Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.25.14

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

With all the wars and rumors of wars in the world, are we headed for some massive East versus West confrontation?  Let’s tie it all together and start in Ukraine.

There are new allegations from the U.S. State Department about Russia actually shooting into Ukraine from the Russian side of the border.  The State Department says Russian artillery is shooting at Ukraine army positions, and they have been doing so for weeks.  Add this to the recent downing of the Malaysian jet, and you clearly get a picture of the situation in Ukraine getting far worse, no matter who actually shot down the aircraft.  On top of that, the government in Kiev is falling apart because of money problems and war in Eastern Ukraine.  Meanwhile, the EU and Canada have imposed more sanctions. To call this an escalation is an understatement.  Russia is not backing down despite the so-called sanctions that Europe does not want to impose.

There are now massive protests in the West Bank as the Hamas/Israel war rages on.  Thousands of Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers, and at least two protesters were killed.  Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to get a cease-fire, but neither side wants to stop shooting.  Hamas wants its ports and borders opened, and Israel wants all of the rockets and tunnels controlled by Hamas destroyed.  Likely, when this is over, Israel will also want to demilitarize Gaza.  So, this is going to continue to the bitter end unless both sides accept a cease-fire.  There will be no winners in this war as many Palestinians will be killed or injured, and global public opinion for Israel will, no doubt, take a beating.  Now, the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said, “Israel must be destroyed.”  Khamenei also said, “The West bank needs to be armed like Gaza.”  At this point, I think there is no chance for any peace deal in the foreseeable future, but war is on the table and it’s going to get far worse for Israel.

Then, there is the Islamic State, or Isis, in Western Iraq and Eastern Syria.  The Islamic State has, for all intents and purposes, erased the border between Iraq and Syria. The radical offshoot of al-Qaeda is persecuting Christians and others in Iraq.  Tens of thousands are fleeing for fear of being executed.  The Islamic State is now in control over almost all of Syria’s natural gas and oil fields.  It is in control of at least half of Iraq.  The Obama White House has known about this for a year and has refused to help the Iraqi government which we put into power.  Now, Iraq is telling the U.S. that if it does not help, it will get it from someone else.  That is likely going to be Russia or China.  Meanwhile, President Obama is getting ready for a two week vacation.

There is new news in the IRS targeting scandal.  We were told that emails from the IRS official going after conservative groups were lost and could not be recovered—Wrong!  Now, it is reported that not only the emails from Lois Lerner can be recovered from back-up tapes, but her hard drive has also been found.  Instead of it being totally destroyed, it looks like two years’ worth of emails from Lerner are now going to see the light of day.  Somebody is going to jail over this un-constitutional crime!!!

Texas Governor Rick Perry is going to send 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Mexican border to try to stop the flow of illegal immigration.  That is sending the biggest message yet to the people of Central America to not come here illegally.  They all think they will get amnesty because of Obama’s policies.  That is what they are effectively getting.  Republicans want to change the laws to send them back home and close the border.  Democrats tell us the borders are secure and want so-called “reform” so everything that is now illegal will be legal.  No legislation will get finished this year.  So, I wish Governor Perry much luck in securing the border.

Finally, someone wrote me and said it is the tool of the powers that be to control us by fear.  I do not want you to be fearful, but informed.  In the Bible, it says 365 times the phrase “Fear Not.” That’s one for every single day of the year.  So, have a nice weekend and “Fear Not.”

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Horsenut

    There is nothing to fear but fear itself….. And we will not go gentle into that good night

    • Mason

      If you are listening to this, you are the resistance.

      • Matthew J. Falkner

        No. We, the People are the law. Corruption is the resistance of the law.

        • Matthew J. Falkner

          No, people are people. Non-corruption is good, and we’re all resisting something, like the urge to babble.

  2. tROT

    More, on a private meeting of Barrack Obama and John McCain, the full dope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr08eaCHz2I

  3. Brody

    Did Jim Willie not say the new ukrainian government would make it past summer??? I swear I heard that here from one of your guests. If im not imagining that, its yet another money call by the Willie.

  4. Mason

    “This is not a war on terrorism to defend freedom, but a war on freedom that requires the defense of terrorism.”

    Tell me please what purpose do you think could be served by the enormous expansion of Homeland Security, with all the infringments on our rights that it brings with it, the check-points, the rise of the TSA, etc. etc. with the so-called purpose of ‘protecting us from terrorists that are trying to get into the country’, if simultaneously Homeland Security after all this time is just now going down to check the border which is being flooded by immigrants?
    My answer is that this is about installing a Police State. Maybe you have a different answer than I do (I hope so).

    On a related note, John McCain just released a Press statement on a new report issued by members of the 9/11 Commission (http://tinyurl.com/q38y4am). He quotes: “The new 9/11 Commission Report warns that the struggle against terrorism has entered a new and dangerous phase and that foreign fighters returning from Syria and Iraq to their home countries pose a growing threat. The Director of National Intelligence, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Secretary for Homeland Security have all echoed these warnings, affirming that these foreign fighters pose a direct threat to the homeland.” The main point is that there is an emphasis on the terror-threat so Homeland Security (a.k.a. the Police State) gets expanded. The problem is that he advocated supporting the rebels in Syria. And I am beginning to think he did this on purpose, so that there would be a terror threat.

    There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. On both sides of the isle, this is a classic Problem-Reaction-Solution technique:
    Problem: First, create a problem. Illegal immigrants crossing the border/funding Syrian rebels who afterward pose a threat to the homeland.
    Reaction: People will demand someone must protect them
    Solution: Expansion of Homeland Security and the Police State

    As Edward Griffin puts it eloquently:
    “This is not a war on terrorism to defend freedom, but a war on freedom that requires the defense of terrorism.”

    Great Weekly News Wrap-Up once again and I like the new ending!

  5. Caleb

    Charles H. 07/22/2014 •
    How about a Comment to End All Comments? Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe that Jesus Christ is Jehovah God, same as the Holy Spirit. If you are wrong on THIS ONE piece of faith: you believe in another god who is not the God of the Bible. You are in a cult that doesn’t allow any other source of religious viewpoint: you are held ignorant and captive to a false doctrinal system. You better get out; get a KJV Bible, and get Saved.
    Charles I was just trying to encourage people to get into their Bibles or a Bible to see that it points to our day and age as the wonderful time when God will intervene in world affair’s to save our asset’s. I don’t think Greg would like to see us get into theological debate’s on things in the bible that don’t pertain to the topic on hand here at this website and our future survival on planet earth. Charles I’m sure I’m ignorant about a lot of things, but you don’t know what all I believe in or the viewpoints I might be considering, I mean anybody who follows Greg has to have an open mind, with all the different guests and viewpoints and besides were all cults now according to the new world order and they will be coming after us all sooner than later and I do have a KJV bible and a few others. do you have a New world Translation?

    Was listening to Coast to Coast this Friday morning, George had on John Truman Wolf, he’s an ex’s pert on the economy and his procastranation sure sounded a lot
    like Bible prophecy, would be a good guest for USAWatchdog! George played this song Charles and thought of you, from Frank Sinatra!
    “That’s life, that’s what all the people say
    You’re riding high in April, you’re shot down in May
    I know I’m gonna change that tune
    When I’m back on top in June

    I say, that’s life, and as funny as it may seem
    Some people get their kicks, stompin’ on your dreams
    But I don’t let it, let it get me down
    ‘Cause this fine ol’ world keeps spinning ’round”
    I pray were all spinning along with it throughout the hard times ahead.
    P.S. Those that r standing beware they don’t fall!

    • Charles H.


      Words matter. The definition of words matter. Words and their meaning should not be subject to whimsical or spurious re-interpretation – else we re-write the dictionary infinitely. There MUST be a Standard; an unchanging absolute which everything is compared against. Like “Honesty” – how honest do you have to be to measure up to Honesty? Or “pregnant” – how pregnant do you have to be?
      Jehovah’s Witness is a recently organized religion: and there isn’t another which is so completely wrong, on so many levels. Their main tactic is to engage those who are peripheral or separated from other denominations and involve them in “Bible Study”. Most often they do a “Bait and Switch” allowing the pre-conscribed to “use” their own Bible – and there ARE many out there. But through the course of study and friendly persuasion – that “other” Bible is abandoned for their own butchered copy the ” New World Translation”. And because JW’s DO NOT ALLOW their members to accept or read any other material except what is generated within their own organization: Jehovah’s Witnesses are CAPTIVE to their own peculiar and damning doctrines. In the less than two hundred years since Russell invented this new thing – the prophesies of Christ’s return in 1914; 1925; and 1975 have proven their OFFICIAL stance as false. Besides this – the JW “bible” is eviscerated and changed beyond reason. Rex Cobb did an exhaustive comparison in Spanish of all bibles in use against the 1602 Reina Valera: and he found NINE-HUNDRED NINTY omissions, changes , and additions. I can only assume this also corresponds to the English version. No other work even comes close to such mutilation – and purposeful manipulation in order to substantiate distinctive doctrines. And all this is done against God’s own warnings of “neither add unto… (or) take away from the words of the book of this prophesy…” . Words are important: and man does not have the privilege or license to change them (the Bible) – without becoming an enemy of God Himself.
      This world is a spiritual battleground for the eternal souls of men. If you want to believe a bunch of gooble-de-goop: you have the free will to do so; but there are consequences. JW’s don’t believe in a literal Hell,; a place, with the Lake of Fire following, that will be unending punishment – so they can let this slide, like eternity isn’t going to be that big a deal. Well it is, if you believe the Truth. What you believe IS a Big Deal, based upon whether the words are right or not. The English KJV has been a Standard, and the hand of God’s blessings have been quite apparent through history. It is America’s abandonment of this which is causing it’s woes.
      Using an ungodly person and song to belittle me and infer I am some sort of worldly, hateful, beater-upper and kick you when you’re down kinda person is a poor and uncharitable labeling indeed. And your friendly, generic little prayer to portray yourself as a nice person is so sweet. However – the first thing the Devil attacks is God’s Word – in that “hath God not said…?” I stand upon what is the Inspired and Preserved ground of Truth: and that is what I share in life and ministry. Refuting falsity, error, and heresy is a necessary part of ministry. Those who share on this site must judge for themselves. I’m no saint; and I am not defending God. My great concern is people escape Hell through a belief that conforms to a Biblical Salvation. God is not interested to ” intervene in world’s affairs to save our assets”: it is our souls, in Heaven, with Him that He wants. And to do this – there is a conformity to Truth which we must acquire from that pure and holy source of God’s Word. Sincerity and role-playing doesn’t make anyone right if they proceed from corrupt foundations. I stand on my statements, Caleb.
      Now, let us not abuse Mr. Hunter’s generosity and keep to commenting on economic and political topics, as you have said. I do not proselytize here: and neither should you or anyone else.

      • Joshua

        Come now Charles.H, it is a bit of an exaggeration to say –
        “Jehovah’s Witness is a recently organized religion: and there isn’t another which is so completely wrong, on so many levels.”

        Now let’s see – how about the Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants for a start. Each, in their turn has a ‘glorious’ history of being responsible for the persecution and murder of others who hold heterodox views on religion.
        Protestants particularly were noted for their abysmal behavior towards those accused of being ‘witches’. It is estimated that shortly after the reformation, between 20,000-30,000 witches were burned in Europe (from children to old womem), with some towns losing all their women-folk.
        As for the doctrine of Jesus’ alleged deity, how about ‘Saint’ John Calvin (otherwise called the protestant pope), orchestrating the arrest, torture and death of Michael Servetes. A shining example of the spirit of Christ. Old ‘Lex’ Luther was no better, another politician and murderer of the innocent who rebelled against his teachings.
        They may not have had drones and nukes, but the old methods of government control, propaganda and suppression were at work, all arranged to support those in power … for the good of the masses, to save their souls … no doubt.
        To focus of JW’s, who like other minority ‘christian’ groups, unwilling to fight or engage in politics, and live as conscientious objectors, is a bit rich. Who really lives in the glass house ???

        • Charles H.

          Feel free to pile in, Joshua. I find two almost universal approaches directed against conservative, literal Bible believers. One is the ‘Democratic Overwhelming’ – where bunches and bunches of people take opposing viewpoints to challenge someone, as if the number of those expressing on one side will carry the day by sheer numbers. Sorry, Theocracy isn’t Democracy: and no matter how many share an opinion or viewpoint against the Truth – will not make them right. The other is ‘Condemnation by Association’ – which states all manner of falsities used to infer the True is not true. This is like saying that all the counterfeit bills circulating are reason enough to disprove the genuine ones; which seems to be your approach.
          And I didn’t just pick on the Jehovah’ Witnesses out of the blue. They came onto this site, in a probing tactic, that was more like phishing – with MULTIPLE entries.
          As to the Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants – all I can say is God allows the Wheat to grow with the Tares; and there is a difference between professors and possessors. I am NOT a fan of denominationalism – where human organization is over-layed on little, local assemblies. This tends to interject error and abuses. But these do not disprove what true Christianity is. And the errors and abuses of these do not disqualify or condemn true Christianity.
          Most people lay claim to Christianity, to the extent they chose; and they believe that they are Christians because of the title they take to themselves: but it doesn’t work that way “…except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water (live birth of woman) and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” God, the Third Person, the Holy Spirit is He who births a second, spiritual birth into God’s family and eternal life. Short of this – there is no Christianity. It is not my position of duty to answer for all the errors of the past. I can only affirm what is True and present in this life. What we believe has to be in agreement with God’s Word or it’s no go with God. The JWs have removed themselves so far from the revelation and ground of Truth as to condemn themselves and all those who would follow. Truth is a Singularity: it is not subject to human debate. This kind of warning is what is described as: “speaking the Truth in love.”

      • Anne Historian

        I grew up in a family that took the Bible literally, especially the idea of Hell. I have, fortunately, moved on from believing in such a ghastly doctrine. Do you honestly believe one goes to Hell forever? How can there possibly be an infinite punishment for a finite life? Why is that necessary? Would you even remember why you were in Hell after a thousand years? Just what is the point of an eternal punishment anyway? I believe everyone is accountable for their life but, as Newton said, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Which means, and I paraphrase, there cannot be an eternal punishment for a finite life.
        By the way, I do see myself as Born Again… and again… and again… and again…
        Best to you on your journey. Anne

        • Charles H.


          Yes I DO believe in a literal, eternal place of torment – where the worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.” This along with the Lake of Fire that comes after Judgment, and is the Second Death.
          It seems that you subscribe to an “Anthropomorphic view of God “- where we, as humans seek to define God in our own human terms; that is we try to make God into OUR own, human, image: but is doesn’t work that way.
          “How can there possibly be an infinite punishment for a finite life?” Well – if you have sex with someone with AIDS: there is a lifelong consequence for a willing and transitory act; which is similarly horrible – setting drugs which ameliorate the damage aside. People get drunk, crash their cars and die. That is a permanent consequence to a transitory event. Beside, God is setting the parameters, and not us. “The wages of sin is death.” Death itself proves our sinful standing before God. If Death is ordained of God – there is little to disbelieve that Hell which follows is not also true.
          “Would you even remember why you were in Hell after a thousand years?” I am afraid you will. I believe that Remorse and self-condemnation will be the greatest torments in Hell. All the lies indulged, and blame-shifting of guilt will cease; and the great point of truth of why one is in Hell is driven home: “I put myself here.” This will be the only truth one will face for willfully ignoring the Truth and opportunity for Salvation in this life. I believe God will quicken that faculty – so that man’s pride of intelligence will be their undoing.
          “Just what is the point of eternal punishment anyway?” Two thousand years ago – God Himself, the Second Person, Jesus Christ died a substitutionary death so that a pardon could be extended to mankind – Salvation, by Grace through Faith. If we don’t take what was freely offered, by God – you think we should get off Scott-free, dying in our sins – and be hunky-dory with Him? Because Jesus Christ died for sinners: we have an obligation to respond to the great work performed in our behalf. Hell is a default, an automatic default for ignoring the work and person of Jesus Christ: God Incarnate.
          Science does not correspond to the sovereign, Spiritual realms: this is Apples and Oranges. We are discovering and playing with Nature: God created and sustains it. It’s like the difference between breaking chemical bonds and nuclear bonds: one is measured in volts; the other in mega electron volts. One cannot assign values to God from a human scale or point of perceptive reference; and least of all from Science. God is the only, self-existing eternal Being. And as He created us, with everything else: we have an innate and unbreakable relationship to Him.
          As to being born again, and again… please read my comment above to Joshua. The event of being “born of God” is a once in a lifetime occurrence. It seems we are not describing the same thing. God’ abode is Heaven: only He will give entrance based upon our correct response to Him – a belief system based on His Word, the Holy Bible.
          Thank you for you well wish, Anne. I have long admired your name as beautiful. I only wish you might have the same spiritual life which I have. Farewell.

  6. bob

    so much to soak in greg, but obama on vacation? he don’t care. he has done his worthless time and he will skate just like the rest of them in the past. middle east was set up this way on purpose. saddam hussein kept irag in tack but that wasn’t good enough for us. when he got wise to us, he wanted to trade outside the dollar. he wasn’t an angel, but look at whats over there now that he is gone.
    the irs problem, hahahaha. so they have the back up emails. that right there should be enough to open the biggest can of worms this country has ever seen.the layers will go to deep and i don’t see it happening. i love this country, it would be the best thing for us to dig in, but it won’t go very deep. how could the mainstream media cover this when they are just involved?
    just because it sounds like fear that you give us, it’s only truth that you give us. it’s up to the individual to fear it or embrace it and act on it. it’s the msm and the gov’t that shoves fear down your throat on a daily basis to make you give up your rights because of fear. ex. 911. sandy hook. weapons of mass destruction(that was not there).lusitania. i could go on and on.

  7. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    You made 2 mistakes.
    1st The Ayatollah called for destroying the current Israeli regime : http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-24/how-irans-supreme-leader-really-feels-annihilation-murderous-usurping-regime-israel-
    2nd The human subconsciousness don’t recognize the negation, so instead of “Fear not” it hears “fear”. So basically you have the opposite effect of the desired, therefor you should say “be brave”, “be informed” etc.

    On other note there is a war between globalization/civilization concepts for at least 20 years and this war resulted the informational, financial and economical war which is the WWIII and it is going on for at least 4 years. And it should remain on these levels because if it will go hot between the “big guys” the life on the planet Earth will be destroyed. Lets hope for this.

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not make a mistake. Just because you use a Zerohedge.com article that does not make my source wrong. Here’s the headline “Iran Supreme Leader: The Only Solution For Crisis Is Israel’s Destruction” Link: http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/23/iran-supreme-leader-the-only-solution-for-crisis-is-israels-destruction/ That is what the “Supreme leader of Iran” he said. These people want the Jews dead–all of them. Iran also wants to full arm the people in the West Bank.

      • Oracle 911

        I read the full article on that, and he said:
        “As said by Imam Khomeini [the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran] Israel must be destroyed…However, until that time with the help of God for this cruel and murderous regime to be destroyed, strong confrontation with steadfast armed resistance is the only solution against this destructive regime.”
        (Emphasis mine)

        -he clearly talked about the regime and cited from Imam Khomeini and then called for arming the West bank and bragged about their military capabilities.

        This Palestinian and Israeli conflict is going on for 40 years and the loosing their land (there are strong evidences the Palestinians are descendants of biblical Jews whose converted to Islam-well Vespasian didn’t wiped out/ enslaved the entire Jewish population from that time in Palestine).

    • Ron

      Since your post is about making mistakes we should look at yours also.

      YOU WROTE … 2nd The human subconsciousness don’t (DOESN’T) recognize the negation, so instead of “Fear not” it hears “fear”. So basically you have the opposite effect of the desired, therefor (THEREFORE) you should say “be brave”, “be informed” etc.

      You have misused the English language by using “don’t” where you should have used “doesn’t”. You also misspelled the word “therefore”.

      To put part of your statement in a more readable and understandable form I suggest …..

      The human subconsciousness doesn’t recognize the negation, and then instead of “Fear not” it hears “fear”.

      I will grant that your mind probably does act in this manner that you have described (hearing “fear” when “fear not” is spoken) but mine does not and I don’t know any Christian reading or hearing “fear not” from the bible having that reaction.

      Fear not, be informed!

      Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionary

      H3372 … FEAR
      A primitive root; to fear; morally to revere; causatively to frighten: – affright, be (make) afraid, dread (-ful), (put in) fear (-ful, -fully, -ing). (be had in) reverence (-end), X see, terrible (act, -ness, thing).

      H408 … NOT
      A negative particle (akin to H3808); not (the qualified negation, used as a deprecative); once (Job_24:25) as a noun, nothing: – nay, neither, + never, no, nor, not, nothing [worth], rather than.

      The only mistake that Greg made was making a statement that there is 365 “fear not” statements in the bible. I did a search on the exact phrase “fear not” in the KJV and there were only 62 matches. The lesson here is that many Christians take at face value what Teachers and Pastors say (I have been guilty of such in the past also) and we fail to do as the Bereans did as stated in Acts.

      Act 17:10 And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews.
      Act 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

      Receiving the word with all readiness of mind they then searched the scriptures daily to make sure what they were taught was correct. Greg you’re a good man and I love what you are doing. Please, don’t take what I wrote here about you as negative criticism. It’s actually constructive for all of us.

      • Charles H.


        Very good. Excellent attitude. Points well made.

      • Oracle 911

        As non-native English speaker allow me make silly mistakes in grammar and in spelling. On other hand, I should reread what I wrote.

        On fear: Most Christians are afraid but on subconscious level, and this fear has influence on your thoughts and on their actions.

        • Oracle 911

          I meant “their actions” not “your actions”.

      • Joshua

        Correction – in the spirit of your comments regarding the Bereans, you too need to read and think more carefully. The Blue Letter Bible, which is one possible source of your correction, says that the phrase ‘fear not’ “occurs in 144 verses in the KJV, including 63 exact phrases”. Firstly, a brief review of these references will show that some verses have the phrase ‘fear not’ listed more than once. Secondly, you would need to know which ‘version/translation’ of the Bible was being used when the 365 number was advanced.

        • Ron

          Using e-Sword … searching “fear not” … KJV … Search for the exact phrase … RESULTS =

          62 verses found, 62 matches

          Genesis 7 verses found 7 matches
          Exodus 1 verse found 1 match
          Deuteronomy 4 verses found 4 matches
          Joshua 2 verses found 2 matches
          Judges 3 verses found 3 matches
          Ruth 1 verse found 1 match
          1 Samuel 4 verses found 4 matches
          2 Samuel 2 verses found 2 matches
          1 Kings 1 verse found 1 match
          2 Kings 3 verses found 3 matches
          1 Chronicles 1 verse found 1 match
          2 Chronicles 1 verse found 1 match
          Psalms 2 verses found 2 matches
          Isaiah 8 verses found 8 matches
          Jeremiah 2 verses found 2 matches
          Lamentations 1 verse found 1 match
          Daniel 2 verses found 2 matches
          Joel 1 verse found 1 match
          Zechariah 1 verse found 1 match
          Malachi 1 verse found 1 match
          Matthew 3 verses found 3 matches
          Luke 8 verses found 8 matches
          John 1 verse found 1 match
          Acts 1 verse found 1 match
          Revelation 1 verse found 1 match

          I agree that I do not know which version/translation was used to elicit the 365 comment. My search was for the exact phrase which will exclude any verse that has “fear” and “not” contained within it that is not listed together as “fear not”. I have other translations of the bible loaded in e-Sword (free to anyone who wants to download) and just did searches for the exact phrase on all of them. The exact matches were as high as 68 and as low as 54. My original search was with the KJV as this is the most widely recognized bible (I am not of KJV only but do respect it). Having said all that you must agree that regardless of version/translation there are not 365 exact “fear not” statements in the bible as far as we can tell. This also verified by your search in the Blue Letter.
          I get that you are taking a pot-shot at me over exactness but you did not see into what I was really saying to Oracle and by his above post neither did he. It’s trivial and a bit petty to point out what one thinks about others mistakes. As you see my comments to Oracle about his mistakes were of an unimportant petty nature to make a point. I believe my comment about 365 and the Bereans was constructive and not in a disrespectful manner. We all make mistakes, we all fall short and this is why Jesus came and died for us all, that we may have eternal life.

          I’ll leave the final word on “365 fear not” with Greg as he has access to the one who originally made that statement. More clarity on this can only come from there.

          Grace & Peace

    • Matt

      Agreed – Obama going on vacation during what is going on, to the tune of MILLIONS of tax payer dollars per trip, is totally unacceptable. This man should be in jail and be required to pay back, personally, the hundreds of millions of tax dollars he has spent on vacation.. along with Biden.

      • Joshua

        What, you really think he will add any real value to the situation?
        Every time he opens his mouth only empty words seem to come out. He’d be better off being re-assigned or re-titled as the ‘President of Marketing’.
        He’s probably less harmful playing golf than playing with his soldiers.

  8. Mike

    If the IRS had committed a felony wouldn’t that have to be tried in a federal court? If so, do you really think Eric Holder would allow the prosecution of whoever committed the crime to embarrass the administration? If Eric Holder’s past inactions are a clue to what will or will not be done, then, unfortunately, I suspect no one will go to jail. In other words, its business as usual in Washington.

    • Charles H.

      Bingo! Bullseye! Clang, clang! Good on ya, Mike.

    • The Heart

      This is becoming a mandatory stop for your latest reporting, Greg, Thank you for providing a forum for the very intelligent and informative Light/Knowledge that is shared here by the commenteers.

      Ya know, the only really concerning thing about the illegal alien usurper cia puppet is when he goes to hide, it may mean duck and cover for the rest of the country. Or in other words, that well planned false flag event can come at any time while he is hiding in a safe place like this.

      Pray, it is just the lazy no-good-for-nothing-cia-puppet doing his usual not a thing for the American People. Pray, it’s not a pre-planned vacation to wait for God only knows what other evils may come. Everybody knows they have to cover up the economic crash somehow, and that may have to happen before October.

      Fear is just another Babylonian tool of control. That, and the old divide and conquer methodology are both practiced well to keep the mass mind in the darkness of ignorance. The only thing of it is, in the land of secrets, there are no secrets. The masses of people are waking up fast as exemplified by these great reports here lately.

      The heart only knows Love and truthful Light. The mind is easily fooled and can believe anything. There is a big difference between what you can believe, and what you can know. Always follow your heart. It knows!


    • The Heart

      We knew back in 08 that the puppet soeterobama was going to be used to start the third world war with Russia in which America is being set up to lose. It was blatantly obvious in the rants and angry words he used during the election process and political debates at that time.

      Now, here we are. The questions to the waking world are, will the world war for the profits, gains, and agendas of the few be allowed to happen again in yet another world war cycle, or not? Is the modern world society smart enough to learn from history?

      In this time, everybody knows the big picture and it is ugly in the name of the petro-dollar. Here are some good reasonings from some others to add to everyones data base. Let all the facts be gathered before any judgment is cast. Everybody knows the corrupted govts and babylonian rothschild slaves are busy at it to cover up the fall of America and economic crash that is coming eventually. A depression before war? Sounds cyclic, but only time tells for sure.




    • Calgirl

      Eric Holder only prosecutes wayward journalists and Conservatives. I wonder if it is true that all the lawsuits that are settled for cash in lieu of admittance of guilt or jail time only feather the DOJ’s account. No wonder too big to jail is in force if the DOJ is drowning in the money that is assessed. What a racket…..Chicago style.

      As for impeachment….don’t do it now as it has no chance in the Senate and only changes the subject….we need to maintain focus on Ukraine, Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, etc.
      Best bet IMHO is to starve the vacationer for money to operate….that the House can do without the Senate. We need to clean house COMPLETELY….both parties. The GOP is useless and run by warmongering neo-cons, and the Dems…..well, there are no words to describe their evil.

  9. Mason

    To all listeners of USAWatchdog,

    I have a question. At this moment, how far do you think the USA has progressed in becoming a totalitarian Police State on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being a full blown version?

    History shows, from Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, that there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms. So you might use these steps as a checklist.

    Ten steps to became a fascist or totalitarian Police State:

    1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy (eg terrorists / Russians)

    2. Create a gulag (eg Guantánamo Bay)

    3. Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens (eg Homeland Security)

    4. Set up an internal surveillance system (see the Snowden-documents, the ‘Insider Threat’ program, etc. etc.)

    5. Harass citizens’groups (eg IRS Tea Party scandal, Occupy Wallstreet clampdown)

    6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release (eg the Terror Watch list, the no-fly list)

    7. Target key individuals (whisteblowers, Julian Assange, etc etc)

    8. Control the press (eg most Mainstream Media)

    9. Dissent equals treason (eg Snowden is a traitor according to a fascist government)

    10. Suspend the rule of law (eg To Big To Fail Banks, MF Global, oligarchs & friends [the 0,01%] go free while average citizens are being harshly punished for misdemeanors)

    For more informatie, see: http://tinyurl.com/losf52b or http://tinyurl.com/o746z78.
    I have only used some examples after each step, but you yourself can probably think of others.

    So, dear USAWatchdog-listeners, what number on a scale from 1 to 10 would you give the USA?

    • brad27

      Mason, You mention the police state headed up by Augusto Pinochet. Thanks to Pinochet, Chile is a country with more freedoms than the US now enjoys. They were seven days away from being another Cuba under the leadership of the hard-core communist, Salvador Allende, when the coup occured. The history is clear unless one listens only to the leftist media. After the coup the war continued and Pinochet continued to fight off the communists who did not give up and will never give up. Yes, there were people killed and otherwise abused, but should we criticize General Patton for doing the same. After all, he killed and maimed many with his aggressive military tactics. I lived in Chile just after Pinochet took control and it was a fine place to live. If I had been a communist, intent on taking the liberties of my fellow man, then it may have been different for me. Viva Chile!

      • Alarmed

        I do not think you are correct. FerFAL left Argentina to another country, but really wanted to come to the USA. I am pretty sure that he writes how things have gotten worse, not improved. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the septic tank.
        The noose is tightening globally, and that probably translates into, “no where to run, no where to hide.”
        Proverbs 3:5-6

    • Charles H.


      If the scale was from the year 1776 – to – Martial Law… then I’d say we could be a 8.5 to nine-ish. The problem is: how quick can the jump be made to hit the ten-spot? Too darn quick, I think.

      • Mason

        Thank you for your input!
        The problem is not that you don’t see the jump made to the ten-spot coming with full-blown martial law, the problem is that the changes being made that turns the USA into a Police State, are to gradual.
        If the USA is a 8.5 to 9 on a scale from 1 to 10 regarding the Police State, then I would say that that is the problem right there. Your post implies that you would take action if you would see the 1 to 1,5 point jump to full blown Martial Law coming. Why do those 1 to 1,5 points extra matter? I mean, what exactly is everybody, including you, waiting for. A good analogy is the boiling frog story: if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.
        To illustrate my point I will include a few quotes from someone who lived through the rise of fascism in Nazi-Germany in 1933-1945. From the book ‘They Thought They Were Free. The Germans, 1933-45″

        “What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security.”

        “To live in this process is absolutely not to be able to notice it—please try to believe me—unless one has a much greater degree of political awareness, acuity, than most of us had ever had occasion to develop. Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that, unless one were detached from the whole process from the beginning, unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’ that no ‘patriotic German’ could resent must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing. One day it is over his head.”

        “”You see,” my colleague went on, “one doesn’t see exactly where or how to move. Believe me, this is true. Each act, each occasion, is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting somehow. You don’t want to act, or even talk, alone; you don’t want to ‘go out of your way to make trouble.’ Why not?—Well, you are not in the habit of doing it. And it is not just fear, fear of standing alone, that restrains you; it is also genuine uncertainty.”

        “”And you are an alarmist. You are saying that this must lead to this, and you can’t prove it. These are the beginnings, yes; but how do you know for sure when you don’t know the end, and how do you know, or even surmise, the end? On the one hand, your enemies, the law, the regime, the Party, intimidate you. On the other, your colleagues pooh-pooh you as pessimistic or even neurotic. You are left with your close friends, who are, naturally, people who have always thought as you have.”

        Does that sound familiar?

        • Charles H.


          History definitely rhymes using similar strategies. I am a spiritually-oriented man. Seeing the forrest from the trees can be done from a lowly position. My take is that God is allowing mankind to paint itself into a corner – “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…” I’ll be about my Savior’s business. I’ve challenged authority before, in a military setting – only to be crucified when the opportunity was presented. I’ll fight to the death to protect my family; but becoming a martyr for causes beyond my powers – I think not. In an imperfect world: practicality is a One-eyed Jack.

  10. Caleb

    Charles do you believe in the Trinity?’
    ‘That is a very popular belief in our time. But did you know that this is not what was taught by Jesus and his disciples? ‘So, we worship the One that Jesus said to worship.’ (1) ‘When Jesus was teaching, here is the commandment that he said was greatest . . . (Mark 12:28-30).’ (2) ‘Jesus never claimed to be equal to God. He said . . . (John 14:28).’ (3) ‘Then what is the origin of the Trinity doctrine? Checkout or google what well-known encyclopedias say about it.
    There are Bible texts that I could never fit in with that belief. Here is one of them. (Matt. 24:36) Perhaps you can explain it to me “[email protected].” (1) ‘If the Son is equal to the Father, how is it that the Father knows things, like the day or hour the end comes, that the Son does not?’ If your answer is that this was true only regarding his human nature, then ask yourself: (2) ‘But why does the holy spirit not know?’ (Ps. 83:18; John 4:23, 24)’
    “I do believe in Jesus Christ but not in the Trinity. Why? Because I believe what the apostle Peter believed about Christ. Notice what he said . . . (Matt. 16:15-17).’
    An additional suggestion: ‘I find that not everyone has the same thing in mind when he refers to the Trinity. Have you ever seen the word “Trinity” in the Bible? . . . (Refer to a concordance.) But is Christ referred to in the Bible? . . . Yes, and I believe he is the only begotten son of God. Notice in your concordance under “Christ” one of the references is to Matthew 16:16. (Read it.) ‘That is what I believe.’
    (John 1:1): ‘I am acquainted with that verse. In some Bible translations it says that Jesus is “God,” and others say that he is “a god.” Why is that?’ (1) ‘Could it be because the next verse says that he was “with God”?’ (2) ‘Might it also be because of what is found here in John 1:18?’ (3) ‘Have you ever wondered whether Jesus himself worships someone as God? (John 20:17)’
    ‘Do you believe in the divinity of Christ?’
    I certainly do. But perhaps I do not have in mind the same thing that you do when you refer to “the divinity of Christ”.(1) ‘Why do I say that? Well, at Isaiah 9:6 Jesus Christ is described as “Mighty God,” but only his Father is ever referred to in the Bible as the Almighty God.’ (2) ‘And notice that at John 17:3 Jesus speaks of his Father as “the only true God.” I also like (John 4:23,
    Charles if you wish to further our discussion you have my e-mail, I don’t like to get into beliefs on this site, except things in the Bible about our day like another aspect of preparing for the tough times ahead. What the bible say’s about our day is the best info we could use now as we see that great day drawing near. Thanks for listening. Ca

    • Charles H.


      You must excuse me – but arguing semantics is for the ignorant. Such controversy always resolves to: which source is used as Authority – and in this case, there can be no agreement; and no end of argument. And, personally, I am not interested in spending hours at my computer with someone who only wants to prove me wrong.

      Stop arguing and proselytizing here.

      • tROT

        As a Christian, ‘At least i think I am,’ I sure hope I never have to lay my life down for the likes of you, its hard enough to imagine Christ did for the both of us!

        • Charles H.


          If only a sliver of purpose remains in you to lay your life down for me exists – then I am honored. I assure you that I wouldn’t think of costing or obligating anyone else to die for me. A man fights his own battles and pays his own bills.
          As for your – “At least I think I am” (a Christian): I respectfully emphasize – it is a matter of KNOWING (not thinking); which the Holy Spirit gives confirmation of. I appreciate your respectful attitude of disagreement.

        • Ron


          Ahhhh but He did tRot, He did. It’s easy to love those close to you.

          Grace & Peace

      • Ron


        It was good that you nipped that in the bud. You are correct in that these things can just drone on and on with nothing resolved. Better to spend ones time in a more constructive manner.

        Grace & Peace

  11. Malcolm

    Dear Greg,
    Excellent interviews. Excellent interviewees and you are a very good interviewer.
    I look forward to your two interviews each week.

    On the other hand I now do not read or listen to your Wrap-Up.
    Just a feed back for you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then why comment?

      • Malcolm

        Because you need to know what some of your regular listeners think. If you only want comments that are one sided then that’s unfortunate for the cause of free debate..
        The problem when it comes to sounding-off with your own thoughts is you must be careful to be even handed. I don’t actually blame your stance. Many people in the media are in the same position. On the one hand they have all of the factions in the Middle East including Hamas that have no real influence and no powerful pressure group. On the other hand you have one main participant in the Middle East that has the backing of the USA government and a massive pressure group that will pounce on you if you say one word that is deemed “inappropriate’.
        Faced with this kind of opposition the trend is to stay silent. Can you really be an even handed promoter of truth by being silent?

        • Greg Hunter

          If you would like to have a big platform to give all of your views, you should go out and state an internet site like I did. I put many of your comments up, but I give no one a blank check to put up anything and everything they want.

        • smaulgld

          “The problem when it comes to sounding-off with your own thoughts is you must be careful to be even handed. ”
          This is Greg’s show – he does not need to be careful. As I see the show he has guests on during the week during which he allows them most of the time to put across their point of view.
          The weekend wrap up is Greg’s turn to give his take on the week’s events. I enjoy that format as do tens of thousands of others.
          If he wanted to be careful he’d still be at CNN.

          • Matt

            Agreed – I catch every post from Greg and use his perspective to blend in to MANY other perspectives to form my own views. It makes me laugh when commenters go down this road. Seriously. Greg, you don’t need any help defending yourself, but you do a great job my friend.

  12. Mason

    For your daily dosis of reading pleasure:

    State Dept. accuses Russia of firing artillery into Ukraine, refuses to provide any evidence

    600 million Apple devices contain secret backdoors, researcher claims

    Germany begins spying on Britain and America for the first time since 1945
    [this headline alone shows how extensive the damage is that has been done by the NSA]

    The US Supreme Court Is Marching in Lockstep with the Police State

    • Ron

      Like Greg said … start your own news service by putting up your own site but much cheaper just to post here … ehh!!

      • Ron

        Greg please remove my comment under Mason. I thought the name here was Malcom … my bad

        • Mason

          Thanks for correcting yourself!
          I’m only trying to keep learning myself, and at the same time trying to help educate the online community.

          • Ron


            Thank you for accepting my indirect apology. After posting and seeing that the comment did not get removed I thought that I should have apologized. Good on you for being merciful. I reacted to comments made by Malcolm to Greg which perhaps I should not have done anyway.

            Grace and Peace to you Mason

  13. Smaulgld

    Fear Not:

    Joshua 1:9 – Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God [is] with thee whithersoever thou goest.

    Psalms 34:4 – I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

    Isaiah 41:10 – Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

    Romans 15:13 – Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

    1 John 4:4 – Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

  14. JC Davis

    Greg. Another informative wrap up. Good to see the IRS scandal is getting legs. I missed that part this week. As to the rest being unconstitutional as I see it we live under oligarchy rule presently being exposed for lack of control, and financial troubles world wide. What can we do I ask? (Sit down is all we can do). If everyone under oligarchy rule would just refuse to work. I know I am dreaming, but that is all we can do. Thanks again bud.

  15. Tommy

    Has there ever been a more dangerous time for us to be AWOL (America Without Leadership)? Everyday seems to bring new scandals, crises and disasters yet our dear ruler is busing fundraising, shooting pool, drinking beer and planning his August vacation. I for one do not believe Obama to be incompetent. I believe he is successfully “transforming America” as he promised.

    • brad27

      Oh, but we have leadership. We are being led to the slaughter.

  16. HTC

    Greg, we are fast approaching the great tribulation. I believe that when the dust settles in Israel we could absolutely see the 7 year peace treaty signed and then the countdown has begun. The world is setting up for the beast kingdom to rise to power and life on this earth will not resemble anything we have ever seen. But for those who are in Christ, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us and gave himself for us. So, indeed, fear not!

  17. Andy

    Thanks Greg, I always look forward to your weekly wrap up.
    When Malaysian flight M17 crashed in the Ukraine, our Australian prime minister Tony Abbott came out almost immediately pointing a finger at Russian involvement, usually he is very careful with his words. I was a little shocked at the time and I couldn’t help thinking that someone had been whispering in his ear of what they would like said. There definitely seems to be an effort to discredit Russia by the US, with a longer term game plan of … who knows, I just hope they don’t push China and Russia together and we end up creating our own demise. Hopefully by next election US citizens have lost their infatuation for Hollywood presidents and vote in someone with real character and strength who can return America to the respected nation it once was.

  18. Jerry

    Greg I really appreciate your weekly interviews and the time you put in on this site. Most importantly I appreciate your sincerity in your reporting, and the patience you show with many of the people who comment here. I don’t think there is a forum like this anywhere else that I know of. Its almost like a town hall meeting place. I think the information shared here is invaluable.

    Greg I have a masters degree in Psychology. If you would have told me 10 years ago that things would happen the way they are happening now, I would have questioned whether you had a complete grasp of reality. Now I step back and look at some of my own statements I post here, and I see just how bizarre things have become. NSA spying. IRS manipulating. Drones. DHS. ………..makes me want to scream SCOTTY BEAM ME UP!

    I sometimes wonder what has happened to the American people? We roll over and accept all of this, like its no big deal. Obama going to Martha’s vineyard while the world burns typifies the mood of the American people. They are totally disconnected from reality, and could care less, and that scares the hell out of me. How much more are we willing to take before we say, enough is enough? But then I have to remind myself that this has all been prophesied. That there is a plan in motion. And there is a much larger power than the NWO in control. And like you said Greg. FEAR NOT!

    II Peter 3: 3-4 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days, scoffers walking after their own lusts. And saying, “where is the promise of his coming”? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.

    Like my kids used to ask, when we were traveling on vacation, “are we there yet”?
    We are definitely there. While its important to learn about the powers that be, the new world order, the cabal, banking elites, or the “City of London Corporation”, lets not lose site of who’s driving the truck? When you understand that, then you will understand why there is this rush to a one world currency system, and ultimately a one world government. This is for all the marbles. Its not just money. Ding…Ding…..Ding……Ding.
    Are you getting it yet? When you do, you will understand, its going to take more than gold, and food supplies, to be able to live “without fear”. Its going to require you to get right spiritually. Like Jimmy V said “cancer may kill me, but it cannot take my mind, or my spirit”. Best always Greg. And fear not.

    • HTC

      Ha, awesome Jerry. That’s the answer and it always will be. People are blind to what is coming and it has to be that way. Though the ones who see it coming I believe whole heartedly were led by God to see it. Maybe to prepare physically, but I believe it is a spiritual awakening and we will soon learn to trust fully on HIM who provides all things and is sufficient for our every need. Also, I feel like I see it clearly now, I don’t feel as anxious for things to start because I feel like it will be soon. I have gone from anxious, and excited, to relaxed and peaceful.

      • The Heart

        Nicely put Jerry.

        Thank you, sir.

        As you can see, the TV drug has been used well to subdue and condition the minds of the people into being careless, and apathetic. You are right on to be concerned about a country that does not care if it gets wiped off the map from nukes, or not.

        Throw in what we call the “Eye of Sauron” i-phone type devices that 95% of people stare at all day, and you have the society that is more connected to the evil beast grid system, than they are as neighbors and family. All purposely done to one of the most intelligent societies to ever come along in history. In most modern American school systems today, they teach the people to be good followers and mind controlled slaves, rather than to be real reasoning thinkers, and leaders. Agenda=dumb them down.

        Sadly, the only thing that is going to create the change that is desperately needed, is for the people to see their own ox gored. Until each and every personal bubble is popped and the entire country is effected some how, nothing is going to change for the better. Rather, it will only get worse before it gets any better for any of the survivors of the ignorance storms that are coming soon. Of course, there is always also the possibility of great change happening if all the corrupted leadership puppets were fired today, and real caring people were put in their place.

        Often this question is posed to the seeker after light: what brings people together instantly? They will give many answers, but the right answer to this question after many guesses is one word. Disaster. An example is given like this: if your neighbors house is burning and you have had mental fences built up against them for decades, will you still not be the first one over there to help in this disastrous situation? Most normal people answer affirmatively.

        Now, picture a country-wide, or worse, a world-wide disaster be it contrived for evil purposes, or an actual real natural disaster in a world that is not quite natural at all any more. Disaster instantly unites all people in neighborhoods, or world-wide. Of course, there is always the let love guide every heart on the planet and that would cause a sea of change in a good way also.

        The instruction is:




        Ponderings….for the wanderers.



  19. art barnes

    Nothing will change, it will only get worst, the best thing our President can do is stay on vacation, for a change we could believe in we got much more of the same crap we were used to. This Country is lost, has lost it flicking mind & any sense of direction. But Greg, I do “fear not” as my Christian faith stands firm that we are moving in the exact direction outlined by the prophets long ago. To the Muslim I’m an infidel, to the scientist I’m an irrational kook, to my friends I’m a Bible thumper, to America I’m a rapidly diminishing minority, to our pending police state I’m perceived as a potential threat, to my family I’m in early stage of dementia, but in reality I’m not any of those things, I’m simply an American taxpaying law abiding Christian observing and living in the end times of the empire. Any fool can see our American society is coming apart at the seams from all parts of the fabric and it amazes me how many are blind to the pending late great United States of America.

    • Old Dog


    • Charles H.


      Wow. I decided to not write any more on this thread – until I read your comment. It was great. Please don’t think that you are alone by any means.

    • Ron


      Bravo. bravo … well said … count me among you!

      Grace & Peace

  20. Sandman

    Greg – are you saying you believe these reports of Russia shelling Ukraine? I have seen no proof at all of that and I refuse to believe our govt officials just because they say so.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am saying that is what the U.S. State Department is saying and this is ratcheting it all up.

  21. Daryl

    Hi Greg,

    Great wrap-up. Have you ever read the book “Our Dishonest Constitution” by Allan L. Benson? It shows how the constitution designed the government to be set up so it would be grid locked and that the minority would really rule not the People. I think it was published in 1914. If you cannot find it I have a pdf copy that I got off of the goldsilver.com website some time ago.

    Look forward to more of your real news updates.



  22. McRae Blaine

    Thanks for your weekly wrap up! You keep our focus on what’s really going on in the world. I’m so very happy to have discovered you and your site. Please keep up the good work!

  23. EyesWideShut


    Why don’t you call Gaza what it really is? It’s a genocide! How many Israelis have been killed versus Palestinians? And what started this latest round of bombardment? If I remember correctly wasn’t it a couple of Israelis that were kidnapped and murdered by whom? A group identifying itself with ISIS – not Hamas! And who is responsible for the creation of HAMAS?


    If the US really wanted the fighting to stop why do we continually fund Israel’s war efforts? We give them $billions every year, in addition of weaponry to use against, basically what amounts to, a helpless people. Yes, Hamas is also shelling Israel, but what other choice to they have? The Israelis always demand that Hamas give up the few homemade weapons that they use to defend themselves. Are the Israels willing to stop accepting weapons from the US, or give up their nuclear capabilities? Asking Hamas to de-arm is like the US government instructing the American people to give up their arms. They shouldn’t! There is no other conclusion that one can come to, but call the killing what it is – a genocide. They are killing mostly civilians who have no where else to go, bombarding hospitals, schools, senior citizen facilities, apartment buildings. Systemically destroying the infrastructure, water systems, and not allowing food or medicine to get in. What is that? What is the point of killing children who are playing on a beach who clearly are not posing a threat to anyone? What is the point of shelling hospitals filled with injured and dying people?

    This is only one situation. Don’t get me started discussing the Ukraine, Iraq, or Syria – which the US bears sole responsibility for! What it comes down to is that the American people have unfortunately let the US government extract taxes for decades for the purposes of continuing it genocidal empiric operations globally, while at the same time systematically chipping and hacking away our constitutional rights. And we have let this happen without a fight. When they US government bombs, kills, overthrows, and destabilizes countries, they are doing it in our name. That makes the US population just as guilty.

    The term “reap what you sow” applies at this very point in time because for those paying attention we (US) are about to get back what we’ve given the world, and it’s coming back fast and furious!

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not genocide. It is war. There would be far more Israeli casualties if it were not for the Iron Dome. Hamas is aiming their rockets towards their nuclear power plants. How many would die and suffer if one of those were hit? It is the stated goal of Hams to Destroy Israel. So if that were to take place would you call that genocide? Complicated issue and lots of sin to go around on both sides.

    • EyesWideShut

      Many Israelis feel the same!

      Israeli Lawyer Doesn’t Deny Nuremberg Crimes on Palestinians (What the Nazis Did to the Jews)

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes and what about all the suicide bombings and nasty things the Palestinians did to the Jews! Lots of sin to go around. Lets be fair. Hamas has stated goal to destroy Israel. This is an undisputed fact. They will not recognize the Israel has a right to exist. You cannot gloss over that. Stop with the anti-Jew comments. I will post no more comments on this subject. This is not a place to debate the legitimacy of Hamas or Israel. Please go somewhere else to do that or start your own site.

        • allen ols

          greg ditto

          • Charles H.

            I was going to say that – they can have my rockets when they pry them from my cold, dead fingers! My bad – really! (I’m laughing so hard! I don’t know what got into me!) Sorry.

        • Tin hat


          Please allow the other side voices their twisted logic here for my amusement. I started to laugh when Eyes stated that the Israelis always demand Hamas to give up the few home made weapons that they used to defend themselves.

          1- the weapons are indeed home made but it’s in the thousands rather than merely a few.

          2- the Hamas cannot defend their chicken coops with those laughable but sometimes deadly home made weapons. Those home made missiles are tools to instigate the Jews to slaughter their own people. These psychos are not stupid. They know their most effective weapons are the dead bodies of Palestinian women and children, not the laughable home made missiles.

    • Dan

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Blame on both sides. Sorry to see that opposing views are beginning to not be tolerated on this site as well.

    • Galaxy 500

      Twisted.logic.at.the.least, antisemitism at its.worst

      • Dan

        Anytime someone tries to point out that Israel is partially to blame for the hostilities, they’re accused of antisemitism by the ignorant.

  24. Jerry

    Important Update:
    Greg you really need to read this. This is big.

    The domino’s are falling Greg. Its under way as reports are coming in that Russia is firing artillery across the Ukrainian border in preparation for a possible ground assault. July (number 7) is not over yet.

  25. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. Excellent wrap-up as usual.
    This last round of sanctions against Russia actually DO have some teeth and are causing some real damage. A recent Der Spiegel Online article outlined the latest sanctions.
    And they’re not good at all – major Russian conglomerates are now forbidden from borrowing money from American monetary institutions (money which is hard to raise in Russia) and from issuing medium- and long-term debt to investors with ties to the US, which is affecting the projects Russia has with German companies.
    Those imposing the new sanctions knew they would hurt Russia, but they also knew the sanctions would have a negative knock-on affect in Germany – so perhaps the secondary motive of the sanctions was to stop Germany from its obvious turn towards the East. Hopefully, Russia can find another source of financing.
    IMHO, however, I would think the negative impact of the sanctions would do the opposite of what the US wants. They would give Germany the final motivation it needs to throw up its hands in utter frustration, ditch the EU and NATO, and complete its pivot East. Putin did after all say the sanctions would have a boomerang effect.
    China, Russia and Germany just want to TRADE. The US just wants to FIGHT. What would you choose if you were Germany?
    BTW, I truly believe we need to stop calling TBTB incompetent. They only appear to be stupid. However, they MEAN to do everything they do and they KNOW the consequences of their actions exactly. It is ALL by design. When you look at their behavior from their perspective and understand they only do things that benefit THEM and realize they are truly NOT working for our best interests, then it is clear that all of what they do is perfect (for their own sinister goals). When we look at things from their exclusive and self-centered side of things, it should be fairly easy for some really smart cookie to plot their next moves. Just pretend you’re King of the World like they do.

  26. Diogenese

    Hi Greg
    NATO is talking about forward staging material in Poland , yup they are taking us to war , a war NATO can’t win , you can’t fight without energy and fighting your supplier is dumb .
    Everyone is thinking of the beginning of the first world war , the second world war is closer to how its playing out .

  27. Willard Ferch

    At the age of 75, I do a lot of contemplating, cogitating, & meditating, and it seems to me that if the devil was advising the president, all the decisions and activities of the present administration would suit the devil’s agenda, but there’s no doubt I’m a little senile. Fiddlin

    • Saint Lawrence

      Willard Ferch
      Close no cigar.
      It is not the Devil: he works for the oligarchs.
      They don’t care how many die; they are making money on wars and conflicts.

      On the day you were born America and Americans were hammering out more products and valuables for internal and external consumption.
      The scene has changed. USA exports war, death, bombs, weapons, fear.

      On the day you were born Department of Defense was called “Department of War”.
      We have military people and equipment world wide, and the oligarchs have made trillions. Last I heard these jet-set international aristocrats have trillions stashed outside the United states. Some of the oldest money is European- Rotchilds et city of London. Some of the newest oligarch are in China, inclusive of Moa Zedong relatives.

      So, back to USA 2014, Government is huge and includes millions working for
      Transportation Security Administration, National Security Agency, United States Department of Defense, Criminal justice system including jails-courts, State and county governments, city governments, alphabet soup fourth branch (IRS, FBI, DOE, …) spending by govt. is more than 6 trillion a year. Sticky fingers make money.

      In 1935, Butler wrote a book entitled War Is a Racket, where he described and criticized the workings of the United States in its foreign actions and wars,

      GDP (Y) is the sum of consumption (C), investment (I), government spending (G) and net exports (X – M).
      Y = C + I + G + (X − M)
      All of these smart people purposely hide that war is exported by USA.
      Oligarchs think of human death like you do beef for hamburgers.
      If you add the value of war and conflict to the GDP enjoyed by these multi-national aristocratic-oligarchs, broken window theory, Trillions of pounds, dollars, yen-yeun, marks, sheckals …
      Heads they win, Tails you lose.

      • Jeff

        Sound like the devil to me……jfyi Nobama is pure evil…… I’ve said it before and will again….It would not surprise me in the least that Nobama was “mortally wounded” (as described in the Bible) only to rise again. A great (not) false flag and reason to order martial law AND cancel elections (which I’ve been predicting for 2 yrs)…….. Sorry Lawrence, Willard has it right. This IS all about the battle between good and evil.

        • Saint Lawrence

          So, how would a dim-witted person think up all these lies and schemes; export wars-conflicts-MidEast destruction?
          Exportation for the last 35 years of jobs and production sector and technologic superiority is too complicated for voice-box telephone controled politicians.
          I think Govt. is now about fools, puppets, and idiots.
          In my opinion, everything bama pie pres does is at the direction of oligarchs.
          Oligarchs wrote Obamacare (ACA) which helps insurance company owners and managers. Soros hand appears all over crimea-Ukrain.
          Homosexuality in the military at the direction of Hershey
          highway politicians weakens religious and moral ability of USA to defend and fight.
          US Military spread thin as peanut butter world-wide.
          New cheap labor and sex workers imported from points South.
          CFR Kerry saying be nice to animals with one purpose in life – all jews dead. The devil is smarter than all that,
          this is almost as stupid as “dumb and dumber”. Turn to the Godless beltway for comic relief…
          Seriously though refer to

          Tragedy and Hope –
          A History of the World in Our Time

          Carroll Quigley

      • Saint Lawrence

        Plutocrats steal trillions –
        Offshored trillions, Keiser Report -Max Keiser

  28. dchayden

    The actual polar opposite of Love, is not hate…it’s actual opposite, is in fact, “fear.” “Fear not !” …is a great way to end your weekly wrap up !! And lastly, as my late father used to say …” when government actions seem counterintuitive, and make no sense to the common man….do not pass it off as stupidity and ignorance, as you can bet, these actions make perfect sense, to someone, at some level.” We live in very corrupt times indeed. Have a great weekend everyone !


  29. chip

    Great wrap up Greg… Whew! what a week…

  30. Larry

    Horsenut, Its hard to imagine a world without fear as that would have to mean the end of the devil and all he does to make this world a very chaotic place. This does not seem plausible to me.

  31. Mason

    You posted the following alinea yesterday:
    “Can you handle the truth? If you can, you will find this information particularly interesting since it lays out who the ” Powers that be” really are, and why “The City of London Corporation” has a hand in everything.

    Is this true? It might very well be. I have no way of knowing, but I’m catching up on the history of the City of London and its special history, and I see it as an distinct possibility. If it is true, it is very significant. So thank you again for posting your insights and links.

    History is always driven by one or multiple conspiracies. Conspiracies are the motor of history. Everyone who has read a history book knows that. But one conspiracy fact or theory is not the same as the next, so a person really has to try to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is especially the case because, apart from a lot of valuable information, there is also a lot of misinformation out there. I also tend to think a lot of misinformation is deliberately being put out there by vested powers that want to confuse the issues. And it is particularly unfortunate that in general people’s brains tend to shut down and people stop thinking for themselves when conspiracies are mentioned. This reaction is unjustified because then you get what we presently have: a population of 95% sheeple. That is the reason I advise everyone to simultaneously be a) open to new information and b) be critical about the newly presented information.

    So I think some conspiracies are true, while others are not. What about the Illuminati in your link then? I have been reading up and have been trying to educate myself for some years now.

    Caroll Quigley, who Bill Clinton refers to in his speech at the Democratic National Convention in 1992 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A76LFGtWhRQ) when he accepts the nomination for president is the history professor of the conspirators themselves. He wrote a book ‘Tragedy and Hope’ which lays out the game plan of the New World Order. Edward Griffin reviews this book and the NWO game-plan in his lecture called ‘The Quigley Formula’, which you can find on YouTube or you can read the transcript. The main thing is that is not important if the Illuminati really were destroyed or whether it just went underground and still exists today. The important thing is that shoots were coming up from the ground with identical structures all over the place. Now whether those shoots are coming up from seeds or roots, doesn’t make too much difference. The most important secret organizational imitations of the Illuminati was created by Cecil Rhodes, one of the most powerful men at the turn of the century in 1900. This organisation doen’t have an official name, which is a smart move, so people cannot easily refer to them. You could call them the ‘Rhodesian Network’ for example, but the insiders or wannabe insiders sometimes refer to the New World Order. If you haven’t already, you might want to check this out.
    In my opinion, if there is only one piece of information you should check out, it is this:
    On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynVqPnMQ2sI,
    or the Transcript: http://www.republicmagazine.com/bonus-articles/griffin.html.

    Two small quote from the transcript:
    “But Rhodes was an admirer of the organizational genius, in his mind, of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit Order, and he said we should use that as our model. He didn’t take it straight across but he took many elements from it and, at the deeper level, though, it is interesting I think and very instructive to note that he borrowed the structure of classic conspiracy control directly from Adam Weishaupt.”

    “Now what is that structure I’m talking about? It’s what they call rings within rings within rings. That’s the way they usually refer to it, and what that means is this: Weishaupt said that in the center of his Illuminati organization, there would be a controlling group of maybe three or four people — just a small number. These in turn would create a membership ring around them of a larger number of perhaps 20 or 30 or something like, and the members of that ring would not be aware that they were being dominated and controlled by the inner circle. Now that outer ring, in turn , thinking that they were the whole enchilada, would then create a larger ring around it comprising of hundreds or perhaps thousands of people, and those people would not suspect that they were being dominated and directed by an inner ring. And then finally that last ring would create still another one that would reach out to mass organizations — reach out to the masses. And in that fashion Weishaup said that a few of us in the center through this carefully controlled structure or rings within rings can control the world, and the people being controlled would never know that that’s how it worked. Now that’s the structure that Weishaupt created and described at some length and it’s interesting to me that Rhodes selected that very structure for his secret society.”

    But there is much much more in it, and it basically lays everything out, so I leave it up to you if you want to check it out.

    • Jerry

      Thank you Mason. I think if you check my post above, you will get a grasp of where I think this is headed. There is a driving purpose behind the strategy being used, and I think many people will be surprised who is directing it in the end.

      • Mason

        Like I said before, thank you for your posts and insights! I think they are valuable and I really mean that.
        Except for the ones, I am sorry to say, in which scripture or religious prophecies are quoted. I mention this because your posts above makes references to those. I am a secular and an agnostic person. In my mind scripture and religious prophecies have no place in predicting rationally where we are going when it comes to geo-politics or economics matters. I can not take those posts seriously. Predicting the future and separaing the chaff from the wheat is hard enough as it is without taking into account religious references. It really is hard, but I think it is possible, and a good place to start could be Martin Armstrongs blog at http://armstrongeconomics.com. He has an enormous complex yet simpel model and I believe he is predicting that the date of 2015.75 is the one to watch out for regarding the Sovereign Debt crisis. He doesn’t believe in the NWO-conspiracy by the way, but the fact that I do not agree with him on every subject, does not mean I cannot find great value in his writings. Just as in your postings, Jerry.

        That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your thing. If it works for you, please by all means go right ahead. I, for one, more than welcome the fact that my Christian brothers and sisters are also joining the fight against the NWO (but they are by no means the only ones). So keep fighting the good fight my friend, you are one of the good guys, and I will see you around this forum.

      • Mason

        I would like to add that in case you feel that I placed too much emphasis on the religion-aspect of your posts, I would like to say sorry for that, because the last thing I want to do is to offend someone. I was only stating where I am coming from when I am interpreting posts. I feel we both are similar, minus the religion, and we both have a similar outlook. I agree with most of your first post above, less so with the second post&link you posted above, and I found your summary below about the Ukraine coming apart at the seems interesting and valuable.
        BTW, I agree with your view that this forum feels almost like a town hall meeting place and that the information shared here is valuable. There are other forums out there of course, such as Zerohedge, but the posts of the participants there are too cynical a lot of the time. Or FOFOA, but the posts there have less emphasis on actual news and more emphasis on the beneath-the-surface-background-information and you better be prepared to read a LOT (which I have by the way) if you want to participate in a meaningful way. Ciao again.

  32. EyesWideShut

    Case in point of US tax extraction for empiric operations!

    US Taxpayers To Foot Ukrainian Bill.

  33. Merc

    Buying US Debt supports all the wars on the go right now.

  34. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg:
    I thank you for a very fine weekly summery! As your and our favored person, Jim Willie, predicted in his last interview, the Ukrainian government, installed by Victoria (“F…k EU”) Nudelman, will soon be down as flat broke. He was right, as always. The troubles for Ukraine are coming with approaching cold winter, because Mr. Putin is keeping the gas pipe lines shut until Ukraine pays the previous bills. If I don’t pay my gas bills for two months, my gas company will cut me off immediately. So, why would Ukrainian government, as the Russian natural gas customer, should be treated any way differently.

    Your statement that the Russian is shelling the Ukrainian territories over the state boarder is only presumptuous. You have no prove for that sheer lie of our State Department. No satellite images can prove it, neither any photographs from the locations. Please, read what your and our favored friend, Paul Craig Roberts, has to say about that dirty western propaganda. If you can not trust me, as your reader, you can trust to Mr. Roberts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please go back and listen to the Wrap-up. I reported the “U.S. State Department” said this.

      • allen ols

        g. tough week lol

      • Miro Markovic

        I thank you, Greg. It is my omission.

    • Jerry

      Here’s the report from CBS news.
      Is there anything else that you would like to debunk from Greg?

      • Eddie Laidler

        Jerry did you really link to a CBS news article that has been a mouthpiece for this administration? There was no proof given that the Russians were shelling the Ukraine or that there are 15,000 troops across the border. In fact the administration has even softened it’s language regarding who was responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

        Article: Harf declined to provide details or elaborate on the evidence because she said she could not get into intelligence “source and methods.”

        I doubt if Americans or Russians are hearing the truth in total.

        So far I have only heard rhetoric from our president and the state department.

        Where are the detailed satellite photos and other intelligence that can be easily gathered ?

        I find Miro Markovic’s questions and comments to be as reasonable as the party line spouted by the U.S. government. She questioned Greg’s reporting and maybe there was even a language barrier problem if she is Russian. She may not have understood that Greg was quoting other sources.
        Your background in psychology should have prepared you for these possibilities.

  35. smaulgld

    An observation
    180 degree turn in commonly held views-15-30 years ago

    Then-US sided with Israel
    Now- large anti Israel contingent

    Then-US vs Russia- only a small minority of communists in the US said anything good about the Soviets
    Now-sizable percentage of US citizens are pro Russian, pro Putin

    • Miro Markovic

      I thank you, Jerry! Not long time ago the same source stated that Saddam Hussein had the WMD, that Syria used the poisonous gas against its population, that NSA is not spying anybody in the world, etc… Once you are caught in not telling the truth to the people, it is very hard to believe what “you are telling” to the public in particular if the opposite side is asking for a tangible proof not for a pressuptions..

    • Tin hat


      I don’t think sizable of US citizens are pro Russian or Putin. We just wish that we could have someone like Putin, an effective and strong leader who love his country, to be the POTUS.

      • Smaulgld

        Tin hat
        That is a better characterization re Putin. It still reflects an admiration of a Russian leader that was not prevalent 15-30 years ago

    • wd


      A friend pointed this analogy to me:

      Putin vs Obama is essentially a REAL MAN vs A REAL MAN-GINA!!

  36. Alyce

    I’m a long time viewer….very much enjoy your guests & YOUR opinions, thanks Greg!
    My comment is that Fox reported that the troops on our So. Border are NOT allowed to apprehend or do anything with the illegals as they cross over. It’s against the law! So what is the point? And, it’s no surprise that the world is crumbling, it’s what you get when you elect someone with no experience, not a leader in any way…Obama just likes perks and fun….

  37. FreeOregon

    Force and threats of violence become ineffective if you employ them, show your limits, and fail to win. After seeing the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan, and seeing US non-performance in Sudan, Mali, etc., many, many no longer live in fear of American military might. Perhaps they are wrong. They need to realize even mortally wounded animal is dangerous. For the moment though fear has disappeared and perhaps we will see sheer numbers overwhelm those with weapons.

  38. Jerry

    When Russian reporters are asked to leave Ukraine, you know something bad is getting ready to happen.

    I think it safe to say that Ukraine is coming apart at the seams. What most Americans don’t get is who’s responsible for it. The western banking cabal was the one that installed the puppet government that just collapsed, and with supplies running out and fuel hard to find, things are going to start spinning out of control. The Russians are not going to stand idly by and watch Russian loyalist be ravaged by mobs of desperate people. Its simply not going to happen. So now what? The Russians are shelling Ukraine with artillery right now, I believe in advance of a ground assault that is about to happen. Militarily you always soften up the perimeters just before you make the thrust. Sometime with aircraft, and sometimes with artillery, or both.

    Why is this important? Because Ukraine is the missing piece that will make the rest of the dominos fall in Europe. This is strategy folks. If you’ve ever played chess, you know every move is to set up the next move. By seizing Ukraine the rest of Europe will be forced to fall in line behind Russia because of the oil and natural gas that is so desperately needed. Winter is coming on soon, and Europe simply can’t afford a 20% hit in natural gas prices.

    So what does that mean for us. Well lets see, unless NATO wants to run directly into an army that has been digging in for the last three months (which could happen) all that is left is more tough talk and sanctions that no one else will stand behind. In the end Ukraine is going to be part of Russia. Europe will follow Germany’s lead in dropping the dollar as reserve currency. Then our chickens will begin to come home to roost in the form of worthless paper that has been dumped by the world markets.

    I wish I could paint a pretty picture. But this is one pig that won’t get any prettier no matter how much lip stick and makeup you put on it. Greg’s closing statement is “fear not”. My favorite closing statement was from Red Skelton when he said.. thank you and “may god bless”.

    • Tin hat


      I think Putin will not deploy the Russian ground forces into Ukraine unless it’s totally necessary. Now the pro western government is collapsing, it’s much better to set up a puppet pro Russia government in the eastern part where the natural gas is abundant. Why would he want to take over the western part where there are few natural resources and many cold and hungry Russians hating indigenous Ukrainians?

    • wd


      Great point…its always these little signs that point to the big picture of whats coming. Its amazing how many experts miss these signs.

      Also, I feel that Russia wants to get the deal finalized with Germany, before “taking real action”…I believe this will give the Russians and the BRICS complete legitimacy.

      My guess would be that they are trying to rush this right now.

      I have to laugh when I keep hearing the MSM say he is delusional, just laugh.

      Thanks Jerry!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amazing. I hope they don’t blame that on the Israelis too.

      • Old Dog


        First off, the headline is deceiful: “When buying a terrorist, you might want to remove the suicide vest first….æ
        This posted video is of a car bombing that took place at a funeral in Zamalka, Syria in June 2012.

        Israel has enough woes without this.

      • CyberspaceVoid

        Syrian flags, so I doubt it

      • Galaxy 500

        Social Darwinism at its finest. Allah Akbar

    • Old Dog


      It seems obvious that you spend a lot of time on the Internet.
      You need to put some effort into “verifying”, if possible, what you are seeing on the Internet. Lies abound. The Alternative Media has its share of lies and misinformation. I would dare say it as bad, if not worse, than MSM in some regards.

      Your best information is found in God’s Word.
      Your best “intuition” comes from the leading of the Holy Spirit, if you are a praying man and season that prayer with the study of God’s Word.

      Too many Christians are trusting ungodly sources too much for their information. Yeshua (Jesus in English) said “Watch and pray.”
      He did not say watch and believe everything everyone saying.
      “Watch” and then “ask God for understanding and guidance.”

      God’s Word will not lie to you.
      Alternative Media and MSM will.

    • CyberspaceVoid

      ” it’s much better to set up a puppet pro Russia government in the eastern part where the natural gas is abundant.”

      First of all, gas isn’t ‘abundant’ anywhere in Ukraine, and what reserves they had were mainly in offshore Crimea. There is potential for shale gas, but so far thaose reserves have not been proven recoverable and may not even be commercial if gas flow can be established. What eastern Ukraine does have is most of the industrial plants that build heavy armor for Russia …. gee, I wonder why Putin would want that?

  39. Christopher Martin

    Hi Greg. Made my first post recently and realise that I didn’t thank you for your great work. Big thanks! Regarding events in Iraq/Syria, there is a timeline which I think is significant. Under a UN brokered deal, several thousand rebel fighters were allowed to evacuate from Homs (in Syria) and a week or so later a group calling itself ISIS turned up in north Iraq. I suspect that they are the same people. Under the UN (read US) deal they were allowed to leave Homs with vehicles and hand weapons. One could infer that the whole ISIS thing was a redeployment of US favoured elements to destabilise the Shia Maliki government. I do not expect US to take any action against these particular terrorists.

    • Galaxy 500

      The UN is hardly the US. They undermine about everything we do. That being said, Obama flew terrorists from Iraq to Libya, so maybe this is part of his evil vile plan to destroy America. And so far, it looks like hes achieving his goal

  40. Ugly

    It is the unstoppable fires coming our way. To most, this will be sudden. To those awake in past 10 years, we have seen this coming. But man, things are sure stepping at a sprinters pace. Get ready dudes, evil is here and they are impatient. As the Bible states about the Rider on the White Horse is that he is bent on a quest and peace is not on his agenda. He will make man slay many….good luck friends….

    • allen ols


      DITTO !!!

    • America1ster

      The white horse represents the Catholic church
      The red horse represents Communism
      The black horse represents Capitalism
      The pale(green in the original text)represents Islam

      They have been loosed

  41. Coalburner9

    We have some level of leadership, it is just going off on a direction we are very unhappy about. I am personally happy to see the President go on vacation often. I believe the damage to our country is less and his time in office is slowly going by.
    “Fear NOT”; I live in New Mexico and the Navaho have a wonderful salutation that has multiple meanings including Fear not. It translates to something like “Walk in Beauty”, meaning walk in peace, walk in harmony with God and the natural forces around you and go without fear, anger, or emotions that negatively affect you. Or The Force be with you! This weekend Greg, Walk in Beauty!

  42. NW Native

    A constitutional republic and a democracy are mutually exclusive.

  43. Jim H

    It is my understanding that Halliburton built these installations before 2005 (date on AR) on a no bid contract before moving their headquarters overseas. Mostly on closed military bases. Very interesting read. I think we know how they are currently being used.


    Who would have thought we would need another “new Pearl Harbor” this soon after 911. Because the for profit system has always been a pyramid, the band-aids shelf life decreases each time one is used.
    Homeland Security, that little known department still being added to all the other very expensive security failing to stop 911 type activities departments (NSA, CIA, FBI, Military, Police and Black Ops).
    I believe they will and are manning these facilities in the document but who knows what their duties will be later. I hear the jobs mostly don’t pay much.
    With Government and corporate lies being what they are these days I wouldn’t doubt at some point to see a department created by rich Patriots (I still believe they exist) that will expose and arrest many who have through greed brought even the well to do west nations to their knees.
    Maybe Homeland Security at some point will surprise us all.
    The Christ feared not and laughed much. I Intend to follow as much as possible.

  44. Jerry

    Another failed bank bites the dust.

  45. Brian

    Regarding the IRS coverup: I am an IT professional and I know the IRS email server is meticulously backed up, so the idea that one hard drive going bad has caused the absolute loss of all of Lois Lerner’s email data is unacceptable and unbelievable. It is a stellar lie. This should be causing a serious investigation of the IRS management, charging everyone that has supported this destruction of evidence with felonies. And don’t forget, our out of control NSA could easily provide a complete profile on Lois Lerner including all of the so-called “lost emails” with a few clicks of a mouse.

    “A Republic, if you can keep it.” -Benjamin Franklin

  46. NY Cop on the beat

    Every American needs to be very vigilant going forward. We have received intelligence that the Russians may have sleeper cells in the United States ready to deliver small scale nuclear strikes. We need every American to be aware and ready to defend the Constitution of the United States. If you see anything suspicious, please contact police immediately!

    • Mason


  47. New Age Neocon

    Our corporations have made billions of dollars in investment in the Ukraine. We should be damned if we are going to abandon the interests of our allies and our citizens. There are rich hydorcarbon deposits in the Ukraine and we should all reap the benefits of those assets. How dare the Russians attempt to break the peace. We need Obama to stp up and let the Russians know that not only will we engage in financial sactions, but we will turn the Kremlin into glass. Now ! I dare Putin to respond !

  48. Vigilante against Terror

    We need a comprehensive Federal response to seek and route out the threats to our American freedoms. We know that the enemy hates our liberties and will do anything to subvert and destroy our way of life. I wish we could bring George W Bush back instead of this gutless spineless Obama !

  49. America1ster

    The Khazars have had their fill of fighting and living in constant fear of blowback/retaliation for their governments many misdeeds since invading and conquering Palestine. They long for a place to call their own, the only problem is, like in Palestine, to get their homeland they must take someone else’s land.

    George Soros has been leading an expedition in the Ukraine to carve out a new ‘Khazaria’ for the Israeli’s to call home. Ukrainians are to be the new Palestinians in the feverish delusions of the global zionist debt dictatorship.

  50. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    I am totally shocked at the seriousness of the situation unfolding in the Ukraine and view this as the most serious event the world has seen since the Cuban missile crises.
    JFK who I regard as one of the greatest leaders of all time was at the helm for that one and the world narrowly averted disaster.
    This time you have as ‘leaders’ [Obama and Kerry] two irresponsible, delusional bungling idiots who you can virtually guarantee will get it completely wrong. Not only do you have these horrible creatures in power but you also have virtually the entire mainstream media of the western world lying and misrepresenting the facts in order to demonize Putin and escalate a civil war into a full scale world war. We have very short memories in the west as it was only last September that Putin brokered a deal that got us all out of a full scale war in Syria.
    Now Washington has set a trap that has put Putin in an impossible situation where war is virtually unavoidable.
    I have said this in previous posts – GET RID OF OBAMA AND KERRY BEFORE THEY CAUSE WWIII
    PS Cameron and Merkel in my opinion are also delusional and dangerous and will aid Obama in marching us all to certain disaster.

    • Dan

      Couldn’t agree more. Always enjoy your posts, by the way!

  51. robert

    how come we don’t hear you on coast to coast anymore?…what happen?….American needs to hear from you !!!

    • Greg Hunter

      They are busy. I am busy. Love those guys on C to C. Send them an email and tell them to book me.

  52. Neil

    For some years now absolutely nothing useful has been done to reverse the economic predicament of the US. Today if the US were to have to face the extent of the debt rather than print money several million people would probably starve in the streets. This is a very serious situation. Yet and in direct contradiction of Americans belief about the exceptional nature of themselves there is no responsible leadership or grassroots participation apparent anywhere who will endeavour to fix it. Regrettably it seems half the US is destined to become a slum by default and as if that weren’t bad enough there are obviously those who want to provoke Russia or China into reducing the other half to a thin layer of ash. Perhaps if the country is so sick and weak of spirit at its core it is really not worth saving. Only American’s can do something to help themselves up from here.

  53. esquimaux

    Peter Schiff reports that in response to the Fed’s policy of keeping interest rates in the basement for a long time to come and thereby exporting American inflation in the process, foreign central banks are purchasing tons of Treasuries. This would seen to make no sense. Any of your guests have any idea of what’s going on?


  54. Galaxy 500

    Turkey is getting ready to get their a$$ kicked.
    The Turkish criminal president is attempting to draw attention away from his crimes as Clinton did. It aint going to.work.out the.same.
    And I keep hearing about the Israeli occupation…of what? Israel? The Palestinians.are held hostage by Hamas. Israel has been out of Gaza for years. Yes, they attempt to keep certain items for getting to Hamas.and actually opened up.things like concrete and rebar as the UN was going to police it…hahaha, they make Obama look competent. Rockets have been found in two separate UN facilities.and what did the UN do with them? Gave them back to Hamas. If anyone believes the UN is impartial they are truly idiots. They hate Israel and America.

  55. Ordinary Concerned Patriotic American

    The news just came out today that the Russians fired into the Ukraine !!!!!! People wake up ! The Russians aim to fight and we cant back down when our freedom and liberty are at stake. This is the fight I have been waiting for my whole life and we can not shy away now. If we chicken out at this moment, we will never forgive ourselves for our cowardice in the face of aggression. We must defend democracy ! We must defend freedom ! We must defend liberty !!!!!!! We must be proud Americans and defend our country proudly. A few years ago Lee Greenwood performed a song whose spirit and lyrics should reverberate across this nation in every living room in America !!! For your listening pleasure ….

    She only lives if we continue to steadfastly fight for her ! Lady Liberty ! Raise your fist proudly and indignantly !!!!!!! We will prevail if we stay the course !!!!!

    • Dan

      Stay the course?? As the biggest debtor nation in the world?

  56. CyberspaceVoid

    It is surprising that Gov. Perry is sending now TX National Guard troops to the Mexican border as he was adamantly against a border fence and fought the federal government against building it in Texas. Amazing turnaround.

  57. Ed

    I enjoy your website and visit often. May I suggest that you consider the below Reuters report on the recent speech by the Iranian religious leader on the “end of Israel.” As you can see, a reporter who does not wear a disguise, who uses his own name, and who writes for a fairly reputable news wire presents Kahmeni’s words and point of view very differently than was done in the article you just linked on your home page. This is how the false story about Ahmenidejad calling for “wiping Israel from the map” got started. The last thing we need is more deception and misinformation to raise tensions. Perhaps you will post the Reuters link so folks might consider this, too?
    Keep up the good work!


    • Greg Hunter

      Iran wants these folks dead. This is semantics. Iran also wants to arm the Palestinians in the West Bank. You left that out of your comment. Please.

  58. The Heart

    Here is a fine example of how the world is waking up and doing what they can to stop the insanity of false flag started wars.


    Give thanks and praises for these info-warriors who care about thier country and have God in their lives. Pray nothing happens after the light is shined on these cockroaches.


  59. The Heart

    Gee, Greg.

    Are you censoring free speech like the mosad owned zerohedge is now?

    A sad thing to think if you are.


    • Greg Hunter

      The Heart,
      I spent my life savings to build this site. I didn’t build it to be a platform for any and all comments for someone to make any and all of their political points over and over again. This very evening I deleted comments that said we should “kill all Muslims.” You will not be seeing those comments–ever. Is that censorship? I guess it is but that is my prerogative. You want to comment here, then, make your point, keep it short and move on. If you would like a totally unrestricted site, then please pony up the money, and be willing to spend years working for free to provide that platform to your visitors for free.

      • The Heart

        Sorry, Greg.

        My bad to assume you were censoring.

        See you did post the info. Thanks. Like your main motivation, it is a public service. Truly, there is goodness in being a center of good information. Pretty much all that is posted by The Heart is related in some way or another to your reports. Keeping it short is a daunting task indeed when there is so much to learn about, and share.

        If ever there was a way to save the ship, we all need to be on the same side and not bantering amongst each other. The babylonian(satanic bankster) plan is to divide and conquer. We should all do our best to remember first and foremost that we are all brothers and sisters and for most of we who care, we are all good and faithful God loving Americans who hold dear our generational Sons/Daughters of the Revolution heritage, and the country so many of our relatives helped build, and then died to preserve.

        Greg, you know the Heart Loves you and your good works. Please see the comment on the Gerald(wowie) report. As always and at the end of every day, thank you for the forum of free speech and the many contributions everyone makes for the greater understanding of the whole picture by the whole audience. Studying the beast system for twenty years is only scratching the ugly surface. It is not your fault you are becoming more known, we have played an active part in that. Let the truth always lead the way. The absolute provable facts backed truth, always. God is Truth and only as real as those who hold truth up as something of value to Love.


  60. Cry Me A Ruble

    You know what is sad. It is these bastards that cry peace when their entire creed or existence is to kill the Jew. They can not help themselves. That is who they are. Greg, I viewed a video of a teenaged Jewish girl who lived next to Gaza. She was distraught. She said she loved children… all children including Arab but was afraid and feared for her life. I don’t post here much anymore because the world is upside down and it is useless to comment. BRICS is coming and the USA is a bygone afterthought. Rick

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