Why Does Mainstream Media Disrespect Ron Paul?

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Watching the Sunday talk shows and looking at the reporting from this weekend’s Republican  straw poll, you would not think that Congressman Ron Paul even participated in the event.  Paul came in a very close second to Representative Michele Bachmann in a field of Presidential Candidates.  Bachmann received 4,823 votes; Paul received 4,671 votes, which represents a margin of just 152 votes.  To me, it appears to be a statistical dead heat, especially when you consider the next closest competitor, Governor Tim Pawlenty, received only 2,293 votes.  Pawlenty’s distant third place finish effectively blew him out of the race.

On “FOX News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace ignored the virtual tie in the straw poll and said, “There’s a top tier now of Bachmann and Perry and Romney, and we haven’t mentioned, and we should, Rick Santorum who really did surprisingly well for the amount of money and resources he had.”  To that I say “WHAT!?”  Santorum came in fourth with only 1,657 votes, about 1/3 of what Paul received.  Santorum came in behind a guy that dropped out because he didn’t get enough votes to be a viable Republican candidate, and Wallace mentions Santorum and not Paul who was in a virtual tie with the winner?  Chris Wallace is not an amateur; he left out Congressman Paul on purpose.  Why, I do not know, but this is too stupid to be stupid.

Maybe Wallace does not like Ron Paul’s stance on the Federal Reserve.  It was revealed recently in a Government Accounting Office report (inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders) that the Fed spent $16 trillion bailing out the world.  According to Congressman Paul, about a third of the money went to foreign banks.  Do you think we could create some jobs by loaning some of that money to private business in America?  Where is the Republican field on this issue?  Is the field silent on this monster rip-off because the bankers fund both parties?

I keep hearing the talking point by old guard Republicans and mainstream media (MSM) that Ron Paul is “unelectable.”  I never hear any facts or metrics to back that up.  So, to me, that is just code for not liking his message, or not liking him as a candidate.  There were a few other people that were “unelectable” in the beginning of their campaigns.  Two that come to mind are Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.  You may or may not like them as Presidents, but both were “unelectable” early on, and we all know how that worked out.

My hat goes off to Roger Simon from Politico who basically said the media was biased against Congressman Paul.  Saturday on CNN, Simon had the guts to point out that Paul lost by less than 1% and yet is being ignored by the MSM.  Check it out in the video below:

Even the publication Simon works for, Politico.com, had a headline posted online that read “Michele Bachmann wins Ames Straw Poll, Tim Pawlenty gets third.”  Please note that there was no mention of Congressman Paul, who came in second.  You can see this at the end of the video above.  At 7:02 pm, Politico.com changed the headline to “Michele Bachmann wins Ames Straw Poll” and only mentioned Paul a few times in the story, mostly at the very end.  (Click here for the complete  Politico story.)

A more accurate headline would have read “Michele Bachmann Wins GOP Straw Poll over Ron Paul by less than 1%.”  CNN was the only major MSM outlet to report the story in a similar headline when I Googled it.  However, their story downplayed Paul’s near victory by saying, “But these days, political observers and members of the media take his straw poll wins for granted. And these victories have yet to translate to larger ones for the now three-time presidential candidate — who hasn’t broken through yet in Republican elections nationally.” (Click here for the complete CNN story.)

The mainstream media has no business picking winners in a campaign.  Their job is to report the objective facts and let the voters decide.  America does not need media hacks passing judgment on who is “unelectable.”  Spinning stories by ignoring one candidate to give an advantage to other candidates is not news, it is propaganda.

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  1. Oldguy

    Hi Greg, I thought I was the only one that noticed the lack of credit given to Paul. And this is true in debates in the past.
    There is never any mention of the salient points he brings up, and the fact that he is the only congressman that turns back monies allotted for his office operations. I guess the media doesn’t like an honest politician that practices honesty. As far as who debated best, I thought it was: (1) Newt G, (2) R. Paul, and (3) M. Bachman. Newt really opened my eyes. I’m going to check him out. As for the media bias, I’m baffeled too. Maybe he’s not photogenic, and that is so important in a shallow minded world. To heck with what’s best…

    • Greg

      What happened to the Ron Paul story should be an embarrassment to any MSM that calls themselves a news organization. Thank you for the comment.

      • robertsgt40

        “Why Does Mainstream Media Disrespect Ron Paul?”–That’s easy. He’s honest. The MSM is used to dealing with the sludge like Bush(1 and 2)Cheney, Bill Clinton bjs, Obama(Mr Nobel)stopping the wars/torture etc. They aren’t used to plain, unvarnished truth. It frys their mind. Plus, the media is really the gate guard for the true blue criminals.(Congress, Wall Street, banksters)

      • LEE HARPER


        I’ve been thinking about this “ignoring Ron Paul” issue and here is my take:

        The media are in business to keep people watching and engaged. Let’s go back to grade school. Bobby and Billy are gonna fight tomorrow after school. People have been talking about it for a while. It’s gonna be a good fight. I think Bobby can kick Billy’s ass and there are many others that think so too. Billy fought Timmy back in fourth grade and people still talk about that fight and how there really weren’t any winners but it sure was a good fight to watch.

        So we are all running to the field where the fight will be when on the way out the classroom some guy is telling us what’s the point of going to see this fight? Who is the REAL winner after all? Why don’t we all start up a game of baseball or soccer. Or ANYTHING? But it’s too late. The fight is what we want. Even the thoughts racing through our heads as we make our way to the field, “what if someone gets REALLY hurt? if a teacher see’s this we may all get in trouble. I forgot what these two guys were mad about to be begin with….”.

        Ron Paul is not controversial enough to engage the viewers, so they think. We need to cover so and so because they might say something provocative and we can build a news story out of that. MSM has been spoon feeding us for so long, even we get scared when we start to think of REAL liberty. Oh my God what would happen if we just up and left IRAQ? They need us. Us being there is making us safe. IS IT? But in this age of NOW and HERE and SNOOKI and TOM CRUISE, we want to a FIGHT! It’s exciting. It’s ‘relevant’ because that’s what we see other people doing.

        …meanwhile, WE’VE BEEN BAMBOOZLED.

        The truth hurts.

        • Greg

          Thank you Lee.

    • Matt


      Newt Gingrich, does not want to end the Federal Reserve, a common understanding of Austrian Economic Theory, will clearly open up your eyes on why Central Banking/Gov’t planning is bad for the country’s economy. You can also see how central banking/planning has failed in the past: 1. Weimar Republic 2. The Soviet Union. Only a true free market economy with no regulations will lead to prosperity. The central bank of America a.k.a. The Federal Reserve is a private company with shareholders and is NOT a part of the Federal Government. They are as federal as Federal Express. They are manipulating the economy in their favor. Only Ron Paul will End the private central bank of the federal reserve printing funny money that will inevitably end what was once the great nation of the United States of America.


  2. George

    Hi Greg.
    Thanks for another great post. I have increasing listened to what Mr. Paul has to say. I find very little that I disagree with. I hope more people will take a serious look at his positions on the major issues of the day. At least we know he is a true patriot who believes the Constitution is a relevant document.

    As for the msm. Thats the joke. I won’t even listen to news reports on the radio any more. All the networks use the same talking points and same silly sound bites. They are truly the government media complex. Chris Wallace tried to discredit Michele Bachmann when he called her a “flake”. Now he ignores Ron Paul. Maybe we give him too much credit and he really is stupid.

    • Greg

      The Fed supporters on both sides of the aisle are against Mr. Paul because they love getting the printed money first and are bought and paid for by the bankers. America is being looted.

  3. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Well yes, the media is biased against Dr. Paul. If you listen to John Gibson’s radio program, Gibson always pokes fun at callers who supports Dr. Paul (Gibson backs RINO and habitual liar Mitt Romney). I think it was Friday that Rush Limbaugh again lambasted Dr. Paul’s supporters, again calling them “kooks.” Why?

    Could it be because Dr. Paul makes sense? Because he wants to return this country to the Constitution? To return to the gold standard (echoed by Steve Forbes earlier this year)? To get out of these wasteful wars? Close military bases overseas and bring the troops home to defend our borders, as mandated by the Constitution?

    There are other factors as well, which I won’t get into here. Needless to say, many “conservatives” will lose their gravy train if Dr. Paul is elected to the presidency. So, as in 2008, they will ignore him, and put up someone whom they consider is not so frightening to the public, such as Romney or Perry (never mind the fact that polls show Dr. Paul can easily beat BHO).

    • Greg

      Right on Sam. Paul supporters are NOT “kooks.” It is the drug addict Limbaugh that is the “kook.” The Republicans will put up more of the same empty suit status that helped lead the country over a cliff. (So will the Democrats.)

  4. Art Barnes

    Greg, I agree with the conclusion of your article …”propaganda…”. Chris Wallace has a serious ego complex and like alot of the big shot media personalities thinks they should be the ones who direct the country and its policies. Chris Wallace also didn’t mention Mr. Paul when he interviewed Bachmann for a half an hour. But that is my problem for listening to the interview in the first instance, I should have known better, I sometimes forget that the media is in realty the “fourth” branch of government, and as such, can’t do anything honest and forthright either, and are just there to protect the other three; a family of four brothers so to speak. Also, Wallace was a disgrace in his questioning of Ginrich and thank God for the response he was given from that low hitting disgraceful excuse for a question; the pee wee got what was coming to him and was taken back by the response of Newt Ginrich. Wallace didn’t expect to be given a piece of his own medicine, you could tell it stumbled Wallace and the next day he tried to shake it off but his stink couldn’t be washed off with one rinse; its going to take some real reporting by him in the future to clean himself up. In my mind Wallace and the other big shots have made themselves not relevant by their bias toward one issue or candidate over another. Thanks Greg for raising the MSM bias against Mr. Paul but don’t forget it goes way beyond that, the so-called economic recovery and all the others should not be forgotten. Simply stated, Wallace and the MSM are a disgrace to the profession in which they serve.

    • Greg

      “Chris Wallace also didn’t mention Mr. Paul when he interviewed Bachmann for a half an hour.” This is an excellent point. Wallace apologized to Bachmann for some reason that was not clear to me at the beginning of the interview. He should apologize to Dr. Paul for the pompous way he handled the GOP Straw Poll coverage. Wallace should be ashamed to call himself a journalist. Wallace was clearly ignoring the facts. The straw poll numbers expose the show for what it was, spin and propaganda. This is “Fair and Balanced?” Horse hooey!! Thank you for the analysis!!!

      • joe

        Hi Greg,

        I have to ask “Since when has the MSM ever did their job?” Like a previous poster, I have not tuned in to any TV news for over two decades (since the Dan Rather/CBS debacle with George Bush, Sr., which was hilarious by the way). They are a complete joke and a discredit to their profession. Everything they say these days sounds like it is scripted by the DNC. The flavor of the week is attacking the Tea Party (e.g., Reid, Obama, and ilk all hitting the Tea Party simultaneously the past weekend, etc.). The funny thing about that is the Tea Party isn’t really a party, but a group of people (self-made, not government-made) with a core belief that government is too big. Do they really think that educated people (most in the Tea Party) are going to cave-in on their beliefs because an idiot president and corrupt senate majority leader (who are both void of any ethical compass) call them a few names? It will just drive more to show up and vote…

        Anyway…I digress. The MSM feels like Americans are stupid and need their so-called “expert analysis” to interpret everything for us. They pushed McCain in the last presidential election and they are now pushing Romney in this one…both beatable RINO insiders. I think the electorate bought the McCain line last time, but won’t be fooled again with another RINO.

        I would just as soon call Provda a media outlet than credit the MSM as one.

        Thanks for your articles!

        • Greg

          Love the “Provda” line!!!

  5. Hoppe

    It’s all about whose ox gets gored.

    Ron’s foreign policy positions would take us out of world wide military interventions ( war) That would be a big loss for the new agencies. Remember what William Randolph Hearst said about war. Remember what Eisenhower said about the Military Industrial Complex and that GE owns NBC.

    Second, Ron has never fallen all over himself in pledging support for Israel. That rubs alot of big money here the wrong way. Ron is a quietly devout Christian. That rubs most journalists the wrong way.

    Third, Ron wants to simplify the tax code and do away with the IRS. That would effectively remove a huge power base for legislators, who take bags of money from tax lobbyists. This puts him on the outs with the big lobbying firms.

    Finally, his stance on the Federal Reserve scares some people who don’t understand it, and those who control it. The later, I believe have a lot of influence with MSM.

    To put it briefly, Ron is seriously challenging the most of what is evil in our government, in a way it has never been challenged before. He is directly challenging the influence of big money in our government.

    I love Ron. He is a friend. I wish him and his family well, but I also fear for him if he is successful.

    • Greg

      I agree with your analysis. Although I do not think Paul would allow Israel to be over run. Thank you for the comment.

    • james

      perfectly stated…i agree 100%

      • Buster

        I respectfully disagree. The whole point of having “no foreign entanglements” is that you don’t sacrifice your own people for the mistakes or corruption of another democratic government. Paul, on principle, should have the same policy on (non)intervention and shared defense with NATO, S.Korea, Taiwan, and Israel. U.S. soldiers volunteer to serve the people and the U.S. Constitution, there is no excuse for sacrificing them for some politician’s crazy racial/religious agenda. Wars for natural resources are bad enough, but you want to enforce another nation’s creation myths with mass violence? Are you guys nuts?

    • MasterLuke

      I hope Dr. Paul wins.

  6. Johan

    Hi Greg,
    I am glad that yet another honest guy with a spine is bringing this up. It’s disgusting to see what the MSM has become, not just in the US but all over the Western world. I’m from Sweden and lo and behold, the media here gives him even less credit than overseas. I’ve read/watched tens of different media outlets from both the US and Europe and not one portrays him even in a neutral manner.

    It is a conspiracy, and I guess it has to do with the owner structure of media these days.

    Thanks for putting this huge threat to our freedom in the limelight.

    Best regards

    • Greg

      Thank you Johan. Just based on the numbers he should have gotten way more press and respect!

  7. nm


    99% of the people don’t really understand economics and because of that, Ron Paul will never make sense to them.

    Did you see this article in Bloomberg? AIG, which is owned by the government (76.7%) is now suing Bank of America, which itself was bailed out by the government! They’re being sued for fraud and AIG wants $10 billion dollars.

    This economy is now a long running joke


    • Greg

      Thank you NM for the content and comment.

    • Steve A.

      re: nm
      “99% of the people don’t really understand economics and because of that, Ron Paul will never make sense to them.

      I agree totally. In fact I’m reminded of Ross Perot. I would place both Paul and Perot in the same boat, both purely logical but too ‘off center’ for the majority of the public to accept.

  8. Charles Allen


    This is one reason people like me come to sites like yours. Honest reporting. The so called “Mainstream Media” has for decades be totally biased and untruthful. If you remove the fact that Michelle Bachmann is home grown from Iowa, Ron Paul came in as number 1.

    If his campaign could get that across, on the Internet, and pound this fact home, he might be able to overcome the mainstream media. The real issue, for the long term, if he was to win the election and become President, would he get any real support in Congress. However, if “We the People” replace all of the Senate and House he might.

    We the People just cannot trust the mainstream media for anything…maybe the local sales ads for grocery stores, in local newspapers. Reporting on television and radio is totally falacy.

    Mr Paul needs to get more agressive if he is going to gain the national attention required to win. Let’shope he does!

    • Greg

      I do not want to take anything away from Bachmann but Dr. Paul should have shared the spotlight. The coverage was not Bachmann’s fault. FOX is obviously scarred of Dr. Paul’s message. Thank you for you spot on comment and analysis.


  9. Matslinger

    Unless Ron Paul grows longer hair and tits, he wont defeat her.
    She happens to be (my) representative here in Elk River Mn.
    The “shallow as a mud puddle” , “take the path of least resistence”
    Americka will, choose T&A over charactor and truth ):
    Bachmann is a constant embarassment to Minnesota, her mouth is always
    5 miles ahead of her brain…. but she is pretty, and that’s all that
    “superficial Amerika ” will need to make a decision.

    The 3 Most important things in Amerikan un-real estate:


  10. Todd

    Great article Greg. Even people that don’t don’t support Ron Paul should admit that the way the media covers and portrays him is disgusting.

    • Greg

      Just based on the raw numbers from this weekend he should have gotten way more credit and press. It was so obvious, the MSM should be ashamed but they are corrupt and not objective.

      • Todd

        I have supported Ron Paul before the 2008 Presidential bid. Saw him on a couple of YouTube Videos and liked what he had to say. I don’t think he will be able to reach enough people to win this time around unfortunately but he has already accomplished a lot of his goals which is to make the country think or at least the people in the middle. It’s kinda funny because while I think he doesn’t have much chance to win the nomination if he was the Republican nominee I think he is the only one that could defeat Obama. I will not vote for Romney, Perry, or Bachman. Any of those candidates actual policies regarding foreign policy and the economy (Keynesian) won’t be noticeably different from Obama in my opinion. Maybe Rand Paul will run in 2016.

      • joe


        Don’t worry…the MSM will absolutely love Ron Paul if it appears he will split the vote as a third party and allow obama to have four more years. He will be their savior’s savior.

        • Greg

          You made me laugh, but you are spot on man!!!!!

  11. james

    this is why i have adopted gerald celentee,s saying there mediaostitutes. they prostitute there souls to achieve reputation as a great reporter. dan rather after he retired was asked. why is there some storys that should be told and are never told.
    his reply was if you tell the truth about everything you will be tared and feathered. he said you will never work as a reporter if you tell all you know.
    this makes me think of words like iliegarchy,and conspiracy.
    ron and real constitutional leaders will not win. because the gift of office is apionted by the leaders of the oliegarchy.not by the majiorty vote or the election board.
    there views will be distorted by the mediaostitutes such as ross perot,s was.
    i will still vote in this last american election. for ron paul win or lose the republican nomination.
    i do believe this is americas last election as we know it.

    • james


    • Greg

      Thank you James for all your comments and support.

  12. matslinger

    If Ron Paul expects to defeat Michelle Bachmann, he’ll need to grow longer hair
    and tits… Amerikans are shallow as a mud puddle , they’ll always take the path of
    least resistance and follow their glands, or group think.

    Viacom, CNBC, NBC, CNN, FAUX and others, have spent the last 3 years grooming her
    to appear ” anti-establishment” for the benefit of citzens who choose ” sheik fast-track” patriotism.”
    She happens to be my representative here in Elk River Mn.. Most of the heavily fluoridated
    public here thinks she’s just “dreamy” , in spite of the (many ) embarrassing things she says
    when the script isn’t near by.

    Just remember the 3 most important things about “un-real estate” in Amerika:


    Then have “Toby Kieth” write a song to cement it in place.

    • Gospel of John

      I’ll chug beer to that sentiment.

      The MSM have had lots of time to develop their propaganda muscles, and know the need to have a sufficiently “Amerikan” emotional center of gravity to assure that the so-called diverse melting pot “peoples” of America gravitate by way of manufactured synthetic “stimulus” that has been engineered to move them in the “right” or should we say “preferred” direction (spun)around their TV sets….nothing to complicated.

      The “reality” is the Plutocracy and Company, centered in the Linguistic Center of the Universe, of course in London as it has been for several hundred years now. But since the unfortunate 2nd Anglo-German Dust-up in the 40’s which wasn’t supposed to have happened but was successfully propagandized to the detriment of the Nazi’s….it has is known among these occult money powers, that America, she’s the one, she’s the prize, and thus they will go to any lengths to maintain their control via media, military, muscle, and money… and shumltzy showbiz dream engendered democratic and multicultural “idealism”, can you say idea’s are important? (and have you and your family had your dose of advertising and subliminal multi-cult for the day……can you say psych-op,and understand where this is all headed, quickly unless we can all come to grips?

      Let a closet Christian and economic populist like Ron Paul into a position where he can use the “Bully” Pulpit to re-inform the middle class about where their real interest lie? Not while other interest control things.

      • MasterLuke

        I overheard someone today discussing they had just heard about “911 Truth”. They said they didn’t believe in it. I asked was it because (1) they didn’t believe the evidence or was it (2) because they didn’t bleieve America could ever do such a thing. The response was (2).

        Thinking about politics, this is exactly why Americans believe there is a left/right paradigm. The truth is George Bush & B. Obama have both supported the same things. (1). Friends of the Banks, (2). Dependence on Oil, (3) Macnamara Doctrine of limited small scale wars. [Of course this is substainted limited small scale wars that truely never end].

        Murder/Rape/Pillage is their motto. I think I will actually vote in this election [Ron Paul] because i feel like he actually cares.

  13. james

    iv gota say more greg.
    there are only 5 people controlling all the news media in the great U.S.A. and these 5 answer to some one or more ..im convinced.
    its the only explanition iv ever come up with.
    thats its called ( oilegarchy )= secret control of government threw money. if someone else has 1 explanition for all the truth being hidden for the people…please let me know.

  14. Norm Ezzie

    Anyone who goes after our sinister monetary system always gets ignored! I can name many who tried,including Congressman Sonny Bono!(Remember his question to Alan Greenspan) try and find it!!

    • Greg

      It just makes me sick because whether we like it or not, the money system in America and the world is going through an enormous change. For most people life will be much, much harder for the rest of their lives. Thank you for the comment!

  15. Diane Carol Mark

    I turned on CSPAN just as they declared the winner of the straw poll. Afterward, they scrolled the voting results–twice. Ron Paul wasn’t listed. I watched the second time the voting results scrolled; sure enough, he wasn’t listed. Until I read your article this morning, it wasn’t clear that he participated.

    CSPAN isn’t MSM–it’s supposed to be unbiased, direct reporting of the events as they are. Shocking reality that Ron Paul wasn’t included in the tally or even mentioned.

    🙂 Diane

    • Greg

      Diane Carol Mark,
      This is why more and more people are turning away from the MSM. I used to work for ABC and CNN and I find it very sad and totally disgusting!

  16. matslinger

    sorry Greg, my computer crashed and I didn’t know the letter got sent,
    so I sent another, you can choose which one to post. Mat

    • Greg

      You are on already so let er rip man!

  17. brian

    Your right about the media ignoring Ron Paul, but wrong if you are suprised by it.

    The Ron Paul following represents a serious threat to the powers that be in that Ron Paul is beginning to look like he is a lightening rod attracting and organizing and provided a means of action for a lot of pent up frustration many of us have in the system, he gives form and direction to a vague and ambiguous source of anger in America by stating the obvious publicaly and plainly, which in turn causes folks to think for themselves about what is going on in front of their faces.

    The media is going to have their hands full trying to get Ron Paul to go away, lets hope the muckity-mucks behind the media-banking-government money mill don’t resort to any dirty tricks and take their game to the “next level” due to their own growing frustration and fear.

    • Greg

      I am really surprised how blatant the biased coverage was over the weekend. It was so bad a CNN panel admitted it and justified it because they thought Paul was “unelectable.” This is sick and I call a pox on the MSM house for it!!! Thank you for weighing in!!

      • Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL

        by the way, Greg, they are not even capable to realize that the people do not empower them to choose who is electable or not, but rather want to judge it by themselves.

        In short words: what are elections for, mr. Chris Wallace?

  18. g. johnson

    thanks for that one greg. needed to be said. last time around the msm tried hard to demonize doctor paul only to experience blowback in finding that too many folks were waking up to the fact that the msm was demonizing itself. remember rudy and his outburst of indignation at dr. paul during the republican debates? totally backfired on him and numbered his days in the race. so, the media changed tactics and decided that it was best to just ignore dr. paul as much as possible.

    this time around, things are a little different. way more people are feeling the squeeze and are becoming aware of the source of that squeeze. i had a conversation with my stepmother just a few days ago. she and my father had managed to work hard, build up modest pensions, savings and social security to the point where (as she put it) they would not have to worry and could live in a comfortable although fairly modest retirement. now, they are worried. they are struggling like they never thought they would have to. they feel betrayed,

    last time around, when i told them that i was working to get dr. paul elected, they both had a nice chuckle and wished me luck with that one.
    now they are curious, they want to know more. these are good people who have spent long lifetimes in a certain paradigm of “thinking” and it is difficult for them to come to terms with the fact that they may have been living in someone elses pipe dream all along. that those same folks they helped to put into office have been putting the screws to them all along.

    i didn’t have the heart to tell them that things are going to get a lot worse before we see a light at the end of the tunnel (maybe a little wishful thinking, but you gotta keep the faith. but thank god i didn’t have to. they are figuring that one out on their own.

    my point? dr. paul and the ron paul revolution are going to have a lot more impact this time around.

    buckle up tight, this is going to be a campaign the likes of which has never been seen before. dissatisfaction with our governance is becoming infectious and is about to reach critical mass.

    • Greg

      I wish you much luck and success Brian. I think you are correct on all your points!

    • tilting@windbags

      I have just gotten this far in the comment posts and have been waiting to weigh in, but I just have to say something here…This is my first visit to this post, and I’d just like to say, I feel like I’ve found my tribe here…This topic has been weighing on my mind the past few days, and it’s so good to see so many people thinking and speaking about it.

      My personal project is NPR…old habits die hard, what can I say? I was listening to Talk of the Nation today and they were going on and on about Bachmann and Perry, not a word about Ron Paul. My cell calls would not go through, (coincidence? maybe…) but someone got on and was able to voice a complaint about the fact that they weren’t mentioning Ron Paul…the circular logic offered was: well, Ron Paul has been around for years (as if: they ever gave him any coverage during that time: NOT!!) so, this show is devoted to the “newcomers.”

      Reading these comments gives me hope that there are more people like me coming out of the woodwork, that America IS ready for the TRUTH, that there are enough of us out there that have a strong enough CONSTITUTION(no pun intended, but it works!) to withstand the fluoride treatments and the deliberate dumbing down of We the People! We can reach critical mass if we are determined, but it has to be big to overcome the MSM and the electronic voting! Hang in there, we can do it!

  19. Jerry

    Good people don’t win. In my opinion, Ron Paul should retire.

  20. George

    Love the video on Kitco!

    • Greg

      Thank you George!

  21. Jerry

    I applaud you Greg. I have watched the media disrespect Ron Paul since I started listening to his message of small government back in 2006. America should mind it’s own business, protect our borders, not get in to costly and endless foreign wars, and have a sound monetary policy. Paul would and does abide by the Constitution. He is such a stanch supporter of “We the People” and human rights for all. He defends the Bill of Rights. He is truly a modern day patriot that stands by the rules as written in to law by our forefathers. I agree, the question is why do they ignore or disrespect this good and honest man? I believe that it must be that the mainstream media is owned by the powerful global corporate and banking interests that aren’t interested in playing fair. They want total control of the money. So they tell their reporters what to say and what not to say. They own the Federal Reserve Bank and they know that Ron Paul would audit and eventually dissolve the Fed as the printer and controller of the USA’s money supply. Thanks again for your honest reporting Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry for weighing in.

  22. PatriotRider

    RP is too much of a threat to the status quo in DC….and by status quo I mean BOTH the DEM and GOP…

    At this point they are both the same, and more and more people are realizing it. RP speaks the truth to both parties…why he remains a GOP’er I can’t figure out.

    He probably reamins in the GOP because the election laws are stacked against an Independent.

  23. mara evans

    Greg, I don’t think it’s disrespect. It’s fear. I read a wonderful comment from a Washington lobbyist in the last election. He said that Ron Paul was the lobbyists’ biggest nightmare because they knew he couldn’t be bought.

    So the corporate sector which owns the media is terrified of someone who simply will not kowtow to the lobbyists, no matter who they are lobbying for. Plus, he’s the only candidate who will take real steps to ending the wars and the empire abroad. And the defense industry/military industrial complex people won’t stand for that either.

    Keep providing us with alternative media. We certainly need it.

    Thanks, Mara

    • Greg

      That is a good point. They fear the truth. Thank you.

  24. james

    i just got this.

    it shows how badockman one the poll

  25. John

    You really surprised that the MSM is paying no attention to Ron Paul? Who owns the MSM? The same oligarchy that have their trillions of dollars invested in the great military industrial complex, the FED and the Banking industrial complex and OPEC and the Oil industrial complex. You get the point. They own all the MSM and they get out the message they want. The last handful of congressman and senators, that truly serve the people like Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders are constantly belittled because they represent REAL change, real change we can believe in. Not Madison Avenue branding like the fraud Barack Obama, who is a shill for the Bankers, The FED and the rest of the oligarchy.

  26. John

    I almost left out the probably 90% of our congress besides the like of Paul and Sanders are also shilling for the oligarchy. Congress is and has been bought for a long time. How else can you explain the current state of our beloved country.

  27. Tod Nguyen

    Hi Greg,

    I was listening on NPR this morning to see what their take on it is, and guess what? Same thing! Mentioning that Michele Bachman winning, no mention of Paul who literally was in a dead tie statistically. They’ve just taken another step lower on the credibility scale…

    • Greg

      Same thing in USA Today–pure propaganda! Not a single word about Ron Paul–outrageous!!!!

  28. Jan

    I believe the MSM is afraid of Ron Paul. Perhaps they think if they don’t mention his name and do not report his second place in Iowa he will not become a household name. I think “unelectable” is propaganda for we (the MSM & their handlers) do not want him elected.

    The press today thinks they are King makers and to a degree that is true. I believe they will be in for a big shock as support for Dr. Paul grows via sites like yours. We just need to share great sites like this with family & friends.

  29. Larry Crawford

    Dr. Paul’s ideas are clear, logical and common-sensical.

    Therefore he is a direct threat to anyone in the financial-elite-owned media who wish to maintain their power, especially over monetary policy.

    Hence the scripted idea-planting/programming by the media that “he can’t win”, etc.

    Think Bill O’Reilly or Ed Schultz, to cover both “ends” of the purposely polarized political spectrum…both worth and paid millions by their employers…ya think they speak independently or in the public’s true interests?

    Funny…I read the clearest description of this media blanking tactic in Paul’s Book, The Revolution…

    If the media succeeds with marginalizing Paul, there will not be any POTUS candidates worth voting for (or against). There ultimately is no difference…

    And Rick Perry? Don’t get me started…

    • Greg

      Perry is an empty suit with a nice head of hair and nothing else.

      • Art Barnes

        I totally agree with you, Perry is an empty suit with hair and a deep tan, just another Texan who loves to spend and commit to wars we can’t or won’t win – Nothing new there!

        • Art Barnes

          Also, Perry was in Iowa today putting down the Administration for not securing his border, as Governor why doesn’t he send the Texas National Guard down there as he has the power to do that if he wanted to, but no its easier to blame someone else than make hard choices. Perry is just more of the same 0 same 0.

          • Greg

            Great point.

      • tilting@windbags

        one of several Barbie & Ken dolls with nice teeth and hollow skulls…

  30. David Walters

    Dear Greg,

    MSM is only living up to expectations by dissing Ron Paul. They will continue to do so until they can’t. Then they will be playing catch up to an investigative news service like yours. Keep up the good work.

    Dave Walters

  31. Mike Schroeder

    This should not have come as a surprise to veteran RP supporters. RP got lots of air time on the cable news programs after the economic collapse, and got it right up to his announcement that he was running for the presidency (again). It then came to a screeching halt.
    Reason: the Wall Street banksters, who control WDC and the MSM, have no problem with RP being in Congress, where he has no real power, and can be kept safely on the margins. But they aren’t about to take a chance on him obtaining the kind of power base the presidency would provide. As his popularity increases, expect it to get worse. The only hope he (and us) has is the internet, which ‘they’ don’t control–yet.

  32. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Let’s face it, the financial sociopaths certainly hope that Ron Paul is “not electable.” Gannett owns 85! daily newspapers, and the number one major shareholder is JPMorganChase. When one is beholding to a banker, one dances to the banker’s tune. That’s why they’re called “puppet masters.” (Thanks for bringing up Ron Paul.)

  33. Roman

    While not one to throw laws at problems, but since the news stations are starting to bleed over into entertainment…


    …seems to me we need a new provision of the Equal Time Rule. The media should not be able to use it’s influence to sway elections, which is one of the original intents of the Equal Time Rule.

    • james

      its called fraud. good artical thanks

  34. John Q. Public

    What rational person with eyes that see and ears that hear believes electoral politics will save us from the genocide and economic crimes against humanity? Of course the “international” banksters, financiers, and Zionist warmongers who are the enemies of all mankind will do all they can to suppress Ron Paul.

  35. Dave

    Why does the media disrespect Paul?
    That’s easy! It’s because he’s against the never ending wars in the ME that are meant primarily to destroy Israel’s well earned enemies and he also has a lot to say about what George Washington warned us about regarding foreign policy; “entangling alliances with none”
    Israel is the definition of that phrase.
    Greg, the fear and reluctance to touch this topic and go against this powerful lobbying (whining) group is so effective that I wouldn’t be surprised if you took down this comment.

    • tilting@windbags

      this elephant is coming into sharper view…

  36. Jim

    Is the MSM ignoring Ron Paul because the MSM is owned by the Big Banks who are owned by the Federal Reserve, who Ron Paul wants to abolish maybe?

  37. Larry W. Bryant

    == A Doubly Irreverent Question ==

    Perhaps it all comes down to one question: which is the more trustworthy entity, the korporate news media or the current Military-Industrial Complex (aka U. S. government)?

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if a national polling organization were to put that question to the sheeple? — Larry W. Bryant (15 Aug 11)

    • tilting@windbags

      you are assuming that they are separate entities…

  38. Hondo

    I believe that this fact alone, that Ron Paul was purposely left out of the reporting, is PROOF that he is gaining steam and the hearts of Americans from coast to coast and that he is a REAL contender.
    The Jews own the Main Stream Media, and most everything else that has to do with this kind of reporting or non-reporting, and that is why the Media is ignoring Ron Paul. They are told to or lose their jobs!
    That is the plain truth.
    The ONLY people who love Ron Paul’s message, are freedom loving people.
    All opposed, are opposed to freedom and liberty!
    Ron Paul is going forward and we shall see him explode into the limelight very shortly is my prediction.
    Americans are fed up with all the BS from the MSM as they are finally waking up!

  39. Jim

    Could it be that the MSM is owned by the banks who are owned by the Federal Reserve? Maybe?

  40. Oldguy

    Hi again Greg,
    I’ve heard statements on the media that Ron Paul is an isolationist and is therefore not suitable to be president. To this I say fooey! As for our military distributions everywhere, remember, we pay a lease on each base overseas. Now think of it this way: Suppose China paid a lease on Central Park in New York. Then they built barracks and support buildings on it and moved in some 10,000 or so troops complete with arms and armament. How would the average American feel toward the troops that went in the city on liberty, or stood guard fully armed supposedly for their installation’s defense. The average American should sit quietly, close their eyes, and just imagine this. It doesn’t matter if China says they’re protecting us…the hate would still be the same toward them. It’s funny how we think our military should be above such hate. As for the money printing, we should require all new money printed to be a three-dollar bill with Obama’s pic on it. Then a 6-dollar bill with either N. Pelosi’s, or H. Reid’s pic on them. No one would want them. Thank you for such a great site Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you OG.

    • tilting@windbags

      @OG: I was just thinking about this subject today…how many terrorists would we cultivate in this country if China built a military base in Central Park? Or Idaho?

    • james

      there trying to do this in idaho. i saw a artical on infowars.com last weak that said china wants to buy several hundred acres to build
      production plants and operate as a comunist control containing the people sent here to work from china…idahos governor is considering it.

  41. Alyce

    I’ve heard conservative radio talk show hosts ridicule Dr. Paul as well. Now, I just don’t listen to their shows anymore. I think Dr. Paul comes off as too radical for conservatives because of his stance on wars and his opinion of Iran not being a threat. I wish he could have softened his views on these 2 subjects because he would have a much better chance of getting elected, which would greatly benefit our country.

    • Michael R.

      Aside from my belief that you and others misunderstand Dr. Paul’s position on “wars” and “Iran – the great thing with Paul is that he doesn’t “soften his stance” on these, or any other issue. To me, it’s a breath of fresh air to actually know where a politician comes from rather than finding out AFTER THEY ARE ELECTED!

  42. Scott Fox

    Because they’re corporate whore lapdogs who are paid to push an agenda. A pro-state, anti-freedom agenda.

  43. Michael R.

    I believe the only way (and I do believe it’s possible) Dr. Paul will win the nomination and presidency is if ‘we the people’ hit msm hard regards their lies – and if future polls/votes are so one-sided (for Paul) the results can’t be manipulated, as they were in Iowa!

    • Greg

      I whack them every chance I get! Thank you for weighing in.

  44. Eric

    Candy Crowley Lies About Ron Paul Polls – 8/14/11


  45. Bud

    As I recall from my college days, the minds of people taking communication and writing courses (media studies) were captured by collectivist teachers. A roommate of mine typically returned from such classes with comments that the instructors were out and out commies. I didn’t have an opinion at that time as I was in engineering. However, since then, it appears that so called “brain washing” was done in a number of liberal arts institutions with the results that “objective” news is tainted by collectivist rote. – – With news gathers seeing what they have been conditioned to see.

  46. MikeD

    Honest opinion from someone who has never drank the Ron Paul Kool-Aid.

    I watched the debate, as well as looked into this Rick Perry guy. Just my opinion, en route to my Ron Paul assessment.

    — Newt: the best debater in the group. Could walk all over Obama if he were to win the nomination. But he’s a little bit crazy (for you NFL fans, I call him the Mike Martz of politicians), and is known to change his opinion when it is politically expedient. I don’t trust him.

    — Bachmann: I saw all I needed to see this weekend. Possibly crazier than Newt. Unelectable.

    — Santorum: avidly pro-life. That’s about all I got from him. No chance.

    — Huntsman: Nothing to see here, let’s move on….

    — Cain: Nice guy, good business sense. Very affable, but so was Wyatt Earp’s deputy. He’d get shot down in a standoff with the media. Next.

    — Romney: the quintessential career politician. Will tell you everything you want to hear, because the internal polls told him to say it. Next…

    — Perry: Watch the video of him proclaiming that if Bernanke were to print more money between now & the election, he would consider it treasonous. The only thing treasonous I see is that he expects me to believe him. As rehearsed as Bush 43 ever was.

    All this being said, Paul is currently my front-runner because he’s the only one addressing my primary issue, namely the Fed. And he’s not afraid to say it. His foreign policy views are far too isolationist IMO, circa 1930s, to put it mildly. And that does bother me, because Hitler rose to power during the Great Depression. While I take issue with some of these wars we’re involved in, we can’t just isolate ourselves like we did prior to WWII. Such an attitude for the most powerful country on earth only encourages aggression, and we’ll ultimately be sucked into war anyway because we live in a global economy.

    But if no one will take on the Fed, we won’t have a country left. So he’s winning right now with me. As far as the media’s blatant disrespect, I agree with some other posters that it’s outright fear. They’re trying to silence him by ignoring him (especially on monetary policy), because they want him to go away. If he were just some crazy (wo)man with crazy views, you’d see them taking him on like they did Bachmann this weekend. They can let Bachmann make a fool out of herself, but they can’t make him do it. He’s too smart.

    • Greg

      Mike D,
      Really good stuff man!! Great analysis and why the Republicans fear Dr. Paul. He could win!

  47. horace manoor

    The mainstream news media hate Ron Paul because he objects to our foreign policy, which treats a certain allied nation as deserving of our unbounded servility

  48. tilting@windbags

    Greg, Thank you for all your work on behalf of liberty and Dr. Paul…
    I just sort of riffed through these comments, I was inspired by a lot of them…the hundredth monkey, here we come!

  49. Lynn

    I figured it was because he is (1) outspokenly against the Federal Reserve, (2) doesn’t want the U.S. military all over the globe, and (3) doesn’t fall all over himself talking about how great Israel is. In fact, he wants fewer U.S. taxdollars to go there the same as he wants fewer U.S. dollars to go to other countries. The Powers That Be can’t abide any of this. Plan on him to continue being ignored.

    Of course he will be viciously attacked if he continues to do well despite the ignoring. But ignoring is a very successful strategy. For most people if it is not on TV, not on talk radio, and not in the papers, it didn’t happen.

    Greg: you were with the MSM, why do you think it is happening?

    Note to other readers: look for Fox to be totally part of this. Mostly for reasons (3) and (2).

  50. Jman

    Its well known on the Internet, and perhaps to the public at large, that the Corporate Media are propaganda outlets for the political Establishment (big corporate CEO’s, powerful libs & conservatives, etc).

    You should expect any mass media firm to have bias. Its always been that way, actually, even before large multi-nationals consolidated control over the industry. “Yellow Journalism” has been around since forever. Mankind’s tendency to brainwash his neighbor or distort facts…been around since Genesis.

    Many have complained about the Corporate Media, but it hasn’t changed anything. However I appreciate your effort to continue to inform over the Internet that the bias exists. That’s why the Internet is here, to break the information monopoly that the Corporate Media once had. Don’t worry, these guys are well on their way out, and all the corrupt sociopaths and feckless ideologues in government are on their way out too. They know the Internet is behind it, but there is nothing they can do.

  51. EC Steve

    Jon Stewart, the best media watchdog on TV, nailed this, Greg. Another “you may not agree with him, but…” kind of thing. Check out the clip from his August 15 show that covers Ames, especially the portion that addresses (with deadly humor) the Ron Paul thing:


    • Greg

      EC Steve,
      Thank you for the comment and the link!!! I hope everybody watches.

  52. Mitch Bupp

    Pure fear is why the MSM and the elite minimize the Ron Paul because he is a strict constitutionalist.

  53. WilliamB

    I’m Canada,
    and im always aware of how US media distorts truth. I wasn’t surprised by the lack of recognition for Ron Paul. The same corporate sponsors for each candidate other then Ron Paul Own the MEDIA. Why would they give him any props. Their afraid of this man. And they should be. I always wanted to live during this time, to see a man stand up against the machine. I believe he is this man. Like JFK, or Lincoln before him, i believe this man will Honestly try to help your people. Who cares if he is Republican or a Libertarian, the man only wants to Help your country before anything else. Why is that so wrong?. To the people who may wonder why i care?. I care because what the american Gov, does in this world, reflects on us. And im scared if they get another puppet in office who was sponsored by the same corporate entity’s as Obama, bush jr… there will be another war with Iran. I’m tired of all this war. How could they deem to be civilized when all i can remember growing up is the US bombing this place, and that place, going to war with Iraq, Somalia, it just never ends. and it needs to end before its to late. I’m tired of my brothers and sisters dying over corporate interest. It needs to end. The Fed had financed almost all Conflicts in the 20th century, its time to end their rein. Stand up. Give peace a chance.
    With Love From CANADA


    • Greg

      We love Canada too!!

    • Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL

      Love from Brazil too !!!
      We love US people here !!!
      And we hate your government almost as much as you do.
      But you don’t fear your government as much as we do, considering that I am already telling to my grand children what my father – an intelligence military officer – had told me during the early 70s:

      Make no mistake, they will go into any country for natural resources, because theirs are already depleting, and they will not just cross their arms and watch other countries rise and later take their throne. And thus Russia is the final one to beat, as the Russians have most of the world’s untapped natural resources, in a land about the size of USA and Brazil combined.

  54. Mark

    During the 2008 election debates Ron Paul was treated the same way. The questioners (Anderson Cooper) skipped him over most of the time. When he did get a question, he answered in a rational manner every time. In each instance Mitt Romney looked at him with disgust.

    Before local (Atlanta) talk show host Neal Boortz got syndicated he used to have Congressman Paul on his show all the time. Neal aligned himself with Paul’s ideals. Neal (betrayed his own values) changed his tune when his show went national. Now he talks of Dr. Paul as a kook. Neal changed, not Dr. Paul. Who is giving these people their marching orders?

    Dr. Paul is prescribing the medicine this country needs…COMMON SENSE!

  55. Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL


    Watch this clip of Daily Show, and see how Jon Stewart slammed mass media for deliberately ignoring Ron Paul, nearly stating that it’s because he is an anti-war candidate !!!


    He had the courage that few media guys have, that’s why he is The Most Trusted Man in US, a poll stated.

    By da way, amongst all those media shills I see C. Wallace as the worst one, because he is convincing actor:

    He is so sly, stealth cunning that he somehow manages to resemble an honorable man of respect and credibility, therefore many Sheeple believe him – sort of White Smart Oprah, he seems.

    Meanwhile, some others are OPENLY crude haters and extremists like Bill O’Reilly O.M.G.!), C. Matthews, Ed Schultz and Sean Insanity. Easy to discredit just by themselves.

    • Greg

      Thank you Francisco!!!

  56. Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL


    I uploaded and youtubed this one here :

    – “Nixon 1971 defaults GOLD BARS – worth $60 billion dollars “.


    Here is just its opening salvo:

    – “In 1970, without consent or knowledge of its honest people, US Government cataclysmically defaulted on a staggering amount of gold bars, cheating ALL countries of the entire planet ! Equivalent to 60 billion in U.S. dollars at that time! It simply refused to enforce a 25 years old contract clause, signed after WW2, where, in exchange for an exorbitant privilege of becoming the only world currency ever, US Government got committed to redeem dollars for gold.

    “( Note: Go to linked page, and read the full long text embedded telling the story).

    • Greg

      Thank you Francisco for the comments and content!!!

  57. Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL

    Interviewed by Fox News at YouTube :

    – “Ron Paul: I’m Trying to Change the Course of History ”


  58. Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL


    – ” Jack Cafferty: Ron Paul Deserves More Attention “.


    He then reads e-mails, see the outrage …

  59. Jerry Frey

    The current clutch of candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are – yawn, uninspiring – don’t see a Roosevelt or an Eisenhower among them.

    Perry – Dubya redux, thinks entitlement programs are unconstitutional; Paul – an oddity; Santorum – nothing better to do; Pawlenty – so what; Bachmann – get a clue, no accomplishments in Congress; Cain – no chance; Huntsman – no chance; Gingrich – super dud; Romney – plastic fantastic, spineless. Sarah Palin still lurks about marketing her brand name. Donald Trump may give it another shot for more free publicity, something he excels at.

    Face the facts – wise up, wake up – there’s no leadership in this country because there is no politician who will risk the wrath of senior voters by telling them the truth.


  60. Steve from Ohio

    The corporate controlled media (owned by the banks) hate Ron Paul because he is a threat to their pet project (The Federal Reserve). The bankers own the media and so they will try every trick in the book to keep Ron Paul from even being mentioned.

    Ron Paul stands up to the economy wrecking FED like no other has and Ron Paul has been right about the economy. He is right about the wars. He has been more right than anyone in politics.

    Stand up to the Corporate media who thinks that they can tell us who we can or should vote for. Stand up for America. Vote for Ron Paul.

  61. Red Mann

    Dr. Paul:

    If you really want to win the Presidency of the US, you MUST start talking about harm done to its own people with Depleted Uranium Munitions (DU) by the US military. This harm is done with the DOD’s FULL KNOWLEDGE.


    Next time (and every time) another candidate or network “news” person insults you or talks to you like a child (i.e. “We are talking about IRAN, Ron, not Iceland”) hit them with their ignorance and total lack of concern for US Military members and their families that have been exposed to Depleted Uranium Munitions. Let the people know that the corporate “owners” of the TV networks also manufacturer DU and directly profit when it is used. Let everyone know WHY YOU ARE BEING IGNORED BY THE MAINSTREAM US MEDIA!

    Dr. Paul, please know what will result from exposure to DU.

    1.) The breakdown of the immune system of every living organism on earth.
    2.) Very malignant fast acting cancers of all sorts will form in the individuals who have consumed and inhaled hot particles.
    3.) Diabetes type 2 at pandemic levels.
    4.) A tremendous rise in the infant death syndrome.
    5.) Human genetic mutations, also, of all types.
    6.) Genetic mutations of every living thing including bacteria and viruses.
    7.) A tremendous drop in the “viable male sperm count” versus what is considered “fertile” or “normal levels” in the rest of the world that has not been affected by Depleted Uranium Munitions.


  62. Mark

    I believe the solution to Ron Paul’s snubbing is to Quit Watching the Mainstream Media and Buying the Biased Newspapers. Boycotting their sponsors might help too. Their spin(s) and lies by omission are inexcusable. Hitting the pocketbook always seems to work.

    These people are totally ignoring the middle class.

  63. Bob

    The Obama didn’t stop the useless wars, maybe Paul can.

  64. iknowbetter

    I’m a longtime democrat who really likes Ron Paul. He appears to be the last true Republican of the last two generations. (Think Ike.) Today’s Republicans are all about social agendas. Blecch! What a terrible distraction from what really needs to be done.

    Sad to say, I think the media snuubing of Paul is ageism. The MSM thinks he’s too old to be elected. Strike two is that he tells the truth. Nobody wants to hear the truth except those who visit your website/blog.


  65. josh

    yes, it’s spooky how they choose to ignore ron paul. i’m far from being a libertarian. in fact, i’m basically a social democrat. i don’t want to live in a society without a government safety net. i don’t think isolationism is a practical foreign policy in the modern world. but even though i disagree with his stand on the issues, i have to respect ron paul’s integrity. he’s absolutely ideologically consistent and he obviously has thought through all his positions. i think they ignore him because he scares the people at the top both left and right. you don’t mess with the federal reserve. period. it’s not in the interest of any reporter’s career to give ron paul the serious coverage that any thinking person can see that he deserves.

    i’m sure you have all seen this but, in case you haven’t, this is from the 2008 debates.


  66. Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL

    Thomas Woods, PhD
    New York Times bestselling author Thomas Woods makes the case for voting for Congressman Ron Paul

  67. Francisco Almeida - BRAZIL

    CNBC Morning Joe, about Ron Paul:

    “He is an extremely impressive man, he’s brilliant, he practices what he preaches, he stands for his beliefs”.


  68. GC

    Let me preface my question by stating that some of the things Ron Paul says I agree with. However, I’m confused as to his logic in most cases. For example, I just heard him say that the regulators were responsible (at least substantially) for the mortgage meltdown. Assuming you don’t believe that a slow dismantling of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Banking Act (spurred largely by the 1999 Financial Services Graham-Leech-Bliley Act) was a significant contributing factor, how did government regulators independently cause the meltdown? I concede that Bush era housing policy and the subsequent bailout of Fannie and Freddie didn’t help matters. However, when market credit reporting agencies who are compensated by the corporations to whom they provide securities ratings failed to rate honestly, when CDO’s became rampant, and when the mortgage consumer acted irrationally, I’m not sure how an excess of government regulation played the role Ron Paul is suggesting. I’m also unclear as to how the States are supposed to assume the gratuitous social programs currently performed by the Federal government when, according to the Center on Budget and Priority Policies, only 6 states are not projected to have a 2012 budget deficit (with two not reporting). In the aggregate, States face a $111.9 billion cash deficit representing 17.6% of 2011 spending. I’m also confused as to how, in a Libertarian society, the free market “won’t allow crimes like fraud, or libel,” and it’s the legislators that “get in the way” of effective market enforcement. If the law was enacted to cure a particularly dangerous or recurring violation for which plaintiff’s or the state had no remedy in law or equity (as is typically spelled out in the legislative history within the statutes), how, or better yet, why would the free market or individuals impose upon themselves rules against their own self-interest. In particular, why would they now when they haven’t before and conversely undertook the very violations creating the need for legislative or judicial intervention? Further, if Federal legislatures are the problem, who would write or enforce laws as between states? What tribunal would be appropriate for adjudicating these disputes (a point to which the commerce clause has been specifically developed to deal with)? How would one State’s sovereignty fair against another’s? Also, does Ron Paul or other Libertarians believe in the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution? Again, I mean no disrespect. However, I truly do not understand how, as Ron Paul asserts, our freedom has been so egregiously undermined and total State and corporate governance will restore it (or as he stated, “hopefully”). Please advise.

    • Greg

      All valid questions and I do not have the answers. I just did a story on how the MSM ignored a candidate near the top of the polls.

  69. dean thompson

    Its not hard to figure out why the media ignores Ron Paul,they are and have been in bed with the establishment and it would be a blow to their ego also the people would then know for sure that they had been bought off and heads would roll.

  70. marc

    because the media knows that the american public is, for the most part, made up of a lot of idiots, and will not vote for a guy that looks like Ron Paul, regardless of what he says. they consider him unelectable on that alone, and therefore dont give him any respect or their precious airtime.

  71. Lana

    In one world CONTROL
    The rigged Tampa show coming up will be a close lost for Ron Paul to pacify gullible Americans
    Romney is not worried his people owns and runs the American prostitutes he plans to pimp.

  72. Julia Burns

    What is the cable corporations who control what we watch CHICKEN? Are they afraid to let the general public see and hear what Ron Paul has to say?

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