Worst Crash of All Coming-Mike Maloney

mike-maloneyBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Gold and silver expert Mike Maloney has been producing an internet series called “The Hidden Secrets of Money.” His latest is episode seven in this ongoing series, and it gives a stark warning about “The USA’s Day of Reckoning.” Maloney explains, “Watch episode seven if you want to see the future.  I was very accurate in predicting the crash of 2008 and the consequences of it.  I believe the rest of my predictions that did not come true have not come true—yet.  They are about to.  Episode seven is the USA’s day of reckoning. . . . It’s going to be devastating for most people. . . . I believe there is going to be an enormous wealth transfer. It is up to every individual whether that wealth is transferred away from them or towards them.  Sometimes the wealth transfer goes from 100 people to one or 1,000 people to one.  This time, it’s going to be hundreds of thousands to one.  There are going to be very few big winners and a whole lot of losers.”

The biggest problem? Maloney says it’s debt, and lots of it.  Maloney contends, “The world is awash in debt.  The first crash in 2000 was a stock market crash.  In 2007 and 2008, we had a stock market and real estate crash and implosion.  In 2016 or 2017, we are going to be having stocks, real estate and bonds all crashing because this is a perfect convergence.  Ben Bernanke created an extra 400% of base currency to the money supply.  This crash is going to be deflationary, and it will be true deflation.  That is because of the psychology behind it. . . .  Our monetary system cannot stand deflation.  If you go into deflation, it is possible for the currency supply to go into a deflationary implosion. . . .  The entire world always has to go deeper and deeper and deeper into debt to keep this Ponzi scheme of a monetary system going.  If we don’t, it implodes. . . . This next crash is going to be devastating because it will be stocks, real estate and bonds (all at the same time).  This is going to be the worst crash of all.”

On gold and silver and its recent take down? Maloney says don’t worry, precious metals prices are going higher, much higher.  Maloney says, “Gold is real money, and it has stored value throughout the centuries.  Silver is also real money, and it is the money of the common man.  Silver has been used in more transactions that any other medium of exchange throughout history.  I expect if we get into a major war, you are going to see gold and silver take a moon shot.  One of the things that some commentators have said is this will unfold very slowly until the day that it doesn’t.  Then it’s going to happen very fast.  I believe that is one of the things that we are in for.  You are going to see gold just take off and not look back, and silver is going with it.  Also, silver will most likely outperform gold by quite a factor.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author and renowned precious metals expert Mike Maloney of GoldSilver.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is lots of free information and videos on the home page of GoldSilver.com. Maloney’s latest video called “The USA’s Day of Reckoning” can be viewed by clicking here.  To sign up for the free weekly GoldSilver.com newsletter, click here.  Mike’s newest version of his best-selling book “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver” can be found by clicking here.  (Scroll to bottom of page for the book info.)

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  1. Donald

    Another guy who has been talking about the big crash for years now. One of these days/years he will be right.

    • Greg Hunter

      And you better be ready my friend.

      • Art Martello

        Greg, so much confusion and disagreement over the week end blood bath for both presidential candidates.

        Here are the 2 questions that need to be asked to put this in perspective.

        1) If Trump were elected president, how many Americans might you expect to DIE over Trumps apparent views of women as portrayed by the media?
        2) If Clinton were elected president, how many Americans might you expect to DIE over her privately stated goal to have the western hemisphere become one big borderless land mass and how many Americans might you expect to DIE over her privately stated desire to abolish people’s 2nd amendment rights?

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t know Art, but I am happy those Wall Street speeches got released.

        • Frederick

          Hey Art welcome to the biggest bunch of deploreables on the net us Watchdoggers

        • Frederick

          The debate was horrible and so unbelieveably biased against Trump I just got done watching it on youtube and I just cant believe what Im watching

      • Kevin

        Ok we get it….this site isnt news anymore…..it is a round robin of the same people repeating the same crap over and over and over.

        • Greg Hunter

          Then you should move over to CNN and NBC where they have the “real” news. Bye.

        • Macray

          Here’s one for you!!!! And you can’t get this at CNN or NBC : ((((
          Did Hillary Clinton Use Energy Policy as a Weapon to Threaten Putin With Destabilization?
          In the latest Wikileaks documents which contain excerpts from Hillary Clinton private speeches, she said this to the Silicon Valley-based Marketo Inc. in April 2014 (m emphasis):
          Secondly, the effort to undermine the market in oil and gas and commodities goes right at the source of Russia’s wealth. When I was Secretary I cannot say I saw this coming, but what I saw was that in 2006 in January he cut off gas to Eastern Europe. I think like a dozen people froze to death in Poland. He did it again in 2009, primarily focused on Ukraine. He has used his energy weapon to intimidate Europe. And starting in 2009 I began having conversations with the Europeans that they had to do more to be more independent and to push for a more competitive marketplace for energy. I formed something called the U.S.-EU Energy Council and began trying to look at what more we could do to really wean people away from Russian supplies. The more we can do that the more difficult it will be for Putin to maintain his hold on leadership, even with his inner circle without changing course.

    • Robert Lykens

      I’m another.

    • al Hall

      Emergency Announcement: Where You Are Is Where You Will Soon Stay- WW3 Is Here (video)= http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/10/09/emergency-announcement-where-you-are-at-is-where-you-will-soon-stay-ww3-is-here/

      Military insiders tell these two men- we won’t make it through October. There will be no elections- I was told this 10 years ago- Obama would be the last president!!


      • Jerry

        Thank you for posting this link. I am in total agreement with Dave Hodges. I have personally witnessed military preparations going on in my area, and have no doubt that as the central banks loose control
        ( primarily through lack of reserve currency positioning globally) they will take us to war. Historically whatever country ceases to use dollars for trade, we attack. China and Russia are at the top of the chopping block.

        • Frederick

          The only problem with that plan is Jerry Russia and China are not some two bit third world countries like the others weve invaded in the past and the little fact that they are nuclear powers as well as economic powers TPTB are in trouble brother Big trouble and evidently so are we

      • Jerry

        This is what a tactical nuke looks like when it goes off. The Russians are moving up mobile missile launchers now in Syria and Ukraine.

    • Alan R

      Donald, with all due respect it is very easy to find fault with those who have anticipated the house of cards collapsing by now. The trap is applying rational analysis and historical precedent to the current set of circumstances that have no precedent vis a vis intervention, colossal manipulation, and a debt bubble that is effectively beyond most people’s comprehension in real terms.

      However it is useful to note that the best and brightest minds out there today (Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to name but one) have openly acknowledged their astonishment at the degree to which central banks have been able to keep the charade going far longer than they ever thought possible in their wildest imaginings.

      Mike is an outstanding teacher imho, not a Tarot Card reader or pseudo-psychic. Whether one buys his books or not, the info he provides to all for free is of a quality that is hard to surpass at any price and is accessible at the click of a mouse.

      I watched episode 7 of Hidden Secrets a short time ago, and followed that with the 13 minute “bonus” segment. In that short piece he said something that I believe tells the sad truth that most do not get (present company excluded, i.e., most USAW viewers):
      “Most people are least interested in the one thing that will ultimately have the greatest impact on their lives, i.e. the world of money & finance.” (paraphrasing here)

      Blame it on the lack of practical finance-oriented instruction in the school systems, the lapdog presstitute media, heck blame it on Rio or the Bossa Nova if one prefers. The bottom bottom line is that the vast majority have no idea what is brewing and unavoidably will land on our shores, and they may well be be wiped out financially as a result due to a lack of anticipation/understanding.

      He also said something in that brief segment that can be hugely empowering: “Anticipating the future actions of the herd can spell the difference between the greatest upcoming transfer of wealth moving toward or away from oneself” (paraphrasing again)

      Normalcy bias (expecting things to remain the same because they’ve always been that way) can be extremely hazardous to one’s wealth and standard of living, obviously that includes health and quality of life going forward.

      Just wanted to offer a perspective to help temper the understandable inclination to fault the messenger. In this instance I believe we are fortunate to be on the receiving end of such a well founded assessment by Mike Maloney and for Greg Hunter having him on at this very precarious time.


    • Gary Glover

      the funny thing those guys in 90% of the time want to sell you gold or sth else that will help you save your wealth, hahah

    • aussie jeff

      Gregory Manarinno tells it like it is,his view of the election is imho spot on!

    • ross

      You could be right Donald. With the infinite money created by our banksters, They could well make their ponzy scams last another 2 years. We don’t know about the size of secret QE or the machinations of the Exchange Stabilisation Fund.The ease at which they took down gold recently shows us their power.
      China is quote happy to buy gold at near production costs . Both Russia and China know the US empire is crumbling under the weight of its own corruption and all they have to do is wait.
      Our criminal Oligarchs know we the people are becoming very aware thus there is some urgency for them to act.Don’t forget elites have many plans on operation and they are not bound to any one plan.This is a time of resolve and patience. He who blinks is lost.

  2. Steve Murphy

    Mr. Maloney is one of my favorite guest on your website. He has the ability to explain difficult concepts in a way that is much easier to understand. My dilemma is convincing my loved ones to prepare for the events that Mr. Maloney talks about. They inevitably ask about a timeline, which I am unable to explain. I wish that I knew the timeline, however each time I hear Mr. Maloney speak, the big picture becomes more clear. Thank you for website and wonderful guest.
    S. Murphy

  3. andyb

    Thanks Greg. Mike is a great explainer, teacher, etc. For whatever time we all have left, his advice is correct. His point on when to sell needs further clarification. First of all, we will not know the true value of the PMs until the elites establish a benchmark in the form of an alternative currency. That may take a month to a year. Initially there may be a fake out if gold hits $2000 and silver $100 and we are inundated with cries to SELL, SELL, SELL. That’s when the sheep will be sheared. A financial implosion PLUS war should send gold to $20k or higher; silver to over $1000. SO, BY ALL MEANS, WAIT IT OUT. To survive, you’ll need food, water, ammo and enough cash to last 6 months. Remember that if the banks close, all credit immediately dies and the stores will not be restocked. Be safe; protect yourselves.

    • Robert Lykens

      “That’s when the sheep will be sheared.”
      Great observation.

    • Hairy Herry

      Your comment is by far the best I’ve read. It’s spot-on!
      I’m trying to figure out when the house of cards tumbles, but the wiggling is getting worse and worse when governments choose to take people’s property and cash in the name of Civil Asset Forfeiture. The BEAST must be fed, and some Federal prosecutor’s offices are also on this take. That’s yet another reason I have some $$ into Bitcoin and am adding more SILVER to the stash.
      Keep Stackin’!

  4. Oxfarmer

    Greg, you know we appreciate everything you do and contrary opinions are also valuable. But I did not like Mr. Maloney. “Check out my books X through Y,” reminds me of certain preachers. “Here’s where the secrets are hidden…”. and each one costs money, of course and there will always be one more.

    Mr Maloney didn’t say anything I didn’t know until ‘gold and silver are just lumps of metal’. He would want to buy currency again. Huh? It is going to be electronic, barter and gold and silver. Many civilizations did just fine on metals. And one last question…if his major source of income is not his books, what is it?

  5. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    A very good interview and Mr. Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money series is very good. If people have not seen it I highly encourage them to do so. I wonder if we will see a snap back in the price of metals tomorrow since the US will be celebrating Columbus Day and China will be back in the market.

    Remember, buy precious metals; gold, silver, lead and brass. You buy the lead and brass so you can keep the gold and silver.


    • Bill

      Country Codger: Please explain– buy lead and brass so we can keep the gold and silver. How will brass and lead become so valuable???

      • Arthur

        He’s referring to ammunition?

      • Markp

        I’m pretty sure CC means “ammo” when he says lead and brass. That will protect your gold, silver, everything (presuming you have the weapons to go with the ammo).

      • Anne Elliott

        Lead and brass in bullets are extremely valuable, given the right set of circumstances…

        • Julie Tyra

          One thought is to hopefully use the same ammo as your opponents! As the blood and brass falls you pick it up for free and move on to the next unlucky fellow. Watch out for the camp followers they have no mercy on the ones that are still drawing breath.
          LUCEO non URO

      • Country Codger

        Hi Bill.
        Buy bullets for you rifles and handguns. They will be hard to come by, some already are. A brick of .22 used to $8-9.00 but now that same brick, if you can find it is $49.95.

      • Charles H

        Protection – as in Self-Defense. (Firearm?)

        • Country Codger

          Hi Charles H,
          Yes, self protection. I have been in 4 countries at the time of their collapse. What will happen to your loved ones during a collapse is not a pretty sight. If you love your family defend them. If not, it would still be good to have at least one handgun around to put them out of their misery, providing of course you will still be alive at that point. The coming collapse will not be the Great Depression part II because today’s society has NO morality to guide it. In the first Great Depression America was still a moral country rather than the amoral country it is now.

          Love your family? Defend them.

          • Charles H

            C C,

            As a missionary, stuck in a near country which won’t allow guns (20 years prison) – I plan to do exactly as you advise. 63 years old, and I’m installing heavy fence and barbed-wire. Front door is solid steel. Natives wonder WHY in the world I’d do this dangerous work, balancing on a ladder and welding. They have NO IDEA what’s coming. Roaches might check in: but they won’t check out.

            • Country Codger

              Charles H
              My prayers go with you, sir. You are doing the work of our Father and I pray He watches over you.


          • Colladeral Damage

            Gina, oh Gina…. Where are you?????

          • Colladeral Damage

            Country Codger,

            If you don’t mind, please list the 4 countries that you were in when they collapsed?

            • Country Codger

              Hello CD,
              I was in the Great Mekong Marathon, also known as the Republic of South VietNam, April 29th, 1975. I was in Laos and also Cambodia. I lost my whole team going into Koh Tang Island, May of 1975. We were all kids and thought we were stud ducks and invincible. And, unfortunately, I hate to admit it, Iran. We escorted precious cargo out of the country. This was the second time in my life that I realized that the CIA was working against most other intelligence agencies of the US. The first time was in Laos.

              When I was at NSA we had a group called the 5th Column who did their best to confound the CIA and because of the “Colonel Flagg” factor was quite successful. However, most of the 5th column retired in the 90’s, enter the Clinton administration and their *&^% foreign policy and the few that fought for the Constitution died out, some literally.

              If saner heads do not prevail, America will pay the price far too soon.


              • Charles H


                I was on the USS Midway – during the evacuation of Saigon in ’75. Thanks for your prayers.

      • Bob Lamb

        Lead and brass preferably in the shape of hollow-points

      • Casey Hawkins

        I think he means ammo. Bullets are lead, brass, and gunpowder.

  6. Justn Observer

    Greg…Thanks for having Mr. Maloney on ! Another man with simply clear explanations…
    with the added quality of level educating about the underlying aspects…
    Timely as well ! http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-09/so-who-sold-gold-week
    Thank you Greg and Mike !

  7. Shadow of Doubt

    Our “Insider”, wanted me to send a couple Henrik Ibsen quotes your way (since you are a stalwart patriot, you will undoubtedly get to live them daily!):
    “To Live is to War with Trolls”.
    “Never wear your best trouser when you go out to fight for freedom and truth”.
    BTW great guest and interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SOD for your quotes and support!!

  8. OutLookingIn

    Those who have not watched “The Hidden Secrets of Money” series of videos, are really missing out on a wealth safety life preserver. These videos are really very well done by Mike and his crew, to a high level of production.
    They are far from boring and will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more information as Mike unveils, what many think to be too complicated to understand, the system simplified so all will be able to see behind the curtain.
    Just the animation and charts used in the series are well worth your time. As Mike says; “Being fore warned is being fore armed”. Ignore this valuable, free knowledge resource at your own peril.

    Thank you Greg for bringing Mike on. Like you his foremost intent is to educate and inform people, so they may protect themselves and their families. With the Creators help and the truth found here, we will persevere.

  9. Robbie41


    I left you this good article to read. I know there will be NO ELECTION IN NOV.

    I’m wishin you well Greg, Hope you are ready for what’s coming, & may the LORD be with you alway’s..

    • Old Dog

      I am being candid, not sarcastic.
      Has Dave Hodges ever been right … about anything?

  10. Dan S.

    I found out about Mike last week and I’ve watched his episode 6 and 7 you tube videos. He truly is a smart man and he explains things in a simple and concise manner. I urge all your readers to check out his videos.
    Maybe I should be asking Mike this, but providing bombs aren’t bursting in air over North America by the end of the year. It looks like from what others are saying that Italy is gonna tell the Euro zone to kiss off on Dec 4th. Would that not cause a flight from the Euro and into the US $ again and drive down the price of gold?

    When are you having Bo on again? I’d like to hear his excuse for not having $10k gold by now?

  11. john duffy

    Very, Very good rant

    “Well, isn’t this something! While we all wait for Commissioner Gordon to call an emergency meeting of Gotham City Council, we sit in stunned disbelief over the cartoonish hypocrisy of the media. These wretched human beings spend 24/7 ramming their pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, pro-perversion agenda down the throats of the American people, and now here they are pretending to faint away in horror over Donald Trump’s potty-mouthed locker-room banter eleven years ago.

    Shame on Donald Trump, scold the media hypocrites… for talking about the vile things Bill Clinton actually did—things which Grandma Clinton covered up, smoothed over, lied about and denied. Sure, Trump’s horrific banter would be a campaign killer in the America in which I grew up. But today? In 2016…after decades of perversion-peddling by the most powerful people in government, media and entertainment? The word “pervert” itself has lost its meaning under the watch of these perverts. These same charlatans screaming for Donald Trump’s head today, spent the last year demanding that men be given the right to use girls’ showers and restrooms all over America. ”


    • Shadow of Doubt

      Well said, John! Its true our feckless media will embrace all forms of political corruption; but apparently their refined sensibilities are outraged at the most heinous sin of all – namely that of being “politically incorrect”.

    • Paul ...

      Correct John … This blistering attack against Trump is being waged by immoral neocons and their MSM puppets because Trump can be nasty?? … this “exactly the quality” we want in our chosen leader charged with taking out the traitorous crooked Satanists … the “Holier then Thou” neocons and their MSM puppets think they can confuse and distract us “from the real issues” by bashing Trump for doing once what they do on a daily basis?? … just look at all the immoral trash the MSM puts before the eyes of our children every day …
      … these immoral perverted Godless globalists and their MSM minions will likely soon put Miley Cyrus up as our next President!!

      • Anne Elliott

        Miley for President??? Paul, PLEASE do not give TPTB any ideas!!! 😉

        • Paul ...

          Anne … I don’t have to give them ideas … they come up with immoral perverted ideas as to who to make our President all on their own … we need a “nasty guy” … who will stand up to evil and tell these immoral warmongering perverts “straight to their face” that he is going to put them in prison!!

          • Paul ...

            Remember that famous quote from Star Trek … when Kirk asks the Devil … “If you are God why do you need a Star Ship???” … similarly Trump should asking Hillary … “Why does she need the American Presidency???” … To do greater evil??!!

            • Greg Hunter

              Good one Paul!!

    • Amused Observer

      In the debate Hilary boasted many times about her 30 years of Public Service. Donald Trump mentioned that she and Bill had a personal fortune of about $250M. Surely, if these two things are factual and if she made the bulk of that during those 30 years of Public service, then Trump ought to raise the question of WHOM she was serving during all those years. This sounds like the disease of Washington insiders who enrich themselves by trading on their influence and insider knowledge, and think nothing of it. If I was advising Trump, this is what I would focus on. He may not think that $250M is a lot of money, but the average person sure does.

  12. Snorky

    No one knows how this will all play itself out. In the end, you need to be prepared as best you can and then be blessed with good karma.

  13. Mohammad

    This is today Greg,


    “We have witnessed a fundamental change of circumstances when it comes to the aggressive Russophobia that now lies at the heart of U.S. policy towards Russia,” Lavrov told Russian state TV’s First Channel.

    “It’s not just a rhetorical Russophobia, but aggressive steps that really hurt our national interests and pose a threat to our security.”

    Now keep in mind Greg the change in the Russian doctrine embracing a preemptive strike when they sense their national security is at stake…..IS LAVROV LAYING THE ARGUMENT FOR A PREEMPTIVE STRIKE especially on the heel of the double veto yesterday in the security council over Syria?

    And is that what US wants? to draw Russia into it and push them to start?
    Poking the bear in the eye with a stick does not go long before that bear does something…!


  14. Daniel

    He looks like Conan O’Brien!

    • Greg Hunter

      Only richer and smarter.

  15. darren

    Greg…Great interview….I guess my ??? is “For how long should one be prepared for?” Will 3 months be good? Maybe 6 months? Or should one be ready for 1 year or longer??? Thanks & God Bless….Darren

    • Paul ...

      The Bible tells us it is prudent to store up 7 years of grain!!

      • allen ols

        paul where pls

        • Paul ...

          I don’t remember the exact passage … perhaps someone can help with that … but it took place in Egypt before the time of Christ where the rulers were told to store 7 years of grain!

          • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

            Try the book of Exodus.

    • Robert Lykens

      Darren, I try to keep six months of food stored, in addition to lots of gold/silver. While you’re living off your stores, hopefully some sort of economic recovery will take place. If not, you’ll have your gold/silver to take up the slack.
      Oh, and hunting firearms/ammo/fishing gear.

    • Country Codger

      Please put up food for as long as you can feasably afford. This will not be a hiccup in the night. Any food that you will have extra you will be able to trade, bell or barter with, but believe me you will need it.

  16. Agent P

    Ask Mike Maloney what ever happened to riding Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ train of real estate riches…? By the way, Robert Kiyosaki has since moved into the ‘gold/sound money’ space as of a few years back…

    Not to bash Mr. Maloney, but… All of these guys ride the cyclical train of ‘fear-fads’ – whether real or perceived makes no difference, because the end result is the same: $$$ in their pockets… Does this mean they don’t have valid points or a ‘unique’ take on the current situation? Of course not. The best ‘scams’ all have crumbs of ‘truth’ scattered about to gain your attention – that’s the whole point…

    Enjoy it, but take it with a few grains of caution before proceeding forth with your wallet…

    • Paul ...

      Agent P … If you are concerned about owning gold or silver you should consider owning nickels … they never fluctuate in value … however when paper dollars are deemed worthless … the nickel and copper content of a nickel will give it value … so the nickel could easily be use as currency when the electronic and paper dollars become trash … this advise is no fad or scam and not something to make money off of … it is simply a way to hold on to the purchasing power of your money when paper money and electronic money fail!

      • Paul ...

        Currently they say the US Dollar is worth only about 3 cents … with one ounce of silver currently worth about 1700 cents … do the math … divide 3 cents into 1700 cents to find how many dollars a one ounce silver coin is worth … the answer is $566 dollars … and as the US dollar falls to a penny a one ounce silver coin will be worth $1700 dollars … QED!!

  17. Russ

    Thanks Greg, very timely interview. I’m only as smart as the last guy I listened to on the internet, so today I feel fairly well informed.

    BTW, at 14:50 in the interview, Mr. Maloney mentions a quote, “this will unfold very slowly until the day that it doesn’t, and then it’s gonna happen very fast”, and attributes it to Doug Casey. There’s a page on this quote at — https://www.sovereignman.com/offshore/slowly-at-first-then-all-at-once-12909/
    The “slowly and then all at once” sentiment goes back to Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises”.
    “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked.
    “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

    Who gets credit is small stuff. The point is that when this comes apart it will be over a weekend and Monday morning it will be done — essentially all at once. Bank holiday, dollar index off the low end of the chart and the reciprocal price of gold will be at nose-bleed altitudes and still climbing. Everything grinds to a halt. But that’s just a theory. Maybe it will all work out. Film at eleven.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ for the comment and for adding to the content of this post. Good stuff man!!!

      • Russ

        Thanks for the kind words. I was at ZeroHedge recently reading an article on the coming Italian banking crisis – http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-10/heres-where-next-bank-deposit-bail-will-strike – the author of which thinks the next country to be Cyprus’d will be Italy. My epiphany was that Hemingway’s “gradually and then suddenly” is only valid for those who see it coming; if you do see it, you can do something. Those keeping up with current events have a chance — cash and gold. If you see it coming and then do nothing, look in the mirror after the suddenly part, that guy is partially to blame.

        If you don’t see it coming, there’s no gradually about it. For those unfortunate individuals, the crisis will have occured “all at once” — clueless.

        At current interest rates, why keep money in a bank… rhetorical.

  18. Doug

    Love to hear M.M. He can explain complicated concepts in an easy fashion. I believe he is spot-on just like many of your other guests. Manipulation will go on until the very bitter end. Perhaps we should deal with those who have manipulated the system by enforcing pertinent laws to send him to prison. Excellent interview as always great. Be well. Doug

  19. DLC

    I have every confidence that we will hear some serious fiscal talk at the Roman Colosseum tonight — not.

    A country seemingly absorbed with some man’s lewd conversation of a 10-year vintage is not serious on any level. I will not be watching the hair fight debate this evening. For what point other than voyeurism?

    We have 2 choices — over the cliff or over the rainbow. I’ll chance Trump.

    But, let’s say Trump pulls off a win in Nov. Then what? The RINOs are carving their knives — and what can be accomplished with an ill-informed, uninvolved, and oh so dependent population? How to weather the fools and the crooks?

    Above and beyond this mess, I entertain hopes that our military and some untainted intelligence groups might perhaps rescue us from ourselves after the collapse, effect some sort of order out of the purposeful chaos. Some big fish arrests finally?

    A collapse is likely what it will take to get everyone’s attention, get us off our fascination with smut and presto-chango manufactured identity rights (tranny/illegals to name a few).

  20. Dano

    Mike Maloney is a very astute observer and he is good at providing explanations that the average person can understand. I have been able to find all of his “hidden secrets of money” episodes online at zero cost to me. What a great resource! Thank you Greg for another great interview.

  21. Mohammad

    This article clearly shows that no options left for Republicans to remove Trump from the ballot since early voting overseas has already started.


    Only a war can stop Trump.

    Am afraid the cranked up heat in the rhetoric associated with cutting diplomatic channels between nuclear superpowers and the crescendo of war drumbeat from almost every corner is telling me that it is a very high probability this could be the Trump derailing plan.


  22. Charles H


    The government will not admit to recession; and the MSM will never report the truth. And worse is – I am not sure that governments will ever allow Markets to return to free operation. “Money” will always be something which “WE” tell you what it is, and how you can use it; while precious metals are still only lumps of material. The first rule of Italian School of Driving is – tear-off the rear-view mirror: everything behind you doesn’t matter. So it is with the Brave New World – history is behind us: none of that matters.

    • Hairy Herry

      TPTB want you to throw in the towel. They want you to give up any insurance whatsoever you have which can prolong or enhance your ability to thwart any leverage or control they can muster upon or from you! They want you to capitulate!! Give them any of your physical gold and silver at the wrong time and they can cover their short positions easily, using your EMOTION to do so. This ain’t no kid’s video game – this instead is economic Fight Club! I don’t know about you, but I’m in this and will go bare-knuckle if required.
      As Kitco dot com smartly noted on several occasions, these traders are rather cool and calculated, well educated with little if any emotion. (Definitely hard to pull off, but look how long it’s worked in their favor! Many successfully follow them and are doing well now.) Black Boxes have added to their percentages. Government has their backs, or the CFTC would’ve done something about it a long, long time ago! Something serious will snap which causes these parasites to lose control. A parasite is too nice a word to use here, since I’m referring to an entity clearly manifesting itself as cancer. It will very likely kill the host, even if the sovereign decides on continued backing. (Sounds like we’re well down this road already, huh?) I sense the DERIVATIVES will break so badly. Deutsche Bank has encouraged calm to their investors regarding the 46 trillion euro books of paper garbage with little if any actual backing. (I believe 46 T is too low) but not everyone is ready to short that sucker to the ground. If they go, expect the derivative chains throughout the globe to unravel – and this time, do not expect the Fed to be able to bail them out without massive Helicopter Money! This hairy guy intends to spend any received Bernanke Bucks thereby granted me in purchase of precious metals, specifically silver.
      To conclude, expect life to change incredibly. China will bring back the balance in the PM markets, although it’s taking far more time than I expected. This does not mean we won’t see deserved Justice. Patience is required to see this through.

      • Charles H

        H H,

        I’ve been on this roller-coaster since 2010. NO WAY I’m giving-up easy after what I’ve been through.

  23. Paul ...

    Most all the debt in the world is “electronic debt”… so as things implode the paper debt notes “US Fed Notes”(dollars) will seem in “short supply” until everyone realizes that the paper dollar IOU’s are just as worthless as all the other “electronic debt” … the money people will be using is “commodity money” … like gold and silver but also don’t forget pennies and nickels which are “commodity money” … a day will come when 1 penny will buy you what one Fed paper dollar will buy you … and since one ounce of silver is currently worth about 2000 pennies … one ounce of silver will buy you what $2000 Fed paper dollars will buy you!!

  24. Laura

    John McCain just withdrew his support for Trump! Does anyone really care? No!
    No doubt he knew this day would come and he (and others) could attempt to pull the rug out from Trump. But guess what? True Trump supporters are standing with Trump, realizing the truth…all just a show!

    • Mohammad

      Damage is profound, tonight is his ONLY chance to sustain his run.


      • Greg Hunter

        “Damage is profound” Please this is almost funny. Many women say Bill Clinton raped them-please stop. Here’s what I wrote to DLC: “Don’t buy it. This is not going to sink Trump. The MSM, NWO criminal crony class are desperate and some locker-room talk from 11 years ago is all they got to try to cover a paid Wall Street Shill (Clinton) with a private agenda that is opposite from her public agenda. This according to her now released speeches that she got millions of bucks for. Clinton gave speeches on how she was lying to America to sell us out. Get it??? How many Bernie voters (which was half of the Democrat party) do you think she will get after this revelation??? Trump will get more Bernie voters than Clinton, and that is for sure. Criminal, traitor, untrustworthy and weasel are a few of the words come to mind to describe Clinton. Also, Clinton broke the law and used an unprotected private server(s) to hide the fact she was taking treasonous bribes through her global charity fraud called the Clinton Foundation. Now, Trumps “locker-room talk” doesn’t look so bad–does it?? Thank you for your comment.

        • Mohammad


          Do not underestimate the Clintons/Bush alliance against Trump, remember who leaked…BILLY BUSH..?

          They will release more damaging videos to offset their loss tonight in the debate.



          • Greg Hunter

            They are lost and desperate. So what!! Let em.

      • Tin foil hat

        I’m glad Trump didn’t go rated R in the debate as you suggested, he went XXX on Hillary. She looked as though she’d just swallowed like Monica Lewinski did when Trump said he’d appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after the Clinton Crime Family if he were elected.

        • Paul ...

          Hillary may have swallowed hard … but she kept smiling because she knew she had an ace in the hole (Obama) … why do you think she was so nice to Michele Obama saying they were the best of friends? … Hillary is expecting “a pardon” from Obama for all her crimes and misdemeanors … despite her locking up half the black population in her “for profit” prison system! … look for Bill Clinton to accidentally meet with Obama on a Plane where they happen to get together to talk about their kids!

      • Laura

        I think Trump did amazingly well tonight! He was able to share his ideas and had some hilarious one liners!

        ” Because you’d be in jail!” Was my favorite.

        Your thoughts?

        • Mohammad

          They will go after him with more damaging videos.
          The major voting force in the country are single moms we all know that, what will they release will not sit well with them. i said in a different post right after the debate he won the 2d debate, CNN is spinning it towards Hillary and the PR machine is in full gear.
          Am afraid the producer of apprentice will release more damaging videos just before the last debate, and it will be terribly timed terribly shocking.
          Time Will Tell


          • Tin foil hat

            If more damaging video came about before the 3rd debate, this is what Trump has to say:
            I was a democrat and I always wanted to fit in. I said those deplorable things to be like Jay Z, Ice T …. and Bill Clinton. I have learn from my mistakes and am now a republican. I will never repeat the same mistake ever again. I’m truly sorry for my mistakes and I’ll take full responsibility (whatever the hell that mean – According to the democrats, responsibility is mere word. Nobody will get fired, nobody will resign, nobody will get demoted, nobody will get punished.)

            • Mohammad

              It will be damaging, and beyond repair.
              Any way i think the establishment machine is working on Florida voting preps to give Florida to Clinton.
              That is big…!!!


          • RTW

            Don’t be so sure that these “single moms” are offended by Trumps remarks. When you look at what they have been brought up on via cinema, television, and magazines his words are nothing in comparison. You obviously haven’t walked the halls of any high school within the last ten years.

      • Colladeral Damage

        He sustained his run M.!

    • Paul ...

      Oh my … John McCain’s moral and ethical values were insulted by some locker room talk by Trump 11 years ago … good riddance to this moral pervert who supplies weapons and Saran Gas to ISIS head hunters who kill any and all Christians they can find!

      • Arthur L Barnes

        Greg, only hope you are right, one thing is certain, if Trump becomes President he will appoint a special investigator to look into putting her in jail.

        • Greg Hunter

          Many will be jailed and that is what the “criminal crony class” is upset about. They want the crime and fleecing of America to continue. By the way NBC News had a segment in the Bush Administration called “The Fleecing of America” they stopped doing it in the Obama Administration. Wonder why. NBC and Comcast sell, sell, sell!

          • Arthur Barnes

            Greg, sure hope the Donald can overcome the “rigging” by not only the Democrats but the MSM as well. Your post about Obama and his locker room talk should be used by Trump right now! It will show the MSM’s bias towards Trump but giving the President a pass; thank you for bringing that to light! Hopefully, that trash locker room talk can be of some use to Trump in some way.

      • Frederick

        McCain is a pompous warmongering windbag like Christie Frankly Im sick and tired of both of them

      • Colladeral Damage

        Don’t forget his little song, “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”.

        From the Beach Boys…

        Mass murder is soooooooo adorably funny.


    • Frederick

      McCain withdrawing his support should be a benefit to the Donald

  25. Al

    Excellent show. You’re no CNN and for that I thank you!
    The radical media doesn’t dare put this fine Man on their show, they’d rather talk about Trump’s old dug up jokes and take them seriously. I have to laugh at the level of stupidity on the part of the radical media.
    Thank you Greg, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al. We are in serious financial and geopolitical trouble and these issues need to be addressed.

  26. Jerry

    Our day of reckoning came on April 19th, 2016 when the Chinese seized control of the precious metals markets and made this announcement.

    Many of your readers (including the ones I catch flack from) are all looking for ‘” A DATE” when some kind of announcement will be made by the MSM that we have arrived at some kind of inflection point. But don’t hold your breath. TPTB that own the MSM including the banking cabal that controls your money, doesn’t care about you, or your money, so why on earth would they ever let you know?

    The fact is we have been in an orchestrated collapse for quite some time prolonged by money printing and market manipulation by the central banks. I have read the IMF documents and I know they have a plan going forward with the BRIC nations in which they intend to replace the petrodollar, with some type of hybrid SDR backed by gold.

    As Mike Maloney has pointed out ( IN THIS BRILLIANT INTERVIEW I MIGHT ADD) the debt based fiat system in which we now live, has burned itself out by stifling liquidity with unsustainable global debt. There is a reason why the IMF gave China SDR rights a year in advance of their inclusion into the SDR basket. They needed to give them credibility and the time to complete the parallel exchange system they were building with AIIB, CIPS, SWIFT, and SGE.

    The G20 world bank of governors concluded on Friday October 7th following the IMF inclusion of the Yuan into the IMF basket on October 1st. ( AND NO ITS NOT A DATE). It just so happens that the Chinese week long celebration of “gold week” started on October 1st and ended on the seventh as well. Starting tomorrow (BEHIND THE CABAL CONTROLLED MSM) the transfer of wealth from the petrodollar to the soon to be announced gold back Yuan will commence. How will you know when the transfer is complete? When you go to your bank some Friday in the future to get your money, and the door is locked. HERE’S YOUR DATE.

    • Jerry

      Like I said. When the Chinese fat cats are away, the Fed mice will play.

    • Anne Elliott

      The DATE will not be a monetary crash date this time. The DATE will be when they take us to war, and WW3 starts – like a Pearl Harbor or a 911 DATE. Then there will be a monetary crash and it will be blamed on the war that started on that DATE.

      • Jerry

        My inside sources say it will be a cyber attack on the banking system, that will be blamed on the Russians. Either way the dollar is toast. By the way I can confirm that troops are being sent to Syria by our government, so I would expect a false flag event anytime between now and the elections.

    • Jerry

      And so the transfer begins. The gold smash last week was a worthless attempt by the central banks to delay the transfer of wealth to China, knowing that they are planning on pulling the gold trigger when the time is right. And so it goes.

      I don’t have access to the IMF’s figures, but I’m sure the countries dumping dollars in order to use RMB for trade is staggering. As the process continues to picks up speed, expect the central banks to do more stupid things, like smashing gold or trying to start a war. The RMB genie is out of the bottle, and they cannot put it back in.

  27. Mohammad

    Monday will see how DB stocks will trade.
    He came back empty hands from US.
    And when they say do not worry, is really when you need to.



  28. Mike R

    The wheels have completely come off HRC’s election campaign. The panic release of Trump’s tapes, are a clear sign that her physical and mental health are deteriorating to such an extent, as to make it possible she might not appear on stage with Trump in this debate or the next. Consider, how Hillary will have not been seen in public in 15 out of 20 days in October, looking at her agenda for the next week. MIA from the public AND reporters, that then can’t see her stumble, coughing fit, eyes disgorge, or head bobble uncontrollably. Never in history has a candidate for President not been seen in public mere weeks before an election, as Hillary has been largely MIA. She’s not out on any campaign trail whatsoever, a clear sign she is not well. Only fundraisers. And even this fabrication of a stage event, called a Town hall, reeks of deception of all kinds.
    Watching this entire fraud of a supposed election, makes me fundamentally glad I own gold and silver, but also makes me wonder what horrific plans are being hidden where the oligarchs feel so compelled to create a sh*tshow of historic proportions to distract us from whats really happening. How close are we really to a WW3 ? Release of this sort of garbage on Donald is a pure sign of panic by the elite. They fear, no doubt, that Donald will win, and expose all the horrors that they’ve created.

  29. James Hastings

    OK,……..In HISTORICAL SUMMATION…..(Biblical for all you infidels)

    Gold and Silver is currency. ( “is”, is past-present-future) Spices, land, goats, sheep, salt, pepper…cotton, toothpicks and everything else somebody needs is barter…..(ammo, weapons, food, medicine, etc..)

    So, being so well educated in your mind…..you should probably have a growing supply around the house of……..:

    Bottled water, can goods, freeze dried, grains, flour, canned foods, rice, band aids, toothpicks, water filters, and research materials, such as how to skin a squire, rabbit, deer…how to preserve, store and cook such food….LP Gas reservers for your LP generator…….yada

    Historically, people had reserves around the house. WHY…..nature is independent of politicians.

    It will come. You are being given a chance to prepare. Those who don’t will be “thinned from the herd”

    I enjoy your program Greg. You remind me of a village elder…who calls in those from the country side, and asks for input on the local situation. Only in this case, we hear from a few who make sense, but can’t predict timing, and those who see the end result and try and profit.

    “A third of mankind was killed”…..Rev. 9:18….

  30. Bobby

    Trump is dead in the water, the debate tonight will be his demise. Mike is entertaining, but as Martin Armstrong explains, wrong, Gold and Silver are NOT money.

    • Kevin Price

      Trump kicked her ass. Trump is NOT dead in the water. Did you watch the debate?

    • Dan

      Wrong & wrong!

    • Paul ...

      No … it’s Hillary who is dead in the water … some locker room “TALK” by Trump about women is a million times less serious then actual Clinton “ACTIONS” to rape women!

      • 8Ball

        Good move inviting Billy Bob’s rape victims…

        Trump should invite those Haitians that he met with in FLA to the next debate. Let them ask Hilary where their money is?

        The “reply” button location for a post is confusing. One ends up hitting the button for the following post a lot of time because you naturally assume that replying to the post comes at the end, after it is read, not at the beginning before the body text.

      • Anne Elliott

        Which is worse? Bill’s raping of various women, or Hitlery’s cover up of the rapes, her character assassination of the victims, and her refusal to divorce Bill, so that she can gain politically and monetarily from him???

      • JC Davis

        Trump is right about money grabbing women. My bank once treated a friend of mine like trash by how he dressed. We went to the bank together with 9 k in twenty’s for a deposit. The same lady treated him like a king. We had a lot of laughs, and locker room talk all the way home. Trump is no different then any other man in that respect.

        • JMiller

          JC Davis,

          Donald Trump is a lot different from most men that I have known over the last 30 years. Some of those man never ever talked liked Trump and most of those men never tried to “move on” a married woman. So naturally I do not agree with your comments about how all men are.

          • JC Davis

            That’s fine JMiller. We can disagree. In my 55 years I have come to know there is a little dog in every man. I knew a man from my church that was married with four kids fooling around with another married women in the church for 13 years. Except for the grace of God go I.

            • JMiller

              JC Davis,

              There may be a little dog in every man but many of them do not let the little dog out. And just because you know one man from church that acted that way does not mean they all do. I for one never sought out women for sex. Trump did. So I know for a fact you are wrong.

            • Charles H


              I have to go with JMiller on this one. Forget the cute illustration – call it what it is: indwelling sin, or the lust of the flesh. No one alive is exempt.
              And to use a specific example as a proof is bad on a couple levels. One – such behavior doesn’t prove the rule. The other is airing dirty laundry. The world HAS changed morally, and we may yet get to the point of being in the minority – those who hold to ‘a sound mind’, and a ‘clear conscience’. But to those without – who look upon Christianity as a falsity: giving them ammunition to accuse Believers makes little sense.
              You know the Lone Ranger joke – Tonto and the lone Ranger are surrounded by Indians – and the Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and says…”it looks like we’ve come to the end of the trail, old friend’. To this Tonto replies: what do you means “WE” – Paleface!
              Nobody likes being ‘lumped-in’ .

              • JC Davis

                That’s good Charles, LOL
                Unfortunately seeing we are born into sin, and without the law we would not know we are sinners we sin before we can be forgiven. The heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. We believe and justify our actions as to be good. The truth is there is no good thing in the heart of people without the spirit of God in them. I am not the judge . I am just repeating what the judge said.

    • Frederick

      Bobby Armstrong was in prison and released early by the Feds He may very well be talking the govt(bankster) line regarding precious metals Maybe hes sold out in other words

  31. DLC

    The campaign from here to Nov:


    I would dump Pence pronto if that is possible. Never liked him. The humble act never impressed. Brutus just lunged.

    If not for Trump, Pence would still be in Palookaville, a gelding, an unknown.

    Savage was right about this bumpkin from the get go. Pence has done a great deal of damage at the worst point in time. The RINOs will forever contrast Trump with Pence sort of like: “Why can’t you be like your brother, Mike?”

    I say cut him loose as VP or totally isolate the guy. He will be used as the “go to” by Trump’s enemies. A fine mess, Ollie.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Don’t buy it. This is not going to sink Trump. The MSM, NWO criminal crony class are desperate and some locker-room talk from 11 years ago is all they got to try to cover a paid Wall Street Shill (Clinton) with a private agenda that is opposite from her public agenda. This according to her now released speeches that she got millions of bucks for. Clinton gave speeches on how she was lying to America to sell us out. Get it??? How many Bernie voters (which was half of the Democrat party) do you think she will get after this revelation??? Trump will get more Bernie voters than Clinton, and that is for sure. Criminal, traitor, untrustworthy and weasel are a few of the words come to mind to describe Clinton. Also, Clinton broke the law and used an unprotected private server(s) to hide the fact she was taking treasonous bribes through her global charity fraud called the Clinton Foundation. Now, Trumps “locker-room talk” doesn’t look so bad–does it?? Thank you for your comment.

    • Dan

      Pence is fine, dumping him would be an idiotic move at this point. He IS entitled to his own opinion!

    • 8Ball

      Good move inviting Billy Bob’s rape victims…

      Trump should invite those Haitians that he met with in FLA to the next debate. Let them ask Hilary where their money is?

  32. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg!
    I learnt from Robert Kiyosaki and see thus is many news panels and forums.

    All political debates do is teach people how to argue and not learn.

  33. gregd

    I certainly understand how you feel. I wish whatever was going to happen it would just happen now because I’m getting tired of waiting also. But I think the facts speak for themselves and there is just no other conclusion to come to. The problem is the timing. I think, perhaps only Edgar Casey would be able to call this one. For me , I can hear the ticking. The question, is can you?

  34. Patrice

    Greg – out of all the great shows you have had, the one question I have never heard asked or answered – when they plan to shut down the Fed Reserve, the IRS and other private corporations that manipulate and steal?

    • Greg Hunter

      They will shut themselves down.

  35. Mohammad



    • Colladeral Damage

      yes he did. 🙂

  36. WD


    I grew up in the shadow of the Cold war and still remember as a very small child doing atomic drills and actually going into fallout shelters and I still can see those signs on the walls. ( Our town did those drills much longer than they were actually necessary).

    EVen as I grew up I was never actually concerned that a war was to break out. It seemed that everyone knew that was a disastrous outcome. I never had a feeling of dread or doom.

    But now I have never seen us go to the brink of war and ACTUALLY TRY TO PICK A FIGHT WITH A COUNTRY THAT WILL DESTROY US…. The people in charge were there when I was there during the cold war, they know the outcome of nuclear exchange with a much more efficient Russia as well as China. I have no other choice to believe that these people like Samantha Power are truly psychopaths that have no concern with life, theirs and their families lives either….

    • Paul ...

      The reason these neocons are psychopaths is because their brains are inflamed from the bad foods they eat like for instance McDonald’s hamburgers (that don’t rot if left in your coat pocket for 20 years) … the Clinton’s are known McDonald’s hamburger eaters … and look what it caused in Bill’s warped brain wanting non stop sex and in Hillary’s warped brain wanting non stop war … research studies have now scientifically proven that “inflammation in our bodies and brain is caused by the bad foods we eat … and this inflammation creates the brain disorders of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s … so to totally eliminate the neocons we must not only beat them at the polls but we must start feeding Americans healthy non-GMO foods that don’t create “brain inflammation” which can lead humanity to WWIII …

      • Paul ...

        Notice that the Russians who don’t eat GMO foods have healthy brains that don’t seek war but try to bring peace … American neocons are exactly what they eat … and just like cows with plaque in the brain are going mad … and want to nuke the world with atomic weapons and bring upon us all total Armageddon!

        • Frederick

          Russians pickle their brains with Vodka instead or at least most of them do and I doubt very much the neocons eat much fast food Paulie lol

    • Colladeral Damage

      Amen fella!!! I feel the same way.

  37. Dan

    Hi Greg,
    Just watched the 2nd debate. Wow, what a difference! I opined after the first one that Trump lost it because he appeared unprepared, missed opportunities and fell for all of Hillary’s traps. Of course, I was labeled a troll by some of your more ignorant readers who do that to anyone who dares to disagree with their opinion. Tonight, Trump appeared prepared & hit Hillary at every chance – loved the “yea, you’d be in jail” comment! Still not crazy about either one & could’ve done without the constant sniffing (what’s that about?) & interrupting, but Trump did himself proud in this debate.
    Still just my honest opinion,

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump killed it. He rattled her when he said she’d be in jail if he were President.

      • Mohammad

        He was more prepared and definitely did not fall into their game. he put ego aside and delivered.


      • Paul ...

        And lets put “Christian Head Chopping” McCain in the cell right next to her … notice how the MSM fixed the “instant poll numbers” to show Hillary winning with “made up” Biblical numbers 2/3 for Hillary and 1/3 for Trump … when anyone in their right mind knows the real poll results are exactly the other way around!

      • Gary Canuck

        Greg, that remark by Trump will have serious implications.
        I hope he upgrades his security immediately.
        At the same time I enjoyed Trumps fighting spirit, especially in regard to the Republican Party.
        “Everybody knows what to do with a Mad Dog until they get one of their own”looks like the Republican party have a Genie that’s out of the bottle and they cant put it back in.

        I hope the American people realize that Hillary Clinton just declared war on Russia tonight, Trump wanted no part of it.

        • Tin foil hat

          Gary Canuck,
          The squid will not kill Trump because he’ll not win the election. The game is fixed!
          I hope I’m wrong but the banksters don’t want to be blamed for the pending bust which is going to be epic and currently being held up by algorithm. They need war and Hillary will deliver.
          It amazes me that most Americans just can’t connect the dots. They are not curious one bit regarding the fact that the Russians are so blatantly, almost to the point of desperate, trying to help Trump win the election.

          • Paul ...

            You know … since the world is so dependent on the decisions made in Washington … why don’t we allow the entire population of the globe to vote in our Presidential elections! … perhaps if the US politicians had to worry about “world public opinion” they will stop all the wars they impose on other nations! … Trump would easily win the Russian vote … as for Hillary I bet she would have difficulty even capturing the Haitian vote!

            • Paul ...

              And the good thing about having everyone vote in our elections is that the Russians and Chinese don’t use Diebold voting machines to tally their votes … also the MSM only has the American population under their propaganda mind control (not the Russian and Chinese populations) … we will then likely get a Presidential candidate who has the world’s interests at heart and not the interests of the banksters and brokers!

        • MCasey

          Hillary and the Elites just keep “poking” at Russia. Hillary accuses Trump of “being friends with Putin” (as if that’s a bad thing?). But Trump is not taking the bait; keeping us out of war will require Russia’s cooperation.

      • Kim

        I am standing with Trump despite his weaknesses because I believe he has the best interest of our country.

      • JC Davis

        Yep. Notice the narrator warned the audience to not respond. They could not refrain from their thoughts.

        • Greg Hunter

          Biased by what they ask and what they leave out. Clinton told the FBI she “forgot” or can’t “remember” 39 times when asked about here servers, classified emails and her training on security procedures. That’s not an issue for Commander and Chief??? Lie by omission and there are many omissions by the MSM. Here’s some locker-room talk from President Obama way back when: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrVeOj8RpTc&feature=youtu.be But this is ignored and Trump is “unfit”?

          • JC Davis

            Greg I think most people know what is going on. The MSM will appoint Hillary, and the votes will be discarded. Hopefully (on this) I am wrong. Says a lot about our state of country if I am right.

            • Greg Hunter

              JC Davis,
              “Never, Never, Never Give UP.” That’s what they want you to think.

              • JC Davis

                Oh Im still gona vote. If nothing but a stand against evil.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You got to give it your all!! Never give up. Thank you my friend!

      • Frederick

        Good she needs some serious “rattling” Maybe we can all go and visit her at Leavenworth and “rattle her cage”after Trump is elected

    • WD


      People who are familiar with him say this is a tactic he uses constantly…

  38. WD


    Trump absolutely destroyed her….bits and pieces!!!

    • ED1

      Gary Canuck, I agree with you on this. First thing I thought of when I watched some of the highlights of the debates was this smells like a JFK issue in the makings to me. I hope and pray that is not the case but Trump really hung it out there on this one, but he needed to in order to gain more traction. Considering the fact that the sorry GOP establishment is against Trump, the democrats, the oligarchy, along with the history of the evil Clintons (in terms many people they disliked suddenly being killed) I too fear for Trumps life and hope he survives.

      I’m still of the opinion that due to Obama turning the election over to the DHS (as a smoke screen to keep Russia from hacking it) regardless of the actual votes, that either Clinton will still be declared the winner, or some kind of surprise will occur to keep Trump out of the white house. I may be wrong on this and I hope I am, but I do have my doubts. With everything being so crooked and corrupt in our government its difficult not to believe such.


  39. Oxfarmer

    Bobby…’Gold and silver are not money.’ Really? The Egyptians thought so…the Romans, the Byzantines…every superpower of antiquity. Why has every culture valued gold for special items, now packed into museums, because it is not money? It was only at a later time that people were willing to take a paper IOU for gold payment. Now, you would be crazy. Gold is value you can hold in your hand.

    • Paul ...

      And lets not forget what the ancient scrolls say about the Annunaki (who supposedly genetically manipulated us monkeys into their image in order to mine gold) … now that’s got to be one of the strongest statements from antiquity as to the true value of gold!!

      • Tin foil hat

        I’m happy to know there is another watchdoger who knows about the Annunaki. I figure Enlil is probably the devil, Age of the Bull. Enki’s son Ra/Marduk is probably the Father in the Old Testament, Age of the Ram.
        The Age of Pisces, probably started at zero second in the year 0000.
        If Age of Pisces did start in 0000, we still have another 100-140 years before the Age of Aquarius.
        Will Gods walk among men again in the Age of Aquarius? I have no idea. I’m still trying to figure out who is Jesus in the realm of the Annunaki.

        • Paul ...

          The way I interpret the ancient Sumerian writings is that Enki was like a genetic engineer at Monsanto who advised the corporate board to create a servant of the Gods (humankind) … but that there was a struggle between different factions of genetic engineers … one faction wanted humankind to be like robots without a thinking mind who just took orders (like Hillary) … the Enki faction wanted to make man with an independent mind (like Trump) … supposedly Enki took the matter to management (The Council of Deities) who agreed that man can be made in their image with an independent mind … but with one stipulation … “that the human population be limited” … if the human population ever got out of control it would have to be culled … Enki agreed … and man was created (Enki in the Canaanite writings was called YAHU and ultimately in the Hebrew was called YHWH) … however Earth’s population began to get out of control … the CEO of the Council of Deities (Anu) issued an Executive Order to exterminate Humankind by drowning (The Great Deluge) … but only by the intercession of Enki a few of the better strain of humans (Noah and his family) were saved … the opposing faction of genetic engineers were enraged as they wanted only “non-thinking robots” on Planet Earth to do their bidding and complained to the CEO that Enki should have not saved Noah … but Enki countered that killing all humans was unfair as they were guiltless of the act of their creation … a board meeting was held and the Council of Deities allowed for humans to exist (but only in limited numbers) … fast forward to today … the human population is pushing 9 billion … those genetic engineers who wanted purely robotic humans have now gained the upper hand once again … and have been dumbing down the human population, causing droughts, radiating the Pacific Ocean, etc, etc. … we “thinking humans” are hoping that Enki can intercede on our behalf once again “as our Lord and Savior” from the Satanist genetic engineers who want to depopulate the planet and dumb us down … but Enki (or Jesus) needs to show proof that humans are moral and will obey a code of ethics (like the 10 Commandments) … however we humans with a thinking mind are burdened with crazy “unthinking” neocon murders of women and children … starting war after war without pause … to help Enki save humanity once again … we humans must show to the Council of Deities that we posses some moral values (all they see right now is constant war, the beheading of Christians and Miley Cyrus dancing like a pig on our TV screens!!!

          • Tin foil hat

            If Enki were Jesus, who is the Father?
            If Enki were the faction wanted to give men an independent mind or knowledge, doesn’t that act made him the devil who seduced Eve with an apple from the tree of knowledge?
            The fact that Eve was given only knowledge but not eternal life, the devil deprived Eve the fruit from the tree of life, reminds me of the robots in the movie “Blade Runner”.

            • Charles H


    • Tin foil hat

      Some people cannot see beyond their own life experience and they do not know history.
      Most folks have their first bank account when they are around 18 y/o.
      I bet Bobby is younger than 63 if he were an European. If he were an American, he would have to be at least 100 y/o to have the experience of exchanging currency for money at the bank teller window.

  40. Mick

    The Donald killed her,
    So good to see Trump kick that nasty lying piece of trash.
    Read the article and enjoy the art of William Banzai.


    • Frederick

      Amen to that thought Mick

  41. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, McCain should be ashamed of himself having ask for Trump to step down. Here is a Senator from Arizona who has done everything he could do to open the southern border for illegals, drugs, crime, and terrorist to walk or waltz across. Can’t understand him, RINO comes to mind.

    • Frederick

      McCain is like the Clintons when it comes to being ashamed They never are

  42. Karl

    Great interview Greg
    You let your guests talk rather than interrupting them like so many other interviewees.
    I have watched hidden secrets if money and it’s a great series.
    Did yiu notice that the 14 billion figure given to Deutsche was exactly the same as tge Apple fine. Tit for Tat and I am curious as to why someone decided to save Deutsche bank with the fake rumour of a lower fine?
    According to many experts once De stock gets beneath 10 dollars it is basically game over .
    They decided to take down Deutsche with this fine and thus the entire system but then right at the last minute someone chickened out.
    That’s the huge story right now.
    Why the last minute decision not to.pull the plug on the system?

  43. Marcus West

    Dont know how true this article is but here is the link where one ounce of silver will get you 6 months of food in Venezuela.


    • MCasey

      But, Marcus, can they find 6 months of food to buy in Venezuela? (Thanks for link)

    • Paul ...

      Assuming someone can survive on $100 dollars per week for food … that’s $400 per month or $2400 dollars for six months of food … so there you have it folks … when our economy comes down and we find ourselves eating our pets for food … that one ounce of silver you tucked away for an emergency … will be selling for the equivalent of $2400 dollars per ounce!

  44. Matt

    Wow. What in incredibly smart man. I just finished watching Secrets of Money 6. One point he makes is really important for the average American, and is going to contribute to financial destitution for every baby boom investor when this thing finally blows.

    I have been in the Financial Services industry since 1987, representing large investment firms. Over that period, there has been a huge shift from commission based compensation for financial planners to asset based fees. Essentially, a financial advisor takes one to two percent of the value of s client’s portfolio annually for the service of portfolio management.

    Never in my career have I seen such a high level of apathy in the financial planning community regarding risk mitigation strategies and preserving financial assets for their aging client base. Mike nails it – the 50 year old who lost 50% in 2000, who at age 58 lost 50% in 2008, is now 65. When they lose what we all think will be much more than 50% in the coming crash, they are done. They will be redeeming shares in retirement which are cratering in value. This is called Sequence of Return Risk, and that risk has never been more acute than it is right now.

    And the large brokerage houses tell their financial planners to stay invested with client assets – probably has nothing to do with the generation of fee income.

    What has “always worked” will not work in the coming collapse.

    Thanks for a great interview Greg.

  45. Mohammad

    HA ha ha ha…
    Coaching the “undecided” voters on the side line caught:



      • Paul ...

        That’s nice … taking a poll of the people “waiting to be committed” … who in their right mind would you trust the thoughts of people “waiting to be committed” to the Happy Hillary Dale Insane Asylum???

        • Paul ...

          The MSM continue to take polls of the “uncommitted voters” waiting to be processed for total commitment in the Happy Hillary Home for the Insane … they won’t dare poll the “normal people” in America as the poll results may not favor their masters puppet Hillary!!

      • Tin foil hat

        And this stunning piece from Newsday, entitled “When Donald Trump Threatens To Arrest Hillary Clinton, He Threatens Democracy”…


        “What separates functioning democracies from weak or failed ones is that political parties alternate in power without jailing the opponents they beat in elections. That sometimes means giving a pass to potentially criminal conduct, but that’s a worthwhile sacrifice for making republican government work.”

        Have they totally lost their minds? Are they so far in the tank for that pathological liar that they honestly believe in a two-tiered justice system? It’s mind boggling how far they will go in undermining the democratic system and the basic tenets of American society to champion someone with such a criminal and immoral past.

        • Paul ...

          Hey Newsday … When Donald Trump Threatens To Arrest Hillary Clinton He Threatens Dem-o-so-cracy Neocons … did you see the video of tactical nukes being used in Yemen? … Do you want to also give them a pass … to do potentially more criminal conduct??? … or should we lock up all the criminals constantly hurting humanity?!!

          • Mohammad

            let me make a prediction now Paul.

            When Trump said Hillary is going to jail, the end result will be HIM GOING TO JAIL instead.

            His followers do not have the stomach to stand the establishment and they will chicken out with the first test leaving him alone.

            He will be thrown in Jail for tax evasion mark my words.

            Time Will Tell


        • Charles H

          Weak English Skills and stretching meaning – what they are trying to liken is HRC with Democracy itself. No Language skills = short-circuited thinking. HRC then becomes a Democracy of One.

    • Tin foil hat

      The manipulation doesn’t stop at the CNN’s focus group and poll. The New York Daily Pukes’ coverage of the debate is so misleading that anybody who didn’t watch the actual debate would find the CNN’s poll plausible.
      I believe this election is already fixed against Trump. However, I’m going to make it as difficult as possible for the squid to get away with this without breaking a sweat.

  46. Casey Hawkins

    The best question of the debate. What is something you respect about your opponent. Hillary side stepped the question and took a shot at Donald through his children. Donald answered fairly that he respects the fight she has in her. Hillary came off sounding pretty and trump sounded presidential.

    • Paul ...

      God himself respects someone who can put up a good fight … that’s why he didn’t just kill Satan … instead he “banished him” from Heaven … Trump “will banish” Hillary to prison!

      • Bill

        Paul;; As time goes by, I am more impressed with THE DONALD. With all the crap the demorats and the Clintons throw at him, and now the republicans sleeze balls also, he is standing strong. The kind of man we need as POTUS

  47. Jerry

    SHOE FLY !
    Say what you want to, but fly’s know where to find a good pile of _______.

    • Tin foil hat

      I heard that on Rush Limbaugh and I almost spat out the coffee and toast.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Throughout history and literature as well as in various geographic regions the” “flies” have symbolized the following: Flies have been linked to plagues, decay and death. In some cultures it has denoted spiritual impurity, falsities and the belief “evil smells bad”. The name “Lord of the Flies” is a literal translation of Beelzebub from 2 Kings 1:2-3, 6, 16. Freud once said “Sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar” but who’s to say that “signs from on high” no longer make themselves known.

        • Greg Hunter

          I didn’t think much or the fly landing on Clinton’s face until it landed a second time, right over her heart, on her white blouse. There is a God.

  48. Justn Observer


  49. Pinocchio

    For the men on the street, it does not matter how bad stocks, bonds, and real estates crash would be. As long as the foodstamps and free wi-fi connections are still around, everything else may crash.

  50. Mohammad

    Smells fishy,

    After initial rejection:

    now Florida is extending the deadline for the voter’s registration:

    They want to give Florida to Clinton…??????
    Are there some illegal immigrants Soro funded bussed to Florida to vote (devastation mixes up cards)..!


    • Paul ...

      What smells fishy are all the warehoused Democratic ballots that got destroyed in the flood waters of the recent Florida hurricane … they may salvage some ballots if they put them out to dry … but probably need more time to register more voters from all the “Resurrection of Life Cemeteries” throughout Florida!!

    • Thistle

      . The judge extended it by one day due to the hurricane, that’s all. Many people were under mandatory evacuation.

  51. Hatemail

    Everything is fine says Yahoo.
    Hillary won the debate says the MSM.
    Stocks are looking good says CNBC.
    What are you guys so worked up about?

  52. Dale

    When silver goes to $100.00 and then starts falling, who will buy it from you ? The dealer will lose money if he thinks it will be worth less in a week or so. They will not buy from you at a loss and then have trouble trying to sell in to someone else.
    I was at a coin dealer a few weeks ago and he would not sell me any silver because of the declining prices, I think he was waiting until it started going up to make more profit. His margins are very small.
    If I think we are getting close to the top, I will sell.

  53. Diane

    This is scary.
    War Cycle of Target – Sad to Say | Armstrong Economics

  54. Mohammad


    This is interesting:

    “Photos showing US jets being painted Russian colors have triggered debates and conspiracy theories online, with many saying Washington plans to conduct false flag attacks in Syria and blame them on Moscow.”

    The pictures of the US jets were posted by a Canadian journalist last week on his Twitter account.



    • Diane

      Highly likely.

  55. Mike R

    Clinton’s army of paid trolls. How utterly disgusting…

    The fraud associated with this woman is simply unconscionable.

  56. Mohammad

    S&P ….Get ready for a big dive, the dreadful triangle has formed:



  57. Diane


    Catherine Austin Fitts nails it!

    • susan

      WOW! Diane, that is big! But then I am one who really admires CAF.

  58. Mohammad

    They wish war and they may get what they wish for…
    Cutting diplomatic ties is dangerous and here is the latest one:



  59. Matt In Pa

    Too much voter fraud, dead people voting, illegals. I don’t see Trump getting it. Rampant fix.

    • Diane

      I think you’re right Matt
      The election will be stolen.

      • Greg Hunter

        Never give up and don’t think that way. That’s what the powers want.

  60. Colladeral Damage

    Read this!


    The Clinton Campaign Manager’s e-mail to his colleagues, “As Ive mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general CONSPIRE TO PRODUCE AN UNAWARE AND COMPLIANT CITIZENRY. THE UNAWARENESS REMAINS STRONG BUT COMPLIANCE IS OBVIOUSLY FADING RAPIDLY. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking and not just poll driven demographically inspired messaging.”

    Is this the team that any of us want to have controlling the White House?

    A team that conspires to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry?

    Why would they want an unaware and compliant citizenry? I wonder?

    Or do we really need to even wonder when we see what is happening with the Foundation and the e-mails. Maybe we know already.


  61. Colladeral Damage

    How is this better than Pravda?



  62. Colladeral Damage

    My father, a Purple Heart recipient from World War II is rolling is in grave.

    I again am glad he is dead.

    The first time that I realized that I was glad that he was dead, was when the DNA was analyzed on that pretty little blue dress.


  63. Colladeral Damage

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    For my entire life, I have watched our political and financial systems operate with an institutionalized multiple personality disorder. We say one thing and do another. We have an overt economy and a covert economy. We say we believe in freedom, when we rule with dirty tricks and force. During last night’s debate, Donald Trump attempted to instill accountability into the political process.

    Hillary Clinton is an excellent representative of a psychopathic system. She is presentable and polished. She ticks off details. However, the facts are that she and her husband have engaged in significant criminality for many decades, have gotten rich from it, much of it at the expense of the people being genocided (Haiti, Libya, gentification in African American communities, etc.) and the American people. The Clintons are lawless – they believe they are effective at “the way things are.”

    I listen to many people complain about the financial coup d’etat but support the people who made it happen (housing bubble, bailouts, Madoff), and who Goldman Sachs continues to richly reward. If saying nice fluffy things about women and children is what gets your vote irregardless of how many women and children a politician kills and harvests – or their husband rapes – well, it is time you grapple with the multiple personality disorder in your spirit. Many of us have had to do it – it’s all part of the change that we are moving through.

    For the last two weeks, Donald Trump has done a remarkable job of handling the ongoing attacks by the ultimate bully machine, while countless Republican politician have whimpered as the Orwellian PC machine threatens lives and careers. They lick the hands that feed them.

    Trumps refusal to be bullied under the white heat of the media shriek-o-meter says to me for the first time that he does have what it takes to be our President in a world full of bullies – whether friends or foes. Republican VP candidate Mike Pence also did a remarkable job of not being bullied by Tim Kaine’s 70 interruptions and numerous double binds.

    Our choice politically is coming down to human vs. inhuman. Clinton talked a great game on Sunday night. However, for anyone who knows the actual record of the Clintons and the financial interests they represent, her slick presentation fronts for a syndicate which is inhumane. Her hubris speaks to the risk this group represents.

    Without the law, we have no country and we have no financial system. I did not donate to or vote for Trump in the Republican primary. However, now that he is the Republican candidate, I am donating and voting for him in the general election. He just stood up for the law in one of the most remarkable displays of personal and political courage I have ever seen on the national stage.

    And on this we agree. Our goal – every last one of us – should be to make “America Great Again.” Great includes “human.”

    With that in mind, make sure to pay attention to your state and local candidates. That is where a great deal of the real action will be over the next four years.

  64. Colladeral Damage

    Letter to Bill O’Reilly, “Bill, I believe your election coverage has been tough, but fair and the best in the media. I do business in sub-Saharan Africa so when I heard Trump being compared by media to Third World dictators, I laughed…

    … Those guys enrich themselves while in office. Who in America has done that?

    From Matt Muns

    Southlake, TX

  65. Dean

    Hey wait a minute everyone ! The dirtiest talk I have ever heard by far and many many times over is when women talk about men . I will turn your face bright chartreuse .
    This is the Clinton’s and the democrats Dirty Tricks to take down Trump , simple as that .

  66. dave dudley

    Greg, can you get Mike to state what level of cash(USD) he still holds on percentage basis? As for PM allocation, Andy H says 90%, David M stated 10% in recent interview, others say 15-20%.

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