Deeply Embedded Satanic Cult in Control of Powerful Institutions – Rick Wiles

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Reverend Rick Wiles thinks what’s happening in America is crystal clear. Wiles, who is also a Christian media sensation that has a huge following on, explains, “We have been telling our audience for 18 ½ years that this world, the governments, the corporations, the media are controlled at the top, not everybody, but at the top, there are people who are avowed satanic, Luciferian, devil worshipers.  I know that sounds extreme and bizarre to people, but every day that goes by I am more convinced I’ve been right all these years.  There is a deeply embedded satanic cult that has gained control of powerful institutions in this country and other nations.  You can’t escape it.  We are seeing this week, in the aftermath of the Mandalay massacre, people on network news saying this is evil.  There is nothing else to call it.  It is evil.  If you are going to call it evil, then you have to ask where does evil come from?  Evil comes from one source, one entity and that is Lucifer the devil.   What’s happening is this whole world is racing towards its climax, toward the end.”

If America cannot shake off evil and turn back to God and Jesus Christ, then Wiles has a dire prediction. Wiles says, “At some point, moral men and women are going to have to stand up and say enough of this.  We are returning to God. . . If we, as the American people, do not turn back to God soon, we will be conquered by the Chinese and the Russians.  If you survive it, you will be a slave.  That’s what’s coming.  Those are your choices.  Turn back to God, or become a slave to the Chinese and Russians.  We are going to get conquered if we don’t clean up our act.”

Wiles also says, “God says make your ways moral and I will bless this land, but if you break my commandments, if you turn from me, you will become slaves to foreigners. They will own your houses and your farms.  You will work for them.  It doesn’t matter what issue we are talking about:  political, social or economic.  It all comes back to America’s rejection of Jesus Chris and the Bible.  Until we go back and fix that problem, none of these other problems are going to go away.  They are only going to get worse.  It’s part of a judgment that is put on a rebellious people.  I know the American people don’t want to hear it, but the American people are rebellious against God.  There are a significant portion of people in this country that are in a state of rebellion against God, and it cannot last.  It will not last.”

In closing, Wiles says, “As far as the two parties, I’ve said for years what we have is one party. It’s the perpetual war, corruption, sleaze and pedophilia party.  That’s what’s running this country.  It is a criminal cabal . . . these people that run this country are perverts.  They’re criminals, and they are in both parties.  They’re in the news media.  They are in Hollywood.  They are in the banking system.  They are spread throughout this country.  It’s an invisible network of Satanists that are in control of this country.  You see the clash.  They hate God.  They hate Christians.  They hate morality.”

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  1. Paul ...

    Rick Wiles is exactly right … we must all reject the “Dark Side” (even if we can make a profit by going along with it) … our entire planet is being looted, pillaged and destroyed by demons who pretend not to know good from evil … they kill women and children for monetary gain and are destroying the very shield that protects all life on our planet (the ozone shield) … once the ozone is gone “all life” on planet Earth dies … we were put here by God to tend to our world and protect every form of life he created … instead we are selling our souls for what? … fiat paper money with no intrinsic value??

    • Paul ...

      If we continue on the path we are on … within 4 to 8 yrs our planet will not support life anymore (our ozone shield will be gone) … it is really very sadly laughable how our military and politicians are so worried about “homeland security” … don’t they consider Earth to be their home?? … to borrow a phrase used against Trump … they are all fucking morons!! …

      • salem

        You are SO right Paul. These people are Morons. Satan has the help of 1/3 of the spirit children in the pre-earth life who went along with Satan’s plan of rebellion against freedom of choice. And, that’s a LOT of help. But, we are stronger, and we HAVE to be even stronger. I have the confidence that the good people of the U.S. will come together and fight this evil, but so many people are afraid to talk to their neighbors about it right now. And the Churches….they all have their 501c3 tax exempt status that they are hanging on to, and they are being controlled by the State. So they aren’t standing up for what’s right. It’s going to take some shakin’ up to get people to address the issues, and then half of them are going to starve to death. Gold and silver will only be worth something for so long, and then people will only care about food.

      • Flattop

        Paul: We can all start cleaning up our government, which means voting for those who have strong moral values, and believe in our Constitution and legal system. Then make a sincere effort to bring our personal live in line with those values. It us who fix our problems.

    • Scott

      I am no one in the Body of Christ. I am no authority on anything. But I will share this, for whatever it may be worth to others.

      I live in Asia in the late spring and summer every year, with my family. Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, to be precise, with regular travel to China.

      In Korea and in China, I have given out or left out Gospel tracts by Jack Chick written in Hangul, Mandarin, and Canto. I do the same in America with English language tracts.

      In China, people take them saying “xie xie,” with a sweet smile. In Korea they do likewise with “komapsumnida.” In America, I regularly have people wave me off, tell me “no thanks,” or raise their voice and say, “NO!”

      In Korea, I have seen professional men, worn out and very obviously tired at the end of the long day, stop, change direction, and go out of their way to pick up a Gospel tract sitting next to the telephone in a public phone both. They immediately begin reading it, intently. I have seen employees at convenience stores read them, re-read them, and share them with co-workers who then also read them with equal interest. These were young people.

      In America I have seen – on repeated occasions – people stop walking, change direction, and go out of their way to pick up a Gospel tract, only to throw it in the garbage, unseen and unread. These were also young people. Where does this contempt come from?

      In Korea I have seen Korean Christians preach the Gospel with bullhorns and signage in the middle of luxury shopping districts and malls. The police did not interrupt or bother them at all.

      In America if I try to hand out the Gospel, or have a sign warning people about the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist, and/or especially their urgent need for salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ at Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA, the police will arrest me.

      I agree with Charles H (below) pretty much, and won’t repeat his poignant and powerful words, here.

      When the Lord will come back, I do not know. Will the Lord call his Saints Home as per 1 Thes 4 and leave the Koreans and the Chinese to the cruelties of the Beast System, when they seem to be so eager to hear what God has to say? I find that difficult to believe.

      Could the Lord wash His Hands of the western world, and start over with east Asia? I don’t see why not. He sent Paul to the Gentiles and left Israel behind (temporarily, and for now,) due to the disobedience and rebellion of His people. These were the same people to whom He gave the Law and the Prophets – what then should an increasingly rebellious America, expect?

      So is the end near, or far off ? Who’s correct? What will happen?

      I don’t know. As I said, I am just a simple person – a sinner, saved by God’s Grace – and am no authority on anything.

      He is coming back, this much is certain, as the Bible tells us. He wants souls saved, this also the Bible tells us. I believe we should be sharing what He has done for us at the Cross, and the Good News of the Gospel, now – while there is still time – as Jesus told us to do. None of us knows anything about “The when.”

      In any event, I will keep praying for America: that its people will forsake the rule of Man and seek the Rule of the Lord, and that they will reject the world-system and come to the Cross, seeking the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, as all of us should so do.

      *Addendum: My thanks to Greg Hunter also, as no other media outlet in the western world would ever allow me to post links to Chick (Gospel) Tracts, as you have done. I have never forgotten that…

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Scott for adding this. There are still lots of Christians in America. How do you think Trump got elected? Keep doing what you are doing Jesus. Sees what you are doing and smiles.

        • Chuck

          If you like U.S. history, it’s foundation of law that is based on the Bible and the genesis of the war that was launched against the Constitution and Bill of Rights, may I introduce you to a rather unique book that should be taught to everyone from age 13 and up…It is titled Perverting the Promised Land : The Secret History of the Globalist War Against the American Constitution. It can be found at

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Scott, thank you for writing your experience. I have noticed that being a Christian, just a simple soul, creates odd reactions more and more. As long as it was about going to church and being comfortable it was OK. But things are different. Sometimes it’s the churchgoers that reject the Lord’s words. I try to just be kind and friendly, but that doesn’t always work anymore….people sense what I believe and think.

        Many black people live here. I’ve sat at a mall several times and an old black man will sit down and say, “I can tell you belong to Jesus…” So no, it’s not about the outer husk of our lives.

  2. Tim McGraw

    Yes, the Las Vegas shootings were evil. So was the invasion of Iraq. So was the Vietnam War. I could go on and on…
    What’s the point? Lucifer and God are fighting over the souls of the human race?
    It’s about the money.
    It’s about rulers and slaves.
    All the rest is…. poof.
    Tim McGraw

    • Anthony Australia

      Too true!

      The world has always been the same. Rather than get the facts within, we always search for someone else to blame.

    • Anthony Australia

      Good v Evil all depends on what side of the fence you were born on. Countless atrocities have been committed by those who say it’s for your own good 😉

    • This sceptred Isle

      This interview offered an interesting perspective. I thought it was a little hypercritical of Rick to point out the sexual perversion endemic to all sectors of society except inside the Church’s ranks. If the Church is the salvation surely it has to be cleaned out of the child abusers. To ignore this is as bad as the celebrities ignoring the Democratic and Hollywood sexual abuse. If Satan intends to take over the world would the Church not be one of his targets?

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        The church…however you define it, has been the target since Pentecost. Satan spends overtime in Rome and every where else the Christian shingle hangs out. We have to cling to the Gospels….

        • Bob Rude

          Reading the minor prophets like Amos and Micah, history does rhyme. Modern America compares to Arab and Jezebel and either we stand our ground as Christians and take the fight to this evil cabal or face slavery.

    • Claudia

      “No flesh left alive” – Bible, comes to mind. Humanity will then be forced to accept merging with machines or death.

      Thank you for having Rev. Wiles on. Very insightful and well spoken man of God.

      • Paul ...

        Even thought computer chip sare more resistant to radiation then humans … even they eventually break down as Fuckushima has proved (when they sent robots into radiation zones) … so merging with machines is not going to save these Satanists … and one well placed EMP weapon can short cuircut and fry their “hive brains” (if they are not wearing their metalic dunce caps) … is this why they are so frightened of “rocket man”??

      • Corleone

        As long as you keep your avatar, I agree with anything you say. Anything.

        By the way, where can I get the larger version of your avatar ?

      • salem

        In Matthew 24:37-39, it says that the last days will be similar to the days of Noah. Everybody eating and drinking and not paying attention to what’s going on. I disagreed with something Rick said, and that is he didn’t think it was a good thing to spend time figuring out the “when” of things. Why did John give us the signs in the heavens in Rev. 12? Why are there descriptions of our day in the Bible? The Prophets saw our day and wrote about it. We can see if we are watching, that the time is NOW. Seems to me that we are at the beginning of the 7 years of tribulation, which happens right before the 2nd Coming of Christ. John the Revelator tries to tell us what to watch for without taking away the test. We are all being tested to see how valiant we will be in the cause of freedom. The Mormons practiced plural marriage in the earlier days of their church, but they were persecuted by the government for living what they held to be one of God’s foundational principles of the Gospel.
        Whether we agree with the idea of having more than one wife or not, it was the right of the Mormon people to be able to practice their religion under the rights of the Constitution. As long as they lived this principle in righteousness, they were not hurting anybody. So, when it comes right down to it, Religious Freedom for the people has been denied. And, I think this offends God greatly. Churches have been told to shut up and to quit preaching this or that doctrine. You can see churches slowly giving in to some kind of New Age doctrine that the elitists want as their New World order religion.

        • Bondo

          Multiple wives has been tolerated but is not some higher path. They were the downfall of solomon. Pre earth life with your brother Satan is Mormon mythology

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, but Wiles’ explanation, while a little dramatic, and yours both have us ending up in the same place. The point is man is fallible and destined to falter, even fail. And if there is no divine bailout, the pattern will repeat until life itself ends. The divine bailout argument, at least, provides an out. Best always. PM

  3. Mark Anzalone

    I must agree with Rick Wiles. I have researched US actions and culture from Operation Paperclip, MKULTRA, and the death cult called Hollywood entertainment. YouTube is filled with insights and analysis of the meanings and symbols presented in popular music, TV and terrorist events. There are too many references to Luciferian worship to ignore. I can recommend viewing The Hollywood Deception exposing the meaning behind symbols and the use of rituals to capture the minds and souls of the unaware. Fritz Springmeier and others have written extensively about the people controlling our world. The average person should consider what they are spending their money on because it is our money and our ignorant complicity that keeps these Satanists in power.

  4. Myromeodude123 on Youtube

    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Quote from George Orwell’s “1984”
    Greg, I realize this will be a difficult concept to understand at first. I would have been in that camp a year ago myself. But now, with this new understanding, I see the world through a completely new lens.
    I now understand how we have been deceived and controlled through our Media, History books and Hollywood.
    I sincerely hope you and your viewers will watch this video in its entirely with an open mind. After watching it, reject it if you like. If you find it interesting there are plenty of supporting videos out there on Youtube.
    Myromeodude123 on Youtube
    EUROPA – The Last Battle [Part 3]

    • Tracy Welborn

      Not a difficult concept at all. What are you saying though?

  5. Scott

    Words fail to convey how timely and powerful this interview, really is – Mr. Wiles is hitting the bullseye, center of target. Nails it.

    Folks out here in the West don’t want to hear it, and the authorities are making a full-court press to stifle it, criminalize it, and expunge it, but no warning is as urgent as Wiles’. Will Americans heed it? We’re still praying they will.

    Thanks for this, Greg.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Rick Wiles is correct in pointing out the sickness that pervades contemporary society. However, evil has been with us for millennia. Can he explain what compelled the Church to engage in acts of genocide and torture throughout Europe and beyond? Burning people because they do not share your beliefs is psychopathic.
      Also, the abuse of children within Church organisations was/is a very real problem. The response of the Church to move the abusers to different churches once complaints had been made and not resolve the problem is a disgrace.

      • This sceptred Isle

        …and I personally know of a case in church that had to be sorted out by the police after several complaints so please nobody give me that crap about it being a conspiracy against the church!!!

        • Paul ...

          When a pedophile is caught for sexually abusing a child … the automatic punishment should be castration …if we find he killed that child … the automatic punishment should be death … we have to get evil “out of our world” the same way God the Father did in Heaven (when he through that pervert Satan out on his slithering ass)!!

        • Frederick

          TSI agreed there were lots and lots of sexual activity and abuse going on And there still is Im sure

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Maybe a few fanatics murdered and looted over a Bible verse….the rest were inflamed with lust for gold.