Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.3.13

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (Updated)

This week, the President was asked about State Department whistleblowers that claim they are being pressured NOT to come forward.  The President said he was not aware of this.  Meanwhile, whistleblowers are scheduled to testify in Congress on Benghazi.  Our Ambassador and three others were killed in a terrorist attack on 9/11/12.  Some are charging the White House is stonewalling on important details to cover gross mistakes on foreign policy.   

War drums continue to pound around Syria.  There are charges of chemical weapons use by the Assad regime.  The President said chemical weapons use constituted a “red line’ that would be a “game changer.”  Now, the President said he does not want to rush to judgment.  Meanwhile, the U.S. is going to provide weapons to the Syrian rebels, which are heavily supported by al-Qaeda.  More than 70,000 have died in the bloody civil war, and there is not only no end in sight but things seem to be escalating. 

Speaking of war, China has sent a platoon of its soldiers deep into India.  The Chinese troops are reportedly setting up camp in a disputed region on the border of China and India.  This is creating a crisis that could lead to yet another world conflict.  The Chinese troops are about 12 miles inside India, and there is no resolution in sight. 

The Boston bombing case is netting other arrests.  Three friends of the surviving Tsarnaev brother are now being charged with a cover-up.  I am not going to go into great detail because much is going to come out in the coming weeks and months about this horrible crime.  I will say the liberal side of the mainstream media got it totally wrong when this first happened.  People like Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC implied this was the work of right wing groups—WRONG!!  I said this was outrageous at the time, and now I say folks like him should apologize for trying to score political points. 

The economy is so weak, the Fed came out and said it is going to keep pumping $85 billion a month into the economy.  Not only that, but they hinted at increasing the money printing.  The economy is rolling over it and is on its way for a crash.  What’s not going to help it recover is Obama Care.  Outgoing Democratic Senator Max Baccus calls Obama Care a “train wreck.”   Maybe it’s because employers are already cutting staff and cutting hours back to 29.  Many in the medical field say when this is fully implemented in 2014, it will be “chaos.”   Whatever you call it, Obama Care will be a huge drag on jobs and the economy.     

The Dr. Kermit Gosnell trial has gone into deliberation.  Gosnell is the Philadelphia abortion doctor charged with four counts of 1st degree murder along with more than 250 other gruesome counts.  The good doctor has been charged with murdering babies that survived abortion.  Now, investigations are revealing he may not be alone.  Other abortion doctors may be doing the same thing—killing babies outside the womb.  If convicted, he should get the same thing the babies got–the death penalty.  The mainstream media has given this story very little coverage.  It is alleged that more died at Dr. Gosnell’s hand than at the hands of the Boston bombers.   

(Update)  Gold and silver are not legal tender in Arizona.  It was going to be the second state to approve gold and silver as currency.  Many more are still considering doing this.  The Republican Governor, Jan Brewer, vetoed the Republican backed bill.  http://in.reuters.com/article/2013/05/03/usa-arizona-gold-idINL2N0DK05720130503  So disregard what I say about passage of this bill near the end of the Wrap-Up.   What do these states see coming?  By the way, there is a new poll out that says 29% of registered voters say armed revolution might be necessary to protect liberty in the U.S. 

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis of these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. AndyB

    Greg: historians will look back on 2013 as the Year of the Great Disconnect From Reality. Look no further than the latest jobs report (note the Birth/Death adjustments and the significant rise in part time employment); the stock indices reaching “nominal” highs; do we weaponize our sworn enemy AQ in Syria?; more revelations on JPM criminality (wrist slap coming); and a growing push by the banksters in Europe to effectively charge citizens for bank deposits. I guess the Matrix movies were quite prescient.

  2. Dennis Marsch

    Hi Greg I listen to you and guests quite often. I hope you go to infowars and check the information. Boston bombing was a false flag event the main stream media is desperately trying to cover up for. Homeland security, CIA and FBI are deeply involved.
    All the evidence is available. For example the backpack the younger brother had was light grey the two that exploded were black. Plus one that exploded had markings on it and is clearly visible as one the black ops planted and run away from. They have been caught red handed.

  3. art barnes

    Greg, love the cartoon, but in reality why arm al-Qaeda and make them stronger, seems the Administration just can’t figure out middle eastern tribal politics. Its simple, support Israel and let the rest squabble around their tribal Islamic beliefs and ancient alliances. Nothing the U.S. can do will help, sure they all will take any money handed to them and beg for more, but in the end you can’t buy love and blood is thicker than (water) & money, you get the idea; its a losing policy.

    The reason the FED may increase Quantitative Easing is that no one yelled loud enough about the current QE in the first instance. All the FED does is feed Wall Street in any event, it was created for that purpose and lives up to Its name. The FED needs to be abolished!

    Greg, yes a train wreck is coming to be sure. Thank you for another week of alternate media coverage and I can’t wait till I visit Arizona and give and old 1960 dime for a beer!

    • Greg

      I hope you can still buy a beer with a silver dime, but you are going to have to wait. The Governor vetoed the bill. I have updated my report in the written part. Thank you for your comment!

  4. Jerry

    Its been a good week of reporting Greg. As always its good to hear the real news. I wouldn’t read to much into the national news (IE the Boston Bombing etc.) because it is for the most part a diversion from the real story, which is the financial collapse and martial law that is coming. In my opinion, the progressives in power are not only planning for it, they are promoting it. Otherwise there would be weekly meetings with congress and the administration on how to avert this situation. NOTHING is happening and is going to happen, because it is all part of the plan to reorganize the global economy under a uniform banking system. It is sad to say that only you and a few others on this site understand this. Most people are happy living in ignorance as long as there is food in the refrigerator and American Idol on TV. Even the people I know don’t seem to care as long as it doesn’t directly effect their lives. Unfortunately history is littered with victims of like thinking, that thought nothing would happen to them. There is an old saying from the TAO. “Knowledge of ignorance is strength. Ignoring knowledge is Sickness”. Thank you Greg for giving us strength.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry for your comment and support.

  5. Dave (archivesDave) Clumpner

    Hi Greg,
    Finally able to leave a donation…Have been feeling kind of guilty
    about receiving w/o contributing back.
    Besides the tiny index window in the upper right on your front page, could I suggest you also place some type of a more noticeable donation box to encourage contributions? It took me a while to find it.

    Re Benghazi:
    Thinking back to the last of the October presidential debates … Romney could have leveled both barrels at Obama to come clean but instead, he rolled over & let Obama and Candy Crowley stick a fork in him:

    If Romney and the Republican party ever nurtured any type of ‘fire in the belly’, it was extinguished way back about the time of Romney’s ‘forty seven percent’ comment.

    ‘Bob Drole’, ‘Lame McCain’, and ‘Rummy Romney’… Patsies for the Elitists at the starting gate imo.

    • Greg

      Thank you David for the comment, link, donation and for your support!!!!

  6. Fran

    Wow!! I am residing in India and just found out that the Chinese are inside of this country from YOUR website. Scary stuff. Keep up the good work of keeping us common folk in the loop. Hubby and I watch your videos from within India all the time. You really keep us up to date with the real news from our home country while living overseas. Thanks.

    • Greg

      Thank you Fran for your kind words and for your support.

  7. Ace of Diamonds

    Its not official yet in AZ. The governor vetoed the bill on grounds the state would lose revenue.

  8. Illinois Troll

    Great summation Greg! Here’s an interesting article on how the US may turn out… http://www.infiniteunknown.net/2013/05/03/japan’s-stealth-constitution-destroys-civil-rights-and-sets-the-stage-for-dictatorship/#more-72244
    We live in interesting times…

  9. Troy

    Thank you Greg :)!

  10. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    Big Money corporations, such as Banksters, are beyond the pale of the Law. The Government is COMPLICIT in allowing their crimes; thus an accessory to the fact. The ONLY factor the Government has as an acting criminal to it’s defense is it’s position of power, and the complacency of the people.
    That the Main Stream Media is a bunch of hoey, and lie or misrepresent the reality clearly shows that they are spineless enablers of the Status Quo, and worthless prostitutes of ideological and political agendas.
    And with the Abortion issue – of killing innocent babies who survived their abortions: this is the true measure of (new liberal) America’s moral compass. LIFE itself is sacrificed on the alter of personal choices and sexual freedom. Such callousness is both monstrous and horrific beyond words. How soon will these doctors be deemed Too Socially Important To Prosecute?, and Laws be framed to protect them???
    The Rule of Law – was to protect the innocent: now it is used to protect the guilty. The foundation of civilization is undermined.

  11. Kevin

    Great wrap-up. Thanks Greg!

  12. Fraser

    Good summation Greg and yet I could see your confusion as to why the West should be supporting “Al Qaeda” in Syria, while using them as an excuse to invade other countries under the “war on terror”. The truth is that Al Qaeda and “the war on terror” are totally irrelevent, it is all about (and always has been all about) resources, the petrodollar and regime change.

    The key reason for the USA’s obsession with Syria is to kill the $10 billion Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, which was agreed upon in July 2011. The same reasoning applies to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, because this game changing pipeline bypasses them.

    Similarly, the gas pipeline in the opposite direction, linking Iran-Pakistan-India-China is the fundamental reason for USA sanctions on Iran (and now Pakistan). However, after all the drone attacks, defying the USA is now very popular in Pakistan. India (which already imports Iranian oil) originally supported but then(under pressure) opposed this new pipeline and instead supported an American pipeline crossing Afghanistan. But even after 12 years of fighting, those Afghans cannot be tamed and so India is forced to join the Iran pipeline project, much to Washington’s annoyance.

    The USA is then faced with two alternatives: (1) give up and allow the region to prosper, or (2) keep attacking the various countries under the excuse of “war on terror”… and we all know which one they will choose!

    I could give 100 links on this, but they are easy to find… Also look up “the great game” to see how long these wars have been fought by the British, Russians and Americans.

    I think the China-India dispute is over India building military airfields and observation posts close to the boarder. China is paranoid about being “encircled” and has tried to negotiate these matters before. This incursion has now forced negotiation, which is planned over the next month and should be resolved as neither side wants a repeat of 1962.

    • Greg

      Thank you for enlightening us here. Good stuff man!!!

      • Fraser

        I really enjoy having a say and sent an XAG donation by post ages ago. Did it get through? If yes, I’ll send some more – if not I’ll send some fiat paper which may have a better chance. Keep up the great work Greg – you are making a big difference!

        • Greg

          I did not get it Fraser. Sorry but thank you for trying to help us out here at USAWatchdog.com

  13. allen hall

    Greg: I notified you when Benghazi happened a CIA friend said the Ambassador in Libya was killed buy our own orders because he would not allow anymore weapons to be smuggled thru Libya to Syria. This whole thing I hope will impeach this president. Also, Hilary Clinton was in on it all the way. Next person to run for president–NOT!!

  14. Mac

    Bloomberg TV, owned by the mayor of NYC…ran an item on the TV all day last week , the day the Fed would speak re QE …the words were to the effect that the FED would be cutting back QE to $50 billion from 85 billion!!!
    It was all bs, to hurt gold.
    This is NEWS? In USA it IS.

    Wake up people, the media is your biggest enemy. As PC Roberts said : everything the US gov’t says is a lie!
    The media is a psy-ops to steal your heart and mind.
    Get a life people. cnn, cnbc,msnbc, cbc, bbc, aljazeera, all are your enemy, and many more…like almost all newspapers and radio stations….

  15. Scott

    We live in unprecedented times. What is most concerning to me is that those in power are doing a pretty good job at propagandizing the population and distorting their perception of reality. It feels like we’re living on a massive Southern slave plantation except the slaves believe their actually free! Those of us who dare tell them the stark reality of what is happening to all of us are ignored, dismissed, or chastised. The plantation owners view those who question them as terrorists and threats to their power and control.

    The collective mindset of Washington politicians is like the character, Steven, in the movie Django who is the top slave on the Southern plantation. He loves his life because he is the top black slave and gets to live in The Big House along with the owner and the owner’s family. He is loyal to his master and doesn’t care what happens to the other slaves who are routinely being abused as long as he continues to have favor with his master. He is the eyes and ears for his master and uncovers any disloyalty among the slaves.

    In our own version of the plantation, the plantation owners are the banksters and those who run the military industrial complex. The foremen are the politicians who are caretakers and defenders of the system. They pass laws that the owners want to keep the slaves in line and increased dependence on the system. The slaves get “free” benefits while the fruits of their labor are extracted to pay for them. We are dumbed down through a myriad of endless entertainment and revisionist history in public education.

  16. George

    China is withdrawing after getting Indians to withdraw from another area. Yeah…at least WW3 didn’t start there

  17. 20yrOldCanadian

    Hey Greg,

    Great to hear you finally bring up the importance of clamping down on immigration. Keep up the good work!

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