Controversy Over Iran’s Nuclear Program is a Hoax-Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s 

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, says, “The Israel/Iran conflict is not about nukes, but water!”  Dr. Roberts says, “Israel wants to get rid of Iran as supplier to Hezbollah . . . . So they can overrun Southern Lebanon,” because that’s where the water is.  So, could Israel attack Iran before the November Presidential Election?  Dr. Roberts says, “If the election is very close, Netanyahu is likely to take the gamble.”   Roberts thinks the President would be forced to support Israel militarily so as to not lose the Jewish vote in places like Florida.  Dr. Roberts says, “The majority of Israelis do not want an attack on Iran.”  He goes on to say, “You can’t even have an honest criticism that Israel is in danger without being called an anti-Semite.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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  1. Mitch Bupp

    I have to agree with Mr. Roberts on the water issue. If this happens expect Israel to annex Southern Lebanon.

    The issue behind the curtain come clear.

    Expect the attack on Iran to bring together the newly overthrown Islamic governments along with Pakistan to form a new Islamic alliance that will empower radicals within Islam.

  2. jay2

    Greg. Im going to throw this out there. Just my thoughts. Oct 10th government intentionally shuts down the power grid. martial law is declared. We will be told Iran did it. Israel bombs Iran on Oct 12Th. Obama remains president without a election.Power grid returns before Jan 1st. A new currency is introduced on Jan 1st. Full control of information will be given to Obama. No more truth in the Internet. Israel will lose most of its country. Many of the Jews will be in Arizona controlling the spy center already there. Just had to get this off my mind. Thanks as always. Ps. The sound is fine now that iv installed a sound system to accommodate your site. Go free press!

    • Greg

      Jay 2,
      Who the heck knows what will happen. The world has never in history had this much debt and leverage in the form of derivatives.

    • droidX-G

      So let me get this straight. The Israelites, with 300 nukes are going to allow the Arabs to over run there country, put many of their people to the sword, and then cede territory of which they have little to a group of nations that publicly call for the destruction of Israel and its people.
      I am not buying that part of your theory.

  3. Geofizz

    I highly respect Paul Craig Roberts. I understand and agree with much he says. But what about this whole matter of Mahdist Twelver issue?? Reza Kahlili (who was in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards when he hooked up with the CIA) and others describe how not the Iranian people, but the Ayatollahs and all that they control within the Iranian government are all preparing for the end of the world, which heralds the coming of the 12th Imam. As part of this, they have been working to acquire nuclear weapons. I simply cannot reconcile what Paul Craig Roberts says with what those who talk about the Twelvers say. Where does the truth lie???? What is your take, Greg? Here’s a link to a recent interview w/ Reza Kahlili:

    • Greg

      I do not known if Dr. Roberts has the who picture or not. I know he’s very smart and connected, but then again this is very complicated. The Iranians do not help with the peace process if they use Hamas and Hezbollah as proxies to attack Israel with rockets on a weekly basis. Plenty of sin and shame to go around on all sides in this mess.

    • Kerry

      If even half of what this former Revolutionary Guard says is true-things are much worse than we have been led to believe. Iran in possession of a neutron bomb? A neutron bomb or EM pulse bomb released by Iran over the U.S.? A nightmare! Read ‘One Second After’ by William R. Forstchen, if you want an eye-opening account of what life would be like after an EMP is set off over the continental U.S. Very frightening. We would instantly go back to horse and buggy days. And how many of us are prepared for that? How can you reach an understanding with religious fanatics who are willing to revert the world to the 5th century? Obama must have this intelligence. How can he believe sanctions will work? Insane!

  4. Rick

    Water is certainly a major factor. But, I still think there’s a lot more to this than just water. Oil comes to mind, and war is always profitable for the elite. Though, any conflict with Iran will be a game changer for the world, in a very negative / ugly way, and no one will be immune. Prices at the pump overnight will double at the very least here in the US. And it’s most likely game over for the US.

    In short the people running this world have gone mad! It’s as simple as that.

    • Lisa Farkass

      The People running the world ARE mad, they have not gone mad…

  5. BOB D

    The Pentagon could blow Israels planes out of the air. None of us know were the red line is.
    I think if the Pentagon wanted war with Iran, it would of happen under Bush and the neocon’s.
    Obama’s back is covered by CIA and Pentagon boys and girls. Four more years for Obama the clean up man, backed by the best killers the world has ever seen.
    Once the election is over, the Congress will be clean up before Obama leaves office.
    The bad bankers and neocon’s will be cast to the four winds of the earth.
    The people behind the 9-11 attacks will be tried by the world court.
    Obama will leave office as a beloved President.
    This story line is the only way out of this mess.

    • Greg

      Bob D,
      Your argument has credibility. This is a complicated mess and no one knows how this will shake out but most people (I don’t care who you pray to) in the world will be screwed. What a gigantic mess!

    • droidX-G

      What exactly is Obama cleaning up except making fraud and theft by bankers legal? MF Global ring a bell?
      And even as flawed as Bush was, a war on a third front was out of the question even if it could have been somehow justified.

  6. BigTom

    Yep – you are right. The middle east is a mess. Roberts believes the Iranian nuclear thing is a hoax because Iran is a signatory to the non proliferation treaty and proclaims they submit to the IAEC inspections? Sheesh, are we suppose to believe that! So much spin out there I am getting dizzy. My god, does anyone believe what anyone says any longer. Libya at one time under Gadafi tired of hoaxing the IAEC and finally just handed over their nuclear program to the UN, to the utter astonishment and bewilderment of the IAEC, who for years had stated no nuclear program existed in Libya. It seems now the mantra is to find ways to dump on Israel. I know, get rid of Israel and the middle east will be an idyllic garden of peace….oh boy!

  7. tsuki

    I love Dr. Roberts. He is spot on. Israel’s greatest national security threat is the lack of water. The coastal aquifers are becoming brackish and the Jordan is way down. Israel needs to control the sweet waters of the Litani River in southern Lebanon. They have been after it since the 1980’s.

    This needs to be discussed more than it has been. Thank you, Dr. Roberts and Mr. Hunter.

  8. Dan

    What are Dr. Roberts sources for his claim that this is in fact about water and not nukes? This is completely contrary to everything that has been reported in the news and seems to come out of left field. Preposterous comes to mind, which puts into question everything else that comes out of his mouth.

    • Greg

      I should have pressed him on this but I did not. I was stunned when he said what he said. I do know the man still has powerful connections. Your criticism is well taken but Roberts is not a one who spews BS. I put this out because it was thought provoking and it appears it has folks thinking and commenting. Thank you for weighing in.

      • Dan

        Something stinks, Greg. I’m not a smart man and yet I’m unable to put 2 and 2 together on this if it’s all about water. Israel is about to go to war over “water”? It doesn’t add up and if leaders of the world know this is about water why aren’t they just calling it a war for water and not nukes? Obama doesn’t have love for Bibi, so why would he not just say this is about water? We send enough money to Israel that they are unable to repair their water treatment plants along the Med? It just doesn’t add up. Why would Israel and/or the US spend time blowing up Iranian scientists and introducing computer viruses to their computers if it weren’t about nukes. Keep up the good work, Greg. I love your honest reporting of current events! You have better command of the financial issues befalling this great country than everyone else.

  9. Doug Cowlthorp

    An interesting twist to a never ending story. It would be nice if the Western World could just forget about the middle east and go on with our lives, but unfortunately that is no longer an option. Keep up the great reporting.

    • Greg

      Thank you Doug.

  10. Barry

    This guy hates the jews and is totally ignorant of the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood who is running Iran. All he needs is the white spiky hood.

    • Greg

      You can’t say that because it is just not true. Dr. Roberts is no Jew hater. You can blame the U.S. government for supporting al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brother hood in Libya, Syria and Egypt. Lots of blame and shame to go around on all sides. Iran is dangerous and would help itself enormously if it stopped using Hamas and Hezbollah to attack Israel but what do I know. Thank you for weighing in.

    • Allen

      Iran is Islam is a different sect than Moslem brotherhoods. They are not one and the same. Moslem brotherhood runs Egypt and in the future may rum Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc. Not Iran, because the religion is different, like Catholics and Protestants.

  11. Barry

    Greg, you are an excellent reporter. Trust your instincts. When you asked this guy if he was a Jew hater, you sensed something smelled wrong about him. Ahmadinejad is a fanatically believer in the 12th Imam and will bath the World in blood in order to facilitate his return (he has said this MANY times). Of course they want nukes. Our own government has been infiltrated to the highest level with those that want to turn a blind eye to the truth.

    • Greg

      I really don’t think he is a “Jew hater” no more than I hate America because I criticize and report on what’s going on with the U.S. government. I love my country. Without free speech to progress truth and ideas we will never evolve from what we are as a world right now. Thank you for your comments.

    • Allen

      Ahmadinejad does not have any real powers. He will be out of job by next June. He has been making noise all these years to draw attention to himself and distract the world and his own population from dismal human rights and economic records he has. It is sad that still all news reporters try to get an interview with him, while the real power in Iran belongs to the supreme leader, ayatollah Khamenei and the revolutionary guards. He just has a big mouth. That’s all.

    • josh

      being critical of israel doesn’t make anyone a jew hater. i don’t agree with dr. roberts analysis but that doesn’t mean he’s an anti-semite. i am no fan of netanyahu but dr. roberts comparing him to hitler is deplorable.

      israel is genuinely afraid of iran becoming a nuclear state but they created this mess themselves by aquiring a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons and then refusing to to even allow them to be publicly acknowledged.

      the water thing is serious but i doubt netanyahu is crazy enough to attack iran over it. if yitzhak rabin hadn’t been assassinated by right wing crazies, we wouldn’t be having this conversation today.

  12. Ken

    Greg: WOW. WOW. A super great interview!!! Thanks. It was said many times in excellent interview, “If race is close and turns on Florida, Netanyahou wil attack iran.” QUESTION: how or when do we learn if “race is close and turns on Florida”?

  13. Jeff C

    Thanks for this interview, Greg!

    What a total mess we have. With so many competing stories and so much competing information, I honestly don’t know anymore what’s real and what’s not.

    The MSM is a failure. There is really no way for the ‘average Joe’ to know what the truth is in this Israeli/Iranian mess. If I quote one source or another – somebody will argue that it is a false narrative set up by one side or another. Frankly it’s a losing battle to try to figure it out.

    Having said that. What I DO know is that the potential for a big, big problem seems to be rising each and every day. There is a whole lot of mistrust and hatred brewing and if the wheels are set in motion for some form of military action, initiated from either side, the results are going to be dramatically negative for us all.

    We all need to make preparations for economic and societal disruptions. I can’t believe we have reached this point – I hope it goes no further.

    • Greg

      Jeff C,
      I am with you. I know one thing this is a mess and something very bad is coming. The coming war in the MENA is going to crash the financial system and folks are going to wake up poor one day if they don’t wake up dead. Thank you for weighing in here.

  14. justin king

    I generally agree with his overall thesis.But his saying nukes have “NOTHING TO DO” with the situation is preposterous.FoxNews has been saying lately that the anti-islamic video has “NOTHING TO DO” with the consulate attack. This is where people go wrong with their arguments. Stop the ABSOLUTISM.-It makes you a laughing stock./// Netanyahu is a dangerous,pompous fool that should be openly batted down by Obama. Mock him and FORCE the Israelis to elect a saner individual. He seems to be the type of Zionist that would willing to destroy the world to save the Zionist state. “never again” – terrific.

  15. Allen

    As an Iranian-American who follows all the news about Iran and Israel all the time, this interview was quite unique for the information it had. I have always thought that Israel didn’t want a neuclear capable Iran, since that would mean the end of the free reign Israel has in the middle east. This water issue was quite new to me. The ayatollahs are NOT suicidal. They all live very long lives and have no desire to bring in the end of the world. You can never find an ayatollah who died in a battle or suicide mission!
    It is past time for the Americans to wake up to the power of AIPAC and where it is taking this country. If it wasn’t for the blind support of Israel by the United States, there wouldn’t be such an anti Americanism in the Muslim world. Our your soldiers didn’t have to die and we wouldn’t have to spend our children’s future on wars that will only leave us more hated and resisted. Israel want American treasure and lives to be spent to fight its wars. It is such a shame the whore house we call congress is complicit in taking our this country down.
    Keep up the great work Greg. I check your site every day!

  16. T1000

    Israel doesn’t make sense.

    They are afraid of one low powered untested Iran nuke?

    If a single Iranian person were surrounded by 45 Israeli Hell’s Angels, Iran would not fire its only shot, it would wait until it had at least 45 shots and end the opponent in a single play.

  17. billpits

    It seems likely from here that the real reason for the attacks on Libya, Syria, and eventually Iran, is that they have never come, hat-in-hand to the Bank of England (Rothschild Bank) for financial “support” and therefore must be punished. As totally self-sufficient realms, they were not controllable by the Big-time Financial Empire. Can’t have that, now can we? I’m wondering just what pretense will be fabricated to interfere with Venezuela’s political independence.

  18. Bottom Line

    The Islamic Republic has declared that its Civilian Nuclear program is just that – a civilian Nuclear program. What is more, 16 US intelligence (SPY) Agencies have declared in a 2007 NIE report that Iran is not seeking a Nuclear Weapons program. So, personally, I do not believe there will be a new Middle East war in 2012 because Israel does not have the courage to attack Iran.

  19. Lawrence Miller

    I always read your column! You do a great job! I’ve read many articles by Craig Roberts on various sites on the Internet. for one. He certainly is no friend of Israel, that’s beyond any doubt. It seems he can always find an reason to blame Israel, but I don’t recall his condemnation of radical Islam in his many articles. Is he a Jew hater? You think not, but there is no doubt that those who openly spew hatred toward Israel and Jews are always quoting his opinions. That is troublesome to me. You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. There doesn’t seem to be any doubt that Dr. Roberts sees the world through a very different, perhaps clouded lens. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your website.


  20. art barnes

    Greg, Israel has over 30 inches a rain on average in the north and Jerusalem has 22 inches in the south. Mr. Roberts needs take a trip to Israel and I be advise him to take an umbrella with him during the winter.

  21. Jim H

    Despite all the hand wringing of the media, US policy in Iran is actually working.
    The combination of sanctions along with the cost of supporting Assad in the Syrian war is crippling Iran financially.
    If the US continues with the current policy we will see either a popular uprising in Iran, or we will see Iran in a much weaker position to defend itself from attack much as Iraq found itself in when it was overwhelmed by US firepower.
    The US policy is for regime change in Iran, and while I am no great fan of the current administration, I must admit that this policy is working brilliantly. The Ayatollahs and the current Iranian government are dead men walking, they are hoping against hope that they will be able to make and test a nuclear weapon before the country implodes to give themselves a bargaining chip to insure their survival. That is simply not going to happen.

  22. droidX-G

    Very thought provoking indeed! Living in an agricultural area, I understand how important a resource water is. Most of our countrymen don’t give it a second thought. Water may be an issue that concerns Israel greatly. However, I am not buying that Iran is not working on a nuke.
    I respect Dr. Roberts but I disagree with this portion of his analysis.

  23. Kerry

    Does it really matter what the motivation is for attacking Iran? The results would be the same. It is possible that Dr. Roberts does not know the whole truth, anyway. Who can say? Either way, water or nukes, the threat against Israel is real. The desire for the return of the 12th Imam is real. If I were the ruling elite in Iran, I would want nuclear weapons, just to be able to raise my fist against the West.

  24. Rod

    I think if Israel wanted the water it would have taken it by now. This thinking has no merit whatsoever. Its obvious Paul Roberts has an axe to grind with Netanyahou. This sort of B.S. is laughable and your site deserves better. Jimmy Carter has more credibility than this guy.

  25. John Schwartz

    I don’t agree. Iran is well on their way to a bomb. This interview completely ignores very public and frequent statements by both secular and religious leaders desire to annihilate Israel. As well, completely misses one of the underlying time-bombs in the region: the centuries-old Sunni/Shiite conflict. Roberts assessment is woefully short-sighted and, dare I say, carefully disguised animosity towards Israel–all too common in our world and a growing sentiment. Greg… curious: are you in this camp with Roberts? Puzzled with such an interview.

  26. John Schwartz

    Greg… I think his remarks here answer my questions:

    “United States is a puppet of Israel…”

    “America is facilitating Israeli atrocities…”

    Do you adhere to Robert’s assessment?

    • Greg

      It’s hard to get honest unbiased news these days from the MSM. Just because Dr. Roberts say the news coverage is slanted towards Israel doesn’t make his bad. That’s his opinion. I try to put diverse opinions on the site, just like I putting on yours.

  27. George Too

    I agree that water is as important as gold and silver. However,I don’t buy that Iran is not developing an atomic weapon.

  28. mike gunther

    Greg, A very intersting interview. While I subscribe to the biblical “those who bless Israel are blessed”, I can agree on them wanting water resources and a larger buffer zone to the North. That being said, I still believe enough evidence exists in the public domain that Iran is heading for a nuclear device, if for no other reason than the photos of the nuclear installations they have quickly put up covered with tents and tarps and then quickly obliterated. One thing else, people who I never thought would be preppers or worried about economic collapse are getting worried and prepared. Do you see more people wising up where you are and those you interact with? Thanks again for your fantastic work!

    • George Too

      Amen, Brother Mike!

  29. richie

    what about the samson option, its been said more than once, do a vid on it greg, cmon. this is it people need to know

    • George Too

      What is the point of a strategic strike to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapon development facilities if there are no conventional weapons that will do the job? AND THERE ARE NO CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS THAT WILL DO THE JOB! The Samson Option is Israel’s only option if they are serious about destroying Iran’s nuke bunkers. The bunkers are too hardened and too deep. Israel only has ONE shot at this.

  30. Tom C

    I normally admire your critical questioning and thinking on the economy, but I think you gave Roberts a big free pass card in the interview. I’m surprised why you didn’t cross examine him on his well known anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic rhetoric. And you didn’t challenge him on his ridiculous views about Iran’s nuclear capabilities and intentions.

    Roberts may had been once’ well-connected’, but today his appeal is connected with an assortment of extremist views including those held by white supremacists.

    • Greg

      Tom C,
      You are right I could have been tougher on him. I should pressed him on the fact inspectors do not get access to the underground military facility. Thank you for your feedback.

  31. DrFun

    It’s the PNAC agenda to control all M.E. wealth; oil, water, any commodity it contains.

    As for Paul Craig Roberts, he is busy trying to re-write his and the multi-adulterous, Treason fomenting, wife and political party swapping Ronald Reagan’s history. P.C.R. actions of 30 years ago speak much louder than his opinions he pens today. As the “Father” of Reaganomics with the nearly tripling of the deficit having nothing to do with the collapse of the former U.S.S.R., while raising taxes 7 out of the 8 years in office shows the Reagan Revolution was based on massive debt spending. That your progeny will still only be paying a fraction on the compounded interest accrued.

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