U.S. a Lawless State-Paul Craig Roberts

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts says, “The country is not being run by the President.  It is being run by spy agencies and private interest groups, Wall Street and military security complex . . . They run the country.  The President is a puppet, a figurehead.”  Dr. Roberts contends, “If you are a lawless state, which the United States is, it obeys no international law.  It does not obey the Geneva Convention . . . It tortures people.  It doesn’t obey the Constitution.  It doesn’t obey anything.  It does what it wants. . . . If you are a lawless state, you disguise yourself as a democracy.”  Former President Jimmy Carter agrees.  Just last week, Carter said, “The U.S. has no functioning democracy at this moment.”  Why hasn’t the mainstream media picked up this astounding comment from a former Democratic President?  Dr. Roberts says, “Five firms now own what used to be a large dispersed independent media.  Nobody can open their mouth, they’d get fired.  They have become a propaganda ministry for government and corporations.”  Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “My prediction or expectation is by winter, the second downturn of the Great Recession will be in place.  Unemployment will explode, more foreclosures are coming.  It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.   

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  1. Troy


    It would be foolish, not to place weight on what this man says!

    He is right about foreign policy, and that the US and (((Israel))) are lawless!

    The rest are boogie men! Although I do not like, or support them.

    I very much enjoyed this interview, for the most part, not on economics for a change.

    MAHALO Greg!

    • Greg

      The U.S. controls the chess board. I think Israel is a pawn. It would not exist without the U.S. Peace bro.

      • Troy

        I think that is a valid point Greg, and have said the same to more than one person that claims that the US is totally controlled by Israel.

        It becomes a chicken and egg scenario, of sorts.

        The average citizen is little more than a pawn, whether in the US or the created State in the Middle East. Divide and conquer, fear and hate, Blame, order out of chaos, and the best enemy money can buy. With a few laughing all the way to the bank!


      • Ole H. Johansen

        “The U.S. controls the chess board”

        Sorry,Mr.Hunter,I happened to disagree,and there is much information out there in the diversity of webzines to prove exactly that.

        Some names to consider;John Mearsheimer,Stephen Walt,Stephen Sniegoski,Paul Findley,Edward Tivnan and Kevin MacDonald.

        And there is more information out there about this subject.

        • Greg

          Ole H. Johansen,
          Point taken. Thank you.

  2. Rodster

    If the 2nd economic downturn is going to be worse than the Great Depression, then why do we keep referring to it as the Great Recession? Can people please stop referring to the economy of 2008 as a recession !

    It was always a depression. If it weren’t for the Fed stepping in, we would have been looking at a total meltdown.

  3. Randy

    Nothing new here Greg. Everyone has been putting out time frames. Will there be a big bang? Assuredly so! For now they’re whittling us down until they can’t whittle anymore. The gasoline has been spread, we’re sucking in the fumes and just waiting for the match to light. It’s gonna be one hell of a barbecue!

  4. Sanjay Kashkari

    These remarks are absolutely incendiary and blashpemous. Paul Craig Roberts had better watch his step and his mouth because careful inventory has been taken and many of my friends are none too pleased. If martial law is declared tommorrow, I predict that Paul Craig Roberts will be in a nice warm cozy camp at a FEMA facility in Oklahoma. Real patriotic Americans have much more respect and understand loyalty.

    • Greg

      Sanjay Kashkari,

      Who are you and who are your “friends.” I guess Former President Jimmy Carter will also be in a “cozy camp at a FEMA facility in Oklahoma” Listen to what you are saying. What you are talking about doing is not “patriotic” but tyranny. Is this the America you and your banker buddies want?

      • Sanjay Kashkari

        With all due respect ……. Having worked in the government and been a major contributer to the development of economic policy during the 1980’s, Dr. Roberts should know better than to say such outlandish things about a government that we should all be proud of and grateful for instead of denegrating the integrity of it. Terrorists denegrate and patriots defend the agencies that stand for the protection and safety for all Americans. Would you just let the terrorists knock down all our buildings and hijack all our planes and use bombing devices on all our highways and kill citizens at random by the thousands ? If it not for the fabric of intelligence, law enforcement, military might and incarceration and interrogation capacity, the amount of carnage endured by the American people would be beyond description. Its bad enough when these are perpetrated by foreigners, but much worse when an entire segment of socitey is moved by such words to pray for the crashing of the economy in order to profit from precous ownership or merely for the fun of watching a calamity in progress. I can assure you that if people like this creat such a self-fullfilling prophesy, then the consequences visted upon this country will be worse than yiou can imagine. It will be much preferable to lock away the instigators in a safe locvation than be forced to utilize the entire scope of our domestic and international incarceration capacity.

        • Greg

          Sanjay Kashkari.
          You said, ” Terrorists denegrate and patriots defend the agencies that stand for the protection and safety for all Americans.” So that is the game plan? Call anyone whop believes in free speech and the Constitution a “terrorist”? So you think it is patriotic to imprison and kill people because they don’t agree with you and yours? Sounds like you and yours are the real terrorist. You and yours have caused this problem with unregulated derivatives and total lack of prosecution of the bankers who cause this financial problem. You are talking about locking away political dissidents just like the Russians or the Nazis when you say, “It will be much preferable to lock away the instigators in a safe location . . .” Who are you? What are your credentials?

        • Rebecca

          “… an entire segment of society is moved by such words to pray for the crashing of the economy in order to profit … or merely for the fun of watching a calamity in progress.”

          That you are a newcomer to this site is obvious.
          Or you would have read the words of many here you lament what they fear is about to befall us. I know of no prepper or informed person who can’t wait to see children and elderly starve, or any freedom loving American put away in a FEMA camp.

          If I put up six lugs of peaches and can the produce of my garden, I did not prophesy or cause the economic crisis this country is in. The economic plight of this country was created by Congress and the Administration and other government entities … and the independent non-government Federal Reserve.

          When I see a black storm cloud coming and feel the humidity and wind in my face, if I put up my umbrella to protect myself as much as possible from the storm — I neither prophesied or made the storm.

          Your reasoning is illogical.
          What do you have to fear of “individuals” who prepare for a storm, they neither made or have any power to stop.
          You make “terrorists” and “enemies” out of the wrong people.

          America the land of the free and the home of the brave.
          You would deny us our God-given and Constitutional freedoms.
          In the name of what? Money.

          Look in the mirror, sir.
          Perhaps the image you are demonizing — is actually you.

          • droidX-G

            Hear, hear…great post

        • Billy Jack

          Ha Ha Ha, Sanjeet!

          The governments duty to us is to defend our liberties, not our lives or property. That is our job as individuals. They have failed at the defense of liberty, and we have failed or posterity. It is time for a revolution of the mind of the people. Until such a revolution occurs we will continue to live in tyranny. It seems to me that the idea of patriot and terrorist that you possess in your mind has been given to you from some time you must have spent in one of the FEMA re-education camps.

        • Chip

          Those who would give up liberty for security deserve neither… Ben Franklin. We are far more likely to die in a car wreck than a terrorist attack. I choose freedom over a police state… I’ll take my chances against the terrorists…

        • BLT

          You sir, are confused.

        • Stanley Crawford

          The people you accuse (Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Al-CIAda, the Taliban and Iran of being “Terrorists” were called by Ronald Reagan “Freedom Fighters”; provided billions of dollars in weapons,now costing the country trillions of dollars and scores of U.S. soldiers killed, maimed and committing suicide in the farce War of Terror.

          Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration and an accomplice to its crimes. Everything he bloviates about in his articles of late run contrary to his actions 30 years ago.

          Why? Paul Craig Roberts is busy trying to re-write his history realizing that his past actions would today judge him as making bad choices 30 years ago. But few people who agree with him today are willing to research what Paul Craig Roberts past actions manifested.

          Paul Craig Roberts has recently chastised current deficit spending, yet as the “Father of Reaganomics” nearly tripled the deficit; having nothing to do with the collapse of the former U.S.S.R., while raising taxes 7 out of the 8 years the Reagan administration was in the White House. Taking the country from being the #1 creditor nation in the world to the #1 debtor one in less than 8 years. The entire Reagan “Revolution” was based on massive debt spending your progeny will be paying a fraction upon its compounding interest. How’s that “Trickle Down” working out for you and your children today?

          Paul Craig Roberts demeans Donald Rumsfeld and Buckshot Dick Cheney, but had no problem working with these men when a part of the Reagan administration.

          Paul Craig Roberts has less than flattering words about Israel, yet had no problem with the support the Reagan administration provided it 30 years ago. Why didn’t he express these opinions of late about Israel when he had possible greater influence 30 years ago?

          I personally refuse to blindly agree with Paul Craig Roberts articles today knowing that his actions of the past speak much louder than the words he pens today.

      • Sanjay Kashkari

        I should add that if you were to ask anyone holding office in Congress, whether in the House or the Senate, I believe that virtually all would agree that instigators and traitors have no place within the American family. It would be better to execute or neutralize the few miscreants bringing down our way of life than to wait until our capacity to defend this great nation is terminally compromised. Believe me, most of the country will applaud when either one of our Seal Teams or the Air Force kills Snowden while plotting his next caper. You will hear a chorus accross the country of chanting …. “USA !!! USA !!! USA !!! USA !!!, which is something you should appreciate, since the first three call letters of your website are in fact “U” “S” “A”.

        • George

          You wrote, ” anyone holding office in Congress, whether in the House or the Senate, I believe that virtually all would agree that instigators and traitors have no place within the American family.”
          Cash, my man, please look into a document that me and my fellow USAWatchdogs love and cherish: the US Constitution.
          The only thing I hear out of the current administration is “Duck speak”…phony scandals??? My a$$!

        • Robert Burke

          Hello Sanjay.

          My country, right or wrong is on the same moral level as “My mother, drunk or sober.”

          Your radical populist patriotism, it turns out, has more in common with contemporary socialist (Fascism) ideologies.

          Where socialism abolished money and prices, fascism controls the monetary system.(The present US system)

          To be blunt Sanjay your are a fascist.

        • Marvin

          House and Senate should not be paid for life and these positions should not be careers, as in career politicians. They should be for LEGALIZED AMERICAN CITIZENS who on behalf of the citizenry go to DC for a few months out of the year to write and pass laws that the MAJORITY of LEGALIZED AMERICAN CITIZENS support.

          Quit whining over Snowden, things work both ways whether you like it or not!

        • Dwain

          Have you read the “Federalist Papers” sir? Please read before making uninformed remarks. Modern government, according to the forefathers warnings, has become the antithesis of what the pioneers and revolutionaries sacrificed and died for to escape. No something worse, a radical egalitarian regime that seeks the degradation of morality in order to rule through a corrupt, dependent ignorant majority. Even Eastern dictators know better than to destroy family and religion for control.

          I wonder what Easterners would label us if Americans rebelled against having Sharia forced down their throats at the point of a bayonet?

        • Chip

          Delusional comments…

      • Sanjay Kashkari

        And one last thing …………….. as you probably are aware, thousands of old terrorists have escaped from Iraqi prisons and we have learned that they are currently harboring and training more terrorists by the day. Combined with Iranian, Korean and Russian threats, do you think it prudent that we allow the words of someone like Dr. Roberts to encourage and abet their activities ? The enemy within is the one we should fear more than the common foreign terrorist because it is folks like this that will leave the doors open for an attack. As President Bush said, if you are not for us, you are against us. We reserve the right for a first strike against all enemies of the American people, both foreign and domestic.

        • Greg

          Sanjay Kashkari,
          You are comparing people exercising their free speech rights to “terrorists have escaped from Iraqi prisons”? I gree those people are terrorists and the country should be protected but what you are talking about it tyranny. Who are YOU? Give me a verifiable name.

          • Sanjay Kashkari

            Okay …. I have to level with you … Sanjay Kashkari is a nom de plume (among others I have used, both here and other sites) and the content of my posts is intended to be sarcastic and thought provoking. I am astounded that most people are aloof and unaware of the issues when it comes to what government spokespeople and politicians say about content that discussed above. I actually agree with Dr. Roberts and many others. I actually have seen a small but definitesliver of the corruption (or at least the attitude surrounding it) firsthand when I worked as a contractor teaching computer programming coupled with statistical regression analysis to help financial analysts develop models for large bank in NY in 1999. It turned out that I was well liked enough that I was invited to a Christmas party that year in a very expensive and trendy place. While socializing that evening, I was treated like a fly on the wall as to how groups of investors/speculators were abused in business deals to screw them as the underwriters and sales people laughed at them behind their backs. From that point, I have had a jaded view and from time to time try to illicit reactions against folks that perpetrate these kinds of acts (crimes) with a straight face because they can wrap their actions in a higher education degree or the flag or whetever other tool is needed to enoble nafarious activities. Just for reference, I got the Kashkari name idea as a result of someone by that name who worked in the Treasury during the meltdown of 2008. Said person is making a great political comeback in California with some even grander nefarious intentions no doubt. I am pretty sure you have a think skin, but I apologize if I have misjudged and caused undue distress. I am actually a fan of many of your contributers and agree with more than I disagree with.

            • Greg

              Sanjay Kashkari,
              Ahhh a moment of Zen!!! Thank you for coming clean on punking us here. Please don’t get mad at some of the comments you are going to be getting.

          • Brian


            Move to North Korea. They are looking for more citizens like you. You would thrive in the government worship there.

        • George

          Boy, remember the oath that the military takes to protect the country from all enemies, both domestic and foreign. I put forth that the bankers and Congress are a bigger threat to the sovereignty of the USA than Russia and are a threat to all citizens of this great country.

          • Michael L. Saylor

            Sanjay, I never trust anyone that uses an alias. But being a Troll you have to for fear of repercussions. Some people can’t handle the truth and you are one of them. If you can’t use your real name then I would question any thing you stand for. I stand for truth, hence my full real name. Back up your statements with facts instead of Ideology and maybe you can do some good. But trying to make level headed people angry just is not a good Idea. Your Idea of fun is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. This site is quite moderate in the comments, but I would venture to say that on other sites you are not treated with such respect, as well you shouldn’t be.

          • Rebecca

            Don’t be so quick to accept what Mr. Kashkari says in his latest blog, Greg?

            When does one game end and another begin?

            Has he given you his real name yet?

            Or he is just put on another mask?

          • Dwain

            Yep, the real enemy is at home.

        • Rebecca

          “We reserve the right for a first strike against all enemies of the American people, both foreign and domestic.”

          Who is we?

          Government entities or the American people?

          I wholeheartedly agree with President Lincoln:
          the blood of the many slain who died for this country — and the freedom for which it stands — must never have been shed in vain —
          “and that government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, shall not perish from the earth.”

          You must not be an American, if you know not the truths that made this country great … and the even now the GOVERNMENT (not the people) is trying to dismantle.

          When they say peace and safety, lo, sudden destruction comes.
          The words of my Lord and Master Jesus.

          Your words fulfill His prophecy to the letter.

        • Ter ber

          You are a terrorist if you want your country free from foreign occupation. You are a terrorist if you want to have free and honest media. You are a terrorist ( fill in the blank). May God help us from the puppetmaster Satan. beholdapalehorse. tv

    • George

      Sanjay…what god do you worship that this would be blasphemous? You wouldn’t be in one of those institutes for the feeble minded would you? No insult intended, I am just wondering how well a person making these posts could function in society.

    • jcdenton


      You do sound like a MOSSAD agent (or wannabe). First of all, spell blas·phe·mous correctly:

      Sacrilegious against God or sacred things; profane

      – blasphemous and heretical talk

      So, Dr. Roberts against what/whose god? Dr. Roberts et al against what/whose religion? Global Political Zionism?

      You have been exposed buddy. Go someplace else and perform your witch-hunt for antisemites. Yourself, probably not even being a Semite.

      You think you can scare Dr. Roberts, myself, et al into being silent via means of threatening detention in a FEMA camp? Think again. I’m a USMC vet. I’ll [et al] kick your butt [et al], when the time does merit it. And I think that time is coming due very soon.

      The scenario that Dr. Roberts paints, is way overdo. Other equally reputable and credentialed finance/monetary guys have stated that this should have occurred two years ago. But, the “prop-up” can’t last indefinitely. It will crash, and it will crash hard. When one takes down a behemoth, especially a leviathan fighting tooth and nail for its life, when it hits the ground, it will be a tremendous thud…

    • Reality Bites

      let me guess you are religious?

  5. Brandon

    Things are not well in “the land of the free.” Look at what is going on in the middle east. Russia and the US are arming both sides at the same time. This is no coincidence but part of the plan of the globalists.

  6. art barnes

    It can get worst Greg, Mr. Roberts could be curtailed from speaking out about these issues. The reason that the Government is not picking up people like Mr. Roberts is that they have been so good at marketing them as “radical kooks”. I do not see any end in the great vast majority not continuing to believe in the American democracy Kool-aide. Because of the fantastic history of this nation, how it was formed & become so great, the melting pot theory, etc., not many believe it has any chance of losing its wealth, power, and or its democratic principals. The small minority who does understand that the “establishment” cares not about the Constitution or the American working people are nowhere in numbers to pose any threat to them; so on they march spying, taxing, taking away one right after another little by little so that no one seems to see it; the frog in the pan theory. The media is mostly glamour showbiz type jobs now and lost its calling as well. Moreover, the media is not just staying neutral about issues like government spying and the like but are taking advocates roles for the government. Other times the media’s work is to just take the issue out of mainstream, for example, the debt ceiling debate just disappeared months ago but no fix was ever done or even tried, why? I suggest someone pulled the plug on it, who and for what reason? Alternate media and sites like yours will continue to air unabated because the numbers just are not there. If and when the numbers increase to pose a threat that is when the knock on the door will commence.

  7. John Galt

    The only terrorist this country has is the gang of 545 in the district of criminals. One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president and nine Supreme Court justices – 545

  8. JRMFL

    The Rule of Law lurches further askew, thank you Greg – yet another well presented reality check on our sad state of affairs.

    Dr. Roberts assertions are correct -imho.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  9. M.Smith

    Greg, if any of your contacts in the economic world could/would explain what will happen to those of us holding life insurance-burial insurance & the insurance we have on our homes, autos & toys like RV’s & boats when the dollar falls from grace, it would sure be helpful to me & others I am sure!

  10. Francis Peters

    I hate to say this but Mr. Robert’s view is extremely biased. I agree with him that the US is Lawless from the top down but Israel is a nation that has had all the Arab (Islamic) states around her PUBLICLY

  11. BLT

    The Israel lobby. Like trying to imagine the size of the universe, my brain cannot comprehend the size and scope of their power. Just like Tony Spilotro said in casino, “dollars, always the dollars”

  12. dave walters


    An incredible interview! Thank you and Dr. Roberts for filling the giant void of MSM “news” with your views on the direction our country is moving.

  13. Brian

    I think the elephant in the room here is that yes, the economy is going to crash, but this will only be against the darker backdrop of the unleashing of a domestic police state and a global war that is likely to involve nuclear weapons. The utter arrogance and open criminality of those at the top betrays such things, its the only tool they have to keep them ultimately unaccountable for what they have done.

    Our only hope is to have those with their hands on the levers of power brought to justice in open courts and with due process and the rule of law. Anything less will be a total freaking disaster.

    • Reynaldo Neggles

      What court system would this occur in, because the justice system in this country seems to be just as corrupt as DC and Wall Street? I think the PTB know what’s coming, that they have screwed our economy, financial system, and political system beyond all repair. This is why we have the NSA collecting everything we do, why the DHS is arming up, and why they’re militarizing our local law enforcement. Imagine if GB had had the NSA, there would have been no revolution. It’s just like Frank Church said in 1975. If the NSA ever turns its apparatus inward against the American people there can be no 2nd revolution. There are people out there who are paid to war game every scenario and they know what’s coming. If you’re living in a city or a subdivision be prepared to have your travel controlled by checkpoints. Everyone else, they’ll (the NSA supercomputers) be watching you like a hawk and preventing you from joining up with anyone like minded.

  14. Francis Peters

    I hate to say this but Mr. Robert’s view is extremely biased. I agree with him that the US is Lawless from the top down but Israel is a nation that has had all the Arab (Islamic) states around her PUBLICLY DECLARE TO DESTROY HER AND ITS PEOPLE WHEN THEY ARE ABLE TO DO SO. THIS IS NOT AN IDLE THREAT! THEY MEAN TO DO THIS WHEN THEY CAN NOT IF THEY CAN. I wrote MR. ROBERTS telling him that this is a sorry fact of life and must be recognized but he wouldn’t acknowledge this at all. So…his comments must be interpreted as Anti-Semitic as by not speaking up against the stated goals of Iran and all the Jewish hating States surrounding Israel he must therefore be supporting their goals of the annihilation of Israel. He’s a very very smart man but lying beneath the surface is a hatred of the Jew and Israel. Israel has every right to exist and every right to defend themselves against the stated goals of their neighbours who have all tried in the past to destroy her. It is such a small country it only needs one well placed nuke to finish her off so why shouldn’t they be on hyper alert to this very real problem that exists or if it doesn’t exist right now it will exist and is the goal of Iran and others for nuclear weapons in that area and not for self preservation but for the destruction of Israel. I guess if you truly hate the Jews and hate Israel one will find a way to let that out during conversation.The other thing that people do too many times is equate the people of Israel with such NON Jews as the Rothchilds etc. These monsters are not Jews but are used as a Straw man argument to drag the Jews down every time one tries to make an argument against Israel. How many times do we have to listen to the comments “Oh I don’t hate the Jewish person I just hate the government.” I hate the power the Jewish Banking Cartels have over the world therefore I want to see Israel eliminated!” Idiotic statements by brain dead people. We should be looking at our own governments and seeing the stinking rot there first and try to do something about that cancer first. Let Israel protect itself from the hating fundamental Islamists that totally surround her and recognize that once Israel is destroyed by fire and bullets the fundamental Islamist enemy will then turn their weapons openly on us as they are doing all over the Middle East right now. Open your eyes Dr. Roberts before it is too late.

    • Greg

      Francis Peters,
      Good points. Thank you for adding balance.

  15. RGB

    I remember when Al Gore said there is no, “legal controlling authority”.

  16. Kerry

    The rewriting of the nuclear posture-perhaps the reason for the recent Russian show of force? (17:36 in the recording) This is vastly more frightening than the prediction of the Greatest Depression. If you think joblessness is bad, wait until the radiation contamination hits the U.S.

    • M.Smith

      A reply to Kerry! You need to check out this site, http://www.fukushimafacks.com, you will find many interviews by experts in the field of nuclear power & the effects of the radiation we in the USA & Canada have been receiving from the days after March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster that remains out of control to this very day. Most Americans know nothing about what has happen to the Pacific Ocean & the sea life it supports nor that the EPA has raised the legal limits of radiation allowed in our food, water & air. Our limits is the highest in the world, Japan will not allow the sale of food that the USA permits! Greg reports the news but can not cover every event in detail & vet it as true, so we who read his site try to add content he does not have time to cover, just trying to cover the economy & corruption is a full time job. It takes a lot of time to find content on the web done in a tasteful creditable manner, ‘The Rad Chick’ host a radio talk you will find @ http://www.fukushimafacts.com, the show covers all topics about nuclear power with quests who have spent their lives inside the nuclear industrial complex & has spoken to congress many times about the dangers of our ailing nuclear power plants in the USA only to be turned away when asking congress to ensure the safety by ‘funding the use of Dry Cast’ to store our fuel rods stored in pools(but was turned down)(yet funding billions for ammo & weapons for the DHS & IRS)! These fuel pools are just like the ones at Fukushima that now feeds the planet high doses of a mixture of radioactive materials we in the USA come into contact in some form or another, be it from fish, water or the air we breath! This is also a huge hit on the ‘economic future’ & well being of the Pacific fishing industry if it will even exist once the public knows the truth how badly the food chain has been hit in the Pacific! A informed population will make better decisions where those who rely only on the giant propaganda machine we call the MSM!

      Report on the deaths in the U.S. from Fukushima fallout. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhPX7ATHI8s&feature=youtube_gdata. Date put out July,1,2013. Another person to listen to is DR Helen Caldicott, she has completed many videos about Fukushima as a nuclear physician, also many on Chernobyl. Also none in the MSM report about the ‘Triple China Syndrome’ under Fukushima, RT Today did a small video on this but http://www.fukushimafacts.com covers it! CORIUM from reactors 1,2,3 & 4 is in nuclear words the tons of fuel rods that has melted through all containment & now is in the ground water as it moves it leaves pockets like Lava Tubes that radioactive steam comes out of. How to fix it? No one knows!

  17. American Patriot Party.CC

    The Founders of the Constitution called this corruption as granting “Exclusive Privileges” with regard to special interests and the military complex. This type of privilege and dependency on both government and interests, allows such interest groups to control the federal government.

    When the federal government steps outside it’s limited delegated powers, creates “laws” that it has not been granted the Authority to do so by the Constitution, and uses force to enforce those laws; This is called acting under the “PRETENSE of AUTHORITY”;

    Such “Pretense of Authority” is described by “John Locke 2nd Treatise on Civil Government” as a complete DISSOLUTION of GOVERNMENT, which is the relinquishment of all authority by that government and or Ruler.

    Read more:

    American Patriot Party.CC

  18. John Joslin

    Hello Greg

    What does 400 trillion in derivatives mean?

    If this is such a hazard to the stability of the human race, why can’t governments just abolish them, declaring them the enemy of civilization, and just wiping the books clean of these?


    J Joslin

    • Greg

      John Joslin,
      That’s what they should have done in the 2008 meltdown. Actually, it should have been cancelled out before Lehman went under, but the bankers would not let it happen. I think they were too greedy and thought they could cash in on the misery of others. They did!!, but it did not fix the economy. Now the total derivative exposure to the global financial community is around $630 trillion (according to the bank if International Settlements.) May say the figure is triple the BIS amount bit what is the difference/ It like me or you owing $50 million or $150 million either amount is enough to sink us in debt that cannot ever be paid back.

  19. Joseph

    Somehow I feel that this is not a new situation, except that it is reported now and its on steroids.
    I believes this goes back to the last empowered President JFK.

  20. nm

    “My prediction or expectation is by winter, the second downturn of the Great Recession will be in place. Unemployment will explode, more foreclosures are coming. It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression.”

    People have been saying this for almost 5 years (since 2008) and not much seems to be happening.

    Everyone I know is employed. Most, are in the private sector. Those who get laid off are able to find jobs in a few months. They own houses, are able to pay their mortgages, send their kids to private daycare, go out to eat, buy new cars, etc

    In other words, America is still moving along (it seems); No a couple that just bought a house (although they’d been saving for it for 10 years) – but again, people are moving along with their lives.

    I think the downturn won’t come with one big bang…it’ll be a slow progression downwards and that is Bernanke’s plan (I think) he is hoping that the printing will slowly bring the economy back and then, he’ll be able to cut down on the QE

  21. RVN6869

    1. Fed Agencies buying massive amounts of ammo, including hollow point rounds. And these aren’t law enforcement agencies, either.

    2. Publication of the US Army Field Manual 3-39.40, “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS”. It essentially lays out the plans for internment camps across the US, aka Concentration Camps, for citizens arrested for protesting against the Fed Gov’t.

    I add these two pieces of intel to Randy’s post. They are integral to the BBQ he mentioned. If things go completely South as predicted by a number of better minds than mine, the current, spoiled population of the US doesn’t have the grit that the older generations possessed to tough it out. My God, what are we going to do without all our electronic toys we are addicted to?

    • Kerry

      My grandmother had a cow and chickens and a small veg garden. This is what kept them in food during the Great Depression. My grandfather was lucky enough not to lose his job but his pay was cut drastically. They were able to arrange a repayment plan with the bank and paid only 1/2 of their house payment a month. They saved everything and my grandmother canned her produce, and bartered the milk and eggs and cheese with the neighbors. Do you think this scenario could/would happen today? People freak out over George Zimmerman. What would happen if they had to stand in line for food for a few hours? I live along the gulf coast and during the last evacuation (Houston) it was the biggest mess you could have imagined. We saw the aftermath of the evacuation/storm and it was not pretty. And this was just for a few days before and after the storm. People went nuts and were totally unprepared and these people live along the coast and are EXPECTING hurricanes. I had to warn my relatives to go buy more food because they only had enough for a few days. The grocery stores and Wal-Marts were closed for more than a week. We had to drive almost 100 miles away from the area to find food/supplies. What if this kind of emergency happened across the entire country?

  22. George

    Detroit council supports calls for federal investigation of possible civil rights charges against George Zimmerman

    Detroit’s City Council masticates while Detroit burns

  23. Angie

    We are living in a soft dictatorship right now and neither party has the interest of the American people. The big question is: is this economic ruin being manipulated and by whom. Next what will be done about it.

    We will have an American Revolution for that is a given. Now, whether it is a bloody one is still debatable. Many people have wised up and are seeing the two parties as the problem and that is a start. Our biggest problem today is “time” as we do not have a lot of it left.

    Our enemy is from within as there are the “useful idiots” and the cheerleading globalist in every branch of our government. One or the other are teaching in our schools and universities, dictating policies in many bureaucratic agencies, and exercising control over our entertainment and news.

    As for control we lost it when the Fed was created.

    “Give me control of a nation’s money
    and I care not who makes the laws.”
    Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    An American Revolution IS on the way… pray for our republic….

  24. Albert Tesla

    Government powers are not as powerful as people think they are.

    PRISIM – no one forces Internet down your throat.

    Ndaa – who cares, it was done before the ndaa was established now the only difference is the government has ” come out the closet” if you will.

    U don’t think the government has made people to poof before the ndaa?

    Military complex – at the end of the day, nukes can’t be used on home turf, so even though the government has a huge upper hand on sheer force, when it comes down to it, gorilla warfare truly tends to decide battles.

    These powers although invasive, are actually very weak at its core if you think about it, very easy to maneuver around.

  25. JohnZ

    Obviously Sanjay is a troll. He has no idea what real patriotism is and is in fact a true statist. One could also call him a Federalist as he obviously believes the government should control our lives completely.
    Sanjay, you are no American, you are a traitor to the cause of liberty and freedom; and it is you Sanjay that had better watch what you say because when the SHTF you better run and hide. Got it? You fucking statist bastard asshole. You piece of fascist shit droppings. You are no true American. Go back to what ever shit hole you came from. Fuck you and your government bosses and you miserable family. Get the fuck out of this country…you don’t belong here.

  26. Fraser

    Thanks Greg… PCR is not only a great American, but a great man.

    When governments went bad previously, whistle-blowers and the press would ignite public outrage and bring about change. Woodward & Bernstein got Pulitzer Prizes for goodness sake!

    Today however, Assange and Snowden are villified by the press and are forced into hiding. Even ex-President Carter is ignored. The road back to good government is therefore very long indeed.

    It’s time to either make a stand or abandon ship…

  27. Doug

    Here is the three point plan by the power-hungry.
    1. Create world wide financial meltdown.
    2. Instigate world war conflicts.
    3. America’s military force places the puppet Obama administration in power over World affairs.
    End of story. What a movie.

  28. Snorky

    Thnx for that interview. You can’t get interviews like that on television or radio these days. Nor in newspapers or magazines. Sad …

    • Greg

      Thank you Snorky for the comment and support.

  29. Jim H


    Finally a topic that goes behind the curtain & exposes the Wizard. Not a single [person of any “importance” holds a position of power in our nation or most others without first being winked at by the Intelligence Agencies. There are cells beside the ones we know about doing dirty deeds all over the globe. Let’s just call the architects “Investors”. Up to recently they have needed a base and we have been it. Now with control (or so it seems) over our military and police forces their drones can tell them what they want to know and kill all who expose the truth. The middle and far upper middle classes are no longer needed for a base. So what do we do. I’ll just keep working and purchasing their crap food and merchandise and hope to be left alone. That is sort of SOP around here isn’t it?
    Thanks Greg. Great interview. Mr. Roberts is very bold.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim H!

  30. southernpatriot

    The government know’s exactly what there doing to the country and it’s citizens. I don’t think they really care.What a mess were in! You might want to be prepared the best you can be.Don’t count on Washington coming to help.I’ll always love my country,and give thanks to those who make it run each and everyday.I’ll also support our troops who defend the Constitution for liberty’s sake.But for to many years,many American’s, have felt that this government does not have our back’s. As far as a law less country,there are to many Americans who do follow the law and do make a difference.Once we gave the power of the purse to the Yahoo’s in Washington,they went wild. Spend,Spend!! And more spending!! They just do not stop!I have read where it cost $175.000 per hour for Air Force-1 to take government officials and their families on vacations.That’s crazy man,crazy. To many people are out of work to take that many vacation’s, In this writer’s opinion, what we might want to do is,go back and follow the Constitution and stop the reckless spending.Start saving and get this country back to work.We might want to think about bringing the troops home.Do we really need to be fighting in every part of the world? We might then have a chance to get back on our feet.Over the years, Washington has signed many treaties.I wonder how many of those treaties,we will keep when the SHTF.Our word and our currency is being tarnished in so many way’s. As far as Israel goes,she may be the last friend we have.We might want to stand by our friend’s,an not throw them under the bus.If you haven’t noticed,it’s getting pretty crowded under that bus already.Thanks for letting me have my 2-cents worth on this site.Appreciate all that you do Greg,for helping to keep a America Free.We enjoy hearing your guest, he had some interesting things to say. Thanks Southern Patriot

  31. Rebecca

    There are other factors to consider.
    The woes that lie ahead may encompass more than economic collapse.
    There are weather concerns, too.

    I love to follow the alternative news media on weather, as well.
    Because our solar maximum was weak; basically a no-show.
    There are concerns that we may be looking a cooling down period.
    NASA has put forth the idea recently that we may be looking a significant cool down. If the weather goes into what some suggest might be similar to a mini ice age (which happened 300 or 400 years ago), there could be an unwanted cause and effect – food shortages, for one.

    The site I go to for the news, is not “doom and gloom” but does advocate prudence. The sun could suddenly kicked into a normal solar cycle and all be well in the world – or it could continue in its quiet ways and potentially bring on a cooling down period.

    It seems on every front there is something to be concerned about.
    There is something for which putting up extra food, getting more warm blankets, etc. would just be prudent to do.

    Here in Minnesota we are experiencing cool weather.
    Often heard in sidewalk conversations is, “It feels like fall in the air.” With our gardens several weeks behind because of a cooler spring, it would be disastrous to get an early frost. It would end the garden before it ever reached its full production potential.
    It brings to mind the realization that there is more to be concerned about than an economic collapse, as horrific as that will be.
    What is weather brings its own crisis?

    The perilous times that God warns us of in His Word, are indeed upon.

    • Greg

      Amen to that Rebecca.

  32. Jon

    I disagree with the statement that Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were “outsiders.” True, they ran as DC outsiders, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t vetted by the men in the shadows. As I look back on it, Carter was in every sense the puppet that GW Bush was and Obama currently is. Reagan, while not a puppet, was not the same man, remember he was old when he took office, after the assassination attempt, and his second term was riddled by scandals.

    But that’s beside the point, as Prof. Roberts makes a damn good case that the current mess this nation is in is not due to some global cabal of Fabians wishing to institute a one world government, but rather the greed of the beltway denizens and the hubris of the neocons.

  33. Ray

    Greg, when are you going to interview David Stockman?

    • Greg

      I’ve got calls in and trying to get him.

  34. Frank

    Someone once warned that, “[i]n the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

  35. AnitaRN

    Was this guy in a coma for the entire GW Bush Administration? Has he ever heard of a guy named Dick Cheney?

  36. ChineseWilfong

    Great Stuff

  37. frosty


    This is an extraordinary interview with Dr.Roberts who sees our dire economic situation as incidental to a social condition in which the growth of an “unchecked lust for power” has lead to lawlessness on not only the economic front but most others as well.

    He went on to give several examples of how that “lust for power” operates in politics, banking, the media and military but did not address what he meant by that key word ..”unchecked”. Sifting out its meaning is, I think, essential if we are to understand the full scope of the problem and how it can be corrected.

    No civilization in history has existed without being attacked by hostile forces, both internal and external. Ours has been the target of subversive activity by men who lust for power and use skilled agents working within our midst since it was founded. These forces are real and they are deadly, but their numbers are small in contrast to the millions of Americans who occupy this land and could render them helpless should we choose to do so. So our problem is not in what others are trying to do to us but in that we allow it to happen.

    This sad situation will not be corrected until we stop pointing our finger at, and protesting against, those few who “lust for power” ( Wall street moguls, Bankers, Politicians, Globalists…etc) and start pointing our finger in the mirror at those hundreds of millions millions who allow the lust for power to operate “unchecked”.

    Our once great nation began with the call to “Give me liberty or give me death”. Then we understood that liberty came with a responsibility to govern ourselves according to the divine laws of equity and justice. Today the call is “Give me security or give me death”. We allow the state to claim total jurisdiction over our actions and unrestrained powers to govern us.

    This naturally leads to tyranny and lawlessness as both William Pen and Ben Franklin noted when they said, in effect, that men will either be governed by God or they will be governed by tyrants. Tyrants, of course, operate in competition with the people and do so with an unchecked lust for power. God, on the other hand, being a natural sovereign, operates without competing against us but provides wisdom and truth for our benefit. Pen and Franklin were merely echoing His wisdom as provided through David’s Psalm 127:1 where it is written “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it”

    We were not born to be enslaved and God is, as always, in control. So, either we act in accordance with revealed divine law and justice to correct our dire social situation, and with it the economic one, or that will all be taken care of by providence without our help. He is patient and long suffering, but His patience is not limitless.

  38. Terri P.

    I’m just wondering if any of you right wingers are ready to start defending the political dissidents that are already being targeted. Those of us on the far left who have known that corporations have taken over government and are running the world and have stood up to protest against them for the past thirty years (unionists, environmentalists, Occupiers,…) have been systematically infiltrated, spied upon, beaten, gassed, incarcerated, and discredited. We are Americans but we have seen our right wing brothers and sisters cheer our demise even as we fight for them. Even though you may just now be seeing the threat this battle has been going on for decades. Are you ready to stand with us yet?

  39. Monnie

    If Israel is just a pawn or vassal state, why is it always the first destination of POTUS wannabes?

  40. Daniel

    The nuclear posture change Dr. Roberts refers to is reflectic in one “public” place, namely Air Force University’s spring issue of Strategic Studies Quarterly by Keir A. Lieber of Georgetown and Daryl G. Press of Dartmouth: “The New Era of Nuclear Weapons, Deterrence, and Conflict”.

    Read about it here (reference to full article included): http://larouchepac.com/node/25729

  41. JR Anderson

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
    “Abraham Lincoln”
    The words of another great american. Dr Roberts, Thank you for your concern and courage

  42. Mary

    Your site is amazing. Thank you for all the work that you do.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mary.

  43. Mike-from PDR of Maryland

    I do agree with PCR on this issue of the NSA and other spying on US citizens. I also think this FED govt is as corrupt as can be without outright offences being conducted on live TV. I am for limited government. I think Snowden did the right thing, protecting the Constitution. However, I just read one of his articles, where he was making light of the pre-Berlin Wall days, saying that the USSR was, to paraphrase, a boogie man mostly made up by the US, and that being a citizen of the USSR or any Warsaw Pact country was not so bad. This is where I always part ways with him. He was an exchange student (US-USSR)in 1961, and thinks he had some kind of insight to living on that side of the Wall. To say that is wasn’t so bad, and mostly a figment of the US propaganda machine is pure BULL. I had relatives that escaped from Yugoslavia right after the Iron Curtain went up (a year or so). I can tell you it wasn’t easy, and in fact about 10-12 of the 30 or so people escaping were shot at the border. Killed. And the very people that think it is horrible that the US wants to follow law, and put some type of fence up, defend the murderers that would kill their own to keep them in? Hypocrisy. The left’s favorite position. How can he not condemn a country or philosophy that has to build a wall to keep people in?? How can that be a good place? The people’s paradise. What crap. Another thing. In the mid 1980s our family had a friend that escaped from what became East Germany right after WWII when the Reds were clamping down. Her family was caught on the East side, and were never allowed to visit her in the US. They were only allowed to visit on her 60th birthday, and 50th wedding anniversary. And then only the one spouse was allowed, the husband, and not the wife, and the wife and not the husband. These people were unable to fathom the fact that you could walk into the Safeway or Giant and buy anything in any quantity. They asked “Where are the guards?” and “You can buy as much as you want?” Her sister was so overwhelmed that she had a mild heart attack in the Safeway and had to call 911 and go to a hospital. I am sorry for ranting, but when some Ivory Tower resident starts to glorify Communism, I get pissed off.
    Again, I am against all internal spying on innocent US citizens, and for the upholding of the Constitution, to the maximum extent. I think Snowden did not give away State secrets, but just exposed the US spying on its own.

  44. Hugh

    It is disturbing when Roberts laughs every few seconds, even after the nuclear war comments. This, I suspect, is psychologically revealing. Does he really believe what he is saying?

    • Greg

      If you knew what he knew about the real behind the scenes stuff, you’d have a nervous laugh too. I think it’s his way of dealing with very ominous information.

  45. Jeannon Kralj

    “run by spy agencies and private interest groups, Wall Street and military security complex”

    Could we look a little deeper to identify who run these spy agencies, private interest groups and Wall Street, Dr. Roberts?

    ” If you are a lawless state, you disguise yourself as a democracy.”

    The operative word here is “disguise.”

    The word “disguise” suggests similar ideas and words such as

    Disguising, being a chamelion, is the stock and trade of one philosophy. What philosophy can manifest as Leftist and Rightest at will? You guess.

  46. Stanley Crawford

    Paul Craig Roberts “Gross Ignorance” of when the Reagan administration fomented Treason by providing Iran with weapons, then used the profits from these sales to exchange more weapons for cocaine with the Nicaraguan Rebels as the Iran Contra weapons for cocaine scandal proved is beyond pathetic.

  47. Stanley Crawford

    Paul Craig Roberts would know first hand about a “Lawless State”, since he was a part of the “Lawless” Reagan administration.

    • Greg

      Stanley Crawford,
      You are stuck in the phony left/right paradigm. In the Reagan Administration we were not even close to collapse. We are now. Please do something to protect you and your family. I am not giving you a hard time I am just warning you for what you really need to concentrate on. I appreciate your comment.

  48. pool lice

    My spelling or grammatical errors are sometimes used by me on purpose, sort of my poetic license for effect. The fight against lawlessness starts in all Americans own backyard, where the Mafia like elite have installed and trained their footsoldiers to suppress the will of the people. Often the most popular alternative media journalists seem to conveniently forget that they say they elite are so smart, but they would not have installed their muscle down with the people? Let Americans not be cowards and take on the footsoldiers of tyranny, the cops and the lawyers, right in their own neighborhoods. I remember back in the early 90’s I had a long time DA dead to rights on a suborning perjury case, and his US Attorney buddy pulled out all stops to attack me the victim, and protect his racketeering DA buddy and his racketeering state cops. Your own communities are chock full of criminals of tyranny.

  49. If

    If Americans would just take the time to investigate, bait and sacrifice to wake themselves up locally to the corruption and racketeering gang activity of (DA’s, police, area US Attorneys and FBI) they would uncover a disgusting psychotic criminally insane can of worms without having to travel, gain permits and expense to ‘protest’?. The sacrifice comes in the form of the slanderous attacks that will befall you if you should ‘dare’ question your sociopath overseers. Stop being cowards, maybe then an old guy like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts does not have to come to the conclusion that his country is hopelessly lawless and can see that some still have courage.

  50. Quite

    Quite obviously I am on to the distraction of protesting the unimpeachable boys at the top scam (wasting americans energy and time) because very mundane tactically correct conclusions about Americans realizing it is their lawyer and cop next door neighbors that will be “following orders’ this time are being censored at other sites. Much corruption can be found locally, count on it, and many years ago we ‘discovered’ the connection to local corruption and the feds. The terrible thing is the locals always want to suck up to these criminals, to feel safer (or empowered) I suppose. Also the biggest Alternative media boy seems to be under the delusion that they will only go after who he fears,, the undesirables, I say to him they are less interested in the undesirable areas than the ones with abundant natural resources. Which there are more of in America than the average American realizes.

  51. PSB

    Everyone is vying to be part of the Police State Bourgeoisie. Some alternative media sites should change their name to policestatebourgeoisie.com NUFF SAID!

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