Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.8.13

17By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The John Brennan CIA confirmation hearing is raising questions about waterboarding and drone strikes that include targeting U.S. citizens abroad.  Many Democrats have been up in arms about the use of torture, but not much has been said about killing terror targets with drones.  The White house says, “The strikes are legal, ethical and wise.”   Opponents of drone strikes say killing people this way is unconstitutional, especially when it comes to targeting Americans.  If Democrats hated waterboarding, what should they think about murder by remote control?  This is a thorny issue, and plenty of folks on both sides of the aisle say this should not be done.  Protesters were removed from the Brennan Senate hearing that said the CIA should stop murdering people.  

Iran came out and said it is already a nuclear state at a conference in Egypt.  It also said it has no plans of attacking Israel.  There is no wonder why Henry Kissinger recently said an Iran nuclear crisis is close. 

The Justice Department is suing S & P for rating mortgage-backed securities much higher than they should have.  This, of course, is the big reason why the economy melted down in 2008.  S & P says that is not true, and there are reports that S & P could be put out of business by this lawsuit.  S & P is unfairly being painted as a villain.  Does anyone believe the banks did not know they were selling and packaging liar loans?  Please.  

Big report out of CNBC that said insiders were selling stocks big time.  What did I tell you about the pump and dump.  We had the pump, and now the dump.  My friend Gregory Mannarino has been warning about this on his site long before CNBC. 

Bill Gross of PIMCO with $2 trillion under management is warning of what he calls a “Credit Supernova.”  He says one of the ways to protect your assets is to buy gold or anything that can’t be reproduced easily such as credit.  Simply put, Mr. Gross is very worried about massive money printing by the Fed. 

So, is there any wonder why China imported record amounts of gold in 2012?  The world is in big trouble. One of my guests this week, Fabian Calvo, said the economy is an “illusion.”  You know what happens to “illusions” don’t you?  They disappear, and in this case, so will your money.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. art barnes

    A lot of law enforcement agencies now are licking their lips to use drones for spying on American citizens or helping their job as protector of the realm. Once its standard procedure the slippery slope will take over and target Americans on American ground with excuses like he was a real bad guy. Just wait and see, the slope continues toward martial law, hell, a blind man can see it. Its kind of like a tax, permit, or fee, it always starts out small so no one really argues against it, then it keeps creeping upwards until its a big bite out of your butt.

    America is also being disarmed, that is also clear to see. Mandatory mental health checks will be next if you apply to buy a gun, it will only take just a few more nut cases going off for that to be next.

    I given this a lot of thought and I just can’t rationally believe America can withstand all these issues along with its economy & the current world events, American is coming apart at the seams and “there’s something happening here, battle lines are being drawn, nobody right if every body is wrong”.

    God Bless America, we need it now more than before.

    Thank you Greg for another hard week at work.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art Barnes for the comment and support!

    • Tom

      sounds like armaggedon and arm ah getton out ah here! Where’s the closest Kingdom hall brudder’s!

  2. Mitch Bupp

    better grow a BIG garden this year and prepare for the worst and hope for the best ….. I have never had a big garden but this year if I am still in Virginia I will have a 40X40 instead of a 10X10 garden …. rabbits and chickens are easy and can reproduce ….

    checkout, grit.com a great resource among many online

    Thank You Greg and all of your guests ….. and the posters too who often have a fresh look at the same problem….

    • Greg

      thank you for sharing your comments and strategy. Sounds like a good idea.

  3. Mitch Bupp

    Another great report Greg, great summation of the weeks illusions of the masses ….

  4. AndyB

    Greg: many good points, as usual. I have a sinking feeling that in the 2nd Qtr of this year, a significant SHTF moment will occur. Hopefully, it won’t be something that will set off WWIII. It may be something like another TBTF bailout, force majeure on the COMEX, or a 30-50 drop in the DOW. Hopefully, we will survive.

    • Greg

      Andy B,
      The scary thing is nothing you mentioned is out of the question. Some or all could happen. You just cannot rule it out. Thank you for the comment!

  5. Nichole

    Bill Gross’s body language is screaming, “Run away from the bonds” He is now stating this on main stream media sites. Anyone that does not heed the warning has no hope for salvaging their wealth!

    All they signs and symbols are right before us. We just have to read them and take action.


    • Greg

      Spot on Nichole. “Run Forest run!!!”

      • jay

        To funny Nichole, but true. I enjoyed the week Greg, thanks.

  6. christopher

    I will suggest to get as self reliant as posssible, and this needs to happen quickly

    John Seymore has written 2 great books about it

    • Greg

      Good advice man!!

  7. Baja Bryan

    Greg, regarding the drone issue…I wonder what we would think if a foreign country sent drones into America and killed some innocent civilians? I ask because we are apparently using them in Pakistan (a country we have not declared war with) and have reportedly killed over 800 people. Some food for thought that we should all be considering.

    • Greg

      Yes sir. I think we are creating a hundred new “terrorists” for every one they kill.

  8. JJ

    Good stuff, Greg, thanks. Could you please comment on the efforts of General Valleley and General McInerney on exposing Obama’s fake Birth Certificate? Yes, it is old news that was swept under the rug, but two retired Major Generals?? I think Obama’s college application records and multiple social security numbers are also valid topics… but why are any of these issues never talked about?? See: http://www.westernjournalism.com/maj-gen-paul-vallely-on-obamas-forged-birth-certificate/ thank you!! JJ

    • Greg

      All I can say is he’s hiding something. Don’t forget the Sheriff Arpaio investigation where he publicly claimed the President’s birth certificate is “likely a fraud.” I don’t know much about the other investigations. The MSM ignores this story. Thank you for the link.

      • jay

        If Mr. oboma is not hiding his true records why don’t he take trumps millions he has offered Mr. oboma to produce his records.

  9. justin king

    Let’s not forget Obama’s birth was printed in the local newspaper at that point in history.= Ironclad. //// Forget the birther situation, makes conservatives look like Reactionaries,which is the last label they can afford.

    • jay

      Justin king: At this point in time we/all Americans should be acting, and reacting to the unconstitutional changes that have come in the last 12 years.
      Its not about what party we may be with. Its about what country we will have.

  10. justin king

    John Brennan reminds me of Rommel. Once he gets in, he just might be a juggernaut.

  11. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    A lot of speculation.As for what we do know is,we are in uncharted waters (at rates)never seen before and history tells us that it ends in disaster.As for the guest you had on a couple of days ago stated that the dollar will last for sometime because there is no replacement. This begs the question then as to why is our govt.issuing millions of rounds of ammo to DHS,NOAA ect. That alone should have alarm bells ringing.when i wrote you last and i mention a cyber attack would be ideal escape for the Govt. ,you replied with, i hope that is all that happens implying a suit case nuke would be far worse.Well lately the cyber attacks on the Fed ,WSJ ,twitter ect are IMO a prelude to the next 911(hoax)About a month ago homeland security stated what the impact would be, utility grids down, financial systems crash,markets crash.Can you imagine the chaos that would have?The Govt. could wipe out a lot of debt which may even give an excuse to reset IMO.As for the up and coming sequester, i believe there hands are tied meaning they can’t do anything. Any sway either way will cause a major problem.Your thoughts on both topic’s please
    Thanks Dave

  12. jay

    In 1955 my home cost 10,000 dollars. Its now worth 110.000
    10,000 silver dollars is worth 243,000.00 If history is the best judge my money is going into silver.

  13. guest

    as a former liberal, I trust constitutional conservatives like Mr. Rand Paul more than these so called “liberals”, something I never ever thought I would say.

    A JOKE, HYPOCRITES! every single one of these demonrats and liberals.

    So, liberal’s principles is that they have none! no adherence to anything, anything goes, as long as the person they support is in power.
    And the MSM, what can I say, hypocrites is an understatement. Bashing Bush, and I was one that would critize Bush all the time, for the same thing they are now praising Obama for.

    So next time a republican president gets in, then I suppose these same hypocrites will say something, of course now they have been exposed as nothing but scumbag lying hypocrites!

    Thanks Greg for all your posts! I learn more here than any of these so called “news”.

    • Greg

      Amen to that Guest. The Republicans should have brought this up during the presidential campaign!!! Don’t know why they didn’t!! This is why they lost. No real difference. Just tyranny light. Thank you for your comment and kind words.

      • BOB D

        NDAA ACT. Court ruling in a couple weeks. Both parties have nothing to say about this important ruling. Nothing from all the talking heads.
        Maybe Obama been using this unconstitutional law on some neocon’s, that’s my only hope.
        My other hope is getting a new rototiller,before spring. PEACE

  14. justin king

    Always remember that reporters are formally educated, highly traveled people. Once you have traveled around the globe,you generally become more liberal as you learn the relativity of the different cultures.

  15. hostetmann

    hello greg,

    i love your show. is it possible to load things down on podcast?

    Daan from Holland

    • Greg

      What you see is what you get. I have a small operation and do not have a lot of staff or money. Thank yiu for your support.

      • guest

        Greg, I use youtube downloader (you can get in cnet for a virus free version), and convert your youtube link into a mp3 format that I listen to on my ipod.

        hopefully this will help your other reader.

        • daan

          That’s cool! Thank you.

  16. JimH

    I hear you Greg and thanks again.
    Since memory our Government and media have sent the American people and citizen’s abroad a message to be afraid, be very afraid. Russian nukes, Communism, Socialism and now terrorism. This along with our now 24/7 barrage of fear filled possibilities cause us to continually be at least a little on edge about life and our fellow men and women. Communism, Socialism and Capitalism have a few very important things in common. All three end up with very few invisible (for the most part) people controlling technology, resources and finances. Critical thinking seems to be a thing of the past and it’s no wonder with the daily barrage of misinformation thrown at us continuously.
    One of the many critical thoughts I have lately on a pretty regular basis is concerning debt of all nations (including America). My question about this is simple. To whom (insert names) do we all owe this debt? Do they deserve to be paid? Are these good people or criminals?
    Austerity here is in the form of much higher prices, stagnant/lower wages & benefits, unemployment and debt.
    If things are to change (in my humble opinion) the way we think, speak and act will need to radically change first. Our thought discussion and actions can’t be dictated by the likes of CNN, FOX or any other Intelligence tool. “National Security” no longer applies to the rank and file but to the few who claim they are owed a debt by the many.
    Another question I have now after seeing the results of Communism, Socialism and Capitalism is which as it turns out was really designed to give the worlds people freedom, prosperity and health.

    Thanks for all you do Greg.

    • Greg

      Jim H,
      $12 trillion of our debt is held outside the country mostly in the treasury market. These folks include China Japan and many other countries. Inside the country there are money markets and plenty of pensions that hold our debt. If you borrow money folks expect to get paid back whether or not they are good guys or bad guys. The money we owe will never be paid back in anything resembling the buying power of the dollars invested. When everyone figures that out look out below. America as we know it today will be forever changed.

  17. Ambrose


    Last week two Hispanic women, 71 and 47-year-old, were shot by LAPD when they were delivering the Los Angeles Times. According to the two women’s attorney, Glen T. Jonas, “There was no warning, there was no orders or commands… just gunshots.” The two women’s vehicle was “the wrong color and the wrong model.” “… The two older, small Latino women didn’t look like a large black man.”

    According to police released information, the fugitive, Christopher Jordan Dorner, is a male black man, 33-years-old, 6 feet tall and weighs 270 pounds. The suspect vehicle is a 2005 gray colored Nissan Titan equipped with ski rack on its roof.)

    Comparing the two women and the suspect:
    Race – Hispanic vs. Black – Didn’t match!
    Gender – Female vs. Male -Didn’t match!
    Age – 71 and 47 vs. 33 – Didn’t match!
    Height – Didn’t match!
    Weight – Didn’t match!
    Physical Size – Small vs. Large – Didn’t match!
    Vehicle Color – Blue vs. Gray – Didn’t match!
    Vehicle Model – Didn’t match!

    LAPD Conclusion – Shot the truck without warning. It is a miracle that the two women survived after the shooting.

    “Female Paper Carrier, 71, Shot During Manhunt”
    Read more at http://ktla.com/2013/02/08/women-delivering-newspapers-in-torrance-shot-in-manhunt-for-ex-cop/#5eZxKY1wKxkiWFgV.99

    It is a typical “shot first and ask questions later (if you are not dead)” story. Can you see its similarities with Obama’s drone strikes?

    I was suprrised to see that there was no public outcry for the wrongful shooting. May be wrongful shootings have become a norm in Los Angeles? Just like the drones, some people may question the motives of the first few drone attacks. After a while, drone strikes will become part of American cultures.

    Have you noticed the small prints under the U.S. Constitution? “The U.S. Constitution is subject to change without notice.” The Land of Free has already become the land of Criminals Walking Free.


    • jc

      Ambrose. This man was arrested in Nashville for caring a rifle to a legal gun rally. No public outcry.

      • jc

        correction. Byrdstown tn.

        • Ambrose


          That guy should consider himself very lucky. If he did the same in Los Angeles, he could be shot and killed by LAPD. He was stupid to challenge the authority alone. One gun against many guns – what was he thinking? They could even lock him up indefinitely (under Obama’s law) as terrorist without any proof or trial.

          I was upset with the wrongful shooting because the two women were just delivering newspaper – they were not armed and they never post threat to anyone. The police didn’t follow the proper procedure: they should ask the women to step out of the truck with their hands up; and if they fail to follow the police instructions, they should give warnings first before firing their guns. In the picture and the video, we can see the truck is full of bullet holes in all directions. Can you imagine what happens if LAPD uses a drone to fire a missile at the truck? The women would never survive a drone strike.

          Even if the suspect Christopher Dorner was in the truck, he still deserves a fair trial as required by the law. What happens if Dorner loaded up his truck with explosives? Firing at the truck could blow up the whole neighborhood.


          • jc

            Ambrose: Strange how divided people are on such simple issues. The gun at the rally was in violation of oboma law yet legal under the constitution. Tenneseans like texas are stand up kinda people. I am amazed we have let things go this far in every state.

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