Covid Caused Massive Money Printing Like Never Before – Nick Barisheff

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Nick Barisheff, CEO of Bullion Management Group (BMG), is seeing an explosion of money printing in America and around the world.  Barisheff wrote a book in 2013 that predicted “$10,000 Gold” (per ounce).  Back then, the official U.S. federal debt was around $17 trillion.  Now, it’s $30 trillion.  Barisheff says his soon-to-be released follow-up book is going to be called “$50,000 Gold” as the U.S. now has tens of trillions of dollars in commitments, debt and off-book unaccounted for money.  Barisheff says, “Based on the amount of debt that is there, the current gold price should be at $3,000 (per ounce) and not $1,700, and it’s going to keep rising.”

One good reason precious metals are going to keep rising in price is Covid.  Barisheff explains, “Right now, you have massive debt and money printing like never before . . . other than going to Zimbabwe and Germany.  This is what’s happening.  When that happens, the value of the currency declines particularly against gold and silver.  The price goes up, and you end up with runaway inflation.  It can’t be anything else.  When you print too much money, you are going to have the price of goods go up.  Compounded with that, we have the biggest equity bubble ever in the United States.  The bubble is bigger than 1929. . . . All the valuation measures are at or above the 1929 levels already.  Real estate is in a bubble, especially rural and country properties.  On the other hand, commercial real estate such as hotels, retail and office, etc., are facing tremendous pressure because people are finding they can work from home.  The tenants are going bankrupt because of the lock-down measures.  Eventually, the landlords are going to start going bankrupt.  Then, mortgages will go into default, and it will make the 2008 crisis look like a party.”

Barisheff predicts, “We are going to get to hyperinflation.  Worse than that, Trump’s thinking is he can run again in four years, but I don’t think there will be a country left in four years because socially and economically, Biden is destroying it.  He’s shutting down the pipeline and stopping the leases for natural gas, making all the existing illegal immigrants legal, giving them free healthcare, opening the borders, letting criminals out of jail, not prosecuting Antifa and BLM rioters, and this is all escalating.  This is not a theory.  It’s happening.”

Barisheff says don’t look for the Fed to stop economy killing rising interest rates either.  Barisheff says, “I think rates are going to keep rising, and the Fed is not going to be able to stop it.  You are getting a bit of a divergence already between the Fed Funds Rate and what the markets are saying.”

So, when does it all blow sky high?  Barisheff says, “There will be indicators, and the indicators are already here for everyone to see.  You then have to apply some critical thinking and connect the dots.  When it becomes obvious to everyone that this is imploding, it will be very difficult to buy gold if not impossible, and that is how the price goes ballistic. . . . This is like the old saying about becoming insolvent.  You start to become insolvent slowly at first and then suddenly.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Nick Barisheff, founder and CEO of Bullion Management Group.

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After the Interview:

To get a copy of Barisheff’s book “$10,000 Gold,” click here.   There is free information on under the “Market Insight” tab at the top of the page.

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  1. Stan

    I’m working on launching a SPAC. Let me you if any of you are interested. This is a ground floor opportunity.

    • FC

      SPAC, let me guess, Stan’s Precious Analytical Crap?

      • JC

        Good luck Stan on your new endeavor!
        Is your friend Theodore investing?

        ‘The media industry has a new acronym to add to its lexicon: SPAC. Short for “special purpose acquisition company,” the term has turned into a …’

    • Mike R

      Stan you SPAC me up ! ROTFLOL !

      That’s good Stan that you are working from the ‘ground floor. ‘ A High rise penthouse would be very dangerous for you.

      Bc when your SPAC implodes, and loses TONS of money, you won’t have very far to fall, when you go to leap out the window of a ground floor office space, due to being so distraught. Of course you will have good practice before then, being distraught, as gold explodes higher over the next few months, obliterating your gold short positions.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Back in the 1980’s a lot of fraud surrounded these “blank check” SPAC deals … many were purely “shell companies” where the promoter often either absconded with investors’ cash or engaged in overvalued insider deals … which left many investors “holding a bagful of nothing” … for me to make “a blind investment” with someone who can’t predict where Gold is going … is a non-starter for me … especially when I don’t know how my money will be used … or what company your SPAC will be targeting … which makes your SPAC deal “impossible to evaluate” … besides my money could be siting idle for years “in your escrow account” (while I’m waiting for you to make an acquisition) and what guarantee do I have my non-interest bearing funds will ever be returned to me if you don’t make acquisition … and besides … the average SPAC “under-performs” during the 3, 6, and 12-month period after a merger is completed … so … tying up my money up for years or more … without even knowing what the ultimate investment will be to get into something that will under-perform … is too big a gamble for me … especially when the index that tracks SPAC listings already on the market has declined 17% since Feb 2021 (due to overvaluation concerns and rising interest rates) … so unfortunately Stan … unless your SPAC is designed to SHORT the three SPAC ETF’s already on the market (SPAK, SPCX and SPXZ) … I’m not going to be interested … and the short interest on the three SPAC ETF’s I cite above are already now near record highs (i.e. 13% of the shares of the SPCX ETF are now being held short) … so even if your SPAC is going to be shorting other SPAC’s you are already too late … and why should I buy into your deal when there is already an “inverse SPAC” available to me on the market … the “Short” De-SPAC ETF …

      • JC

        Back in the 80’s Stan may have been involved with the Nabisco takeover…

      • Stan

        My SPAC will hold medium and long term derivative contracts. It will be a 10 bagger over the next few years – maybe a 20 bagger.

        • Paul ...

          Derivative contracts? … Stan are you planning to use our money to sell Gold short??

          • JC

            Forget about derivative contracts, good stuff here for you about aliens and UFO’s.


            • Rachel

              Hi JC, …. When a person relays a story from memory as they access their memory their eyes glance to their left (your right side if you are looking at them front on). A low glance to the left is accessing memories of feelings or emotions, mid left is accessing memories of thoughts and actions of the past and glancing to high left is accessing memories of sound and what was said to you in the past. Glancing to your right side during conversation is accessing the creative side of the mind and is used for creating images if you are drawing, or making something or thinking about what to say or write. If someone is relaying a story about something that happened to them they have to look left. It’s the only way they can access their memories. If they are making it up they have to look right in order to be able to think up what to say. I clicked on your link and watched some of the video about the white aliens and the guy telling the story never looked left. He only looked right and the further he went into his story the more frequently he looked to his right. So I say he is making it up.

              • JC

                Hi Rachel,
                Interesting, I never heard about this before. Thanks for the feedback.
                You can contact Stew and let him know at [email protected].

    • wayne hardin

      I didn’t know you were a Comedian Stan .
      But i will have to say that is the funniest thing i have heard in a long time .
      While since they said sleepy got the most votes in history anyway .
      That was a good one man .

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Wayne, I can’t say that Mr. Biden got the most votes in history, but it is apparent that he was assigned the most votes in history. Best always. PM

        • wayne hardin

          I agree .
          Just the word coming to pass .
          Lies will be the truth .
          And truth will be lies .

          • wayne hardin

            They say truth are lies
            And lies are truth .

  2. Jeff

    In less than a month Trump will be back. In office. You can thank God.
    Justice is coming.

    • Tim

      That’s absurd. Trump is gone, and he’s not coming back. Quit listening to QAnon.

      And, for the record, I am NOT a liberal. I am a realist.

      • john beasley

        trump will be back? sounds like CIA bullshit. and even if Trump did come back, he did not do anything for the people in 4 years, he just stopped destroying the USA a bit. I would much rather have Trump back.

      • Coalburner

        I don’t know Tim, China sounded like they wanted to blow us up, they are so disgusted with the morons they are being forced to talk to. They are insulted we would throw up a bunch of clowns for them to deal with. Putin made no bones about it either. Upsetting the world order too this level is dangerous to every one, no wonder they are so upset.

    • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

      Yes Geoff. Biden due to “fall” very soon now, and they will not allow Kamala in, come hell or high water. Best, A

  3. John

    Which guest said….you dont want to live in a 50000 an once gold world…..seems to be about right

    Thanks for all you do Greg Hunter

    • Chuck

      Correction, You don’t want to live in a world of $50,000 per ounce gold unless you have ounces of gold. Unless you are in dire financial straits buy precious metals with your stimulus checks.

    • Kevin

      But Bitcoin is ok @ $60k ?!

  4. Steve

    Wowl -Barisheff really understands the elements of the ‘covid con.’ This is unusual in my experience that anyone understands all 3 elements of the con:
    1) The phony virus
    2) Totally inappropriate testing protocol
    3) The phony ‘vaccine’ that is not a vaccine, is not specific to covid, and is totally untested

    Congratulations Mr. Barisheff on your ability to really understand the covid con that 90% of the country does not understand at all!

  5. TZ

    Get real look at DEBT CLOCK for real GOLD PRICE

    • neville

      Hi TZ
      THE DEBT

      • Paul ...

        Your on target Neville … Silver “should be” $50,000 per ounce and Gold $350,000 per ounce … based on the “real debt”!!

  6. Chuck

    Covid is just a scapegoat to pull the central bankers, federal reserve and the elite money managers of the world fat out of the fire. The everything world bubble is about to pop and they see it coming. The fiat money system is about to fail and they need a scapegoat to blame it on. Oh, lookie lookie what the pandemic caused. We had to print out all that money and that’s what caused our fantastic system to fail. They’ve been farting into this gigantic bubble for years and now it’s getting ready to explode and leave a stink worldwide. But rest assured they’ll come up with another scheme to retain control. Such a deal we have for you.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Chuck,
      I agree. Khazarian ‘magic’ money – all fiat money which is ‘borrowed’ into existence, with interest attached (from the private central banking system that simply prints it at zero cost to itself) are all mathematically designed to fail after a period of time*. Historically, when collapse is imminent the criminal banking families have initiated wars. After the financial devastation of war, the same banking families have presented the impoverished post-war citizens with their next ‘magic’ money solution. This time war failed – because of the Trump presidency – so they engineered a worldwide ‘medical emergency’ as an excuse for the designed-in failure of their current batch of fiat currencies. If they had allowed the currencies to collapse naturally, then they risked losing credibility and, more pertinently, losing the power to create the successor monetary system. Not just my opinion: primary references are, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin, and ‘The Hidden Secrets Of Money’ by Mike Maloney which is on-line and free to view.

      *Fiat currencies are ‘designed to fail’ because the interest does not exist. For example: If the only money ever borrowed by the government from the privately owned central bank was $1,000,000 and the interest attached was at 10% per annum (this is only a hypothetical example) then the interest due after one year would be $100,000. So, if the government were to pay back the $1,000,000 loan at the end of the year – where would they obtain the $100,000 due in interest? It would be impossible because that money would not have been created (borrowed into existence). The only money in existence being the original $1,000,000! If the needed $100,000 were to be created then there would be interest to pay, and so on and so on, add infinitum. Naturally, governments rarely restrict themselves to one loan per annum and even seldom repay in full. Thus, this mechanism is designed to become so complex – with multiple overlapping loans and partial repayments – as to be opaque to all but the likes of Professor Mark Skidmore. In summary: All the fiat loaned into existence is created out of thin air (not a ‘reserve’) and when paid back it disappears from whence it came. However, the interest attaching to the ‘loan’ is real. It requires the blood, sweat and tears of all us plebs to pay for it in our taxes – and if we are unable to pay our taxes, then they take our capital or lock us up! The entire fiat money system is usury on a global scale.

      P.S. If you imagine the official debt to be something for governments to worry about but little to do with you personally, please research what happened in Greece after the 2008/9 financial collapse. The EU as a whole and the ECB in particular, decided that the Greek people were personally responsible for their national debt. Public sector pay was slashed, pensions were cut by as much as two thirds, social security and unemployment benefit were slashedby. Poverty in Greece, a modern western-style economy and a member of the European Union, became so prevalent that respectable young mothers resorted to prostitution to feed their children. Yanis Varoufakis, Greek Finance Minister, pleaded with the central bankers to allow Greece to declare bankruptcy – debt forgiveness – but they disallowed it and demanded their pound of flesh. We have been warned.

      • Paul ...

        A … Thank God a group of Israeli Jews are suing the Netanyahu administration in International Court … making the case that Israel is violating the Nuremberg Code by essentially making all Israelis subject “to a medical experiment” … what has happened … that both Netanyahu and Trump have strayed so far … into joining forces with Bill Gates in support his demonic wicked agenda??? … this is exactly how it started in Nazi Germany (where Jews were treated as second class citizens) … Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla recently called Israel the “world’s great experimental laboratory” … and now Netanyahu is attaching “tracking bracelets” to every Jew???? … this is almost exactly the way Hitler “kept track of the Jews” (he numbered them all) … WTF is going on!!!???

    • John Fast

      You are right. Covid-19 is just an excuse to do all kinds of nasty things. Blessings

  7. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    I haven’t been on in a while, too much happening in Oz but rest assured your network out does them all!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks AA!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Cheers Greg,

        Can you please interview John Adams from Australia. He’s one of only a few here going out on a limb.

  8. Clare Darwish


    I have followed you for many years now and love your content.

    Over the past couple of weeks, I notice that your guests are very dismissive of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

    Many see this as a real disruptive technology that is empower millions of ‘little guys’ to create financial security in the long run.

    It would be fair and proper to invite an expert on Cryptos on to your show to let your followers hear the other side of the argument, esp as gold and silver are not performing as they be.

    Even Robert Kiyosaki is promoting Gold, Silver and Bitcoin as hedges again Fiat.

    Would you consider this?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a real tangible asset guy. That said, you can make mad money with bitcoin and other cryptos, but you can also get monkey hammered. If you have money to risk (and that means to lose it without being totally wiped out) then sure, speculate in Bitcoin. Your core investments are tangible assets you hold under your direct control. I think this is why Bill Gates is buying farmland and is the biggest hold in America. Please remember what Martin Armstrong said and that is at some point governments will destroy the competition and install their own digital currency like Fed Coin.

      • Mario

        Hey Greg
        I hope all is well.
        Bill Gates isn’t buying farmland as an investment. He wants to control food production.

        • Greg Hunter

          It might be both Mario.

      • Lawrence

        Sorry, Armstrong is wrong on this one. Government cannot stop Bitcoin. If they come out with Fedcoin it will be centralized and have unlimited supply. This will be no different then the fiat crap we have now. Bitcoin is decentralized and has no central point of failure. It is mined by tens of thousands of entities around the world and no one can prevent others from using the network.

        Reach out to Andreas Antonopoulos, or Michael Saylor, and interview them so your listeners can get the other side of the argument.

        Thanks for all the work you do Greg!

        God Bless

        • al

          I have followed Cryptos for several years, purchased some and sat on them, I did well but expected to be able to use cryptos of any kind as a transaction mechanism, like the dollar.
          I had a gateway card through Coinbase but … and this is KEY…
          I dare not spend any crypto because it’s the opposite of inflation, the longer I hold it the more it moves up.
          At some point we will get a wake up call. Bitcoin is traceable, gold isn’t and anyone will accept GOLD as MONEY without the need for a computer.

          • JC


            The computer. Money without the need of a computer.

            Thanks, you always have your thinking cap on.

        • Paul ...

          L … You are living in fairyland … do you really believe that something that is mined using electricity … requiring the burning of coal, oil or gas … that adds huge amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere … is going to survive the wrath of the “Green New Deal” politicians … unaffected?? … such that you will currently bet $57,000 dollars on one such token of “cry”pto ??? … you do understand that it’s “the pump and dump crowd” that are currently buying “cry”pto while coal plants are being shut down, oil pipelines dismantled and permits for natural gas wells are being denied !!

        • Fred Daake

          Perhaps crypto’s can be successfully used for short term hedges by experienced traders. But I would not bet on going long with them. The Constitution has been totally ignored in the area of weights and measures. The Supreme law in this area has been replaced with regulations that prevent anyone from competing with the US government in money creation. If the US Government ever sees crypto’s as causing them to lose control of their money creation scheme, the US Government will ban non-government crypto’s and will use stiff fines and excessive jail sentences to kill their use in America.

        • JohnF

          ” no one can prevent others from using the network. ”

          They Turn Off the Power – or Weather Wars Power Outage – TEXAS.!!!!!

          If you have paid attention, the only thing accepted during Power Outages is CASH.

          Just Like Greg Said – Tangible Assets.!!!!!

    • Paul ...

      Clare … You can play the speculative nature of both Bitcoin and gold ETF’s if you wish … just be aware that neither asset is in fact a genuine store of value … Gold ETF’s are a “paper” asset with zero correlation to the physical metal (they sell gold short) … and Bitcoin is simply a classic momentum trade … also an unbacked “electronic” asset with zero correlation to actual gold … don’t be fooled … Bitcoin “is not” a gold substitute as Powell states … … nor is the US dollar a gold substitute … the US dollar, Gold ETF’s and Bitcoin will only take on value as a store of value “when you sell them to buy gold” … hold on to non-gold entities and you risk having your real wealth cut in half or more (likely more)!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … we must all realize what Powell is doing when he says: “Bitcoin is a gold substitute” … what he is trying to implanted into peoples minds is … that when Governments come out with their own crypto currencies “they will be regarded as being as good as gold” (but that will only happen if the Government crypto’s “are backed with real gold”) … until then … owning the real stuff (gold) is the best course of action (if you are looking to “preserve your wealth”) … if people want “to speculate” by holding Bitcoin, Gold ETF’s, US Dollars, Tulip Bulbs and Cabbage Patch Dolls … that’s everyone’s prerogative for each to own “if they wish”!!

  9. Jay A.

    Thanks for another great interview Greg, interesting times are ahead for sure!

  10. Sue Robinson

    Thanks for another great interview, Greg. You and your guests are bright lights of sanity in our increasingly lunatic world. Mr. Barisheff clearly is a gentle, careful man – his quiet truth telling is all the more devastating because of this. Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sue!

  11. Mark Snyder

    Greg, thank you for continuing on during this era of the Thought Police. Please continue to be a light in the darkness.

    • JC

      Mark S,
      It’s getting “darker” every day.

      Those in management at most of the mainstream media should be dragged from their offices and charged with conspiracy to overthrow the United States government and to eradicate the US. Constitution. The Washington Post displays its motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness” and indeed they are at war against the United States just as Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum which is out to remove the United States as a superpower and transfer that status to the United Nations. Their report, along with CNN, New York Times, ABC, NBC, and CBS along with most others, are indeed conspiring to overthrow the United States and if they were put on trial using their own words, any unbiased jury would find them guilty.

      • Paul ...

        JC … You left out the best part …. “If you buy a car and you turn on the ignition (and it blows up) is not the auto-manufacturer liable? … In every other field, companies are responsible for the products they produce … Why should the Main Stream Media and the Vaccine companies have any immunity whatsoever?”!!

  12. Peter Makin

    Sorry Greg, the world doesn’t think it was a fraud. You have to understand, we have been fist fed propaganda since day 1. I’m no fan of Trump, I think he’s as much establishment as Biden and Hillary. Regardless, all we have heard is how any claims of fraud is fringe nonsense/Qanon conspiracy. Those who seek information outside the mainstream are few and far between. Our leaders may well know it was a fraud, but the people believe Biden is legitimate. Was the election a fraud, those of us who watch alternative media like you know it was. I simply think Trump was in on it the entire time. Classic Divide and Rule tactics; sad, but true.

    I think you underestimate Bill Gates and his agenda. He and his ilk have long invested in ‘synthetic meat’ technologies. Gates is now the single largest farmland owner in the US…. at a time of a purported global food shortage, when prices are rising. What better way to increase the value of your investments and see them become mainstream than by reducing traditional farm products produced on said land, to artificially boost the shortage and then sell the idea of synthetic meat as both a cost effective and climate friendly solution to the masses. As more and more traditional farmers are sent bankrupt, he can buy up more land… America, and the world, is turning into Feudal Russia. The Aristocracy/Oligarchy own everything, and you get to be a peasant in their service.

  13. Robert Olin

    Thanks Greg. I live in a rural community north of Seattle and real estate is booming just like in 2007. But I see lots of people who after voting Seattle into a S…t Hole are now out here claiming the zoning rules are “racist”. I smell big money behind it.

  14. JC

    Nick B at 4:48…
    “There is no pandemic.”

    Thank you.

    • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

      Absolutelu: The whole Covid thing is a global scam.

  15. Neville

    We really appreciated the appearance of Nick Barisheff on the your program today.He speaks my sort of language.It is so frustrating for us all to watch these cretins in AAcrime carry on with their fraudulent charade .The debt in AAcrime is completely unservicable and it won’t be long before the market wakes up to that fact.
    About corvid C19 one need only listen or watch that cretin fauci explain his side of the nonsense and you come away feeling that he worse than a secondhand car salesman…
    A bigger liar you couldn’t wish to meet. Anyway him and his ilk have an appointment with our LORD GOD CREATOR and him and his satanic companions will be on their way to hell never to return.
    The bitcoin farce for the time being will bring about the same sort of disaster that the investors in Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac experienced.

    A suggested title for Nick’s book
    ” GOLD” THE FIRE SALE IS OVER WAS $10,000 NOW $50,000
    Our local Church opened for the first time in a year to limited parishioners …

    • JohnF


      You Won’t Find Our Father in any of those Freemason & Jesuit ‘Church’ Buildings.
      That’s Where They Store the ‘Cold’ Christians.!!!!!

      The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples made by human hands Acts 17:24

      Yet the Most High does not dwell in hand-made houses. Acts 7:48

  16. Mark

    Your guest is very articulate Greg. Very clear on the covid fraud. I do, however think his estimates on China’s central bank gold holdings is vastly understated. Probably 5 to 10 times the 8000 tons mentioned. Excellent interview

  17. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for a great interview with Nick Barisheff. In particular, I appreciate his calm, measured delivery. This is an interview I can confidently forward to ‘sleeping’ family and friends in hopes of waking them from their slumbers. Thanks.

  18. Paula Davis

    Prediction for the END of the pandemic:

  19. Moules Frites

    The virus is real and is/was a bio weapon.
    The vaccinations are another bio weapon.

    God gave me an immune system I will trust that, thanks but you know where you can stick your vaccine.

  20. al

    Gold should be at over $35,000 according to our debt
    Silver close to $5,000
    The link below clearly shows that


  21. John Mills

    Nick B. is a ” straight shooter ” !
    Just the truth / the facts / & a lot of wise information from him for all of us, going forward !
    Keep bringing him back Greg ! He’s a great guest !

  22. Clint+D.

    There is a lot more than just the money at stake. If a lot of those who took the COVID Vaccine start to die within the next 6 to 9 months, the below sequence could be in play:

    COVID Virus (2019) ——-> fear of COVID Virus (2020 to present) ——> COVID Vaccine (early 2021 – Summer 2021) ——-> COVID Vaccines claimed to be a tremendous success (Late Spring 2021) ——> Opening of Travel (Late Spring to Early Summer 2021) ——> Release of Complementary Virus (Spring/Summer 2021) ——-> Start of mass deaths from cytokine storm (late Summer/early Fall 2021) ——-> Beginning of Jeremiah 51:46 Rumor (late Summer/early Fall 2021) ——-> Rumor comes one year (est. 2021) ——> Rumor continues into the next year (est. 2022) ——-> USA is attacked by the King of the North (Summer 2022)—–> fanners and spoilers come into the USA to genocide everyone left (Summer 2022 – 2023) ——> total destruction of the USA (Summer 2023)

  23. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Barisheff. Clarity indeed.

  24. David

    Then the Bullion Banks, Central Bankers and countries through Sovereign wealth funds own the annual production of 3000 tons per year making that 60000 tons for the last 20 years thus keeping the price of gold in check.
    To say that countries or central bankers have not been wise and purchased additional gold for they’re reserves for the last 20 years never comes up in the discussion as to its effects on the gold price.
    Certainly, this can support the additional creation of fractional fiat currencies as it becomes a tier 1 asset for the Reserve System.
    3000 tons X 2000 lbs per ton = 6,000,000 million ounces of annual production.
    6,000,000 ounces x $2000 dollars per ounce = $12,000,000,000
    $12,000,000,000/additional fractional reserve lending of 10=$120,000,000,000 billion annually of additional lending.
    If they count the resources in the ground and can continue to create money out of nothing to buy something of tangible value, how much easier does it need to get to transfer the wealth to the owners of the Central Banking System when they can buy all assets with created out of thin air money. What a system!
    I can buy buildings, land, stocks and never lifted a finger.
    This system of lost checks and balances at the government level with money creation is a fraud upon the whole citizenry of the world.
    From my little chair as I see it. Look at Japan and the stock market percentage they own.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your points are well made. Also, if you look at China and Russia’s gold production, it’s a little more than 700 tons a year combined. They do not sell it. So, the world is really producing about 2300 tons for sale, and who knows who else is taking their production off line.

    • Paul ...

      You know … The Banksters are currently using their fiat IOU’s printed out of thin air to buy gold … that’s just like me using my credit card to buy gold … the difference being … I have to pay 17% interest on my credit card … while the banksters pay “zero interest” on their counterfeit debt money … the ultimate result is … they make a bit more profit then me when gold is eventually allowed to rise … as for those “intelligent people” who pay off their credit card debts now (and pass up the chance to buy gold cheap) … they will be left in the dust when hyper-inflation hits … compared to the banksters and the “nut” who bought an ounce of gold on his credit card now at $17oo dollars and was able to pay back $50,000 dollars worth of debt when gold eventually rises (less the 17% yearly interest cost)!!

  25. Rob

    No longer watching on YT, but regularly checking this website and watching the excellent output.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rob!!

  26. Rod Brumley

    The amount of Debt is going to destroy the world in an Epic way – it is upon us!!! Take the paper currency you have and buy Silver do you will be able to eat. This is going to destroy all that we know. God help us

  27. Rod Brumley

    After watching the video I would say the time for preparing is just about over!!! You better have some Silver to barter with or you will Starve. Last Chance – in my opinion

  28. Da Yooper

    A good & timely guest Greg. Why do I have the feeling Nick stops by & watches from time to time? I hope some here will find this link to the silver stackers of Wallstreetsilver of value.

  29. wayne hardin

    To all the people running around believing FALSE profiteers over Gods word .
    You will have a rude awakening when it does come to pass as the word says .
    You know it is pretty wild when you tell somebody what the bible says .
    And they come back with that is your opinion .
    If the bible says don’t steal or don’t lie or what ever .
    That is not a opinion . That is a FACT .
    And you saying it is someones opinion is really calling God a liar since it is him
    that wrote it .
    So quit saying you believe the bible when you don’t .
    For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book
    And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
    By the way God cant take away something you don’t have .
    Do not be deceived .

    • wayne hardin

      God said don’t add to or take away from his word .
      So all these so called new revelations cant be from him .
      Be not deceived .

      • wayne hardin

        So when you tell somebody what the bible says .
        And they say it is your opinion .
        It has to be one of two things .
        They haven’t read the bible .
        Or they cant read .,

      • Jerry5

        Are you sure about that?

        • wayne hardin

          Yes i am sure that anybody that adds or takes away from Gods word
          will not like the payday .

    • Bob Lamb

      The warning was to not add on to the book of Revelations (not the Bible). The Bible had not even been compiled at the time Revelations was written. The Bible itself mentions scriptures we don’t have right now that were lost.

      • wayne hardin

        The way i see it the Holy Spirit wrote the bible through men .
        So not only did he write Revelations he wrote the whole bible .
        So when it says don’t add or take away from the word .
        I think it means Gods word period .
        I guess we will find out at the end .
        But one thing is for sure Gods word is the truth .
        And a lot of these so called new Revelations are anything but the truth .
        But you are free to believe anything you want .

        • Charles H


          The Rev. 22 admonition of neither adding to or taking away from God’s Word : is a repeat of the admonition given to Moses to charge Joshua and Israel with.

          “Now therefore hearken, o Israel, unto the statutes and unto the judgments, which I teach you, for to do them, that ye may live, and go in and possess the land which the Lord God of your fathers giveth you. YE SHALL NOT ADD UNTO THE WORD I COMMAND YOU, NEITHER SHALL YE DIMINISH OUGHT FROM IT, THAT YE MAY KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE LORD YOUR GOD WHICH I COMMAND YOU.” Deuteronomy 4:1,2.

          You are right: God the Father wrote the script; the Holy Spirit transmitted the signal; man, like a radio received and recorded it. Thus there is only one, fixed and completed record of God’s Will to mankind. Because God did it: man has no license to mess with it. ONE source, and one source only – where God’s voice can be heard: and no where else – no modern prophets, or apostles can pronounce ‘new’ revelation from God. The consistency of the warning to Old Testament Israel correlating to New Testament Christianity is THE SAME. Those who intend on arguing against this specific injunction have their problem now with us: but with God Himself.

          • Charles H

            Not; not now.

      • wayne hardin

        The Bible had not even been compiled at the time Revelations was written ????
        I do believe it was compiled before it was even written .
        In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God .

  30. Todd

    These guys been crying wolf for at least 12 years. They’ve been wrong for at least 12 years and I’ve been right for my whole life (+40 years). So listen to me, there will be no collapse, live life normally.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please come back when the collapse happens.

    • Crawfisher

      BD: I agree, I was a David Stockman believer in 2015, got most of my investments out of the stock market around Aug that year. Who knew Trump would beat Hillary and the market shoot up like it did. What I do know now is you can’t time the market, and two this poo show will end, but as the famous movie scene stated: ” I don’t care if you Warren Buffet or Jimmy Buffet, no one knows where the stock market is going”. I have significantly reduce my exposure, and plan to do more in 2021. I am playing defense. I do not believe the world will crash and be w/o electricity, but I am preparing for a more violent world.

    • Jerry5

      It’s not a single event. It’s been right in your face since the subprime mortgage debacle of 2007 In the form 0 percent interest, QE to the moon, and now helicopter money. Next …..the reset.

    • Mario

      The collapse already happened.
      The only thing holding the economy together is confidence and that is dwindling quickly. If you’re not prepared for what’s coming you will be in serious trouble.
      They haven’t been “crying wolf “ The system should have collapsed many years ago but the fed kept it propped up on heroin QE. It’s over. Withdrawal will be terrible.

  31. Donna t

    Imagine they are breaking everyone and everything then they will try to come in and suck up all the wealth…we need to wake up quickly or there will be nothing left to own…Joey Bribin is the biggest pos on the planet!!!
    Greg thanks this has been an awesome interview!!!

  32. Felix A Renteria

    another great guest greg,you are the man, been following you for years after I heard you on coast to coast.You are a speaker of truth,very few these days.I work for the government and it is a totally corrupt terd.People do not read history as to what corrupt governments do to their people,it amazes me.But we know most are mind controlled by the tv and tech these days.As for gold and silver it is a core asset but food will be the most important thing and our spiritual strength will carry us.As for bitcoin,I don’t think noone knows for sure definitely a speculation

  33. Robert Kalamasz

    Hey Greg…great insight on the covid scam…would you be able to repost your 2013 video interview with Jim Sinclair featured on your ” Learn how to buy gold and silver” article…thank you for your courage…
    Robert K

  34. Jim Stevens

    Greg how does Nick state metals raised 10% per year. 10yrs ago silver was $49. Now $26

    • Greg Hunter

      He said “on average.”

  35. TJZ

    A honest, straight shooter! Thanks for having Mr Barisheff on. I could not agree more with what he said.

  36. Bob


    6: Canada Jumps on the Confiscation Bandwagon
    You may recall this text from last year’s budget in Canada:

    “The Government proposes to implement a bail-in regime for systemically important banks.”

    A bail-in is what they call it when a government takes depositors’ money to plug a bank’s financial holes—just as was done in Cyprus last year.

    This regime will be designed to ensure that, in the unlikely event a systemically important bank depletes its capital, the bank can be recapitalized and returned to viability through the very rapid conversion of certain bank liabilities into regulatory capital.

    What’s a “bank liability”? Your deposits. How quickly could they do such a thing? They just told us: fast enough that you won’t have time to react.

    By the way, the Canadian bail-in was approved on a national level just one week after the final decision was made for the Cyprus bail-in.

  37. Rick Hayle

    The trigger for economic calamity will be when the BRIDE of CHRIST is TAKEN OUT of THIS WORLD & that could be at any minute now . The Bible says there is a restrainer holding back things , such as the revealing of the anti-christ. I’ve wondered for ten years why the economy hasn’t collapsed when things have been teetering on the brink . It has to be the restrainer holding back the events that will become the impetus for disaster in not only our economy but also the reasons we haven’t gone to WAR yet . World War that is . Once the church is gone from the world , the madness will be totally unleashed along with the ” man of lawlessness.” Things will get so bad so quickly they will clamor for a leader & be willing to take anyone who has ideas that make any semblance of sanity . Think this world is ” crazy & folks are totally out of their minds” now ? Just wait until millions of believers are gone , in seconds , & the chaos that will ensue from that…anyone who comes up with a halfway sane explanation will be touted as someone who is brilliant enough to lead us out of the mess the world is in ! Only JESUS CAN SAVE. Only HE is able to save. Put ALL your faith in the ” FRIEND THAT STICKS CLOSER THAN A BROTHER .” Only HE will keep you from the disaster that is heading towards us at warp speed. Rev. 3 :10 ; ” Because you have kept MY command to persevere , I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world , to test those who dwell on the earth ” ASK JESUS to come into your heart to live & have a true & personal relationship with HIM . No greater love is there than HIS love for us . TRUE DAT !!!!!!!! Very good show Greg. I like that Canadian !

    • Sandra Sullivan

      Exactly the way it is and going to be in the days coming. This is the message of salvation: escape from one kingdom (evil) into God’s kingdom of love, truth, power and beauty of the eternal.

  38. john+duffy

    Bill Gates parents were into eugenics and the old man was once the head of Planned Parenthood, you know the organization, that takes live organs from abortions and sells them for profit to vaccination researchers. Funny how that works.

    WHO insider blows whistle on Gates and GAVI global health dictatorship:

  39. eddiemd

    Anyone else having problems posting?

    I am not able to post anything that is related to the vaccines.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not blocking you. Post away.

      • eddiemd

        I have been trying to post a rebuttal response to Dr. Prica from Friday. I tried multiple times but get an 504 error.

        My laptop came under attack and was shut down abruptly when attempting to post. Very strange.

        • JC


          G.A. STEWART:
          There is a lot going on in my world. As some readers might be aware, this Website was down on March 19th, 2021 after a distributed denial-of-service, DDOS, attack. I suspect that it was a message based on my last Post. Readers should note the importance of March 19th as I have written in my books.

      • eddiemd

        I reviewed the FLCCC website that Dr. Prica references in regards to the vaccine.

        The FLCCC is not promoting the vaccine but rather ivermection. In the most recent video posted by the FLCCC two of the participants in the roundtable video below advocate against the vaccine. The PhD from Belgium stated that the new mutant forms may be a factor of the vaccines especially in Europe. The MD from Argentina stated that we should look at the results of the vaccine one year from now. Neither advocated for the vaccine. All in favor of the use of ivermectin in the acute clinical application and for use as a prophylaxis.

        • eddiemd

          The video is very long. You can skip to minute 47 to hear what the man from Belgium states in regards to the use of the vaccine. Following that you will hear the advice from the MD in Argentina.

          If Dr. Prica can repost where the FLCCC advocates for use of the vaccine. The members of the roundtable stated that they themselves were taking ivermectin.

          The vaccines are a type of nanoparticle gene therapy. It is experimental.

          Do not take the vaccine. Take the advice of the professionals in the video. Ivermectin if you can get it. Wait until one year from now to see what the effects of the vaccine will be.

          • eddiemd

            You need to start at the point where the covid is a bioweapon. It has multiple purposes. To usher in the NWO, to overthrow the USA government through the fraudulent election, and to usher in the luciferian system.

            The vaccine is a bioweapon. Anything the msm and the cabal tell you to do is a lie. The propaganda is part of the deception.

            Tens of millions of people willingly taking the vaccine for a virus that is such as the flu. In fact, many of the deaths attributed to the coronavirus are influenza. Both diseases are very similar except for the loss of sense of taste and smell.

            Remember that coronavirus caused upwards of 50% of the common cold. Where did the common cold go to? How many of the tests for coronavirus common cold were actually influenza and attributed to death by covid?

            Do not take the vaccine.

            There are many main stream physicians who deceived into believing the vaccine.

            Bioweapons are very real. I worked in the DOD virology lab in Lima Peru. We were actively on the lookout for bioweapons. Hantavirus was our choice. We were also interested in means to vector the weapons.

            Read my previous posts over the past several months.

        • Jerry5

          The vaccine is a setup for the “ kill shot”
          The globalist used Wuhan for their testing ground. They released the virus, and then forced segments of their population to get vaccinated. Once 5G was turned on the one’s that took the vaccination went into convulsions and died. The physicians involved with this test were executed, and the film that managed to leak out was promptly destroyed. If I hadn’t seen the film myself I wouldn’t have believed it. Trump wasn’t kidding when he called it the China virus. He knew.

        • JC

          Look! Free doughnuts!

          Sweet Motivation: Krispy Kreme Offering Free Doughnuts for the COVID Vaccinated

          • JC

            Geneticists know that human populations evolve in the face of disease. This is simply part of life. The Black Plague killed the very old and those already in poor health, just like COVID. The CDC statistics show that only 42 children died of COVID under the age of 17. There is no vaccine that will prevent those with poor health from dying. Certain versions of our genes help us fight infections better than others, and people who carry those genes tend to have more children than those who don’t. So the beneficial genetic versions persist, while other versions tend to disappear as those carrying them die. This raises serious questions about the long-term implications of messing with the genetic makeup that could have long-term effects that nobody can confirm or deny. The Black Pague weeded-out of all but the best genes, which resulted in what is called positive selection.


    • Steve Bice

      Yes. I had written a detailed description of ADE and VADE about 4 weeks ago. I kept getting a redirect and error message when I tried to post. I tried perhaps twenty times over two days (and was worried all of them might go through). I ran a test post on another subject that did go through, so I kept removing or disguising words that might have been triggering the redirect.

      I never did get it to post, but was able to salvage parts of it and post on a later article.

      Just as an aside, “discus” flagged one of my posts on another forum as spam that looked at why no flu and so much Covid. It was based on the assumption that masks inhibit, but don’t stop spread of respiratory diseases and that delays in mask wearing by Fauci and Adams allowed Covid to establish a huge base. Mask recommendations were in full force before Flu season started, and “forced” flu to start from scratch. The Covid horse was already out of the barn.

      It was just a theory attempting to explain the absence of flu and the widespread Covid.

      I called it the “Lily Pad” theory, and referenced a spreadsheet on geometric progressions. ( E.G., Lily pads on the pond double every day. Day 29, the pond is half covered. How many days until it is completely covered? Just one more.)

      Pulling numbers from my sample spreadsheet, I used the example of 50k lily pads on the Covid pond and 10 lily pads on the flu pond when mask recommendations were implemented…and ran the numbers forward to demonstrate the flu lag. Anyway, right or wrong, you get the point.

      And they called it “spam” and censored it.

      1984 has finally arrived. It’s really, really bad out there, and the media is the driver. Last comment: As sad and tragic as the Atlanta shootings were, anyone with two brain cells know they had nothing to do with race. The effort to deconstruct America is ramping up.

      I keep reading Matthew 24. Just waiting on the earthquakes…

      • Steve Bice

        P.S. Remember the scene from “The Jerk” where the guy is trying to shoot Steve Martin, and keeps hitting the oil cans. Martin is sure the cans are attracting the the bullets, as he races around trying to escape. “More cans!” Hilarious. The media sees “cans” everywhere…

        • Steve Bice

          More cans!

          • eddiemd

            That’s funny.

            I worked for a year pumping gas at an Exxon in Phoenix part-time in 1980/81.

            • Charles H


              You ought to try pumping gas in Michigan in the winter! (’79-’80)

              • eddiemd

                That would have been difficult.

                Phoenix was easy.

          • David

            Very funny!

    • ted Bedferd

      TRUST THE SCIENCE: Peer Reviewed Study Suggests CDC Inflated COVID-19 Fatalities by National File
      March 21st 2021
      Newly released study reveals the CDC initiated new date reporting protocols that dramatically increased reported COVID deaths

    • Jerry5

      I’ve had the same issue. Uncle Algo doesn’t like free speech, or anything being posted that DARPA has a hand in such as the roll up your sleever. Greg’s site is the only place I post, so I find it humorous that I’ve become a cyber celebrity? I guess if I become to much of a threat to the body politic they’ll just drone me. Should that happen I’ll Yoda them on the other side.

    • Jerry5

      I guess if you don’t want the poison you are now enemy number one.

      So much for my body my choice. Goodbye first amendment.

      • eddiemd

        Eventually all will be forced to take the “vaccine”. You will not be able to buy or sell. Something will break before that point of forced vaccinations. War in the MENA at the top of the list. Perhaps war with China, Russia and others. Second amendment civil war. No wonder that they are keeping DC under guard. Probably monitoring all the soldiers comms to see who is against the takeover.

        Arizona has made the vaccine available to anyone 16yo on up.

  40. john+duffy

    What I failed to mention in my previous post:

    Almost every country has to obey whatever the WHO tells them. And this whistleblower shows how Bill Gates controls the WHO. BILL GATES IS CALLING THE SHOTS!

    • susan

      Something I had never thought of was, is Bill Gates the “Anti Christ” ?

  41. Robert K

    If this C19 vaccine works so well, (which we all know doesn’t, and is a complete human experiment), then why are they still pushing an agenda to wear masks? Sometimes 2 or 3 masks??? The vaccine should take care of the “virus” and mask wearing, right? right? …

    I see controlling the population by fear is still alive and well. Like the rest of the USAW contributors, the fallout from this “vaccination” will be devastating. I will lose loved ones that have been blinded by fear and controlled by the fake MSM, fake social media, and corrupt politicians that made to feel like getting the vaccine was something they needed to have done to be “safe” and “in their best interests”.

    God help us all.

    The original Robert K

  42. benevolent dictator

    There is a reason the US Treasury has valued gold at $42.22/t oz. An AE coin says $50 on it so that when they decide to confiscate it, they will only pay $50 in fed res notes for it. Hoarding creates no value as it actually bears a cost in and of the act itself. Utility creates value. Have a large capital gain you have to pay taxes on? Take some of the fed res notes from your capital gains and over pay for some of those $50 AE coins. The difference is your currency trade loss to defer the capital gain event until asset classes get back to their normal value or less. Now that is creating utility which increases demand.

    • Greg Hunter

      The U.S. Mint cannot sell gold and solver to distributors for spot plus premium, and then, dealers sell it to the public with an added commission and then turn around and pay $50 to buy it back by force. Not going to happen.

  43. Richard

    Barisheff is a Canadian. I wish you had asked him what happened to Canada’s gold. At one time they many tons of gold, now they have practically none. It might interesting to hear his insights on the matter.

    • Gary C

      When Mark Carney was the Governor of the BOC he sold off the rest of Canada’s Gold Reserves, ironic as Canada has one of the best Gold Mints in the world. The government
      wanted no backing of the Cando with gold, to keep the currency week, plus if you are a member of the IMF you can’t back your currency with gold.

  44. Johnnie

    It’s like the provincial & federal government in Canada have been hijacked by the 2005 Quarantine Act. Health care experts seem to have the ability to order lockdowns. A lot of the health care experts happen to be Chinese and could easily be CCP influenced. There are also a lot of special police in Toronto & Montreal that are chinese. As long as there is a state of emergency, the health protocols supersedes Canada’s charter of human rights. Many common wealth nations have had health orders enacted in the last 10 years. Australia enacted the Biosecurity Act in 2015 for instance. I think these kind of acts exist ultimately due to globalist interests.

  45. eddiemd

    Google search results are always AI controlled propaganda.

    Just searched “Ukraine and Russia”.

    The results are interesting from a source view.

    1. Wikipedia- Russo-Ukrainian War
    2. Wikipedia- Russia Ukrainian relations
    3. Conflict in Ukraine- from (Council on Foreign relations)
    4. ABC news article
    5. Atlantic council article on Russia unwilling to give back Crimea
    6. Ukrainian gov article on Russian aggression
    7. article on Russia elevating proxy war in Ukraine
    8. article on how Ukraine views Russia
    9. washingtonpost article on Ukraine Russia conflict
    10. brittanica article on Ukraine facts

    Controlled propaganda. Do you think that war is coming again to Ukraine? Remember Biden has ties to the deep state coup in 2014. He and his son are in deep still in Ukraine.

    • eddiemd

      The most dangerous people in the world. The luciferian minions in charge.

      Obama’s people. Where are Obama and the Clintons?

      • eddiemd

        Madeleine Albright in her own words. If they see no problems in killing children, they have no problems killing you through use of the coronavirus bioweapon and the follow on stealth bioweapon vaccine.

        • eddiemd

          Davos 2021 and WEF.

          All the key players. Missing Gates although pretty sure that he was watching along with Soros.

          The coronavirus bioweapon was released by these luciferians as part of their NWO agenda. The vaccine is part of the stealth follow on bioweapon.

  46. Randy Best

    Holter/Sinclair said the reset will be a 48-hour event. So you won’t be able to see the rise in gold or the collapse of the dollar in daily charts. The ignorant masses do no understand the financial system and will continue to look to Government for answers. Gold is indeed a hedge against Government as Martin Armstrong stated. Jim Willie has stated in the past that Russia has 30, 000 tonnes of gold and China may have 110,000 tonnes if you include the gold owned by the White Dragons.

  47. eddiemd

    It took him a while to figure out the obvious.

    They went after him for “drinking alcohol on duty”.

    Twenty plus years ago as a flight surgeon down in South America with the Army Special Operations command drinking alcohol on duty was part of the job. You were on duty 24 hours a day. We would leave the base camp at night and go locally into the cocalero bars to drink beer. We would be at one table, the bad guys at the next table, and the dancing girls at the next. Half of us would remain sober and pack 9mm’s while the other half drank. We parked the vehicle at the door and had several automatic rifles waiting inside just in case things went bad.

    Some close calls but all in all a good time. The wild west of Bolivia.

  48. Pete+only

    The Mayor of Toronto just came out and publicly stated at the first anniversary ceremony of the first covid death there, that “they won’t stop until everyone is vaccinated”. How chilling is that?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting Pete!

  49. Bogdan Tatarsky

    Nick is right about new money printed, massive liquidity injection.
    What we lack off is failing confidence in US dollar, Euro which in turn increases velocity of money. Same time cost of silver and gold production did not go up substantially higher. This allows many marginal mines (mainly gold) stay in production to keep supply up.

  50. The Canuck

    The guest has an obelisk on his desk. The only other places I’ve seen them are the end of the National Mall in D.C., the financial center (the city) of London, the Vatican and in Soa Paulo in Brazil.

  51. john beasley

    My guess is, the economic system shutdown in March 2019 or March 2020. Covid and the lockdowns were a scam to keep people from rioting in the street. They shutdown the world economy so people would not understand that it is DEAD.

  52. Trinacria

    I agree with everything that Nick is saying. The only issue is the timing. I have been researching and listening to many podcasts over the past year and, here are my thoughts for what it is worth:
    1. Keep in mind that when we say the dollar is either up or down, this exchange rate is against other currencies, primarily the Euro. All are fiat currencies, all terrible and all will ultimately fail. The dollar is basically the best looking horse at the glue factory for now.
    2. The dollar is currently rising…a little over 92 at present. When it hit 89.2 a few month ago, many folks had it going to 85 and even 80. Very premature. I believe it will continue to rise (not in a straight line of course) in the near future. This should pop the equity bubble world wide and reek havoc on emerging markets. Not many are expecting this as evidenced by the massive bond shorting going on right now.
    3. Last year, huge liquidity problems led to a quick sell off and reflation. The latter on the back of the highest levels of margin debt in financial history. Will will have again have liquidity problems coming up, but more dramatically, we will have the long overdue insolvency wave – about time these zombie companies that suck up resources are put out of their misery. These defaults and bankruptcies will lead us into some of the most difficulty times since after the civil war. Worse than the 1930’s as there was no virus shutdowns back then.
    4. Consequently, over the next 2 years, I believe will see a Dow around 12,000 – S and P around 1,150 and a Nasdaq around 5,000.
    5. The rising dollar will hurt gold and silver initially as they could be the ones to go down first and, consequently lead the equities lower. Gold could see 1.625 per ounce and silver at 23. Both could even lower 1,500 and 19 respectively. I think there is an outside shot at 1360 and 16 range. Does not make sense, but it could happen as we live in the theatre of the absurd. I have been averaging in gradually since around 2014 to both the metals as long term holds. I have taken a breather the last few years as I have traded the gold and silver equities. If the metals do indeed get to 1,600 and 23 I will start averaging in again as well as buy back into the gold and silver equities. I believe in the near future both metals will be poised for a big run up.
    6. Crypto is a greed and fear buy. They are digits on a computer network with lots of issues. I have thrown a little money at it that I am also prepared to lose and won’t hurt me. Treat crypto like Las Vegas – allocated some money you can afford to lose. If it goes up then fine, but I won’t put a large percentage in there.
    7. The price increases we are seeing in some areas are primarily caused by shortages and supply chain logistics due to the lockdowns. This has created a great deal of damage that has not yet bubbled to the surface. But will come to light in the form of BK’s that I mention below.
    8. So, the inflation won’t happen for a while yet – possibly 2 years.
    9. We are still looking at deflation. Remember that gold and silver do well in deflationary times.
    10. By late summer I believe we will have slightly negative treasury bill rates. The 10 year treasury will be around .25 – 20 year at .35 while the 30 year will go as low as .40
    11. Treasury bond values will increase dramatically.
    12. The government response will be like the 3 stooges on a bad day and, will ultimately usher in the inflation.
    13. As Greg says, be flexible, own your stuff, get rid of as much stuff and debt as possible. Simplify, simplify, simplify !!!
    Buckle your seat belts and all the best. What these evil clowns have done to this once proud country is nothing short of despicable, to say the least.

  53. Trinacria

    I forgot, one more thing:
    It is important to understand in all this that Quantitative Easing is NOT money printing. Fed takes bonds from primary dealers (like JPM, etc.) and gives them credit in their Fed account and they get minor interest on this – is is a swap. Banks are supposed to lend money into existence against these credits at the Fed; but they are not doing so as they fear BK’s. The credits themselves are not liquid under current law.
    What has expanded is credit in margin accounts that allow the purchase of equities on borrowed money. The has fueled the greatest speculation, probably since the Civil War. Once this credit expansion in these accounts is curtailed as should be happening soon due to the fact that banks will be forced (due to leverage rule changes) to start buying up bonds again soon….well, that along with the rising dollar should go a long way to popping the equity bubble.

  54. Butch W

    Thanks Greg,

    I really think Gates is buying farmland to let it sit and starve out the people.

    • Greg Hunter

      You might be right, but Gates also hates Bitcoin. I don’t like Gates one bit I am just looking for clues as towhy he’s doing what he is doing.

      • Butch W

        It fits his no carbon production to let the soil fallow. He’s thus reducing the P factor to zero.

        God bless you and yours.



  56. Self Exiled

    The DNA is composed of 4 elements hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, when put together form Y-H-W-G. Carbon is what makes us physical and earthly beings. When carbon is replaced with nitrogen, we have all colorless, odorless, and invisible gases! They form the letters Y-H-W-H which is the name of God.

  57. eddiemd

    The besmirching of that star spangled banner.

  58. Rich

    Thanks Greg,
    Fantastic Guest and I am glad you mostly let him roll, he didn’n need
    any “prompting”!! You made a nice pair, you had points of interest to bring up and knew when to bring them up… smooooothie! ha ha
    Mr. Barisheff tied so much together yet it was woven well like fine lace.
    Great choice and at just the right time I believe, really loved this show, though I like very much and more enough of your others
    Also uplifting to hear you and him openly call this horrible murderous freedom stealing fraud a fraud, just today again I got the crap from some dumbie moron asking me “Where’s your mask”….always in a not nice way!!
    Unfortunately I must agree the nation is being destroyed and we might not have another 4 years, jobs being sent out of the country, the fake executive trying to bait the Russian President, and I’ll just leave it at that, I don’t want to be a repeater of the Names of Doom!!
    God’s blessings to you and yours, your honest informed patriotic listeners and guests, and his wrath, if I may beseech, upon those he may deem worthy!!

  59. Doug

    Greg, again you forget to ask you guest what the “GREAT RESET” means to him. Please put a yellow note on your computer for future guests. Thank you. Doug

  60. wayne hardin

    Nick Barisheff reminds me a little of Paul Greene .
    How about you Greg .

  61. David

    The financial games against gold and silver will go on as people continue listening to the diktats of central banks. Central banks will assert the primacy of fiat currencies because that is what they are assigned to do. Their power is derived from an insider’s game to distract the masses from reality.
    Today, Jerome Powell, Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve suggested crypto currencies are a replacement. A replacement for gold! Gold is too volatlie when compared to the U.S. Dollar, according to Mr. Powell.
    Mr. Powell is taking a cheap shot at gold to distract Dollard holders. He touts the value of digital currencies while exploring the possibility of digital dollars.
    Why have people been investing in bitcoin? Crypto currencies fans have touted the fact that each crypto currency is limited in relationship to the amount of dollars that have, and will be, created. This is the truth as each crypto vertical, such as BitCoin, is concerned. Crypto currencies should be analyzed horizontally as well as vertically. Is there a limit to how many crypto currencies can be created?
    Inflation will inevitably enter the crypto currency world as the value of each currency will be diluted by the advent of new currencies. There will be additional currencies created because the creators want to seek the explosive value growth exhibited by Bitcoin. Crypto currency portfolios will not protect against this weakness as it is the cause of the weakness, which is too many financial units chasing a limited amount of goods.
    The only way to defend your economic freedom is to leave currencies by placing your money in truly limited resources, such as gold, silver and arable farmland. Any other action will leave you and your family defenseless against manipulation.
    Thank you, Mr. Barisheff, for your analysis. Thank you, Greg, for sharing another crucial conversation. My hat goes off to both of you.

    • AL HALL





  62. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    You’re very busy. Among other things, conducting interviews, creating content and moderating multiple comments. That said, I hope you can find the time to listen to the linked-to interview. Very hard hitting – but as you say, you know the truth when you hear it . . .

    • Rachel

      brilliant podcast Andrew!

  63. John

    Same old song for many years. It’s not going to happen anytime soon. Gold and silver will stay where they are for the most part.

    • Greg Hunter

      Silver was up 45% in 2020–gold 25%. The Congress just approved another $1.9 trillion and another $4 trillion in infrastructure is coming. The Fed is prini9ng another $125 billion a month for the repo market and add that up with the $145 trillion in on and off book cash. This does not count Medicare and social security commitments. Nothing is staying the same “for the most part”.

  64. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

  65. Jerry5

    I guess we know now why Walmart was allowed to stay open during the pandemic. COVID ( certificate of vaccination ID ). They’re in on it.

    Folks it’s coming. Are you ready?

  66. garrette

    Where is Bo? His call for Gold and silver to go way higher!
    Can you bring him back on for another interview?

  67. eddiemd

    Very strange video footage out of Colorado.

    I was watching the video yesterday of the guy in shorts with a bloody leg. He had crowning baldness pattern from the overhead views. He appears to be in his late 30s to 40s or even more.

    Now they are telling us he is 21yo.

    The narrative does not make sense. And the Senate just happens to be debating gun control and two mass shootings in one week. What is wrong with this narrative?

    • Robert K


      You just hit the nail on the head, and I am glad someone else is thinking the same thing I am. False flags??? What better way to have ridiculous extremist and far sweeping anti-2nd amendment gun control measures passed, than having mass shootings take place and front headlines? They have to paint the picture that guns= bad = mass shootings & murder. What better way to drive this point home that have multiple reported mass shootings taking place? This is not surprising; we just have to look at the optics. Don’t be surprised to see an uptick in shootings in recent weeks and the year ahead.

      If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected, and not be surprised by it. I.e., A coup against a sitting President, a stolen election through foreign interference and massive fraud, complicit courts & scheming political parties, scamdemic/plandemic, staged rioting and looting, anti-cop rhetoric, i.e., all white cops= want to kill blacks, controlling the American people via scare tactics, fear, propaganda, and MSM brainwashing.

      2021, and so far, what do we see?
      • Mass C19 vaccinations–>The media & puppet in chief perpetrating dangerous lies & unproven vaccinations and the sheep (America people), are being led to the slaughter
      • Even more scare tactics and fear mongering–> Needing to wear 2 or 3 masks? & C19 passports?
      • Executive Orders galore–> Too many ridiculous anti-American garbage to list here
      • Massive inflation–>Fuel prices, lumber prices, oil prices, Food, etc. (Here is Georgia, fuel prices have almost increased $1.00 per gallon since November 3, 2020 & fuel prices never rose above $2.20/gallon during President Trump’s entire 4-year presidency).
      • 2nd scam impeachment of President Trump–> A U.S. citizen at this point (After he was out of office)–>Setting the stage for no other non-politician like President Trump to ever run again.
      • Mass shootings–> Huge uptick in extremist gun legislation & laws–> Taking away Americans rights to defend themselves or hunt through False Flag operations.
      • Tons of “Stop Asian Hate” rhetoric–> Being connected to President Trump when he called CV19 the “Wuhan flu”. Now, anyone who voted for President Trump or fits the demographic, i.e., white, male, Christian, conservative, etc. is branded a racist & xenophobic.
      • Daily poisoning of American skies & Geoengineering
      • Ridiculous stimulus packages & money laundering
      • Weather warfare

      There are tons more that I could add since January 20, 2021, but in the interest of brevity, I will cap the list here.

      If I know one thing, it is do NOT be surprised by further agendas that are extreme anti-American/ anti-God/ anti-conservative/ anti-2nd Amendment, or anti-fill in the blank for anything that is remotely American.

      Greg, could this possibly be a topic of conversation for an upcoming WNW?

  68. Florida Prepper

    So Nick’s book has been wrong on the price of gold by 500% for 8 years, so his idea is to be wrong now by 1000’s of percentage points going forward? He said 8 years ago that it will be $10,000, it barely hit 20% of that. Now he’s going to say it will hit $50,000 ????????? Sure it will, just like it did last time when it hit $10,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are showing you really do not know what’s going on with the USD and money creation. Go back to sleep.

  69. Ralph Braly

    Hello Greg,
    I have been wanting to ask you for a log time, as to how gold (less Silver) would be dispersed would as we wait in a long line just to get change. It has been bothering me for some time now.
    For instance, if I went to the grocery store and used some of my gold, would the cashier be able to give me change? Would she even know how much change to give back in silver, or even change back with a 1/10 oz. gold piece? I can imagine what a long line would be developing as she tries make change?
    Worse than that, I can imagine the I.R.S. may want to get a hand in the deal, but they might try to make regular change or even worse, as they get in this. Thanks much.

    • Greg Hunter

      You would exchange it for cash or the next currency they come up with and you have to pay taxes when you make a profit. I don’t see the problem and I think you are better off with metals than without them.

  70. hudiburgh

    No hyperbole here, Biden is like a criminal mob boss, acting just like one.

  71. Alex

    Wonderful, highly intelligent and wise gentleman. Thanks, Mr. Hunter.

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