Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.26.11

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Revised)

Earthquakes have hit the U.S.   Thank goodness the quakes only caused minimal damage, although the Washington Monument is now cracked and leaning to the side.  Is it symbolic of the listing American economy?  Now, a hurricane is  strafing the eastern seaboard.  Will there be damage?  I hope not, but is there going to be a random event that will push the teetering U.S. economy over the edge?  There is big news happening around troubled Bank of America.  There are rumors it will be taken over by JPMorgan.  Warren Buffett also just invested $5 billion in the bank.  Gold hit an all-time high and sold off nearly $150.  What does it mean?  Greg Hunter will break it all down in the Weekly News Wrap-Up on USAWatchdog.com.

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  1. Art Barnes

    Greg, your quote …”there have been no problems that has been resolved or fixed” is such an axiom now in the country. I believe in earnest that is because the greed and moral decay of this country and its elite have made the “problems” so deep and complicated now that there is no fix. For inorder to fix any problem someone, group, or interest on one side or the other must be curtailed or otherwised subjected to loss which are politicians are not willing to do for political reasons. Events have gone way beyond the point where any socalled compromise would be the remedy to fix them. Therefore, a fix cannot be had and everybody loses and events simply move in their own direction with damaging results to everyone of us. Like a lifeboat with the capacity of 50 people and 70 in the boat, 20 need to get in the water inorder to save the other 50, but no one does so they all go down. That where we are in my mind, all going down together. Thirty years ago compromise may have saved us on all the issues, immigration, social security, health care, political wars, banking including central banking reform, etc., but no longer, were way beyond a compromise fix, one side or the other must get in the water.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and annalysis.

    • MasterLuke

      I like the lifeboat quote, but I believe the situation is a little different. Its more like a few good souls in a swamp of zombies. You can’t win if they swarm you. Where do you run? Where do you hide? You can only try to hide so long. Instead of needing those 20 to get in the water, we need those other 50 to alternate and show some team-work.

      The best part is its a fliped script. Its really fifty needing to get in the water for twenty ( or 2). And why should fifty get in the water for a morally corrupt 2? We should have already had total collapse.

  2. g.johnson

    nothing is going to get fixed as long as debt based fractional currency is being pumped into the system. nothing is going to change in a positive manner as long as the fed remains in existence.
    and we will do nothing about it because we have been oh so thoroughly programmed to compliance.

    the only thing that keeps me hoping is the historical knowledge that the power of the people only manifests when things get so bleak as to be hopeless. when martial law is instigated, the underground will begin to form. when people begin disappearing and dying in droves, the people will find their courage and begin to fight back in earnest.

    personally, i am kinda hoping that we the people will see it coming a little sooner and stop it before the real damage is done. to me, that would be real progress.

    but in the meantime. let em eat gold.

    if you are having a hard time believing in the power of the people. go talk to marie antoinette, she believes.

  3. Bob

    The worth of gold is the canary , the world is about to break even, with what a countries paper money is worth. I open my eyes, from sleep an behold, A great county is as dust. Men toil in the soil, as flesh has done from grave to grave. I could go on about the might king ,but that would wast my toil,toil time. Six deer, toil toil

  4. MasterLuke

    Great comment about the monument leaning to the side.

  5. Matslinger

    Here in Minnesota , we’ve been assulted by weekly torrential rain and
    wind storms (every week) for the entire summer. We also experienced
    our first “Minnesota inland huuricane” last October, and again this June.. because these are dry land hurricanes, the wind speeds are limited to 60-70 mph, but the rains achieved by these suspicius storms
    are impressive ! The groud here is so saturated, that any normal
    September preciptation will threaten the Harvest here, and in Wisconsin and Iowa.
    The most recent storm occured 4 days ago, when 2 storm cells popped up
    out of 1000 miles of clear Western sky; the first originating at the
    “Minot ND NEXRAD station, and the second about an hour later at the
    “Souix Falls NEXRAD station…. the 2 cells (200 miles apart) then
    converged to form a super cell that swept all of Minnesota, and most of Wisconsin, before developing into a counter clockwise vortex.
    The arrival of this Eastern Hurricane followed the biggest display
    of NEXRAD HAARP rings I’ve ever seen in the SouthEast.
    Anyone who wishes to see the photo album I’ve collected for
    HAARP inland hurruicanes, can e mail me, I’ll galdly provide them.

    [email protected]

  6. boatman

    take it from a floridian thats a meteorologist—-that totally assymetrical up-the coast-going…..barely a hurricane irene..will get everyone pissed off at the overreaction to it by the media, the govmint and the weather channel.

    matslinger has seen wayyyy worse.

    the coming financial unwinding of 35 yearsof exponential credit expansion ponzi………..is another matter.

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