most slave plantations of the world operate you can never own a house, even though they trick you into believing you do; you never really own a car, or boat or any
    other object; you only have the benefit of use. Indeed, you do not even own your own body, which is claimed to have been lawfully gifted by your parents at your birth on the commercial transaction document we know as the live birth record, against which a CUSIP number is issued and sold to the central bank. Yes, the banks claim your flesh, the banks are indeed the modern slave owners, hiding these indisputable facts upon which their money system is built from the people.

    31) You may not realize you are a slave under the slave laws of Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC), but may still erroneously believe you are slave with “more rights” as used to be afforded under “Common
    Law” until it was largely abolished back in 1933 without properly telling you. The word “common” comes from 14th Century Latin communis meaning “to entrust, commit to a burden, public duty, service or obligation”. The word was created from the combinationof two ancient pre-Vatican Latin words com/comitto = “to entrust,
    commit” and munis = “burden, public duty, service or obligation”. In other words, the real meaning of common as first formed because of the creation of the Roman Trust over the planet is the concept of
    “voluntary servitude” or simply “voluntary enslavement”.

    32) Common Law is nothing more than the laws of “voluntary servitude” and the laws of “voluntary slavery” to the Roman Cult and the Venetian Slave masters. It is the job of the overseer slaves to convince you that you are not slaves, the common law still exists and has not been largely abolished and replaced with commercial law, to confuse you, to give you false hope. In return, they are rewarded as loyal slaves with bigger homes to use and more privileges than other slaves.

    33) The reason why the overseer slaves such as judges, politicians, bankers, actors and media personalities are forced to lie and deny we are all slaves is because the slave system of voluntary servitude or
    “common law” was not the first global slave system, but merely its evolution. Before the emergence of Common Law, we were all subject to being considered mere animals or things under Canon
    Law of the Roman Cult, also known as the Law of the See, or Admiralty Law. Under Admiralty Law, you are either a slave of the ship or state, or merely cargo for lawful salvage.

    34) Thus in 1302 through Unam Sanctum, the Roman Cult unlawfully claimed through trust the
    ownership of all the planet and all living “things” as either slaves, or less than slaves with things administered through the Court of Rota. This court, claimed as the Supreme Court of all Courts on the planet was initially abolished in the 16th Century only to be returned in 1908 under Pope Pius X as a purely spiritual ecclesiastical court of 12 “apostolic prothonotary” spirits, implying the twelve apostles. Since then, this new purely spiritual court has remained in constant “session”, with the local courts using these powers to administer Divine Immortal Spirits expressed in Trust into Flesh Vessels as mere dead things .

    35) The system of global slavery and the treatment of the world as one large slave plantation was designed so there is no way out – as evidenced through the courts of the priests of Ba’al known as the judges of most legal systems in the world. Even the most educated of men and women may remain tricked into believing that upon self representation they may claim their “common law rights” as a means of defense, only to find the judge lawfully rejects any and all claims. As the first law of the courts is the Uniform Commercial Codes of slavery as introduced in 1933, the defendant is an employee of a corporation and therefore
    automatically assumes the liability of any injury. Unless they can pay, they may be sent to prison.
    If such a trickster as the judge is challenged, they are permitted to escape to their chambers and call upon even greater power to return and magically establish a new court, without telling the defendant
    they have now entered Admiralty Court, or the laws of the See in accordance with Canon Law of the Roman Cult issued in 1983. Now the judge can impose grave penalties upon such an unresponsive defendant including contempt of court and other punitive prison sentences, with the defendant having no rights unless they know Canon Law concerning juridic persons and establishing standing above being called a “thing”.

    36) Sadly, few people actually know the original meaning of “thing” as a judicial meeting, or assembly; a matter brought before a court of law; a legal process; a charge brought; or a suit or cause pleaded
    before a court. This meaning is then used with devastating effect through the heretical concept of Pius X from 1908 to claim the dead apostles sit in permanent and open session as the “twelve
    prothonotaries” of the Sacred Rota – as the highest Supreme Court on the planet. So when a man or woman receives a blue or yellow notice from a court issued through this unholy knowledge of Canon law, by the time they come to court, they are automatically a thing.

    37) When a man or woman seeks to defend themselves by seeking to speak before the judge, they automatically “consent” to being a thing. Thus a judge with knowledge of such trickery can silence any
    man or woman by “lawfully” threatening contempt of court if the “thing” does not stop making noise.
    Indeed, it is the Roman Cult Canon Law of 1983 that establishes all courts are oratories, with judges holding ecclesiastical powers as “ordinaries” and their chambers as “chapels”. Thus the Bar Associations around the world have assisted judges in learning of their new powers in order to counteract those men and women who
    continue to wake up to their status as slaves, but demonstrating how to remain “in honor” with such perverse law and ensure such “terrorists” are sent to prison for long sentences as a warning to others.

    38) If a judge so inclined to ensure an educated defendant is lawfully sent to prison or worse, he or she may run away for a third and final time to their chamber and invoke their most powerful standing as
    rabbi of a Talmud Court under the Talmudic Laws of the false Israelites of the House of the twelve tribes of Menasheh. Now, even a judge in a nation that is against the death penalty may choose to impose a “lawful” sentence against any goy/gyu or goyim who dares injure an Israelite . However, while judges in the United States and other nations have started to be trained in the re-imposition of Talmudic Law, it is at the hands of the false Menasheh, also known as the elite anti-semitic parasites also known as the Black Khazars and Venetian noble families. Ultimately, it is enough for judges, clerks and members of the Bar to know that they hold our property in their Cestui Que Vie Trusts and that we are completely without effective rights, until we challenge their fraud.

    39) Yet, even when you challenge their fraud, many deny and outright lie on the records to deny they hold trustee and executor powers with the case being a constructive trust and executor of the Cestui que Vie
    Trust from which powers are being drawn for the form of the court.

    40) In 1534, prior to the 1st Cestui Que Vie Act (1540), Henry VIII declared the first Cestui Que Vie type estate with the Act of Supremacy which created the Crown Estate. In 1604, seventy (70) years later, James I of England modified the estate as the Crown Union (Union of Crowns). By the 18th Century, the Crown was viewed as a company. However by the start of the 19th Century around 1814 onwards upon the bankruptcy of the company (1814/15) , it became the fully private Crown Corporation
    controlled by European private banker families. Since 1581, there has been a second series of Cestui Que Vie Estates concerning the property of “persons” and rights which migrated to the
    United States for administration including:
    (i) In 1651 the Act for the Settlement of Ireland 1651-52 which introduced the concept of “settlements”, enemies of the state and restrictions of movement in states of “emergency”; and
    (ii) In 1861 the Emergency Powers Act 1861; and
    (iii) In 1931 the Emergency Relief and Construction Act 1931-32; and
    (iv) in 2001 the Patriot Act 2001.

    41) Since 1591, there has been a third series of Cestui Que Vie Estates concerning the property of “soul” and ecclesiastical rights which migrated to the United States for administration including:
    (i) In 1661 the Act of Settlement 1661-62; and
    (ii) In1871 the District of Columbia Act 1871; and
    (iii) In 1941 the Lend Lease Act 1941.

    42) By 1815 and the bankruptcy of the Crown and Bank of England by the Rothschilds, for the 1st time, the Cestui Que Vie Trusts of the United Kingdom became assets placed in private banks effectively becoming
    “private trusts” or “Fide Commissary Trusts” administered by commissioners (guardians). From 1835 and the Wills Act, these private trusts have been also considered “Secret Trusts” whose existence does not need to be divulged.

    43) From 1917/18 with the enactment of the Sedition Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act in the United States and through the United Kingdom, the citizens of the Commonwealth and the United States
    became effectively “enemies of the state” and “aliens” which in turn converted the “Fide Commissary” private secret trusts to “Foreign Situs” (Private International) Trusts.

    43) In 1931, the Roman Cult, also known as the Vatican created the Bank for International Settlements for the control of claimed property of associated private central banks around the world. Upon the deliberate
    bankruptcy of most countries, private central banks were installed as administrators and the global Cestui Que Vie/Foreign Situs Trust system was implemented from 1933 onwards.

    44) Since 1933, when a child is borne in a State (Estate) under inferior Roman law, three (3) Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts are created upon certain presumptions, specifically designed to deny the child forever any rights of Real Property, any Rights as a Free Person and any Rights to be known as man and woman rather than a creature or animal, by claiming and possessing their Soul or Spirit.

    45) Since 1933, upon a new child being borne, the Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate willingly and knowingly convey the beneficial entitlements of the child as Beneficiary into the 1st Cestui Que
    (Vie) Trust in the form of a Registry Number by registering the Name, thereby also creating the Corporate Person and denying the child any rights as an owner of Real Property.

    46) Since 1933, when a child is borne, the Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate knowingly and willingly claim the baby as chattel to the Estate. The slave baby contract is then created by honoring the ancient tradition of either having the ink impression of the feet of the baby onto the live birth record, or a drop of its blood as well as tricking the parents to signing the baby away through the deceitful legal meanings on the live birth record. This live birth record as a promissory note is converted into a slave bond sold to the private reserve bank of the estate and then conveyed into a 2nd and separate Cestui Que (Vie) Trust per child owned by the bank. Upon the promissory note reaching maturity and the bank being unable to “seize” the slave child, a maritime lien is lawfully issued to “salvage” the lost property and itself monetized as currency issued in series against the Cestui Que (Vie) Trust.

    47) Each Cestui Que Vie Trust created since 1933 represents one of the 3 Crowns representing the 3 claims of property of the Roman Cult, being Real Property, Personal Property and Ecclesiastical Property and the
    denial of any rights to men and women, other than those chosen as loyal members of the society and as Executors and Administrators.

    48) The Three (3) Cestui Que Vie Trusts are the specific denial of rights of Real Property, Personal Property and Ecclesiastical Property for most men and women, corresponds exactly to the three forms of law available to the Galla of the Bar Association Courts. The first form of law is corporate commercial law is effective because of the 1st Cestui Que Vie Trust. The second form of law is maritime and trust law is effective because of the 2nd Cestui Que Vie Trust. The 3rd form of law is Talmudic and Roman Cult law is effective because of the 3rd Cestui Que Vie Trust of Baptism.
    49) The Birth Certificate issued under Roman Law represents the modern equivalent to the Settlement Certificates of the 17th century and signifies the holder as a pauper and effectively a Roman Slave. The Birth
    Certificate has no direct relationship to the private secret trusts controlled by the private banking network, nor can it be used to force the administration of a state or nation to divulge the existence of these secret

    50) As the Cestui Que Vie Trusts are created as private secret trusts on multiple presumptions including the ongoing bankruptcy of certain national estates, they remain the claimed private property of the Roman
    Cult banks and therefore cannot be directly claimed or used.

    While the private secret trusts of the private central banks cannot be directly addressed, they are still formed on certain presumptions of law including claimed ownership of the name, the body, the mind and soul of infants, men and women. Each and every man and woman has the absolute right to rebuke and reject such false presumptions as a member and holder of their own title.

    52) Given the private secret trusts of the private central banks are created on false presumptions, when a man or woman makes clear their claim over their own name, body, mind and soul, any such
    trust based on such false presumptions ceases to have any property.

    53) Any Administrator or Executor that refuses to immediately dissolve a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust, upon a Person establishing their status and competency, is guilty of fraud and fundamental breach of their fiduciary
    duties requiring their immediate removal and punishment.

  94. Dennis

    Time to have her back Greg! Looks like somebody didn’t like what she had to say.

    • Greg

      You Tube took the video down because they say it violated their terms of service. Whatever that means.

      • Liquid Motion

        Its apparent that Karen touched a raw nerve. I suggested in my earlier comment above that this interview had the potential to go viral. AND for a few days it seemed like that was on the money.RED FLAG has been hoisted. Take what Karen has said as being the full account of the dirty secrets of the financial masters. Its all real and the web of evil is vast.

        You can always “seed” the interview in any number of peer to peer file sharing websites around the globe in light of YT removing the video.

        • Greg

          Liquid Motion,
          Let’s hope this was just a glitch. I appealed the take-down of the video and YouTube to its credit saw it my way. Thank goodness for that. I think (and I hope) it was just a glitch on their end. I have no evidence to the contrary. That said, the video has more than 71,000 views and that is with a break of several days. It was and still is going viral. Ms. Hudes is very smart and very connected. Thank you for your comment.

  95. Shawn Vorhese

    Greg, you can upload your videos to multiple sites and provide the extra links in your articles. That way if YT takes one down, the content won’t be suppressed. Try Vimeo or search for video sharing sites.

  96. jayjay

    Greg – ya gotta just make THAT kind of video available from your server …

    You might even be able to re-post to google videos to give time for everybody to download it for safe-keeping 😉

    THANKS …


    • Greg

      Sorry about that. I have a small site and just do not have the budget for my own server just yet. As I grow I am sure I’ll be incorporating that feature. I am so sorry You Tube took down the video. It had 70,000 views in just a few days.

  97. CitznKate

    Obama is NOT trying to do the right thing. He is a puppet and only does what his handlers want him to do. He is a pathetic, incompetent copy boy who cannot even speak without a script in front of him. I feel sorry for him.
    Anyone who thinks it was an attempt to take down the Federal Reserve, a private corporation, that got President Kennedy killed should read JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE, by James W. Douglass.
    The Vatican Bank is irredeemably corrupt and this has been known for many years. It is a Mafia institution. Read IN GOD’S NAME by David Yallop and POWER ON EARTH by Nick Tosches.
    If one believes reading Bible prophecy is like reading tomorrow’s newspaper, such that it predicts the future, I would kindly suggest considering that the Almighty does not experience time as a linear progression. Thus, if we believe that the Bible is 100 percent inspired by God, then reading Bible prophecy is really more like reading TODAY’S newspaper. The events described are played out in some capacity, somewhere, every single moment of every day.
    If we want to understand what is going on right now, the Bible may be good place to start. Always begin with Revelation. Read backwards from there.
    In the New Testament focus on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. There are good stories in it and lengthy letters, but the point is always to learn the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth in the New Testament. For instance:
    “And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
    Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” –Luke 17: 20-21
    It will be difficult and costly in the shorter term for people to turn their backs on what they can see is an evil system. The longer-term benefits of resistance, however, are worth the price.

  98. Manos Greek Taverna

    Hope Mrs Karen Hudes to be one day the president of USA….. not the crooks….

  99. Kevin Boyle


    It’s not the Jews, it’s the Jesuits. We need a gold-backed currency…..and who owns the gold?

    This is partial truth/disinformation designed (in the manner she accuses others) to keep us confused.

    The Jesuits own the 147 corporations that dominate us all, including our political systems.

    If the ‘Jesuit’ thing is just about getting away with saying the rest of this stuff that’s another matter because we all know that talking about Jewish wealth and control out loud is the great taboo..

  100. Christopher Earl Strunk

    Greg – Good interview!

    Dr. Hudes has taken a remarkable stand and is to be respected for her courage. There is a great deal more that needs to be explained to the American People who have been duped and held in voluntary servitude ever since the shenanigans of FDR et al in 1933. http://associationforsovereignhomerulewithin.org/

  101. Claire

    Karen Hudes is telling the truth. I worked at the WB, although only at a low level. Still, I am familiar with the “Integrity” Dept., and WB lingo. She is a valid, truthful, and genuinely anti-corruption. In another interview I was overjoyed that she recognized the corporate-control of the press, co-opted by powerful & wealthy individuals. She admitted the internet accounted for the fact that the press was losing credibility. That alone told me she knowns whereof she speaks-as far world banks & corporations. As far as Obama being some sort of savior–this is not 2008. He was a media creation then, devisive even then, and has only proven to be moreso now. She expects a lot from an empty suit.

    • Greg

      Ms Hudas returns this Monday on USAWatchdog.com. Please join us.

  102. Abiyah

    Shalum wake up these are the last days Yhauah spoke of these times And Yahusha shall return and when he return he is not coming back to make paece. We all know hailal/satan and his boys is in this place.For Yhauah said WOW unto the inhabitant of the earthand the sea.Yahusha is coming him and his boys you all know who i am talking about and they will have swords in hand. We have to understand this is hell on earth. Time to wake up stop falling for the games ,tricks and do not them keep pipping us. We have to stop puting our truth in man FOX NET wiced. Three 666 F 6 letter O 15 letter 1+5=6 X 24 letter 2+4=6. CNN CORRUPTED NEWS NETWORK because man will let you down. UNPLUG YOUR EARS OPEN YOUS EYES AND TRUTH IN YAHUAH HAVAH/LOVE SHALUM

  103. johnblo

    To all the disinformation agents on this blog…we are not so foolish to fall for your ignorant claims, and false statements! 😉 so move along, your time of ruling is over~

  104. johnblo

    Karen speaks the truth, and the sooner one accepts the truth, the sooner one will be able to move on and understand reality…the truth will set you free

  105. cole haynes

    We all need Jesus

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