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JP Morgan Black Swan?

By Greg Hunter’s

The surprise announcement by JP Morgan that it lost $2 billion in trading derivatives was portrayed in some mainstream media outlets as no big deal.  The Associated Press reported Friday, “Bank stocks were hammered in Britain and the United States on Friday, partly because of fear that a surprise $2 billion trading loss by JPMorgan Chase would lead to tougher regulation of financial institutions. . . . (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.11.12

By Greg Hunter’s

If you think gay marriage or Mitt Romney’s alleged forced haircuts when in prep school are the big stories you need to worry about, then you are watching too much of the mainstream media!  There are much bigger stories folks should be paying attention to.  (more…)

The Last Innings of a Very Bad Ball Game

By Greg Hunter’s

There is no way to characterize what is happening in the EU as positive.  The Euro-zone is a gigantic mess, and it is on the verge of falling apart.  There is no way the destruction of the European common currency (euro) will not cause huge problems here in the U.S.  If you watch the financial news channels, you would think that problems for the Western fiat monetary system is a long way off.  (more…)

Charlie Munger is Out of Touch

By Greg Hunter’s

You haven’t heard much from Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett’s right hand man) since he said this, a few years ago, about the massive bailouts the financial system received from taxpayers and the Federal Reserve: “So I think when you have troubles like that you shouldn’t be bitching about a little bailout. You should have been thinking it should have been bigger.”  And for those not doing so well in the downturn, the 86-year old Munger says “suck it in and cope.”  (more…)

It’s Official: Economy Heading Down

By Greg Hunter’s 

There has been so much bad economic news out, recently, I do not see how anyone with half a frontal lobe could say the economy is not in trouble.   Friday, new unemployment figures were announced, and a weak 119,000 jobs were created.  The rate fell to 8.1%, but only because more discouraged workers stopped looking for work and disappeared from the government’s data base.   (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.4.12

By Greg Hunter’s 

Is Israel preparing for war?  It was reported, this week, that six reserve battalions were called up because of increasing tensions on both the Syrian and Egyptian borders.  The Israeli government gave the okay for an additional 16 more reserve battalions if needed.  A battalion can be as many as 1,200 soldiers.  (more…)

Ron Paul Vs. Paul Krugman

By Greg Hunter’s

I don’t know how many of you saw this last week, but it is worth watching.  It is a showdown between Congressman Ron Paul and Nobel-Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. Things must be getting pretty bad for Mr. Krugman to agree to a live debate with a guy who wants to end the Federal Reserve as we know it.  The Fed has a monopoly, and Paul wants to break it up.  This is no accident.  This debate must be a message the powers that be want to get out to the public.  (more…)

Charles Biderman: EU Debt Crisis Going to Get Worse

Charles Biderman, CEO Trim Tabs Investment Research

By Greg Hunter’s 

The most underreported story this week is the European debt crisis.  Greece, Portugal and Ireland have all been in the spotlight with money troubles. Now, Spain is taking center stage, and its debt is more than double the previous three countries.

There has been one bailout after another.  Nothing is working as many EU countries plunge into recession.  (more…)

The Illusion of an Economic Recovery

By Greg Hunter’s  (Revised)

Last Friday, the government reported the gross domestic product (GDP) number for the first quarter, and it was 2.2%.  That was .8% lower than the 4th quarter’s 3% growth rate.  It was a big disappointment because most economists were expecting growth numbers closer to the 3% range.  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.27.12

By Greg Hunter’s 

The mainstream media is constantly pushing the so-called “recovery” story, and this week was no exception.  On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke raised his forecast for growth and said the economy was improving.  Really?  Bernanke reaffirmed near zero percent interest rates through 2014 and said, this week, that more bond buying or money printing “remain very much on the table.”  (more…)

Gold Will Win Money War

By Greg Hunter’s 

It was recently reported that countries like China and India are going to buy Iranian oil with gold.  Jim Sinclair of said this week, “The implications of China paying for Iranian oil in gold is the most important event in the modern history of gold.”  (more…)

Case Shiller: Housing Prices Down Again

By Greg Hunter’s 

Housing prices are back to where they were in late 2002 according to the latest Case-Shiller report that tracks housing prices.  February data shows 15 of 20 cities surveyed showed price declines.  Overall, the prices sank 3.5% annually.  Atlanta fared the worst with a 17.3% year over year fall in home prices.  Phoenix was one of the few bright spots with a 3.3% increase.    (more…)

Tony Robbins’ Dire Wake-Up Warning

Tony Robbins

By Greg Hunter’s 

Tony Robbins is known for motivational speaking.  This man is the king of positive thought, and it is hard to argue with his success.  I have known people who have gone to his seminars and had some life changing results.  So, when I heard Robbins’ dire warnings on this video he did three weeks ago, it really made me sit up and take notice.  (more…)

Numb to Bad News

What is happening feels like a slow motion train wreck to me.  I am waiting for someone to flip a switch and turn it to real speed.  It’s as if people are numb to the bad news.  The mainstream media (MSM) won’t report it, and if they do, it is spun to look like something good is going on.  For example, the FDIC announced the 17th bank of the year failed last Friday.  The MSM doesn’t even bother reporting this ongoing disaster.  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.20.12

By Greg Hunter’s 

Talks, last weekend, in Turkey over Iran’s nuclear program have produced yet another round of discussions in Iraq scheduled for about this time next month.  The West wants Iran to stop enriching uranium and shut down its not-so-secret underground facility.  Nothing but a new round of talks May 23rd has been agreed upon.  (more…)