Unprecedented Money Printing Injected into Economy-Fabian Calvo

Fabian CalvoBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Real estate expert Fabian Calvo says forget about the Fed’s recent announcement that it was ending its QE, or money printing program. Calvo contends, “Anyone who thinks the Fed is not somehow fueling the money printing through currency swaps taking place in Japan or in Europe right now is just fooling themselves.  This economy has not gotten any better. The only thing that’s changed is the unprecedented scale of the money printing that is being injected into the economy.”   

So, why is the U.S. dollar gaining in value against other currencies?  Calvo says, “I actually think the dollar rising is another huge manipulation forward, and I think it is a last ditch effort by the Fed to keep the dollar as the world reserve currency.  So, that way, you will have a lot of people with this race towards the bottom which will continue to devalue their currency in order to make their exports cheaper.  Ultimately, this ends really, really badly.  I don’t really believe this so-called bull run in the dollar is anything but fabricated, just like the rise in stocks or the rise in real estate prices.  I think Japan unveiled, just last week, historic quantitative easing. . . . It’s unprecedented in the history of modern economics.  Japan will go down as well as all of these other currencies that are being printed into nonexistence.”

As far as recent bad news coming from the U.S. housing market and recession fears in Europe, Calvo says, “I think this is part of the conditioning and setting the precedent for the Fed to continue to inject liquidity around the world, particularly in the West.” Calvo, whose company buys and sells $100 million in real estate annually, goes on to predict, “I think when the next crash happens, it’s not just going to be the stock market or the bond market that’s going to be on the line. It’s literally going to be the world reserve currency on the line.  That’s what I talk about in my book ‘The Global Economic Reset.’ The West and the western banking systems are doing everything they can, and they know that event is coming.  They are doing everything they can to control it before it becomes completely unraveled.”

Calvo also says, “Look at the string of bankers who have been suicided. Just this last month, we had two more, and a lot of them dealing with derivatives and regulations and regulatory departments.  I have no doubt that the system is so freaked out right now about there being an economic Edward Snowden, or about information getting out that, without a doubt, will prove that this economy is a complete Ponzi scheme or a complete phony.  So, they are killing people who potentially pose a threat to the banking system.  That shows you how desperate these people are, but it also shows you what is actually on the line.  We are talking about a fundamental change of the western banking system or the western economy like we’ve never seen in thousands of years.  I think that is coming sooner than later.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the founder of TheNoteHouse.us. 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Calvo also hosts a constitutional and information website called Fabial4Liberty.com. There is lots of good free information and analysis there.  If you would like to get a copy of Calvo’s new book “The Global Economic Reset” please click here.

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  1. Jeff

    Calvo gets it. Period…….. Does his description of our collapsing financial system sound like something any country (read Russia) would chose to align with ? ………Then this caps it…… ” Anyone who thinks the Fed is not somehow fueling the money printing through currency swaps taking place in Japan or in Europe right now is just fooling themselves.” Everything I’ve said for months regarding how we are financing our debt. We are broke, lying and deceiving the public about everything. A complicit MSM has failed the public and sold their souls.

    • allen ols

      thats beautiful, tks

  2. allen ols



    ‘stolen from u , by me, fair and square’!

    I like fabian, tks good interview.

  3. Dwain Decell


    I’m sure grave digging and funeral businesses will boom after the bust. Liqour shops, bars and strip centers may also flourish. Who knows, soylent green type businesses may take off.

    Our economy is dependent on legalized theft- taxes, printing, insurance and debt.
    When the dollar collapses, QE and taxes will cease to exist right? Without these, can our economy exist? Where will funds come from to support government, health care and education? Where will money come for RE loans? How will insurance companies collect premiums? How do finance companies survive when there are no tax returns to prepare or clients to invest for?

    I like Jim Rogers advice. We better learn to farm and ranch. The only problem with this will be locating and buying fuel to run machinery.

    Sorry for being so blunt, but reality is sometimes a bitch.

    • JC Davis

      Dwain. I could not agree with you more. To me the dirt will be of more value then paper money.

    • Anne Elliott

      What makes me sick about the Fed using/destroying other currencies to prop the US dollar up is how many other lives across the sea we are negatively affecting. We’re not just killing ourselves with our bad policies. We’re taking much of the world, and many of our allies down with us.

      • Anne Elliott

        I meant this reply to go below Jeff’s post above – sorry.

    • Anne Elliott

      Horses can be bought cheap right now, they provide fertilizer, transportation, can pull a plow, and if they break down they can be eaten. I really hope it doesn’t get that bad, but in this world right now, one never knows. I think a better route would be a very large garden, some chickens for eggs and meat, a non-electric water distiller, and a few breeding goats.

    • allen ols

      D D. exactamento!! tks

    • e sutton

      Nice to hear a message that isn’t completely doom and gloom. 🙂

    • Paul from Indiana

      Dwain, I’m sure your question is rhetorical, but the government will do whatever is necessary to maintain control. Bail-in and confiscation are the logical result of or accompaniment to the “crash” of the dollar. No asset, property, or title to same will be respected in such a scenario, in my opinion. May it never come to such a pass, but what if it does? Best always. PM

    • Peter

      Dwain – if anyone’s really serious about farming, fuel needs can be avoided by using animals (i.e. Ox or horse) as a tractor replacement. I have read about a movement in some farms to go in that direction. As long as you have pastures and some winter forage – you have fuel for the animals. Ox have about a 10 year productive cycle which is about the same as a tractor. One disadvantage is that they are not as fast but in the event of a collapse, life most likely will slow down considerably anyway. 🙂

      • Jim

        Amish friend of mine farmed 160 acres with draft horses but had a skid loader and a tractor to do some things. Took about a third of the farm to support the horses. This guy is a go getter! The cliche is true. Nobody rides for free. I would rathe buy fuel unless we go back to preindustrial conditions.

  4. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Instead of crony oligarch, crony capitalist we should call the so called elite progressive fascist.

    Just my 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • allen ols



    • Michael Harvey

      I am currently reading James Rickards book the ‘Death of Money’ and he sums it up quite well. When the next big crash happens (and it will) who will bail out the Federal Reserve.
      On October 10th there was a high powered meeting with the IMF in Washington to discuss what happens to World currencies when the next crash takes place.
      The bail out will come in the form of the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), issued by the IMF (according to Jim Rickards), this will be the new reserve currency.
      The IMF’s balance sheet is only leveraged 3:1 against the Feds balance sheet leveraging of 77:1.
      China does not have the correct mechanisms in place to become the Worlds reserve currency.
      I live in Ireland and my daughter lives in Colorado and I have seen the excesses that have been going on for years. The sponsoring of this greed is through the bankrupt idea of printing money i.e. governmental policies of QE which is slowly killing society as we know it and creating wars.
      Greg Hunter does a first class job with his choice of guests- the subsequent comments from his audience lead me to believe “A THOUSAND FRENCHMEN CANNOT BE WRONG”.
      All I can say

      • Oracle 911

        The Chinese themselves don’t have the power to establish a single world reserve and trade currency, probably they don’t even want that (they see the adverse effects of this move on the USA). But what about the BRICS?
        They have political and economical power, and they are offering a fairer system. So the SDR Ponzi, which is repainted US$ Ponzi wont be established in the world except the de facto bankrupt west.

        Another reason why another single world country tied reserve currency wont be established is the world outlook of Russian and Chinese leadership. Simply put the US imperialistic and hegemonic model for them is outdated and they know its dangers for they own population and for their country on the long run. Well about the adverse effects talked a lot of time George Carlin (frankly I cant laugh on his words, to much truth in it):

        My 2 cents
        Oracle 911

        • Oracle 911

          Forgot ad 2 things:
          1st Why people are laughing on Carlins words instead of being outraged? I don’t get it.
          2nd I’m not sure what is the world outlook of the Russian and Chinese leadership, which is fairly different of the Western leadership. But I’m sure what is the western world outlook is, it is egoistical mob-elitist outlook, which means 1 set of knowledge and education for the elites (the owners and who really run the country) and other set for the rest (most of the politicians can be included here, although they egos says otherwise). Although they say otherwise, but it is a cast system.

          Another my 2 cents
          Oracle 911

  5. bob

    thumbs up for me. i like the fact that he actually put in his comments that for the smart and thinking you can still make it through all this. i would like to see manufacturing make a come back here though. we can’t all be entrepreneurs or engineers. who would build it, who would take out trash or clean the toilets or truck it etc. etc. which i see a huge change in the what calvo is saying with some of his comments. warehouses, less jobs and order off line. this a trend that is like a snow ball about the size of a soft ball. it won’t be too long, a basketball, until big stores are closing which leads to more unemployment.
    whoever is making the decisions here is taking this country down. this does’nt take a genius to see this

    • Winston Smith

      Rickards is trying to plant this seed because SDR would be controlled by the U.S. hegemon and he knows it. He’s nothing more than a stooge for the Pentagon and / TBTF / TBTJ establishments

      • jharry

        If we change our monetary system, most of our problems would be solved. Without the Fed, most people would get a substantial raise, and there would be no national debt.

        If we went to the Owens Social Credit paradigm, we would even get a better deal.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are correct but the transition is going to be very harsh and quite deadly for many in America and around the world.

  6. Mike M

    I am truly amazed how people like Calvo and others think buying and holding the right assets in the US is the answer when the next collapse occurs. You can also forget the nonsense about Americans waking up in time to change what is going to happen. That day has long past and the day of reckoning is what lies ahead.

    I would think by now more people would be aware that when the SHTF it is not going to be just another big bump in the road where things eventually get back to normal. In fact, I believe within 10 years there will not even be a USA.

    I expect to see the country broken into different pieces akin to what happened to the Soviet Union in 1991 only with greater decimation and suffering than even the Soviets had to endure. What will be left will not be any place you will want to be.

    But there is one answer as to what to do. Get the hell out of the country while there is still time like I did (Dr. Jim Willie, Marc Faber and Jim Rogers are among this group to mention a few others).

    Remember, it didn’t make any difference if you were rich or poor when the Titanic hit the iceberg. If you didn’t make it to a lifeboat in time your fate was sealed. There is no safe haven on a sinking ship and the ship you are all on is definitely going down.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike M,
      You said, “Remember, it didn’t make any difference if you were rich or poor when the Titanic hit the iceberg.” This is totally false. The rich faired far better than the folks down in steerage. This is an historical fact. People can help themselves, and at the very least soften the blow. I feel your frustration, and I thank you for your passion and comment.

      • Mike M

        Greg. you need to reread what I said in total as you are misconstruing the point I was making.

        I said and I quote: “If you didn’t make it to a lifeboat in time your fate was sealed. There is no safe haven on a sinking ship…” .

        I didn’t make any claim that an equal percentage or number of rich and poor made it off the doomed Titanic. I simply stated it didn’t make any difference if you were rich or poor if you didn’t make it to a lifeboat.

        So my comment was not false unless you can provide me with some names of the wealthy aboard the Titanic who went down with the ship and survived. Hopefully my point is now clear.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mike M,
          Thank you for clearing that up. I misunderstood your point–sorry.

    • woody188

      I guess I’d rather sit it out here and fight for my liberty with my fellow Americans, than hide some where surrounded by a bunch of foreigners who will blame the white devil next door for their starvation.

      This is a global recession. You’d better have a private army to defend yourself or already be kissing a lot of butt it you intend to be the American Expat that survives the global crash.

  7. vincent_g

    I do remember this from July:
    Real Estate expert Fabian Calvo says boom bust housing crisis is on the way. Calvo explains, “There are a lot of outlier indicators that show the run-up to another big boom in housing prices.

    As I said back then and I say now I can not see this happening.
    We are coming up to the 7th year since the last blowup.

    Prior to 2008 it was 2001 when we had a crash.

    It was housing that was used to give us all the feel good moments prior to 2008.

    That game is over and the new game is about to blow up.

    You can not have two games on at one time!

    What is the new game?

    Could well be the stock market once again as it does seem to be very stretched.
    What will cause it’s demise?

    A wounded animal can get about for quite some time but sooner or later the bleeding will bring it down.

  8. John M

    You asked Fabian what people could do to protect themselves. Have any of your guests talked about using bitcoin as a lifeboat to get across the ocean of QE?

    • JC Davis

      John M There have been many post on Bitcoin. Mostly negative. Seems most believe Bitcoin will be trashed by hackers, government restrictions, or even a emp taking the grid down. In a collapse who knows what is best? Would not hurt to have a little of everything.

    • woody188

      I wouldn’t bet on bitcoin:
      Bitcoin & Beanie Babies: How to Spot a Tech Bubble
      “But there’s one thing I’m convinced is a harbinger: an insane illogical fad. …The earmarks are always novel, collectible, intrinsically worthless, and nuts.”

    • Tommy

      Bitcoin? ROTFLMAO!

  9. art barnes

    Greg, yesterdays election was just another façade of the oligarchy as there wasn’t a dimes bit of difference in either party, not one winning republican last night talked about the deficit; which is really what has destroyed the purchasing power of hard earned working man dollars. Now with the heretic over once again as usual the elite can get back to further killing the empire at home & abroad for the expendable worker bees.

    • Chip

      Not true. Mitch and John put out an article and addressing the debt was one of their goals. Not that they will actually have any significant impact, but you will never hear those words come out of a progressive’s mouth…

  10. Matt Jaymes

    Fabian is clearly a very astute observer, I always enjoy his commentary. That said, I sadly, don’t hold out much hope that the American population will wake up in time to actually effect some positive change; too many video games and too busy “Keeping Up with the Kardashians….” Keep doing what your doing Greg, for as long as there is life, there is hope.

  11. Jerry

    Let me get this straight. We’re going to go from techno world, where 50 million people are supported by the government, to the middle ages, where people will have to fend for themselves to survive, and its going to be business as usual , right? I guess its true, ” in every adversity there’s a seed of equal or greater benefit”. At least that’s how investors look at it, in a normal market situation.

    The problem is this is something else. Its an unprecedented world wide event, that has never happened in the history of the world before. It is so immense that you can’t even begin to wrap your mind around the quadrillions of dollars in toxic debt and derivatives that are set to implode at any time. No one, and I mean no one, can predict how this is going to come out. But you get a pretty good idea when you see DHS buying Billions of dollars worth of hollow point bullets and assault vehicles.

    • allen ols


      PRESICELY SP !!!!

    • 02144pomroy

      Jerry. I don’t get this real estate stuff. So I own 2 triple deckers in Peoria and the unemployment rate is 50%. Good luck in collecting your rent.

    • Charles H.


      Few ‘see the forest from the trees’. I like the way you think; the way you write is near poetry – as rhetoric goes.

  12. vincent_g

    Here’s a funny line for you from the Washington Post
    From the story “Battle for the Senate: How the Gop did it”

    “The president’s approval rating is barely 40 percent,” Krone said. “What else more is there to say? . . . He wasn’t going to play well in North Carolina or Iowa or New Hampshire. I’m sorry. It doesn’t mean that the message was bad, but sometimes the messenger isn’t good.”

    Sometimes the messenger isn’t good???

    Guess he means he wasn’t good because he did his job and delivered the message.
    That’s naughty messenger it’s all his fault.

  13. Sherrie

    Bingo! Great interview, Fabian Calvo makes a lot more sense than most. Thank you for the post Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sherrie for the comment. Mr. Calvo thanks you as well.

  14. Al

    Greg, you seemed a bit tired today. It’s exhausting being a beacon in this World.
    Calvo is one of the best guests you have on, he bring in the Real Estate perspective that we don’t usually get in the blogosphere. Excellent interview.

  15. JimD

    The thing I don’t understand, is why would a whistleblower from the banking sector even matter? Since Snowden arrived on the scene, has there been any meaningful public pressure to eliminate spying? No. The fact that HSBC and other laundered billions for drug cartels and human trafficking rings was well publicized, and had no meaningful effect on their business. The LIBOR scandal was well publicized.

    Anyone in a position to do anything about it (regulators, political leaders, etc.) already knows that the entire financial is rigged, so a public revelation from a whistleblower won’t matter. It is obvious to me that a critical mass within the general public will not snap out of their delusion/ignorance/insouciance/apathy until we are all starving or locked up.

    • brian

      sadly, you may well be correct. Most of us in America are way to dependent or otherwise invested into this criminal enterprise. We sunk into it slowly over our lifetimes and it would be too painful to get out. There of course there is just the reality about human nature–if the status quo is tolerable it is almost impossible to find a reason to go through the trouble of change.

    • Silence is Golden

      Snowden proved that the US was spying on Germany (Merkel) and a host of others.
      Whistle-blowers provide hard evidence….which is paramount and damning. It also inflicts pain in the form of non-financial damage, which has much wider repercussions.
      Understanding full well the corrupted legal system, but those that are privy to the intricate workings of Banks, are dangerous…to the current system if they break rank.
      Think of China or perhaps even Russia having inside knowledge…hmmmmm….how to make a quick 1/4 Quadrillion in a day !! When it comes to prosecution…we don’t need a court to administer a judgement/execution….that will be left to those who have already lost or have something to lose.

  16. brian

    No matter how much the future of the “economy” is discussed it always boils down to the FACT that there is a very deep and very fertile bed of criminality that exists at the core of this nations being and it undeniably influences to the point of compulsion the behavior of an overwhelming majority of those who find any kind of real power in the country. Its not just corrupted “officials” anymore, its the very avenues by which power is attained that have been rerouted in such a way as to ensure only the most rotten, the most grizzled, the most ghastly and most importantly, the most dependent, beholden and obligated of freaks and heartless political warriors find a seat at the table.

    As outsiders we are always left to nervously wonder, to what lengths will this elite, ruling, criminal class go to in order to retain their positions of power…positions they are absolutely addicted to. All one has to do to lose real sleep over this question is consider the lengths a physical substance abuser will go to and the utter forfeiture of reason, sanity and sense they experience in the blind pursuit of what they have come to absolutely crave.

    Its a no brainer, we are going to war and are going to be in a state of war and heightened security as the ratchet of control is clicked down just as surely and relentlessly has it has been for over a decade now. You can bet that whatever it is you and I see, the criminal ruling class has seen it years before….and they are shrewd enough to know how to protect themselves from what is obvious, and do so at the greatest expense possible to all of us.

    • CrazyCanuck

      Hear, hear, well noted. To date myself, I think the ” JR Ewings of the world ” have indeed slipped into all the driver’s seats.

      Upon ratcheting down on gov’t control, I couldn’t agree more. As a guest on our CBC Radio noted about our ( and no doubt the entire Western world’s ) gov’ts , they are quick to send our boys into battle for ‘ democracy ‘, but domestically continue to enact legislation to thwart civil rights and domestic democracy ( such as transparency, oversight etc. ) I would add to this hypocrisy, the “logic” of praising some elections abroad, while condemning other elections it doesn’t like the results to. Just sayin.

  17. Lansing B. White

    I was born in 1950 in Hollywood, I remember it well. Even the Newspaper sales men and magazine stands on the Blvd. The red electric street cars were still there. People wore suits and hats and ties, drove American cars, listened to American radios, American TV’s.. wore clothing “Made in the USA”.
    In the 1970’s and 1980’s, I owned and operated an armed security and patrol company in San Bernardino, Ca. Back then the city was fairly thriving, Norton air force base was in operation, in fact the gate MP’s would let me and my business partner cut through the base in our patrol car to save us time.
    We had loss prevention security on tract homes that were being built for “families” in Moreno Valley, Ca. We had high school football games, the “US” festival where Apple computers first had a showing one year (Timothy Leary asked me directions on his way there). We had security on two bars, one of them a large venue, The Palamino Station in Riverside. We did weddings at local “American Legion” halls.
    But then a friend died of cancer and my business partner slowly died of heart disease, so I drifted off and did other things.
    In 2009, I got a ‘guard card’ again and started doing security work to supplement my Social Security to make ends meet. At first their was only ‘events’ golf tournaments, Coachella Festival, Academy Awards etc., but over the past few years security started picking up, there were more and more full time jobs. I started working part time for 3 companies, so I saw a lot of what was going on, fights in parking lots of drug stores and markets, shoplifters, grab and runs, people on drugs and/or alcohol, more and more homeless.
    Now the past six months, there have been more and more jobs for “Armed” security, armed response patrols (especially in San Bernardino, Ca. where the city is bankrupt and can’t hire more officers the city is contracting security companies).
    Whereas before when I was growing up, there were no security in malls, stores, drug stores or grocery stores or cocktail lounges, there were no advertisements for loss prevention persons in plain clothes. Now there is.
    When I was a kid, I was dropped off at Hollywood Presbyterian Sunday School, I went to YMCA day camps and summer camps (every year there was a drive in the LA Times to fund YMCA summer camps for youths that couldn’t afford them). I was told by the YMCA that we have three parts to us, body-mind-spirt, and that we need to exercise all three. Sadly however, we may have forgotten the most important exercise in this country, the spiritual. In the 1950’s, sometimes I would sit up way past my bed time when my parents were asleep and watch old movies on the big black and white TV we had in our room. At 1 or 2 am when the station would sign off, I remember seeing a public advertisement, the narrator would say, “Worship at a church or synagogue of your choice this weekend”.. Honestly, I though you were supposed to do this, I still do it…
    The past few years, I have gotten more serious, you will see me in the front row of church taking notes…. Recently, I have been searching our family history, I found that someone has the Bible of the family of our great,great,great,great,great grandfather a patriot who served under George Washington, Thomas White, they had a picture of it, it had notes in it from the 1700’s, I thought wow, I’m right on track, over 200 years later and I’m doing the same thing they did.. Have we lost our true America? Can we find it?

    • mark

      Thank you Lansing for taking the time to post your history. I was particularly intrigued when you mentioned that you actually learned about the “3 parts, or tripartite nature of man” at a YMCA in the 50’s. As a young man raised in a solid middle class home back east in the early 60’s and attending Catholic school and church I would say I and my siblings lived pretty comfortable lives with really no want of anything of real significance while growing up. Life was indeed very good for many of us now that I look back on it. Eventually, boredom and an availability of substances which are now considered “safe” for recreational purposes in some parts of the country and a whole culture sliding into the degradation that was exemplified by such events as the “Woodstock” music festival led to a disillusionment with pursuing higher education and resulted in my decision to join the Marine Corps because as a young man headed for no place good I saw this as an opportunity to get out of my present circumstances which seemed to be nothing more than a dead end. It was there I realized that an opportunity had been given to me to “get it right” and start over on a new trajectory with opportunities that literally spanned the globe. In a time of relative peace, (post Viet Nam– prior to Beirut bomb attack), I have to say that my tour in the Marines was indeed a real salvation from my own destructive lifestyle which had become such a frustration to me and it is also where the Lord provided a way for me to hear and receive and believe the clear announcing of the good news of Jesus as the Christ from a fellow Marine out of the book of Romans (Romans road to salvation), a story I was familiar with from my youth as a Catholic except without the understanding that He was RAISED FOR OUR JUSTIFICATION. AMEN! However, in time I met a dear sister (also a Marine) who shared with us this understanding of the tripartite nature of man’s make-up as mentioned in, for example, 1 Thess. 5:23 and that there is a definite difference between “soul” and “spirit” and the two words are not interchangeable (though in some people’s understanding the two are the same). This teaching had been prevalent among those who sought after the experiential knowledge of the Living Lord Jesus Who was not just alive in theory, but very much in the present moment right now as our very life and life supply. This is one reason I end my greetings to Greg and all who post here with “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit”, because he who joins himself , or is joined to the Lord is ONE SPIRIT. (1 Cor. 6:17) and also “The Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty” (2 Cor. 3:17). Romans 8 especially is very clear about the indwelling of the Spirit of Christ being Christ Himself as Andrew Murray and others including Witness Lee in more recent times have emphasized. So in answer to your question Lansing, I do not know if what you enjoyed growing up in Hollywood Ca. in the 50’s can ever be restored here again, but I will tell you that with Christ in us the hope of glory, at least for me personally, and I know for multitudes of others, we are looking for something that is so far beyond what we could ask or even think, that it is best stated in the Holy Spirit inspired words of the apostle to the gentiles (nations), our dear beloved Paul who wrote ” But we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the wisdom which has been hidden, which God predestined before the ages for our glory, which none of the rulers of this age have known; for if they had known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory; But as it is written, ‘ things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard and which have not come up in man’s heart; things which God has prepared for those who love Him’. But to us God has revealed them through the Spirit, for the Sprit searches all things, even the depths of God. For who among men knows the things of man, except the spirit of man which is in him? In the same way, the things of God also no one knows except by the Spirit of God. But we have received not the spirit of the world but the Spirit which is from God that we may know the things which have been graciously given to us by God; which things also we speak, not in words taught by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual things with spiritual words.” (1 Cor. 2: 6-13). Therefore I say again to you Lansing and to Greg and to all who post here: the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly WITH YOUR SPIRIT! AMEN (2 Tim. 4:22)

    • Andrew

      This is the best comment I have ever read. Well said Lansing. I hope we get rid ourselves of the mess we are in – strength in mind, body and spirit should do it.

  18. Jeff

    Dwain is correctly describing our monetary system. Even without a collapse this years tax revenues will be atrocious. Government spending has increased…….. Anyone here willing to bet on a record budget deficit ? They’re going to need some hard winters and Ebola outbreaks to mast the lack of (failure) economic growth. Get ready for even bigger lies and black swans……….

  19. NC Gal

    In my opinion, “Death by a thousand cuts” seems more likely than a single isolated event at any given point in time. James Rickards’ “snowflake moment” still comes into play, and Michael Snyder’s metaphor of a series of damaging waves also fits. Overall, they collectively define a PROCESS that is punctuated by significant events along the way. The same thing happened on the way to what has been called The Great Depression. It dragged on for years, with particular developments preceding it like accumulating snowflakes and a continuing process of collapse following the first moments of the avalanche that eventually occurred. Warren Pollack’s estimate of 25 years might be conservative, depending on how much damage occurs during the collapse and whether or not it include detonation of nuclear weapons.

    While I agree with Fabian’s observations about the money-printing and the race to the bottom, a question formed in my mind as he characterized the elites as being terrified and desperate. I myself already had noticed that they were desperate as they carried out ever more extreme moves and did them further away, such as the phony Belgium purchase of billions’ worth of US Treasuries. The question that formed in my mind was “WHY?”

    WHY are they terrified and struggling to retain control? From what I have been able to see through all of the reports of how just a few corporations run everything else, it would seem that “they” (the elites”) are ALREADY in control. The only reason I can imagine that they are struggling to retain the current system in its present form for as long as they can is that they aren’t READY for the next phase in their plans.

    In a previous post, I have characterized the elites as opportunists. They have to rely on other people to implement their plans, and that carries with it certain inefficiencies and delays. For example, the computer systems in place at the various levels of federal, state and local governments cannot “talk” to each other yet because they operate off of different databases with different file structures and use different programming languages that are not compatible with each other. It will take years to get all of those incompatibilities straightened out and functioning as one interconnected system.

    The planned National ID cards only got so far in their implementation because of the necessity to totally revamp the ID systems in each state and the lack of funding provided to accomplish this. The roadways in this country are not yet equipped with the scanning devices that were planned, and of course, we have not yet been individually “chipped.” These are just a few examples of the kinds of systems needed to implement the total degree of control the elites plan to have over the rest of us.

    There is ALREADY “blood in the streets” in various places around the world, but I am not sure the general US public would carry out a revolution to topple the elites here, like what happened in the French Revolution so long ago. (If it weren’t for the French assistance at a critical stage, the American War for Independence from the British crown would have gone badly, as well.) The elite’s plan to make us (i.e anyone who opposes the official position) into criminals and “enemies of the state” is already far along and being prepared for by the militarization of our state and local police forces, plus the arming of DHS, the postal service, Social Security, and the USDA.

    One can easily understand why DHS would be armed, but the postal service, Social Security and the USDA? Think about what Warren Pollack said about those who were closest to (and dependent upon) government systems would be the ones most hurt when it came unraveled. I am not exactly sure what the consequences would be re- the postal service (there are other services for packages and there is still email for now), but there are LOTS of people dependent on Social Security and the USDA (they issue the “food stamps,” aka EBT). It would seem to me that the elites ARE worried about “crowd control” and until their other long-term control systems come to fruition and are operational, it’s going to get very, very bad and ugly.

    I don’t know exactly how it will play out or when what will happen, but it seems to me that the cracks in the system are already evident and spreading. If one takes a “process” perspective, rather than expecting a single event, we are ALREADY “in it.” Harvey Organ and Rick Kirby both talked about an “event” (a failure to deliver physical metal in the paper markets) that they expected to occur by the end of this year, but in looking at these other perspectives and developments as they are unfolding, it is easy to see that if that DID occur as they expect, it could be a snowflake that added to the overall mass of collapse, but would be unlikely to rise to a level of outrage that would spark a true revolution on any large scale. Those who pay special attention to the metals markets would certainly be affected, but they are hardly numerous or organized enough to do anything except accept their lumps and be upset.

    As for the banker suicides, they strike me as repetitions of the Vince Foster death during the Clinton administration. The Clinton reign at both the state and federal level left a trail of bodies along the way, but none were as visible as the Foster death, and you can see how much of an effect that had! Coverups are ongoing and I don’t think these bankers being done away with is anything more than “damage control.” The overall movement is going forward unimpeded, and the “too big to jail” phenomenon is too established to be derailed by any single scandal. While Snowden’s revelations caused ripples for awhile and brought more awareness of the snooping, I don’t think anything was impeded in any way. The NSA facility for storing its gadzillions of bytes of data on all of us around the world is built and being implemented now as I write this. Nothing has changed the trend, and nothing will. The seeds of destruction have been sown, germinated, and grown and the natural cycle WILL complete and there is no haven from what is coming except within oneself and one’s spiritual perspective.

    I don’t have any money to invest, so my options are limited. The only thing I own free and clear is my car. We rent this house and don’t own property of any kind because we are among the working poor whose incomes are below our expenses. I could get food stamps because of my age and low income status, but I don’t because the documentation required each month just isn’t worth it to me for the $65 benefit under the SNAP program.

    Greg, I appreciate the perspectives you provide and wish I could contribute more than just my thoughts on this, so I hope you can keep on doing what you are doing. I do agree that we are at the end of an age and I personally believe that these are the “last days” or “end times” spoken of in various religious traditions (not just the Bible, BTW). I do believe that there is a plan working out that sources much higher than the plans of the elite, but I also believe that they (the elites) will have their time to play their part in all of this before the curtain descends and it all gets replaced by something else entirely. What that will be, only time will tell.

    • Greg Hunter

      N.C. Gal
      Your involvement and comments are well enough my friend.

    • Dan

      Nice write-up, WELL WORTH the read!

  20. Jerry

    Anyone who would like a real snapshot on what’s going on in the world markets should really look at this.
    Pay particular attention to the “proposed hub section”. There you will find both
    – The United States
    – Canada
    Negotiations are going on now. So what does this have to do with the price of Tea in China? Reserve currency status. The dollar is toast.

  21. AL HALL

    Fabian know of the truth, as do you Greg. But, when the crap hits the fan and it will
    the elite’s won’t be part of the “blood in the street’s” as Fabian says. They have there underground cities(vaults of sort) and underground rail systems to be whisked away from danger. They have planned way ahead of the dumbed down public.
    Really sad it’s come to this.. As I have pointed out before- all your guests Greg are saying the same thing with different words and slant.
    You’ve and I have tried to wake up family and friends- impossible to do. Why?– listen to this very informative Youtube– explains why.


  22. NC Gal

    I just read the following in a piece that was linked to from an article on PCR’s site. It’s titled, “The System Is Terminally Broken, and can be read in full at http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/the-system-is-terminally-broken/ .

    Here is the part that caught my eye and fit with my sense that things are coming apart faster than Fabian or Warren Pollack thinks they will:

    “A colleague of mine has concluded that the QE infinity policy implemented Friday in Japan is the market’s signal that the entire western fiat system is getting close to imploding. I’m inclined to agree with him. Wall Street, the financial media and politicians are pointing at Europe and Japan as the source of the problems. But the heart and nerve center of the western fiat currency/debt Ponzi scheme is right under our nose in this country. The U.S. financial system is in worse shape than both Japan and Europe. The only difference is that the U.S. officials do a much better job hiding these problems.

    Time is starting to run out for ability of the U.S. to keep kicking the can of collapse down the road. I really believe that the full-on intensity of the recent intervention in the precious metals market is the most obvious signal of time expiring. China has been accumulating physical gold at a stunning rate and now some research indicates that China’s Central Bank may have accumulated significantly more gold than anyone previously thought (LINK). China has most likely maneuvered itself into owning the world’s largest stock of gold, which is where the U.S. had positioned itself after WW2. China has done this to a large degree by buying massive quantities of western Central Bank gold.

    We’ve come full circle, only with China in the Midas throne this time around. Eventually the world is going to revert back to a gold-backed currency system. When this happens, the U.S. will be required to demonstrate that it possesses the amount of gold that it reports to own. The only caveat here is that I believe that the U.S. will start WW3 before it’s forced to reveal the truth about its empty gold vault. That’s how broken our system really is… ”

    Somehow, in my gut, this feels true. (sigh)

    • Jerry

      This is absolute truth. Good article. The time is winding down. That is why the BOJ was forced to implement a failed policy like QE. What else can you do when you don’t have the real thing. You print to continue the scheme.

  23. Tom

    Bring on Dr. Mark Faber please 🙂 Would like to see him on your show Greg!

  24. M.A.

    The US$ just CLOSED at the highest level in 5 years. Coming from below 72 to 88.
    Since you are such a “Just the FACTS” guy, please explain (with FACTS) how the USDollar can get so much stronger in light of all the QE money printing.
    OR, do you really understand the things you claim to understand?
    Gold broke below $1200. Silver way below $16. The DOWNTREND continues.
    In the past you have said (and I can quote it if you like) that a stronger dollar would trigger the Crash. It hasn’t so far.
    In the past you have said (and I can quote it if you like) that an end to QE would trigger the Crash. It hasn’t so far.
    Talk about SPIN! You just keep spinning but never explain your missed-predictions. So it IS SPIN – unless you can explain with the FACTS what is really happening.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not going to defend myself to an anonymous commenter. I need your full verifiable name so I can find out about your background. Mine is posted in the “about” section of this site. You can also Google me and find out much, much more. I do not post interviews anonymously and if you want to get this granular you shouldn’t either. Verifiable name and background please.

      • allen ols


        DITTO!!! MA—expose your self my friend.

      • Thomas1

        Is it possible we have a government troll onsite.

        MA sounds like he spent too much time studying philosophy and dialectics at university.

      • M.A.

        Really? That IS my real name; asshole.
        What you just did IS JUST SPIN!
        You totally ignore the very valid questions, and at the same time cast doubt on the character of the person asking them. SPIN-Maestro Greg Hunter! Same old games, same as CNN and your channel is just like the TV news channels!
        Truth is, you CAN’T explain by the facts because you’re nothing but a SPIN-Doctor yourself.
        What does anyone’s background have to do with the VALID questions anyway? Not a damn thing; SPINSTER! Just evasive maneuvering on your part to distract from the FACT that you don’t know anything about the fundamental issues you SPIN all the time.
        Your slick, clever, and just like the news TV channels you bash all the time; what a total phony: Greg Hunter Phony Extraordinaire!

        • Greg Hunter

          Your answer defines you.

      • JC Davis

        Thank you Greg. It is your character that backs a name. If one has no name there character must be questioned. How can people ignore the printing that has caused the stocks to rise? The separation of the middle class has become the new lower class, yet in numbers it looks good till you pay taxes, insurance, and normal expense’s. Yes the stocks are up from legalized thievery.

    • Jerry

      Hold onto that thought, if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Evidently you have not been listening to the hundreds of economic experts Greg has had on his site that are making the prediction that the dollar will collapse. I guess you must be a freaking genius if you assume you’re more informed than they are.

    • 02144pomroy

      M.A. Must be short hand for Massachusetts socialist. Read the following from Dave Kranzler:

      Last night around 12:30 a.m. EST, $1.5 billion of paper gold was dumped into the Comex Globex computer trading system during one of the least liquid periods of trading in any 24 hour period. It was done when there was almost no resistance from the physical market. The two largest physical buying markets in the world were dormant when this hit occurred: India was closed for holiday observance and Shanghai was on its mid-day trading hiatus.
      Dumping this enormous load of paper gold onto the market like this can only be done by an entity that has an agenda other than profit motive. Even if a big player wanted to establish or add to a short position to express a bearish view on gold, a position of this size would be carefully set up in order to maximize the price level received for selling-short the gold futures. Instead, a powerful entity who can easily absorb the likely losses dumped this paper gold on the market with the goal of manipulating the price lower.

      How’s that for an explanation as why the price of metals have crashed?
      QE hasn’t ended. It’s gone stealth. Besides, the Japanese are just doing what the master tells them.

    • Jerry

      M.A. You were saying.
      Keep buying those greenbacks. Geeeeeezzzzzzzz.

    • mark

      M.A. (whoever you are)– I urge you to read NC gal’s comment posted 2 above yours. Any honest clear thinking individual has to be wondering about the current dynamics in play from a global perspective.

    • mark

      M. A. please read also Doug’s comment posted below. If you follow any of Dr. Jim Willie’s work, he too puts forth a similar scenario with respect to the death of the dollar. A rising dollar in this case is not necessarily a sign of economic health. It rises and rises and rises and then suddenly dies.

    • woody188

      This was explained by a recent guest. He described it like a failing star going supernova before it blinks out or becomes a black hole. The dollar is going full supernova due to global instability as it has been a safe haven for so many years. Old habits are hard to break. The other reason is the shale oil boom. The US is getting a bounce as a now oil rich nation.

      Another interesting thought, as another poster pointed out, is that China may actually be the controlling interest in the Federal Reserve. It would explain a lot when it comes to why the Fed would be willing to manipulate gold lower and also allow other activities to occur that are detrimental to the US populace as a whole.

      Lastly, as other of Greg’s guests have pointed out, many thought the Western banking system would not have lasted as long as it has and have been surprised by the ability of the controllers to continue to prop up the system and the gullibility of the people to keep believing in the system. All fiat monies are faith based currencies. The dollar continues to drawl worship and will continue until that faith is lost. Can anyone predict when a populace will lose faith in their money?

      Pollock says even during the initial crash during a bank holiday their faith will be strong in the dollar. So I guess your answer is the dollar will continue until the banks close and don’t re-open for some time.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Maybe you should carefully read this link it may help dispel some of your sad delusions.

  25. Doug

    Hi Greg
    Thanks for another great interview with Fabian Calvo. He is on “the mark” about the elite and their plans for the future. The tell is the dollar. The dollar will continue to go up (and gold and silver will be trashed as this occurs) until it hits its peak (no idea when but Martin Armstrong says beware of 10/01/2015). Then, the dollar will crash and burn like no one has ever seen before ( think of Felix Baumgartner’s flight from space). At this point, it is game over for anyone in the “financial system”…no one gets out alive (thank you Jim Morrison). Also, the only real money at this point in time is gold and silver and if you do not have it you will not get it (for the metals will rocket to the moon and beyond). I will leave you with an article which says this destruction of the financial system will take place in just 3 days!. Greg, keep up the great work, it does make a difference! Peace, Doug


  26. allen ols

    I think this is Jim Sinclair’s response to an article. al

    Russia And China Have A 3 Prong Game Plan For Global Economic Dominance – Sinclair
    NOVEMBER 05, 2014

    Posted November 5th, 2014 at 11:16 AM (CST) by Daniel Duval & filed under Jim’s Mailbox.


    As I see it…

    Russia and China have a 3 prong game plan for global economic dominance. It must be done “under the radar” and is being duly executed so.

    1. Cornering the market on physical gold and silver, thereby denying the Western Powers access to these backstop support vehicles when the time comes to halt any currency crisis.

    2. Eliminating the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, putting the Dollar and Western nations in the crosshairs of a massive inflationary spiral.

    3. Establishing themselves as a dominant global force in the resource arena. Russia developing massive oil and nat. gas resources, China developing mineral and gold resources, and China establishing a foothold in Africa to develop the abundance of resources prevalent on that continent.

    This is why you hear so little of gold and silver holdings, changes in dollar holdings, and natural resource accumulation by these 2 powerhouse nations.

    He who holds physical (gold, silver, resources, etc.) dominates.

    Just my opinion,
    CIGA Wolfgang

    Dear Wolfgang,

    Your opinion is profoundly correct. It is right in front of those that are called experts, yet they are blind to it.

    What is left of our military command, many having been forced into retirement, are blind to it. Wall Street would call it heresy.

    It is truth!



  27. Sambo

    Thanks for the great interview Greg , Fabian has got a clear sight and handle on the way things are. Great interview and great guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sambo.

  28. allen ols

    greg;sig, jerry, wd, jc, donna, jeff, mark, al and more;

    “china continues to prop up uncle sam, so they can continue to pick his pockets” Jim Willie

  29. archivesDave

    This is one of the VERY best interviews that you’ve ever done imo.
    Can’t wait for next Jim Rogers and James Rickards interviews, hopefully soon.

  30. Outlookingin

    @ NC Gal

    I most enjoy your insightful and thoughtful posts. You are very close to the mark with your insight into how things will progress. I think they will be very close to what you prognosticate. However I don”t think the end of an era, but the beginning of a new epoch.
    I’m afraid you are right about the gathering dark clouds on the horizon, as each new epoch is ushered in by the winds of war. Sigh… indeed. Go with love & peace.

  31. From Australia

    T’hanks Greg, Calvo’s good value!

  32. JC Davis

    Allen this proves there are UFO,s.

  33. mohammad


    Am not sure what to make out of the elections but my thought on it is:

    Republithugs or Democrabs are two faces of the same coin. and that is a rusty one that is worth nothing except for those ignorants that are glued to main stream media TV on their fat couch watching a 2 am commercial of that coin.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir the two parties just take turns ripping us off. The Republicans didn’t vote for Obama Care and that is the only bright spot with them.

  34. NC Gal


    This is a little off-topic, but relates to your lament about your medical insurance premiums. According to an article in the October/November issue of the AARP Magazine, “If you’re buying insurance from a government-run health exchange, you may qualify for a federal subsidy and a cap on premiums if your income is no more than 400 percent of the poverty level — now $62,590 for a couple. Earn $1 more and you’ll pay full price. If you’re a bit over the threshold, try to reduce income.

    You can have the subsidy paid directly to the insurer or claim it later. Note that you may have to repay some or all of the money if you underestimated income and got a bigger subsidy than you deserved. Eligible consumers who didn’t claim the subsidy can do so later on their tax returns — a refund potentially worth thousands.”

    I don’t know if this applies to you or anyone else here, but it might help ameliorate some of the pain connected with Obamacare if it does.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good info NC Gal.

    • woody188

      People in that higher range only receive maybe $10 in subsidy a month. Keep in mind that was someone else’s $10 to begin with. Stop to think about people making $62,590 needing help for a minute and realize just how far America has fallen.

  35. Table Rock Jayhawk

    Thanks for the interview Greg. Would love to get Harvey Organ back on for an update on the physical supply on gold and silver, and see if his expectations are still on track.

  36. Wayne

    Wow.. That was great interview. I so agree with his advice. Invest in your self, home base, internet business. This is the direction I have been moving and I was beginning to doubt my sanity. Thanks again Greg for keeping things “Real”.

  37. 02144pomroy

    Could Karen Hudes be right about Yamashita’s Gold???? If you’ve got 23 minutes, get a load of this!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      A thoroughly fascinating link POMROY.
      Maybe some of us have been a bit hard on Karen!

    • NC Gal

      Someone sent me a link to Foster Gamble’s video, alleging that Yamashita’s gold was in the possession of Chinese “elders” who were wanting to use it to make a deal with the banking cabal to 1) forgive all debt; 2) create a new currency backed by gold; and 3) restore human rights, among other things. The way he talked about it sounded like wishful thinking to me (Karen Hudes also got taken in by the notorious NESARA scam, which shows me her intentions are good but her discernment is not), so I did a quick search for some copy that might shed some light on this subject. He indicated that the elders were called “The Dragon Family,” and a search on that term brought me squarely to two charlatans: Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcox, who assert that a lawsuit was filed to restore this gold to the rightful owners.

      Bill Holter explored this topic in his article, “Yamashita’s Gold?” He concluded that IF it existed at any time (he questions the amount claimed to be in the treasure trove), it is probably gone by now. You can read the article at http://blog.milesfranklin.com/yamashitas-gold.

      A pretty good history of the treasure is at http://americanfreepress.net/?p=3281, “The Secret WWII Gold Hoard That Changed the World.” That at least is quite factual. Where it gets crazy is in the accounts of people who claim to have found it and were punished for having done so. One of those stories is at http://unmyst3.blogspot.com/2010/05/yamashitas-gold.html. Another one is at http://americanfreepress.net/?p=12131. Neither of those claimants are part of the Chinese elders that Foster Gamble talks about.

      I personally think that Foster Gamble means well, but is somehow acting as a magnet for dissidents, either with or without his knowledge. One of the main sites that malcontents hang out at is godlikeproductions.com. The site was purchased by a Scottish intelligence agency some time ago and I have no doubt that those who post there are being profiled. I also think that Gamble may mean well, but his solutions and his exhortations are not well thought out. He totally sidesteps issues like overpopulation, like most of the other “solutions” that have been put forth to make this planet a paradise.

      Even IF the gold exists and IS in the hands of these so-called Chinese elders, I don’t think that Gamble’s vision of how he says it will be used is credible. He sidesteps the quid pro quo that would be involved and I just don’t see that the elites need help. They have everything heading in the direction they want things to go and a financial collapse plays right into their hands.

      Just my thoughts on Yamashita’s gold. It isn’t that I doubt it was accrued at some point in time. I just find Foster Gamble’s assertions to not be credible and I also think Karen Hudes is mistaken on this particular point. Her advice to grow your own food and become more self-sufficient is good advice if you can follow it. However, she is not on solid ground in this matter, in my opinion, and I don’t believe any of the assertions made by Foster Gamble, either.

  38. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    A link to Alasdair Macleod.
    A very clever and interesting man.

  39. Silence is Golden

    Here is my take on what the suppression game in PM’s is about.
    Derivatives in the form of Naked Paper Shorts have relentlessly pushed AU/AG to the edge of the precipice. In a normal world where physical demand is increasing and physical supplies are constant we should expect to see something completely different.
    Those acting in the markets (BIS, JPM, NSB, HSBC, DEUTSCHE) want to create a sufficiently low enough price that will allow settlement in CASH on a non-delivery event / DEFAULT ….WITH THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE. The fact that China, Russia and India are taking advantage of this opportunity is but an unintended consequence.
    The implication is that there will be a default on the CRIMEX (Harvey Organ, Jim Willie and few others) have pointed this out but not clearly delineated the motive.
    I would expect the same parties pushing the price lower will be the ones who act prior to the prices moving north …and that should happen with enough gusto to create an even bigger problem with delivery. ENTER THE SGE.
    Massive physical buying is anticipating this as are the ever diminishing supplies of physical. GOFO rates and backwardation are symptomatic of REAL SHORTAGE.

    Forget about the noise in the Dollar.
    This too is being managed via the derivatives market.
    A default on the COMEX will fix the problem with the dollar and concurrently destroy the mindless crap that goes into supporting the fairy-tale nonsense that is the Stock Market.
    This game now becomes a game of chicken little….who will succumb first.
    That’s the way I see it.

  40. Jeff

    The cabal will never relinquish their power. They are evil and would never deal with the Dragon Family except to deceive and plunder them. They would double cross them in a heart beat……… The rest is a dream. I still don’t like Catherine…….. Love your thoughtful commentaries NC gal.

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