Catastrophic Bond Market Collapse Approaches-Michael Pento

michael-pentoBy Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Michael Pento wrote a book a few years ago warning of “The Coming Bond Market Collapse.” All the signs say this calamity is very close. Pento explains, “Global central bank balance sheets have risen from $6 trillion in 2007 to $21 trillion today. That’s the increase in the size of central bank balance sheets. . . . I can prove to you when this bubble breaks, it’s going to be disastrous. . . . Just that they (European Central Bank-ECB) didn’t hint at expanding QE and look at what it has rendered us. That’s proof positive that everything that has happened since the 2008 collapse, that it’s just been artificial and ephemeral in nature. Once central banks even hint at pulling back from their QE programs and ZIRP and NERP go away, bonds will crash, and when those sovereign bonds crash on a global basis, it’s going to take everything else down with it concurrently.”

What happens if the Fed raises interest rates, and what happens if it doesn’t? Pento contends, “If the Fed actually raises rates in this September meeting, I think what you saw last week and what you are experiencing this week is just the warm-up act. You are going to have a wipeout in bonds. Everybody is going to be rushing for the door at the same time, and there is no room but for one out of a thousand to get through. So, it’s going to be catastrophic.”

How fast could interest rates rise, and how high could they go? Pento calculates, “What’s going to happen eventually is exponentially worse than what you saw last week and this week because eventually, they (central banks) are going to have to change their monetary policies. They (central banks) are going to have to, once their 2% inflation target is achieved, they are going to have to start unwinding their balance sheets. Otherwise, there is going to be no way to drain the money supply. They’re going to have to sell assets. Front runners that are front running the bids from central banks are going to have to get out. . . . So, yields are going to absolutely spike to at least where inflation is plus a percent or two. I am saying you can go from negative rates such as -.1% to 2% or 3% or to 4% in a matter of days. . . . When I say 2%, 3% or 4%, I am being generous. I think rates could spike dramatically, and the bond market is global in nature . . . . That’s going to spike all yields concurrently and in unison, and everything, Ferrari’s, diamonds, commodities, real estate investment trusts, municipal bonds, collateralized loan obligations, and I mean everything is priced off of that risk free rate of return. . . . If they are going to stop their repression of interest rates, everything is going to collapse concurrently.”

And, if the Fed does not raise rates at its September meeting as it has been warning? Pento says, “The Fed is going to lose all their credibility on September 21st. Half of the Fed, and this includes Fed Head Janet Yellen, has been telling you that the economy has healed and they are ready to resume interest rate hikes. If they raise rates, and I don’t think they do, they are not going to be ‘data dependent.’ They are just freaking out about having promised to save the world with four rate hikes in 2016 and garner some credibility before the end of the year. If they don’t raise rates, they are going to lose all their credibility anyway because they have been threatening to do so. If they do raise rates, they are going to lose credibility because (the economy is sinking) and they are not ‘data dependent.’ The data here in the United States is screaming recession. . . . If they raise rates, they are going to absolutely crater the stock market and the bond market. . . .”

If the Fed admits it can’t raise rates, Pento predicts, “Gold is going to become completely unglued from its moorings and will shoot up very close to record highs very quickly. It’s not going to happen until the Fed admits that it cannot raise interest rates.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Management.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Michael Pento is a prolific writer, and you can follow his work on If you want to buy a copy of his book “The Coming Bond Market Collapse,” you can easily find it on the home page of

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  1. Not a Hilary blog troll.......

    All bull markets come to an end – even a 40 year bond bull……….

    You have all had 8 years to prepare if you did not see it coming – and if you still aint prepared for what is coming then ya gonna be fed into the mincer.

    No matter who makes the white house as the next president the result will still be the same – carnage as we finally get our day of reckoning.

    • allen ols

      You forgot to ask, what does this mean for the man on the street.

      • al Hall

        Al/Greg: Note that Greg can find expert after expert saying the same thing and -Not a word from Congress- Nothing!! That’s because the repub’s and the dems are to arms of the same elite takeover. All bought and paid for.

        Trump wants to fix this- but it’s to late. We are over the cliff’s edge- just haven’t hit bottom yet. When we do – it’s going to hurt really BAD!

        • allen ols

          al hall
          I sent a clip from M. Pento to the jackass, and here is his response.

          Allen Ols

          Sep 13 (1 day ago)

          to Jim


          a while back u mentioned a rush to the door, last ones out lose.

          “If the Fed actually raises rates in this September meeting, I think what you saw last week and what you are experiencing this week is just the warm-up act. You are going to have a wipeout in bonds. Everybody is going to be rushing for the door at the same time, and there is no room but for one out of a thousand to get through. So, it’s going to be catastrophic.”

          Jim Willie CB

          Sep 13 (1 day ago)

          to me

          I cannot see a rate hike
          they talk about it
          but they are more likely to go negative

          • Charles H


            Talk is for Sheeple. Investigation and analysis for the few. The music is playing: follow the tune.

          • Bob

            Hi. New here. Just told US T Bond rates going to 9 % starting wed 9/21. Bob

        • Paul ...

          Lets cut the Rep/Dem Snake in half this November … once we dismember the head from the tail it will be easier to kill the bought and paid for tapeworm snake sucking all the nutrients out of our Nation!

          • allen ols

            paul thanks
            u vote, I will not. 🙂

      • Robert Lykens

        ao, how sad is your life that your only happiness comes from criticizing others?

        • allen ols

          not so, greg and I go wayyy back of which many times I have asked the same question, and greg usually does ask his guests what it looks like for the man on the street.
          I was not critizing and greg knows this. Take the log out of your eye and don’t be so critical. 🙂

          • allen ols

            Trump was AGAINST assult rifles, before he ran for president, BUT NOW, he is for assult rifles bedause he NEEDS THE VOTES.

            DONALD TURMP— “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s internet technology we should be able to tell within 72 hours if a potential gun owner has a record.”


            As was reported in the New York Daily News, Trump wrote in a letter to the New York state Assembly back in 1991, “While disabled veterans should be given every opportunity to earn a living, is it fair to do so to the detriment of the city as a whole or its tax paying citizens and businesses?”

            He went on, “Do we allow Fifth Avenue, one of the world’s finest and most luxurious shopping districts, to be turned into an outdoor flea market, clogging and seriously downgrading the area?” AND…….
            He was still at it in 2004, when he wrote a letter to Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

            “Whether they are veterans or not, they [the vendors] should not be allowed to sell on this most important and prestigious shopping street,” Trump declared.

            He warned, “The image of New York City will suffer… I hope you can stop this very deplorable situation before it is too late.”

            • Truth

              Allen Ols, thanks for the info on Trump. I agree that facts and quotes are what they are. But, what other choice do we have? We are now between a rock and a very hard place, with large boulders to the left and right. So, right now, anyone who the neocons detest that much, is better than nothing.

              I also didn’t take your comment to Greg, as a criticism. I could tell from the way you worded it that you must have a rapport. We all know that the man on the street, is out in the cold, unless he has a plan (smile).

              We would all do well, to keep our sense of humor, because America is in serious trouble.

              • allen ols



            • D2

              AO, not sure what your point is here. Do you not think there are similar examples of things that HiLIARry has said for which she now says something different? All of us are human, make mistakes, change opinions, etc. So again, not sure what you are trying to portray here but it in no way excuses the constant lies, corruption, treason, and treating common people like dirt that HRC regularly does.

              • allen ols

                you have never had a choice in politics, as my opinion is he who has the gold makes the rules. we the public are being played. trump makes himself out to be champion for the veterans, lol and the 2nd amend. folks, more lol. we all knew clitons/bushes/and now obambabas are just more of the same, and soon it will be the trump dynasty with ivanka as our first female pres.

        • al Hall

          What’s sad is you had to ask such a sorry question of Greg!
          You can figure the answer out by now??

          • allen ols

            their are always new people coming to the site I was considering them as I am/have been is the same as hearing a new person tell/ask about prepping, wanting info. 🙂 don’t let the little things make u so sad.

          • allen ols

            al Hall 09/14/2016 •

            PEOPLE- PREPARE NOW!

            you see al hall,
            it is good to hear the warnings from different sources, even yourself, Michael Pento, Greg Mannirino, egon von greyerz, celente etc etc etc of how baaad it is going to get, AND WHAT TO DO. 🙂 big smile for you.

      • ross

        The man on the street continues to be robbed blind and the injustice of 1000,s years continues with the blessings of all our religions and our Govts. Have we learnt nothing?

    • Not a Hilary blog troll.......


      Disclaimer: I am also not a Hillary bog roll……..

      Good to see Michael Pento back on your show Greg – he talks a lot of common sense

    • Hatemail

      …Not before the Fed goes all out to bail out Wall Street.
      What’s another 5 or 6 trillion in the hole?

    • Charles H

      Controlled Descent – linked to increasing increments of State power. Proposed as a means to saving the Nation: Martial Law, like taxes – will never go away. All the false flags and pretexts to continue (read – DISARM citizens) will certainly raise their ugly heads. Many, too many will not accept such deprivation.

      • David Clumpner

        5 or 6 Trillion??? Chump change compared to the one or two QUADRILLION in the wings after the reboot as digital ‘Helicopter Money’!

        • Hatemail

          If the stock market starts to plummet the protection team could easily right the ship with a few trillion in market purchases.
          They can do it and they will to keep it all propped up. In 07-08 they waited too long. That mistake will not be repeated.
          Sleep tight my friend.

          • Charles H

            It’s NOT the Market. It’s the rest of the world that will hand the Dollar it’s hat. Then how sails the ship?

    • JC Davis

      Those that have prepared in Jesus name will give to those that have not. A new currency will emerge. Those taught the principles of Christ will stay true to the teaching. Others will except any wind that blows. Being prepared is not a physical need but more of a spiritual need.
      Those that wanted to kill Jesus could not even see him, yet he was right in front of them.
      So it will be the same in this change of time. The spirit led will survive and give.

  2. FC

    All these bubbles are gathering together like washing machining suds and the Central Banks have started pouring them all down the rabbit hole, because when they all burst on impact, it’s going to be a completely different world to live in, where the Queen of Hearts will be a welcoming sight for the ill prepared.

    • FC

      Speaking of the Queen of Hearts, I found this comment on Breitbart to be very interesting on Her Majesty’s current health condition………..

      This woman coughs because she aspirates from a neurological disorder. That is why she may have pneumonia. That is why she falls and has axial rigidity as noted when standing by the van. She likely has progressive supra nuclear palsy which is similar to Parkinson’s disease but unlike Parkinson’s disease is not associated with pill rolling hand tremors and does not respond to drugs like leva dopa. This disorder is much worse than Parkinson’s disease, very progressive with death in 3-5 years. Question is how long she has had symptoms. So her campaign handlers may be right that she does not like to drink water because even her saliva winds up in her trachea.
      She is done… And yes I am a physician

      • diane s.

        Makes sense Doc…don’t see how she can continue with campaign

      • al Hall

        FC/Greg: been told Killary has Parkinson’s Disease and has had it for nearly 10 years. Secret service agent reported this to a reporter for info wars news a short time ago. My CIA friend has reported this also.
        Killary is wearing “blue sun glasses” which is a give away to Parkinson’s.
        Media is covering this up- to include Fox News- as bad as the rest!

        See this article for reference-

      • eddiemd

        I am not buying into the Parkinson’s . The released medical summaries from her IM physician state that she had DVT’s in 1998 and 2009. The locations were not disclosed but certainly a recurrent DVT would warrant anticoagulation and a w/u for a possible neoplasm. The summary further states that she had the transverse sinus venous thrombosis in 2012 and a decision was made to “start” her on “anticoagulation” to dissolve the clot. The ABC news release in 2012 described a fairly large thrombosis measuring 10cm in one length. The physician summary further states that a follow up “testing” in 2013 revealed total resolution of the brain thrombosis. I don’t believe this. She continues at this point taking Coumadin.

        I would believe that she was on Coumadin in 2012 based on her 2 previous DVT’s.

        I want to see the testing that was done. CT scan/MRI, autoimmune testing, the history of the DVT in 98 and 2009, and chest CT scans if even done.

        I would believe that she is more likely to have had a pulmonary embolism and that this could be causing her cough.

        She is ill. No doubt about that.

        • Angelo

          If you are a real MD, you would know that anticoagulants do not dissolve clots. Thrombolytics do.

          • eddiemd

            Mr. Angelo,

            Sorry, I was several stages past your basic knowledge of treatment for venous thrombosis of the brain. Thrombolytics are not typically used for venous thrombosis of the brain nor are they used for recurrent DVT.

            Angelo, try reading some background on what has been reported about Ms. Clinton’s medical history and get back with us.

  3. DLC

    Fetch the smelling salts. Definitely not Mister Rogers meets Richard Simmons.

    Two highly-opinionated, agitated, animated throwbacks from an all but obliterated free speech America. Dark events on the horizon, not a time for flatliners.

  4. alex kincaid ross

    The financial world has been floating along on a raft of complacency, which now just happens to be on the edge of a waterfall. The journey from top to bottom will be breathtakingly quick. Nobody can say they didn’t see this coming, but as the banksters credo states ” Never give a mug an even break ” Thanks for a great post Greg, I am certain the outcome of this tragic fiasco will be, among other things, highly entertaining.

  5. Paul ...

    If the 40% to 50% increase in shipping rates from Asia is an indication the dollar is perceived by the world as weak … then the Fed must raise rates to generate demand for our dollar denominated bonds that must be sold to pay for all our military bases around the world and fund all the wars we start everywhere!

    • Paul ...

      The end justifies the means … raise rates while crashing the European economies … that should garner some demand for treasuries … if the world stock markets crash so be it … treasuries must be sold to all the world’s suckers no matter what … how else can the neocons fund WWIII that is so necessary for their goal of total world domination … yes I wouldn’t put it passed them to use a nuclear first strike against Russia to help drive demand for treasuries … any means to achieve their goal … of a strong dollar!

      • Gary Canuck

        Paul, a great post, well thought out.


      • Charles H

        Just how long do you suppose ‘world dominion’ can last?!?? The point is – it never does. And nukes are not an option – remember playing with dominos as a kid? Deterrence or Destruction: take your pick.

  6. Anthony Australia

    They insult me and call me all sorts of funny names, even branding me a liar.
    All because I’m educated and informed by Greg Hunter and his guests on USAWD!

    It’s well worth it 😉

    I’m waking up as many Aussies as I can.

    Listen to this speak machine made in parliament by a recently elected independent.

    • Anthony Australia


      Listen to this maiden speech.

    • Bart

      Yeah too right mate.

      People are fighting back. Watch this debate with a Greenpeace representative about the state of the planet. It gets a bit heated but at the end of the day, I think it’s obvious who’s making the most sense.

      • Jesse James

        Yeah, too right Bart! I never knew Tim Allen was down in Kiwi country with a new name [Jason] and looking much younger!

  7. Jerry

    The bond markets have no choice but to collapse. No one is buying them anymore.

    Come October 1st a minimum of 10.5% weight from the IMF basket of currencies will be shifted from the U.S. dollar to the Chinese Yuan. The biggest question is whether the ESF can cover the U.S. treasuries that are going to be dumped back into the market as a result of the SDR, in addition to the 187 billion dollars a month in stealth QE that they’re doing right now? I guess it really doesn’t matter at this point when you consider our currency is counterfeit anyway. But how long will other countries continue to use it for trade, when they now have an alternative currency in the form of a gold backed Yuan?

    A clear indication of where this is headed can be found by a statement the PBOC put out back in April . They said they would not trade dollars for gold backed Yuan.

    • Jerry

      No dollars for gold backed Yuan.

      I think you can figure out for yourself what’s going to happen when the Chinese open shop for business on October 1st. If the amount of loans being given out by AIIB the past few months is any indication, its going to be a bloodbath for the dollar unless the ESF comes in and mops up the leftover residue.

      • Paul ...

        If China refuses to make its new gold backed Yuan convertible into US dollars … the Armstrong believers don’t have very much time to buy gold with their dollars … soon it won’t just be China … no one will want to accept those US dollars the Armstrong believers are holding for gold!

    • Robert Lykens

      Jerry, thanks yet again for your posts. Always interesting.

  8. Jerry

    This is serious. I cannot recall the U.S. ever using provocative measures like this against an armed military state like North Korea. Why now? The B-2’s are nothing to be toyed with. Should the North Korea’s get lucky and take one down, it could be war.

    • Jerry

      How stupid was this demonstration of power? To fly B-2 bombers over Russian and Chinese forces having joint exercises in the South China sea is just plain idiotic. Now China blames us for N. Korea.

      • Jerry

        Dave Hodges is predicting an EMP attack from N. Korea.
        I’m not saying I agree with Dave, but there better be a damn good reason why our military is rattling its sabre with N. Korea. This is NOT something you want to do. Little Kim is crazier than a bag of rats and there’s no telling how he might retaliate. Look, the guys friends with Dennis Rodman for Pete’s sake.

      • Macray

        As always, appreciate your posts! Yesterday, you posted
        “There are massive military preparations going on right now behind the scenes, that send a clear message to me that our government is ramping up for something major”.
        I respect your reasons for not providing specific info here.
        I ask, Is a False Flag event being planned somewhere over the Korean Peninsula? Or elsewhere ? IDK But a FF event supports your premise that our government is ramping up for something major.

        • Jerry

          Watching our government play “chicken” with the Chinese and Koreans tells me there is a FF coming. I think the Chinese are suspicious (rightly so) that our criminal government might try and pull something (like hitting a computer installation in Tingin) when the fire up their alternate exchange system this fall. Dave Hodges says from his military sources that its going to be either a cyber attack or an EMP attack to take down the grid. At this point, its anybody’s guess.

        • Truth

          Is the military preparation (that Jerry mentioned) domestic or overseas? Nonetheless, they are trying to cover the US economic collapse with war. Thankfully, the other countries have (up to now) shown extraordinary restraint.

      • Paul ...

        The neocons in the military need to catch “supra nuclear palsy” the way Hillary did … to stop them from their idiotic plans to start WWIII …

    • Paul ...

      North Korea take one down?? … how about the US taking down “one of its own” … you know like they did on 9-11 to get a real good war started!!

  9. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    Another absolute great interview with Michael Pinto!!!
    This interview proves; you never ever allow a Federal Reserve to control your country’s money and credit. It is not Federal and it is not a Reserve. It was given the power to create money out of thin air. The Central Banks of the world are in the process of creating a worldwide depression by destroying the real wealth of the world by shutting down production through its destruction of capital (savings), via zero, then negative interest rates! American colleges and universities for the most part have supported this farce through their false political and economical teachings. Liberal Progressives pied piper politics has worked hand in hand with the Federal Reserve, one creates the money and credit and the other creates foolish political programs to destroy the working class via welfare programs, the Bolsheviks would be proud of this scheme. By the way, you can be sure this political Liberal Progressive class has lined their pockets with the installment of their agenda, i.e. can you spell Hillary Clinton?
    The America we grew up in is about to come to an end, as it is being destroyed from within, as a nation we are turning away from G-D and the principles that made this country great. Go ahead America vote for Hillary Clinton and put another nail in America’s coffin.
    P.S. For all you doubters out there, what say you about the Wells Fargo Bank Fiasco?
    As they say, a fool and their money are soon departed, welcome to the new America. Crooked money, crooked political class, crooked financial class spells doom for any country.
    Gina and Dan, now tell me again, why you want to vote for Hillary.

    • Truth


      That’s exactly what they are trying to do, start war anywhere they can. Virginia State Senator Richard Black has been trying to get the war in Syria stopped, as it is clearly a proxy war America began, knowing that it would lead to serious confrontation with Russia. To say our government is criminal, is inadequate. It is a documented, proven fact that the US government is, literally, supporting/arming al-Qaeda in Syria.

      Thanks for all your posts/links, Jerry. You save me lots of research time. Based on your research, it looks like the yuan will be a stable currency and you know, Bill Holter, has stated he thinks the ruble will be able to weather the storm, as well.

      • Jerry

        Thanks for your complement. I only wish I had better news to share. I hope you and others here are prepared. We don’t have much time left.
        Based on the military movements I’ve seen, I believe TPTB are starting to get nervous about the Chinese coming to front of the worlds economy. You know what they say about desperate people?

        • Truth

          Jerry, that’s why I’m glad I discovered this site and this community. I agree with you about not having much time left. Last year I was just quietly preparing as I could, but this year is different. But, honestly, I won’t be fully prepared until this market crash. 2001 and 2008 were opportunities that I do not intend to miss this time.

          Keep those excellent posts coming. This is the only site that I take the time to read and respond on the comments, because this site is an answer to prayer. Very high quality.

      • Paul ...

        As you say “our government is supporting/arming AL-Qaeda in Syria” … just like they supported Al-Qaeda on 9-11 … these evil neocons wormed their way into power but are not true Americans … true Americans must put a stop to these evil neocons “constant actions to destroy America” in the privacy of the voting booth on November 2, 2016!

        • Truth

          Paul, I agree, but can we even make it to November’s election? Trump is now leading in Ohio and Florida, according to the latest polls and if the neocons had no hesitation re: 9/11, what would they do to stop this election? It’s the sad truth. Trump is talking about moving away from NATO and moving closer to Russia. These are things the neocons have no intentions of allowing to happen.

          How did we ever allow them to completely take over the country?

  10. Paul ...

    Now the Democratic Party is using “half dead Hillary” as a means to an end … the morality of putting a half dead corpse up for President (and having dead people in cemeteries vote for her) doesn’t bother them at all as long as they win the Oval Office … just like they have our children in school shot in order to advance their gun control legislation … just as they gas women and children in Syria to advance their political agenda … this immoral party must be exterminated this November (before they initiate a nuclear first strike on Russia because Russia read Hillary’s e-mail)!

    • Bart

      You’re dead right.

  11. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, loved your guest, knowledgeable, astute, & has done his homework. The outcome of the bond crash will be the cashless society as he alluded to. After the cashless society is well in effect comes the next biblical prediction; one world government and its leader. Can you say “Got End Times? These events can actually come quite quickly once they commence in earnest. Interesting times to be sure. My suggestion is to hold onto you guns and bibles as your going to need them.

  12. Hot Air

    CIA Threatens Russia / Putin’s Staff Murdered

    Skip ahead to 5:45 ; See Mike Morrel crawling out of his skin on Charlie Rose,
    as he pokes the Bear. Only a month after this ex-CIA director threatened Russia,
    Vladimir Putin’s favorite chauffeur was killed in a car crash. Is this a message to Putin,
    or was he the intended target? Either way, better start dusting out grand dad’s 1960’s bomb shelter and you thought the cold war was over. Your right, not cold, gettin hot!

    Here’s more;

    This guy looks like Mikes dad!

    • Paul ...

      We all know the New World Order”s game plan … first they create a generation of immoral people (this usually takes 20 years) which has been achieved (just look at the bankers and Wall Street) … then they create economic destabilization (this is currently in progress and usually takes 2 to 5 years) … then they create a false flag crisis (this takes about 6 weeks) … and finally they impose Marshall law … once the elites have dictatorial power the people that helped them to gain power are all put before firing squads! … being knowledgeable of the neocons evil plans is a must if we are going to throw a monkey wrench into their evil strategy … our monkey wrench is Trump … this means … do not vote for Hillary’s replacement!!

  13. Steven R

    No matter who is elected our economy and dollar are toast. I plan to vote Trump simply as an Anti Hillary vote but it wont change the outcome of where our economy is headed. If Trump is elected he along with all of his supporters will be blamed by the media as the cause for a collapse. Be prepared for over half of the country looking for pay back…

  14. macray

    I assume, from your silence to my last Hilary questions, your candidate will not be playing any Golf should she win the election. I know you have no problem speaking up, so if my assumption is incorrect than let us all know! And with the medical incident on Sunday, I guess any fitness program to keep Ms. Clinton finely tuned up is also out of the question. : (((
    I have another Hilary question for you. This one may be a bit easier for you to answer.
    If your candidate was the President of the US, would she veto or sign the recently passed House bill allowing 9/11 victim families to sue Saudi Arabia? I am sure all the campaign donations from Saudi Arabia would play no part in her decision here. I am sure you agree.
    Anyway, sign or veto is the question here. A one word answer, sign or veto, would be great. I understand that if you are unable to answer this one, you may have contracted pneumonia recently. : (((
    Hopefully that is not the case.

    • Paul ...

      Perhaps the fainting spell Hillary had at the 9-11 ceremony was because she knew she already got paid to veto the recently passed bill to allow victims families to sue Saudi Arabia … and after seeing all the grieving families … she may have had a complete breakdown knowing the evil she must do to them! … this is a sign to me that Hillary may have some moral values (deep down inside) … a good sign to God that perhaps her soul is savable after all … but repentance requires more then fainting … it requires changing ones life around completely!

    • Macray

      The current President indicated he is going to (appease the Saudis) veto the bill.
      Saudis Threaten US: “Passage Of Sept 11 Law Will Lead To Instability, Chaos And Extremism”

      • Paul ...

        Obama our Nobel Peace Prize President can’t find any compassion in his heart for the 9-11 victims families? … if he doesn’t want to upset the Saudi’s … why doesn’t he allow the families to sue the US Government for helping Al-Qaeda on 9-11 (the same way they are helping Al-Qaeda in Syria right now supplying gas and weapons )!

  15. bastiat

    Hi Greg,
    I finally confirmed that no email notifications are sent if someone receives a response to a post, probably even if it comes from you. Is there some setting you can change to make email notifications happen?

    If someone posted something a week ago, and someone else has a question for them, they in all likelihood will never see it, because they would have to constantly look through every old post to see if there’s been a response.

    • Charles H

      That’s the only way it works: constant monitoring. Comment – then come back and read replies and/or comment afterwards. Email doesn’t enter-in to this site except to identify you in conjunction with a screen name. To link such activity would cost a fortune and require a Server like Yahoo! used to task to accounts on-site; but doesn’t do that anymore because of resource consumption.

  16. Mohammad

    For the phoenix bird to rise from ashes there has to be ashes to start with, and definitely the magnum debt is doing such so, burning cash (among other things) to its real worth…NOTHING.

    Welcome to digital everything including currency.
    Welcome to the shackles of digital slavery.


    • Charles H


      Digital Currency would allow direct taxation and/or confiscation. You got it completely right, Doc.

  17. Lissa

    This morning the headline in The News Tribune from Washington states South Sound area says “Household income up 5.2%, largest rise since at least 1967.” This is according to the Census Bureau. Chris G Christopher Jr., director of consumer economics at IHS Global Insight says “It has been a long slog from the depths of the Great Recession, but things are finally starting to improve for many American households.” It goes on to say, “the economic recovery, however, remains incomplete.” This is not a turning point from the 2008 recession! Filling people’s heads with this false information only gives false hope that everything is on the mend, IMHO.
    I’ve been a long time reader of USAWD, and I’m so grateful that I found your sight Mr. Hunter! I feel very alone though, even my husband doesn’t want to hear what I try and tell him about what is really going on and that we are being so mislead by the MSM. We are recently retired, own our home, our cars are fairly new and paid for, we are out of
    debt, have our 401k’s, cash under the mattress and I’m stocking up on canned foods and MRE’s. Not in the position to buy PM’s, but own some silver coins, have two sets of sterling flatware, have a $20K wedding ring and some gold jewelry. I truly believe that God is in control and even though things will get rough, He will watch over his people who seek his face. God bless you all that respond here with information to help us who are not in the know, but are smart enough to realize there is something terribly wrong in our country. Keep up the good work everyone!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are in much better shape than the majority of people and you are awake!!! You might want to lighten up on the 401k and get actual bullion coinage. Trading silverware and rings is not an ideal way to store precious metals. (It’s good you have them though.) You get much less when you try to trade them and they are much more difficult to cash in. U.S. coins are much easier to trade and sell for cash. Thank you for sharing your story and strategy.


      • andyb

        Greg: preparation is great and recommended, but Lissa and Hubby should have means to protect whatever they have with a weapon and ammo, and/or get with neighbors who are armed and have a plan. We all are aware, unfortunately, of events that will happen if the banks close and the EBT cards won’t work. Katrina was a Beta test.

        • D2

          AndyB, you had me until your ending sentence, “Katrina was a Beta test.” Surely you jest. Katrina was a storm from mother nature, not some evil plan of the NWO (as much as they are scum, they didn’t “do” Katrina).

          • helot

            Dear D2,

            Katrina was a beta test in the sense that, ‘The Apparatus’ was put to the test, to see how interconnected systems work to maintain the status quo and to see how far people could be pushed and what the resulting chaos produced. It was much like how you are tested when you get a flat tire.

            Or, not. Who knows? One thing is possible, with the advancements in Geo-engineering, the storm could have been steered in the direction of the city, however; the real damage was Not from, ‘a storm from mother nature’ as you put it, rather it was All from a levy break! Accidental, of course. But, who knows for certain?

            All I do know is [after reading the first hand accounts of what went down – on the blog, ThePlaceWithNoName] I can say for sure, I don’t EVER want to go to a FEMA provided area of any sort, what-so-ever. And, to be forewarned, is to be forearmed. YMMV I suppose.

        • susan

          andy, you are correct. Hopefully everyone learned a lesson from the aftermath of Katrina!

    • Tin foil hat

      Most MREs contain very little or no protein. You should stockpile some Spam or protein powder mix to supplement your MRE.

    • Kim

      You may want to consider thinking about trading the silver flatware in for gold and silver coins asap. Keep the jewelry, its an easy way to store wearable wealth!

      I started buying physical gold at $325 per oz. and silver at $4 per oz., in 20003. I was put down and made fun of. So I stopped talking about it, but continued to take action! Now I am considered a genius!!!

      Keep listening to the Holy Spirit. God is blessing you and protecting you. You are not alone! God bless!

    • Casey Hawkins

      Lissa, I think it’s great you are preparing, but I believe you should be more generalized in the info you post. I also am a Washingtonian, and from your post I can tell you have cash, silver,a fabulous ring and you live in the South sound…… the future you should try not to give hackers a reason to hack. Sorry if I’ve been too familiar, but you can never be too careful

  18. Charles H


    As we near the precipice – more and more experts are opening-up and really speaking clearly and explaining themselves well. Your service is thereby so much more increased and valuable.
    Also, the whole scenario of economic, political, and social disorder is completely unreal. What we now face – wouldn’t have been believed ten years ago.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles H!

    • Robert Lykens

      Charles, you’re right, who would have believed it?
      But the Bible predicts a time – not far in the future – in which today’s problems will seem trivial in comparison.

      War, economic collapse, famine and disease will wipe out 1/4 of earth’s population.

      • Truth

        Robert, sadly most people won’t believe it, until they see it, though it’s all right there in the Bible. They just don’t believe their government would allow them to suffer, because the television told them so. The blind trust is unbelievable.

    • Frederick

      Actually Charles I have wondered when this would play out ever since Ross Perot and his “sucking sound” talk My amazement is in how long they have been able to keep things somewhat normal in the US I truly thought 2009 was the end but it turns out it was the beginning of the end I am sure neither Hillary or Trump can turn this thing around nor do I believe they want to

      • Charles H

        I am afraid we are well beyond the point of no return for any viable national solution; so all that’s left is the Status Quo. Ross Perot’s warning WAS the turning point – manufacturing is and will always be the key to economic status in the world. America will have to feed off itself soon.

  19. al Hall


    • Paul ...

      Most likely they will also “eat their kill” because they didn’t prepare well ahead of time … this is why the Democrats want to take our guns away … so they can have an easy excuse to come in with tanks and declare Marshal Law! … if we the people have guns to defend ourselves the unprepared will simply eat their pets (not us)!!

    • Jerry

      The playbook I’m following says to hunker down in your home for a minimum of 30 days. People that “bug out” will be easy prey. There are many stages inside of a collapse. Denial will lead to hope . Hope will lead to depression. And .depression will lead to anger. The last stage will get you killed if you’re not prepared.

  20. Russ

    Thanks Greg and thank you Michael Pento. I just put “The Coming Bond Market Collapse” on my kindle, something I should have done a good while back, but better late than never I s’pose.

    As for we who read your site and listen to your guests being better prepared — listening is one thing, acting on the information is another. So many people are saturated with info from all corners; they listen and all you get is a “that’s nice, we’ll see”, they do not “grok” the significance of the information. The previous interview mentioned an extinction level event; I think we are about to witness just that with front row seats where the audience is forced to participate. It’s going to be ugly.

  21. Truth

    Thanks for creating an environment for the most intelligent/informative comments section I have seen on the web. Your site is unique. There is a community of people who actually share ideas/info to help each other. You are to be commended. The quality of your interviews and your weekly news wrap-up is unmatched, and I think that is why you have created a magnet for a healthy community. I hope you realize that, as I have seen no other site that has managed to accomplish this.

    The days ahead will, surely, make this website priceless.

  22. Bill

    GREG; When the man made disasters and the natural disasters come, I suspect there will be much chaos. However, for Gods people who have prepared themselves spiritually, physically and emotionally, they will be used greatly to lead people to HIM. We have been chosen to be alive in the last days for this purpose.

    • Charles H

      Yes, Bill. A light on a hill cannot be hid.

  23. Frederick

    The DOW was heading below 18 k a half hour before the close and you could see how desperate the powers that be were to prevent a close below that level It was quite obvious to me anyway They managed it for today anyway Watch out below people its looking wobbly at this point

  24. Daniel Song

    Something is definitely afoot in the markets… could it be related to Hillary Clinton’s health issues?

    At this point I’m starting to wonder how much time Clinton has left… judging from the markets, not much.

    People talk about the Fed results in late September or the October 1st conference… but I think the turning point in the collapse will be if (when?) Hillary Clinton is unable to participate in the 1st debate. Stay tuned…

  25. Pinocchio

    Michael Pento forgot to say that the coming bond market collapse is not only about sovereign bonds, but also corporate bonds, foundation bonds, club bonds, gang bonds, transgenderist association bonds, and Dracula bonds.

    • Charles H

      I think you forgot Crack-pot bonds.

  26. Peter

    I’m mentioning this as I witnessed this short circuiting by Hillary Clinton on live TV.
    Apparently I wasn’t alone in noticing how strange Hillary reacted to falling balloons!
    Her reaction is almost childlike, but it was out of character and very weird!
    Nobody claimed she has pneumonia at the time like they do today. My belief is that she
    is no battling serious health problems. Her corrupt doctors are paid to give her a clean bill of health, and frankly I’ve never seen their reports anyhow! Seeing is believing in my book.


  27. helot

    After watching the video I wonder if having any (significant) kind of emergency cash is all that good of an idea.

    And, nickles are too heavy.

    • Truth


      I am also concerned about getting stuck with USD’s. We’ve been advised to have “some” cash. But holding any “significant” amount could mean waking up one day (literally) and finding that the USD is worthless. Who is going to accept USD’s after a sudden banking collapse? Who will want to exchange “tangible” goods for worthless paper? Lots to pray about, for us Americans.

  28. ROY

    After many years of reading THE NEWS on main stream news outlets, and many news blogs like this one, i have come to an understanding what is most likely going on. USA WATCHDOG.COM exposes what is really going on with the financial collapse that is well underway. The people who actually hold the real power behind the scene know what they are doing. They are not stupid. Just look at China with it’s structure of how power is organised. Their Central Committee has it’s thumb on every major decision it the entire country. The United States now has a Central Committee of power brokers, that control the Congress, the Central bank, the military, the president, the main stream media, the CIA and all other 3 letter agencies. They appoint who will run in all important government elections. Europe has it’s unelected Central Committee , as does Japan. Mostly likely these regional Central Committees are merging into one Central committee for the entire world. The FED wrecking havoc in the financial markets, are only doing what they are ordered to do.They are just employees. Out of chaos comes order, or so they think. They are many moves ahead of everyone on their grand design of a chess board, of what your future is to be in their plan. Have your gun rights, oh you poor misguided person, you need to be sent to a reuducation camp. You are hoarding commodities , you need to be reeducated also. The Central banks in every major country is printing trillions of digital Dollars, Euro and Yen to buy up bonds, treasuries, even the entire stock market. Take a look at the current news out of Venezuela, massive unrest, starving general population, $150 dozen eggs. That is what they want for every american, a mad max world , in which they finish grabbing absolute power, for the global Central Committee. The SINGULARITY IS NOW HERE . There is hope though. I worked with a Russian engineer for many years. He grew up in the old soviet union. I asked him once what caused the collapse of the soviet union. He told me in his dry russian sense of humour. Oh, that is easy, They pretended to pay us and we pretended to work, then one day it just all feel apart. Free enterprise markets and that type of an economy will always be the best financial system. With a freely elected government that sets the rules of the market where enterprises can go bankrupt, no one company or person can control more than 25% of any market. Your money is always your money, even when a bank takes your investment deposit. Government powers are severely restricted by a constitution. But that day is somewhere in the distant future.


    • Paul ...

      And yet most black voters are Democrats?? … they fully believe the rhetoric spewed by the Central Committee of the Democratic Party that Black Lives Matter … and right in their face Obama signs Executive Order 13603 … Re-authorizing “Slavery” in the United States of America … blacks should be voting for the Party that freed the slaves … and vote for Trump!

    • Truth

      Good points, Roy. That’s why I think it’s an “engineered” crash, just like 2001 and 2008. Only this time because of what’s at stake with the election and the astronomical bubbles they’ve created, it’s far, far worse. And, you are right – they are not “stupid.” They intended to destroy the middle class / loot everyone’s 401K / make the currency worthless – and that’s exactly where we’re headed.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank for being here Truth!

  29. Jerry

    Here is the bunker update. I would venture to say that this satellite picture was taken six months ago, so I would imagine they are nearing completion.,-93.2133392,122m/data=!3m1!1e3

    The owner is a retired military subcontractor for the federal government. Do you think he knows something? Take a real good look. This facility is supposed to link up with an underground complex that runs underneath Highlandville. I personally know people in this area that have told me that money has been flooding into their local banks.

  30. Charles H


    Article on Zero Hedge – about YouTube and de facto censorship by monetization de-certification. Add that in with the Internet going to European control – and it looks like the brakes may be put to the Alternative Media.
    Brave New World – but by who?

  31. Mohammad

    When everything you hear about a possible near agreement between Russia and US on Syria sounds nice and rosy, this takes place:

    It is anything but nice and rosy…


  32. ED1

    Steven R:
    I agree that either way the economy is toast regardless of who wins the election. However, it saddens me to know Obama has turned the elections over to the DHS because of what he said is “a possible threat of hacking by the Russians”. What a lame statement! How gullible does he think we are anyway? This is nothing more than him keeping the democrats in the white house.
    IMO even if Trump wins all the key states plus 30% of the overall votes Hillary will still be declared the winner.

  33. Rodster

    Greg, Brandon Smith from says he’d love to do another session with you. I like his take on the NWO and how this may all play out.

  34. D

    In the interview when you injected the scenario of the FED doing nothing on 9/21, and Michael’s response was gold would pop. Was that gold would go up or down?
    Thanks in advance for yours or any other’s answer.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think he meant it would pop upward.

  35. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    The only good thing about being gone and out of communication for almost 3 weeks is that I get to listen to all of your great interviews one after the other. Michael is one of my favorites. He reminds me of a Vietnam buddy from Bayonne New Jersey when he speaks but his vocab and depth of knowledge is straight from Harvard, Princeton or Columbia’s School of Economics.

    Hope to hear from Hugo Salinas Price soon.

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