Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.13.13

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Told Democrats to Embrace the Suck and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

The latest budget deal that House and Senate leaders have come up with can be summed up by saying it really is more of the same.  There are little spending cuts and little in tax increases.  There is something in it for everyone to hate.  The Tea Party did not get any meaningful spending cuts, and the liberal Democrats didn’t get much in the way of tax increases.  Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told Democrats, “Embrace the suck.”  Speaker of the House John Boehner told conservative members, basically, to shut up.  Who cares if the deficit has grown more than $3 trillion in just three years?  At some point, the world is going to figure out the U.S. is not serious and is never paying back all this money.  That’s when the entire country will have a Detroit moment.

The fight over the Senkaku Islands between Japan and China is far from over.  Some are predicting there could be military conflict as early as January 2014.  Both countries are having economic problems, and war could be started for political reasons.  China and Japan are the number one and two foreign holders of U.S. debt.  The U.S. economy could suffer a knockout blow if either country starts selling its Treasury bonds.

Protests are raging in the Ukraine over trade agreements with the EU and Russia.  The leaders want to move closer to Russia, and the people want to move closer to the EU.  Russia once ruled the Ukraine as part of the old Soviet Union.  Many do not want to return to the Russian sphere of influence.

Even though the stock market is at or near all-time highs, profits have peeked.  Ninety percent of companies are warning  of weaker than expected earnings.  This pre-announcement season, according to USA Today, is “shaping up to be the most negative on record.”  Please keep in mind, we are getting earnings warnings, and the Fed is pumping out more than $1 trillion a year to keep the economy propped up.  What happens when the money printing either stops or stops working?

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Charley

    Greg, thank you AGAIN as always for such great work. I look forward to checking out your latest posts every few days. I just posted Stockman’s Santelli rant on that fares of a ” budget deal” I am so sick of these phonyPhiscal conservatives!@# -I am trying to gently open the eyes of family and friends who may not be as receptive and more likely dismissive of such information. I always reference your great work . If anyone is in the same boat check out my site and comment, please. I look forward to hearing methods of spreading this method without being labeled a kook!@#$%^ Thanks again!

  2. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, thank you AGAIN as always for such great work. I look forward to checking out your latest posts every few days. I just posted Stockman’s Santelli rant on that fares of a ” budget deal” I am so sick of these phonyPhiscal conservatives!@# -I am trying to gently open the eyes of family and friends who may not be as receptive and more likely dismissive of such information. I always reference your great work . If anyone is in the same boat check out my site and comment, please. I look forward to hearing methods of spreading this method without being labeled a kook!@#$%^ Thanks again!

    • Galaxy 500

      Same comment under.two names with same picture?

  3. Rodster

    The only way out of this global financial mess is WAR !

    This is where all of this is headed as our friend Gerald Celente keeps saying, “when all else fails they take you to war” and Japan and China are right on queue.

    • mohammad

      This time war is not on our side, this time in history if war breaks out we will lose, lets pray that it will never happen even though I think the probabilities are otherwise

  4. art barnes

    The Speaker’s true colors came out on Thursday, his RINO true self rang loud and clear, maybe he should just go spend some more time in the congressional barber shop and chill out his old spendthrift butt. Frankly, the American people just don’t buy his BS any longer, talks cheap and we got it figured out that he and his House is not interested in getting our country in financial order; (except for the few patriots that is that the Speaker is maligning).

  5. brian

    This might sound strange but I must say you did not even look cold out there, I mean I did not even see your breath, your ears and face were not pink and red, you did not even have noticeable issues with mucus. If that were me out there…..well I wouldn’t be out there haha.

  6. mohammad

    Hi Greg,
    Happy holidays to you and your viewers.
    It is a beautiful nature even if it is in the teens like here in MI.
    I just wanted to note that Iran issue is far far from resolved like some may think, the talks are interrupted after more sanctions were implemented by US.
    The bottom line of this is:
    1- Iran will never ever give up their nuclear program, it is the nation’s pride and they are reviving the Persian empire, you have to think about it from that angle when you approach the Iran nuclear program’s affairs. Iranians are stubborn and I have said before that it takes them one year or more to make hand knotted rug, this is how patience they are.
    2- Israel will never ever accept a military potential Iranian nuclear program as long as the regime is chanting with its people “death to Israel”, any one thinks other wise is delusional!
    3- Israel will never ever accept an Arab sunni powerful entity in the middle east, they are dismantling that now with the so called “Arab spring” and the result will pave the way to the ultimate plan and that is KINGDOM OF ISRAEL.
    4- Despite the surface ties between the Saudi’s and Israeli’s on Iran issue the division is huge, Israel does not recognize any other entity but themselves and their eyes on Mecca and Al-Medina are fixed like a cheetah’s eyes on its prey, so any action from Israel towards Iran will be to ignite Shite-Sunni war that is been prepped with the current civil war in Syria purely engineered to last long enough to polarize those two sides in preparation to what is coming. Any one thinks that the gulf will not engulfed in flames does not understand the plan that lead to the pax Britannica through pax Americana to culminate in Kingdom of Israel.

    A link to the current event that went undetected by MSM:


    “Iran angry over U.S. sanctions, nuclear talks interrupted”

  7. frank

    > Protests are raging in the Ukraine over trade agreements with the EU and Russia. The leaders want to move closer to Russia, and the people want to move closer to the EU.

    Not quite. It’s just another CIA-engineered “colour revolution”. Look here:
    Most ukrainians know who butters their bread, or, stated another way, who fills their gas stations. And it’s not the EU.

    PS: My wife is ukrainian, so I have some first-hand info …

  8. bob d

    U.S. assistant secretary Victoria Nuland was in Ukraine a couple days ago running her mouth for the so called protesters.
    The U.S. should just butt out and Ukraine should say no to both Russia and U.E. When you got two trading groups fighting over you ,I would say the Ukraine government is sitting in the driver set. They just need to trade with both and sign nothing.
    Ukraine can have a great future if they stay away from Geopolitical games and think only about being a fair trader.
    The protesters should be willing to wait only fools rush in.

  9. Horsenut

    It’s going to be a very bleek Christmas and a bumpy New Year. I agree with all of your observations Greg, But what confusses me is the Gold prices. Max Kieser reported a couple weeks ago the China was buying like crazy, 2000 ton recently. I know the prices are being controlled, but how can it keep the prices this low? There is going to be a huge jump at some point.

  10. Galaxy 500

    You know I defend Israel and the Jewish people. However, I understand why Christians (which is a lot of America) distrust or harbor ill will against Jews.
    Explain to me why a group of Jews would be so petty as to sue to have a cross removed from a veterans memorial. Why not asked to have a star of David added?
    I realize that there are many petty people claiming to be Christian, I’ve seen a few post here. I sure which the Jews would call the Christian haters out as much as I wish the Christians and Moslems would call the Jewish haters out.

    • Anna

      It is God who is CALLING OUT his people from religious bondage into the liberty of spiritual freedom in Christ. But it seems they are all dead and unresponsive to his voice. It’s a good thing that salvation depends not on the illusory “free-will” of man but on the sovereign will of of God! Otherwise all the lost would stay lost forever. God is sooooo goooood to us!
      Have you considered starting your own web site? Something like “Arms Dealers for Jesus” might draw a lot of your contemporaries. Or maybe “Crusaders for Christ”. You could even include your gospel tracts in the packages of guns you sell to people in third world nations.

  11. Jerry McDougal


    Bring Nomi back as soon as possible ! I love looking at her ! She is SMOKIN” !

  12. JJ

    Seems like a decent deal… this will “run out the clock” on the 2014 elections, and avoid the MSM crucifixion of the GOP if another shutdown is threatened… if the GOP can take the Senate… then the Fraud in Chief is euchred for the duration… maybe even get an impeachment going if the numbers are strong enough, complete the investigations into the crimes of Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious… prosecute perjurers… circumvent the mega-corrupt Holder…

  13. OutLookingIn

    Thank you for this site, that informs and remains true to the “W5” of journalism.
    The who, what, why, when, and where? Very professional.

    One other thing that the MSM ignores, is the fact that Iceland just sent 4 more “bankster’s” to prison for financial malfeasance. Lets face it, with just 6 major global corporations owning 90% of the main stream media, they control pretty much all of what you see, hear, or watch, on a daily basis.

    Now, the Wall street “bankster’s” would not want the general populace to be informed of what is happening in Iceland, lest “Joe Sixpack” get any ideas about holding anyones feet to the fire for financial skull-duggery!

  14. Ugly

    ‘There will be wars and rumors of wars,….these are the beginning of birth pains’

    Greg, in reality the $3T does not have something for everybody but only something for the elite few and the folks sponging off the system that is collapsing. For most of us, this $3T package is just waiting for future confiscation. They claim our economy is $16T, but they also say our economy is 70% of consumer spending. So our real economic revenue is only around $5T. So, we are toasted.

    PS. I just paid off the mortgage to my house. I will let you know when I get the Title and if I ever get the Deed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Paying off a house is a beautiful thing!! Congrats!!!

  15. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg

    Good job as ever. But you were a bit inaccurate, the rest of the creditors will figure out the U.S. is not serious and is never paying back all this money, because Russia and China already figured it out. Look at the last statements of China, they stopped buying the US T-bills and stopped buying foreign currencies (means the US dollars).

    What do you think?

  16. Anna

    Jesus is human, and he walked on water in the sight of his apostles. Peter too is human, and when he saw Jesus walk on water he realized something that the other apostles did not. Peter noticed how Jesus always first did something in their sight, like feeding thousands, then told them to do the same thing. When he told THEM to feed the thousands they didn’t follow him; they instead said “we don’t have enough money to buy enough bread for them all!” They were still thinking in terms of their own natural resources, not the super-natural resources Jesus was making available to them. So even though they wanted to DO what Jesus said to do, they didn’t perceive that indeed, because he told them to; they HAD the resources to do it, the SAME WAY he did it! That’s what Peter understood when he saw Jesus walking on the water – since Jesus did THAT in front of them, Peter knew Jesus wanted them to DO as he was doing! So Peter asked for one thing; a word; a command; so he could DO AS JESUS DID. Jesus answered him with one word: “Come”. Then Peter stepped out of the boat in faith in Jesus’ word, and walked on water, doing the same works as Jesus did, the same way Jesus did them: by faith. As he walked on water he fought the same battle everyone fights who steps out of carnal, natural resources to DO as Jesus does; the good fight of faith IS overcoming DOUBT. Jesus helped Peter win the fight so Peter walked on water twice!
    But the others who lived in doubt and did not perceive that Jesus had been teaching and modeling for them HOW to follow him, were ALL AFRAID; huddling in the back of the boat in fear. They thought Jesus was a ghost; not human.
    That’s what carnal people do, and they also make excuses for their doubt like saying “I’m only human”. But God says that those who believe in Jesus are his sons. So if you really believe in Jesus, you are NOT just human, you are a son and endowed with a supernatural inheritance awaiting you to embrace it, walk in it, and DO THE SAME WORKS JESUS does.
    Or, you can stay huddled together with all those other “believers” who justify their doubts in the back of the boat
    We are all born into the “same boat” folks, but those who truly believe in AND follow Jesus step out on his commands and DO AS HE DOES, learning how to overcome the limitations of this world. We become “overcomers” are are seated with Jesus in his throne just as he overcame and sat down with his father in HIS Throne!
    The first step is a response…. to the Truth—–
    Hello! Hello! Is anyone out there? Anyone ALIVE?

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, alive and well. Thanks for the Sunday school lesson but I come here for news.

      • Anna

        I meant “alive to God”. This is way beyond Babylon’s Sunday School for Sunday morning believers where those who are dead to God congregate to worship their religious idols and pretend to be holy.
        You are far more interested (like everyone else here, including Greg) in the news “of the world” than the Good News of the True Gospel; which is NOT preached in churches of today, that’s why you don’t have even a clue to what’s really going on with God and his elect. I just wanted to tell you that neither your gold nor your guns will do you any good.
        Now the heat gets cranked up big-time, as the LORD is angry at them who adopt the ways of the heathen at Christmas and setup idols in their homes like their “Christmas trees”…. while ignoring his feasts and his requirements…
        Listen to God thru the prophet Jeremiah in Chapter 10:
        “Hear ye the word which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:
        2 Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.
        3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
        4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.”
        Look it up yourself in you’re interested… and read it all.
        Those who refuse to listen and aren’t willing to turn think everything is going to continue as it has been; but not this Christmas.
        So give your gifts to each other and celebrate; but the two witnesses are being resurrected and they have a lot to say to you all. ‘Better listen to them!

        • Rebecca

          Please reread Jeremiah 10, but this time include verse 5: Like a scarecrow in a cucumber field are THEY. And they cannot speak. They must be carried for they cannot walk. DO NOT FEAR THEM, for they can do no harm nor can they do any good.
          This is not a Christmas tree. This scripture refers to the idols that heathens made out of cut-down trees, and whom the wealthy plated with silver and gold. They are just wood. They are not gods. You don’t have to be scared of them. They are powerless.
          Galaxy 500 is right. This is a news site, Anna. So, of course, people come here to “hear the news.” It is not a religious site, although many of God’s faithful do speak of HIM here. We try to share our beliefs respectfully with one another. Let us not dishonor God by using Him to bash others.
          Your reference to God’s Appointed Times (Feasts) and Commandments (requirements), makes me think that you might be of Messianic Christian persuasion. As a Sabbath keeper and Hebraic Christian, I would like to counsel you, sincerely, that taking on the role of God in judging others is a dangerous path to walk on.
          We are to reprove our brothers in gentleness (Galatians 6:1) when they do wrong. But in regards to beliefs, there should open, courtesy and sincere discussion … that meeting of the minds you like to talk about. Verbally bashing others serves no good purpose, and I do not believe GOD approves of it.

        • Rebecca

          And Galaxy 500 is right.
          People come to this site to keep track of what’s happening out there. Y’shua taught that we should “watch” and pray. This is a news site for “watching” what’s happening in the world.

          Often God is mentioned.
          Let us not dishonor HIM by dragging His Name through this kind of bashing of others beliefs.

  17. Liquid Motion

    Hi Greg,
    Again a mountain of ammunition to work with.

    Your last point ” until QE stops or stops working”….
    It wont stop and it hasn’t worked. Inflating the economy (via QE)has only achieved a bubble in stocks, bonds and a echo bubble in real estate.
    2014 will bring forth the musical chairs of money management.
    “Switching” will be in full force.
    I agree nonetheless that the central planners are playing with rocket fuel around the camp fire (when it comes to the dollar and printing). My biggest concern is if they start to go exponential from here.
    Bigger issues for the time being are lurking in the background and getting less air time.
    BAIL INS by STEALTH. Loss of entitlements (pensions/health care) is a major RED FLAG for those in companies/counties/municipalities/states declaring bankruptcy. Its very clear that the FED. Govt. does not back stop them. Not for a matter of choice….it cannot….because it too is BANKRUPT. Those acts are bail-ins. They are here and there are more to come.
    Your efforts (and those of your remarkable guests…. who list as a “who’s who” in the business/financial world ) during the 2013 year has been very commendable. Great service you provide for your listeners/viewers. I suspect that 2014 will bring you even closer to those that have chosen to follow your work. Kudos and more power to you.
    Best wishes for the festive season.

  18. Agent P

    Greg –

    Early-bird earnings warnings as well as ‘unexpected’ inflation expectations trending lower, provide (once again) the perfect foil for the Federal Reserve to keep the taper tape-worm sitting hungry at the feasting table of rising 10 year rates. How much longer though can the taper tape-worm be kept un-Fed…? Only the Shadow (Banking system) knows…

  19. Justin King

    The latest deal in Congress shows that EVERYONE has simply given up.

  20. southern patriot

    Regarding your comment about a tax increase, When they stop the wasteful spending of our our tax dollars,when they can account for every dollar spent,when they can provide a current budget and stick with it, when they do away with duplicated government program’s that we really do not need or want,when they can guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt, that every cent raised goes for a specific reason, like paying our bills on time…., and when they stop borrowing money form China, when they follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I might go along with a tax increase, but I do not trust the current bunch of ******* politicians with any more of my money. Period. From were I set, all I can see are crooks running the country right into the ground. Thanks for allowing me to have my two cents worth. Appreciate all you do for the Nation. Thanks Southern Patriot

  21. Galaxy 500

    A scary chart and some think it is too low by 100%.

  22. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!!

  23. Chuck

    Greg, come on, spending cuts and tax hikes? I agree with you on one of these. Guess which one. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love what you do. I look at what you have to say before I go to all the other sites. When you say we need tax increases it just makes me cringe. If the Govt. spent the money wisely it would be different, but don’t get me started. When is the last time we had a tax increase that spurred economic growth? It certainly doesn’t bring down the deficit because the politicians just spend that much more.
    Just wanted to rant a little on your comment of tax increases but hey, I am loving what you are doing and am a big fan.



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