Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.21.14

Ukraine Protests, New Lawsuit Against JPMorgan Executives & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Violent protests continue in the Ukraine.  At least 70 people have been killed and 500 injured.  In a bizarre twist, 67 police officers were temporarily captured by the protesters.  Now, the EU and Canada have put sanctions on Ukraine officials because of the severity of the crackdown.  The sanctions target finance and trade.  The European Union says the force is “excessive” and charges there are “human rights violations.”  Also, the U.S. is warning the Ukraine not to go too far in the crackdown.   Meanwhile, it has been reported the U.S. has been funding the Ukrainian protesters to the tune of $5 billion.  It looks like there is no end in sight for the protests, but the two sides are talking.  

Yet another round of talks with Iran and several world powers have finished up in Vienna.  The negotiations are to curtail Iran’s nuclear program, but Iranian leaders have repeatedly said they will not stop enriching uranium.  They also publicly say the Obama Administration has overstated what Iran is willing to curtail.  Now, the top leader in Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, says the nuclear talks will “lead nowhere.”  I do not understand the negotiation tactics of Iran.  Maybe they are talking tough to get the best deal possible, or maybe we take them at their word and come to grips that they are not going to negotiate a curtailment of the Iranian nuclear program.  At any rate, countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia must be feeling nervous.  

You know food inflation is bad when it starts to show up in places like CBS News and the mainstream media.  Beef, pork and chicken prices are up between 16% and 23% since 2011.  Meanwhile, wages are basically flat.  That is putting the squeeze on the middle-class and the poor.  In other economic news, housing starts plunged and unemployment did not improve.  Add that to the recently poor retail sales numbers, and you cannot make a case for the so-called recovery we are told about month in and month out.  What recovery we do have is floated by Fed money printing to the tune of $65 billion a month, or $780 billion a year. 

Finally, there is a new lawsuit against JPMorgan executives over the $65 billion Bernie Madoff fraud scandal.  The lawsuit names CEO Jamie Dimon and 12 other executives and alleges they knew about the crimes Madoff was committing.  The lawsuit is being filed on behalf of shareholders of JPMorgan and charges senior executives had “direct knowledge” of the Madoff Ponzi scheme.  As the Greeks say, “Character is fate.”

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis of these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. bob

    love seeing you outdoor nice change. people should start growing there own gardens. it will help a little with food prices. easier than most think. you will get enjoyment from it. all the information is on the internet. its exercise, get away from the baby sitter (t.v. or sometimes internet, depending how you use it) and get the family involved, you can learn alot and you can be rewarded all the way around. iran running there mouths or the usa not telling you everything. hard to say. but i believe more that we are not told the truth. that’s one more reason we are all here listening to you. if the msm was telling us what is out there, you wouldn’t be doing this. for something new, have you considered interviewing someone about haarp or weather control. or is this a natural thing we are going through weather wise. we don’t have global warming, we are at the mercy of the sun. this all is impacting every bodies lives. thanks again greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Gardens are a good idea Bob.

      • Jura

        As to gardens: There is a theory according to which Russian have survived the SU collapse thanks to “having ” “datchas”.
        (Small gardens where they planted enough food to survive).
        (btw in a faaar deep hinterland the process is ongoing as ppl hardly ever see enogh currency to buy more than basic products (tea, rice soap))

  2. emeniag

    Today, on Coast to Coast the announcement was basically made that the Anglo-American dual world power is finished along with the demise of the US. Saudi-Sunni PetroDollar . What we see going on throughout the world, “Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Syria , Turkey ect…” could be called the Anglo-American Petro-Wars for world domination or hegemony. That Russia and China have called our bluff and the world wide ponzie – scheme is finished. There are fewer and fewer takers of our debt, so a real threat of world war is building exponentially each and every day as the pain of life without other peoples money sinks in, in the United States of America and the rest of the English speaking world.
    Were the frog in the slow cooker, but all is not lost, take heart!

    Luke 21:28 (EXB) {In context whole chapter}
    When these things begin to happen, look up [or stand up] and hold your heads high, because the time when God will free you [your redemtion/liberation] is near[at hand]!

    There is a new world coming, hope to see you there. Daniel 2:44, look it up, check it out!
    See also youtube Bing Crosby Great Day (1929)

  3. vincentg

    Good wrap up as usual but you need to do something about the microphone you are using.
    A Shure SM58 is the ticket.
    Or you might try a Audio-Technica AT2005USB
    I am not sure if it’s as good outdoors as the Shure Mics are but it may be good.
    If you need USB and want to use a good Mic you have then try Blue Microphones Icicle XLR to USB

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the tips.

  4. JC Davis

    Greg I enjoyed the great week of reporting. I often wonder why cant we have real honest people like yourself in MSM. Reporting on relevant issues that will make a difference in the lives of people. The Carl Denninger interview is more relevant then anything said in all of this weeks MSM reporting. Thanks for all you do.
    On Iran simply put they lie to those that lie to them. Therefore neither side will be satisfied with the results. Dealing with Iran must be done with a spirit of Honesty and Respect. Of the which John Kerry has neither. Iran will make there bombs, and be bombed for it. All this could be avoided if honest logic, and compromise were introduced.

    • Liquid Motion

      Whilst we are led to believe that the Middle East (Iran) , China and Russia are threats to our existence, the only real threat is that which eminates from the Elite Cabals that have taken liberty with our rights and freedom. They have abused us for centuries and set up the western world for demise, whereby those remaining inhabitants suffer and will continue their roles in the mighty kingdom of serfdom. The continual lies from the central planners take us all into a world of darkness.

  5. Jerry

    Greg I don’t know how you did that weekly wrap-up outside in the wind. At my house the wind was blowing so hard that it blew my granddaughters swing set 50 yards into the road.

    Every time I see progressives in the media and congress attack Ted Cruz I can only think about Cloward and Piven’s strategy of ” Deflect and Divert”. Its right out of their playbook. if you have nothing to offer, deflect the problem to someone else, and divert their attention by attacking them. Some might say its a cunning tactic but I disagree.
    I’ve seen the same playbook from my alcoholic brother-in-law. There’s nothing genius about it. But then again who ever said Socialist would be responsible for anything?

    Here’s the problem. At some point the people who live in the Matrix have a date with reality, and its coming soon. Here’s what reality looks like.


    Many years ago I read a book by a renowned Psychologist entitled I’m O.K. your O.K. Two years later the man killed himself. The point is, we can all lie to ourselves about what is happening around us, but it doesn’t change the consequences of reality no matter how positive or “HAPPY” everyone wants us to be. In a natural environment there is flowers and sunshine, and oh by the way a spider ripping a fly’s head off that was caught in his web. That’s reality.

    • Dan

      Thomas Anthony Harris died of natural causes. His reported suicide was a HOAX that you apparently fell for & are promulgating. Check your facts!

  6. Marcelo Ruiz

    Hi Greg,

    Paul Craig Roberts wrote a very interesting article about Ukraine. I think it will be great if you could invite him to share his opinions about why that is going on.
    On another note, I think Karl Denninger really nailed the core of the health care problem, and pointed out that both Democrats and Republicans are guilty about it.
    Keep up the great job.


  7. Tom

    Your description of the problems in the Ukraine are over-simplistic. Over half of the Ukrainian population is Russian speaking and prefers close ties with Russia. The Americans, EU and the Russians are all meddling in the internal affairs of that country and ALL have to accept some of the blame for the chaos. The only point of agreement seems to be that there is massive corruption in the present government of the Ukraine……..Check out this interview on Democracy Now for a different point of view.


  8. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    Another week of excellent news coverage by Watchdog.

    I have said it before and i’ll say it again. “This US funding of protesters in the Ukraine is an absolute shocker”. The game is up. Anybody anywhere in the world with half a brain knows that this global meddling in sovereign countries affairs is not about humanitarianism. It is about imperialism and arrogance and is part of a floundering attempt to hold onto the reserve status of the US$.

    The huge rise in living costs for working class Americans and the continued misrepresentation of real unemployment figures and inflation can’t be hidden much longer by the Govt.

    I’ll say this again too – ” WHEN IS THE US GOING TO GET RID OF ITS PRIVATELY OWNED RESERVE BANK” – The FED is the lynchpin. No financial reform is any use until this fundamental issue is resolved. Will there even be any discussion on this or is the subject of “disbanding the FED” still too dangerous to talk about?


    • Dan

      Agree we need to “End the Fed”. The problem is “HOW”? They basically control the government (through control of the money) at this point. American Revolution, the sequel, anyone?

    • Liquid Motion

      In any battle one needs to make a full assessment of the Enemy, less one chooses to prematurley bring an end to ones life. Careful reconnaisance and data mining brings you knowledge of the enemy’s strength and moreover identification of their Masters.
      Understanding full well the root cause of our experiences with evil (global central banking) is but one third of the equation. They do not act in isolation however they are controllers of the fiat currency world. It is the ones who rule through anonymity, the faceless and ruthless oligarchs shielded by their corporations, who are to be feared most. They are the ones responsbile for constructing such creatures as the FEDERAL RESERVE. The very same who act as puppet masters to the political regimes of the west.

    • emeniag

      DANGER! DANGER! Will Robinson! Here Come da Fed!

  9. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up. I think I have found out why congress is putting out 2000 page bills. It to compensate for their other many short comings….And did I say really short?

  10. Galaxy 500

    Tell us what you really think about the FCC’s plan to put minders in News rooms. These guys make Putin look benevolent! Where is the liberal outrage? I hope the republicans take the Senate and teach the over reaching Demoncrats that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Greg Hunter

      Beyond a very bad idea. It is tyranny and Constitutional fraud.

      • Dan

        “Tyranny and Constitutional fraud”

        An apt description of the Federal Reserve as well!

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Brother!

  11. Charles H.


    As far as the Ukraine goes – nothing has performed as a tool for change as has Disappointment/Disenfranchisement. Parties contrary to any Status Quo play it like a harp. The Western Ukraine-ians are going through their own “Hopey – Changey” thing, where the EU isn’t in very good shape. It’s kinda like what obviously will be a bad marriage – but they’re in love, and can’t see anything else. And ain’t that USA just giving-out black-eyes by supporting the rebels? Par for the course, recently.

    California produces and attracts a great number of fruits and nuts – it’s not like it feeds the world; unless you watch television. Nobody considers that such in-your-face immorality still offends God: but I bet it sure does – hence the weather. And the ironic thing is – just like the magicians of the Pharaoh of Egypt in the contest with Moses: they duplicated a number of the plagues – which really helped everybody out, and corresponds to the ‘Save the _____’ (minnows; owls; mice, etc.) environmental laws. Insult to injury, which seems , again: par for the course. Man really hasn’t changed despite thousands of years and the advent of technology.

    As to the Bankers and Iran…. I don’t even want to go there. No worries, mates. Gonna unplug a little. Have a good, safe weekend, Y’all.

  12. Geo. T (formerly , George)

    The National Debt is off by a factor of 100. One thing I learned getting my degrees in accounting is that the US govt does conform to GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles). The people advising Russia, China and Saudi Arabia understand this. Meanwhile, McRino and his buds are vilifying Cruz and Rand.
    Thanks for keeping it real, we have tornado warnings here in NC. Danm, and a hell of a thunderstorm

  13. Geo. T (formerly , George)

    I read Weasalzippers.US for fun. Please tell me if I am going to be safe from the coming silliness? http://weaselzippers.us/175575-farrakhan-asks-obama-to-open-area-51-to-prove-existence-of-giant-ufo-that-will-destroy-white-america/
    Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan asked that President Obama open up Area 51 to scientists in a sermon he gave on Saturday, February 15. It was the last of a yearlong sermon series titled, “Time and What Must Be Done.”
    Farrakhan has often referred to a UFO he calls the Mother Wheel, which according to The New Yorker, he describes as a “heavily armed spaceship the size of a city that will rain destruction upon white America, but save those who embrace the Nation of Islam.”
    In his recent sermon Farrakhan said, “We believe our words that we have shared on the presence of the Wheel could help the president and America to avert Allah’s warning of chastisement and destruction if America does not bow down.”
    Apparently his suggestion to open Area 51 to scientist would help in those efforts, somehow.
    and this made me laugh: http://weaselzippers.us/175545-valerie-jarrett-tells-women-to-nag-their-men-to-sign-up-for-obamacare/

  14. Geo. T (formerly , George)

    The cartoon was funny until I realized that Putin was not murdering his citizen by drone. He’s man enough to do it himself. And Putin is envious of the NSA data collection program. They cant pull this off in a communist country; only in the so called “free world” does the gov’t track every call, text and internet usage and in doing so, know where you are, every second of the day. I hear people call out Putin while making excuses for Obama.
    IF the NSA program was useful for terrorism prevention, it would have stopped the Boston Marathon bombings. It not for terrorism, its for control of the “citizens.” Who would have thought that you were freer in Russia than the USA?

    • Dan

      I agree – we used to make fun of Russia for spying on it’s own people. Now, our government spies on us more than Russia ever thought about doing. What’s happened to this great country? Our government is supposed to serve us, not be our master!

  15. Craig

    Hi Greg, Thank you again for the show.
    You have become my favourite news channel !
    I think you are right to focus California and food supply this week.
    My understanding is you have some expertise in this area ?-).
    Apart from humanities collective ineptness, which you sketch out for us every week, it is my understanding that food and fresh water supply are humanities greatest vulnerabilities. It will have a big impact in USA and world wide.
    Do you think it would be useful for your audience if you drilled down into this ?
    I personally would like to know more about which areas in California / USA are effected. Which food stuffs ? How much of USA/Worlds supply ?
    What impact will the Farm (compensation ?) Bill have on the Agriculture sectors economy ? Etc.
    It could even paid / crowd funded report ? What do you think ?

    All the best

    • Greg Hunter

      Food and water are THE big issues facing the world and they are only going to get worse. No farm bill is going to stop what is happening.

  16. Susa Glenn

    Greg, Would you please look into the Geoengineering situation, especially in regards to the drought in the western United States? No one is covering this story. The video Look Up, located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymF6YkVJ-RY is a good place to start. We watched it last night. This morning, in central Texas, we Looked Up and saw massive geoengineering taking place; dozens of chemtrails crisscrossing the blue morning sky, turning it into haze. I’m really tired of the drought and the dying trees here. We have not had a normal spring since 2007. It appears that we are at war and being attacked from above via jet liners spewing hazardous metals that block the sun, trap in the heat, increasing Global Warming and manipulating the weather. This is a massive story that affects us all.

  17. John M.

    Greg, as a farmer in the middle of California’s Central Valley, I can attest that this drought is serious. As of this past week, our best irrigation districts have told farmers not to expect more than 40% of our normal water deliveries. Our worst irrigation districts, like the 600,000-acre Westlands Water District, can expect 0% water. This means that farmers are going to be pumping like mad from wells since our reservoirs are quite low, and underground aquifers have been depleting for years. If next winter is also dry, then there will be no water at all for cities or farms. It will be a dust bowl.
    Food prices are going much higher because of this drought, and I think the current higher food prices that you just reported is the delayed result of printing too much money that happened in the 2000’s. I’m quite certain that this CA drought and all the dramatic increases in money printing since 2008 has not yet reached the supermarket. But it surely will come with a vengeance.
    Here’s two links on the drought:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John M for the real world reporting. This is very serious and very bad for the world. California grow a lot of food!!!

  18. Ugly

    It should make every USA worker sick to their stomachs knowing that multi-billions are spent warmongering and catering to the rich, rather than fixing the economy of the USA. The World’s ‘hot-spots’ will be soon in America, and the average or majority American will be clueless as to ‘why?’. Once it begins, there is no turning back….

  19. Craig

    Just two notes about Ukraine and Karen Hudes , thanks to an earlier comment you made on your blog I found my way to Joseph Farrell. His analysis of the bigger geo-political picture seems to fit with Dr. Jim Willie’s scenario of the Euro East axis. I particularly like his round up of the moves being made in and against Germany.

    Plus have you heard the interview with David Wilcock and someone calling himself Drake (DW apologises for being the UFO man ! His work is very esoteric but I found his video on the Pineal Gland well researched)

    Drake asserted documents from each USA state have been lodged with The International Court of Justice, with the support of the more honorable parts of the Pentagon, declaring each US State Sovereign and therefore an independent Nation State. Quite an extraordinary event and also inline with the much maligned (but highly regarded) Karen Hudes.
    Perhaps it would be interesting to ask KH about that ,whatever heat that may attract on your blog !-)

    All the best


  20. Reader

    Greg, no one has won a political negotiation with Persians.

  21. Albert Tesla

    Ahh, Eastern Europe…. many people point to the middle east as the ticking time bomb…but i feel they underestimate the chaos that the Balkans can produce.

    Protests are going to spread. Me personally, i am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting and anticipating for the Balkans to EXPLODE… Archduke Franz Ferdinand ww1, need i say more? I find it to be poetic justice if in fact, the starters of the first world war were the starters of the last world war.

    The Balkans serve as the last “barrier” into the western European world. The final frontier if you will. It’s going to serve as an ideal playing field for Russia to engage in a proxy war with the US.

    Only a matter of time, tensions (i feel) in Europe are not as fresh and as alive as the resentment that exists in the nations of former Jugoslavia.

    Ukraine just lit the fuse, when it reaches the Balkans, i feel shit is really going to hit the fan.

    • emeniag

      Your brat Nikola, must be turning over, in his grave!

      • Reader

        Oh sh*t, The Balkans….

  22. J C Davis

    Greg. The wolves can now guard the hen house. Banksters have been given more freedom from the fed bank.

    Makes me wonder who do they think caused the mess in the banking system.

  23. jim H

    Great wrap up Greg
    Crazy weather indeed. Many poor folks in California for some time now have been saying their weather has been genetically modified and jet streams have been moved to the east. People all over the US for some time have been talking about chemical trails being sprayed everywhere. My Son informs me only tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts use the term chem-trails. He says the correct term is geo- engineering (as taught in his high school).
    Not sure about all of that. I do know there are many days now where the only clouds in the sky fell out of the back of aircraft (mostly commercial now days). All one need do is look up over a four hour period and see what the trail does.
    So much goes on now all around us we are not privy to. Highways, buildings, huge swaths of land and even Wall Street are being sold to unnamed “Investors”. CNN and FOX have put out little one paragraph statements even about the chemtrails so they can say they covered it in case anyone ask. Mostly no one will ask though.
    So much today falls under “national security” since Cheney’s meeting with the oil Czars before 911 and our move into Iraq and Afghanistan. I’d like to know what nation this withholding of information protects. Is it the United States or the nation of Elite Investors world wide who have been looting the standard of living of good people around the globe who are too busy trying to survive to look up to see what’s falling on them.
    Whew! I feel better. Think I’ll go now and enjoy my weekend with friends and family because when it comes down to it, that’s what’s real. We will laugh and love until they make that impossible. Hope you guys enjoy too.

  24. smaulgld

    Makes sense that the protestors don’t want to be effectively folded back in to the Soviet Union but equally strange that the protesters want to join the EU! You would think they would want to be independent.

    Thanks for covering the inflation issue and the housing “recovery”.

    The lack of a real housing recovery is now being blamed on the weather (instead of lack of job and wage growth, student loan debt etc). The recovery has been in price only. Here are two charts that show that the housing “recovery” has been a complete farce:

    I like to say a poor workman blames his tools and a poor economists blames the weather.
    February Forecast – More weather!
    Am surprised you were working yesterday the weather looked so nasty where you were!

  25. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    You did great job this week, again. Thank you for uncovering this ongoing farce (what is going on is a one big farce). 🙂

  26. Derrick Michael Reid

    As distributed this day:
    Andrew should, as well … “I respect ….. ” that was enough for me. JUMP!!!! Falling on sword is the honorable way out of their shame, ala Mad Max 565. Confessions of a hitman may ease his personal guilt and complicity, but it dont compensate us all for years of enslaving his countrymen. JUMP!!!!! Fascist jailers can run, squirm, and confess, but cant undo the mess we are all in. JUMP!!!

    CC:20 dead banskters is a good start, enjoy:
    To Eric KingBill HaynesJim CookChris PowellCatherine FittsEd SteerHannes TulvingWilliam KayeCalifornia NumismaticBrian CrumbakerBen DaviesRob McEwenTurd FergusonGrant WilliamsJohn HathawayEric SprottJohn EmbryJason HommelJim ComiskeyJames HausmanJames RickardsJim SinclairDave DenverLePatron LemetropolecafeCounterfeiterHunter PentoJason MichelsenPat HellerPeter GrandichRichard GuthrieRob KirbySandeep JaitlyThor GjerdrumTom UlrichJames TurkBob Libertarian JohnstonMary ShapiroUS Black CaucusGreen Party California48th US CampbellGOP USALibertarian PartyOC LibertariansNational Rifle AssociationGreen PartiesPresident ObamaOccupy Wall StreetTea PartyWilliam BlackEditor IndependentJesse LivermooreMort KondrackeFred BarnesBull BearsNeil CavutoWolf BlitzerCharlie RoseBenn SteilDaily UCB EditorDennis PragerDick MorrisIndianapolis StarWilliam KristolForbes FoxFox FriendsGerald CelenteShawn HannityStLouis DispatchZero HedgeMad KeiserKen JohnEric KingLarry ParksEditor LA TimesEditor NY PostEditor NY TimesWashington PostEditor Concord MonitorEditor Denver PostJim PinkertonGreta Van SusteranBill O’ReillyRush LimbaughBret BaierEditor Orange County Register

  27. Derrick Michael Reid

    dont make sense, unless you love spite. BHO draws the line, pisses off the chess master, and 70 Ukranians die. BHO is humiliated, VP is tarnished, Ukranians die, Ukraine Prez discredited, and a tad of freedom is gained, a people’s victory.

  28. DavidC

    Hi Greg,

    Another great week’s viewings, Karl Denninger’s interview was VERY good.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DavidC for your comment and ALL your support.

  29. R0Tten to the c0RE

    The moral majority think Obummer’s bad now? Wait till he’s the first dic,tator of the Disunited States! What r u goanna do then, after the big Kahuna? (Pardon my Hawaiian ). What I mean is, after WW-EC (the World Wide-Economic collapse). If he can get in this economic collapse before the presidential elections, he’ll have it made in the shade. He’ll be King of the Hill, King of the South? Putin, King of the North? Stagflation will never look so good, 0r the UN., before it all end’s!
    Who will be the King of the hill? (World)?
    One thing I can say, unequivocally, clear and unambiguous, it wont be you and me, (we the people).
    Why couldn’t we all have just gotten along? (Ah la Rodney King)
    Sunni Shia, Muslim Arab Jew, so called Christian, Communist Capitalist etc., etc…..
    I guess we all get what we deserver in the end, (Fascism!)

  30. andrew

    For all you Karen Hudes fans and detractors, here’s a new interview put up today by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio:


  31. William Betts

    There is an ex staffer from Congress that has written an essay and a book describing what has taken place in our gov’t since Clinton. The Anatomy of the Deep State. He describes the shadow gov’t that must of us suspected was going on in very real terms. You should try to get him on your news so that he can enlighten your readers. His name is Mike Lefgren. I can’t tell you how to contact him, but I saw him on Bill Moyers’ show
    Sat. It was really good stuff!!

  32. Ken

    Hello Greg, the US isn’t fooling anyone with their hegemonic forays into foreign countries. Why in the world does the US want to continue poking the Russian bear in the chest? You merely have to put yourself in the shoes of the leaders who are protecting their countries best interests and ask would the US let Russia or China build a missile shield around Cuba, the Caribbean or any other land mass near the US? No they wouldn’t but we are continually encroaching on Russia and China. It is obvious that the psychopaths in charge actually think they can win a protracted nuclear war with Russia or China. Any rational person knows that is beyond insane. The best case scenario is mutual destruction. We have been a country for a short 238 years and have been at war for 218 of those years. We have a military presence in over 150 countries. This isn’t because this is the way the world works and therefore needed, nor is it the nature of our humanity. It is a planned and orchestrated coup of the planet. The world tires of our imperialism and if we don’t clean this mess up from within it will be forced upon us.

    The globalists/banksters are forcing their agenda on the rest of the planet and actually believe the world will capitulate. They are wrong and I’m afraid it’s going to get worse before it gets better. But in the end the enduring laws of the Universe to bring back balance will prevail. I believe we will witness it in our lifetimes. Humanity is waking up exponentially and we will put a stop to it. Nobody else is going to save us but us. Your site is proof that we will not go out without exposing the truth. These are very exciting times we are living in and we are playing our part in the creation of the new renaissance.

    • Jerry

      Ken I wish you were right. I would like nothing better than the course we are on to change, for the sake of my kids and grandkids, but I don’t think it will. We are dealing with psychopaths that have no respect for human life or moral dignity. I’ afraid this one will be played out in the streets of America . The only reason it has lasted this long is because of the 2nd Amendment .

      • Dan

        TPTB’s attempt to circumvent or outright repeal the 2nd Amendment (in the interest of National Security, of course) will be the final straw that will lead to the next American Revolution. Whether you will be called a Patriot or a Terrorist will depend on which side you’re on!

  33. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    I agree with you 100%.

  34. erik dokken

    hi greg
    what if the us is allowing to loosen sanctions on iran to follow the money in the us.they know they will have to go after terrorist groups in us when we do go to war and by following the money, they will have another source to follow.isn’t it always the way.follow the money.to bad they won’t do that to j.c.

  35. bob d

    Rep. Stephen Lynch is pushing H.Res. 428 . could blow 9-11 wide open. It has support of six members so far. Check it out call your Rep.
    The attack of 9-11 killed the rule of law. No rule of law no banking system ,no banking system ,no country. This country must face up to the lies of 9-11 sooner are later,it’s the only path back to the rule of law.

    • Ken Alexander

      Any one who looks can plainly see Building 7 was intentionally imploded on 9/11. Many of those involved have died (been killed) so we wait for someone to come forward, but the evidence is available to see. Our constant meddling with other countries will bite us in the ass and we will be asking “what happened?” The United States is headed for a great fall and for the life of me I can’t think of a reason why we don’t deserve it.

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