Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.2.14

Benghazi Cover-Up Email, Ukraine News, Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks adn More!By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

There is a new revelation in the Benghazi, Libya, tragedy where four Americans were murdered in a terror attack on September 11, 2012.  An email has surfaced that some are calling a “smoking gun” because it lays out the talking points to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice in prep for the Sunday talk shows.  Rice said the attack was motivated by a protest because of an anti-Islamic video.  There was no protest, and the video did not cause an attack.  Everyone on the ground in Libya knew this was a well-planned terror attack by an al-Qaeda linked group.  The second in command for the State Department was on the phone with the White House and told his boss, Hillary Clinton, that this was a terror attack.  It was clearly a terror attack, and that has been established as fact.  It was established as a fact early on.  Hillary Clinton said in Congressional testimony, “What difference does it make?”  Here’s why this is important on all sides.  Ms. Clinton is the clear Democratic front runner for President in 2016.  I’ll add to Mrs. Clinton’s rhetorical question, what difference does it make–if I lied about Benghazi?   What Mrs. Clinton said about Benghazi was a huge lie.  It was a terror attack, and now it looks like it was covered up just weeks before a presidential election.  My question: Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton the one on the Sunday talk shows?  It was her ambassador, her employee that was murdered. 

The Ukraine crisis is getting worse and not better.  Violence in the Eastern part of the country is heating up, and there is no end in sight.  The U.S. is ratcheting up sanctions, but they are not hurting Russia–yet.  Sanctions could backfire and hurt the U.S. and the world economy, but that hasn’t happened either–yet.  Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has arranged a rescue package to the pro-Western government that came to power in a coup.  Here’s the interesting point about this two year deal:  it’s in SDR currency, not U.S. dollars.  I can only speculate what this means, but is the IMF tipping it’s hand as to what the new global reserve currency will be?  Who knows? 

I told you last week that the situation was going to get worse in the Middle East when it comes to the Israeli and Palestinian peace talks.  The talks completely broke down when Hamas made peace with the Palestinian Authority after splitting seven years ago.  I didn’t think it would be Secretary ofState, John Kerry that would be the one to make matters worse by comparing Israel to an apartheid state.  Remember, this is the top diplomat in the U.S. talking about the top U.S. ally in the Middle East.  What did he hope to gain by saying this?  Neither Hamas nor the PA will recognize Israel’s right to even exist.  

According to the World Bank, China is poised to pass the U.S. as the top economy in the world.  Is there any surprise that would happen when U.S. manufacturing was shipped overseas, much of it to China.  Meanwhile, the U.S. economy grew at .1% in the first quarter.  Oh yeah, don’t worry, it was the weather that caused the slowdown—right.  The stock market hit fresh all-time highs this week.  My friend Gregory Mannarino at TradersChoice.net says the reason why the stock market is rising is traders expect the Fed to keep up the easy money policies.  Mannarino contends there has never been a Fed ‘taper.’  If the Fed was cutting back on bond buying, interest rates would be rising and stocks would be falling.  Mannarino says the Fed is not going to allow that to happen, especially in an election year.  Mannarino adds that the system will eventually crash no matter what the Fed does.  It’s all a matter of when, not if.  

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Liquid Motion

    The matter of the IMF funding the Ukraine using SDR’s is indeed alarming…when viewed in the context of the USD. By its very nature there is intentional strategic diversion away from USD funding – implying the future inability of the borrowing nation to repay debt in USD’s or more concerningly, in somewhat more devalued dollars…….. 😉

    However, of more concern to me is the funding itself.
    One can view the process of IMF funding – to assist nations in financial difficulty – as the means to an end. Service debt and allow the economy to function = critical and eventually repay the debt.
    Alternatively or concurrently, if one chooses to open both eyes, an explanation for the coup becomes more apparent. The IMF – White Knight coming to the rescue. IMF funding is quite harsh in terms of containing fascist conditionalities. The IMF (controlled by the USA) is another form of cabal led control. Who funds America’s contribution to the IMF ? Who controls the actions of the IMF. Who will control the DEBT of Ukraine. Who will have recourse to Ukraine’s assets ? SDR’s will not devalue like USD’s can, do and WILL. The Banking Cabal will have first recourse (Control) over Ukraine’s strategic assets if and WHEN the funding becomes due or defined as being a BAD DEBT (in 2 yrs).
    Turn the light switch off…..power bills are about to skyrocket.
    Putin is fighting a physical battle but this is financial warfare at its ugliest.
    Remember Bankers like an each way bet when it gets to matters of WAR. They will if necessary fund both sides of the equation……ultimately they get their rewards in the form of control of the land / infrastructure / people.
    This is what the BIG Picture is all about. The meshing together of Capitalism/Communism and Fascism. We will all soon arrive at the One World State.

    This will be my last post on USA Watchdog.

    I thank you for providing the vessel to promote truth and reality and for allowing your audience to participate. It has been a wild ride and I expect the future to require even more restraint to avoid serious personal injury.

    Keep up the great service and stay the course. It is worth pursing. Your strength will come from the people you serve.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am so sorry your comments will not appear on this site. All the best to you my friend.

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        He’ll be back.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III,
          Of that there is no doubt. Thank the Father for the Son!!

    • Angie

      Excelent post LM…

      • Angie

        Excellent post LM….

    • Charles H.

      Liquid Motion,

      There isn’t anyone that’s going to take your place here. You will be sadly missed. I myself must back away from Internet life – to finish some now-or-never projects. Take good care of yourself and yours. Fare thee well. C. H.

    • Jerry

      I totally understand your position. I to have enjoyed your post, and have considered backing away from the internet myself. I have come to realize the risk of living in a totalitarian system that monitors everything we do . But I have come to grips with a very real flaw in my nature. It is not in my DNA to run away. I wish I could. I do not have any disrespect for anyone who does, in fact I admire their common sense. So I guess I’ll stay here until the last flicker of free speech is gone. Happy trails my friend.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I will miss your posting LM. Wishing you all the best in the future.

  2. bob

    greg, you are right. it’s a slippery slope. you actually opened my eyes to this. never even entered my mind 1st amendment. if i worried about every person thought about me, especially my employer it would drive me crazy. besides aren’t these players making good money. people should rise above him. the people would have driven him out of business anyway, the same as what we should do to the people that are driving our country down the drain. it looks like another hey look whats going on over here. and on a conspiracy note, we got away with this and showed you the beginning of the end of the 1st amendment rights right in front of your face. have a great weekend.

  3. bdg


    Love u man, the Benghazi YouTube you hit nail on the head. Awesome report, also the first amendment issue with the Clippers. Yes, that’s what it, as disgusting as it is. The owner can say whatever he wants. It’s the fricken USA. If you hate his views then don’t go to the games.

    Keep up the great work

    • Shadow of Doubt

      It sure looks like the 1st Amendment can RIP now that our Culture’s has embraced its two new darlings. Long live– Political Correctness and Mob Rule.

  4. JC Davis

    Excellent wrap up Greg.
    My question to Hillary Clinton is what does she matter now ? She is useless. Credit must be given to Trey Gowdy. He has been relentlessly searching for the truth. The news you are reporting reminds me of 60 minutes of old. Thanks for all you do. Great service.

  5. Troy


    Greg the video pissed them off and the CIA is AL-CIA-DAH…. HELLO?

    I think U already know this!?!

  6. libertarian jerry

    Greg, Excellent comments. As far as the 1st Amendment is concerned,the U.S. Constitution has been a dead letter for decades and is meaningless. It,the Constitution, was done in by the 14th,16th and 17th Amendments plus,the Federal Reserve Act, the Social Security numbering of American citizens,the New Deal,the Great Society,the Civil Rights Act and the Patriot Act among other transgressions. We do not live in a nation of property rights,laws and constitutions but a nation of a few powerful men who wish to rule us. A sad state of affairs, but,unfortunately, the truth.

  7. Clive Foyster

    Hello Greg. Just listened to your Weekly News Wrap-up for 2nd May and I would have to disagree with one point you made about Israel not being an Apartheid. None of the definitions of Apartheid that I have seen mention the word slave. Just because the Israelis’ are not using the Palestinians as slaves does not mean that they are not an apartheid.
    Definition from Oxford dictionary for Apartheid: a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.
    And from a quick search on the internet: policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination.
    Don’t you think these definitions accurately portray their situation. For me Israel/Palestine is a much larger Apartheid than that which existed in South Africa.
    The funny thing is that this is the first time ever that I have disagreed with you, and it is the first time ever that I have agreed with John Kerry(as painful as that is).

    Keep up the excellent work Greg.
    Brisbane, Australia

  8. vincentg

    That slope is not the same slope in my opinion.
    There must have been political pressure applied but in the end this was not decided by the government.
    You are allowed to say what ever you want at home and abroad but you will pay a penalty if you say something that people don’t like.
    You see you can’t force people to go to the games or place ads on the game coverage.

    The way I see it this is the woman weakness he had which came back to bite him.
    Ahh the story of Samson lives on and although in this case is an not so likeable character as is Samson it’s still a story of a woman who brought down a powerful man.

    It’s beauty who killed the beast.

  9. Rodster

    Two things to mention. One is that the IMF is cheering on the Ukraine situation because they told the Ukrainian leaders to fight and control Ukraine or NO bailout money. The other is that the BRICS are trying to setup their own version of the IMF. So could we be looking at a Western IMF and the BRICS version of it competing for world’s currency?

    If this is the case it could get messy. Herman Van Rompuy said that the EU wants to control Europe and flank Russia. He says the EU’s plan is to have all of the former Soviet states in the Balkans and “the whole of European territory outside Russia” linked to the European Union. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/05/01/van-rompuy-says-europe-will-expand-without-public-backing

    You know that’s not going to sit well with Vladdy. We are seeing some pretty 2nd grade tactics being used by the West who are in NO position to be calling the shots when all Russia has to do is pull the plug on their gas.

    And this is why YOU CAN’T rule out a major WAR with these morons in charge if and when they get desperate.

  10. Robert Bodendorf

    Don’t worry about the first amendment, Greg, we have free speech zones to protect it. They’ve been in place since the republican convention while little Bush was pres. You should try to interview Gordon Duff of Veteran’s Today for a take on world events and who is pulling the strings. I think you would be impressed. Thanks for your efforts.

  11. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    SDR never will be reserve currency, the Russians wont allow that. Why?
    Because it is emitted by IMF which is under control of banking cabal. And guess what are the conditions for that loan: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-05-01/imf-warns-ukraine-fight-east-or-no-money
    About GDP it is more like -0.1% growth: http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2014/04/GDP%20growth_1.jpg
    Note: They are the new cooked number.
    Benghazi, well the government officials are lying, nothing new under the Sun. But this gov reached the critical point of no return due hypocrisy and incompetence.
    Freedom of speech, you are right.

  12. Ugly

    I don’t know if they can keep the Ponzi scheme going for the POTUS elections in 2016. Thus far, 2014 is showing many cracks and fissures that are about to burst. If war breaks before 2016, then I doubt we will have elections until the wars are over–assuming we win. If our dollar was any good, you would earn simple interest of at least 3% at any bank in USA. But it is not. That is why Banks saving interest has been under 1% for 6 years now. The dollar is going down fast and panic will hit when the US citizens start to feel it in their pocket books and the Govt can no longer provide the assistance needed to compete with inflation….

  13. Matthew Schimpf

    Great wrap-up Greg. With regard to Donald Sterling: I detest the rancorous sewage spewing from his mouth, yet if he’s not allowed to say whatever it is he’s thinking/feeling, then my right to state my unequivocal detestation of his onerous verbal dysentery is likewise in jeopardy. Next thing you know, we won’t be able to petition our government for a redress of grievances! Oh, wait a minute……

  14. mohammad


    Thank you for the update and info, I like your style, I like your compassion.

    Assad is scoring another victory in Syria today, he is signing a pact with the surrounded rebels in HOMS to allow them to retreat and evacuate, if this materializes it will be the second major city capture within a month after Yabrood, that is a STRATEGIC win to Russia and Iran. Homs is the key stone of Syria . Who ever capture it will decide the outcome, it also has all the gas pipelines that are converging from the east to the mediterranean sea on the SILK ROAD.


    • mohammad


      I see French/Turkey boots on the ground coming soon to Syria, they are talking a lot about the attacks with Chloride by the regime as if laying out the case for an invasion?!

  15. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Thanks for another great wrap-up. Keep up the great work!
    As I listen to you over my shoulder on CNBC is all the ” people” will hear on the news this evening: ” Unemployment Rate is 6.3%” so obviously the recovery is at full-steam!@#$ Will they hear about the over 800,000 that are out of the workforce to get to that number?
    How about that GDP face plant? And again not a mention that this is .1% a result of the new formula that was changed a few months back to make the resulting numbers look better?!@#$ ….and the story this week that 20% of US households have NOT ONE PERSON EMPLOYED in them? It gets frustrating trying to bring up these truths to family and friends- no on wants to hear such crazy-talk! When the dollar crashes and we are led to war they will wave their flags and chant U-S-A U-S-A ! as they stand in line for food.

  16. Brad

    Nice wrap up to the week. I would add a couple of items. The IMF rescue package is for the creditors of Ukraine with the IMF to be paid back by squeezing Ukraine’s government for the cash. The cash strapped Ukraine government will in turn squeeze the people for revenue with structural adjustments, aka harsh austerity measures. Expect an exodus of the better educated or talented from Ukraine, or as they call it in the rest of Europe the “Polish Plumber Syndrome”.

    Apparently China’s economy slightly surpassed America’s in 2013 as the world’s largest economy, while India’s moved past Japan’s to take third spot. From Zero Hedge.

  17. Diogenese

    Good morning Greg
    Ukraine , how’s this for a beauty .http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-05-01/imf-warns-ukraine-fight-east-or-no-money
    And there you have It , get the east under control or no money , no STG no funds, the west is broke and can’t bail you out , IMHO there is a new player to replace the $ , the IMF has thrown its hat in the ring , they don’t want the Ruble / Yuan / Gold to replace the $ , even at the cost propping up a illigitimate government installed by a coup , name any time in the history of the world that a illegitimate / putch installed government was even talked to never mind propping them up , Russia must be broken , Putin removed and a compliant government installed either by financial means or war , the west must have secure supplies of energy from Russia therefore it must have a compliant / poodle government in Moscow . Putin is a nationalist , a dinosaur in this globalized world . Russia must be brought to heel and bow down to the god of western finance or the wests financial hegemony is over .

    • Clyde Crashcup

      Don’t you mean financial “debtemony”? Yes we have no mony and we wont find no pony when the poop ‘s cleared! Shades of Ronnie Raygun!

  18. Brad

    Another item I noticed this week was a list of prominent economists backing the need for a monetary system change under the Chicago Plan of 1934. This plan was the alternate to Glass Steagall. G/S was the adopted solution to appease the public at the height of the Great Depression, which also saved the banker’s bacon. The Chicago Plan called for a complete overhaul of the then and our current monetary system. Basically ending fractional reserve banking and restoring the power of money creation to the people via government. An idea who’s time has come!


  19. David Bain

    When our public officials take the oath of office they take an oath to tell the truth. Benghazi ought to be sufficient to impeach and replace the President and all staff involved as they are bound by the same oath.

    Some lying story about a video!!

    What is taking so long to get the truth out to all citizens? The news outlets ought to be required to release all truth otherwise their licenses should be revoked and their franchises liquidated for covering up the truth. The rest of the world who receives their news from reliable sources knew this truth within a month of its occurance from other reputable internet sources. The days of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN MSNBC and FOX are history as they are all involved in this mass coverup. The mainstream Media is a shameful and despicable lot.

    What else can you call it? That’s the way it projects from the sidelines.

  20. wddeni


    I had to mention this. Rememberthe U.S. economy grew at .1% in the first quarter and the only reason it grew at all ( accordin to stats/reasons I feel are credible) is becaus of the tremendous amount spent on Obama care.

    If not for that it is retracting. According to the new employment numbers, we added 280k jobs.

    Greg how does an economy retract and you still add jobs-NOT POSSIBLE!!!!

    Please explain if you can>>>>>Thanks!!!

    Oh yeah, don’t worry, it was the weather that caused the slowdown—right

    • Greg Hunter

      I think if we had real and accurate numbers we’d be in a sever recession right now. The .1 % was the best they could make it look. I feel thje true number is decidedly negative on the growth front.

  21. Wes

    Very good article, interesting how the stock market seems to be continually going up while the rest of the country including the dollar is going down, we cant ride this down forever, eventually, the price of gold is going to reflect what the dollar is really worth, Greg, what is your speculation on the price of gold this coming quarter? ive seen a few articles that all say 3K/Troy OZ by july, if so, alot more than just gold is going to triple in price…

  22. mohammad


    As far as the Benghazi tragedy it is deeper than what most think and it shows the systematic weakening of the CIA from the successive administrations that reached the point of “SLAM DUNK CASE” in reasoning the invasion of Iraq to the tragic loss of the ambassador and diplomats in Benghazi.

    here is an article that sheds a light o the issue:

    “If more attention is not given to the biblical inscription at the entrance to the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, that only “the truth will set you free,” the decline of the intelligence community will continue.”

  23. Doug C.

    Great wrap up as always. Just thought I would weigh in on your John Kerry Aparthide comment. I hate to say it but the U.S. Government seems to want a War no matter what, whether it is in Syria, The Ukraine, or even using Israel as a pon. Kerry and Obama are either the stupidest Statemen in U.S. history or they are working to stir up trouble rather than the old Foriegn Policy of avoiding War. Due in part to the usage of SDR’s and Oil for products that is going on between Russia and Iran etc., the U.S. dollar is fastly becoming obsolete. Not good for anyone in North America when it comes to inflation. I think everyone needs to continue to prepare for the time when the U.S. and U.S. dollar are not the sole rulers of the World anymore and everything that that entails. I am paying off debt and continuing to buy Silver Bullion at the reduced prices as much as possible. Just an on the side. I went to the local Cabela’s (in Canada) and found that the ammo shelves where about half full. Apparently it is getting harder and harder to import ammo from the States, since you guy’s are buying it up at a staggering rate. Leave some for the rest of us please! Take care.

  24. brian

    There seems to be a prevailing misconception out here regarding what the first amendment does. True, the first amendment does protect ones right to assemble, associate and speak freely. This amendment does not however ensure that one is free to do so without any consequences. Take for example the fact that I have a protected right to wear a funny red top hat and clown make up out in public, I can do so for whatever reason I wish to publicly state and make known, I can pass out papers and start a webcast and buy air time to let the public know why I am dressed so funny, I can even sell funny red hats and clown make up and encourage others to do as I do for the same reasons I do….and the state cannot curb or undermine or otherwise discourage my efforts in this….but my boss can fire me, my friends can disassociate from me, my own family can publicly condemn me, the public can mock me, even in a cruel manner and those I depend upon can freely with hold any support they had given to me in the past.

    If the NBA wants to force this guy to sell his team, and they can do so without breaking any laws or breaching any legal claims this guy has on his property its up to them, its a franchise and they have an image to keep.

    I think the real beef is in what drives the NBA to act this way and where this pressure is coming from–if this pressure is coming directly from the government we have a problem, if this pressure stems from collusion with the press, the government, those who fund the government and other media outlets over decades in an agenda to create a certain general attitude in the country we have a much more complex problem that will be very hard to disentangle and is more a fault of the soda slurping and beer chugging fans (who are also voters) than anyone else.

    ……and thats the way I see it.

  25. Jo

    Does anyone besides me wonder if any of this business with Sterling would have happened if he would have just been a good citizen and stepped over the rope into the “First Amendment” area to express himself??

  26. Michael

    Come on Greg! Apartheid does NOT mean slave labor. Look it up. Given your interpretation, the earlier South African segregation of blacks would not have been apartheid, given there was no slave labor. If you insist on your definition, please educate me instead by posting an auhtorative online source defining the term as employong slave labor. I’ll side with Kerry re the enforced segregation of Palestinians which is becoming increasingly admitted to be apartheid.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Apartheid is separation based on race. Last I checked, Palestinians, like Canadians are not a race. You are correct that slavery was is not technically apartheid, but that is basically what happened in South Africa. They built factories outside of the Bantustans and worked the blacks like dogs. Gaza is not a Bantustan and NOT a “hallmark” of apartheid. Those people have their own government and weapons, such as rockets, they fire into Israel on a regular basis. The apartheid comparison is turning this into a rouse to gain sympathy and advantage in negotiating, what is at its core, a land/statehood dispute. Here’s some truth. The talks broke down because Hamas and the Palestinian Authority made peace and now they both will NOT recognize Israel’s right to exist. Is that OK with you? Is it OK to fire rockets into someone’s country from your country? (In this case, Gaza into Israel.) Kerry was 100% in the wrong for making the apartheid comparison after a known terror organization (Hamas) rejoin with the Palestinian Authority. Now both groups refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. On top of that, the stated goal of Hamas is to destroy Israel. Thank you for your comment, but I totally disagree with your position.

      • Michael

        Thanks for your reply. Re: apartheid, the simple fact is it is segregation, not slavery. Yes, the Palestinians are not a race. Yet just as you looslely liken apartheid to slavery, so do I looslely associate it to enforced segregation irrespective of race.
        If we presume we are both reasonable persons, then you might presume that of course I don’t condone violence against Israel. Yet I also don’t condone violence against the Palestinians.
        You cite tockets fired into Israel, but not seizing of private property for Israeli settlement, economic repression, and rockets fired into Gaza.
        I think back to the prelude to the first Iraq war. I recall the innumerable attempts of the West to have Sadam Hussein come to the table. Although I prefer peaceable means of resolution, I found myself at last condoning war as the seeming only alternative left at that time.
        After five decades of failed peace negotiations, to me personally it is understandable that the Palestinian government would turn to Hamas. I think we have to ask, just what is it about the failed negotiations with Israel which causes the Palestinians to turn now to Hamas when they had not done so before.
        With more land gabbing and increased economic desperation, it would seem after five decades that the Israeli negotiation strategy is to choke the opponent to death, knowing that before tha last gasp, he will concede. With its extraordinary superior power, Israel need not concede anything. And, it hasn’t in 50 years.
        What seems to be left to the Palestinians The court of international public opinion and violence.
        Keep up your helpful service.

        • Greg Hunter

          I can tell you right now violence is not going to work. That said, you have to take into consideration this entire situation has developed over decades. There were wars in 67 and 73. There have been suicide bombings atrocities on both sides. The separation has developed over a long period to is to isolate violence. There is no doubt the Palestinians need to be treated better. That said, what is being totally overlooked is the current stance of Hamas and the PA which have rejoined since being separated since 2007. They do not recognize Israel’s right to exist. The official position of Hamas is to destroy Israel. Now that Hamas and the PA have rejoined it appears that is the position of both. How can there be a solution of peace when you start from this vantage point. Many atrocities committed on both sides and this is getting worse. I am trying to be fair and objective. So any atrocity leveled against Israel is justified because they are just “fighting back”? You wonder why they are trying to remain separated? What you are describing is a road to all-out war and not peace. Thank you for your comment.

  27. Mitch Bupp

    The left is right this is NOT a smoking gun but a bullet fired directly at the government lie…. How many times does a government have to be caught out right lying and still have credibility?

  28. Jerry

    Greg, I would like for you to do me a favor. Would you please post a list of all the correspondents and news media who will be attending the White House Press Dinner?
    The public has a right to know who else has their fingerprints on this economic collapse that is about to take place. After all haven’t they been carrying the water for the Banking Cartel these past few years, as well as injecting Federalism into the brains of the innocent, helping to perpetuate the Ponzi scheme? How anyone could sit and crack jokes, over a dinner, after what I’ve witnessed take place in our economy the last few years is beyond me. These people either have no heart, or are totally oblivious to what is going on main street. If they had any ethics at all they would decline the invitation, or at the very least say they had other plans. Just my opinion.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t have the time or staff to find that out. If you find it out please post it here. Thank you man!!

  29. wheedle

    The elite get away with everything. Hillary Clinton will get a free pass, just like her husband got a free pass after lying under oath about Monica. David Gregory got a free pass for possession of a 30 round rifle magazine on TV in DC. Congress continues to get a free pass for allowing a Central Banking System to control U.S. currency. The Supreme Court gets a free pass by allowing their interpretations of the Constitution to stand. And the current Executive Branch will be no exception to receiving a free pass on the debacle they have created.
    It’s also my opinion that the POTUS does not want to be the president that started WW3. Russia will take Ukraine without little or no military intervention by the U.S. or NATO for that matter. The markets will plummet if they do, so they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  30. oldnurse

    Of course Israel is an apartheid state! Kerry’s only mistake was being intimidated by likes of AIPAC and their cronies into making an apology he should never have made.


    • Greg Hunter

      Kerry is the nations top diplomat charged with trying to achieve peace in the Middle East. Instead, he threw gasoline on a raging fire. I don’t care what The Hill says, Israel is not an apartheid. Apartheid based on race. Last I checked, Palestinians, like Canadians are not a race. Gaza is not a Bantustan and NOT a “hallmark” of apartheid. Those people have their own government and weapons, such as rockets, they fire into Israel on a regular basis. The apartheid comparison is turning this into a rouse to gain sympathy and advantage in negotiating, what is at its core, a land/statehood dispute. The talks broke down because Hamas and the Palestinian Authority made peace and now they both will NOT recognize Israel’s right to exist. Is that OK with you? Is it OK to fire rockets into someone’s country from your country? (In this case, Gaza into Israel.) Kerry was 100% in the wrong for making the apartheid comparison after a known terror organization (Hamas) rejoined with the Palestinian Authority. Now both groups refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. On top of that, the stated goal of Hamas is to destroy Israel. This is not a vantage point where a peace deal can start. The Hill article was totally one sided. Thank you for your comment.


    • Jerry

      Its the old ” race card” trick. Right out of the Democratic play book. Anytime they want to whip the sheeple into a frenzy, they use it with impunity. Funny thing. George Wallace who was the biggest racist that ever lived was a Democrat. Go figure?

  31. windcatcher

    Kerry’s apartheid statement is only one of his many asinine statements.
    Just for clarification, here is the Macmillan thesaurus definitions:
    Anti-Semitic adjective
    anti-Semitic people, opinions, writings, etc. show a feeling of hate toward Jewish people
    Apartheid noun
    the political system that existed in the past in South Africa, in which only white people had political rights and power
    Kerry suffers from a severe case of “hoof and mouth disease” that has cracked his mind. Ha. Ha.

  32. smaulgld

    Thanks Greg for another great wrap up.

    Here is the IMF press release bailing out the Ukraine in SDR’s

    Still have to wonder WHO will buy the US Treasuries that China, Russia and the Fed will stop buying so that rates can stay low AND so the U.S can continue its deficit spending spree.

    Perhaps it will be Europe as they embark on their own version of QE and they are “requested” by the US to buy T bonds in exchange for continued NATO support.
    This would weaken the Euro (which is very strong vs. the dollar) and help give the Euro zone the inflation they want to ward off inflation.
    Other than that I can’t see who is going to buy the T bonds at current prices.

    Here is a new classic up there with Hillary’s “what difference does it make”

    Former White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor tried to brush off questions about what language was being proposed to describe the Benghazi attack. “dude, this was like two years ago”

  33. Peter Thomas

    I think they do recognize Israel according to my sources. Just because we are friends of Israel doesn’t mean we shouldn’t convey serious concerns privately. Kerry’s comments were made in private to indicate the price of failure. Successive administrations, including Obama, have unfortunately, soft-pedaled in fear of the pro-Israeli lobby and the Jewish vote.

    Our history of friends in the middle east and elsewhere makes interesting reading. We were once friends of the Mujahideen and armed them in the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Look where it got us! We are self -serving in our selection of friends and have made many bad choices. As you are fond of saying on other issues, ‘there’s enough blame to be shared all round.’

    Two interesting news reports on Israel:

    • Greg Hunter

      You make good points but Israel is not an apartheid by definition. I don’t buy the premise in this title: “Only fools deny reality of apartheid in Palestine.” If I don’ agree I am a “fool?” Sorry, this is the social fascist way of devaluing any argument against their point. Kerry’s comments were not “off the record.” They made global news. He’s supposed to be fostering peace and not throwing gasoline on the fire. Hamas has now rejoined the Palestinian Authority (PA). It’s stated goal is to destroy Israel. Also, both the Pa and Hamas will not recognize Israel’s right to even exist. What kind of peace plan can be achieves from that starting point? Kerry should have rebuked Hamas and it’s positions that are totally unreasonable. This is not apartheid, and referencing that term is nothing more than a way to gain political capital. This is a land/statehood dispute at its core. Oh it’s ugly, and both sides have some sin in the game. That said, Kerry made it worse, and as this country’s top diplomat, he was supposed to try to put the two sides on a path for peace. Instead, he has put them on a path towards conflict and war. If I were president, I would fire him for being an idiot.

      • Gabby from Capetown

        Greg –

        I agree with some of what you say, but not all.
        I don’t support terrorism, it whatever form it takes. Be it Hamas rockets or US drones killing innocent people or the many other forms of terrorism around the world either state-sponsored or the violent actions of non-state groups and individuals.

        You are absolutely wrong about Apartheid!! The word in Afrikaan literally means a state of being apart. While originally applied to race, the term nowadays can be used to describe every kind of policy or system of segregation, or discrimination, established by the state authority in a country, against the social and civil rights of a group of people including various non racial grounds. The word can certainly be applied to the lives of many Palestinians living in the modern state of Israel and the occupied territories. Let me outline briefly some of the conditions of an apartheid system:
        – No right of free speech, assembly or movement
        – Arrest and imprisonment without charge or trial
        – House searches without warrant
        – Torture, extra-judicial punishment and assassinations.
        – No right to vote for the government even though it controls their lives.

        Yes, Kerry could have been more diplomatic and used a form of language that indicated the system of segregation or discrimination without using the word apartheid as such. But Kerry did say, to his credit, that all parties to the dispute must make compromises. Hamas doesn’t recognize the existence of Israel or two state solution and Israel is intransigent on a number issues including borders, settlements and the right of return and repatriation of Palestinian refugees. ALL parties are to blame, but the lives of many Palestinians today are not one of equals.

        I think Peter Thomas was totally correct in saying that successive administrations have pandered to the pro-Israel lobbies to win votes.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not saying everything in Israel is rosy. Far from it. I am saying Israel is not an apartheid. The definition you are using makes the term so broad that just about any place in the world could be an apartheid. This is a land/statehood dispute at it’s core. The people in Gaza voted for Hamas to be in power. Likewise for the PA in the West Bank. Yes, there is plenty of sin to go around on all sides. I worry it will get worse–much worse. Kerry is the top diplomat in the U.S. The issue is not that Kerry “could have been more diplomatic” but Kerry could not have been less diplomatic. If I were president I would have fired him on the spot. He threw gasoline on a raging fire, and he was supposed to be getting the parties to the peace table. He did damage and people on both sides are going to die because of it. Thank you for your comment.

  34. Andy

    Thankyou Greg …your the reason i dont listen to MSM….thnx for keeping it real!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy.
      I try to be fair and get it right.

  35. Daryl

    Great wrap up Greg. Did you get my e-mail on the federal law at 42 USC 18115 that shows no one is required to participate in Obamacare and that no one can be fined for not participating in Obamacare? The article is found on yourremedyisinthelaw.com under the obamacare link.



  36. Dwain

    This Benghazi hype is nothing but distraction to provide cover for the more important issue of why we invaded and destroyed Libya and murdered its leader. Im sick of hearing terror attack, terror attack. This is nothing more than a label used to redirect attention and justify invasion. If anyone is guilty of terror, its the US and West. If a foreign nation invaded and ruined the US, killing our president, how do you think Americans would react? Would we be guilty of terror for retaliating against murderous occupiers?

  37. jim H

    Great wrap-up Greg.
    When you say our fearless leaders moved our manufacturing overseas, I’m sure you meant the corporate 1%. Our government did not move Halliburton’s corporate office overseas. I’m curious because many times I get the feeling you still see two parties warring against each other rather than two parties warring against the 99%. Both parties selling our good overseas, removing our freedoms, lowering our standard of living and making class war the order of the day. I wonder, do you for the most part not think it’s more them against us than them fighting each other on our behalf? You’re a good man Greg and I do value your opinion.

  38. TJ Jackson

    Good report Greg! The slippery slope comments are spot on. Political correctness is one of the greatest threats to our way of life here in the USA. Keep their feet to the fire.

  39. Mike

    Hello, Greg, from a neighbor to the North

    Just felt the need to tell you that I love your web-casts and look forward to each one. Your guests are very knowledgeable and have excellent credentials…as do you, also.
    As an addendum to your (and your viewers) online sources, might I suggest scgnews.com and also stormcloudsgathering.com? Really interesting info there, all backed up with links to the sources of the information.
    Sadly, when I attempt to relay what I have come to know about the state of affairs in the US and the world overall, I find that most people seem to be more concerned about how Justin Bieber is making out in court or who will be the winner on Survivor or whatever. Clearly, the MSM are doing their jobs well in keeping the majority of North Americans dummed down and so I am very grateful to news sites such as yours.
    Love from Canada, my man
    Keep up the great work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike.

  40. Paul

    According to Max Keiser, Kerry is right about the apartheid. Financial apartheid.

  41. Agent P

    In case anyone hadn’t already noticed… There are many parallels with the current administration and its chief occupant, and those who occupied the Out House during the roaring 90’s… I tossed a saying out there a few years ago titled:

    The Clintons: They never go away…

    It is interesting how corruption and scandal seem to follow around those with deceit in their hearts and naked ambition as their motivating spirit, is it not…? Could this be the season that sees the Clintons finally get their comeuppance? Only the American public – and their collective voice, knows for sure. For all the Kenneth Starr and Larry Klayman artillery mustered against them in the 90’s, fairly well none of it stuck, and today the indispensable pair are more in sync with the ‘times’ and their doting fans than ever before. Hillary is for all practical purposes, a ‘Joan of Arc’ to her followers.

    If nothing comes of the inquiry that Boehner is setting up – and it likely will go the way of Ken Starr and his efforts, complete corruptive capture of this government will have been achieved.

    It is written somewhere that at the end of a certain period, corruption, deceit, dishonor, envy, etc., will reach levels that seem surreal, and overwhelm what was once considered good and right. My radar tells me we are entering such a period.


  42. Coalburner9

    I have often said Kerry was the dumbest man in the US Senate and he is no smarter as Secretary of State. He was just popping off because he is frustrated at being a total failure over and over. Someone can tell me his education but like Obama he has no Street Smarts and that is necessary to succeed at any level as Secretary of State. We see daily that no smarts are required to be a US Senator. One of mine from New Mexico is up for re-election. Dumber than a track in the sand. His name is even U-Dull. Best to you et al.

  43. Merc

    Hey, Greg, why nor ask P C Roberts re apartheid? U seem to respect him.

    For me – you have outted yourself – forever.

    • Greg Hunter

      Outted myself by being fair and not following the crowd. Really? Israel and the Palestinians have a very deep and violent history. Both sides have done incredible atrocities to each other. Israel was attacked in 1967 and 1973 some of the folks on the attack were Palestinians. This is a deeply complicated issue and you simply cannot take a one sided view and call it an apartheid. I respect plenty of people but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything they say. I don’t expect people to agree with everything I say. You clearly don’t, but I allow your comment anyway.

  44. Felicia

    Since many are trying get their heads around the truth of what is occuring in our world & why, you might find Kathryn A. Fitts work interesting. She’s looking at what she calls the Breakaway Society and huge amount of monies being funneled from govt/central banks to this “society” (or what I see as a SIG) for funding R&D for off planet investment control. You can go to her website at Solari.com to learn more & here’s an interesting interview which shows why there will be a slow burn of this current U.S. economy, as it ties in to this “society’s” agenda:

    • Greg Hunter

      She is booked for in a few weeks.

  45. Joey Romanus

    The bottom line with the Benghazi scandal is Ambassador Stevens recruited and funded terrorists to kill Gaddafi, and these same terrorists subsequently killed Stevens. This is a quintessential example of “the chicken coming home to roost”. I don’t care how insensitive and callous it sounds, but it’s the truth. Most of everything else being reported by the Mockingbird shill media regarding Benghazi are red herrings. Yes, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, et al, need to be indicted for negligence of duty in their pitiful lack of response to the eminent aggression directed at the Consulate, but Stevens and the other 3 men would still be alive today if they had not danced with the Devil (aka mobilizing and aiding terrorists to kill Gaddafi). Stevens was actually in the CIA and doing the bidding for them in Libya, while being an “Ambassador” on the surface.

    • Clyde Crashcup

      Unfortunately the terrorists got us to in the end, Gaddafi and our guys. Our fearless leaders need to get real jobs or at least retire before they also get us all killed in the end and they wind up in front of the likes of a judge Roy Bean, who once served justice west of the Pecos!

      See; Google “The Westerner 1940 youtube” Gary Cooper Walter Brennen Doris Davenport Make sure its AAA Movie Company, the brightest and clearest FREE FULL MOVIE

  46. Cantor David

    FYI –
    A respected public opinion survey, conducted by Tel Aviv University last year, revealed that a majority (58%) of the population in Israel accepts the application of the term ‘apartheid’ to the current state of affairs in Israel.
    Like it or not, many people in Israel appreciated Kerry calling a spade a spade, even if you don’t.
    His subsequent retraction was disappointing, however.

    An Israeli-American living in Israel.

    • Greg Hunter

      Cantor David,
      It’s not Kerry’s job to call “a spade a spade.” It was his job to make a peace deal. What he did was throw gasoline on a fire, and many on both sides are going to die for it. I would have fired him on the spot if I was president. So you are OK with Hamas wanting to wipe out Israel as its official policy? You are OK with the Official stance of the PA and Hamas that Israel has NO a right to exist? Please tell me what kind of peace plan will be negotiated from this vantage point? I am trying to be fair and objective. Yes, the Palestinians need their own state, but how do we get there? The road at this point has been washed out. Kerry’s comment did not help and he is supposed to be the top diplomat in the free world. Israel and the Palestinians have a very violent history. Both sides have done incredible atrocities to each other. Israel was attacked in 1967 and 1973. Some of the folks on the attack were Palestinians. The Israelis have been heavy handed as well. Remember the Arafat suicide bombing era? Israel has legit security concerns. The Palestinians have legit statehood concerns. At its core this is a statehood/land/security dispute not apartheid. This is a deeply complicated issue and you simply cannot take a one sided view and call it an apartheid. A lot of sin has created a lot of mistrust on both sides of this issue.

  47. Merc

    Here at the United Nations Conference against racism:
    In Durban, S Africa, the world met. The USA and Israel walked out when the other countries there declared Israel an Apartheid State!

    ‘The 2001 World Conference against Racism (WCAR), also known as Durban I, was held at the Durban International Convention Centre in Durban, South Africa, under UN auspices, from 31 August to 8 September 2001.’
    “The Palestinians’ resistance to the theft of their country reached a critical moment in 2001 when a UN conference on racism in Durban, South Africa, identified Israel as an apartheid state. To Nelson Mandela, justice for the Palestinians is “the greatest moral issue of the age”.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are good with the official stance of Hamas to destroy Israel? You are OK with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority that they will not recognize Israel’s right to exist? Any terror act is justified by the Palestinians? You think this is how you are going to start a peace/statehood deal? The Israelis are the bad guys and that is it? How un-objective. I am trying to be fair. Yes, the Palestinians need their own state. How do we get there? The Palestinians do not even say Israel has a right to exist. It is the official stated goal of Hamas to wipe them out. How can there be a peace deal starting from this vantage point? The road at this point has been washed out. Kerry’s comment did not help and he is supposed to be the top diplomat in the free world. His comment was like throwing gasoline on a raging fire. People on both sides will die because of it. I would have fired Kerry on the spot. Israel and the Palestinians have a very violent history. Both sides have done incredible atrocities on each other. Israel was attacked in 1967 and 1973. Some of the folks on the attack were Palestinians. The Israelis have been heavy handed as well. Remember the Arafat suicide bombing era? Israel has legit security concerns. The Palestinians have legit statehood concerns. At its core this is a statehood/land/security dispute not apartheid. This is a deeply complicated issue and you simply cannot take a one sided view and call it an apartheid. I don’t expect people to agree with everything I say but it would be nice if they were objective.

  48. mohammad


    You have been in MSM before and you know the industry inside out. What is the deal with fox news inflaming emotions as if they would like to see a civil war, it seems its about the only MSM that is going so far….. What say you ?

    • mohammad

      This part of what am talking about:

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM in general are not doing their jobs. When a Democrat is in the White House then Fox looks like the hard nose guys. And when a Republican is in the White House then ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS are on the case. It should not matter who is in office. Reporters should uncover facts and report. not spin or cover of omit the truth for the party you like.

  49. Galaxy 500

    I am a little late to the conversation as I have been traveling. I am constantly dismissed by the antisemitism that people put forth as logic much like the PC hate mongering that the left throws at the right.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500.

  50. Tim

    On a depressing note: Anyone who has studied history knows there’s no way to stop the USA from failing. Sadly, most are still in denial, as were the passengers on the Titanic. It’s time to accept it, and make preparations for hard times ahead, ..while we still can. It’s our responsibility as parents to see that our children have a fighting chance.
    Bless you Sir

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up. You can help yourself get in a better position of that there is no doubt. Thank goodness you are awake and can do so. The Bible says 365 times (one for every single day of the year) the phrase “Fear not.” Fear not my friend.

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