Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.5.14

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Once again, the Ukraine crisis is the top story.  There is a cease-fire between the pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine.  I hope this is a legitimate effort and not a tactic to stall for time until NATO can send in more troops.  I hope this is not a way to say well, we tried to talk to Russia, and it did not work out, and now we have an excuse for wider war.  Anyone who thinks Russia is not heavily involved is dreaming.  After all, it is Vladimir Putin laying out a “seven point plan” to end hostilities in eastern Ukraine.  A few weeks ago, there was talk of a genocide that might happen at the hands of Ukrainian troops.  Then, the tide of the conflict changed dramatically; and, of course, Russia had a hand in that tide change.  It may not have been a WWII invasion, but Russia is in there deep, and this is what you would expect.  This crisis in Ukraine has profound national security issues for Russia.  I keep asking the question: What did the West think Russia was going to do after the coup during the Winter Olympics in Sochi?  Do they want war?  Now, we find out that NATO is planning war games later this month in Ukraine, and the U.S. and EU are planning more sanctions against Russia.  France has now suspended the delivery of two warships it was building for Russia.  I can’t see how the new sanctions are going to help an already hurting EU economy.  Also, President Obama is strongly suggesting allowing Ukraine into NATO.  France and Germany say NO to that idea because it will make matters worse and that might spark a real WWII invasion by Russia.  This is all against a backdrop of a now official failing EU economy.  This is the kind of crisis that could strain NATO to the point of it dissolving.  None of what is going on is going to help anyone’s economy.

The other big story out there is the Islamic State that is now the size of the UK in between Syria and western Iraq.  The President is all over the map on this issue.  Last week, he said he did not have a strategy, and this week, he says he wants to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State. Obama also said he wanted to “manage” this group that cuts the heads off of people while shooting video of the horrible acts.  The President did send another 350 solders to Iraq to protect the embassy and our interest there.  Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, I have been reporting that the U.S. was arming the rebels that were in part al-Qaeda.  There is no arming the moderate Muslims.  The U.S. played a role in arming and creating ISIS, or the Islamic state.  The President stood by and did nothing for months even as major Middle East cities fell to ISIS.  This is too stupid to be stupid.  It looks as if the President wanted ISIS to grow.  How in the world are these terrorists allowed to make millions everyday selling oil?  Shouldn’t we sanction these weasels?  Why can’t we target these oil facilities?  They need to ship by pipeline, truck or ships. So, why not bomb them all and cut off their money?   Why do we let these terrorists fund themselves with stolen oil while riding around on stolen U.S. equipment?  This is too stupid to be stupid.

Meanwhile, there are all sorts of warnings of a terror attack here in the U.S., and who does the Justice Department go after?  The Ferguson Police Department.  Let me get this straight. Attorney General Eric Holder thinks the Ferguson Police are a bigger threat than Islamic terrorists.  Texas Governor Rick Perry says they are already inside the U.S., and many people agree with him.  We have the 9/11 anniversary coming up, and terrorists just made off with almost a dozen jet aircraft out of Libya.  The Justice Department is investigating the Ferguson Police?  This just might be too stupid to be stupid, as well.

Finally, there was news that some celebrity naked photos in a cloud somewhere were hacked.  When I first heard this, I jokingly thought to myself, I wonder if the FBI is going to get on this.  I mean, after all, the FBI has not made a single case against any top banker, even though they have admitted to laundering money for terrorists and helping Bernie Madoff, among many other admitted criminal acts.  Zero criminal charges have been brought against top bankers who have clearly committed trillions of dollars in fraud and crime.  Low and behold, the FBI is investigating nude celebrity photos while naked fraud is going unprosecuted and unpunished by the bankers.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Jonathan Knight

    You’ll be shocked Rabbi Jonathan Cahn just found bible cycle on God’s judgement this was on http://WWW.WND.COM The USA keeps hitting the cycles of judgement since 1973… Well worth a 20 minute look TV Sid Roth Super natural ! All what you been preaching Greg!


    Best Wishes
    Jonathan Knight
    [email protected]

    • Greg Hunter

      Actually this is very interesting and insightful. Thank you.

    • allen ols

      Jonathan K.

      I am weary of the book sellers, on these christian tv shows. they are getting rich off this stuff.

    • Eddie Laidler

      Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was also the brave soul that broke protocol at Obama’s prayer breakfast. I love this guy.

    • Mason

      Greg and Jonathan,
      The video brings up interesting points but most things in the video can be explained without bringing God into the equation IMHO. In the video Cahn talks about:

      – the 7-year cycle
      Alas, the body of work from the cycle master Martin Armstrong himself suggests that the 8,6 cycle (1000 days * Pi) is the cycle to you should pay attention to (His site: http://armstrongeconomics.com; an article about MA and cycles for beginners: http://armstrongeconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/the-new-yorker-article.pdf)

      – the Blood Moons
      Again, I am going with Martin Armstrong on this one. He wrote a piece called “The Coming Tetrad – the Blood Moons”:

      – the timing of the collapse
      Again, I defer to Martin Armstrong. According to him the timing of the Sovereign Debt Crisis is on 2015.75

      – the construction of the tallest buildings is linked to the Shemitah.
      Alas, a simpeler and more elegant explanation IMHO is the SKYSCRAPER-INDEX.
      The skyscraper index shows a correlation between the construction of the world’s tallest building and the business cycle. The ability of the index to predict economic collapse is surprising. For example, the Panic of 1907 was presaged by the building of the Singer Building (completed in 1908) and the Metropolitan Life Building (completed in 1909). The skyscraper index also accurately predicted the Great Depression with the completion of 40 Wall Tower in 1929, the Chrysler Building in 1930, and the Empire State Building in 1931:

      This is a shortened version of my comment below (under my name) on the same subject. I hope you find this information useful. Just my 2 cents.

  2. allen ols

    Your video is not up yet, but i read the preview article, will wait for the video.

    lol, and ha!
    the part about the nude fotos and the fbi, gotta love this corrupt bunch. If the sheeple will believe 911 was planned by terrorists, they will suck up hook line and sinker the Ukraine debacle, planned by the oligarchs, with world wide, financing both sides, for prophet- (spelling on purpose). The Dems/repubs/and TP’ers are continually showing one by one their corruption, and we are to trust them with forgein policy and possible ww3. See this;
    http://www.ijreview.com/2014/09/174540-former-virginia-governor-wife-convicted-trading-favors-gifts-money/ Like I said, “with enough bags of money, i can buy either side, covertly of course.”

    this is for the “naysayer” at large!

    14 minutes describing the thermite used in the twin towers

    WHY CAN’T OBAMA MAKE A DECISION ON ISIL? here is my response.

    A former Secret Service agent whose new book is quickly climbing Amazon’s best-seller charts, currently ranking 68th overall, said he is concerned about the state of the country and says it is time the public knows the truth about the President and First Lady.
    Former agent Paul Horner’s new tell-all book “The Black House” reveals what goes on in the White House when the news cameras are turned off.
    In an interview with CNN, Horner told Victor Berman that he is one-hundred-percent positive that President Obama is not only gay, but also a Muslim.
    “Everyone on the inside knows that Obama is a gay Muslim, that is common knowledge,” Horner said.
    – See more at: http://nationalreport.net/ex-secret-service-agent-barack-obama-gay-muslim-michelle-obama-transsexual/#sthash.WRFN35jP.dpuf

    • Galaxy 500

      I am not surprised that you.discount.all.the.eyewitness testimony.that.saw the planes hit.the.twin.towers.for a cockamamie story about thermite. Any idea how many tons it would have taken? But thats.what.I love about you Al, you dont let facts or basic physics get in the way.of a conspiracy theory.
      What scares me is that they allow you out of the institution once a.week

      • Greg Hunter

        You somply cannot explain building #7 in free fall and it did not get hurt: http://rememberbuilding7.org/ The official story simply doesn’t explain this building in free fall hours after the Twin Towers were hit. Remember Building #7 was not hit at all.

        • Galaxy 500

          I respectfully disagree on this. (And Al said.twin towers, not bldg.7)
          Just because I.cant explain it.doesnt mean it some vast conspiracy. I had an explosive.and demolition expert tell me that those conspiracy theories are hogwash. So.while I.cant explain it, I.do.believe him. Hes up in Greensboro. One.of.the.biggest in the country. They also.worked on the.twin.towers clean up.Sorry I like you but I.am going with him on.this one. Call.me and I’ll give you his telephone number.
          AND Al said the TWIN towers…is bldg 7 part of the.twin towers?

          • Greg Hunter

            Oh it can be explained alright. It’s a controlled demolition that occurred several hours after the 9/11 planes hit and remember Building 7 was NOT hit. Not even grazed by a wing of a plane, but what do I know. “Good men can disagree”

            • Tin hat

              Grey, I’m with 500 on the demolition of Building 7. According to the conspiracy theory, if building 7 was brought down by demolition then the twin towers must has been brought down by demolition too. It’s almost impossible to escape detection and keep loose lips shut for 14 years.

              However, I’d confirm that many in the Muslim community in Brooklyn knew about the impending attack in advance. In hind sight, I’m totally convinced that Bush had to know it too since it really wasn’t a big secret. I think either Bush didn’t have enough info to stop it or he figured that would give him the false flag which he desperately needed to squash petroeuro in its infancy.

              • Greg Hunter

                Fair enough, but I find this video and these engineers very hard to explain and totally unexplained by the official story. Here’s the video: http://rememberbuilding7.org/ The building is clearly in free-fall and please keep in mind this is several hours after the attack and neither jet (757) hit (or even touched) this building. Building #7 was a few hundred yards away from Tower One and Tower Two. The government is also keeping a large section of the 9/11 report secret? Why? This was a terror attack–right? Why the secrecy?? That said you are entitled to your opinion and “good men can disagree.”

                • Tin hat


                  I did a little digging regarding Building 7 and came across this video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHFdcPv3XXI&app=desktop

                  That forced me to accept the fact the Building 7 was brought down by demolition. However, I couldn’t accept we planned all that to kill over 3,000 Americans only to start a war.

                  I was forced to put on my tin hat and this is my conspiracy theory:

                  After the first World Trade Center attack, a plan was formulated to handle the possibility of building collapse or uncontrollable highrise building fire.

                  When an impending collapse or such fire threaten the integrity of the structure, to prevent collateral damages to adjacent buildings, a super secretive demolition team would respond to said building with blue print and other pertinent informations.

                  This is a lousy but only solution which has to be kept secret because it’s still operational and ready to go at moment notice in NYC.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Sorry Tin Hat. I don’t buy that and neither do hundreds of structural engineers.

            • J.C.Davis

              Thank you Greg. There are 3 little green men on my roof. I know they cant be real, But they sure seem real to me.
              G dude if you cant explain something Never slander the options.

          • allen ols


            He “respectfully ” disagrees with you, and “respectfully” feels you are drinking the koolaid with me, and “respectfully” wonders if they let u out of the institution once a week.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            G 500
            Your mind at times seems to work in a very mysterious way.
            I have read Al’s post about 10 times now and for the life of me I can’t see where he mentioned “twin towers” – I can see his reference to 911 – so which post were you reading then?
            Good luck to you too if you believe there wasn’t something sinister about building #7.
            Bit strange also that a British media source reported its demolition 30 mins before it actually happened!
            No….. no conspiracy here – some of the MSM are actually psychic as well – they now routinely report on some events before they actually even happen.
            But me personally, I would probably go with the fact that some 2000 expert architects and engineers all agree that the 3 buildings were not brought down solely by 2 planes and an office fire.
            But go for it G500. Believe your ‘expert’ from Greensboro.
            I also agree with Jim H – perhaps you should consider changing your post name.

      • Jim H

        Gullible 500
        Of course we all know 19 Arabs mostly from Saudi Arabia taking orders from a man on dialysis in a cave brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7 after fooling all US, Israeli and European intelligence causing us to need to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. Boy Gullible that Al is so foolish. Glad you’re here to tow the MSM line and set us all straight. Don’t guess you ever heard of compartmentalization have you.

      • allen ols

        I never said no planes hit the twin towers, macaroon. I said the jet fuel and the office furniture cannot produce enough heat to melt a golf cart!! do your research, and quit sucking the koolaid. I have said in the past and produced research on bldg 7 of which u ignore, i assume they teach u this at your tin foil institution.

      • allen ols


        The govmnt, ie dems, repub. bankers, cia, nsa, have been screwing the sheeple, and u were the first to bend over.

        Committee on Science, U.S. House of Representatives, March 6, 2002:[ii]
        “In the month that lapsed between the terrorist attacks and the deployment of the [FEMA Building Performance Assessment Team (BPAT Team)], a significant amount of steel debris—including most of the steel from the upper floors—was removed from the rubble pile, cut into smaller sections, and either melted at the recycling plant or shipped out of the U.S. Some of the critical pieces of steel—including the suspension trusses from the top of the towers and the internal support columns—were gone before the first BPAT team member ever reached the site. Fortunately, an NSF-funded independent researcher, recognizing that valuable evidence was being destroyed, attempted to intervene with the City of New York to save the valuable artifacts, but the city was unwilling to suspend the recycling contract.”

        Joseph Crowley, U.S. Congressman, 7th District, New York:[iii]
        “[T]here is so much that has been lost in these last six months that we can never go back and retrieve. And that is not only unfortunate, it is borderline criminal.”

        Jonathan Barnett, PhD, FEMA BPAT Investigator:[iv]
        “Normally when you have a structural failure, you carefully go through the debris field looking at each item – photographing every beam as it collapsed and every column where it is in the ground and you pick them up very carefully and you look at each element. We were unable to do that in the case of Tower 7.”

    • Galaxy 500

      OMG Al,
      Here is a story about a seventy.pound mutant spider…we are doomed. I.hear its a secret CIA plot.for world.domination…and beer

      • allen ols

        I never said no planes hit the twin towers, macaroon. I said the jet fuel and the office furniture cannot produce enough heat to melt a golf cart!! do your research, and quit sucking the koolaid. I have said in the past and produced research on bldg 7 of which u ignore, i assume they teach u this at your tin foil institution.

      • J.C.Davis

        I call that supper time.

      • Blt

        Nice diversion. Do you work for cnn or just the government?

  3. Dave

    Hi Greg
    I can’t believe that your buying in on this crap.Russia is not interested in Ukraine(their broke)..Only as a buffer just like the US would not approve of some one on their borders.Putin did this as the rational thing to do …to settle matters and avoid more killing & conflict.I truly think you should add RT to your research so you can get both sides of the story.I was right before and i’m right now …please do your research…

    Thanks Dave

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Dave,
      RT would NEVER criticize Russia, Putin or anything negative to the motherland. That said, I read everything including RT. I try to be objective and it is very difficult to cut through the propaganda on both sides. The overarching point I made is this conflict is getting worse.

      • Oracle 911

        Whatever if you want prize Putin or criticize him is not my business. But at least you should use much more neutral terminology. Because if you use the warmonger’s terminology you will became a warmonger too.

        • Greg Hunter

          Come on, the world is falling apart, and I am warning about it so people can take cover. I am not going to be paralyzed by semantics. Putin or anyone else is not the precious.

          • Oracle 911

            It is not about Putin and I don’t care if you like him or not.
            It is about what terminology you are using when you talk about Ukraine. Because terminology determines how think about things.

    • Galaxy 500

      I suggest you update your information. There is this little gas pipeline running to.Europe thru Ukraine that belongs to Putin. And then theres the.matter of a land bridge to his only warm water port in the Crimea.
      Yes, Ukraine is dead freaking broke. You have to wonder why America felt the need to.stir up revolution there. 0bama’s policy of stirring up shiite in other countries has brought nothing but death and chaos. Just as his whack shiite policies has brought division, unemployment and decay here.
      0bama is the first “social promotion” president. He.was not elected based on abilities, achievement or merits. 0bama was elected solely because he is half black. I believe Dr. Ben Carson would make a.great.president…not because he is black, but because of his abilities, achievements and merits.

    • Banjo Pat

      Dave, Gregster is trying to be a neutral observer,”so should we, by the way,” he’s a newsman, a messenger, so please don’t kill the messenger!

  4. Ugly

    The sickness of all this is that it is obviously planned by warmongers that want control of all the earth’s resources and also of those earthlings that have survived the upcoming calamity. Someone and some group is obviously planning a world take over. The little guys were in the way. Now it is time to take on the big guys–Russia, China, Syria, and Iran.

  5. allen ols

    Just posted on silver doctors.com.

    Jim willie;
    The Paradigm Shift has reached a higher gear. The danger and risk levels have gone to critical levels. The risk of economic destruction has gone into recognizable critical levels.
    The Emperor’s court is showing critical internal defections. The biggest ray of light comes from Germany, which shows important signs of refusal to permit its economic destruction in order to suit the elite plans of a grander fascist state. The Germans have suffered hyper inflation before, and will not again. The Germans have suffered a national calamity from an integrated fascist state, and will not again. It is becoming excruciatingly clear that the Global Axis of Fascism is the US, UK, and its leash holder in the SouthEast Mediterranean. The entire global system has reached the critical phase. The breakdown phase is accelerating.
    The Russian sanctions have an obvious whiplash of severe impact to the US and Europe. The whiplash impact to the US is to expose the USDollar as a corrupted cancerous currency, for which coerced war and economic suicide are the high cost of continued support.
    The USGovt is left with no more options than war, since the financial front has been lost to insolvency, market interference, bond fraud, and leveraged corruption.
    A climax is fast approaching. The USDollar is stuck in the implosion stage. The USDollar will be rejected, the climax a Weimar implosion of the currency.
    The King Dollar has been wrecked, knocked off its throne, never to return to prestige.

    read more here;

    • Charles H.

      allen ols,

      Great post. Really good.

  6. J.C.Davis

    Have a fun weekend Greg.

  7. Heidi Eberspaecher

    Hello Gregg,
    thanks for your info all around. When we look back only a few months we can see a fast acceleration especcially conc. war. Please give me the chance to show another perspective of the whole situation:
    In many prophecies not only Bible or Koran it is said that the III World War as well as huge earth changes will take place. Why is it like this. Well planet earth and all her beings have to go through a very strong cleaning process in order to enter into the Golden Age. “How can we prepare our meal in a dirty pot – it has to be cleaned before and the more dirty it is the more cleaning is necessary” So when we look around as well as in us – for in each of us is a little universe – and when we are honest to ourself we know that there is a lot to do.
    There is a saying of a wise man “if you want to change the world start within yourself”
    So the more people are willing to spread love and light and do understand that all what has to happen will happen for we are not the manager of our lifes, the less intense cleaning is necessary.
    We have to prepare ourselves for these challeging times – and your sites are very helpful – but the outcome is in the hands of God. The more we surrender to Him the more easy it will be for us and the humanity on the whole.
    And let us not forget that we are human beings and secondary Americans, Russians, Europeans etc.
    Thanks again and Divine blessings to all

  8. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    If the Russian leadership were that pathetic as their Western counterparts they would do this as payback for Ukraine:
    -support the secession movements in Alaska and Texas;
    -announce sea war games in international waters near Washington.
    Well, the Russian leadership is not pathetic so, they will do something else.

    About ISIS, I fully agree it is to stupid to be stupid. BTW the Saudis warned about the ISIS: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/08/30/saudi-king-warns-isis-terror-threat-to-europe-us/
    Irony in the whole thing is the fact the Saudis (supposedly) helped create the Al Quaeda from which the ISIS emerged. I suspect even the Saudis are afraid of them, because they lost control over these groups. The Saudis even deployed troops on their borders with Iraq. The legitimate question is then: Who controls the ISIS? I suspect the CIA and probably the Mossad. It would be explain a lot of thing.

    About the USA, well it seems like your country turned into the strange combination of the Huxley’s Brave new world and the prewar Nazi Germany.

    Just my 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Galaxy 500

      Its the evil.jews controlling ISIS…did you really.go.there?
      You were making.sense up.until that.point. who.controls ISIS? That’s easy. Satan and his moslem terroist minions

      • Greg Hunter

        This slipped by me, thank you for addressing this.

        • allen ols


          oracle said; Who controls the ISIS? I SUSPECT, the CIA and PROBABLY the Mossad. It would be explain a lot of thing.

          He is suspecting it. remember there is sin to go around for all. The IDF attacked our ship in the med. (see the liberty) and it was muted and cover up quickly most likely the cia.
          I am pro Israel, but there are Bad Israelites as well as good. The Mossad works with S.Arab. when it comes to Iran. It is in the BEST INTERESTS for Israel to see, syria, iraq, libya, lebanon, iran, Jordan and more to be destabilized, and the mossad is not in active in this. USA is notorious for causing trouble in the world. False Flags are real, and the spy agencies, mossad, cia, work together in this i sense.

          • Greg Hunter

            The Liberty was a long time ago and I do not see the proof of a tie to Mossad. That said, you are entitled to you opinion.

      • Oracle 911

        Great Galaxy 500, could you answer me 3 questions:
        Why the ISIS is not attacking Israel?
        Why the Al Quaeda get even Israeli support in Syria (there were reports how they helped the terrorist with medical support)?
        Why Israel buying oil even from ISIS?

        PS: Payback for the mocking tone. 🙂

        • Oracle 911

          And one more thing. Why is this situation implausible:
          Mossad pits Muslim against Muslim. They kill each other, the dirty work is done, the country is protected and the Israelis can say: “We did nothing, we have clean hands the crazy Arabs/Muslims are killing each other. And how are we supposed hold peace talks with these crazy goons?”
          Isn’t it devious strategy?

    • allen ols


      we agree!!

    • Tin hat


      I’m sure it’s not Mossad. Israel is working with the Saudi and Egypt. Egypt and UAE have just bombed ISIS in Libya without notifying us in advance. We are one of the very few who is big enough to provide the logistic support of finance and arms.

      I’m going to take a shower with bleach because I truly believe our CIA trained, armed and is handling ISIS.

  9. Mark Hoover

    Naked fraud. A nice turn of phrase in context, Greg. But it is the naked truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark for the kind words. It just hit me as I wrote the sentence.

  10. Mikkel Jacobsen

    Hi Greg

    Excellent wrapup,,,

    I agree with you that Russia is involved in eastern Ukraine ,,,, ( Russian territory given by the former Soviet Krustjev head of state,,,, to Ukraine ) ,,,( so naturally ,,,, there are a lot of Russians and pro Russians there) ,,,, but luckily Putin did NOT let him self provoke by US led intentions ( war as a businessmodel ,,,,as described by Jim Willie ) ,,, to an all out war,,,,
    It is unfortunate that what,,,,was ONCE known ,,as a great country with a functioning constitution dedicated to FREEDOM ,,,, is now waging psykological warfare un its own population and abroad ,,,, giving birth to false flags,,,,we Will have to wait until the moment the US IMPLODE BY ITS OWN CORRUPT WEIGHT ,,,, it is a painfull proces waking up as a responsibel individual aswell as a country,,,,, but still ,,,,there is NO WAY around it,,,,
    I agree with you that there are moderate Syrian rebels ( which is fighting BOTH Islamic State and Assads troops , militia and hezbollah ) , which IN SOME AREAS in Syria are fighting a long side Al Nusra ,,, which is affiliated with Al Quida ,,,,, and that ,,, THAT is a problem,,,,, They need to distance themselves from them ,,,, of course ,,, naturally .

    I choose the narrative that,,,,we have a 3WAY CONFLICT IN SYRIA ,,,AND it is more or less a miracel ,,, that there still are moderate rebels in Syria since they have been met brutal murderus force ,,,have gotten very limited support , they have faught IS since january,,,, ( so that is prior to the US administration ,,, but then again the administration likely do not really TRUELY wanna limit their (IS) influence), a lot of internal problems,
    Being portrayed as terrorists by MSM ( Assad propaganda succes ),, ,,,,, ignored,, etc

    So why are they still there,,,, and growing,,,, because FREEDOM is the the strongest force,,,
    I am not trying to paint a rosy picture,,,, there are many DIFFERENT armed groups in Syria,,,,,, the scandale is lack of support from the west , partly because of lack of understanding and misinformation,,,,and apparently ,,, powerfull interests wants the violence to continue,,,,, on all sides,,,
    The West has left the principles they themselves claim ,,,, they fight fore ,,, read the Jim Willie describtion of the facist businessmodel ,,, that is the Irony,,,
    What i see is positive news in Syria,,,, moderate Syria rebels , grow , mature , fighting back the ekstreme IS and the genocide Assad regime…
    And that it is a scandal that they receiver as little support as they do….

    There are probably some spelling errors ,, just foregive me,,,


    • Galaxy 500

      You.wrote, “that there still are moderate rebels in Syria ”
      What.do you base your “good Al Qaeda” theory.on? These evil.moslems.are moderate right up until you give them a.weapon which they then.use against you.
      Id love.to hear your criteria used to judge moderate moslem.terrorist. Moderate moslems terroist are a myth.
      Does anyone really believe that things.are.better of with Ghaddfi gone.in Libya that things are better? At this point, Assad looks pretty.good.
      Leave.it.to.0bama.to take.his evil.Chicago style politics.worldwide….and find out that while his.dirty.union backstabbing community disorganizing ommunists theories dont translate to the.real world.

      • Charles H.


        Every arming, of whatever faction of muslim currently clamoring for help, will only eventually be turned-over, abandoned, or joined to more radicalized forces. The most polar extremes will suck-in everything within reach. “Moderate” is only a posture or pretext.

        • Galaxy 500

          I dont support arming the terrorist ever. Never have. Thought it was stupid of 0bama to support the terrorist when the other places he had supported terrorists like Egypt and Libya worked out so well.
          I support using.arms on terrorist instead.of giving them.arms

          • Greg Hunter

            Now this is something we totally agree on.

          • allen ols


            supporting what terrorists? isil isss, or is.
            u mean the cia, covertly is doing this? maybe u think usa, obobo, cia, was supporting these guys in syria. common, we wouldn’t do that!! maybe the mossad could be helping, moving some weapons, keeping some undercover guys in syria, giving us intel, maybe jordan also, or who knows.

  11. Galaxy 500

    The world is falling apart and you have John Kerry and Hillary Clinton delivering speeches saying.global.warming is the biggest threar facing.the.world. Really??? At every turn, it.comes out that the.data.global warming.alarmist wackos use.is being.falsified. Maybe if Hillary gives her Muslim Brotherhood buddies enough.weapons the climate.WILL heat up.when they burn the.world.
    I have.a strategy.for.Obama, Hillary, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz…pretend that the evil moslem terrorists that.worship their evil.demon devil.god are Republicans. Maybe then they can attack the evil doers WHO DO HAVE A REAL WAR ON WOMEN…along with the rest of us

    • Mikkel Jacobsen

      Hello Galaxy 500

      Your question : “what do you base your’ good Al Qaeda ‘theory on ?”
      ,,, I Can not answer that,,,, I am afraid,,, since I dont have such a theory,,,,,,

      My point is ,,,that anyone that actually follow what is going on in Syria knows that it is at least a 3 Way conflict,,, and that the MSM narrative,,, is misleading ,,, at least to some extent,,,, best coverage by EAWORLDVIEW ,,,,
      just the way I see it,,,,


      • Galaxy 500

        Thank you for your kind reply. I always seek to understand how reasonable people think. At this point, the only position that makes sense is to support Assad.
        I agree with it being a.three way. My only disagreement is with your “moderate” label.
        You have Assad, helped by Iran and Hezbollah
        You have Al Qaeda, supported by Saudi
        You have ISIS, supported by conquest and Qatar
        I dont see either of the rebel faction as moderate. Its like calling a rattlesnake moderate and the cobra, extreme. They both want to bite the USA, ISRAEL and the rest of the region

    • allen ols

      …..and geo bush, dik chenny, donnie rumsfield do de dum de do;

      14 minutes describing the thermite used in the twin towers

    • Collateral Damage

      Just wonder how many private jets each of them have chartered for their luxurious travel… ????

      It is the absolute height of hypocrisy to be squawking about Global Warming when they are jet setting in PRIVATE CHARTER JETS! Just like the head of International GreenPeace Org.

      I was just talking about this with my family this morning. If they are anywhere near as SMART AND MORAL as they claim to be (and concerned for Mother Earth), there is no way that they could stomach their own hypocrisy and continue to behave by CHARTERING PRIVATE JETS to move their singular tail-ends transcontinentally.

      So in my mind we each must come to one (and only one) of the two following conclusions (upon the basis of their behavior vs. their stated moral stance): are they…

      a) Genuinely concerned about GW, and just too plumb dumb to see their own hypocrisy, or are they,

      b) NOT GENUINELY CONCERNED about GW, and ARE intelligent enough to know what they are doing (Talk the Talk, but not Walk the Walk – i.e. fly in private chartered jets). If this is the case, then they are just laughing at those who believe.

      I put my money on hypothesis b).

      Why do you say????

      Greg said it all a couple of times in his News Wrap, “TOO STUPID TO BE STUPID”.

      • Galaxy 500

        Every data collection.showing global.warming has been caught.being modified because.it showed cooling

        • Greg Hunter

          Add this to the enormous lies we are all told around the world. Good catch my friend. This too is a big deal.

  12. Tim Scanlon

    “Avoid foreign entanglements” – George Washington

  13. Galaxy 500

    Eric Holder is so blinded.by his bias that he sees racism as a bigger problem than terrorism. After all, his homey, Obama, has defeated the evil Republicans..I mean, terrorist, so they CANNOT be a problem. He doesn’t investigate the IRS, EPA, ATF, or anyother scandal that.would show Obama and his demoncrat’s evil deeds. Why investigate the bankers when you can go to Ferguson and punish Whitey? Did anyone black cry our when a mother was shot down by Holder’s people for making a wrong turn? No, she was black…why didnt Holder care? Because his home boys did it.
    Obama reminds me of someone who thinks that if you ignore a problem, it will go away. I pray the one true God has mercy on us and defeats the devil that moslems hold up as a god.

    • allen ols

      ….so blinded by bias……he doesn’t investigate IRS, EPA, ATF, 911 FRAUD.

      14 minutes describing the thermite used in the twin towers

    • wd


      Great point! Everyone needs to understand that Obama Holder and Mrs Obama have the deepest seeded hatred for white people, US, Western world and capitalism…They all had said things, and made demonstrations that PROVE this. If one does some decent research the answer is blatantly clear.

      Obama has actually had to stifle some rageful moments to hide this side of him.

      • J.C.Davis

        W D I think you right.. Considering all presidents of the past. Obama has done more destruction to this Republic then all president’s. COMBINED !
        Finally someone said it.

  14. Kabous

    Hi Greg. I have been listening to you for quite some time now here in South-Africa and i really enjoy your views and summaries of world events. Thank you for bringing the real news to my country. Trust me, you have lots of fans here. It seems most of your “predictions” if i could call it that have been spot on and it seems these events are escalating at a crazy speed. all of this are leading only one way… The inevitable will happen, only time will tell how bad it will be.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and support. Please tell you friends who watch thank you for me!

    • Galaxy 500

      Send us.some coin of the relm
      Krugerands…love em

      • Kabous

        Yeah the kruger rand are quite special… Can’t sell you mine though sorry hahaha.

  15. Jerry

    Survival Gear – Food preparation
    This tip is right out of my bag of tricks. Its so good I should charge for it, but I won’t. Thanks to Greg you’re getting it for free, so go to his home page and hit the donate button.
    How would you like to prepare food, and eat it without having to clean a dish, or scrub a pot? Well you can. Its called the Bake Packer system.
    I’ve used this system for years backpacking. You can boil your water at the same time you’re cooking your food in a plastic bag. The best part is, no matter what you do, you can’t burn your food. I’ve cooked biscuits and gravy without so much as a spec of ash.
    Its completely sterile cooking at its best. I recommend using microwave cooking bags, but any thin plastic bag will do.

    • Galaxy 500

      I.must.say that I.think your survival tips have been i nformative and good information. Keep up the good work. Did you know that SPAM came in special foil single serving packages? While cans are a better value, they make a good addition to your grab&go bag. One of these and a high carb bar will keep you going on down the trail

      • Jerry

        Thanks Galaxy.
        That’s a good tip. I’ll add that to my get list.

    • J.C.Davis

      Ok Jerry I have added it to my fav, I gota try it. I just found out today my creek has free food. I think Martha Stewart could learn from this young girl.

  16. art barnes

    Greg, war games in Ukraine is provocative, no other intention except to create more hostilities with Russia. This whole Ukrainian seems strange from the beginning during the Olympics till today, I think this entire area has been used to try and back Russia & China off of entertaining thoughts of changing reserve currency from the dollar. This cannot turn out good.
    Latest news after your blog is only 142,000 jobs created in August, a real low, low, number for a recovery, lowest in months & months, and it wasn’t winter snow or hurricanes which could be clamed as the culprit. However, CNBC has found a buy signal because of it, go figure!
    Lastly, after you said “Low and behold, the FBI is investigating nude celebrity photos while naked fraud is going unprosecuted and unpunished by the bankers” you forget to add that its too stupid to be stupid.
    Have a nice weekend.

  17. F Vevaina

    I have a theory about Obama’s procrastination to tackle ISIS -a fact on which many have commented.

    The US economy (and in fact the entire Western world) is on the brink of economic collapse. A major war either in the Ukraine or the Middle East will precipitate the collapse in short order. Only financial engineering with the cooperation of the empire’s central banks via currency swaps have kept the collapse at bay until now. But the trending is worsening rapidly.

    Obama has still two full years to go till his term ends. He does not want a collapse on his watch that ruins his “legacy” or ruins the chances of the Democratic party in the next elections.

    Although it would appear that currently Ukraine is a big threat, I feel that most of the actions taken so far are nothing but posturing by all parties. The US having ventured into Russia’s backyard with the idea of taking control of Crimea and thus destabilizing and containing Russia, have failed. It is now no longer possible to back off without massive loss of face and so the game must continue.

    But the game is unlikely to escalate into a full blown hot war between NATO forces and Russia. So sanctions seem the only way ahead. Sanctions will hurt Russia as also the EU nations, but will hardly hurt the US that has little by way of direct trade with Russia. The EU nations obviously don’t want sanctions but the US can pressurize them to play along since US money is currently the key for the EU’s present existence.

    However, to Obama’s disappointment, this game played on two fronts (Middle East and Eastern Europe) may not continue for too long. Something will give before his term is up regardless of whether he intervenes in a big or small way.

    That leads me to my next prediction- like it or not: The next president of the United States will very likely be a Republican.

    • Charles H.

      F Vevaina,

      Providing there ARE elections; and people have money in their bank accounts, not treasury Deposit slips.

  18. Jack Clancy

    “This is to stupid to be stupid”. Your right it’s planned. Of course the FBI wants to look at naked celebs. I mean investigate. Unless we want to fight WW3 we need to let the Ukraine go. We mucked it up. We always have to bully the rest of the world. The EU should go back and look at movie footage from WW2. Putin is not going to “give up” the Ukraine. Another excellent job on reporting what’s really important!

  19. Dan

    Hi Greg, long time reader, big fan of your blog. Spot on with this article, there is so much stupid going on that I think I’m having an allergic reaction. I agree, this administration must have wanted IS to grow and destabilize the region as part of a plan, potentially to shore up the petrodollar for the US to come to the rescue (sick and twisted but it is priority#1.)

  20. daniel

    Witnessing the Ukraine situation I can’t but think about several writings by Mark Twain.
    One is titled “To The Person Sitting In Darkness” .
    The second one is “The War Prayer” and the third and last one is “Battle Hymn of the Republic, updated”.
    Although they were written some hunderd years ago, they are as valid today as they were back then.
    Tell me, Greg, doesn’t anybody read these fine pieces anymore ?
    Has Mark Twain been replaced by Ronald McDonald as the norm of exceptionalism ? If this is the case, then we are surley doomed.

  21. Reader

    So far only the Russian politicians are making any sense to the world. O’bombo is just like a wind-up gigo doll and the Euro’s still have horrible accents when they speak english… 🙂

  22. Sandman

    One thing to note Greg – the missing airliners story has been debunked on Snopes. Everything else you said is dead on. Too stupid to be stupid. Exactly. Our country is so screwed it’s not even funny. Does anyone else out there ever browse Yahoo comments? Oh my it is so frustrating seeing how most Americans think. Drives me crazy. Such sheep. We are screwed.

    • Galaxy 500

      You mighr.want.to.reread.that Snoopes article…it says
      As a thread on the aviation community site airliners.net documents, several of the planes claimed in rumors as “missing” or “stolen” have actually been accounted for, having been either caught outside of Tripoli at the time the airport fell to opposition forces or relocated by their operators (Air Contractors pf Dublin) to an airport in Malta for safekeeping. Some of the other airliners were likely destroyed in the fighting or damaged beyond the possibility of operation. 
      Read more at http://www.snopes.com/rumors/missingplanes.asp#aUrMIlCmF6VvEsgZ.99
      SOME ARE.LIKELY DESTROYED….Thats called either wishful thinking or making up shiite….its not the same as totally.debunking

  23. HTC

    hahaha, Greg… like you said the US governments response to ALL these things is TOO stupid to be stupid. I like that. These people in power are not incompetent. They aren’t. What people don’t see is who is behind all these things and leading them and controlling them. It is SATANIC at it’s core. The bible tells us that we do not war against flesh and blood but the powers and principalities of the darkness. Those things we do not see is what is at the root of what is going on. As far as the .gov response to these threats… I believe they know far more than what you and I know and they are counting down the days before it’s complete. Put on a show for the average citizen, tell them all is well, and then destruction comes swiftly. They are the ones who dwell in the darkness, but we are not in darkness that these days should overtake us. The Lord has given sight to his people to see the things that are coming, for we are not in darkness, but in light. Hope that makes any kind of sense. Praying for you Greg that you may continue in the light as God has given to you and ALL of his elect.

  24. woody188

    Here is a hot tip, some are blaming ISIS for a slew of bomb threats against US schools and colleges this last Wednesday, September 3rd. No officials are saying this publicly, but some of those affected claim ISIS posted tweets from their hacked accounts. I have an inside track to one individual that is making this claim that attends the high school and is claiming their Twitter account was hacked to post ISIS supported statements in conjunction with the bomb threats.


    Is this for real or just some high school kid with a wild imagination connecting a prank to ISIS?

    I don’t know. I wish I could say. To me, this just re-enforces the idea that ISIS/ISIL is being used by our covert agencies to increase fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) in the United States and have a boogeyman to blame for the economic trouble.

    I’m not saying ISIS/ISIL doesn’t exist as an Islamic nation, but there appears to be a “faction” that likes to behead Americans that doesn’t follow the modus operandi of the typical Islamic State beheading. I’ve seen other be-headings credited to the Islamic State that show 4-5 militants covered in dust and sand, and one with a large scabbard that does the actual killing. It’s all shown on film, no fade outs, gruesome and disturbing. The American be-headings have a single militant, too clean garbed, speaking with a British accent, and the films fade out then back in during the actual act.

    Other be-headings of non-Americans are available to watch. Older be-headings of Americans are available to watch. The two latest American be-headings trumpeted by the US media and government disappear like magic from the Internet, which is supposedly an impossibility once something is posted.

    All this indicates some sort of psy-op is being performed intended for an American audience. Scarier yet, the disappearance of the American be-heading videos indicate the US government is already filtering our Internet access like China or India does to their populations.

    Thank you Greg for having the courage to point out the odd way these things are being portrayed to us by the US government and corporate media.

    • Galaxy 500

      I.dont.see.ISIS doing bomb threats or hacking some HS students twitter…too.ANTHONY Wiener. I think these guys.would bomb instead of threaten…just my two.rubles. (worth.about a nickle these days)

  25. Navy91

    Greg, I have come to the conclusion that the real JV team is the Obama administration itself. Unfortunately, I don’t say that in jest. When it comes to foreign policy, I truly believe that they are in over their heads. The problems in Ukraine and the middle east are why character matters, principles matter, morals and ethics matter. The world is a dangerous place. Amateur hour on the part of the U. S. government gets people killed! Just ask the Benghazi survivors.

  26. vincentg

    Here comes the beginning of the bad news.

    Hiring slowed significantly in the United States in August, as the economy added only 142,000 jobs

    Add to this a similar number of people getting a pink slip this month.
    Why so many companies targeted Sept. as a month where they would let go of workers is beyond me but if you followed the news going back early this year many major companies have stated they will let go of workers this month.
    Maybe they did a good job on projections and knew this quarter would be bad.

    HP has a large number they will cut while other are not as severe.
    Add to that the companies that are going under and the Jobs lost are quite high.

    Seems this is the month for downsizing.

    Do you think Burger King might become a mail order only company in the USA?

  27. diogenese

    Stupidity on steriods thats what the west is doing .
    The UK stated yesterday they are negotiating with heavy electricity users to close down next winter because the grid cant cope , Energy is at the back of the Ukraine debacle , Of course Russia is quietly interviening in Ukraine ,the USA is interviening all over the planet , the only answer is that the Ukraine becomes a nutral state , anything else means war . Perhaps TPTB want Russia to cut the gas supply to collapse the system .

    • allen ols


      I think and maybe certain, ukraine is all about the dollar as the reserve currency, and protecting it. russia, china, bypass the dollar to a certain amount. We get a high % of our uranium from russia for our power plants, and i wonder what obobo has planned for that.

  28. Mason

    Great Weekly News Wrap-Up once again, Greg! I think I might have to stop saying this as a general comment because me saying this is not original anymore, since you nail it on the head every time or almost every time as far as I am concerned. People reading the comments mostly know this already and agree I think.

    Most friends of mine do not follow the non-MSM news, I am sorry to say, but a few do. Getting most people interested in non-MSM news is quite hard. I keep wondering why. I for one think it is interesting (and scary). And I think my didactic skills are reasonable enough, so it has to be something else. At least I got a few them to be somewhat wary of the MSM. And I got only one of them interested enough to follow the non-MSM news by himself. So at least I have passed on the link of your website once (but there are still quite a few other non-MSM links out there, mind you). In any case, keep up the good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      I work hours on the Weekly News Wrap-Up so your comments are much appreciated! Thank you.

      • Charles H.


        USAWatchdog: best, independent reporting on the PLANET. But what do I know? Africa weighs in now. Good work.

      • Mason


  29. Mark

    Years ago when I was young, we played a board game named “Risk – The Game of Global Domination”. To give some background, Risk was released by Hasbro in 1957 and then bought and Marketed by Parker Brothers in 1959 and still sold today … and not surprisingly made in China. The game can even be downloaded and played on a computer. I hope you remember it. It was popular through the 60s because of the Cuban crisis and the cold war.

    Years ago, I remember sitting at a bar and listening to some staff members of a senator. I can’t remember the details of their global talk, but I do remember leaving that bar in shock and awe that these foolish kids actually represent us.

    The reason why I bring this up is because the people in charge of our government are nothing more than amateurs playing this game of risk for real with our lives and country. They are not smart people as Dr, Roberts had noted, and, they have no real world experience. They are rolling the dice without having any understanding of the consequences. Perhaps we all should send them a copy of this game and hope that they play out their strategies with a board game rather than put us all in jeopardy. Right now, as you say, it doesn’t look good.

    • Charles H.


      Mix Risk with Jumanji (the movie board game). I think you are right: they have no idea – only roll the dice.

  30. Jerry

    Greg, great weekly wrap-up. I am totally convinced that we only have 3-4 months before the collapse. Last night I sat in on a conference call from a company that is helping people relocate outside the United States. Namely to Panama and Chile. Greg you could not imagine the genuine fear I was hearing in their voices of the people on this call. I think panic is beginning to set in with people who are alert and are seeing what’s going on. Whatever happens in Ukraine will not be good for America. This is a symptom of a system that is unraveling and about to come apart. Look at this chart.
    How is it that the dollar is spiking right now? I contend that it is because the Bond market is collapsing below the surface, as a result of the Russians and Chinese dumping our bonds back into the market so that they can buy gold. Its is hilarious watching the EU and Obama threaten Russia with sanctions. Its like the “mouse that roared”! The part that scares me, is knowing what people do when they get desperate. Especially oligarchs trying to prop up failing empire. You nailed it Greg. Ukraine is the fat lady warming up.

    • Jerry

      Greg, do not buy into this peace proposal propaganda. Its not going to happen and NATO and Obama know it. They gave the public a carrot before the real truth comes out over the weekend. Here’s what’s really happening.
      The Russian offensive has started by shelling the seaport of Maripol. This will be followed by a ground invasion .

      • Greg Hunter

        This is why I am very worried about what is going on. I really think they are buying time and reloading but what do I know. Thank you for your comments and links.

      • Jerry

        Greg did you see this?
        There never was any cease fire in Ukraine. That tough talk on Friday was just talk. Now NATO will be forced to either act militarily, or go sit in the corner.

  31. Aquila LaLuz

    “Then, the tide of the conflict changed dramatically; and, of course, Russia had a hand in that tide change. It may not have been a WWII invasion, but Russia is in there deep, and this is what you would expect.” And Mr. Hunter do you have proof for this or is this just part of the usual rhetoric to criminalize Mr. Putin?

    • Greg Hunter

      Aquila LaLuz
      Please stop. Putin is laying out the “7 point plan” and the Russian Ambassador said “Russian volunteers were inside Ukraine.” Don’t be absurd.

      • vincentg

        Aquila – this is really not directed at anyone in particular.
        Seems people in general don’t seem wake up.
        We don’t know enough about this problem yet to place blame.

        What we do know is two proposals were made and the answer for both was no.

        Shortly after that answer was given the government was over thrown.

        So which rejection was the one that put the Europe over the edge?
        Was it the rejection of the Euro or was it the rejection of Nato?
        Is Russia using money and special deals to buy favor in this country?

        Even better who is in control here?
        Seems the US looks a bit shady having spent 5 billion dollars on infiltrating this country.

        The leaked line “Yats is our man” doesn’t look very good.
        Has everyone fallen in love with the Ukraine?

        Is all fair in love and war?

        But back to the blame issue – why are we looking to place blame?
        I think the best question is “How many Afghanistans will they create?”
        How many countries must they destroy?
        These so called adults that run world affairs act as children and no one cares.
        Instead you pick sides.

  32. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg,

    I believe this whole thing in Ukraine is another planned measure to extract more money (i.e. DEBT) from the United States. If we get involved in a war over there, while maintaining the wars in the middle east, that serves Obama’s overall plan to bring down the U.S. I am continuously amazed at the overall lack of concern by the American people over the state of our country since this criminal president and his minions have been in power. All of your guests continuously identify failure points in our economy but nothing will happen until our expenses have reached a point-of-no-return.

    During the Vietnam era we had protesters constantly yelling about our involvement in that war. Where are the protesters today? I believe our society has been dumb-downed so much that they don’t even understand what is happening.

    What’s Next?

    Have a great weekend!

  33. Doug McDowell

    Please listen to Jim Willie’s interview with Paul Sandhu on Sept. 1st.
    It is on the public side of his website goldenjackass.com
    Vital New Ukraine Info. Thanks-Doug

  34. Aziz JAAFAR

    I am glad that you have clearly said that the US government has armed this “islamic state”.It has nothing islamic nor a state.It is a Satanic organisation that kills muslims,christians and yezidis.And guess which state is never threatened:israel,the best friend of the US leaders.It’s a pity because the American people seems charming and cool while the leaders are satanic…

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote, “And guess which state is never threatened:israel”
      Dude, what utter bull.shiite.

  35. Charles H.


    Just WHAT did these photos leak? I’ve never seen a photo leak anything! Bbwwaaah! Ha!

    The NO-INVESTIGATION of Justice toward Arab/terrorist possible activities in the US, has to come from a favored status from the highest authority circles. Do the math.

    America and it’s allies are like children caught in a Lie – who do not know when to pull the plug on consequences spiraling out of control. The Blame Game works in High School for bullies; NOT for use on the world scene – where REAL, dangerous punches can fly.
    I live in Mexico. Since the Mexican/American War, Mexicans have journeyed (wet-backed) into the US for work in factories or farms and orchards – in order to bring financial resources back to educate their families out of abject poverty. Generations of these pilgrimages has fostered an idea that Americans are ALL rich. Any gringo is only a phone-calll away from some relative sending a wheel-barrow full of money down. But lately, that perception has been changing. Word of mouth is gaining traction here.
    Though the US is trying to ‘close ranks’ with ‘allies’ – I think this will only go so far. When the crash is in sight – it will be every man, or country, for themselves.

  36. Banjo Pat

    Finally Greg, we got the other side, “from the horses mouth!”
    “Russia has not and will not be in this dog and pony show,” quote Russian MP.


    The $64,000 dollar question is, how long will it take before the bear takes the bait and ouch! #%*+Bites?

    • Galaxy 500

      I think you got it from the.other end of the horse, not hos mouth

  37. Brad

    Great line, FBI investigates hacked nude celebrityphotos while trillions in naked fraud by bankers is not….

    ISIS or simply IS now, is brought to the world by the same “be very afraid and give up the last of your civil rights” folks as was 9/11/01 and the very same “be very afraid and start giving up your civil rights” folks. These are the folks who like to torture other folks just because, as they already have all the info they want as they created the whole concept in the first place. IS as imagined is to function as a violent mercenary force to achieve the pay masters and Langley’s objectives. Namely to balkanize the mid east along sectarian lines for easier handling and greater profitability (IS sells it’s oil at from $25 to $60 a barrel), to defeat the Assad regime which opposes this balkanizatiion and as an ally of Iran; and finally to make the U.S.’s small ally in the region happy with complete dominance over it’s neighbors. IS must learn to respect it’s pay master though and remain within set boundaries or face the pay masters other enforcement means that operates out of the Pentagon….but the pay master is desperately trying to think of a way to use this over stepping of bounds by it’s creation to be put to some good use to strike at the Assad regime which has proven a stubborn wall to topple….perhaps another false flag so that both the creation and Assad are set up for destruction as the Kurds are set for advancement as willing subjects to imperial dictat. Still though, all roads lead to Tehran.

    • woody188

      Sounds like you and I are of like minds when it comes to ISIS/ISIL.

  38. Galaxy 500

    One thing not being talked about is the.radicalization of Turkey and the.corrupt Jew/west hating bastard in charge. Turkey is a NATO member. Turkey is protecting high level HAMAS officials and several in house terrorist organizations. Turkey.says that their Navy.will.protect a terrorist organization’s ship complete.with.terrorist supplies to Gaza. Does anyone believe Israel will.allow a big a$$ shipment of hummanitarian aid in the form of weapons to be.delivered to Gaza?
    My question is what happens when Israel sinks these evil moslem terrorist organization’s ship and the Turkish Naval vessels with it? Is Nato.going.to.war.with.Israel? Or is NATO going.to finally deal with.the terroist state in its midst?

  39. ufo

    NATO Dead, King Dollar Wrecked!

  40. ufo

    Search for: “NATO Dead, King Dollar Wrecked – A Jim Willie Exclusive”

  41. gdw

    Now 11 Jumbo jets missing?

    Hmmmm….. could be a way to fly in nuclear weapons at key locations (a little more devastating than jet fuel?)

    Who needs bombay doors with these guys

    Maybe Obama already gave them remote flying technology so they can save their suicide attacks for other targets?

    There is something insidious and much more dangerous happening that is far worse than merely left, liberal progressivism.

    -The Islamization of American schools, Google it

    -The FBI dropping Islam from it’s list of terrorists while expanding ‘domestic’ definitions. Your probably on the list.

    -NASA tax funded Muslim outreach mandate.

    -US tax dollars rebuilding and renovating mosques AROUND THE WORLD (much of that money has been re-routed back to America? (mosque building in the USA has gone up 70% since Obama took office).

    -Effort to make criticism of Islam illegal in the USA.

    -CIA Director John Brennan alleged to have converted to Islam

    -Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel alleged to have converted to Islam.

    -7 BILLION US tax dollar project to build a NEW power grid for north (Muslim) Africa while the US power grid deteriorates and is vulnerable to EMP attacks.-Funding, equipping and advanced tactical support from USA highest federal agencies for the expansion of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood around the world and soon on our streets here in the USA.

    -Muslim Brotherhood ‘advisers’ in Obama Administration.

    -Release from Gitmo of 5 of the most dangerous Taliban commanders.

    -Defunding US military, defunding veteran benefits, revising military policy to forbid criticism of Islam and make it a crime, increasingly putting out active military under foreign command, decommissioning advanced weapon systems.

    -ISIS flooding across our open borders (think they are empty handed?).

    قهر الطواغيت @Sunna_rev
    #AmessagefromISIStoUS We are in your state We are in your cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere

    6:47 PM – 9 Aug 2014

    …get it yet?

  42. gdw

    ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op — RT Op-Edge – RT.com


    “Very revealing is the fact that almost two weeks after the dramatic fall of Mosul and the ‘capture’ by ISIS forces of the huge weapons and military vehicle resources provided by the US to the Iraqi army. Washington has done virtually nothing but make a few silly speeches about their ‘concern’ …”

    Did Obama purposely leave behind all those attack helicopters, tanks, military equipment and weapons when he pulled our troops out of Iraq?

    Still Report #281 – Is Obama a Sunni?


    Egyptian Magazine: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration

    by John Rossomando • Jan 3, 2013


    “An Egyptian magazine claims that six American Islamist activists who work with the Obama administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy.”

    Obama Releases 5 Of The Most Dangerous Taliban Commanders …


    ‘Vic Eliason Wonders if Chuck Hagel Is a Secret Muslim while Phyllis Schlafly Thinks All Muslims Are Terrorists’

    by Brian Tashman, 2/26/2013

    Apparently, President Obama and John Brennan aren’t the only secret Muslim agents in the administration:


    CIA Director Alleged to have Converted to Islam said idea of Islamic Caliphate ‘Absurd’

    By Ben Barrack on August 18, 2014

    Two years prior to becoming CIA Director, during his tenure as Homeland Security Advisor in 2011, John Brennan stated emphatically that counterterrorism policies would not be based on a “feckless delusion” of an Islamic Caliphate, calling the idea “absurd”. Last year, in the weeks prior to Brennan being sworn in as CIA Director, former FBI […]

    LYONS: The Islamic cloud over Brennan and Hagel

    National security may not be a first priority

    By Adm. James A. Lyons, February 19, 2013

    (Admiral James Aloysius “Ace” Lyons, officer of the U.S. Navy for thirty-six years, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, the largest single military command in the world.)

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/feb/19/the-islamic-cloud-over-brennan-and-hagel/#ixzz3B7UGvyIb

    Obama Asks For $500 Million To Equip Syrian Rebels As The ISIS …

    http://www.zerohedge.com/ news/ 2014-06-26/ obama-asks-500-million-equip-syrian-rebels-isis-juggernaut-iraq-sprea ds

    … but just for the ‘moderate’ ISIS (so called ‘rebels’)

    … get it yet?

    Is Obama Practicing Stealth Jihad with ISIS?

    By Ben Barrack on August 20, 2014

    • Greg Hunter

      You have some broken links here gdw.

      • Galaxy 500

        0bama does have Moslem.Brotherhood people in places…Hillarys main girl, Anthony.Weiners wife is conectex.with Moslem Brotherhood
        But these guys converting to.Islam…hahaha

  43. Bob

    Hey Greg,

    You suggest “too stupid to be stupid.” Did you ever wonder if all this is an intentional ‘take down’ of the United States? I cannot conceive of a more thorough plan to destroy our nation than what the current administration is pursuing. I honestly cannot think of anything he has done as positive for the Republic.

    Some say Obama is simply not up to the job, doesn’t have the experience, etc. Unfortunately, if we remember his campaign promises about fundamentally transforming America, one would have to admit he is enjoying quite a bit of success. The genius of the Progressive strategy of placing a black man in the White House pretty much guarantees he won’t be impeached or tried for treason. That would be ‘racist’. It is difficult to imagine the additional damage he will do in his remaining years in office.

    • HTC

      Yeah Bob, I’d have to agree with ya on that one. I have only watched ONE state of the union address in my 27 years, and it happened to be the one in January of this year. The one thing that stuck out to me was the fact that he labeled 2014, as “The year of change”. And so far I believe he is right and it’s not over yet.

  44. Donna C

    Don’t underestimate a country that lost 25 million citizens to Hitler. Those losses are in their DNA. I am Croatian on my mother’s side. The butchery my grandparents had to grow up amidst was imprinted on me at an early age. We will likely continue to jab a stick in the bear’s face. Russia did not give 25 mil just to be bullied and bloodied today by such a pack of losers. Putin will not be 2014’s gutted Gaddafi, not next year either, or ever. I am not in Russia’s corner, just think we need to stay out of it and quit polishing our star so much. As a people, we could start by heaving our TV. I did when America backed this aberration in the White House the second time, even though he stabbed our families in the back with Obamacare. Do we covet our chains truly? We need to grow up as a people, quit looking for approval, looking for our daddy through a politician.

    Check out You Tube’s “Brest Fortress” (2010), “The Priest” (Russian with subs), “The Flowers of War” (Nanking, Chinese with subs), what you will do to survive and keep your children intact because the alternative is just too unthinkable. My husband was a Viet vet. I am not against war. I am glad he never saw what we freely elected, how we sold ourselves out on the cheap. I work in the medical field as a transcriber for 30 plus years. I have no insurance, have not for most of my adult life. I take care of myself and pay my medical expenses out of pocket, paid my mortgage off on reduced/stagnant wages, no government subsidies for me. If I told you my salary as a transcriber, you’d be speechless. Thirty years and I’ve never been late on a bill. I know this is do-able for those who make double or triple what I do, BUT I feel I live like a pasha compared to my grandparents, blessed beyond their dreams for me.

    My father was a mechanical engineer by trade, a Dem politician after retirement, a friend of Hubert Humphrey. He would tell me in private, ” go to government for nothing.” He despised dependency. Gerald Celente often remarks, “nothing will change until the people change.” He also talks of ” an Age of Elegance” when people get tired of looking like they live under a bridge. Hopefully, the women get tired of looking like female Russian bricklayers in dress and demeanor. During the Great Depression people did not devolve into the degeneracy that exists today. The elites came away from WWII realizing you had to ultimately kill the spirit, the inner goodness to kill off a nation. All I want is a noble statesman/leader in “Our House” before I leave this world, one who will give me nothing and leave me alone. I am not a simpleton, some pols dufus to be led around.

    • Politics

      Bravo Donna C, I’d hate to ever see you get upset!

  45. Mason

    And now for something funny.

    The best information-ENTERTAINMENT I have seen on current events is Rap News (it beats Jon Stewart hands down), brought to you by TheJuiceMedia:

    TheJuiceMedia bring the news while rapping with brilliant sharp lyrics. This is superb entertainment, and you might learn something while being entertained. This is very different from USAWatchdog, because USAWatchdog is much more serious. Like I said Rap News Media is more information-entertainment. You watch USAWatchdog to know what is really going on. You watch Rap News to be entertained. That is the difference. This could have been Greg Hunter if he were able to rap, if he were younger, and if he went into the music industry. Haha, LOL. Just having that mental picture in my head makes me laugh.:-) Rap News brings a new news-show every month or every two months. It only takes somewhere between five or ten minutes to watch.

    They just now released their latest news-show with the title “MSMBS News Headlies: ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine and more… [RAP NEWS 27]”
    MSMBS of course stands for Main Stream Media Bull Shit and is a parody on the name MSNBC.

    If you find this amusing, don’t forget to check out some earlier news-versions. For example, I liked the Rap News edition on “Net Neutrality [RAP NEWS 25]” and I actually learned something from this edition about net neutrality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-xSP_T0VqU

  46. Rich

    Hi Greg,

    I hope it is okay to weigh in here with a concept that is intriguing, to me atleast. It’s a ten part series, but part 9 weighs in on the Ukraine situation. Very interesting concept (s). I hope that the regulars here will take a look, it is a short read. I would love to get input from usawatchdog regulars. In all honesty I have trouble buying into this but it is very compelling. Thanks Greg.


    Then click on: SDR’s and The New Bretton Woods

  47. Jeff

    Greg, thanks for another week of hard work and good info/guests…….. Like many here I’ve read just about everything available in the non MSM sites. Not crazy, just looking for the truth. I especially appreciate reading the comments made here because it seems very few “get it”. I’m not saying we will all agree, but we can still all learn from sharing if finding the truth is our main objective.

  48. HTC

    Greg, I read the book the harbinger. And I just watched the video with cahn about the shemitah… There’s your timing folks. God is sovereign over ALL things and the evidence from this revelation cannot be disputed or discounted. Combine this with the blood moons, next one is September 25th but am unsure whether this one is visible from the states. God’s judgement upon America is coming and it will be final.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would bet that the timing will be on target because the math is sure point that way. Of course we are talking about God (The Father) here and I would not expect anything less than perfection.

    • Mason

      HTC and Greg,
      My 2 cents on this one. Good men can disagree. I have also watched the video about Cahn and the Shemitah. He talks about cycles of 7 years (the shemitah). I am sorry, I believe in cycles but not in the 7-year cycle. I am an agnostic and this video seems way too hyped up for me. I am going with Martin Armstrong on this one. He is the long term cycles-master as far as I am concerned. According to his calculations the 8.6-year cycle is crucial (Pi * 1000 days = 8,6 years), not the 7-year cycle. Just check out his work, which can be seen on: http://armstrongeconomics.com. Look under the headings ‘Blog’ and ‘Writings’. Greg has interviewed Martin Armstrong and has probably researched him, so he probably knows this.

      For people who do not know Martin Armstrong and why he is the cycles-master you can read the article in the New Yorker about him: http://armstrongeconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/the-new-yorker-article.pdf
      A quote from the article: “Here’s the thing that gets me—what makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up,” a former employee of Armstrong’s, who now manages a hedge fund, half-whispered to me over the phone not long ago. “So December ’89 is the high of the Nikkei, which he called. Go back 8.6 years. May 10, 1981.” He ticked off some milestones—Mitterrand, Volcker—and then went back another 8.6, and then another. “There’s a high-to-high-to-high rhythm here.” He said that
      he had counted forward from July 20, 1998, to the next major date: “Febru-
      ary 23, 2007. I thought, This could be important.” February 23, 2007, quietly came and went, and the Armstrong skeptics sneered. But it turned out that that day had seen some of the tightest credit spreads ever (that is, the easiest credit); home prices, meanwhile, had begun a sharp decline. It was the peak of the easy-money bubble—the edge of the precipice, the lip of the recession. That this became clear only in retrospect says as much about the perils of prediction as it does about a propensity to see, as the past recedes, patterns and narratives that flatter our particular angle on the world. Still: “Something turned and you could feel it,” the hedge-fund manager said. “But you couldn’t find much of anything about it in the papers.”

      As far as I am concerned everything can be explained without bringing God into the equation. It is difficult enough as it is. The video does bring up some interesting points though, such as the timing of the coming collapse and the blood moons, but here I again defer to Martin Armstrong. Martin Armstrong’s timing for the Sovereign Debt is 2015.75. With regard to the Blood Moons Martin Armstrong wrote an interesting article called “The Coming Tetrad – the Blood Moons” which can be viewed on: http://armstrongeconomics.com/2014/04/09/the-coming-tetrad-the-blood-moons/
      I hope you find this interesting.

      • Mason

        Cahn is also talking about the fact that the construction of the tallest buildings is linked to the Shemitah. A simpeler and more elegant explanation IMHO is the skyscraper-index.
        The skyscraper index shows a correlation between the construction of the world’s tallest building and the business cycle. The ability of the index to predict economic collapse is surprising. For example, the Panic of 1907 was presaged by the building of the Singer Building (completed in 1908) and the Metropolitan Life Building (completed in 1909). The skyscraper index also accurately predicted the Great Depression with the completion of 40 Wall Tower in 1929, the Chrysler Building in 1930, and the Empire State Building in 1931.

  49. From Australia

    There is NO proof of Russian intervention in the Ukraine conflict, if so then someone please present this evidence when making statements or editorials! All evidence released by the US in regard downing of MH17 has already been proved groundless or fake! Because a Reuters journalist claims Russian troops and tanks have crossed the border into Ukraine, is NOT evidence, and the photos presented have been proved to be fake. Reuters is owned by Rothchilds should tell you something. Yes Putin is giving advice to the rebels, yes ex paratroopers have been volunteering to join the rebels, that is fact, but there is NO solid evidence of Russia invading. If it was, the conflict would have been finished months ago! As it stands, the rebel have finally beaten the Ukraine Military by forming 3 separate mouse traps, encircling approx 7000 Ukraine soldiers! Including hundreds of tanks and other military hardware. Unless Kiev surrenders (they won’t) then Ukraine stands to lose even more ground, and rapidly. That is why a cease fire has at present been agreed. Probably to allow time for NATO military hardware to be delivered. Which in actual fact goes against International Law and the NATO agreement!

    • From Australia

      Thanks Greg for your wonderful editorial and information, the world would be far better informed by your media information than by propaganda spread by Fox News, BBC and the Reuters!

    • Greg Hunter

      From Australia,
      Russia is clearly heavily involved it is negotiating deals and trading prisoners. I laid out my analysis and we will just have to disagree. You are hung up on the wrong story and that at this point the blame game is immaterial. The situation is escalating towards war.

  50. Coalburner9

    Greg; Good way to fire a discussion.
    I agree with about everything 500 has said today. Yes, Al, the building 7 and the thermite question present a few mysteries but if there was some conspiracy help it is not what made those buildings collapse. I am saying, not everything is a conspiracy. Ukraine, I believe is one. The thing about chaos is that once it is set loose a lot of not easy to explain things happen. Example is Katrina. It wasn’t the Hurricane that caused the disaster , it was the failure of a dike, like the Dutch Boy story without the boy. Then such a massive unexpected disaster just overwhelmed the rescue system. It will happen again too. So the FEMA takes a butt chewing and tries to prepare for future disasters, and what happens people want to say they are getting ready to bury us all, right out of the ovens. News flash: they would just build a crematory. As for the administration, I have said before and will again, it is about incompetence, the fourth team bench players with no experience. It is the crew that took the jobs because no one else wanted to sign on to a second term of a failed Presidency. Look at the Bill O’ Reilly laugh about the incompetent State Department crew. Well, it starts with the dumbest man from the US Senate in forty years, John Kerry and goes on, to use: a non sexist term, ” left over dim wits”.
    ISIS, the people creating a strategy for Obama are the retirees paid by FOX News. Remember DOD is now stripped and run by : Guess what, 4th string bench already told to shut up or leave.

  51. Coalburner9

    “One more thing,” I like the Five doing that. In my opinion, it is the Jim Willie report mentioned by someone above that is the scariest thing in the news these days. Willie never puts a time on anything and I lean toward a slow burning slide into Obama’s transformation of the US to a third world poverty country. He has two more years to cement the damage. That is not really a conspiracy, he told us over and over.

  52. bob

    greg, the only thing i can ad to your’e update is that we started this whole thing and the world is watching. as far as i can see is keep your head in the dirt, aka msm, and in the words of somebody else” keep calm and keep on slaving”.
    ferguson was right up the govt’s alley. when a situation comes up, use it to it’s full ability.
    we must keep the heads turned in the wrong direction. you say stupid. no it’s genius. because the country thinks they are getting something when the real problems that lead to ferguson’s problem is diverted and we will not see it and we take eyes off of everything else.

  53. Jerry

    Did you wonder why Ukraine wanted a cease fire? Here’s why. From the guerilla economist private source. (interesting to say the least)

    got this from a reliable source thought you might all find it very interesting in deed. Here is the results of Russia’s covert response to Ukraine.

    Ukrainian forces casualties and losses 2 May – 21 August
    Total: 32.702
    Dead and wounded: 20.274
    Prisoner, deserters and missing: 12.418
    Destroyed or captured materiel:
    I. Aviation
    – 16 Su-25 (one captured 7 July)
    – 7 Su-24
    – 2 MiG-29
    – 1 AN-30
    – 6 drones
    – 2 AN-26
    – 2 IL 76
    I.a Helicopters
    – 20 attack and transport Mi-24, Mi-17 y Mi-8
    II. Ground forces materiel
    Tanks Total: 347 ( 68 captured )
    – 319 T-64 ( 65 captured )
    – 2 T-64 Bulat
    – 7 T-72 ( 3 captured )
    – 19 T-84-U Oplot
    Armored vehicles Total: 602 ( 119 captured )
    – 163 BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicle, tracked ( 69 capturados )
    – 125 BMD IFV Paratroopers, tracked ( 9 captured )
    – 312 BTR Armored Personnel Carrier, wheeled ( 39 captured )
    – 2 BRDM Scout Vehicle, wheeled ( 2 captured )
    Artillery Total: 180 ( 122 captured pieces )
    – 4 SO-203 2S7 “Pion” 203mm
    – 5 SAU 2S3 “Acacia” 152mm (1 captured )
    – 30 SAU 122 2S1 Gvozdika 122mm ( 25 captured )
    – 2 Mortars 2S4 Tyulpan 240mm(2 captured
    – 6 Mortars SAU Nona 120mm (6 captured )
    – 21 Antiaircraft guns ZU 23-2 ( 18 captured )
    – 24 Rocket launcher Grad 122mm ( 24 captured )
    – 11 Rocket launcher Uragan 220mm (4 captured )
    – 45 howitzer D-30 122mm ( 10 captured )
    – 32 mortars82mm ( 32 captured )
    Trucks and cars Total: 153 (124 captured )
    – 5 Hummer
    – Jeep
    – 25-66 GaZ
    – Staff car
    – Mobile crane
    – 1 ZIL 131
    – 2 KrAZ
    – 58 Ural trucks
    – 69 Kamaz trucks
    – 4 UAZ 469
    Last edited 23 Aug 14 at 07:42.

  54. Donna C

    Commander-in-Chief’s battle theme for Ukraine, Syria. Could even replace the “Star Spangled Banner” after 2 more years of riding in the ditch.


    • at large marge

      Donna r u Syriass?

  55. Sambo

    Greg, the sleep is deep with the American public, but you do a tremendous job at helping folks to (wake up) and with such great passion. You are hitting the nail on the head every time again this week. Do not forget what John Burch said after the 2nd world war that America had become an insane asylum and we pick the worst patients to run the show. Forest Gump said Stupid is as stupid does. I would have to say that is a drastic understatement of our present leadership if you can call it that. We still have some of the best people on earth in America and when the right pressure comes, things will change. Thanks for all your hard work and allowing us to comment.


    • Greg Hunter

      “the sleep is deep,” yes very deep but all will wake up and it will be a nightmare for the unprepared.

  56. oneone

    Employment numbers: 200,000 jobs lost in August

    According to BLS.gov full time seasonally adjusted employment grew by 127,000 jobs from 118,489,000 jobs in July to 118,616,000 in August. But 327,000 part time jobs were lost from 28,070,000 in July to 27,743,000 in August. Subtract the lost part time jobs from the full time jobs gained and you get a net loss of 200,000 jobs in August.


    • Greg Hunter

      I think John Williams said the economy would tank and it did. Looks like they won’t be putting all the bad news off until after the election.

  57. Eddie Laidler

    While we wait for the implosion it might be good to get some perspective of the possible class structure we are in so as to get a feel for what might be in store for us.
    I think this is an outstanding article.
    Goverment Slaves
    (Casey Research) Pete Kofod writes: Much attention has been paid to the “disappearing middle class” and the “vanishing American Dream.” While the observations are largely accurate, they are also misleading. The traditional three-tier model of the upper, middle and lower class broadly categorizes people according to income and net worth.

    One significant problem with this model is that membership in any particular class is very much in the eye of the beholder. One man’s “scraping by” is another man’s “opulent living.” This subjective and arbitrary grouping and boundary assessment inevitably gives rise to the simmering class warfare that is starting to rear its ugly head in many Western countries. Such categorization is therefore meaningless at best, if not outright deceptive as it conflates a variety of economic actors.

    The chief fallacy of this model rests in the fact that it focuses on how much those actors are compensated, as opposed to how and why they are compensated. A far better perspective is perhaps gained using two classes, the Political Class and the Economic Class, with a third class emerging.

    Continue reading at : http://govtslaves.info/middle-class-disappears-rise-praetorian-class/#disqus_thread

    The Middle Class Disappears, Rise of the Praetorian Class – See more at:

  58. Diane Ryan

    Listen to ourselves. Russia, NATO, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, EU, France, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Mexico and yes, Israel. Foreign entanglements and perpetual wars. We have been sucked into a game that we shouldn’t even be playing. We talk about waging war against sovereign nations as casually as sports zombies banter about ‘their Fantasy Team’ beating opponents.

    We now totally ignore arguably the greatest speech ever given on US soil: “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible…. It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” — George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796

  59. Jeff

    No turning back now. In case you had any question our leaders are idiots……. [ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-07/europe-goes-all-will-sanction-rosneft-gazprom-neft-and-transneft ]

    • Greg Hunter

      Depression and frostbite are guaranteed in the EU! Thank you for posting this.

  60. Luis

    Greg you said, ‘this is too stupid to be stupid’. I love it! Exactly! As a side note, this is why I don’t listen to Gerald Celente anymore. I’m tired of him railing on the supposed stupidity of the powers that be. As you know, these guys aren’t stupid. They know exactly what they are doing.

    God bless you Greg for your news service, and for your patience while dealing with those who are ‘wise in their own eyes’. I’ve been visiting your website for quite a while, but have never commented before.

    Btw, I agree with Karen Hudes… ‘all roads lead to Rome’.

    • Greg Hunter

      That saying originated from my friend Jim Sinclair, and it is a very good one.

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