Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.27.14

4.jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Iraq is the top story, and the crisis there is boiling over.  At its core, this is a religious war between the Sunni and Shia Muslims.  One big problem–the U.S. has armed and supported both sides.  We have sent military advisors to help the Shia majority government that is being helped by Iran.  ISIS was armed in part by the U.S. in Syria; and, now, the Obama Administration is asking Congress for $500 million to aid the so-called rebels in Syria.  I have been telling you that a large percentage of the Syrian rebels are al-Qaeda and not “moderate.”  ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is an offshoot of the Syrian rebels.  This week, the President said that when it comes to attacking the ISIS rebels, you just can’t “play whack-a-mole.”  It is much deeper than that because Saudi Arabia is also arming these rebels.  You think they might stop taking U.S. dollars for their oil if the U.S. attacks the people the Saudis are supporting?  On the other hand, Iran is threatening any “petrodollar country” that is helping ISIS.  This is a not so veiled threat to Saudi Arabia.  The U.S. is in a damned if we do, damned if we do scenario.  If we help the Iraqi government, we will be helping the Iranians; and the Saudis will, no doubt, stop oil trade in dollars.  If we do nothing, ISIS might take over Iraq and a terror army will have its own country.  This is an enormous mess, and it will spike oil prices and might even start WWIII.

The Ukraine crisis has been an on again off again cease fire situation and no real end in sight after the pro-Russian separatists downed a Ukrainian military helicopter killing all on board.  I don’t think the Russians are going to invade—at least, not at the moment.  They look like they will continue arming and helping the separatists, and that might draw more sanctions.  I said might.  Obama said that if the Europeans refuse to impose new sanctions, then he won’t either.  The President couldn’t look any weaker in Ukraine and Iraq for that matter.

The economy plunged in the first quarter even greater than we were told according to the latest government revision to GDP.  It shrunk -2.9%, not -1%.  When you consider the “official” GDP in the fourth quarter of 2013 was a positive 2.6%, the fall is stunning quarter to quarter.  That is a 5.5% cliff dive in GDP.  Listen to how the mainstream media (MSM) spins this.  First, the AP headline says “Analysts shrug off economic downturn.”  Really?  This is no big deal, and they just “shrugged it off.”  The article goes on to say, “Harsh winter contributed to the biggest contraction since the depths of the recession 5 years ago.”  The MSM is delusional and dishonest.  Look for the second quarter to be negative as far as growth.

You have heard about the massive numbers of illegal immigrant children flooding our Southern borders.  The President will not say anything to dissuade these people from coming.  He should be sending resources down there to protect the border, but that is not what he wants.  It appears he wants all the illegal immigration so Democrats can register new voters under the rouse of a humanitarian issue that former border patrol agents claim is orchestrated by the Obama Administration.   Josh Earnest, Press Secretary for the Obama Administration, says, “We’re not just going to sit around and wait interminably for Congress.”  Really?  You think you work for a king, Josh?  Well, the Supreme Court may step in and stop him because that’s just what they did in a 9-0 decision on his recess appointments at the NLRB.  This may give John Boehner an easier path to sue the Obama Administration for not executing the laws of the land.  Although Speaker Boehner did not say what laws he is going to sue over, but the three dozen delays of Obama Care and ignoring immigration law have to be near the top.  We shall see.

Finally, the MSM is largely ignoring the IRS targeting scandal.  This is simply outrageous.  I think this is much bigger than Watergate.  Nixon lost less than 20 minutes of audio tape, and Lois Learner and six other key officials at the IRS all had their hard drives crash at the same time and two years of emails were lost.  In Watergate, the real law breaking came in the form of a cover up.  That is obstruction of justice.  I think this is the same thing, only exponentially bigger.  Some in the MSM, such as Chuck Todd, NBC’s Political Director and Chief White House Correspondent, goes even further by saying the real story is “whether explicitly political organizations should be filing as tax exempt social welfare groups under the tax code.”  Sorry, Chuck, this is not what the story is about.  It is about massive First Amendment violations and multiple crimes including obstruction of justice, the exact thing the Nixon Administration did that sent top Nixon Administration officials to jail and forced President Nixon to resign.  The IRS targeting scandal makes what Nixon did look like a school yard prank.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Fraser

    Thanks Greg, great wrap!
    On the IRS and other Constitutional scandals swamping the administration…

    The underlying things that resulted in the success of the USA (namely the Declaration of Independence, American Constitution and Bill of Rights) were all based on two very old concepts that have formed the bedrock of human society for the last thousand years:
    [1] Social Contract (ancient) – The people consent to be governed ONLY IF the Government protects individual “natural rights” (of life, liberty, justice, property etc).
    [2] Magna Carta (1215) – “the King (read Government) is not above the law” – which (by extension) bestows equal rights, or “justice for all”.

    I would further argue that America’s historical success has been achieved by doing these two simple things better than anyone else. However by now attacking the Constitution (with the “Patriot Act”, “Too Big to Jail”, “IRS harassment” etc, etc), the Government is effectively unwinding the very things that made the USA great. I am not sure where Obama thinks that he is going with this, but I am absolutely convinced that no good will come of it!

    In my parlance, your Government has revoked the Magna Carta and broken the Social Contract with the people, which has removed its legitimacy to govern. Or in other words, your Government has made some critical mistakes over the last few decades – but instead of admitting these mistakes and reversing direction – they are changing the Constitution to allow themselves (and the top 1%) to survive while 99% of the people burn – which will tear apart the fabric of your society – possibly resulting in violent revolution.

    One future for the US is that it suffers (self-inflicted) economic problems but then rises again, united under the Constitution. Another future is like Iraq, where failed US policy has already destroyed a country’s Government and social cohesion. However I fear that the actual future may be much worse, because if the US falls apart with nuclear armed neo-cons remaining in control, then our whole planet is gone.

    So Greg – I think it would be VERY helpful to interview an expert on the Constitution who can explain to everyone just how important it has been AND STILL IS. Then the protection of the Constitution should become our “red line” – across which no Government official should be allowed to tread. After all to get their jobs they have sworn to uphold the Constitution, so it is not unreasonable for us to request that they actually honour that pledge

    Finally, on the 25th anniversary I urge everyone to take some courage from “Tank Man”. If he can do all this alone, then “we the people” can surely do much less together!

    • Fraser

      Interestingly, we could write a new chapter in the history of “Civil Disobedience”:
      – The people could demand that the Government uphold the law !!!
      – Citizens could be sworn in as “Deputies of the Constitution” and then prosecute Government officials either breaching or failing to uphold the Constitution.

    • Koinonia

      Social Contract (ancient)
      God’s word the (Bible)______________US. Constitution (1776)
      Magna Carta (1215)

      ANGLO/AMERICAN DUAL WORLD SUPER POWER: Is, was, and still is? That is the question!

  2. Cry Me A Ruble

    It’s getting crazy out there in the world Greg. I would like someone to tell me exactly what is a moderate terrorist ? I s this a guy that kills you but sends you an apology in advance? But seriously if we as Americans, as a nation of one, do not bring this outlaw Obama administration to task then we are over. We cannot as a people have any credibility to make any future administrations accountable for them to adhere to the constitution. It is human nature to push the envelope into corrupt, evil behavior. The founders knew this. That is why the bill of rights restricts “government power” not the people. Tell that to Obama. Great week of reporting as usual, Greg. I’m out till next week.

    • Greg Hunter

      Cry Me A Ruble,
      You can’t arm so-called “moderate” rebel fighters who fight side by side with al-Qaeda and expect the arms to stay with the “moderates.” As my friend Jim Sinclair says, “This is too stupid to be stupid.” See you when you get back.

    • oldnurse

      If we are going to hold the Obama administration accountable, then Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc also have to be part of the prosecution. No way that Obama and his admin are any worse tban those evil-doers.

      • Ugly

        So what. Who cares?

        • Tin hat

          Old nurse,

          Bush used our own troops to defend the dollar’s reserve status against the rising euro. That is what the second Golf War was really about – petrol dollar vs. petrol euro.

          Now, Obama has to once again defend the reserve status against the rebelling ruble and yuan. That is what the conflicts in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq are really about. The only difference between Bush and Obama is that Bush used our troops to defend the dollar and established a democratically elected government, Obama is using ISIS to defend the dollar and would likely topple a democratically elected goverment.

          Bush and Cheney may be evil doers but the US was still a honorable nation with noble intent. Now, we have sunken to be just another state sponsors of terrorism.

    • Fubar

      Crimea river, Ruble,

      What brought us to this sad state of affairs? I was just a little punk when tricky Dick Nixon decided to close the US. gold window, then along with the house of Saud, backing our dollar with thier’s and OPEC’s oil, thereby creating the almighty, Petrol dollar. They then proceeded to bring about an oil embargo to show us and daddy Bush who’s the boss in this relationship, giving themselves a very big fat raise in oil prices to boot and we’ve been on the short end of the stick, on the bottom of this totem pole, ever since. That 70’s show started us into the deep debt hole we find ourselves in today and Vietnam the first war we decided to wage on credit, thanks to our allies’, that same house of Saud who now own us lock stock and barrel. Then to celebrate the new century they took us to the woodshed on 9/11 and beat our ass’et’s, just to remind us, their still the boss and we the female bow wow. And to think it took just up until a few months ago for the world press to find out that high government and royal Saudi officials, not only financed but directed the operation! But why not a peep out of our maimed steamed media? Because their bought and paid for and our president, who vowed to uphold our constitution, not only bow’s too, but is beholden to a Saudi, Sunni King! Can you believe it? So which side of this 800 year oil’d religious war do you thunk were on? Let me give you a hint, money talks and bull Shiite walks!
      Our liar in chief is oh to happy to be just our golfer in chief while we all get it in the a$$’et’s, while he leaves the world in the hands of the neo-conmen an women.
      They all got one big problem though, that little short guy, Vlad Putin.

      • oLD cOOP

        Fubo, Actually it was always either guns or butter for any war up until the Vietnam conflict, then during Vietnam, the American populace weren’t required to sacrifice for that war because it was to unpopular, politicians are smart! The people suffered and paid with high inflation in the 70’s, for Vietnam and soon with inflation ounce again, but much worse for the wars of this century!

  3. allen ols


    Its pathetic; the american public, ie sheeple as we say, cant wrap their brains around the dollar as the reserve currency, let alone fractional and re-frac. lending. Now mention derivitives, sp, and point to the police gearing up with “BATTLE WAGONS,”, and ‘MILITARY WEAPONS AND GEAR”, and FEMA CAMPS, and their brains go into overload, and disbelief, with excuses pouring forth. HA they will deserve what they get when it comes crashing down, just like the voters deserve what they got in this obamanation called a leader of the free world.

    JERRY; THE JACKASS THINKS ALONG THESE LINES, BUT HAS NOT SET A DATE, except to say “the funeral procession has begun for the dollar”

    Jerry 06/26/2014 •
    July 15th date clarified –

    July 15th is the date the City of London Corporation has chosen to pull the pin on the bomb known as the U.S. dollar. Just like Homer falling down a cliff there will be lots of economic bumps and bruises on the way down, to the ultimate goal of a new economic system comprised of #2 currency systems.
    – The republic dollar- which will be used as trade within the borders of the United States, which will be devalued by 70%-80% .
    – The trade dollar- which will be used for international trade which will be devalued by 40%-60% .

    According to my source, the IMF will be moving its headquarters to China, to help the Chinese set up and monitor the new international trade system that is being established up by the Chinese. Currency swap agreements have already been set up with most of the world governments, China Russia, Germany, 105 BRIC nations and most recently England. The systems are in place. The exits are being monitored. All we need now is an event to force the masses to move to the exits.

    Its happening now people. The wars in the Ukraine, and Iraq, and Syria, are the last ditch efforts by the western Banking Cabal to save their fiat system. Did you not know that ISIS was American made? CIA trained? The invasion into Iraq was nothing more than a ploy to draw Iran into the mire, so they couldn’t fulfill their Oil and Gas deal with Russia and Gazprom. Last week, they blew up the gas pipeline in Ukraine, to again stall of the Gas and Oil deals that Russia made with the EU. That’s all they have left. Stall tactics. Just like hiding Bonds in Belgium.

    You see people, here’s the truth. The City of London Corporation doesn’t need the western Banking Cabal anymore. They have struck new agreements with China and Russia and they plan to make their bed with them. Not us. Who do you think encouraged the Fed to print money? It was just another tool they used to debase the dollar, for their goal of collapsing it into a new system, and nothing more. The clock is ticking.

    Thank God Greg was paying attention, or none of us here would have known about it. Thank you Greg.

    • EyesWideShut

      Actually, this is news that can be found in various places such as:


      V the Guerilla Economist has pretty much said the same thing (http://roguemoney.net/). Greg, if possible can you interview V? He’s very insightful – pretty much on par with Jim Willie! There’s another source, whose information is lets say non-conventional, who is also saying mid-July will be key events as well. However, this will be the beginning of unprecedented, historical changes. Therefore, for those who are aware that events in the world are accelerating toward something this is the time to prepared, in whatever way that means to you. I’m confident something is going to happen this year based on the devastating economic numbers in the US & Western Europe, openly desperate US aggressive, criminal behavior domestically & internationally, and major moves being made by Russia & China/BRICS and its alliances. It seems events are set or being setup out of public view that will take everyone by surprise – even those who claim they are prepared. In the meantime, 90% of the American populace haven’t a clue! They’ve been dumbed down with bread and circuses, poor & toxic diet, prescription medication, MSM propaganda, and dishonest, criminal government. That’s a lot to go against, and unfortunately it has worked! Why, for instance, is the German population having a massive protest against the FED, and not the Americans??? Apparently, they are much more enlightened about what is going on here in America than Americans! This is one of the reasons why the criminal government has been able to get away with doing whatever it wants – because the American people are too dumb to know the difference! Even the education population has been dumbed down, and/or doesn’t want to risk their lifestyle comforts. But, when they find themselves jobless, starving, homeless, and fighting off others in the same plight, who will the American people have to blame? I admit I voted for Obama in 2008, but was able to see the light by 2012, and realized the man was dangerous! I tried to point this out to family and friends, but they did see it.

      Well, this is where the world is today, and these are very scary & dangerous times. I still find myself desperately attempting to help a few family and friends see the light, but it seems futile. I guess no one will see it until something spectacularly devastating happens, which seems to be in works to take place this year!

    • Jerry

      As a rule people don’t like to deal with reality right up and until its in their grill, and then as it is in this case, it will be to late. I listen to Jim Willie to, but he gets his information from the investment side, so he is a step behind my source, who deals directly with the City of London Corporation. If he gives a date, there’s usually a pretty good reason behind it. I don’t think the 15th is the end all to end all date, but it does signify something major is going to go down that will have a significant factor on the dollar.

  4. FWM

    thank you Bush/Cheney for mass murder of a nation

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s also give thinks to Qbama/Biden for the drone murder program, the NDAA, IRS targeting, Benghazi, massive spying on all Americans, buying billions of rounds of ammunition and further gutting the Constitution.

    • lastmanstanding

      Head on over to the sgtreport and check out the latest Jim Willie interview regarding the bushes…let’s include every president since Kennedy. Even Reagan.

      He is spot on about those bastards.

  5. patrick dupont

    Great show you have going here at Watchdog Greg, enjoy listening to all your contributors and taking in their analyses.
    Iraq has a long way to run it appears, but as commentators repeat there is not much hope of really knowing what the true situation is in Iraq or anywhere as the mainstream media is unwilling or unable to really tell the story.
    Why make all that effort to steal the oil only to leave it fall back into the hands of the people we stole it from?
    keep up the good work.

  6. bob

    greg, very impressive news wrap up. we put Saddam hussein in power. it seemed to me he kept the religious groups in check and at bay with one another. of course we were told by the msm how evil he was, which i am beginning to believe might not have been all of the truth but we needed an excuse to get rid of him. he was willing to trade oil for euros which is the truth. the same for all the other countries that have fallen because they did not play the game our way. fast forward, here we have aided this group and that group and armed these guys but helped them out until it has become out of control. meanwhile other countries are watching this as we create chaos. it seems like we keep making moves and someone else puts us in check. before you know it, checkmate? am i wrong? you have a great deal more knowledge than i do. everything we do fails and it has accelerated. on our side business as usual. bring on the illegals for future votes, let the banks commit fraud, let the gov’t do as they please, corporations paying off gov’t for there benefit to do as they please, the msm in bed with them all and last but not least no morals. i hate to say this but its like giving loaded guns to a cage full of monkeys. you know the end result.

  7. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    The Saudis will trade oil in other than US$ anyway, because they hate when somebody steals from them directly (see London) or indirectly (see ZIRP, QE and other money-printing schemes). So the question is not “if” but “when”.

    Ad Ukraine, were the “separatists” whom shot down that helicopter, or it is was not so nice way of dealing with internal opposition?
    So the US president is look weak. My question is: Can we look even weaker? Yes, and why he looks weak is simple, the big oil squeezed his balls (or whatever he has). This is caused by the Putin’s policies, whom called in the big US oil firms (and when he is done, he will probably kick them out).

    About US economy. It is thanking, is that surprise. The most of US citizens don’t have enough money. And I suspect when the immigrants notice the money they get is not enough to sustain them (and thus can’t send home enough) the immigration will make a 180 degree turn.

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think 2014 and 2015 are going to repeats of 2007 and 2008 only exponentially worse. Big event happening this year coming and it will sink the USD and U.S. economy.

      • Paul from Indiana

        That’s because nothing has really changed for the average people in this country. To save the banks and Wall Streeters, TARP and QE were implemented to make the biggest rip-off ever in this country, the idea being to give the appearance that government was “doing something” for the common man, all the while plundering what little he had left. Not only is this a set-up for disaster, it was unconscionable and immoral. Best always. PM

      • JM

        2015 is only 6 months away.. this place is unraveling like the string on a sack of wheat seed. Things are going to get big and bad enough soon that the mainstream media will even start reporting it. (With a spin of course)

  8. Merc

    Greg, The Iraqi crisis is USA-cia and Mossad at work again. Not really diffiult to understand. Educate yourself and family.

    How does the soul accept that the enemy we died fighting aganst is now on OUR payroll murdering who we want…please let this sink in. This is USA 2014.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not so sure Mossad had much to do with this. I think the U.S and CIA screwed this up all on their own. This is now an enormous mess and no clean easy way out. The Israelis would never want these kind of radical terrorists near its borders. This isn’t just a few terror cells but a terror army.

    • Koinonia

      Merc Cruiser,
      Shades of ((((((1 9 1 4)))))) !

  9. Mike Soon Over

    Greg, always a good job, just seen Andy Hoffman on SGT report and the 5 Trill Silver manipulation. I want to make a point for those of us that are dialed in. Greg, when the (Big One Hits) Inflation running wild in the food and energy sector as we see Dollars coming back into the US. I’m thinking far ahead of the point of saving in Gold and Silver but what about the time we sell our PMs. Say the metals go up 3 6 or 10 fold from $20 silver price it is now. If that happens don’t all products also go up by the same multipliers. Take the Silver to gas ratio of $20 Silver to $4 gas a 4 to 1 metric and say we see gas go to $12 a gallon so silver could be $60 a oz or easily more. I say easily because of the depressed number should be near to $40 a oz present time. Is there any where in history or the fine minds of Hoffman, Butler, Casey, etc. that have recommendations of when to sell and what into too. Again, for all of us with PMs this question needs strategy. For if Silver goes to $120 or more Govt controls i’m sure will be put into place. Could you possible ask a guest this question as I’m sure history has some answers. Germany in the 1920s or Argentina etc. Yes, we have the right ideas and 1980 US helps though but this one will be far harder in facing. Rickards or Jim Willie may have some good suggestions in these hard times of the future. I personally have some ideas though I’m very concerned with Cap controls. One last item, so we sell PMs and get Fiat in hand we must move quickly due to the possible failure of the currency. My understanding is a crisis of currency lasts sometimes a very short time before another currency is implemented. Please expound and with many thanks for what you do the very best

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike Soon Over,
      The markets are All so distorted and manipulators you cannot apply ordinary metrics. Who knows what will happen but when it blow it will be exponential. You may be correct, I am just adding my 2 cents. Thank you for commenting.

      • Mike Soon Over

        Thanks, funny just noticed I wrote a 4 to 1 ratio and not the 5 to 1. LOL just feeling foolish for a minute or 2.

  10. Jose

    In your home, you may loose your emails if your hard drive fails. However, in a corporation they have server based e-mails which makes this virtually impossible. It is so because servers use RAID technology. There many configurations of this technology, the most common is RAID 5 which has to drive for management and control and three drives as redundant storage. From the perspective of the server this whole thing is one logical drive. I had some of the drives running 24/7 for 15 years without a failure. The way it works is to be redundant. Logic within these drive constantly monitor the status of the drives. If one fails, a message is sent to admin. The admin gets a status of the problem and can replace the faulty drive without turning the system off. This called “hot swaps”. I could go on and on about how robust these things are but you get the point. Because RAIDs are expensive as a whole, the are also protected from power failures with multiple built in power supplies and ups power backup.
    It is not only a lie, it is a bad one. By the way, if you are wondering what the acronym “RAID” Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives. Which makes me laugh because a RAID unit price range 5000 – 10,000 dollars. Before you tell me you bought one 500 dollars, let me tell that is not what professional IT department buy. I don’t want to waste anymore of your time but know this, this is such a stupid lie that it makes the excuse, “The dog ate my home-work” quite plausible and believable.

    This people are not only criminals but are amateurs BS providers.

    have a great weekend Greg

  11. MRPM

    Nice summary of the news this week Greg, I think you did a great job at covering the flood of issues coming at us this past week especially. Things sure seem to be picking up lately, I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or a taste of things to come.

    My take, If another country gave 500 MILLION dollars to Mexicans to fight and overthrow the US Govt. I doubt very much that would sit well with Obama and either Dems or Repubs. in what really amounts to an act of war against Assad, and that its really being considered by our govt, is a disgrace. If Obama or the warmongers like Mccain think this won’t turn out any differently than when we trained and funded the once thought of Moderates ISIS Sunnis, they are truly insane. The definition of which is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Have a “nice” weekend too- what else can we do, right?

  12. Jerry

    Greg I don’t say this lightly, but when this whole outhouse goes up in flames, in my opinion, the MSM who has become nothing more than the marketing arm of the Banking Cabal, should be swinging from the same lamppost that they are. They have sold out, not only their responsibility to protect the constitution, but the American people as well. Greg how do these people sleep at night? Are they to scared to report the truth, or are they just that dumb? -2.9 % GDP hasn’t been seen in this country since 1958. When the second quarter report comes out, ( incidentally that’s on the 15th of July) what do you think will happen if it shows another negative contraction? Kathy bar the door. They will have no choice but to manipulate it, to avoid the ensuing panic.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are afraid they will be fired or let go. Look what happened to me. The good news is me separating from the MSM was the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. Nobody walks in my office and tells me to “tone it down.” The MSM will be discredited and irrelevant after the next crash.

      • Paul from Indiana

        That can’t happen soon enough. The so-called 4th estate has sold out the country, all because they were mad about McCarthy, who was wrong in his method but right in his idea. Now look at us. Best always. PM

    • mark

      Hi Jerry,
      I posted a question in response to your comment towards the end of the comments section of the Gordon Long interview and was wondering if you saw it. Basically I am wondering, in response to your posting of the Homer Simpson cartoon where we are at in this process. Have we already launched off the cliff and are awaiting to feel the impacts as we descend into the third world abyss? Also with respect to your mentioning of the 15th of July, what should we look for as confirmation that events are actually unfolding as your source has indicated according to the plans of the City of London Corp. and China? Also, Jim Willie has mentioned a dollar split with a devalued “Republic” dollar for use domestically which would be devalued 30% and then another 30%. You mentioned a devaluation of 70- 80%. Does it really serve the interests of the City of London and China to cause that much chaos and panic and suffering? Thank you Jerry for posting here.

      • Jerry

        Here is what I posted to your question.
        We have actually been in a “slow burn” collapse mode for quite some time. as the powers that be have been busy building their new international currency system, stall it with market manipulation tactics. It is my understanding that the July 15th events will cause an acceleration of the process to the eventual end sometime in the first quarter in 2015. I wouldn’t bet on that timetable because events could speed it up even faster. The two major events in July 15th that they are calling the trigger mechanisms are.
        – The end of NATO – with some type of military confrontation with Russia
        – A spike in PM prices, being led by Silver
        I noticed last week England signed on with China’s currency swoop agreement, and looks like (according to my source) France will be next. So you see, they are just about ready.
        I hope this helps. Prepare my friend. The time is short. Trust in the lord. We are fighting against dark forces that are hell bent on controlling this world.

        Mark, the deeper I go into this, I’m beginning to realize that this is a carefully planned, and orchestrated collapse, by the central Banks from the City of London Corporation. They have had to manipulate the markets to stall off the collapse until their new exchange system was in place and operational. In my opinion they have been working on this project since the beginning of the collapse which started in 2008 with the help from the Russians and Chinese.

        • mark

          thank you again Jerry.

  13. art barnes

    Greg, for sometime now I have read your weekly Wrap-up and it always validated my slow slog to to third world country thesis. However, this Wrap-up struck me different, it is clear to me now that my so-called “slow slog” argument is giving our leaders far too much credit to have a controlled slow slog crash if you will. On all continents and at home this countries fabric, its culture, values, foreign & domestic issues, its economy etc., is unraveling, and doing so exponential if you will. We talk on your blog about the “last snowflake” , “the straw” & the “tipping point”, etc., but frankly it finally dawned on me that those metaphors have now happened and it wasn’t a “black swan” event as many predicted; not one big alligator in the swamp, but a whole lot of little ones which are just a bad and you lose your arms and legs just as easily. The fact that there was no one black swan moment leads one to continue to argue that a turn around is possible, but if you look under the water in the swamp you could see that there are too many small chomping alligators to get to the shore to survive. So Greg, and fellows bloggers, don’t look for the black swan event cause one isn’t needed for a third world event, its already set in motion by hundreds of smaller “swans” in play – any turnaround cannot not happen, destiny has evoked its will on this country, historians can write and determine as to who was to blame, illegals, the FED, the military industrial complex, NSA, MSM, IRS, entitlements,Congress, the President(s) etc., etc., but it doesn’t matter any longer because it can’t be changed, that timeline has closed.

  14. allen ols


    Jim Willie CB
    12:51 AM (7 hours ago)

    to me
    the UN is about to be shut down temporarily
    a new one is being constructed in China

    On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 6:32 PM, Allen Ols wrote:

    Allen Ols
    8:18 AM (1 minute ago)

    to Jim

    • Jerry

      Scary stuff. The only thing that has kept them out so far, is the fear of dealing with an armed citizenry. When they come to my neck of the woods, they will meet seasoned veterans, not unarmed helpless victims like they have hoarded over in other Marxist purges. Thank God for the wisdom of our forefathers.

    • Ugly

      There is no doubt that a NWO has formed and many Americans will be purged. There is some big confiscation in the air. I wonder if folks that vote all democrat have developed a brain cell yet?

      • lastmanstanding

        No they won’t Ugly. Democrats/Collectivist’s must huddle together in a tight little tumor. They are afraid of standing alone. The ones on the bottom think that they will rise to the top for their loyalty to the cause.

        It. Has. Never. Happened. In. History. That. Way.

        They are used to the nth power for their weakness/gullibility and exterminated at the earliest convenience.

        • Ugly


          I agree. The Dems are no more than monkey see, monkey do….they just blindly follow. At least conservatives criticise past republicans. Are there any dems out in USA land that do not like what has happened in past 6 years and will critize their Leaders?

      • Galaxy 500

        Whats coming looks more like a new world disorder to me. Its hard to.have order when the whole world is burning

        • Ugly

          the world disorder is for the 95%. the world order is for the top 5%. I can predict that the top 5% will not be in line at Wally World for milk and eggs….

  15. Robert

    By successfully arming both opposing warring sides, we have succeeded. in our efforts.

    Now, It could only be more of a success if we were given an opportunity to exacerbate the situation.

    War on earth is hell on earth.

  16. Ugly

    Like I said, ‘ we the people owe President Nixon an apology’. I said mine, have you said yours?

    The definition of a recession is two negative quarters in a row. Well we have had at least two and are probably in our third one. Folks, this system is going down because no legislature is trying to fix it or even address it. The deficit was talked about far more in the 1980s thru the early 2000s than it is today. Thus, there is no fixing….

  17. Diogenese

    Hi Greg
    Liberals v religion , just look at the USA , no ten comandments on / in courthouses ,separate church and state at all and any cost , religion IS legislated / devoursed from the state ( apart from mouthing God bless America ) ,religious war is totally beyond their ability to understand what’s happening in the mid east , they can’t get their heads around people are willing to die for their religion , even though their are plenty if historic christian marters , liberals believe in nothing ,apart from the power of the state to bludgeon you into submission , it is completely beyond their comprehension that there is anything that someone is willing to die for , that is why Iraq is a disaster and Americas understanding /diplomacy in the mid east is so flawed and Americas influence is so degraded , whether they like it or not sending women diplomats over there is a insult to to them , hell when the UK Queen went to Saudi they made her a honory man for the day , I bet that Clinton was listened to then ignored ! There rules is their rules , ignore them at your peril .
    Hmmmmmm arming moderate terrorists , oxymoron here !

    • oLD cOOP

      Yesterday, Saturday, June 28th 2014, celebrating the start of WWI, in Sarajevo, Bosnia/ Herzegovina, part of the former Yugoslavia, which was once part of the Austrian/Hungarian empire, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, brought back the music of the former Hapsburg’s, “rulers of the empire”, where Slave and German lived side by side, in peace and harmony, “except for a teenage Bosnian Serb”, who decided to liven things up a bit, by tossing a hand grenade, into the automobile, carrying the archduke, Franz Ferdinand and his wife. And indeed he did, oficialy starting off, the world at war!
      Now 100 years on, were all trying to figure out what the Hell is going on in the summer of 2014? Has some unseen wicked spirit force revisited us in this one hundredth anniverserary year, of the guns of August, 1914? Are our fearless and feckless, dear leaders, leading us down the primrose path of assured mutual destruction? Why the hell are they thinking, another world at war, is the answers to all thier problems? As G500 would say, thier full of shiit and the Sunni we fire thier a$$’et’s and tell em to find a real job, the the better off, we and all man and womankind will be!
      Is Hillory Clinton up to the task of kicken some neo-con dupa? I know Bill would and will, if this crazy world can survive, (two zero one five)?
      2015 hear we come, right back were we started from!

      He was only 19

  18. Willard Ferch

    After Obama was first elected, in spite of not knowing much about him, I wrote to my brother, a devout Liberal, that O had one aim, and that was to bring this country to its knees. It has nothing to do with the Democrat party; it’s just a tool for him and those who think like him. You and others, have wondered why O did this or is doing that, and I wanted to scream, “He’s doing that on purpose; he wants to bring this country down!” I’ve tried to think of something good he’s done, and there’s nothing. No arguments–just sit back and watch! Fiddlin’ Ferch

  19. Galaxy 500

    The move is 5.5% points, the percentage change is 211%. Thats an astonishingly large error.
    Great wrap up. I am afraid that we are all going to be wrapped up a few months. To be honest, while I see inflation at a high level, approx 10-12%, I am shocked that its not a lot higher…by that I mean 10% a month. My theory is that a large portion of the “magic” money being stolen into existence is going to back fill the enormous losses the banks suffered in 2007 to date. Thus, it basically wipes itself out. But I think that as time passes, it has to get out into the broader economy and fuel inflation.
    Fiat currency and banks are faith based entities, just like churches. When the people holding dollars here and abroad loose faith, you will see a desperate game of musical chairs as people exit dollars first for other fiat and then to PMs. I keep looking around and I see some people spending money on credit cards while others are doing without. Businesses around here are folding one by one. The question is how much longer can this go on

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500 for the mathematical and inflation perspective!!

  20. smaulgld

    Thanks for connecting the dots re the relationships between the US, ISIS, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Noone does the analysis like you and gives the implications of the actions the US takes or may take on the dollar, oil and peace .
    Thanks also for pointing out how the MSM spins all negative economic news into positive.
    I would point out that the GDP this year is calculated differently than a year or so ago. Had they calculated it the way they used to, it would be it would have been even worse – but no worries the meteorologists at the Fed and MSM are on the case. Sunny skies ahead.

    Hillary Clinton weighed in from the Poor House- GDP? That was in the first quarter, what difference does it make?
    Have a great weekend.

  21. Jerry

    For those of you who think the use of the CIA by the Banking Cabal is based in theoretical ideology, I have this for you.
    Don’t think for a minute that Langley is not involved with events in both Ukraine and Iraq. They are for all intensive purposes the errand boy for the western Banking Cabal.

    • Felicia

      Jerry, the Jackass was on Trunews on Friday. He said that what we have going in the ME is Langley mercenaries supported with drug money going up against US Pentagon regulars supported by US taxpayer money. And another thing brought up on the interview was…it appears China now owns the Fed. Besides owning JPM and t..f. having direct access to the Fed vaults, it seems a sign of China’s ownership was leaked recently. The Chinese flag was flown at the Fed Rsv bank building in Dallas. Oh and it was mentioned that IRS collectiblesare being used as collateral for T notes.But my thot was…these are really pvt businesses…so …they are seen as fair game.

      • Jerry

        Thanks Felicia
        We are in deep hot water.

  22. Adam

    Thanks Greg, always a great honest perspective!

  23. Galaxy 500

    Tiger beat….hahaha

    • lastmanstanding

      That was a good one!

  24. Larry

    You talked about being damned if you do and damned if you do, I guess that would mean we (US) is in deep doo doo.

  25. JCN

    Great weekly wrap up, as usual Greg!! Just spoke with the head IT person here at a Medical Facility about the “lost” IRS emails. He just smiled and said, “The key here is were the emails for those 6 people the ONLY ones that were lost during that time period.” Good point – you’re either backing up all or none – not specific sets of emails. This country owes gratitude to Congressman Issa for his tenacity in pursuing the truth. One thing I don’t understand about the House is why they aren’t doing more to curtail Obama by controlling the purse strings. If Boehner’s lawsuit is primarily symbolic and any outcome from it would have no teeth, why go down that path. Obama has arrogantly displayed in the past that he doesn’t care if others don’t like what he is doing – he will only be deterred by real consequences. Could the house vote to defund parts of Obamacare or at least shift the funding around??

    • Greg Hunter

      Good info JCN!!!

  26. Mitch Bupp

    Thank you Greg, Chuck Todd is a partisan hack … how do you think these people get and keep their jobs? …. Yes sir, no sir, How deep and how high sir …. Today’s reporters are nothing but “YES MEN AND WOMEN”

  27. Saint Lawrence

    A real story:
    America is becoming bankrupt and obsolete to the oligarchs.
    Oligarchs and American corporations fleeing the USA.
    First the jobs were moved offshore. Next the money and gold were moved
    overseas. Companies operations, headquarters … are also moving offshore.
    ATT example, 35 thousand jobs eliminated by using voice recognition and servers.
    I called Citibank and talked to someone from Philipines. …

  28. Kristophr

    As Bill Clinton said: “That depends on what the meaning of ISIS.


  29. windcatcher

    “Civics class” Greg? Civics has not been a part of grade school or high school curriculum since about 1965. When you mention “civics” most people do not even know what you are talking about, that is how dumbed downed and brainwashed Americans are.

    • Galaxy 500

      I graduated HS in mid 70’s and we had civics up thru jr high but then I am in the south

    • woody188

      We had civics in high school in 1993. That was prior to the Section 8 housing being built up, followed by the metal detectors and security officers in the schools. I hear the kids going to the high school I went to are now lucky to just make it out alive. Funny how the neighborhood and school declined with the mandatory placement of Section 8 housing.

  30. allen ols

    GREG, colin farmer nz;

    first supermarket appeared in 1946……….


    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Allen – nice post.
      I have two little granddaughters [2 and 4 yo]. They call the supermarket the ‘stupid market’ – maybe they are more onto it than I realize.

  31. chip

    Wow Greg, you’re fired up and I like it!!! Great wrap up. One of the weekends very soon we’re going to witness a black swan somewhere of some kind. It’s in the air. Things are accelorating rapidly and there are more connections between them than we likely know…

  32. COncernedAmericanDad

    Greg, ‘another outstanding week of work by you! great interviews lately. There is so much going on and you’ve done an outstanding job of digging it up and tying it all together. It is nauseating to watch the mainstream media…..I love how CNBS will have a panel and one will say something like: ” despite the GDP contraction, we are seeing a big tick up for the second half”…….and no one asks, ‘Uh, Based on what?

    • Greg Hunter

      “Based on what” is THE question and a good one my friend!!

  33. 86daily

    May I quote Jim Stone

    “ISIS is headquartered outside Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Our Washington D.C. office is located in the Ronald Reagan Building. We are dedicated to supporting our national defense and security departments, as well as government contractors and private business, with mission-critical services performed by highly skilled experts in their fields. ISIS professionals can be found working side by side with the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Government and Prime Contractors on the ground in such strategic environments as the Middle East. See Our Locations Map at the bottom of the page.

    Wanna know what I think now? That THIS company is the one managing Iraq and they are providing a layer of separation for the military. I think THIS company is another Blackwater and that they are managing, supporting and supervising IDIOTS on the ground in Iraq. It is well known that “ISIS” is now the world’s best funded “terror group”. What better way to accomplish that than this?
    The blatant brazen naming of the “terror front” in Iraq after a military company that specifically works this arena in exactly the way that would be needed to do all of this is in my opinion a dead giveaway, ISIS IS BUSTED.

    View the Gov’t Web Site. https://public.isishq.com/public/about/default.aspx

    Make sure you check out the map at the bottom to understand the future for these nations

    • Greg Hunter

      Interesting–very interesting.

    • Felicia

      86, the Goldenjackass is saying the same thing. That ISIS is/was funded, trained thru Langley. But…because they hit the Iraq Fed rsrv vaults, they now have working capital so appear to be planning on going it on their own.

  34. Jerry

    Greg I wish I could tell you the plan for a new monetary system was conjured up out of the minds of conspiracy theorist, but it wasn’t. Here is the smoking gun everyone has been looking for. Listen carefully.

    • Paul from Indiana

      What one needs to hear (convertible RMB) is in the first minute of the video, and really right off the bat. I had to repeat a couple of times to get it out of context. The rest is about how Rothschild makes money on weather analysis in China. Best always. PM

  35. Jerry

    Greg I don’t seem to be getting through to some of your readers, so I thought I would try the more direct approach to explain what I’m talking about. I couldn’t explain it any better than George did. ( Pardon the foul language )

    • Paul from Indiana

      Most people can’t conceive what Carlin is trying to get across to them, even considering his bluntness. He must have known his personal end was at hand to go to this extreme. Still, so long as the status quo holds for what most people consider “normal”, they won’t get it. When they figure out that they’ve been had, it will be too late. Jerry, I hate to tell you this, buddy, but a prophet is never heard in his own land . Your efforts are valiant, and you can go forward with a clear conscience. And many of us are with you. But we will have to do it without General Yamashita’s gold, which is a figment of some people’s imagination. Best always. PM

  36. michael

    It is sad that this is the type of world we live in. But maybe this will wake some people up. Keep up the work doing all you do Greg, and THANK YOU.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You Michael!

  37. Kevin

    Thanks for a fine wrap-up, Greg.

  38. Ugly

    All I can say is–

    ….thy kingdom come, thy will be done
    On earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    And forgive me of my sins as I have

    As Billy Graham once said in the 1970s, ‘that if God does not judge America, then he will owe Sodom and Gomarrah an apology’….

    Judgment Day is near. Prepare folks. Repent, The Lord is Near!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Ugly! A beautiful prayer!

    • Roger A. Huddleston

      America will reap what it has sown.

  39. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    Once again a great weeks reporting by Watchdog.
    Greg you sound a wee bit fired up this week – I don’t altogether blame you though.
    Almost the entire US Govt and the MSM continue to insult the American people with pathetic lies, coverups and monumental misinformation to the stage that the whole thing has quite frankly become a ridiculous charade. This administration will go down in history as one of the most shameless, dangerous and ruthless regimes that mankind has ever witnessed.

    The shambles in Syria, Iraq, and the Ukraine are just a continuation of the USA’s perpetual war machine.
    I was born in 1954 and in my lifetime I have not seen one single year where the US has not been involved in at least one war. A study conducted some 7 years ago has shown that since WW2 the various US regimes have been responsible for killing 20-30 million people around the world. In the last seven years this horrendous pattern has continued and probably accounted for another 1 or two million deaths. The story gets even worse, if that is possible. For every death in these wars there are roughly 10 people wounded – thats right we are talking in the region of 200- 300 million people affected by these wars. I will mention just a few of the ‘highlight’ since 1945;
    CAMBODIA – Massive bombing of Cambodia by the US can be directly linked to political destabilization which allowed the Khmer Rouge to seize power and eventually the killing of some 2.5 million people.
    INDONESIA – The US in 1965 interfered in this countries politics which resulted in a coup.
    Estimates of the eventual death toll range from 1/2 million to 3 million.
    IRAQ – Some 700,000 and it isn’t finished yet.
    KOREA – It is estimated that the US was directly involved in the killing of about 3 million civilians using 650,000 tons of bombs and 43,000 tons of napalm.
    VIET NAM – somewhere between 3 and 8 million people depending on who you listen to.
    Greg, I could just go on and on, but I won’t continue as I am feeling sick in the stomach just part of the way through a very long and sad list.
    Obama and Kerry with their actions in Ukraine simply carry on this pattern of shameful hubris behaviour by US regimes where the common denominator is not humanitarianism but aggressive naked greed and total self interest.

    Latest GDP figure – Just about ‘every man and his dog’ has put their own spin on this one, so why shouldn’t I have a go at it too.
    Call me cynical if you like but I don’t reckon it had a whole lot to do with the weather.
    We all know that finding new ways to report [read bullshit] unemployment and GDP is in much of the financial world becoming almost a national sport.
    So here goes – MY SPIN
    How about focussing on the notion that there is ‘good GDP’ and ‘bad GDP’ in an economy. I will do the analogy of my GDP down on the farm, after all the US economy is really a business entity also – it just happens to be a very big one, nonetheless many of the fundamentals are much the same.
    If on my farm in a pretty grim year of beef sales I decided that to hell with it, I would like to buy a new tractor so I can feel better about myself – you know try out a bit of good old fashioned retail therapy. I decide dam it I’ll get two not just one, because I can purchase them on no deposit, and low interest rate HP. After all I am a star candidate for a loan – for instance I have enough breath to fog up a mirror and on a good day I can even write my own name [i.e I am not yet clinically dead yet! ].
    I go out and buy them and boost the ‘GDP’ of my farm.But is this ‘good GDP’ ?
    In a countries calculation of GDP, mad purchases like this are obviously included in the total figure, but it is not in my book ‘good GDP’. All I have done is create more debt that at some stage will have to be paid back – that is unless of course I am declared bankrupt and only have to repay ‘pennies on the pound.’
    There also needs to be a major distinction drawn between the ‘good GDP’ when the US was the greatest industrial nation on earth and the “bad GDP’ when it has now become the biggest consumer economy the world has ever seen. What is the figure – 5% of the worlds population using 30% of resources? My god – we need to all think very seriously about a -2.9’growth’ under these circumstances.
    The other questions we all need to ask are;
    This minus 2.9 is it nominal or real? i.e. Is it adjusted for inflation?
    Furthermore is it adjusted for real inflation or the bullshite figure that is bandied about in the MSM.

    I remember one shocking TV interview where the NZ Prime Minister was asked by a TV interviewer what he thought was positive in the domestic economy for the forthcoming year . He answered that the rebuild of the city of Christchurch after the big earth quake was in full ‘swing’ [scuse the pun] and that this was a very positive thing. This is like me saying – ‘I had a good year on the farm because a massive flood took out every one of my fences and I have been very busy spending lots of time and money rebuilding them ever since. Furthermore it is such a big job I probably won’t be finished for 5 to 10 years.
    Isn’t this just another example of what I call ‘bad GDP’ . Thats right I almost forgot, this was the year NZ hosted the Rugby world cup. He mentioned this too as being great for the economy. When all said and done I don’t think the influx of visitors spent much locally as they were mostly broke after buying their accommodation and air tickets and only had enough left over to buy a few beers – much of which was probably imported anyway. Goodness me – this was all he could come up with that was positive in our economy.
    I should hasten to add a bit of background re this particular PM.
    ex Head of global exchange for Merrill Lynch.
    ex Member of the Foreign Exchange Committee of the New York FED

    Re IRS
    Goodness me I have a little one man office down here and everything I do on my computer is backed up in real time on the cloud. I can’t physically lose emails and this system cost less than five hundred dollars. These Govt. Depts. like the IRS act just like preschoolers with their pathetic lies and coverups.

    And yes I KNOW! I am probably a target down here too as we are all spied upon routinely.
    But you know I don’t actually give a ‘rats arse anymore’.
    In fact the only way I can live with myself is to speak out loud and clear because what is going down in the US is a tragedy and I am witness to it. If I don’t speak out I consider myself complicit in this situation even though I live in the antipodes.
    Gee Greg – I’m a tad fired up too!

    • Greg Hunter

      Sobering, my friend!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        You should be in bed at this hour – not responding to my rants!

        • Greg Hunter

          But your “rants” are so interesting and good!!!!

      • Roger A. Huddleston

        Secession is the only logical option when dealing with a government that is unjust, unlawful, and wildly immoral. SECEDE…SECEDE…SECEDE…

    • Paul from Indiana

      Colin, I appreciate your overall friendly tone and comments sympathetic to this site. But without US involvement in Korea, at whatever regrettable cost in terms of civilian loss of life, there is no telling what the outcome would have been, especially on your side of the world. THAT one was visited on you, me, and everyone else. The mistake was not finishing the deal, and for that, you have Truman’s ego to thank, as he could not allow himself to take a backseat to MacArthur, although MacArthur was the infinitely more talented and competent man. Maybe the US is politically out of control and a danger to the world, but from 1950-53, 5 short years from 1945, the Yanks saved the world’s bacon under duress and at great cost. I wouldn’t be too sanguine. You don’t think China has the southern Asian hemisphere in its sights? Best always to you and yours. PM

    • Ugly

      People are asleep. A -2.9% doesn’t mean much to people that are focused on other things. If you think about it in the USA there are about 200 million adults. I would wager that out of the 200 million adults, only about 2-5 million are paying attention to the events going on today. Thus, about 5 million will not be surprised by what is happening and is about to happen. But, it will totally shock the other 195 million….

    • Koinonia

      You guy’s from down unda are smokin! And I’m sorry to hear one of your PM’s had such close ties with Wall St. and the Fed. Col. But it really should not be surprising, or both yours and Fraser’s concern, considering both your countries are part of the present Anglo/American dual world super power! So let’s all drink a beer and sing together, “Nearer My God to Thee”, as we sink below the waves of history!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Yeah Koinonia
        What you say makes perfect sense.
        My two favourite beers in the word are Mac’s gold [made in NZ] and Coors [made in Denver in the ‘good’ old US of A].
        I have a completely new strategy as from today – I will completely reinvent myself, stock up on lots of beer, and invest in some singing lessons.

    • Fraser

      Col – Having been most places (man), I have no doubt that we have the best two countries on planet earth and I have always thought that we should get togther formally for our own enjoyment and protection – although I suppose Chappell’s underarm bowl put a stop to that back in 1981 (what an absolute disgrace). Like you I’m thinking of ways to stop the nit-wits in the northern hemisphere from blowing us all up. My local Pollys all share my concern and even ex-PM Malcolm Fraser is trying to get US forces off our soil before they turn ferral. Anyway, thanks for firing me up – I’ve been wondering whether or not to buy a new tractor! Best regards mate…

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Yeah Fraser
        I still haven’t got over the Chappell incident or the fact that you buggers tried to pinch Phar Lap – I lie awake and toss and turn about it most of the night! What year was it Phar Lap died – methinks maybe about 1932.
        But in-spite of of these unforgivable injustices there is a lot of good camaraderie between our two countries that we should treasure.
        I do admire your namesake ex PM very much and feel he still speaks a lot of sense unlike whats-her-face Julia or that current one, what ever the hell his name is. What happened to the Frasers and the JFK leaders of this world. Look at some of the creatures that ‘lead’ major countries in this day and age – it is sickening. The Camerons the Merkels etc. they all seem to to be morally bankrupt.
        Keep up your posting Fraser I enjoy it very much as you provoke much thought and discussion – isn’t that what this site is about?
        I will now offer you some vey sound investment advise…. for nothing!
        Check out your local HP terms now! If you buy in bulk you may be able to get one of those no deposit no interest loans like they had in the US last year. Do you need a new tractor man?
        Dah what the hell, just get one anyway.
        Cheers and best wishes dude

  40. Darren

    Pure vanity, fighting to save your pathetic existence, soon you all will return to dust. Umm heaven awaits, as long as I pay for a better seat, God said that USA is written into prophecy? Yeah I reckon Jerry Springer showed how great USA is, “well I took my daughter’s hubby for myself because my daughter was to fat to look after him” Yes a nation under God!

    Oh I must prepare for the coming apocalypse/s, oh gosh, we have the bible such a gathering of facts that contradicts itself over and over and rehashes older myths and stories passed down throughout the ages. Yes white man is direct blood line from God! Funny hell fire only came to light in the NT. Dumb, and dumber USA God fearing pushing the Christianity fundamental hand waving praise the lord garbage like Darwinism evolutionary academia trash. USA lets see what wonders you have given to the world; ponzii schemes, asset bubbles, Wall Street, Al Qaeda bogey men, Village People gay fag bands, pornography, gambling, drug addictions, wars, poverty, religious crap, greed is good, corrupt banking systems. lies and lies and lies and yet you say you are a nation under some God! Who is your GOD? USA you are full of crap and the world no longer respects you. wake up people of the so called Republic find your balls if you have any left, but I guess you are all the one band the Village People – Macho Macho Man I wanna be a f#@

  41. Liberal Conservative

    I think we all need a little more faith in our government. We may not always understand the means and methods, but with regard to the immigtation of minors being allowed across the border and encouraged, this seems to make perfect sense if we are going to have a large scale war in the future, which I think we will need in order to preserve freedom. Lets face it. A very significant part of the enlisting military now consists of Mexican immigrants, plus Mexicans arent lazy like most lower income Americans waiting for handouts. Mexicans are a sturdy group and I think they are entitled to the opportunities of a rich nation like ours because they want to become part of it and make it better just like all of our ancestors did that came through Ellis island a century ago. The encouragement of younger Mexicans being allowed makes perfect sense because if you look at typical troop deployments in recent wars, it gets into the tens if not hundreds of thousands of soldiers required for serious engagements and it is likely we will need to fight multiple fronts in the next set of conflicts. The Mexicans can be of great service to our country and are known for their gallantry and courage on the battlefield. Any way, thats my thought on the matter and as far as choosing a president in 2016, I am advocating and voting for Hillary as she knows where the levers of power and influence are and I personally would love to relive the 1990s because they were great years.

    • EyesWideShut

      This is a joke right?? You’re not taking yourself serious, right?? :0

      • Liberal Conservative

        Joke? Why would I joke. Most people I know feel the way I do. We know a war is coming and have the country’s interest at heart. I can understand people thinking how dare the young immigrants cross the border. However, we need those immigrants as human capital for the new American century. They will help us maintain our position of power on the world stage so that we can once again taste and savor the the fruits of our labor.

  42. Galaxy 500

    I think what will be telling will be the senate race in MS. Thad’s opponent got more registered republican votes than Thad but lost. It seems that a few thousand dem votes have been found that voted in the Dem primary and then voted for Thad…which is illegal and shouldnt count but McDaniel’s people are not being allowed to review voter rolls in defiance of MS law.
    The TEA party people say they are not going to vote for Thad. Hopefully, the.RINO repubs will figure out that their thwarting of the.people’s will by establishment Repubs will prove to be a vote killer for them.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The black vote that carried the “republican” to “victory” will not stay with him in November. It will revert to form, which is 90%+ Democrat. Blacks, as a demographic, profile themselves. Statistically speaking, in a bloc analysis, a 10% “breakaway” is insignificant. Best always. PM

      • Galaxy 500

        Not only will.it not.carry over in Nov, most if not.all.of it was illegal. The Dem primary was held earlier and thousands of good black citizens voted in it and in the.Republican primary…which is voter fraud. I am as out raged as a he TEA party people who out numbered Thad’s repub votes and understand why they are talking about giving Thad the finger in Nov by.staying home. These conniving weasels need to be taught a lesson.

  43. Sayonara

    Your Weekly News Wrap is the best news summary available for major news events that matter period. Unfortunately, all the contemporary new events are all shocking, appalling and frightening at the same time.
    I would never have thought in my life time that the greatest threat and number one enemy of this once great country would be the President of the United States. This traitor must be impeached for treason and punished accordingly.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sayonara!!

  44. Can't Believe It Greg

    Greg, I greatly admire you, but I can’t believe you fall for this propaganda garbage. You seem to think that Islam, or Islamic groups are the enemy. You say “If we help the Iraqi government, we will be helping the Iranians; and the Saudis will, no doubt, stop oil trade in dollars. If we do nothing, ISIS might take over Iraq and a terror army will have its own country.” Come on Greg, we have NO BUSINESS being in that part of the world! We have no business sending American men to die for nothing. A “terror army”? Give me a break! What about the US government and what it is doing in the Middle East? Greg, you seem to really believe the party line. There is a “terror army” in the Middle East, but it’s not in Iraq.

    • Greg Hunter

      Can’t Believe,
      Please don’t mistake me pointing out how much of a screwed up mess this is with me agreeing with it. We are headed for world war and it is just a matter of when. Thank you for your comment.

  45. Diane Ryan

    I have to give credit to the evil Powers-That-Be. They were smart, and they were patient. The United States’ southern border has been breached. It is lost and not coming back. Another US Government-led invasion is underway. This time it is on US soil. It is payback time for the bully of the world. Sadly, it is also ‘Game Over’ for US sovereignty.

    Is there hope? You bet. Forget the evil doers, God will sort them out. Our hope lies in using our God-given blessings to provide for and protect our love ones, and later molding what fills America’s void. Like our Liberty Pastor says, ‘We should be more concerned about preserving our liberty than preserving a government’.

  46. chuck O.

    Gregg, even if we get “O” run out of office , what are we left with?
    ((((((( BIDEN))))))) OMG! Out of the frypan into the fire. Then we have to spend the next 2 years putting his arse out the door? Maybe the next 2 years should be spent exposing the former secretary of state to the sleepers, so we don’t lose EVERY Freedom when she gets in. (note I did not capitalize her title)
    You are a very brave man; what used to be the NORM in news broadcasting. I could not be more proud of you if you were my own son. I’m well into my 70s, and I am NOT surviving this wealth grab by our criminal government It’s just sooooooo blatant, and in-your-face. Chuck.

    • Ugly

      The POTUS does not need to go. We just need a Lame Duck again. If we have a Lame Duck POTUS and all things continue, then we will know that the repubs and dems are in this together–yes that means a NWO….

    • EyesWideShut

      I don’t think we have two more years to go. Economic and geopolitical events are lurching toward a climax sooner rather than later! It’s really shameful that instead of the American people holding mass demonstrations, civil disobedience, shutdowns, and holding our representatives in government accountable for their actions, collectively we’ve become fat, lazy, political juveniles too cowardly to take on our criminal government!

  47. Galaxy 500

    Some news…one of the first is a fave, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the global warming nuts and MSM keep pushing same old lies. If Al’Jazeera Gore didnt own a major carbon trading outfit would the Dems and MSM be so eager to ignore evidence?
    Video games dont prepare you for real war…how knew?
    I guess the bedbugs and fleas finally are getting to much for the house of saud. Be careful who you sleep with…

  48. Reader

    Greg, the Saudi can’t simply turn of their oil trade in dollars just like that. The dollar is not a piece of paper chosen in an act of charity by oil nations to trade their oil is – there are more real substantial and ‘civil’ based reasons behind the use of dollar which makes it very difficult to simply switch and throw away like it was toilet paper or something… One obvious clear example is that a huge part of the the world stores its wealth in dollars, a huge part, and this includes a large private section of Saudi Citizens themselves. The Saudi Government will tread lightly and they already know this fear of a Saudi rejection of the dollar in global Business, oil or wealth is just that – false fear aka fear porn.

    • Greg Hunter

      The trend away from the dollar is not “false fear aka fear porn.” Look at the recent energy deal between Russia and China. The Saudis could easily start accepting payment in currencies along with the UDS especially if China come in to offer protection. The Saudis have publically stated that the Obama Administration has “stabbed them in the back” over Syria. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/12/27/saudis-lament-have-been-stabbed-in-back-by-obama/ I think it is unrealistic (boarding on pompous) to think the UDS could not be replaced and reserve currency when that is precisely what large parts of the world is in the process of doing. Oh, and have you heard about the massive amounts of gold China is mining and importing. China is NOT importing the USD my friend.

  49. Raheem

    The empire has been using the US fiat money to fund coups, and wars against governments of other countries for economic and geopolitical reasons. The US on the other hand has been using that opportunity to keep the Dolla in the new conquered lands and avoid inflation. The us has been generous in funding n.g.o’s to keep the fiat currency in use. When the signs of the house of cards collapsing was apparent. The elites and oligarchs have been using it to rob countries off its gold reserves.

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