2022 Trends, Predictions, Collapse, Covid & Wars – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Gerald Celente, a renowned trends researcher, is back this time to talk about what he is sees coming in 2022.  There is the never ending Covid, Vax Wars, military wars, economic upheaval, and even new predictions on the future of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Ron DeSantis.  We start with what needs to be done to defeat the tyranny of the vax war on the global population.  Celente says, “Vax War,’ look at the protests going on in Austria.  Look at the protests going on in Germany, Italy, in France and the UK. . . . The only way this war will be won is if people unify under one umbrella and don’t leave.”

On the economy, Celente warns, “How about that bankster, that Fed Head Powell?  He said inflation was going to be ‘temporary.’  Oh no, it’s going to be ‘transitory.’  They were shooting out that BS one after another, and we said from the beginning, inflation is real and it’s going to keep going.  Guess what?  It’s not the supply chains–it’s all the cheap money they keep dumping into the system to artificially prop it up.”

Celente predicts, “The Fed is going to have to raise interest rates,” to stop what he is calling 1980’s style inflation. And he warns, “The higher interest rates go up, the further the economy is going to go down, and that’s what they are not talking about.”

Celente says get ready for what he is calling “Dragflation.”  Meaning, the economy is going to drag lower as inflation surges higher.  Celente also predicts that if the Fed Funds Interest Rate, which is now at .25%, “goes to 1.5%, the entire economy could collapse.”

Celente is predicting new political parties that are anti-immigration and anti-establishment to form next year.  Celente also gives what his assessment of Donald J. Trump, Hillary Clinton and Ron DeSantis are for the year 2022 and beyond.

Celente also makes a bold prediction on the so-called CV19 mandates that should make the unvaxed feel more secure.

On the prospects of war, Celente is not worried about China and Russia, at this point, but is watching Turkey, Iran and Israel for conflicts in 2022.  Celente will explain why.

Celente also talks about the U.S. dollar, gold, silver, Bitcoin and residential and commercial real estate.

The negative effects of vaccines are going to stay in the news, but Celente expects the mainstream media (MSM) to do everything possible to cover up the deaths and injuries caused by the CV19 injections.  Will the numbers be overpowering to the MSM?

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with the top trends researcher on the planet, Gerald Celente.  Celente will take a look into 2022 and tell us what he is seeing and publishing in “The Trends Journal. “ (12.11.21)

(There is much more in the 1 hour interview.)

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant Greg,
    Thanks so much Seasons greetings.
    All the best for 2022 for there is still hope.
    Merry Christmas to the entire USW community.

    The life story of David Icke, compelling to say the least.


    • Rodster

      I love David Icke, I wish Greg would have him on. Some don’t like him but he doesn’t sugarcoat things.

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks Rodster, me too. Although there was a time, about 10-15 years ago, when I suspected he was part of the establishment .

        • FreeMpg

          Did you see Chris Martenson’s (one of Greg’s frequent guests) interview with David Icke? Search: “It’s About Control”: An Interview with David Icke”

          It’s about a month or so old. It’s one of not the best I’ve seen with Icke.

          • Anthony Australia

            I did and yes it was great.
            It was a shame the Australian government revoked his when as I had two tickets to see him speak live. That day I knew the world had changed forever.

            • Anthony Australia

              Revoked his visa.

        • JC

          Anthony A,

          Mad Max was a fictional film… wasn’t it?

          ‘AUSTRALIA’S agriculture, mining and transport industries are facing a potential crisis as a global exhaust fluid shortage threatens to bring the nation’s diesel engines to a halt.’


      • Loren

        I like your thinking. David Ike has some terrific insight into this ruling elite vampire network.
        I am thinking we will be seeing more of him

    • Chuck Bennett

      I get to your Rumble video and it will not come up!
      I have been blocked while I am on your site. I see everything else but the video won’t start.

      • Greg Hunter

        Unplug your modem for 20 sec and plug it back in to reset it. Also, try a different browser. This is more big tech censorship.

        • Kevin Larsen

          Greg, I hate to type, but I will try and be as articulate as posable. I run a newer dell
          computer, with 16 gig of memory, windows 10 and using google chrome.

          Some websites I have come a cross, will not play videos or will not update their
          pages unless I clear the cache from from my setting in the browser.

          In chrome, It is under “settings” in “privacy and security”. I clear the
          cache and cookies, then everything works. I hope this helps?

    • Anthony Australia

      Chinese propaganda or a bold prediction?


    • clod kicker

      Hello Greg. I’m your friend. I’m sure you will probably delete this, and that’s all right. But you might read it first. That might be good. I’ll try to be brief. I post this under Gerald Celente so that viewers will be less likely to see it.
      There is something about Catherine Austin Fitts that concerns me. Of course she is extremely appealing, and whenever I listen to her, which I do always, I get really good feelings.
      But the implications of these four things, when considered together, concern me:
      1. She is very knowledgeable of government dynamics and is very well informed about the present situations in many areas.
      2. She understands who our enemy is.
      3. She has apparently not been threatened and she is apparently not fearful of being threatened (by our enemy).
      4. But listen carefully to what she says, what she is advocating is acquiescence. She advocates forgiveness, but forgiveness does not work the way she is describing it. Forgiveness cannot actually occur unless the offender is contrite, and our enemy is never going to be contrite, and she must know this. This means that what she is advocating is not really forgiveness. When someone permits offenses to be committed against themselves and convinces themselves that they themselves are simply forgiving, and the offender is not contrite, forgiveness cannot and does not occur, and instead the person is in reality just acquiescing, they are enabling the offender. In this way her actions support the efforts of our enemy.
      For this reason, and others, it seems possible that Ms Fitts is a functioning facilitator of our enemy’s hostility toward us. The first three characteristics I’ve mentioned would be very useful to our enemy because they make it seem she could not possibly be against us. But these facts and several other facts tend to render that assumption questionable.
      It would not be unusual in a war, which is what we are in, for our enemy to use such persons in ways that would help them achieve their goals against us. It isn’t hard to think of many other similar examples that have taken place during other wars.
      I just wanted to point out this possibility. I could be wrong, but even if I’m not, we still need to be aware of such possibilities.
      Over time the truth will come out.
      Keep up the good work.

      • The Ogs

        It is… okay to be suspicious of everyone and everything.
        That’s all I’ll say!

  2. Boswell

    Been waiting for Gerald…
    Best guest ever!!!

    • Free_Loader

      Same here, I always wait with great anticipation for Geralds mega-refreshingly honest take on the world. One of the best guests Greg has on; glad he’s a regular!

    • William Simonton

      Italian Americans from NYC area are always interesting to listen to. different from Western & Northern European culture areas.

  3. J in Europe

    Hi Greg
    There is a confidential report on vaccine injuries – see here


    I wish it wasn’t true but I suspect there is a lot more to come. Gerald is well intentioned but strays into emotion when he sees bad deeds. He’s right of course and so are you. No harm ever came from doing the right thing and we are blessed to have you both.
    God bless
    J in Europe

    • Paul ...

      J … CONCLUSION: This cumulative case review (of the millions being injured by the “jab”) does not raise any safety issues (because everything is on track to reduce the human population from 7 Billion down to just 500,000 totally depraved and evil perverts who believe in Satan and child sacrifice)!!

      • C-Bass

        I think the number is 500,000,000 if it is indeed the GA Guidestones to which you’re referring. Either way, while things may not look good, we’re trying not to live in fear here in west MI. We have 3 under 6 with 4th on the way (late May)! We’re not in the least bit rich, but we have health and each other (all children total of 0 vx since birth), and as such we’re having more fun than anybody. Stay after it Greg!

        • Laura McDonough

          Some of us incl me are waiting to see people dropping dead in public from the booster, some may be driving down the street, dining or in shopping areas. Ongoing shot hype is all about control. This country is over because so may are complying to this farce and when they inforce a shot pass to enter any business then we are under tyranny completed. The minority is tuned in and refusing shots.

  4. Jeff Johnson

    Give them Hell Gerald!!! You are the man!!!!

  5. Marie+Joy

    http://www.ki4u.com for information about radiation, geiger counters, building a shelter, etc.

    • JC

      Marie Joy,

      G.A. STEWART: Consider what would happen if just a few U.S. cities were destroyed in a nuclear attack. Millions of surviving refugees would spread out across the entire continental United States in waves of looting armies. When people’s kids are starving, they will become part of that mob.

      The social engineering that comes into play is what we are seeing in San Fransisco today, the police and military will be told to stand down. The social engineers will let the locust clean out everything in the first few months, so after that survivors will be left with no alternative but to be fed their new FEMA made Graphene-oxide Soylent Dog Biscuits.

      Many of you out there have a tough call ahead. Whether you like it or not, the fight is coming to you and your family sooner rather than later.


      • Paul ...

        JC … Brian Williams who worked for the mainstream media for 28 years and has been doing everything possible to cover up the deaths and injuries caused by the “jab” … suddenly “wakes up” … and quits his job … now giving a stark 11th hour warning about America’s future … and actually criticizing elected officials “who swore an oath to our Constitution” … saying: “America as a nation is unrecognizable to those who came before us and fought to protect it … which is what we all must do now”!! … sure took a long time for this Main Stream Media puppet to wake up … but better late then never I guess!!

        • JC


          Maybe after loyally saying what he was told to say after all those years, he asked for, and was granted permission to say what he truly felt and believed.

  6. Clyde Cates

    Florida Governor our best hope for 2024. Live in Florida, the guy is great!!!

    • J. Kimble Allen

      Clyde, you may want to consider the following:


      Approved by Florida Gov. DeSantis in MAY, 2021.

      In part;
      ” 4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.

      a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.

      b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual. ”

      In his official bio, the Florida Surgeon General boasts about being funded by the criminal organization, National Institutes of Health, for 30 years!

      I will never allow my body/God’s Temple to be injected with an aborted baby drug experiment, by these evil people and I will defend myself by all means necessary!

      • Paul ...

        Forget Desantis … if he is allowing Florid’s State Health Officer “to use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat an individual” … this may be too truthful for people to hear … but sadly all the Trump supporters looking to Desantis as their next hero may not even be around to ever know of their blunder … as all those who took the “jab” … based upon Trump saying: “The jab is safe” … will likely all be dead within 5 years of an epidemic of heart attacks, strokes, etc., etc. (according to Dr. Vernon Coleman) … https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-vernon-coleman-here-039-s-why-most-of-the-jabbed-will-die-early-mp4_Pj5gdvoEkxInp7x.html

        • Greg Hunter

          This is good and everybody should take the less than 20 mins to watch this video.

          • Charles H.


            The video was awesome. It follows a number of interviews and restates almost the exact same issues you have been covering. The scope and nature of such travesty is almost beyond belief – perpetrated by the very organizations that should be trusted to protect.

            Many wheels, such as manufacturing, commerce, and government will be grinding to a halt in the future – including healthcare. And if lawlessness continues and increases: martial law will sweep the globe, as the desperate and dying will scrape and claw at a chance to live. It is a very bleak outlook.

            • Gale Storm

              Charles: A Rising of the Sheeple?

              Thousands of protesters hit Melbourne streets over vaccine mandates
              108,237 views Dec 11, 2021

              Australia Sydney FREEDOM! 12/12/2021
              13,320 views Dec 12, 2021

              Sweden Göteborg FREEDOM!
              116,992 views Dec 12, 2021

              60,206 views Dec 12, 2021

              Georgia: Protest against COVID green pass takes place in Tbilisi
              1,748 views Dec 13, 2021

              400 000(c.a) Anti Covid 19 Demo in Austria. Demo in Wien. Vienna Demonstration. 11.12.2021 P.1
              25,097 views Dec 12, 2021

              Austria: Anti-vaccine mandate protest hits Vienna
              Ruptly 81k views 22 hours ago

              • Charles H.

                No doubt you are informed, legion – but full context is missing. You bring up all the current protests: but there is no comparison to those under the sway of the MSM. So the question becomes: which are in the Majority? The Sheeple?; or the Awake Protesters?

                Also you cannot prognosticate the outcome from the events. The protests may only slow the progress towards maximum vaccination. And whenever government understands that an obstacle is denying its’ goals: they make the obstacle illegal.

                How is it going in Michigan? Did the bad weather miss your area? And WHY the pseudonym name that comes from the weather announcer in the Schwarzennegger movie: “Jingle All The Way”?

              • Paul ...

                GS … We should all take heed of the “Walking Dead” (before they drop dead in five years) now protesting in the streets all across the world in an effort to warn and save a few un-vaxxed women and children from making the same serious mistake they did (volunteering to take the eugenicists “Kill Shot”) … these protestors will likely have little effect on the evil psychopaths in government trying to kill everyone … but … they may help “to reduce the numbers” of humans being slaughtered!! … Perhaps These Walking Dead Marching Will Do Something Good For Humanity … And Prevent Serious “Jab Injuries” From Going Over The One(1) Million Mark!!! … https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/vaers-cdc-injuries-covid-vaccines-fda-pfizer-moderna-bosters/

        • Jr

          Paul… I’m afraid the devil’s had too many decades to build his govt and system; people generally refuse to research further than the accepted “authorities” of their current right or left doctrine and all of “accepted history” is a fabrication and all the truth becomes “conspiracy theory” -it is only the Holy Spirit whose stated job is to spread the truth who can penetrate the veil of fiction that the majority believe with the truth- God is pouring out his Holy Spirit of truth now and then the end will come exactly as scripture as always forewarned…God can use a trump or anyone else in the process but I doubt if there will be another meaningful election or that there will be justice until Jesus returns. I for one am closing that chapter of my life on the grid and online so as to concentrate on the season that scripture indicates is here. Good luck & God bless your efforts in the Lord’s name –

          • regaleagle

            Jr…….A very lucid and well-stated stance that pretty much parallels my feelings regarding this lawless and destructive paradigm in which we find our lives now. I don’t see the kind of uprisings that there should be against these evil corporations and governments across the globe……or any singularity in mind, spirit, and purpose to punish those who are so obviously guilty of murder and other heinous crimes against humanity. The commoners have zero means to do this……yet there are many millions of the wealthy class that stand to lose everything that have the means, positions in authority, and connections to fight against this tyrannical psychopathic scourge that wants to enslave the world.

    • Marie+Joy

      I don’t think DeSantis is what he appears to be.

      • regaleagle

        I have this bad feeling that DeSantis might be a “plant” by the Elitists to mislead and then gain further control of those they cannot control that may follow DeSantis like a Pied Piper right off the cliffs to their destruction. Not saying this is the case, but better to be aware and have open eyes than to foolishly trust any of those that are in a position of governmental power from the current regimes.

    • David Brownallen

      You should want him to stay on as governor or the president of a new country.
      The country will be in shambles by 2024.

      • Paul from Indiana

        It’s a shambles NOW. All of our institutions are in various stages of failure. Best always. PM

  7. Lawrence

    Thanks Greg!

  8. Deb

    I feel so sorry for the overweight people that try to listen to him. That’s not the first time I’ve heard him “fat-shaming”! But, he has his first amendment rights. But we don’t have to listen to him.

    • Roberta

      Yes, he should have phrased the flying comment differently. But otherwise he’s right- I had to spend an entire flight kind of laying on my side, on one butt cheek, because the other person took up both her seat and mine. I blame the airline as well, for allowing someone of her size to fly without purchasing two seats. Thankfully, my back problems did not flare up due to the contortion.

    • Auntie Seize

      I had/have a weight problem all my life. Currently, I live in central PA where I grew up. I’ve lived all over the lower 48 for various jobs. The people here in the entire NE look like shit in general. Especially so in the coal region of PA. They are not only overweight, but some are 2x or more what their normal weight should be. (I don’t know how they are even able to conceive – please don’t tell me.) Best solution I’ve found is the keto/zero-carb diet. You need fats and proteins but you do not need any carbs. The peoples motto here in central PA seems to be “Middlesworth Weekenders/Pounders – they’re not just for breakfast anymore.” You need a potato chip like you need a venereal disease IMO. Try the zero-carb diet for a few months and see for yourself. The hardest part is the first 2 weeks to get keto fires started. To change your body, first change your mind.

    • Phillip Havlin

      Im 47 and overweight been like this since i was 12 ! Almost my whole family are overweight. The thing i find strange is being big and i hardly ever eat and i don’t drink alcohol . There is a lot of people out there that are the same way !

      • Arizona Sentinel

        Philip Havlin, get your thyroid checked out, you may have an underachieving thyroid. It’s called hypothyroid. Ya’all people who have a weight problem, get your thyroid checked out.

  9. Gabriel Valdés

    Unfortunately I cannot spare the $100 donation, asked for to become a member of the UCFPJ (Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice) and that way get the COVID-19 religious vaccine exemption, they are offering in exchange.

    • Greg Hunter

      Celente said he would give it to you for free if you could not pay. Go and ask for it.

      • Steve Bas

        I think Gerald is being too optimistic.

  10. Shawn Davidson

    Gerald lives right across the Hudson River from me, and I am very glad that there is a kindred spirit in this liberal and woke wasteland. Also we have James Howard Kunstler who lives a little further up North, and who would be a very worthy guest on USA Watchdog. Thank you Greg for your outstanding selection of guests, people who remind us that humanity is still worth fighting for in spite of the tidal wave of stupidity, cowardice and fecklessness displayed by many of our fellow citizens.
    Merry christmas to all who rely and depend on this site.

    • The Ogs

      Hi Shawn, yeah I spilled my coffee laughing reading Kunstler this morning. He writes wonderfully and he’s pretty astute.
      And I wondered if he’d be a good interview for Greg and USAWatchdog!

    • Mike+G

      Shawn can you hear Gerald yelling on the other side. “He was born on third base and thought he hit a homerun.” : )

  11. Jerry

    The globalist will be finalizing plans in January.

    The pushback that is taking place against the vaccines was planned for in the “ lockstep program” formulated by the Rockefeller Foundation back in 2010. They intend to apply pressure through government institutions to force the vaccines. I agree with Gerald,
    that If people don’t make a stand now, the opportunity to salvage our freedom will be lost. If you have an employer trying to enforce vaccine mandates make them sign a legal disclaimer holding them responsible for adverse effects. I know people can find those documents on your site that was supplied by KAF. If you have children in school, and the school try’s to enforce mandates, take them out. The schools lose state and federal funds for each student not attending. If enough parents make a stand it will hit the school in the pocketbook. Finally, don’t be afraid to file a lawsuit. What the globalist are doing is unconstitutional…..period. They’re hiding behind medical tyranny to promote an agenda. Medical choices should be based on individual choices instead of blackmail. If that isn’t true the courts should overturn Roe Vs Wade.

    • JC


      G.A. STEWART: With Dr. Anthony Fauci’s continual lies and the National Institute of Health’s proven participation in development of COVID-19 using a Chinese Biological Warfare Laboratory, we know that COVID-19 and most likely, The Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate, are all part-and-parcel of The Globalist Soft-Kill.


      • TitanTrader

        Nobody is standing up or doing squat in this country. At least in Europe we see protests. Still friends with many of my grade school buddies. Most are tradesman. Electricians, Carpenters, Bricklayers, they all took the Vaxx. We all got together the Friday after Thanksgiving and was struck how they all believe the Gov line/lie and rolled over and took the jab. One mentioned how is brother in-law was about to loose his job and pension as a Tank Mechanic for refusing the Jab. He said he told him “enjoy your job at Walmart”. Driving home I couldn’t stop thinking about it. A lifelong dear friend, salt of the earth, like the rest of us came from nothing, just rolling over to totalitarian’s like this. They say easy times make weak men. This guy didn’t have it easy and the 08 housing/construction bust nearly put him and his family out on the street. So I just don’t see those Protest in the steets coming anytime soon.

        • Greg Hunter

          You can start by posting with your real name.

        • Jerry

          You can run if you like but there is nowhere to hide. My family has spilt blood in two world wars, Viet Nam, and Iraq. Trust me, running is not in our DNA. I live in a second amendment sanctuary so if it comes to physical conflict we are locked and loaded. However I prefer fighting the fight peaceably in the courts and congress if possible. There are still a lot of good people who are in the fight.
          Keep the faith.

          • Clare Doll

            Been there. Done that. Doesn’t work. Good luck.

            • Jerry

              I don’t believe in luck. Luck is short for Lucifer. I believe God gave agency to man to make choices. Good over evil etc. etc. By doing nothing I guarantee you will fail. I’d rather go down standing up, than living like a coward.

  12. Francine Archambault

    I agree with Gerald …Greg is top notch interviews…

  13. Rob Marks

    I will be honest I am not the most religious person. I was raised Catholic from 2 alcoholic parents. So God wasn’t the most revered person in my life because of the state of my life. But I just watched a clip from Fearless with Jason Whitlock Ep108 . He painted a picture of exactly what Satan and his minions are doing. Give it a listen I’m sure you’ll agree with everything he said. Please have him on.

    • Paul ...

      After the perverted queers took over the Boy Scouts … all the young boys became Girl Scouts … and have now become so bold as to participate in “all girl spots events” … can’t normal human beings see that these “perverted queers” (who call themselves women) are psycho nuts (with balls)?? … all these queers should be immediately tossed out of women’s sports … as they represent the demonic mutant spawn of Satan (who is “right in our face” trying to destroy the human race)!!

    • Daryl Este

      Mr.Rob Marks,

      Daryl – here, pray to Jesus for help, read the Holy Bible, and please seek a Bible teaching Church( Calvary Church locator, Brave Church, ect.)

      Rob, if and when you look into Jesus He will meet you right where you are.

      You Are Loved-dje

  14. mark johnson

    theyre getting rid of nurses in louisiana that wont take the shot the hospitals claim to be full but theyre not they have skeleton staff

  15. Rod Brumley

    Gerald usually has a good handle on what is coming – the only negative is Gerald is a supporter of Gregory Mannarino who is a Snake. In my opinion our country is on the brink of an Epic Nightmare.
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Knave Bain

    Larry Summers,
    Thinks the only thing that can slow inflation and save the Democrats, is a major disaster.
    Or is the so called clot shot, a major false flag operation and been baked into the cake? To save the owners of the Sunday talk show, deep state band of traterouse, treacherouse mockingbird scoundrals?
    Genetic genocide, brought to you by Pfizer!

  17. Ed Siceloff

    I love Gerald, and, much respect. BUT, he finally said something I disagree with. It was in his opening statements on pharmaceuticals, and that “you shall not heal yourself naturally.” I know that he knows, but, they have stricken the word “heal” from their language. They are quite literally saying you shall not heal or even manage your disease naturally. “Nature” is chaotic until it has been manipulated by the “scientist”.

    • Better Chetter

      He was speaking sarcastically, Ed – you mis-heard him as speaking from his views, but he was speaking as what the drug companies might say (again, not GC words, but big pharma). Listen again and you will catch it – if you haven’t already done so.

  18. Wayne Reeves

    It’s a Crime Syndicate. And it is indeed. The American People have allowed this to happen. We need a Revolution to CLEAN OUT the criminals. It takes a moral people to do this. So time to shift and become a moral people.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      I agree with you Wayne but it seems there are to many lazy, moronic bums habituating America now to mount any kind of a 1776 charge now.

    • Paul ...

      Lets start with removing James Comey’s daughter as the prosecutor in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial … James Comey is well known for limiting discovery and sealing up evidence at the FBI (just like the Mossad) … Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine both worked for Mossad to entrap powerful politicians, CEOs of companies, etc., etc. … using sex with children as a honey trap … record them doing illicit acts (like after having sex with children … killing them) … and then … they would use such recordings to blackmail them into passing bills to send trillions of dollars to Israeli Mafia Shell Corporations… some say that Ghislaine Maxwell is a first cousin of Bill Gates and that Mary Maxwell (Bill Gates’ mother) is the sister of Robert Maxwell (a British Mossad agent) … does anyone have family tree proof of this linage?? … as it shows “a confusing link” between Bill Gates and the Mossad … why would the Mossad be working with Gates (to exterminate the Jewish people with seven “jabs” so far)???

      • JC


        G.A.STEWART: The politicians within The Pagan Sect of New Infidels are no longer afraid of Israel and Mossad’s blackmail operations for a reason. What is that reason?

        The Globalists will succeed in destroying Israel. This is why European politicians have embraced Islam. The Old Republican Guard is mostly made up of old Conservative Christians, and like the dinosaurs, they too will become extinct.


        • Paul ...

          JC … According to Dr. Vernon Coleman the entire Nation of Israel will be wiped out in about 5 years … Bibi not only turned traitor on Trump … but upon the entire Jewish people … Iran could not have asked for a better allie then Bibi (and Obama) … could it be Bibi turned traitor on his own people for some of those pallets of cash Obama gave to Iran??) … probably (Soros did it) … for money and morality are usually found at opposite ends of the seesaw of life!!

  19. Mark

    I have always liked Gerald. But… This time he is wrong. People going and protesting in the streets is not going to work. It will take much more. The crime syndicate needs to find out why the founders invented the 2nd Amendment. The greatest generation has died and passed on. The last of the Band of brothers passed away last week. Americans no longer have the stomach to fight a cause and the crime syndicate knows it. I believe that he is also wrong about Trump. Trump has a cause now and that will surface before the election.

    Let’s go Brandon.

  20. paul lilliott

    Great work and Dead on, Mr C – pun intended! The savior from on high idea is slowly evaporating and we are left with US – and we are more and more seeing this genocidal scam as not just a few ‘thems’ who we need to ‘get’ but as a continuation of the Rockefeller mentality and deep seated corruption- only on steroids!
    They WILL try to blame the big die off on everything else – but I wonder if they will succeed? The normies all watch big sports – surely more will begin to connect the dots – and when their perfectly healthy friends drop dead at the same time?
    After causing hideous damage, totalitarianism always defeats itself through arrogance – and this is T on the cheapo cheapo! The mandates on the military and police – and the vaxxing of sports and pop figures are just the first two boobs. The huge anti-police attacks and the wokey education nonsense follow close. Contrast the police here with those elsewhere!
    I just thank God that I live in America and that I left the UK forty years ago – for people like Greg and Gerald and for all that has saved us from being a blatant neo-Nazi Austria or Deutschland, Canada or Australia. We are the hope of the world. Greg, you have been a beacon of light and joy throughout this mess! A joyous holiday to you and your family!


  21. David Anderson

    I had covid 6 weeks ago, and I hit it with the kitchen sink. I took ivermectin, vitamin C, vitamin D, quercetin, zinc, mouth wash, sinus rinse, aspirin… I only got mildly sick, I was well in 10 days, my highest fever was 99, I had minor chest congestion, I lost all sense of taste except for saltiness, I had zero appetite, salt in foods tasted 10 times saltier than it really was. Doctors and hospitals have murdered hundreds of thousands of people in treating people for covid. I have lost all faith in doctors, we are better off learning medicine and natural remedies and treating ourselves as much as possible.

  22. john forgione

    Gerald, You can’t leave the country! I am in Darwin Australia. Being unvaxxed I can’t enter neighbouring states!

    • Paul ...

      If we Americans allow what is happening in Australia … we won’t be able to travel to Florida for the winter!! … will proof of vaccination soon be required to get an EZ-Pass to get through the toll stations???

      • Brooklyn

        Ah….. Paul… There will always be a CASH lane…;)

        On a humorous related note: one of our foolish neighbors commented that he was not getting EZPass because he felt it was none of the government’s business and he didn’t want to leave a paper trail of where he goes, and yet he carries a cell phone and GPS and leaves a digital trail instead. Which proves time and again that, “Ya’ just can’t fix stupid…”…;)

        • regaleagle

          Well heck…..all vehicles from about 2009 forward have traceable computer chips in them to track you. Unless you do something to your vehicle to “fix” it, they can find you.

      • JC


        Anything is possible.

        Martin Armstrong has a question…

        PRIVATE BLOG – Will Gold Survive Biden?


        • Paul ...

          JC … Gold has survived every tyrant in recorded history … Bribe’n is a pushover (seeing as how the currency is being debauched under his watch)!!

        • Gary C

          JC, I read that post from Armstrong he does have a valid point on Gold. His agricultural
          report from the WEC indicated go long on Corn, Soya Beans, Sugar,Coffee, Wheat, Cattle,
          from a trading point of view for the next two-three years.

          Translation: Food shortages will get worse.

    • Fran Barnes

      From my unvaxxed perspective there is indeed shedding. Strange skin eruptions, very slow to heal, and a few other malaises, which all could be age related but they are not a norm. Am doing 1/wk ivermectin and other supplement regimens. Note to Paul – my cowboy coffee now tastes flat without some cayenne and ginger addition. It would be grand to return to a time of normal innocence but the mass of humanity blind, deaf and really dumb with all the dangers of receiving this injection beautifully documented and accessible, is pure madness. An antidote to it, since the good folk in these here United States of America have to date shown no signs that I’ve seen of even attempting to cast out this tyrannical rule, is for us here keep up the tirade with good info and scale up to warn and warn persistently that a very dark maniacal rule over us is otherwise very near. Anybody — ~Help~ Who/how stole the will to even protest publicly here/USA??
      One of my subscribed to favorites is Dr. Jessica Rose; her website for excellent overviews, up-to-date statistical reporting: https://i-do-not-consent.netlify.app/
      GregHunter – in case you didn’t know John Forgione’s website has linked to you under Videos > Fr. Luc > 2021 Source http://essan.org/Main/Videos/Fr%20Luc/frluc.html
      And all others here – if it’s been awhile since you received the Blessing as VaticanII has mostly dispensed with it, you can get it at the end of Fr. Luc’s little videos. It goes something like ‘May the Grace and Mercy of the Almighty God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost descend upon you and remain upon you…(?)’

  23. CC

    God bless you both, Greg and Gerald.
    Normal is not coming back… but JESUS is.
    PS: lookup batch toxicity and the work of Craig Paardekooper.
    See telegram channel “Covid Science Library” for all the posts, data, and incredible findings.

  24. ken

    It appears they’re setting up the Omicron for all the Vax deaths coming which will be blamed on the unvaxxed.

    • Charles H.

      Bingo! And they will ignore the fact that those unvaxxed show no symptoms either. It will be a simple blame game – with no foundation.

    • Paul ...

      Ken … Dr. Robert Malone states the Omicron variant “does not look like it mutated” from the Corona virus … it looks to him like “a newly developed bio-weapon” that has been released by Bill Gates to kill off all those who took the “jab” (and now have a degraded immune system because Fauci put the HIV virus into the “jab” to destroy our body’s natural T-cell immune system) … https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-robert-malone-omicron-quot-has-the-hallmarks-of-a-genetically-engineered-virus-quot-the-dana-show_PCIt5yribeSIit9.html

      • Paul ...

        Bill Gates with links to Mossad has been rabidly pro-vaccine for over 20 years … going way back to around the time that “Omikron” first came out (a board game ABOUT DEMONS HARVESTING SOULS on his Microsoft Windows computers … over the decades as Gates has worked tirelessly to vaccinate every human on earth (whether they wanted it or not) … his dreams sadly became reality with the help of Operation Warp Speed under Donald Trump … and today … we see Bill Gates exploiting the new bio-weapon virus recently released in Africa to get more people “jabbed” … and what better name to give it … then Omicron!!

  25. Rod Brumley

    He is Dead Wrong about President Trump

    • Greg Hunter

      Rod Trump must change his stance on the Vax. It’s awful and it is killing and hurting people in the millions.

      • Lance Elliott

        I’m a ardent observer, and between DJT’s choices for advisors/appointments, and failure to make truly therapeutic agents OTC, i.e. Hydroxychloroquine , and Ivermectin, I cannot trust his effectiveness in a hostile environment. There is an Ephesians 5&6 class war going on, since God sent His Powerful delusion upon those who do not love Truth. How can over 1000 polled respond that they don’t know if forcible vaccination with this agent is OK?

      • Brooklyn

        Greg and Rod,

        We love Gerald Clemente who still has not only his Bronx accent, but that same in-your-face attitude! When asked about Trump he classically answered, “GET OUTA HERE! ENOUGH!..”

        Rod, DJT is a deadman walking.

        Think about how many loyal Trump followers unnecessarily died because Trump recommended his untested OWS “spike protein laden” clot shot, saying – it was safe! Even a few unnecessary deaths would be too many, but surly the number who took Trump’s deadly advise, has to be in the thousands. SAD! TRULY SAD! GET OUTA HERE! ENOUGH!

        • Greg Hunter

          The only way Trump could turn it around is to say “stop the shots,” and say he was lied to, which I am sure he was. He has to do this ASAP. Fast forward to now, and you cannot hide the fact this is a disaster with huge amounts of record deaths and injuries in VAERS. Trump looks out of touch and clueless when he says the Vax is great and everybody should get it.

          Repeat after me: “Stop the Shots”!!!


          • David Gordon Dunne

            Greg, Odd thing happened. I am subscribed but all of a sudden, no more emails from your shows. I resigned up. I will agree here too but Stew Peters had one of Trump’s so called Advisors on, Mark Meadows and Stew pinned him down on the jabs and all Meadows would agree too was to get info in front of Trump. WTF. Trump is a news junkie so for him to act like Trump does not know the truth of these killer jabs has me infuriated with him. I will never get these kill shots. Two brothers did and one Bam, a heart attack and two, Bam a stroke. Sad thing is neither will admit it was the death shots.
            I may never get back to the USA to visit now as I live in Thailand and I will not take the crap injections just to get on a damn plane

          • TitanTrader

            Greg, first off I love you brother. Your Friday news caps are great and believe it or not I find them hilarious. Secondly I couldn’t even hazard to guess how many years I’ve been watching. It feels like 10 but can’t be sure.

            With that said Trump I believe was lied to and now dug himself into a hole. Best he can do is shut up about it. A majority of the America sheeple are now vaxxed. So, not only will the liberal press eviscerate him but a large percentage of his voters will too as they fell for the government and media lies. Who wants to be told your health is at major risk because you took the death jab? I can’t even broach the subject with life long friends.
            I have a morbidly obese friend taking the Booster tomorrow on his personal Doctor’s recommendation. He knows if he catches the Vid he is dead. If I were him I wouldn’t take it. I don’t believe it will help him from catching the Vid. He’s not going to take my advice over his doctors. I would have sent him last weeks interview but he’s made up his mind and doesn’t want his Apple cart turned over. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing by not sharing that video. In a way I feel like a coward for not sending it but he’s made up his mind. So he takes the booster and dies, I’ll feel guilty. He doesn’t and dies of covid, again guilty. he takes the Booster and dies of Covid. I can’t win and neither can Trump.

            So what do we know? We have VARS but we also know only 1% with adverse reactions participate. Even Wikipedia ( believe me I don’t trust them) claims it isn’t valid as we can’t validate those that do report complications as legit. Can’t count on the media because they are all frauds. Social Media blocks or deplatforms any truth. Will the deaths start piling up next year? Sure seems like it. We we ever get the truth? Highly unlikely.

            Back to Trump. Maybe Gearld is correct and he’s all done. I really had hoped he would run. I really wanted to see that campaign. I wanted to see him call out these idiot’s, losers and thieves as only Trump can and did in 16. I cheered on his tweets as they were mostly truths. More importantly his America First Policies were great for the working class of this country. I’ll be forever grateful because my business soared before the Vid and I attribute that to his policies. If Trump flips on the Vaxx and the deaths start piling up next year and they get reported it may help the media bashing and charges of hypocrisy he’s certain to receive by such a move. Either way without divine intervention it’s really doesn’t matter as 2020 proved elections are rigged and will be for the foreseeable future.

            • Paul ...

              TT … I’ve noticed that the funeral home in my area … which usually has cars in its parking lot perhaps once a week … is now more active (two to three times a week now)!!

          • Walter Fahey

            Great Interview Greg. You are My # 1 !! .. I’ve followed and subscribed to Gerald and Trends for years – Much Respect .. I take exception with the Trump bashing. I believe he was trapped and lied to by the SWAMP – NIH, WHO, Fauci and the Pharma Drug Dealers. .. I’m now a follower of the FLCCC and an advocate of Therapy and build up resistance in place of the Jab. ….. I believe if Trump can DISTANCE himself from the Vax B.S. and be able to campaign for candidates that are not just “Republican” (RINO) – but are true America First Candidates – he can still be a viable political force in our Country. I know there is a movement in our local Republican party to sseparate
            the RINO candidates from the America First Patriots. Interesting times we live in … Thank You for everything you report to us. Doc

          • Freebrezer

            I think Trump committed a fatal flaw during his last year in his presidency and listened to the Fraud Fauci and Birx. He had some smart men at the table( Peter Navaro, Wibur Ross, and the Dr from Stanford) that called out what a whore and a fraud Fauci was but Trump did no listen! For that he should not run and it has but a spoil on him, and there is no way I could support him!

            • Warren B.

              Has anyone else noted how Deborah Birx quietly slipped out of the system last year ?
              This is now becoming more commonplace….with those who were front line pushers/propagandists of the COVID HOAX….now starting to remove themselves from the corrupted system – in order to avoid any backlash.
              NEWSFLASH – you can run but you can’t hide. We the People are coming for you.
              Be Afraid….be VERY AFRAID.

      • Rod Brumley

        I agree on the jab – Trump is smart enough to move away from it – I’m sure of that.

  26. Farouk Vevaina

    I agree with Celente’s call on DeSantis having a good chance at winning the Presidency in 2024. However, I would not write off Trump who is an entertainer with a lot of charisma and who carries the entire nation as opposed to merely a single State such as Florida.

    I think Celente’s anti-Trump stance stems from his close friendship with Judge Napolitano who was pissed off with Trump as he was passed over for the Supreme Court.

    Trumps vaccine messages are abhorrent to many, including myself. But consider the fact that he introduced the vaccines with great fanfare to prevent a prolonged lockdown and gain political points. Now for him to reject the vaccines because they have failed to produce positive results, puts him in a bind. At least he is against mandating or forcing people to take the jab.

    No. I would not write off Trump completely.

    Just my humble opinion.

    • Brooklyn


      I agree that S/Bag Napolitano went over to the dark side, but is happened after Fox fired him, then only hired him back if he agreed to be a good-Trump-hating-boy… ah, and for lots of money, no doubt. And sad to see that Gerald is still blinded by Andrew’s former credentials, when the rest of the world knows Nap is a scumbag in the first degree.

      But, for Trump, “….failing to produce positive results puts him in a bind…” A bind? Trump is killing people. You need to STOP! Look around you and think about how many loyal Trump followers unnecessarily died because Trump recommended the untested, experimental “spike protein laden” clot shot, saying – IT WAS SAFE!

      Try not to get lost in whether or not he would mandate the vax. Trump today is still RECOMMENDING THE KILLER VAX. How many took Trump’s deadly advise? And, “how many deaths will it take ‘til we know, that too many people have died…” As Greg says, “Stop the Shots!” But, for me that time has come and gone, and could care less what the egotistical OWS Trump does. He is nothing more than a deadman walking. “Get outa here! Enough!”

    • Mark

      I agree with you.

  27. Merlo Theodore

    Gerald Clente is good at what he’s good at, but he doesn’t know the future. Trump is long ways from through (Bible prophecy), Clente and others will see in the near future. There are 2 Great Resets and both will happen. USA will fall unless this happens in the near future!!!

  28. Robert Coleman

    Gerald Celente and Dane Wigington tell it like it is.
    Humanity must respond immediately otherwise extinction is on the horizon.

    • Mark

      Ask Dane if Covid is spread by Chemtrails. Good possibility.

  29. iwitness02

    The anger is justified.
    Thank you, Gentlemen.

  30. Shawn Davidson

    My mistake! Merry Christmas with a capital C!
    Meery CHRISTMAS to all of you, believers and otherwise!

  31. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Such a great discussion! Gerald is a really amazing mind, he nails it and his passion is infectious. We’ve got to move beyond Trump. He did some good things but he’s the wrong candidate for these Covid oppressive times, Trump doesn’t seem to understand, or care, how these “vaccines” are being used to back door tyrannical, freedom killing measures all over the world. Not to mention they are not healthy. Talk about tone deaf! It’s time for the conservative patriotic movement to move on.

    • Paul ...

      We can’t elect Trump … as he is out of touch and clueless with regard to more things then just the “jab” … he says Hillary is a nice lady and that Bibi a nice man (both of them “stabbed him in the back”)!!!

  32. R J Wolf

    Another good interview, Greg and of course Gerald Celente rose to the occasion. Interesting call about Ron DeSantis. FYI according to Michael Snyder @End of the American Dream.com, there’s a bill, HR550 in Congress that would establish a Federal vaccine database across America. Mainly to see who has been vaccinated. It’s called the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021. Four hundred million dollars has been allocated to have it implemented. It was approved in the House with 80 Republicans on board. It still needs to be voted on in the Senate. Check it out Greg,
    Thanks again, Greg!


  33. Sara Witt

    I have been listening to Gerald for over 20 yrs. I agree with him about Trump !
    When realizing birds of a feather flock together when it comes to choosing associates
    (cabinet members) it became clear to me that no one could have that poor of judgment,
    All the time.
    Seems to me he always played the victim. I voted for him 2x I am done! He should be held responsible for advocating the jabs. Wonder how much Pfizer he owns?
    Love your programs,

  34. Caesar

    Too Many Sheeeple Afraid of their own shadow believing the government there to Help Them ! WHAT A JOKE !

    FDA Says It Now Needs 75 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data

    The 2nd Amendment doesn’t give anyone the right to keep & bear arms, that is a divine right endowed by our creator. The 2nd Amendment only protects that right from being infringed upon.

    The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government. Patrick Henry

    In the past 18 months the TOP 1% of Americans have taken $50 Trillion from the Bottom 90% of Americans ! Largest transfer of wealth by Dollar and or Percent ever recorded !

    Putin Tells U.S. Citizens “Do Not Give Up Your Guns” December 21, 2015 —- What doe He KNOW ?

    • Paul ...

      Putin Told U.S. Citizens “Do Not Give Up Your Guns” December 21, 2015 … four years before we knew for sure we would desperately needed them to counter “unconstitutional mandates by un-elected fascist/commie dictators” … I would say that qualifies Putin as a Prophet!!

      • JC


        Maybe Putin knows about “The Camps.”

        G. A. STEWART: My friend was forced to get the COVID-19 Vaccine and has been having some problems. This is how the West has fallen to the Globalist social engineers. The people in the West must understand that their freedoms are never coming back, and when war comes so do The Camps and the absence of all law. The cry of the petty tyrants will be, “It’s for your own good.”


      • Victor Showman Shokan

        Putin Allows Concealed Carry – Hillary Hates Gun Owners
        2,071 views Dec 2, 2014

  35. Sean B.

    Three shots of Pfizer COVID vaccine 4x less effective against Omicron’ – The Jerusalem Post
    Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis says country could recommend boosters as early as three months after second shot
    Poor souls, they no longer have they’re own immune system, or little of whats left of it and it’s anybodies guess. Its was taken out so that the inate immune system didn’t attack and create the cytokine storm. Whith each booster you lose more and more of your immunity.
    Well the powers that be like ex-president Oboma don’t want to tell anybody about vitamine D3.
    Can anybody explain why?

  36. james sheeran

    Do other people suspect we may/will be in a “credit squeeze” by Easter next year?

    • Anthony Australia

      The tap will be turned off, because too many have drowned in the flood of debt.

      • Charles H.

        I have already seen one YT vid announce a foreclosure tsunami. I worry that mortgages will be called in – liquidate, or lose.

    • Warren B.

      Any credit squeeze (interest rate hikes) will be pre-meditated – those insiders will plan their exits accordingly – as with previous episodes in History – all stock market crashes are planned – this time will be no exception. The Smart Money is selling into any strength – the new year will bring the much anticipated crash.



  38. William Mitchell

    As Hunter Biden says “these are times that try mem’s souls”.

    • Paul ...

      It is in times like these (where greed for worth-less fiat paper IOU’s) “ties” men’s souls!!

  39. andrew healey

    watch the video on Nemos news network about the free masons and you’ll understand who is doing what and why.

  40. Monica Hughes

    I love Gerald..Yes,stop wasting money and build these homeless their own little smallhomes in little homeless towns and give them a reason to up up or not, whatever.It can be done way cheaper and even I can figure that out, actually any person can figure that except a politian 🤪 cause they’re a criminal syndicate!!

  41. travis moss

    here i stand; i can do no other, so help me God.
    i believe the man that quoted this was
    martin luther, it applies to me as well.

  42. tee hassell

    That was a good interview I smile ! good info and Greg you wer yes on top of things

  43. Robert Ragan

    Gerald knows a lot about the past presidents. Most people don’t know that Obama gave away the internet and landed a top-of-the-line American drone on an Iranian airport much like delivering a Cadillac to a showroom. Also, when ISIS departed Syria with 3 mile long convoys going into Iraq he didn’t utilize the A-10 Warthogs. The A-10’s could have solved the problems in one morning. Did George H. Scherff work for Nikola Tesla and change his name to Prescott Bush? Is that how Germany got a lot of their technology during WW2? There is a lot of information on the internet about these subjects. I wish that someone could verify them. Maybe an expert in these matters will be a guest one day.

  44. Robert Holmstead

    NEWSCDC Announces 79% Of All US Omicron Cases Have Occurred In Vaccinated Individuals
    ByTeam Tucker CarlsonPublished 1 day ago
    The CDC report found that the majority of Americans who have been infected with omicron were actually already vaccinated

  45. Mike

    Great information as always

    Looking forward to hearing from Clif High and John Williams (Shadow Stats) in the near future

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that Clif High is the last 2021 guest on your show and what he sees for 2022. His predictive model forecasts are extremely precise.

  46. Gerald Eatock

    TRUMP never did anything …really ? And he never conceded and he is coming back soon.
    He is the PRESIDENT not that senile puppet

  47. Patrick Cook.

    Greg, much respect for all your effort in bringing on the top forecasters. If at all possible try to get Mark Taylor on again. Ether he or Gerald are wrong on Desantis and his position on the jab. Also the comments by Mark on election audits were not mentioned by Gerald. Someone is way off center here, and your supporters are hungry for clarity on these major discrepancies. Thank you sir. Patrick

  48. Diane

    CNN should be taken off air.
    Check out sickening article today on Zero Hedge

  49. Jerry

    Greg, thank you for all you do. Do you know what is the name of the Natural Healing book that Gerald Celente worked on back in the 80’s?

  50. ang

    There was animal experiments
    and they ALL DIED

    • Paul ...

      Ang … That’s when Fauci knew the virus was 100 % ready for release upon the general public … he wanted a 100% efficacy death rate for his virus!!!

    • Warren B.

      ….and that’s why they needed to continue the experiments on Humans.

  51. Jerry

    Well friends,
    This pretty much says it all.

    Re-education camps for the unvaccinated. What do you suppose would happen if someone said that about BLM?

    • Greg Hunter

      I hate to disagree but the triple vaxed will be very sick or very dead. It ain’t going to happen my friend and Brother.
      Brother Greg

      • eddiemd

        Did Fauci Mengele get the transfection dose or normal saline? Probably normal saline or perhaps even a completely different injection of an alternative solution.

        This is a bioweapon developed on the HLA genetics. They already know who is most susceptible to the lab engineered coronavirus.

        The transfection “vaccine” is the follow-on stealth bioweapon.

        Dan 7:13
        13 “I was watching in the night visions,
        And behold, One like the Son of Man,
        Coming with the clouds of heaven!
        He came to the Ancient of Days,
        And they brought Him near before Him.

        Revelation 5:6
        6 And I looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain, having seven horns (Omnipotent) and seven eyes (Omniscience), which are the seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth. 7 Then He came and took the scroll out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne.

        Revelation 4:5
        5 And from the throne proceeded lightnings, thunderings, and voices. Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.

        Zech 4:1-6
        4 Now the angel who talked with me came back and wakened me, as a man who is wakened out of his sleep. 2 And he said to me, “What do you see?”

        So I said, “I am looking, and there is a lampstand of solid gold with a bowl on top of it, and on the stand seven lamps with seven pipes to the seven lamps. 3 Two olive trees are by it, one at the right of the bowl and the other at its left.” 4 So I answered and spoke to the angel who talked with me, saying, “What are these, my lord?”

        5 Then the angel who talked with me answered and said to me, “Do you not know what these are?”

        And I said, “No, my lord.”

        6 So he answered and said to me:

        “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel:
        ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’
        Says the Lord of hosts.

        Zech 4:10-14
        10 For who has despised the day of small things?
        For these seven rejoice to see
        The plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.
        They are the eyes of the Lord,
        Which scan to and fro throughout the whole earth.”

        11 Then I answered and said to him, “What are these two olive trees—at the right of the lampstand and at its left?” 12 And I further answered and said to him, “What are these two olive branches that drip into the receptacles of the two gold pipes from which the golden oil drains?”

        13 Then he answered me and said, “Do you not know what these are?”

        And I said, “No, my lord.”

        14 So he said, “These are the two anointed ones, who stand beside the Lord of the whole earth.”

        Malachi 3:1
        “Behold, I send My messenger,
        And he will prepare the way before Me.
        And the Lord, whom you seek,
        Will suddenly come to His temple,
        Even the Messenger of the covenant,
        In whom you delight.
        Behold, He is coming,”
        Says the Lord of hosts.

  52. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Celente, love how you make us think no matter how painful.
    Meanwhile, the ever so “neutral” Switzerland is to host the Davos meeting (World Economic Forum) where “thought” leaders come together to ensure we plebs die .These characters unleashed the virus on China and the rest of the world and not a blip.Perhaps China could take this opportunity to illuminate these vile pigs whilst shining the light on the United Nations and the billionaire insanity group,like Gates and Soros and Buffet(why have American billionaires decided we must all die?)

  53. tim mcgraw

    Gerald Celente is always a great guest. Thanks! What does the little guy do? Get a skill. Get some tools to perform that skill. And get your body and mind in shape for you are the best tool you have to survive what is coming.
    I’m as old as Gerald. Our generation is fading fast. The age of Vietnam is ending. Hippies, rock and roll, drugs, sex, freedom, no digital crap, all analog.
    The world Gerald and I grew up in is dying like us.
    When the slaves throw those damned “smart phones”, which are really slave devices (clever marketing)… then liberty will return.
    What should the little guy do? Throw that phone away and get analog.

    • JC

      tim mcgraw,

      You are correct.

      Steppenwolf – Monster

      ‘Cause there’s a monster on the loose
      It’s got our heads into the noose
      And it just sits there watchin’

      America, where are you now
      Don’t you care about your sons and daughters
      Don’t you know we need you now
      We can’t fight alone against the monster


      • tim mcgraw

        Hi JC, I have a good friend who quotes the “Monster” lyrics by Steppenwolf from time to time. Yes, there is a monster on the loose. I’d say it’s been on the loose in the USA since 1913. The monster keeps getting stronger. Frightening times, but we fear not. Take care.

  54. Tom

    I don’t understand why you keep coming back to Celente. Nothing new and no solutions. All I hear when he complains is “I told you so”.

    Celente NEVER has a solution. He can only use foul language, two minutes into the conversation, and only 4 minutes in he’s already yelling at your listeners (and I had to stop). He tells nothing that none of us don’t already know. Celente NEVER promotes solutions, only his money making website and then claims he can’t give advice. Please, enough with him already. I can get mad and rant just like him. Actually even better than him.

    Greg, it’s 2022 in a few weeks. We need solutions. We know what the problems are.
    Please stick with guests that have real experience in the system and provide real solutions like Catherine Austin-Fits and the like. Mr. Woo, better known as Cliff Hi, has much better trend forecasting with his software. So many better guests available.

    Waiting for Wednesday’s interview….

    Thanks for all you do Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Celente is not a “solution” forecaster but a trend forecaster. He did by the way give a solution to the vax problem but it would require your involvement and you sticking your neck out “Tom”.

    • tim mcgraw

      Tom, James Corbett has “Solutions Watch” over on his channel. He gives good advice on solutions. Gerald Celente is a forecaster of trends. I find both Corbett and Celente helpful.

  55. tim mcgraw

    I remember FED Chairman Volcker raising interest rates to 20% in 1981. It killed the economy, but stopped inflation. Gerald’s prediction that only 1.5% interest rates will kill the economy is worrisome. Obviously 1.5% interest rates won’t stop inflation.
    This is a nightmare!

  56. stanley skrzypek

    Celente is a Good Guy…he is Great Friends with Judge Napolitano…so…the Judge Hates President Trump because he didn’t get the nomination for the Supreme Court….Of Course Gerald is gonna Hate DJT….no?

    • Paul ...

      SS … It seems Trump only supports people “who stab him in the back” … Fauci, Bolton, Hillary, Bibi, etc., etc., etc. … so perhaps … “we too should stab him in the back” (by not voting for him) … and he will likely come out “and support us” … calling the “jab” a Threat to the Human Race!!

      • Paul ...

        Anyone know the name of the girl Jeffery Epstien provided to Trump?? … https://theageofdesolation.com/nostradamus/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/EPSTEIN-FRIENDS-1.jpg … if the Mossad had Trump by the balls during his Presidency … then they still do … and Trump must go along with the “jab” … otherwise … it will make Israel look bad (“jabbing” their people with a 7th booster)!!

        • Paul ...

          Which begs the question: “Has the Mossad sold out the Jewish people … the same way the CIA and FBI have sold out the American people”?? … who are these spy agencies working for anyway?? … Satan the father of lies and great evil??? … what relationships do we the people need to rely on to help us defeat Satan as he now has his Demons attacking the children in our homes? … only an alliance with our brothers and sisters in Christ can we defeat Satan and his Demon rats … “Unity is Key” … in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians 5:22–6:9 he gives instructions about family relationships … to love your wife your children and honor your Father and Mother (like keeping them safe from the “jab”) … and warns of the evils of corporate worship of wine women and fiat (Ephesians 5:18–21)!!

  57. tim mcgraw

    All of this psyop is about the vaccine passport. Doesn’t matter if the vaccines work or not. What matters is the vaccine passport. This will be used to turn us into slaves.
    Let me repeat that:
    It’s all about the vaccine passport. This will be used to turn us into slaves.
    It’s really that simple. Don’t get distracted by the variants or the jabs; it’s all about those slave phones and the vaccine passport.

    • Warren B.

      Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings – but aren’t we already SLAVES to their DEBT BASED FIAT SYSTEM?
      The Vaccine Passport just adds another dimension – that of social control – with the ability to turn off your access to society if you do not comply.

      • tim mcgraw

        I agree Warren B. It’s just a matter of degrees of slavery. The actual slaves on the plantations paid less in labor/wages in taxes than we do today. But we do have better plumbing.

  58. tim mcgraw

    I’ll be more specific about the vaccine passport issue.
    Let’s say the vaccine worked. Let’s say the vaccine not only cured all disease, but it made you feel ten years younger and your genitals suddenly started working like you were 17. But to fly, work, go to church, the store, do anything; you had to show that you’d had the vaccine on your slave phone.
    Would you do it? Would you let the government track you. Let the government know every transaction in your business, your travel, who you know, where you live. And the government would have the ability to turn off your money and make you a nonperson.
    Would you take the shot?

  59. tim mcgraw

    Well it is pretty hard to hide dead bodies if there is a die off. But I suppose FEMA camps and ovens could be used. It has worked before.

  60. Neville

    The evilness that rains dow upon the earth is worse today that it was at the time of Noah,
    this brought about the flooding of the Earth to purge it of the evil people of the day.
    GOD in his wisdom might just have something similar lined up to purge us of todays filth like fauci,gates,the cabaland all the coalition of the willing which supports their evilness.
    Today we must all get on our kneecaps for Julian Assange who has suffered a stroke in belmarsh prison since hearing the verdict on his farce of a trial.Julian like no one else before him has single handedly exposed so many TRUTHS that have sent members of the satanic cabal reeling.
    Should Julian suffer any longer or even die as a result we shall see the fury of GODS Justice rain down on the treacherous UK and of course AAcrime ,which is well prophesized , will be punished very severly
    Get yourselves right with Our LORD GOD CREATOR and repent.
    May GOD bless all people of goodwill and by HIS GRACE protect them from the forthcoming comeuppances

    Thank you Gerald & Greg for the crime report

    • Paul ...

      They probably “jabbed” Assange with the Killer Clot Shot to give him a heart attack (but it went to his brain instead)!!

  61. Randy Best

    All they are trying to is prop up a failed system.
    Bitcoin is fool’s gold.
    Why would gold go down when interests rates go up? We are talking about worthless Government/FED fiat money! Nothing has change since Rome. The ignorant masses only care about being fed and entertained.

  62. JC

     A renowned virologist, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has advice for the unvaccinated;



  63. Robert

    Mr Greg Hunter I just love your work. It is very important for you to be doing what you’re doing. You have very smart and spirited guests on your show.
    You’re on the cutting edge of change and showing the truth before it comes.
    God bless you your family and your works.
    And God bless Mr Gerald Celente.

  64. Terry Garrett

    Big Big Thank you Greg! Gerald Celente is a true warrior. To hear it like it really is activates the “Yes Yes” emotions that trigger a call to action. Then comes the realization that most people in the social realm discount the alarm as being the rantings of a weirdo. Will there ever be an opportunity to expose the sunlight to the roots and underwater stems of the lotus plant?

  65. Mike D

    I don’t care what Trump thinks about the COVID-19 vaccines as long as he is against all vaccine mandates, which he is.

  66. Brian Perks

    I am a 68 year old unvaxxed male who caught covid off of my double-vaxxed partner who caught it off of her double-vaxxed friend who gave it to her double-vaxxed husband who has subsequently died in hospital. Go figure.

  67. TitanTrader

    Been 10 years at least since I discovered Gerald. He may be right about Trump being done but I really want to see that campaign as he’s the only one that calls these Losers what they are, losers. They deserve to be called out for how they have destroyed this country. No one will ever convince me 2020 wasn’t stolen and so while barely ever even missing a primary vote I’m through voting. I won’t demean myself by adding validity to a blatantly fraudulent system by participating. Many will attack me for that so be it. I only mention because millions of other conservatives won’t waste their time anymore either. Ousting these Bolsheviks isn’t going to happen. I kept myself extremely informed over the years and despise anything politic’s these day. I only stay somewhat informed now as I’m trying to time the obvious impending economic collapse. No help is on the way. Taking back the house or senate in 22 isn’t going to happen ( as if it even matters) its all rigged. Desantis beating Xiden’s marxist predecessor isn’t going to happen. Prepare best you can as crime and stagflation are only going to get worse. The coming market collapse will temporally halt inflation until the Fed prints trillions more again to bailout the billionaires. So more of the same that got us here.

  68. Roger Stamper

    tks greg gerald

  69. ib12541

    Greg, here’s a scenario that’ll curl your hair. Biden (or whoever is running the show) forces Harris out of the VP. Biden then names Clinton as his VP. Then Biden steps out due to his dementia (or whatever lame excuse) and guess who is now prez. She doesn’t have to be elected to get back in and she will most assuredly abide by the Klaus Schwab agenda.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not going to happen.

  70. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    I concur with Mr. Celente’s anger!
    St. Thomas Aquinas stated: “And if you can live amid injustice without anger you are immoral as well as unjust”.
    The singular and all surmounting TREND is the Worldwide slide into injustice and depravity and its continuation!
    We are at WAR!
    It is not a WAR that you can opt out of or personally ignore!
    Plan accordingly!
    Have mercy on us O’ Lord!

    • Paul ...

      TJZ … When good moral people get angry … we can change the world to rid ourselves of evil … just as God the Father did when Demons raped humanity and came into the daughters of men … today we have evil Demons once again coming into the daughters (sons … fathers … and mothers) of men … with their “killer jab” changing our DNA and our God given bodies … just like those who screwed us once before (as the Bible explains in Genesis 6:2)!!!

  71. FreeBirdJohn

    Sorry, but Celente’s belligerent, tough-guy Shtick gets on my nerves. But I appreciate his views, just wish he would just interview like a normal person.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is normal for Celente. He’s just really pissed off a genocide is happening and people are complying calmly like normal people do.

    • tim mcgraw

      FBJ: Define “normal person”.

      • Paul ...

        Normal: Commonplace run-of-the-mill unexceptional conforming “government believing jab taking brainwashed banana heads” (who think they are hero’s) … but are simply useless chocolate eating nobodies who go under various alias’s like John Q. Public … Joe Six-Pack … John Smith … Tom, Dick or Harry … and all certifiably “daffy duck cuckoo loony tunes” (when it comes to choosing between a chocolate candy bar and a silver coin)!!

        • tim mcgraw

          Paul, if that is normal, we are in deep doo-doo.

  72. George

    I wish you would have pressed him a little more on Gold and Silver. Rates will be rising which means PM down, but how far?

  73. Al

    I’m 1000% in agreement with the Desantis for President idea. I’ve been talking about that for Months to people who love Trump and they get a glimmer in their eyes as if I turned a light switch on.
    I get it, Trump is losing the limelight. Desantis is killing it!

    Gerald, drive to another State and fly off of there. Let NY flights suffer.

    Just happened:

    My Wife is in the medical field for Big Pharma, she works 100% from home and her company wants her to divulge her “vaccination” status. Guess by when? Dec 17th!
    Gee, why not sooner or later?
    She’s waiting for the last day then she will answer NO, depending on the response, we’re ready to send a return receipt document to the Company’s HR for full company liability on this pseudo-mandate.
    We’re also ready with disclosure letters that must be signed by HR to read and understand the medical information given against the shot.
    And also religious exemptions (Celente’s Church)

    God forbid the church I used to attend fight against this BS. As I hear it, they now meet using Zoom. THAT’S NOT A CHURCH!
    The Bible plainly states “do not forsake the GATHERING of yourselves together in the Lord”… GATHERING!! NOT LIVE STREAMING !!!

    Thank you for bringing Celente out again, he’s excellent and hilarious as well.

    • J. Kimble Allen

      Al, you may want to consider the following:


      Approved by Florida Gov. DeSantis in MAY, 2021.

      In part;
      ” 4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.

      a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.

      b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual. ”

      In his official bio, the Florida Surgeon General aka State Health Officer, boasts about being funded by the criminal organization, National Institutes of Health, for 30 years!

      I will never allow my body/God’s Temple to be injected with an aborted baby drug experiment, by these evil people and I will defend myself by all means necessary!

  74. Giuseppe Sanfrancesco

    Gerald is a good guy, but he is wrong about President Trump. To say Trump did nothing, he just became President with 95% of Washington hating him, so lets see what he did: Gas 1.87 gallon etc. He did build a wall Gerald and we now have open borders. So Gerald you may be jealous from a guy who made it to the to top.

  75. Jim Ledayrd

    It was interesting to learn that Dustin Moskovitz, the world’s youngest billionaire and co-founder of Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, was the one who wrote the blueprint for the Great Reset that was used by Bill and Klaus. What a brilliant young man (sarcasm on brilliant )

  76. Judy

    I’m beginning to think Capitol Hill has turned into Madame Tussauds on the Potomac…
    they’re all silicon based doubles! I even think Fauci has a double now. Pelosi and McConnell haven’t aged a day.

  77. eddiemd

    The follow-on nuclear holocaust in central Europe. The winds blow to the west. And all directions for that matter. The winds from Chernobyl blew to the NW.


    When the war begins in Ukraine there will be multiple potential Chernobyl disasters across Ukraine.


    The EU/NATO do not care about the people. Same with the ignorant leaders in Washington.

    Ukraine will be the sacrifice. Nuclear wasteland.

    Back in the early to mid-80s when I was on a SITGA special forces team, our targets included nuclear plants behind the Iron Curtain. In Ukraine.

    • eddiemd

      “To aid in destruction of materiel targets, the Barrett can also employ special Raufoss NP500 armor-piercing incendiary rounds that explode after penetrating the target. The Red Cross has sought to ban the Raufoss rounds, however, on the grounds they are inhumane against human targets.”


      In the 1990s as a battalion surgeon in 7th SFGA, we anticipated using these rounds and rifles in a potential war in Cuba. Covertly.

      There are SF teams inside Ukraine training the Ukies to use these weapons against the Donbass civilian targets.

      • Bill's Stilled!

        Isn’t that against the Geneva convention? I know the deep creeps are laughing, they won’t be laughing, especially if, even the God of the universe has to step in to enforce the laws! Things are different now; everything today is global! A global world power is prophesied, to be on the scene, as very short time period.

  78. eddiemd

    Know this. Do not fear. Do not be afraid.

    Revelation 1:12-18 NKJV
    12 Then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands, 13 and in the midst of the seven lampstands One like the Son of Man, clothed with a garment down to the feet and girded about the chest with a golden band. 14 His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and His eyes like a flame of fire; 15 His feet were like fine brass, as if refined in a furnace, and His voice as the sound of many waters; 16 He had in His right hand seven stars, out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword, and His countenance was like the sun shining in its strength. 17 And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, “Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last. 18 I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death.

    Revelation 1:12-18 Orthodox Jewish Bible

    12 Then I turned to see the kol which was speaking with me, and, having turned, I saw sheva menorot zahav (seven golden menorahs). [ZECHARYAH 4:2; SHEMOT 25:31-40]

    13 And in the midst of the menorot stood One like the Ben HaAdam [DANIEL 7:13-14; YECHEZKEL 1:26], having been clothed in a Beketch (long coat) reaching to the feet and having been wrapped around at the chest with a golden gartel. [DANIEL 7:13; YECHEZKEL 1:26; 9:2,11 TARGUM HA-SHIVIM; DANIEL 10:5,16; YESHAYAH 6:1]

    14 And the rosh of him and the hair were lavan (white), like wool, like snow, and the eynayim (eyes) of him were like a flame of eish (fire), [DANIEL 7:9]

    15 And the feet of him were like burnished bronze as if in a furnace having been made to glow, and the kol (voice) of him as the sound of mayim rabbim (many waters). [DANIEL 10:6; YECHEZKEL 1:7,24; 43:2; YESHAYAH 1:20; 49:2; SHOFETIM 5:31]

    16 And he had in the yad yamin (right hand) of him shevat hakokhavim (seven stars) and out of the mouth of him a sharp two-edged cherev (sword) going forth and the face of him was like the shemesh (sun) shining in its power. [YESHAYAH 1:20; 49:2; SHOFETIM 5:31]

    17 And when I saw him [Moshiach], I fell at the feet of him as though dead, and he placed the yad yamin [right hand] of him upon me saying, Do not fear; I am HaRishon (The First) and HaAcharon (The Last) [YESHAYAH 41:4; 44:6; 48:12; YECHEZKEL 1:28; DANIEL 8:17,18;]

    18 And HaChai (The Living One), and I became Niftar, I had my histalkus (passing), and, hinei, Chai Ani l’Olam va’ed (I am alive forevermore) and I have the maftekhot haMavet (keys of Death) and the maftekhot haShe’ol (keys of the abode of the Dead). [YESHAYAH 41:4; 44:2,6; 48:12; YECHEZKEL 1:28; DANIEL 4:34; 12:7; 8:17-18; DEVARIM 32:40; IYOV 38:17]


  79. Fred Daake

    Catchy Tune – “Take This Job And Shove It” Fauci No More:

  80. WilliamtheResolute

    Celente is correct, it will be DeSantis as President in 2024 if he choses to run. Trump started strong and faded, then relied on Jared/Ivanka and some very unfortunate cabinet picks to torpedo his Presidency…I like Trump but we need someone more Conservative.

  81. Thomas737

    I love what Celente says about education. Our current system is failing too many people.
    “It is the classic fallacy of our time that a moron run through a university and decorated with a Ph.D. will thereby cease to be a moron.” ~ H. L. Mencken (1880-1956)

  82. Nick Reynolds

    I and others have noticed that the vaxxed will not listen to reason, will not even investigate what some of the people that you have interviewed have to say. Why such close-mindedness? Here may be why. They have been hood-winked into taken the jab, and they have pestered their friends, even their parents to do as they have. I know people whose children have called them “stupid” for not succumbing. But they also have heard enough to know that they may have made a mistake. They’ve heard somewhere along the line that they have shortened their lives. Not only that, but even worse, they were wrong. And this must just kill them like nothing else, most Trump supporters were right. The embarrassment is just too great. Julius Caesar had a good quote, “People are quick to believe what they want to believe.” But it’s equally true that people are loathe to believe what they do not want to believe. And, of course, they don’t want to believe they’re going to die from the jab or that they were wrong. So, they will continue keeping their heads in the sands of CNN. They won’t listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with them. There’s no point trying to reason with them. They will learn the hard way in their own time, for their own reasons. Yes, they are arrogant idiots, but we need them to join us to stop the insanity, and we need to be ready, like the father of the prodigal son, to forgive and welcome them when, or if, they do come around. In the meantime, we need to stand firm in our beliefs and prepare, prepare for the worst and hope and pray for the best. Celente’s right. A criminal syndicate rules the world. It’s not the Chinese. It’s not the Russians. They’ll try to divert attention by making war on those two countries plus Iran. But the criminals used to call themselves Americans. Now they’re Globalists, citizens of the world. They include all the major transnational corporations.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have seen the same thing. It’s like facts are insulting them.

    • Paul ...

      Within 5 years all the believers in the “jab” will be dead … that fact is just to much for them to even contemplate … so they will deny it (to their graves) … instead of using the few years they have left to get even with the Demons in any way they can … no … they won’t do a thing … they will go meekly like sheep … to inherit the Earth (but as there will be so many of them … they will likely have to be planted in mass graves 666 feet under)!!

      • Paul ...

        Perhaps I’m being too harsh on the “Walking Dead” … at least they are protesting … trying to warn the un-vaxxed (before they turn into a statistic in the governments obituary records)!! … https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/vaers-cdc-injuries-covid-vaccines-fda-pfizer-moderna-bosters/ … do you think Trump may say: “If the adverse effects go Over One Million … then … I will warn the public … that perhaps those nice people at Pfizer might have made a slight mistake … although … all the evidence is not in yet … I should have the full details in 75 years”!!!

    • Keith Wilson

      Well Nick what troubles me about the whole covid-19 vaccination programme is that highly educated professional people except the government and the media lies. It’s normal people with average intelligence that can see this B\S . People who are considered blue-collar uneducated are the one’s who are more switched on and understand what is really going on. The vaccines are not working and are not designed to work because they are bio-weapons designed to slowly kill you. Pfizer is making millions per minute in profits and I wonder who are the biggest stock holders and where do these stockholders live ? My own country has ordered 500 million vaccines over the next few years which equals 10 jabs per quinea pig for each moron who gets jabbed. What will your bodies immune system be like after 10 jabs ?

      • Rich R

        Watch what happens after 3 jabs. you might want to send this article to your Doctor. It is from the American Heart Association. A 25% Increase of people vaccinated with have Cardiac events in the next 5 year. That is scary.
        A total of 566 pts, aged 28 to 97, M:F ratio 1:1 seen in a preventive cardiology practice had a new PULS test drawn from 2 to 10 weeks following the 2nd COVID shot and was compared to the previous PULS score drawn 3 to 5 months previously pre- shot. Baseline IL-16 increased from 35=/-20 above the norm to 82 =/- 75 above the norm post-vac; sFas increased from 22+/- 15 above the norm to 46=/-24 above the norm post-vac; HGF increased from 42+/-12 above the norm to 86+/-31 above the norm post-vac. These changes resulted in an increase of the PULS score from 11% 5 yr ACS risk to 25% 5 yr ACS risk. At the time of this report, these changes persist for at least 2.5 months post second dose of vac.We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.

  83. Dave

    Celente is spot on about Trump. He also failed to repeal Obamacare. H was inept at appointing people. Most were Deep State. His tax bill actually raised my taxes. I’m middle class and as Gerald says, 81% of the tax breaks went to the wealthy. Trump could not effectively run the government in his first go round and there is no reason to believe he will be able to do so in 2024.

    BTW, the SCOTUS decision on the Texas pro-life bill allowing challenges to it to go forward is not a good sign for Dobbs. It indicated the Court will not overturn Roe but issue a very narrow decision on the Mississippi law. If that happens Trump will lose more support as his court appointees are turning out to be a mixed bag.

    As Celente says, Trump has his die-hard supporters. People like Hannity and Levin. Much as Obama had his die-hards. These are the people Trump joked about that if he robbed a bank, they would insist he didn’t. Like extreme Obama supporters would do.

    It’s all about ego with Trump now as Celente noted. Trump is losing support from some Congressional Republicans as they see DeSantis as someone who actually be effective as President.

    O’Reilly is doing public interviews with Trump. Let’s see if he asks Trump about the vaccine and how Trump answers. Interestingly tickets were available still this week which indicates Trump’s luster is fading. IMO Trump has already decided not to run but is stringing it out for the attention it garners him. His endorsements are a mixed bag – some true conservatives and some RINOs. That shows me Trump is not really interested in another run.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not fair on Obamacare. He had Paul Rayan for the first two years and John McCain casting the no vote in the Senate.

      • Dave

        True, but Reagan had tougher odds in Congress. He was able to go to the people and the pressure from voters forced some Republicans and a good number of Democrats to vote for his programs. That is the strength of DeSantis. He gets things done and all else being equal would be far more effective than Trump as President. Akin to Regan in a way.

        • Greg Hunter

          No Reagan did not have a tougher time in Congress!!! Have you not heard of the “Squad” or how the Dems have gone full communist??? They cheated in an incompetent idiot with the help of China and RINO Republicans??? Wake up we left the 1980’s 30 years ago. Reagan would not have been more effective than Trump. Reagan was NOT more effective that’s because Reagan had Buch 41 as VP and probably the most powerful VP in history because Bush 41 came directly from the CIA.

          • Pam

            I think we need to get out the storybook, “The Wizard of OZ”, dust it off, because I think we have just entered the land of OZ………I’ve never in my lifetime ever seen a Tornado that terrifyingly humungus. It looked like a mushroom cloud!! Can’t wait for chapter two………
            The snow did fall with a funny glow, as I did wind my way. I looked back to the river there. The snow had drifted my path away. For I did walk in the bleak of the bizzard. To find the man they called the WIZARD.
            Oh Gypsy girl with eyes of pearl. Caught up in that snow curl. You ventured forth to find the earl but you were caught up in the swirl. For you did walk in the bleak of the blizzard to find the man they called the WIZARD. You did walk in the bleak of the blizzard. To find…………………….There was NO WIZARD.

        • Pam

          A majority of these bigger disasters through the decades, in the US involve Bush and his mob
          JFK ASSASSINATION, Bush senior’s in CIA and he states he doesn’t remember where he was when Kennedy was shot……….What moron doesn’t remember where he was?
          REAGAN ASSASSINATION attempt, Bush was friends with the Hinckley family.
          “Hinckley’s family and the family of President George W. Bush have long social, political, and economic ties that have been little reported. Hinckley’s brother was scheduled to have dinner at the home of the current President Bush’s brother the day after the assassination attempt.” WHAT!!!
          911 FIASCO. “What is presented below is a factual account. Fellow investors of the Carlyle Group, including Osama’s brother Shafiq bin Laden and former President George H. W. Bush, met in the plush surroundings of New York’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel on September 10-11, 2001. This “business” meeting was interrupted by the attacks on that day.” https://www.21cir.com/2017/04/the-bin-ladens-the-bushes-and-911-a-former-us-president-meets-osamas-brother-not-subject-to-anti-terrorism-legislation/
          And……when the airports were all shut down, in spite of that, the Bin Laden family got to fly home…….And for the record, I think Osama Bin Laden was a patsy…….
          And did you know that Bush seniors youngest son, Marvin P Bush was running security for the World Trad Center??? How convenient!!
          “Marvin P. Bush, the president’s younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport. The company, Burns noted, was backed by KuwAm, a Kuwaiti-American investment firm on whose board Marvin Burns also served.” [Utne]
          And of course George Porgie Jr. won the election over the controversy in Florida, where his other brother Jeb was Governor. How convenient!!
          But now big POPPY Bush is gone and all his offspring are scurrying round trying to hide from the light……..It’s sorta like this quote, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”
          I’m sure Bush and his cronies where involved in plenty of other schemes to bring America down…..But these three stand out for me……….. And by the why the dark hats still haven’t won………So put that in your pipe and smoke!!!!

  84. Jim Grant

    The truth will surface in time. Lies and propaganda are halfway around the world before the truth puts its boots on. The truth has put its boots on. The covid / injections narrative is crumbling. These next few weeks will be spectacular.

  85. davidahill

    Greg, this interview with Gerald Celente was absolutely superb. Without any break I started, stopped and re-ran parts of this until I understood. Took 3 1/2 hours. Was worth every minute of that!
    Thank you big time. Job well done!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David!

      • Dawn

        Can we please stop saying there is no animal trials on the vax?
        Why should animals suffer for the sake of humans ?

        There are plenty of humans in the prison system around the world who could be used if inmates want to get off death row or have time knocked off their sentences
        That should be the deal
        Then you have the real deal with REAL results

        But PLEASE keep animals out of this.
        They are NOT on this planet to be used and abused and killed for human benefit

        • Dawn

          The Gvt and CDC etc could have done an outreach for volunteers too to get the vax

          I’d bet many people around the world would have volunteered too.

          • virginia clark

            Dawn; I agree with Greg. You are a woke idiot who has not done some very simple to find research. HINT: watch Stew Peters on youtube. Loaded with expert information even you can not deny

        • Greg Hunter

          You are an idiot and this why I won’t post your comments.

          • Paula Davis

            Every day thousands/millions roll up their sleeves for the “Experimental jab” No need to kill animals when humans are willing to be part of the experiment. Geesh!

            • Greg Hunter

              They are not told they are being experimented on just like the animals. Geesh!

          • Mario

            Hey Greg
            Firstly I love you brother. Thanks for all the hard work you do.
            Secondly I can’t believe you called Dawn an idiot. That was uncalled for and I personally agree that animals weren’t put on this earth to be used as guinea pigs for us humans.
            “But I say, if you are even angry with someone, you are subject to judgment! If you call someone an idiot, you are in danger of being brought before the court. And if you curse someone, you are in danger of the fires of hell.”
            ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:22‬ ‭NLT‬‬

            • Charles H.


              If you insist on being a ‘legalist’: you could at least attempt to apply Scripture properly. Jesus Christ taught this in the Matt. 5:21,22 passage. This instruction deals with “brother” – so it would have to established that Dawn is a born-again believer: which is not done. Secondly, according to good English – Greg Hunter called Dawn “an idiot”: which is a proper description; though somewhat technical. Scripture uses the word “fool” – which is derogatory, and an insult. You cannot substitute words for other people.

              And the guest of this episode used rough and profane words: but not a peep from you against him. But one word from Mr. Hunter and holy indignation comes down? Personally – I think Dawn displayed lack of knowledge and took an unsupportable position on the side favoring the CV19 ‘vaccine’. Mr. Hunter, to my mind, chose an adequate retort based on the fact that there is more than enough information ‘out there’ to understand how dangerous the ‘jab’ really is: which has no defense.

        • Paul ...

          Dawn … Don’t worry … the government is saving many many cats dogs and mice … they are using 5 to 11 year old human children as experimental animals instead … and are planning to inject babies next to save even more animals from being cruelly tortured!!

  86. Justn Observer

    Greg, Appears Fox could not to afford Wallace ‘points of view’ any longer. Am sure he will fit in better at CNN after his pic with Jeff Epstein surfaced along with his poor presidential election monitoring?

  87. Justn Observer

    Greg, More bad side effects and news about the jabs? =
    BREAKING: Pfizer Documents Show “Herpes” Listed as one of the Potential Side Effects! – Business Game Changers

    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Show Peter Daszak, EcoHealth and US Institutions Worked with China’s Military in Researching Coronaviruses


  88. Linda

    “They” are already covering up excess deaths, just Celente said. They are saying it is dues to depression, the lock down and other such things. The terminology they’ve come up with is Post Pandemic Stress Disorder (PPSD). Cute…don’t you think?

  89. Jack

    I agree with Celente on a lot but not on Trump not running for President again. I think he’s polling higher now than he was before the election. Trump will run as long as his health is ok. It’s also worth mentioning that one of Celente’s friends is Napolitano and he’s a rabid anti Trumper.
    As far as whether or not DeSantis will run we don’t know. So far he hasn’t indicated he wants to run in 2024. I do think he’s the only candidate who would have a chance to beat Trump.
    Anyhow I understand the anger because we want Trump to come out against the vax but, let’s be clear. DeSantis is not anti vax either. He’s done a great job on offering other treatments which Trump is also for by the way. And with either candidate we wouldn’t be forced to get vaccinated.

    • Fred Daake

      Jack – I think you are correct on this.

      In my opinion, one of God’s highest callings is to expose evil. Regardless of Trump’s opinions or failures in doing what his observers think he should do, Trump has done more to expose evil than any other President. And God will reward him by giving him a chance to complete his full eight years. One man can be expected to do only so much. God has given others the job to expose the vaccine scam.

      Sixty-Five Bible Verses That Illustrate God’s Desire To Expose Evil:

  90. Marie+Joy

    http://www.citizenfreepress.com has an article saying “Make a Wish Foundation Turns Down Unvaccinated Child”.

    • Paul ...

      M&J … Will the government next mandate that un-vaccinated children be denied making a birthday wish?? … as taking off their mask … to blow out candles … with a breath full of germs … is just to dangerous to permit … and will likely be enforced with $10,000 dollar fines!!

  91. eddiemd

    CCP/PLA making moves again.

    Already running Panama, Bolivia, Peru…Nicaragua and who knows what the connections are between CCP and MS-13, Calle 18 and Mexican cartels.



  92. Suzanne Powell

    Greg… Notice that Hillary is being played by 3 different lookalikes of 3 different heights (she is dead). Boris Johnson isn’t the same person, either (according to a woman who had a 8 year affair with him). Gavin Newsom has been replaced with a lookalike. Biden has at least 3 lookalikes playing him (been dead for a while). Start looking at photos from several years ago and comparing them to current photos.

  93. PCP

    its a middle class pandemic

  94. Roy

    Trump had his chance to do great things as president, but his recent promotions of the vaccines has damaged his run for president in 2024. Taking cash payments from the drug companies does not look good. Trump had good gut feelings about the covid19 outbreak when it started. As it it was not a pandemic. He allowed the bureaucrats to take over the whole vaccine programs. He also had his back stabbing son-in-law running around making policy on the covid pandemic response. If Trump wants to have a chance to run in 2024, he should run for a senate seat in 2022. Rain fire and brimstone daily on the so called deep state, also the great reset crowd. As being a senator he would have a very public platform to do so. I could listen to Celente all day man who speaks from the heart, tells it as it is. Great interview. Time will tell if DeSantis will even run for president. It is a long time between now and 2024. If DeSantis runs in 2024, it would have to be with a new political party. At least Trump stopped Hilary from being president. I feel Trump though is done with his political career, His age is an other factor. All I see for the next 4 years is all out chaos in the politics and financial markets. A crash in the American empire, some what like the old Soviet empire is more likely than anything else. If so, us Americans have no one else to blame , except ourselves. The whole world has gone absolutely crazy. Time to just hunker down, until this whole mess passes, and it will in a few years. Also play it smart and avoid any if these gene altering vaccines. Saving your good health is the most important thing right now. Some of us need to stay healthy in order to take care of our foolish family members who have taken these mRNA vaccines.

  95. Oojai

    according to his website, “freedompeacejustice.com”, you need to donate $100.00 to get a copy of the C-19 religious vaccine exception.


    Is there a page where I can review the document before providing a donation?

  96. Julia

    Mr Hunter, first thanks for what you are doing. I now have my Ivermectin just in case. All thanks to your reporting.
    I agree with some of the other viewers about being careful with De Santis. He is being pushed forward and that makes me nervous. I am on a daily prayer newsletter and a prayer request came in for someone who was in a Florida hospital for Covid. The individual was recovering on HCQ and Ivermectin. The Hospital took the patient off that treatment and placed him on a ventilator and gave him the drug which kills people. (I cant remember the drug name.) I wouldn’t trust De Santis as far as I could throw him.
    I wish we wise up as a people. Don’t fall hook line and sinker for who is being pushed forward.

    • Harold V

      I read these posts and see people are getting ivermectin. I can’t get my doctor to prescribe it for preventative measures. Where are people getting it from?

      • Paula Davis

        Someone recently posted India Mart as a source without needing an MD’s RX…No harm in trying overseas when our docs cannot or will not order this med.
        If you have success with this pharmacy please report your findings as others may be needing as much.

      • Roger

        I had to seek out a medical professional to get prescribed ivermictin. My primary care physician wouldn’t do it. There are very few pharmacies that will fill it also, but I was able to get it through CVS. It all depends on the way the prescription reads – whether it is for Covid or something else. It took me 3 weeks to get it and if I had been in full blown Covid it probably would not have done any good. I strongly suggest that if you want to get some – start the process immediately because it is not like a normal prescription purchase – at least that is what I found. I paid whatever they were asking since I had a chest cold and was worried it might be Covid starting…

        I am under intense pressure from family to get vaccinated – but keep reading the negative stories. People may want to lookup the SPARS Pandemic playbook paper that shows what the next virus release may look like. Covid may be a test model to see how people/govts react….

  97. Merry Piper

    Greg: You and Gerald Celente together are awesome. Thank you!!

  98. john+duffy

    The Answer Is Obvious But We Still Need to Ask: Why Have No Corporate Media Journalists Covered the Biggest Story of the Year?



    Great interview with Gerald.

    I think he is right on the money with his predictions.

    DeSantis would be the best President the USA has ever had. It would be a game changer – if the RINOs don’t block his nomination.

    The biggest ‘mistake’ that trump made was firing General Flynn. And I don’t believe that he was naive when

    • J. Kimble Allen

      MRS DOUBTPFIZER, you may want to consider the following:


      Approved by Florida Gov. DeSantis in MAY, 2021.

      In part;
      ” 4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.

      a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.

      b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual. ”

      In his official bio, the Florida Surgeon General, aka State Health Officer, boasts about being funded by the criminal organization, National Institutes of Health, for 30 years!

      I will never allow my body/God’s Temple to be injected with an aborted baby drug experiment, by these evil people and I will defend myself by all means necessary!


    Great interview with Gerald.

    I think he is right on the money with his predictions.

    DeSantis would be the best President the USA has ever had. It would be a game changer – if the RINOs don’t block his nomination.

    The biggest ‘mistake’ that trump did was firing General Flynn.

    And I do not buy the excuse that Trump was naive when he hired Barr, Sessions and Wray.

    And I don’t buy the excuse that Trump was naive when he hired people like Sessions and Christopher Ray

  101. John MacInnis

    Really enjoyed ” The Old Man in the Chair” , Vernon Coleman.
    This world needs more like him.

  102. Brian Blommer

    Thank you, Greg and Gerald. You are both fighting the good fight. May you stay healthy and vibrant.

    By the way: Here’s a word scramble:

    Delta Omicron
    Media Control

  103. Dave Scrimshaw

    All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state…Benito Mussolini

  104. oldbat

    mrna flu shot on the way.

  105. Dave Scrimshaw

    The Hong Kong flu, also known as the 1968 flu pandemic, was a flu pandemic whose outbreak in 1968 and 1969 killed between one and four million people globally. It is among the deadliest pandemics in history, and was caused by an H3N2 strain of the influenza A virus. I had that as well as “COVID”. God got me through both of them.

  106. Pam

    Well this news clip caught my attention…………..This is the true reality. All I have to say is, where is our f***ing gov’t now?…….And if we are all waiting for the hand of God. Wake the f*** up. We are the hand of God. We all makeup a portion of God’s knowing. And if you take 6 minutes to listen to these people, in spite of their situation, they are talking about helping their neighbor. NOT poor me………This is what humans do.
    Shun the mega psychopathic politicians. SHUN THEM! They have nothing to say of any importance, because when they open their mouths they lie………

  107. Neil

    Greg doesn’t Mr Celeste sometime make the Christian in you cringe?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Neil, and so do some of my commenters. Celente is one of the top trends researchers in the world with a written record to prove it. Celente is what he is and pulls no punches. He says exactly what he thinks and sees coming. How refreshing!!! I am not embarrassed to book him for an hour with free forecasts and predictions that are usually correct.

    • MC

      Oh contraire! … Jesus associated with men like Celente and despised sissies. Peter, by his own testimony soon after acquainting Jesus says the he is a sinful man. Peter probably drank a lot of the Jewish equivalent of Jack Daniels and got into lots of fights and chased as many women as he could. . . . And if you examine the initial encounter between Jesus and the fishermen, Jesus just walked up and sat in their boat without asking permission. Jesus was himself an alpha-dog tough guy. … And throughout the four gospels the personality of Jesus is short tempered and stern. Even a fig tree gets struck down for not having fruit out of season! And when Pilate interrogates Jesus, Jesus is not bashful.

      It is the fault of Hollywood and the bornagain movement since the 1960s that people have come to associate Jesus with sweater wearing Mr. Rogers.

  108. Frank

    Do you know if the Covid exemption is valid in Canada?

  109. r.v.

    Delta Omicron = media control. Build Back Better stands for 666 in b’s. Wold run by symbolism…
    Zelenko exposes satanic depopulation agenda too has new video.
    Liberal who had loved one hurt by the jab turned a new leaf. https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/liberal-woman-gets-red-pilled-the-hard-way/
    Durham Says Evidence Shows Clinton-Linked Attorney Lied About Trump-Russia Claims https://conservativebrief.com/durham-2-56092/?utm_source=CB&utm_medium=PP
    her answer: at this point what does it matter!
    hopefully not another one arkincided.
    George Winston December 1982 Full Album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci52Iq_IQso

    Mr. Celente/ Mr. Hunter thanks.

  110. IVAN

    Dr. Robert Malone: “This is the Largest Experiment Performed on Human Beings in the History of the World.” https://rumble.com/voz363-lets-try-this-again.html

  111. Benjamin Golan

    DeSantis is not who you think he is! If he is unwilling to remove the Red Flag laws in Florida, then no way will I vote for him. Trump was blindsided and the GOP in his first 2 years undermined him. He is toast on the vaccine if he doesn’t retract his position on them. Seriously, I see no leadership anywhere worth voting for. VP Pence is supposed to announce his candidacy at the end or 2022 BTW.

    • Dave

      Newsom will be the Democrat nominee. Just wait. He is formidable and beats all potential GOP nominees in head-to-head polls. Except for DeSantis. Other than DeSantis the GOP bench is slim. Pence? No way he could win nationally and the same for many of the other like Paul (sadly), Hawley and Cruz. IMO Trump couldn’t either and especially so now with his ongoing failure to tell the truth about the vaccines.

      Watch out for Stacy Abrams. She will win the Georgia Governorship next year. Handily. Unlike Harris, Abrams is smart. Very smart.

      • Greg Hunter

        Stop!! You must know the elections in California are rigged. Please don’t pass this off as some groundswell of support. That’s dishonest.

  112. Jerry

    Well Friends,
    Like I’ve said, keep an eye on January 7th. Many, including myself have long seen a correlation between the vaccinations and 5G.

    On January 7th the 5G companies have agreed to go live globally, just about the same time The World Economic Forum is having their annual meeting in Davos. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not… but with the vaccine pushback picking up speed globally I would look for the globalist to implement the next phase of their diabolical plan to reset and ins-lave humanity. New technology is being used to install old principles of totalitarianism. People are literally slaves to their IPhones. How much easier could it be? Put graphene in your body via the vaccines and sync you with a 5G tower. Linkage complete. The dirty little secret is, 5G has always been the center peace of the global reset. Why else do you think Elon Musk was so interested in putting up thousands of star link satellites? Oh and let’s not forget about the Chinese. Chinese weapon manufactures were the primary producers of 5G components. It’s all part of NWO plan.

    So what can you do?
    1. Keep a faraday bag handy to drop your iPhone in, in the event 5G becomes weaponized.
    2. Be prepared with food, water, and survival essentials.
    3. Get involved with your state and local governments.
    4. Get spiritually prepared.
    5. Don’t sit on your ass thinking someone else is going to do it for you.
    ( IE waiting for Q. It’s a psyop. )

    • Jr

      A) the original “virus” was never isolated and therefore there is no test for the so called “virus” or any of the so called “variants” ALL THE TESTS ARE BOGUS –
      B) It has been established that 5G depletes the oxygen in your blood cells and produces “covid” like symptoms THEY CAN PRODUCE SYMPTOMS WITH 5G
      C) CONCLUSION: Dont forget to stuff that stocking by the chimney this Christmas with the new 5G iphone ….and be sure to stop by Walgreens for that 3rd booster so you can be fully “vaccinated” (IT’S NOT A VACCINE) so you and the kids can have a holly jolly unmasked Christmas!
      D) Who was it that said “My people suffer for lack of knowledge?” .. oh yeah..GOD.

  113. virginia clark

    Love, Love Celente’s in your face New York take it or get lost attitude. He always hits it out of the park.
    Thank Greg

  114. MacGuy

    Hi Greg,
    Are you familiar with Dr. Paul Cottrell, he just may hold the answer as to why President Trump is not denying the vaccine. I am NOT suggesting anyone should get vaxxed but listen to Dr. Cottrell explain that the vax WAS supposed to protect from the bio weapon but failed. The pod cast is rather long and detailed but it sure makes a lot of sense to me. The frightening part is that he believes the worst is yet to come. https://rumble.com/vql1cw-hiv-war-room-ep95-baric-made-sars-and-knew-about-myocarditis-by-dr.-paul-co.html

    • MC


      For during the EndTimes, Jesus said to judge by their fruits. What is the fruit of Trump’s incessant vax recommending?

      • MacGuy

        Frankly I am not wasting my time trying to convince you of anything…you know it all. Instead of being so quick to throw a stone at Trump, why not listen to the entire podcast…because I know you did not. Now don’t lie…the Lord watches all.

      • Jr

        more than recommending:
        1) would not EO the abolishing of O-care; it REMAINS THE LAW allowing govt to legally implant “med device” -so there’s no longer a $ penalty – so what – it’s still law.
        2) but did order an “emergency order”(when there was no emergency) allowing poisonous “experimental jabs” roll out-
        3) appointed 2 out of 3 scrotusi who will vote affirmative on “jab mandates” when they rule on mandates probably in 2022 & and appointed the lying little demonic elf himself to role out the jabfest. (not to mention every other deep state ass hole in sight)
        What more could satan ask for?
        Complicit? A dupe? Who cares? What matters are the results.
        These are the “fruits” of the “trump presidency” – tastes damn bitter to me.
        Did they choose trump a long time ago to orchestrate this whole deal? Does that explain the masonic like “Apprentice” and Simpsons pre-programming?
        All Christian trumpsters (like myself ) should carefully & prayerfully consider what this very special guest has said ” TRUMP IS OVER; TIME TO MOVE ON.

    • Tim


  115. Marie+Joy


  116. The Ogs

    Hello everyone! SO many comments, Greg… oh my goodness.
    I love Gerald because he gets upset, and he’s already a plain-talker so he’s going to get even plainer.
    I have to sort of force my self to watch at first, there’s an initial revulsion to the anger, but I’ve come to realize that it’s what’s required!
    Shouldn’t more people be getting angry? When are the rest of the people going to get angry like Gerald and me?
    Gerald is shining the bright light, doing the Lord’s work, leading by example. Get upset! And it’s not just rage in Gerald’s voice, I hear a lot of disgust too.
    Anger and disgust. Yup, pretty well sums it up for we the people too – and unfortunately I am predicting a lot of parents are going to be joining-up over the course of this winter.
    Some parents when they find out their tragedies were well-known and predicted, and that they failed the intelligence test, and they’re never going to be grandparents, are going to lose their minds.

    • helot

      Insightful comment, The Ogs.

      Righteous indignation. Writ large?

  117. bloglogician

    Yes no homeless covid wave. Why? they have bad diets but plenty of exercise and sunlight!! Probably all naturally immune


    No way Trump gives up the gavel! I love DeSantis, but as a Floridian, I want him HEAR! Screw the rest of the country – no offense : )

  119. Tom Grier

    Maybe the vaxx will make Trump sick before he can run again.

  120. Marie+Joy

    http://www.citizenfreepress.com has an article saying “Lets Go Brandon wrapping paper is a huge hit”. Recommend.

  121. Maria Paul

    lugersma 2 weeks ago
    My daughter who has been a firefighter for over 20 years, while leaving her young son and daughter to go to work in order to help save others, may possibly face losing her job because she refuses to get the jab. What is becoming of our once great country 😢
    Mrrj 44 12 hours ago
    She should get the shot to keep her job, if she likes being a firefighter. If she doesn’t then she doesn’t value her job or safety as much as “freedom” or whatever you people think your version of freedom is. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Mrrj 44,
    Suicide is not freedom, you still have a choice in the United States. Death is the “ultimate lose-loss situation.” Wake up to reality mate! The CDC report’s that the majority of Americans who have been infected with omicron were actually already vaccinated. https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/two-covid-vaccine-shots-does-not-protect-against-omicron-sheba-688496
    You must open your eye’s man and think, no matter how painful!
    Meanwhile, the ever so “neutral” Switzerland is to host the Davos meeting (World Economic Forum) where “thought” leaders come together to ensure we plebs die. These characters unleashed the virus on China and the rest of the world and not a blip. Perhaps China could take this opportunity to illuminate these vile pigs whilst shining the light on the United Nations and the billionaire insanity group, like Gates, Dr.Fraudci and Soros and Buffet (why have American billionaires decided we must all die?) Sadly, all the Trump supporters looking to Desantis as their next hero may not even be around to ever know of their blunder … as all those who took the “jab” … based upon Trump saying: “The jab is safe” … will likely all be dead within 5 years of an epidemic of heart attacks, strokes, etc., etc. (according to Dr. Vernon Coleman) … https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-vernon-coleman-here-039-s-why-most-of-the-jabbed-will-die-early-mp4_Pj5gdvoEkxInp7x.html Don’t be sorry! get to a reputable health food store, they will help you LIVE!
    USAWatchdog, gets around, Saw in comments on youtube. Look familiar?

  122. MC

    fyi, here is USAWD now featured via Rome:

    USAWD probably could host Cardinal Vigano.

  123. Morgunstun J.P.

    Jim Grant there’s more,
    In his prophecy concerning “the conclusion of the system of things,” Jesus referred to his kingship in a full sense. According to the apostle Matthew’s account, Jesus closed his prophecy by giving the illustration of the symbolic sheep and goats. At Matthew 25:31, 32 he opened up the illustration by saying: “When the Son of man arrives in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit down on his glorious throne. And all the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people [not nations] one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.” This takes place after Satan the Devil and his demons are ousted from their heavenly location and privileges down to our earth’s vicinity by the enthroned King Jesus Christ. All of this is as prophetically pictured in Revelation 12:5-9. As to what that accomplishment means, we read:
    “And I [John] heard a loud voice in heaven say: ‘Now have come to pass the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ, because the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down, who accuses them day and night before our God! And they conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their witnessing, and they did not love their souls even in the face of death. On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.’”​—Rev. 12:10-12.
    What informed person can deny that such extraordinary “woe for the earth and for the sea” has marked our 20th century since the great war of 1914-19, the year’s in which, according to all evidence, the so-called “four horsemen of the Apocalypse” began their ride? (See Revelation 6:1-8.) That must be an unmistakable “sign” that from the beginning of the first world war and by the way, the federal reserve. The “last days” of this world system of things began and that we have entered the “conclusion of the system of things.” https://www.traveldoo.com/wp-content/uploads/bfi_thumb/adobestock_94600972small-ofqtw1ervtg60mdxnfd71u4ozjl0tbl2hms1ncn1c8.jpeg
    Certainly, also, since the ouster of Satan the Devil and his demons from heaven, it has been the “last days” for them before they are hurled into the abyss before the 1,000-year reign of the Messiah Jesus. (Rev. 20:1-3, 7) Plainly, World War I of 1914 and World War II of 1939 and the scores of wars that have followed since 1945 throughout the earth are a modern parallel of the “wars and reports of wars” (along with famines, pestilences and earthquakes) that Jesus said would make the years of 29 to 70 AD the “last days” of the Jewish system of things that revolved around Jerusalem and its rebuilt temple.
    The agonizing distress that befell Jerusalem in 70 AD fell short of being what Jesus described in his prophecy of Matthew 24:21, 22. But today the antitypical Jerusalem (Christendom), yes, the whole world empire of false religion, yes, the entire global system of things, is headed for the “great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again.” Not strange, then, that we see undergoing fulfillment the prophecy that the apostle Paul made about 65 AD and set down in 2 Timothy 3:1: “You [Timothy] may be quite sure that in the last days there are going to be some difficult times.”​—The Jerusalem Bible.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s AD and not the bull crap C.E. Got it?

      • JP

        JP, Got it!

  124. Maria Paul

    What does it mean, “Hurt not the oil and the wine,” in Revelation 6:6?
    Revelation 6:6
    AMP – 6 And I heard what seemed to be a voice from the midst of the four living creatures, saying, A quart of wheat for a denarius [a whole day’s wages], and three quarts of barley for a denarius; but do not harm the oil and the wine! [II Kings 6:25.]

    Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S.★Army
    In my opinion, the prohibition cited in the question was saying that the activity of the rider on the black horse in John’s vision (who symbolized famine) was not to be directed against non-essential items such as wine and olive oil, but was instead to affect basic essential food items such as grains (barley and wheat) that were used to make bread, so that it would inflict maximum hardship.

    They’re eliminating the competition for earth’s resource’s in their vision of a future without God. Those in favor of de=population, believe the pie cannot be expanded and selfishly let they’re riches go their heads. God will expand and the ultimate losers. will lose out. Sad, don’t say you weren’t warned.

    • Lacy Drake Morton

      Some translations have Olive oil.

  125. JohnPaul

    Another great interview. I like Celente. He’s right, Trump is done.

    I voted for Trump twice. I will never vote for him again. Why? Three reasons.

    1)He didn’t fire Fauci.

    2)He pushed the vaccination and continues to push it.

    3)My biggest reason. He abandoned the Jan 6 supporters. Carter’s first day in office he gave Full Unconditional Presidential Pardons to Draft Dodgers and Deserters. I never liked it he was a draft evader. I went to Vietnam. Trump should have done the same for his supporters. You had to know the communists would come for them. Now these political prisoners sit and rot.

    • Dave

      Trump abandoning the families of those in prison for January 6th is inexcusable. Notice how controlled conservative media does not have these families on as guests. Why? They ar sharply critical of Trump for his inaction. They will come out strongly against Trump if he chooses to seek the nomination. That alone should sink his campaign.

      • JohnPaul

        His lack of compassion for his supporters and their families is despicable.

        Trump was a draft evader so it’s not surprising he left his supporters behind.

        I never left a fallen soldier behind.

  126. Joseph Abruzzo

    The elections don’t mean a thing, regardless of anyone’s topic, until the “cheating” has been addressed. Period!

    Everyone also needs to remember how the deep state and all their minors continuously attacked Trump before he became President. He fought an up hill battle for his whole term and he DID get a lot of good work done. Most of it may not even be appreciated until years later.

    This time is about God, not the trends and what the trends portend at any given moment.

  127. Gregory John Morrissey

    Know the Lord God and his so Jesus Christ
    Please read the following versus

    Hebrews 11:3
    By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.
    1 Corinthians 4:9
    For it seems to me that God has put us apostles on display at the end of the procession, like those condemned to die in the arena. We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to human beings.
    Ephesians 4:10
    He who descended is the very one who ascended higher than all the heavens, in order to fill the whole universe.)
    Hebrews 1:2
    but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe.

    Hebrews 11:3
    By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

    Psalm 147 4
    He determines the number of the stars
    and calls them each by name.

    Know the Lord God and His Jesus Christ, Read and Know your Bible

    • The Ogs

      Friend it seems inappropriate to me to quote bible passages in USAWatchdog’s comments section.
      You go ahead though, and do whatever you want… It seems unfortunate however that you have not realized this yourself.

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s not inappropriate to quote the Bible here.

  128. Computer Guy

    The Supreme Court just ruled against New York health care workers. They cannot get a religious exemption period. They will do the same when Biden’s mandate makes its way to their court. These religious exemptions will not be granted for much longer. Kavanaugh and Barret were both appointed by Trump and are supposedly conservative. I have no faith in the Supreme Court anymore they are owned by pfizer.

    We are so screwed and the majority are walking around like brain dead zombies. The only way these shots and the tyranny can be stopped is by revolution. Protests are not doing anything to stop this.

    • Regina

      I’ve come to the realization that Trump isn’t who we all thought he was. And Greg, I don’t believe he’s been lied to like Mark Taylor says…..he’s a part of the plan. I’d be happy to be wrong here.
      Jesus is coming back soon. All of this is in the Bible…Old and New Testament even though they attempted to change some of it, they couldn’t hide the truth. Check out the statue they put in front of the UN….it aligns exactly with what John saw in Revelation. Get ready for tribulation and don’t give up b/c the end will be glorious.

    • Fran Barnes

      ok, yes, computer guy, Could you please explain to me how the nations in which a large mass of defiant people are marching and protesting–how does the work get out to everyone to meet and do at such and such a time and place? I and some other I know who are defiant against this tyrannical and medical bioweapon genocide do not do facebook. Other than the courageous people in the medical field fighting to keep us informed, a few lawyers, some others in the media like our fearless Greg Hunter and some bloggers are, to my knowledge like N o t h i n g else is being organized. Do you agree or is there some movement against these tyrants? Thanks! Blessings and a most Blessed Advent and Christmas to all!

    • Dave

      Trump was urged not to appoint Barret and Kavanaugh. They are Deep State with Kavanaugh being a prominent Bushie. The reading on the NY decision is that once the circuit court decisions over-ruling the mandates get to SCOTUS that SCOTUS will uphold the mandates giving Biden a huge win going into 2022 and the elections.

      Also, the Court has allowed challenges to the Texas abortion law to move forward. THis is not a goo sign for the Dobbs case. There will be no overturning of Roe and that means Trump’s SCOTUS nominees totally failed. Biden will likely get to appoint regalements for Alito and Thomas. And you can bet Biden’s appointees won’t budge from their radical legal philosophy. In so doing he will radically transform the Court and end chances of Roe being overturned for another 30 or so years.

      If Trump’s appointees are key to upholding vaccine mandates and keeping Roe as law his accomplishments as President virtually disappear. As Celente says – Trump is yesterdays’ news and his inability to govern will keep many of those who voted for Trump in the past from voting for him again.

      • Computer Guy

        I’m not sure, but the protests are not working. One of the things people can do is refuse the shots, refuse to wear masks and stop following their idiotic recommendations that are not based on science. Pull your kids out of school and refuse to “vaccinate” them. If enough people stand up to these tyrants then maybe we can stop the insanity.

  129. Jerry

    You can post this if you want. Burgess Owens is endorsing my son for congress in Missouri’s 4th district.

    My son Kyle just couldn’t stand by any longer and watch our way of life be handed over to the globalist. Keep an eye on him. He’s not your typical conservative. He’s a street fighter that can’t be bought off.
    Thanks Greg

  130. Armando

    Greg , Gerald is saying the real estate won’t drop like 2007-08 because people who bought who can really afford. But if mortgage rates double that means their payment will be double. So how could that sub stain itself ?

  131. Phil in Dixie

    This is just a “heads up” alert for you, Greg:

    Massive attack against 1.6 million WordPress sites underway

    I thought I’d send that just in case it applies to you.


    P.S. There’s no need to post this comment (unless you want to).

    • Computer Guy

      That would be for new buyers, existing fixed mortgages won’t be affected by rising rates.

      But what could happen is the stock market crash could cause layoffs. When people lose their jobs they won’t be able to afford their payments no matter what the interest rate is.

      I disagree with Gerald, there is no way they can raise interest rates to 1.5%. After the first rate hike the market will tank causing them to reverse course. Hyperinflation is inevitable.

      • helot

        Hmmm… Hyperinflation is inevitable, you say? … I wonder if that would work out a bit like in Argentina in the 1990’s when they revalued their currency?

        Many people thought their existing fixed mortgages wouldn’t be affected.

        The banks fandangled things all legal-like so mortgage holders had to pay according to the decreased value of their currency. I.e. your current mortgage is $2,000, the next day, it’s ~$4,000?

        In response, People were in the streets banging on pots & pans. Do you think that could happen here? Idk. Just a terrible thought I had.

        • Charles H.

          Mexico did that in the 90’s – revalued the Peso. All the Big Loan money from the US in Dollars still had to be paid back in Dollars – so the Supreme Court of Mexico sided with the Banks to allow them to change the terms of loans to the new revalued Peso and the Dollars they had to satisfy. Millions lost their properties; and the Banks didn’t lose a cent.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks Charles for the financial history lesson!! You got to own your property without banker hooks in it.

  132. Justn Observer

    Greg, hmmmm

    Oregon reports first 3 cases of COVID-19 Omicron variant, in Portland area.
    · A Multnomah County resident in their 20s, tested on Dec. 7, who was fully vaccinated. The individual traveled internationally to Canada prior to symptom onset. Additional details on the condition of the individual are not yet available.

    · A Washington County resident in their 20s, tested on Dec. 9, who was fully vaccinated. Additional details on the condition of the individual are not yet available.

    · A Washington County resident in their 30s, tested on Dec. 9, who was fully vaccinated. The individual traveled internationally to Mexico prior to symptom onset. Additional details on the condition of the individual are not yet available.

  133. Steve Bice

    Just trust me. I am science. Take another vaccine. It’ll work this time…


  134. Rusty

    Greg, sorry to be completely off subject but what the heck is going on with gold and silver? Basel 3 rules are set to be implemented in only a few weeks but prices have dropped big time. All I can figure is that the banks, especially the Bank of England, are trying to get out of the contracts (certificates) where they sold more gold and silver than they have and are making deals with the “big boys” who hold those certificates to sell for some other assets or future promises. I’m likely totally off on that—just don’t know. Would you be able to have a guest on who understands these markets? Thank you for your time and your show 🙂

  135. John MacLure

    IMPORTANT: Greg, you should see this interview of Steve Kirsch and Alix Mayer that addresses the laws being broken by trying to enforce the vaccine mandate, specifically with regard to the EUA:

  136. Duke Nukum

    WW3? Biden Reveals Plan to Attack Russia as Germany Blocks Putin’s Nord Stream Gas Pipeline – Watch LIVE Posted 2 hours ago
    Global exclusive: top researchers have identified the secret corporate intelligence agency that launched Covid-19 while commanding the Great Reset to conquer the world!
    Meanwhile, humanity is awakening! Elon Musk & Ben Shapiro are both coming out against Big Pharma’s bio-weapon, they call a vaccine!
    US staged a coup in Ukraine – here’s why and how
    The truth about the coup in Ukraine is that it hasn’t benefited anyone other than the warmongers. By Chris Kanthan – August 15, 2018
    What’s the official narrative about the events in late 2013 and early 2014 in
    Kiev, Ukraine? There was the spontaneous and peaceful Euromaidan
    “revolution” by the great freedom-loving people, which forced the corrupt
    Ukrainian President to flee the country, right? Not so simple. There are many
    intriguing facts about geopolitics, 70 years of U.S. meddling in Ukraine, and
    covert regime-change operations.
    First, objectively speaking, it’s curious that a U.S. Senator (John McCain) and the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State (Victoria Nuland) repeatedly attended political protests in another country. Oh, Nuland is also the wife of a prominent warmongering Neocon, Robert Kagan; and she’s also the one who famously said, “F*ck the E.U.” while discussing the future of Ukraine.
    In a picture in the link, McCain is standing on the stage next to Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of the far-right group called Svoboda, which uses a not-so-subtle logo that combines “N” and “Z.” Get it? Imagine if Russian or Chinese officials were performing similar stunts at anti-U.S. rallies in Mexico!
    Victoria Nuland also admitted during a speech in 2014 that the U.S. had spent $5 BILLION since the 1990s to spread “democracy” in Ukraine. (Here’s a link to a 8-min video of her speech). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPVs5VuI8XI
    NED or National Endowment of Democracy is a U.S. taxpayer-funded group that specializes in … ahem … regime change. It’s chief, Carl Gershman, wrote in a Washington Post op-ed in 2013 (just before the protests) that “Ukraine is the biggest prize.”
    Michael McFaul – U.S. Ambassador to Russia, 2012–2014 – wrote an op-ed in WaPo in 2004 where he asked, “Did Americans meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine?” Then he answered it, “Yes.”
    Why did McFaul write the article? Because in 2004, Soros and other NGOs fomented the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Basically, the election was won by a pro-Russia guy. So people protested and demanded a new election. Then, a month later, the pro-U.S. guy won the new election with 52% of the votes. Democracy, America-style.
    [WW3 wasn’t worth the Cuban crises and Ukulele Ukraine aint worth it either, peace brothers] Just ask Lucy!

  137. Dave

    For anyone who idolizes FOX, the e-mails are pretty damning for Hannity and Ingraham and others. Not Carlson though who has to be enjoying this. There is no love lost between Hannity and Carlson.

    Basically, much of FOX was telling its audience one thing but privately doing something different. FOX too is pushing the vaccine. The issue with the e-mails as Armstrong and Getty mentioned is that Trump waited hours before making a statement even though his buddy Hannity, his son and others were urging him to act immediately. It was a poor judgement call by Trump. Much of conservative talk radio is melting down over this as they know it reveals too much of the truth. As A&G point out, most hosts today will say Trump did issue and statement and see, nothing here to see. They leave the long-time gap when he did nothing.

    Hopefully this wakes up folks to FOX which is as corrupt as CNN.

    • JohnPaul

      Fox lost me. I don’t trust them I like Tucker that’s it.

      My favorite sites are USA Watchdog, The Epoch Times, Zero hedge, Steve Quayle and Steel on Steel.

      The Denver CBS station seems to do a pretty good job on the local news.

  138. Justn Observer

    Greg, Goodnews =
    Virginia Hospital Found In Contempt Of Court, Subject To $10k Per Day Fines After Denying Patient Ivermectin

  139. Bogdan Tatarsky

    Not so quick Mr. Celente.
    Since FED is merely reacting to rising high inflation and is behind the curve, inflation can not be stopped. If it was possible to stop inflation now and keep rising interest rate gold has no chance. Once investor realises FED can not stop inflation and “transitory” is a lye the run in to gold will start. Currently many investors as Mr. Celente himself making simple assumption rising rates will depress gold price.

  140. Justn Observer

    Greg, Interesting Boom ! lol
    @VigilantFox · Dec 13
    Dr. Fauci opens up the possibility that the COVID-19 vaccine could be making people more likely to be infected by the virus.

    “This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse.”


  141. Cliff Bondi

    University of Zurich reveals Google is the Worst Censored Search Engine, Russian search is the BEST free, Uncensored
    This is to incredible, what’s happening to the home of the free and brave? Not so free?

  142. Rich R

    Greg and Gerald great interview. I hope Dr.Mike Yeadon is wrong on the this , but it was put out in july . We are in Phase 5 of their plan. We all need to wake up. Phase 6: Cancel the debts and dematerialize the money. (March 2022-September 2022)
    > – Trigger the economic, financial and stock market collapse, the bankruptcy of the banks.
    > – To rescue the losses of the banks in the accounts of their clients.
    > – Activate the «Great Reset».
    > – De-materialize money.
    > – Cancel debts and loans.
    > – Impose the digital portfolio. (Digital Wallet)
    > – Seize properties and land.
    > – Ban all global medicines.
    > – Confirm the obligation to vaccinate semi-annually or annually.
    > – Impose food rationing and a diet based on the Codex Alimentarius.
    > – Extend the measures to emerging countries.
    > Result, Third stage of digital control. Extension of the N.O.M. to the whole planet.


  143. Lacy Drake Morton

    12/15/21 BIG ENERGY › NEWS
    Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Could Shatter Within 5 Years, Threatening Millions
    Scientists warned Monday the ice shelf holding back one of Antarctica’s most perilous glaciers could shatter in the next three to five years — a development that would threaten millions of people with intensifying sea level rise.
    By Kenny Stancil

  144. Daren

    Since the formation of the Federal Reserve, every major Economic/Equity Market Crash has happened while a Republican has been in office. According to Martin Armstrong, there will be a major crash sometime in the second half of 2024. It would make sense for a Republican to win the next election and than set fire to the economy. I suspect that that the next crash will be much more prolonged and deeper than any of the others.


    Love the info from Gerald, but I’m not sure he realizes we are on his side….he’s always yelling at us. I don’t get it.

  146. Fritz

    Celente says: “It’s a crime syndicate” the democratic politicians. That’s why “they” made our European ancestors drive away the kings and queens.
    Sheeple are mostly unable to vote by reason, they use emotion instead. Nothing is easier for the shadow rulers then to excite the sheeple and drive them through the gate of the everlasting milking.
    And the sheeple are proud of “their” success and defend the shadow ruler’s orders, published in the fake media. They are even willing to sacrifice their own children for the good of there tyranical rule.
    Corona vaxx prove that without a shadow of doubt.
    One of the founders of European philosophy was against democrazy for a reason, his name is Plato. I can only agree with Plato!
    After the third world war Europe will have heavenly ordained kings and queens back, including a Kaiser, an Augustus Caesar. The heavenly propagandized that through prophecies of their chosen once a long time ago.

    P.s. The European catholic prophets get their message from the all loving Heavenly Mother, the U.S. Americans mainly from a (threatening) male god, so my impression. Strange, isn’t it?

  147. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Another great report.

  148. Joseph Boudreau

    Thanks Greg. Gerald is a great guy and so passionate about his work. God bless you both!
    Another fantastic interview.

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