Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.16.11

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Looks like the Federal Reserve will print trillions of fresh dollars to head off another financial meltdown.  Europe will be bailed out for the second time in 3 years!!  In the last crisis, the Fed handed foreign banks $5 trillion, and now those banks are in trouble again.  Speaker of the House John Boehner is putting down Obama’s jobs bill.  The Republicans do not want to raise taxes, and Mr. Boehner wants big cuts in social programs.  Do you see more gridlock in Congress coming?  I do.  Mortgage defaults are on the rise, right along with inflation and unemployment.  Where is the so-called recovery?   Greg Hunter brings you all this and a lot more in the USAWatchdog.com Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Kevin


    I look forward to the Weekly News Wrap-Up and thoroughly enjoy it. Maybe one day there’ll be a Daily News Wrap-Up that I could tune into for my nightly news! Thanks for analyzing the news and giving us a clear picture of what is really going on….

    • Greg

      Thank you Kevin for your kind words and support!

    • Tbird

      Ditto to what Kevin sez! Keep up the clear viewpoints.

  2. Jerry

    The FED bank and world “leaders” can’t be crazy enough to think another 5-trillion will help any more than another 5 bucks. When you are young, you learn to look both ways before you cross the road. You learn that you can’t spend what you don’t have. Then they lure you in and give you a credit card. You are sucked in to there buy now, pay later scheme. Included is a hefty interest rate of course. It may destroy you financially. So, the bankers “secret plan” must have been all along to destroy the worlds current fractional reserve monetary and credit system. Not the bankers wealth personally, just the majority of the people that are not paying attention and holding on to paper money. Any armchair economist can now see it coming. As Greg points out so often people, protect yourself by buying physical gold. The bankers plan will include a return to some kind of a return to a gold standard. I wouldn’t be surprised to see gold at $5,000 an ounce by the time it all crash’s down.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went much higher than $5,000. Thank you for weighing in.

  3. g.johnson

    cut “social” programs and do not lower taxes, or raise taxes and keep the programs?

    these are our only two choices?


    and, of course, the “social” programs being discussed are welfare, medicare and social security.

    let’s stomp the retired and poor into the ground, that’ll fix everything.

    and while we’re at it, lets let wall street and the justice department run amok over our liberty and human rights while they finish up stealing all our money for the crown.

    the sec is not going to police wall street because the sec is full of ambitious wankers (mostly lawyers) who will get cushy high paying jobs after putting in their time holding the doors open for these high criminals to flourish unchecked.


    above link will take you to a nice little primer on sec corruption. but if you just put “sec corruption ” in you search box and don’t mind spending a little time to get a real education. you will find multitudes of examples.

    our fedgov is blatantly corrupt as is the msm, justice, law enforcement, banking (duh!) and education.

    the solution is going after the corruption of the super rich. with a vengeange. leave the poor folks alone. they didn’t do it.

  4. brian

    Gold will soar, but at some point it becomes irrelevant how many dollars an ounce is worth. The same conditions driving gold up and devaluing the dollar are also detroying the society you would spend that gold in. A world where gold is $15000 an ounce is not the kind of world you or I would recognize and probably not the kind of world we would like very much.

    Should this current economy collapse making gold worth a ridiculous amount of dollars, your biggest asset will be how well you can get along with other human beings, your second biggest asset will be how well you can cope with hardship.

    Strong friendships, strong minds and strong backs are worth more than gold, develop yourself in some way, develop your relations with others, find some spiritual grain or speck to hold fast to and brace yourself for whatever it is that is coming……

    • George

      Guns, ammo and the ability to use them will be useful in surviving more than being kind to your fellow man. Its been my experience there is always a nice guy that will rob you blind and in the future likely do evil to you and your family. I’ll not rely on mere goodwill and I think anyone who is won’t last long.
      Talk softly and carry a .45

  5. M SMITH

    Add more zeros to a banks ledger does not make it any more stable than it was before they added the zeros. Americans must know this but just keep on slogging away at their daily lives of trying to get by.

    Not much has changed as far as our politicians go. It will take third party to ever do any reameaningfulll change where the Laws of Constitution trump all of the past 100 years of legislation & regulations that gave power to the vast governments agencies that has made life hard for the common man to compete against tons of red tape & a stacked court system. This old saying by politicians has to go for good,”DO as we say, “Not as we do”!

    One more thing, this new gang of 12 in congress is a joke. This needs to be brought to a halt, it’s a damn shame to let a bunch of bought & paid for political hacks have so much power. Congress needs to become a part of our government & not just a place where they make a life out of living off the tax payers dime!

    • Bob

      The gang of 12 is what going to save us form the lobbyist and the neocon’s in Congress, who work for Israel. This is not about money are jobs it’s about who is going to control this country. Both parties are full of people who have sold us out. Don’t worry about who got the check book , worry about who have sold this country out. We won’t have a lawful money system until whatever happen on 9/11 is straight out. The honest big boys with the money are waiting on this to. Why do you think Congress is so screwed up ,it’s full of people that don’t know who they work for the American people are Corporation who don’t give a shi- for any country.

  6. Joseph F. McNulty of Greensboro, NC

    I watched you for many years at News 2, and I really appreciate your insights. I listen to you on “Brad and Britt in the Morning” on WZTK-FM, and my only complaint is that you are not a WEEKLY guest for the entire program. Why is that? You are perhaps the most interesting and insightful guest — inclluding Sam Donaldson — on the program. I often think that Brad and Britt — true Obamabots, although they try to hide it — do not like that things you say that reveal that Obama is wearing “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Anyway, I like your site extremely, and always look forward to hearing your weekly news update. Keep it up!

    • Greg

      Thank you Joseph for your kind words and support.

  7. AndyB

    It is unfortunate that few see the danger in the FED bailouts of their cronies in the Eurozone. Congress has effectively ceded our future to this criminal enterprise. I am surprised that no one questions this, even as FED poloicy has effectively destroyed the economy of America.

  8. bean

    greg, i saw peter schiff on reason.tv . his comments mirror yours in many ways. basically the calm before the storm?

    • Greg

      Yes, the calm before a very big storm. Thank you for the comment.

  9. Mitch Bupp

    The FEf is printing money for the EU this time … we are truly screwed because we are lending to the world at one-tenth of one percent interest while the banksters play …..

  10. Bob

    Isn’t it funny how the EU boys and girls got there hands on Libya’s oil . Now they get some Feds money for keeping the dollar backed by oil control. When the sheep want the dollar back by gold, isn’t oil what you spend your gold on. You all understand it’s not fiat money it’s back with the bloody oil. We should of listen to Jimmy Carter and live with in are means, now we have the blood of children on are hands. When the drug warriors kill we think that’s bad ,but it’s just the other side of the coin. It looks likes the people hook on oil should be lock up, then the need for oil could dry up and the oil wars would stop. I think me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. George

    It was not lost on me that Obama has my ex boss on TV. He just laid off about 2,000 people in Greensboro. I thought it was a JOB CREATION council…I did not understand it was not for job creation here

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