U.S. Definitely Wants War in Ukraine-Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The U.S. Definitely Wants War in UkraineBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thinks the Neoconservatives in the U.S. government want war in Ukraine.  Dr. Roberts says, “They definitely want war, of course. They’ve wanted it ever since Reagan was President.  The Neocons were always saying we have to attack the Soviet Union, and Reagan said we are not going to win anything, we are going to end it.   The Neocons got to where they really disliked Reagan because he wouldn’t take advantage of Soviet weakness to attack them.  So, they are war minded.  They produce documents that say nuclear war is winnable.  So, they are basically crazy people; and, yet, they have determined the course of foreign policy since the Clinton Administration.  Under George Bush, they controlled the show; and today, under Obama, the Neoconservatives control it.” 

Some say the U.S. wants war so they have something to blame the fall of the U.S. economy.  Not so, says Dr. Roberts, “They (Neocons) have been very clear about their ideology of American hegemony over the world.  It’s like Adolf Hitler all over again.  You know, the Germans are the chosen people and have the right to override others.  Neoconservatives don’t use the Nazi language.  Instead, we’re (Neocons) said to be the ‘exceptional’ people, the ‘indispensable country.’  They use these adjectives to elevate the United States above law, its own law and international law.  So, it’s alright if we commit war crimes with naked aggression.  It’s alright if we torture.  It’s alright if we kidnap people in foreign countries and take them to other foreign countries.  This is all just part of America achieving hegemony.  Notice the way we achieve it is not by argument or reason or persuasion or anything like that.  It’s by force.” 

Roberts goes on to say, “So, why is Ukraine important?  Well, there is the Black Sea naval base that Russia has there.  They have a lease on it until 2042.  You have Eastern Ukraine, which is former Soviet military industrial complex . . . for Washington, they say, look we can really bring a serious strategic threat to Russia here.  We can devalue their nuclear deterrent by putting anti-nuclear bases in Ukraine on their border.  So, when we put pressure on them, they have to think much harder when they stand up to us because we will have the upper hand. . . . So, that’s the real reason for what they are doing.  There are other economic reasons.  They want to get their hands on Ukraine.  They want to loot it.” 

On the economy, and if we are headed for another crash, Dr. Roberts says, “I think what we are headed for is continuous sinking.  How fast it would be?  I don’t know.  Everyone’s running out of savings.  People have been living off their savings for 5 years.  For example, the elderly don’t get any interest income.  So, what people are doing is spending down their capital to maintain their lives.  As this capital is spent down, there is nothing left to spend.  So, consumer spending and retail spending just gradually fall and fall.  I don’t think there is going to be a sudden collapse, but there could be a sudden collapse because of all the money the Fed is pumping into the system.  This is inconsistent with the dollar’s value and the dollar being the reserve currency.” 

On gold, Dr. Roberts says, “To protect the dollar from Quantitative Easing (QE), the Fed is selling naked shorts in the gold market to keep the gold price from rising so rapidly that it exposes the worthlessness of the dollar. . . . The physical stock of gold in the West to meet delivery demand is diminishing rapidly.  So, one day the Chinese will buy 100 tons of gold, and we won’t be able to make delivery.  That would crash the system.  It would just pop.  So, there are things that could crash it suddenly.  Regardless . . . the economy is going to gradually sink because there are no jobs, or no good jobs. . . So, there is not a recovery.  The U.S. is a busted state.  It’s completely busted.”  

On the Federal Reserve money printing to prop up the economy, Dr. Roberts, who has a PhD in economics, contends, “I think they realize all the money printing does undermine the dollar, and if they lose the dollar, the game is over.  So, they have to protect the dollar.”  But what happens if the economy falls hard?  Will they crank back up QE?  Roberts says, “Suppose the economy does move down fairly fast, then all the pressure will be on them to support the economy.  Given the stupidity of the media and stupidity of economists and the stupidity of Congress, supporting the economy will mean more QE.  If it gets really bad, you could see the Fed cave in and start printing more money . . . at some point, it’s going to cost them the dollar.”  

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, author of the new book “How America was Lost.” 

(There is much, much more in the in-depth video interview.) 

After the Interview:
If you would like to order a copy of Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s new book “How America was Lost,” please click this link.  For donations to support Dr. Roberts’ work (click here.)

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  1. Rodster

    Things and events will quickly pickup pace as the East realizes what Dr. Roberts is saying. Either, they bail on the dollar and let the US collapse or allow the US to destroy them via the military, destabilizing their economy and country or going to war with them.

    If the US succeeds with Russia, CHINA IS NEXT ! That’s a guarantee. I think the East is seeing this and why they are banding together as they see the US is trying to destroy it’s enemies to protect the Dollar.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice succinct comment, thank you for posting it here!

    • Rodster

      Is Al Qaeda in China? Was this a US plan to destabilize China as well? Just asking questions, my friends.


      • Galaxy 500

        I am more concerned about the probing (multiple test attacks) on the USA power grid than I am Al Qaeda in China. There are transformers that require a year to build and we don’t have any stockpiled. One of the few things that differentiate us from the third world is infrastructure. If NYC didn’t have electricity for even three months, forget a year, how well do you think they would fair? I would survive but I wouldn’t like it.

        • greatdogs

          Rodster, I was reading a while ago that the transformers are not made in America anymore (kinda like everything else these days).

    • Tim B.

      Yes, seems like the Russians could run the U.S. out of business much like the U.S. did to the Soviets in 1989.

    • Jus'Say'n

      “Things and events will quickly pickup pace as the East realizes what Dr. Roberts is saying.”

      I’m sure they’ve realized it for some time, hence the Eurasian Union/BRIC, buying up gold, military build up et al.
      What the Neo SS (Our own World Conquistadors) best be concerned about is the snake in the closet! Meaning – wasn’t long ago we ejected some 400 Russian Spy’s who were eyeing Nuclear Power Plants, Power Stations and the like! Bringing America to it’s knees from the inside is just a flick of a switch/EMP away – and they (ALL OUR ENEMIES) know this!!!
      We’re done!!! We just don’t know it yet!!!
      Hell, I could take down America! So I know they can!!!
      Look at the Division!!!

      • Wayne Pacific

        Russia could not “run the US out of business.” With allies, perhaps they could in the long run. Don’t hold your breath. US may collapse soon, but it won’t be because of the Russians.

        • Jus'Say'n

          You forced me to look over my comment 3 times?! Where did I say or even imply that the Ruskies could/would “Run the US out of business?”
          No! My point was that they’ll just “Blow us up!!!”.

          “US may collapse soon, but it won’t be because of the Russians.”

          I whole-heartedly agree! It will be because America has turned its back on G-d and the order was given in Heaven for America’s Collapse and destruction by the Russians!!!

    • Rodster

      Charlie McGrath posted a great video on Youtube.


  2. Liquid Motion


    Tremendous stuff with PCR. This is a legendary interview and extremely timely.
    Yet I still wonder how PCR is able to speak volumes about the idiocy of the US Government with such impunity. He comes across as being acutely nonchalant.

    For me, as much as it concerns the hell out of me, the connotations PCR puts forward about the USA and its associate WAR/CORPORATE/FINANCIAL machines, it all makes perfect sense. It is “world hegemony”….and China & Russia are in the way.
    BUT…..counterbalancing that point ……
    As PCR succinctly puts it “Putin is a Diplomat” ….when does the time come when the aggression is no longer acceptable. Knowing what he knows and how much provocation there is from the other side (West), how long can you (Putin) keep a brave face. What will trigger the inevitable RETALIATION? If he is such a grand master at chess as many suggest, you would think that he has already mapped out the next 5 moves.

    Not only that issue, but surely the great political leaders of the West and the East understand (and condone to a large extent) the sinister game that is being played out by the USA and its masters. I understand full well who the drivers behind the wheel are. Surely all and sundry can come to the conclusion that there are devious minds at work, whose aim is to unsettle the geo-political world thereby generating internal chaos and creating windfall gains for the monopolistic giants. This is all too obvious. Russia and China are testing the USA’s mettle in this regard. As PCR states…..Russia is expediting the transition to a de-Americanised world. It will need to do so quick smart if the sanctions that are now being put in place, actually come to fruition.
    “Enablement” and “Extremism” were the key themes in this interview. They require further analysis in the context of what the USA has become……moreso what it can no longer represent or be seen as.

    The “Off-shoring”, the “Enabling of terrorists”, the “Financial repression”, the “Destruction of the currency”, the “Creation of a Nation of Indentured Servitude” are all singularly spectacular titles to as yet unwritten books…but collectively they also represent the legacy of the mad men who are intentionally destroying America (and perhaps the World). It is these people who need to be discovered and removed from the positions that they hold….Lest we all suffer. They do not care fo

    • Michael

      You say “acutely nonchalant” but look again, deeper. Consider his pose in the photograph on the intro page, with the background painting. What statement is he trying to make? This person has an agenda that goes way back. Now he speaks of the NGO’s, but he is himself in his own NGO with his own agenda. Poor guy feels he never got the credit he deserves. Someone who makes those kinds of statements, every one followed by chuckles, is more than “acutely nonchalant”, he is enjoying what he is putting forth for the viewers to digest – and it is NOT THE TRUTH, it IS only his version of it, tainted with HIS OWN AGENDA. PEOPLE! Don’t be duped by the perennially narcissistic!

      • R0Tten to the c0RE

        MICHAELina Attack what he has to say, we can see he chuckles. What r the facts? Come up with something please! Were info junkies and your coming up short, shorty.

      • woody188

        I wouldn’t mistake a nervous tick for a personal agenda. Dr. Roberts has always spoken the truth and in as simple and plain a manner that anyone can understand. He deals with a lot of grief, harassment, and risks financial and social ruin for what he is saying. The man is a modern day Thomas Paine and is a hero of the new revolution to come.

        • Stanimal

          Whatever Woddy188 been smokin, I’d sure like to toke on?

          PCR is a liar! It was Reagan who deregulated the financial industry, or don’t you recall the S&L bailouts. Where V.P. Bush’s son Neil was caught receiving kickbacks on loans he approved when a director of the failed Silverado S&L in Denver.

          PCR as the “Father of Reaganomics” nearly tripled the deficit, having nothing to do with the collapse of the former U.S.S.R. but everything to making you and your progeny debt-slaves. How’s that “trickle down” working out for you and your family now? Russia is a far more serious threat to the U.S.A. today then it was 30 years ago.

          PCR was a part of the problem in Washington when a part of the Reagan administration. PCR is a hypocrite for he certainly didn’t bloviate these opinions he has of late 30 years ago; quite the opposite.

          PCR “Gross Ignorance” about Reagan supplying billions of $’s in weapons to his “Freedom Fighters” Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Al-CIAda and the Taliban. Even fomenting Treason with the Iran-Contra weapons for cocaine scandal; that should have had the most convicted Felons and others who were a part of the Reagan administration swinging from the ends of ropes as Wehrmacht soldiers were hung for lesser offenses.

          What PCR is doing today is re-writing his history as he now realizes his actions of 30 years ago were a mistake.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are so living in the past. Do you knot understand the danger in the world today.

          • Stanimal

            I sure do know the “Danger” we are in and PCR is accountable for his past actions; that assisted in creating the “danger” you mention. Yet people like yourself and Woddy188 stroke PCR ego with his “sage” advice, that contradicts his past actions.

            How about the next time you interview PCR you ask him some relevant questions, like why he slams the Bu$h/Obama deficit spending yet his claims to be the “Father of Reaganomics” and nearly tripling the deficit, that took the country from being the #1 creditor nation in the world to the #1 debtor one in less than 8 years “Doesn’t matter”? As you, your children and their children will still only be paying a fraction upon the compounding interest on this debt.

            Or how PCR neglects to connect Reagan’s support with billions of $’s in weapons to his “Freedom Fighters” Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Al-CIAda the Taliban and Iran with the country having to spend trillions of $’s and scores of U.S. soldiers killed, maimed and committing suicide in the farce War of Terror?

            The misguided policies of the Reagan administration of which PCR was a part of have spawned the “Danger” that we face today.

            • Greg Hunter

              Please stop with the 1984 talk. Wake up it’s 2014! It’s been 30 years man!!! The problems we face are all because of the “misguided policies of the Reagan Administration”? Really? Please stop. When Reagan left office the cash deficit was around $3 trillion. Last year, the U.S. went on the hook for $6.2 trillion–last year. You do not know the dangers , if you did you would be focusing on today instead of blaming the Republicans. Oh and by the way, didn’t the Democrats hold the House during the first 6 years of the Reagan Administration? Didn’t the Democrats hold the Senate and the House during the last two years of the Reagan Administration? Your Democrat buddies helped with the mess the country is in now. You don’t even post a real name. This makes me think you are some Democrat paid troll. How about a real verifiable name next time you post to prove me wrong. I don’t post anonymously, why should you?

          • Stanimal
            • Greg Hunter

              This is Greg Hunter, and I have deleted your comment above. No, No, No you are not commenting with this long 1980’s diatribe tearing down Paul Craig Roberts anonymously. All you bring up is something from 30 years ago and you did not address a single point I made refuting that the Reagan Administration acted with the help of the democratic majority in Congress. . You will give a verifiable name and credentials to comment further. Don’t bother to come back if you are not prepared to prove you are not a paid troll. That’s what I think you are–a paid troll to destroy the messenger and not give any real message.

              • Skip

                Hı Greg
                Great to see you stand up for what appears to be the only man with an İota of Knowledge as to where Bush and Obamination are taking the world? Paul Craig Roberts is spot on for my money!!
                I am amazed that Bush & Co are not before bWar tribulals of the Hague or maybe these laws just do not reach other side of Atlantic eh!

                • Greg Hunter

                  President “I’m good at killing people” Obama and his Administration should be on trial right along side of the Bush Administration for the drone murder program. They have executed thousands if innocent people including a few hundred kids for being near the so-called terrorists. If you think torture is bad then murder has to top that. Thank you for you comment and passion for justice.

      • Geo. T (Formerly George)

        “Tainted with his own agenda”
        I wonder what your agenda is? misdirection, misinformation, marginalizing the truth?

      • Galaxy 500

        Don’t be duped by the perennially narcissistic!

        Michael, Don’t worry. We won’t let you lead us astray. Minions of Satan often take up a holy mantle. You quote scripture yet you make unwarranted and un-Christian attacks on us. You attempt to portray yourself as good yet you act bad. Mike, actions always speak louder than words.

        • Jus'Say'n

          Who is “US”?!
          And what scripture did Michael quote?!

      • Angie

        Exactly Michael, there needs to be some questions asked here.

      • Liquid Motion

        I understand full well what PCR puts forward in his many written & spoken words.
        What I cannot reconcile is his demeanor given the serious nature of the issues and topics together with the many allegations PCR makes. All cannot be taken lightly nor be seen in any other context. For the record I’m not opposing his views.

      • Plain old Dave

        “Consider his pose” Really??? Should he have been flashing a gang sign? ” with the background painting” were you hoping for a nature scene???
        ” What statement is he trying to make?” Perhaps the statement is “I’m a professional” What do you see Michael? Satan, a reptilian alien?
        “he is himself in his own NGO with his own agenda” you might want to do a little research on NGO’s, who funds them and their ties to government. And yes he, like you, like me, like most thinking men has an agenda.
        “every one followed by chuckles, is more than “acutely nonchalant”, he is enjoying what he is putting forth for the viewers to digest – and it is NOT THE TRUTH”. The chuckles, if you will notice, come when he points out the absurdity of the laughable policy or situation he just described. Your paranoia on that point is rather amusing.
        ” tainted with HIS OWN AGENDA. PEOPLE! Don’t be duped by the perennially narcissistic!”. In other words, he is explaining his beliefs from knowledge gleaned while working deep within the system in govt as well as wall street so don’t trust him. So you must be saying “listen to those who are not narcissistic like Bush or Obama or the William Kristols of the world” .
        Had you presented a rebuttal that disputed the facts of the video you might have persuaded a few people. Your ranting about photo’s, chuckles and personality types was as weak as water.
        Enjoy your week.
        The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
        -Albert Einstein

  3. The Heart

    Hey Greg, Paul, you all better take a listen to this. Just for fun, of course.

    • pessimist

      I listened to it and tried to follow up on his claims and found nothing other than it is true that the next US Treasury Securities auction is in April.

  4. 8Ball

    Thanks to Dr. Roberts for posting the link to the English transcript of Putin’s press conference in his recent “Putin Speaks” article. It reveals that Putin has a mind and thought process that is far superior to what we see coming out of DC… he is a real leader, not a mindless figurehead who babbles soundbites to sway public opinion.

  5. e sutton

    One, if not THE best interviews you’ve ever done. I don’t always agree with Dr. Roberts, as I remember him back in the day under Reagan. But not a kernel of what he said in this interview does not ring true. Great interview, and THANKS to you BOTH for uncovering more of the awful truth we have to face in this country!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you E Sutton for the comment and kind words. I love this country and this is very painful for me to expose, but it must be done for the good of the Republic.

  6. Smaulgld

    Dr. Roberts makes clear that both the democratic and republican parties are dominated by neo con war mongering corportists.
    Dr. Roberts also dismissed the selling of treasuries as having a big impact and focused on the more lasting impact of the BRICS moving away from the dollar.
    Short term the Fed can sop up any treasury bond sales as they have plenty of practice printing money, but the Fed can’t make countries use the dollar only the military can do that.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is not much difference between the parties. I think the Council On Foreign Relations joins them both.

      • smaulgld

        The video in your side bar ◾Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power (You want to know why things are so bad and do not get better? Watch!!!)
        says it all.

      • Steven Moyer

        There is a lot of difference between the parties. Democrats want to raise taxes on the rich; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to have socialized health care; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to preserve the social safety net: Republicans don’t. Democrats support gay rights; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to preserve a woman’s right to choose an abortion; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to cut the military budget; Republicans don’t.

        I’m frankly tired of this false narrative about both parties being the same. They ARE the same in one sense; they all believe money is the way to run a country. That’s where they are both wrong; money is a horrible way to run a planet.

        • Greg Hunter

          Both Pelosi and Boehner voted to allow the NSA unfettered spying in 2013. Yes, there are some differences but the parties are the same on some very big issues such as not saying a word about the massive crimes that have been committed. Many Republicans say Snowden is a leaker and traitor but say nothing about admitted money laundering for terrorists by big banks such as HSBC and Standard Charter. Let that sink in. Where are the Congressional hearings for money laundering for terrorists. Both banks simply paid a fine. Wouldn’t laundering money for terrorist be treason? Other massive crimes by bankers include but not limited to are foreclosure fraud (forgery perjury and fraud on the court), rate rigging, gold market rigging, securities fraud, theft of private funds by MF Global (Did you hear a republican raise a stink about this? Corzine is a big Dem!!), JP Morgan working with convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff. (They paid a fine–again.) Not a single word or criminal prosecution of a big banker. False narrative? Really? I just skimmed the surface. The Republicans got one very good thing going for them–they did not lie as a party and vote for Obama Care. Thank you for you comment even tough the facts totally discredit your argument.

        • R0Tten to the c0RE

          Yes but money makes the planet go round and round so you can have morning once a day and eat that big breakie!

        • Geo. T (Formerly George)

          Democrats believe in a woman’s right to abort (kill) her child (rebranded as fetus to be less controversial) while demanding that government stop the death penalty for murders as inhumane. What a sad contradiction. More black children were murdered last year than were born. Just because its legal, doesn’t make in moral

          • moerstaal aka native slang

            Left versus right and reps versus dems paradigms are too low for this outstanding website. Politics are f#@#@$%$ up with big privat money (Rothschild and Rockefeller among them) and industrial complex (military, pharma, Monsanto, Halliburton, et cetera). That means dems and reps differ in some public matters but not in great lines. Politics in general are just symptomatic for the sick empire where money rules and people no longer matter.
            Young folks…

          • Galaxy 500

            A race that kills it children without reason is always wrong. Its not politics friend, its immortality.

        • Jus'Say'n

          Big Stevie,
          Here’s what I heard you say:
          There is a lot of difference between the parties. Democrats want to STEAL from the rich; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to have unearned health care; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to preserve the FREE safety net: Republicans don’t. Democrats support Perversity; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to preserve a woman’s right to avoid responsibility by Butchering Babies; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to cut our ability to defend ourselves; Republicans don’t.

          You’re Right!!! There’s a difference!!!
          Thank’s for clarifying/illuminating us to the truth!!!

  7. Roderick

    Dr. Roberts cuts thru the lies and nonsense and lays out the ugly truths of what we have become. He is extremely informed and has great courage to face the powers that be and expose them. Another great interview Mr. rising star!.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Roderick for your comment and kind words!

  8. William Betts

    Always great to see Dr. Roberts on your news. This was a great enlightenment for those that are lucky to watch and read your news. America has got to wake up to what is going on in this world. Last night 3-11-14 I watched PBS nightly news lies about what is going on in Putin’s world. Totally unbelievable that they would put something like that out there for the American people. Total lies, nothing more than that. Yes America is lost. but how are we going to get it back.? It is about time that we take to the streets and demand a new gov’t in Washington, and run these neocons into the sea…. Betts

    • Greg Hunter

      William Betts,
      Both parties are pretty much listening to the same boss.

  9. Calgirl

    ABSOLUTELY your FINEST interview, Greg. Thank you for doing your part to get these truthes out for the citizen-slaves.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Calgirl for your kind words. I like your name by the way. Cal is for California?

      • Jus'Say'n

        Or she missed an L! And skipped an appointment?!

  10. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg and Dr Roberts….. I see we have had weak Presidents who have not been able to control the government they run. Obama is a very weak president in fact he is not a leader but a middle manager. He does not control of his (our) government and he has nothing but establishment advisers who have created such a house of cards that no president can turn the USS USA Carnival cruise line without crashing the house of cards called the US economy………

    • Jus'Say'n

      “USS USA Carnival cruise line”

      Of course you meant “White Star” cruise line?!

    • Jus'Say'n

      Of course you get that I was alluding to “Titanic”?!
      Which may have been a Prophetic incident (By Allegory) of America’s Destiny?! As also I believe the “Deepwater Horizon” incident “Possibly” to have been?!!!
      To understand what I’m saying – compare “Titanic” with Ezekiel 26 – 27 (The Prophesy against Ancient Tyre). G-d uses allegory of a Majestic (Unsinkable) Ship manned by the “Great Men of the Earh” – a Melting Pot of Foreign Hands. The Best and Brightest the World Over – they came to build Tyre! Ancient Tyre serves as Allegory for End Times Babylon. And we’re in it!!! America!!! The GRAND SHIP of the HIGH SEA’s. That will be destroyed in One Hour like Titanic!!!


  11. Scot Pleski

    The last eight minutes says it all….’we live in a lawless society, where the President can kill someone then pass a law to make it legal. The constitution makes ex post facto laws illegal’…not any more. ‘I have a pen……’

    • Greg Hunter

      I think I could do an entire interview just on his new book.

    • Galaxy 500

      We were a nation of laws, now we are a nation of lawless men

    • Jus'Say'n

      “where the President can kill someone then pass a law to make it legal.”

      The Supreme Court did it in 73! Why not the Pres. to?!!!

  12. Dan Larsson

    Greg, to me that was an exceptional and great interview! I had to take a 2 hours lunch-break just to wrap my head around to what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts had to say, mind-boggling to say the least. Thanks for a great and truthful blog!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan and Mushroom for the comments and kind words!!

  13. mushroom

    The finest summary of current events I have ever heard.

    Thank you Greg…

  14. Mick McNulty

    If I was the Russian government I would make two things clear to the warmongers of the west if they were to start a war over Crimea. First, I would arm groups around the world who are now enemies of the west since the west invaded or destabilized their countries, as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, the Americas and the rest. That would complicate their war on many fronts, including misdirection. Second, I would not consider the war ended until all surviving war criminals had been captured, and those captured would be tried for their crimes in a Russian court, not The Hague.

    When western people finally act many of our worst rulers will flee, but South America is out as a refuge because of the damage the US has done there, so Africa seems the likeliest place they’ll run to. I’d bolster my intelligence services there, in preparation.

  15. Arizona

    I had a visit the other day,FROM THE LORD HIMSELF,he said get the christians in america ready YOUR ABOUT TO BE AT WAR,he said I’am going to pour out a bucket of BLOOD ON AMERICA,he also said AMERICA YOUR THE TERRORISTS,and I’am going to use RUSSIAN and CHINA to punish you………..get ready kids,RED DAWN is coming……and the IDIOTS in the police gangs WILL BE HELPING THEM,don’t forget it either…………………

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      Wow…Greg, I didn’t know you had a divine prophet as a contributor. Cue music to” One Flew of the Cuckoo’s Nest” Mister De Mill, I am waiting for my close up

      • The Heart

        Religious fanatics can be just that, fanatical, but sometimes the message they bare is reasonable enough considering that china holds the mortgage on pretty much of all of America as the calateral for all those trillions loaned to the bush crime syndicate for usless endless wars.

        All one has to do is follow the money trail, understand that maurice strong has set china up to be the next money engine and world power, and how they will use the UN/IMF private armies to conquor america in concert with chna and russias help to see clarly the possible future.

        Is is all prety simple, really. Thay have planned this for a very long time and everyone has been told over and over again what to expect. The only thing that will change it all is for ALL the people of the world to find and punish all the satanic banksters and profitters of ziocon wars and then, maybe then something will really change the hell bound course the entire world is being thrust into. We sup;osedly have until April 11th until the govt falls and crashes, or borrows mor money from china. Lol…

        If it comes down to the God fearing doing battle with the godless, then God help us all and fogive us please, for no one seems to know what they are doing.

        If you have not checked out Dave Hodges and his pursuits of truth, then you might want to: http://thecommonsenseshow.com/

        • Galaxy 500

          And sometimes the message is an indication they went off their meds.

    • Galaxy 500

      Just reading your post was punishment enough.

    • JC Davis

      Arizona. You may be correct, but what a gamble if your wrong. Thou shalt not take the Lords name in uselessness. For my sake I hope your wrong. For your sake I hope your right.

      • Galaxy 500

        I speak to the Lord everyday. IMHO, I find the above post by Arizona as someone making fun of the One True God.

        • Charles H.


          It does have a sense of mockery. Then again, the reference could be to Lucifer himself. God is not the author of confusion.

  16. Jerry

    Greg I really enjoyed this interview. My favorite part is when PCR referred to the MSM as ” American Media Whores”. Nothing has been more true. They’ve put the National Enquirer out of business.

    Greg I seem to have a different take on what the Banking Cartel is doing. While many economic experts such as PCR are expounding on the measures on what the Cartel is doing in order to save the fiat dollar, I see something entirely different. I see the Cartel as a money vampire trying to wring every last drop of monetary blood out of a financial corpse that’s already dead before they discard it. Don’t you think they know the days are numbered for the dollar? I sure do. And I think they already have a contingency plan for its replacement. I even think the EU and the UN are involved with them. Ukraine was just one more leg on a three legged stool that they were trying to cut. For all intensive purposes Russia and China have managed to escape their grasp and Ukraine was just the soft underbelly of the Russian economy that they were trying to exploit. Now that Putin has called their bluff by doing nothing, what will they do next? False flag anyone ? Anyone ?

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, the U.S. dollar is doing that thing, that PCR said , “sinking”. Unless something happens pretty quick to alter its course, the second quarter of 2014 should prove to be very interesting.


    Does anyone know anything about the Basal II Accord? According to Bob Gaskin the U.S. violated this law back in Oct. 2013 and the Federal Reserve under violation of the law , can stop buying Treasury Notes on April 11th . Just asking.

  17. Arizona

    THIS ain’t really funny,cause I didn’t laugh at the time I was told this,BUT the LORD said you better sell that motorcycle,(its a new harley-davidson)..I said WHY? ..THE LORD said I’am going to wreck ALL the roads and there will be no where to ride it,HE also said THE RUSSIANS are going to take EVERYTHING america has,and if you don’t sell that motorcycle their going to get it too…..AS near as I can figure, OBOOZO promised the russians ALL of americas vehicles and construction equipment,if they came and helped take down this country,and BOY are there a lot of russians in colorado,I see them at walmart all the time,and they ALWAYS are escorted by the sheriffs of our county…their all in bed together………

  18. This Guy

    War is big business and makes TONS of capital for TPTB. Also, any conflict would be a very nice distraction from the very real problems we face here at home. They ALWAYS want war; their kids won’t fight in it, they themselves will profit greatly from it, and it will cull the mass herd and quiet the tax slaves here on the animal farm.

    As time passes, I realize more and more that Orwell’s works were not warnings, but blueprints.

    Thanks for the great work, Greg. PCR is always one of your best.

  19. Galaxy 500

    Bove was on tv saying stay the course in the stock market…hahaha
    I bet he is not taking his own advice. Inflation is caused by money /credit expansion and deflation is caused by money/credit destruction. To see what I mean, just look at the Pound Sterling which was for large purchases (a troy pound of sterling silver) and now you need five pounds to buy a cup of coffee there. A hundred years ago, you could buy 40 acers of farm land in the south for $40 in gold (about 2 troy ounces). Tell me, did land increase so much or did the dollar inflate so much of its value away as to be worthless? I vote the latter. A hundred years ago, there were no 30 year mortgages. It is widely overlooked but the great depression was exacerbated by house and farm loans coming due and people not being able to refinance. You see a property bubble was created by easy credit and fictional profits in the stock market.
    Dr Roberts is a great guest. Thanks for putting his message out there.

    • Kevin2

      G 500, I have a small leather pouch on my computer desk, it contains $14 dollars of pre 64 dated coin. If I took this to the bank, they would give me $14.00.

      If I took this to a coin dealer, they would give about $300 hundred dollars. Yours is a very good abservation.


  20. Larry Galearis

    One of the shortest definition for a fascist philosophy is “power by force”.

    These groups are nihilistic groups; they are as any outlaw gang in an urban ghetto, beholding only to the group and in perpetual contest with the rest of society.


  21. Raja

    There was lot of hype that US will attack Iran. But, till now it has not happen. In the same way attack on Ukraine also may not happen.

    • JC Davis

      My thoughts exactly Raja. 90% of the things we worry about never happens. It is the small 10% that we never saw that happens.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      I don’t think that the USA will attack Iran. I do think that the Jews can or will ignore a nation whose officials state that they have no right to exist. They have been there and done that and the few that survived had tattoos from the death camps. I do not see a lot of jets flying in as from my point of view they are too valuable to the Israelis. They have some nice Jericho missiles and it will take a nuke to destroy the bunkers anyway. Iran supports Hezbollah and Hamas which are dropping rockets with increased sophistication into Israel complements of Iran. I think Israel has a “red” line and unlike Obama, its a real red line that when crossed, all hell will break loose for the Iranians.
      If I was in charge of Israel, I would have already pushed the Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank. Having terrorist on your boarder is never a good plan.

      • moerstaal aka native slang

        I have been in Israel and worked for a jewish organisation.
        Lots of if not most Israeli have german of slavic blood and dito names.
        It is about religion. They believe the torah tells them they are chosen people to whom god promised Israel. But they are no more original jewish people after 2.000 years. No one knows his blood line over this period.
        The real semites are the Palestinians.
        A high ranked Israelian army officer told me that the zionists want to push all real semites out of greater Israel. More over if they get a chance they want to genocide them. I decided not to marry his daughter. I don’t want genocide promoting people in my family.

        • Galaxy 500

          Then you didnt marry an American either did you

  22. Jerry

    Here we go again Greg.
    The sock puppets minion barking orders for the Cartel . America should be so proud.

    “We’re trying to tell [Russia] not to escalate this thing further into Eastern Ukraine, and allow the conditions to be set for some kind of resolution in Crimea. We do have treaty obligations with our NATO allies. And I have assured them that if that treaty obligation is triggered [in Europe], we would respond,” Dempsey said

    With the Cartel its like the wheel of misfortune. Where will they land next. I’m still holding out hope that Putin will flip them off and ignore them. Who would have ever thought I would be rooting for a Communist? The world truly is upside down.

  23. brian

    We now know that the integrity of our currency has been sacrificed to bail out the banks, we also now know that for the most part, the world has made several important steps in the irreversible process of finding a way to trade with each other without the dollar AND as a consequence without much of the ever now dwindling american consumer market.

    The question needing to be answered now is how will the american people react to this reality once it impacts them. More importantly how far are those currently in power willing to go in order to maintain their positions?

  24. Larry W. Bryant

    == Our Arrival at the Ides of March 2014: An Omen of What’s to Come? ==

    Somewhere recently — maybe here at USAwatchdog.com — I read that some financial experts have advanced the notion that the world’s failing economy will reach critical-mass status this month or shortly thereafter.

    A microcosm of that tipping point lies in an account from my source within the circuit court of a major city in Virginia: “Larry,” said my source on March 11, “you’re not gonna believe what happened this morning!” After I offered a lame guess about my usual interest in the average daily number of foreclosures (three), my source revealed that the court’s land records section had logged some 34 “Substitute Trustee” documents — a likely precedent-setting amount for a single day’s activity. The submitter of those documents is a major mortgage bank that lately seems to have heightened its TV commercials.

    A “Substitute Trustee” filing is a legal document preceding the process off home-mortgage foreclosure. Who knows the extent to which a widening stream of these documents can result in the zombification of the banks involved?

    Stay alert, folks, to the prospects in your own community, and continue whatever measures you deem necessary in coping with the Ides of March. I recommend the following three measures: (1) prepare, (2) prepare, and (3) prepare! — Larry W. Bryant (12 Mar 14)

    • Jerry

      I spend a lot of time in casenet looking through the civil court filings. I am constantly blown away by the amount of debt I see there. If the American people aren’t broke yet, they’re damn close to it.

  25. john henry

    Roberts lost me when he tries to Blame the NeoCons for this amateurish foreign policy coming from the White House.

    So let me get this straight…now Obama, Hillary, and Kerry are NeoCons?

    With all due respect to the good doctor, not hardly! They’re the same old career Ivy Leaguer, north-eastern, liberal elitists, with a gay twist, who desire to completely control and bully everyone else.

    These guys swing toward the communist spectrum on the Left not to the Right .

    Hardly a NeoCon identity or part of their plan.

    • brian

      Neocon or lefty lib, the results are the same, banks run the country, and banks love conflict. until folks figure out who runs the show those in power will simply continue to run circles around us while we laugh, as we are taught to, at anyone who points this out…its that simple.

    • lastmanstanding

      john henry, they all want world domination. the 2 party system was set up to divide people as a diversion to world domination.

      Fascism, communism, socialism, progressivism, Marxism whatever you want to call it is world domination by wealth redistribution.

    • emeniag

      john henry Obama, Hill, Kerry, NeoCons, no, Neo Conned!

    • Galaxy 500

      Obama, Hillary, and Kerry are rank amateurs. They view the world thru the lens of their ideology and don’t accept negative feedback that they are wrong which correct natural systems. Its like the Fed and the US Dollar. The Fed is artificial forcing the US Dollar to inflate its value. The more they attempt to disrupt the true valur of the Dollar, the more pressure to return to equilibrium is generated until they (fed) are unable to maintain the artificial levels. As the system to artificial inflate the Dollar increases in complexity, the more effect seemingly insignificant events will have until the Dollar implodes downward and then bounces back up to its value. The upward bounce will be small but downward trends tend to overshoot the real equilibrium and it will rise a little after it crashes… unless they replace it which is not beyond the realm of possibility in the US govt’ s attempt to control the currency.
      All of the criminals in govt and the banking centers should be prosecuted.
      What was the point of this rant…No one can keep something at an artificially high (USD, Global property values) ) or artificially low (gold, yuan, silver) values. A day of reckon will come and the more force that was applied, the more complexity of subterfuge, the harder and faster the downward velocity adjusting the misguided attempts to control the price.
      Anyone remember Nixon’s attempt at price controls? Farmers were drowning baby chicks because it cost them double to grow them to maturity over what they could sell them for. Look at Venezuela. No one is importing goods to sell at a loss. Only a socialist / communist can saying that companies should bankrupt themselves with a straight face…after all, it for the common good.
      Why does the common good always treat the leaders better than the rest of us?

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      John Henry,
      The current foreign policy is walk softly with a limp wrist. You have girly men intellectuals that are so wedded to their ideology as to miss all the opportunities to correct their course.

  26. SilverSax

    Greg, what are you doing letting Paul Craig Roberts tell such blatant lies? It’s outrageous that he says “all neocons want is war”. Further, he denies American exceptionalism in this interview. Why didn’t you ask him, “Don’t you believe that American Freedom has been the model for the world until this century?” “Neocons” aren’t the problem, leftism/socialism/liberalism is the problem.
    Mr. Roberts also called neocons “idiots in white sheets” and you didn’t call him on it.
    I come to your website to be informed, not insulted. If you’re going to keep letting interviewees trash me and people like me, I’ll go somewhere for my information where I’m not insulted and dragged through the mud.
    You fell flat on this interview, my friend.

    • JC Davis

      SilverSax. Truth is I didn’t know what a neocon was until I looked it up. Neoconservatism is a political movement born in the United States during the 1960s. Many of its adherents rose to political fame during the Republican presidential administrations of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. During the George W. Bush administration, neoconservatives played a major role in promoting and planning the invasion of Iraq.

    • emeniag

      American exceptional-ism, didn’t provide chemical weapons to the Saudi’s to give to the Rebels to mishandle those weapons, exceptional-ism didn’t threaten the Olympics, exceptional-ism didn’t provide snipers to the new coalition in UKR., you’ll never be informed SilverSax’s because you’ve been neo conned, so your just a con yourself!

      • Greg Hunter

        Might I add that both parties are working for the same people. Neither party is for the good of the country but for the good of their party.

      • Geo. T (Formerly George)

        I have yet to see anywhere that America provided snipers to the Ukraine. It is reported that the new Ukrainian government had snipers shoot people but nowhere I check does it mention America supplying the shooters. While our country has some poor leaders who bleed us dry of both good troops and treasure, it doesn’t appear to stop the unwashed masses from illegally coming here in search of the American dream. We can be exceptional again. You sound like you hate your country, me, I dislike the leaders and think they are evil but I love America.

        • R0Tten to the c0RE

          Nobody on this site said the US. provided the Snipers to the Ukraine, but we have some rouge neo-conmen in UKR., spreading lots of US. cash, borrowed from the bank of China, sloshing around over there. The new coalition backed turkey shoot was definitely the tipping point, in the neo-conned backed, coup. Everybody was crying, (youtube it), and when they wiped those tears, it was no longer a bloody Sun-die picnic. After that the Kiev crowd was totally neo-conned! This is all out of the Estonians Foreign Affairs Minister Urmis Paets mouth, in the leaked call to EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton and he goes on to say it discredits from the very beginning the new US. backed Ukrainian government, then Aston says the scandal should be kept under wraps just after she talked about an investigation.
          The good book say’s the truth will set you free and the tireless efforts of the independent media are exposing the dark motives and the bloodlust behind the neo-conmen and women who are pushing the Obama administration team to play more golf so the neo-cons can be left minding the chicken coop to pluck the world.
          Geo, who do you think loves America the most? The knee-jerking, neo-conmen and women, or the maimed steamed media, or the Independent, future underground, down unda media? The central bankers!

          • Galaxy 500

            If you look at the post I attached too you will see the accusation of us providing snipers. Nice rebuttal but yes they/he/she/it/we/they did say it

      • Fred

        More and more, people are waking up to the neocons.

    • Charles H.


      I find it rather shallow to attack Dr. Paul Craig Roberts over what really amounts to semantics. Whether his use of “Neo-con”, or “Pseudo-Liberal”, or even “Pseudo-Conservative”: it matters little. The lines of all such categorical Descriptions has been blurred over and over again. At this point, there is very little difference between Republican and Democrat – have you not noticed? Also I suppose there is some over-generalization in speaking for “All” of any party or title: except when making a point of general inference, which in his case suggested a long historical unified trait. So your complaint really amounts to splitting hairs – which is not very big of you.

      What I really object to is your bald and bold accusation of the Ex-Assistant Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America of BEING A LIAR. In so blatantly doing such a disrespectful gesture: you have purchased to yourself the same disrespect. I recognize the strong feeling you have for America; and reflect upon it’s past: but realistic people cannot live in the past. A myopic attachment to what little is left that’s good in America only leaves you swinging wildly, in undeserved directions.

      As to the issue of being insulted… there is too much to speculate upon. Should I divulge the exact cause here – I sense that this too would produce another perceived insult and injury. The ‘coin of the realm” of any blog is two sided: take everything with a grain of salt, and give the benefit of the doubt. But your rather uncivil comment seems to reveal the absence of both.

      As to fault-finding toward Greg Hunter – in that he posted your obnoxious comment is the proof that he is very fair: and undeserving of your insinuations. Who are you that he should be protecting you from insults??!??
      This site, and the many fine contributors, offers magnitudes of insight and information: but you need a “glass half-full attitude” to get the benefit out of it; not scathing criticism. Mr. Hunter is NOT the one who is falling flat on this site.

    • brian

      What happened to American Exceptionalism? It went right out the window along with the integrity of our money, the integrity of our laws, the integrity of our foreign policy and the integrity of our people as a whole. We are a nation of people who have allowed heavily monied monopolists to first corrupt and now co-opt our system of government and slowly yet irrevocably concentrate power and wealth into an ever narrowing margin of people until we have reached the point where we are today, that being a nation being pillaged and used to front some of the most vicious and brutal money making adventures that have and will continue to visit some of the most horrific and brutal toll on not just the rest of the world but us Americans as well…..Doctor Paul Craig Roberts was being kind in his assessment.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      I agree that it hardly seems possible that the so – called evil “neo-cons” have much sway in todays administration nor do I buy into all the bad press that they receive. However, just because Dr. Roberts is wrong on a few small details doesn’t mean that his overall message is flawed. If you expect anyone to be 100% correct , I think that you are going to miss a lot of good information and advice as I don’t no of anyone I think is 100% correct (Jesus excluded).
      Yes, there were a few places that a question might be warranted but IMHO, Greg is one of the best on the fly interviews in the news arena.

    • Galaxy 500

      Didn’t Bill Clinton blow a silver sax?
      “We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. – J Robert Oppenheimer.

  27. SilverSax

    And he kept pronouncing “hegemony” as “hegenomy”. He’s the idiot, not Neocons.

    • Dan

      Sounds like you are!

      • SilverSax

        @Dan – try to imagine how unimportant your opinion is to me.

        • Greg Hunter

          This stops here and now. I am not going to allow petty comments. It devalues the site and well thought out comments others write. If you disagree with someone then keep it civil, and meaningful. Otherwise, just withhold your comment and let it go. This goes for everyone.

          • SilverSax

            Yeah, you’re right. I shouldn’t call Mr. Roberts an idiot, even though he called me and people like me “idiots in white sheets”. Did you tell him to “keep it civil”?

            • Greg Hunter

              Silver Sax,
              He did not say that in this interview and you know it.

    • emeniag

      It’s pronounced debtamony, he meant, were spreading our debtamony!
      P.S. The people on this site know whats going on in this world, can you say that?
      Do some home work, start reading. Pretend your a real reporter and you want the facts and just the facts and don’t forget, a reliable source said the meek shall inherit the earth and you aint meek! Coop was meek in High Noon and it takes more than big broad shoulders to be a man, a real American man!!!!!!!!!!!What r u anyway’s?

      • emeniag

        An excellent way to start digging for the truth like a real exceptional American reporter that you think you are is to dig into some of that info down below that GALAXY 500 has provided for us, or maybe you don’t like all this freedom of the press we still have for now in this exceptional country that a free press has provided you, you stinker.

  28. Jonny James

    In a sea of surreal, Orwellian (pardon the cliche) narratives in the English-speaking media, it is very refreshing to hear Dr. PCR clear the air of the miasma that chokes and gags public discourse.
    Thanks for interviewing one of my favorite public intellectuals – this man has a comprehensive “big picture” outlook and analyses and has very few rivals in that regard.
    Greg, have you ever interviewed F William Engdahl?


  29. SilverSax

    Sorry, but I can’t stop.
    Mr. Roberts also said that Neocons “have determined the course of foreign policy since the Clinton Administration. Under George Bush, they controlled the show; and today, under Obama, the Neoconservatives control it.”
    Greg, why didn’t you ask Mr. Roberts if he considers Hillary Clinton and John Kerry (under Obama), and Warren Christopher and Madeline Albright (under Clinton) to be Neocons?

    • emeniag

      Most of them are good at golfing!

      • emeniag

        Golfing takes up a lot of important time, we just cant leave the chicken coop to be run by the NeoFoxe’s, con we now!

  30. SharkBit

    Thanks for this interview Greg. You are a true champion and it is great that you continue to deliver the best minds on the planet to unwind all this geopolitical and economic nonsense. Dr Paul Craig Roberts is such an honorable man. I wish the world had more like him. Best interview I have seen to-date. Dr Jim Willie was great as well. Thanks for keeping it real.

  31. Ralphie Boy

    Nice dye job Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s my natural color.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      Ralphie what an unkind thing to say. Run along home boy and tell your mother you’ve been bad.


    I agree with Dr. Roberts. Do a web search on Project for the New American Century. It may not be in existence any more but the names/members are still very much in the neocon mix.

    • lastmanstanding

      The “Krystal” ball. I had to laugh at PCR’s mention of nazi billy’s paper, “What good are nukes if you can’t use them.”

  33. Galaxy 500

    Notice the name of these fine Moslem pharmacists that paid poor AIDS patients not to take meds so they could bill Medicare for expensive drugs they didn’t buy or dispense. http://www.myfoxny.com/story/24947346/nyag-pharmacy-paid-aids-patients-to-skip-meds
    plus we have this going on with the power grid.
    We let our enemies come live amoung us and pay them to plot against us. We let people walk across the boarders and take the jobs that no one wants…you know, the ones real Americans stand in line for hours to apply for. Does no one understand that we cant let these people come here illegally and take any jobs? Americans are destitute and we allow foreigners to come here and steal jobs. Oh, illegal is an ugly word …undocumented… Hell No, they are Illegal and we should demand that any immigration legislation make illegal entry into the USA a felony and any children born here by illegal immigrants be barred from citizen ship.
    our country is hemorrhaging money and these illegal parasites are killing us. They pay taxes. Sure, they claim 40 to 99 dependent on their tax forms so how much tax to they really pay. It was one of the first laws Obama decided to illegally ignore don’t think its not important.

    • Dwain

      Most don’t pay taxes since they fall below the taxable threshold level. And because they fall below, they qualify for government subsidies. (housing, food stamps, health care, etc etc.)

      Picked clean the carcass no longer nourishes. “Fed Peckers” pound furiously, divvying diminishing morsels of marrow to exploding flocks.

    • JC Davis

      That cracker was relieving gas.

    • Galaxy 500

      While I cede the point that Lindsay Graham is a dangerous man with delusions of grandeur ( he dreams of being Pres while the rest of us dream of him going away…far far away).
      This link you have posted is laughably wrong math wise with regards to the price of Russian gas (massive understatement). I almost always get called out for pointing out inconvenient truths but that’s how I roll. DID IT OCCUR TO ANYONE THAT LOOKED AT THIS LINK THAT 264,000 GALLONS OF LIQUID GAS Occupies A MUCH LARGER Volume than 1,000 cubic meters of vapor?

  34. Linda Majors


    I just watched the Dr. Roberts’ interview. He neglected to mention that Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons when Clinton was president in exchange for Putin’s promise they would remain free of Russia. (I don’t recall the exact wording; however, this is the essence of the agreement.)

    Further, Putin is no angel, like Roberts portrays him. Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief, has subscribers with relatives in the Ukraine who report that the Russian KGB is involved in all sorts of horrible crimes against people in Kiev, such as setting them on fire. This was before the revolution. Also, Joel claims that Putin allowed the revolution. He is the only one who had the power to order the police to stand down. It is my understanding that he wants the EU and America to bail out Ukraine, like we did with Russia, and then he will take over.

    I wish Dr. Roberts would be more objective in his reporting. I don’t like the neocon war mongers either; however, Putin is no saint. I believe he plans to nuke America as soon as he believes they are capable.


    • emeniag

      PCR or Skousen, Obama or Putin? Nuland, f*** Europe, Kerry, EU’s Ashton, Estonia’s Paet….Do your homework, don’t take my word on it, you cannot count on it, your life depends on it. Crimea ah river!

      • emeniag

        L I N D A M A J A O R S

    • Galaxy 500

      I remember think how stupid that was. I hate that I lived long enough to be proved right.

  35. Stargazer

    Thank you Greg, and Dr. Roberts, for another excellent, truth-filled, analysis of the state of the sinking USS Amerika. You both are two of my go-to guys for unadulterated views of reality. Dr. Roberts speaks of limited physical gold in the world, while another of your guests, Karen Hudes, speaks of a much greater amount of gold available now to topple the international bankster cartel and to return stolen wealth to humanity. I would be curious to hear Dr. Roberts’ view of Hudes’ claims in a future interview.

    I believe that most of your supporters likely have a pretty good understanding of “How America Was Lost,” but we would like to hear from any well-informed potential guests of how we can non-violently take her back and restore the Republic.

    Tempus fugit!

    • Dan

      Agreed! Other than prepping & stacking, how can we reverse this course?

    • emeniag

      Try praying. Pray fer rain in Californication, so the grapes can grow and we can make more wine. Old Star geezer, life is precious, handle with prayer!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Good luck on nonviolence. Although I wholeheartedly support nonviolence, I doubt seriously the guys with the guns (the gov’t) is unlikely to give up without being made to.

    • Kare Hudes

      Thanks for mentioning the solution to the problems identified by PCR: bring the gold in the Global Debt Facility out of hiding and release the uncut Treasury dollars before Federal Reserve Notes crash. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Karen-Hudes+(2).jpg
      Here is my website: kahudes.net
      Here is what you can do: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gold-out-of-hiding/x/6837965

  36. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    I think Dr. PCR sums the whole situation up very clearly and logically. He is a courageous man as you are too Greg.
    What I glean from this interview is his absolute horror in witnessing the diplomatic blundering of the Obama regime and their hegemony tactics. These foolish tactics will dramatically hasten the demise of the economy.
    He also focuses on two inevitable events that will collapse the US$.
    #1 The rapidly diminishing status of the US$ as the world reserve currency and the inevitable divesting of US treasury bonds.
    #2 The manipulation of the gold price by rampant selling of naked shorts can’t continue for much longer. As these contracts begin to mature the lack of physical supply of gold will become apparent. The gold price will soar and the worthlessness of the US$ will become apparent to all.
    I think PCR and JW are very much on the same page with most of their thinking.
    Well done Greg – I think you are doing us all a huge favour in having guests of this calibre on your show.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      Good day. Several things are pushing the US Dollar out of reserve currency status.
      1) the debt. Anyone with an IQ over 70 understands that we can not pay this debt back with dollars that remotely resemble the ones that were borrowed.
      2) Obama turned the USA’s financial system into a weapon. Only a fool doesn’t look for an alternate, even your friends, when you start using your banking system and currency as a weapon
      3) The dumbing down of America. Where we used to manufacture wealth and produce scientist and engineers, now we produce lawyers and experts in women’s studies. We don’t produce anything but Big Mac’s and Starbuck’s. America sent all the manufacturing jobs that made the country great and wealth to China, Mexico, etc just so some over paid CEO’s could make a few more pennies on the quarterly earnings report. The idiots are so short sighted that they didn’t understand that by getting rid of all those jobs they got rid of the people that could buy their products.
      4) the T-Bills are a sucker bet and the Fed Reserve is not bashful about it. They are paying under 4% on 30 year money when the real rate of inflation is 10-11% currently and it can only get worse.
      As far as gold, silver, platinum, etc. go. The current spot price for silver and gold are less than the cost to mine it. I have not examined platinum but with the SA miners on strike, you would think it would be going up as they are the worlds leading producer. Ergo, it seems like it is manipulated also. At some point, the game will be over and the fraud that everybody knows about will impact the markets. I don’t quite understand how this isn’t working now. I guess my fellow Americans are so greedy as to keep the “magic” of theft going as long as the make money.
      Keep it coming Colin

  37. Jerry

    This is for those who took the Red Pill.
    There’s and old saying you’ve probably heard ” follow the money”. Another favorite of mine is ” The Golden Rule- he who has the Gold makes the rule” .
    1. If this article is true, we are about to see a replay of 1929.


    The Oracle of Omaha has inside sources , If he is taking his money out he knows something this way cometh.

    2. Gold is missing.
    – Two months ago the Germans lost their Gold that had been leased it. I shouldn’t say lost, the thieves that took it know where it is.
    – Two weeks ago the same thing Happened to the Saudi Royal family.

    The curtain has been pulled back. The players know they’ve been played by the house, and now the game is about ready to end . I wish you the best.

  38. oldnurse

    I don’t mind people referring to Putin as a real leader as long as we remember he was the head of the KGB. He is a criminal mastermind and surely not someone we should admire or emulate.

    • Galaxy 500

      I don’t buy that Putin was a criminal just for being in the KGB unless you would extend criminality to all government officials. We currently have a President that is violating his oath of office and the US Constitution. He is murdering US citizens by Presidential decree without a trial merely by claiming they are conspiring against the USA. When asked why they killed a sixteen year-old by drone, Jay Carney replied he should have had a better father. So let me get this straight, you murder a sixteen year-old in a separate action than his father merely because of who his father was? And the kid was a US citizen?
      Please explain how Putin’s criminality is even close to what we have?

    • 8Ball

      And we should admire who… the pack of globalist sockpuppets that are presently running America?

      I saw an article that referred to Putin as being a globalist pawn also. Your statement: “He is a criminal mastermind…” addresses that. He is clever enough to let them think that he is in their pocket so we shall see how this plays out.

      Kerry says Monday is D-Day and General Dempsey is ready to roll… May You Live in Interesting Times.

  39. Geo. T (Formerly George)

    And these are the people that are in charge?

  40. Geo. T (Formerly George)

    I just need to stop reading the news and start taking what Arizona is on.


  41. John M.

    Since I can’t fiddle while America is burning, might as well take a moment for a laugh.
    It would appear that Americans would be much better off if we could trade President Obama for Mr. Putin. Our man is a sock puppet, and Mr. Putin might be the guy in charge who is rational and calling the shots for the best interests of Russia. We might also consider trading our crumbling dollars for rubles, but I still think I would prefer gold which Russia and China are also acquiring and physically holding in their own countries.
    Not sure which countries currently offer the most freedom to its people, but Russia does have vodka and vast energy resources which might be much better than paper money and anything we have. Not so funny I suppose.

  42. Calgirl

    I wuld love for you to interview Dr. Ben Carson. He has many great ideas, although not necessarily directly related to economics. Maybe you could ask him to focus on the economic aspect. He is a great leader, thinker, and not afraid to speak the truth. Our contry needs men like him urgently.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      I’d love to see Dr. Carson, too! He has a plan and real world experience as opposed to Obama or Hillary. He might be a little short on international experience again, considering where we are now, I don’t think it matters. Dr. Carson is a man of principle and I’ll vote for him if he runs. Go to RunBenRun.com and sign the petition.

  43. WD Deni

    Greg, I am a cold war baby. I remeber all the “posturing” that the US and USSR did to each other. We have seen Cuban missile crisis Afghan invasion Berlin etc..
    I remeber a few fallout drills etc.

    Why is the current Ukraine situation so different, I mean it seems like its just about posturing all over again right? Why is this one so important?

    Thanks as always!

  44. Dwain

    Great interview Greg. Dr. Roberts points out how US media is more manipulative than Nazi Germanys. I totally agree. Those spewing dragons make it possible for the beast to carry out his sinister schemes. Somehow, someway we need to counter its lies with compatible ferocity. You are doing a good job, but as a whole, the passion and numbers required to turn the tide is lacking. This begs the question, how do we reach and impassion adequate numbers to stop the onslaught? Borrow from Obamas community organizing playbook?

    We allow our wills to be circumscribed. We cower in corners at the hint of being labeled prejudicial. Stigmatization and censorship of lawless behavior is psychologically demonized by media, allowing sociopaths free reign.

    Freedom and peace are on the line. Think on this. How would revolutionaries react to modern government? Its become a regime far worse than what they died for to overthrow. In this context, even the best of us have become complacent. If we can’t muster the creativity and courage those pioneering hero’s exemplified to resist tyranny, I see little hope.

    • Greg Hunter

      The best hope is to prepare and get as many others as possible to get ready.

      • Diane Ryan

        Greg, and that is exactly why we visit your site every day. Truth is a blessing.

  45. Liquid Motion

    Interesting that China is now weighing in.
    (wants to protect its agricultural interests in the Ukraine….????).

    • Galaxy 500

      Interesting article. If Putin pulls it off I look for China to take some islands from the Philippines and Japan.

  46. smaulgld

    Guest Suggestions
    Has David Stockman ever been on?
    Mike Maloney (goldsilver.com)
    Chris Duane (silver shield) who was on a long time ago.
    James Turk from Gold Money
    Mark Byrne of Goldcore
    Nigel Farage-Leader of UK independence party is really engaging.
    Jan Helfeld-master of the Socratic dialogue interview
    Brian Sussman- SF Talk show host in the belly of the progressive beast
    Michael Pento
    Someone from the opposing point of view that you could sort of debate by asking questions to justify their positions?
    Isn’t James Rickards coming on soon to plug his book?

    • lastmanstanding

      You left out Steve St. Angelo of the srsroccoreport.

      Everyone in the US is dependent on fossil fuel. Soon, the cost will be forced to rise…beyond your wildest imagination. Ladies and gentlemen, while we have been “discussing” all of this other stuff, the easy oil has disappeared…just like the easy silver, gold, coal, etc.

      For God sakes, look at the amount of fuel/energy it takes to get more of the above.

      Globalism was set up by a few, to be built and paid for by the masses, for the use of a few. Argue that point all you want but in the end, our kids and grandkids will lose. Our system was set up to get the best and brightest that the world has to offer to build the worlds infrastructure asap… then toss us.

      Live local…be succinct. (I’m trying)…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Galaxy 500

        We still have plenty of reasonably easy coal, its just not as clean as the O man wants.

        • lastmanstanding

          G 500. Part of my comment that I deleted to keep things short was that some of the coal (that you are talking about) goes to China.

          Coal from eastern Montana and Wyoming is being shipped to Seattle/Tacoma the loaded onto ships to China. A friend of mine works in this area for months at a time. He has seen the trains being loaded and people are bitching from Wyoming to Seattle about it.

          Four (4) trains per day. 120-150 cars per train. Avg. 110-120 tons per car.

          Quick math (on the low side) 13,200 tons per train.
          53,000 tons per day. Not to mention the use of fuel for the whole wonderful deal.

          The whole thing sucks and is very short-sighted for those of us in the US who care about our country.

  47. Joanna

    I was so happy to see this interview with Mr. Roberts when I logged on this morning! I read all of his article on his website. I have so much respect for him!
    Question. I saw a previous post from a reader (I believe it was on the Jim Willie interview) that you were lining up an interview with John Perkins. I was very excited when I saw that, because the key for people to fully understand what our Government is doing and has been doing for years, is to hear John Perkins story! Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.
    Just like all history, you have to peer into the paste to understand the present. Knowing his story will make everything that Mr. Roberts and Dr. Willie is saying make perfect sense! It’s like a puzzle. The pieces will fit perfectly!
    Can’t thank you enough Greg for your hard word and amazing guest!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am working on getting Mr. Perkins. I have had several requests fro him and I think he would be good! Thank you.

  48. Frank Rizzo

    With all the dead bankers why would somebody as credentialed as Dr. Roberts come out against the establishment?

    • lastmanstanding

      It is a roll of the dice Frank…hats off to Dr. Craig for his bravery and candor.

  49. Tigrr

    PROOF: Hacked U.S. State Dept. E-mail Shows U.S. Ordering Terrorist Attacks in Ukraine to “frame-up” Russia and provide excuse for War!

  50. Coalburner9

    That was a great interview. As I thought it through and read the comments, I think he meant that Obama cannot control the Neocons in his administration same as Bush could not. He surely does not mean that Obama, Kerry and Whats his face Sec Defense are neo’s, they are just weak stuges even though they wouldn’t not attack Syria. I have to say I am happy they are spineless. Who wants the spineless leading us to war.
    The second big thing that got my attention was the remarks that for five years we have been spending out what wealth we have, no jobs or income on that wealth. Even if we have figured out a way to make some gains the remark still rang true, true , true to me. Every year less people working and less spending. More people running out of money. More falling back to there meager welfare handouts. This is a big deal because it amounts to the bleeding out of the Middle Class as many have said. It is actually happening. People have to wake up and figure out how they are going to protect themselves when their money is gone. The 50 % who pay no taxes , pay none for a reason and don’t notice much difference. The ten percent fighting to carry the country have their heads down and don’t see the wreck coming. The other 39 are treading water and cannot look up either. Our Washington leadership is totally useless, the longer they have been there the more certain that they got us into this mess.
    The big number three is how are we going to save our country? Is he saying it is lost?

  51. George Silver

    Great Interview Greg.
    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the very best.

    What unsettles my mind is how Dr. Paul is able to say what he does.
    Many people have succumbed to a “sticky-end” for saying much less.

    It raises questions.

    • Greg Hunter

      George Silver,
      I’d just call him a great American and forget the questions.

  52. Michael

    A neoconservative (also spelled “neo-conservative”; colloquially, neocon) in American politics is someone presented as a conservative but who actually favors big government, interventionalism, and a hostility to religion in politics and government. The word means “newly conservative,” and thus formerly liberal. A neocon is a RINO Backer, and like RINOs does not accept most of the important principles in the Republican Party platform. Neocons do not participate in the March for Life, stand up for traditional marriage, or advocate other conservative social values. Neocons support attacking and even overthrowing foreign governments, despite how that often results in more persecution of Christians. Some neocons (like Dick Cheney) have profited immensely from the military-industrial complex

    • Galaxy 500

      Michelle Obama’s college roommate getting the Obamacare website wasn’t cronyism? At least Cheney knew how to use a shotgun as he shot one of his friends. I bet Michelle doesn’t know anything about websites.

  53. Craig Z

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve watched this interview, as I do most of your interviews, a few times now and the only thing I know is that PCR is the smartest guy in the room! You gave him lots of room to elaborate and he was able to definitively paint the REAL picture of what’s going on. This country is nothing more than a bunch of neocons thumping the war drums and waiting for the Rapture! And the rest of us get to watch the disaster!

  54. WD Deni

    Greg, What is so vital about the Ukraine situation?

    1) They have Crimea
    2) We have seen this dance before
    3) We and they know that this will happen
    4) The area is mostly Russian anyway
    5) We did nothing when Georgia was invaded
    6) Isn’t this just a lot of posturing

    Why is it so different this time?


    • Greg Hunter

      Russia will not back down as this is a bona fide security threat on its border. They have nuclear weapons and will use them if they have to. Very, Very dangerous. That sais, the economic war that could be started could be explosive. Russia could and probably will demand payment for oil and gas in gold. I would suspect that would not be very good for the USD. China is backing Russia and that spells big trouble on a financial front the finds the EU and America very weak.

      • Galaxy 500

        if the Russians demand gold or silver as payment then the entire world of oil producers would follow suit. Does anyone think China would like that? They are a net importer of oil. I know that we wouldn’t like it very much either.

        • Geo. T (Formerly George)

          Greg addressed that angle in weekly news wrap up saying they could afford to take currency from friends and gold from the west

  55. Jerry

    Heads up people.
    The dollar is in free fall today. I’m not predicting anything but if this continues its going to crash. See for yourself.

    The Fed can only keep their finger in this dike for so long. If you’re not taking this serious and preparing, its already to late. Greg put up this site as a warning, not just entertainment.

  56. Stephen

    Does it not make sense to attack the root of the problem together?

    Power of the “Common Law” Grand Jury – In a stunning 6 to 3 decision Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority, confirmed that the American grand jury is neither part of the judicial, executive nor legislative branches of government, but instead belongs to the people. It is in effect a fourth branch of government “governed” and administered to directly by and on behalf of the American people, and its authority emanates from the Bill of Rights, see United States -v- Williams.

    http //www.nationallibertyalliance.org

    John Darash – Founders interview



    Florida looks like it will be second in the nation to be fully constituted.

    All of the original 13 colonies will be fully constituted.

    Then on to the rest of the 3142 counties nationwide.

    Connecticut is scheduled for next Saturday 3/15 at 10am in Hartford.
    Rhode Island is scheduled for next Saturday 3/15 at 2pm in East Providence

  57. Nichole

    Listening to this interview was painful. I am only 29 and I feel this country is so off track that I bear few skills to play this high stakes political game to make change. Should I not just move? What can younger generations do?

    Our constitutional rights are almost lost. How do we revive them? Go back to the farms? Resist corporate America? Stop using big banks? Stop using dollars? Fire local leaders that do not listen to our needs? The current mold is not working for the majority. The Democratic party cannot change this only unaffiliated people with common sense can.

    We know where are the money is going…it is time we start producing again and supporting our own merchant circles. We know what the problem is. Lets start focusing on the solution.

  58. Geo. T (Formerly George)

    Its 4:01 EST and the DOW is down 230.7 And there are several talking heads are saying don’t sell now or you’ll lose a lot. My feelings are that if you are in, get out now or you will lose it all or at least enough as to not matter. I’ll have to check to see if Gregory Manirino’s advise is in the black

  59. Geo. T (Formerly George)

    And GOLD is unchanged??? Copper is down a seventh year to date. And Silver is down???
    The thieves are going to steal every penny they can.

  60. Geo. T (Formerly George)

    Does anyone think that Putin is scared?
    Here is what concerns me:
    33% of all new car loans have a term of 72 months or longer???? We did a 4 year term on our last car for flexibility and paid it off it less than three. It appears that we are extending credit to people that cant afford what they are buying.

  61. Linda Majors

    Greg, I’m not an expert in geopolitics, nor do I have a PhD; however, I am a college grad and capable of critical thinking. In my opinion, too many people are busy trashing America instead of doing what we can to sustain this great country.

    I was totally against going into Afghanistan and then into Iraq from the very beginning. It appeared that it was more of an ego thing for George Bush than anything else. Anyone in the CIA or Special Forces could have easily taken out Osama Bin Laden. We didn’t need to go to war to do that. Our young. brave military should never be placed in harm’s way without a very good reason. I don’t believe any of our soldiers have a clue why they’re over there in Afghanistan. With the idiotic rules of engagement, they’re not even allowed to win a war. It must be extremely demoralizing. Perhaps they’re there to guard the poppy fields.

    I’m not thrilled with the EU. However, I would rather live in America or in Europe than in Russia or China, or all those countries in between. If we can hang on until Obama leaves office and hopefully elect someone who is a strong, intelligent, conservative individual who protects the Constitution, then I believe America will survive.

    If another weak, unqualified individual like Barack Obama, who doesn’t even like America or what she stands for, is elected, then America is doomed to limp along much as we’re doing now until China and Russia nuke us. Perhaps that is the justification for the “hawks” wanting to bomb Russia now, instead of waiting for Russia to bomb us. However, I believe if we’re going to bomb Russia, we may as well take out China at the same time. (China is not our friend.) It is my understanding that we now have the weapons to wipe out every country on earth. When I worked in the aerospace industry, I was advised that American defense contractors have developed weapons “out of this world.”

    I believe eventually there will be a nuclear WWIII, with America fighting China and Russia. After the war, those of us who are left will gravitate to our own “tribes,” and ignore the Federal government and politicians. They will no longer have the power to dictate to us and rob our money, freedom and rights. Americans will get back to basics and return to the principles upon which our country was founded. (Just my opinion.)

    It would be helpful if the critics offered some sound solutions to the myriad of problems which our nation faces, along with the criticisms.

    • Jerry

      Its going to take a lot more than elections to save this country now. A debt bubble is getting ready to burst, and no politician can stop it.

    • Liquid Motion

      If you think another President will save the nation, then you are missing the target by some 180 degrees. What you cannot see is what you should fear the most. The most corrupt and evil financial, political, legal and corporate systems with Criminals at the helm who thrive on self interest. It is not just America…it is endemic to the whole globe. The disease has spread and the only cure is chaos and destruction.

    • emeniag

      Revelation 11:18 say’s, ‘God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth” So don’t worry your pretty little head, he will take care of any who plan on destruction for this planet, you have my word on it!

  62. Michael

    Any health professional listening to PCR as he speaks with “firsthand knowledge” of the motives and intents of those he says are responsible for this situation, will cringe at his repetitive “chuckles”. Those “chuckles” are seriously out of place (for any sane individual) given the gravity of his own pronounced judgements against them. He is a very sick narcissistic ego-maniac, and one need know nothing of economics to recognize that.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is a nervous laugh because he knows how bad things really are. Cheap short inferring he is not in his right mind. This is the old game of destroy the messenger when you don’t like the message. Are you really a paid troll? You think things are good? Please give us your appraisal of the economic and political landscape of the world today.

      • Michael

        I’ve got the guts to write it, but you don’t have the guts to POST IT.
        I am not a “paid troll” but why don’t you explain to your readers how your own site makes you a profit? What is it YOU’RE SELLING to make an income? Well Greg? Speak up! I already know, but they don’t have a clue. Since you’re so “for the truth” why don’t you speak it, now?
        You really want MY appraisal? Will you POST IT?

        • Greg Hunter

          I sell nothing. In have Google adds and nothing else. How else do you think I can devote myself to this. You are not some kind of internet “freetard” are you? I sense anger–Why? Sure, I asked for your appraisal of the global economic and geopolitical situation as you see it. I won’t post a book, but a nice well written comment that gets to the point is OK with me.

          • Michael

            “Destroy the messenger” is what game you’re playing and doing to me calling me a paid troll (that’s a lie!) and an “internet freetard”. So you’re projecting your own sins on me. So much for you “speaking truth” eh, Greg? You’ve already proven you’re a liar with your comments – just because I don’t flatter you (like most everyone else: sheesh, why don’t you “get a room” with your flatterers) you want to destroy me! And have tried to… heh heh heh!
            Here’s your economic forecast:
            You are going to experience first hand all the gloom and doom you lead others to focus on and believe in, (and bring to pass into reality through FEAR) but in addition to that, you shall be held accountable to God Almighty for what you have done to them, your readers who follow YOU into your own delusions.

            • Greg Hunter

              I know who you are. You have posted here in the past under the name “Michael the Marine.” I do not find what you say to me Christ-like. You use God’s word to attack me and not enlighten me with his word. That said, I do not think God is going to punish me for warning the world of a coming calamity. I try to speak the truth and truth is light and God is light. I feel what I am doing is may calling. You ask me if I am making money. I make a fraction of what I made as a network correspondent and I have many expenses for things like security of this site. I went online in 2009 and funded this site with my savings. I just started turning a small profit. I am certainly not getting rich, but I feel this is the most important work I have ever done. Again, I feel strongly it is my calling, and yes, I believe in God and Christ his Son. This is why I allow all sorts of comments that quote the Bible and have religious messages. I think God is very important and his Son will ultimately have to return and straighten this enormous mess out. Man will not be able to fix it this time. Let’s make this the very last exchange between us. Please stop coming here. I do not wish you any harm and have no ill will towards you.

          • Dan

            This guy’s not even worth the energy to respond to, but kudos to you Greg for posting his comments (I would not have). EXCELLENT interview with PCR. Keep up the good work & THANK YOU!

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Dan. I have ho hard feelings for Michael. We simply disagree.

        • Jerry

          One question. What medications are you on? You need to see your Doctor. Its not working

        • Geo. T (Formerly George)

          Explain why you hide your identity as owner of website oneshepard.org . Are you ashamed of what you are doing? You speak of being a Godly man but your actions to the contrary speak much louder than your words. Don’t go away mad, just go away

        • Galaxy 500

          How much do you make selling snake oil or trolling Michael?

        • Galaxy 500

          M Ikea
          You wrote: “you want to destroy me! And have tried to… heh heh heh!”
          Dude, scary. Greg, likely feels sorry for you.

    • emeniag

      1.Why do the nations rebel?
      Why the countries devising plots that will fail?
      2.The kings of the earth form a united front:
      the rulers collaborate
      against the Lord and his anointed king.
      3. They say, “Lets tear off the shackles they’ve put on us!
      Lets free ourselves from their ropes!”
      4. The one enthroned in heaven (laughs in disgust);
      the Lord taunts them.
      5. Then he angrily speaks to them
      and terrifies them in his rage, saying,
      6.”I myself have Installed my king
      on Zion, my holy hill.”
      7. The king says, “I will give you the nations as your inheritance,
      the ends of the earth as your personal property.
      9. You will break them with an iron scepter;
      you will smash them like a potter”s jar!`”
      10. So now, you kings, do what is wise;
      you rulers of the earth, submit to correction!
      11. Serve the Lord in fear!
      Repent in terror!
      12. Give sincere homage!
      Otherwise he will be angry,
      and you will die because of your behavior,
      when his anger quickly ignites.
      How blessed are all who take shelter in him!
      Psalm 2, NET Bible
      Mike, notice how God laughs in disgust? Don’t you think PCR., does the same. I mean we all have to chuckle as much as we can to keep our sanity in an insane world.
      And did you know Jah is “the happy God”?
      Now that’s a startling revelation, isn’t it?
      Startling but true!
      “The glorious good news of the happy god”
      1 timothy 1:11
      ” You’ve got to laugh a little, cry a little, until the clouds roll by ah little, That’s the story of, That’s the glory of love! Dean Martin

  63. Mwa

    FACT of the matter is:
    Matthew 4:8-10
    8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

    10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’

    Accordingly – who gives dominion to Kings?!


    Are we living in an illusion (MATRIX)?! Are the Worlds Kings on the same team?!
    May be it’s just them against us?!



    • Michael

      The “hidden hand” theories abound, but as yet have not hit pay dirt. They all hearken back to Moses, when God told Moses to place his hand into his bosom then remove it… as a sign to the (then) world ruler “Pharaoh”.

      Read about it in Exodus 4.

      Exodus 4:6
      And the Lord said furthermore unto him, Put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow.

      The True “hidden Hand” that guides all things in heaven and on earth is the Spirit of God, and if you doubt that I speak truth, explain Moses statement in Deuteronomy 29:1-6

      6: Ye have not eaten bread, neither have ye drunk wine or strong drink: that ye might know that I am the Lord your God.

      Moses’ relationship with God is far beyond what any man can even comprehend. And He (God) is the One guiding all things in this world and in the One to come. You should take His Word very seriously.

  64. Mwa

    Note the picture behind PCR!
    What’s that about?!


    • Mwa

      I fail to see your point!
      So you’re saying that Napoleon, Stalin, Pike, Mussolini, Marx et al were upstanding/Godly men like Moses, LOL?!

      Those that do not know, get, understand and/or believe what they are seeing – when every World Tyrant that has ever lived has his hand in his coat or that every infamous Historical Figure who had his Hand in his Coat had ties and major involvement with some Profoundly Nefarious and Bloody event -such as the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, American Revolution and Civil War etc. etc. etc. etc. —- just obviously didn’t get Paul’s Word’s to the Ephesians:
      12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

      Mystery Babylon is Ruled by the Occult!!! And some very DARK and SHADOWY Figures!!!

      Two Tyrants with Hands in their Coats could be Coincidence!!! 30 of them = Statistical Impossibility/No Accident!!!

  65. Mwa



  66. Mwa

    My Bad!
    It’s all just 1 big coincidence!


    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      Is this Mike the Marine too?

      • Greg Hunter

        Maybe? I’ll keep and eye on Mwa. Thank you.

      • Mwa

        “Is this Mike the Marine too?”

        No!!! But I’m not afraid to call people out!!!
        Baruch Atta Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha-Olam!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          “Blessed are You, LORD, our God, sovereign of the universe, who creates the fruit of the vine.” If you want to “call people out” please be polite and civil.

          • Jus'Say'n

            That’s a Hard One (Polite and Civil) for “Mwa” Greg!!! Been HIT one to many times (While Being Polite and Civil!!! :)).
            But – I sense you’re a really good dude!!! So – I’ll try!!!
            As Jesus said of Nathaniel?! “Here is a true Israelite, in whom there is nothing false”. I sense this in your comments! Only you (Apart from G-d) know if I’m wrong!!!
            Note “Jus’Say’n’s” comment about “Titanic” being a possible allegory for America’s (Babylon’s) destiny?! Think you’ll undestand/get the depth of it.

  67. The Heart

    Here is a story that pretty much lays it all out on the line, Greg.
    Expond on this reporting.

    Coups, False Flags, Covert Wars, Color Revolutions: Ukraine and America’s Neocolonial Adventure:

    A side note: join RBN!
    You would make a great radio host.
    A week night or weekend spot will make you a star.

  68. The Heart

    Here is a story that pretty much lays it all out on the line, Greg.
    Expound on this reporting.

    Coups, False Flags, Covert Wars, Color Revolutions: Ukraine and America’s Neocolonial Adventure:

    A side note: join RBN!
    You would make a great radio host.
    A week night or weekend spot will make you a star.

  69. Angie

    “Putin emerging as the leader of the free world!?!?” WTH!!!! As for the neocons always wanting to go to war is – BS! The last time we went to war to win was WWll. All of these messed rules of engagement are killing us – literally.

    BTW his phony laugh is annoying.

    Something else is going on here and to say that it is all the “evil Americans” is a huge miss.

  70. Jim

    Thank you Greg. A truly insightful interview. So many sad truths. I’m also sad that this kind of thing is leaking into Canada and its politics. Harper seems to have trained under Bush.

  71. Spartacus

    US, is not really the US, its an extension of the British Empire, through Wall street power house controlled by London, There were time when US had control of its destiny – times of Washington, lincon, FDR, JFK and a few others note: alot of these Great men were assassinated for this opposition to imperialist and their moves for the progression of mankind through increased productivity.
    In order to remove the Fascists, Obama needs to be impeached and removed, wall street shut down, new financial system of Credit created, massive public job creation through amazing projects like NAWAPA – larouchepac.com/nawapaxxi‎ .

    Russia, China is not the enemy, they want progression of humankind, the destruction is from within the US, these vile creatures, Obama, Nuland, Bush’s, Cheneys and outside Queen and her inbred Oligarchys. Putin is the true opposition to NWO and we should not be fooled by manipulated media and (BS) news, in fact always question what is reported, find valid sources on internet sites, do your own research, we really are in a ‘matrix’ of deceit and lies and if feels good to get unplugged.

  72. Jim Yost

    Please, don’t leg Greg have any more coffee, it makes him talk waaaaaay too much (as he keeps on interrupting Dr. Roberts).

  73. Shedlock

    (1) Send every Politician and Pundit that urges war ….. to the Front lines
    (2) Take the profit out of WAR PROFITEERING. TAX the WAR PROFITEERS 90% to PAY for their war.

  74. Archibald

    ALL Politicians and Pundits that call for war must be SENT to said war.
    Check the military history of all the neoCOWARDS who never wore the American uniform, but now PERSONALLY PROFIT by urging for war that they do NOT intend to fight. Such filth should be put in the Front Lines for the duration.
    WAR PROFITEERS should be HUNG.

  75. Steve

    At 3:10 he says that Samantha Power is a “neo-Con” and that she is married to a “neo-Con.” WRONG!!!!! She and her husband, Cass Sunstein, are Democrats and both VERY liberal. Not at all what I would describe as a couple of “neo-Cons.” Victoria Nuland maybe. Her husband, Robert Kagan is a Republican, and has been an adviser to several Republicans and was a foreign policy adviser to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State; he is also a member of the “liberal-centrist” or “centrist” Brookings Institute which has liberal and conservative members; and he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which also has both liberal and conservative memebers. I’ll have to see what else is on the rest of the video.

  76. john

    Yes the above is right. The US is an extension of the British Empire, through Wall street A puppet country with puppets in power who are there to only advance n agenda, half the time they are unaware. When you have most of the people dumbed down, it is easy to fool them, they do not live in the land of the free, instead in an evil warmongering country. Who sends their young people to their deaths. Now they are beating the war drums again trying to blame Russia. If the people were not so brainwashed, and woke up they could stop it. and put all of those in power in prison where they belong. But it has already been for told that the Bear, Eagle and The Dragon would unite in a terrible battle. The Bear and the Eagle would defeat the Dragon. With the Dragon’s power to day this is China, I would not be surprised if it went the other way and the US is totally wiped out, for in the future as for told there e will be no USA only scattered Islands and a part of the country left. The whole world knows that many lies come out of the US and we are sick of hearing it, and yes they are controlled by their puppet masters in the UK.

  77. rose

    American hegemony? with Obama’s warrantless destruction of the promised plan for missile defense systems for the Poles and the Czechs…from the beginning of his administration with nothing even promised in return?…..and Germany having given Putin their promise of nothing more than humanitarian assistance for the Ukraine demonstrates the feckless abilities of NATO in the present. And the power of the neocons who control things? what power when no one will even just arm those begging for at least that kind of assistance from their “friends” to defend themselves? More like real fear of today’s advancing and willing thugs and their control over economies and energy. Nothing shows any basis for such reasoning beyond an attempt to project one’s own desires upon the “big bad” scapegoats.

  78. Alex

    P.S. You calling US coverage of the Russian Ukrainian conflict – propaganda? You and your body are Putin’s propaganda agent! Unbelievable B.S. I wish US authorities deal with both of you exactly the same way Putin (which you adore so much) deals with his political opponents in Russia. In case you didn’t know, he just either putting them to jail and/or shooting them on a street around the corner from the Red Square. While I do agree with some of your statements on US economy, everything you said about Russia and Ukraine is nothing but outrages lie and Putin’s propaganda!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I put up many views my friend and have said many times that there could never be a Russian version of USAWatchdog.com because if you criticize Russia or Putin you’d be jailed or shot. We (still) have the 1st Amendment here–embrace it. Thank you for your comment.

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