No Laws Were Broken

Wall Street Fraud & EU IMF Bailout But No Laws Were BrokenBy Greg Hunter’s 

It looks like the EU is getting a bailout from the IMF that could be nearly $800 billion.  Gold is going straight up, and I am sure global stock markets will also surge on the bailout news.  This will not really fix what is wrong.  It will also not put an end to the chronic crisis mode Europe and the U.S. have been in for the past 3 years.  I mean, if all the global bailouts didn’t fix the problem, including $16 trillion pumped out by the Fed after the 2008 meltdown, what’s another $800 billion going to do?  The reason why things are not going to get better is that corruption is rampant and the financial system is totally broken.  Bailouts are treating the symptom, but the disease is unbridled fraud.  Many people don’t realize this because the corporate controlled mainstream media will not report on crimes of the financial elite.

Last week, I wrote a piece called “False Narrative.”  I was stunned by a comment from a guy named Jim that said, “It amazes me that you maintain the narrative of the “guilt” of private business that asked for consideration from Congress and the president and it was granted. Nobody has gone to jail because no laws were broken.”  This is the most false of the false narratives.  The 2008 meltdown is 70 times bigger than the S&L crisis of the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Back then, more than 1,000 financial elites were convicted of felonies.  According to Professor William Black, the reason why we have “recurrent intensifying crises . . . is these epidemics of fraud from the C-Street—from the CEOs and CFOs.”  Professor Black holds duel PhD’s in economics and law, but he is not just some run-of-the-mill academic.  Professor Black is also a former bank regulator who spearheaded the cleanup of the S&L crisis.  In a speech Black gave last week, he said, “In the Savings and Loans crisis, the inevitable National Commission said that fraud was invariably present at the typical large failure. In the Enron era, always frauds from the very top of the organization, and in this crisis the frauds came from the very top of the organization again. But what’s different in this crisis? In this crisis, the same agency that I worked with that made over 10,000 criminal referrals in a tinier crisis made zero criminal referrals. They got rid of the entire function. And so there are zero convictions of anybody in the elite ranks of Wall Street. And if they can defraud us with impunity they will cause crisis after crisis and they will produce maximum inequality. . . . And that’s why we have a crisis and it came from the very top of these organizations, and it went through—as the FHFA said in its complaint—the largest banks in the world were endemically fraudulent. It is not a few rotten apples. It is an orchard of one percenters who are rotten to the core.” (Click here to read his complete speech.)

Don’t believe the professor, then how about the “maestro” Alan Greenspan.  The former Fed Chief admitted the system was fraudulent and needed to be cleaned up last November.  He said, “If you cannot trust your counter-parties it won’t work and . . . it didn’t.”  He was sitting on set with Ben Bernanke when he said it.  Look at the video below, and watch Mr. Bernanke’s face when Greenspan dishes the dirt.

Look at the latest blowup with MF Global.  There is more than $1 billion of segregated customer funds missing and not a single criminal charge.  Does anyone think Jon Corzine is going to get prosecuted?  I’ll be shocked if he is because he has friends in high places including the White House.

Just because nobody has gone to jail doesn’t mean everything is going to be ok and we all get a free pass.  According to Karl Denninger at, the markets will be the ultimate regulator.  Denninger wrote last week, “Without enforcement of the law — swift and certain — there is no deterrent against this behavior.  There has been no enforcement and there is no indication that this will change.  It will take just one — or maybe two — more events like MF Global and Greek CDS “determinations” before the entire market — all of it — goes “no bid” as participants simply stuff their hands in their pockets and say “screw this.”  It’s coming folks, and I guarantee you this: Whatever your “nightmare” scenario is for such an event, it’s not bearish enough.”  (Click here for the complete Denninger post.  It’s really good!)

You cannot have a thriving economy that is shrouded in fraud and mistrust.  Crimes continue to go unpunished, and mistrust is growing.  No bailout, no matter how big, will ever fix that.

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  1. Alessandro Machi

    Ironically, alleged zero fraud has to do with the digital manipulation of financial investment schemes that simply get replicated over and over like a DVD master. The numbers don’t have to change, simply plug in new false data and give the investment scheme a new name. Over and over the fraud continues.

    Digital is comprised of one’s and zero’s, and that may help explain why zero convictions is all that we have to show for the dishonesty among the duplicitous bankers.

    • Davidus Romanus

      You’re right. Ones and zeros. The one percent get zero jail time.

  2. Art Barnes

    Greg, help me understand, is the IFM bailout a loan or a gift? If it is a loan what are the terms, and isn’t a loan just a strong possible and potential future default? I can’t understand how this so-called bailout of the EU is anything but a “can kicking” event. Maybe you can share your strong understanding of how this thing works. Art B.

    • Greg

      Supposedly a loan but what is it if they don’t pay it back. These people have a debt problem and they are getting , what else, more debt.

      • Art Barnes

        Thanks Greg, just heard that Spain has 22% unemployment, with Italy right behind at about 17%, and so on and so on. How in the world could Greece, Italy, etc. pay any bailout loans back with unemployment numbers like that? We have the same problems here, by the way those numbers above came form the IMF itself, wonder what the real figures are!

        • Greg

          I guess this is the inflation play we’ve been talking about. Print, print, print!

  3. Richard

    Another informative article. I enjoy your ‘read’ everytime. I have an acronym for you on another matter,i.e.; Bank STRESS TESTS We all know they are BS Tests, but here is how STRESS TEST breaks down – Simulated Transparent Reviews Enhanced by Scheming Statists for a Totally Erroneous Summary of Trust.

    Financial armagedon is not a matter of ‘if’, but now only a matter of ‘when’.

    • Greg

      Thank you Richard and Thomas.

  4. Thomas Yonker

    If you wish to gain understanding about the occupy wall street riots keep in mind that had you robbed a liquor store or my favorite possessed a small amount of marijuana, your jail time would be assured. However, theft of millions of dollars via a white collar scheme seems not to raise an eyebrow, How have we come to such an imbalanced state of affairs?

    • MasterLuke

      They are parasites and we are their host.

  5. jay

    ecclesiastes chapter 8 verse 11
    because sentence aginst an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

    • Greg

      Amen brother.

  6. jay

    this didnt just happen. its been happening for generations. parents raising there kids to be as they are…thats why the corruption is so large.
    however they that have a clean heart will be given wisdom and come threw this unscaved.


    When I saw MF Global blow up Greg I was so happy I quit trading
    futures. I had at one time there almost 9 figures. Refco was the former name and they too went under. I exited all my funds just
    before Refco collapsed. Then I went back to MF Global and decided
    after a year or so to quit the business because of the high stress.
    I don’t miss any of this fraud and can’t imagine how these traders
    feel losing their funds to it. What a tragedy too just before the holidays. Like Karl D. says in your commentary the whole system probably will fold like dominos one day. People should know that
    and be prepared with survival supplies. This whole financial system
    is imploding right before I very eyes and few are paying attention because its all being done in slow motion. Most people have this hope
    that the economy will recover last few years but things are getting a
    lot darker than before. My opinion if the foundation has rotted away, which it has, the old system must be destroyed and unfortunately very few are prepared for the very painful times ahead. Hope I’m wrong !

    • Greg

      D. CHAPMAN,
      Thank you for your insight and analysis.

  8. M SMITH

    Under Bush, certain Fed owned banks were given the ability to carry two sets of books, one where the bankers would hide all of the toxic crap & one to show they were in great shape & they kept adding more of their losses on derivatives to the 2nd book, this was drew up by the poster boys from Goldmans Sachs & signed by Bush. More on this at He lays out the way the GS boys took the steps to get their own stay out of jail free card.
    Today the senate will be voting to give this president & those after him the ability to use the Military to make arrests any where in the world, even in the USA if they are deemed a threat to U.S. interest in any way. The U.S. in now a Active Battle Field as stated by some members of congress. You must read more & contact every member in the senate to stop this bill S.1867 & S.1253 sections 1031-1032, you will find more at a place I would not believe the ACLU! THIS MUST BE BAD IF THE ACLU IS ABOARD, GO TO THEIR SITE ,ASAP TO SIGN THE PETTITION.All those FEMA camps manned by armed guards and troop movements this spring & summer was not for show, these camps have been stocked piled with MRE’s and remain vacant for now, but look how the protesters are being treated & connect the Dots, the USA is now a Active Battle Ground in the eyes of both parties in congress.

    Old man Pappy Buffet wrote about sound money & freedom decades ago, This is a great piece, to bad no one running for any office will be read this well written piece. You know the MSM would not allow the content of what Pappy Buffet wrote in any debate.

    Greg, if the president or the next one gets the power to round up groups of people and hold them with out due process for any reason really means they are scared to death of the Millions of Americans of ex veterns, just plain folks who own weapons to hunt & the millions who live in the large cities who have become aware of what the gov has been doing who own guns also. I would ask you, is this no differnt than what Hitler did?

    Today is a day where we need to take action, a bill like this one S.1867-S.1253 is nothing more than Americans losing more Freedoms. The Constitution is being ripped to shreads by both parties & it will end badly. I am not a a, larmist, but a realist who has tried to prepare for the coming train wreak & wonder if it will be all for nothing!

    The Police State is here & socialism has failed.Only the top 1% have the means to exscape to their hide aways off shore while the rest will be on their own.

    • Oldguy

      Mr./Ms. Smith’
      Why do you think the second amenment was published in the constitution? Even at that, …SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED” is always being abridged with what types of guns we can keep, requirements for permits and registrations,and many other laws in individual states that are supported by frightened politicians, criminals, and bleeding hearts that are too cowardly to even touch a gun. The governments were supposed to be afraid of the masses. Remember two items: On september 4, 1934, Hitler outlawed civilian firearms; and, for the good of the many…is the war cry of the tyrant.


    Hi!, Patrons To USA Watchdog Et Al:

    Make no mistake about it in your thinking folks, pure socialism doesn’t allow for markets like Greg and Mr. Denninger are discussing! Neither does socialism allow hard money. We already don’t have hard money people direct from government but must purchase it at a premium and so the next step just may be the worldwide supression of stock markets, as insurance to keep the masses of the middle classes (prolateriate) suppressed forever? Debt means nothing to the elite (Aristocracy), because through taxes and inflation debts are always transferred to the working classes anyway. Those now in the US without either a job or a home dependant upon the socialistic food stamp/welfare state status quo is the ultimate leveling process procured by the eliteists’ goals. Profits eaten out by inflation and taxed will soon secure the demise of the former stalwart working middle class entrepeneurs. They make a profit subject to inflation which becomes a part of our National debt and then whatever is left over at the end of the year gets visited by the IRS arm of governments. No middle class can survive this routine corruption and robbery; despite what happens in the stock market folks can it?


    • Greg

      Thank you Russ.

  10. Steve

    I shared an article with a friend of mine over the week-end, its title is; “Comfortably Numb”. The article and the quote below can be found here:

    “The oligarchy of moneyed interests have done a spectacular job convincing the working middle class they should be angry at 20 year old OWS protestors, illegal immigrants and the inner city welfare class, rather than the true culprits – the Federal Reserve, Wall Street banks and mega-corporations. This is a testament to the power of propaganda and the intellectual slothfulness of the average American.”

    My friends response was: “It sounds like someone needs to fight to change our tax laws. Without that, the Wall Street bankers can’t really be officially called criminals.”

    To me “officially” is the key word from his email. Officially or not, laws where broken and everyone will probably get a “get out of jail” card if it ever goes to court.

    Greg, I think the title of the article I quote from suggests it all, in a response to your article, most Americans are comfortably numb.

    • Greg

      Love it!!!

    • Brian

      One thing that is happening is that the working population is shrinking. There are no more 2.2 kids to a family. We are lucky to have one kid. Illegal immigrants can help, though I’d have to hold my nose to change my mind. The answer to the twelve million illegals is to tax them, and that can be done via the FairTax. These illegals are working but they are not paying taxes, except at the local level (state or city sales taxes.)

  11. Jeff Bertrand

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    I am not an economist, JD, or MBA. I am, by all descriptions, an average citizen. However, I am not unintelligent, nor ignorant. I have schooled myself on politics and economics. I diligently read numerous internet sources. Generally speaking, I detect that there is a “rhythm” to all systems in nature, including all things human, inclusive of our society and economy. We are not observers of nature, rather we are part and parcel of the greater whole that is the universe.

    Nature will always seek homeostasis. When any of they systems of nature get out of balance, she engages any number of mechanisms to “right the ship”. Typically, she will use disease to control overpopulation, sometimes starvation, various and sundry natural events (storms, earthquakes, etc). No system in the universe is exempt from the balancing forces of nature.

    The system we are now in is out of balance in every respect but at the top of the list of imbalances is the world economy. One can observe the rythm of nature in action in most any scenario and there is uncanny similarities in how all systems behave.

    To that end, I see the current situation behaving much like a living organism that is deranged. Take for instance, a human being on life support in an intensive care unit. Infection and sepsis (fraud and corruption) has set in and the patient’s vital signs are waning. In order to recover vitals signs that are compatible with life, numerous treatments are applied. Sodium bicarbonate is administered to correct acidosis, levophed, epinephrine, dopamine, dobutamine, and neosynephrine, individually or in combination, are given to improve blood pressure and cardiac output, nutrition is given in the veins, ventilators take over for the lungs, intraortic balloon pumps relieve the heart of some of the work, antibiotics are given to combat the infection, and on and on. Ironically, the more of these maneuvers that are applied, the less likely the patient will survive. There is a logical reason for this. If the system, the patient, cannot self-regulate, and external application of normal functions are needed, the body will down-regulate normal receptors for all of these functions. Specifically, if I need to give epinephrine to maintain blood pressure, the longer the patient is on epi, over time, the more he will need, until epi is no longer effective. Then we add dopamine, until it is no longer effective, then add levophed, and on and on. Ventilators rob the body of its ability to breath normally. Nutrition by vein robs the body of its ability to digest food normally. Eventually, the metabolic derangement is so great that it will be necessary to turn to the family and say that there is nothing else to be done. When all this life support is withdrawn, the patient dies.

    The world economy is on life suppport and all of the external applications normal functions circumvent normal self regulatory functions and are causing the patient to shut down. Injections of money from the various central bank facilities are just like drugs in a dying patient. With each increase or injection from a various facility, there is a brief improvement in economic vital signs, but after a time, they stop working. And, they actually cause greater economic derangement. Once all the options are played out, this economy will die. The time will come when the family will have to be told. Then we can bury the system and start over.

    Nature is the boss, not man.

    Jeff Bertrand

    • Greg

      Good stuff man. Thank you for your analysis!!

    • wisefool

      YHWH God of the Bible is the boss, not nature (or man). Nature is not aware, but a creation. God is separate from his creation. Not good stuff. Preaches new age.

  12. Brad

    In not one Black Friday sales report did I see an inflation adjustment for the inflated sales figures. Without this adjustment, the data means nothing. The sad thing is that the average person will hear the ten second sound bite between cooking and dinner and believe this means the economy is getting better, meaning the financial platform is becoming more stable, translating into their money is a safe vehicle and then flip the channel, and no amount of data after the fact will undo the damage created by the MSM in ten seconds. Can anyone say brainwashed? A large box of powdered milk at Walmart went from $12 to $18 in about a year and a half. That’s just one item of many, and that is a fact. I have the receipts.

    • Brad

      To be specific that’s $12.23 and $17.94. Thats an overall increase of 47%. That breaks down to roughly a 32% annualized increase on just one item. An how much is the average person yielding on a savings account? One does not have to have their CFP to figure that one up.

    • Greg

      Yes sir and you are spot on to consider that some sales increases are nothing more than inflation increases. Good stuff man!!!

  13. Mike

    I agree with everything you wrote.

    A few hundred years ago the composer, Wolfgang A. Mozart, did not like the wickedness and hypocrisy being perpetrated by the privileged elite throughout Italy, France and Germany and he decided to change things. The young brilliant genius exposed the nobility for what they were on stage set to music in his operas such as Don Giovanni and The Marriage of Figaro. Essentially, he made shameful buffoons of them. Who attended his operas and were his audience ? The privileged elite and their families, of course. Fortunately, Mozart & others like him created Social Change forever to benefit us all forever.

    Today, the world needs someone like a Mozart who can also create Social Change in a unique way. Blogging could be the answer. Thank you.

    • Greg

      Good story Mike.

  14. Tim


    The systemic corruption of our political and financial complexes is beyond belief, beyond comprehension, and beyond reform. Collapse is inevitable. But how long can they keep it going? Better have plenty of food, water, etc. The Great Unraveling awaits…are you ready?

  15. Jeff C

    Great article Greg! You cut right to the heart of the problem, IMO. Fraud, deceit, and mistrust without any enforcement or consequences for bad behaviour will bring the whole system down.

    A free Market system will work – but Rule of Law must apply and the playing field must be level – put lawbreakers behind bars and let the misbehaving corporations fail (no bailouts). That is what would have righted the ship.I think we are well past that point, though. The ship is now sinking and nothing can be done to save it. Confidence and Trust have been lost.

  16. Gillian Grannum

    The rule of law is broken. It is far, far beyond the impact of individual miscreants from the banking establishment. It is the cozy relationship between banking and politicians, banking and its regulators, banking and justice systems, banking and the international corporatocracy.

    The banking industry is a cesspool of rapacious corruption so consumed with greed and indifference that it must, of necessity, implode.

    Your analysis is exceedingly accurate. It is my hope that the OWS movement finally gets past its misdirected action against Wall Street and starts focusing on the single, egregious causative factor — the privately-owned and operated Central Banking System.

    This IMF intervention is a joke. And where, might I ask, is BIS — the Bank Of International Settlements — in all this? The $800 billion you cite above MIGHT stop the hemorrhaging in Western Petty Cash accounts but it won’t do anything to reverse conditions.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Greg

      Thank you Gillian for your kind words and comment.

  17. g.johnson

    good post greg,

    here is a nice 16 minute clip of william black telling it like it is.

    seems there is no recourse in the “system” as the corruptions runs even to the justice department itself.

    we the people lost our vigilance. we need to get it back and start demanding the truth from the msm and our supposedly representative government.

    justice is for all, or for none.

  18. Craig

    Spot on again Greg. At first I was not happy about all the “leftist” in the OWS movement. I really wish the Fed and the corrupt Big Banker establishment would come clean. History shows us that they will not. There will be no justice until we as a people demand the Fed stop and we start prosecuting the real fraud. I would love to see Corzine in handcuffs. How does the leader of a global financial services company get away with this. Jon Stewart played such a great video of Corzine infamous rants agains Bear, Lehman and others. Then he turns around and does them a one and leverages to 40:1 trying to prop up the bond markets in the PIIGS? What gives? Why is he not suponeod right now? The corruption is so deep. Ben trying to keep transparency out of the eyes of American public for dubious reasons. Time is near, but do not count out the Bankers from manipulating the market until the end. This market can be traded, but the hold strategies will get you killed. Wall Street is on the side of big government and until that chain is broken and we jail all the conspirators, trade carefully, take the 5% hits and walk. Closer and closer we get to the “day of reckoning”. It will be a relief to me. Painful for a time, but then we can actually rebuild. God be with everyone. I am praying for all to survive exceptions include the ones you have identified for the last couple of years Greg. Thank you for what you do.

    • Greg

      Good stuff man!

  19. rrr

    There is a flaw in our thinking. We like to believe that if fraud is rampant the dynamics of public pragmatism will change that fact. Here is the overlying truth: If the people in power can convince the majority of the public that they are doing what needs to be done (regardless of whether they really are), and also convince the public that the people who are working hard to protect their own wealth are causing the problem, the public will seek to destroy the best people and support the worst. As far as I know the only way to correct this, without killing any public office holders, is for people to educate themselves. Because most people are not properly motivated to do so, many are likely to take to the streets in hope of getting rid of those in power. It is not recommended, because it has often been during the chaos of public revolt that strong men have arisen, who take the people down an even worse path. So all I can say is that websites like this one are doing what is needed. Unfortunately it takes humans many generations of true education before the necessary associated behaviors can become ingrained, and during this time many who should be destroyed will not be, while many who should be saved will be permanently lost. Therefore a number of alternative choices become appealing even to those who understand the best methods for correcting such problems.

  20. droidX-G

    Blomberg was discussion a refuted rumor of a $600computer billion bailout by the IMF but did not give much I thought to it because it is more than IMF has ability to fund currently

  21. nm

    Where does the IMF get it’s money from? Isn’t it from member states including the US? Where is this $800 billion coming from? The IMF can’t print.

    • Art Barnes

      Correct, each member country gives a percent of its GDP, however, the 600 billion was a number out of nowhere to make the market rally strongly for the elite day players, which it did. Why is that you ask, its because the IMF only has 327 billion on its books for emergency loans, just over half of the 600 that was stated, you can look it up on their web site – and, the IMF won’t spend all they have wanting to keep a couple bucks in reserve. Simply put the IFM doesn’t have the money, the big boys knew it but used the false information to make some quick money on Monday for a 300 plus stock rally, nothing changes, just more white shoe boys and the MSM’s go along with the moon is made out of blue cheese bullcrap. A. Barnes

  22. Anonymous

    Greg and visitors:
    Read the article at (google it) “ 9/11). These revelations are more sinister than the actual event.

  23. Larry

    Greg, your directness is certainly refreshing and mirrors my own thinking. Fraud has become so rampent and so acceptable that deceit is more believalbe than the truth. The truth will not set us free if the truth only enjoys a minority status in a free a open democracy.

    • Greg

      Thank you Larry.

  24. Bob

    Are you related to Jack Hunter? {Published by a Charleston SC newspaper.} You both display a similar mindset.

    • Greg

      I am not. I hope you like Jack.

  25. brian

    This may be a dumb question.
    Where does all the debt go? i mean, america is in debt. Europe is in debt. Most banks are over extended. Where is all the money? Who has it all? I guess thats what i dont understand. It seems like everwhere you look there is debt but someone has the money….who?

    I also just want to say that i hope this article is wrong..we all should..

    • Greg

      In a word inflation.

  26. Richard McDiarmid today had the ten greatest known explosions.. The last three makes me wonder , in this latest human (financial) mess ,does it all really matter in the gneral sceme of the cosmos?

  27. Jan

    I don’t know what scares me more, a blow up of the financial system or a blow up of the Middle East. It appears we will have a NATO action in Syria soon. I guess we have to keep the wars going to keep the cash flowing. We are running out of Dicators to dispose, then what?

    • Greg

      We line in interesting times.

  28. Kevin Crossland

    Dear Greg

    I enjoy your writings very much and just wanted to pass along some encouragement, hoping you keep up the good work. Please don’t forget: good people are often hard to find!

    Best Regards


    • Greg

      Thank nyou Kevin for your kind wordes and support!!!!

  29. Jerome Solomon

    Dear Mr.Hunter,

    Please explain the logic of “why”, in your comment regarding gold going straight up after a bailout is in place. Iam sure you are corrrect, however, I do not understand why this should happen.

    I thought gold is the safe haven when things fall apart as they seem to be now. That is, with no specific solution in place, things drag on. Why, when a bailout solution is instituted and the situation is
    stablized, would gold be moving up?

    Thank you.

    Jerome Solomon

    • Greg

      Jerome Solomon,
      The EU bailout involves money printing which debases the currency so gold naturally goes up in price, or more correctly, the currencies debased go down in value.

  30. norcar survivor

    An interesting read if you haven’t seen it already.

    • Greg

      I saw this and it saddens me to know it is only covered by the foreign press. Where is the American press? Thank you.

  31. Vess

    “When I go to a foreign land, I do not ask whether their laws are good or bad – I just ask whether they are abided to.” 😉

  32. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    I often marvel how few understand those who are truly perpetrating this fraud. There is a head to this banking ponzi scheme and its higher than those large banks that keep getting papered over. There are reasons presidents do not finish their terms in office and its usually for going against the grain. But so few study to understand the history that keeps repeating. There is a book in this world that has the most comprehensive detail of fraud from a historical perspective. Is not hiding truth a form of fraud? Yet man does it to himself continually. Many souls struggle so hard to gain in this life that which they can not keep only to lose their own soul which is priceless. Job 27:8 For what is the hope of the godless, though he get him gain, When God taketh away his soul? This world is rushing madly toward the final chapters of that book.
    If you desire to begin looking past the fraud check out our web site

    In CHRIST! Rob

  33. RobinH

    I think you’ll find that the OWSers and the Tea Party agree on what you’ve outlined in your article; it will take their combined effort to force mass indictments.
    We are all victims of one of the greatest ongoing crimes in human history and we must demand justice.
    William Black gets my vote, he has the experience, understanding and the desire to see these criminals jailed.
    We all need to push hard, together, to get this wrong righted.

  34. The Seer

    Hi Greg,
    I like getting hard questions or opposing views because it makes one come up with even more
    “best facts and data” to support the truth. Great job!
    I do want to alert everyone that 2012 we will see many more financial collapses from various entities due to the the continued malfunctioning of the fraud/corrupt system prevalent globally. So much so, I must heed a alert warning that the distribution channels will most likely be disrupted and the food store shelves will become empty and even put many of them out of business as their distribution centers will not be resupplied by the shutting down of their supplies. It is so important to live by food producing farms who will be reduced to selling only locally, start/maintain your own gardens (change your top soil every 1 – 2 years to remove the chemtrail buildup in it) and save your seeds, store water.
    Here are some resources for everyone as you are the aware ones:
    This site has “1” nanosecond surge protectors for your home, business and for your utility companies. Contact your utility companies and give them this website to help assure continued service.
    This site offers the EcoloBlue #30 atmospheric water generator. It will make 8 gallons a day and you can request the “alkaline” water feature that adds minerals to the water so you are not drinking acidic water.
    This site offers the best biostone water filter and alkaline water machine “Athena”. My reverse osmosis water tested out acidic and so did the local purified water store water! You feel much better with improved energy and know that you body is getting alkaline oxygenated water. They will have a newer biostone filter out first quarter that will filter out “radiation”. The current model filters out 99% fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals. Don’t let the powers that be ruin your health with their filters that create acidic water!
    This site offers Scaler/Schuman earth hz wave pocket size to house size units to neutralize the emfs we are exposed to at our computers, TVs, phone systems,cell phones, smart meters, electrical panels, etc. Don’t let the powers that be ruin your health with the emfs in everything electronic around you!

    As you probably know, the Mayan 2012 prediction is just an ending cycle in their astrological type philosophy so it will not be armageddon. However, the powers that be will take advantage and “play their design” right into it . . . .

    Greg, can you email me your office email address please? I want to communicate with you directly with some information about the future and not through a blog. Thanks. The Seer

    • Greg

      Thank you Seer. This is good and very sobering advise. I will email.

  35. D. CHAPMAN

    Hello Greg thought you might find this of interest. Jim Cramer said
    on Monday show Nov. 28th ” We are two stages from a financial collapse so huge its hard to get your mind around”. Jim is declaring
    a DEFCON 3 collapse. Basically saying financial Armageddon is headed our way all because of Euroland that it most definitely will hit our shores. Credit will dry up etc. for retailers and other major business. Jim is saying this is a 500 million population in Euroland
    and its going take down all the banks here as well. In all the years
    he has been commenting on the markets this is a first for him to state
    such a bad outcome in the economy. Armageddon style if you will. I actually believe him for many reasons and last few months known its getting closer this collapse that takes everything down. Just like Karl D. said there won’t be any bids out there one day. Stock and bank
    accts will be swept away. MF Global seems to be leading the way too.
    I don’t think people have much time left to prepare with survival goods, cash on hand etc. The Titanic is sinking and hardly anyone is paying attention. They have heard this too many times before but thats part of the mass deception. If they only knew. Life here
    is about to change in an instant. We’ll, I guess if Cramer is right and others who are very wise men saying about the same thing. The ponzi scheme is all coming to an end soon !!!

    • Greg

      D. CHAPMAN,
      Looks like he got what all of Wall Street wanted and that was money printing to save the crazy bets of the bankers.

  36. Agent X

    BIG DITTOS …Greg!

  37. Jasmine Ransonet

    Hello! I’ve been reading your website for some time now and
    finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Tx!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent work!

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