Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.19.12

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The big story this week was Round 2 of the Presidential Debates.  Obama was on his game, but I still have to give a light edge to Romney on the pounding he gave the President on the rotten economy.  That said, I wish I could have asked a few questions of the candidates.  Here’s three I would have asked:  The Fed is printing $85 billion each and every month, half of which to bail out the banks’ sour mortgage debt, do you support the Fed on what it calls “open-ended” QE or money printing?  There was not a single financial elite has been prosecuted in the wake of the financial meltdown.  There was massive fraud and criminal activity on many levels.  Would either of you investigate or prosecute them if elected president?  Both of you support the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that allows for the indefinite detention of American Citizens without due process.  Would either of you reverse this Constitutional atrocity if elected?  These are just a few of the questions the mainstream media will never ask.  Of course, the Green Party candidate and the Libertarian candidate are not invited to the debates, even though they are on the ballot in most states. 

There was more frightening news for the Middle East.  In little more than a week, the U.S. will have 3 aircraft carriers in proximity to Iran.  Meanwhile, Iran launched a sub and a destroyer in the Persian Gulf at the same time the U.S. is practicing clearing mines if Iran tries to close the Strait of Hormuz.  In Syria, the New York Times is reporting Jihadists are getting American arms through countries like Saudi Arabia.  I think you can also say the U.S. is indirectly arming al-Qaeda just like we did in Libya.  I ask again, what kind of foreign policy is this? 

Google had a surprise earnings miss.  The stock sold off 8% in a day.  The company made $14 billion in the last quarter.   So, I don’t think it will go out of business any time soon. 

The government released a good retail sales number of a 1.15% increase in September.  Much of that increase was inflation and seasonal adjustments.  This is why many do not trust government numbers and folks like former GE CEO Jack Welsh calls last week’s big decline in unemployment “nonsense.”  Taxpayers basically pay the Bureau of Labor Statistics to spin the numbers to make things look better than reality.  Both parties are guilty of this.   

Join Greg Hunter for his analysis of these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. 

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  1. Chuck Allen


    The only thing I can say about the money situation in the U.S. is a joke:

    The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, provides the nation with a safe, flexible, and stable monetary and financial system. The Joke is on U.S.

    As far as criminal prosecution against the big bankers goes…ok, ok…it’s our turn. Just stand-up and don’t pay their loans and see if they go out of business. Future generations, don’t pay the national debt in the form of higher taxes. Or will they just put all of our citizens in jail? They still won’t get paid!

    As far as the N.D.A.A goes we already know what Obama’s position is, he signed it into law. I don’t believe Romney would change it. We all know it is not their position, but the real power brokers, that put them in office, that want it that way.

    Our foreign policy is to create situation that lead to war. We fund and arm both sides to support our Military Industrial Complex. It is a very lucrative business. Oh, by the way, all this high-tech military stuff can and will be used against us.

    Isn’t Google just another branch of Homeland Security?

    Everything that comes out of Washington D.C. is spun to fit the topic being discussed at the moment. That includes unemployment, GDP, who the flavor of the day enemy is; that we should worry about, and just about any other topic you can name.

    What is really scary is that about 50% of the American public believes this manure that is sold to them.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg

      Thank you Chuck and Art.

    • Saq

      50%? more like 90%. Maybe even more.

  2. Art Barnes

    Greg, you sure are on message this Friday, way to go! As you mentioned, inflationary price increases on consumer goods results in a rise of retail sales data; yahoo for CNBC who sees a buy signal behind every tree and even if it is imaginary. You also mentioned 3 aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf in a weeks time. It might be noted that in modern military theory three carrier groups are considered enough to conduct a regional air campaign against hardened targets & a semi sophisticated enemy who has limited air capacities. I don’t know whats up but I think a signal is being given to Iran, hopefully its not wag the dog.

  3. Mitch Bupp

    What kind of foreign policy is that? It is a damn poor one….. same shit different administration. Obama is a failure because he stayed the course on 90 percent of what Bush put into motion. Obama kept the same economic policy in place… He continued the “pre-emptive war” on dissent across the world. Obama expanded the police state to protect us from our selves.

    What will Romney do different? He will double down on the pre-emptive war; Romney will starve government from adding revenue and give more taxpayer money to corporate America.

    Neither candidate will do what is best for the American people but maintain the current system of top feeding the economy with crony capitalism.

    The unemployment … I think we covered that one when I emailled you about non-profit government jobs I saw on Craigslist in June/July.

    The government numbers…. HA HA HA …. they are a joke… How can any government keep track of accurate economic data when basic formula is now worthless? Many people can see the obvious disconnect to the unemployment numbers but there is no uproar?

    Thomas Jefferson was right about the FED and inflation. I truly don’t believe masses will wake up until they are homeless and poor wondering how they got there!

    I have yet to see any MSM point out how seniors and people getting benefits are getting robbed blind by the phony CPI numbers. If you get a chance to ask John Williams about how much an average SSI check has been stolen through the phony inflation numbers?

    Thanks for your great reporting Greg, Mitch Bupp

  4. slingshot

    Things are screwed up like a soup sandwich. Not going to get better anytime soon either. Not to worry. We all may end up in a detention camp. I mean I do not see very many people talking about what needs to be done. Otherwise this site would have more commentary on the subjects produced here. So fear the knock at your door and lick the boots that crosses your threshold. They have all the bases covered. Foreign policy and Domestic. If we have already determined that it is a mathematical certainty of a financial collapse, then the rest are sideshows to the Main Event.

  5. Mickey

    Greg, I would add a few more to your list.

    Why is the State Dept making it so hard to get a Passport?

    Please explain what is the ESF & where it gets its fundings?

    Will you give 10 reasons to allow the Federal Reserve to renew it charter?

    Would you come clean to all americans that congress is bought off has no intentions to do what is right, that the system is broke & there is no fix to the buget no matter what is cut?

    Does the buck not stop at the top, if not what is your job?

    Hope you have great week end, thanks again!

    • Greg

      Good stuff Mickey.

  6. Tim B.

    The debates, what a complete joke it is watching these two try to differnate themselves from one another. I saw absolutley nothing from either of these guys that would indicate that they wouldn’t be any differnt from the last 40+ years of leadership that has run our country into the ground.

  7. bob

    ANOTHER sweet vid. Goog job Greg. I would have these two “Hopefuls” one other question. [In my dreams] Will this election without rigging? Maybe PAPER entries would help, no electronic voting. Hell, they would still cheat Greg. The whole mess is TOTAL corruption. I miss J.F.K. But “they” murdered him.—————————–Al

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob and European American for the comments and support.

  8. European American

    “People hate the truth. Luckily, the Truth doesn’t care.”

    Not sure if I am more angry at Romney or Obama for being completely full of shit or the people who actually believe either of them.

  9. sidj

    I’ve been following USA Watchdog for a few months now and you are a breath of fresh air (as opposed to hot air like many journalists). I worked for 18 years for several major newspapers (both liberal and conservative) and I also saw many questionable stories and opinions appear in print. Meanwhile, some of the most important stories never ran and to this day the public is unaware of them.
    Keep up the good work, I have your website bookmarked.

  10. g.johnson

    exactly greg, not only were these questions (and others) not asked. neither candidate came anywhere near broaching any such subject. in light of this and this alone, in my estimation, noone had any worthwhile kind of edge. neither one is worth spit on a turd.

  11. Luis Chavez

    Dear Greg.
    Only 4 countries’ central banks are out of the control of the establishment. Make a guess…. who is The MSM always attacking?
    Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea.

    Please, look into it.


    Thank you for your valuable information.

    • Greg

      Interesting Luis!!

    • jay2

      Luis Chavez. Thank you for the link. It really shows the power of the lies,and the liers telling them.
      Greg. You continue to knock my socks of week after week.With great knowledge is great sorrow.Keep your head up Greg.

  12. James Lanier

    Mr. Jack Welch was a respected CEO of a multinational company. I don’t believe he would throw out accusations, off the cuff, in regards to the unemployment figures.

    I’ve been unemployed since 09/23/11. During one of my meetings with my local Employment Security Agent, I was told that once your benefits expire then you’re out of the count.

    This means that your not in the DOL’s equation and the DOL is also counting seasonal help as being employed.

    The numbers are rigged to the government’s favor. Whether R or D.

    • Greg

      Amen James. You are correct sir!!! Hang in there man.

      • James Lanier

        I’m trying. Thank you for your website. I hope people in the US are waking up.

        • Greg

          Don’t give up James.

          • James Lanier

            Thank you, don’t you give up either.

  13. Jan

    I think we need to all work for open primaries to break the corrupt two party system. The two party system invites control by special interest. Until that stranglehold is broken the country will never have a representative government for the citizens.

    • Greg

      Yes we do Jan. I hope it is done in the next election cycle.

  14. mike gunther

    Greg, can u look into the report of a huge amount of silver being transferred out of the Brinks vaults friday. Is this a sign of the big boys sneaking out the back door while the house burns down from the fire they set?

    • Greg

      Thank you Mike!

  15. Steve

    GOP’s Anti-Obama Campaign Started Night Of Inauguration!

    Greg the one question I would have of Mitt is this: If Mitch McConnell said, it is to make the top priority of the Republican Party to make Obama a one term president, it would appear you and the GOP care less about America and its citizens than you all do about power. Is that true?

    But being a the good politician he is, Mitt will of course dodge and weave the question. Even if the shoe was on the other foot, Obama would do the same. To me, they are cut from the same cloth. THEY are NO different.

    I am neither for Obama or Mitt, I am VERY upset when Mitch McConnell states with a grin a smile and arrogance it is our duty to make sure Obama doesn’t last.

    You understand the nation was reeling under the worst recession and financial crisis in 80 years, and the GOP made the political defeat of the president their number one priority. That in itself so narcissistic, it reeks!

    But hey, that’s politics!

    I am referring to the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-A09a_gHJc&feature=youtu.be

    • Greg

      Good stuff man!!! Love the link back-up!!!

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