Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.19.13

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatachdog.com 

Video and photos are now released, and suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing case are being hunted down.  They will be in custody soon, if not already.  My prayers go out to family members who lost lives and limbs in the blast.  This is being politicized  to blame and demonize everything from the NRA to Republicans and even the sequester cuts.  I hope this is not yet another excuse to take away more freedoms from Americans in the name of safety. 

North Korea, once again, made more threats against South Korea by saying an attack can “start without notice.”  I think the “notice” has already been given many times in the last few weeks.  I hope the recent bombings in Boston and explosion in Texas (at a fertilizer plant) does not distract our military and leaders from dire global situations that can turn into war. 

In Syria, there are claims that chemical weapons have been used by the Assad regime.  Both the French and British are making claims that chemical weapons have been used on more than one occasion.  Remember what President Obama said about the use of chemical weapons in Syria?   In March, he said it would be a “game changer” and a “red line” that would demand action.  

Meanwhile, just across Syria’s Southern border, more U.S. troops are going to be deployed in Jordan.  It is not a large amount, but they are coming from Fort Bliss, Texas, home of the 1st Armored Division.  That means they come with military hardware such as tanks, which bring significant firepower.  It adds to U.S. forces already in the kingdom.  They are being sent there to contain the Syrian conflict.  Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says military action is an option, but “an option of last resort.”  I remind you that the Valley of Armageddon is in that part of the Middle East. 

Gold had its worst drop in 30 years this week, but don’t be fooled into thinking gold is finished.  Reports are coming in from around the globe that physical demand for gold and silver is extreme.  The U.S. Mint sold 63,000 ounces of gold in just one day—a record.  Most people see the price drop in gold as a contrived event.  Dennis Gartman of the famed Gartman Letter says that kind of sell-off is so extreme that it only happens once in every 5,000 years.  There are many reports of short supply, and prices are on the rebound because everybody is demanding gold and silver in hand. 

The background checks in the Senate failed this week.  It was a blow to the President’s gun control agenda.  Even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid voted “No.”  It strikes me odd that with all the enormous crime being perpetrated by the big banks, the President is going after guns.  There has not been a single big banker prosecuted for enormous financial crime.  Now, the government (AG Eric Holder) is saying they can’t prosecute because it would collapse the financial system.  Former bank regulator and economics and law Professor William Black says that’s “ludicrous.”  Black said this week on USAWatchdog.com that felons are in charge of our largest financial institutions.”  Google the term “foreclosure suicide,” and you will find people have been killing themselves because they are losing their homes.  I do not know how many, but there is definitely blood on the hands of our biggest bankers.  

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis of these stories and more.          

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  1. Troy


    Aloha Greg,

    Is it just me, or are the paper and physical markets starting to move independent of each other? APMEX buying above spot on Silver??? Besides 100 OZ bars, hard to find Silver to obtain for less than $28.00 per Troy OZ. Local metal prices holding at $30.00 Troy OZ to buy.


    Best regards,


    • Greg

      Thank you Troy and Rev for the reporting and info.

  2. Rev. William W. Joslin

    Great report Greg! Prayers for the people in West, Texas. We just drove through there a few days ago. Very sad & tragic. So happy to see the gun control efforts fail. What’s interesting to me is the ‘reasonable, bipartisan’ background measures that supposedly 90% of Americans agree on, would not have made a single bit of difference in Sandy Hook. These gun control measures are nothing less than exploiting a tragedy to take away our freedom and liberty. I heard it put this way, to pass gun control laws because of a few crazy people would be like making it harder for law abiding citizens to buy a car because of drunk drivers. Oh yeah, and Obama is blaming the NRA for the gun control measures not passing. The senators who voted NO aren’t afraid of the NRA, they are afraid of the voters. As they should be. Bill Clinton wrote about it, and even warned them this time around, that the last assault weapons ban that his administration passed resulted in the democrats getting beat down big time in the next election. I’m proud to be a Patron Member of the NRA. The simple fact is the second amendment is one of our most cherished securities. If we didn’t have the second amendment, we wouldn’t have any of our other rights. I’m pretty sure gun ownership is not a right in North Korea. And I’m certain they do not have freedom of speech either. Or any of the other freedoms we take for granted. The second amendment is not about hunting. It never was. Thanks Greg!

  3. Trap

    Greg, you may find this interesting.


    Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University speaking at the “Fixing the Banking System for Good” conference on April 17, 2013. This audio is absolutely EXPLOSIVE!

    Prof Sachs would be a great catch for an interview.

    • Greg

      Great stuff man!!

    • Rebecca

      That is one great audio.

  4. jc davis

    Greg: Lot to consider in the world of non critical thinkers. Here is one that struck me hard this week. http://youtu.be/A8r4MK3R4PI
    My first thought was he should have went along to get along. Then I could hear the child sniffling at the end. Terrorism never left it simply changed faces.

    • jc davis

      Added note: Police should be mentally sound before taking such a role. Starting with knowing the law. The child saw his dad as a hero. This will be a vision he will never forget.

      • Tad

        He should take his next hike on April 15 2014 in Boston!

    • George Too

      Buy now if you can get it. Who knows what price will be 5/1

  5. Rebecca

    Greg,who is buying the gold in this recent gold dump on the market?
    Is it the common working man? Considering the ever-increasing financial strain on the middle income taxpayer, the large sales being made that you spoke of would seem to be beyond the scope of the middle class sector.

    Is it a way to shift precious metals possession from a secured location to the hands of the wealthy?

    It would be easier to better grasp the full implications of the dump and buy if one knew who is buying?

    You say the experts say it is contrived. Why and by who? Does anyone understand the aim of those manipulating precious metals?

    • Greg

      Big money is buying physical metal. It simply is not about price at this point. It is about possession.

      • Rebecca

        That I can understand.
        Thank you.

  6. Chip

    Another great weekly wrap up Greg. By the way, can you believe they shut down the ENTIRE CITY of Boston searching for the last guy? Shut down a city of millions to hunt for ONE suspect? Government at all levels has gone stark raving mad. Again thanks for this site…

    • Robert E. Salt

      Definitely overkill, all for a teenager who was probably set up with his brother.

    • George Too

      Thank God that these terrorists were not real bright! If they had been, we’d still be looking for them.

  7. truther


    NK is a diversion…. marathon was a false flag to hide the news about OBAMA, BUSH JR, CLINTON being war criminals. They were indicted by a panel of peers to be criminals…. talk about that.

  8. StanHart

    It is becoming more clear that those in possession of real precious metals are selling their metals at a hefty premium over the official price of the metals. There may be another way of looking at present conditions and that is… a decoupling developing between the physical market and the paper market. If that is true, then it will call to question the legitimacy of the paper market. Perhaps, paper PM’s are selling at a significant discount because there isn’t enough PM’s in the inventory to match what was represented. This would constitute fraud. What else would you call selling someone something that you know you do not have – but the buyer thinks you do?

  9. Jerry

    Yes its sad about the bombing in Boston, and the war in Syria , but to me this is all just a diversion from the real story which is “the economic powder keg ” we’re sitting on. Collapsing the gold market by the banking elite will only stall off what is coming for a short time. One more Trillion dollar budget increase should push us off the financial cliff as countries around the world will see that not only do we not have a plan to get our financial house in order, but that we don’t have the resources to do so.

    For those of you who don’t think the economic collapse is coming, explain to me how we get out of this mess with 50 million people unemployed or on food stamps and an ever expanding government? Filling government jobs or keeping people on social programs is not the answer. They are tax takers not producers.

    Thanks Greg for your hard work, and for keeping us informed with the REAL NEWS.

    • Greg

      There is no doubt we are headed into a massive, unprecedented storm of biblical proportions. Everyone will need their own financial ark.

      Right here and now the precious metal market is all about possession–not price. You either have it or you will be very poor.

  10. Dwain

    We have been hearing about bombings taking place in the East for years. Many of these incidents are reactions to US foreign policy and hegemony. Thousands of children and 10s of thousands of innocents have been slaughtered by our senseless wars, yet this barely gets attention by media let alone calls for indictment.

    A bomb goes off and kills 3 on our own turf and emotional exploitation campaigns bludgeon the airwaves for days. We will have our revenge. The perpetrators days are numbered. Its sick. Our leaders don’t care a hoot about lives lost but only power to be gained. What about their murderous acts over the last decade? Are fathers of murdered Eastern children justified in revenge?

    Most Americans think their hedonistic saturated fatty blood is superior.

    • George Too

      Why yes I do…and in reality, I have low cholesterol

  11. Dwain

    America is exporting inflation to the East. This is behind the uprisings since a majority of citizens income goes to buy food. Of course they blame their local dictator not the one running the Fed printing presses. Of course you will never hear this in the media.

    • Greg

      That is coming to and end.

  12. Brody saari

    Good morning greg and fellow readers. You hear about bullion dealers being sold out etc and part of you wants to think, “oh, that cant be everywhere, surely not my local dealer.”

    Anyway, this morning I made a trip out to the closest and major bullion exchanges to get some silver. Never seen a line up there in my life. Different story today! Your news hit me like a bag of bricks today, Greg. Rationing gold to 2 ounces per customef unless you want to wait for 5 weeks delivery. I was able to scoop 20 ounces of silver but not how I wanted. They only had 1oz silver maple leaf canadian coins. No bars, no other brands or mints. I got her to repeat that because I was not expecting it to actually happen.

    Its all definitely on sale and the people who dont believe in paper garbage know it!

  13. George Too

    We let the bankers commit fraud without prosecution, we let Corizine steal a billion, …Greg, If we did this we’d be under the jail. Why are these guys different? Holder can illegally sell guns to drug dealers and the government wants to do gun control? Hell, start prosecuting gun crimes with Eric Holder! Maybe the next AG will have the stones to prosecute the corrput bankers and politians

  14. George Too


    Chechen President Says American Upbringing to Blame…Well, we no longer have the rule of law, we allow bankers to rob people, not at gun point but with fraud, and the government that is supposed to protect us says they can’t do anything because it would collapse the system. If that is not a red flag (heck, red flag…its a solar flare) to put your money into PM and part in your mattress, out of the banks, then there never will be. The government says fraud and theft is OK.

  15. George Too

    Some people will say it is a right wing conspiracy concerning what you claim Holder said. Here is a link from a liberal
    Eric Holder Seemingly At Odds With DOJ’s Own Manual Over Prosecuting Companies http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/13/justice-department-guidelines-charge-companies_n_2867698.html
    “While Attorney General Eric Holder and the media fret about whether to charge banks with crimes and risk harming innocent people, the Attorney General’s own instruction manual already has an answer.

    The benefits of enforcing the law generally outweigh the collateral damage of such actions, say the charging guidelines found in Title 9, Chapter 9-28 of the U.S. Attorneys’ Manual.

    “Indicting corporations for wrongdoing enables the government to be a force for positive change of corporate culture, and a force to prevent, discover, and punish serious crimes,” the guidelines say, calling the prosecution of corporate crime a “high priority” for the Justice Department.

    The guidelines do instruct federal prosecutors to think twice about the innocents that could be harmed when companies are indicted. When that damage, to employees and the broader economy, outweighs the benefit of bringing charges, then prosecutors should think about other options, like deferred prosecutions.

    But they shouldn’t let worries about harm to innocents stop them from ever bringing charges.”

    WOW!!! Protect innocents? Not sure who that would be!

  16. droidX-G

    Obama has said a lot of things. Lets hope he lied about this too

  17. Bryan Kemila

    Hi Greg – Here’s the Foundation Stone that holds the secret for why gold and silver are being manipulated as they are. The link is for a video that I’ve produced a few years ago.


    Thanks for your work and all the best.


  18. Fraser

    Hi Greg – Great wrap up, but please, Syria is not a “civil war”. Just like if Syrian funded suicide bombers inside the USA then that would not be a “civil war”. The term “Arab Spring” is a known con to hide the fact that the West is funding and arming terrorist groups (like Al Qaeda) to over throw existing Governments and steal their stuff. In Africa, same thing. The irony here is that under “Africom”, Obama is using Africans to fight and kill Africans – and I thought slavery was over!

  19. Robert Burke

    Suspect has been has been seen and has been surrounded by Police.

    • Fraser

      As the economy collapses, we can expect (real or false flag) terrorists everywhere, because as Chris Hedges (Human Rights Organization PEN) observes (as copied from PCR’s website):

      “The corporations that profit from permanent war need us to be afraid. Fear stops us from objecting to government spending on a bloated military. Fear means we will not ask unpleasant questions of those in power. Fear permits the government to operate in secret. Fear means we are willing to give up our rights and liberties for promises of security. The imposition of fear ensures that the corporations that wrecked the country cannot be challenged. Fear keeps us penned in like livestock.”

  20. Silver Muppet

    Hello Greg, love the great information you provide to all us seeking the truth. I just wanted to let you know about the soundmoneycampaign.com initative that will hopefully help to end this bankster manipulation of the prescious metals, namely silver in particular. On May 1st people will be getting together and try to remove as much physcial silver from the market as possible, this is payback for the May 1st 2011 takedown they hit us with. If we can successful seperate the physical market (like what is happening now) we can once again have sound money to replace the fiat system. I hope you can watch the video and share it with as many people as you can. I hope that by working together and sacrificing as much fiat money as we can to buy real money(physical silver) we can make a difference. The banksters need to realize free people will make a stand together and our voices will be heard. Again if you think this is an idea you can support try to get fellow silver enthusaists such as; Greg Mannarino, Gerald Celente, Sean @ SGTreport, and so many many others to unite in this effort and together are actions can make a difference.

    Silver Muppet

  21. George Too

    Who Cares What the Majority Wants on Guns?

    Whether Democrats like it or not, this issue concerns the Constitution.


    excerpt “The Founding Fathers worried that “some common impulse of passion” might lead many to subvert the rights of the few. It’s a rational fear, one that is played out endlessly. Obama, who understands how to utilize public passion better than most, flew some of the Newtown families to Washington for a rally, imploring Americans to put “politics” aside and stop engaging in “political stunts.” This is, by any measure, a preposterous assertion coming from a politician piggybacking tragic events for political gain. It would have been one thing, I suppose, if the gun control legislation written in the aftershock of a gruesome massacre had anything to do with the topic at hand. But what senators came up with would have done nothing to stop the shooter in Newtown — or the one in Aurora, Colo. Passions can be aggravated by events, but in this case, events have little to do with the policy at hand.”

  22. George Too

    Gold Bank Run Begins? Dutch Bank ABN Amro Halts Physical Gold Delivery!
    ABN says “No More PM delivery!” It even appears that if you owned physical PM’s in a ABN account, they cashed your account out to currency as of Apr 1, 2013. So much for the safety of a big bank holding your PM’s.
    Based on what I have read about FDIC’s powers and procedures during a bank closure, they check safety deposits boxes. How is it the FDIC’s or anyone’s business what’s in my safety deposit box…well, after finding this out, I closed our safety deposit box. What is the point of having one…even if they don’t seize it, do you really think the gov’t has the right to “inventory” your safety deposit box?
    Be forewarned. Good luck,

  23. BOB D

    Bernanke skips Jackson Hole meeting. Reuters report

  24. jc davis

    Report: 9 quarters pre 1964 52.00 on ebay. 2.50 at the alcohol store. Great deals to be found. shop around folks.

  25. George Baron

    Fake! Fake! Fake!
    Look at the alternative media Greg

    The whole thing is a set up. Even the injured were play actors. Look at the photos on the alternative media and wake up.

    For goodness sake Greg don’t be taken in by the propaganda and open your eyes.

    • Greg

      George Baron,
      I don’t believe everything the government tells me, but this time real people had real amputations and there were real deaths. There definitely is a game under foot. Heck look at the gold and financial markets, but sometimes people really do die and get hurt. This is one of them.

  26. wisch

    to jc davis @8.46
    I have worked security in Texas.
    If you are not on private property, your deer lease, home, assigned post, or going to defend someone’s life:
    The bolt should have been to the rear (bolt open),
    chamber empty and magazine out,
    sling arms untill neccessary.
    You may also use a keyed trigger lock.
    Once a round is chambered, assaut is proven.
    Once a round is fired at or about another person, aggravated assaut has occurred.

  27. Donna


    Since I am not rich enough to buy gold or silver, I guess I am SOL. Really, how many people in the US have the extra money to be buying gold or silver???? The town I live in is a college town in a southern city. The people here are clueless to what is going on. I inform my office of 4 what is going on in the world. I try my best to tell them to buy food, toiletries, medicines, water, ammo, etc…..I have stocked up on what I can with the money I make. Most of the people I talk to do not even watch the news, except for their local channel. They do not look up issues on the internet. All I can say is 95% of my city will be SOL if the economy tanks…………


    • Greg

      Keep improving your position every chance you get. Make sure your car is in top running condition. Please do not give up. You are not alone.

  28. Dann Lacrone

    What in the hell is going on? Benghazi scandal, IRS scandal, government phone tapping scandle, drones spying on people scandal. Is this not enough? Since when did a corrupt government become acceptable. Nixon was impeached for WAAAAYY less than this!! Obama and Hillary are essentially murderers, but it is apparent they will NEVER become accountable.

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