Very Big Correction for All Markets Coming-Alasdair Macleod

1cBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Financial expert Alasdair Macleod says the most important economic news concerns the U.S. dollar. Macleod explains, “I think the most important point is actually the dollar has turned.  The panic move into the dollar by miners and producers of raw material . . . was driving the dollar up. That has now ceased.  China has now started buying those raw materials, base metals, oil and so on and so forth.  So, the result is the commodity crisis is over.  That, actually, is the biggest driver of the dollar, which is pushing it down.”

On the U.S. economy having a huge recession, Macleod contends, “Actually, the underlying business conditions are not good. What we have seen for considerable time is U.S. corporations have increased their borrowing, to invest in production—no, to buy back shares to artificially inflate their earnings.  There comes a point that if you don’t have the underlying cash flow, you can’t do that anymore.  I think there is a concern in the markets we are getting near to that point.”

Macleod predicts when the market turns, it will crash big-time. Macleod contends, “Whenever markets get mispriced, the correction is always very sudden, unexpected and hurts a lot of people.  Now, we don’t have it in just one market, we have it in all markets.  So, I would expect on that basis alone, that when the thing starts sliding, it’s going to be very, very big and actually could be systemically big.”

Macleod, who is also an expert in precious metals, says, “The fundamental reason gold (prices) is getting better is the dollar is getting weaker. The strength of the dollar in 2015 was all about falling commodity prices. . . . Commodity producers all owe dollars.  The result was when their incomes dropped, they had to cover the dollars that weren’t going to get rolled over.  The bank was not going to roll over dollars for Brazil or Glencore.  That period is over, and the reason it is over is China now has its 13th five year plan, which is aimed at developing the rest of Asia. . . . It wants to give it an industrial revolution. You have a turn that has actually occurred in commodities, and if commodity prices are rising, then by definition, the purchasing power of the dollar is falling.  The price of commodities over a long period of time tends to drop.  The price of commodities measured in dollars tends to rise over a long period of time and quite spectacularly. . . . You can see this relationship between the dollar and gold priced in commodities is the thing to watch. . . . The natural drift for the dollar is down.  There is a reason for foreigners to sell the U.S. dollar, and this is the key thing. . . . I see gold going better . . . because the dollar is going down.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Alasdair Macleod of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Alasdair Macleod posts articles regularly on under the “research” section of the site. Click here for a link to his latest article.


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  1. Jerry

    The Petrodollar is beginning to come apart. When was the last time you’ve heard that a primary oil company in Saudi Arabia couldn’t afford to pay its workers?

    True to form the Chinese will most likely rush in to fill the void left by the declining influence of the United States in the middle east. The departure of the Roosevelt battle group in the Persian Gulf back in the fall was testimony of that.

    Watch and see. Before this summer is over, the Saudi’s, UEA, and others will be taking their payments in Gold backed Yuan instead of dollars. Jim Willie has said that from his sources that this transition will occur sometime before the 4th of July holiday. As things continue to unravel in Saudi Arabia, I can see the Saudi’s dumping their U.S. treasuries sooner in order to by gold. Why wouldn’t they? Their back is against the financial wall. I agree with Mr. Macleod the Saudi’s are going to drop the petrodollar for a new deal with China. Its coming.

    • Greg Hunter

      More good stuff Jerry!! Thank you for posting it here!!

      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg.
        You can add Exon Mobile to the pile of petrodollar bodies piling up.

        Can a bank default be far behind? If I were a stockholder I wouldn’t want to be the last one out the door. The petroleum industry has been operating in the red for quite some time considering it takes $60. a barrel just to cover operating cost.

        The question is, how deep are the pockets of these corporations? Considering all the bribes and payoffs they have to do in Washington just to stay in business, I would say not deep enough.

        You really have to hand it to the Russians. They knew exactly what they were doing when they bought Morgan Stanley’s brokerage company eighteen months ago. They’ve used this advantage to drive a stake right in the heart of the petrodollar.

        • Gary Canuck

          Jerry, while I do not agree with you on all your comments, you hit the ball out of the park on this one.
          Morgan Stanley, yep the Ruskies are going for the Gusto.

        • WD


          Great call….The Russians hoodwinked us…and to think about all those “smart” people who know so much more than everyone else…

      • jim c.

        Greg, every day I can not wait to hear from you and your guest, But lately , I believe this JERRY guy that posts here is the most knowledgeable of them all , and i can`t wait to hear from him. You should try and have him on.

        • Greg Hunter

          Jim C,
          Jerry is a USAW favorite of All here!! Thank you for noticing his links and posts.

    • Russ McMeans

      Love your comments, Jerry. One smart dude.
      And kudos to Greg for getting our English gentleman on. Amazing times we live in.!

      • Jerry

        Thank you Russ. How about this little zinger? ” The end of the Republic has never looked better”.
        Say what you want to, but the man has real gonads to stand before a nation and admit the real intent of his presidency. Meanwhile the dumbed down media gets down on all fours and laps up every drop of putrid vile, with a smile, just like the lapdogs they are.

        • Greg Hunter

          The press look like buffoons celebrating and patting themselves on the back for doing a horrible job of informing the people. So many of the thinks I cover and you cover are NEVER mentioned by the press and never asked about in daily press briefings. This is why the mainstream press is dying. To laugh at the President saying, “. . . my last and perhaps the last White House Correspondent’s Dinner” and the “end of the republic never looked so good” is like laughing at the jokes of an executioner just before the lethal injection.

          • Jerry

            I honestly couldn’t believe the man said it. Considering the emergency meetings with the Federal Reserve , and the Saudi’s the past few days, why would you even joke about something like that? This goes well beyond sarcasm for entertainment value in my book.
            What’s next taking bolts off of wheel chairs at the VA?

            • WD


              Many a-times the truth is said in jest….

              From a man who could bankrupt a lemonade stand…

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Its called the Animal Farm Strategy. Remaking our country and the world thru lawlessness and chaos.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Along with a constant attack on logic, the language and reality.

        • czzi

          This is why this site is a joke.
          1. The previous was referring to Larry Wilmore so comments before the previous went on. Geezer watch the whole program Geezer anything to slam this prez.

          • Greg Hunter

            If you think it’s a joke why do you comment here?

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Consider this “truth to the young and clueless.”

    • JC Davis

      Jerry. When I listened to the interview I said to myself, Wonder what Jerry is going to post. If Saudi announces they will no longer take dollars for oil the dollar crash would happen over night according to Bill Holter.
      American oligarchs would call this a act of war.

    • john farmer

      Hi Greg,

      Another English chap you should get on is Simon Dixon.

      He’s a former banker that was so sick of the financial system he wrote a book on it. And now he’s headed up a very successful company that gets venture capital for finance tech firms that concentrate on blockchain technology. It’s all about disrupting the current banking system. He’s a very smart guy and will give you an interesting take om what’s happening and more importantly a potential way forward.

      Look him up – he’s the ceo of Bank To The Future.


      John (regular USA watchdog viewer from the UK)

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you John!

      • Macray

        Completely in agreement. Blockchain technology WILL REVOLUTIONIZE EVERYTHING THAT WE KNOW..!!
        Thanks for all that good stuff Jerry!!!

    • Jerry

      The house of Saud is crumbling. More layoffs.
      Anyone who doesn’t think they’ll cash in their U.S. bond holdings is delusional. As of right now they’re trying to borrow 50 Billion dollars to cover operating expenses while they’re sitting on close to 1 trillion dollars of U.S. treasuries. What would you do?

      • JMiller


        I keep hearing that Saudi Arabia has about $750 billion or more in U.S. Treasuries that they are threating to sell. However this is wrong. First, more reliable sites including ZeroHedge state Saudi Arabia has about $750 billion in U.S. ASSETS which includes Treasuries. And the data I have seen shows that Saudi Arabia may have about half of that $750 billion in U.S. equities. ZeroHedge also states this. ZeroHedge and other reliable sources also state that Saudi Arabia probably has less than that amount left in U.S. assets.

        Also all that Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi foreign minister, said was that Saudi Arabia might have to sell their U.S. assets if it looks like those assets might be frozen by the U.S., which is understandable. He was not stating it in a “threating” manner as some sites make it sound.

        The fact is Saudi Arabia does not have enough U.S. assets to do much harm if they sell them.

  2. David

    Outstanding interview. I think Mr. Macleod’s assessment on Saudi Arabia and China, and the emergency Fed meetings, is correct.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is also very scary the methodical way he explains it. You know the truth when you hear it.

      • David

        Very true, Greg. He is methodical! And, he dissects it all in such a concise and linear fashion, that even I understand it. Now, that’s scary.

  3. Tom adkins

    Hi, Greg,

    You continue to amaze with the world-class leaders that you’re able to present to the audience.

    I congratulate you and Alasdair on the quality and breath of conversation.

    This is very timely information



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom for your comment and support!

  4. Paul ...

    As Alasdair Macleod says the dollar will weaken and the banks will be in big trouble … people are now taking their money out of the banks to move it beyond the control of the bankers greedy hands with their negative interest rate schemes … so the bankers are trying to make to hold cash … thus the people are taking their cash and purchasing things with it … so the bankers are now toying with a new scheme … a wealth tax … whereby if you own a home, a boat, a car, stocks, appliances, tools, etc., etc. … the bankers will assess a charge against “all your wealth” with a tax on everything you own each year … all visible wealth will be taxed and it could be adding to the home sales collapse …

    However “the bankers real nemesis” still remains “physical gold and silver” which is wealth that can not be easily found to tax (and the reason the bankers hate these precious metals so much) … that’s why they created GLD and SIL … as these ETF’s “are in plain view to them” and thus more easily taxed …

    The question everyone should be asking is … what gives the criminal banker cabal the power to take our money? … if you can’t guess I’ll tell you … your Republican and Democratic “representatives” in Washington take “campaign” money and “donations” into their Trusts from lobbyists to do the treasonous deeds against us Americans … this is why Trump must be elected (he’s not in the lobbyist’s pockets) … if for some reason Trump is not elected … we the people still have the power to remove the traitors from office … the U.S Constitution Art.III, Sec 3 states: treason against the United States (its people) shall consist of levying war against us (like 9/11) or in adhering to our enemies (the Neocons, bankers, etc.) by giving them aid and comfort (passing bills to take away our National Soverenty and our Constitutional Rights) … convicting for treason is a simple process … we just need the testimony of two witnesses to the “overt act” … or a confession in open court will do (which Deutsche Bank and many other big banks have already admitted to (in order to settle their financial crimes against us with fines instead of prision) … and because our Constitutional is such a threat to the bankers … the banking cabal and their Neocon stooges are “disassembling our Constitution” piece by piece right before our eyes … currently working very hard on destroying our Second Amendment … since 2012 with 148 school shootings “by paid off or drugged thugs” have been killing our school kids (to force us to more easily give up our Second Amendment rights) … and they have now passed a bill to “kill our women” too … when are we Americans going to stand up and demand a stop to the killing of Women and Children! …

    • Dan


      Sorry to break it to you but YOU THE PEOPLE have ceded your ability to file and win a case against any party for treason as per U.S Constitution Art.III, Sec 3 you refer to.

      In this regard there is no rule of law in your country for over a century now since the creation of the Federal Reserve.

      Judges almost never rule for you the people in such cases. Just take the illegal and unconstitutional national income tax and the IRS as an example – illegal and unconstitutional, yet you the people have allowed this confiscation of wealth take place for over a century. And this is not to mention the Fed charging interest on every single dollar they’ve ever issued/lent to your government as well as paying a yearly 6% dividend to its owners (the big banks, Rockefellers, et al) every single year.

      American citizens and all your Congresses since then have ceded 99% of your Constitution to these treasonous powers that be. It’s YOUR fault. Live with it or do something about it! If you don’t refresh the tree, it dies (one of many warning lessons from your great Founding Fathers that 99.999% of Americans have ignored and forgotten.

      • Zach Smith

        Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith

        Paris Nov. 13. 1787.
        the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.

        Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith

        That blood is running in the veins of . . . .
        You guessed it, the leading contender!
        May they never, ever, shut that preciouses mouth!

      • Paul ...

        Dan … what the bankers “don’t get” is … that by “admitting” their treasonous acts against the United States and its citizens (by harming our country with their LIBOR rigging, etc.) … the “deals” whereby they only get fined and not imprisoned … “does nothing to absolve them” of their treasonous acts! … once we get all the banks to “admit their guilt” we can lock them all up and throw away the key … there is no statue of limitations on treason!

    • da diz

      Super synopsis!!!!

      Seems the best way to overcome the powers is to “Break the Base”. Break their base in local elections by not voting either Republican or Democrat. With a deteriorating local base, the major parties lose power. Seems to be the best way out of our deleterious situation. Simply vote for the Independent candidates, never a party member.

      Appreciate your input.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yes, I noticed with horror the TV ads featuring a young minority woman bragging about the “new career” opportunity she found in the Army… combat units. The choice to abort a pregnancy or lose a commission is old stuff. Now the whole lady can be a target…confusing choices for the males with any chivalry.

      • Paul ...

        All the laws to “prevent abortion” if a fetus is beyond 6 months old seems for naught … if that same fetus at “18 years of age” can be “aborted on the battle field” by crooked politicians and psychopathic war mongering neocons … just so they can sell their weapons of war … and make war loans to “both sides” for immense profit … and after they kill and maim these women and children what do they do with the body parts (seeing what the abortion clinics do with their dead fetuses)!!

  5. diane s.

    I like this smart man

  6. PeterB

    Excellent interview Greg. Always good to hear another view from this side of the pond, and maybe one that’s not so doom and gloom. I also agree with A.M. on Silver. There’s no guarantee silvers going to be remonetized, gold possibly, but silver as an industrial metal. IMO it’s a brave man who throws all his savings into silver.

    All the best

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Peter. The UK is lucky to have Macleod and we were very lucky to get him to come on USAW!!!

      • al hall

        Greg: update from W and pastor Williams.
        If Trump continues to do so well in the elections- The elite’s plan to kill him or cause him a major accident. They know he has the scoop on Hillary, Obama, Holder, etc, etc. and will have see prison time. The elite’s can’t let this happen.
        On the elections front- W told me 9-10 years ago – before Obama was elected that he would be president and that “he would be the last president. You know of his background and sources of info. He is now telling me- that ISIS( our CIA backed group) will attack the USA this summer- date not known, but plans are in place. He said it would be large- multi-city attacks, and probably with dirty bombs. Because of the chaos, Congress(bought and paid for elite scum) will vote to postpone the elections and let Obama say as President- thus what he told me near 10 years ago would come true. Martial law to be put into place and Obama executive orders come into play! What FEMA camp is nearest you ??
        Pastor Williams input is nearly the same thing. Scary thoughts!


    • terry44

      But it’s an even braver one that leaves his savings in fiat in the banking system!

    • jim c.

      Peter, Silver just came from $50 an ounce a few years ago, and that was in spite of all the banking manipulation, Why would you be so afraid to go all in on silver ? knowing the high probability of the dollar collapsing from the guests info on this site. What is wrong with making at least 3 times your money at minimum .

    • cheryl

      I think your right on silver, its another ponzi scheme. Silver is subject to market forces and right now no one is buying much of anything. That will include silver.

      • Paul ...

        Cheryl … no one is buying silver??? … have you looked at a recent silver chart? …
        What would you say if “overnight” silver doubled in price? … it could very well soon happen that silver goes up by $20 dollars “per day” until it reaches $2000 dollars per ounce! … if that’s what you call a Ponzi scheme at least it is working for us and not the bankers!

      • frederick

        Cheryl you are wrong silver is not the same as other commodities it has historically been a monetary metal and sales of silver coins are at record levels

        • Tin foil hat

          You are right, silver is not the same as other commodities because it has historically been a monetary metal. That is the reason its price has been suppressed along with gold.
          However, silver has too much usages as an industrial metal to be used as a monetary metal like gold. When gold takes it rightful place as a monetary metal, silver will not go along for the ride.
          After the reset, if there will be one, silver price will go up depending on supply and demand like palladium and platinum in the commodity market, gold price will go up depending on the exchange rates in the FX market.

  7. Wilfong

    They wouldn’t back the Yuan with gold. They’d create another currency is my opinion. Then, they could slowly move away from the Yuan. The problem with China, is there government doesn’t promote any sort of creativity, and they’re not going to do well competing with the Western world on a level playing field. I mean it’s going to be quite difficult for them to hang with the top phone makers, the top automobile producers, and so on, when these industries are quite mature. I had students at my university classes over there explain this to me, and it makes good sense. The Chinese will try to compete from an unconventional standpoint and yes, that could pose a threat to national security.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Wilfong for adding your China perspective. I know you lived there for a few years.

  8. PzBz

    Wow, Mr. Macleod really does think outside the box. More important, he seems not to be attached to the outcome of his analysis. Definitely one of your most intelligent guests. Please have him on every chance you get!
    Thanks, Greg.

  9. Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

    We never recovered from the “last” financial crisis. All we’ve done is dig a deeper hole. What caused that crisis and other crises we’ve had to endure? Take a look at this – and remember that the UN Security Council, including the United States, just declared that Israel has no rights to the Golan Heights, in direct opposition to what the Bible says:

    The Madrid Peace Conference
    On October 30, 1991, the Madrid Peace Conference, led by President George H.W. Bush and Secretary of State James Baker, began. The purpose of this Peace Conference was to force Israel to return the lands it won in the 1967 Six-Day War.
    As the attendees began shaking hands, the “Perfect Storm” slammed into the northeastern U.S. coast. In addition to causing over $200,000,000 in damage to eight states, President Bush’s Kennebunkport, ME home was ripped open by a 30-ft. wave, exposing the home to the raging ocean and sending the Bush furniture into the sea.

    Hurricane Andrew
    On August 24, 1992, as the sixth round of the Madrid Peace Conference opened, Hurricane Andrew had just that morning inflicted over $30,000,000,000 in damage to south Florida. President Bush was unable to attend the conference he himself had begun. Andrew is still ranked as the 4th-most destructive hurricane in U.S. history.

    The Great Flood
    In April 1993, President Bill Clinton announced that the dormant Madrid Peace Conference would resume. Negotiations got underway which would ultimately lead to an agreement for the removal of a portion of Israel’s land. According to Secretary of State Warren Christopher, official U.S. policy toward Israel was the notion of “Land for Peace”.
    That same month, thanks to an unusually-placed Bermuda High, the Midwestern U.S. began receiving steady rainfall (the ground was already saturated from the previous year’s rains). The placement of this Bermuda High caused it to act as a “dam of air” which stopped storms dead in their tracks over the Midwest.
    Due to the continuing rain in the Midwest, dams began to burst by the end of June. By August, 40 federal levees and 1043 non-federal levees had been overtopped. Barge traffic on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers was halted for two months, ten commercial airports were flooded and all railroad traffic in the Midwest was halted.
    In the nine affected states, both the 1993 and the 1994 harvests were lost. 50,000 homes were destroyed and 75 towns were completely inundated. Total damages were $15,000,000,000.

    The Northridge Earthquake
    On January 16, 1994, President Clinton met with Syria’s President Hafez-al-Assad to discuss the return of the Golan Heights, captured by Israel in 1967.
    Within 24 hours of the Clinton-Assad meeting, the second-most destructive natural disaster in the history of the U.S. struck at 4:30 a.m. Pacific Time.
    The Northridge Earthquake, registering 6.7 on the Richter Scale, hit the San Fernando Valley 20 miles northwest of downtown L.A.
    This earthquake caused severe damage, killing 57 and injuring more than 9000. Total damage reached $25,000,000,000.

    The Great Texas Flood
    On June 5, 2001, new President George W. Bush, after a period of an official “hands-off” policy toward the Middle East, announced he would send CIA Director George Tenet to meet with Israelis and Palestinians in an effort to get the peace process back on track. The ultimate goal of the process was to remove land from Israel in an effort to bring peace to the region.
    The same day, the National Weather Service was watching a low-pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico. The system, according to the Houston Chronicle, “wasn’t given much of a chance of strengthening.” But by 2:00 p.m. – just after the White House announcement – a Hurricane Hunter aircraft flew into the system and discovered it was suddenly a full-blown tropical storm, just off the coast of Texas!
    The mystery storm caught the National Weather Service off guard. All seven of the NWS’s computer models had predicted a different outcome.
    Tropical Storm Allison became what meteorologists consider “the nation’s worst tropical storm”, killing 22, damaging 70,000 homes and causing over $3,000,000,000 in damage.

    In 2001, the Saudis sent a letter to President George W. Bush, stating that in their opinion, American policy heavily favored Israel. Further, the Saudis threatened to break from their alliance with America.
    Bush’s response:
    “I firmly believe the Palestinian people have a right to self-determination and to
    live peacefully and securely in their own state, in their own homeland, just as the
    Israelis have the right to live peacefully and safely in their own state.”
    This statement by Bush represented a drastic departure from the usual U.S. approach to the Middle East.
    As envisioned by Bush, the land for the new State of Palestine would come from the ancient lands of Judea and Samaria, promised by God to the Jews in the Hebrew Scriptures. These lands were now possessed by Israel since the Six-Day War.
    Bush’s letter to the Saudis was received enthusiastically. On Friday, September 7, the Washington Post reported a great eagerness on the part of U.S. officials to immediately implement the new policy. A big rollout was planned for the week of September 10, 2001.
    On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, nineteen Islamic terrorists hijacked four U.S. airliners. They crashed two into the World Trade Center towers and one onto the Pentagon, while one crashed in Pennsylvania.

    Tornado Outbreak
    On April 30, 2003, the Middle East Quartet formally launched the “Road Map” peace plan to achieve a Palestinian state by 2005. The Quartet consists of the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations.
    April 30 was also the beginning of “the worst weather in U.S. history”. Tornados began striking the midsection of the U.S.
    From April 30 through the fourth week of May, 562 tornados touched down in the U.S.

    The Great European Heat Wave
    As a member of the Middle East Quartet, the European Union for the first time had a significant role in the effort to divide the Promised Land.
    As the 562-tornado outbreak in the U.S. was ending, the great European Heat Wave was just beginning. In France alone, 14,802 people died as a direct result of the heat wave. Nearly 18,000 people died in Italy and 2045 in the U.K. On August 10, London recorded its first triple-digit (Fahrenheit) temperature. 900 people died on that day alone. Germany lost 7000 people to the heat wave. Temperatures in Geneva, Switzerland matched Rio de Janeiro summer temperatures. In Portugal, 5% of the countryside and 10% of the forests burned. 52,000 Europeans died in the heat wave.

    On August 15, 2005, as a result of negotiations between the administrations of President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Jewish settlers began being forcibly removed from their homes in Gaza, part of the Promised Land. The forced evictions were completed on August 23.
    Also on August 23, tropical depression #12 was noticed near the Bahamas. By the next day it had strengthened and was named Katrina. Hurricane Katrina wiped out the credibility of the Bush presidency and became the most expensive natural disaster in history, costing over $100,000,000,000.
    Just over four months later, Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke and was in a coma until he died.

    The Global Financial Crisis
    President George W. Bush, emboldened perhaps by his 2005 “success” of removing Jews from Gaza, restarted the “Road Map” peace process in 2007. The Middle East Quartet, which had not met since 2003, was invited by Bush to a conference in Annapolis, Maryland.
    This meeting would represent a breakthrough in the attempt to get a peace agreement. The framework centered on trading portions of the Promised Land in exchange for solemn promises from Israel’s Muslim enemies. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of England, became the Quartet’s main envoy. In his farewell address to the British Parliament, Blair said, “…the only way of bringing stability and peace to the Middle East is a two-state solution.”
    In total, 45 countries and organizations were invited to attend the Annapolis conference, making it a truly global attempt to divide Israel.
    The same week that Blair began traveling to the Middle East to gather support for the Annapolis conference, something began to go terribly wrong with the worldwide banking system. The interest rate that banks pay to each other began to rise. That rate historically averaged between 6/100ths of 1% and 8/100ths of 1%. By September 2007, the rate reached an incredible 94/100ths of 1%, and by October of 2008 was at 364/100ths. Lending between banks broke down and economies worldwide threatened to grind to a halt.
    The global financial meltdown began the same week that Tony Blair, the Quartet’s envoy, was organizing a global conference which would meet to divide Israel.
    Zechariah 1:18, 19 prophesies about a time far, far in Zechariah’s future when four powers would conspire to “scatter” Judah, Israel and Jerusalem.

    All U.S. Presidents since Reagan have believed that if they can bring “peace” to the Middle East, their legacy would be assured. Without fail, their favored method to achieve their objective is to remove land from the Jewish State of Israel. Only the most superficial, perfunctory efforts are made to stop the terroristic attacks being made by Muslims against innocent Israelis.
    By attempting to divide the Promised Land, our Presidents are placing themselves – and the people of the United States – in direct opposition to God’s stated purposes.

    I do not believe for a minute that these catastrophes are God’s “punishments” for trying to divide Israel. Christ took ALL of mankind’s punishment on himself. Rather, our leaders are removing us from the blessing and protection of God and placing us in the dangerous position of being outside God’s protection.

    Once again, remember that a new effort to divide the land of Israel is beginning in the United Nations.

    Greg, I apologize for the length of this post. I couldn’t link to it; it’s notes I took personally from the book “The Israel Omen” by David Brennan.

    • susan

      RL, you are so correct. It all goes back to Abraham. If people would only go back to the prophets of the old testament, they would understand what is happening today. 1948… 1967… and so forth….

    • Paul ...

      Robert … you have to remember one thing … there is now a lot of resentment against Israel “the nation” (unfairly so) because it was really those Israeli “neocons” who did the dirty deed in conjunction with others on 9/11 … …  Israel was always our best buddy … but like what happened to Caesar the “Israeli neocons” stabbed us in the back along with others … and everyone who loved Israel said in dismay Et tu Brute??? …

    • sk

      Do you really think that the Creator of the universe plays pathetic little mind games such as you describe? Talk about seventh century mentality…

      • Greg Hunter

        So you know what God is thinking? Really? You don’t believe in God do you? That’s pompous 21st century mentality.

        • sk

          Gnosis=knowing, knowledge Agnosis=lack of knowing, lack of knowledge Agnostic = don’t know nuthin’ one way or ‘mother!

          • Greg Hunter

            Hope that works for you.

  10. James Sullivan

    Gosh Darn Greg …how about a ’round table’ discussion ….Allistair, Kirby, Holter, Mannarino, Salinas Price….I may have missed a few of your eminent speakers ….but the quality of these people is undeniable….we don’t need bombast…just rational thinkers who have their own point of view that adds to the total picture. Never miss your interviews….

    • terry44

      That would be an amazing show.

  11. Sam B

    Thanks so much Greg. Excellent guest and interview. I agree with Alastair that we will vote to stay in the euro zone but that within a few years we will probably split up anyway by default.

    • terry44

      We aren’t in the eurozone, that is the zone that uses the euro. I hope we will leave the EU though.

  12. Karen

    Wow! Alasdair Macleod! Greg, so glad you got him back on your show. I watch every video or interview I can find with him. I don’t think anyone knows the gold / silver market better than this guy. And, thank you Mr. Macleod for sharing your infinite knowledge about the workings of the silver / gold markets.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karen.

    • Chip

      Concur! Alasdair is a very smart man. Thanks for having him on Greg… Chip

  13. Russ McMeans

    In light of our falling dollar: rats I’m broke and unemployed for a bit. No more money to buy WW3 supplies. Well at least I won’t have to jump out a window when the bank’s go bust! I’ve got nothing in there, but I have a wonderful wife and we have the best attorney money can’t buy… The Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang in there Russ you have the very best friend and ally in the world at your side. “Fear Not.”

    • JC Davis

      Russ this post made me smile big ! I recall a time I was flat broke, and looked at my hands in prayer I said Thank you lord that I have nothing for now I can do your will without interruption’s. The right direction is often not the path everyone else is following. God bless you.

  14. Agent P

    You’ll know it’s ‘on’ between SA and China when the U.S. sails 2 or 3 carrier battle groups into the Arabian Sea/Gulf/Red Sea to ‘protect its interests’. That, or the ESF/Fed/Treasury/BLICS/’indirect bidders’, etc., have a ‘work-around’ to mitigate any sizable $UST ‘dumping’ on the global market and tell SA to P!ss off. We shall see —-

    • frederick

      Carriers are just sitting ducks with İran having the latest Russian made anti ship missiles

      • Tin foil hat

        In case you didn’t see it in the last post.

        Attorneys for the handling of the bankruptcy of BullionDirect, Inc.
        Joseph D. Martinec
        [email protected]

        919 Congress Avenue, Suite 200
        Austin, TX 78701-2117

  15. Brad

    Bill Holter just issued a RED ALERT.

    Friends, this interview with JS Mineset’s Bill Holter is not for the faint of heart. It contains information you absolutely must share with your friends and family, no matter how closed-minded they are, no matter how many times you may have tried to warn them in the past. This may well be their last chance to protect themselves from an economic calamity so severe that they will never recover.

    Holter warns, “I think what we are looking at is an EVENT that you’re not going to be able to recover from. If this market snaps and the markets close, and you’re not in position, you’re out. You’re out for the rest of your life. This is going to be an EVENT that you can’t recover from.”

    • Horst Zuttermeister

      Brad –

      Bill Holter has been issuing RED ALERTS for the past fifteen years.
      There’s no need for you to freak out.


      • Brad

        Thank you Horst,

        I know but he said this red alert was totally different to all the other ones.
        Not freaking out yet, but I’m worried that I won’t freak out in time when the real collapse hits and get blind sided.

        Some times I think the actual black swan will be that absolutely nothing happens. That would surprise a lot of people, wouldn’t it?

      • Paul ...

        Horst … the only people who need to freak out about Holter’s Red Alert are those people who need to save their last three cents … if you haven’t noticed the dollar collapse has “already taken place” … from 1913 to the present a one dollar bill has already collapsed down to 3 cents … therefore only those who think losing that last 3 cents is a big deal need to freak out … for the rest of us … there is no need to freak … as we have accumulated stacks of gold and silver!

  16. r.j

    peterB silver may not officially back a new currency , but will definately go along for the ride . If one was to see gold move to 5 000 to ten thousand dollars per ounce I highly doubt that silver would wallow in the current 18 dollar range . great interview Greg

  17. Tony

    Mr. Macleod is an excellent guest. He’s pragmatic and erudite. Like him, I don’t believe the gold price is a major issue for governments if it rises gradually. They have bigger fish to fry. A fine interview, Greg.

  18. Dan

    Greg, fantastic guest. Mr. Macleod is very astute and well spoken. Please keep him high on your rolodex!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan.

  19. your fan in Japan

    I see lots of comments on oil, so FWIW, I’ll add this. I have a student in the oil business in Japan. In April, he had to go to a meeting with a new consolidated oil company in Japan. This new consolidated company was constructed because ExxonMobil and Royal DUtchShell (ie the foreign gas companies) have pulled out of Japan- because they foresee no growth here.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank is huge news Fan. Thank you for posting this. You may not see that business back in your lifetime.

    • JC Davis

      Thanks Fan In Japan. Someone was telling me Japan will not buy anymore T bills.
      Glad you post here.

      • your fan in Japan

        will not buy is not correct. The link below is from the Bank of Japan’s website. It shows purchases of t-bills as of May 2. The number is down from last year’s but we aere only halfway through the year.

        • Robert Lykens

          Hey Fan, have the earthquakes settled down over there? You’re not on Kyushu are you?

  20. Dan

    KEY TAKEAWAY from the interview. Real inflation (the decrease in purchasing power) is starting to kick in BIG TIME for the US dollar just as we saw in the 1970s when the US closed the gold window. History is repeating. Only this time it is marking an end to the era of the dollar as the reserve currency.

    Those holding 16 Trillion in dollars abroad are in desperate need of getting rid of them (as Mr. Macleod points out that China and Saudi Arabia are currently doing by soaking up commodities) buying any goods of vale they can quickly before they lose a big chunk of their value/purchasing power.

    The key take here is that commodity (and other goods) “prices” are going up NOT because of big demand (as with a booming global economy with increased production) BUT RATHER because so many parties are offering their dollars for the same goods. In other words, sellers are reluctant to take dollars, but will do so at a “premium”; then they will in turn try to get rid of the dollars they’ve just received for their goods. This cycle repeats so on and so on like a snowball rolling down the mountain getting bigger and bigger. This is what we refer to as money velocity – which is a precursor to hyperinflation. Velocity starts out slowly but as time goes on, it gets faster and faster in its acceleration. Watch out!

  21. Hairy Herry

    This was among your finest interviews in a while, Greg. I’m strongly in agreement with most of the commenters that the dollar will likely tank. It’s the opposite of Harry Dent, who sees the dollar remaining supreme. It won’t and it CAN’T! Even if derivatives are dollar demoninated – if the chain fails, so will all that paper. We are likely to experience a double-fail in both fiat paper and derivative paper. Both will be horrific

  22. Peter

    Greg I just loved that interview, Alasdair is a Bill Holter 007, his insight. advice and educated predictions were extremely valuable. Thanks and God bless.

  23. FC

    Greg, the only thing I found to be disturbing is the 12% approval of Sharia Law in your Poll.

  24. Dan

    Just re-watched a great video entitled ‘The Day the Dollar Falls’ which simulates a large dollar crash over a 24 hour period starting in Singapore in the East, gaining steam in Europe, only to set Panic in New York. Although the video is 7 years old (and in Dutch language – but with English subtitles), the parallels are exactly the same today – actually I should say much worse and gloomy. Back then for instance, the US Debt was “only” 7.9 trillion, the Euro was much stronger, and there wasn’t much mention of the Chinese Yuan let alone their gold accumulation and gold fix. Both fascinating (and scary) to see how fast it actually could occur.

    Part 1 of 6 via YouTube:

    • Dan

      And you can see some classic/vintage Peter Schiff with fantastic analogies.

  25. Da Yooper

    Thank you Greg for a great guest

    good job

  26. Paul ...

    Greg … If there is something entering our Solar System emitting radiation … this radiation could be causing our Sun to glow brightly and also be responsible for heating up the magma deep within our Earth’s core (creating all the earthquakes and volcanic activity we have been seeing recently) … booking Stan Deyo for an interview could provide us WatchDogger’s with more explicit details and his insights into what danger he thinks humanity faces? … this recent interview with Alex Jones was enlightenng …

    • JMiller

      Let’s see, there is something that may have entered our Solar System that may be emitting radiation which could cause the Sun to glow brighter. The Sun, now glowing brighter, is some how not heating up the Earth’s surface but is somehow heating up the Earth’s core. That sure makes sense.

      • Paul ...

        J … Consider this … say the “radiation” entering our Solar System is neutrino’s … neutrinos usually pass though matter without much interaction … “unless the matter is dense” … like the metal core at the center of the Earth … thus the “heating” will occur in the Earth’s “interior” while next to nothing is felt by us humans here on the surface!

        • JMiller

          Whatever floats your boat Paul.

      • Hatemail

        This is why the US government is secretly spraying mico aluminum particles into the atmosphere. It is done for the greater good of humanity.
        Meanwhile; I am planting my garden. Looking good! I’m going to do lots of canning this season in my new prepper kitchen in the basement.

  27. antonius aquinas

    Always enjoy Alasdair’s views. My latest piece:


  28. Gina Mancarella

    All I can say in the midst of all this turmoil is Praise God for Hillary. Even the highly decorated and Nobel Peace Prize honored Paul Krugman praises her abilities as the only politician capable of returning our economy to a path to prosperity. Lawrence Summers has also lauded her abilities in this area, but there are so many areas where Hillary will bring our country back from the brink. On immigration and border issues, we have been losing our way, but Hillary will establish a common sense approach for once and for all making a nation the bastion of freedom it was always meant to be. Secondly, the war on drugs, which we have been losing so badly will receive a much needed infusion of new energy and purpose because we can beat drugs. We can do it ! Hillary is going to restore all the goodness that has made our nation great accross the centuries. Lets all stand up for Hillary and for our great nation !

    • Greg Hunter

      Hill gave poison gas to terrorists. She is a murdering criminal:

    • Pinocchio

      Wellcome, Hillary. Goodbye, justice.

    • diane s.

      You are a comedian Gina.
      Most of us Watchdoggers enjoy your absurd comments.
      People I know can’t stand Hillary…
      When she either loses the election or gets indicted for numerous felonies. …I will be so disappointed if Greg doesn’t put up a cartoon of her getting a pie thrown in her face.

    • Faizie

      I saw a good bumper sticker; “Trump the B***h”.
      I simply see her as a Jezebell with Bill being the Ahab, and you know how it all ended for her; there wasn’t enough left of her to bury !!

    • Mike Huff

      Gina, you sound like a Manson follower. By that I mean you’re a purebred & absolute loon to follow and/or support such a pathetic piece of work like Hitlery.

      The only thing the monster has is a bigger ‘set’ than Billie-boy. It will do her well when she appears in the coming season of Orange Is The New Black, Capital Hill.

    • Jerry

      Once again you’re tripping. Why don’t you come on down to Arkansas and ask the people how they feel about the Clintons. Then you’ll understand why they moved their operation ( I mean residence) to New York. Other than working for the Rose law firm and investing in fraudulent cattle futures, the woman’s never had a real job. Unless you want count cleaning up behind Billy Bob as a job. I’m sure Jennifer Flowers would have something to say about that. My advice. Before you get in bed with the Clintons, make sure you’ve had your tetanus shots.

    • David S

      this is computer generated nonsense I presume? Hitlery has the blood of hundreds of thousands of libyans and syrians on her hands. I hope she hangs like those nazis in nuremberg

    • Paul ...

      Gina … are you collecting money for your efforts helping Hillary? … if not … you should look into it (to get your share) … a Super PAC headed by a longtime Clinton operative is spending $1 million to hire “online trolls” to support Hillary on social media!

    • frederick

      Gina how could you believe any of the rubbish you post The Clintons are an abomination with the money through fake charities the drug smuggling the questionable suspicious murders of people who wronged them and the sexual nonsense covered up by bills socalled “wife” how pathetic are you to support this criminal psychopathic woman

  29. Scott

    “China’s going to develop Asia…”

    Lost interest right there.

    MacLeod really needs to get out more. R.O.K., Japan, TW, Singapore ARE developed, along with HKSAR. Duh…

    Meanwhile, crony-communist China has bridges that collapse for no reason, rat-infested concrete hovel ghost-cities, apartment buildings that burn up like Roman candles due to electrical shorts, blood-colored toxic rivers, lakes where humans can’t bathe or wash due to pesticide amalgamation, beaches covered with dead fish, and on and on it goes. The entire country is nigh unto a SuperFund clean-up site. How many small children were killed due to subpar construction in the Sichuan earthquake? 5,000?

    China isn’t “going to develop Asia,” the idea is patently absurd. China has good relations with NONE of its neighbors, and even North Korea has moved its military forces to the Tumen for fear of a PLA invasion. China’s neighbors loathe and fear it, and Chinese citizens with means to do so are fleeing the country en masse. Look around in suburban California and in Vancouver and see for yourself.

    China is an excessively polluted, irretrievably corrupt gangster enterprise run by and for MASS MURDERERS.

    China isn’t going to “develop” anything; it’s going to COLLAPSE.

    • Tin foil ha

      China’s goal is to develope the “Silk Road”. Will they succeed or not? I think it doesn’t really matter, that is their goal.
      What is our goal?
      MacLeod is basically saying that our fates are not dictated by what the Chinese would do or not do. The Chinese don’t want a target on their back. They rather wait for us to either jump off the cliff bitching and moaning or roll up our sleeves and climb out of the hole which we dug ourself in for the last 40 years.
      If Bernie Sanders were the next president, we will run out of toilet papers by 2020. With Hilary, we may have to deal with hyperinflation or WWIII.
      I hope foreign goods and trips will become unaffordable for average Americans for 6 to 8 years if Trump wins – the president after Trump will take credit for the turn around if Trump managed to pull it off.
      There is no easy way out.

  30. Deano

    Who else you got coming up for this week Greg?
    Cant wait to listen to more great interviews.

  31. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Great interview once again Greg.
    I took pages of notes as I have huge respect for this very knowledgeable and charming man.

    My one and only small criticism of Alastair’s position is that as worldly and intelligent as he is, he does not seem to fully comprehend the extent to which the neoliberalist movement has gained a stranglehold on western governments and as such the real reasons as to why sovereign nations interact in such a seemingly incoherent manner.

    We tend to focus on what the leaders [eg Obama, Cameron, Merkel etc.] say and their actions. What we need to do is to cast aside our normalcy biases and accept that these leaders do not operate in functioning democracies but in a plutocratic neofascist matrix of bankism. These countries are run from behind the scenes by neocons and corporations who do not have any regard whatsoever for their countries wellbeing or for that matter, humanity itself.

    These leaders are merely puppets and talking heads and they take their orders and their narrative from their elite masters who operate in the shadows and away from both the spotlight and the political stage. Until society grasps this unfortunate fact we cannot hope to understand the dynamics of how these major powers interact with each other or with their perceived enemies. Until we acknowledge this sad truth and disenfranchise this power base, western society will further degenerate socially and financially into complete ruin.

    The below link is one of the best explanations of these dynamics and of how 95% of this bad behaviour can be traced back to its funding base which is the privately owned cabal known as the Fed. Sadly this interview was done some nine years ago and very little progress has been made since then. In fact, in the current presidential race there has been barely a mention of the need for this illegal institution to be dismembered.

    This 1 hour 35 min link is totally fascinating and has an excellent discussion at the 38 min mark on how the “Fed has poisoned the whole country”. It gives a unique insight because the late Aaron Russo had direct contact with one of the members of the Rothschild dynasty and as such with the cabal itself. I would recommend this as absolutely essential in helping to understand why the world is on the brink of complete and utter financial collapse and global war.

  32. Justn Observer

    Great interview Greg! And thanks to Alasdair Macleod as well…

    On a side note thought this was interesting to add to Hillary’s ‘accomplishments’ ! Apparently she was involved in a ‘black flag’ attack using weapons of mass destruction…a war crime some would think if Mr. Hersh is correct in his reporting?
    Which would have only compounded the poor plan had Obama also attacked for having ‘crossed the red line’ since it ‘appears’ they were complicit in the ‘crossing of the red line’ ? A Dastardly deed …indeed! Another reason I am sure one of your ‘favorite’ Hillary supporters will surely chime in on as reason to VOTE FOR HILLARY ! lol

    • Greg Hunter

      This is huge news and another reason Hill is totally disqualified to be President.

      • Pinocchio

        She will be. I bet my 800 trillion Zimbabwean dollars. She will be.

  33. da diz

    Alasdair Macleod provided an excellent and fair overview of the present financial and geopolitical situation. Thank you.

  34. Rock

    Great interview Greg. He is articulate and easy to understand the thoughts he has.
    The big complication in trying to figure out the “when will it happen” line of questions seems to be the derivative market/exposure. The world has never been at this intersection before. Seems like the derivative market implosion will be the thing that stops the wheel from turning the fastest. Perhaps Alisdair can send a post in with his thoughts on that?
    Thanks again for your great work my friend…

  35. Nick-dog

    Fabulous interview, Greg! I really appreciated Alasdair’s geo-political analysis with respect to China and Saudi Arabia. Thank you for all you do. God bless! –Nick

  36. foggygoggles

    Alistair is such a breath of fresh air. His opinions are always reasoned, and reflect the complexity of the situation we find ourselves in. He knows what he doesn’t know, and doesn’t presume otherwise. A key point he makes, which most guests continue to completely miss, is that a collapse of the dollar or the financial system, is in NO ONE’S interest. That’s not to say that it can’t happen, but it is in everyone’s best interest that it doesn’t.

  37. Jerry

    Right now I’m sure China is shaking in their booties.
    If China is like me, they’ll take the “or else” every time. America has become its own worst enemy. Do you really want to poke somebody in the Chest that holds you’re financial future in their hands, not to mention the almost three trillion dollars we owe them? Stupid!

    • JC Davis

      Jerry if America cuts China out of trading in dollars, how will that help the USA ? There must be something you, and I don’t know, that our leaders do know. Maybe China needs the Dollar more then we think.

      • Horst Zuttermeister

        Jerry is a victim of his own confirmation bias. Always has his panties in a bunch about something!

        • Jerry

          “Confirmation Bias” ? What I have stated are facts. Facts that most Americans drunk on their own hubris (like you) refuse to see. Unlike many who live off the government dole, I am forced to live in reality because I own a business. Try writing a $5000. check to the Federal Government every three months and see where your panties are.

          • Chief Two Beers

            Horst –
            Greetings from the Navajo Rez!
            No doubt Jerry really DOES care about your opinion. Otherwise he wouldn’t have responded (twice) to your pithy and rather accurate remark.

        • Jerry

          I found a perfect job for you. Working for the UN as an observer. That way you can report to someone who really cares about your opinion.

        • Tin foil ha

          Horst Zuttermeister,
          Jerry was right. China did take the “or else” option.
          UUP was up yesterday dragging commodities, equity and PMs prices down across the board.
          Btw, anybody who is paying attention to what is happening should have his/her panties in a bunch. Some choose to stay quiet and some choose to sound the alarm.

      • Jerry

        China has been planning on dropping the dollar since the inception of the Bretton Woods System. As I have stated, they have been buying massive amounts of gold for a reason. To reset the system with the Yuan as reserve currency. As long as Americans were buying goods they didn’t care about economic disparity. But with 0.1 GDP in the U.S. and tanking sales, they have no choice but to cut us loose. The question is do we have a choice where to buy? Our manufacture is dead and America for all intensive purposes is a debtor nation.

        If you work on Wall Street, its no big deal, the Fed keeps your heels pumped up. But down on the street where I live, its down right nasty. Businesses go under every day and taxes are eating people alive. One of my associates pays 65% corporate tax in Illinois. The risk is getting to great for people to run a business, and guess what? No business, no taxes. No taxes no government programs. You can kiss all those Social Programs goodbye. Who in they’re right mind can possibly think we can pay 125 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities with 2.5 Trillion dollars in tax revenue? FYI even in ancient Israel the northern tribes left because of massive taxation by King Solomon. Taxing people to death has never worked anywhere. But then again Bernie Sanders believes there’s a hidden money tree on the White House Lawn.

        • Robert Lykens

          Jerry, here’s the Democrat/leftist/Marxist/Obama economic theory:

          There are two men in a room. One has money in his pocket, the other has none.
          Obama takes half the money from the one and puts it in the other’s pocket.
          Now there’s more money in the room.

        • JC Davis

          WOW Jerry Great answer.
          Here in Nash Tn property taxes are eating me up. We have a flood of California folks willing to pay any price to live in my area. Driving my property value to high too pay the taxes.
          China may do better after cutting the dollar lose. Hard to fly with the eagles when running with turkeys.

        • Tin foil ha

          I believe the Chinese started planning on dropping the dollar around 07’s.
          We had good reputation and plenty of gold reserve to back up the dollar at the Bretton Woods. Now, everybody is calling the dollar a Ponzi Scheme.

  38. Oxfarmer

    The Big Boys didn’t leave much for a Baby Watchdogger to say, except, I understand a whole lot better. AM’s take on that meeting rang true to my ears.

  39. Rock

    Col, you make an excellent point. Thanks for the link to the Aaron Russo interview as well.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Thank you.
      What a tragedy it was when Aaron lost his battle with cancer.
      This brave man was a true visionary. His untimely death was a huge loss to America and to the world.

      • frederick

        İ agree Colin Aaron Russo was great and a true patriot we could use a lot more like him may he rest in peace

      • Paul ...

        Colin … like many others “untimely death” seems to be the key phrase …

  40. T.S. Phillips

    Excellent interview Greg! Alasdair is a class act. Good insights into the macroeconomy.

  41. Phil

    Alasdair was rolling along just fine with his usual expertise, insights, and tips, and then
    lost it entirely at the end smoking the hopium of Free Trade.

    • Tin foil ha

      MacLoed was not talking about the disastrous free trade which all trades are settled in the dollar.

  42. tulip

    the cia’s Brennen just came out on zero hedge blaming the saudis
    for the false flag 911. More cover up more accusation because the saudis are siding with Asia..& selling treasuries….
    Will we now create even more terror in the ME…???
    I don’t believe China & Russia will appreciate that.
    Good interview with MacLeod.

  43. Plantinseeds

    I’ve been visiting this site for about 4 years now. Even though told by different folks and in different ways the message is always the same. There is an evil group of folks that control everything and have stolen from us, our nation and wealth. The same message over and over to combat the economical fall of the U.S. is to own silver and gold.

    I read an article long time ago about a family in Serbia after the fall. It said gold was good for the 1st few weeks but after that no one wanted it to trade. Items like food, medicine and toilet paper is what everyone wanted and gold almost became useless to the common man.

    Please tell me how silver or gold will protect me and my family in the collapse? Tell me how I get my utilities turned on with PM? How do I go to a gas station for fuel in my truck? There will be thousands of folks just in my area with no PM to buy anything and they will rob and riot to provide for them self’s and their families.

    Owning silver or gold ain’t gonna do a damn thing for you. Only the very elite will benefit from PM. The rest of us need to be raising gardens and the hand tools to plant, harvest and can. Be able to raise animals and feed them. Have fuel oil lamps with plenty of fuel and clothing material and on and on. I did that gold and silver buying for a while. I started to become convicted on just what the PM could do for me. Nothing besides getting me killed. I got rid of all the silver and gold coins. I didn’t have much but what I got in return was invested in hand tools, small piece of land with water and material for when the lights go out and to prevent folks wanting to take what little I have. All these speakers say the same thing, buy PM it’s the only way to save yourself. Come on folks, please don’t buy into that. If they are willing to sell their PM in exchange for the FRN….what does that tell you?

    • David S

      i think all the gold bugs on this usa watchdog have said u stock up on food water and lead first before pms. You missed all that in your 4 years looking at this site??

      • Tin foil ha

        Lol, +1.

    • art barnes

      Nothing can prepare the people for a “Mad Max” moment, not even gold. All the gold & silver pundits forget the Bible says they will through their gold in the streets, meaning, it won’t buy or help anything. The people will turn to the anti-Christ and take the mark then they can buy and sell their way to hell.

      • art barnes

        I meant throw not through, sorry, a

      • Robert Lykens

        Art, that Bible verse (Ezekiel 7:19) is talking about “the day of the wrath of the Lord”.
        Christians won’t be here – the Father would never pour out his wrath on his children.

        The wrath of God comes after the opening of the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:17). Apparently the Church will be here for the first six seals, which will be very difficult indeed, but not like the Day of the Lord.

    • JC Davis

      Plantinseeds. You may be right. I see nothing wrong with having all the goods you listed. Gold and silver is only 2 of many needs we will need. I have learned to forage for wild foods. When I asked your question of why sell if you know gold is going to be used. The answer I got was to stay in the business of gaining more gold. I don’t buy that. However Gold dealers are the most informed folks I can get informed from. Why preachers preach is often multifold.

    • frederick

      plantinseeds you are WRONG having some precious metals could save you when fiat money collapses and it is the only means of wealth exchange we have left İ dont understand bitcoin very well but many say that is another answer being self sufficient in growing your own food is another good idea

  44. Zach Smith

    The neo-con men and woman say they love the Russian people and want to liberate them from their government, yet show their disdain for the American people, by trying to steal their voice in the election of our president. We should send them packing to Russia on a ICBM and see how far they get. Let them have their false flag wet dream of world domination, without a drop of our blood!

    • David S

      the neo cons want to liberate everybody from their earthly possessions and their freedoms

  45. Derrick Michael Reid

    Excellent interview greg

  46. Diana Dee Jarvis

    I like Alasdair. He doesn’t let what he would like to see happen cloud his judgement of what is likely to actually happen. Greg, please have him on more often. The DB admission of precious metal market manipulation does appear to be a non-event of sorts. People knew it was going on and aren’t fazed by it.

  47. David S

    Hi Greg

    Considering the neocon push for war with russia it would be great if you could get stephen cohen on.

    • Paul ...

      David … did you hear recently that a ranking US military commander spoke of fighting “aliens”… years ago President Ronald Reagan spoke (on four different occasions) about “an alien threat that was already among us” and that their “Agenda was War” … I think he was taking about the Neocons … back then Communist Party Chief Gorbachev speaking to the Central Committee of the USSR in Moscow was quoted as saying “the United States and the Soviet Union would one day join forces to repel such an alien threat” … and low and behold … today we find both the US and Russia bombing ISIS (a creation of pathological Neocons) intent on an “Agenda of never ending War” (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria,Yemen, etc. etc. …)

      Neocons are indeed an “alien hybrid species” (without moral values or human instincts for love) because their “stated agenda proclaimed with much hubris” is to reduce Earth’s population by over 90 percent … these “pathological alien Neocons” have already attacked America on 9/11 … and are currently preparing their ISIS murdering goons to kill another 3600 people in New York … to keep their wars constantly going on and on and on … these “alien Neocons” reside on the territory of many country’s … and have “total control” of the world’s main stream media propaganda “news” outlets … they are genetically engineering different hybrid species both plant and animal in their war against humanity … and they have “demonstrated” their control over our Military/Industrial Complex as President Eisenhower tried to warn us … already we’ve seen them easily order our Military to “stand down” (as happened on 9/11 and at Benghazi) … these “alien Neocons” want to create a New World Order for “their kind” … based upon greed, immorality, war and the constant killing of human women and children … their ultimate goal and “final solution” is a world completely dominated by “them” … their rallying cry … “all humans must be exterminated” … they are rapidly building FEMA camps for us (but this time they will not waste gas … they will use Guillotines) … we better elect Trump (a human) who has the moral instincts to take a stand against these immoral evil aliens!

  48. Mary

    I cannot always help but wonder that a British accent has more conviction in it, LoL!
    But good show Greg, Macleod is better than most other guests you bring.

  49. art barnes

    Russia plays a great part in the end time(s) war, doubt the way things are going America will be able to play any such role as we are moving in a banana republic type Cuba, don’t believe it, far fetched you say, well just think 20 or 30 years old and take a look. This country is falling apart at the seems, the evidence is everywhere if you only let yourself see. Out here on the Western Front there are homeless sleeping in the alleys and under bridges everywhere; if you only let yourself see. So many people are working for minimum wage at the same time the 1 percent are building mansions with walls & gates high on hills, third world status here we come.

  50. Daniel Jantzi

    Greg and Watchdog fans,

    Jonathan Cahn calls out Obama and Supreme Court Justices at the “Washington: A Man of Prayer” event on Capitol Hill before members of Congress.


  51. pat the rat

    We all live with fact that we don’t know it all. When will this fiat money collapse ,we don’t know? Six months I be happy, a year I will live in bliss!

    • Greg Hunter

      Every day we get is a gift because it is coming.

    • Tin foil ha

      pat the rat,
      We are near the cliff but that doesn’t mean we cannot right our course.
      The Russians survive the sanction by producing goods which they can no longer import from the west. They avoid hyperinflation by being highly productive rather than waiting for something to happen or someone to blame. Putin didn’t point his finger at the rich to make them the escape goats. He pointed his finger rightfully at the Deep State and the Russians are smart enough to get it. Working together, they only have to endure high inflation instead of the collapse of the ruble.
      I hope Trump would be our Putin and Americans are as smart as the Russians.

  52. Joe Citizen

    Forgive them Greg, for they know not what they do!!
    Seems to me, I remember someone else saying this before, but I feel it is timely!

  53. Oxfarmer

    It finally happened. On the subject of government control, our state passed stealth legislation banning wood stoves that don’t comply with a ridiculous pollution standard. They are not enforcing this law, as one can see by driving in our rural neighborhood in winter, and we DO get winter. Just about every house has a woodstove.

    Next, NOAA adds an ‘Air Quality Alert’ to the weather report citing various cities.

    Today they started running infomercials on air pollution, like forest fires or flood warnings. And guess what one of the culprits is? Smoke from woodstoves, full of particulates.

    Any guesses about the next step?

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