Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.15.14

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

We start, once again, with the crisis in Ukraine.  Russia sent a humanitarian convoy to the pro-Russian separatist.  It was stalled well short of the border for a while and it looks like it will cross at some point.  The Ukraine government said it would stop the convoy that is aimed at resupplying the rebels with food and water.  Meanwhile, a second Russian military convoy also crossed into Ukraine to help aid the pro-Russian rebels, according to the Guardian in the UK.  The reporter noted that the convoy was only 23 vehicles long and did not constitute a full scale invasion.  But, this confirms that Russia is directly helping the rebels even though it has repeatedly said it is not.  The Obama Administration has said any aid to the rebels is unacceptable.  As far as the Russian counter sanctions on food producers in the west, those sanctions are already causing some real pain in countries such as Finland, Spain and Poland.  Please keep in mind that much of the EU is in recession and, in some places, depression.  Wait until winter when these countries need cheap Russian natural gas.  They may get it, but I predict it will not be cheap.

The thousands of people stranded on a mountain top in Iraq because they were fleeing the horror of ISIS have been saved, but thousands more still remain.  I am not sure the President is going to authorize any more help.  This still leaves a growing problem of the terror army of the Islamic State who has taken over large parts of Eastern Syria and Western Iraq.  There appears to be no real plan to combat this group which is growing in size every day.

There is another cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.  This cease-fire is scheduled for five days.  Hamas wants the borders open and call what they have now an “open air prison.”  The Israelis want Hamas to disarm before they open the ports and borders.  Hamas has repeatedly said it will not disarm.  I don’t see how both sides are going to work this out, but at least there is a cease-fire—for now, anyway.  In another development, the Obama Administration has blocked a shipment of hell-fire missiles to Israel.  It’s reported Obama and Netanyahu had another heated phone call this week.  So, the rift between Israel and the Obama Administration is not getting better.

Ferguson, Missouri, has simmered down after riots and looting because of the police shooting death of an unarmed teen.  Journalists were arrested and shot at with tear gas.  The President asked for calm while a full investigation is underway.  There is much more going on than the awful shooting of a teen.  Shooting deaths in Chicago are common place.  14 shooting deaths have happened, so far, in August alone.  Military style force was rolled out to combat the

rioters, and now, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has put the Highway Patrol in charge and pulled back from the military style confrontation.  The big picture is the government, on multiple levels, is preparing for social unrest.  I think they are scared to death of what will happen in the next financial calamity.  Look at the YouTube video of the stores that were robbed and vandalized.  The people who worked in the burned out stores are not working.  Products are not being sold.  Taxes are not being collected.  Now, multiply that times a million, and you could have a collapse of civilization as we know it.  That’s why I think there has been a push to militarize the police. Even federal agencies such as the IRS and USDA are getting fully automatic weapons for their staff.  Senator Rand Paul says we should demilitarize the police, but I don’t think that is going to happen before the next financial crash.

Finally, Hillary Clinton and her criticism of President Obama’s foreign policy in a magazine article is a huge blunder.  She mocked President Obama by saying “. . . ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”  Like his record or not, he is still the leader of the Democratic Party, and I think this will cost Mrs. Clinton dearly.  Ed Klein, author of the best-selling book “Blood Feud,” said Obama is going to support Senator Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primaries for President.  I do not believe the stories that Obama and Hillary “hugged it out” this past week.  I think the feud is full blown, even though it is not being played out in public.  I do not think this bodes well for Hillary’s chances to win the presidential election in 2016, but we will see.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. hashish

    what is happening is ferguson is an example what USA funds and facilitates in other countries in regime change tactics . now it has arrived on its on shores and it will get worse all it is waiting for is a trigger . and to add to all this is that i don’t think america has real patriots among its population as today most of the population is migrated population from other countries who still are patriot towards their own respective countries. when a situation breaks out in america it will be worser than what we have seen in other countries. to make matters worse america has an armed population.

    • ProxyWar

      Tanks a lot!

  2. bob

    greg, trade wars, financial wars, we re going to war. the group anonymous is claiming that Israel are the ones who killed the three teens.
    i grew up in jennings 1 block off of west Florissant. canfield apartments was just 2 blocks down the street. i will tell you that this officer through the dispatch tapes did not call in that somebody was shot. but called in for crowd control instead. it took a witness to call it in. the body laid in the street for hours before anything was done. that sends up a major red flag. now in case people don’t read or hear the stories all over the internet, we have a police problem in this country. shot at least 5 times if not more. now i have a friend who knows people who live in the general area. were around the PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS and witnessed ferguson officers antagonizing these people.
    as far as the looters go they came from the city of st.louis. were they right in what they did? NO. but it goes back to GERALD CELESTE. ” WHEN PEOPLE LOSE EVERYTHING AND THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO LOSE, THEY LOSE IT. when the police force went from protect and serve to enforce the law, is when things changed.
    there are good officers and there are bad cops. they are all human beings, bad mistakes can happen, they are only human. but there is no excuse for killing a human being when you hold the gun. i could have stomached a shot in the leg, 5 times or more, please. even rodney king. they went over board with him and beat him to a pulp, and got acquitted. people are tired of this. on the way home listening to the radio, had said that african americans were being targeted in ferguson since about 2000 according to his investigation. this was on ktrs 550 am. there is so many other things going on that this killing of this young man that this was a fuse that got lit and right or wrong ferguson is getting back the seeds they have sown.
    outside the state media have been arrested, the word was when the police chief learned of it, immediately had them released. that should say something about the force too.
    well, thank god that our gov. jay nixon stepped in and made the the state patrol take over tonight with no county or city officers involved. it was reported that there is a large number of protestors but is peaceful and there is no problems on the streets. well well.
    one last story somebody that i work with used to work at a gas station. a cop used to come in and talk to him on a reg basis over night. he was getting ready to take the job in jennings. he told him he could not wait because the first —— that gave him too much trouble he wanted to put him down. my frien could not believe his ears. he said he was not joking by his voice and body language. how sad.

    • allen ols


      PCR writes;

      “Europeans cannot bring themselves to believe in the dysfunction and utter irresponsibility of the American state.”

      With no internal checks on Washington’s recklessness from allies, the media, and US Senators, the only brake on Washington’s drive to war is Russian, Chinese, Indian, and South American diplomacy. If this diplomacy fails, Fukushima, as bad as it is, becomes a mere raindrop in the ocean. http://www.globalresearch.ca/weve-opened-the-gates-of-hell-fukushima-spews-radiation-world-wide/5395912

      The slaughter by Washington, Washington’s Kiev stooges and Washington’s EU vassals of civilians in the former Russian territories that comprise the southern and eastern borders of present-day Ukraine is not only largely unreported in the Western media, but also denied or blamed on Russia.

      The crimes that Washington is perpetrating while blaming Russia have aroused a high level of anger among the Russian people. Such anger is dangerous as it could force Putin, who continues to emphasize non-confrontation http://rt.com/news/180268-putin-russia-mobilize-confrontation/ , to turn away from diplomacy to violence.

      Egor Prosvirnin, the chief editor of a Russian news site, shows us the extent of the anger in Russia caused by the dangerous mixture of Washington’s broken promises with the vicious propaganda war against Russia and the German government’s complicity. http://sputnikipogrom.com/europe/germany/18213/russian-appeal/

  3. Money & Politics_ Wall Street & Main St.

    Greg, now that the Russka’s have crossed over with 23 vehicles, how does this confirm that Russia has been aiding the rebels all along, as in past tense? Didn’t they ask for permission to cross over, now that the civilian ethnic Russians are without food , water and electricity? I’m sure there saying it’s for humanitarian purposes, of course and you’d think the rebels would get in on some of that grub, anyways. But it’s obvious, if Russia were directly aiding the rebels all along, they wouldn’t be losing for all the world to see. Putin, the chess/judo master, has shown great restraint so far by not being drawn into the conflict and the reason this convoy was granted permission no doubt is because cooler heads have prevailed in Kiev and deep state, thank God! Ronald Reagan believed what the Neo-cons seem to be learning, “you can catch more flies with honey!” Because, “War is Hell”
    P.S.> Maybe Obama isn’t just golfing, but thinking and praying on the greens, don’t forget, Ike was an avid golfer in chief too and Ron Reagan dug fence post holes, a true digga! So has Barry Obama, prevailed over John McCain? That is the question.______________________________________________________ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr08eaCHz2I

    • Student-101

      Russia has denied the report, which perhaps implies it is just another example of the manipulation of the media. We all need evidence rather than just allegations..

    • allen ols

      money, pol. wall st.

      JIM WILLIE — CIA, SOROS & KIEV Puppets Target Russia, As Sanctions Hurt Europe not Russia

      from Paul Sandhu:


  4. Tom

    Great job keeping us informed Greg!! Did I hear you correctly around the 16:30 mark “If we have an election ” (regarding 2016)? What have you been hearing?

  5. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    I am sorry to have to say this but I am totally shocked at some of your comments this week.
    Re The Ukraine
    I think you need to ask yourself a couple of very important questions before you quote any mainstream UK media about what is going on in the Ukraine. Remember too that 90% of what has come from that quarter lately has been irresponsible propaganda and misinformation.
    #1 Would you label yourself a ‘rebel’ if a hubris meddling empire from the other side of the world interfered in your own country and installed a neo-nazi regime of terror that targeted you with all manner of weapons. Ask yourself would you be a rebel, a terrorist, or a patriotic hero if you tried to defend yourself, your family, and your property from these murderers.
    #2 In this situation would you appreciate some humanitarian aid from a sympathetic neighboring country that is closely culturally related to you. This is especially poignant when this neighbor is being goaded into becoming involved militarily in what is really a giant trap to enable escalation into full scale war. Who on earth does the Obama regime think they are in stating “any aid to the rebels is unacceptable” the arrogance and hypocrisy of this statement to me is quite simply astonishing.

    Re Hillary,
    It would be a rare occasion indeed that I would ever agree with anything this dangerous little piece of work has to say and quite frankly I won’t even bother to read her article.
    However I will comment on your comment Greg!
    IMHO – great, bring it on, if it hinders her Presidential quest. This women would be a disaster and would probably rank alongside “No Brainer” and Bush as all time record holders as being totally unsuitable for this office. From what I hear another Bush is also given a chance of being a contender. This to me just beggars belief that people like this would even be considered as suitable.
    “No Brainer” to me is a diplomatic disaster and I will say this again – ‘It is nothing less than a miracle that he has not already caused WWIII with his incompetence and the deranged encouragement he gets from both Kerry and Nuland’. In a recent post I openly accused Obama as being more of a threat to mankind than Hitler himself. Not one person on Watchdog challenged me on this accusation. Why on earth has this creature not been impeached?

    Greg I know that you think I am often far too critical of your country. You need to be aware of the real reason that I have been a regular contributor to Watchdog. It is not out of arrogance or thinking I know whats best for everyone. Neither is it because I think many other western countries are better or more honorable than the US – quite the contrary actually.
    I hold much of their leadership in just as much contempt when they act as mindless lapdogs in accepting the contrived hegemonic narrative that the White House and the MSM pushes upon them.
    In this category I would include NZ, and the UK and many others.
    I contribute out of a profound sense of shock and sadness as I witness the disastrous decline that the US has undergone especially under the last two presidential tenures to a stage that both diplomatically and financially the situation has become in my view irretrievable.
    I deeply regret seeing elements of watchdog actually falling prey to the very forces that they have so actively criticized since I have become involved. Whats more to hear someone of D’Souza’s supposed intellect succumb to the propaganda nonsense that has spilled out of the events in Ukraine is particularly worrisome for me.

    But what totally astounds me amidst all of this is that virtually no-one will even mention that there is one huge fat elephant in the room. This elephant is dead. It is bloated beyond belief and is at the point of exploding its rotten carcasse all over America. This elephant is the root of all your troubles at home and abroad and yet you all pretend it is not even there.
    This elephant is the FED.
    I have pleaded with you all for months to address this to the stage where I am totally
    dis-illusioned with even contributing to watchdog anymore and, I know, I am very much at risk of sounding like an annoying stuck record – perhaps my absence will be welcomed.
    So OK then, thats it – I give up.
    You all just carry on as you were. Continue on constantly moaning about your plight and refusing to acknowledge that this overwhelming and fundamental issue even exists. Next year who knows what the new initiative might be. God only knows but maybe no deposit 10 year interest free terms on new cars. Maybe Belgium will “buy” a few more hundred billion US dollars worth of bonds. Quite frankly all of this is just total nonsense which actually insults the intelligence of the rest of the world!
    Carry on as you were at your peril.
    From where I am standing the end result for the US and the world is very easy to predict.

    • Saint Lawrence

      Colin your perception is very good.
      I alway think you have good logic.
      We of the USA have been operating
      under a Rothchilds, Morgan, old world
      oligopoly that can and does often decide
      the economy, free market and efficient market
      is a fiction, out final determination is that
      the .001 percent control almost all corporations, banks, governments.
      Refer to “Trajedy and hope” by Carrol Quigly.

      When you realize that the price of human life is
      going down because the constitution, bill of rights, and
      magna carta have been set aside by the oligarchs.
      Soon you will realize that Skynet in movie “Terminator”
      is in fact the plutocracy-aristocracy. Yes they control
      outcomes with history often rewritten after the fact.
      Yes they are like majicians and illusionists,
      rewatch the movie “Wag the Dog” and rethink it.

      • Dwain

        Heres the global problem in a nutshell.

        Technology and debt put 6 billion people on earth in little over 150 years reaching 7 billion by the end of the 20th century. Taking advantage of machine civilization, job offshoring and corporate consolidation, elite profits soared as workers wages stagnated and mom/pop businesses cratered. Traditional family took the brunt of the blow, adding fuel to the fire.
        Racing to the rescue, rights championing socialistic governments and banks happily took up slack, blowing wealth and welfare bubbles. Subtly, they took advantage of evils they purported to eliminate. After decades of political pandering, playing charades and can kicking games, the consequences of inflation, dependency and debt caught up and became unsustainable. No longer capable of blowing, the day of reckoning arrived.
        In brief, the perfect storm of unemployment, debauchery, bankruptcy, exploding paupers and imploding family, combined with confiscatory counter productive economies based upon debt, government, health care, secular indoctrination (education) corporate feudalism (retail) leisure, law and finance, created a vicious cycle and collapsed.

        This is the root of the problem. Governments understand this, thus the race is on to gobble up resources and hard assets. This is all taking place covertly under the cover of bought and paid for propagandist to keep masses contented in their dreamworld matrix cubicles while the transfer goes forward. Looks like we are headed back to feudalism.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good, sharp, analysis!!! Thank you for posting it here!

        • J.C.Davis

          Dwain Allen ols turned me on to this documentary the secret world of gold. I now have a different perspective on why I should have some gold.

      • Collateral Damage

        Please don’t leave. I consider you to be among the most insightful posters. In my opinion you often have the ability to cut through to the heart of the matter. As a parent I have discovered that true learning sometimes takes considerable repetition. I hope you keep repeating your message, Colin, so that the maximum number of people hear and have the opportunity to understand.

        I think another large piece of the puzzle, outside of the ‘three letter bloated elephant’ that you cite, is the truth documented in the statistical study reported in the following article:


        Further, I believe that the truth of who the political process serves in the U.S. (the wealthy), applies to the vast majority of nations throughout the history of mankind, and is not confined to the U.S.

        Finally, I think that the ‘forces that be’ have been fueling the flames in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, all along that margin of land, in order to blame the coming collapse on the conflicts with Russia et. al., using these conflicts to cover up the root cause of the upcoming systemic failure of the global economic system. Make no mistake, the failure will result from their own usury and mismanagement, resulting in the gross disparity that currently exists in our global human community.


        My analogy? The ants and the aphids. The ants can live the high life, taking honeydew from the aphids, as long as the aphids still have enough to get by (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protocooperation). But in the case of global economics, the big guys are fast approaching the point where they have just taken too much from the aphids for the aphids to survive; collapse of the system results.

        IMHO, I believe that the best we can do now is educate the most people and be ready to act as events move forward. There is truly no stopping the impending implosion at this late date.

        I think that we will all suffer collateral damage when this collapse runs its course. Steel yourself for the coming challenge, and take heart, many of your forbearers in the history of mankind have surely suffered worse.

        Cheers to all.

        Collateral Damage

      • Rebecca Wildeman

        Amen! Someone who understands that no one is speaking out and fighting
        this dragon with truth. And the Father of Heaven and earth has said to us
        in his word and the end shall be wars between Lies and truth and the whole world but a remnant is living and speaking lies. May the heavenly Father bless you as you stand strong in this truth..

    • ProxyWar

      Col, your words are not falling on deaf ears, we know you love us dam Yankee’s as you’ve expressed so many times growing up in Kiwi land and admiring our country from afar, so please dont give up on us. The screws are being turned and it looks like a showdown is coming betwixt Putin and Obama, the west and the east and we all know Putin’s being pushed to the brink of war and we all know why and as they say, “my country right or wrong.” So as we get closer to war don’t expect to hear the truth about much of anything anymore and unfortunately that is exactly what the powers that be want. But as you know in our history and in the history of the world, might does not make wright, and truth and justice shall prevail and we may have to go thru hell, [sheol,] to get there, just never give up hope and please dont give up on the good ole U. S. of A.!
      P.S. Wright now Americans are not happy campers or for that matter the rest of the world. “Without a humble imitation of the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, we can never hope to be a happy nation.” George Washington

      Blast, from USAWatchdog past;

      chuck o. 03/01/2013 •

      I’ve retired after 44 years working. Throughout the entire period, I lived through no fewer than 10 lay-offs and cut-backs. I have yet to see any appreciable lay-off or cut-back in the federal work force (EVER). I feel it is about time “they” should take a “hit”. How about a 20% cut back on ALL salaries? “They” need to share in the austerity. We all should have the same insurance benefits, too. “Their” retirement program and health insurance is way out of line; cut it back. A 20% cut would be way better than NO PAY at all. 20 % could really help lower the debt. I’m really getting KILLED by this money printing. In the 12 years I’ve been retired, my dollars have lost more than 30 % of their purchasing power. Obama’s crew haven’t a clue. My wife and I have BOTH had to go back to work at 70 years old. Obama is truly a murderer. CO

      Greg 03/01/2013 •

      Great point Chuck O. Thank you for making it here.

      Tom 03/03/2013 •

      What did you expect,especially a person of your age! Were at the end of the age that the son of god prophesied. Look at the bright side were not getting any younger. The Bible says after Armageddon the Earth will have a 1,000 years of peace (the thousand year reign of Christ). Hitler called it the 1000 year Reich, thankfully he failed, good eventually conquers evil and as you know the nations will turn there swords into plowshares and a little girl will be able to sit with the lion and cobra and best of all an old man’s flesh will be fresher than in youth! Jesus said lift your heads up when you see all these things occur. The longer I live the more I believe its going to happen and I will live to see it. He also said the nations will come to the point they’ll see no way out and unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved! So all is not lost, hang in there and hang together so we don’t hang separately! PS. Pray thru the son to the father, prayer changes things! Never give up! Arma gettin outa here, new world or not!


    • John

      Great post Colin. I too have been a little disillusioned by some of Greg’s comments, its like he is becoming a gatekeeper, especially after his comments about the rogue nation of Israel, who is dragging us all to Armageddon.

      You’re right about the FED, but who is the tribe who rules all these agencies & banks. Who brags that they control everything. The Zionist Jews & the secret societies. The warmongers who are taking peace from the earth.

      Russia hasn’t been invading any countries, but America & Israel have been invading & doing regime change for over a decade now in several countries.

      Please don’t leave, we need your input.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are “disillusioned by some of Greg’s comments.” Please tell me what facts I have gotten wrong? Was it the fact that Hamas shoots anti-war protesters? Was it the fact that Hamas conducts the war (and yes even the Palestinian negotiators in Egypt call it a war) from highly populated areas to make sure maximum casualties happen to gain global sympathy? Was it the point I brought up that if Hamas was really worried about it’s women and children it would conduct its way on the perimeter of Gaza and put them safely behind them? You argue there is not space on the perimeter? Check out the farm ground between Gaza City and the 1950 Armistice boundary that is the Gaza border to the North and East. Link: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=202333466099153561738.000463388e0887b44b2f8&dg=feature Was it the Fact that Hamas dug more that 40 tunnels and wasted millions of dollars in a failed attack plan? Was it the fact that Hamas fired more than 3,500 rockets into Israel? Is it the fact that Hamas will not recognize Israel’s right to exist and it is in their charter to destroy Israel and kill all Jews? Is it the fact that Hamas teaches its children to hate and kill Jews at a very young age so the conflict goes on for generations? What exactly was the comment that “disillusioned” you? I simply brought up the opposing points when the Hamas points were made here. This is called balance. I don’t want this site to devolve into a Jew hating site without any balance. This is why you sir have made your last comment.

        DO NOT COMMENT AGAIN. I suggest you go and build your own platform and put all the America and Jew hating comments you want on it, and when you do it man up and use a verifiable real first and last name. Own your words and do not comment anonymously, and please put up a photo of yourself like I do. Good luck with that.

        On another note, do you really think USAWatchdog.com or a site like it, say Russiawatchdog.com, could exist in Russia. Do you ever hear someone criticizing Putin on RT? NO.


        • Justin

          Good morning Greg I was just wondering in the future when you have your silver and gold experts on your show can you please ask them when silver and gold gets really high I did I decide to sell some gold or silver at this time the dollar will obviously have collapsed what can I convert it to thank you . Justin

      • art barnes

        John, Israel & the Jews have been dealing people of your type of hate for thousands of years, your views are just no new. The last year or so I studied the history of the Jews in Europe and almost every country of Europe at sometime or another has persecuted & expelled them. The simple fact is the Bible foretold their misfortunes, including people of your bent that will hate them. However, that great book also has predicted their return to Israel, which happened after WWII to the present day. The Bible also foretells their ultimate fortune, however, where you fit in is this: “I will curse those who curse you and bless those who bless you”. The good news is that you have time to get rational and seek shelter under the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob, the one and only Jesus Christ who even the Jews rejected.

      • Galaxy 500

        What a bunch of bull.shiite. the jews.running everything. You’re just another jew hating nazi wannabe.

    • Felicia

      Colin, I too agree that the banksters-Fed, CB’s, IRs, JPMChase, Citi, etc.- along with the Washington & state despots need to be forcefully removed. And US Constitution/Bill of Rights restored to their original form. But the dumbing down of America needs to be reversed for this to happen. USAWD gives info & knowledge, which is needed. People coming to this site are engaged and running around the decks warning of an iceberg but the “ship” that is the US populace which is headed for the iceberg of economic, social, political & spiritual collapse are unwilling to stop listening to the bands of social media, MSM’s feel good tunes and Hollywood’s top 20. So while the handful are running around on deck pointing to the gigantic iceberg, you have the rest of the people eating, drinking, & dancing to the tunes. At this point the handful of knowing folks can only get the lifeboats & vests ready. And eventually help only a subset of the larger population, who will end up drowning.

    • Jerry

      I read you loud and clear. The Fed (City of London Corp.) is in total control. They control the media, so naturally people are more concerned with “Dancing with the Stars” than having the financial rug pulled out from under them. The whole system is tilted. Its rigged. And unless you’re part of the club, you’re pretty well screwed. Its like constipation. Nothing yet, but its coming.

    • Silence is Golden

      Colin et all,
      The disillusionment begins with the perceived power and control that resides with the President of the USA. The democratic society survives on the acceptance of this projected perception.
      The FED is one of a few mechanisms used to achieve world domination. As we progress further into the quagmire we will begin to fully understand that our societies are planned. Without which there would be eternal chaos and lack of “ORDER”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you anger at me is misplaced. Thank you for your participation in the site. I hope you reconsider.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, tell Colin to get his rarified behind over here and solve it, if he thinks it’s so damn apparent and easy! That’s the problem. We who know what is wrong are now politically in the minority and can’t solve the problems in the context of our current political system. And tell Colin he can lighten up. I’m sick of his lectures. Best always. PM

        • King Solomans Mines

          Crikey, PfI.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I am not angry with you personally and still greatly admire you and your site. My feeling is one of terrible frustration with the masses when they will not face up to where the fundamental problem stems from and their denial of the massive thinly veiled ongoing terrorist activities of the Washington regime. With the current situation in Ukraine mankind stands at a very dangerous cross road.
        Please accept my apologies. I know how hard you work and how much Watchdog does to counter this age of misinformation.

  6. allen ols


    yes, the militarization of police is a BIG ISSUE. un reported, possibly slightly sometimes in MSM. Bullets to postal service, DHS, FEMA, with alot of war vehicles to sheriff, police, and HP, agencies.
    they are scarred of the population, because, they know collapse is imminent and they know there will be riots, when the 50 mill. cant get food stamps, or their value is cut. The medical inst. are going bust,IMO, that is why obobo-care, and it is not working. They are making it hard to get ammo, and this is why they want to ban guns, simply, govmnt is scared, of what the people will do when the dollar collapses, i feel this strongly.

    • Saint Lawrence

      out final determination is that
      the .001 percent control almost all corporations, banks, governments.

      Should be
      throughout their final determinations is the fact that
      the .001 percent control almost all corporations, banks, governments – even if they are in Europe or Carribean.
      They have been writing our laws since the Statist Lincoln said,
      “obey or die”
      See the movie THEY LIVE

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Allen ,
      Have you heard of the House Resolution trying to ban US citizens from owning “Body Armour”. It hard to discount all the evidence as “crazy talk”.

      • allen ols


        yes, they are sooo obvious aren’t they, 🙂

    • art barnes

      Allen: The militarization of our city police forces is undeclared martial law, otherwise, for what purpose do they militarize themselves with assault weapons & armored vehicles. Yes, the collapse is coming little by little, but first the police of America must be ready to shoot unarmed citizens in the streets, in order to do that they must be militarized and desensitized which is nearing fruition now; they have to be made to see the citizens as enemies which they are being programmed as we speak. Prior to the police force of America become total warriors who will kill when ordered to is a little way yet off as not all have become inhuman robots as of yet. However, understanding herd mentality you don’t need all of them. Unarmed people in this country get killed by police every day without any riots, Ferguson is an aberrant & will blow over & the militarization & desensitizing will go unabated as before. More assault guns, more tanks, assault helicopters & armored personnel carriers are on their way to your local police force, that you can be sure of.

    • Saint Lawrence

      True enough, yet the description is
      “standing army” not police or sheriff or county.
      Consistant violation of the constitution and bill of rights.

  7. Spanky

    I’ve been reading the comments people have been posting on zerohedge.com regarding the riots that are currently taking place in Ferguson, Missouri. Honestly I’m appalled (and a little frightened) at the immense amount of hatred and vitriol contained in these postings. The viciousness of these attacks is deep-seated and entrenched. It’s as if everyone is completely radicalized; there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. I’m starting to think that little can be done to depolarize the different factions that exist in our society.

    As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t any justification what so ever for an officer of the law to shoot an unarmed person (in this case twice), but I also suspect that the victim in this case did something stupid that led to his death.

    When I’m questioned by any law officer (thankfully, a rare event), I’m always pretty careful about the words I use and the attitude I manifest. In my case, I always address the officer as no sir and yes sir, assuming the person is a male. I’m relatively certain had Michael Brown, the victim in the Ferguson shooting, been respectful and polite, he’d probably be alive today, and we wouldn’t have this terrible situation.

    I’m thankful, Greg, for your well moderated comment section. The comments on other websites quickly spiral out of control.

    • john

      Spanky, most people on Zero Hedge want the world to collapse so they can make money on their gold and silver holdings. They love these type of situations. These are the same people who want Russia to invade Ukraine; little do they know if that happens Uncle Sam will be calling them and their sons and daughters to put on their battlefield boots.

    • Tommy

      “If the victim would have been respectful and polite he’d probably be alive today.” Oy vey!

    • Saint Lawrence

      Six foot 5 inch person in red hat,
      seen beating up liquor store clerks.
      Premeditated robbery seen on store tape:

      Criminals say, “practice, practice until you are perfect.”
      They dont stop and say yes sir or no sir, till they are in the

  8. allen ols

    also from KWN, Stephen Leeb, says;

    So things are getting out of control right now and this is the kind of world we are living in, Eric. One of the Russian news channels was saying that what the U.S. is trying to do is put a stop to the coming alliance between China, Russia, and Germany. I’ve been talking about this alliance on King World News for a long time. That is going to be the world’s major alliance.

    Underlying that emerging alliance is this weakening in the West. Militarily the West is in decline. The West is losing control in Iraq. They are also losing influence in the South China Sea. You’ve got the Russian and the Chinese navies together, along with all the latest military equipment. What this means is that the United States is losing its hegemony. We are losing it very, very quickly.


    • art barnes

      The King of the North, Russia & Germany with alliance of China the power of the East, at some point in time the “King” of the North marches to Israel. Its predicted, it will surly happen. Check your local Bible for the outcome!

  9. Collateral Damage


    Thank you for your Most Excellent News Wrap this week. It was very good. And thank you for the more even handed way that you covered the conflict surrounding the Gaza Strip. I really don’t have a dog in the fight either way, but I dislike seeing large populations being treated like prisoners. Perhaps as some of our own political leaders have so ironically stated this week, “There is a Ferguson coming to a town near you.”

    I have some really good links to post for us, and some very sad reporting from the street to share, but I don’t have time right now to post them, so they will have to wait for the weekend.

    Again, thank you sincerely for the work that you do. I firmly believe that you supporting the ‘good’ in a very material way in this sordid game of international politics and intrigue. I believe that your honest and truthful reporting can and does help the common people who are willing to hear it, take heed and respond accordingly.

    I also really like the way that you now end your broadcasts. Stellar Job Greg.

    BTW, when you or your readers get the opportunity, read the book, “When Money Dies”. It is about the Weimar Republic. Very informative.

    Best to you, CD

  10. Mason

    Excellent Weekly News Wrap-Up once again Greg!

  11. dchayden

    Thank you Greg, for touching on the topic of the obvious yet covert militarization of police forces throughout your country. (This subject is particularly sensitive to me, as I was present during the 2010 G-20 fiasco in Toronto.) To me, militarization of police is a true sign that government knows civil unrest is coming. I just hope this potential betrayal of civil liberties (in my opinion) will be addressed, and derailed, before it’s actions become acceptable in the minds of American’s. Opportunities such as Ferguson, allow government to exercise this militaristic behavior on purpose ( I believe) in order to have the population slowly become desensitized to it. This is exactly what needs to be nipped in the bud. “lock down” and other similar words are simply “martial law”…do not let the language fool you. Word play has been a government tool since Roman times and beyond. We need to simply see things as they are. I could be mistaken, but I believe citizens should make it clear to their government, that this kind of behavior, at any level, is a direct threat to a countries rights and freedoms, and is unacceptable. Great wrap up Greg !! Enjoy your weekend !

  12. art barnes

    Greg, yes we need to “demilitarize the police” but that is not going to happen. The cops of this country look like they are hitting the beach at Normandy, France circa 1944. The no-fly zone was interesting, arresting reporters at the local McDonalds was as well, & disturbing our President’s 1000th round of golf to ask for calm is unforgivable. Frankly, the President has gone along with the arming of America by every agency known to the Republic. I’m starting to like Rand Paul except for his “the hell with Israell” unstated but implied policy, he might be genetically predisposed to being an Israel hater having gotten that from his father; other than that he seems rational. The rift between President Obama & Netanyahu is real and our President might finally get the fact that the Jews are not going to be put back into box cars without a fight this time. Obama is not having fun any longer being the big cheese, he is disengaged, aloof, uninterested, & distant. The worst things get the more he withdraws. He can’t wait to be the “imperial” Bill Clinton, no power out of office but a celebrity at all the Washington & Hollywood cocktail parties; all that being said, there will be lessons learned from electing him by the electorate, I’ll let your bloggers speculate on what those lessons will be, but there are several important ones.

    • Ron


      Concerning Israel … one thing you must remember … the Lord will bring Israel to a point where she stands alone. This must happen so that when she is surrounded and annihilation looks imminent she will turn and call on the Lord.

      Hos_5:15 I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early.

      God knows before hand that America will turn their back on Israel so, to me it is not surprising to see and hear what is evident today. This will only escalate and the Lord will control all the moves as to preserve Israel as He has promised. As Greg would say “fear not”

      • allen ols

        I have been telling my family for several yrs, now, look for usa to be neutered, so they cannot defend Israel, and look for the EU to reject helping Israel due to national denial, and economic impotence. Israel must be alone, rejected, so the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, THE ROOT OF DAVID, shall guide them with his eyeball, save them with his glory. cant wait, just want to eat well until then.

        btw, I just cracked open a “yoders” canned bacon, wow, delicious, and alot of it and worth the money.

        • Ron

          allen ols

          Canned bacon … ROFL … a few years ago I used to frequent a website (TF Metals Report) in the early going of the blog and we had a community of people there that had a lot of fun conversing with one another. One fellow there was always stacking canned bacon and posting pictures of his canned delicacy. Many jokes emanated his canned passion all the time I was there.

          You said ….
          Israel must be alone, rejected, so the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, THE ROOT OF DAVID, shall guide them with his eyeball, save them with his glory. cant wait, just want to eat well until then.

          Eat well brother until then but we will eat even better together at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

          Grace & Peace

          • allen ols

            I will start stacking yoders bacon soon, need 2 magick heates for my stove pipes next for 2 barrel wood burners i am putting in. then, yoders,

            yes, picture me , the old guy, out with a sign;

            THE END IS NEAR

            LOL AND ROFL AS WELL.

      • art barnes

        Ron, I agree & certainly understand, yet it is interesting to watch the prophecy take effect in my own time.

        • Ron

          My brother Art,

          I knew that you knew these things. I take these opportunities to converse with the brethren so that those who do not know the wonderful life in Christ we have may see the bond we have though we have not met face to face.

          Heb_10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

          And yes, it is a marvel to watch, in our time, that day so rapidly approaching.


      • Agent P

        It is easy to talk about fearing not, when fear has yet to visit you.

        • Ron

          Agent P

          I understand your sentiments and it is true that we here in America have not had to withstand what has afflicted many other countries. I have been saved, washed in the blood of the lamb, for over 36 years and I have been made aware through scripture what is coming. I do “fear not” for I have a blessed hope in the one who is coming. I will pray, Agent P, that if you do not know this blessed hope as I do that you will be visited by those who do and they will lead you to this well of water where one never thirsts.

          Grace & Peace to you and those with you.

  13. Mike

    It is interesting to note that when NATO was supplying Serian rebals with “humanitarian aid” The UN said that denying civilians admittedly needed aid constitutes, in the West’s own terms, a crime against humanity. While in Syria attempts by the West to openly arm and equip known terrorist organizations within Syrian territory included a mandate from the UN that allowed supplies to flow without the approval of the Syrian government. Those “aided,” are now clearly the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) running rampant on both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border.

  14. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg, have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.

    No fear for the well informed …..

  15. Gregory Mannarino

    Never before in the history of warfare has one armed force, the United States, kept an opposing military force, ISIS, so directly informed of it’s strategy. But never before has a military force been under the command of such inept individuals.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point!

    • AndyB

      The ineptness is purposeful; after all ISIS is CIA bred, armed and controlled. Benghazi was all about the transfer of arms to ISIS in Syria; can’t have that become public knowledge now can we? Keep in mind that there is bankster profit from chaos; it’s the Rothschild motto.

      • Galaxy 500

        So.the CIA controls.ISIS? Where did you come by this gem of knowledge? Are you sure its.not the evil.jews (sarcasm alert)?

    • Flying In a Mad Manpad World

      What difference does it make!

    • Silence is Golden

      Heaven help the World if there were a Military Coup in the USA.

      • allen ols

        JW, just posted, “I hope the joints chiefs of staff, arrest these white house bums for the sake of the country”, (Paraphrased from memory, but meaning the same)

        I agree with the Jackass, but qualify, by saying get to the fed, and the central banksters, as well.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well.said…and sadly true

  16. Brandon

    Greg, thanks for the site and the great guests you have on. I know that timing is a very difficult thing to predict but having talked to the folks that you know, what is the general thought on when this whole charade will come crashing down?

  17. reader

    one of the milestones of Ukraine crisis will be a deep fall in European power as it flows to Asia/China in 2015. USA will not escape consequences of Europe failing,

  18. Diogenese

    Putin is a chess player , he is now playing NATO off against the USA , Europe is getting the pain and costing the USA nothing , IF Russia wanted the Ukrain they would have rolled it up by now , he would have cut the gas and rolled his army , they don’t want Ukrain , Ukrain is the wedge to break NATO / Europe from the USA , Putin is also wanting to destroy the petrol dollar , that’s the carrot to Europe to ease the pain , buy in roubles at a discount ,forget the Ukraine , that is how Europe’s politicians can save face / sell it to the populus , Russia then boots out the fachists in Kiev and Europe sends the US military home , the USA looses all its euro bases and its ability to interfere in the mid east , slam dunk .

    • Agent P

      As Paul Craig Roberts has pointed out for some time, the Russians have seen the American’s ‘hand’ – the Wolfowitz Doctrine to be specific, and are simply doing what any nation would do when it sees what an adversary has planned for them. The Russians – and the world for that matter, have had a ringside seat to what the United States has dealt countries who refuse to play along with their ‘dictates’, and they are not about to be corralled or coerced into playing the State Department’s tune.

  19. allen ols


    GREAT COMMENTS SO far, yeaaaay! Love all the information, always can’t wait for smarrrt people comments. al ols, (my real name, from nashville, stop by and visit, will throw some shrimp on the barbie.)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the invitation and your support!!

    • T.Cruze

      Say hello to the Urbans fer me!

    • Ron

      allen ols,

      with canned bacon on the side !!!

  20. Meadow Moss

    Thanks so much for the down to earth honest reporting. I wonder if you are familiar with the ‘world’ of info from folks like David Wilcock, Neil Keenan, Benjamin Fulford, and Drake Riley. There is also some big exposure of false flag stuff going on from Wolfgang Halbig.

  21. Jerry

    Yes indeed.
    We live in a crazy mixed up world alright. Watching Ferguson burn brought back memories of the 60’s when the inner cities were on fire, and black protesters were rioting and looting. But back then then we didn’t have as many people on government programs as we do now.

    My advice to any of your readers living in cities is this…..get out now while you still can. The cities will become battle zones. Surely you can see that by what went on in Ferguson the last few days? Don’t be stupid and place your life on a bet that the economic collapse is not going to happen. It is. We are at the final stages of the pump phase being orchestrated by the oligarchs that run our economic system. When they are finished setting up the new gold backed system , they will begin the dump phase, and make a ton of money in the precious metals as people flee from the dollar in mass.
    Wake up! Look around. Russia just signed a currency swap agreement with China.

    This isn’t something you can “deal with when it happens”, as one of my friends recently told me. If you are not planning and preparing right now, you will find yourself in a mob like situation, just like in Ferguson, looking for food and dodging armed urban tactical units that will kill you on sight as drones fly overhead. This is serious people, time is getting short. Even my inside source is in the final stages of bugging out to South America, so its getting late. Real late.

    Greg, you don’t have to comment, but I wanted to thank you for having this forum.
    It is for all intensive purposes, our last stop before we venture into uncharted territory, as a doomed civilization. People thank Greg while you still can, by donating. If I had more money I would donate every day. The information he gives us is invaluable and cannot be found anywhere else.

  22. Elmo Parsley

    Yes indeed.
    We live in a crazy mixed up world alright. Watching Ferguson burn brought back memories of the 60’s when the inner cities were on fire, and black protesters were rioting and looting. But back then then we didn’t have as many people on government programs as we do now.

    My advice to any of your readers living in cities is this…..get out now while you still can. The cities will become battle zones. Surely you can see that by what went on in Ferguson the last few days? Don’t be stupid and place your life on a bet that the economic collapse is not going to happen. It is. We are at the final stages of the pump phase being orchestrated by the oligarchs that run our economic system. When they are finished setting up the new gold backed system , they will begin the dump phase, and make a ton of money in the precious metals as people flee from the dollar in mass.
    Wake up! Look around. Russia just signed a currency swap agreement with China.

    This isn’t something you can “deal with when it happens”, as one of my friends recently told me. If you are not planning and preparing right now, you will find yourself in a mob like situation, just like in Ferguson, looking for food and dodging armed urban tactical units that will kill you on sight as drones fly overhead. This is serious people, time is getting short. Even my inside source is in the final stages of bugging out to South America, so its getting late. Real late.

    Greg, you don’t have to comment, but I wanted to thank you for having this forum.
    It is for all intensive purposes, our last stop before we venture into uncharted territory, as a doomed civilization. People thank Greg while you still can, by donating. If I had more money I would donate every day. The information he gives us is invaluable and cannot be found anywhere else.

  23. Sam Grant

    Bob: I am truly sorry that yet another innocent, unarmed African American youth with a bright future was shot down in cold blood. This type of thing happens far too many times in the African American communities, but often goes unreported on the national level. It is not just African Americans that need to express outrage at these kinds of murderous police actions, but EVERYONE, because these actions are coming to ALL of our neighborhoods. We need to stand together against tyranny regardless of race, color or religion and unite as members of the HUMAN race. “They” divide us on purpose and get us fighting amongst each other instead of focusing on the true perps – them – the elites. We have to stop falling for their tricks!
    Colin the farmer from NZ, is absolutely correct. It is the FED and all other central banksters we first need to get rid of. They truly are the roots of all evil in our world and are aptly called “Vampire Squid” by Andrew McGuire. And Colin, I’m happy with you continuing to bang on that drum because it needs to be heard over and over until more and more people get it.
    But we won’t get rid of these soul-sucking parasites by marching and rioting. Take a good hard look back on all the individual riots that have occurred in history. Riots have never worked! Ever! Never! Right? The protestors get to blow off some anger, feel like they’ve done something for justice and change, a few of them get arrested, but the reality is marches and riots feed right into exactly what the elites want. We have to understand they WANT us to march and riot. That way, they get to bust some heads, enlarge the police state, make it more armed-up and vicious and absolutely nothing gets done to better the lives of the people who were protesting. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. So we need to STOP DOING THAT and realize we are just playing into their hands.
    Nope, we have use a new way to beat them. An intelligent way. A cold, hard, calculated, resolute, steely, steadfast, calm way.
    One very effective way of getting rid of the Fed is with passive non-compliance. Refuse to play their game. Do nothing, or nearly nothing, at income tax time from the comfort of your home. If millions of us united and filed for extension after extension after extension after extension after extension on filing our illegal income taxes, it would send a message that WE are in charge, WE refuse to fund the illegal interest on their Federal Reserve notes, their crony capitalism, corruption, immoral, inhumane and never-ending wars and bankster bonuses, and that WE own the country not them. We defund them on a monetary level and defeat them on a psychological level. Then we go arrest them and strip them of every single piece of material comfort they’ve accumulated at our expense over the last 100 yars and ship them all off to the Bikini atoll, a group of islands in the Pacific where 23 nuclear devices were detonated by the US in 1958. Sigh. We can only dream of such a satisfying day.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment, but I would like to add one counter point. We do not have a white on black murder problem in America. Likewise, we do not have a black on white murder problem in America. According to FBI statistics 90% of both blacks and whites are shot by members of their own race. In August alone, 14 people have been killed by guns in Chicago. Oh, and I am NOT anti 2nd Amendment. I am just saying, there’s not a word about hundreds of young black men who shoot one another every year in Chicago alone and a riot over this in Ferguson. Why doesn’t the President say something about this? Where’s Jessie Jackson on the Chicago issue? I am not trying to give you a hard time just adding my 2 cents. Thank you for weighing in here.

      • g.johnson

        this may be a good time to remind ourselves that Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. if nothing else, Chicago is a fine example of how gun control not only does not stop gun violence, but, in fact, contributes to it.

    • Agent P

      Sam – curious: Do you refer to other races of people by their ‘hyphenated’ ethnic qualifier, or is it only ‘African-Americans’ who hold this special title…? Race relations in America would do a whole lot better if we started referring to Everyone as ‘Americans’, rather than sub-dividing them into special groups based upon their ethnicity.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Agent P–in order to do that, they themselves, who do and insist on the hyphenating, would have to start thinking of themselves as Americans. When I saw the marchers in Ferguson carrying the Pan-African flag, I lost all sympathy. This is what happens when the Liberal Left extinguishes the flame under the melting pot. Best always. PM

    • mark

      Hi Sam,
      Here is an interesting link to back up your point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f0mVn0HH6U#t=367. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Sam

      • Greg Hunter

        This is great stuff. I watched the whole video and it is a Black man’s perspective you will not hear on MSNBC. This guy is sharp and funny too at times. I don’t think he said a single cuss word but he quoted the Bible. Everyone should talk time to watch this!!! Very insightful and interesting!!!!!! Thank you for posting this Mark!

    • Ron


      I agree that passive resistance is much more effective although, I believe, filing extensions on income taxes would do nothing. If you are working then you are paying into the system. They already have your money. You are already funding their programs.

    • Galaxy 500

      What was his bright future in? Strong arm robbery?

  24. Robert Wilson

    Once again Eric Holder has exhibited just how out of touch he is with what is going on in this country or he truly is a knucklehead. For years, the federal government has been outfitting local police departments with military gear under the guise of preparing for a terrorist attack. Now, in the wake of the events unfolding in Ferguson he is shocked that the police showed up actually using the equipment provided to them by the Feds and says that this must stop. First of all, small towns like Ferguson weren’t given armored vehicles, automatic weapons, battle dress etc. for the threat of a terrorist attack. No self respecting terrorist would bother wasting time and money attacking any small town where the impact to their cause would be so minimal that nobody would even notice except the residents themselves. No, they are being geared up for a much larger possibility of greater widespread rioting when things start to collapse financially.

    • allen ols

      Robert W.

      ….. No self respecting terrorist ……THAT IS A FUNNY STATEMENT. LOL

      I belly laughed the one. tks. al ols

  25. Money & Politics_ Wall Street & Main St.

    9 hr ago Duration: 1:21 Views: 1k AP Online Video

    Raw: Russian Aid Convoys at Ukraine Border
    A Russian aid convoy destined for Ukraine prepared to cross the border on Friday. The convoy of trucks underwent checks by Ukraine border and custom officials before it would be allowed to enter the country. (Aug. 15)

  26. mart

    Amazing, the police in Ferguson can afford and maintain miliary-grade weaponry, but refuse or don’t have the money to intall body-cams or car-cams.

    I totally with Rand Paul’s concern that he said:
    “When you couple this militarization of law enforcement with an erosion of civil liberties and due process that allows the police to become judge and jury — national security letters, no-knock searches, broad general warrants, pre-conviction forfeiture — we begin to have a very serious problem on our hands.”

  27. Tony

    Greg, always appreciate your comments and this site…my favorite. IMHO..The USA and most of the world in now experiencing a collective psychosis!! We know deep down inside something is really wrong and I believe this is reaching critical mass because the emperor has no clothes. We as a people just feel like there is very little left but to take to the streets. Growing up I never understood why people did this in history, but now I do. Please keep this site going. BTW, I think “Jerry” has hit the nail on the head, my eyes are on Ukraine.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tony for adding your perspective and support.

  28. Jerry

    Do you want to know who owns this country? If you can handle the truth you may find this information interesting.

    Now you know why I talk about the City of London Corporation all the time. They are the chief stockholder of the Depository Trust Company. The markets are rigged, and rotten to the core. Its a waste of time to talk about the stock market, the dollar and all the rest. Its all just one big scam. The rest of the world knows it. Most Americans don’t have a clue. They will collapse this system when they want to, and not before. They own it, lock stock and barrel, and from some estimates have over 3 Quadrillion invested in it through settlements. Think the Yuan system is a pipe dream? Think again. The “New World Order” are the same people who run the” Old World Order”.

    • allen ols


      precis e mento’ or exactemento!!

    • Ugly

      And all along I thought it was We The People that owned this country? Next, I bet you will try to say that Government does not follow the Constitution?

      • allen ols


        🙂 funny

  29. john

    The Mike Brown has proven one thing to me: there are a lot of people in American who have absolute hatred for their fellow. The amount of racist remarks I have read these past few days makes me sick. Let me make it clear, Mike Brown wasn’t a hero, but he didn’t deserve to die the way he did. If the police officer couldn’t calm Mike Brown with words, then the other solution would have been to taser him, seeing that Mike wasn’t armed. To me this isn’t a race issue, like a lot of people are trying to make it out to be. What this incident has proven is that police officers are ill-prepared to deal with people and are quick to pull the trigger once things don’t go their way.

    I’ll end this by telling a little story: In 1972 I was working as a mechanic in Newark, New Jersey. The owner of the shop had a brother who was a made man in the DeCavalcante crime family. Naturally, the wise guys used the shop as a hangout. One day about five members were hanging around when a police officer pulled up in front of the shop. He ordered the guys out and to put their hands of the police cruiser’s hood. The wise guys got angry and started yelling at the officer and intimidating him with their size. They surrounded him and they wouldn’t let him get near his car. Amazingly the officer took control of the situation by calming them down with words. No guns were drawn; no fisticuffs. Just words. He ended up taking two down to the precinct who were wanted on some charges. If that situation had taken place today, the officer would have panicked and fired his gun. But not that officer in 1972. You know why? Because the police academy had taught him how to deal with people without using violence. A lot of the blame should be placed on the police academies who are graduating officers who are not up to task to do the job.

  30. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg.
    I am very sorry that you took it that I was saying it’s black on white crime or vice versa. I was not saying that at all. The system itself creates divisiveness between the races by always coming down unnecessarily hard on African Americans. This extreme imbalance in the way police treat African Americans vs white Americans has been going on forever and creates hatred against a white-run system, which results in a rift between the races – when we need to be joining together as HUMANS against the tyranny we clearly see in rolling out in front of our eyes. And yes – where IS the outrage of Pres. Obomber or Jesse Jackson at the murderous violence of the police? Silence means approval. I am fully in favor of the 2nd amendment. Every single government who has disarmed its citizens has slaughtered them……………………

    • Greg Hunter

      I understood you point I was just adding my two cents. Another fact that is not brought is blacks commit a much higher percentage of crime. This according to the FBI. You are good with me. I simply wanted to point out the white on black murder problem is just not a statistical fact according to the FBI. White cops shooting black is and even smaller universe. I am not saying what happened to this kid id right, just giving perspective.

  31. donald w patterson

    Greg, today Aug 15th you hit a new high in candor and a heightened passionate twinge of putting it all out there for those of the (not ready to believe life is going to change) for those who have US Dollars in their LIFE. Keep tellin em …. Keep tellin em…. and thank you,
    Stay Scared my Friend

  32. Ted

    Hillary is just trying to distance herself politically from Obama by what she says….says she is more like Bush…as realizes Obama not popular.

  33. smaulgld

    Before ANY one thinks that Elizabeth Warren is fit to be President watch this
    She is a collectivist/socialist – so what that she doesn’t like the TBTF banks, overall she is bad news.

    • smaulgld

      Ron Paul Rebuts Ms. Warren’s “You didn’t build that” speech
      BTW what did she do?

      • J.C.Davis

        The only way I will ever vote again is if Ron Paul or similar minded one is running. Ron was blatantly cheated out of the race for a reason… The election system is RIGGED more then the price of gold. Thanks Smaulgld for posting.

        • Galaxy 500

          If good people dont vote against the.Democrats, its a vote for them. I am disappointed…not that that is worth a lot.

      • Russ

        But she’s a woman; that’s what counts! we need a 1st woman prez/queen!
        So many liberal witches to choose from, hopefully more will run for our vote! But please, not a constitutional conservative mind you. Oh wait! how about another Bush?….. that guy from Florida could fix all our problems and then we”ll live happily ever after!

        • allen ols



  34. smaulgld

    Or read Elizabeth’s Warren’s 11 Progressive Commandments


    or her claiming that she is a Cherokee to get preferential treatment

  35. Jerry

    I rarely recommend a guest to interview, but if all possible you need to interview Greg Morse. I heard an interview on Caravan to Midnight the other night that blew my mind. He has information on just how deep the banking fraud goes. Unbelievable !

  36. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. And you are good with me too! I just found this shocking article where some local police forces reported their “kill” statistics to the FBI. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/08/14/police-killings-data/14060357/
    This is shocking stuff. Every year since 2012, the police forces who reported their numbers admitted they killed 400 people! Four Hundred people killed by police every year! I find that soooo disturbing. (Many police forces won’t report their numbers because they don’t want them made public). 96 of the 400 killed were African Americans which supports your statement that the % of AA’s killed by police is far less (25% approx.) of the % the of whites they kill (75%). It’s the 400 number that really gets me. If that ain’t a police state then I don’t know what is.
    Which is evidenced by this article: “Leaked document: Homeland Security Predicts Rise in Anti-Government Violence Over Next Year”
    It’s coming. Get ready to bug out!

  37. Flying In a Mad Manpad World

    FIM-92 Stinger missile “MANPAD”
    The FIM-92 Stinger is a shoulder-fired infrared homing surface-to-air missile. It was originally designed by the U.S. and it entered service in 1981. These MANPADs are extremely dangerous and can effectively take down helicopters and aircraft.
    When ISIL forces assaulted two Iraqi military bases, Camp Speicher and Rasheed Air Base, in July, they got the keys to the kingdom — hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of American tanks, armored personal carriers, howitzers and other equipment. ISIL fighters have posed for videos brandishing MANPADS, shoulder-launched surface to air missiles that can shoot down low-flying aircraft.
    LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT; “like take-off and landings”, here a 747 takes off at to steep an angle to avoid possible manpads, “hand held stinger missiles” and possible cargo shift because of steep takeoff angle . . .
    How did we get here? Note dates;
    Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels
    WASHINGTON Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:35pm EST
    (Reuters) – Light arms supplied by the United States are flowing to “moderate” Syrian rebel factions in the south of the country and U.S. funding for months of further deliveries has been approved by Congress, according U.S. and European security officials.
    The weapons, most of which are moving to non-Islamist Syrian rebels via Jordan, include a variety of small arms, as well as some more powerful weapons, such as anti-tank rockets.
    The deliveries do not include weapons such as shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles, known as MANPADs, which could shoot down military or civilian aircraft, the officials said.
    The weapons deliveries have been funded by the U.S. Congress, in votes behind closed doors, through the end of government fiscal year 2014, which ends on September 30, two officials said.
    The apparently steady weapons flow contrasts with the situation last summer, when lethal U.S. aid to the Syrian rebels dried up for a time due to congressional reservations.
    Congressional committees held up weapons deliveries for months over fears that U.S. arms would not prove decisive in the rebels’ efforts to oust President Bashar Assad and his government and could well end up in the hands of Islamist militants.

    A U.S. official familiar with recent developments said national security officials and members of Congress are more confident that weapons delivered to southern Syria are going to, and remaining in, the hands of moderate rebels rather than militant jihadist factions.
    Congress approved funding for weapons deliveries to the Syrian rebels in classified sections of defense appropriations legislation, two sources familiar with the matter said. It was not clear when the funding was approved, but unclassified defense funding passed Congress in late December.
    Some additional budget tweaks may be necessary to ensure that all the approved funding is fully available for disbursement during the current fiscal year.

    Yet, officials who support providing U.S. arms to the rebels acknowledge that this has not greatly increased U.S. expectations of victory by anti-Assad forces, whether moderate or militant.
    “The Syrian war is a stalemate. The rebels lack the organization and weapons to defeat Assad; the regime lacks the loyal manpower to suppress the rebellion. Both sides’ external allies… are ready to supply enough money and arms to fuel the stalemate for the foreseeable future,” said Bruce Riedel, a former senior CIA analyst and sometime foreign policy adviser to President Barack Obama.
    Both U.S. and European officials said that “moderate” rebels had recently consolidated their positions in the Syrian south, where they are pushing out elements linked to al-Qaeda. More militant factions remain dominant in the north and east.
    Another recent development favorable to more moderate factions is that Kurdish groups that had been providing weapons and other aid financed by donors in the Gulf state of Qatar indiscriminately to both moderate and religious extremist rebel factions had greatly reduced their involvement in the arms traffic, one of the officials said.
    A White House spokeswoman had no comment. Other U.S. agencies did not respond to requests for comment.
    As for “non-lethal” aid like communications and transportation equipment, the United States hopes to resume deliveries to moderate groups in Syria soon, a U.S. official said on Monday.
    The United States and Britain suspended non-lethal aid to northern Syria in December after reports that Islamist fighters seized Western-backed rebel weapons warehouses, highlighting fears that supplies could end up in hostile hands.
    “We hope to be able to resume assistance to the SMC shortly, pending security and logistics considerations,” said the official, referring to the Supreme Military Council moderate rebel group. “But we have no announcements at this time,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
    Non-lethal aid was resumed to civilian groups in that region in late December.

    (Additional reporting by Lesley Wroughton; Editing by Dan Grebler)
    “Mark Rogers take note”;
    Kahnie wrote:
    Well, it’s not a secret anymore. And Snowden didn’t do this, unless he is spying on Congress from the deepest caverns of Russia. In secret so the American people wouldn’t know? Typical of a government that is not representative of the people, Democrats and Republicans. Pathetic. Non-democratic and authoritarian.
    Jan 27, 2014 5:47pm EST

    Apparently manpads did get thru;
    Where, we go from here. No where’s.

  38. We Liked IKE!

    Voice of America;
    US Airstrikes Hit Militants’ Vehicles Near Sinjar, Iraq and
    Political Solutions, Not Military

    Ebola Fears Cloud J.W.’s Meeting in Zimbabwe

  39. We Liked IKE!

    Try again?

    Twice sorry if fails.

  40. Flying In a Mad Manpad World

    Qatar, sure knows how to get am up fast and steep!

  41. Jeff

    art barnes says…. “I will curse those who curse you and bless those who bless you”………. Sorry, but that was what, a thousand yrs before Jesus ? Totally irrelevant to todays Israel…………….If all you guys want to do is pick and choose scriptures I can give you all you want…… Did you sacrifice a lamb and put it on your door last pastover ? Did you store food for the seventh yr famine ? Did you go have sex with your daughter ? My point is why if all things are new in Christ must you all keep quoting a scripture from thousands of yrs ago that was when they were living under the “Law”………………… I have begun to agree with Colin in NZ regarding the site. As I’ve said here before (with no response as usual) , there’s as many individual interpretations of the Bible as there are people on this earth (7 Billion ?). Why don’t we just print them all ?

  42. Rezo

    Greg re Russian convoy statement very dissapointing from you Wheres the proof from these 2 journalists wheres the photos .Come on Greg you know better

    • Greg Hunter

      My slogan on the header of every page says “Analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on.” That’s what I did. I think the reporting was accurate. In the big picture, do you think things are getting better or worse with the Ukraine crisis. Worse of course, and this latest round of news confirms it. We probably agree on that point and that is the main point of the reporting. This story just told us all how things were progressing and it don’t look good to me. Thank you for your comment

  43. Jeff

    Agent P says

    Sam – curious: Do you refer to other races of people by their ‘hyphenated’ ethnic qualifier, or is it only ‘African-Americans’ who hold this special title…? Race relations in America would do a whole lot better if we started referring to Everyone as ‘Americans’, rather than sub-dividing them into special groups based upon their ethnicity……………………….. Well, agent P, it’s always seemed to me AA’s were the ones choosing to be “separate”. I personally could care less what color they are. But THEY bring up their color. They have their black music awards (do we have white music awards ? They have black studies in school (can’t remember having the white option in school). How about the “black caucus” in congress ? That really brings out the good ‘ol American togetherness feel.

  44. Jeff

    You (they) even have a “special” channel……BET….. Black Entertainment TV. Can you imagine ??? if I had the gall to start up the WET.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jeff, the marchers in Ferguson were carrying the Pan-African flag. What’s that tell you? Best always. PM

  45. Jerry

    So if I could tell you exactly when the collapse was going to happen, would it make a difference? Its like death. You can argue about when its going to happen, but it doesn’t change the reality that it is going to happen, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

    The wonderful thing about life is, you always have a choice, and in the end you get to find out just how smart you really are. In some cases your choices may determine whether you live or die. I recently was talking to a close friend about the economic collapse that’s coming, and his response was so typical of many that I have read here.
    ” If it happens it happens, we’ll deal with it then”. Why worry about it?. My reply was how? How will you deal with it when it happens? Run to the store to buy groceries? Phone ET for help? His answer typifies generations that have been spoiled by privilege. Never experiencing what it’s like to go to bed hungry, or worry about where their next meal is coming from. I to fall into that category to, but I can assure you, I’m not waiting to see what happens.

    Would you like to do a little experiment to find out how prepared you are? To find out how good your survival skills really are? Try this. Go to the electrical panel in your house, and flip the main breaker switch to off. Its more fun to do it at night, to get the full effect. Next go turn your water inlet and shut it off. You will find out rather quickly just how prepared you are. You know all that freeze dried foods you bought? How are going to eat it, if you don’t have water to hydrate it with.? Speaking of water, where are you going to get that? Those bottles you bought at Wally World will only last a few days. How about heat to cook it on ? And guess what ? I haven’t even talked about hygiene or bathing, or health .

    Yes….. lets al just wait and see’s what happens……………right. That doesn’t require anything. Lets just pull the covers over our head and pretend that 125 Trillion dollar debt doesn’t really exist……….right. Lets not worry about it ………..Uncle Sam will take care of us……………right. (sarcasm inserted) 🙂

    Hint: If George Soros (who’s a Bilderberger) took his money out of the stock market, and bought physical asset’s like Warren Buffet. Do you think maybe he knows something? The Bilderberg’s are the red headed stepchildren of the City of London Corporation.

  46. Ugly

    Can’t wait to hear Hal Lindsey’s perspective. I think I heard on radio in the 1980s Hal saying that the Anti-Christ was born around the 1967 to 1973 era. It would be interesting to hear that perspective and what nationality that the Anti-Christ May come from. I know he comes from the 10 headed beast. But what exactly is that?

    • King Solomans Mines

      Today our world unknowingly suffers from warped and twisted thinking caused by distortions of logic. Those distortions are unconscious-level fixed, inflexible tools of thought, causing all of our mistakes.

      Clearly our world is in trouble. With all our graft and corruption, our selfishness and cupidity, our lusts and overindulgences, our endless killings on highways and in battle, our dissensions and conflicts, our innumerable other examples of foolishness and the difficulties which result, we can hardly call ourselves collectively stable and sane.

      Despite our spectacular material and industrial progress, we are lost in confusion. Our leaders advance from crisis to crisis in a world seemingly built of crises. Over all our tribulation hangs the ominous threat of the atom bomb—and worse.

      Somehow we have let ourselves get out of adjustment.

      Everyone knows that our human and social sciences have lagged far behind the advances of our physical sciences. Seemingly we know more about atoms than about ourselves. Our physical sciences gave us the atom bomb, and the atom bomb is unbelievably dangerous. But the only reason we had to develop the atom bomb, and the only reason it is dangerous, is that we have not successfully applied objective intelligence to the problem of getting along with and among ourselves. If you ever had a loving father, he tried to show you how to get ahead in this world without winding up in jail and if he did his fatherly job correctly in your case, you no doubt along the way were able to help someone else up out of the low sink of debauchery and selfishness and before you know it, it snowballed into a giant snowman of love, peace and tranquility among friends and family. That snowman is your heavenly father on a universal scale.
      He’s now an abominable snowman, going to soon show much love on this earth by allowing his only begotten son to return to earth and destroy the wicked oppressors and allow the meek teachable childlike ones to start over in a new world where, righteousness will dwell! Mankind doesn’t need an alien race to threaten us into unification and brotherly love, but divine intervention! When you see the first snowflakes this winter beware, especially if your in Honolulu.

      • Ugly

        No doubt. We are about to ‘reap what we have sowed’….

    • Silence is Golden

      Ugly , Jeff,
      It is my understanding that the 10 headed / horned beast refers to the nobility of Europe representing the Roman Empire.
      “The Ten horns are Ten Kings, which have received no Kingdom as yet, but receive power as kings one hour with the beast”. Rev 17:12-13.
      The Old Roman Empire (after the fall of emperor Romulus Augustus in AD476) was divided into royal houses – Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Britain, Spain, Italy, then there were Vandals, Ostrogoths and Herculi . These last 3 were destroyed by the Pope for refusing to become Roman Catholic.
      So in essence the Roman Empire still exists but under the control of the Pope (Roman Catholic Church). It is said that the Royal Houses have agreed to relinquish “Sovereignty” to Rome in return for restoration of royal power under a NWO (see above ref. to Rev. 17:12-13). Interestingly and what catches my utmost attention is that Russia has promised to see that all royal houses are restored to their rightful heirs “If they decouple Europe from the American Alliance”.

  47. Shot In Foot

    Ukraine Tangles With Russia Over APCs as Convoy stalls –No_Isolation In a sign of growing divisions within the 28-nation bloc, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said today that the EU is damaging itself economically by penalizing Russia. Slovak Premier Robert Fico yesterday called the exchange of sanctions “senseless” and said they weaken the EU.
    “Western sanctions, which automatically trigger a Russian response, cause greater harm to us than the Russians,” Orban said in a public radio interview. “In politics, we call this shooting oneself in the foot.”
    In a sign of growing divisions within the 28-nation bloc, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said today that the EU is damaging itself economically by penalizing Russia. Slovak Premier Robert Fico yesterday called the exchange of sanctions “senseless” and said they weaken the EU.

    “Western sanctions, which automatically trigger a Russian response, cause greater harm to us than the Russians,” Orban said in a public radio interview. “In politics, we call this shooting oneself in the foot.” FULL ARTICLE BELOWE>


  48. Jeff

    Jerry, who are you addressing ? Ugly, I’ve often wondered what Hal’s thoughts were today. Not sure but I believe the 10 heads are the main European countries…… I’ve said it before, Nobama could be the anti-Christ and experience a mortal wound only to come back. A perfect false flag and easy with all the theatrics today. He loves the lime light and would get such attention, along with the sympathy vote…… Then he could consider himself like Lincoln/Reagan.

  49. James Hastings

    Greg, you mentioned…you didn’t think we would have a 2016 elections….. Would you care to share your thoughts on that?

    • Greg Hunter

      Simply put, the situation in America and globally could be dysfunctional by then. That is all I have to say, and I have no source. It’s just my thoughts on that.

  50. Rezo

    Hi Greg, I am an Aussie living in Thailand where the news is more balanced .I also subscribe to the Hatrick letter and follow many of your guest speakers avidly. I actually think that through Putins brilliance things are actually be coming more secure for the world in Ukraine although not yet for the Ukrainians The Americans and the west generally are being outsmarted time and again .The Russians have made it clear they will not back down and have demonstrated they will use neuclear weapons against America if they are attacked. The BRICS nations are rising in importance and power and cannot be stopped American policies are a failure and it is now recognised as a failed state by most thinking people, The power shift will happen more quickly as time progresses , As a result of the current banking crisis waiting to happen The west will suffer badly , so will most nations , but the smarter ones including Thailand are now positioning themselves for this event Unfortunatley the west is too dumb to do so and they still believe they can win .They cannot. They have too many enemies now and still adding more each week. The Russia China alliance is just too powerful and strong.And more importantly united against a common enemy .Germany will soon abandon NATO and the western idiots who have created this mess then there will be a massive rush to align with the east , The process has started already with NATO allies starting to see the stupidity of the Russian sanctions .These markets will be lost forever to south america and others , soon these idiots will feel the results of aligning with American policy and also want to reconnet to Russia. From where I sit I cannot see one positive sign for America now or in the immediate future. Its the same old story as soon as the beast is wounded the victims will attack , and there are many victims of American policy and greed salivating at the chance to even the score ,both in America itself and also Israil e and UK.

  51. AL HALL

    Greg: Thought your readers would like to realize- we arm ISIS and train them and they turn against us. Shows how stupid our elected officials are, smarter than the average idiot!! And we actually pay them for this stuff/decisions. This arming of the rebels is why Amb. Stevens was killed- he would going along with the program and had to be taken out-murdered by Obama and gang!!! FACT- FROM MY CIA FRIEND!


    • Greg Hunter

      You may remember for months if not years I have been reporting the U.S. was arming the al-Qaeda backed rebels in Syria. I am not surprised but very sad this is going on.

  52. Sam Grant

    Jeff/Agent P: Yer gettin’ a little preachy there. My understanding is that Americans whose origins derive from the indigenous peoples of the African continent call THEMSELVES African Americans. That term as used by me comes from the SOURCE. If Americans of other races have given themselves a tag then that’s what I will use out of respect for what THEY wish to be called! So please don’t try to pin something on me that’s not there. In some Utopia we would all call ourselves Americans, but factually and in the world in which we live, that’s just not how society organizes itself.

    • Jeff

      My point is you want to “fit in” like the rest of Americans then act, talk, work and call your self simply an American…..If that’s preaching then so be it….We don’t walk around calling people German Americans or Chinese Americans….. Besides, give me a break, 99% of them were BORN here just like the rest of us. They DIDN’T come across on a boat. And if they spent less time studying crap like Black history and more science and math they might just get a real (better) job. Of course that doesn’t really fit into their generational dysfunctional system does it ?

    • Paul from Indiana

      But the fact that THEY insist on the separatism, the special classification, the something-or-other American, what’s that tell you? You may be polite and consider yourself sensitive in recognizing their description of their situation, but you overlook the inherent fragmentation in same. Best always. PM

    • Galaxy 500

      Please.refer.to me in the future as a “Saltine American”

  53. Merc

    P C Roberts, aug 17: “The Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes have set the world on the path to the final war.
    How is it possible for their evil to go unrecognized?
    The two murderous states are the US and Israel. By tolerating their endless slaughters and endless lies, the world prepares its own demise.”


    • Greg Hunter

      You are posting a broken link to Press TV which is a propaganda arm of Iran? Really? This is your source? Do you think an IranWatchdog.com could function in Iran and criticize the government there? I know the U.S. has plenty of sin but the East is not without sin either. Far from it.

    • Galaxy 500

      Did you get your early education at the Hamas schools?

  54. William Betts

    What is about to happen in America is armed rebellion against the Banksters and the govt without any sort of leadership to control this mass killing that is almost a certainty to happen. When you have a congress that is totally inept and a president that is way over his head in his leadership capability you can not expect anything else. The monetary system of America should have been changed by FDR, but he knew if he did they would kill him. JFK tried and they did kill him. Enough people know now what destroyed America, but it is too damn late to do anything. What a shame!!!!!!! Betts

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      You nailed man and in one short paragraph!
      I think none of us will ever fully comprehend what the world lost when JFK was murdered.

      • allen ols

        Betts and colin;


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