Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.14.14

ObamaCare Delay for Businesses with 50-100 Employees Have Another YearWeekly News Wrap-Up 2.14.14

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

It’s another week and another delay to part of Obama Care.  Businesses with 50 to 100 employees will have another year to phase in health care coverage.  Now, most of these companies already provide health care, but not the kind that Obama Care requires with free abortions and birth control and other “free” stuff.  This “free” stuff will have to be paid for in much higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays.  And just wait until you are taxed on the portion of your health care the employer pays for.  That will amount to another pay cut.  Let’s call this what it really is, and that is an attempt to soften the blow this terrible law is exacting on the middle class.  These people will vote out many Democrats up for re-elections, and the Democrats are very worried about losing the Senate.  I predict the Democrats will lose the Senate in 2014 and then Mr. Obama will be the lamest of lame ducks.  80% of people are paying so 20% can get “free” health care, and that includes illegal aliens.  Why should anyone be angry for paying much more and getting less?  Even some Democrats are producing ads attacking Obama Care.  The Democrats lied as a party to get this passed, and they will be punished as a party this November.   By the way, all these delays in Obama Care are totally unconstitutional.  

Some Republicans are angry that President Obama is not releasing the details of his Iran nuclear deal.  It is supposed to curtail Iran’s nuclear program, but if you listen to the Iranians, they don’t seem to be doing much negotiating or curtailing.  Republicans want to know the details of the Iranian nuke deal, and the White House is keeping it secret.  What is the deal?  According to the Iranians, they are not going to stop enriching uranium.  Two staunch U. S. allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are upset.  Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, comes to the White House early next month.  Meanwhile, a top Iranian general is warning of consequences if Iran is attacked.  Iran’s Chief of Staff of the armed forces said, “We are ready for the decisive battle with America and the Zionist regime.” What kind of negotiation is this?  This week, it was reported the U.S. is removing an aircraft carrier from the Persian Gulf.   What kind of negotiation is this? 

The Senate and the House have sent a debt ceiling bill to the President, and he will sign it into law.  The bill suspends the Treasury’s borrowing limit.  Let that sink in—suspends the borrowing limit, as in no limit!!   That means the government can continue to spend until after the election in November or it all blows up, whichever comes first. 

There is no wonder the government is printing money like crazy.  The economy is rolling over again.  Don’t believe these mainstream media stories where they tell us over and over there’s a so-called recovery—nonsense.  Look at this headline: “Outlook rosy this year after slow start.”  Did you see the latest retail sales numbers?  Spending shrank by nearly a half percent.  The MSM is quick to blame the weather, but don’t buy it, not with all the high profile announced lay-offs in retail you are hearing about.  One example: JCPenney is closing 33 stores.  That’s not growth, and don’t forget about the unemployment rate which is really around 23%, if done the way BLS did it in 1994 and earlier.  92 million are no longer counted in the workforce.  If there really was a “rosy” economy, would there be record numbers of people on food stamps?  Imagine that bread and soup line without food stamps!  That would be bad for the recovery story wouldn’t it?  You wonder why the DHS is buying another 75 million rounds of ammunition.  What’s going to happen when the free money or the buying power of the free money turns to dirt?  I am also hearing more and more stories about confiscation of retirement accounts and savings.  They are openly talking about it in Europe.  Another sign the economic outlook is not “rosy.”  

In legal action, Senator Rand Paul is suing President Obama over NSA spying.  It’s unconstitutional, and Paul is going to fight it out in court.  Paul says he’s not against the NSA or spying but he wants there to be judicial oversight, and right now, there isn’t much oversight. 

Finally, the government is being sued over the $13 billion JP Morgan deal that settled “wrongdoing” in the mortgage market.  The lawsuit alleges that the Justice Department “acted as investigator, prosecutor, judge, jury, sentencer and collector.”   The entire deal is secret, and there is no judicial oversight.  Also, not a single top banker was named or charged when, clearly, crimes were committed, according to the government.  I wish them luck lifting the curtain on a shady backroom government banker deal. 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great wrap up, your work has always a high standard (you are really a pro). And yeah the situation is indeed “rosy”, and not just in the economy.
    Removing the dept limit means the US gov don’t want pay back its dept, and it will send very bad massage:<b. The US gov is unreliable .
    It will end with this, the US dollar and US dollar denominated assets will sink (and the BRICS will have a big role in this) and the big ride begins some time after the Olympics games in Sochi. It will be fatal blow to the US economy.

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct and the action in the M.E. will not commence until after Passover which is near the end of April.

  2. George Malcolm

    Dear Greg

    Why should Iran negotiate?
    Iran has never attacked anyone. They are being threatened by heavily armed manic bullies armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.
    One of the bullies has been the only one to drop two atomic bombs on civilians.
    One of the bullies has destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria.
    One of the bullies has a government that lies to it’s people.
    One of the bullies spends $Trillions without earning it.
    One of the bullies is destroying the World’s financial system.

    AND you think Iran should negotiate?

    Who is this rabid bully……. the USA.

    • Greg Hunter

      The White House has reported there is some sort of deal and negotiation going on with Iran, and clearly there is not. I am questioning what is going on and what exactly is the deal. This has not been properly disclosed Please don’t confuse reporting for a policy discussion. Americans have learned more from Iran on this issue than the government they pay taxes to. I do reporting and am not in charge of policy. Thank you for your comment though.

      • JC Davis

        Greg Please keep us informed, George be patient. It is unfolding before us.

      • On The Beach

        gOOD ON YA MATE!

    • Troy

      George, U make a valid point in my opinion.

      Greg your doing a GREAT JOB. BIG MAHALO!

      Reposting wrap up.

    • Galaxy 500

      When the Iranians give their terrorist buddies the nuke and the terrorists deploy it in America, do you think all the people killed will be the evil gov’t types?

  3. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg

    Another very interesting week in politics.

    RE Debt ceiling. I wouldn’t lose a whole lot of sleep over this one. There is not a lot of point in having a debt ceiling if the Govt just keeps on raising it whenever they feel the urge. It is a debt ceiling in name only.

    I was pondering the habit of people around the world quoting and comparing Total Debt/ GDP ratios of various countries as a sort of a yardstick as to how broke they are. This seems like an exercise in futility and much like working out a Total Liabilities/ Turnover ratio for a business. Turnover in a business can be your worst enemy if it is the wrong sort of turnover, just as most of GDP can be nothing to do with productivity or earnings for a country. If you did bother to work out this Total Debt/GDP ratio what is a good or bad figure anyway? It obviously depends very much on the circumstances of the individual country. Recent current trading account results as well as those projected are what is all important here – not GDP. I said to a mate of mine recently – ‘My farm business is highly geared. Most years I have to send more out the gate [exports] than I bring in through the gate [imports] otherwise things will go bad.
    Surely this concept should be very easy to grasp even for politicians. The rule applies very much to a country as well as a small business. There is nothing mystical about this just because the sums are a lot bigger for a country. The basic maths [math] is still the same.

    By the way it is utterly irresponsible for the US to think it is immune from these basic laws just because it’s $ enjoys reserve currency status. If it flouts this principle enough it will lose its reserve currency status and this is already happening. Massive QE over a sustained period of time will not render any exit strategy for a country that indulges in it especially when this money goes to the wrong sectors of the economy. Soon there will be nothing left in the fiscal toolbox except for international default on debt or massive devaluation [devaluation is really just default anyway]. After that all that will be left is massive austerity.

    Is it really this simple or am I missing something here Greg.

    PS I will mention this in every post now. PLEASE AMERICA – get rid of your privately owned Reserve Bank.

    • On The Beach


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        On The Beach
        One small problem here – I wasn’t born in the usOFa!
        Does this sound a tad familiar?

    • Galaxy 500

      Will I disagree with some of what you say, I can’t help but agree with most. Loved the example of more out the gate than in. Simple, powerful and true

  4. Jerry

    Thanks Greg for a really great week of reporting. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many postings on your site as there was with the Karen Hudes interview. I think people are beginning to realize just how really screwed we are when you take in some of the things she was saying. Greg, I’ve come to point I can’t bare to watch the MSM anymore because it’s such an insult to my intelligence. Its nothing more than mindless tabloid tribble for a dumbed down society. You were wise to leave that consolidated rat turd factory.

    Greg, I might remind people, as we move closer to March that the Banks may be getting closer to Bail In drills and most likely will lock down your money if you have it in a major Bank. If you still have all your money in a Bank “well you probably deserve to loose it anyway”. We are on a collision course with a financial collapse, and there is no way to deny it. People around us may choose to live in a state of denial , but denial will not change the consequences of reality . I think we can all debate when, how, who, until the cows come home, but If you’re not ready, it really doesn’t matter does it?

    Thanks Greg for giving us a heads up, and for giving us this time to prepare.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind. It’s like the line in the Matrix movie says. If you take the “red pill” you can never go back. Welcome to the “red pill” world my friend!

  5. JC Davis

    Wonderful wrap up Greg. I know of no other site that condenses this much information in short time .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC. Maybe now you can tell your friends and family about the site again?

      • JC Davis

        Already have Bro.

  6. art barnes

    Greg, Iran got what it wanted, sanctions lifted & a enrichment green light, Obama sold out Israel. Iran is talking war again, what up with that you may ask. Probably part of the US Iran plan to make people think Iran is not happy thereby implying that Obama may have not given up the farm. Frankly, why Netanyahu is coming over again is beyond my political understanding, he really must be an eternal optimist, or, could he be given Obama the last time table of restraint? Iran knows Europe & the US don’t have the stomach to put sanctions back into place, they got the milk without buying the cow as my grandfather used to say. If that was not true why not share the details of the deal with the American people and Congress. Secret deals are always inherently bad for the so-called beneficiaries of the deal although always touted as good; this deal is not good for Israel, Iran is going nuclear after all of Obama’s public posturing. I’m not sure Israel will allow Iran to go nuclear without a fight but Iran I think is betting that it will & Obama believes it won’t take military action either. The long and the short of it is Israel got screwed in the deal it was not allowed input in it. If you don’t get to the table you can’t expect to get full. Clever as Obama played all the parties against Israel was, it still could backfire, but I’m betting next month Obama tells Netanyahu that if Israel attacks Iran the U.S. won’t have their back, if the President has not already done so in the past. Given the rhetoric of Obama concerning its trusted friend Israel, in the end I predict it will turn out to be just that and only that; rhetoric.

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot remember when things in the M.E. have been this dicey.

    • Funstastich

      Jerry it’s just the opposite, things aren’t always as they seem. Israel goes in with the US right behind and the Saudi’s cheering us on with all the oil and loot, it’ll be a hoot of a Turkey shoot!
      WARNING: WARNING: S U N B U R N ahead, starboard down unda!

      • Funstastich

        Sorry Jerry, meant Art. In all seriousness this is a job for Elliot Ness, these nuts are taking us to war to save the world and their lousy reputations. What ever happened to WWJD, or let God and let go! Dont be surprised when the UN steps in, with an open invitation!

    • J C Davis

      Art Barnes I think you nailed it. Probably part of the US Iran plan to make people think Iran is not happy thereby implying that Obama may have not given up the farm. Frankly, why Netanyahu is coming over again is beyond my political understanding, he really must be an eternal optimist, or, could he be given Obama the last time table of restraint? Israel is sick or waiting. Saudi and Israel will strike. This will happen before Passover/ Easter. If Not then never. S hip H igh I n T ransit will happen soon with Israel. Even astrology says it is so. No I don’t study astrology.

  7. Craig

    Thanks again for a great wrap up and presentation. I get your anger about the”OBAMACARE ” tax and the Iranian War Games/ matrix.

    So many headlines (if you are not following too Big Behinds ,Bieber and dead Giraffe stories) A few things I came across, multi re-reports /hype of an Iranian Warship squadron reportedly on it way to USA coastal waters but then, not really ? Also while on the subject of going nuclear Shah Gilani wrote (link below) a newsletter article about 5500 tons of “Yellow Cake ” Uranium, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank are sitting on ? Like if we can’t trust them with something as simple as money, what could possibly go wrong with bomb making material ? Another news letter Announced “Obama’s dumbest move yet to be enacted 1st July ” My first thought ,” What ? He’s invading Poland now ? I mean he is already sending in the Stuka’s, I mean the wedding presents from hell Drones every tuesday. What are these people doing ? It is really is working up into a tragic and comedic Grande Finale isn’t it? Do you think OBAMCARE includes Free Mindfulness and meditation courses ? That might actually be useful. A few deep breathing exercises might do the world some good !
    LINK http://www.wallstreetinsightsandindictments.com/2014/02/goldman-sachs-dangerous-trade-yet/#deeplink

    All the best Craig

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding to the WNR!!

    • Agent P

      Yellow cake with the right chocolate frosting is the best. The frosting has to be done right however, with butter and mayonnaise…

  8. BILL

    OK Greg, you have made your point on Obamacare, lets move on. Obamacare didn’t put us in the shape we are in today it was eight years of Bush and Cheny and Medicare expansion, tax breaks for the wealthy and illegal wars. Start talking about how we clean their fucking mess up and how we can give deserving people some healthcare. Or, continue to harp on the thieves at the too big to fail banks. GHEESH

    • Greg Hunter

      No we cannot simply “move on” from a job killing, middle class destroying, unconstitutional law that was designed to control America and impoverish it’s citizens. This is an unfolding disaster and even most Democrats know it. I WILL keep reporting on this travesty that will explode the federal deficit and bankrupt the county. Democrats can ignore reality, but they ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. Thank you for your comment though.

    • Jerry

      Good luck in fantasy land. You’re going to need it when the to big fail government debt bubble finally pops, and it will , because all that’s holding it up is that progressive scam called QE.

    • Ugly

      Quit being an elementary dork. Bush was not good, but this admin has been a disaster and only dems are naïve to our situation. Good luck on your future.

    • Anne Elliott

      Obamacare still is news because it is now, and in some cases will be in the future, greatly affecting people’s lives in an extremely negative way. My sister-in-law is in her 50’s and is very sick; she wants to retire if possible to try and get better… But she just found out that her healthcare premiums as a retiree will be 2 to 3 times what she expected now under O-care, so she cannot afford to retire. She called me yesterday to ask if I can help her look for a better job or a side job that will equate to $1,000 extra a month. Where we live, that is a lot of money, so I don’t know if she’ll find it or not, but its doubtful. This is a sad story, and is just one example of how this terrible law is affecting people’s lives in this country.

      Also, I posted earlier about my mother-in-law taking an over 10% cut in her pension because of an increase in her healthcare costs, too. I myself have resigned to working until I’m 80 because I don’t see my financial situation ever improving to where I can retire – there are just too many expenses, and the biggest one now is HEALTHCARE!!! So, Greg, you just keep on talking about this awful law, because if the MSM won’t, then SOMEBODY needs to!

    • Jim

      I don’t think we can clean up the mess without a major calamity of some kind. Back when I was first out of college working myself to death; I prided myself that 10 thousand bucks fixed any mistake I made here on my small dairy farm. Today that amount of money doesn’t fix much of anything and it comes just as hard as it did 20 years ago. A similar scenario applies to our country but now the numbers are so big you have to be an astronomer to really appreciate them. Consequently I don’t believe the problems can be fixed without hyperinflation or a new currency. In actuality I believe we default every time we print money not backed by solid wealth. Where do you believe that will lead us?

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow…Do you seriously believe what you wrote? I am shocked anyone this side of REALITY could have this positions. That is unless they are paid to have them.

  9. Rodster

    “Russia Under Attack — Paul Craig Roberts”


    In a number of my articles I have explained that the Soviet Union served as a constraint on US power. The Soviet collapse unleashed the neoconservative drive for US world hegemony. Russia under Putin, China, and Iran are the only constraints on the neoconservative agenda.

    Russia’s nuclear missiles and military technology make Russia the strongest military obstacle to US hegemony.

  10. kathleen

    Hi Greg,
    Have you considered having Jesse Ventura or Joel Skousen on your show?
    I like Jesse Ventura’s idea of not voting for any Republicans or Democrats.
    The two parties seem to rock the control back and forth but ultimately not changing
    anything. And no one talks about Agenda 21.
    Joel Skousen (@world affairsbrief.com) has some interesting thoughts regarding
    the power struggle occurring today. As a population, our attention is directed to
    what is happening in Iran. But why would we not be looking more carefully at
    North Korea-a heavily armed, nuclear nation that has threatened the US repeatedly?
    Glad you continue on. Kathleen

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your guest suggestions and for your continued support.

    • Galaxy 500

      So how then do we vote for? Your suggestion would guarantee dominance by the dems. And how is Greg going to get in touch with Jesse? He is currently hiding from drones. In my mind, he is In the same vein as Hudes, and Barnhart.

  11. Larry Carter

    Liar! Liar! your pants on fire. Democrats will get to know this old didy. May we all bring back truth and honesty in government.

  12. Larry Carter

    Greg, your ability to cut to the chase and express the views most of us on your site have is so refreshing and will always keep me coming back unless you move over to the dark side(banksters)

  13. Diogenees

    Hey Greg where is the freed up / mobilised money from pensions going to come from ? This mones is not siting round in piles in banks /investment funds its going to come from from pension schemes who have the money INVESTED in other things , as in the stock markets , IMHO the markets will tank when billions of dollars / euros are ripped from those markets .
    Robbing Peter to pay Paul means Peter is broke .

  14. John Devereaux

    The reason for our pull back is due to the Russian Sunburn Missile and also the bigger one: the SN-N-26-Onyx .. which can take out any ship including the aircraft carriers and the US Navy currently does not have a counter solution to this issue and since the Persian Gulf is only around 17 miles in width … tactically – the Sunburn can be a major issue to the Navy.

    • Agent P

      That’s a good ‘insiders’ observation John – and a correct one… The ‘Moskit’ as it were, is an amazing weapon. There is plenty of jockeying and chest-puffing going on out there that most have no idea of. We can only hope that cool heads keep it in check.

  15. Diane Ryan

    Greg, believe me I look forward to reading your Friday wrap-ups. They save me a lot of time trying to keep up by following several sources on a daily basis. But honestly, each one sounds more and more like an obituary of a once-great nation. America is bleeding out… Keep up the good work. We know you are just the ‘messenger’!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane for your comment and support.

  16. Cheri Fleming

    Hi Greg,
    Great Wrap as usual, but I was surprised that you still think Israel and the Saudis are our allies. They have lead us around by the nose for years, all the while using us to further their own interests–neither country is our friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Cheri Fleming,
      This is the official stance of the U.S. government. It is a reportable fact.

  17. Charles H.


    Just great reporting, Greg. I ALMOST spewed my coffee on the ” what nut-job economists are they …” Almost lost it. This, to me, shows how good a job “getting across” you accomplish; and the same with your “yeah… uh, hums”.

    Democrats will LIE through their teeth to tell people that if they are elected: they will fix Obamacare – but they will hope voter’s memory is weak. Playing the Public for what they’re worth. Legislators who voted for the debacle are NOT AFFECTED; and so are free to follow ideologies.

    As to the Iranian Agreement, and the Department of Justice Banker “DEALS” – no disclosure, from the most transparent administration in history. I think your slip was correct after all: the Department of Judges.

    With “mobilization of savings” noised in Europe, and Bail-ins written into code in North America: no wonder Homeland Security is bulking-up again on ammunition – especially when America’s “free money turns to dirt”. How can people NOT understand America is painting itself into a corner? Snow-mageddon in Atlanta reveals the depth of Food Stamp panic/desperation in America. I have to agree with you – I wonder IF the Republicans will even get the chance to try taking America out of the toilet.

  18. mohammad


    Follow up on last post i had about gold price when i said gold was creeping up to 1300 mark….. Well…..IT IS STILL CREEPING UP PAST IT!
    Some how i feel the price action on gold future this time around is different.

  19. mohammad


    Egypt goes to Russia despite the bribes from Saudi’s to Gen. Sisi (billions of dollars in aids).
    That is a biggy.


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir and it has to make Israel feel pretty uneasy. I have not ever seen the M.E. so dicey and conflicted in all of my life.

      • Ugly

        Hal Lindsey in ‘Late Great Planet Earth’ shows an attack by Russia and Egypt on Israel.

        • Galaxy 500

          When I read that in the late 70’s (I think), it was fiction. I did like it though

  20. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Great job, another great weekly wrap. Each time I’m chomping at the bit to tie things together I listen to you on Friday and you’ve already done it!
    It’s mind-boggling to watch the market ramp despite the real data and even more perplexing to listen to the cheerleaders on CNBC explain to us the great reason’s behind it!@#$%

  21. Chip

    Good wrap up Greg. The limitless debt ceiling was a shocker. I had not heard about that one. God help us…

  22. Chris

    The Democrats are running scared, and they’re doing everything in their power to tip the scale in their direction. If they don’t, they can kiss the Senate goodbye, and 2016 for that matter. Regarding the debt ceiling, who cares. The country is insolvent, so why not run up the credit cards before the other shoe drops. The USA is too far gone to be saved now. Finally, I witnessed something interesting up here in Montreal this week. I was dining at my favorite restaurant, and while waiting to pay my bill, an American couple standing in front of me wanted to pay their bill with American currency. I am friendly with the owner, and he has no problem accepting American currency for payment. But not this time. He refused to accept the dollar. When it was my turn to pay, I asked him why he refused the American dollar? And he said, “I’m not accepting American toilet paper again.” An isolated event, I know, but I wont be surprised if the trend picks up in the upcoming years. You know things are bad when the average Joe isn’t accepting the reserve currency.

  23. 8Ball

    Thanks for the wrap-up… I guess you could summarize it with “the more things change, the more they remain the same…”. Lots of the same old stuff going on. Crooks keep stealing and liars keep lying. It will all blow up one day and I suspect the event will catch even the most prepared by surprise. “No man knows the day or the hour…”.

    Still recovering from the Hudes interview. I give you credit for letting her vent and you took a lot of heat for that… I suspect that she will self-destruct in the near future but if she lingers on you should try to do a follow-up and specifically address some of her more controversial comments.

    Finally, here’s Porky the Pig with the sign-off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBzJGckMYO4

  24. allen ols


    I cant tell you how amazed i am at the people cought in the N. east in snow storms, and hurricanes, and stuff, knowing 90% wont buy, a generator, gas, propane heater, inverter, candles, FOOD IN ADVANCE, of these persistent weather catastrophies, and just wait for govmnt. to turn on the electricity, for days, cold etc. unbelievable!!!

    About 1.2 million homes and businesses lost power as the storm moved from the South through the Northeast. By Thursday evening, about 550,000 customers remained in the dark, mostly in South Carolina and Georgia ,while hundreds of thousands across the ice-encrusted South waited in the cold for the electricity to come back on.

    At least 21 deaths were blamed on the treacherous weather, including that of a pregnant woman struck by a mini-snowplow in a New York City parking lot as she loaded groceries into her car.

  25. Ken

    Hello Greg, as the powers that be, or more appropriately were, are desperately trying to hold on to their hegemony, we can see it slipping through their fingers. Their desperation is palpable thanks to the investigative journalists like you exposing the lies and fraud.
    Let’s not kid ourselves, the bankers that are the most susceptible to whistle blowing are being suicided. It stretches the bounds of incredulity that the suicide of choice selected by the bankers is to become a Leroy Neiman asphalt painting. It is more of a graphic warning to those that are contemplating exposing the truth and criminals.
    Lies, lies and more lies is all the American people get from the government leaders and “news outlets”. It is a sad commentary of MSM news that real reporters have to abandon these lairs of propaganda to do their jobs. This all must end and each and every one of us needs to spread the truth. The sparks we start will turn in to a raging fire. I think it has already begun.
    As they say, the truth will set you free but at first it is really going to piss you off!
    Thanks for all your hard work, please keep it up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice line: “As they say, the truth will set you free but at first it is really going to piss you off!” Thank you for the comment.

  26. Rebecca

    I wonder how many people truly buy the MSM’s spin on the coming economic recovery?
    As we find ourselves with less and less money to spend, surely most people can figure it out that the economy is not recovering. The sad part is that MSM is spoon feeding the public optimism in hope of getting the public to spend money and give the “appearance” of a rebounding economy, It would be a lie, as everything going on these days in finance, politics and government is a lie. The problem with MSM’s game plan is, people cannot spend what they do not have. Hopefully, the public is not foolish enough to ramp up their credit card debt because they think “happy days are [coming] here again!”

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM abdicated it’s public responsibility long ago. So happy you are awake and commenting here!!

    • Ugly

      It is like ‘The Theory of Evolution’ and ‘Global Warming’. If you teach and say this stuff on a daily basis, then the masses come to accept it without question. You no longer have to prove your theory because the masses have come to accept it. Therefore, it is reality. The MSM is preaching recovery and other stuff. The masses have come to accept it. If wrong, then why are not folks preparing and getting more monies out of banks and stocks? It is because they believe the Recovery Lie.

  27. Galaxy 500

    Friday is a good day, it’s weekly news wrap up day. There is so much going on and as you say, the gov’t numbers that they base the recovery on are fiction.
    I want you to know that I appreciate the service you provide. You provide a universe of views and go to great lengths to showcase all views, even ones you disagree with. I think I owe the USA Watchdog community and apology for the number of posts I made on the Wednesday post. It was my intention to challenge the credibility of the Ms. Hudes information, but after reflection, I realize that I devolved in to a personal attack. It wasnt professional and not only did I put myself in a bad light, I fear I also put you and the watchdog in a bad light. Please accept my apologies. I will endeavor to argue the credibility of the information and keep the comments of mental stability to myself. Thanks again for the service you provide and for the hard work you put forth providing it

    • JC Davis

      500 I for one count you a friend from a distance. What is a motor without a spark..??????? Stand for what you believe or shut the o.uck down. I would like knowing Galaxy 500 had my back. Your a solider from afar. Don’t you forget it !

      • Anne Elliott

        Count me in as a friend from a far too, Galaxy. Your comments always make me think, even if I don’t agree (which is rare), and your smart-a$$ remarks often make me laugh out loud!

        • Galaxy 500

          Thanks for the kind words. And you have me dead to right on sometimes making smart a$$ remarks. I have a limited tolerance for stupidity. Its a shame that its not painful. I do feel that ignoring the facts is never a wise course and people building a future on fantasy are as the ones the Bible tells of building houses on sand.

      • Charles H.

        JC Davis,

        I must agree – Galaxy 500 is one of the major strengths on this site. We all go over-board at times; especially when involved in such highly charged issues and times. It takes a man to apologize – and they are becoming a rare commodity nowadays. Lead by example? We just saw it here.

        • Galaxy 500

          Thanks for the kind words

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks, I want to be a purveyor of facts and not one of personal attacks. To thine own self be true. The utter absurdity of Karen’s information pushed me over the edge.
        I will continue to question things that defy logic. I think you and I understand that there are no magic bullets to protect us from the coming economic pain. There is no pile of gold at the end of the rainbow in the Philippines or anywhere else. There is no group working to save us from the bankers. However, God is steadfast and we have been warned so we can prepare.
        The 171,500 tons of gold was such an easy target and so silly I kind of felt like I was “piling on”. I did not want to be viewed as attacking Greg. Thanks again.
        Looking for a ’62 Galaxy 500 in honour of my father. Let me know if you see on.

  28. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for pointing out what I’ve been saying to everyone who would listen. Obama and Pelosi lied when they said they didn’t know what was in the bill. They lied because they DID know what was in the bill and knew it would be indefensible.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was the lie of the century, and the entire Democratic Party told it.

  29. smaulgld

    Hi Greg

    There is another really nasty little mentioned change to Obamacare-it requires that employers swear to the IRS under penalties of perjury that if they fire employees it was not because of Obamacare! http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/02/11/thought-police-firms-must-swear-obamacare-not-factor-in-firings/
    Here is a Fox News video discussing this http://youtu.be/Qa2T-SOKo4Y

    • Greg Hunter

      Look at it this way, now even the Obama Administration is admitting Obama Care is a Job killer.

      • smaulgld

        They want to take credit for “doing something” but they want the harm to happen on someone else watch!
        Quite an over reach to have employers swear that O care had nothing to do with laying off people-when the reason they make them swear that it didn’t is because as you point out, it probably did.
        Great work again. Have a good weekend

  30. Mark F

    Alright Greg….. I’ll go with you on the health care gig, but I’m shaking my head over your discussions about Iran. Iran is building POWER STATIONS. They have every right to build POWER STATIONS. Who cares if they build a bomb. They haven’t attacked anybody in over two hundred years, but the folks you call “allies” who DO have nukes, have been behind hundreds of false flags. Who’s our ally again????

    There will be NO war with Iran. If there is, I’m sure that we or one of our “allies” will be behind it.

    Can you please tell me where the truth was for Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen…. Is not the information you’re presenting in this video from the same source?

    Come on….. you’re one of the best people out there making folks aware. Why are you pushing this crap?

    • Greg Hunter

      Mark F,
      I reported on secret negotiations where the American people are learning more from Iran than our own administrating in the White House. Sorry, but that is a valid story. Thank you for your feedback.

    • Galaxy 500

      You will care when they drop one on you or yours. Do you honestly believe Iran spent billions on hardened bunkers 500 or more feet below ground to peruse “peaceful” atomic power? If so, I have a “real” treasure map to 171,500 tons of gold hidden in the Philippines. Guaranteed real. I got it from a former World Banker senior counselor. For a mere million it’s yours.

  31. JC Davis

    Gov shut me down today Greg. True. Has anyone posted about
    prisoner’s released from Afghanistan. Some have called me by phone, I know nothing yet.
    B B S M D Big Brother Shut Me Down.

  32. Jerry

    When it goes below 80 hold on to your shorts, the elevator is
    going down.

    • Galaxy 500

      Reminds me of the three stogies getting in an elevator and discovering that the elevator man is the devil. Door closes, the devil smiles and says,” Going down.”

  33. Armistead Garrett

    Greg, I have responded to you in the past and always positive. I even almost wrote to you several weeks ago when you were interviewed by someone else and I found out about how you lost your job at CNN. I remember you were the only mainstream reporter at that time to get Jim Sinclair on for an quick interview. Jim Sinclair has a heart of Gold and you do your best to support him. I am glad to see you pull yourself up as an alternate news outlet. I detest the mainstream media, but here goes: You are sounding just like FOX news (to me) in that you are obsessed with Obamacare. I am not at all a fan of it, BUT if there never was Obamacare do you think that it would make any difference to where the Middle Class of America would be?? OR MORE IMPORTANT, would it make any difference at all?? The middle class was already destroyed. I know you were sitting next to Jim Sinclair a short while ago at one of his town hall meeetings, so I do not need to explain how he feels about the coming reset. Again, this reset has already been set in motion and THAT is the story, not Obamacare. You say at least the Republicans didnt vote for it. SO WHAT, they voted for elimination of weapons of mass destruction from IRAQ and the NSA, and for the weapons of mass destruction known as Derivatives. Oh, and the bailout TARP etc was done under Republican leadership.
    Brother Greg, I hope I have not offended you but I need news on how to survive the coming reset not news on the last grain of sand to topple the already unstable pile of sand.

    • Greg Hunter

      Armistead Garrett,
      I hope I don’t offend you either, but your comment shows you don’t fully understand the damage Obama Care is doing to the entire country. First, is it not about health care. it’s about control by the government. It is basically overseen by the IRS. This is one of the most unconstitutional laws ever, and is guts privacy rights. The middle class is NOT already gone, but Obama care has kicked it’s destruction into hyper-drive. Yes, NOT HAVING OBAMA CARE would make a HUGE DIFFERENCE to the middle class. 80% of families in America are paying much more for less health care coverage. This is a real hardship in an economy where income growth is stagnant at best. I also do not think you fully understand that Obama Care is part of the “reset.” I call it the way I see it and I am not going to back down on what I think the news should be. Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Galaxy 500

        You need news on how to survive…easy, food, water, protection, precious metals for trade…and a skill that is useful. If you have been reading Greg a while, not sure how you missed that theme. It’s like they tell you before takeoff, “Always secure your oxygen mask before you attempt to help others.”

  34. Ugly

    The only thing Democrats have proved is that they can out-spend and out-lie Republicans. I am voting all Tea-Party Rs.

    • Armistead Garrett

      Greg, No offense taken. I really appreciate the internet and how we can communicate and your taking the time to make it happen. We have an honest difference of opinion, and you stated it “NOT HAVING OBAMA CARE would make a HUGE DIFFERENCE”. I just cannot agree that everything would be fine without it. Maybe we can agree like the Ron Pauls that the system will collapse and obamacare will just help it along.

    • Mark F

      You’re voting???? Stop playing the game. Red or Blue, it doesn’t matter. Two parties – one agenda. That agenda is the bankers, not the American people’s.
      Is not the Obamanation just Bush on steroids? Have “you” seen any change over the last 15 years?
      They’re ALL traitors. ALL of them. Cruz and Paul included. Our “government” was subverted years ago. Stop playing “their” game. Two teams running back and forth on the football field smacking each other around, all the while the folks in the glassed in suites are partying their asses off. Who’s winning the game?

    • Galaxy 500

      Damn right

      • Galaxy 500

        The Damn right was to Uglys comment

  35. JC Davis

    Greg I think the Dems will keep congress, and the presidency because people watched the destruction of the republican party at there own convention. The changed the rules at the last minute. The refused to speak of Ron Paul’s votes. Republicans are no better or different then democrats. Just my thoughts. Many voters left the republican party. That’s why Romney lost.

    • JC Davis

      They They shot there own legs off.
      I spent my money in support of Ron, and still feel the pain of being kicked out of what was the republican party.

      • Galaxy 500

        I cannot stand the RINO Republicans but I am hoping the TEA party can give us a little hope. At least the republicans are not communist/socialist.

  36. Ray

    Greg thanks for another great wrap-up, you are truly a reporter that reports what is important to the PEOPLE. We just pass a pentagon budget for 621.5 billion, no politician even mention the fact the nation is broke we when they pass it. So far the pentagon cannot account for 8.3 trillion dollars. Don’t worry, no politician will ever mention the fact that the wars, spying, cia, nsa, are bankrupting the nation. Their solution will be to cut all the social safety nets. We have the best sociopaths in the world running this country.

  37. allen ols


    william kayne king w news;

    Now returning to your question of what do I think about the suicidal bankers. I’m naturally very suspect whether all of these guys, many of whom were at the peak of their careers, had no history of mental illness, and no history of depression that’s been disclosed in any of these cases, all suddenly decided to kill themselves. This just doesn’t jibe.

    It appears to be tied in with investigations that are going on with respect to the fixing of the gold price in London, and more importantly with manipulation and fixing of various FOREX spreads for the benefit and the profit of these same banks.

  38. kliguy38

    You’re spot on Greg with you ME coverage. My contacts had given me a 5% chance of an attack on Iran 4 years ago……don’t have them now but they essentially said the attack would trigger nuclear response from R or C……mainly the former. Would love to know their odds now….that the endgame is nearing. The battle going on is between the Western Bankers and the East…….obfuscation will be needed as we all implode so war always benefits power consolidation. Karen Hudes is “somewhat” wrong in her 177K tons of gold in that the bankers have used it for years to control the price and world chess game. Its only paper in Hawaii and as you well know if you don’t have the physical you have nada. The “goldsmiths” continue to have bullion but they aren’t going to give it to the East and they WILL maintain CONtrol. See ya in KC one day. Btw healthcare is imploding as I type……layoffs are heavy in many areas now…..

  39. mohammad


    After the expected failure of Geneva II by every one except the participants and sponsors, it seems that the Saudi crown prince is in Pakistan for …. what else it could be other than securing the purchase of nukes?!


  40. David H


    Can you ask one of your up-coming guests this question. How can we have hyper inflation without an injection mechanism to pump more and more money into the hands of average Americans? Without that mechanism wouldn’t the avg American just stop shopping all together. There employers certainly won’t be giving them raises. Many say we are about to have a currency crisis but the dollar seems to still be stronger than most other currencies. These are objections I have heard to folks like John Williams analysis. My gut tells me we will have a currency crisis but I would still like to hear an answer to these objections. If you or even your other readers have an answer that is great. If I have missed one of your shows where this has already been answered sorry.

    David H

  41. Noel

    One of your best yet.

    The tone of many comments I have read through in recent posts here is one of desperately trying to discern the endgame, which I surmise is an attempt to establish a logical framework on which to support the alarming realization that a horrendous collapse is not far off. I suggest that we do not suspend our disbelief that the numerous vectors we can draw, with the valuable input from venues such as this, converge in the not far off distance in trials we can little imagine. My point is, disengage understanding of the endgame from grasping the fundamental truth of where these vectors are taking us.

    The accumulation of debt has to be compared with demographics, purchasing power, savings rates (negative), means of production to create traceable goods, enfetterment of small business, silencing of dissent, transparent arming and preparation of overwhelming domestic police forces, disregard for law in high places… Well, I don’t care what the game is, I can clearly see the road ahead. While I am not sure of our exact speed, I know we are traveling fast.

    The barrier to waking our friends and neighbors is this very natural desire to act only when the entire logical framework can be grasped. Having the endgame delineated is certainly a way to overcome their inertia, but we simply won’t have that tool.

    The architects of this historic calamity have at their disposal the unique and very powerful tool of mass media, which is being used to reinforce the cognitive dissonance of those waiting to see the flames before they conclude that they really do smell smoke. The application of mass media to shape and control the herd is very well understood by those wielding it. Our somnambulist fellow citizens still believe that they are receiving Truth through their set top boxes.

    To awaken those on the blue pill requires fracturing this association. In any way we can. Young and old.

    I feel like the only person on my bus that realizes the driver is out of control, and am bracing. Is there time to play “prove it” with the other passengers? I don’t think so. Certainly not those distracted by the inboard movie.

    By all means we should try to avoid the crash, or at least mitigate the impact. But, our odds are poor: prepare your families and loved ones as best you can – you already know what’s coming, so act. Try best to have your blue pill friends and neighbors wean themselves from the media long enough to do some vector math themselves. And bring them here. If they don’t get it after carefully weighing what is so professionally delivered here, then there is little hope for them.

    Just remember, the game of “prove it” is a foolish game. Math is math.

  42. J C Davis

    Homer D…Simpson can fix it all.

  43. Sherry

    You said in the weekly wrap up that 92,000 million out of work force. Where can I source that number. I have a friend that does not believe it. Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to all your interviews.

  44. Derrick Michael Reid

    Good Morning Mr Hunter. love ya.
    Not to beat a “dead bankster”, but ……

    The thing about Andrew H at KWN news, is that, he IS a highly educated person, just look at the string of letters, and had experience, and was a bankster insider MAKING HIS FREAKING SELF-CENTERED CUT, when one would think he would understand history, money, undue influence, corruption of central planning, enslavement, totalitarian socialism, gov-bank fascist, BUT DID NOTHING, but counterfeit dollars and get his cut on the people’s dime, and is now looking to parley his ill gotten gains in bullion. Pepe le Pew STINKS!!!

  45. Derrick Michael Reid

    China has cornered the bullion physical market, JPM has cornered the NY COT bullion market, and JPM is bribing China Gov Officials relatives.


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