Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.3.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said to his top generals, “We’ll be at war within weeks.”  The quote and story comes from Debka.com, a credible source.  Meanwhile, this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that sanctions are not working, and time is running out to stop Iran’s nuclear program.  Iran has repeatedly said it is for the peaceful production of energy.  This week, Panetta was in Israel for a visit and wants the Israelis to be patient.  Leadership there has repeated its stance that it has the right to defend itself.  Mind you, the U.S. military has announced a new 30,000 pound bunker buster is now operational and available for use.  It can penetrate 60 feet of reinforced concrete.  If Iran is attacked, all hell is going to break loose, and I think that will mark the beginning of World War III.

Also revealed this week, President Obama signed a secret order helping the Syrian rebels earlier this year.  Many sources have reported this, and now it is official.  The White House says it is not providing weapons.  The Russians and other news sources say the U.S. is providing weapons through back channels.

 The Federal Reserve had a pretty gloomy picture of the economy this week, but it is still not offering any new stimulus.  Remember, they already have interest rates at near zero percent and those dollar swaps in Europe are probably working overtime.  Jim Sinclair says the longer the Fed waits, the bigger the response will have to be.  It might come all of a sudden instead of a planned and orchestrated event, like a reaction to a systemic collapse–but who knows.

Finally, it looks like another big brokerage is in financial trouble.  Knight Capital suffered a gigantic trading loss because of computerized high speed trading that went haywire.  Knight’s stock lost 80% of its values in just two days.  Are they going to end up like MF Global and PFG Best—bankrupt?  Who knows, but this is beginning to look like a trend, and it is not pretty for small investors.  Greg Hunter gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Sarmad

    A few minutes of searching for ‘debka’ made me wonder why you consider them a credible source?


    • Greg

      They have been around since 2000 and are widely quoted on matters in the Middle East. You may not agree with them but isn’t it good to know the source of a story?

      • Sarmad

        Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s great to know the source – vital even. It’s just that one can easily dig up very many other sources that criticise debka for being consistently unreliable.

        Kind regards


        • Greg

          I can dig up sources on many publications that omit or spin the news. I thought the quote was credible so I used it. I am just trying to get information out. I used many sources in last weeks Weekly News Wrap-Up not just Debka.com. My point was that tensions and rhetoric on all sides in the ME are increasing, and that is taking the world closer to war not peace. Your point is well taken. Thank you for your comment and participation in this site. By the way, I have also used Press TV for quotes as well.

  2. art barnes

    “war in weeks” & statements such as that could also mean that sanctions are working or are about to work! Frankly Greg, words of war are cheap and generally turn out as just posturing by small countries with little military might. Syria is about to go down and poor old Iran and its 6 century culture of human rights will be surrounded with only Hammas to do its bidding, not much future in a war for them. Outdated air force in low numbers, small navy, a few armored divisions without logistic support to go anywhere, and their offensive missiles will be the first target of smart bombs and top technology. Bunker busters for the nuclear sites will be the last targets to get hit. As much as I respect your work Greg, WW111 is a little too much to assert. I don’t think the world powers want to blow up for Iran, and Russia & China are also rational nations. If a war comes it will be regional and Iran will become a new state where the females can take off their head dressing and use the internet. Hamas will be targeted and become stone throwers within a month. The more likely outcome is that Iran will capitulate, make a deal for a bunch of cash, dump their nuclear program and lay low for about 4 years and start the program all over again.

    The FED will act with money printing after the election as it seems that the so-called non-political FED is supporting Romney and his country club republicans this time around by not acting.

    Another brokerage company down, another company that produces nothing, makes nothing, does nothing, creates nothing, I say good by and good riddance. Pray there is more like to come and companies which improve lives with invention & innovation continue to strive.

    • Greg

      You may be right but I’ve been in the news business since the 1970’s and this is different. I think the escalation on both sides is serious. I hope you are right and I am totally wrong on this one.

  3. AndyB

    Greg: thanks for being another voice countering the disinformation propaganda campaign of this Administration regarding Iran, Syria, etc. I fear we are being led down the path toward an apocalypic event with the reset of totalitarian control, certainly not democracy. We should be afraid, very afraid of what may transpire, especially given the various Executive dictats that have totally neutered the majority of the Bill of Rights in the last decade.

    • Greg

      Thank you AndyB. I would shudder to think what would happen if an American aircraft carrier was sunk with a special missile designed to sink that type of ship. Don’t kid yourself they are out there and are powerful asymmetrical weapons. I do not want that to happen as I love our men and women in the military. They are in harms way and I am fearful war could cost many American lives on land and sea. If a carrier was sunk, would the conflict turn nuclear? I hope I am dead wrong on this.

      • DRS

        The USS Enterprise was sent to the gulf. It’s fifty years old and almost ready for the scrap-heap. We are being set up, yet again, for war.
        If the Enterprise is hit or sank, it will be a just another scam perpetrated on the American public, dating back to the Mexican War. Deja Vu(sic?).

  4. Mitch Bupp

    Why is it when I watch the MSM I hear “blah bla lbla lab blah” surrounded by commercialism … oh, That is what I m really hearing. My fiancee asked me yesterday why I was walking so proudly? I replied, “I am a one per-center” She laughed and said, “your poor as dirt.” I said, “I know but I am one of the 1 percent who really sees what is going on in our economy and government.”

    I often laugh at the nonsense and go on my way. For example the Chickfla protest or counter-protest how ever you want to spin it…

    while the us watches a chicken selling campaign they are missing the fact the US is directly indirectly sending arm to Al qaeda….

    the rights of 2 consenting adults to marry is not my business or your business let alone a governments business…

    • DRS

      Yes, it is my business, when they want gov. subsidies for said marriage. I am disgusted by the idea of paying them through my tax dollars for there ‘lifetyle’ choice. I’d much rather my taxes go toward useful things!

  5. Homes

    nice job…love your work!

    sry, but debka.com is not credible. the spread alot of rumors, most of them that country x is about to be in war with country z. very often country x is israel.

    wikipedia about debka.com:
    Cornell Law professor Michael C. Dorf calls Debka his “favorite alarmist Israeli website trading in rumors.”

  6. Mark Lange

    Hi Greg!

    I’m a loyal follower of your website and work in Greensboro. No need to post this, just a FYI. You often mention the under reporting of jobless numbers. You may already be up on this, but the BLS also calculates labor under utilization rates by state. The U-6 numbers are quite telling.


    • Greg

      Thank you Mark,
      If you don’t mind, I will post it.

  7. Marcel

    More news that will help take away our cares about the economy and upcoming elections.

    Electronic Armageddon

    The wicked shall be turned into hell, And all the nations that forget God.
    Psalm 9:17

  8. rrrobert

    How come MSM doesn’t follow your cue and tell it like it is?…shhshhh…most of the people I enact with on a day to day basis, have no clue what is going on around them,but they will tell you the latest gossip story…changing the subject, how many people view your site?

    • Greg

      I get betewwn 150,000 and 200,000 per month at the present time but the site is growing every year.

  9. Håkan

    Hi Greg!
    I am afraid that you are right in your speculations in the coming of a new World war, But Iran? Have you considered the fact that China has entered the Black sea with a number of vessels this past week for the first time ever?
    What kind of statement is that?
    And beside that fact, where are the US naval fleet located today?
    And also the interesting fact that US has stationed troops in Australia. “to preserve peace”.

    • Greg

      I think they are setting up the chessboard.

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