Covid19 Real Beast Causing Dangerous Pandemic – Chris Martenson

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Chris Martenson is futurist, economic researcher and holds a PhD in toxicology from Duke University. So, Martenson has a unique perspective about the coronavirus and what its effects will be to the global economy. Don’t believe the mainstream media. Things are not getting better, and Martenson contends, “It’s getting worse. It is a tale of two stories inside China and outside China. Inside China, we have been suspicious of their reporting, and they have been underreporting the cases at least by a factor of 10 and maybe more. This is both for infections and deaths. . . . The Chinese government would not lock down 90% of their economy just to save a couple of lives. They don’t roll that way. So, there is something there that is very worrisome to them. . . . Outside of China, we trust the numbers a lot more. . . . So, when we are looking outside of China, we are seeing the cases of the coronavirus are now increasing exponentially. It’s got a very short doubling time and a very high rate of infectivity. It’s not the flu. It’s not SARS. The mainstream media is trying to tell people there is nothing to worry about, and we don’t take that view at all. . . . Covid19, as they call it now, is a real beast.”

What should you do? Martenson explains, “This is a very dangerous pandemic kind of a virus. We have never seen anything like it before since the Spanish flu. This thing is almost certainly going to romp around the world. . . . For people who are listening, you have to be prepared for the idea . . . if they say we are going into an imposed quarantine in a city. How do I prepare for that? You need to ask yourself what would I need if I was stuck inside my home for 30 or 60 days? That is probably a reasonable amount of time to plan for.”

How bad economically will the Covid19 virus crisis get? Martenson points out, “One in eight companies are so-called zombie companies.” Meaning, they have to keep borrowing cheap money to stay in business. Martenson says governments are hooked on huge deficits and cheap money too, and now the China virus chaos hits an already over-leveraged economy, and more massive money printing is needed to keep debt from defaulting. Martenson says, “This is taking the world’s most important manufacturing center and shutting it down all at once. That’s like throwing a car into reverse at 60 miles per hour on the highway. . . . Supply chain disruptions are going to be legendary. . . . This isn’t like one company having trouble like AIG where Hank Paulson has to ride to the rescue with $700 billion of fresh U.S. taxpayer money. We are talking about a system of tens of thousands of interlocking components that are frozen, and nobody quite knows how to unravel all of that. I think that is well beyond the capability of the Federal Reserve to throw more QE money into the market and goose stocks a little longer. This is the real deal. This isn’t a dress rehearsal. It is happening. People need to be able to make sense of this, and in the absence of being able to make sense of all of this, having some gold makes a lot of sense. I think that’s why we are seeing it pop here.”

Martenson likes physical silver, too.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Chris Martenson, co-founder of

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After the Interview:

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  1. Goat

    Yes, was watching the interview when the notice came through. Been watching Chris Martenson for about the last month and an half, and he has been very diligent on this topic. Good interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Goat!

      • Ch

        This was a wonderful interview. I appreciate all of your interviews.and please continue to keep us all informed.we really need the kind of information you contribute to the community.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks CH!

          • Mike R

            Yeah ! You got Chris ! He was as spot on as ever. If people aren’t listening to Chris, and his profound wisdom, then they are simply setting themselves up for a lot of potential future and unnecessary ‘pain.’ It could be financial, it could be medical, it could be just literally surviving. If there are viewers around the world watching this, whether its Italy, Japan, China, S Korea, they are all getting a real dose of unvarnished reality about the impact of Corvid19.

            Oh, and gold is up another $21 from Friday. Here on a Sunday evening. We are getting very close to those $50 and $100 up days in gold.

            Thanks for getting him on.

            • Kevin S.

              You spoke too soon. Try $50 and $100 down days in gold. Better luck next time with your predictions.

              • Greg Hunter

                You do realize we had a market crazy of epic proportions and do you really think the Plunge Protection Team was not in there trying to stop or at least slow it down. You do realize they also criminally suppress the price of gold and silver to give the FALSE appearance there is no where to run? Gold it still up 20% year over year and up .49% still in the last 30 days. Can you say that about equities? Heck NO you cannot.

                • Kevin S.

                  No, reallly?

      • Russ McMeans

        Thanks Greg for notifying us via our email
        Inbox’s Chris M. is great.
        Best article on China epicenter and their level 4 bio lab: a must read

    • K.Wayne

      Chris has taken a huge hit for stepping across the line here. It is more than obvious he is hitting the target, someone or Agency wants him shutdown. I posted a reference to one of Chris’s updates on the WNW and Chris touched on it briefly here….the issue of the secondary infection. He has the ability to cut through all the BS and call a spade a spade in his no nonsense approach. Superb Interview Greg…and none more timely.

      • K.Wayne

        *****IMPORTANT UPDATE*****
        For Greg and all Watchdog viewers/followers…..
        This Wuhan Corona Virus is a Genetically Engineered Biological Warfare Substance ….which was developed in the BSL4 Facility in Wuhan China…..
        AND……IT HAS A GAIN OF FUNCTION … implying is has been developed to spread efficiently in the human population…in other words it is a TURBOCHARGED SUPER VIRUS.
        What is absurd and proven…is that this particular strain of Virus came from the BSL-3 biowarfare lab at the University of North Carolina….WE SOLD THE CHICOMS A NAZI BIOLIGAL WEAPON.
        “There is no legitimate scientific or medical use for gain of function technology, DNA technology on biowarfare”….PERIOD !!!
        I have maintained that this virus is a real threat and it is not a conspiracy. I now have the evidence that this is the coordinated action of a combination of American and Chinese Institutions working on Bio-Warfare substances.
        The full disclosure is in this article with the links to the studies at Science Direct.
        Esteemed Professor Frances Boyle has commented on these studies and findings and categorically states that it is a Biological Weapon that has been DNA engineered to make it a SUPER Virus.
        Alex Jones interviewed Prof. Boyle and all of these startling facts and conclusions have left me in a state of shock. It is simply unbelievable that these Labs can exist and that they can freely sell Weapons of a Biological nature that could potentially be used against us.
        Listen to the interview….but be warned ….it will shake you to the core.
        Watch it and make your family and friends watch it. Pass it onto as many people you know. This needs to be common knowledge and it needs communicating to every human on the planet….URGENTLY.
        alternative site for watching this video interview.

        • D Wilson

          Please be careful to quote Dr. Boyle’s “facts” as being such–check his past record-anti-Semite, extreme left wing nut job, international lawyer from Harvard, supporting Arab and loony indigenous causes, and absolutely hates the USA with a passion.

          Agree with above authors about this virus having spurious origins and is wired to spread, kill and permanently disable.

          OK, here’s the deal from an actual doctor that has some idea as to what may happen:

          1) The cat is out of the bag so to speak; China now can only slow but not stop the progress of this illness in China or its spread to other countries.

          2) An infectious illness is judged on how easily it spreads to others and to its virulence. It is very apparent that Covid is easily transmitted-we started with 1 infected person on a cruise line and after lock down quarantine, there are 600+ in a week or so. Mortality rate we do not yet really know, maybe 2-3% but probably much more. What happens when this thing sets up in countries like Bangladesh-millions could die.

          3) I am an imaging doc (radiologist) and we have been getting hi res CT chest data from our Chinese colleagues thru the American College of Radiology, indicating that this is a very bad illness any may for the survivors leave permanent lung damage/disability.

          4) Those are the facts-it will get to the US last if we use appropriate quarantine methods-including travel to and preventing visitors coming to our country from locations where the virus is out of the bag. When it sets up in Mexico we will need to seal the border or the game is over. Prep accordingly. Water-non-perishable food-backup electricity-medical resources/meds-are a priority. You have 3 months at the most.

          • D Wilson

            more. . .

            5) Our CDC is awesome and is on top of it in the US; most Western Infectious agencies will for the most part stay ahead of this for a while but it eventually will have a significant impact in the US. CDC is rumored to already have a vaccine ready to manufacture due to their long-term concern about Corona virus.

            6) Please ignore the ignorant statements made by the anti-vax crowd; they know not what they say-’nuff said. When available, you will want the vaccine.

            7) My big worry, and one that has been pretty much ignored, is what happens for third world countries when Corona virus comes knocking.

            the sailmann

            • K. Wayne

              I have my reservations about the CDC doing what is required when they are being undermined by the State Department and the HHS.
              Is there an agenda here?
              I don’t for one minute think or believe or trust that the health authorities have done the necessary to prevent this Virus from entering this country.
              You say 3 months….I give it 1 month at the most. Any evidence of contagion and its game over in my view. Whether that event is made public…. is the real game changer. I would expect that the alt-media sites would come under fire in the not too distant future. Our Government will control the narrative just like in Communist China.
              I sense that they have preparing for this event for some time. National Guard movements , drills, lockdown scenarios, foreign troop deployment…..Jerry has been all over this over the last few years…and has consistently made comments here about his observations. Martial Law is a real possibility should we get to the crisis level seen in China. That’s when the illusion will become reality and for most people will put them into a zombified stupor.

              • D Wilson

                I have worked with the docs at CDC; they take their job very seriously and if a higher up tried to change what is good epidemiological procedure, they will tell them to go to hell.
                Remember–all CDC has right now is quarantine. For the conspiracy folks, it makes sense to take the folks off the boat, bring them to the US and keep them under lock and key to get real data-CDC does not trust the data from China!

                Remember-new novel virus- need real (not second hand) data!

                • D Wilson

                  The time that an infected person can still transmit the disease is still very much in the air-we don’t have good trustworthy data from the Chinese. I am concerned that people infected may have a carrier state (think Typhoid Mary) that may last on occasion for more that 2-3 weeks. Early data supports that but it may be in only a few percent.
                  The CDC knows a lot about Corona Virus but not about this “variant” from China. Time will determine whether we can develop an effective counter to it. Assume not in time.

            • TheTruthBurns

              The CDC is doing NOTHING – They are Covering Up just like the Fucking Chicoms. There are NO as in N0ne Reliable Testing Kits, There are NO Quarantines or Enforced confinement of Infected & according to a MSM article They Admit that up to 7000 people in the US are currently under “Voluntary Quarantine” with Each State “Deciding” how to Deal with this. The CDC is going to Cover this Up until They CAN’T. NEVER TRUST ANY “GOVERNMENT” Agencies. Only California, Illinois & Michigan have done Any Testing – the Other 47 NADA, NOTHING, NEVER, NONE.

        • Mike

          The gain of function attribute has to be true, as all sorts of experts have said the R naught is easily 4.4, and may be as high as 6.7. So this is very real, and the gain of function property was ENGINEERED into existence into this virus. 3 research papers prove it. Its ONLY purpose is as a WEAPON. Period.
          All the evidence points to this attribute, which is the scariest of all.

          We are all seeing how it spreads asymptomatically AND, there are people who have been without symptoms for 27 days. Thats a fact. So that means those people are spreading it, unknown to anyone else including themselves. Thats insidious. That could only be the function of a bio weapon. Face the facts. The world, not just China, has been hit with an untenable bio weapon. Senator Tom Cotton is right. And people are ripping him to shreds.

          The HIV attribute was also engineered into it. This makes it have the property of no available natural anti-bodies to fight it. So no wonder there is no vaccine, and also no current treatment that is proven to work at all. Hence the high fatality rate. People are naively assuming 2% fatality when its more likely to be 15 to 17%.

          And as stated by Chris M, the Dr. you can get it a second time, and since your body produced no anti bodies to handle it, you effectively have a death sentence.

          How in the world does any country keep this damn bio weapon from wiping out a big chunk of their own population, because effectively there is absolutely no way to quarantine people long enough, (unless they have months stock pile of food and financial resources to do that long without employment or a paycheck) and if people have gotten it and recovered they still need to be quarantined, UNTIL the very last person has been infected, which basically means infinity. There is no end to this virus, UNLESS you come up with a REAL vaccine, and get your entire country vaccinated before it hits en masse. Its been let loose in China to way too many people, before quarantines were put into place, so China is just plain cooked. If they quarantine for not just weeks, but months, and have no plan to get people locked in their homes any food, then those people will simply starve. Die from the virus or die from starvation ? Choose your poison. How tragic for China !

          Now do all the videos you see on line where many houses are boarded up from the outside to prevent people from getting out, make sense ? Yes of course. Now we know that its a bio weapon, as Im 100% certain Chinese government all the way to the top knows its a bio weapon and knows its exact properties. They are letting those people simply die from the virus, or die from starvation to somehow protect the larger population.
          There is basically no way any medical professional or expert could go into China, to even examine the situation, without risking their own life. You’d need an incredibly air tight hazmat suit, with separate oxygen tanks, to be 100% sure, and even then it may not be 100% if you get a puncture somewhere, during your visit. And you could not do that for more than a few hours, before you’d have to get out of there. Anything and everything would have to be decontaminated that flew into China. Since they say the virus can survive for 9 days on any surface. Where and how do you dump your hazmat suit, when you take it off, without getting yourself infected that way, unless someone else decontaminates your suit while you are in it. ????

          Grasp the magnitude of this folks. Now all the videos of them spraying some sort of ‘disinfectant’ throughout the streets of Wuhan, but more likely it has to be something that they know KILLS the virus dead on. And they’ll have to keep spraying everything and anything for a long time.

          There is just no way this virus ends in China in only a few weeks. China as we once knew it, may not be around any longer. All the factories producing all the stuff we buy, many may never come back to re-open. China’s only hope is to keep quarantining, keep decontaminating, accepting that millions will die, and hope some how some country comes up with a vaccine. But everything you hear in this new video with Dr Boyles, indicates there is not likely going to be a working vaccine.

      • Freebrezer

        KW – Yish!!!! Maybe a double dog Yish … The paper is about using the Furin (a little background – cleavage site which distinguishes it from the SAR virus as a possible avenue for vaccine. If it did not have this difference IT WOULD be the SARS virus!) … and No where does it even mention that it is from a bio-lab? Speculation! Your site is a chimera – same as the MSM … all BS … it is in the same league as CNN … take snippets of truth and concoct a conspiracy … Alex Jones is very good at that! Here is what a real science paper looks like: … they are hiding behind that the paper is behind a paywall that they know most people will not pay! Dirty! I learned early from politics that just because it is printed does not mean it is true. Your site is “end of the world” conspiracy site that explodes truth to false hoods. Your hyperbole is almost crossing the line in my view. If you listened to Chris (I did) he is very clear in stating what the science says, and what the data COULD mean (not very good). Again he clearly differentiates between known fact and what it possible could mean and what it could possible indicate.

        • Freebrezer

          – when you have a 1.4 billion plus Chinese people (or 7 + billion people world wide) with a lot of them malnourished, live in filth and who are eating what ever they can get, the odds exponentially increase that a virus is going to jump from an animal or have antigenic shift ( The Asian flu of 1957/8 had an antigenic shift and in 1968/9 killed ~ 4 million people (Hong Kong flu) … jumped from pigs. Look at the HIV virus that jumped from monkeys to people and has killed ~ 30+ million. The SARS virus started in China – and hell yes they would be investigating it. Could it be a virus that escaped – maybe? a Bio-weapon – ???.

        • K. Wayne

          How is it that a Virus such as COVID-19 can be DNA Engineered to not only have Gain of Function but also kill and cause permanent damage/illness. The Bat soup theory works just fine for you, but not for me. This thing was developed intentionally in a Lab (just like SARS and MERS)….only with a level of lethality combined with R0 on a level of magnitude higher than the predecessors.
          Locking down entire cities and 600Mln people does not portend of a common Flu or Cold…..nor does the actions of the CCP in rounding up people like cattle whilst obfuscating the truth in true Orwellian style.
          Hardly Hyperbole either….. sometimes people can’t handle the TRUTH no matter what form it takes.
          I’m happy that you actually listened to Chris…. your comment on the WNW somewhat was at odds with what he stated and you distinctly questioned his knowledge. Making a step in the right direction finally.
          Stay on your happy horse…… but please keep out of harms way. This thing is the real deal and its a “BEAST” !!

          • Freebrezer

            K – I always question: When Chris’s views differ from the Doc on WebCram, I take the doctors facts as precedent . I still hope that this virus is going to stall out out on the doorsteps of western sanitation. I have yet to see the facts per Ro per coughing vs. Ro per vomit/fecal matter … what is the main vector for transmission? The major outbreaks are still in sub western standard sanitation. The Cruise ship mimicked an exact outbreak of the norovirus (transmission via vomit/fecal ). As per the Italian outbreak – COINCIDENCE (?) it is a huge hub of where African refugees come in and are located. Common colds Ro range from 2 -5, not to dissimilar per cov-19 … The lethality for older people with compromised immunity – horrible @ 20X the common flu. Will there be outbreaks in America and other western countries – yes because of all the traveling coming in from third world countries.

          • Freebrezer

            2nd point – Per this ‘Gain-of-function’ … The article you referenced the USA W. readers to which uses a research paper behind a pay wall is really DIRTY, Dirty , dirty!!!! I have tried to get to that paper but I am not going to pay $35.95 to read it … this is wrong/evil! This “gain of function” referenced by the Alex Jones site, I believe is not (IS NOT) in the original paper (KW – prove that it is!) which then says that the site you reference the USA watchdog readers to is so very much garbage!!!!!! I hate dirty sites that play this game! … do you see how dirty it is to reference a scientific paper that the readers cannot read for themselves and if they want too, they have to pay 35 bucks? AND then have a ‘so called’ expert concoct a scenario from that paper which I and others cannot confirm? Again that site is playing very dirty!!!! I see the same with CNN, MSNBC etc,

            • K.Wayne

              Sounds to me like you are questioning the integrity of Prof. (DR) Boyle and that of Alex Jones. I have every reason to believe what is put forward notwithstanding your downplaying of the severity of this disease which should be declared a Global Emergency and a Pandemic. The Virus wont stand still or subside while you attempt to verify every last piece of data.
              IN FACT… is raging out of control now with rates of infection doubling almost daily. Deaths outside of China (Italy, Iran and Sth. Korea) prove the virus has manifested and is spreading uncontrollably.
              Meanwhile here in America, the CDC have hidden the real numbers of Infected and have been negligent in their testing (c. 400 from many thousands), isolation and quarantining. What are they hiding and why?
              I also understand that there is no known vaccine at present and that it may take 12-18 months (if at all) to develop one. What I suspect is that the Health authorities and Disease Control have insufficient data to understand this Virus fully (because it is an unknown variant to the Coronavirus strain …… per Dr Boyle “a concoction of nCov+HIV+Gain of Function”….a potential death sentence for anyone that gets infected). Concurrently (IMO) they are completely obfuscating their inability to stop the COVID-19 from infecting America’s population.

              • Freebrezer

                K- get me and the readers here the science paper behind the pay wall and let us see what it actually says.

                • K.Wayne

                  Nothing to see here….move right along………..

                  Donald J. Trump

                  “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me”!
                  ….one day after the White House requested $2.5 billion in emergency funding to deal with the epidemic.
                  ….”Trump’s comment came shortly after the WSJ reported that drugmaker Moderna has shipped the first batch of its “rapidly developed coronavirus vaccine” to U.S. government researchers, ….
                  Impossible ….. given the “New” COVID-19 only came into existence in Dec 19…….
                  But then again maybe this strain of Virus was easily deciphered…..NOT!!

                • K.Wayne


                  …….. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

                  • Freebrezer

                    The paper has been withdrawn – bioRxiv is receiving many new papers on coronavirus 2019-nCoV. A reminder: these are preliminary reports that have not been peer-reviewed. They should not be regarded as conclusive, guide clinical practice/health-related behavior, or be reported in news media as established information.

                  • Freebrezer

                    Why would you post a paper that has been withdraw and has a header – The paper has been withdrawn – bioRxiv is receiving many new papers on coronavirus 2019-nCoV. A reminder: these are preliminary reports that have not been peer-reviewed. They should not be regarded as conclusive, guide clinical practice/health-related behavior, or be reported in news media as established information. ????

    • Rob

      This corona virus as well as any curse is completely subject to Father’s Word for anyone who approaches it with complete faith in our Father’s promises as John G. Lake proved in this short testimony:

      Father is beginning the travail that will soon lead to the last 8 years and no the church is not escaping tribulation:

      • paul ...

        You Know … God the Father gave us brains so we did not have to live in his world like this … … it is up to us “to use those brains God gave us” and shut down the Military/Industrial/Bankster Complex … the reason we were designed by God the Father “with a brain” is so that we wouldn’t have to depend upon God the Father to save our sorry dumb asses all the time … he has other way more important work to do (like fighting off that Demon Satan who is always trying to impeach him) … it is time for us humans to “grow up” and become responsible for ourselves … and stop waiting for God the Father to solve all our problems!!!

        • Rob

          You wont be shutting down the Military/Industrial/Bankster Complex because God uses the wickedness of man to destroy himself:

          Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I am Jehovah, that doeth all these things.

          Think of this ball of dirt as nothing more than a proving grounds to prove who belongs in God’s congregation:

    • Brendan Foley

      Great work Greg. I look forward to each of your interviews. I find them very informative. Thank you for your excellent work.

    • Stan

      I call bs,,,, the common flu is worse. This is a manufactured crisis to destroy the economy. The ONLY to beat President Trump is to crash the economy. Remember the housing crisis? That was caused by $4.50 per gallon gasoline. That started the panic that caused the deflation in the housing market.

    • rich

      Your moderators have certainly proved that we do live in a matrix, and truth is hate to those that hate the truth.

      • Greg Hunter

        Sometimes (Your) truth is a lie (troll propaganda) and hate is simply hate.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Wonderful insight Greg!
    Even the MSM are starting to adjust their narrative.
    Thanks again.

    • Anthony Australia

      Shows a few friends this video, that 15 million people have views, they lasted about 20 minutes before commencing to check their phones and lose interest.

      • paul ...

        Excellent post AA … God gave us the brains to thrive … we just have to use our God given brains to do good things for one another … not evil things like starting continuous unending wars around the globe or creating worldwide pandemics with deadly viruses!!

      • Brooklyn


        You just reminded me that we planned to send this to many (50 +) friends and family. As Greg’s email stated, this may well be the most important interview/information he has presented all year.

        Thanks. Brooklyn

  3. Harry L

    Hi Greg! Good interview as usual. Good information. We are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. It seems to us that this is an engineered bioweapon and may end up taking a lot of lives. Praying that God still loves the U.S. and we dodge the worst of this. Happy Birthday again! LOL!

    • paul ...

      Preparing “for the worst” is going to be difficult … if you even dare to think of the worst … remember how controlling the swine flu required “the killing off of half the pigs” … and the bird flu required “the killing off of half the chickens” … I guess half the humans is better then the killing off 6 billion humans as the Georgia Guidestones suggest will happen … scary how these Georgia Guidestones were erected “right near huge vats of Spanish Flu virus the US created and stockpiled in Georgia as part of our biological warfare program” … are these Georgia Guidestones indicative of what is coming? … or simply put up as a warning … for us citizens to begin to wake up and take the necessary action to destroy these deadly potent and evil bio-weapons??

      • paul ...

        The world is following the leader … and not doing a very good job at it … “a true leader” should be doing what is right and moral (using Jesus Christ as our moral guide and model to do what is right)!! …

        • paul ...

          We won’t know until it is finally over how many will need to die to stop this virus … hopefully it will be less then what the evil psychopath killers and haters of humanity engraved on the stones below … … if it “is less” then what they hoped for … then bio-weapon scientists will be funded with extra billions of taxpayer money … and ordered “to modify this Corona Virus to make it more lethal” … so it can be added to our bio-weapon stockpile for future use against humanity … although nukes kill millions … it is not enough for these psychopaths … they need to kill billions of humans to satisfy their Demonic souls!!

  4. Country Codger

    Chris, super duper interview. Greg, fantastic interview and a fantastically timely guest. You nailed it.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks CC. Now go out and get ready and stay ready!!

      • St. Clare Seeds

        I think a lot of people are starting to get the idea of “getting ready and staying ready” as sales of our heirloom seeds have shot up 46% in the last 2 weeks. Quoting David Morgan “People will be less concerned about the latest iPhone and more concerned about planting carrots in their backyard”.

        Great interview, I have been following Chris Martenson and Zerohedge closely from the beginning on this, both excellent resources. I’m not as worried about this virus spreading in the USA as I am about the economy tanking. I think we are heading for a possible subsistence crisis. A lot of stuff comes out of China.

        I would also be interested in what John Williams from ShadowStats would have to say about how this virus will/is affecting the economy.

        God Bless you Greg,
        John and Sarah
        St. Clare Heirloom Seeds

      • Country Codger

        We are ready for years to come! We knew our family would not prep so we did it for them, not just food but water, medicine, vitamins, etc. I have helped several congregations set up “pantries” just for their members in event of emergencies and living within a 100 miles of the Gulf Coast they listened. We only have @750 people in town and we live outside but many people, about 25%, are prepped or getting there quickly.
        Keep up the great work.

  5. paul ...

    Excellent … everyone needs to get prepared “NOW” … get everything you will need for you and your families survival … enough of everything … to carry you through a mandatory “minimum two(2) month lock down” at home … this is no time to be wasting your cash investing in the Stock Market … as for gold and silver … “hold on” to what you already own in gold and silver … they are both going higher … however stick to buying necessities right now … looking at the charts … gold is heading straight to $1900 … … and silver straight to $35 … … but all the fun of finally seeing our precious metal dreams come true will be hampered by us counting our coins at night with gloves on our hands, masks over our faces and goggles over our eyes!!

    • William Stanley

      paul …,
      I agree: For the past month my spending has skyrocketed as I try to get ready to face this beast. Seeing PMs go up has salved the pain a little.

    • JC

      paul… you will be counting your coins at night with gloves on your hands, masks over your face and goggles over your eyes? Send us a “selfie” when you do that, ok?

    • Anthony Australia

      Now Pauly? They should have started eons ago.

      • paul ...

        AA … Better late then never!!

        • Anthony Australia

          Yes it may seem so. However we are in this mess because people did and are not prepared for life, rather fantasy land.

    • Freebrezer

      P- you still can count your silver with bare hands – silver has a natural antibacterial properties … per viruses – no idea.

      • paul ...

        It’s not the silver (which is antibiotic and anti-viral) … but the packaging it comes wrapped in could harbor the virus for 9 days!!

      • Gary

        I keep a 10 0z silver bar in my water cistern, 5000 gallons, never had a problem in 25 years. The dog and cat will will drink the silver treated water, vs the non treated water.
        Our house drinking water is treated with ceramic filters impregnated with
        silver oxide.

    • Twox2

      Don’t forget essential meds. The vast majority of raw materials for our medicines come out of China. When the supply chain breaks, they will dry up fast. Most producers have about two months of raw materials on hand. It’s all just-in-time. Get them. Now!

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    I’m astonished by the lack of a sense of urgency in getting ready amongst my friends and acquaintances . . . even amongst those who understand both the threat to public health and to the economy. They are beginning to act, but they are under the impression that they have time to wait for more information before going full out. Even I find it difficult to accept that this is actually happening.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William for your comments and support!!

    • Anthony Australia

      They’ll always be ‘asleep’ Willy.
      I try daily, been doing so for years, only one person has ever caught on.

    • laura mcdonough

      W. Stanley: Most all my retiree friends are waiting for it to get worse before they prep. We all went thru y2k and had to donate/ throw out preps after the farce had blwon over. We don’t have money to waste. some of us have masks, gloves , germ wipes, bleach, and first aid kits. We don’t want our places full of clutter.

      • William Stanley

        Supplies are already beginning to sell out. I checked about an hour ago to see about sending some food to my procrastinating brother. Long-lived storage food is still available . . . but some items have already sold out. Rice and beans are still inexpensive. I’d be happy if I get to donate mine to charity if things don’t turn out as I expect.

      • john doenuter

        It wasn’t a farce. The so-called farce, enabled our business interest’s, to play catch-up, fixing most computer timetables, dodging the bullet.
        Enabling you and friends to trash your stash!

  7. James

    Never saw a hungry person eat gold before, but on the lighter side;
    You can’t quarantine a fart.
    Soon you’ll see mandatory Pampers worn outside of your clothing as proof of protection.
    Every one will be walking around blue faced and blood shot eyes.
    And the streets will remain empty.

    • Greg Hunter

      I never saw a hungry person eat a $20 bill either and I’ll bet you will be able to buy more food with your gold than you can with your cash if you have it during a bank holiday that’s coming.

  8. tim mcgraw

    Okay, I’m ten minutes into the interview. It’s very interesting and good. But I have to say that humans can live without Apple Inc. Real apples keep us alive. The USA didn’t build cars during WWII. We can live without new cars. I like the analog world; the real world. Who cares if the digital world disappears? That’s government controlling us.
    YouTube can disappear. Google can disappear. And we’ll all be just fine.

    • paul ...

      But Tim … can we live without the knowledge and guidance our 70 year old’s provide?? … those over 70 “are more likely” to become seriously ill … and according to the following article “more then half” of those seriously ill … will die!! …

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Paul,
        I’m 68. No one listens to me. Haha! My Dad did give business lectures (for free) until he was 87. He did teach and the students did learn. You have a point. My Dad almost died of pneumonia this winter and now he is disabled. So, yes, you make a good point. Perhaps the disease is designed to get rid of the elderly and their entitlement payments.

        • laura mcdonough

          Tim McGraw: other sites mentioned about getting rid of elderly agenda by doing same thing. Adults shouldn’t have to be told anything they are responsible for themselves, we are not responsible for them.

          • tim mcgraw

            I agree with you Laura. But I truly think that people like you and I are in the minority in the USA.

  9. JC

    Greg, when you suggest stocking up on bottled water are you implying that the public water supply system might fail? If so, wouldn’t we also need water for bathing and also to be able to flush the toilet?

    • Greg Hunter

      Who knows what will happen. 10 cases of water is $40 or $50. Cheap insurance.

      • JC

        Hmm… also G.A. Stewart is concerned about potable water.

        “On a personal level, I accept the inevitability of this turning into a nightmare situation within the next two months or sooner. In the window of time allotted to us by the outbreak of what Nostradamus called The Great Plague, I am down to getting a few more items that will allow me to shelter-in-place for at least two-months.”

        “Potable water will be most people’s main concern. Looking at the pond 15 yards outside my back door, I keep in mind Nostradamus’ warning, “ Water will be a stopping ground for evil.”

      • andyb

        Greg: I own a Berkey water filter (largest one is $600); one of my best investments ever. I bought it originally because my local water system is fluoridated and I know that fluoride is a neurotoxin causing brain damage. In the event that we have an economic or viral event it is unlikely that the water department will be manned. I live in SoFla where it rains a lot. I have buckets to collect rain water.
        Have 6 months of stored food; a large part of which does not require electricity to heat or cook prior to eating
        Keep your gas tank full at all times

      • Old Geezer

        Water is less than $2.oo a case at Menards or Rural King here in Indiana with no sales tax. So yes Greg, people can stack it real cheap

      • Tom Wigand

        As with manufacturing, water, sewer and electric supplies require a “supply chain” of fuel, parts and personnel. While distribution of necessary supplies* to utilities may get priority from government officials, personnel is a wild card. “Essential personnel” may be told to report to work, but (especially in crew structures) it’s not clear that the necessary number will — or even if they’ll have enough fuel to get to work if things get bad enough.

        *And of those, what are sourced from China???

    • paul ...

      JC … collecting rainwater in barrels under your drain spout (stock up on a few barrels) can be used to flush bowls and for bathing (even used for drinking purposes in an emergency where the public water supply “gets contaminated” (due to lack of chlorine by municipalities as supply chains breakdown from China, Korea, Japan, Italy, Israel, etc., etc.) or “lack of water pressure” (due to electrical power plants shutting back operations due to delivery interruptions of gas, coal or oil) … rainwater will need to be boiled (stock some cords of firewood) or chlorinated (stock some bottles of Clorox) and filtered (stock up on activated carbon filters) before drinking it … look into setting up an emergency “solar water distillery unit” for the longer term (as home supplies of Clorox, firewood and activated carbon filters will not be infinite)!!

      • paul ...

        Years ago before the invention of water filters … people simply boiled their dirty slimy water to kill the germs and added flavor to it (like tea leaves) to mask the putrid smell!!

    • St. Clare Seeds

      JC and Greg,
      We have a Berkey Crown water filter. With 8 filters installed it will filter 5 gallons of water in 5 minutes. We use water out of our pond, but any water will do, ditch water, water saved in 55 gallon drums, rain water, river water, creak water, as long as it is water it will filter it.

      Get yourself a couple of 55 gallon drums and keep them full, then when you need water, pump it out and run it thru the Berkey Filter.

      Don’t forget, you also have a hot water heater that has water in it if needed.

      God Bless,

      • MCasey

        St Clara Seeds. Thank you. But, too late. Berkey is SOLD OUT all the way down to the 3.25 gallon and with message: “Due to larger order volume, your package will ship in 1-2 days.”

        • Jared Casey

          MCasey, If you go to they have all of their systems in stock. We just got a system there. Shipping says it should be here in less than a week from the day we ordered.

  10. Karen Delise

    Two fantastic guests in a row (Pento and now Martenson)! I too have been watching Martenson everyday he puts out a COVID-19 video. Great interview Greg. I actually watched it on YouTube (and even let all the ads play thru, since I saw he was re-monetized!) Just wanted to come over here and personally thank you for all the hard word you and Chris do to keep us informed on the really important issues.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karen!

  11. Mike G

    Here is a disturbing video in not only the idea that a bioweapon could possibly been released, but also the Chinese opening ceremonies for the UN military exercise, weeks before. Does this scream one world order?

  12. tim mcgraw

    My Dad spent his career in the pharmaceutical industry. He is 88. My Dad has always told me that, “The bugs are going to win.” By that he meant viruses and bacteria. Humans died from bacterial infections for thousands of years. Penicillin and the polio and small pox vaccines were anomalies. The bugs adapt much faster than humans. IMO the golden age of humans is ending. Populations will collapse. Yes, the Titanic hit the iceberg a long time ago. At least the band is still playing.

  13. JC

    Ten Italian towns are locked down due to the virus.

  14. Kerriellen

    Dear Greg, thank you for bringing us this interview. Chris is terrific! I first became acquainted with his work in August 2011 when during a three-day power outage after a hurricane I read his book, “Peak Prosperity.” I’ve kept up with him ever since and have been following his daily video updates on “the virus.” I keep trying to inform others of the gathering storm coming to our shores–both medically and economically.

    Just as a side-note, you may want to look at the home page of “The Hal Turner Radio Show.” Mr. Turner has been way ahead of the curve on this ongoing crisis. . . Also a gentleman, “Andy” at the Youtube channel, “Andology” has been doing journeyman work on the exponential growth of the virus spread, as well as preparedness planning. His work is most deserving of a look-see. He’s done some astounding work. . . Thank you again, Greg!

  15. Robert

    I have Mexican friends here in the states that tell me there’s no corona virus being reported in Mexico. Why is that? You’d think it would be there too As lots of people travel to and from there and South America too. I’ve heard the regular flu is worse in terms of people having it.

    I think some people and govts like to spread fear and panic and use every mode.

    • Chip

      They simply do not and cannot test for it. No test kits available IMO… Chip

      • Robert

        Many cities down there are as modern as ours.

    • BIC


      There is no coronavirus reported in North Korea either and yet hundreds of cases every day in South Korea. Both are next door neighbors of China. Think about it!

    • paul ...

      Robert … Mexico “not reporting” cases of Corona Virus … does not mean they don’t have it!! … it’s just the opposite of what you say … the government of Mexico is more likely not reporting any cases because they don’t want to spread fear and panic!!

  16. David W Anderson

    Another good interview. You should take a look at the video’s Cliff High has on this subject or better yet arrange to interview him yourself.

    Always like your videos.
    David, Colo Spgs

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Was the virus released by the Global Coastal Event that I somehow missed?

  17. Virginia Conway

    Greg, Great interview! I have been reading Peak Prosperity for some time. I understand that the new incubation period is now being considered 27 days instead of 14 days. What I find troubling is the possible second round of the virus. In a very short period of time, it appears to be spreading across the globe very quickly. Because of the complexity, I can only think this freak of nature came from a test tube. Be safe, God Bless and Thank you!

    • K.Wayne

      No freak of Nature with this Virus VC….this little baby came straight out of the BSL3 in North Carolina….then shipped to the Wuhan BSL4 in China for DNA Engineering….adding extra lethality to it. High Grade Biological Warfare substance….developed for what purpose ??
      Not only do we have Nazi Scientists and Programs here in America, but we overtly sell the stuff that we produce …….. that is totally F@#$%D UP !!
      To think these criminals are still at large and receiving funding to continue their nefarious programs. How is it possible that this has all gone unnoticed.
      The Smoking Gun has been revealed….see my comment above. They have now been exposed.
      Biological weapons will be the undoing of mankind.

  18. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Tyrants and despots rarely censor lies. They censor the truth. How many cases can anyone think of where lies were concealed behind a veil of national security? It’s the truth that gets concealed, They say they are protecting us from disinformation by using censorship while they “demonetize” the truth.

    • BetterChetter

      The greatest truth concealed: “seek ye 1st the kingdom n all shall be added to u” … one aspect of the kingdom is the human gut n the immune theory of wellness (vs the ‘germ’ theory, which has us fight germs, and fear them); a strengthened gut (fasting, cleansing n fortifying) is our offense, n thus, our best defense with a positive attitude … fear not, and fight not, but fortify often, w probiotic foods n supplements (& inspiring words of God)

  19. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Martenson.Unsurprisingly,A Fed official,James Bullard expect the Covid19 to “blow over” and the people are just a mere biological organism.Biology has a nasty habit of biting those who “understand it”imagine what it will do to morons like Bullard.
    Anecdotally,one of my bosses here in London runs a small pharmaceutical company ,he is unable to obtain excipients never mind active ingredients which are needed in the preparation of medicines .He is also starting to cut costs,we are on the front line for this cost as his home is not producing income,his delivery contract will be next.
    So Bernie Sanders wins in Iowa and European and Asian money in the USA will be sweating as to leave or move out of shares,OUCH!
    Again,anecdotally,colleagues,who are holiday in Mali and Sri Lanka are reporting an illness like flu in their home villages,both are acting as nurses for their family and are thankfully able to pay for doctors and medicine.The Sri Lankan’s sister who works in Dubai has told her about a similar sickness in Dubai,but of course this will “blow over”!
    Sill our economy here in the UK still sucks .

  20. JC

    ‘As investors, the best way to protect ourselves against a global (or regional, depending on where you live) calamity that even a large cache of US dollars could fail to provide, is to own gold.’ – Richard Mills

  21. Unknown Wolverine /Twitter

    Two types of flu exist, and the shot doesn’t cover the flu people are getting.
    When my city had a water crisis, so many were unprepared. Suspect same scenario with food, medicine, and water, again. Went to WalMart during that crisis, and was amused at the purchase of bottled water. I was already stocked as a prepper. That emergency was covered, but on a larger scale, I’m not optimistic. State is a sanctuary, and the only thing Democrat legislature is focused on is Cap and Trade. Yeah, like that’s going to help. One of your guests suggested the vaccine to cure this rubbish might have technology imbeded. That’s what is scary, and making it mandatory is questionable since we won’t know who is going to be protected and who is NOT. Your interview is an eye opener, but how many people will pay attention and do something? I repost a lot of your interviews on Twitter, but rarely get a like or retweet. Not sure what that means. They can shut it down tomorrow, and I’m ok with that. I even have water to flush toilets, until they shut off the pumps. The excess water could be distilled for human consumption. Healthwise, I’m vulnerable, but as long as the virus stays outside, I’m good.

  22. Nick de la Gaume

    Fantastic Friday wrap up!
    Great interview with C M.

    Thank so much for your efforts.
    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Papa Randy

    Greg Fifty plus years ago when I was a boy a common cartoon theme on T.V. Was a little boy with his finger in a dike. They weren’t very funny but the technology was amazing. Fast forward half a century.

    The technology is amazing, the little boy still has his finger in the dike and it’s not very funny!!!
    Greg you and Chris are true patriots!

  24. Marie Joy

    Places like North Tonawanda, NY are reporting community spread but there is a gag order on all of it.

  25. Bill Sardi

    Take a look at the CDC map of the 15 Americans who have lab confirmed COVID-19 infection. They are mostly travelers returning from China. The virus may be spreading covertly, without inducing symptoms, because most people in America are well fed, there is public hygiene, chlorinated water, fortified food, etc. Most infected healthy subjects just develop antibodies on their own without need of a vaccine. That is what that COVID-19 map is showing you. It stops “dead” and doesn’t spread from a symptom standpoint. If a vaccine were approved today and all 325 million Americans were vaccinated, 324,999, 985 would be vaccinated without any benefit (avoidance of death). In China it is only a slightly deadly (2% of infected die) compared to SARS virus that killed ~9.5% of infected subjects in 2003-04. Please examine reports of 400 lab confirmed infections on an ocean liner, none died and many did not have symptoms. In China 68% of men are smokers, many are diabetic, many are alcoholics, and those over age 80 have a 15% mortality rate. Take those cases out and you almost have no deaths. The aged have weak immune systems and are in need of nutritional support (zinc, vitamins C, D, A, B1) and selenium). The primary antidote is vitamin D as these viruses erupt in winter when sunshine UV radiation is low due to the earth tilting away from the sun. Placing patients indoors in hospitals or quarantining them makes things worse, which is what we are seeing. Don’t buy into the panic being spread. Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health

    • Thomas Dent

      Bill, I grew up listening to you on the radio!
      Knowledge is power and from you health! I’ve been able to pass on much to the benefit of friends and family. Thanks for weighing in here at
      Ben Franklin said it so succinctly; If we don’t hang together, we will most assuredly hang separately!

    • Freebrezer

      What a surprise – I have followed you for years. Plus – just get a good night sleep … it does wonder for the immune system.

  26. Andy

    Good interview Greg, … just looking at Chris’s home in the background of the interview, I was thinking this looks like the home of a prepper

  27. Thomas Thumb

    Trump calls out Fox News at Colorado rally
    Duration: 00:43 2 days ago

  28. Marie Joy

    ALL governments are hiding the number of infected. Governments lie to keep the masses from panicking and so they don’t spook the stock market.
    The Hal Turner Radio Show told of a gag order on any confirmed cases.

    • paul ...

      Yeah Marie … they tell us: “It’s time to buy stocks because the crisis is under control”!!

  29. JC

    I know we are on the topic of the virus, but this is a very suspicious “suicide.”

    ‘Philip Haney, DHS whistleblower during Obama era, found dead, was a critic of the Obama administration.’

  30. Steve Carter

    Chris Martenson knows what he is talking about. He is not an alarmist in any way. He is giving straight advice and truth. The social media companies are indeed trying to control the narrative with MSM but folks are mostly awake now. The Communist party of America (Democrats) are finally feeding on themselves and we will put the stake in them in November and coming months. Nationalism is on he rise and will finally take the lead to bring our country out of the hole (if that is possible). The FED has to be shut down. The banks must be reorganized as our fiat currency will surely fail. Pay attention to what Chris Reports ! He is the real deal !

  31. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    Chris Martenson was the best choice at this critical time. Great interview.

    After the interview, I visited and watched his latest Covid-19 video. Early in the video, Chris shows a chart showing country by country infection stats. The numbers for the USA are very strange . . .

  32. Fred Freeloader

    Philip Haney, DHS whistleblower, found dead, police say
    Nick Givas 6 hrs ago
    Haney, a former DHS agent, was also the author of “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.”
    He was an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, specifically its handling of radical Jihadist elements and Islamic terrorism.

  33. Darren

    Great video……….I have been hearing that on Feb 27th this coming Thursday…all hell is going to break loose in the US…Hal Turner in particular is stating after Thursday….things will forever be changed because of this Corona-Virus…Have you or any of you contacts heard anything about this??? If not…..take a second and take a glance at what Hal has to offer…Thanks…

  34. Jerry

    You may want to make this part of your food storage, along with antibiotics.

    Most people don’t know that the number one cause of death during a survival situation is infection. When large numbers of people are concentrated in an area, sanitation becomes an epic problem because of waste disposal. Especially in cities when utilities break down. Liquid bleach only last a few months so I prefer bleach tablets for sanitation. Sterilizing utensils is paramount in survival.

    As far as covid 19? The best defense is to stay out of populated areas, or prepare to hunker down where you are for a few months. Based on what I’ve been told, covid 19 can go undetected for up to 30 days. This means that quarantine in the United States has probably been breached since so many people have not been checked that have traveled overseas recently. In a freedom based society, the matrix is simply to large to manage. We can’t even stop illegal aliens from coming to the U.S. much less a virus, so prepare while you still can.

    FYI Greg. I believe the corona virus was bioengineered . Two years ago I had a virus that attacked my respiratory system that took me almost three months to shake. I coughed so much I thought my lungs would burst. It would have killed a elderly person without a doubt. Antibiotics were useless. This was no doubt a beta test since the corona virus attacks the respiratory system. At the time I blamed aluminum oxide from the chem trail spraying, and still do. Who knows what chemicals or viruses could be embedded in it? Least we forget that agenda 21 is about population control.

    • Freebrezer

      Jerry – in addition per survival and death … highly recommend to have plenty of neosporin and/or polysporin for all cuts and burns minor or major. A whole lot of infections come from cuts/burns etc,. and in a survival mode your hands will take some abuse.

      • Jerry

        Good idea. I’ll check my medical supply’s and make sure we have enough.

    • Mike

      Im already starting to see people out in the regular daily environment, wearing the N95 masks. These are people I know, who have not previously worn these masks. Give this about 3 weeks, and here in the US when you see people out and about, dont be surprised to see many wearing these masks, and dont be surprised to see a LOT more people working from home.

      If youve been putting off a doctor or dentist apmt, or one planned, or even a medical procedure that was due in the next few months, might not be a bad idea to get it done sooner rather than later. Last place you want to be is in a hospital, or dentist office where random people get close and personal, and viruses and bacteria are thriving in what amounts to a hot and warm mega building sized ‘petri dish’ .

  35. Robert P Barry

    I can’t remember who first said this, but COVID-19 and its economic side effects may finally precipitate it: “The price of gold will go to $50,000 an ounce, but you won’t like it.”

  36. James Novakoski

    Thanks for continuing to supply great information me and my family will keep listening.
    Jim N

  37. Richard King Lionheart

    Wells Fargo to pay $3B to resolve probes into fake accounts
    The Associated Press
    Feb 21st 2020 6:17PM

  38. donatella

    fantastic interview.
    if you think China was lying – read this!

    our own country is beginning to do the same thing. Who knows how many more states have kept quiet. These people are maniacal. They are content just sending the sheeple to the slaughter house!!! Before you know it they’ll be padlocking us in our own homes like China and then proclaim it’s all under control, (or the numbers are decreasing) while everyone gets sick and many die inside. They are pure evil.

    We have to be prepared because they all could give a damn.

    • Mike

      Consider that You tube, Google, Twitter, and all these MSM social platforms, taking this stuff down, censoring, etc. are all complicit traitors in aiding and abetting the spread of this virus, and aiding in preventing many millions of people from preparing. China does the same thing and keeps its own people in the dark, and so many millions spreaded Corvid19 further, unwittingly so. More and more over there are getting angrier. There could be massive social unrest, all caused by China maintaining dictatorial control over flow of information, and even shutting down the internet in major cities.

  39. al

    If I was a critical thinking person (a very bad thing in this system) adding up everything I have seen and learned I would probably surmise that this COVID19 virus with an aids strain was PURPOSELY released and made to spread.
    It is well known that the Cult Enemy Media and Globalists want the stock markets to go down for political reasons beyond this discussion. Since they’re being fought by the Central Bank printing and no chance for a viable Globalist US candidate, what better way to starve the economy than shutting down the supply chain? A logical next step indeed. But what do I know? I’m just a “conspiracy theorist” 🙂

    Speaking of supply chain, our Chinese supplier is fresh out of trinkets. People now ask where the merchandise is coming from, we say “pre-virus China”. Fortunately it’s a very small portion of our inventory, but given this Worldwide spread, that may become a moot point.

    David Morgan on your show almost 2 years ago said he places a pure silver coin in his water bottle. Good idea. Silver is a well known anti-bacterial/disinfectant.
    Silver is also a great replacement for paper money these days isn’t it? No virus can attach itself on a silver coin… hmmm… maybe this will drive the push for hard money again.


    A – WHY China? Usually most pandemics as such emanate from Africa. (AIDS?)

    B – A US Senator asked China to give up information on a specific Wuhan Bio-Lab for obvious reasons, to date no info has been given… WHY?

    C – WHO > NWO> what’s the common letter? ” W “which stands for World/Global. The Cult Enemy Media, Globalist organizations and Evil Big Tech seem complicit. When this virus first came out I saw an article about a cure, what happened? Where is the cure? People actually got cured! I can’t find the article!

    Thank you for having Dr. Martenson on. PHDs take a lot of blood, sweat and tears and the title Doctor is well deserved, especially for a Patriot as such.
    He is the only one that mentions the condition of the patients. As expected, the elderly, the very young and the immune compromised get hit hard.

    Vitamin C, Silver coin in a drinking glass or bottle, minimize exposure to others if possible, buy canned foods and water or a water filter that contains silver.

    some have lost their shirt by greedily trying to short the market with their wealth, only to find out that they had to cover their shorts and lose Billions!!!

  40. Andrea Stamm

    Thanks for good info I try to distribute this “news” to and , and try to tell them how important this news is.
    as well as preparing financially also very important this is a GRAND wake up CALL>
    if not this time ( corona virusses) but also other financial and other supply trouble that will happen from on much more often , and try to buy ( if you can ) USA made and produced.

  41. paul ...

    So lets say small business owners and large corporations have to shut down under a voluntary or mandated quarantine … corporations not making money might have their stock prices driven higher as the Fed steps in to buy … but ordinary people … won’t have a pay check to buy food (let alone S&P 500 stocks) … with no revenue coming in to households or corporations … the government will simply need to declare “a legal suspension of all bill paying” until the virus passes!!

    • paul ...

      You Know … the Military/Industrial/Bankster corporations hurt economically by the suspension of operations due to this virus … well deserve it … as “they are the criminally insane ones” who have promoted the development of these evil bio-weapons to begin with … why did they have to spend billions of our tax dollars on reviving the Spanish flu virus? … this was necessary “for our national security”?? … when we have nuclear weapons???

  42. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks for having this interview, Greg. It couldn’t be more important.
    For up to date information listen each evening to Jeff Rense interview with
    Henry Niman, Phd. Google LISTEN LIVE . Virus now spreading to British Columbia
    (where 65 per cent of population is Chinese) Iran, and Italy. They are on the computer each evening 7:00 or 8:00 Pacific Time with the daily report on the virus.

  43. Alan

    Thanks Greg for having Chris M on again, he is one smart guy who I (and I suspect many of your listeners) actually first learned of on USAW a few years back. The work he’s been doing via Peak Prosperity since the Coronavirus situation first burst onto the scene has been nothing short of outstanding, highly informative & insightful, yet never overblown/sensationalist, hysterical, fear mongering, etc. I hoped you would have him on soon to address the current set of circumstances and am genuinely grateful you did!

    The censorship and gaslighting of him, you, and so many others who are endeavoring to share the most truthful information about so much going on today only serve to illustrate the truth of the quote (by Mr Orwell), “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

  44. Russ

    Thanks Greg and Chris,. I always like to hear really smart people interviewed by a great interviewer. Considering the critical nature of Covid-19 and what’s really happening, a link to this interview will go out to friends and family.

    It appears that besides the Cytokine storm (aka Cytokine release syndrome) …
    … Researchers Find 61.5% Of Coronavirus Patients With Severe Pneumonia Won’t Survive

    … Pneumonia is a killer and that is a lung issue. Good info on the silver mist which makes me think it’s intended to be breathed. (Connecting dots here) Interesting. Where do we get one of those and how much silver does it use (consume, you ain’t recovering the Ag). Yeah, use that widely and the price of silver will spike up and the climb higher.

    • Russ

      Since Pneumonia — — seems to be one of the killers associated with Covid-19, it might help to review what makes folks susceptible to pneumonia.
      …”Factors that predispose to pneumonia include smoking, immunodeficiency, alcoholism, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, and old age. Additional risks in children include not being breastfed, exposure to cigarettes or air pollution, malnutrition, and poverty. The use of acid-suppressing medications – such as proton-pump inhibitors or H2 blockers – is associated with an increased risk of pneumonia.” …

      I am not a doctor of any type and I probably rely too much on wikiP. It’s a convenient resource, but it’s only one.

      • John

        The Silver Edge in Arizona sells home generator for colloidal silver. U can make a mist to breathe in. Contact them

        • Russ


          So do you just pour the colloidal silver into the nebulizer?

          • paul ...

            Why can’t you just attach your battery charger to two American Eagle silver coins in a jar of water (with a tea spoon of vinegar added as an electrolyte) … then once your colloidal silver solution is made add it to your humidifier for dispersion into the room you want to disinfect … a lot cheaper as you likely already own a battery charger, humidifier and two silver coins!!

            • paul ...

              Let’s say … you are in an emergency lock down situation … where you can’t go out and buy a battery charger … and you ran out of and need more colloidal silver to disinfect your sick room … just drill a hole near the top of a silver Maple leaf coin (which is .999 pure) and simply attach one lead of a copper wire to it (and the other lead to the second coin) … since we are not out to collect the hydrogen and oxygen produced it doesn’t matter that the two gasses are produced at both terminals (preferably do this outside and keep things well ventilated by using a fan to blow air on your plastic water tank to both cool it down and thoroughly disperse the oxygen and hydrogen gasses produced (to avoid them from recombining) … also … when you set the coins in the distilled water (add a drop of vinegar to make the water conductive) … rig it up so only half the silver coin is immersed in the water (as you don’t want to contaminate your colloidal silver with copper compounds from the electrical wire) … then plug the wire attached to your two silver coins into your 110 volt house outlet for a couple of seconds “then remove” … repeat this process “many many times” … making sure the water never gets get too hot … and the gasses generated are easily dispersed … and by this means you can produce all the colloidal silver you need for disbursement in your steam vaporizer and keep your sick room disinfected!!

              • paul ...

                You know … if just one billion people in the world buy two(2) one ounce silver coins (so they can make the colloidal silver they need to keep their families safe from the bio-weapons the greedy warmongers produce) that amounts to 62,500 tons of silver … the entire global production of silver in 2019 was only 27,000 tons … so what do you think would happen to the price of silver if silver demand exceeded 2.3 times the world’s silver production?? … and what if 6 billion people wanted just 2 silver coins to stay alive???

                • paul ...

                  This probably why the fiat money printers want to limit the world population to just 500,000 people … they don’t want to see demand for silver (or gold0 skyrocket!!

                  • JC

                    paul…. we like you, but calm down. You’re getting out of control again.

  45. asmith

    As I wrote in the comments of an earlier posting of yours, I would like to see you interview Jon Rappoport too. He has a long history reporting on big pharma psyops.

    And your friend, Greg Mannarino is calling this virus a psyop too due to his take that mainstream media is starting to make this virus a scapegoat with some caveats.

    That being said, I’m not saying Chris Martenson is wrong, he’s a good person. And Marrarino said he took his Wall Street chips off the table. As a honest journalist, we look to you for your expertise.


  46. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice interview ! On point for sure…
    Eat your supplements daily now…and bank up your meds for sure if you need some…Psycho drug shipments will likely run out in short order/mid March… and even if China goes back to full production tomorrow…likely be many months before it back to normal… How many people needed to train and backfill those dead from their virus? Supply chain is likely shattered more than most realize?

  47. Mike

    If a virus is engineered to target Asians, that is important information for non-Asians during evaluation of the personal risk. I noticed that Chris avoided any mention of analysis to date of the virus origin. The economic impact remains severe even the health risk in the US is diminished. The financial engineered economy in the US must be migrated back to an economy based on domestic production and it looks like the virus may force that to happen.

    • paul ...

      Does this mean the 8000 infected in California are all Chinese, Japanese and Koreans? … I don’t think so … it is hitting Italians, Iranians and Europeans also!!!

      • Mike

        The virus attacks type 2 lung cells five times more abundant in Asians. This does not make non-Asians immune. The impact on non-Asians who contract the virus should be five times less. Watch the death rate for Asians versus non-Asians.

  48. Colonel Plunkett

    Slave Lives
    Wisdom from Phil Salin Reported by John Walker
    I see this late at night, at the supermarket. These poor sap’s. Working all night long putting up stock, trusting in the powers that be. To keep the system up and running long enough to be rewarded, in retirement. I can only hope and pray, they aren’t foolish enough, to save for a rainy day, that is already here!
    Like you say Greg, here on Buy now, everything is on sale! When the supermarket shelves are bare, anything left will be much to dear. For even a left over, lonely beer!

  49. Justn Observer

    Greg, More dis-info? Colorado river drying up? or unprecedented snow fall in Colorado? can it be both? LOL Or is the snow just NOT going to melt? hmmm

  50. H. Craig Bradley


    I have had a bad cold for the past week. No fever or flu-like symptoms, except it does attack the upper respiratory tract. A resulting horse cough is present as the lungs try to expel foreign substances. I got curious about what the formal medical symptoms are, so I went to an authoritative source: Merck Manual, Professional version.

    Coronavirus is really just a common cold with possible mutations but its reputation far exceeds the fact its more like a common cold. The idea of a pandemic sells news and gold if you can exploit the fear factor. At this juncture, its mostly hype. Mortality rates are quite low so far, actually.

    What I am wondering is why the Federal Health Authorities at Centers for Disease Control are working this up so fast into a pandemic . CDC is hooking-up with local County health departments in preparation for possible quarantine procedures if coronavirus is officially declared a pandemic. We (already) know the government never lets a crisis go to waste. Remember the Great Lettuce panic a couple years ago? Romaine lettuce from one source in California had been contaminated with fecal coli bacteria and caused consumers around the country to become ill. It was in the news daily for a time, as well.

    Initially, the source was unknown so CDC instructed all retail grocery stores to pull all their lettuce. For a time, you could not even get a hamburger at a restaurant with lettuce included. So, this is the kind of overreaction today’s CDC is capable of.

    What are the possible social effects of CDC and local health departments assuming authority? For one, travel restrictions in or out of an effected city or region. Airports might be closed for a time, as well. Individuals deemed infected could be whisked-off to a local FEMA Camp until they symptom free again. ( That could be weeks to months). Emergencies allow the Federal Government to take-charge and appear to be our white knight, while taking a few more Liberties away at the same time. It could happen.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I would suggest to you that this is bigger than the CDC. This was, essentially, “headline news” from day 1. There will come a day when the monetary system fails and is reset, and this could be cover for it. Regardless of the purpose, this is unequivocally a large, concerted, precise exercise in thought control. Ebola was a test (not the disease, but the information flow and resulting thought control), because “impending-death-in-sidewalk-puke” very suddenly fizzled into nothingness. This does not seem to be a test.

      No one seems to care that, on average, over 150 people die EVERY DAY, in THE US ALONE, from a flu virus.

      • Freebrezer

        … and no one cares that every weekend 3 to 15 black kids die in Chicago of gunshots wounds.

    • MCasey

      H. Craig Bradley. You’ll be fine and over your cold with lungs cleared by the time the coronavirus hits….and with nice, new, fresh and strong anti-bodies!

      • paul ...

        MC … those anti-bodies won’t be Corona Virus specific … so they won’t do anything to help Bradley!!

  51. Mike


    The best possible guest identifying the world’s most important economic & health current problems.

    At this time we can’t rule out mother nature, a laboratory leak, a fired employee gone mad, purchased pathogen material used for terrorism or deliberate attack by a foreign power(s) using identical Chinese developed pathogens near the Wuhan China Level 4 Facility. When you eliminate the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truth. We may never have definitive information to identify the culprit.

    Many suspect COVID-19 came from The Wuhan China Level 4 Pathogen Research Facility located 250 meters from the shady market everybody has been accusing to be the epicenter. Coincidentally the Level 4 Pathogen facility was militarized 10 days ago now using nuclear weapon storage protocols. Previously many were able to easily walk into this facility.

    Chinese Virologist researcher Dr. Peng was experimenting was using bats since early 2018. Bats are the most resistant mammals to flu’s and a researcher can study multi-generational mutations using one specimen especially if one is creating a bio-weapon.

    At this time we do not know if COVID 19 will slow down during the warmer months like other traditional pathogens. In this scenario, unfortunately, the Southern Hemisphere would experience a spreading pandemic. Hopefully, this virus mutates into a non-lethal pathogen. Too many unknowns at this time.

  52. Todd

    Great interview Greg! This looks big to me. It is very hard to see what the future will bring. It is always good to be prepared. I was only able to get a few mask. I think China is using them all. Why don’t we make them here? It seems to me that China makes parts that are critical to almost every product we use. Ether prices will go through the roof or the shelfs will be empty. I think we should be as self sufficient as possible. I think we must then put our trust in our Father in Heaven. He will provide. That does not mean it will be easy. We have lived beyond our means for far to long. The central bank has screwed up this economy beyond belief. May God bless all who put there trust in Him. Love you, Todd

  53. Matthew Ceradini

    Great interview, thank you Greg for having Chris on the show. My only criticism is you guys kept implying ”if it gets here.” Well, it’s already here and the real question is whether we can contain it. So far, it’s sounds like we’re not doing so great. I for one will not be traveling by any mass transit means or attending mass gatherings of people until more clear information comes out about this situation. Just doing my preps and taking precautions, including avoiding unnecessary risks. I pray everyone stays safe and this thing is contained in the next few months.

  54. sam

    Here is a thought. 350,000 Chinese students in this country. How many went back to China for the new years? How many of those that went to China came back to America and began to socialize with other Chinese students in school with them that didn’t get to travel to China? How many of them shared what they got in China with their other classmates at school? 24 day incubation, the ability for this to get out of control can happen very quickly.

  55. eddiemd

    Wait until it gets to Mexico and Central America. You think we have an illegal immigrant problem now? It is about to go exponential.

    The “wall” will not stop the number of people heading north from Mexico and especially Mexico City.

    Central and South American Pacific coast port cities such as Lima, Guayaquil, Santiago, Panama City, Buenaventura Colombia, Puerto Vallarta, Caldera Costa Rica and Esmeraldas Ecuador will be next. Lima will be devastated.

    When it hits the homeless people of California it will spread rapidly. The elite will call foe FEMA lock up of the homeless. When it makes it way into the prison system there will be a mass release of criminals.

    Sounds like the wrath of God is rapidly approaching. Just waiting on the earthquakes, volcanos, and storms. They are coming also.

    The beast system is here. The great deception is here.

    Watch Idlib. Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Israel…all ready for the next war.

  56. AH

    Daisy Luther of the Organic Prepper blog had an article posted on Zero Hedge recently that could prove valuable to a lot of people…it maps out a plan of dealing with bills and other obligations as well as other practical ways to manage:

    *The Cost Of Covid-19 Quarantine: Will You Be Financially Prepared?*

    Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog, As the world tries frantically to contain a rapidly spreading outbreak of Covid-19, schools, public venues, tourist attractions, and workplaces are being closed in an attempt to keep even more people from contracting the illness. Quarantines and self-isolation protocols are also being instituted across the globe for those who may have…

    Read More | Print & PDF



  57. MJ Quinn MD LLM

    Great interview – well done !

    I get information from Shanghai regularly because I work there regularly. Ordinary Chinese people know very little but they do KNOW they are being told nothing – so social media very busy ! Hospitals are managing OK but dearth of information contributing to paralysis – very little traffic in Xujiahui, (downtown) Shanghai !

    Chinese population increasingly vulnerable to infection because of changes in diet and bowel habits over past 20 years. Western populations may be much more vulnerable owing to injuries to autonomic nerves caused by straining on the toilet

  58. MCasey

    I sent this to a few friends and family. Got back 5 simple “Thank you”s; 2 “I believe you”; 2 no response; 1 “you’re overreacting”; only 1 “what else can I do?”

    “…..Hello, Ok, all of you know me well and are probably wondering, “what took so long?”

    Now, that President Trump’s impeachment, the Superbowl and the State of the Union address is over, the “news” media is finally getting around to the CoronaVirus. (i.e. they can no longer delay coverage.)

    As it stands, 400 million people are quarantined in their homes in China….(the entire U.S. population is only 331 million). No, no conspiracy theories from me today…(no one really listens anyway).

    However, the supply lines are drying up. In a humorous vein, “Walmart will be empty in about 2 weeks. 🙂

    Many companies are already experiencing shortages. Mostly, for three (3) reasons: China’s workers are not going to work to produce products. Governments are buying up supplies to combat the virus and keep their supply lines open. And, the citizen population of the rest of the world; who, right now, are more closely affected by the virus, have already taken action and have bought up all the inventory of relative items.

    So briefly, you might want to stock up on anything you may need. Everything for “preventative/treatment measures” is already sold out; however, everything may be affected….dish soap, pet food, toothpaste, air filters, simple everyday things.

    Even if the product is not produced in China; the box or lid or labels may be produced in China, thus no more Tic-Tacs. And, it may get to a point where you just don’t want to go out into crowds; or if we are ever quarantined, you will need supplies.

    Anyway, again you all know me and my conspiracy theories and I learned years ago eyes just glass over; and no one ever reads past the 3rd paragraph or any paragraph with more than 4 sentences in them.

    But, if you have read this far, this is just my way of saying, “I care for you” and am just trying to give you a heads up. In about 2 months, I hope you will be able to laugh at me as just another “Casey thing”. Later …”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you providing the feedback you got MCasey.

    • Bill B

      I agree with your findings, however, don’t sell Walmart short, They didn’t get where they are without good business strategy.

      • paul ...

        You mean the business strategy to outsource all our manufactured products overseas … how did such a strategy protect Walmart against the current closed down supply lines???

  59. Sue E. Robinson

    I stayed up late last night to catch your brilliant interview with Dr. Martenson. Listened again this morning. I have been following Chris’ daily reports for several weeks now. He is doing heroic work. Also this morning, your e-mail alert came in, too. Thank you! Truly, thanks to both of you for doing your best in difficult circumstances to keep us informed on what clearly is a big problem which is growing exponentially by the day.
    As the Saker blog wrote last week, China is fighting for its life. It is in serious danger of mass casualties within its suffering population and economic death as its factories and commercial enterprises stutter into collapse at the same time as its banking/credit system is extremely vulnerable to dislocation. And, its totalitarian government obviously is in a struggle to survive.
    Over here, we are just beginning to witness the effects of this. Health and economic impacts could be severe. We just don’t know, but it seems certain that we will begin – very soon – to see interrupted supply lines, and delayed and cancelled deliveries of a constellation of manufactured goods. Of special concern are pharmaceuticals. Our medical care system could be impacted is a big way.
    So we need to take care of ourselves and our neighbors. Keep your pantry stocked up. Wash your hands. Stay away from crowds. Stay informed. Stay safe.

  60. Jay

    The Bible says that a righteous man foresees the evil and hides himself, but the wicked pass on and are punished.

  61. iwitness02

    It doesn’t seem to far fetched to me, to think that we may all become time travelers. Traveling back in time to the 1940s, or beyond. Well, not so much us, as the world we live in. Things could get primitive compared to what we are accustomed to today. The willingness, and ability, to live in a suddenly primitive world could be just as important as any other preparations that we have made. Having the mental agility and emotional strength to suddenly and quickly adapt to a whole new world of scarcity and hardship.
    A world where independence is king. Of course, this is no guarantee of survival, but I believe it is an important consideration. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and above all spiritually. We don’t talk much about mental preparation, but it is just as important as any other aspect of survival. The brain is our primary weapon and everything else is ancillary.

  62. Jerry

    Folks you’re on your own.

    That’s right. The CDC has tested 400 cases to date. I guess it’s not much of a growing concern, considering the number of Chinese that are traveling in and out of this country with work, and visas on a daily basis. No there’s nothing to hide here. Move along.

  63. robert

    I think they have other things in the works. Maybe a nationwide forced vaccination? People get scared look at the patriot act no one watching. Look at Oklahoma city Clinton passed legislation when no one was looking. Politicians vote on self feelings and not thought out or researched decisions when voting. In italy people are going to stores in mass panic shopping. It came out in a hospital a friends twitter children in beds. I remember seeing that doctor 15 yrs ago on a show she had a client that was very far up in govt talk about a *culling* for the useless eaters of this planet. She was so scared she moved to mexico. I was on the dark net for 2 news sites and in dec and jan both taken down by 5 groups the usa and some in the eu why i ask?

  64. Bill B

    Interesting that Bloomberg and Stayer, both big bucks men, are running for President. Seems as tho Trump has opened the door on that., I am firmly convinced these types of men would be better than politicians in the running of our country. People such as Bernie and Elizabeth only know graft and greed, becoming millionaires from their politics

  65. Mike

    I understand and agree with all that was said , now to get a little off subject might I suggest a visit to. Just another piece of the puzzle. It’s an education

  66. France Marie Gelinas

    Hi Greg,
    I’m a conservative messianic Christian who is pro=life, have a wonderful family and very good citizen of our Country. When I went to your website, I tried to sign up two times to be on your mailing list in the last month and for some reason I’ve not received any response back and so it appears I’ve been blocked from receiving any response from you. 🙁 or even wonder if you’ve received my request?
    Not sure what’s going on but the days we are living in are not normal.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you,
    France Marie

    • Greg Hunter

      France Marie,
      I don’t know what happened but I am not blocking you. Big tech is another story. They hate me and everyone else that is not and ashiest. So sorry for the trouble.

  67. Stan

    People freaking out over a bad case of the sniffles – how pathetic

    • Greg Hunter

      This from the man shorting gold since well below $1,300.

    • Freebrezer

      This is now scary … Stan is and has been a great contertrend gauge. When ever he says sell gold, it is a good time to buy! Now with this … it could portend real ugly!

    • paul ...

      Stan has been gobbling up Deutsche stock and selling gold short convinced that more stimuli from the Fed and Beijing would be able to force a V-shaped rebound in the world economy … but the pandemic just keeps spreading across the world … now shutting down parts of South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, etc, etc.. … the whole containment narrative Stan is selling has broken down … Stan and Wall Street will eventually admit to what is obvious to the rest of us … that the entire global economy is entering a prolonged period of zero to negative growth!!

      • paul ...

        Stan has still “not woken up to reality” … the reality of a huge misplacing of risk … but gold has … and it has now just begun “to gap up” … … as more and more stock market investors come to terms with reality … a global bloodbath will result … and this mornings futures are telling us … “Crash Monday” has arrived!!

        • Perce Sledgehammer

          EMR Can “Cook Your Eyeballs Like Eggs”
          So-called 5G communications technology is being rolled out across the U. S. with all the power and influence the ruling elite can muster in the divided, conflicted, still-polluted American government system. Sold as a bill of goods as simple as improved cell phone service, 5G is closer to a super-sized microwave oven.

          One of the earliest scientific experiments conducted nearly a century ago to determine the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on living organisms involved directing EMR into a pond of water. Those watching recorded seeing fish promptly floating to the water’s surface, belly-up. The conclusion from these observed results was indelible: EMR can be a weapon against living organisms, including humans.

          5G communications technology uses EMR at a selected frequency capable of debilitating organs of the human body. Or, by simply turning up the power on any of the enormous number of transmitters presently being installed in every state, 5G transmissions can burn you and everything around you to a crisp in minutes.

          If this sounds too blunt and simplistic to be true about a current, nationwide “communications” infrastructure roll-out, just ask Stan.

          We will all soon be living in a Microwave oven like country. Ask a friend to put his phone in a microwave. Close the door. Try calling the phone. Nothing!
          This is a deadly game-changer.

          Maybe this virus is God sent. 5G may never get online.
          Civilization will get a re-upholstering!

  68. Erika Miller

    What do Wuhan, cruise ships, Italy etc have in common?
    Here is a video presentation explaining that 5G triggers the corona virus symptoms but the main street media conveniently ignores the 5G factor. I wonder why Chris Martenson is not talking about this. Seems to me there is more to the corona virus than what the public is fed to believe in. As Catherine Austin Fitts said “we do not have yet all the facts …”.

  69. Rock

    Thanks Greg…great interview!
    Looks like people should be setting themselves up to make their own colloidal silver.

  70. Stan

    So why aren’t people dropping dead in Vancouver and New York and LA and other places where tens of thousands of people traveled from China over the New Year holiday over a month ago?

    This just smells like bullsheet to me. Far more people choked to death on food than have been killed by this supposedly terrible common cold over the past two months.

  71. Patrick
    And when the gold market opened this happened. There is some dirty banker having a good chuckle about this. No manipulation my arse.

  72. Occasnltrvlr

    Stan, the drop in gold believe appropriate just came and went, almost instantaneouly. TPTB seem to be in disagreement with you prognostications. Why might this be?

  73. The Seer

    Will the Nov election be postponed and
    There is no running for it?
    Will this virus not be contained until
    July 2021 as shown to me in a lucid dream
    A week ago?

  74. SilverHawk

    Better believe big money are buying gold and silver. You see the open? 35 cent for silver, and 25 bucks UP for gold. I don’t know why kitco shows gold dipping down 200 bucks on the open. Wacky bunch. Been watching these launches on Sunday’s, now, for a few months, but today’s is a double high launch. Gonna be a great week. Silver gonna break 20. Daily Limit up is 5%, for G&S, according to the CME. (Yeah, right now it is…) Then the circuit breaker kicks in and they have a pow wow on whether or not to open back up.
    The paper money may be a transmitter of the virus, but nothing can live on a silver coin. God meant it that way. What’s in your vault?

  75. paul ...

    Sick people contemplate nuclear war likely because not enough people are dying yet from the Corona Virus to meet Georgia Guidestone goals!! …

  76. Dano

    I hope everyone takes the time to watch the youtube video that Erika Miller posted a link to. The information presented in that video has alarms going off in my head.

  77. Mike

    Let’s start with Chinese businesses: while China’s giant state-owned SOEs will likely have enough of a liquidity lifeblood to last them for 2-3 quarters, it is the country’s small businesses that are facing a head on collision with an iceberg, because according to the Nikkei, over 85% of small businesses – which employ 80% of China’s population – expect to run out of cash within three months, and a third expect the cash to be all gone within a month.
    “It Will Be Really, Really Bad”: China Faces Financial Armageddon With 85% Of Businesses Set To Run Out Of Cash In 3 Months

    For the past two weeks, China’s workers simply refused to go back to work (even with FoxConn offering its workers extra bonuses just to return to the factory) and as a result the domestic economy had ground to a halt. So even though China is trying to entice workers back (oops we forgot, we boarded up many of their homes from the outside so they couldn’t leave if they wanted to), very few are actually going back. So that’s because clearly they all realize that the contagion is NOT contained.

  78. Mark

    Dear Greg, this is absolutely classic from Dr. Chris Martensen: “It’s not the destination that kills you, it’s how fast you stop when you get there”!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep. The economy is stopping in China and that means trouble everywhere.

  79. JC

    ‘Martin Armstrong is implying that the future for gold is not so bright as the younger generation sees no problem with cryptocurrencies and Google wallets. It’s amazing, do they ever think about having all their eggs in an electronic basket? And if the electric grid goes down, then what?

    ‘The gold standard died in 1971. Most people born after that do not see gold as money. Those who were born in the 1980s onward saw money as paper. Nor we have those born post-1995 and they see no problem with cryptocurrencies and google wallets. Things are changing no doubt. You cannot judge the world with your personal beliefs.’

    • Greg Hunter

      So This generation is going to finally stop the 5,000 year trend. The snowflake generation??? Riiiiiiiight. Don’t buy that. Big money is buying gold and snowflakes are living in their parents basements and have been a product of the common stupid entrainment system.

      • JC

        Greg, it’s Martin Armstrong saying it, not me. I don’t buy it. The younger generation will learn the hard way. They have been staring at cell phone screens for too long, they don’t comprehend anything that isn’t electronic, such as gold.

        • Greg Hunter

          I know I am just adding my 2 cents. I am going with the 5,000 year history and big money not some stodge kid or electronic unit that has never been tested. I am not saying people will not make big $$$ with cryptos but long term low tech low risk is Au and Ag. All you need is Pb to protect it.

  80. JC

    Check out the latest upset at The Age of Desolation site.

    ‘As I have shown readers, by following Nostradamus’ narrative, indirectly we also can deduce that The Great Plague arrives in 2020.
    From another connected series of predictions we learn that the year after it arrives, most likely 2021, The Great Plague gets dramatically worse.
    Unfortunately, this plague is going to coincide with a great war. As I studied the eschatological writings of various religions, I was surprised how closely the prophecies in Islamic Hadith paralleled many of Nostradamus’ predictions.’

  81. Perce Sledgehammer
    The humorless, out-of-touch Washington, Hollyweird & San Fransicko left

  82. JC

    It seems that I’m losing friends by trying to warn them to be ready as Greg advises. I emailed this interview and other warnings to some friends but sadly I’m only getting angry replies such as Stop! Enough! I don’t care! Leave it alone!

    • Mike R

      JC – those are not likely true friends. Few people wish to be waked from their delusions. In today’s world, anything like this is considered fear mongering. Whereas the daily headlines that say all is well, and stock markets are at all time highs, are warmly embraced. I dont even bother to say anything to family members, as I learned in the year 2000, when you warn people of anything, they either just mock you or disdain you. Later, after the carnage, they don’t even acknowledge that you were spot on. To each his own.

    • MCasey

      JC…..The news media’s approach to this coronavirus reminds me of Trump’s campaign.

      “Oh, no way Trump can win!”….blah, blah, blah.

      Then when he won…”we knew he would win all along”

      Even FOX was making discouraging remarks when any concerns about the virus were raised. The biggest disappointment for me was Lou Dobbs….he even became angry at the doctor who was trying to warn the viewers and Dobbs became frustrated when he could not redirect him. And, Turner Carlton; and that guy on the FIVE with all the hair (Jesse Waters) relegated it to the ‘silly news’ department. And, there were others.

      I think they had all been told to downplay it.

      Now, they all act like, “well, of coarse, it’s a problem”.

  83. Montana Guy

    So much fear and lack of information. Mr. Hunter dismissed my repeated suggestions to have survival SME James Wesley Rawles as a guest. I was mocked and then banned.

    Willful ignorance is a rebellion against God. 2 Peter 3:5

    • Greg Hunter

      Montana Guy,
      I dismiss you because you have been a jerk to me and don’t read your comments.

  84. Doug C

    Let’s think outside the box for a bit.

    What if…..China sees the writing on the wall. There are indebted like all countries (never to be paid off). A virus spreads across the world, disrupting Supply chains, bringing manufacturing and countries to their knees.
    Now suppose gold (and silver )prices go through the roof.
    Now, who has gold and who doesn’t?
    China (Possible 20,000 tons…probably much more), Russia (Constantly buying), India (the average citizen has more than 100 Americans).
    How much does the US have? Not in the ground gold but refined gold? No one knows but I’m betting….not much.
    I hate to say it but China thinks on a much longer scale than the Western World. 2 Billion citizens….Meh….., a few hundred million die of a virus and China is number one in the world.
    They have built brand new “Cities”, roads, airports.
    What has the US build new lately? My country Canada is just as bad except our F-ing imbeciles in Ottawa ADMITTED to selling all our Gold (I didn’t get a vote on it).
    The world may be a much different world soon.
    I hope President Trump can do more to protect the West.
    Like Robert David Steele on Phi Beta Iota dot com says, the President needs to make a Presidents Channel to broadcast directly to the people. No more allowing “Social media” and MSM to filter his words.
    Great job Gregg

  85. Juan Valdez

    Tucker Carlson vs. New York Times’ public editor
    .Fox News Just after Trump election

  86. JC

    Panic in Italy: The panic is largely being driven by the speed at which coronavirus cases in Italy jumped from just 3 on Thursday to over 150 by the end of the weekend.

  87. Mike R

    WHO just declared this is NOT a Pandemic.

    So they’d rather wait until it hits another 20 or 30 countries, before officially saying everyone should be prepared.

    WHO should be renamed to WHY. As in WHY do they even exist ?

    Dow is down 850 points, and Gold is up $24. So those indicators see no Pandemic either ? Sheesh.

    • MCasey

      Watched the WHO news conference this morning. Blatant propaganda by WHO to keep the masses calm and the markets flowing. Praising and praising and more praise for the Chinese government. It was a “love feast”; not a news conference.

      They even belabored that the infection had improved to the point where they were having difficulty finding patients for a study. And bragging that beds are now available in the hospital….no mention of how they became vacated.

      WHO is obviously a political organization. Who can we trust? …not WHO.

  88. Tom Deplorable Raleigh

    Big question is Cui Bono. Who benefits from this event. A few options to choose from:
    1) Chinese no longer have to worry about those pesky Hong Kong protesters. That is over now likely and they can get rid of some excess people and default on their debts at the same time
    2) Globalist bankers no longer will be blamed for the great reset and they can keep their new digital money under firm control since paper money is infectious
    3) National elite is US will now have o open factories and bring home jobs again

    The truth is out there! But will not be revealed by the puppet masters

  89. john doenuter

    “While the discovery of these sites is exhilarating and validating, these feelings are mixed with the humbling emotions of the sacrifices made by these service members and their families in protecting our freedoms,”
    US aircraft shot down during World War II have been found in the Pacific — 76 years later
    By Holly Yan, CNN 10 hrs ago
    The last time anyone saw these military aircraft, US forces were pummeling Japanese targets in the western Pacific during World War II.
    Now today a avowed socialist, who never saw a communist dictator he didn’t like, Bernard Barack Sanders, is threatening they’re sacrifice! Wake up America, socialism allays leads to communism, when other peoples money runs out and it will. Then the party is truly over!

  90. john doenuter


  91. Cap Mcgee

    Tucker and Michael Avenatti trade blows in explosive interview
    .Fox News
    Tucker: The rise and fall of the creepy porn lawyer
    poor stephanie rule, sad. . ..
    Piers Morgan rips media’s love for Avenatti: It’s a stain on US media Steph

  92. Jughead

    I’ll be…..could it be…..Bo Polny made a good call……..congratulations to Bo….

    • Greg Hunter

      Darn good call and Polny has made many I have documented here on USAW. Has he made some bad ones? Yes and he is the first to admit it. I believe Bo will end up being fabulously correct on all calls related to stocks, gold, silver and cryptos.

  93. Justn Observer

    Greg, Watched some on MSM today – about the use of Lazer temp guns…LOL
    You’d think they would have the patients open their mouths and take a reading from the back of the throat or under the tongue – where a thermometer would be inserted NOT on the forehead…Duh? Who would not think the ambient temp would not affect the forehead temp? Be it in a line in forty degree weather, a heated cockpit, standing in the sun – whatever… Yes, those readings likely WOULD be off by 5 +/- or more! IF that is how the ship and airline passengers were being evaluated …God knows how many of the ‘infected’ people are where now! These white coated CNC are the U.S. first line of defense with those temp. guns? God help us ! LOL

  94. JC

    Greg, will Paul Craig Roberts be back on USA Watchdog in the near future?

    Coronavirus Could Be on the Verge of Worldwide Breakout

  95. Mike R

    Harvard Professor Says 40-70% Of People Worldwide Will Be Infected With Covid-19
    Harvard epidemiology professor Marc Lipsitch says that the coronavirus will not be containable and that 40-70 % of people worldwide will be infected.

    This makes total sense, especially given the following:
    1. Its Highly contagious, with an R0 of 3 or higher. (likely 4.4 to 6.7)

    2. A novel (brand new) virus, so there’s no immunity via previous exposure.

    3. Those carrying the pathogen can infect others while asymptomatic, i.e. having no symptoms, for a prolonged period of time, i.e. 14 to 24 days. (this is the real uncontainable aspect – you’re a spreader and may not even know it for up to 24 days)

    4. Some carriers never become ill and so they have no idea they are infecting others.

    5. The virus is extremely lethal to vulnerable sub-populations but not so lethal to the entire populace that it kills its hosts before they can transmit the virus to others.

    6. The virus can be spread by multiple pathways, including aerosols (droplets from sneezing/coughing), brief contact (with hotel desk clerks, taxi drivers, etc.) and contact with surfaces (credit cards, faucets, door handles, etc.). The virus even remains active on surfaces for prolonged periods, i.e. 7+ days.

    7. Those infected who recover may catch the virus again, as acquired immunity is not 100%. Your body doesn’t necessarily build up anti-bodies.

    8. As a result of this and other features, it’s difficult to manufacture a vaccine that will reliably protect against infection.

    9. The tests designed to detect the virus are inherently limited, as the virus may be present in tissue that isn’t being swabbed.

    10. The symptoms of the illness are essentially identical with less contagious and lethal flu types, so people who catch the virus may not know they have the novel pathogen. They could think its something else, like a regular cold or flu, where most people having those symptoms just carry on and go to work, or out shopping, acting as if there is nothing major going on. Society could never afford to do testing on everyone who has these symptoms, let alone get accurate testing, or even consider testing when they are no symptoms.

    Its literally impossible to contain, and you really aren’t going to slow it down via quarantines, as people need to still eat, and someone needs to get them food, and the lockdown period is impossible to determine, unless you decide as a government to make everyone stay inside for months on end, which is economically unfeasible.

    I would just assume you are a) going to get it and b) you need to do everything possible to build up your immunity, and probably wear gloves and masks and goggles when you go out in public. If you get it, then do everything possible to not contract it the second time. That is the scary part of this, and likely where mortality rates will then skyrocket.

    Your government is NOT going to be able to protect you from this. Doesn’t matter what country you live in.

  96. paul ...

    Look at the time some idiot was forced to sell some of his gold holdings … … the order hit at 14:30ET … exactly when one typically sees margin calls issued … which suggests … some idiot speculator was forced to sell off his gold to cover margin calls on his equity market losses … because of greed this speculator lost in stocks and lost his gold!! … once greedy idiots like these are flushed out … gold will continue its advance to $1900 dollars per ounce before taking a rest!!

  97. eddiemd

    It will be a matter of time when the coronavirus shuts down the Bread and Circus sports arena business. March Madness may really be a madness event where the virus gets spread. NBA, hockey, and baseball will see huge losses.

    Schools and universities will need to be shut down. Wait until the virus gets loose in the jail and prison systems.

    2020 looks to be a complicated year.

  98. paul ...

    Lets put the blame on the true culprits for this pandemic … “all” the bio-weapon promoters (in every country of the world) … this includes the US, Russia, China and others … the way to solve this problem is not to place blame or point fingers “at one country” … but to place blame on “all the nations in the world” developing these deadly viruses as weapons of mass destruction intended to wipe out humanity!! …

    • paul ...

      We know Big Pharma and Bill Gates are going to be dead set against shutting down the bio-weapon industry as they make big bucks formulating the vaccines needed to counter the viruses they create (the same way the war industries make big bucks formulating the weapons needed to fight the wars they create) … it’s time we screw Big Pharma and the Warmongers … the way they have screwed us (making Planet Earth a prison planet … where millions of people need to be locked down in their homes … just to survive) … it’s time to bring health and peace back to our world!!

  99. paul ...

    The “Oracle of Omaha” Buffett says: “Although the virus is scary … it shouldn’t have any impact on humans’ decisions about whether to buy or sell stocks” … this proves Buffett is completely out of his mind senile!!

    • JC

      paul… maybe he is just trying to put doubt in our minds so he can sell before we do?

  100. paul ...

    Trump has “a terrible instinctive knack” for choosing “the absolute worst advisors” … he just tweeted: “It’s time to buy stocks because the crisis is under control” … will anyone dare to tell Trump he is wearing absolutely no economic clothes? … 8000 Californian’s are now in quarantine! … 2.5 million are in lock-down in Korea!! … Italy, Japan, etc. are going into lock-down!!! … and this is “under control”??? … I would like to know what “out of control” means????

  101. paul ...

    The Debt Clock is still befuddling me? … now it says gold is only worth $8,829 fiat dollars per ounce and we know the Fed is printing even more fiat with their Repo operations … the Debt Clock gold price can only be going down if the US is accumulating “more gold” and putting it into Fort Knox?? … can it be Trump is demanding the Chinese pay in gold to buy American corn, wheat, soy, etc., etc.???

  102. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg for the interview. Excellent.
    I have had pneumonia a few times since I was very young and my immune system isn’t very good. So I know the score when this Chinese bio nightmare arrives here in northern Calitopia. Since my back surgery didn’t go well maybe it doesn’t matter. I’ll maybe buy a 6 pack of Corona beer to fend off this awful Asian devil flue. Thanks China! Thanks Xi.
    ….( #$$hole, it’s on you jerk)……

    • JC

      Russ, Corona beer is full of chemical additives (read the ingredients) because it is in clear glass bottle. Quality German beer is always in a brown bottle. There is a reason for that.

  103. Jerry

    Here you have it Greg. The Covid19 bioweapon, is right out of the globalist playbook.

    You can only wonder what’s next?

  104. Diane

    We better pray this dangerous communist Bernie doesn’t get elected!

    • Mike R

      well between Corvid-19, and Bernie picking up steam, that would certainly make a wicked soup of reasons to sell off your stocks. Even Trump is throwing gasoline on it, by tweeting that markets would crash if Bernie gets elected. Many times he is saying that about Dems, but you watch him specifically say it more about Bernie as the primaries carry on. The day after Super Tuesday, could be spectacular. If Bernie blows it out there, then I bet the markets start going down toward an eventual 40% drop. That would make it a lot tougher on Trump to claim a great economy, and suddenly all that ‘free stuff from Bernie’ looks very attractive to a lot of fearful voters. It almost makes you wonder if the deep state created this mess, and wants a stoodge like Bernie in there, that they can better control. He probably would endorse a one world global government and handing over the reigns of our country to a communist style governance model, with the UN and Obama leading the changes.

  105. JC

    At the moment Dow is down 860, yesterday 1000, so if we average 1000 down every day in a month we will arrive at zero.

    What was that song by The Doors that Jim Morrison says “No external reward will save us now for wasting the dawn.”

    • JC

      Sorry, I’m a little tired…typo… “eternal” reward.

    • paul ...

      Seems appropriate JC … for today’s millennials to have a “Zero Down” Dow … to go along with their “Zero Down” Mortgages … and “Zero Down” Cars!!

  106. Old person

    Iran has the coronavirus, Sen Chris Murphy had a secret meeting with the Iran
    foreign minister in February.
    Chris Murphy should be in quarantine , he could be a super spreader
    Of the virus in the capital .

    • paul ...

      No !! … that’s exactly where we want him (if we want to change the warmonger system that funds bio-weapon warfare against civilian populations) … what we want is for “Military men to kill Military men” … not “Military men killing Civilians”!!

  107. paul ...

    It all makes sense now …the CIA considered Assange at Wiki-leaks “fair game for assassination” when Pompeo essentially declared him an “enemy agent of the US” (for simply telling the truth) … likely this is why the Main Stream Media “must” issue “Fake News” … and why Trump “must” pump stocks … and why Stan “must” do what he does …

  108. Bob Lamb

    I have no debt,a little money stashed away, over a years supply of food, vitamins, pain reliever meds, 55-gal drum of kerosene, kerosene stove and heater, kerosene lamp, enough wood pellets to cook for a year, 4-4.5 gal propane tanks and propane stove, some guns, lots of ammo, water storage, garden seed storage, a garden, fruit trees, chickens (need new ones), 5-bee hives, a little silver to suck on or make colloidal silver with, elderberries in the freezer (I grow them and pick them wild), yarrow (good for causing sweating), some clothes storage, lots of books to read, a good amount of games to play, N95 masks (bought most of them a couple of years ago), duct tape and mylar to make a sick room, and a few other preps. I’m going to buy a razor and belt sharpener, lots of TP and a few other things. I believe in being prepared and have worked on it for a lot of years (I’ve had a years supply of food for over 30-yrs and eat from it regularly and replace what we eat).
    Wish I had a farm! Most important is prep with God. I think we will all need His help in the future no matter what we do and that will be the most important preps we could do.

  109. Keith wilson

    Currently 20% of people who catch coronavirus require a ICU unit to survive and recover from the sickness. Does anyone in America have a number for how many ICU exist in the states. In the United Kingdom the number we have is less than 700. If you go into a hospital today most ICU are currently being occupied by a patient fighting for there lives with a condition which is not coronavirus. When the pandemic reaches 4000 they will be no ICU for you to go into. This is when the death rates of 2% will become a joke. If the UK has 700. The states being seven times the population of the UK.We expect the number of ICU to be around 3500 or 4000. With most being occupied with a patient today. Twenty thousand sick Americans with coronavirus with 4000 requiring a ICU will swamp your health departments and with hospitals overwhelmed the system will collapse. I have tried to explain this problem to people over the last few weeks and they say it’s only a common cold and a slight chest infection. Nothing for us to worry about. They consider this virus will be under control by April ?

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