Eric Holder Reveals Deep State Running Scared – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Former CIA officer and counter-intelligence expert Kevin Shipp says that former Obama Administration Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder gave a big Deep State panic signal when he wrote in an Op-Ed last week in the Washington Post trashing current AG William Barr and his top prosecutor John Durham. Shipp explains, “This is very significant. We all remember that Holder was Obama’s right hand man. Eric Holder was Barack Obama’s enforcer. The fact that Holder comes out this quickly after the Inspector General (IG) Horowitz Report comes out . . . and makes this veiled threat against Durham’s reputation. The fact that Eric Holder came out and made this statement is a clear indication to me they are running scared. We have to understand it was Eric Holder that Barack Obama used to target the heads of corporations that spoke out publicly about Barack Obama. We know Holder was held in ‘Contempt of Congress.’ He spied on AP reporters, ran guns to drug cartels and blacked out the information. He spied on over a hundred journalists, and on and on we go. . . . They (Deep State) are convinced there are going to be indictments. Secondly, there is AG Barr’s outrage over (IG) Horowitz’s report and what it did not do. He made statements that there was spying and actions by government officials that need to be criminally looked into. Barr’s outrage over this shows me that there are going to be indictments, and that he is taking this seriously. Again, when Holder comes out and puts out this bombshell in the Washington Post, which is another indication that indictments are coming. John Brennan, former Obama Administration CIA Director, is going to be at the top of the list.”

Shipp says during the entire Trump Presidency, the mainstream media (MSM) has operated as a propaganda arm of the Deep State and the Democrats. Shipp contends, “They put these stories out intentionally because they are creating their own story, and that is what the propaganda mainstream media does. It creates its own story. . . .They want to frame their latest story that there really wasn’t any spying on Trump. That’s what FISA warrants and applications are all about. They are all about spying.”

Shipp thinks this will be a big nail in the coffin of the MSM. Shipp says, “The mainstream media will never come back from this because finally, through shows like this and others, the real information is coming out as to what the mainstream media has done. At the top of that list is the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC. . . . What they did is they created the Russia collusion story as if it was reality, as if it was real. That is part of the procedure in doing this. Then, they invented the evidence, and that was the Steele Dossier. They portrayed this as evidence to create this false narrative. Then they sent this story out to each outlet, and all repeat the same story over and over and over again knowing the more they repeat it, the more people were going to believe it. Then, the FBI leaked information to the mainstream media. The FBI took that information leaked to the media and used their stories as evidence. Brennan leaked the dossier to the mainstream media as part of this whole machine.”

Shipp says the hoax of Russia collusion and the impeachment sham of President Trump is distracting us from other very big problems such as the extreme debt the country and the world is facing. Shipp says, “Trump inherited a financial monster that was not his doing. When he was sworn into office, it already existed. It is very serious, and I think now or very soon the U.S. government will not be able to afford the interest on the national debt, much less paying off the debt itself.”

It is reported that central banks are buying record amounts of gold, and even Goldman Sachs is telling its clients to buy the yellow metal. Shipp says, “This is a solid indicator that we are headed for the financial rapids with Goldman Sachs especially. Goldman Sachs is a global bank, and it’s one of the main banks in the United States. The fact that Sachs and others are building up gold reserves is a clear indication that they expect a financial downturn, to put it mildly, that is coming.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp.

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  1. mal

    Hi Greg,
    It.s always been a pet peeve of mine when stories like this attack on Barr by Holder appear and nothing is said by the “journalist” as to who it was who broached the subject. Did Holder call a press conference and attack Barr or did a reporter bring this up. Kevin seems to think that Holder was advised to do this by Obama. This begs the question where are the reporters (journalists?) who will ask Obama if Biden was telling the truth. Maybe one has but I’m unaware of it. Obama needs to be cornered and asked in public if he really approved Biden’s quid pro quo threat against Ukraine. Biden accused Obama of doing so in front of the CFR. What could Obama say? “No I didn’t Biden is a liar”. Or would he say “Yes I did exactly what the impeachment committee accused Trump of doing. EXACTLY!”. If there was a real journalist left he might even ask Obama why Biden was made the “point man” in dealings with Ukraine. Why was his coke head son who was kicked out of the navy accompanying Biden on this official trip in the first place. Has anyone asked Kerry why Obama sent Biden to do the Secretary of State’s job? Was Obama in charge or was the deep state telling him what to do. I honestly believe that if you had asked Community Organizer Obama back in the 1990’s where Ukraine or Crimea is he couldn’t have found them on a map.

    • Robert

      None of what you stated could have been done, without a compliant mainstream media propaganda directive. Who are the media shores taking their direction from. There has to be somebody directing this operation.

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    That was powerful stuff!

    A large faction of the Deep State (yes, the Obama/Clinton gangs) over-reached so badly that the masks of the entire Deep-State/Intelligence/Military-Industrial Complex were ripped off, putting them all at risk. The non-Clinton/non-Obama factions have to now scramble to find cover. One way of doing that would be to join in throwing the obvious coup plotters to the wolves.

    However, it’s unclear whether the larger cabal can limit the damage to the Obama and Clinton gangs. It seems to me that the Bush/Cheney faction — and their associates, including the Fed and, even, the MSM — and other factions are also at risk.

    While we are now on the offensive, we cannot become complacent. Indeed, we should expect counter attacks that are even more vicious and much more damaging to us personally than what we have seen these last three or four years. We really have no choice: we must have the determination to finish them ALL off.

    • Hockey Puck

      “We are now on the offensive…” Yikes! Terrifying for the Left, the Elite & the CCP. Great Insight!

      What I’d like to do is repost what you posted yesterday, William and add a bit. It looks like we have the Storm of the Century about to blow the roof off:
      1) Trump impeachment/acquittal/exoneration;
      + 2) FED $500 billion REPO Tsunami;
      + 3) PBOC REPO: 200 billion Yuan last month;
      + 4) Jerry’s report that military personnel are being recalled before the holidays;
      + 5) Brexit
      + 6) CCP UNmasked since Trump 2016 , Trade War, Jobs coming back
      +7 ) CCP = a mercantile regime in control of the The Elite;
      + 8) CCP = New Third Reich… but worse;
      +9) Trump with Juncker on board to reorient the supply chain away from China;
      + 10) China’s economy at 0% growth, about to collapse for good (?);
      + 11) The Elite being exposed en masse, terrified of going to jail;
      + 12) FISA + Guliani Ukraine probe = Proof Hillary is a criminal;
      + 13) S&P 500 at all time highs, dollar strong;
      +14) Economy getting stronger (it seems). Trump likely to get re-elected;
      + 15) Democrats still don’t have a candidate to beat Trump. Hillary might enter the race to save the Democratic Party from Bloomberg? (Bannon) Is this Theater of the Absurd, or did I get that right?
      +16) PBOC with 20,000 tons of gold or more &
      +17) Putin on record saying that the Dollar is doomed?

      = I wonder what could go wrong!?!

  3. paul ...

    You know … I’m not so sure about William Barr going after Holder (who received the dubious distinction of becoming the first sitting member of the Cabinet of the United States to be held in criminal contempt of Congress for being involved in selling AK 47’s and .50 Cal machine guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels) … William Barr who was Attorney General from 1991 to 1993 was responsible for both the US Marshals Service and the FBI during the siege at Ruby Ridge … is Kevin sure Barr “is a good guy”?? … Barr also worked pro-bono (behind the scenes) to seek immunity for Lon Horiuchi (the FBI Sniper) charged with the manslaughter deaths at “Ruby Ridge” … and Horiuchi was also involved in the “Waco siege” … to put it bluntly … why was Barr working behind the scenes to help people involved with the ATF (who facilitated gun trafficking to the Mexican Cartels) … resulting in many killings on American soil???

  4. JC

    If Obama is Nostradamus’ “Black King”, we are in trouble.

    “The missing two years suggests Barack Obama’s absence as Commander in Chief will last until the year 2019. As you will read, Nostradamus uses the phrase, “After The Black King’s sojourn”. In several Quatrains, he returns to “rescue” Europe.

    Donald J. Trump did not order NATO to invade Libya, or for America’s intelligence service to begin The Arab Spring, or to assist in the Ukrainian coup d’état and the overthrow of an elected government; Donald J. Trump will, however, be blamed for starting a nuclear war.”

  5. JC

    According to G.A. Stewart, Obama’s historical legacy is not over….

    “In my December 2008 Website Introduction, I suggested that President-Elect Barack Obama might be Nostradamus’ Black King. I was still doubtful because the Bush-Clinton Criminal Families are the two ruling political dynasties in the United States.”

    “I am not the first to make this observation about Nostradamus’ Black King. Barack Obama’s important historical legacy is not over, so of course it would show up in Nostradamus’ prophecies.”

  6. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview, thanks.
    24 minuets in, Kevin Shipp stated, “. . . . and now we understand that China has 20,000 ton of gold they’ve amassed . . .” Wow!!! Where did that news come from? Has China actually declared as much? My exclamations do not indicate my surprise at the volume of China’s gold holding – but to the idea that China has made it known. You did not ‘interrogate’ Kevin about this bombshell disclosure. . . .? Has anyone else verified this dynamite news?

    • Hockey Puck

      No official declaration from PBOC that I know of… YET!!!
      Bill Holter in various interviews has put forth a strong argument that China has 20,000. Here’s a decent article on the topic:

      • AndrewB

        Thanks Hockey Puck.
        Interesting as your linked-to ‘MoneyWeek’ article is, it does not provide confirmation that, China has 20,000 tons of gold, it merely speculates.

        Personally, based on many articles and commentary by persons as diverse as Jim Rickards and JimWillie, I do not doubt that China has at least 20,000 tons of gold. However, Kevin Shipp stated that, “. . . we NOW (my emphasis) understand that China has 20,000 tons of gold they’ve amassed . . .” The word, ‘now’ clearly indicates there has been some kind of declaration by China – or some indisputable research has been recently published. If so, what, when, and by whom?

        • Frank Cowperwood

          Bix Weir’s friend Bitcoin Ben did an interview with Jim Willie couple days ago. Willie says China wants gold standard and gold at least $3500 & silver $50-80 for starters. However, the US is in dire straits and has nothing much but a derivatives machine keeping up appearances. Willie say the main issue in the trade-war has to do with ending dollar reserve status and return to a gold standard.

          • Hockey Puck

            Interesting observation, Frank. Thanks. Let’s pick this up on Sunday. These threads are now quite dated.

  7. Andrew de Berry

    So good that you have regular interviews with Kevin Shipp Greg – thank you. His clarity of thought authenticates him every time.

    Re the Brexit vote, yes it has to be a brilliant outcome banishing the Trotskyite/Marxist Corbyn to outer darkness. So right now the old traditional Labour party still remains hamstrung with a bunch of left extremists, thereby leaving it if not mortally wounded then in Rehab for many years to come. As for the scandalous Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson promising to return us to the E.U, she actually lost her seat meaning that she too enters oblivion.
    However it needs to be borne in mind that Boris Johnson would not have been so fulsome over Brexit were it not for Nigel Farage. For Farage’s true Brexit party was instrumental in first ousting Theresa May and then bringing pressure to bear on Boris to deliver a half-decent promise for our departure next year. For while Farage’s Brexit party may have won no Brexit seats, their leader surely states quite rightly that the whole purpose of the Brexit party was to act as a decoy for those mostly northern voters who could never in a million years have voted Tory, but who at least were given the option not to vote for Labour!
    Boris may have won all the bouquets, although for me Nigel Farage is the true unsung hero.

  8. Jerry

    The Fed is not the only one doing repos.

    The people’s bank of China is trying to head off further bank runs, by injecting liquidity back into its financial system. This raises several questions. One, if the PBOC is injecting money back into the Chinese banking system, who is buying U.S. treasuries? Two, if the Fed has to buy U.S. treasuries to make up the difference, in addition to
    increasing repos, how long can they do it? Three, if the central banks are buying gold, what happens if it can’t be delivered?

    Maybe debt doesn’t matter to the crooks running the banking system, but real money sure in the heck does. We’re about to find out who will fold first in this high stakes financial poker game. As I’ve said before ( Yes for years Stan. I’ve always been early in my predictions) the Chinese are buying train loads of gold for a reason, and its not because they like bright shiny objects. Ukraine? That was another gold heist by the central banks that went wrong. They got greedy after Benghazi and couldn’t wait for the civil war to end. Biden and the boys at the deep state have been doing this for years. Why do you think they launched the impeachment hearings so quickly after Trump mentioned it? I’d wager that even Stan is smarter than Joe Biden. He didn’t gain his power on his own.

  9. R Scott

    Same old same old! No one will go to jail. Tired of hearing this, all this indictment BS. You must believe all the Q lies as well. They will drag it out, their favorite tactic, until it is old news and nobody cares. Nothing new in this interview.

    • Freebrezer

      R – my take … one or two low level FBI people will be charged and jailed. The lawyer dude that changed the email to frame Page, he will be the fall guy … he will be convicted and jailed! The FBI will then proclaim we got rid of the bad actors and have cleaned up the rot! Same old, same old … and do not forget that the top officials will most likely take bonuses for their hard work. I am too pessimistic due to being around the block a few times … Dems just do not get punished! exemplum primi – Hillary! … I will surely rejoice if I am wrong!

    • Robert

      All the opposition needs to do is get Hillary elected and every investigation we’ve been hoping for will be dropped. The indictments need to begin soon, or the time clock will run out and the left will control the narrative through the election.

      • AndrewB

        R Scott, Freebrezer, Robert,
        I wish I didn’t agree with you ~ that no one of any significance will be prosecuted. I would love nothing more than to see our corrupt ‘overlords’ face justice under the law, and I long for a time when it will be appropriate for me to beg Greg’s forgiveness – for doubting his contrary conviction that justice will be served.

    • Farmerboy

      Becoming “irrelevant” is a fate serious as jail to some of the people who are in a sweat over this thing. There are things worse than the reality and finality of legal conviction. That is knowing something is out there that could get them regarding what they have participated. Nothing worries a lawyer defending these people more when the time comes. Hell on earth to spend your life looking over your shoulder in todays litigious society.

  10. Rob

    They are purposely keeping the default in the bond market until they are ready to pull the trigger to implode all fiat currencies! While NATO would like the masses to think China and Russia are our mortal enemies take a look at the men such as Michael Bloomberg, Tim Geithner, and Hank Paulson who oversaw the last debt laden crisis in the USA. These criminals now sit on the “working group” with China:

    Notice all the global banks headquartered in the USA that are also members of this “working group”!

    This is all being pumped to make sure Trump is reelected but shortly after 11/3/20 this baby will blow and when it does it will set in motion the phasing out of cash as they phase in their own electronic currency that the public is being conditioned to think is money:

    While American’s are cheering for indictments of Clapper, Comey, Holder, Obama, and the Clinton’s the true criminals are quietly organizing a global currency collapse so they can put us under an electronic currency that will fully manifest by the midst of the tribulation:

  11. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg ……….a question

    How do you indict all these traitors & have a national election in 2020?

    Trump needs to suspend the 2020 election to preserve the Republic to deal with all the high treason in the corrupt MSM & the federal government. Time to clean house big time & there is no better time to do it than … Give America a real Christmas present of indictments for High Treason.

    • Robert

      Good grief. Cancelling the elections would cause a civil war and give merit to every hate filled thing the left thinks about Trump. Our nation doesn’t need that.

  12. Tom McLaughlin

    I feel that the one world elite globalists have weaponized the DNC, and some republicans against the sovereignty of the US. The truth is slowly coming out, but we need convictions, and soon, before the next election.

    Just speculation, JP Morgan, a too big to fail bank, could be the source and cause of the REPO market stress, purposely tightening it as leverage against the Justice dept pending indictments in their gold manipulation schemes. I fear the REPO market could spiral out of control, central bankers aren’t omnipotent.

    Talked to my local coin shop as I picked up a couple rolls of pre-1964 quarters, he has inventory for most small buyers, but the premiums on silver are going up.

    Thanks Greg for all the fabulous guests over the years, I do pass the word of your site to everyone I know.

  13. Scot

    Greg, Time to get Karl back on.

  14. Galaxy 500

    How much of this $500 Billion is going to keep the EU Banks afloat?

    • Greg Hunter

      Who knows what the real numbers are? They are trying to stop something and they are letting people know they are “working” overtly at stopping it. At the very least, this repo thing is a big signal that something is very wrong. You need some cash incase there is a credit freeze.

    • K. Wayne

      Just look to see who’s coming to the REPO window to get a clear picture of where the issues reside.
      As for the reasons for the issues…perhaps we wont know until 2021 or later.

    • Diane

      Be careful clicking these stupid stories. It can be a trap to hack you.

      Twitter has lot of fake stories …..this is one of them
      Please delete this

    • paul ...

      Diane … First we have to get to Mars … before we can go out even further to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter to mine for precious metals … and figure the cost in Fed inflated dollars to get out there … mine the metal … and ship it back to Earth … it will likely cost over $50,000 dollars per ounce when all is said and done … of course they could cut costs somewhat by simply attaching a rocket to an asteroid and shooting the asteroid back to Earth … but imagine the cost “in posible human lives and destroyed cities” when the greedy bastards begin shooting their precious asteroids down to Earth for a quick profit! … do you think Green Peace and the Climate Changers will allow greedy corporations (that pay Zero taxes) to go into space and rain down asteroids all around our planet willy-nilly? … … without huge protest rallies and politicians getting on board to try to impose (climate change/pollution type taxes) on these asteroids being thrown to Earth based upon size and weight? … the cost to mine gold in space could become astronomical … perhaps hundreds of thousands of inflated dollars per ounce once they begin more significant mining operations in the years beyond 2040 … no need to worry if we can buy gold right now for only $1,475 dollars per ounce!!

      • paul ...

        You know … if you think about it … “the Military” will likely be the driving force “preventing corporations” from shooting their gold meteorites back to Earth … as it would be “competition” for the Military’s aim for Worldwide Dominance “with their less powerful nuclear weapons” … mining corporations could actually put the US Military out of the defense business … for “as a simple chunk of rock” the size of a house hitting the Earth can be more powerful then the US Military’s most advanced nuclear weapons today … such unimaginable power to threaten countries cannot be allowed into the hands of individual mining corporations … I bet the “Space Force” that Trump recently authorized will be assigned the duty “to prevent” corporations from obtaining such incredible power whereby they can threaten to annihilate cities, countries or even the entire planet “to be in their greedy hands” … so … any gold being brought back from space will most likely “be required” to be brought back to Earth “inside a space capsule” … this means “much much higher delivery costs” … and “a lot less” gold flooding the gold market which the banksters will also want as they own tons of the stuff … bottom line … I don’t think we have to worry about a gold glut … the Military and the Banksters will make sure they keep control of the power and the supply!!!

        • paul ...

          You know … Trump should use the God given brains he was given and be “very worried” about evil countries having the ability to go into space (collecting a swarm of meteors “on the pretense they are mining for gold”) … that they could then fire down on their enemies (i.e. United States, Israel, etc.) … and they “won’t ever need to have the technology to build nuclear weapons” … all they will need … is the ability to shoot “a swarm of rocks” at their target country … and each rock “will have the power of the most advanced mega-ton thermonuclear weapon the US owns!!

  15. George

    I am willing to wager everything I own on the fact that not one person, despite any allegation, in Washington DC who belongs to the wealthy moneyed interest power are ever arrested. Yeah, the little players do but they hold no true wealth or power. Thus, why they are the ones in prison.
    It isn’t the cohesion of corruption that protects them from prosecution.
    What protects everyone of them from even being considered for arrest and public court hearings, is the fact that is any one of the wealthy moneyed interest power players ever go down, that first arrest and public hearing will bring down the entire structure of illusion.
    And that is something the true wealthy moneyed interest power players will never allow.
    Everyone knows that the Bush’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Pelosi, Feinstein, Kerry, Bolton, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Schiff, McConnell, and most of the House and Senate have all violated their oaths, and have committed treason against this country and belong om prison, if not hanged.
    Sadly, everyone knows that them and the rest of their ilk are immune from any prosecution, and are never held accountable.

    George Carlin (R.I.P.) said it best “It’s a Big Club and you and I are not in it”

    • Greg Hunter

      Have fun living in a box.

    • Rodster

      That was one of George Carlin’s classic quotes and he’s had many. I also doubt any of the big players will ever see jail time including Hillary Clinton et al. The system is beyond corrupt. It has become SO CORRUPT that the liars have become brazen.

      You know the system is beyond corrupt when they make up stuff about Trump and totally IGNORE what Joe Biden pulled off for his son in Ukraine. James Kunstler has well documented all the shenanigans that have gone on leading up to this circus impeachment.

      So I will be shocked to see any of these clowns go to jail. This impeachment circus is nothing more than to derail Trump’s reelection chances because the Democrats have nobody that can beat him in 2020.

      • paul ...

        Here is another good one from George Carlin … who summed up his own “Christmas Carol” analogy many years ago:
        “We know what they want, more for themselves and less for everyone else… and they don’t want an educated citizenry…. they want obedient workers… people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paper work and just dumb enough to passively accept the increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.”

        • paul ...

          George and Rodster … take heed of the fact that GITMO is “being expanded” and “extra troops are being stationed there” … think it is just to spend and get rid of some excess Defense Budget money? … or to house those in the Deep State who need “Rehibilitation”!!!

      • K. Wayne

        Agreed . the Impeachment is a sideshow.
        Absolute entertainment and a waste of taxpayer dollars.
        Speaking of which…..Why do we keep paying Taxes ? … when the FED can produce any amount of Fiat, it and the Fiat System requires to keep the wheels greased.
        Government lives off Debt anyways.
        The Tax system is a means to impoverish the lower and middle classes. That is its only purpose. We know where our taxpayer dollars are spent too…..on the MIC and its persistence with its global hegemony as protection of the USD reserve system. That’s the greatest scam in history. We are the stupid ones for paying the taxes and playing their rigged game.

        • JC

          K. wayne, it’s a good question.

          “Why do we keep paying Taxes ? … when the FED can produce any amount of Fiat, it and the Fiat System requires to keep the wheels greased.”

          Not many people have figured this out…. yet.

          • paul ...

            Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have!!

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, your guest this Sunday has gotten it completly right. I also realized that when Holder came out with his “Op” about our Attorney General that the actors of the deep state were running scared and trying to get ahead of the upcoming story highlighting their treasonist activities. Thank you for all you do. Happy Holidays, a b

  17. Mike

    Obama in the past has said that “he learned about that from the media just like everyone else”. It is an obvious lie but he does not care.

  18. H. Craig Bradley


    AG Barr is just acting like he is upset about the long anticipated Horowitz report. Feigning it is not making it anymore. What did he expect from a govt. insider anyway? Nobody in Washington is going to stick their neck out very far. Always been that way. Its just how bureaucrats act. So, no, indictments are highly unlikely, except maybe for a few low level flunkies at the FBI. The top brass are still protected and and remain untouchable, especially after they leave and retire. No point of charging them now.

    Moreover, the Senate Impeachment Trial is not going to call any witnesses who were more directly involved in the Ukraine dealings with Biden. So, the Deep State is going to not clean the air, only act quickly, leaving all the rumors as they are and the public both further divided and confused, as well. Political divisions in America are growing and enlarging. No going back to the good old days either.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think you are correct here. The other side (IE Deep State) feels charges are coming otherwise Holder would not have come out with the cutting and threatening Op-Ed on WaPo.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        BAD BOYS

        That is your opinion or hope, not a fact. Holder is angry because he is out of power and has no more influence than I do. He only has his one vote. Black or White, one vote is equal to any other. I am glad the guilty fear a knock on their door at midnight with the song playing in the background: “Bad boys, bad boys, what are you going to do when they come for you?”

        Fear is what will deter the guilty from attempting another coup for the time being. President Trump does not have it in him to go for the throat, unfortunately. However, he tweets a lot. They get a free-pass. Its our system of justice (delayed = denied).

    • Dave

      ITA. Durham’s report is not set to come out until next summer. It started back in May. A year and a half? Really. And that is if there are no delays. Which there always are. If it gets too close to fall 2020, the report will be held back out of a desire not to influence the election. Barr and Durham are part of the swamp and, to the extent one feels people are “forced” to stay in line through threats, it is unlikely either will go out on a limb.

      The Senate impeachment trial will be one and done. McConnell (and others?) don’t want an actual trial with testimony which might reverberate on them as well as Democrat Senators. McConnell is up to his eyeballs in shenanigans with China and shipping companies. Graham may be implicated in Ukraine. No way they would have called Hunter Biden as he likely knows too much about McCain and Graham and their involvement. GOP Senators are likely not too enthusiastic about Bolton testifying either. Bolton is deep state and could implicate some of the senators in Lord knows what. No, no, no – the Senate will not go there.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not sure impeachment makes it out of the House.

      • Robert

        They always time these reports to come out with the least amount of time to react and around recesses. Its not a random choice.

        I still find it hard to believe anybody will be held accountable.

  19. Galaxy 500

    Question, and a serious one. How much danger is there in a rise in interest rates when the Fed controls and manipulates every thing?
    It is mathematical and statistically impossible that we can turn the ship of the US around. But Trump can run us aground upon a sandy bottom near shore verses the reef in deep water.
    That is what I believe God has in store for us. I also believe that while it will not be Mad Max time, there will be great loss of life during this time of economic “famine” and lawlessness.
    1- Be able to protect yourself and your loved ones. Yes, Charlie Brown, that means being armed and practicing at least once a month. Have ample stock of ammo. The Luciferians will cause ammo to dry up when they can get your Guns. It is cheap now.
    2- Have at least 3 months of food and water. This is a minimum. Get an extra $5, $10, $15… What ever you can afford a week and put it in a pantry. Remember to rotate.
    3- Pay down your debt, have some cash on hand and then some silver and even gold if possible. I would get at least 500 oz of silver before I worried about gold due to the cost and the likely value in the future. A man with silver may be able to trade value for value during hard times while a man with gold is limited to either very large transactions or taking a loss.
    4- Keep your equipment updated and maintained.
    Good tires. Maybe get a newer car if you can afford it. But remember, it is better to have a well maintained car several model years old that is paid for than a brand new car with a mound of debt attached.
    Merry Christmas to all the Hunters and the USA Watchdog family. May the Blessings of the One, True God be upon you and may you be sheltered from the coming storm.

    PS In some circles, I hear trolls putting out, “I can’t vote for the lesser of two evils.” This is Satan and his Luciferian minions preying upon the minds of the faithful. Who among us is with sin? No one. So how can any man not be a little tainted? No Saints run for Office and if they did, the Theocracy they woukd bring would be world class evil.
    Go vote like your life depends on it… Because it does. Vote Trump 2020. There isn’t a single Demoncrat Luciferian that you should support.

    • Jerry

      I could not agree more. The storm clouds are gathering. As I stated months ago, an officer I know, who was supposed to retire was ordered back to active duty. Yesterday he had Christmas with his family and then headed off to destinations unknown. A few months ago I asked him point blank about the possibility of martial law. His response was to get up and walk out. Actions speak louder than words. He could have said a multitude of things, but instead he chose to say nothing. I can only speculate that his response was for security reasons?

  20. Gene Ebner


    I have a question I don’t here being asked and that is why hasn’t the FISA court judges pressed charges against the applicants of the warrants


    • Greg Hunter

      You will have to as Chief Justice John Roberts that question. He oversees the FISA court.

      • Gene Ebner

        Great! LOL

        I think I know where he is positioned!

      • Diane

        Roberts is not a good guy.

      • J Rod

        Oh No! Roberts sold the people out to Obama during his term! He can’t be trusted.

  21. Myrna

    As always Greg, your interviews ‘hit the mark’.
    I totally agree with his comments about notorious Obama (remember what that rat did to Joe the Plumber?). My main thought as Shipp is talking about Obama is that I sure hope Barr and Durham have round-the-clock security watching their back. Obama and Clinton both are cut out of the same sociopathic cloth, in my not so humble opinion.

    • JC

      Myrna, it’s very possible that Obama is Nostradamus’ Third AntiChrist.

      “I believe the line “one issued from the league of Great Hermes” addresses the secret cabal that chose to make Barack Obama the President of the United States. What is my proof? In 2005, Pope Benedict XVI created a Coat of Arms that included The Black Moor King. Three years later, that became a reality when Barack Obama became President.”

      • Myrna

        Could very well possibly be true, JC.
        This earlier article seems to bolster Nostradamus’ insight you referenced:
        Thankfully for us sentient rational folks, the universal order precisely mathematically moves toward harmony, and as such nothing is set in stone as we are constantly in frequency flux.
        Trump and patriots are working nonstop to defeat those NWO, UN, Deep State/Media, and Central Banks’ folks of discord in order to restore harmony.
        The movement toward freedom and harmony continues to resonate all over the world with the people who have heart, and there are many, many of us!
        God Bless

        • JC

          Wow Myrna, yes, you’re right! Thanks for sharing that Obama news, wasn’t aware of that.

  22. Country Codger

    Very good report. Kevin, breakdown the “white slave” networks being run around the world. I guess, today, they are no longer just white slave networks but rather human trafficking networks. All through the decade of the ’70’s we were ordered not to “interfere, monitor or report” on the white slavers.

    The army colonel that was in charge of the CIA poppy fields in southern Burma in the late 60’s and early 70’s was doing his best to recover kids in Mexico, Central and South America in the early and mid-90’s. If you know him he can brief you on his efforts, if he is still around. A lot of us old farts have a built in time bomb called Agent Orange.

    Keep up the great work.

  23. iwitness02

    Living under the rule of the federal reserve bank has sure been a trial.
    Won’t miss their perverted greed and cruelty.
    When their fake money is finally acknowledged as being fake and worthless, their credibility should also be acknowledged as fake and criminal in nature.
    Then maybe we can abolish this criminal enterprise.
    The hardest part may be dismantling the huge support structure that holds the fed together. Meaning most of our government is as dirty as the fed itself.
    The fed never gets tired of buying assets with free money. They never grow tired of skimming off the labor of the whole country and seeing the working class suffer. They never tire of wars and other peoples children dying. I sure am tired of them.

  24. paul ...

    A Christmas Carol (my own 2020 Version) … The Fed (acting like Ebenezer Scrooge) with all their QT “financial tightening” … killed the Repo market … raising the Ghost of Christmas Past … who warned of the evils of “being too tight” … the Ebenezer Scrooge Fed didn’t want to hear such warnings from the Ghost of Christmas Past and said: “NO … I’m not doing QE” … but the Ghost of Christmas Present raised the harbinger of “A Year-end Liquidity Crash” … so Scrooge grudgingly relented a little bit and allowed Cratchit (pronounced “rat-shit”) who symbolizes “the poor deplorable American people” some extra time with his family … and provides a “Repo dime” for Christmas … but the fears generated by the Ghost of Christmas Future paints a very vivid picture of “a Total End to the Fed” … which brings Ebenezer Scrooge back to his cent-sis … and who ultimately (likely in early 2020) “will open his wallet” and do some very serious QE … and perhaps put some “CPI meat on the table” for all the little Tinny Tim’s in America (by breaking the “Morley chains” on the CPI) … Scrooge may be liked again if the American people are given the ability to keep up with the true 10% inflation rate to cover their liquidity problems … this version of the Dicken’s story “A Christmas Carol” is presented by me because every generation needs its own interpretation of economic events … that speaks to the cold-hearted elite few … who continually abuse, under pay, send people’s jobs overseas … creating much suffering here at at home “for all the little Tinny Tims” with theri own disabilities like autism, autoimmune problems, cancer, etc. … perhaps this story will engender a change of heart in the greedy elite … hopefully providing some hope for the deplorable American peoples eventual salvation from the elites evil plans for their total impoverishment!!

    • paul ...

      Nearly 100 companies in the Fortune 500 paid … ZERO TAXES … in 2018 … the ultimate goal is for all 500 companies to pay “zero taxes” … and instead drain and impoverish “the deplorable useless eaters” instead!! …

      • paul ...

        I wonder … as the elite close their eyes at night (thinking about the millions they made in the markets that day) … if just before they fall asleep … they think about all the lives they destroyed to attain their paper IOU certificates (issued by other swindlers who work at the Fed) … they must take great joy in being sadists .. depriving children (like Tiny Tim in the story above) a decent life (of only about 80 years) by “burdening them” with all the bills … wile they take tax free profits and park their “zero tax dollars” and corporations off-shore … do they ever just once think of doing something good for people??

        • paul ...

          You know … come to think of it … perhaps they do? … why else are the banksters and Goldman Sachs telling ordinary people to buy gold??

          • JC

            paul… you can’t trust anything Goldman Sachs says or does. Beware.

  25. Brian Baker

    Who owns the Central Banks? Who founded them? Who really owns the Shadow Gov’t & what umbrella entity is it really under? Follow the money. Follow the money. Who owns or collectively has controlling interest of The Bank of International Settlements, The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve? How many in Congress, in the Executive & Judicial Branches of Gov’t are Rockefeller Empire tied? 1000s. 100s of Congressmen & Congresswomen themselves alone. Nearly 200 votes in the House of Reps are in a Rockefeller Empire Umbrella lock-step right now. Does that alone qualify to be Shadow Gov’t by definition?
    How many groceries do you buy that are NOT Rockefeller Empire? Probably less than 40%. How much gas do you buy NOT Rockefeller Empire from Aramco of Saudi Arabia to US Oil? Likely near 0%. Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Energy, Politicians, Legal Training & Accreditation (such as ABA), Medical Accreditation & Association (AMA), so many things are part of the Rockefeller Empire Umbrella of direct influence here & abroad it is mind boggling.
    Unless you read “Killing the Planet” by Browne & Williams, you are unfit to respond on the topic…illiterate by circumstance. Read that book. The Media takeover by 1952, the Kennedy assassination, the insane US Dept of State policies that support actions to create endless wars & chaos across the planet & so many other questions & your own eyewitness life experiences learned separately over a lifetime these past many decades will not only make you think about what, how, when, you saw & experienced the politics & moral decline of what is happening in the nation since the 1960s & before, but you will suddenly realize the “why” that fits. You think I exaggerate? Then read that book. I am still processing the voluminous info of its unveiling.
    Both you & Mr. Shipp & everyone here ought to read it. It actually builds on the revelation Mr. Shipp has given us on the Deep State & Shadow Gov’t. Save the criticism until AFTER you’ve read & processed the book & your knowledge of US History of the 20th & 21st century thus far, please. Then do a show & interview both Browne & Shipp on the same show, even if it goes long & is 2 or 3 or 4 parts. Thanks.

    • JC

      BB, you are exact!y right . “Follow the money.”

    • Da Yooper

      Brian & everyone this is a very important read. More at the link. OBTW & these are a supposedly trusted ally ……really? I dont think so.

      The Divine Right Of Elite Pedos

      “The sex with children blackmail op was set in motion when the Israelis feared the US would force Israel to make real peace with the Palestinians, not bogus peace agreements like the one pushed by Trump’s orthodox Jewish son-in-law.

      Ben-Menashe told MintPress that he had not only met Epstein after Epstein had been recently recruited by Israeli military intelligence, but had seen him on several occasions thereafter as Epstein “used to be in [Robert Maxwell’s] office [in London] quite often” and would arrive there between trips to and from Israel.

      In addition, Ben-Menashe revealed his understanding of why Epstein was eventually shepherded into acting as a professional sexual blackmailer on behalf of Israeli military intelligence. Per Ben-Menashe, there were concerns among Israeli intelligence figures that, following the Reagan Era, a new president would push for Israel to make peace with the Palestinians, something those officials sought to avoid by any means necessary.

      In other words, an unknown number of girls would need to be raped and traumatized in order for the Israelis to continue their slow-motion ethnic cleansing program.

      I predict very little will come from this case and if names and dirty deeds are revealed, they will focus on lesser figures, not the top members of the elite who have a psychopathic drive to harm children (not to mention killing them in faraway places with depleted uranium, napalm, and “the mother of all bombs,” etc.). “

  26. Myrna

    I think Shipp is exactly correct. US is on a financial tightrope for sure, and Trump and those with him behind the scenes are working diligently to undergird our economy and navigate the waters, and those “rapids”–great metaphor from Shipp.
    A side note: The Alabama, the senate race will be a powder keg. I’m still of the mindset that Sessions has been working with Trump all along, even the ‘recusal’ being part of the whole plan to undermine the Deep State. Like Trump, Sessions is very shrewd as well. I hope he returns to the Senate.

  27. Canadian Prepper


    GreAt interview as usual. A good source of info is also Tracy Beanz. Look up her video the Landscape:Explained. She lays out the 16 year plan to turn the US into a globalist Marxist state and how Trump has interfered with the plan. It should have been Hillary.

    In short this is a global war between globalist marxists and nationalists. As long as Trump is in power we have a chance. I pray for his safety. Because ihis loss will hurt us here in Canada as well.

  28. Gina M Mancarella


    I would like to point out one thing as an aside and that is who the winer of “PERSON of the YEAR.”

    It was NOT Donald J Trump !

    It WAS Greta Thunberg !

    • Greg Hunter

      This just shows how the NWO globalist own the awards and legacy media. No body is surprised here. They own that twit Greta too.

      • JC

        Grim Greta, such a sweet “person. Let’s quit our jobs to save the planet. Sure… follow the money.

        “Greta Thunberg is being coached by Greenpeace’s Jennifer Morgan who attended Davos along with Al Gore. Greenpeace is funding Greta and their donors are a long list of socialists. Greta showed up just days before the election in Alberta, Canada, to tell the people they should surrender their jobs because of climate change.”

    • William Stanley

      RE: “winer” [not winner] of the year
      Very sly.

    • Mike R

      yeah, greta the girl who wanted the world to feel ‘sorry for her’ on how ‘rough’ her train ride was, and that she had to sit on the floor bc it was too crowded. But that was corrected by the Train Operator saying she actually had a first class seat on the train, with LOTS of staff at her beck and call. So obviously she sent out a rather fraudulent and highly misleading photo ‘op’ designed to gain sympathy and pretend at how hard her ‘job’ is. It sounds pretty similar to how she is using CC topic to gain fame for herself. She’s a paid shill for the global elitist, and Soros is likely her primary funder. Total ruse and the world is being duped by this chick and her handlers. sick.

  29. Independent

    Hi Greg,
    Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo 12/15/19 | Fox News Today December 15, 2019
    Around 19:20 minutes Judge Michael Mukasey mentions “Mid Year Exam” (MYE) in a Stryok – Page text message “letting Clinton go” that was not mentioned in the IG report.

    • Marie Joy

      It is tragic that Nobel has fallen so far.

  30. Montana Guy

    Guest after guest warn us that perhaps the worse economic fall in the HISTORY of America is at our door step. We believe them.

    Trump is telling Americans that he is presiding over “the greatest economy in the HISTORY of America”. And we believe him.

    George Orwell spoke to the fate of truth in the hands of men driven by agenda. He penned, “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

    • paul ...

      Montana … It is sort of like Americans holding two contradictory beliefs with regard to the price of gold [the manipulated price of gold (at $1,475) and the “debt dollar” price of gold (at $9,666)] in their mind at the same time … the reason we should not be holding two contradictory beliefs in our mind simultaneously at the same time is because that would mean “We Are Totally Crazy” (i.e. black is white, up is down, evil is good, Satan is God!!) … the Deep State continually overpowers our minds with their “Doublethink” … where truth and reality “are imaginary entities” … and only fake numbers (i.e. unemployment, inflation, CPI, etc., etc.) and fake News (i.e Trump and Gabbard are Russian spy’s, Hillary is a nice lady, etc., etc.) are accepted as reality (in our make-believe George Orwell “Matrix” world) … we need to “take back” control of our own minds from the Deep State … by simply throwing in the garbage the “blue pills” the Deep State hands us each day on their “blue tooth devices” (i.e. TV, Cell Phones, Internet Newspapers, etc.) and begin using the brains “that God gave to us”!!

  31. chuck

    Re: Brexit/EU

    “This is a slap in the face to the global order”. So, by direct inference, the global order is centred in Germany, seeing as Germany is the center of the EU. The result will be a consolidation into a 10 nation EU confederacy under German command and given spiritual strength from the Papacy. We are looking at the soon-to-be-witnessed emergence of the final global superpower. A nuclear armed militant EU, sporting that big Maltese Cross, with an axe to grind.

  32. Ryan Scarborough

    Still no investigation into what really happened on 9-11? Nobodies doing ….

    • Montana Guy

      Ryan, AE911Truth is not letting up (see link below). After 10 years of refusing to release key data from its analysis of the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is trying to defend its ludicrous position that the release of this data “might jeopardize public safety.”

      USAWatchdog engineers and architects, please help us turn up the heat on NIST here:

  33. Jon Vaughn

    Great interview, as always, Greg and Kevin.

    It really is the Truman Show, isn’t it. THEATER. This really hit me in the face when I heard the name Stefan Halper. Not that Halper was the central spook in this charade, but that he is Ray Cline’s son-in-law. That fact is the key to understanding WHO is doing what to whom.

    As you know, Kevin, Ray Cline was H.W. Bush’s deputy DCI when they were both fired by Jimmie in spring 1977–together with about 700 other “friends” of theirs in the Operations Directorate by the Fall of ’77. What Jimmie did not know is they (and their coterie of Praetorian Guard) were right in the middle of a caper to replace the misbehaving Shah with another regime, and that even though Carter put Adm. Turner in as DCI, notorious CIA hitman and Bush ally, Frank Carlucci, was still there in the #2 seat. This crowd has had a long history of guarding and promoting the underlying foreign and monetary policies of the American Empire, and Carter never knew what hit him. Kennedy, Carter, Reagan, and now the Trumpster all wandered off the reservation to some degree and incurred the “attention” of the Guard. Results varied per case, but the Guard is the Factor of the execution of the “national security” protective policies.

    The ultimate marriage after WW2 of Nazi-developed psychological manipulation technologies and Hollywood has produced history’s greatest security Propaganda Cartel–and it is a fearsome thing. It is this Cartel that is after Trump. What was it that the Uniformed Colonel and Ambassador to Ukraine objected to ??? The President was not following the official script for the “correct” foreign policy, for which he should be impeached–unbelievable. Just as in Rome, today’s Guard has transformed from “protector” to executive protagonist. Ray Cline’s son-in-law, Halper, is a little peek hole into that Guard; and its the Guard that is in full tilt mode at Trump.

  34. paul ...

    So Giuliani goes all the way to the Ukraine … spends a number of weeks there … gathers evidence against the crooked Bidens … and in investigating claims that Kiev interfered in the 2016 US election … found they interfered “in favor of Hillary Clinton” … so now the Deep State won’t allow Giuliani to present his evidence before the impeachment committee … the Deep State Demons are claiming that because the Ukrainians “are basically Russian” they were right in claiming the “Russians” interfered in the 2016 election … but these Ukrainian Russians are not Putin Russians … and besides “they were helping Hillary” not Trump!!!

    • paul ...

      This whole impeachment thing is as ridiculous as the US declaring war on Putin’s Russia … because some “Russian Eskimos” were determined to have helped Hillary in the 2016 election (even though Alaska was taken over and was controlled by the US)!!

      • paul ...

        Most “commie” Demon-rat voters “are totally brain dead” and still haven’t figured out how to use the brains God gave them!!

        • paul ...

          Does Kevin Shipp know why so many of the central characters in the Trump impeachment process are Jewish?? … Trump is married to a Jew and is helping out Israel in many ways so it seems very odd that the impeachment gang “all seem to be Jewish”??? … odder still … is that the impeachment gang seem to be descendants of Russian and Ukrainian Jewish immigrants??? … can anyone help shed some light on what this connection is all about????

          • William Stanley

            Paul …,
            I’ll offer a few thoughts without bothering to document the assumptions (which I have reason to believe are true):
            1. Many Ashkenazi Jews trace their roots to Eastern Europe.
            2. ON AVERAGE, Ashkenazi Jews are significantly more intelligent than Gentiles.
            3. High intelligence is highly correlated with high success, including high political success.
            4. Ukraine is at the nexus of Communism and anti-communist Nazism (due to historical Czarist sympathies in a significant portion of the population). This sad history has yielded a large and powerful criminal class and strong political emotions.
            5. Not all highly-intelligent Jews think alike.
            6. I can’t verify that Melania is of Jewish heritage.

            • paul ...

              My error William … Melania Trump “is Catholic” … it’s Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009 (when she married Jared Kushner who is an Orthodox Jew).

              • paul ...

                Seems gentile whites have an average IQ of about 98.6 … while Jews come in at 107.5 and blacks at 89.7 … so humans “in general” seem to fluctuate about 10 points above and 10 point below 100 … not very much to really differentiate people … only approximately 1% of the people in the world have an IQ of 135 or higher which is considered a genius or near-genius IQ … but we all should remember that these numbers “don’t define an individual” … nor his imagination and intuition … the most important thing “to being smart” is to never stop questioning … from the meaning of life (and whether one should be good or bad) … to the structure of reality (whether one should live in a matrix or outside it) … for what good is having a high IQ … if you decide to be evil and live within a fake reality or Matrix???

                • William Stanley

                  Paul . . .,
                  Yes, probably the most important variable is that many more intelligent Jews aspire to be lawyers and politicians than is the case for intelligent Gentiles.

  35. Myriad

    Great interview Greg,
    However, I am not convinced that we should place our hope in Barr.
    Barr has been sitting on the damning crimes within Weiners laptop, Hillary’s emails, Holders Fast and furious, Lois Lerners IRS crimes, Uranium 1, and spygate – and NO indictments.
    Instead Trump supporters inc the President himself are going before sham hearings and kangaroo courts based on sham evidence – where is Barr as AG to take this head on?
    The most troubling aspect with Barr has been his propensity to deflect and stall from going after these deep state criminals.
    The straw that broke the camels back for me with Barr is his ‘Epstein DID kill himself’ statements. I fear Barr is either seriously compromised or is deep state.

    • JC

      Myriad, check this out regarding Barr.

      “Barr would later become Bush’s Attorney General, rising to that post yet again under Trump. Furthermore, Barr’s father worked for the precursor to the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and recruited a young Jeffrey Epstein, then a high school drop-out, to teach at the elite Dalton School, from which Epstein was later fired. A year prior to hiring Epstein, Donald Barr published a science fiction fantasy novel about sex slavery. Notably, the same year Donald Barr hired Epstein, his son was working for the CIA. Bill Barr has refused calls to recuse himself from the Epstein case, even though he worked at the same law firm that has represented Epstein in the past.”

  36. Pete M

    Greg, is there any way you could have someone tell us how many ozs of silver or gold there is for every man woman and child on the earth, and possibly for those living in non third world countries? I would like this put in perspective as to how much debt there is out there also for every many woman and child, breaking it down to federal government debt, state debts, consumer debt, mortgage debt, student debt, credit card debt, and corporate debt. Then add all the unfunded liabilities such as state employee pensions etc. People need to quantify debt as it relates to money, because debt we are told is money, and gold and silver has no counterparty risk.

    • paul ...

      Pete … the US National Debt Clock …… does a good job of breaking things down for the US … I’m going to search the internet for Debt Clocks that do the same for other counties …

      • paul ...

        Here is the Debt Clock for the EU … (not as good as the US Debt Clock)!!

        • paul ...

          China’s Debt Clock … … does not include the debts of state-owned enterprises … these businesses (controlled by the Central Government or by local government) represent a very large sector of the economy “that is not being accounted for”!!!

  37. paul ...

    Warning!! … stackers who are buying and storing canned or dried pork products like spam or salami from China (or surrounding countries) better think twice!! …

  38. paul ...

    D-Day is but five hours away … watch short term interest rates … any rise over 2% means trouble …

    • paul ...

      Seems I was being “over conservative” stating the “debt price of gold” would be over $10,000 fiat dollars in a month … the “debt price of gold” just jumped up about $1,000 dollars this weekend (likely anticipating a bad D-Day in the Repo markets) …… however we currently live in a world with “two gold prices” … in the manipulated gold market people can still buy gold for $1475 fiat dollars per ounce … is anyone taking advantage of the opportunity (besides the Central Banksters and Goldman Sachs)???

      • paul ...

        Those watching the “debt dollar price” of gold … on the debt clock should also look at what silver did … it jumped up over $100 debt dollars in price to $1,160 … which on a percentage basis is a bit over 10% this weekend … so silver is fully tracking golds 10.4% rise to $9666 debt dollars per ounce!!!

        • paul ...

          Remember what Jim Rickards said: “The debt dollar price of gold has to be $10,000 dollars per ounce to re-set the monetary system (without taking a loss on the asset side of the debt ledger)” … well with gold at $9,666 we are just about there now folks … so be prepared … we can get “a re-set” at any time now!!

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg, So what do you think all the Dems that Shifty Schiff talked into voting to impeach are thinking about now ?

  40. paul ...

    Hey Stan … instead of bothering us “gold guys” by selling gold short … you should be selling the “horse and buggy” airlines short … read this …

    • Stan

      Sorry, I don’t read that worthless website

    • paul ...

      Stan … looks to me like Gold is ready to pop over $1600 very very soon …

      • paul ...

        How do I know? … look at the tail end of the flag in the above chart … there is a series of higher highs … a breakout of the flag is very near!!

        • paul ...

          If that is not enough proof for you Stan … also see that there is also associated with the series of “higher highs” … a series of “higher lows”!!!

      • Stan

        Funny, when I look at that chart I see $1250 as the next stop – not 1600

    • paul ...

      The writing is clearly on the wall … the commercial jet age “is over” … but knowing Stan … he won’t listen to anyone … being the ultimate contrarian … he is likely buying call options on the airline stocks (while doubling down on his Deutsche Bank holdings)!! …

      • Stan

        DB had another solid move up today – see you at $30

        • paul ...

          At $.30 … you forgot to include the decimal point Stan!!!

  41. Cole

    I truly appreciate your tireless pursuit of truth. I support Kevin on Patreon; his videos are informative and timely. However, I am beyond tired…I will go on record as predicting that we will NEVER see the deep state players indicted to any meaningful extent. I believe we are being played – not by Pres Trump – but by AG Barr and Durham….Why?? Durham has been investigating this mess for over two years, and we have to wait???
    I was cheering as I listened to the Republican Senators speak the truth so clearly and plainly this last week. And to hear AG Barr and Durham refute the IG’s interpretation of his findings…what a breath of fresh air!!! BUT NO…We have to wait until June to do anything!!!! We have enough evidence to indict numerous people NOW!
    How is it possible that the Democrats can investigate Trump on false charges for 2-3 years, and the Republicans cannot even issue indictments for blatant treasonous acts??? I now have more reason to believe that Barr and Durham are puppets than true patriots. Is there no one left in Washington besides a few Representatives and Senators who are NOT Marxists???? Americans are being played as fools.
    Only so much truth is allowed to be spoken even on Fox News. Marxist lies (Schiff are being repeated over and over with no effective challenge. Enough truth is allowed to keep viewers following along like sheep…but there is no effective reporting, challenging and refuting of their lies….EXCEPT on a few “channels” like your own, including Epoch Times, Gateway Pundit and Mark Levin.
    I hope my prediction is wrong. God have mercy! It truly is a good thing that I trust God as much as I do. Otherwise, I would probably become part of the problem.
    Thank you, Greg for not giving up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well Cole,
      I am going to go on record and use my full name and say we are going to see arrests. What you say is meaningless if you don’t use a real name and own your words.

      • Cole Davis

        Cole is my real name. I am Cole Davis who has given you money to help you do what you do. I was not aware I had to use my full name to get respect. I write from the heart. I have a deep respect for you and what you do. Given the seriousness of your mission, I will consider your response to me as being an indication of just how many trolls and truth-haters you have to respond to every day.
        I meant it when I wrote that I hope that I am wrong about my prediction. Either way, I will continue to trust the Lord.
        Again, thank you Greg for all you do.
        We are praying for you.
        You need not publish this response unless you want to.
        (Maybe the fact that I use multiple email addresses threw you off??)

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Cole I have plenty of trolls. Thank you for your comment, but I am not giving up. I do not know why people want to come here and let everyone know they are giving up, and do so with an anonymous name. You are no longer anonymous. I will also trusty in tha Lorde. Who do you think guided me to do”????????? Hint: This was not my idea.

      • Ross Herman

        Greg I hesitate to make comments that might diminish your enthusiasm, but there is a probability of zero, that any crimes are prosecuted by a completely co-opted and corrupted federal government agency. As support for this I will point to the assassination of JFK, which anyone with two active brain cells can see was a complete cover-up of evidence that continues today with the Oaklahoma bombing, 9/11, and hundreds of other false flag operations. As additional evidence that no crimes will ever be prosecuted by the “government “, let me point out that even with the so called White Hat, Trump, in office, there is not even a discussion of the many genocide programs that are currently being fully implemented against the population of the world. I bet even you still buy toothpaste with fluoride because everyone knows that fluoride is good for you. As long as nothing stops, or even slows, any of the genocide programs all is well with the Satanists.

        • Greg Hunter

          Ross I hate to tell you that if this is the case America id over. Why don’t you go and give up someplace else. I’ll take the other side of the bet.


          • Ross Herman

            To me giving up is to concede ones soul. I am hoping the more I understand the reality of our world the greater the thorn I may become. 🙂

    • Justn Observer

      and it that does NOT stir your interest …then ask…IF Russia is such a ‘mortal enemy’ of the U.S. …why are sharing such tech and heavy lift rockets and now new ‘tank’ technology? So we can more efficiently kill each other in the next ‘theater’ play in a next planned conflict zone? LOL =
      Time to tell Schumer and Pelosi and the rest to …. off ! All is a ruse…all the ‘trips’ to NATO by Pelosi and here entourage …just inside pay to play for the coming script for ‘profits’ for the globalist elite…
      Just post the links earlier to your state and federal legislators emails or twitters – ask them … how could all that be POTUS Trump when he was NOT even in the government when it all was going on? LOL
      IT IS as set-up …to make it ‘appear’ it’s TRUMP and his administration…and why would we be sharing tank tech with Russia while providing ‘tank’ killer tech and weapons to the UKRAINE? MAY BE….the ‘real’ outrage is that HE DID …not that he was not going to…
      and why is there no conversation anywhere about who/what was in Weiner’s laptop that the NYPD supposedly got? or searching the ‘server’ backups of all the servers of those Hillary was suspected of sending emails to? Or what does no one have interest in any of the blackberry phones so many of the ‘gang of eight’ and Mike Flynn etc?
      It seems it is not what impeachment ‘witnesses’ have ‘opinions’ on…it seems to be what they are NOT being asked or where the ‘servers’ are located as POTUS Trump is asking about that no one seems to want to produce… Those encrypted phones do exist just as does the ‘deep state’ …pic of Hillary, Flynn on one just BEFORE POTUS Trump gets sworn in, metadata everywhere…
      Looked to those links….then consider this and ask yourself some questions about who/what IS the real roots of the problem today? Historical influence merge with metadata?

      • JC

        Justn, you say “all is a ruse”. You may be right. Are we all just pawns in the game?

  42. Stan

    2020 will be the Year of the Dollar. Fasten your seat belts folks. Anyone betting against the dollar will be a dead carcass on the side of the road.

    • Jerry

      Yes Stan, by all means go ahead and stick your head in that fan blade.

      Anyone who would follow that foolish advice deserves everything that’s coming to them.

      • paul ...

        And so much for believing inflation will be only 5% next year (the way Paul Jr. believes) the only time the true inflation rate was that low was between 1982 and 1987 … it is currently 10% … … and when the dollar is forced down by Trump next year … the “real” inflation rate will will rise “even higher” then 10%!!

        • paul jr.


          If you do your research, like I did, you will find that almost everything that most people buy has not come close to doubling in price in the last 8 to 9 years. But no, you just want to quote what someone else says. Why don’t you show me that I am wrong? It is either because you do not know how or you tried but found too many things over the years did not go up in price as much as you think.

          And when did I say that next year inflation will only be 5%? No where! Just because all the data shows that the average rate of inflation for most people was around 5% for the last 5 or 10 years does not mean inflation will be that way in the future.

  43. Rick

    Brennan’s a dead man walking.

    MSM = Propaganda Machine……well said.

    I believe Trump will unleash the dogs once he is re-elected.

  44. FISA

    Hi Greg,

    Can you ask Kevin why they reauthorized FISA?



  45. Self Exiled

    Those who forsake the law of God and man praise the wicked, but those who keep the law of God and man contend with them.
    Evil men do not understand justice, but they who crave and seek the Lord understand it fully.
    Better is the poor man [a deplorable] who walks in his integrity than he who walks in double and wrong ways, though he who is rich.
    The fear of man brings a snare, but who ever leans on, trust in, and puts his confidence in the Lord is safe and set on high.
    Practising the Presence 0f God.

  46. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  47. Greg Bacon

    Holder was also a player during Bill Clinton’s presidency, who helped obfuscate what really happened at the Waco slaughter, helping to get Clinton and Reno off the hook for their murderous attack on a religious sect.
    He’s a solid Deep State trooper that gladly does what he’s told.

  48. JC

    Greg, could this be part of the repo crisis?

    ROME (Reuters) – An Italian cabinet meeting approved an emergency decree on Sunday night to bail out ailing cooperative lender Banca Popolare di Bari, a government source said.

    The bank, the biggest lender in Italy’s underdeveloped south, was placed under special administration by the Bank of Italy on Friday after its management said it urgently needed a capital injection of up to 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion).

    Where is that capital injection of 1 billion euros coming from?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes it could. There are major financial problems around the world like we have never seen before. We could see 10, 20 or 50 Lehman Brothers at the same time.

  49. Galaxy 500

    Anti Zionists?

  50. Jerry

    And the insanity continues.

    Folks I can’t remember in my lifetime seeing such desperation as there is right now in the banking industry. A liquidity problem of this size, only points to much bigger problems that apparently can not be fixed by zero percent interest rates and QE. From stock by backs to gold manipulation, everything in the markets points to a fake economy that has never recovered. At this point, the fed might as well quit putting dates on repos, since apparently there is no exit plan and they can never stop what started in September.

    • Jerry

      Two fed repo movements in one day.

      Things are going so well that one repo was not enough. Its like shooting a firehouse to put out a fire. You just spray everywhere and hope you hit something. Yikes!

      • paul jr.

        There was two different term repos on that day just like other times before. It has been that way from the beginning. Why act like it was some big deal? Are you that dense?

        • paul jr.

          Meant to say there were two repos that day because one was overnight while the other was a term. That has been going on since the beginning so nothing unusual about that.

  51. Ron Spoon

    “no arrests , no criminal charges” . Government people take care of their own.
    Deep state conspirator’s just get another job somewhere in government..

    • Greg Hunter

      Why don’t you go find a little safe corner to go hide in and give up there. Please stay out of the way.

  52. Bill B

    Why are not hearing from those FISA judges. One would think they would be angry about their being used unlawfully.

  53. Alanon

    Market up again! Putting some back in.

  54. Jerry Jones

    Greg, I think you are blind thinking the corruption can/willed be stopped. I will bet it all that no big names go to jail. It’s ok to think positive, but I truly don’t believe you know what your up against!

    • Greg Hunter

      Jerry or whatever the troll name you have posted,
      May “they” don’t know what “they” are up against?? They are not that tough, otherwise they would not hire you to post comments here.


      • Jerry

        Go easy on Jerry Jones. The cowboys are having a rough year. And yes, most of the trolls that come to your site are gutless turds. In the real world l live in they would cower in corner at the sight of someone who is not afraid and is armed. The deep state is living on borrowed time. Either the justice department does its job and removes these criminals from office, or the citizenry will take the law into their own hands, and rise up and do it for them. The military and local law enforcement are on the side of the people and will not support the deep state any longer.

  55. Marie Joy

    I continue to see serious food inflation and with crop failures I expect to see serious food inflation and shortages, in 2020.
    Stock up

  56. Justn Observer

    As to the questions about who /what group is ‘behind’ all this chaos…if everyone knew…we all would not be talking about it…and ‘they’ save the U.S. has an uncorrupted part of the Dept. of Justice instead of ‘the JUST US currently drawing the ire…’they’ would be on their way to prison and depending on how many of the ‘dead bodies’ that occurred along the way…to the gallows… The metadata will be the linkage.
    And people can not forget all the dead people along this story line… dead prostitutes, dead EB5 VISA attorneys washing up on the beaches of Florida, the dead in Piketon, Ohio, dead from the radiation, dead from the weapons running, dead from the opiate and fentanyl across the U.S., dead and maimed U.S. military personnel and dead innocent people the world over for their corruption schemes like in Ukraine and Benghazi etc. and including all the no deal deals, bankers ‘falling out of windows’ on and on… I have been convinced like others…with the surveillance state we all live in…the ONLY way this all occurred ””undetected”’ IS because it all had STATE sponsorship at the highest levels…and there had to be world wide encrypted communication to pull it off and run the ratlines … from long ago to present. No way it all happened without ‘inside’ knowledge of many agencies. Even Hollywood knows that…watch America made…AIR AMERICA…on and on…
    So I again…have been convinced it was the Promis software and encrypted blackberries of late…and just re-purposing of the Phoenix Program brought home to the U.S….actually started much earlier before the JFK, Iran -Contra, 9/11, to the implementation of the later ‘endless war’ projects as Gen. Clark supposedly was so surprised to hear was being planned…= conflicit zones, hedge funds and USAID, green zones over seen by and not the tip of the spear upgrades with PILOTLESS drones to bypass the Barry Seal problems AND even the need of an endless visas for ””princes”’ so they can have ‘diplomatic immunity’ of there sachels -cargo- and planes? So POTUS gets sold on ‘space force’ upgrades…to ‘rebuild the military’… but does that not come WITH many more nanosats. sattelites, surveillance, tracking, and tagging systems of people – vehicles? All goes back to who controls the ‘airspace’ and ports…and with the newer ‘international’ free trade zones at ‘airports’ within the U.S. would we NOT need the customs and ‘border security’ to be around those as well? And which states and what Senators and Congress-persons are those in? again…just following the dots and the nodes here… more going on than the just ‘whos rigging’ what PM market… May be blocks / bricks of substances between banks is just another form of currency to pay or barter for the weapons and resources? Yes, the unexplained pops up and is caught…so a need for emails/laptops/ and people to go missing, the ‘faux’ courts and wrist slaps? and the need to seal lips with compromise ops so people that can run ‘patents’ pending via the Library of Congress to the Legislators for their preview to ‘pass’ laws or approve funding for new nuclear tech, weapons, drugs etc…and which then they can be sold or ‘outsourced’ to nations for(pay to play)? between the world globalist elite? So for those that expect simple easy answers …that -because of the complexity, the long timeline of associations and changing of heirs and heirarchy and events…the chess pieces are ever moving on multiple levels…and ‘their’ control are those very things, compromise, and even ‘eatin gtheir own’ if need arises… as Mr. Shipp is pointing out…and currently it is just who/how many/and how high up … then they will close ranks – fill those slots, bind the newbees with bribes/compromise/ feed their vices/desires and move on…. Yes, while Moses is up the Mount looking for answers…they will gather—chip in–make a new gold idol…call it a bull market…and lead more sheep to the promise land…or …just more Christian to the Collosseum? Likely what ‘they’ have (blackberries) and do not have… ethics and morals…are the requirements for ‘in-vestments’…
    Good short series =
    First go here…and click thru to see pic provided of ‘congressional blackberry’ provided by ‘impeachment’ witness Bill Taylor of a SENATE encrypted phone of a Congressional Sgt. of Arms # 327360 ? =
    in the twitter =
    then view the vids tracking the phones = is this ‘evidence’ the Senate can/will use…or WHAT ‘they all’ do NOT want any light on?
    Where are the ‘real’ journalist? Or are those a myth too?

  57. paul ...

    Crypto is plunging (producing a “Death Cross”) on “No News”??? … … there is “Plenty of News” … The System is Close to Collapse … if banks close … it will make the cypto market freeze up … as crypto funds can’t be transferred “to closed bank accounts” … it it probably just dawning on the crypto addicts that physical gold and silver coins in hand “can never be shut down on them by the deep State”!! …

    • paul ...

      You Know .. with unethical crooked NY OTC Trading Desks laundering crypto money in pyramid schemes “for a fee” … why in Hell would people ever want to put their money in the hands of such evil pump and dumpers? … they take out ads and call gold “a pretty rock” … because “they know if you put physical gold in your hands … it can’t be used by them in their pyramid schemes to make money!!!

  58. paul ...

    Senator Rand Paul says: “The Democrats’ vendetta against the President and their obsession with impeachment could end up destroying the country” … I disagree … it will destroy the Demon-ratic Party … making the country stronger! …

    • paul ...

      We will simply become a “One Party System” for a little while … until we Patriots develop “a true alternative Party” … which can then defeat the crooked Republo-crats … I don’t call this destroying the country … but making it stronger and better!!

  59. JC

    Interesting…. I was wondering about the “narrow trading range” and so has Bruce Wild.

    “Currencies seem to be locked in a narrow trading range which could be another indication that Central Bank manipulation has gone nuclear.”

  60. paul ...

    You know … unless Trump can turn this PMI chart around before the election … we just may have a Bloomberg/Gabbard victory this coming Nov 2020!! …

    • paul ...

      The above chart is the ISM Manufacturing PMI in the US … which has edged down to 48.1 in November of 2019 (almost back to where it was when Trump stole the White House from Hillary) … seems Trump revved up the economy “too quickly” … he needs the PMI making new highs going into the 2020 election (not lower lows) … see the longer term PMI Chart here …

      • paul ...

        Bill knew “it’s the economy stupid” … now if Hillary was really good … she should have whipped Obama’s ass to get the PMI “up” for her (no sexual connotation implied) … Trump knew … “but he peaked to early” (again, no sexual connotation implied)!!!

  61. stephen

    I don’t understand Greg. I wrote a post on here that was deleted. All I said was Trump exposed government corruption and media corruption, and my post was deleted. Is that against policy?

    • Greg Hunter

      I told you to post it again.

      • stephen

        We are all paying for this corruption Trump is exposing. Both from the government and from the media. That is why he is being resisted so much. We as tax payers are getting screwed by our politicians. Look at what Biden did. A billion dollars went to Ukraine, in return Biden’s son make a million dollars. Essentially the same with MBNA. Biden passes legislation saving them billions, Hunter gets money from MBNA. Biden’s not the only one doing this. Who pays? We do. Trump exposes this corruption and gets crushed. This impeachment is our politicians declaring war on us. They don’t want the system which is making them rich end.

  62. Alanon

    Fellow workers again come by to discuss how their 401ks are doing knowing that I am left behind. like the woman in previous replys that got out of the market, got gold,and now is on the last it, devistated, future in question. I fell for the Doom and Gloom, Cult like, and now have to live with it. To those here beware.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did it ever hit you that you are not a very good investor? You are responsible for your life and investments. Look in the mirror.

      • Alanon

        I thought this was reliable advice. Tell that to the woman who lost everything wondering what her future will look like Investment advice is given here with info supposedly to sully it.

      • Alanon

        I am a bad investor because I listen to this advice. I own it. Don’t want others to make the same mistakes I did.

        • Greg Hunter

          I listened to my own advice and I have done pretty well. It was the exact same advice so you do suck at investing and research.

    • Nick in UK

      1. Common sense dictates that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

      2. There have been many “experts” advising you to buy gold and silver for decades, Not one to my knowledge has advised 100% allocation.

      3. Precious metals stored outside of the system protect you against banking collapse and death taxes and ….and ….and…, and they are part of your plan B, ie protecting yourself . They are not a get rich quick scheme.

      4. Holding precious metal, currently an unloved low performing asset near the bottom of its wave cycle in a world where every other asset is near the top of its wave cycle needs strong hands and will power. Timing is everything. The bigger the wave the bigger the crash.

      5. Central Banks and sovereign nations are buying precious metals and increasing their holdings whilst manipulating the global pricing. Does that seem odd ? The Rothchilds family recently sold Rothchilds banking and pensions group, does that also seem odd ?

      6. You took the red pill and bought precious metals yet you allow yourself to be distracted by those blue pill sheep curently gloating. Just politely smile, congratulate them on their financial genius and stay on target.

      7. They say – It is always darkest before dawn. Don’t miss out on a brighter future.

    • paul jr.

      You should ask your co-workers if they have an exit strategy before the next bear market happens? The last two bear markets took stocks down about 50%. Also ask them if they have some precious metals as part of a diversified portfolio which should help off-set the loses in stocks if they do not get out before the next bear market.

      • Warren B.

        No bear market in sight.
        In fact the charts indicate we go higher from here based on the breakout pattern evident in the past week.
        Words of wisdom – stop reading the “FEAR” Headlines and pay more attention to the price action. Investors and Traders alike don’t get wealthy by waiting for the sky to fall in. They take on risk and allocate capital accordingly.
        The Federal Reserve and our genius President have put America on the path to greatness. You don’t want to miss the ride on this glorious ship.
        You will in all likelihood be sitting around for the next 2-5 years still talking about and waiting for the next Bear market. Until then you would have missed out on this next great Bull market and the sizable gains it will deliver .
        Alanon – its time to take this head on. Stop watching what others do. Get informed and start acting like your life depends on it. Because in reality, it does.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Warren,
          The markets have real price discovery and are not manipulated in the least. Your charts tell you this?

        • paul jr.

          Warren B.

          I have used charts and technical analysis in the past with success and while there may be no indication of a bear market in sight right now, as things are today, a bear market could happen anytime if certain events take place which could happen quickly. Right now I tend to think that the stock market could go higher especially with next year being a presidential election.

          Knowing that no one knows the future, I have never advised someone to get completely out of stocks but I do bring up the risks that are in the markets today so that they are not over exposed if we do have a major crash or bear market. And also explain to them what the obvious benefits are of having some precious metals. I hope that you are at least doing the same.

          • Warren B.

            P jr.
            You can be assured that I have risk covered every which way to Sunday. I never invest with reckless abandon. I follow the principles of Prudence, Integrity, Trust and Performance – this is what attracts my Investors. Not some cowboy riding shotgun on some runaway stagecoach.

  63. Lincoln Continental *

    Peter Sellers as inspector Clouseau was innocent James Comey, you are not!
    You can fool the American sheeple some of the time. But certainly, not all the time!
    Your no Clouseau, sir! Sloppiness my eye! You signed the FISA! Your not clueless, just morally bankrupt! Send out your vindication op-ed’s, wont work.
    Abraham Lincoln

  64. Jerry

    Space weapons confirmed.

    For years, on Greg’s site, in the face of critics, I have laid out information regarding the governments space weapons satellite platforms, laying the foundation that main reason the Chinese and Russians have not forced us into a financial corner is because of this weaponry. It looks like now I have been vindicated.

  65. paul ...

    The US is under direct attack by Mexican Drug Cartels (who were furnished AK47’s and .50 Cal machine guns by traitors within our own government) … and now in the midst of the worst Drug Crisis in American History … when our American children are being slaughtered by the millions (by a “foreign Drug Cartel enemy” right across the Mexican border) … we have a Demon-rat and Repugligant controlled Congress that votes to send our boys off to fight “other peoples wars” half way around the world??? … we are spending almost a Trillion dollars per year on our Military to send our boys “over there”???? … instead of defending America itself … and “our” children????? …

  66. paul ...

    What?? … and I though Madonna and Miley were “loose screws” (no sexual connotation implied)!!! …

  67. John M.

    I’m only somewhat surprised that Goldman Sachs is tipping their hand about the importance of buying gold. GS is the original vampire squid that sucks the blood of life from its victims who do not have their same political connections and who actually have consciences about not screwing their fellow man.
    Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are giant cockroaches that usually like to operate in the dark, unless they have an ulterior motive for what they now advertise for all to see. I really doubt it’s guilt or some philanthropic reason.

    • paul ...

      It’s greed John … pure and simple greed!!

  68. David Hume

    USA Watchdog needs to hold itself to the same standards of credibility that it puts to the mainstream media (which they fail).

    And thus, in order to preserve USA Watchdog credibility Bo Polny should be put on the air and pressed like silly-putty between a rock and a hard-place about his claim that he received directly from God, and additionally from his colleague Lois Vogel Sharp, the guarantee for his prediction of a stockmarket crash this year. Polny told Greg Hunter on video that “God said” there would be a crash this year.

    With few days remaining in 2019 to allow a 1929 style crash happening Polny said God said would happen this year, either God lied (or is not omniscient) to Polny; or, Polny & Vogel-Sharp are happily conversing with demons—specifically Avaritia and Superbia—pretending to be God. Either way, the listening audience deserves this matter to be clarified. Otherwise, when Greg says “don’t be afraid, God is in control” , we should be afraid because there is much confusion about the nature of this potentate.

  69. JC

    Here is some “food for thought” from Martin Armstrong regarding central bank buying of gold.

    “The amount of gold added to central bank portfolios was tiny in comparison to equities. They bought more than $1 trillion of equities in 2018. The central banks bought only about $57 billion of gold in the past 3 years. This story is very misleading. It makes it sound like gold is being bought because the banks know the dollar will crash. The truth is so far from the implications.”

    • paul ...

      Why can’t anyone think? … the reason they can’t put all the Fed fiat money into gold … is because it would drive the price of gold to high … likely to multi-millions of dollars per ounce … with all the fiat the Fed has already created!!!

  70. GVB

    1. Why is this injection of thousands of millions happening?
    2. Someone/ multiple entities in urgent need of liquidity?
    3. Why, again?
    4. Are you sure that xxxxxx$¥£ is the price of gold/silver?
    5. Divide one by the other indeed equals close to xxxxxx$£¥…
    6. What if there is “some” debt off books/ derivatives
    7. And most importantly what if the paper game is levered up xxx to x

    I mean, can someone even come close to a “price”?!
    I know enough. I’m gonna shut up for a year and see what happens
    Now I must say… I pity those prestigious (?) artists in the PPT and family, but hey I don’t see clear enough to know that they will be offside in a while..
    Thanks for the informative interview. Happy holidays to those that are kind enough to do what nobody else wants to do. Thanks Greg!

  71. Alfy

    I have started hearing that trouble is brewing in Virginia between counties and the governor. I wonder if you could interview a person who has a good reputation, and is up to date on these events.

  72. Paul Anthony


    I enjoyed reading all the comments today. Thank you Greg and everyone who made a comment.

    In Him,

    Paul Anthony

  73. JC

    Greg, what do you think about this?

    Clint Eastwood’s ‘Richard Jewell’ Under Fire For Calling Out The Press; Here Are Some Other Films That Did The Same

  74. Dave

    Things to note – it looks like only 2 or 3 Democrats will vote no on impeachment. So much for the fear running through the 31 who won in Trump districts. Thei fear is greater of being challenged from the left in a primary than having to face a GOP challenger in 2020 after voting to impeach.

    Also, anti-Trump Republicans are stepping up their support for impeachment as witness the billboard in NYC paid for by prominent GOPers asking Trump why he is afraid to let Bolton and Giuliani testify. Schumer wants to call more witnesses. McConnell says no – he realizes he will loose control of the trial if that happens. However, several GOP Senators seem to support more witnesses. If Schumer can get 4 to vote with him the trial will take on a life of its own.

    Pelosi is outsmarting them all. The trade deal with Mexico and Canada was passed by the House only after paid family leave was included (a precursor to a mandate for family leave on all companies) and a provision was put in place allowing for up to a million additional visas to agricultural workers. A gift to corporate farming and the Democrats as many among this million will stay on and eventually become citizens. Pelosi and Schumer’s goal is to insure the Dems take the Senate in 2020. The odds favor that as of now. Dems set to flip Maine, Arizona, Ohio and one of the NC seats with several more GOP incumbent in close races. Even if re-elected, Trump’s Presidency would be effectively over with the Dems controlling the House and Senate. Schumer will not approve any Trump SCOTUS nominee.

    It’s funny Rush and Hannity and others are calling the trade deal great. They obviously have not read it. It is TPP light – supposedly they (and Trump) opposed.

  75. Open Eyes

    Holy Face Devotion Update.

    About a week has passed since my last Holy Face Devotion update.

    What happened since then was that in my dreams: a woman attacked me with a knife but was unsuccessful; then the next night I dreamed that a good angel and bad angel were fighting each other; then since them I haven’t had any attacks in my dreams. I’m still wearing the silver cross necklace.

    What I did see since then were some effects in the world:

    • Open Eyes

      U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said he was “disappointed” by the meeting’s outcome.

      “The international community lost an important opportunity to show increased ambition on mitigation, adaptation and finance to tackle the climate crisis,” he said. “We must not give up and I will not give up.”

      • Open Eyes

        Friday, 14 October 2016
        New UN Chief: Globalist, Socialist, Extremist
        Written by Alex Newman

        Globalism-loving socialist Antonio Guterres of Portugal), infamous primarily for helping to engineer the massive tsunami of Islamic immigration into the West, has been officially selected as the next secretary-general of the United Nations. His prescription for what ails the world: more socialism at the planetary level, more power for the UN, more “global governance,” and more mass migration from the Third World to Western countries. In other words, more of the same extremism that already has the world and the West on the brink.

        Guterres was formally selected last week by the UN Security Council, beating out corrupt Bulgarian communist and UNESCO chief Irina Bokova, who was the “correct” gender but whose horrifying record was exposed prior to her selection. The UN General Assembly, dominated by unfree governments and dictatorships, confirmed Guterres for the job on October 13. The Portuguese bureaucrat, 67, was the Socialist prime minister of Portugal before becoming the UN “High Commissioner for Refugees” in 2005. He also led the global tyranny-promoting Socialist International…

        …One of the many giant red flags (no pun intended) on Guterres’ troubling résumé is his presidency, from 1999 to 2005, of the Socialist International. Often referred to as SI, the outfit is an alliance of socialist and communist political parties from around the world, including many re-branded “former” communist parties from the Cold War era that murdered and tortured huge numbers of people. Despite the lack of coverage the outfit receives from the U.S. establishment media, the SI alliance is extraordinarily powerful — especially at the UN, where its members control a massive voting bloc and multiple UN bureaucracies…

        …At its 1962 conference in Oslo, the SI came out and said it: “The ultimate objective of the parties of the Socialist International is nothing less than world government.” At its latest meeting last month, the SI also demanded that Western nations submit to international bureaucracies in the resettling of massive amounts of foreigners within their borders — at taxpayer expense. The SI’s members, over 160 parties from more than 100 nations, also demanded more global socialism and wealth redistribution….

        • Open Eyes

          …These and other SI member parties and their leaders have been fairly open in their calls for “global governance” to address what they claim are “global crises” that cannot be addressed (they say) in the current system of sovereign nation states. As The New American has reported, Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Kevin Rudd have been especially outspoken, with hysterical pronouncements on the supposed need for UN governance to stave off supposed catastrophic global warming. In a speech this past November, Prime Minister Rudd denounced global-warming skeptics — including respected scientists and politicians — as evil “climate-change deniers,” who are “dangerous” and are “holding the world to ransom.”…

          …Ever since its inception in 1951, the Socialist International has made cosmetic efforts to distance itself from communist socialists. It continues to do so, sprinkling its calls for socialism and global governance with assurances of support for “democratic” principles. However, its democratic bona fides and its supposed opposition to totalitarian socialism are as threadbare today as they ever have been….

        • Greg Hunter

          Love Alex Newman!!

    • Open Eyes

      UN worker who accused official of sexual assault has been fired

      By Mick Krever, CNN

      Updated 0819 GMT (1619 HKT) December 17, 2019
      Top United Nations official ‘forced himself on me,’ employee says

      (CNN)A United Nations whistleblower who accused a high-ranking official of sexually assaulting her has been fired over alleged financial and sexual misconduct.

      She says that it was retaliation for her own complaint of sexual assault. The investigation that would lead to her dismissal was started by her alleged assailant.
      Martina Brostrom, who first went public with her allegations against an assistant secretary general at the UN in a CNN interview in March 2018, says that she was dismissed from the organization on Friday. She denied charges of misconduct linked to her dismissal.

      “This is what the UN does to women who report their sexual offenders,” Brostrom, a policy advisor at UNAIDS, the United Nations’ global AIDS program, told CNN. “[They] just want to get me out of the organization.”…

      …Brostrom told CNN last year that Luiz Loures, a UN assistant secretary general who has since left the role, forcibly groped and kissed her in 2015, and that her superiors tried to convince her against filing a complaint. In reporting Brostrom’s case, CNN spoke to two other women who alleged similar assaults by Loures….

    • Open Eyes

      Kyle Bass
      Verified account

      Xi Jinping’s Annus Horribilis – Xi is experiencing severe weakness in his power. The leaking of 400 pages of the cultural genocide and organ harvesting in Xinjiang to NYT had to come from a political rival. @AmbLiuXiaoMing @AmbCuiTiankai

    • Open Eyes

      Pope removes shroud of secrecy from clergy sex abuse cases

      Pope Francis has abolished the use of the Vatican’s highest level of secrecy in clergy sexual abuse cases
      NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press
      17 December 2019, 09:33

      The Associated Press
      VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis abolished the use of the Vatican’s highest level of secrecy in clergy sexual abuse cases Tuesday, responding to mounting criticism that the rule of “pontifical secrecy” has been used to protect pedophiles, silence victims and prevent police from investigating crimes.

      Victims and their advocates cheered the move as long overdue, but cautioned that the proof of its effectiveness would come when the Catholic hierarchy is forced to respond to national inquiries, grand jury subpoenas and criminal prosecutors who are increasingly demanding all internal documentation about abusers.

      “The carnival of obscurity is over,” declared Juan Carlos Cruz, a prominent Chilean survivor of clergy abuse and advocate for victims.

      In a new law, Francis decreed that information in abuse cases must be protected by church leaders to ensure its “security, integrity and confidentiality.” But he said the rule of “pontifical secrecy” no longer applied to abuse-related accusations, trials and decisions under the Catholic Church’s canon law.

      The Vatican’s leading sex crimes investigator, Archbishop Charles Scicluna, said the reform was an “epochal decision” that will facilitate coordination with civil law enforcement and open up lines of communication with victims….

    • Open Eyes

      Chaplet of Reparation Prayers (for our old Chaplet with beads in groups of 11):

      …On the Crucifix say: Eternal Father I offer You the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ and all the other instruments of His Holy Passion, that You may put division in the camp of Your enemies; for as Your Beloved Son has said, “A kingdom divided against itself shall fall.”

      On the next five beads say:
      1) May God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those who hate Him flee before His Face!
      2) May the thrice Holy Name of God overthrow all their plans!
      3) May the Holy Name of the Living God split them up by disagreements!
      4) May the terrible Name of the God of Eternity stamp out all their godlessness!
      5) Lord, I do not desire the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and live. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”….

  76. paul ...

    This may be the proof that gold coated tungsten bars were substituted for our gold at Fort Knox … as “permanent seals of the gold vault compartments have been broken time and again” … … this is why China will only buy gold bars that have been re-melted in Swiss refineries … verified and stamped 0.9999 pure gold!!!

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