Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.24.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Syria is the top story, this week, because the bloody revolution there has big super power war implications.  This violent uprising against Bashar Assad has been going on for months. Two journalists covering the story were killed in the fighting.  Now, there is talk of a NATO type involvement much the same as Libya.  They called that “lead from behind,” but NATO is mostly a U.S. operation.  There really is no such thing as lead from behind for America when NATO is involved.   Russia has a naval base on the Syrian coast, and China and Iran are also staunch allies.  If NATO intervenes, there could be heavy pushback and even military conflict with Russia, China and Iran.

Speaking of the Middle East, Iran threatened to strike Israel first if it feels it’s going to be attacked or its national interests are undermined.   At the beginning, of the week Iran cut off oil sales to Europe.  700,000 barrels a day are gone.  The EU voted to stop buying Iranian oil this summer, but Iran didn’t wait and cut off crude early.  Is a first strike by Iran all that farfetched?  These are the two most dangerous places on the planet, and either could spark World War III.   Is there any wonder why oil and gold prices are soaring?  Oil is well over $100 per barrel and gold is inching towards $1800 an ounce.  Before it’s all over, both will be much higher, that is for sure.  All these stories and more are highlighted by Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Max

    Feedback on audio for this weeks video:

    Heavy background buzz.
    Voice volume & quality bad.

    • Greg

      Yes Max, It’s a free site and it continues to be a work in progress. I know there are problems and I hope to get them all worked out someday soon.

  2. Erik

    This week has been crazy in world news, especially with Syria. Thanks for keeping us updated and showing us the other side of the news as always.

  3. Glenn

    Hey Greg, it certainly seems as though things are coming to head. I personally believe a new Spring uprising/conflict(s) on numerous levels will be upon us this coming March/April. There are too many wolfs at the door worldwide to ignore. Keep up the great work as always.


  4. MRGonzalez

    Dam, Its a Revolution with blood, terrorist and mercenaries, pacific people, Black ops, Revolutions provoked intentionally, and many oil…

    Clinton Hopes Russia, China to Change Stance on Syria

    In Mexico much is spoken about the new agreement of the oil, but our president Felipe Calderon has not given major details. We do not know really the scopes of this new agreement.

    USA (Private companies) win so many oil…

    Greg Hunter, its a money (currencies)war?, oil war? War of monopolies?…

    Regards, excellent article. Forgive, me I am using a translator.

    • Greg

      I get what you mean and you are OK with me. No apologies necessary.

  5. Bruce Stebbing

    Why does America and Europe still depend on oil from the middle east when there is more oil in the Canadian Oil Sands than Saudi Arabia and there is oil and gas all along the MacKenzie river valley in northern Canada, plus all the oil and gas in the arctic as well as all the oil shale in the USA and Canada. We do not need oil from the middle east. Also, there needs to be more alternative energy systems to eliminate the dependance on middle east oil and isolate the middle east, because the middle east has always been a problem thoughout history. How can governments be so stupid? China will always suport the middle eastern countries because China needs their resources. China knows the USA and the allies are afraid of a war with China because China, Russia,Iran, North Korea and others would win.

    • Sean

      Bruce – the short answer is that it’s not about oil for energy. If it was, we would probably be using ethanol derived from hemp (not pot!) for cars, as Henry Ford intended. Control of oil is for the purpose of global economic integration.
      If you are Paraguay and you require oil, if I can control a global economky that forces you to invest in my US securities every time you want to purchase oil, I can influence the economic well-being of your nation in my favor. Therefore, control of Middle East oil is not for the purpose of obtaining oil from the Middle East.
      We only pump oil from the ME in order to keep naive US voters from arguing forcefully against stationing troops and ships etc in the Middle East to support an economic policy that’s designed to benefit the finance globalists, who use the US economy and citizens (and control of global oil resources) as tools in their effort to create an integrated global system – under their control.

  6. Oky1

    Howdy Greg! 🙂

    Here is a picture I think your readers/viewers might like.

    Pass it around!


    • Greg

      This is good. Is this a photo shop work or the real thing? Either way, it’s funny. Thank you.

  7. Larry

    Greg, when do you think the rest of the world(meaning the other 98% who have no money invested in gold or silver)will awaken to the need to possess some of their assets in the precious metals.

    • Greg

      When nobody believes the MSM that inflation is tame. I think skyrocketing fuel prices might do the trick.

  8. Kmac

    Mr Hunter,

    Government entities are usually the last to acknowledge a problem:

    Wyoming House advances doomsday bill


  9. jay

    yep Greg ..iv become a junkie for information. the truth your giving is not helping my sickness. blessed are the ignorant for they know not what they do…maybe not ?

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