Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.12.12

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The Vice Presidential debate was this week, and it was supposed to get into the real down and dirty numbers.  Vice Presidents rarely make a difference in the outcome of a Presidential election, so who cares who won.  I am focusing on what is not said, and both parties conveniently leave out the $85 billion a month the Fed is printing to bail out bankers and suppress interest rates.  Both parties get plenty of help from the mainstream media not talking about the real issues.  For example, yesterday’s USA Today ran a piece titled “Analysis: Recovery begins to look normal.”  This is analysis?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  What is “normal” about unprecedented money printing that will total more than $1 trillion a year and interest rates frozen to near 0% until 2015?  If the U.S. was in a real so-called “recovery,” the Fed would not be printing $85 billion a month in “open-ended” (unlimited) QE, or what most people simply call money printing. By the way, the IMF said this week it sees an “alarmingly high” risk of a much deeper worldwide downturn.  I guess the IMF doesn’t see a recovery either. 

Some other stories not getting much coverage are the Turkey/Syrian border skirmishes and the U.S. sending troops to Jordan.  The Turkey/Syrian situation appears to be getting worse.  They have been trading artillery shots on Syria’s northern border, and now Turkey forced a passenger plane to land in its capital on suspicion of carrying military cargo.   It looks like this conflict could widen a war in the Middle East.   

Now, the U.S. is sending troops to Syria’s southern border.  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said it is to strengthen the Jordanian military for violence spilling out of Syria.  I think this is an ominous development, and this story was also underreported in the MSM.   

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Rebecca

    I believe you hit the nail square on the head with your analysis.

    • Greg

      Thank you Rebecca and Phillip for the comments.

  2. Art Barnes

    Both parties & the MSM want to money printing as they have been brainwashed into believing printing money by the FED doesn’t hurt an economy, in fact, inflation is healthy for it. Greg, the fact that both parties are not discussing the FED’s money printing proves to me that there is no real difference in them – Americans should be outraged but 99 percent of Americans couldn’t tell you what the FED is, what it does, whether it is a part of our government, or if (as we know) is actually owned by some very powerful and wealthy individuals who are not Americans and have no American nationalism. This my friend is the dirty little secret, too bad we have an enemy on our shore and don’t acknowledge it.

  3. slingshot

    Just do not know how much more of the B.S. I can stand. What needs to be covered by the News Media is sidelined and crap inserted to the front page. Guess we will be hearing about “Joe’s” white teeth for a week or two. So they used some Household Stats instead of Employer Stats, to get a phoney employment number. Simular to the C.P.I. numbers are formulated. Change the numbers till it suits your purpose. As far as Foreign Policy? The general public could give a hoot. Yes, the flash in the pan news will wind them up for a couple of days but most could not pick the country of interest out on a world map. What does the public know of American History? I would say that a good percentage would fail the test which immigrants take to become US citizens. You only have to get 58 out of 96 questions right to pass. Many questions are B.S. questions pertaining to todays events and not History. So, you can talk about all the events that are happening. Wall Street, Financial collapse, food prices, inflation, and taxes but the end result is the same. We are going to lose our Freedom. A dependent populace upon government that will sell you down the road for a can of Vienna Sauage. Count the numbers of unemployed, on government dependence, in poverty, trade balance, GDP., interest rates, Bond Yields, and Inflation on one side. Then the DHS, TSA, ICE, FBI., militarization of local police and the amount of laws/Supreme Court Rulings being passed against our Constitutional Freedoms.
    I can not see warning people anymore.

    May the yoke of Tyranny lay softly upon your shoulders.
    Slingshot. GTG

    • Greg

      You go Sling! Loved the last line in your comment. “May the yoke of Tyranny lay softly upon your shoulders.”

  4. Jim White


    I have been following your site now for about 3 months, and I really like the way the information is always presented in a “sane” manner without all the hype. Thanks for doing what your are doing. I have come to rely on your site as a source of “real” information.

    Thank You!


    • Greg

      Thank you Jim,
      I am happy we’ve passed your test!!! Welcome aboard.

  5. Diane Carol Mark

    Hi Greg,
    Second or third request, please turn up your mic on these recordings. It’s coming across VERY low on a Mac sound system. Many times your guests sound louder than you.

    🙂 Diane

    • Greg

      Diane Carol Mark,
      trying to get the videos as technically good as possible. Thank you for the feedback.

  6. bob

    Nice job Greg. I don’t know how to sleep anymore. Not with what’s REALLY going on out there. Maybe the “smart” E.T.s will step in and “fix” this mess. I mean, they caused it in the first place. Demons Greg. They control the world. Just for fun, take a few and read Revelations 16:14. Council of 7. And these “things” control governments. Outlandish as it seems. We can’t see them. [government has a small window with the use of electronics] But I tell you they are HERE stirring up awful trouble ahead. I know—————–

    • Greg

      I don’t know if “they” are here but big trouble is coming, that’s for sure. Many will become poor virtually overnight. Thank you for weighing in my friend.

  7. Bruce

    Yep. Nary a word from the MSM on Turkey/Syria and U.S. troops in Jordan. That’s why I frequent your site and similar ones. You really have to dig these days to get information that matters, but it’s out there. And if you are dying to know what Honey Boo Boo is doing, or see police chases, or cute animals, the MSM is always waiting for you.

    • Greg

      Right on Bruce.

  8. JILL

    Were not in Kansas anymore!The new word for decline is “Recovery.” Ducktalk anyone?

  9. john

    Greg, what surprises me so much is not that the voters fall for the lies and forgive the broken promises of politicians of all political persuasions, after all it is natural for honest citizens to believe what they are told by those in authority. The real surprise is that the voters are such terrible judges of character, and fall for it every time.

    Joe Biden is clearly a dodgy individual, with his constant smile, shifty eyes, and aggressive blustering debating style . I certainly would not buy a second hand car from this character. Why can’t other people judge politicians as people, rather than just listening to their lies?

  10. tsuki

    Hi Greg,

    I can’t wait until Monday. Great wrap-up. All the news we never hear from M$M.

  11. Allie

    Greg I love your site and all you’re doing. I can always count on hearing and learning the truths from you. Thank you and keep up your hard work.

  12. MItch Bupp

    NO Kidding Greg, The current administrations economic advisors are the same as Bush. They have the same ideology and allegiance to the FED and not the people of the United States. The game is rigged from top to bottom. Inflation has become the weight around our necks as Thomas Jefferson so brilliantly foretold about 250 years ago.

    When I was born in 1960 the dollar bought only 13 cents of value from the inception of the FED in 1913. Today the dollar is being diluted and inflation has stolen all of the economic gains by the middle and lower class since 1970. Yes the government can pay for the social programs they promised but many people don’t realize the deflated dollars and the rigged CPI have gutted real retirement benefits like Social Security.

    Trickle down chump change crony capitalism is not a free market capitalism but a market where the corporate power use their money to buy market barriers and even eliminate competition.

    Thanks for the report Greg, Mitch Bupp

    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch and Art for weighing in with good stuff.

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