Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.6.13

Syria War Vote, G20 Meeting, Dumping the Dollar and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

All eyes are on Syria and the threat of a U.S. strike.  It is apparent the overwhelming majority of Americans are against going to war in Syria.  A special Senate committee voted 10 to 7 for military action.  They are calling for the strike to “change momentum on the battlefield.”   Reports coming from legislators are extremely negative.  Democrat Mark Pocan of Wisconsin is a no in the House.  He says calls to his office are 15 to one against.  It’s the same for Democratic Senator from California Diane Feinstein.  She says calls to her office about bombing Syria are “overwhelmingly negative.”  They may squeak something through the Senate, but the House is going to vote this down.  The Republicans are going to get the help of nearly 50 Democrats; so, this is not partisan.  Even so, the White House is saying the President might go ahead with action anyway.  That will be a huge mistake!!!  This could start World War III, and don’t think members of Congress don’t know this.   

The pushback from the rest of the world is also negative.  We do not have many, if any, allies that will actually help the U.S. bomb Syria.  When it comes to the issue of the al-Qaeda backed rebels, the warmongers are trying to downplay al-Qaeda’s involvement.  I have been telling you about the al-Qaeda connection for more than a year.  Even so, Secretary of State Kerry says the terror connection is less than 25% of the rebel forces.  Leader of Russia Vladimir Putin said of Kerry, “. . . he is lying, and he knows that he is lying.  This is sad.”  To top it off, the New York Times is reporting on executions at the hands of the al-Qaeda backed rebels.  It comes complete with gruesome video.  These are the people they want to put in power in Syria.  American credibility is circling the drain.  

This does not just affect our military but our currency.  Did you notice the 10-year Treasury this week–it hit 3%.  That means mortgage rates are also rising.  Is the rest of the world dumping our bonds?  I think so.  Isn’t the Fed soaking up $85 billion a month, and rates are still going up?   

Meanwhile, the G-20 is meeting in Russia.  What you are not hearing is what they are talking about.  Many nations want to stop using the dollar in global trade, and it is already happening in many places around the globe.  At the G-20, they are in the process of doing just that.  If the dollar is abandoned, it could spell big inflationary trouble here at home.  Remember, with all this talk about another war in Syria, the U.S. still has many enormous budget issues.  There is $17 trillion and growing in our deficit, and the debt ceiling is approaching.  If we don’t do something on both fronts, the government could be shut down, and it is possible we could default on our debt.  At the very least, American credibility is taking a very big hit.  

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up

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  1. Kiran

    Greg….YOU ROCK !!!

    There are very few ppl I regularly follow from here in India.

    To name some of them…Jim Sinclair,Eric King, Gerald Celente, Greg Mannarino & Ofcourese you.

    For me you guys are real Super Heroes.

    The only common comment I have for all you Super Heroes is – No doubt the job you have taken up is a herculean & mammoth one to wake up the sleeping & ignorant public, who will according to me sleep through & wake up only to realize that they are Cyprused !!!


    • Greg

      Thank you Kiran. You Rock too!!

  2. bob

    i’ve heard so many stories about why we are going after syria. i don’t know what to think. i heard on the way home from work last night, joel skousen (worldaffairsbrief.com) on coast to coast am that the us needs to rid assad to basically go after iran. www3 is another few years off. i think he would be an interesting interview for you. jim willie has a different view from the last interview that i heard on labor day. dr. paul craig roberts has even a different view. but the bottom line is it all points to the petro dollar.
    lets not forget the saudis, from my readings they tried to persuade putin to turn on syria. the saudis are claiming that they will pay our expenses for bombing syria. petro dollar and saudi oil.
    the interest rates, well, the americans are the the lobster in the pot. the water is great at first, then it gets a little warmer, that helps the joints. then it is too late. in the last few seconds, it’s what the hell happened? the msm said everything was fine. the people in this country better take note if the gov’t goes ahead with attacking syria. we have spoken, we are the people and we don’t want this war. maybe it’s time to show the world that we are sick of our government too.
    can’t wait to here you and jim willie on monday!

  3. Fraser

    Thanks Greg… Good and informative wrap – except that America is not “being isolated” but is merely being asked (nicely at first) to stop interferring and manipulating EVERYTHING. Because (despite what the NSA and Pentagon believe) there are some things which are simply not its business! Nor is America ever going to “become a third world country”, unless (of course) it keeps electing the same bunch of morons that seem determined to take it there. Finally, as I’ve said 10 times before… to make friends and move forwards, America needs to change its business model – because (quite obviously) the current business model is not working.

  4. Allen Ols


    You must listen to interview of ann barnhardt on victory report w/elijah johnson/ u too mohamad pls and get back to me

    We have our hand on the heartbeat@uaswd


    • george

      With all due respect to you, I have read many of your posts and you make valid points, have you been to Ann’s site? She is loony tunes. While Greg loves to bring different view points and lets the discussions among us play out, in addition to his news analysis, I think it would damage his brand.
      And by the by, I loved her site for a short period and I believe that occasional she is right, mostly dealing with the manipulation and corruption of the CME and other exchanges [MF Global, etc]; however, some of her recent rants and positions lead me to believe that she is mentally unstable. Just my opinion and worth every cent that I charge for it. Visit her sit and see for yourself.

    • Mike R

      Your suggestion about Ms. Barnhardt. I’ve listened to several of her interviews over time, and was reading her blog for a brief while. Her story and her plight do seem to attract an interesting following. Her rather strong Catholic beliefs notwithstanding, and her extreme moral backbone, personally it appears to me we are witnessing someone ‘go off the deep end’ in near real time. It saddens me to see what is happening in the world, but even moreso when you witness someone like her resort to living ‘down by the river in a van’ as her life’s calling.

      Attempting to bring about change by attacking the so called ‘criminals’ (read: rich elite or PTB as they are referred) is really not the answer or a logical approach.

      Logic dictates that you don’t fight the system or currency or country that brought you your current lot in life, but rather adapt and move onward and upward as the situation dictates. Nobody guarantees you one thing in life, just as nobody guarantees the so called characters being labeled for making decisions that are perceived to be wrong for all of our livelihood’s and well being.

      It seems we are all attempting to somehow “prepare” for some uncertain, but horrible eventuality. There are “preppers” and there are now disciples of GOTS (get out of the system), and if you follow Ann, you might as well commit hari kari, because she will convince you in no uncertain terms, there is no hope for any of us.

      As an EagleScout myself (1976), I do know a thing or two about preparing for everything, including emergencies. In fact, I earned what used to be an incredibly challenging merit badge, called Emergency Preparedness.

      What I have learned since that time, is that simply put, you cannot prepare for every single emergency that could occur in your lifetime.

      So being both a mechanical engineer (problem solving, use of logic), and a career sales and business development professional (i.e. commission based), I’ve learned to spend more of my time on the EXPECTED, and far less time on the unexpected or uncertain, and statistically less likely to occur scenarios.

      Follow me here, because there is a ton of logic in doing this, and spending less time on worrying about my money in a bank, whether to be in gold or silver, or how many months of food I should stock up on.

      Most importantly, I sleep very well at night, as opposed to someone like Ann, who cannot possibly sleep very much at all. And people who don’t sleep well, or 8 to 9 hours, lose a lot of sense of reality and logic.

      The reason I focus on the EXPECTED, as in I EXPECT to fully have to pay for 3 kid’s colleges, is because that is the here and now, and the statistics will bear me out that when my kids are now at the age of 16,13,and 11, paying for college is nearly imminent.

      At best, someone like an Ann, is a morbid entertainment distraction, and at worst, she is someone who would convince a priest to give up celebacy, if it meant she could prove a point to a 100 viewers. She’s that persuasive. It doesn’t however mean she is right. Same goes for Gerald Celente, and many other people who Greg has on his Watchdog channel.

      Personally, I have no idea what any of these people do in their private lives, and don’t care to know either. using logic though, tells me many have gone off the deep end, and have lost all sense of perspective. Greg is potentially providing a provactive and POTENTIALLY useful service (perhaps) if any of the rather serious and dramatic events actually occurs that are presented by his guests. Using statistics and logic, the odds are truly very low that any of those events happen they way they are forecast, because TRULY, no one has a crystal ball, and I mean NO ONE. Tomorrow, literally, the planet could be struck by a life as we know it ending meteor. All that work you put into ‘prepping’ would largely be for naught, as you’d be dead, as would the vast majority of civilization. If you are alive, then you adapt. You cannot prepare for it though.

      Therefore, I suggest, not to have Ann on here, and even perhaps have guests who are living in the real world, and talking about what they are doing now in their lives, that may or MAY NOT include ‘prepping’ or GOTS. Neither of those last two things should be a primary focus. Its simply not logical. This is coming from an EagleScout, a degreed mechanical engineer,a successful sales person who has had annual paychecks above $500,000, and also below $100,000 over 27 years, has a real family in a real neighborhood, and largely is viewed by business colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors as ‘Joe average’ citizen who can be relied upon for just about anything, while also knowing how and when to have fun. (which is more frequent than you think.)
      I’m open minded enough to at least visit websites like this, or attend Jim Sinclair’s GOTS meetings live in person. But I can assure you, that in no way shape or form, am I going off the deep end, worrying about Syria, the US dollar collapsing, a currency crisis, Obama declaring martial law, or Putin launching nukes at the North American continent or otherwise. Why ? Because I have zero control over those events, and quite simply, there is just no logical way to prepare for such. Bug out bags vehicles, a second remote living place, moving to another country, are simply not solutions to anything.Holding gold or silver is not a solution, just as having cash in the bank guarantees you nothing.

      So rather than having someone hysterical like an Ann, give her warped views on the pending ‘end of life as we know it’, perhaps there is room for guests that broaden ones perspective and TEACH you something that is valuable for the EXPECTED that you encounter each and every day. and no, I’m not talking about reality TV.

      Again, why talk about a possible “hyperinflation” scenario, when its not here, and even if it were here, why speculate what could be done about it ? Its just not a logical expectation, and you have no crystal ball or experience suggesting that it will, other than listening to some crack pots who think they are “experts” and pretend to have a crystal ball.

      • Allen Ols


        We disagree.

        Mike I only briefed your reply, to lenthy,

        Al ols

      • Jacques

        That’s a very interesting point of view. Let me worry myself at making money and don’t fight against the powers that be, Don’t stop what they’re doing even if they are going to destroy the world with nuclear bomb. Going to small countries and destroying their lively hood, their infrastructure, their families, killing their wives and children for the fun of it. So long as I’m making my half a million I’m happy and I have a lot of fun.
        Some of us don’t like what we see the gov’t do in our name and are outraged and want the word to get out to stop it. Though when the word gets out and they stop that false flag it looks like the people were wrong all along. How much better would our lives would of been if we had gotten the word out about what was about to happen on 9/11, and they would of stood down and not done it. See how much more money you would of been able to make then. Or are you one of those who profits on the demise of others.
        Wake up and do something about what you see, and don’t wait for a nuclear bomb to blow in North Carolina! By then it will be tooooooo late.

      • george

        Real inflation is about 11% according to John Williams. While not hyper inflation yet, it is some of highest we’ve had

      • marty s

        Mike R.

        You present some valid points, however, you’re missing the point. I too was an Eagle Scout same era. I sincerely commend you on your succesful business career. Likewise ,I could also severly condone you for supporting a military industrial complex through the organization known as the I.R.S. ( One of Ann’s views perhaps?) It’s a known fact that the US Government (whoever they are,,,) has killed and maimed 10,000’s upon 10,000’s of innoncent women and children. All this so that you (all tax payers) can fill up the tank of your Navigator and still have change from a hundred. I remember 29¢ gallon gas. $2.00 = 1/2 tank. Sorry for the side track. Your tax dollars have literally been spent killing innoncents, all in the name of “Democracy” or “Freedom” etc. Now how do you feel?

        You stated, “Because I have zero control over those events, and quite simply, there is just no logical way to prepare for such. Bug out bags vehicles, a second remote living place, moving to another country, are simply not solutions to anything.Holding gold or silver is not a solution, just as having cash in the bank guarantees you nothing. ” How wrong you are. The Eagle Scout that I am, prepares for everything. Specially the things I have no control over. The majority of my “Prepping” is, Gardening, planting fruit trees, grapes, (Pinot noir clone 115) blueberries, rasberries, greenhouse (soon) aquaponics (3rd year and learning),,, I see absolutely nothing wrong with prepping.

        Canned goods. With canned good lasting many months, what’s in the world is wrong with stock piling 3 months worth? You expect the price of canned goods to fall? Heck, my lighlty used underwear retained more value than the dollar.

        Greg is doing a great job and lines up worthy and credible guests. If he decides to have Ann on his show maybe he should ask you to challenge Ann’s views. (I too think she is a little bit overboard, but that’s probably what it takes to wake the sheeple up) I emailed Ann via Youtube but have yet to hear from her and at this point don’t expect to, as she probably doesn’t get good 4G coverage “Down by the River”

        • Allen Ols

          I had 2 EAGLES

          July 18 I lost my 23 yr old to his 4th seisure but still have my 29 yr old eagle.

          We had 7 boys 1 daughter.

          When my now 19 yr old was 15 he had a seisure riding home on bike no helmut, brain injury, 6 mo. In vanderbuilt kids unit, 6 wks in stalworth rehab, 8 mo. Bill wilkinson rehab.

          My 23 yr old was my prepping buddie, best friend, we built our in woods country home,

          I know where u are at, we too are 10 yrs into prepping.



    • Mohammad


      Ann was right when she said the mechanism of the market is broke with MF global fiasco, it set a precedent that changed markets for good. Am not sure if she closed her firm out of sincerity since that was not at the top of her game rather it was when she was going down with her clients getting 40 cents on the dollar but i will take her word for what its worth on that, on that note i would like to pass an advice to all the readers who have stocks in the market:
      PLEASE GET YOUR SHARES IN A DIRECT REGISTRATION WITH A PAPER CERTIFICATE OF THOSE SHARES to remove them from the street name to your name, at least you will have some kind of protection.

      The second part where she blames Obama for piling the debt, her explanation is wrong.
      She forget her classes in Algebra 2 in high school and that is “EXPONENTIAL CURVES”.
      when you add small percentage annually lets say 1%, you accumulate a little by little every year over LONG period of time until you reach the point of no return which is called the “HOCKEY STICK”, then you pile up tremendous amount in very short period of time that grows exponentially in a frightening way.
      The huge debt we have now was DESTINED to be from the moment the federal reserve bank was created.
      Allow me to explain and sorry for the long post:
      since the federal reserve was established the Treasury department has to borrow the dollar so they issue the debt and federal reserve lend them 1 dollar ….. but it wants it back with interest so lets consider for sake of argument the interest is a cent on the dollar, HOW THE TREASURY WILL BE ABLE TO PAY THAT CENT BACK? they have to borrow the cent to pay it (with another interest on the cent) …..right? so you will pile the interest each time you issue a dollar….hence the exponential curve that started at the moment of establishing the federal reserve hockey sticked a while back and now you are seeing the explosive part of the curve that Obama is blamed for, am not saying the government is a nice body but it is not the fault of Obama alone rather it is MATH, ALGEBRA 2, and if any president to be blamed it is Wilson and the congress who voted it aye on that Christmas eve .

      As far as what she said towards the end of the interview about the Muslims….what can i say?
      My name is Mohammad and am a doctor and i save lives, every morning before i go to work i ask guidance from god to teach me and not make me a cause for any mistakes that can harm my patients and to lead me to the correct diagnosis and treatment, my patients trust me on their lives and their kids and i pray to god to make me up to that trust.

  5. Derrick Michael Reid

    The Syrian War, Nuts v Nuts, War Hysteria, Thermal Nuclear Warfare, WWIII assertions, In Opposition.
    Punitive Strike, Missile Standoff Spanking, Defense of Humanity, In Support.

    Both are totally nuts. Solution: Senate Trial, Assassination Resolution, Covert Hit Squad. Simple, limited, cost effective, just, zero collateral damage, ends rebellion, and its The American Way, so, hang em high.

    • george

      Great Idea…maybe Russia or China will help us out the same way {note to NSA, Secret Service, FBI, etc…this is called sarcasm.}
      Mr Reid, have you ever heard the old saying, ” Better the devil you know?” Who and/or what would take Assad’s place? Why would Obama and McCain want to put Al Qaida in his place?
      What would give us the right to assassinate Assad when there is really no proof that he used Sarin gas. It is widely reported that Assad had the rebels on the run.
      I also disagree with the notation that we have to respond and insert ourselves into a civil war “in the defense of Humanity.” We have no real national interest there (make Obama look like less of a weasel is not important to the nation) and we should stay out.
      We should have supported Mubarak in Egypt as he had his foot on the neck of the Moslem. We decided to we should “Free” the Egyptians from him and we said that the Moslem Brother would never take over just like McCain is saying now that the Syrians would NEVER allow Al Qaida to take over Syria. Bull shite. Al Qaida may take control without the permission of the Syrian people just like Obama may attack Syria without the permission of the American people.
      The truth of the matter is that Obama wrote a check with his mouth that his a$$ couldn’t cash and now his minions are pushing for the people of America to back another misguide foreign policy of a community organizer with no real world job experience.
      I can see how Obama was elected the first time but I can get the math to work out the second time. The only conclusion that I can surmise is that America is now the land of the low information voter which rely on social media and celebrities to decide on a candidate to support. May God save us from the tyranny of the low intelligence, low information voters.

    • george

      On second thought, suppose the Russians, Iranian and Chinese decide that our attack on Syria is illegal and decide to “Defend Humanity” against an illegal attack on a sovereign nation. I heard McCain discount the Russian military but if you think about it a few cheap torpedoes and cruise missiles could destroy tens of billions of U$D of equipment and the lives of thousands of American, all to make Obama seem more manly and less a screw up.
      Killing people to make a point about a “red line in the sand” that Obama proclaimed and just this week proposed that it was not “HIS” line but the worlds. Only a narcissistic megalomaniac could say something like that at a press conference with a straight face. Scary scenario…he believes it.

  6. Jerry

    Greg from all outside points of view, it would appear that we are in the classical ” checkmate scenario “. If we don’t bomb Syria at the request of the house of Saud, they will dump our bonds and back away from using petrol to back the dollar. If we do bomb Syria China (who has already cut a deal with Russia) will use this as an opportunity to dump our bonds and push for a new world currency which would spell doom for the dollar.
    I on the other hand believe that all of this is just one big diversion away from the real truth, which is that America has already been sold down the river by the globalist that control our government. They are simply trying to bide their time and figure out who gets what piece, when? Do you remember this statement Greg?


    What does more flexibility mean? Since when are we flexible with Communist? In my mind a backdoor deal with the Soviets has already been cut, and America was used as a bargaining chip not only with the Russians, but with the Chinese as well. After all they hold our debt and a large amount of the worlds Gold. I will agree that the Syria story is interesting Greg, but lets not forget that the clock is ticking on our debt bubble. Like my mom used to say, “its hell if you do, and hell if you don’t”. God bless Greg. And thanks.

    • Greg

      Yes sir, just bad choices. The worst is bombing Syria.

  7. Mohammad

    Your weekly wrap up is spot on Greg, and Isolation was visible in the footage of the world leaders leaving to the dinner after their meeting.

    The shocking absence of Obama where he emerged lonely at the end and the BS spin CNN put on it when they said he was meeting with another leader that did not show up with him is to say the least. Another shocking footage of Cameron with Holland at the very rear of the pack during that walk tells volumes about an isolation of the west and not only US.

    There is an important analysis from Stratfor about what to come, the link to it:


    If i may have few quotes from that paper:

    “Iran cannot rule out the possibility that even limited U.S. action will weaken the regime. Nor can it conclude that Washington does not intend to conduct a more extensive, less symbolic air campaign against al Assad. But it can, however, prepare for either outcome. Strategists in Tehran know that the Americans have air superiority, but they know Iran has the advantage on the ground in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.”

    Another quote:

    “A lot can go wrong when plans are executed, especially when the situation is as fluid as it is in Syria. For Iran, this fluidity offers some risks, but it also offers some opportunities. The commonly held belief that a post-al Assad Syria invariably would be bad for Iran is not a guarantee.”

    So in essence Iran can exploit any US intervention to its advantage, what the article is not talking about though is the Israeli’s move that can tip all the balances and force the west to go for an all out war with the East over SYRIA, IRAN.

    Lets keep in mind that Israel has built a strong relations with Azerbaijan and that is in the northern part of Iran, they even have arm deals with them including air bases that US did not like to the degree they leaked those news out. The link:


    [quote] “Israel’s military may have negotiated access to strategically placed air bases in Azerbaijan that could be used in an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, US officials have said. ” [/quote]

    Also the rebels in Syria have been attacking radar bases where now most of the southern part of Syria is blind to the skies, a perfect set up if Israelis want their jets to fly over to Iran.

    Jim Willie said in his last report clearly that he thinks US will not strike Syria, please stress him on that point, I really wish to hear his take on that possibility, and whether Obama’s plan is to shoot the strike down in the congress.

  8. Shadow of Doubt

    Hi Greg,
    Brilliant as always! All I have to say is, Putin only said what most Americans have known for years. Our political class is weak, unprincipled, and unquestionably dishonest. The fact they wish to project strength and veracity at home and abroad won’t be accomplished with a future war or their feeble media posturing.

  9. Brian

    I think as the reality of our situation becomes more and more prominent so to will the intensity of everyone’s reaction to it increase. Our only hope is that enough people become motivated enough to do something real in the way of lawfully and formally identifying and prudently and swiftly punishing the criminal behavior now running rampant in the halls of power in this society. Anything less will result in total chaos and long lasting poverty.

    Your careful and measured work here on this site does so much in getting people to at least step up to the plate and acknowledge what is truly going on here, and that’s all anyone can really do at this point.

  10. art barnes

    Greg, I’m glad you noted the 10 year rate inching up this week. CNBC noted it and yawned. Its a big, big, big & bigger deal. As you also noted its a indication of the dumping of the dollar; people, make no mistake of it. Astutely you mentioned the rise all the while the FED is buying the monthly billions of treasuries. If this trend continues you can bet the FED is not sleeping well at night and may even be hitting the bottle during the morning cause a few people “in the know” understand what a bail from the dollar as reserve currency, etc., would mean. All of that said, Syria and next Iran may be used to “wag the dog” and stop the slide and give other countries like China & Russia more to do than sit around and undermine the dollar; this upcoming war may well be planned and deemed necessary by the powers in charge.

    • Greg

      I know, this is big!! Look out below in the markets if this trend continues.

  11. Joanna

    I completely agree that you have some real smart cookies commenting on your site. I actually look forward to these comments and read all of them and your responses to them!
    Thank “YOU” for creating the platform for the intellectuals to have debate and discussion on the “real” news. I learn so much from the people you have on and the people that comment! Before you, I hadn’t even heard of some of your guest. Honestly, I don’t think we could thank you enough for walking away from the MSM and venturing off on your own (taking a huge risk, I’m sure) in order to expose the truth! You are a true patriot Greg! You’re the Paul Revere of the 21st century. Thank god for advanced technology because this is certainly a lot faster then riding a horse! 🙂

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment and for supporting the site with them!!

  12. Frank B

    Hey Greg, Love your show Sir, got a quick question, is it true that the Federal Reserve Charter is over in October? Is congress responsible for reestablishing their charter?

    Thanks, Frank B

    • Greg

      I think it is December of this year but it is over this year.

    • Troy

      Is the Federal Reserve Act going to expire?

      No. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913–which established the Federal Reserve as the central bank of the United States–has been amended or altered by the Congress numerous times over the years, but the act has never included an “expiration date” or repeal date. As stated in the law itself, the Federal Reserve Act can only be repealed, amended, or altered by the Congress.


      The original Federal Reserve Act of 1913 did indeed provide for expiration of the corporate “power” of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks to exist in 20 years from the banks’ organization (not the adoption of the Act).

      Sec. 4 … the said Federal reserve bank shall become a body corporate and as such … shall have power: … Second. To have succession for a period of twenty years from its organization unless it is sooner dissolved by an Act of Congress, or unless its franchise becomes forfeited by some violation of law. Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (P.L. 63-43, 38 STAT. 251, 12 USC 221).

      However, this 20-year corporate life was changed to perpetual in 1927 by Act of Feb. 25, 1927 (44 Stat. 1234) as follows:

      Second. To have succession after February 25, 1927, until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.

      This is codified in the United States Code, 12 U.S.C. § 341. See http://www.law.cornell.edu...

      Only an act of Congress can end the FED.

  13. victor


    Thanks for all the effort, sent a note off to Mr. Sinclair this morning (attached) and would appreciate you asking Mr. Willie about existing food inflation in the US. At times I feel I’m in the minority seeing this. People have to be suffering and the worst is yet to come….what does it take to wake up the masses?? All the best, Vic

    Just a life’s observation. Spending time in the grocery store drives me mad. I often ask myself if other people see these things. A store baked chicken has remained the
    same price, $7.99 for some time, same size container, my wife purchased one last evening, the chicken was literally 1/3 the size of past days, it was more like a pigeon.

    Bread….the better so called organic stuff….the price has been reduced, caught my eye only $2.99 But its a “mini” loaf 1/3 the size of the original.

    We have all witnessed first hand what happened in Egypt when families couldn’t afford to eat, we as a people are too preocuppied with the next NFL season
    and latest iPhone.

  14. Oracle 911

    This Monday?

  15. AndyB

    Representative democracy began to decline, for all practical purpose, with the JFK assassination. Then it was J. Edgar with his secret files. Now it is the NSA that can blackmail any elected (or appointed) official or politician to service the puppet masters behind the curtain. The money that flows both overtly and covertly to these corrupted is amazing. Ever wonder how a Congressman/woman can have a net worth statement of less than $1 million upon entering office, and then have it miraculously rise to the mid 7 figures after 10 years of service? Or how the IRS targets Swiss banks on the tax evasion issue, but not those in the Caymans, Panama,etc. where it has been long alleged are the depositories for ill-gotten Congressional monies? The red/blue paradigm has been long exposed as an artifice for the purposely dumbed down populace. I imagine that this Syria thingey will begin to expose, to even the most brain dead, those that are the true traitors to this country. Certainly all those who vote yes will have a target on their backs.

  16. Doug McDowell

    Hi Greg, Love your site. You should read the attached link.Russia has suplied Syria with their best missle systems.
    Thanks- Doug


    • Greg

      This strike (WAR) is going to be a disaster!! Thank you for the info.

  17. Sylvia Sterling

    Your weekly news wrap up this week is the best. I will pass along to friends.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the viral promotion!

  18. Orlando

    It’s very scary Greg, all of us are pulling out our hair out trying to keep ourselves sane yet prepared. How much cash should we keep on hand (out of the banks)? How much should we allocate to gold & silver? How much for food & household supplies? And numerous people are beginning to realize that something is wrong, yet can’t put their finger on it. Have you also noticed how the main-stream propagandists (media) are beginning to sell the story of “cyber attacks” by the Syrian Electronic Army and others against banks, NASDAQ and the power grid (especially in the NE USA)? It seems to me that they’re planting the seeds in order to provide a cover story for CIA or Obama Cyber Warrior initiated attacks. It’s true that the easiest way to disrupt our lives (and cause mass riots) is to disrupt our means to our financial assets (currency) for every day items. A prepared person should carry/hide some cash now. It wouldn’t surprise me if Congress votes “no” on Syrian intervention for Obama to initiate a false flag event here in the USA before November. Keep up the good work Greg.

  19. PeterB

    I’ve heard that the Saudi’s are backing the Syrian govt opposition because the Saudi’s want to put a gas pipeline to Europe and Syria won’t allow it. Hence the Russian backing of Syria, since the Russians have a monopoly on gas sales in Europe.
    This sounds like the most plausible reason for all the incredible nonsense that’s now happening.

    • JimBob

      The gas pipeline theory does not make sense from an economic standpoint. I work in the industry; spent six years in KSA. KSA domestic demand for natural gas, which is necessary for their enormous petrochemical industry as well as electricity generation, exceeds domestic supply. Qatar does have a superabundance of natural gas, but is developing an enormous petrochemical industry as well as deepwater export capacity for natural gas.

      One should never forget that Saudi Arabia has three branches of government like the US except their three branches are: 1) the King and his extended family; 2) the Saudi military; and 3) the religious authorities, which are Wahhabi Sunni Muslims. Shi’ites generally and Alawites in particular are anathema to Wahhabis. (Well, Sufis are as bad as Alawites to the Wahhabis.)

      Two-thirds of Syria’s population is Sunni. The Assad family is Alawite, and has aligned itself with Iran, which is Shi’ite. That explains why KSA would like to see the Syrian regime toppled and replaced with a fundamentalist Sunni regime (aka Wahhabi). If a Wahhabi regime supplants Assad it will be the end of religious toleration in Syria. Christians, Shi’ites and Sufis will face extreme persecution, and there will likely be an Alawite genocide.

  20. KEN

    A COMPLIMENT: Yours is the first site I jump to upon opening my browser…You always demonstrate “CLASS-iness”. As a member of your audience I appreciate that greatly. Examples of “classiness”: quality of information, guests and especially NOT stepping on and interrupting your guests when they are speaking. POINT OF ARGUMENT: I just want to say that USA is DEFINITELY going to war on Syria…the bankers and big companies financed the campaigns for the politicians. Just like the old movie, “The Godfather”, it is time to call in their favours or else…now, voters no longer matter. This war will some companies and banks very rich…And if the upcoming vote is “No”, the, as one of your site visitors stated,[something to the effect], the next false flag will make all others pale by comparison. Thanks for the great work.

    • Greg

      Thank you for supporting the site!!

  21. george

    I can not figure out what McCain and Graham get out of attacking Syria. McCain went to Syria and met with Al Qaida; he even did a photo op with a major Al Qaida figure! Why is that not out in the MSM? We have nothing to gain by attacking Syria and everything to lose. There is not national security issue there. I hear McCain and others say that America’s standing and prestige will be diminished if we do not attack. That is utter Bull Shite! We, the American people and nation, have been diminished due to Obama’s apology tour and anti-American rhetoric and his anti-American actions.
    When I hear that Dems are supporting an attack, not because they see it is necessary but because they support Obama, it makes me sick.
    McCain and Graham need to be sent packing. They voted to allow the government to detain anyone it chooses to in violation of the US Constitution. They back attacking another nation with make believe proof of wrong doing and they even back up the liars and lie themselves. McCain was a hero and a good man once and I thank him for his service; however, he has since sold out the American people for thirty pieces of silver. Graham was never a hero but he sounded like he was a patriot four or five years ago but now he is corrupt also. My parents and siblings live in SC and they will not vote for him again and they are rabid Republicans. Please note that even rabid Republicans wont vote for a corrupt Republican.
    And no I am not a Dem, I was a Rep until 2008 when they put McCain as their presidential nominee. I am a registered Independent.
    Thanks Greg for keeping it real

  22. Steve

    Greg, from one person of faith, to another, here is an article I hope you read: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jim-wallis/respond-but-how-what-were_b_3880039.html

    The writer said this that stood out for me:

    “The jump we often make from just causes and moral cases to military actions reveals our dependence on old habits of war as our only response to conflict and injustice. It also reveals our lack of imagination for finding better responses.”

    I hope, like many on the site, the US does not bomb Syria.I hope the International community will find a “better response”. No one really knows what Syria’s response will be if bombed and if the IC will at all and the US will be able to contain it.

    One example from the article states: “Assad himself could respond with even more brutality, which would require another U.S. response that deepens the conflict and creates a familiar cycle of violence.”

    I pray that is not want the world wants!

    • Greg

      Anyone who thinks a strike in Syria isn’t going to touch of a global calamity is delusional. I pray everyday we all make it through what is coming. Thank you for your comment and link!

  23. frosty


    Speaking in generalities, since I can’t comprehend or make any rational sense of the specific issues we are confronted with, I offer the following thoughts:

    As our living body begins to die, it becomes increasingly unable to naturally resist biological factors which cause it harm and we naturally begin to seek out medical treatments and procedures in search of relief.

    Similarly, as our spiritual body begins to die and we become increasingly unable to differentiate truth from lie, good from evil or right from wrong and we often begin to seek relief our spiritual anguish by appealing to those who exhibit certain personality traits that inspire confidence in us. Among those most promoted by the MSM propaganda machine, with a fanfare and glorification that would put the Ringling brothers circus to shame, are:

    An authoritarian, confident nature.
    A glibness with superficial charm.
    Extreme narcissism and grandiose behavior.

    Eventually, other traits begin to manifest and these, which would be recognized as sociopathic or psychopatic behavior by the healthy soul, are still tolerated by the demoralized ones. Among these, ignored or hidden under wraps by the MSM are:

    A manipulative, secretive, paranoid nature
    Fanaticism and pathological lying
    Lack of empathy; unable to feel remorse or guilt

    That such people now hold power in many of the governments in this world shows the extent of spiritual decay that humanity has recently experienced; practically in one generation. The good news is that our Creator, though He works ways mysterious to us, is never idle.

    A generation ago, the 60’s was a time of revolution driven and guided primarily by propaganda delivered by MSM prestitutes. Women burned their bras, entered the work force and added another population of tax payers to the list while leaving the children to be raised in state institutions. This was about the extent of changes brought about by that revolution.

    Yet, senseless wars have continued unabated, or abated only temporarily, while a welfare state state has evolved and our debt continued to grow exponentially. In the 60’s, good people protested passionately and activists articulated revelations then that are still being echoed today. Hear them…

    .“There comes a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart that you can’t take part, you can’t even passively take part…” – Mario Savio

    “When the power of Love will overcome the love of Power, the world will know Peace” – Jimi Hendrix, spoken during a moment of spiritual clarity.

    Today, because the spirit of freedom can only be suppressed but never dies, revolution is in the air once again. This time however, the MSM’s ability to control access to information, suppress thought and bend behavior of populations according to the will of their masters has been drastically diluted. Now, we have access to a vast amounts of information that, if carefully culled and verified, allows us to develop independent and reasoned points of view. We have web sites like yours which provide perspectives that can not be ridiculed or censored by the MSM. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we are seeing the emergence of a police state and hearing the psychopaths beat the drums of war.

    But what if the internet, originally intended to be a setting through which the government could communicate during a disaster such as nuclear war, has been mysteriously turned into a door opened to promote spiritual healing through access to truth? If so…

    Viva the new revolution!
    Viva the truth seekers!

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding your perspective and analysis to this site!!

    • george

      Groovy, man…make love not war! I am not an advocate for war, however, some times, war is the answer. It is not in the case of Syria. However, does anyone believe that anything but war would have stopped Hitler and Hirohito?

  24. Kent Crandall

    Love your work, Greg, keep it up!

    Are you aware of the research that journalist Pepe Escobar has done for Asia Times, on the Syria situation?

    It boils down to: Iran, Iraq & Syria inked a natural-gas pipeline deal in 2010, for exporting natural gas to Europe. This upset Qatar & Saudi Arabia, the biggest purveyors of NG in the Middle East. Guess who is funding the rebels in Syria? The Emirs of Qatar, among others. Saudi Arabia’s biggest ally: the US. Saudi Arabia is the key to propping up the Petrodollar. It all makes sense in the big picture. Obama’s globalist handlers won’t let him NOT destabilize Syria. Sucks to be Obama. He literally has a gun to his head forcing him to betray his constituents.

    The irony is, in my mind, that the Petrodollar is doomed either way. The world is already turning their back on the dollar. The US has no Ace in the Hole for this one – we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t. That’s why I’m a “Collapsitarian” – the sooner the US goes, the sooner the world will breathe a sigh of Freedom. It’s time to de-fund the War-Beast that is the US Federal Gov’t. The best way to do that is to shed the dollar.

    Didn’t mean to rant so much in your comments!

    Here is an article from The Guardian that lays out the petro-politics behind our Syria actions:


    I have noticed in your interviews that you focus on the superficial, mainstream perceptions of the Syrian conflict: “Did they use chemical weapons?” “Are the rebels affiliated with Al Qaeda?” but I don’t hear much analysis into who is funding the various sides. Follow the money and you will always find the real story.



    • Greg

      Kent Crandall,
      Yes I am and this is really what the trouble in Syria is all about. This is great work by Pepe Escobar. Dr. Jim Willie Will be on Monday 9/9/13 and he will address this from his analysis. Thank you for the comment and link!!

  25. William M. Head

    Hi Greg: I know I’ve said this before twice now but I really do feel I have to reiterate it again. To my view from everything I am seeing, it seems Obama has already decided to go ahead with this and frankly, I don’t see him backing down unless he plans on tendering his formal resignation, immediately after, and then committing suicide to avoid the shame of being utterly publicly repudiated and left without even the slightest remnant of authority or dignity(not that he ever truly deserved either, mind you). This is a factor too many people seem to be ignoring to the gravest peril of us all. It doesn’t seem to occur to people either that this sort of scenario may well be exactly what Obama’s been looking forward to, one in which his decision alone can plunge the entire world into the hell of WWIII.

    The way that Obama is behaving/speaking strikes me as being that of someone who has no intention of yielding, and frankly appears to me also to be that of someone who highly anticipates or knows outright something is going to happen to give him anything and everything he wants. Obama is scheduled to speak nationally Tuesday, and it won’t surprise me if something occurs that day, or in the next three days before or immediately after (September 11, if I need remind you – I also remind you that Tuesday September 17 is the anniversary of the Constitution’s ratification as well as that of the Civil War battle of Antietam, the bloodiest single day combat of that conflict).

    If Obama were serious about abiding by Congress’s will, why would he order so many ships to the Mideast off Syria’s coast – just to order them back, in failed frustration? I heard only last night B-52’s are set to be involved, so frankly, I don’t see any give in his position or perspective.

    If Obama does go ahead alone after a NO vote, that would technically trigger a Constitutional crisis – however as Obama most surely knows his defiance of Congress shall likely give impeachment proceedings a pause, and frankly, how would Congress attempt to enforce his ouster if he makes it plain he won’t submit to deposition? This is far more serious than anyone appears to understand. In fact, it harkens back to the 17th cent.English Civil War. That was a conflict between King and Parliament that could only end in a mortal defeat of one side or the other – somebody’s head had to fall, to confirm the authority of the victor. The difference now is, our military shall be left in a terrible predicament if Obama and Congress emerge at odds with each other. Who would they choose to support and how? Unlike in ancient Rome, individual units and divisions aren’t likely, or even able to rally behind a general and then march to depose the sitting Emperor. So where would that leave them, and the situation? This bears very serious concern and consideration.

    So far as the foreign response to any attack Russia and Iran appear quite prepared to back up their own threats of retaliation, and any attack on Israel shall surely result in a most devastating regional contact as will any threatened Russian attack upon Saudi Arabia.

    It is also quite possible Saudi Arabia could move to attack the U.S. economically should we fail to attack, and Russia and China could do likewise if we do. Suffice it to say this is a very sh***y situation with no apparent resolution in our favor.

    I regret having to be so negative, but I perceive a potentially fatal naivete, frankly, on the parts of many concerning the utmost severity of present circumstances and their potential outcomes. This is not a situation I believe where a simple NO vote in Congress shall preserve this country, and the world from Armageddon, and I don’t think anyone should underestimate Obama’s capacity to wreak havoc by his own often apparently inexplicable actions that may well serve some sinister, or perhaps simply mentally unbalanced interest (remember, this man is a malignant narcissist/sociopath of the highest, deadliest order who I believe will not hesitate, and indeed may well exult in plunging the world into unprecedented destruction).

    This is not over and indeed shall not be ended I suspect by any vote of Congress, and we alas all have everything now to lose, because of Obama’s unmerited elevation to power he may well abuse to death, his and ours. God help us all.

    William M. Head

    • Greg

      William M. Head,
      The world is in for a very rough ride both in terms of violence and economic calamity. Thank you for adding your thought here.

  26. Troy

    Well Kids; things seem to be rapidly ramping up. House of cards is coming down.

    Tell the people U care for that you appreciate them. Count your blessings and smell the roses. Enjoy what U can while U can.

    ALOHA :)!

  27. Elihu E. Wygant

    As per usual Greg, another nicely (and truthful) summary of the dire straits this country in now in. Spiraling quickly downward as I write this, with no bottom in sight! IMHO, God is abandoning the USA for our turning our back on Him…

    I much enjoy all of your videos, only wishing you posted one every day!


  28. Robert

    For other countries to rid themselves of the petrodollar, they will have to create a neutral monetary entity (like the IMF). But, if they do that, each country will lose the ability to print its own currency (steal from currency holders at will). It would be like a monetary OPEC. Tough choice. Since BRIC currencies are not internationally prominent though, inflation shows up very quickly when they print (presuming they wouldn’t be using the printed currency to peg to the US dollar – buying US bonds).

    The US has basically given loads of money (printed by the Federal Reserve) to EU country banks to prop them up. They all know that if the dollar goes down, the assets those banks were given will dissipate greatly and sink them. So Europe is tied to the life of the dollar, and will defend it to the bloody end.

    Syria: We know Saudi Arabia and Qatar are each battling to both remove Assad and take control of Syria (so they can construct LNG pipelines). Each will pay mercenary costs to outfit fighters who represent them. Problem is, Russia can’t both lose Syria as ally and keep Gazprom monopoly of natural gas supply to Europe. It would KILL Russia to lose that income. That is why Assad isn’t out yet – though the Americans thought he would be.

    Predicted outcome: An OPEC-like monetary system will be created by the BRICs (especially China and Russia) as a means of war, which will be driven by a need to protect Syria. If the impact of that is reasonably strong (and it will be), huge amounts of dollars will then be returned (currency conversion) back to the US, rapidly leading to great inflation and economic ruin in the US and, therefore, in Europe. The US will use its military to escape the geopolitical ramifications (loss of hedgemony). It will get very ugly.

  29. Jerry

    Greg this is why we’re headed for war in Syria. They have to have something to cover up the crimes that are about to be committed. Its all part of a greater whole. Syria is just one piece. Have you seen this interview with Kyle Bass? He interviewed an Obama official who told him, that they had to collapse the dollar because the debt was unsustainable. Looking forward to the Jackass. I know he will be hitting on the debt bubble. Ask him if he thinks its planned. Please. Have great weekend, and be safe out there. Here’ the link.


  30. Rick up north

    Greg I have noticed over the past year or so you have progressively become one pissed off middle class american. GOOD I hope more will follow before it is to late.

    • Greg

      Rick up north,
      I am more scared as to what is happen to our nation than pissed off. I hope you are preparing for rough times ahead. Many will not be and that is what really scares the heck out of me. Thank you for your support and comment.

  31. Ugly


    If you had $100,000 what would you do with it. Also, I will start cashing in my mutual funds. I owe only $16,000 on my home. I can pay it off. Should I? I know you give just your opinion, but I would be interested in your take. Thanks for your website. You are doing good for America. Maranatha!

    Ugly (John)

    • Greg

      If you intend to stay in your home by all means pay off your home, but make sure you can get clear title from the bank or lending institution. I would get some storable food water. I’d get a new set of tires for my car and make sure they are tuned up and serviced. I mean flushed radiator and transmission serviced as per owners manual. Get your home in order meaning insulation and repairs. Get extra supplies and medicine and stash some cash outside the banking system. After all that then and only then get some PM’s but you and you alone have to decide the amount you need for financial survival. In short, get ready for rough sailing now. Do not wait.

      • J.C.Davis

        Greg if I may add land with a spring feed creek is a favorite of my decisions. If no collapse happens the land increases in value, and if trouble times come it will be invaluable. Thanks.

        • Mohammad

          The famous 3G’s
          Getaway plan.

  32. susan

    Greg, you are the best. Your site is the informative site I’ve found. Thank you so much.

    • Greg

      Thank you Susan for the kind words and comment.

  33. Charles H.


    Sometime ago I stated that your work elevated your blog to a level of others which I could name. Lo and behold, what do I find posted on JSMineset?: your own reporting!!! Need I say more? Kudos, my friend. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg

      Charles H.
      Mr. Sinclair is a friend of mine, and he is very, very smart. I have and still do learn a lot from his site and from his unique perspective. Thank you for your kind words.

  34. Dr. Paul W. Buza

    Hi Greg,
    Keep up the great work! Haven’t run into anyone who wants to bomb Syria. Maybe Obama could get on TV and sing that song ” I’m so lonely”.

  35. Rick up north

    Greg yes you should be pissed.A country that my great grandfather fought for in the civil war I am sure is rolling in his grave did not give his LIFE for the betterment of a nation in vain. As for scared the feeling is deafening but not for myself.My fear is what I have brought my children into.

  36. Tbird

    You get the feeling this administration doesn’t represent the American people’s best interest? Plunging the world into ww 3 is a terrible choice to save the dollar! How about scrapping Obamacare, dealing with the debt ceiling, crafting a budget and CUTTING REAL SPENDING! Now that’s leadership! It’s time for Obama to act like a President instead of playing President! Unfortunately methinks he’s unable….too bad 4 the American people and the world at large.

  37. southernpatriot

    Thank you for your honest reporting.I’m more concern about the future of life itself with all this talk of using nuclear weapons & especially life in America under Socialism.Perhaps this was the fundamental change they were talking about.Love my country,but I can’t say that I give a tinkers dam about the Politicians who pledge to protect and defend this great nation. Their doing a pretty lousy job.Saw a bumper sticker that read:S.O.S.SAVE OUR SOLDIERS- S.O.S.- STAY OUT OF SYRIA. Take care and God Bless America and it’s citizens.SP

  38. James

    Mr. Hunter,

    Another fine piece of true journalism for the “thinking folks”.

    I believe that if we (the U.S.) follow through on this folly, it could lead to a bigger conflict. My main focus is on Iran and it’s threats. Too many people have forgotten the “Tanker Wars” during the Iran/Iraq War in the Straits of Hormuz. If Iran is backing Assad in Syria then I have no doubts that Iran will cause havoc in the Persian Gulf.

    My take is this; If the surrounding Arab countries want Assad gone then they need to handle this.

    • Greg

      James I and others such as Gerald Celente have been predicting war in the Middle East for some time. Celente has been predicting this for least 2 years. He’s got me beat.

  39. Larry Galearis

    Amazing the following you have, Mr. Hunter! These copious comments read more like a petition/appeal than a public forum…Congratulations on your latest broadcast, it was very convincing and very moving…

    Yes, the White House has been less than forthcoming about their motives and goals in all these “little” M.E. wars. If I may hazard my opinion in this at least part of their scheme involves sowing as much chaos in these countries as they can – leaving them dysfunctional and hopefully, from the White House point of view -incapable of reorganizing themselves into functioning states. I think a lot of this has to do with protecting Israel that would not prosper well amongst its Arab neighbours without the military support of America. And the White House (shadow government?) knows well that America is a failing state.

    At the same time, the legacy of destruction they leave behind is going to destabilize the global energy supplies and I believe that some Americans realize this and a LOT MORE foreign countries understand this too…

    I hope Congress has enough intestinal fortitude to impeach a President in this new United States as I see this crisis as a crisis of politics within the USA as much as a dangerous geopolitical one.

    Keep up the insightful commentary, please. There is little enough of it in the MSM and yours is a valuable voice out there!


    • Greg

      Thank you Larry for your comment and support.

  40. george

    quote “”It is not possible for Mr. Assad to regain legitimacy in a country where he’s killed tens of thousands of his own people,” Obama said. “So far, at least, Mr. Putin has rejected that logic.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/09/05/obama-to-engage-putin-on-syria-strike-at-g-20-summit/#ixzz2eEI0Soxt

    What would Obama have said about Lincoln?

  41. Derrick Michael Reid

    Hysteria is always good for copy.

    Kaye on KWN: “Investors have a number of things to be concerned about at this point. One such problem is the Middle East. Things aren’t going very well in Syria, and I think it’s pretty apparent that it’s the rebels, and Western forces are backing them, who are causing most of the mischief.”

    now let me get this straight …. this is way heavy …. Rebels are causing mischief.

    Do you all see how stupid that is …. dud …. LMAO!!!! That is what rebels do!!


  42. Derrick Michael Reid

    Putin would say to Lincoln, atta boy, both preserved a union, despite the hysteria

  43. John

    Well done Greg great wrap up to end the week and good news for monday with Jim Willey appearing another of my favorites. I think we can conclude Assad never used chemical weapons, and Obama has gone out on a limb to please his handlers making him the most obviously controlled US president in history as the world shows him up. Mind you i think that is why the brought him in as the fall guy who destroys America.
    The only hope for the USA is for the public to wake up and the generals take over so Obama and his handlers can be tried in court.
    Have a good weekend Greg.

    • Mohammad

      How can you conclude that John with certainty? he fired scud on his people why not using chemical weapons? am not saying he did it but how can you conclude otherwise?

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