We’re in the Very End Stages of this System-Jeff Berwick

Jeff Berwick: Editor of DollarVigilante.com on Bitcoins, Gold and SilverBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Financial editor Jeff Berwick predicts what is coming to the world is “the end of the monetary system as we know it.”  Berwick contends, “We’re in the very end stages of this system because of the amount of U.S. government debt.  The debt is going up over $1 trillion a year.  If actually accounted for properly, it is really going up more than $5 trillion a year.”  The U.S financial situation is very fragile.  Berwick says, “If they allow interest rates to rise, it will effectively make the U.S. government bankrupt and insolvent, and it would make the U.S. government collapse. . . . They are preparing for a major societal collapse.  It is obvious and it will happen, and it will be very scary and very dangerous.”  On “Bitcoin,” Berwick says, “The entire ‘Bitcoin’ system is a revolution in money and banking.”  That said, Berwick warns, “Volatility is a major issue with Bitcoin . . . over time, as more and more people use it, it will become more stable. . . . I would not recommend it as an investment.”  So, what does Berwick like for the long term?  Berwick proclaims, “I like gold for preserving wealth and ‘Bitcoin’ for transactions.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jeff Berwick, the Chief Editor of DollarVigilante.com.

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  1. Ugly

    In The Beginning, God Created The End (Ugly).

    God knows.

    What bothers me is that our Govt knows too. They cannot be all that stupid, but maybe 99% of them are dumb too? But, they is a faction that knows exactly what they are doing.

    They are keeping Americans happy with ebt, subsidies, iPhones, tv, etc.

    We are on life support. The heart beats are becoming less frequent by the hour.

    • Galaxy 500

      Just the Obama administration’s brand of Breads and Circuses

      • Justin King

        Both parties are guilty, no need for the usual partisanship that has led to gridlock & even sabotage of the system by political extremists.

        Fox News calling the Media “liberal”, is a trick of juxtaposition, and allows them the constant prevarication of their “Fair & Balanced”.

        See- Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free – by Charles Pierce.

      • Frank Zak

        Questions for guests :
        The Fed was incorporated as a non profit. They get 6% a year fee.
        Is this 6% on their corporate stock holding, or on money they
        print ?

        The Fed pays back the interest they receive on US bonds each year.
        How much do they refund to treasury ?

        Can Fed write off taper money, or even write off our debt to
        them, or interest thereon, because it costs them nothing to
        print it anyway ?

        Silver is overproduced 201 million oz a year, Silver Institute and Kitco.
        After all coinage demands.
        Why do people keep saying silver is underproduced ?
        Especially when mine supplies are rapidly rising ?

        Silver is 75% mined as a byproduct of copper, lead, zinc, etc.,
        at $11 an oz, only primary miners cost $20 an oz. Why do these people
        keep saying silver costs more to mine then it is selling for ?

        (Liked the Rod Kirby interview?

    • Herb

      It’s funny,but Jeff always looks ripped on weed.It’s such an interesting phenomenom.
      I wonder why he always has that red,puffied eyed,giddy,completely baked look to him?
      Gosh-what could possibly cause this?.Poor Jeff it must be a genetic disability….or maybe
      ….he’s ripped on weed….

  2. Oky1

    Howdy from Tulsa Greg 🙂

    I hope you’ll excuse me, I’d like to attempt to get you & your readers/viewers to give me a hand if anyone has a few extra minutes.

    I’m writing to request help in promoting USA’s Liberty & Freedom,
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    (Or something simple.)

    Just a handfull of posters could help.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    ** I am very happy to report that our blog has been inducted into the ABA
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  3. Justin King

    The FED could manipulate the system for a LONG TIME with the usual QE rumors and by cutting QE in small increments, but it’s the Black Swan Lehman, Israeli-Iran moments that will be the trigger that the FED CANNOT STOP.

    After that, we’re into Jim Rickards’ scenarios.

  4. Allen Ols


    Absolutly super interview!

    Some malita is saying they wll assinate the president S H T F site. Goodluck w/that futile nonesense.

    They obviously don’t get what ‘secret service’ means. There is no way using force is going to change usa.

    It will take masses getting out of system slowly and be capable of self sufficiency over extended time.

    I enjoyed cefente’s interview on John Connaly b 4. He died.



  5. bob

    why would the msm even interview jeff anyway. to discredit him is a chance that you actually make people wake up or they putting out a warning in disguise. i have not looked at fox or cnn or anybody else in a few years. this was a vey good interview. i’m going to visit his website. thanks again.

  6. Richard Mchenry

    Another hit it outta of the park interview Greg,Thankful this year for your diligent commitment to us in the trenches and to all you guests over the past years.Words cant say enough to wake people to what is about to over take this country.Thankyou and the listeners for all that is accomplished here on The Watchdog. Peace to you and all your family,
    Best regards,

  7. vincentg

    Bitcoin is not an answer to anything other than black market transactions.

    The limit which Bitcoins has makes it useless for a currency.
    A second problem is protecting it.

    Since they only exist in your PC if you loose your PC you are broke.
    How many ways can one loose their Bitcoins.

    Let me count the ways.
    1. Your PC catches fire.
    2. The hard drive fails.
    3. A Virus infects it.
    4. A Thief steals it.
    5. A hacker steals or erases your Bitcoins.
    6. A system crash corrupts the hard drive.

    We can go on and on.
    I hear of those that have millions of dollars in bitcoins.
    It’s only a matter of time before they are targeted by thieves.
    And unless that PC is off the grid they will get to it.

    This is why I say Bitcoin is not a solution to much.
    The basic problem with anything we use as money is the abuse both Banks and Governments do to it.

    Both are necessary evils.

    People need Banks they can trust to store their wealth.
    People need Governments to provide order and a national defense.

    Allow either or both to get out of control and you have a big problem.

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding your perspectives to the post.

      • Ake


        Another fantastic interview giving your audience the information they need to take the correct logical action to protect themselves.

        My Issue currently with Bitcoin is this;

        #1 take into consideration that the Bitcoin are mined by your computers power at an algorithmic rate. Now read this, http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2427407,00.asp

        #2 After reading that and as you said on in this interview the US Treasury has sprinkled Holly Water on BitCoin for approval, take in to consideration the massive amount of computer power disposal the US government has via the NSA with the first article and think about the mining of Bitcoin after you read the following article, http://www.pcworld.com/article/2066840/nsa-reportedly-compromised-more-than-50000-networks-worldwide.html .

        You have now give BitCoin to be mined at a astronomical rate if you want as it is open source code. Who cares about stealing it if you can create it!

        Physical it the only option I see, no one between you an it.

        Great interview, keep them coming.


  8. Jerry

    Great interview Greg. Jeff Berwick is definitely another economic all star. I don’t know how you keep bringing these top talent people on, but keep doing it.
    Greg I have one question. I keep hearing your guest say that in their estimation they think the collapse is 2-5 years down the road. With the Chinese backing away from the dollar recently, setting up credit swaps with the European Banks and the BRIC nations, don’t you think it moves the timetable up sooner? Maybe I just don’t understand how manipulated markets work, but I would think at some point in the trading system someone would say, O.K. enough with the IOU’s we want payment. Can anyone explain to me, why the Chinese would continue to take worthless paper from us, when we already owe them 3 Trillion dollars?

  9. Rodger

    Greg another interesting interview.
    You can include me in the old school camp also !
    My knowledge of digital currency is limited. However my understanding is that like the USD or other currencies, the Bit-coins are not backed by anything other then the assortment of merchants that accept them.
    They have value in exchange only, and no inherent value. For now I feel more comfortable holding physical PMs and a little cash for daily Thanks again

  10. Rodster

    Zero Hedge recently posted a Jim Rodgers interview whereby he said no matter what future currency is devised or used including a gold backed currency it will meet the same fate which is failure, why? Because the crooked politicians responsible for their currency will find a way to cheat the system.

    Just recently we thought The Fed was the biggest crooks in town. It turns out it was the Chinese. While the Fed pumped 4T into the system, the Chinese showed they are even BIGGER CROOKS by pumping 15 Trillion into its Banks.

    As Celente says “the whole game is rigged on a global level”

  11. Brent

    I agree with this guys assessment much more than the last guy you had on here.

  12. RC

    Greg,another great interview. Many people in Asia buy gold based on instincts and from parents and grand parents as they have had many ups and downs in the past.
    The FATCA laws, as mentioned by Jeff,will not net much taxes for the FED from the middle class, who work overseas. It will just create more problem for them who want to invest or work overseas.

  13. Rodster

    If this turns out to be true we are closer to the end game as the Banksters don’t want you to save but to recycle the money around the system.

    “Banks Prepare to Charge Deposit Fees to Customers”


  14. Tony

    Hi Greg,
    One of the best sites on the net, keep it up.
    I like the different guests you have, makes me think.
    If you new me, you would know I’m a naturally skeptical person.
    I even received the Skeptical Enquire for 15 years, I don’t disagree with your guests, but
    have a hard time with the, move the assets out of the country.

    Who is he talking to? Move what assets? Probably the bottom 80% don’t have anything to move!
    It’s easy to make the statement, but lets be realistic. 401k’s can’t be touched, what money we have needs to be around just to live, fix the car, stepson going to college and of course deductible for health care.

    Most people need practical solutions that can be applied where we live today.
    I just don’t believe we will be put in Fema camps and be exterminated, or shot by the millions, that sounds like fear mongering. I do believe something very difficult will happen, but the country is to big to be treated like Germany of the 30’s. Hell, Germany is only about the size of New Mexico, much easier to control than a country the size of the USA.

    You seem to be more practical than most.
    I would love to have 3 or 4 million to move outside of the country, but thats fantasy land.
    Most of us who have some liquid saving only have about 15 to 20 thousand laying around.
    At least most of the people I know.
    Thats not near enough to leave the country with.
    Besides, I love my country and I would be very pissed off if someone tried to take what I have.
    I know it’s possible, but I’m skeptical.

    • Rich

      @Tony. Amen. I just had this exact same conversation with my wife.

    • Ugly


      Your skepticism doesn’t hold if you add in Russia to your equation with Germany. Russia has 13 time zones and is much larger than USA, yet Lenin and Stalin were able to murder well over 40 million and subdue that area fairly well.

      One of America’s biggest attitude problems that I have seen and heard is that we are ‘too big to fail’ comments.

      I think we are going to see relatively soon that that is not true.

      • Frank D

        Ugly, you are right about Russia being larger than the USA, but are you forgetting the amount of GUNS we citizens have here? If our government attempts to put us into FEMA camps ro whatever, there will be a civil war and we vastly outnumber the government forces. there will be a lot of government thugs who won’t return home if they try that sh-t here.

    • mohammad

      You are spot on, the fear mongering is science, it came from Goebbels school that goes all the way to babylon, we should not succumb to the plan, we should not be played.
      We should remain and stay a put.

  15. Chuck

    I found it very interesting that at the 12:50 mark in the video Jeff clearly says that bit coin doesn’t exist anywhere. I just can’t wrap my head around putting money in something that doesn’t exist.

  16. Michael the Marine


    “Among the investigation’s key findings is that the Fed unilaterally provided trillions of dollars in financial assistance to foreign banks and corporations from South Korea to Scotland, according to the GAO report.”



    • Greg

      Michael the Marine,
      The Fed is pure evil!!

      • Michael the Marine

        Not only do I wish you could recognize “pure evil” but I would that you understood how evil gets from “pure evil” into each human being then progressively takes them over.

        Here’s a big hint: It begins by OFFENDING YOU.

        Then it slowly but progressively gets you to focus on the evil, then struggle against it as it turns that resistance into into control. Before you realize it you are becoming LIKE the very thing you hate, and evil intention has taken over your heart.

        People become LIKE whatever they focus ON. Whether love or hate; two powerful emotions, both have the power to capture your focus, and by having your focus they can shape your motives in their own image.

        The only way to hate evil without succumbing to its power is to love God and do what’s right in His sight. FIRST LOVE GOD, and above all, love God and keep your attention on Him and what He is doing, and LET Him shape your heart.

        Or, get offended by evil and it’s already at work in your heart, moving you to avenge it. You choose, so choose wisely, not foolishly. “Vengeance is Mine, says the LORD!” So leave it to the One who is Just AND merciful.

        Consider this at length (it’s worthy of your focus)
        Psalm 119:165
        Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

        Your friend,

        • mohammad

          Honest to god Michael if it was not for you quoting the bible i would say you are a muslim, what you say here is every thing i have been taught since i was a kid, it is the core of Islam and i refer you here to a great scholar named Imam Al Ghazali who fairly was ahead of his time and most muslims know not much about him, a link to a description of his views if I find enough interest in you to listen, if not never mind, skip the link:


          No offense please (I fully respect what you believe in) just a mere observation.
          I concur with your post!!

  17. Michael the Marine

    “There Already Is A Government Health Care System In America And It Is The Medical Version Of Hell”

    Hmmmm… just like I wrote a few days ago, here…



  18. Michael the Marine

    Here’s their testimony (and this is what I have to face very shortly)

    “*Dirty linens from some patients mixed in with clean supplies

    *Examining tables that had dried blood and medications still on them

    *Equipment used to sterilize surgical instruments that had broken down

    *Some patients that were begging for food and water

    *Vets neglected so badly that they had developed horrific bedsores and dangerous infections”

    But who cares? Where is any real empathy? Who is willing to do SOMETHING about it?

    No one. Until it happens to YOU.
    Welcome to OBAMA-no-Care

  19. Jose

    So happy to see Jeff Berwick on USA Watchdog! He’s the man!

    • Greg

      Yes he is the man. Thank you for your comment.

  20. mohammad



    Am quoting from his web site blog, and the article titled:



    Well ……. It speaks by itself volumes, and let me throw the answer here ….


    • lastmanstanding

      he is an expat. He left the USA because he thought the grass is far greener on the other side. That is his choice. i say amf.

      Yet he comes back to do shows/conferences/make money…then goes back to some s-hole third world place like he’s the salvation of the place.

      There will be no where for a pussy like him to hide…no where.

      • Jonathan

        lastmanstanding: I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t trust a lot of these Homo Oeconomicus libertarian types. They are truly “last men” without any sort of sense of history or culture and view the accumulation of money as the end-all/be-all of existence. Their answer for everything is always to run off to some sort of exotic third-world pesthole or some other locale where they can bang cheap hookers. Their line is almost always the same: “don’t like the USA? Just move to Signapore (or the Bahamas, or Mexico, etc)!” (As if that’s a solution for 99% of us!). The Jeff Berwicks of the world talk a pretty good game in light of the likes of the Obama administration, but the libertarian “utopia” that they envision, with privatized highways (‘this stretch of highway brought to you by Taco Bell’) and heroin sold over-the-counter in the name of “freedom” is hardly that compelling, either. Freedom is great… I’m certainly a libertarian in most regards, but the sort of open-borders, “anarcho-capitalist”, soulless culture-negating/lucre-over-all world that a lot of these guys promote isn’t a world I want to live in either. “Freedom” is meaningless if the overarching cultural milieu has no meaning other than a bunch of socially atomized individuals bumping into each other for no reason other than economic transactions and genital-satiation. Overall Libertarianism is better than Communism, but like the latter it works a lot better on paper than in the real world.

  21. Galaxy 500

    Money??? Maybe until it’s not


    • Mountainaires

      Wow. you don’t know the first thing about Libertarianism, and judging from your comments about Jeff Berwick, neither does he. Please do yourself a favor and stop repeating things that you will surely discover are not accurate the moment you do some serious reading about what Libertarians actually believe. I mean some serious reading not this drivel about libertarian utopias you’re describing. Libertarianism not a prescription; it’s a worldview. You clearly do not know the first thing about it, and your misguided opinion has little merit and no credibility.

  22. Mr.Lee

    I doubt that the US currecny will collapse. The very same powers that brought about the Fed Res, also brought about the 1st Natioanl and 2nd National Bamks of the US.

    For them the solutions is simple. Collapse the Fed Reserve and the Fed Reserve note aks US Dollar. Create a new Natioanl Bank that will issue new notes. These notes would have a higher value than the old Fed Reserve notes. As a result when the currency swap takes place, persons may recieve 10 cents for every dollar in both and asset and liability form. Therefore the 17 Trillion USD debt today could be 1.7 Trillion tomorrow with the new USD.

    Will the US lose its exclusive reserve currency status, yes. Will it lose a reserve currency status, no.

    Problem solved

  23. Jerry

    Here are the facts. We are inside of a 120 Trillion dollar debt bubble (possibly larger by some experts) and the only thing keeping it floating right now is 120 Billion a month in QE printing. How do think its going to work out, when the money printing stops? Denial ain’t a river in Ohio.

  24. Fraser

    Thanks Greg…

    In my view, Bitcoin has gained in populatity because it has become useful. At the start it was a theory, then it could buy drugs on Silk Road and now it can legally buy all manner of things. And (most importantly) because it is “outside the system”, there are no taxation consequences.

    The problem with gold and silver is that, even though they are legislated into the Constitution as the ONLY legal tender they are prevented from being such by the imposition of a capital gains tax. So instead of being used they are hoarded as an “investment” by the few in the hope of “capital gain” in the future.

    The problem is in the legislation. Once (if ever) gold and silver can be freely exchanged for cash and goods and services WITHOUT the capital gains tax liability, then (I think) their populatity, use and price will explode.

    Until then, things like Bitcoin have the advantage. But eventually, the Government will seek to regain control and allow gold and silver to compete on a level playing field. Then (I think) Bitcoin will crash and gold and silver will take their rightful place.

    • J C davis

      Excellent post .

    • Liquid Motion

      Bitcoin will reach its intrinsic value of ZERO. It is a bubble akin to Tulip mania and is no different to fiat (has no true value).

  25. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Great interview.Here’s another or should i say,continuing move by China.


    Thanks Dave

  26. M.Smiith

    Greg, I have read Armstrong, Jim Sinclair & have missed not one of you interviews & it seems that we are being played by some & told the truth by some as best as they know how with out getting the Feds on their backs with some bull crap made up stuff to dis-credit them in some way. Many who have question the truth get torn down or die from strange ways really that should not happen to person in such good health. We are being hit from many fronts.

    The US Naval Budget is so messed up & the books so bad they can’t produce the what was spent & on what with the budget & this just a drop in bucket of missing money from the DOD, DOE, EPA, NRC & on & on it goes. Now next up is a link to the NRC’s FOIA Reports Vital to all Americans & the world, I hope this does not scare the heck out of every one on this Thanksgiving weekend.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCh8s53bOk. Plumegate is as real Watergate but a 100 billion time worse if you look at the long term effects.
    I did not want to even put this info out, but after reading the FOIA reports & so much more from real experts with nothing to gain as far as asking for money or fame, but like you , they want to hear the Truth no matter how bad it may be.
    Another thing that has bothered me is so many high ranking Military officers be canned on bull crap charges, it makes no sense unless they know also we are in for really bad times & it deals with more than just monetary down fall, but what the FOIA reports tell us & the MSM does not.

    May you & your family have a safe Thanksgiving & GOD BLESS.
    Thank You.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mickey for the kind words and comment!!

  27. Michael the Marine

    “How to Reduce Your Risk of Radiation from Fukushima”


    Happy Thanksgiving,

  28. DAVE

    Hi again Greg
    Happy Thanks Giving to you and your family.Thanks again for your efforts and all you do.


    • Greg

      Thank you Dave and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well!!

  29. theyenguy

    The death of fiat money, that is Aggregate Credit, AGG, and Major World Currencies, DBV, and Emerging Market Currencies, CEW, occurred on October 23, 2013, when Jesus Christ, acting in dispensation, that is the administration of all things economic and political, for the completion of every age, opened the first seal of the scroll of end time events, and released the Rider on the White Horse, who has a bow without any arrows to effect global coup d’etat to transfer sovereignty from democratic nation states to regional nannycrats and regional bodies such as the ECB. Thus enabling the bond vigilantes to call the Interest Rate on the Ten Year Note, ^TNX, higher from 2.48% utterly terminating Credit, AGG, and Currencies, DBV, and CEW.

    Wednesday November 27, with its strong stock market performance was likely the zenith of the banker regime’s rule which featured The Creature From Jekyll Island’s, the ECB’s LTROs and OMT’s, and PBOC’s, monetary stimulus. Thus completing a regulatory capture, clientelism and crony capitalism, as well as a European Socialism, and Greek Socialism, and Chinese Communism, fiat wealth experience, that came through moral hazard based investing prosperity. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism, are epitaphs on liberalism’s tombstone. Fiat money ruled in liberalism.

    The beginning of the beast regime’s rule will commence soon out of a global credit bust and financial system breakdown. It features regional governance monetary diktat. Thus introducing regional totalitarian collectivism’s fiat poverty experience, which comes through debt servitude austerity. Regionalism is the flag on authoritarianism’s life experience. Diktat money rules in authoritarianism.

    Today, we are at the very end stage of liberalism as Zero Hedge reports Margin Debt Soars To New Record, with the result that stocks are terrifically leveraged over debt, and are set for a fall, as is seen in the ratio of EFA:BWX … CSQ:PFL … EZU:EU … VT:AGG.

    Most assuredly there has been a death, that being fiat money. The death of fiat money, that is Credit, AGG, and Currencies, DBV, CEW, has already started to transmit death to fiat wealth.

    As a result of monetary deflation, fiat investments have been dieing; sectors which have fallen include:

    First, Global Growth and Trade, Timber, WOOD, Small Cap Energy, PSCE, and Energy Production, XOP, Energy Service, OIH, Social Media, SOCL, Solar Energy, TAN, Resorts And Casinos, BJK, Design Build, FLM, and Automobiles, CARZ,

    Second, Global Growth and Trade, Thailand, THD, Philippines, EPHE, and Brazil EWZ.

    Third, Electric Utilities, XLU, and Global Utilities, DBU.

    Fourth, Global Industrial Production, Industrial Mincers, PICK, Steel Producers SLX, and Metal Manufactuers, XME.

    The transmission of death by the failure of Credit, AGG, and Currencies, DBV, CEW, is seen in the ongoing Yahoo Finance Chart of Emerging Market Financials, EMFN, together with with WOOD, PSCE, SOCL, TAN, FLM, CARZ, THD, XLU, and PICK.

    Soon, the death of fiat money, that is Credit, AGG, and Currencies, DBV, CEW, will be transmitted to the great wealth bubble, World Stocks, VT, and the ensuing crash will be the genesis factor for the rise of regional governance, whose aim will be to provide regional security, stability, and sustainability.

    Under liberalism, globalism was the way of life as the banker regime provided democratic nation state policies of investment choice, based upon schemes of credit and carry trade investment.

    However under authoritarianism, regionalism is the way of life as the beast regime provides regional governance policies of diktat, based upon schemes of totalitarian collectivism

  30. George Silver

    Once the “powers that be” have decided that there are enough people hopelessly involved with Bitcoin I should imagine that they will launch some kind of Stuxnet virus that will destroy the Bitcoin system.

  31. Allen ols

    Mike the mar.

    Google. The common sense show w/Dave Hodges titled ”why are bankers and Intel elites running for their lives


  32. J C davis

    There are 3 test of (Truth.)
    1 sets you free.
    2 leads you to be a better servant of Life.
    3 Practical= if it is to complicated don’t use it.

  33. CitznKate

    Good morning.

    I agree with Gary North’s article on his web page Specific Answers (garynorth.com) where he describes Bitcoin as a Ponzi scheme.

    Best regards,

  34. Bill

    How can I get free white paper about “Survive Shimetah

  35. Dikshit Aryal

    Great blog. Thanks for sharing such an informative article with us. I would love to read more from you.

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