Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.28.14

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  

Crimea may be part of Russia now, but the Ukraine crisis is far from over.  Reports are Russia has now amassed as many as 80,000 troops on the Eastern Ukraine border.  Russia says they are conducting war games and training, but U.S. military sources openly worry about an invasion.  I do not understand why President Obama is saying that Russia is only a “regional power” and is “threatening its neighbors out of weakness.”  So far, that has not been Russia’s MO.  They took Crimea with hardly a scuffle.  The U.S. and the West have imposed some weak sanctions, and Russia is countering by increasingly moving away from the U.S. dollar in terms of trade.  We have not seen a shooting war, but a financial war is fully underway.  Russia announced this week a new credit card system that they say will be ready in a matter of months.  They are doing this because Master Card and Visa shut their service off to Russian banks.  Russia already has trade deals with China, and now it is reportedly negotiating with India for trade.  That business will, no doubt, be conducted without the U.S. dollar.  Oh, and guess who is going to start importing Russian natural gas?  The UK–our ally.  This is part of a deal signed in 2012, but you don’t see anyone canceling that do you?  None of the big players in the EU have any desire for stiff sanctions.  Not France or Germany as their economies are struggling, and certainly not the rest of Europe as many other countries are in recession bordering on depression.   There is no so-called recovery there same as here.  This gets much worse before it gets better, and it could turn into a shooting war.

Another week, another delay to Obama Care.  This time, it’s the deadline for folks to sign up for Obama Care on federal exchanges.  It was March 31st, but now that’s been moved by the Obama Administration to the middle of April.  The mainstream media are touting that there are nearly “6 Million Health Enrollees in Sight.”  That’s not so great when you consider six million plans got flushed.  That’s at least 10 or 12 million people who were paying premiums who lost their health insurance.  Most people are not getting cheaper policies or saving $2,500 a year.  They are paying more and getting much less.  One of my sources who sell Obama Care policies says most people who are signing up are getting it free or it’s heavily subsidized.  If they have to pay so much as $100 a month or so, my source says many don’t even want the coverage.  My prediction: Wait until the end of the fiscal year, the federal deficit will balloon.

The Federal Reserve conducted bank stress tests and five big banks failed, including Citigroup.  They are doing this to make everyone think the banks are “safe.”  Here’s the farce of it all.  Banks have been allowed phony accounting since 2009.  The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has allowed banks to “mark to fantasy” their assets instead of “mark to market.”  That means assets such as mortgage securities, real estate and derivatives on their books can be valued at whatever they think they can get for them in the future and not what they are worth today.  The accounting is phony, and until that is corrected, the so-called stress test, in my opinion, is also phony.  The banks are not as “safe” as the Fed claims.

Finally, five more people were convicted in the Bernie Madoff fraud that prosecutors estimate to be a total of $65 billion.  The prosecutor said that the Madoff Ponzi scheme “could not have been the work of one person.”  He is correct, but it was much more than Madoff and his crew.  JPMorgan reportedly paid big fines and restitution to avoid criminal prosecution over the Madoff scam.   The bank coughed up $2.5 million in all to settle the case.  Why has not a single JPMorgan banker been indicted under the RICO Act?  Shareholders are currently suing Jamie Dimon and other senior management and are alleging they knew of the fraud and did nothing.  Just this week, another top former banker at B of A, former CEO Ken Lewis, is settling a civil fraud lawsuit by paying a $10 million fine.  Once again, no criminal prosecution and zero jail time for massive fraud connected to the B of A merger with Merrill Lynch.  Where are the Justice Department and the FBI?  This is an outrage, and they should be ashamed for NOT doing their jobs.  I’ll bet the five people just convicted in the Madoff case would like to bypass jail and pay a fine; but they are, no doubt, going to the slammer.  The economy will never truly recover until the rampant fraud is punished and removed from the system.  Professor William Black will be on Monday to tell us why no criminal prosecution for fraud represents a huge problem for all Americans.  It is basically setting us up for an even bigger financial meltdown in the not-so-distant future.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

    The US government with all of its various agencies, along with the main stream media, is a sham and the most shocking matrix of lies and deceit. The evil it spews out daily knows no bounds. Until (or if) we can return to a system that obeys the rule of law we will sink deeper into the morass of lies and denial that have for most citizens become the norm. Your website and interviews, Greg, are an island of sanity in an ocean of decidedly troubled waters. Thank you so very much.

    • allen ols


      You think things are bad, check out the jackass interview, scroll fwd to 45:45 minutes, listen to the jackass prediction in JUNE.

      Jim Willie: Currency Reset Update
      Jim Willie shares insight into what is really going on behind the scenes in the world of finance, economics, politics, the coming currency reset, a split dollar, and a Yuan convertibility Jim belie…

    • NVE

      I’m living 50 miles from Ukraine and think that the real war is impossible.
      Russian army do not want to kill ukrainians (and wery many ucrainians in it); the ukrainian army too – and their army approximatly 20-90 times more weak in weapons.
      But the loud demonstratioin of muscules will be a great circus at each side of border, be sure !! 🙂

  2. Troy

    Since the 2011 retirement of the U.S. space shuttle fleet, NASA has depended on the Russian spacecraft to ferry crews to the orbiting outpost and is paying Russia nearly $71 million per seat. ONE WAY! U.S. calls for harsher sanctions on Russia!



    What a Fing Joke!

    Are we back to why Greg? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT All this talk/fear of socialism LOL! ((( FASCISM))) Lets call it what it is!!!

    Where is this guy when we need him 😉 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smedley_Butler

    • Jon Emerson

      Well said!

      • Jon Emerson

        Hey my comment is for. Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe. Well said!

        • Troy

          Thanks anyways LOL!

          • Troy

            Cheat them and how is right though.

    • W.Siberia (Russia)

      All foreign cosmonauts who flying in space on our rockets are obliged to know Russian. Because Russian language – the First Cosmic!


  3. The Heart

    Greg, can you help the good people at Republic broadcasting. There are prolly plenty of good hearts here that can make a huge difference for these truthbearers. Please help if you can. Post this to your forum please.

    Thank you for all your good works




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    In Service for you.

  4. Andrew

    Well done Greg,
    You are one of the truly wonderful, genuine people in this world.
    And you present the issues so well.
    Your family must be so proud of you for having what it takes to stand tall.
    From the outside looking in, it appears that your government is doing all in its power to ensure the destruction of your country from within. More a deliberate act than incompetence.
    I’m not a religious man, but I pray that you and yours come out safe and unharmed from all of this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andrew for your prayers and kind words!

      • Angee McCleary

        HI Greg, Can you please look up Jim Stone.com and get him on your programme. He has busted wide open the US military in Diego Garcia and reports non HOAX iphone photo GPS coordinates sent on the 18th March from an IBM executive, Philip Wood who was on the flight 370 plane. You need to read his site and relocate the GPS coordinates on the Exif data from the image taken on google map. IM not sure this is a hoax but can you please research the evidence. Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing whilst seeking the truth.

    • Baboo


  5. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    First thing, You put up a wrong date. It is 28th march not 31st March otherwise you did a great job again.
    Second thing from now if Russians talking about something take it as half-way or almost done, because of Russians switched into siege mode mentality (considering the fact what the West a.k.a USA and EU done in the past, I no wonder) .
    Third the banks are not safe, well in normal standards but in FED’s phony standards are safe.
    Forth the ongoing rampant fraud is destroying the West’s economy and will cause a meltdown similar to Ponzi scheme meltdowns.
    Fifth Russia, China and India after 10th of April on G20 summit may “kill” the US dollar and the IMF.
    Because of 2-5 points I can tell you: “I told you so”, the West is good as dead (at least in economical terms) and irrelevant (at least in political terms).

    Your thoughts.

  6. Smaulgld

    Another great review of the lay of the land.

    I too am perplexed why the US would scoff at Russia. After all the did defy the US and the west and took over Crimea.

    Similarly, it seems the administration is deluded on the direction of the affordable health care act.

    Also seems the Fed is deluded in that they think that they can just print $4 trillion and wall away and that having printed all those dollars and funneled the, to the too big too fail banks and given the banks fantasy accounting treatment even by the Fed’s own admission not all the big banks can pass a stress test! (One can only speculate that NONE of the big banks really could pass a stress test)

    Thanks for the update and dose of reality.

    • CrazyCanuck

      … ” and took over Crimea” …. As I noted to Greg, is this “took over” really accurate or a product of the West’s propaganda campaign? Did they not ACCEPT the Crimean people’s desire (via a vote) to join their country as a result of fear from the newly appointed puppet regime in Kiev?

      At least that’s the narrative I am getting from the alternate media.

  7. Michael

    Russians are setting themselves up for major trade disputes over exchange rates. And, the involved parties will use this separate trade data to lie about economic data.

  8. George Silver

    Dear Greg,
    I’m English living in France. You talk about the UK being an “ally” of the USA. Most intelligent people do NOT want the USA as an ally. We are sick to the teeth of being involved in endless wars. We are NOT interested in killing innocent people and destroying countries because of USA banking corruption and the arms industry. We do not want Goldman Sachs running the European banking industry. We are NOT interested in the USA agrochemical industry poisoning the planet.
    Ask the people of Greece how they like the results of having their country stripped of it’s assets by corrupt banks and the IMF.
    We are also sick to the stomach with our own UK political class that is just as revolting as the Obama Washington maniacs……….
    That’s the end of my rant for now…

    • Greg Hunter

      George Silver,
      The overwhelming majority of American’s think the same as you. Thank you for weighing in here.

    • Rodster

      As they would say on the floor of the House of Commons…..”Here, Here” to everything you said.

    • Troy

      Hello George,

      I think all you describe as to banking, is just the continued but morphed in name, Bank of England. (War of 1812) God save the Queen and her Redshield’s 😉

      We need some Andrew Jackson Action!


    • Diane Ryan

      George Silver, no offense taken. The world is experiencing unprecedented evil.” At the risk of the flag-wavers calling me unpatriotic, I believe America is no longer a ‘good God-fearing country’, no longer ‘the Shining City on a hill’.

      I’ll never forget how presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul was treated in the 2012 SC debate. Dr. Paul stated that we must stop these never ending unconstitutional immoral wars. Dr. Paul then advocated that America needs to go back to the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12). Now get this. People in the audience who call themselves Christians booed him and drowned him out! Folks this was in South Carolina, arguably the heart of the Bible Belt.

      But like Oath Keeper’s Chaplain Chuck Baldwin says, “There is hope!” Something will rise from the ashes of this once-great nation. With God’s grace we may mold it and pass liberty on to our children. It should also be noted that Dr. Baldwin has publically drawn a ‘line in the sand’. He will refuse to register his guns or submit to gun confiscation.

      I suggest that folks ask themselves, ‘Are you more concerned about preserving a government or preserving liberty for your children?’

  9. teri

    Regarding the lack of indictments and prosecutions over the massive bank frauds that started the ’08 crash: I wonder if the DoJ, SEC, FBI, Congress, etc. are just running the clock out. Isn’t there a statute of limitations on most of these crimes? We hit the 5-year mark last year, and that is just for the crimes that occurred in ’08. The fraudulent practices that led up to that hit their 5 year limit prior to last year. Granted, there is still a huge amount of scam going on (derivatives market at 2.3 quadrillion dollars? That’s a sign of some three-card monte being played right there), but the big banks are surely counting on the original crimes “going cold”. And the new scams; well, if the crimes weren’t indictable after ’08, why should they be now? There has been no legislation enacted since that has any real teeth. Maybe because Goldman, Sachs owns the SEC and Treasury…

    I’m really looking forward to your interview with Bill Black; he knows his stuff!


    • Greg Hunter

      Will be on Monday and yes mam he knows his stuff. He will give some eye opening detail of fraud in the U.S. and World!! Thank you for the comment.

  10. Jerry

    Greg you were spot on, with your assessment of Ukraine. Ukraine will be known as the dollars Waterloo. The Banking Cartel walked right into a trap set by the Russians in Ukraine. They thought they could make off with the Gold (which they did) and steal all the natural resources in Ukraine just like they did in Libya, Iraq, and what they were trying to do in Syria. Not this time! The game is over. The world now knows the emperor has no clothes. Greg do you hear that sound? Its the sound of all of our partners in NATO and the G20 moving towards the exits and dumping the dollar.
    Have you been watching the dollar index?


    What is occurring now is what economist refer to as a “dead cat bounce”. It is a temporary rise in currency power just prior to a major decline. All those countries you heard leaving the party, including Russia, are dropping the dollar as world reserve currency. And just like David Morgan said this week, the Britton Woods meeting that will be happening in April will have major, major implications for the future of the dollar. By the shear fact that the U.S. has not been invited to participate in any of the major trade zone deals the last 18 months gives a pretty clear indication of where this is all headed.

    This is so sad to watch. The greatest economic engine the world has ever known, that the U.S. created, is now reduced to printing worthless paper in order to survive. Greg I am so glad my parents aren’t here to see what they worked so hard to build being destroyed by these Banking parasites. My only hope is that the people in this country will wake up before its all gone. Thank you for taking all the hits, in order to give us this valuable information.

  11. CrazyCanuck

    Greg, you have a great blog and superb guests. However, your take on the Ukraine situation is not sitting well and spurred me to write this, my first comment. I am much more inclined to side with Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s analysis … that is the Americans have been abusing their (dollar reserve ) privileges and power for decades, especially since dispatching the USSR back in the 90’s. They poked the bear too close to home and with too much on the line and the bear quietly but firmly said ‘ nyet ‘ to the bully and it’s stooges. Why not get PCR on this week and do all your readers a favour? Otherwise, great work my man!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your perspective my friend!

  12. Rodster

    Excellent wrap up, Greg. Maybe there is something to that little parable about the King of the North and King of the South? 🙂

    That might explain the absolute insanity by both sides but more so the West.

  13. kloo123


    Have you heard of these:

    Old Bush sold the largest gold mine to a Canadian Co Berrick for less than $10,000 and the value is $10 billion before he left office. Then the former president became Barrick’s chief lobbyist, a Barrick shareholder, and honorary senior advisor to the corporation’s international board.


    Caspian Sea oil-rig blow-out (before the big one) which BP had concealed from US government, US Media and the industry.

    Larry Summer’s “End Game” Memo

    All the reports are from Mr. Greg Palast

    Greg Palast has been called the “most important investigative reporter of our time – up there with Woodward and Bernstein” (The Guardian). Palast has broken front-page stories for BBC Television Newsnight, The Guardian, Nation Magazine, Rolling Stone and Harper’s Magazine.
    Palast is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Billionaires & Ballot Bandits, Armed Madhouse and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and the highly acclaimed Vultures’ Picnic, named Book of the Year 2012 on BBC Newsnight Review.

    Leaked Memo from Larry Summer’s “End Game”, Romney made $135 million from the auto bailout, and No real Journalists in America.

    • Galaxy 500

      You put Romney made money off the bailout. So. Are you saying that he some how had something to do with the bail out? I call that BS.

    • W.Siberia (Russia)

      The creation and support of armed mercenary forces by a state for the purpose of subverting the sovereignty of another state, arms sales which support the continuation of regional wars and retard the search for political solutions to international disputes falls under the definition of “state terrorism”, in accordance with the Geneva Declaration of 1987.

      External assistance to the opposition, which leads the armed struggle against the legitimate government, is a gross violation of fundamental rules of international law. In the Declaration on principles of international law, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1970, it is noted, in particular, that no state shall organize, assist, and financing of armed actions aimed at the violent overthrow of the regime of another state.

      Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: “Arming Syrian Opposition Contradicts the International law”

  14. JP Karcz

    Hi, How do you explain that the debt ceiling was debated for weeks between Republicans and Democrats at the end of last year and that it was so easy for them to accept in early February this year? This means something, but what? Thanks. JP from Montréal

    • JC Davis

      JP I see you had no answer so if I may. Demopublicans And Republicrates serve the same party or Oligarchy. Hidden government. Bankers. He who controls the money controls the country. There all bought, and threw fear are controlled. From the president to the fed chairman, to the supreme court, cia, nsa, fbi They all know who calls the shots. The world banks over the dollar have ultimate power. To powerful to jail.

      • Greg Hunter

        JC Davis,
        You are on target. How else can you explain John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi voting the same way on curtailing NSA spying last year. They both voted NOT to curtail it.

      • JC Davis

        When bankers disagree congress has a debate.
        Who to serve. How to fool the public. When to cash in.

  15. brian

    You now, the fact that the instabilities you point out are hardly viewed as a problem by most is a clear sign that when things fall apart they will literally do so overnight and that the speed with which things go down will be eclipsed only by the desperation of those caught by surprise.

    I truly believe we are headed into something that cannot be physically prepared for simply because there are so many people who will be in such desperate conditions all at once that anyone even remotely prepared will be overwhelmed by the mobs and the governments response to the mobs. All we can do anymore is prepare ourselves spiritually for what is to come, if we survive we survive, if we do not than we do not, our fate is well out of our hands by this time.

  16. Rodster

    “Sanctioned Rossiya Bank ditches foreign currency for ruble”


  17. WD Deni


    Russia can cripple us without even firing a shot.

    We know they have imported massive amounts of gold.
    They are making trade deals with other more stable countries.
    They are in the process of transitioning out of dollar dependency.
    Western Europe is much more dpendent upon them than is being reported.
    Putin seems to be out flanking us on every economic move we make.
    The US is dependent upon Russia (again not reported).

    Greg believe or not I have a few conservative friends that secretly tell me that they are actually pulling for Putin, and they have grown to hate the US because of what it has become. They also feel terrible about their revelations, but they feel this way.

    Thanks you…

    • Greg Hunter

      I only pull for America and our citizens. I hate criticizing the country and our leaders abut they are leading us off a cliff!!!

      • Liquid Motion

        Criticism or Observations !!
        More like critical observations.
        That’s what I take from all of your comments.
        Remove the patriotism aspect…..call it as you see it. That’s what people have come to expect. That is the message you and others are disseminating.
        Love of the Flag and the Country should not be confused with the Evil that has been created and the path that is being laid. To sit idly back and accept is to surrender to their cause.
        One voice becomes many. This is not only a fight being fought on American soil. Your many and varied attendant bloggers are sympathetic to the troubles that are endemic within their own countries. There are many battles being waged across the globe. Surely those with similar mindsets cannot all be unpatriotic. There is great evil at work. Good will prevail.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you LM!

    • Galaxy 500

      I love my country. I dislike passionately our leaders and politicians

  18. lynn

    Greg..Your interviews are terrific. Thank you for quitting mainstream media and bringing your talent to Main Street. I am a mom and I will say this to all of you, within 8 months of moving to McKinney Texas, I was robbed at gunpoint in my home in a very nice neighborhood, my son was beat up 2 times in school, his shoes, headphones and phone were stolen in the first month of public school, and finally, a classmate was dared $5.00 and performed a sex act wth a dog. OK PEOPLE, WAKE UP. This is all collapsing. People are getting desperate. I am not poor, have an upper middle class lifestyle and this is what is happening. WAKE UP. IT IS OVER. Hide your money, your kids, your wealth and get out out before it is civil unrest. That is next. Pray for our families, pray for our country and pray that the nuts in Washington don’t start a nuclear war. It is not a representative government, THEY REPRESENT EVIL and WAR. THEY DO NOT REPRESENT US.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lynn for the street level reporting from the real world!

    • Liquid Motion

      Most people find it difficult to remove themselves from the denial state. The term “Zombie State” has relevance.
      They are being constantly bombarded with propaganda from MSM and Govt. and are also distracted with sports, reality TV and social media networks.
      Apathy is so endemic in society as a whole. Acceptance is misaligned.
      The signs are there for all to see. Collapse on a grand scale is imminent. When it strikes it will be with such ferocity that it will cause people to freeze in their boots (even the prepared ones)
      Do what you believe you should do to extricate and protect yourself and your family. Then when you think you have done as much as you can do….revisit that plan and go twice as hard.
      The so called PTB will eventually surrender, but not before they destroy what has taken centuries to create. There will be collateral damage. People will turn on each other for survival. If this world is not crazy enough, we await even more bizarre and unsettling times.

      • Jerry

        Liquid Motion
        I love your text. You have zeroed in on the problem that most people trying to prepare never think about. “Testing their plan”. It’s all well and good to store food, and water etc. for the event, but what good is it if you don’t know how to use any of it. Do what I call the “switch test”. Switch your power off for one week-end. You will get a quick lesson on what works, and what you need to know to make your plan work.

    • Charles H.


      Thank you for your courage to report. Most people are not even involved enough to know how far gone things are. Even if your case is on the far reaching end – it won’t be for long. Build-up your kids as best you can and circle the wagons. Best to you.

  19. Albert Tesla

    On the UK with gas – very interesting…. UK denied moving in on Syria if you remember. quite amazing/unsettling to me seeing this key player in the western worlds arsenal leaning away from the US.

    Nations of the are world are beginning to “pick a side” via economic moves.

  20. Dwain

    Greg, this is the real problem nobody addresses.

    BLS employment statistics
    137.7 million total US jobs as of Jan 2014

    Construction: 6 million Debt based
    Retail: 15.5 million Poverty based
    Insurance: 2.4 million Plunder based
    Real estate: 2.4 million Debt/plunder based
    Education: 21.3 million Plunder/indoctrination based
    Health care: 21 million Disease/debt/plunder based
    Government: 23 million Debt/plunder based
    Leisure/Hosp. 14.5 million Pleasure based
    Law: 1.3 million Corruption based
    Financial: 8 million Primarily based on above

    Total: 115.4 million

    Manufacturing: 8.87 % of total jobs.

    In a real economy, above jobs should depend on industry and manufacturing for existence. Our interrelated debt/plunder based economy is upside down. When the dollar crashes, most if not all of these sectors will follow suite or be significantly marginalized. This is why sociopaths go to such great lengths to protect the dollar.

  21. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Great job, Greg, and sure looking forward to Bill Black’s Interview.
    Side note:
    There is a critical difference between the Crimean War back in 1885 and 2014.
    “The Russian Loan of 1855”
    “… the flow of gold from London to the Continent following the floating of a Russian loan in Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam.”
    And now:
    “Ukraine’s Gold Reserves Secretely Flown Out and Confiscated by the New York Federal Reserve?:
    How times have changed.

    • Galaxy 500

      France did a big round of gold to Russia late 1890s early 1900s. French banks sold bonds to pensioners and the loans became worthless when Czar fell. Evil bankers at their worst

  22. JOhnZ

    Sorry Greg but those reports are totally bogus. Stop listening to government propagandists.
    Go to Veterans Today.com and get the real truth. Not white House B.S.

  23. FreeOregon

    When the IMF Carpetbaggers finish imposing their version of austerity on Ukraine and Ukraine’s debt increases another $18 million or so, who is going to bring humanitarian aid to the people? Not the US. It’s going to be counting Ukraine’s gold.

    How about Russia? Might the purpose of troops massed on the border be humanitarian?

    After all, hasn’t the US also used its military to problem solve in catastrophes? I recall we sent troops into Haiti. We have set the example – armed humanitarians.

    • W.Siberia (Russia)

      Russia has every right to conduct military exercises in any part of our country.
      We did not introduce troops to Ukraine.
      Actually it was only about strengthening our military contingent in full compliance with the previously achieved agreements. In accordance with agreements concluded between Kiev and Moscow from 1997, Russia has the right to deploy the military contingent in Crimea not more than 25,000 people (these data are available in Wikipedia). According to U.S. media, the number of our wax was nearly 16,000 people. Just before the referendum in the Crimea John Kerry urged Russia not to violate the quota.
      According to the statement of Vladimir Putin, the quota was not violated. The referendum took place in a calm atmosphere.

      President Putin’s speech to the Federal Assembly in English

    • W.Siberia (Russia)

      On March 16 Crimea is to hold a referendum to define its fate. The decision has evoked an extremely nervous reaction in the West. US President Barack Obama said it violated international law but never adduced any legal arguments to support the statement.
      The United Nations International Court of Justice handed down an advisory opinion in 2010 saying unambiguously that the unilateral declaration of independence is in accordance with the international law.
      The referendum in Crimea does not violate any whatsoever international legal norms. To the contrary, it’s an example of compliance with international law by the people of Crimea.

  24. Seen Too Much

    From interviews I have listened to, I have heard it said that the final blow that tips the global economy into collapse will most likely be triggered by some little unexpected destabilizing event that comes out of the blue. Witness how such a small destabilizing trigger can lead to substantial collapse in the physical world. Now translate this example to the economic and you see our future.


    I saw this and thought it was an interesting and descriptive analogy.

    Best Regards to all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Seen Too Much,
      Fantastic demonstration! Love the visual. Great man!!!!!!

    • Jerry

      Outstanding demonstration. I have always felts that the “natural laws of economic physics’ would eventually overcome artificial market manipulation. In short here is the formula that the Fed is using right now. I actually have the sign hanging in my office. ” If you can’t bedazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.” .

    • Jc Davis

      Seen to much not to agree. Just as the economy can fail by reactions, it can be rebuilt the same way. Notice I did not say it can be saved the same way. Things are more easily moved the corrupt people.

      • Jc Davis

        Additionally for many years iv have said there should be a law that all things made must serve a additional purpose. Unless none can be found. Coke cans made into interlocking squares will create millions of secondary jobs.

    • WD Deni

      Seen too Much, This is exactly how it works!! Great demo. The great physicist of the world have all said its about energy and its movement. Energy has so much leverage.

      Lester Levenson healed his emotional and physical body by releasing emotions that were effecting him negatively.( He was asked to be on the Manhattan Project). He said it was like a damn breaking. One bullet, one word can start a war.

  25. Joey Romanus

    There would be no winner in a nuclear exchange between Russia and the U.S. A nuclear weapon is about a 1000 times more powerful than the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Just a few nukes each dropped on both of our nations would result in utter annihilation for both nations and major damage to surrounding countries. Obama is a sociopathic puppet with no conscience for the well being of others, including Americans who would suffer greatly in a nuclear war, as he keeps picking a fight with Russia. Obama’s controllers are demented, evil creeps who worship themselves, power and mammon.

    • W.Siberia (Russia)

      Russia has a huge territory from Europe to Asia. We have the most modern and efficient strategic nuclear forces. Russia has the right of veto in the United Nations as the country of the winner of the World War II. We have huge reserves of oil, gas and fresh water. Our nuclear triad – is the weapon of deterrence.

      Russia is prepared to assume its share of responsibility for the current global state of affairs. We have no great-power ambitions, nor do we suffer from inferiority complex. We are committed to finding solutions to existing problems based on the rule of international law, balance of interests, and common sense. To this end, we actively participate in various collective mechanisms for managing international relations at the global and regional levels, including, first of all, the UN, but also G8, G20, CIS, SCO, BRICS and others. This network diplomacy reflects the emergence of a new polycentric world order which would be more equitable, democratic and sustainable.

  26. Rodster

    More $ Negative: “China & Germany Sign Yuan-Settlement Pact And Obama Heads To Saudi Arabia”


  27. alyce

    Hilarious! The US gov’t charging themselves (er, I mean JP Morgan) with a crime…!

  28. Larry Galearis

    The Ukraine crisis is completely deplorable, more so because even on the pro Obama newspaper stories (PM Harper, for example claiming the Crimea was invaded) and we see public comments posted at the end of these stories showing negative support for Harper and Obama at the ratio of ten to one….The problem is with the US increasingly marching in the goose step style, does the administration care that the US citizen is not supportive? Canadians certainly aren’t.

    If we are looking at war, does Washington realize that nuking their Crimea Black Sea naval base would be one of the first targets – an atrocity and an absurdity – and strongly at odds with any outrage of the West feigned to support the democratic rights of Ukrainians in the Crimea. Could the American public be an ignorable factor on the (goose) march to war.

    Ironically, I see that the public seems to have far more common sense than our political leaders and this is the most frightening situation of all….


    Apparently so.

  29. RussianMan

    Hello. I live in Russia. I do not understand why you think that Russia threatens Ukraine??????? I do not understand why you think that Russia took Crimea. Who told you that??? You cruelly deceived. We’re not going to abandon the Master Card and Visa, and just want to introduce their own national payment system in China or Japan.
    I do not understand why so much is not it??????

  30. Jerry

    I’m going to tell you in two short paragraphs why the Affordable Care Act is a scam so you can get the real impact of where this is going.

    A few years ago I wrote a Congresswoman in my State I know very well. I told her, before you tear apart our current healthcare system would you please consider the following.
    A. Lower the premium rates in the State Insurance Pool. People who can’t get insurance because of pre-existing conditions, that have to go there to get coverage, can’t afford the premiums.
    B. Put a cap on medical law suits. I personally know a doctor that pays $50,000. a year in liability insurance. He has no choice but to pass the cost onto his patients and that drives up cost.
    C. Allow struggling families who can’t afford health insurance to continue to have coverage through the Medicaid program. I personally know people who have been kicked off of Medicaid coverage because they changed jobs and increased their income. Aren’t these the people we should be helping? Instead they get penalized for trying to get off of government assistance.
    Please vote NO on the Affordable Care Act.

    She wrote me back a short letter that basically said this. First ….you’re not here in Washington to know what is going on. Second…..( this is the one that got me) this plan has been on the table for quite some time, and has a groundswell of support in Congress. It will probably be passed.

    You see Greg the American people have been sold out for a long time by the powers in Washington. We just didn’t know it. And now that this ball is rolling downhill in the direction they want , it will wind up in a single payer plan I guarantee you. Full Government control baby! Goodbye Constitution. We’ll miss you.

  31. John M.

    Greg, I totally agree, it was outrageous for our President to ridicule Russia by calling them a REGIONAL power. This was not a blunder, as it was deliberate to serve some greater purpose.
    Either to provoke the Russian bear into military aggression (even though Russia has been acting more passively and rationally than America has been recently acting in world affairs), or possibly to give the impression that America is still some mighty power. What a farce!
    America is definitely going to be reduced to a third-world country when our dollar finally gives up the ghost, but what will happen to America’s nuclear capabilities still remains to be seen. China and Russia will likely persuade Europe and the Middle East to isolate America in world trade and in dollar exchanges, as combined they have the clear advantage when it comes to a major ground war and/or nuclear exchange.
    Who is America kidding? When Russia and China are acting more responsible in economic and political matters, then we know that the America we love no longer exists. It’s a tragedy for those of us who are true-blooded Americans.

  32. steve starr

    Russia has 8000 nuclear weapons, with almost 1000 strategic nuclear warheads at launch-ready status. The US has roughly the same size nuclear arsenal. A war fought with these weapons would not only destroy the US and Russia, but it would destroy the rest of the human population as well.
    It is insanely reckless for Obama to describe Russia as a “regional” power. Obama is not fit for the presidency and neither is his staff. They are driving the US and the rest of the world into World War III with their push to control Ukraine and put NATO bases there.

  33. Rodster

    Dear God, stop these numbskulls before they wipe us all off the face of the planet

    “Russia’s Military Begins Massive Nuclear War Drill”

    ‘On Thursday, 10,000 Russian troops began a drill simulating the massive use of nuclear missiles. While much Western attention has been bestowed on Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine, Moscow also began a massive nuclear offensive exercise on Thursday.’

    • tROT

      The world . . . .is in a “Bedford Incident” . . . . one misstep by TPTB . . . were toast.
      Rent it, buy it,download it, copy it, send it, get it. . . . . . . “The Bedford Incident”, for such a time as this!- – – RICHARD WIDMARK _ _ SIDNEY POITIER – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -“T H E – BEDFORD _ INCIDENT”
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – watch it ! ! ! !

  34. Adrian

    Hi Greg,
    About a 6 months ago I became glued to your show as you provide news that are not never reported by the main stream propaganda machine. However, I lately have realized that I no longer want to keep watching your news because they are as biased as main stream news, only to a different tune. This reply is not meant to discredit you, on the contrary, I aim to explain what turns me off about your show if you would read the rest of this message.
    1. Negativity: Yes, things are bad and looks like they’ll get worse, but must you continue to make it sound like the end of the world is coming? A change is coming but not the end of the world. Did something good happen in the world today? We’ll never hear it on this site.

    2. Biased interviews: Almost all of the regular speakers on your show are heavily involved in the gold market and not just as buyers if you get my point. Therefore, how can I trust their opinion on the economy when their business is to get me to buy their gold? Of course they’ll tell me to flee dollars and stocks and buy gold!!! Question: Are gold and silver the only worthy assets in the world? I think not.

    3. Repetitiveness: Seems like your show is about three things only: the government is crazy (true), the market is collapsing (no one knows when), and the dollar sucks so buy gold now. Can we address other things as well? Every interview is the same information from the same people. We get it, the banks are evil so don’t trust them, the government is bought, Obamacare sucks, Ukraine was a mistake on our part, Russia is innocent etc etc.

    4. Predictions: Your speakers keep predicting everything under the sun without putting their reputation on the line. Example: When is this collapse going to happen? (you ask everyone on your show)….It’s hard to predict….Could be a year, two, five, maybe 10?….It was not supposed to last this long, so who knows? (standard answers from your speakers). It would be like me saying: I’m going to die but who knows when? Too easy right? In the end it all goes back to… buy gold of course! Seriously sir? Your speakers’ predictions are nothing more than a sales pitch. I bought gold and silver in large quantities (relative to my savings) when Mannarino said on your show: “to get ready for something big in March, no doubt about it” . Well March is over and where is the urgency? I guess I couldn’t buy my wife a wedding anniversary gift but I sure made that gold seller happy with my purchase didn’t I?
    5. Fear: Finally, it appears that your show continues to use fear to scare your listeners into doing things that are extreme. It certainly worked on me until my wife told me I was driving her crazy with my negativity and my “time to buy gold and silver before we are all in a FEMA camp” phase. Maybe that’s not your goal, but you can create a very scary picture in the minds of the regular American who is not so well versed on how the economy and the world in general works. We all know how scare tactics worked under Bush and now Obama and you are doing the same in a different way.
    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way and actually read my concerns if they matter at all. Thanks for the information but living afraid of the future and being negative about everything is not for me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let me get this straight. You have been glued to this site for 6 months and the first and only comment you write is to tell me you are not going to come here anymore? Let me just clip off a few facts. The world is now $100 trillion in debt. The U.S. Debt for 2013 was in fact $6.2 trillion and we face $200 trillion in debt and Liabilities. There is massive unpunished crime by the elites. (See William Black interview Monday 3/31) To cover it up FASB has allowed phony accounting since 2009. There is no real recovery but for massive Fed money printing and manipulation. (James Rickards puts the cost of the bailout since 2008 between $60-$100 trillion) The economy is starting to roll over and the Western World is looks ever closer to war. Famed investor Jim Rogers says what is going on now in the world of economics “has never happened in recorded history.” I am sorry I failed you and did not get you to understand the dire position the U.S. and the world is in now. If you can’t see the danger here, then you should buy your wife that present, sell all your gold and silver, and go long the USD. Just kick back and think positive man. I just do not have a pretty picture I can paint for you. What I can tell you is the truth, and to be forewarned is to be forearmed. If you think this is too negative, then happy motoring and all the best to you.

      • Jerry

        Greg you’re wasting your time with Adrian. From what I have read from his post ,he needs to go back to the fold with the rest of the sheep.

        Hey Adriane, I could say the same thing, All I have heard for the last 5 years from the MSM is how great this recovery is. Well where is it? My income is down 30% from where it was 5 years ago. The cost of everything continues to go up. And the only the thing the government seems to know how to do is print money since they don’t know how to create any jobs. Life is about choices. If you’re wrong. Your a dead man. If you’re right, and Greg and all the economic pundits he’s had on his site are wrong. You’ll just have some extra food to eat, and a few bars of silver laying around. I’ll take that bet any day.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for weighing in!

      • Adrian

        Thanks for your reply Greg. I appreciate that you took some of your time to address my questions.

    • Charles H.


      Let me make an observation or two…

      1) Negativity. Either you report things as they are; or you must put lipstick on a pig. If symptoms and the overall outlook ARE negative – the choice is simple.

      2) Biased Interviews. The conclusion of “bias” seems quite shallow considering many who are interviewed are TOP experts in their fields; extremely accomplished individuals with impeccable qualifications; and sources that, frankly, are un-equalled. As to the argument of gold and silver being the only worthy assets in the world – well history has proven them over and over again. If you didn’t do your homework on them: shame on you. Jim Sinclair spells it out very clearly: Precious Metals are not for the weak-hearted or fence-sitters. The games going on in the world today are for all the marbles: and gold is right in the middle of it – because apart from military power and governmental authority: gold and silver are the only recourse to the the average guy. Homework!

      3) Repetitiveness. The key to learning is??? And it can be argued that if you don’t PRACTICE what you learn – it’s only academic and you didn’t really learn anything at all. And if you are honest – many people are describing the same problem from many different directions – and they concur. Taking a “move along” attitude is the same as sweeping it under the rug. As to predictions – people may err as to pronouncements; but not in trying to produce preparedness: which is mostly what this site is about.

      4) Fear. Fear is a natural and common human attribute: with a purpose to embellish perception and judgment – so you can keep your neck out of a noose. It’s up to you how you handle it; or it handles you. Trying to transfer your perception of fear onto the work of this site is an indictment against yourself and not this site. Nobody is twisting arms here. I bought silver over a year ago, at $32.00, and have taken a beating: but I’m not whining about it. If things turn a corner tomorrow, my coins are pure enough to make Colloidal Silver solution with. Did I make a mistake? Yes, on timing: but not in substance. People don’t always win all the time. And what Mr. Hunter is doing can in no possible stretch of the imagination be likened to Bush or Obama. Insinuation by association is a kind of low blow. If you are frustrated by the way thing are or have turned out in your life: the blame is with you – not because you read or listened to somebody else. Man up.

      Finally, coming out of the blue to offer condemnations and goodbyes is totally weird. It reminds me of a sort of Reverse Psychology Light – being rather nice and concerned: but trying to steer others your way. If you choose not to see the value of what is presented here; and have reached some kind of subscriber’s remorse: that’s totally person business – but don’t blame the site. Come on.

      • Adrian

        Hi Charles,
        I appreciate your reply and some of the good points you made. However, I don’t think I’m weird, a reverse psychologist, or trying to steer anyone the other way. I asked Greg some questions and he kindly replied. Thanks

    • Seen Too Much


      When a problem exists, a really bad pressing problem which is in dire need of correction, then the very first – sometimes huge challenge to overcome is that the problem must be recognized as a problem.

      You, me, and Greg Hunter may be aware of the challenges facing the human race at this time, but I would hazard to guess that 80% (or more) of the rest of the people in this country are yet unaware of the pending harm that is apt to wreck havoc on our bank accounts. If the level of general awareness can be raised, then more people will be potentially prepared. The more people who are at least mentally prepared, and hopefully somewhat materially prepared, then potentially the more people who will have ability to weather the storm.

      I find it refreshing that a forum exists which is working to educate the public as to the scope and breadth of the challenge in front of us. You have found a Journalist who is decidedly NOT using this site as a mechanism of a pusher for making a buck. There are several out there, but this site isn’t one of them.

      I think that the world is in desperate need of people who have the courage to look the problems we face in the eye.

      As Ayn Rand once said, “It is possible to ignore reality, what is not possible is to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

      Or something like that… 🙂

      Enjoy your Day,

      Seen Too Much

  35. Brad

    It appears the Ukraine gambit by U.S neo cons is a bust as far as achieving anything near what was hoped for in the imagination of Victoria Nuland, namely NATO nuclear missile and Naval bases in Ukraine as part of the “Grand Chessboard” strategy of surrounding Russia. But we must acknowledge that the U.S. planners of such plays are not stupid and what appears on the surface as failure may just be part of a larger strategy.The Ukraine and more importantly Western Europe were forced to choose between a growing Asian tilt and the keepers of the USD system of neo liberal economics. With the coming of TITTreaty, western Europe will be brought back firmly again into the fold and under the thumb of the USD system. Perhaps this was the real gain, pulling western Europe away from an ever growing Eurasian trade relationship that threatened the USD system.Even if other heavily Russian ethnic areas secede and escape the grasp of the IMF et al the west will still have garnered a western portion of Ukraine and with making Europe choose sides has won some not inconsiderable ground.

    The sanctions and new cold war (same as the old cold war) card is being played for the consumption of western populations, and where there’s a buck to be made with ever more military spending this message will be pounded home. Meanwhile Rockefeller’s Exxon and Russia’s Rosneft have many a combined plans for the exploration of petroleum; in the Arctic, Black Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. is still selling Russia military goods, Russia is still the main supply route to the troops in Afghanistan and astronauts from both nations still head for the International Space Station aboard a Russian rocket. As for G8 meetings they are cancelled as often as attended with the G20 now being of significantly more importance to all the members.

    We’ll have to see how this all plays out over the near future but we should all keep in mind that what appears to be white knight by black bishop is just another move that opens up a considerable amount of other options in this “grand game”.

  36. JC Davis

    Greg Not just another banker bites the dust this time it is Jeffrey Corzine .

  37. Rodster

    Russia counters the US by saying: “If the West accepts Kiev’s coup-appointed government then it must, in turn, accept the legitimacy of Crimea’s referendum to join with Russia”

    The gloves are coming off http://rt.com/news/lavrov-crimea-ukraine-west-181/

  38. zino

    Russia, North Korea Agree to Settle Payments in Rubles in Trade Pact

  39. zino

    Do you like to know where the trillions of americans dollars went since 09/11?? Please read. It is very important because you are all and will be paying for the uneccessary debt your politicians accumulated since 2001:


    Published on Saturday, September 6, 2003 by the Globe & Mail/Canada
    The Fourth World War
    For two years, the U.S. has pursued the culprits behind the 9/11 atrocities with a vengeance that has shocked and awed ally and enemy alike. But even the devastating attacks on the Afghan and Iraqi regimes don’t illustrate the true scope of the campaign, DOUG SAUNDERS reports. While everyone was preoccupied with the fireworks, Washington has quietly deployed thousands of agents in a secretive struggle that may last a lifetime
    by Doug Saunders

    Thats why George Washington said NO FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENT, Very wise man..

  40. JC Davis

    Sunday nights waiting on the Monday report is so long. Like waiting on a cable service operator.

  41. W.Siberia (Russia)

    What does Crimea mean to Russia?
    On March 18, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a historic speech about the reunification of Crimea and Russia. A referendum held in Crimea two days before in full compliance with standard democratic procedures and the rules of international law, shocked many by it’s results: there was an 82% turnout rate, with almost 97% of those casting their ballots in favor of reunification with Russia. These numbers were so astonishing that there still seem to be many people in the West who cannot bring themselves to believe how much the Crimeans truly longed to return home. And indeed, without an awareness of this land’s heroic history that has been so liberally washed in Russian blood, this public enthusiasm might seem irrational, or even artificial.
    Understanding why they made this choice requires a careful look at what Russia has always meant to Crimea, as well as vice versa:

  42. Rezo

    Hi Greg I am an avid researcher, I am only new to your site however I can conclude that you are 100% Correct in your accessment of the standoff in the Ukrane.I am Australian and living in asia so I have a clearer view of the situation. The interviews are brilliant and your comments eaqually so. I have one small criticism about your comment that America would win against Russia.The reason being it wont be just Russia and America it will be the BRICS group. Think about tbis.The majority of the world dislikes America there are many countries that want it gone. In the BRICS GROUP there are 2 neuclear armed countries India and Russia. Pakistan is neuclear armed and detests America.North Korea is neuclear armed.You know what will happen there. Even in a convential war with American soldiers they cannot win.The American soldier is demoralised .The sheer weather conditions will be unbearable American warships are not built for ice and – 60 degrees celcius .China is right next door with 100 million soldiers

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