Dr. Paul Craig Roberts-U.S. Markets Rigged by its Own Authorities–It Blows the Mind

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: If the Currency Collapses & You Try to Flee Into Gold,There Won’t Be AnyBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “We have a situation where all the markets are rigged.  All the markets are manipulated.”  As an example, Dr. Roberts points to the stock market.  Dr. Roberts contends, “We have a stock market at all-time highs, and where is the economy?  There’s not one.  There’s no recovery.”  Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “53% of Americans earn less than $30,000 per year.  Well, the poverty rate for a family of four is something like $24,000. . . . If there is no income to drive the economy and there is no credit expansion to drive the economy, then how does it go anywhere?  You can’t possibly have a recovery.”

When asked how long can this go on, Dr. Roberts replied, “How long can they fool people?”  When asked about the recent Fed “taper” of $10 billion a month in bond purchases with printed money, Roberts said, “Foreigners are getting nervous because they see the Fed creating all this new money.”  Roberts thinks the appearance of cutting back the money printing “is a way to protect the dollar.”  Obama Care is another headwind for the economy as monthly premiums for many double.  Dr. Roberts says, “The whole thing is constructed to produce massive income for the insurance companies, and that drains the economy.”

So, what does Dr. Roberts see for 2014?  “I would expect, this year, the economy will drop again, and they won’t be able to hide it.  So, the deficit will widen . . . and the widening deficit will again cause dollar worries.  Who’s going to finance it?  It means the Fed will have to print more dollars.”  Roberts goes on to say, “The Fed won’t be able to cut back $10 billion a year.  It will have to increase it $30 billion a year, $40 billion a year, whatever.”  On gold and silver, Roberts says, “The West is draining itself of physical bullion. . . If there is a currency collapses and you try to flee into gold, there won’t be any there.  The Chinese will have it.”  So, is this the year gold and silver stage a big turnaround?  Roberts says, “It’s gone on longer than I thought it could go on.  I didn’t realize all the deceptive and crooked methods they would use to rig the markets.  The notion that a democratic capitalist country having its markets rigged by its own authorities–it blows the mind.  This is not normal.  What will they do next?  I don’t know.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.   

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  1. Smaulgld

    How can people even think that all markets are not manipulated when the Fed not only “sets” interest rates with the stated purpose of trying to produce a desire outcome in the housing and employmemt markets? Further the Fed not only sets rates but actually participates in the market to a tune of a trillion dollars a year.
    Any one who thinks it stops there is not paying attention.
    It would make no sense for the fed to stop just at interest rates.

    I’m with the doctor. I had expected this whole game to be over by 2012. The doctor also makes a good point re the poor employment and job market that I have been making re the housing “recovery”-there isn’t one, there are only QE dollars chasing limited inventory (caused by the massive number of homeowners still underwater from the last Fed induced housing bubble)
    Here are my 2014 gold and silver predictions http://smaulgld.com/2014-predictions-for-gold-and-silver/

    • allen ols


      …just a note on everything to be over in 2012; let me refer back to John Williams, and his 90% forecast of inflation in 2014, i e mailed the Jackass concerning JW, of whom the Jackass has tremendous respect for, e mailed me back;

      Williams is a great stat calculator
      one must bear in mind that in 2010, in 2011, in 2012, and in 2013, he had forecasted very strong price inflation in the USEconomy
      he was wrong every year, since he focused incorrectly on the money supply argument
      I warned HTLetter readers of his wrong string of forecasts, as he went outside his area of expertise, even to explain why
      his key to the wrong string of forecast calls was the rapid growth in the USD money supply
      the Jackass view was that the new monetary flow was being devoted almost entirely for the banking sector, not reaching the Main Street businesses
      now in 2014, he repeats the strong price inflation call, but this time adding that the USDollar global exodus will be the culprit
      this is finally correct, the currency devaluation being the key, not money supply
      since 2010, I have been pointing out Williams as having a poor forecast record, whose calls should be ignored since almost always wrong
      finally this time, he might be right, since he points to the USD rejection
      It is important to remember that John Williams is the foremost economic series expert and should be given great praise for accurately tracking the correct M3 money supply, the correct Gross Domestic Product (economic growth), the correct price inflation, and the correct unemployment rate. Williams is one of the good guys, but he did not properly follow the Jackass price inflation forecast or rationale that differed from his own errant forecasts.

      I enjoy all the guests, even all the ones i read, and listen too; and by far the Jackass has the broadest overview, and grasp w/o setting a date; than anyone.

      Try the Hat Trick Letter for 6 months, I think you will be blessed

      al ols FOPUSAWD

      • Glen

        @Allen ols Thanx for sharing that email communication with Dr Willie. I agree with him completely as far as his opinion of John Williams. Good stuff. There is a lot of disinformation out there. We have to be discerning. People like Karen Hudes for example, or Pastor Lindsay Williams, for example. These are disinfo agents, putting out stuff to confuse the sheeple. No facts to back up claims. Terrible. Dr Roberts is one of the good guys for example. He never makes rediculous claims. He is there to help. He never puts out disinfo. He needs to be listened to. Again, thanx for sharing Dr Willie’s email with us.

    • jstick

      I don’t want to watch you talk, I want to read you think.
      [Think about it; it might come to you.]
      Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

  2. William Betts

    Thanks for having Dr Roberts on your news program. For over 10 years now a lot of people have been saying that the FED is going to destroy America. The FED has now done just that. Congress has got its head n the sand and does not have a clue what is going on as far as I can tell. The FED has squandered all our gold and we have given our wealth away in the form of shipping our jobs and skills to China. The only thing we can do is go to war. That’s our economic game – war. I’m an old guy that is not going to be around much longer, but I really feel for the younger people. We need a revolution to get this democracy back from the military,industrial,intelligence complex that along with the FED has destroyed America…. Betts

    • smaulgld

      Thanks Allen
      My initial reaction to the first round of stimulus and QE1 was they would not be inflationary as they would stave off deflation and merely acted to recapitalize the banks.
      When it continued and when I realized that the Fed was funding increasing US deficit spending and buying 50-80% of the newly issued t-bonds that is when I thought the system would soon fall apart. I am familiar with the Golden Jackass- he is a smart analyst

    • On The Beach

      William, You said you feel for the younger people. Did you hear about the young boy from Pakistan?
      (15 year old Pakistani sacrifices life to save schoolmates from suicide bomber)
      http://b4in.info/sS3y via@beforeitsNews
      John 15:13 say’s; No greater love than this, that a man (or boy) lay down his life for his friends
      Willie there is hope for the world, L o v e n e v e r f a i l s
      Google; No Greater Love (Rachel Lampa)-YouTube

      • Laura

        On the Beach… Perfect words, “No greater life than this…” And this young man save 2000 lives. In spite of the evil powers existing in this world, and especially those enjoying destroying the USA, there is still good in the world, if we only look.

        And thank you for sharing this.

    • bahmi

      Oh, my. The Fed absolutely knows what it is doing and has been for 100 years. It’s called bleeding the rooster.

  3. Anne Elliott

    Last week my co-worker’s daughter went to the Social Security office and stood in line with a bunch of older people. She overheard them talking and complaining to the receptionist about how their Medicare insurance had just bern changed over to Medicaid, and they didn’t know why. After listening to Dr. Roberts, now I know why. I had known that Medicaid recipients can be rationed insurance based on their income; they pay more as a deductible if they earn more, but had forgotten that their property can be claimed after their death.
    This system is reprehensible. It’s not just immoral – it makes me believe that something truly evil is behind it. Something that is striving to take away, like you said in the interview Greg, the wealth of generations of hard-working people.
    Another thought about Medicaid. That is a state run program; usually gets federal dollars, but the enforcement of the program is a state burden, and that will lessen the cost a little on Medicare, and make their budget numbers and statistics look somewhat better.
    What a shell game! I hope whoever is behind this scheme is getting paid enough to balance out losing their soul. Paraphrasing: “For what profits a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

    • Greg Hunter

      Good info Anne. Thank you for posting it!!

      • allen ols

        Jim Garrowy former, CIA covert, spy has done several interviews, exposing the govmnt. and more, said last thursday they tried to kill him, and did say they did kill Tom Clancy; and in the lengthy interview, said “we have a demon in the whitehouse. google it.

        alols fopusawd

    • Ray L. Raney

      BiBi stated , ” Once we squeeze all we can from America , it can blow away ! “

  4. Justin King

    Thanks to Greg for having the gravitas to bring on PCR.
    MUST reads : The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism- by Paul Craig Roberts.
    & The Money Bubble – by James Turk.

  5. Tom

    “It Blows the Mind”. That is an excellent summary of our current condition. PCR has such an excellent grasp on what is going on. I cannot believe the charade has lasted this long. It truly does blow the mind. It flies in the face of all that is logical and rational. Centuries from now students will study this and marvel at how long the wool was pulled over our collective eyes. It will make the collapse of the Roman Empire look like Romper Room.

  6. art barnes

    Greg, the slow slog to reality, with the “financial media” leading the false impressions of a recovery, it will take some time to be defused to the general population and the actually economic reality will to be outed. Until that time its just more of the same. Therefore, as each day unfolds and another family finds out their situation doesn’t seem to fit as described by the media the ball becomes more frazzled and begins to unravel. During the upcoming economic “great unraveling” anything could happen. But as Mr. Roberts says maybe the FED can come up with a new game that can continue to ruse the American people, and, if that happens, the unraveling is delayed for a while longer, all the while the economy bottom bounces. The FED are no dummies and they won’t go down easily so I’m betting on some new inventions we haven’t seen before, P.S. I love Dr. Robert’s chuckles.

  7. Rodster

    The other day I was listening to Rush Limbaugh. He said it’s almost criminal what the left has done to this Country. Hello Rush ! It-Is-Criminal what the left along with the Cental Bankers and Central Planners have done to this Country. But that is precisely what Cental Banking does and why the Framers of this Nation where so OPPOSED to Central Banking.

    You essentially turn your citizens into hamsters. You turn up the speed on the wheel to make the hamster go faster and use up more energy to try and get the same carrot.

    Eventually the hamster gives up. We are almost at this point where the taxes and burdens placed on families are obscene and yet the Central Planners in Washington DC keep piling on more and more on the backs of it’s citizens. Iceland to their credit put the banksters in jail.

    Unfortunately the banksters are running this Country so good luck with that until the whole system collapses from it’s own weight. So sad what they have done to a once great and mighty nation. 😉

  8. Joe Gee

    Greg, thanks for having back on Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He is the best at what he does,telling the truth and the truth will set you free. Intimidation and fear are the bread and butter of Tyranny and that is what we have here in the USA ! Greg our only hope is the glorious appearing of the great God and our savior Jesus Christ….Joe Gee

    • jstick

      Hello, “Joe Gee”.
      Yes, the only “hope” *IS* the Kingdom.
      You may recall the so-called “Lord’s Prayer”:
      “Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed [sanctify] be thy name
      [do you know God’s name?-Psalm 83:18.]
      Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
      That Kingdom will by necessity remove every human government.
      The obvious evil, that most are blind to, is behind the governments of all countries, and that is why these things are happening.
      That, and the fact that the time has come for the Kingdom of the heavens to begin ruling over the earth.
      Interesting trivia-the word translated “lord” in the Scriptures has the meaning of “master”, and could have been translated as such.
      Just thought of that, in light of John’s words; “Amen. … come, Lord Jesus.”
      Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

      • Greg Hunter

        The prayer that says all that needs to be said. Thank you for posting it!

  9. Jerry

    Greg this was an absolutely fascinating interview. Whenever you can get into the mind of a former government official, especially a assistant Treasurer you’d better listen to what he has to say.

    I think we can all agree that the markets are heavily manipulated, but the question I really liked was for how long? With so many emerging economies coming into the market I would wager to say not for long. Why would they continue to carry our debt and keep their currency down? They wouldn’t. That is why I believe so many countries are signing agreements with the Chinese for a new exchange system.


    When the United States was the only consumer based economy in the world we could get away with writing off our debt to other nations, but with todays emerging markets in China, India, and Russia that’s simply not possible anymore. In addition like Mr. Roberts said, we no longer have the consumers, because we are to saddled with debt and that is very true. The employee’s that used to work for GE and RCA and yes even GM are unemployed drawing food stamps. Their jobs were sent to China, India, and Mexico under NAFTA.

    I don’t believe for one second that this economic collapse hasn’t been engineered. Can you imagine how the economy would look if the Trillions of dollars that were spent on Big Government and the Banks, were given to Small Businesses to invest in hiring employees and expanding production? How about charging a 2% import tariff and giving that money to Businesses as incentives to hire employee’s? How about a 20% tax cut for Small Business? I’m just a dumb hillbilly from the Ozarks, but even I can see what the PTB are planning to do.

    As a side note: Greg you know that underground military complex in Ozark ? It is just about complete and will be operational soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tell us more about “that underground military complex in Ozark.” Thank you for your support!

      • Jerry

        Right outside Highlandville Mo. ( S.E. on Google Maps) you will see a complex being built that has over 72,215 sq. ft. The unique feature of this complex is it has underground bunkers and tunnels, and is made from reinforced steel and concrete. Enough to withstand a nuclear blast. Even more interesting , is the man building it (Huff) is a U.S. Defense contractor. The big question is why? And why in the middle of the Ozarks? 2+2 Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for posting this.

      • jc Davis

        Jerry is this the underground storage?

        • Jerry

          No. The one I’m talking about is about 3.5 miles S.E. of Highlandville Mo. If you look on Google Maps you can see it with Satellite . (zoom in) The structure itself is bigger than the Whitehouse.

    • Rodster

      Quote: Their jobs were sent to China, India, and Mexico under NAFTA.

      Ah yes who can forget “that giant sucking sound”.

      -Ross Perot

  10. Dill Mann

    Greg, what a great site…I have been reading everything here for about 2 years now.

    I am in my mid 40s. I have an extensive background in finance/investments/insurance.

    I am a typical over educated American, Iwent back to school full force in 2006 when I saw collapse coming. in real estate. I am swimming in debt now, all my fault, but I did it to better myself.
    I have watched this economy closely since 2005, and there is no doubt that collapse is coming in the biggest way. There is no recovery, there are no jobs, period.

    WHAT TO DO: I keep reading what people say about farming, hunting and living off the land etc. Really? Can you start a fire without matches, do you know what to plant, when to harvest, how to compose? Can you hunt,kill, clean, gut a dead animal? Then can you preserve it? Can you fish? Catch and clean it? Will you be willing to eat raw animal meat?!

    What do you do about water, running water? What do you do when the power grid goes down? What about your sewerage system? How will you manage that.
    And if you are one of the extremely few that can afford a few acres, can you build a house? Can you repair it? Fix an engine? Build one? What about a fuel source? DId you think about that?

    I am all for gun ownership 100%, but what happens when all the stores have been looted? What happens when the whole infrastructure has collapsed and there are no food deliveries? And you and thousands are standing outside of a store and everyone has a gun…but no food because there wont be any deliveries! None!

    I hear people say “armed forces” will take over…..
    New World Order? UN? FEMA? Civil Guard? Really?

    The UN is funded by western nations that are beyond broke!! Most of Europe is gone, dead…The Swiss realize this ( do some research) and by the way EVRYONE OWNS A GUN IN SWITZ!!

    The Chinese, Russians and Swiss have bought massive amounts of gold FOR WHAT IS COMING AFTER COLLAPSE!!! The Chinese know American debt is toxic, so they have to sure it up, that have to “insure it”. The Russians know whats coming, they will be in a much better position then we are. And nations that have currencies not tied to the dollar or euro will be much better off.

    THE FED:
    I keep hearing what a genius Bernanke is was etc; he hoodwinked everyone;
    Bernake was not a real school of the depression if he was he would know that:
    1) In that time people were farmers, factory workers, skilled labor and
    2) Prohibition killed up to and over a million alcohol producing related jobs
    and industries that “supported” it. So govt killed a golden goose that
    produced a lot of tax revenue (this was truly psychopathic)
    3) We were a creditor nation based on manufactruing.
    4) We are now a debtor nation, over educated, where most jobs are service
    industry related. Nobody knows how to do anything without a computer!
    5) Nobody from that period would ever borrow or print money like we are; it
    would have been delusional.

    Now in America we have over 100 million people not working and more on govt/state assistance! That number is mind boggling to me.

    The majority of people now believe that the successful people are bad and that they need their wealth confiscated. We have a president and an attorney general who both hate this nation and white people. And all of the Socialists GO ALONG WITH THIS!!!

    There are govt agencies more powerful than the govt: EPA IRS OSHA etc.
    The EPA can shut down a business with one report; some little coward who works for the govt can destroy your life with the stroke of a pen!!!
    These agencies are destroying multiple industries across this nation.

    There will be a war a massive one lasting years, I don’t speculate where or when but within 2 years. I have no doubt (IMHO).

    Socialists/communists hate people; they especially hate us; the real 1% who can see their evil. This is Satan’s religion it is the antichrist. They will do anything for control power etc. They will intern us, kill us at will and rationalize it so easily. Every socialist leader always has. This of course is also its weakness but not until it destroys a generation or two of the humans. These people are beyond psycho paths, because they believe they have a mission to destroy the individual, the family, the schools, the elderly, the community, the cities and the country.

    I hope that this Fed Govt does collapse, and we go back to what it was supposed to be a nation of INDIVIDUAL STATES that have contracts with each other and no fed gov that is a seperate govt that is the enemy of the states that make its existance possible.

    What is coming will be horrific! MILLIONS will die; mostly from starvation. Mindless slaughter. Survival is primal, beyond what we have ever felt. What will people do when they cant get food! I also believe this will be a generational phase and that it will take 15-20 years before we start to recover.

    I have a friend who moved to South AMerica. In a very stable country. I would rather not say where. I am leaning in November 2014. I will never be able to pay these debts off and I am truly sorry about that. But from my view point I dont want to be here anymore. Yes they may eventually not like me where I am going, but I know that they will kill me here.

    I agree with what WD DENI wrote: “No one will come to save you” I know that street gangs will take over my city and the rape and carnage will be unworldly.

    I accidentally came across a book that strangely rings true:
    “Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum ”
    Just read it and make your own opinion.

    Good luck everyone! I wont make anymore posts; but you all who come to this sight are the 1% patriots that makes sense of the illusion. I have come to enjoy all of your posts; brilliant! You all are the seeds of the future!!

    If you control the food supply, you control the people” – Henry Kissinger

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a smart guy. Please comment again, just make future comments a little shorter. This was a good comment though!!

      • Dill Mann

        Thanks Greg,

        I have read news stories where the UK economy is “roaring back” along with Germany and soon to be followed by the rest of Europe. Is this true or another “illusion”? But is the UK really gaining strength?

        Thanks as always!!

    • Chip

      Good post Dill…

    • Ugly

      The stuff you say is true and it is reality. Nothing we can do other than prepare the best you can. A hillbilly in Mississippi has a better chance of survival than most of us because they have lived that lifestyle all along. We cannot do all that you posted, but we can–

      1. Learn to garden and get going
      2. Know a farmer and buy from him/her directly
      3. Join a CSA
      4. Get debt down and lower your dollar needs
      5. Buy seeds
      6. Have a food storage of canned goods and #10 can stuff
      7. Have some water storage and know where to get a fresh supply
      8. Have friends you can trust
      9. Learn, Learn, and then Double Learn.
      10. Pray (that should be at the top)

      That is about all we can do.

    • allen ols

      Dill mann

      concerning hunting, gutting, gardening, preserving, fishing, etc and etc. I CAN 🙂
      Can I protect my family, YES
      Can I get outta dodge in time, YES
      If one starts now, one can survive, easily, others can teach those who cant , like canning veggies, or meat, hunt a deer, etc
      It will take a village, and The spirit of GOD; ie The BREAD of life: Jesus Christ, or as I call him, GOD; start there, move fwd.

      al ols fopusawd

    • Jerry

      I totally agree with you. I have felt like going to South America myself. My wife and I have discussed this many times and have decided to stay here with our families and if need be, die with the country I grew up loving. After careful examination I realized that , I am the son and grandson of two decorated veterans, and it is not in my blood to run. If you are young, and have a family, my blessings go with you. You have nothing to feel bad about .Go while you still can.

      • Glen

        Moving to Central America is a great idea if you have the capitol to start over. Most people are not in a position to do this. I live in Panama way out in the boon docks and it is safe and secure where I live. Its not for everyone and I understand this. And, it is getting more and more expensive, everyday in fact. Panama is dollarized but we are experiencing very high price inflation. It is definitely a harbinger for what is coming to the US in the very near future. The key to living in Panama is that you learn simple living. You learn to live with less and it is not as difficult as you might think. I am very happy with my decision to retire in Panama. I know that harder times are coming but I am partially insulated from it down here.

  11. Max

    Greg –
    Thanks for having Dr Paul Craig Robert & John Williams on this site.
    Their viewpoints are invaluable for the average person.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Max for your comment and support.

    • anni

      You know I use to wonder about the people in Germany at the time of Hitler. Why didn’t the Jews leave, why did the German people go along with the guy. Reading your comments about staying and being with family and loving the country gave me a greater insight into the German, and Jewish thinking. Thank you I feel much the same way. I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be, even if it means going down with the flames. However I can’t help but wonder what life will be like when we go to war.

      • allen ols


        Normalcy bias, also, Gerald Celente asked a french girl friends mother, “Why her family didnt flee when the nazis invaded?”, she said, “We had so much and didnt want to leave it behind”.
        God, or Jesus said to his disciples, “When you see all these things happening, let him that is on the roof top not go down and get his stuff, but just flee”

        al ols fonpusawd

  12. Bob

    Death throes. When a body dies it goes through death throes. Horrible sight. We are bleeding out——————

  13. Ugly

    For some reason, I have found myself reading Daniel and Revelation. I have also blown the dust off of all my Hal Lindsey tapes. I even found the book, The Late Great Planet Earth. The ‘System’ is coming. Nothing else can explain it.

  14. smaulgld

    While I have been in the no fed exit, no taper, QE4ever camp, I am starting to think while the economy needs QE or it collapses, the Fed knows they can’t go on forever and amass $5 trillion+ worth of garbage MBS and more treasuries- and the bond market/dollar probably won’t let them.

    I am finishing up a review of the comments of the Fed presidents post taper announcement.

    We have heard from Richmond Federal Reserve President, Jeffrey Lacker (hawk),Philadelphia Federal Reserve President Charles Plosser (hawk),Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren (dove),San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams (dove) so far. We will hear from Kansas City Federal Reserve President Esther George (dove) and Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Narayana Kocherlakota tomorrow.

    Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher (hawk) and Chicago Fed President Charles Evans (dove) and Janet Yellen are not scheduled to speak.

    So far they are all talking in a unified way that they will continue to taper but keep interest rates low -sounds like a fantasy as tapering is tightening. Who else is going to buy T-bonds at the high prices that the Fed pays to keep the yields low?

    I am thinking more and more since the summer that the US citizen will replace the Fed as the buyer of last resort of T-bills. It’s a very easy sell-required retirement plans to invest say 20% of its assets in T-bonds. Very patriot way of getting away with confiscation. They can do it after the next stock market crash and sell it as “safety insurance” against market fluctuations.

    • Ugly

      smaulgld, my thoughts are–

      There are 360 degrees in a circle. They will hit us at every angle and degree, thus we will be spinning in circles with no ‘real’ safe haven for investments. They are winding the Top and then it will spin out-of-control. All of our monies, investments, and ownerships simply flying away. Then comes the ‘Financial Saviour’. They buy debt pennies to the dollar and virtually own everything. Thus, the 1% get very rich, the 99% become their slaves.

      Or look at it like this. The FED and Centrals say, ‘Hey Americans, we loaned you all this money. It is now time to pay the Piper. We want our money back with interest or else. Look at the ‘Note’. Does it not say Federal Reserve Note? Thus pay, or there will be Hell To Pay!

  15. mohammad


    Great interview as always.
    Here is the premise am starting this post with:
    This game will continue as long as there is physical gold to deliver PERIOD (pun intended)
    Now comes the question that every one is puzzled by (including me 🙂 ), where is that physical gold coming from?
    I thought in one previous post that it was stolen Libyan gold that was leveraged to 100 so we go from 300 tons to leveraged 30000 tons that kept the game alive so far and now they are after Syrian/Lebanese gold to continue with the game.
    I kept listening to Karen Hudes interviews many many times and am lost at what she says.
    She kept insisting that there is more gold in the world than what any one thinks, and in Hawaii bank there is to the tune of a staggering 170000 tons of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    According to her the Vatican has large quantity too!
    Either Karen is a fruit loop ( I think not ) or what she says is true which begs the question where the hell all that gold is coming from?

    IF for sake of argument what she says is true then the only explanation is ALCHEMY!
    Wild speculation, actually it is high Octane speculation but it will be the ONLY explanation IF what Karen had been saying is not false:


    If Karen is a loony toon or a fruit loop or a nut case then am back to my explanation of the stolen gold from countries to rig the game, Syria / Lebanon is next!

    Please Greg please, ask Karen Hudes with the next interview you will have with her about this and press her hard to seek what proof does she have from her interesting position on this account of gold tonnage that is mind boggling and unexplained except by ALCHEMY!

    • Ugly

      If what is said about Gold amounts is true and valued at lets say $3,000 oz, then that would be about $17T in gold. I find that interesting, but I doubt it. It could be a game of poker where we are seeing the ‘bluff’ games begin.

      On alchemy? I doubt it, but who knows. They claim that the Sun’s thermonuclear energy can only produce up to carbon. It would take tremendous energy to go from carbon to gold. But who knows?

      • mohammad

        Lets for a moment speculate, If it was not for what Karen Hudes had said I would never even go there, But she is not a nut case, she held a position that makes what she says credible UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.

        Would the feds indicate or hint or admit they have the ability to alchemy lead /mercury into gold and blow the cover?, after all the perception of gold scarcity is their game, if a breath of that (again all depends on how accurate Karen was) is revealed gold will tank to the silver price now.

        So lets keep the game on the edge and keep the supply of gold to the entities redeeming papers at the very minimal that keeps their perception of gold availability the way it is now and they will waste their trade surplus on something that is really ABUNDANT and not scarce as what Karen had been saying all along.
        High Octane speculation …. YES
        Possible? ….. Heck yes.
        They imported to the states all the nazi minds in paper clip operation.
        There were in the 30’s patents by Siemens to produce alchemy and make gold from lead/Mercury… that is a fact folks and the references to it can be found.
        They (nazi) had a coupe de tat when they killed JFK and took over the country.
        As far as Germany gold, it is adding to the perception of scarcity of gold, nice theatrical move (still speculating for fun……. 😉 )
        So why not?
        Why not accepting that karen Hudes is telling the truth?

        • Ugly


          I am not saying Hudes is not truthful on gold amounts, just not sure if she knows the whole story and really of what is being manufactured or delivered. If gold can be produced via alchemy, then of my opinion gold will not be worth much in future. Yes, the Nazi’s produced much science but did not publish in journals due to strict secrecy orders. Pesticides used today in agriculture was derived from their knowledge in the 1930s. They also claim to have know about DNA before 1954.

          It is interesting to look in to. My opinion is that many ‘bluff’ games are unfolding. People know currencies are in trouble, especially those around the dollar, and they need gold to protect their currency from collapse or reset. No gold, big collapse. Thus, bluffs. Kind of like, ‘we got more gold than you and we also know how to transform lead into it!’….

          Here is my take. If lead is converted into gold then where are the lead mines for that purpose? You have to have a balance of equation. For instance, lets say 15,000T of gold was produced through alchemy. Then that means at least 15,000T of lead was mined for that purpose. Is there such a lead mine?

          I agree though. This would be a good question on Hudes next interview with usawatchdog….

          • mohammad

            Not only lead, it is Mercury too.
            Any way I think the bluffing game would be to the tune of a believable story, I mean if Karen is bluffing then she will not come up with a number that is beyond imagination that will make her look ridiculous. 170 000 tons to be mentioned on every corner by a very very brilliant connected lawyer who has this heavy duty resume in world bank with all the connections is something should not be taken lightly.
            As far as black budgets and dark society secrets, nothing surprises me any more.
            It is a given that the feds HAVE A LOT OF TRICKS UP THEIR SLEEVES that will make the head of Dr. PCR and every one else’s spin!

        • Liquid Motion

          The Mother of all Evil is Speculation.
          Why do you persist with this ?
          Searching for answers via the imposition of an improbable storyline creates doubt in your mind as much as it does for those that read it and believe it.
          If said Gold was in existence : How long has it been held?
          Was it there in the 70’s ? …when Gold price went parabolic ?
          To have alchemy…you need supply of materials of same or higher quantities.
          The closest thing to Alchemy is the FED being able to gold wash/plate Lead Bars. After all, the Romans had perfected the art of silver washing copper coins. That has more merit than actual transmutation of base metals. Syrian Gold ..well that’s a different story.
          Time to move onto another thread.

          • mohammad

            The only way to clear my mind is pressing Karen Hudes on the 170 000 tons issue.
            It is not only Karen by the way, if you listen to Catherine Austin Fitts, she sings to the same tune when talking about the black budget and breakaway society, no harm in keep doing what you are doing now, but it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS not to leave any stone unturned, Karen was reputable enough for Greg to bring her here, and that was the first time i heard about her, but the investigative instinct in me (physicians are investigators by nature) tells me there are many dots that look attractive to connect, I laid out in my post just few of them!
            So in essence keep doing what you are doing now and do not change plans and lets here from Karen some api;ed beans, WHAT SAY YOU GREG ABOUT ANOTHER INTERVIEW WITH KAREN HUDES?

            • Greg Hunter

              She is coming up soon. Promise.

          • mohammad

            Sorry for typo :

            “lets here from Karen some SPILLED beans”

    • Anne Elliott

      It could be the “alchemy” of a big bar of tungsten covered in gold, too. Wouldn’t that be the final provocation of war between the US and China – if China found out the gold bars they’d been buying weren’t completely solid… Whoops!!! Sorry about that!!! 🙂 Quality control just isn’t what it used to be…

      • mohammad

        It happened actually when China took delivery from Britain, they after finding out insisted on checking on site before delivery:


        gold received now in Shanghai from Hong Kong is MELTED to a pure form before storage, so Tungsten is thrown out of the possibilities!

      • Oracle 911

        Maybe, you are right USA/West would try sell tungsten. 🙂
        BUT China is refining the western gold, and tungsten can be detected by measuring of the conductivity, gold is one of the best electrical conductor, while tungsten is not.

        • lastmanstanding

          Your comments regarding banking and such are awesome.
          Without silver, there is absolutely no technology.
          Gold is just prettier…and that just depends on who you are.

          Without silver, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

    • lastmanstanding

      Mohammad…a little tidbit that I heard today on Glenn Becks radio show. IMO, Beck relates about 98% of the truth. I watched his show on fox for years and he provides a lot of good info…just not all of it. I could speculate why and so could everyone here who is familiar with him, but I’ll leave that for another day.

      I agree with you completely on the Libyan gold…no central bank and 150 tons of gold. I also believe that Libya was invaded for the “Great Manmade River”. Desert turned into incredible farmland.

      Anyhow, back to Beck. They were discussing the Germans wanting their gold back. When a country (no matter who it is) leases it’s gold to the fed for fiat, that countries gold has their own symbol/mark stamped on the bars. We all know what the Germans were told, over 7 years. Apparently, the Germans got some of their gold back on Dec 26th…10% of it…and it was not their gold. No stamp, and it was gold that had been recast. This is not the first time that this has happened. Other countries have experienced the same bs. They mentioned one scenario (I can’t remember the country) where they had leased 99.9 gold with their mark…and when they received it back, it was 97.9 pure and no mark.

      I didn’t catch the whole thing but maybe someone here did and can fill in the holes.

      IMO, the fed is doing whatever it wants with whatever gold they can get there hands on. The big players in the game (fed, Chinese, Russians, India and the 1%) are buying/stealing the worlds gold for the final play. Most of all they want the regular guys gold and silver…and they want it for themselves.

      You are probably right about Syria and Lebanon. Germany’s gold is gone…USA’s, gone…all to them.

      • lastmanstanding

        Mohammad…”The Curious Case of the German Gold”

        • Anne Elliott

          Fascinating read – thanks for the link!

          • lastmanstanding

            Anne. Want some fascinating reading, look at all of the blogs from that site or go to:

            http://www.wsra.com Just a lot of folks that just want to be left alone.

  16. Chip

    PCR & Greg Hunter the dynamic duo!!! Thanks again Greg…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip but Dr. Roberts is the real star here!!

  17. Mr.Lee

    Gereld Celente refers to, “schemes undreamed of” in the feeble attempt by the so called officials to keep this economy going.
    Call it what you will, but this economy is dead because they did not allow full market capitalism to deal with the entities that have caused this economy to die. It is tantamount to a patient that is dead but on life support. Sure, the technology can keep the organs alive, but the body will start to break down no matter what as the brain is dead. Same case with our economy. Remember the words or John Rockefeller, “completion is bad for business.” Well, now these sort of people got their way and the business has destroyed the economy.
    However, like the phoenix, out of the ashes will rise a new economy again. You see this already with people buying local, looking at gold and silver, preparing for what is to come. That my friends is very positive and a good sign that life will go on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mr. Lee
      You nailed it here: “this economy is dead because they did not allow full market capitalism to deal with the entities that have caused this economy to die.” Yes sir we should have take these banks into receivership instead we propped and continue to prop them up.

  18. Bill


    I’ve been following you for about a year now. You have a refreshing way of making your interviews easily relate to the average person. I retired about 2 years ago. Since listening to you, Mike Maloney, Jim Sinclair and others, I’ve completely restructured my investments. 60% of my investments are now in physical gold and silver (mostly silver). I sleep much better at night these days.
    All of your interviews are enlightening, but I especially look forward to those with Dr. Willie, Greg Mannarino and Dr Roberts. One guest I hope you get on is Lindsey Williams. He has some interesting thoughts, along with the timing as to how events will play out. Again, thanks for all you do. Regards, Bill

    • Greg Hunter

      The above mentioned are booked and in the pipeline. Thank you for sharing your strategy!!

  19. Larry Carter

    Dr Roberts truely reflects my frustration and disbelief that we now live in an Alice in Wonderland , Disneyland, and technology world. These things all consipiery to enslaeve the citizens of the world. The narsistic control of all aspects of life with no need to consult the citizenry. We are all on our way to becoming pesants.

  20. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    2 questions:
    Has Dr Roberts cold?
    What do you think, after China realizes there is no more available gold in the USA/west, how many time will pass before the big US asset sell of began (US dollar and T-bonds)?

    I think not that much.

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Oracle 911,
      Yes he has a cold and when the gold sales stop going East it is game over for the West.

      • Oracle 911

        One more thing can cause US dollar denominated asset sell off , troubles in Chinese banking system (their credit bubble burst). Reason, they will try inflate away their own dept and in the same time reevaluate their currency on the international market, the easiest way to do this is sinking the US dollar.
        The 2nd easiest way is gold selling, but that won’t happen, because Chinese gov. selling their gold is oxymoron.

        Your thoughts.

  21. 8Ball

    “How long can they keep the charade going?”

    My take is that it will be as long as they possibly can. And when that point is reached I will quote Rob Kirby from your recent interview: “Why do you think that the US is building a domestic army?”

    Colossal Fraud-There are No Free Markets-Rob Kirby

  22. Tim


    There’s no doubt about it – we’re all going to have to duck when the shit hits the fan. If you have some precious metals it will at least make it easier to clean up in the aftermath.


  23. jc Davis

    Good interview Greg. A wise man once said you cant place a money value on borrowed time. I think that is what we are in the middle of ( borrowed time. )

  24. brian

    yeah the real question is not how far these fools in charge are willing to go or what they have the stomach to do, the real question is how much of this bullshit are we going to accept before we stand up and do something to restore law and order to this nation?

  25. Albert Tesla

    This guy is too much of a negative Nancy in my opinion.

    Not EVERYTHING in the market is entirely rigged. Although i would agree to an extent that much of it is being tampered with, there are many upcoming technologies that are really making a “boom” in the market.

    Examples of “positive markets ” are things things such as Robotics, 3D printing, Solar Power etc.

    As well all know, an Iphone 10 years ago was not only impossible to make, but was extremely expensive to produce. But thanks in advances in all things tech related, they became more affordable to the average consumer.

    In time, the three things i listed above (robotics, 3D printing, solar power) and many other related fields will expand and become more prosperous as the cost to produce them becomes cheaper.

    “40 percent of working Americans make less then 30k a year” – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

    This factoid is a huge misrepresentation of the “real world” . Personal injury lawsuits are HUGE amongst the lower class. Basically its a free five figure salary if you play your cards right and consult a lawyer. On top of that, Dr Paul is forgetting another major thing, DRUGS and all things criminal related generate HUGE amounts of income amongst those that on paper, according to the IRS, are living dead broke.

    As for Dr Paul’s example of being not being able to find employment, ask yourself really, how many of those people really just preferred the life of receiving a free check? And on top of that, you also need to remember that there is a decent amount of people who feel like they are to “privileged” and “special” to work a good ol’ fashioned manual labor job because they feel as if they are royalty.

    I think the economy (although yes, the government is indeed responsible for quite a few issues) is also a reflection of the state of mind of the citizens who inhabit this country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Albert Tesla,
      Thank you for adding you perspective to this post. It gives it balance. That said I am not sure you are correct when you ask “how many of those people really just preferred the life of receiving a free check?” In the state I live in the unemployment check is $300 a week. Who wants to be in that position. Did you hear about the ice cream plant with a few dozen job openings that was flooded with hundreds of applicants? We shipped lots of manufacturing jobs overseas. Employment is a real problem but you do make some valid points. Thank you for your comment.

      • Kevin

        Tesla has the high ground on the indolence argument. $300/wk sound like chump change if you’re in the 52k a yr. lifestyle. But having come from that to a $9.00/hr. factory job which, after taxes, pays (wait for it…) about $300.00/wk, I understand why many people would prefer to stay home and get paid jack squat. Getting paid not to work is a fine incentive if what you want is people not working.

    • Liquid Motion


      Your points demonstrate exactly the issue, not just America, but also a large portion the entire globe, faces.
      Ever heard of the saying “cant see the forest for the trees”.
      Take a step back for a moment.
      Consider your words and analysis of technology – advances being made in Solar, 3D Printing & Robotics. Undoubtedly we see advances generating benefits. But, this also comes at a cost. A human cost = Labour. It is a process in which production creates while it simultaneously destroys. Who will enjoy the fruits of advanced technologies as more manual workers are displaced. Robots will eventually do all menial and skilled tasks. Then what ? What we have festering in this technologically advanced world….is Creative Destruction.
      A failure to adapt to a changing environment is detrimental to an economy…the USA is a classic example of this.
      Key symptoms of this dynamic include dysfunctional markets, resource misallocation, economic stagnation and deep crises. Sound familiar ? We are living it….but no one is explaining it fully or correctly.
      There are some studies that have been done using models that uncover some remarkable data about the constructive destruction theory. Disturbingly they highlight that over 10% of existing jobs are destroyed each year. Whilst job creation approximates 10%. You might conclude net, there is no detriment. These job flows are large and ongoing, however they take place within, rather than between, narrow sectors of the economy. In other words the regeneration of jobs is not widespread.
      In sum…..our adjustment to changes (in technology) are an economic phase …one that is characterised more commonly as a depression. Suppression of these economic events is anti economic law. For economies to survive …these must be permitted to occur.
      The real consequence of our advancement…is that destruction and creation are not contemporaneous. The loss of manufacturing jobs has not been replaced by the creative destruction that is supposed to occur by way of regeneration. They are lost for all time, never to return. New industries require a new workforce with different skill sets/training. From where I ask ?
      Eventually we face the same dilemma, what do we do with all the excess human labour ????
      Your remaining comments only support the facts of the destructive phase. People resort to non-productive, resource draining activities for survival because they have no alternative other than to re-skill. Fraud and criminal activities were meant to be the domain of the Elite…now the general public is quickly taking the lead.

  26. Smaulgld

    The three markets you mention -robotics, 3D printing, solar power-are not trading markets, hence not manipulated . Maybe that is the reason innovation is taking place ( although the solar market is heavily subsidized by governments in many countries, perhaps preventing innovation -Solyndra.)
    I think what Dr. Roberts ( wasn’t that a Beatles tune ?) was bewailing wasn’t that everything was bad but that key financial markets are manipulated and have created distortions that will have an enormous adverse impact when the markets finally correct.
    Thanks for pointing out what is good. It’s important to keep perspective

  27. Doug

    Greg, another GREAT interview with Dr. Roberts. A couple of things stick out. First, that part about Medicaid recovery of one’s assets is so sad. Nobody knows about it and what’s coming. (What’s the difference between a vampire and Medicaid? A vampire stops sucking on you after you’re dead.) Second, I always laugh when Dr. Roberts starts to smile or laugh about the manipulated markets and/or the Fed. I think inside he’s just shaking his head in disgust and thinking about just how far gone we are. All you can do is prepare and be resilient. Thanks for your great site. Ingenium superat vires.

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope “genius can overcome strength.” The powers are very strong and most do not know the danger they are in. Thank you for your comment.

  28. Doc Casull

    Sunsets on Liberty: (Full Movie)

    Dear Greg,
    Your USAW service is excellent. What happens after the dollar collapses? Please take a look at the documentary. It contains comments by Catherine Austin Fitts and Paul Craig Roberts. Consider embedding it if you like…

    Watch your back friend,
    Doc 454

    • Greg Hunter

      Good video. Thank you Doc!

  29. jim H

    Greg. Great interview with a great Patriot.

    As I’ve said many times about our situation for several years now, “real Alice in Wonderland stuff”, where up is down and down is up, yet we still try to use old rules to predict what will happen next. I don’t think Paul could be any more clear. I still believe the 1% wants total digital currency for the most part and they will have it. Totally traceable and easy to turn off and on as desired. Nothing has to physically move, ever. We really need to quit analyzing using old rules. I lived in Germany for 18 years and with my job over there traveled all over Europe, South America and the Middle East. I was there when Germany converted to the Euro and store owners did not lower prices but instead changed the same price tag to read E instead of DM. The E cost was actually one third more expensive than the DM but the German people ate it. They bitched but they ate it. Germany is still a country who when angered will force it’s government to reverse stupid decisions while our dear country no longer seems to possess this trait. Still our best route is get informed by people like Greg and Paul and try not to be afraid. One never knows when a sudden massive shift in consciousness may take place or for what reason.Just once before I die I would love to see America tell the NWO to shove it.

  30. John M.

    The two most recent guests of USA Watchdog, John Williams and Paul Craig Roberts, seem almost in perfect agreement that we Americans are being told nothing but lies. The official numbers for GDP, employment, and inflation are grossly miscalculated to seem much better than they really are. The bond, stock, currency, and gold markets are all heavily manipulated with flash trading and leveraged tricks in the immense paper(derivative) markets. Interest rates are kept artificially low and money supply is accumulating in the bankers’ accounts as they are probably converting those paper dollars into real assets. Many Americans were desperate to accept Obamacare as health care was the fastest growing expense in their shrinking family budgets, as real income was declining for 20 years, but the White House and the majority of Congress engaged in more lies. They continue to lie about Benghazi and they nearly succeeded in to taking us to war with Syria over the bogus claim of chemical weapons.

  31. John M.

    We can only conclude that all this lying done by our beloved government is serving some bigger purpose which is being kept from us. The dollar is obviously on its death bed, they and everyone with a brain knows it.
    It is prudent to have precious metals, food and water, lethal protections, etc. but we all know something much bigger than some rioting and widespread mayhem is brewing. The way our government has been acting makes me doubt that we really have physical gold at Fort Knox and other locations. When things get more dire, I suspect false flags and a major war as an option used by our leaders. What can be their motive for destroying America in the process, and allowing China and Russia to be the new world powers? I have no confidence in America’s only weapon that is left, nuclear deterrence, when our leaders are so deceitful about everything else.

  32. Albert Tesla

    @ greg

    When i said “how many of those people really just preferred the life of receiving a free check?” i didn’t quite mean that a majority or a large amount of people have this mentality (lost in internet translation I suppose). But i think its fair to say that a decent percentage (Maybe its fair to say 5-10 percent) do prefer getting that free check in the mail over actual work.

    As for the ice cream plant you gave as an example, indeed this is a horrid thing to see people so desperate for such a mediocre job. However, if you have read my comments in the past (which I’m certain you have) I stand by a certain ideology that truly future prosperous nations will not determine their wealth my simply by a “the labor force”. Innovation is true wealth, technology is what REALLY FREE’S people.

    Quick example….My father grew up in a very isolated farm. He spoke of the days when he used to walk to school, cut wood to keep warm, hunt wildlife for a steady supply of meat, etc.

    What changed his life? Government? Politics? Education? Religion?

    In my opinion, NONE of those things mattered, it was the SHARING OF TECHNOLOGY and ADVANCEMENT OF IT that gave him more time in life and in essence, more individual freedom,

    The car allowed him to drive, the electric saw cut his wood cutting time by god knows how much, etc etc.

    Adapt or die. Economies will begin to adapt once they collapse, they are not going to change until they are on the verge of turning to ash. Once this happens, Technocracy will reign supreme. It’s already happening. Tech companies rule the world (google, darpa, etc). What students are the highest paid out of college? Engineers, scientists, etc. It’s already being set in motion. Only of matter of time now.

    @Liquid Motion
    Indeed you make plenty of valid points, but at my core, i am a realist. And although it is sad to see the destruction and eventual demise of all things “physical labor related” its an unavoidable fate.

    Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. -John F. Kennedy

    you said ” resource misallocation”
    This is a HUGE plague right now amongst the western world…It makes me sick seeing the education system used by our public institutions today (and private as well) are written among the same guidelines that were written during the industrial revolution to promote factory assembly line workers. It’s so not relevant anymore…where on earth are the computer programming / code classes that should be taught 5 days a week for two hours a day!?!?!

    As for the “excess human labor” issue. There are many options in my opinion. For example, if the earth were to become more “environmentally friendly” then those extra feet and hands would be very helpful working along side future robotic workers as a substitute for machinery that consume massive amounts of fossil fuels. For example you ever been on a farm and seen those massive machines harvesting corn, wheat, etc? Replace them with good ol’ human sweat and labor. Just a thought.

    As for more “sinister” solutions on over population > : )….
    WW3…Fukishima…Declining fertility rates….etc.

    I don’t mean to put down anybody who studied economics or things of this nature….but there is no place for anybody with a college major in economics/banking in the near future.

    Many religions have warned against all things banking related.

    And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the MONEY CHANGERS and the seats of those who were selling doves.

    And Islam also claims that placing someone in debt / charging interest on a loan is a SIN. ( i am neither Christian or Muslim, I am just saying, its already been revealed to be a plague amongst humanity)

    As for financial markets being rigged….the reality is if the US wasn’t doing it, then someone else would. Might as well be us in control of it rather then the Chinese or the Russians.

    whew lots of typing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Albert Tesla,
      All fair points. You are good with me. I always enjoy your comments, which by the way, I mostly agree with. Thank you for your participation in this site.

    • Liquid Motion

      Lost in translation.
      My points allude to the fact that America has not adapted either by ineptitude or by evil design.
      OR Should I say the Political, Banking & Corporate Elite (who run the country) have not adapted. The Political Elite puppets perhaps should not be given credit. This is where the true motivations of TPTB are exposed. If they had any degree of statesmanship or patriotism or desire to achieve greatness for a nation, then perhaps they may have instigated a revolution in schooling/training decades ago. Instead we are continuously fighting economic woes that ultimately lead to depressions with mass unemployment. They are fighting the wrong battle or should I say , using this time to strengthen their positions whilst the masses are asleep or trying to find solutions or answers.
      One could espouse a number of reasons for that. If one were to consider the Globalisation concept in this context, one could possibly conclude that it is destruction by design. The motivator is CONTROL. Control of the cognitive powers of the brains of millions.
      As for the “excess labor” …the human race has advancements in technology for a reason. We don’t go forwards to go backwards (reverting to manual labor to soak up the excess…seems incongruent to Advancement). And YES I have been on several Large Scale Farming and Mining Operations and witnessed first hand the marvels of technology. What is achieved in one day through mechanical means, would take an army several months.
      It will not be up to the FED or the Government to support the populace who have been misplaced. As harsh at it may appear and sound they will be discarded in the global re-balancing and ongoing game of Creating Empires.
      Whilst technological advancement accrues many benefits to the human race…we cannot obfuscate the fact that it is destructive. Find me a leader that can harness or remedy the destructive phase, then you will have a nation that will prosper eternally.

    • Anne Elliott

      “As for more “sinister” solutions on over population”… Albert, you forgot Pandemic, FEMA camp internment, and Soylent Green…

  33. DanTheManWithThePlan

    Excellent interview as usual Greg! 40 minutes of Paul Craig Roberts is truly a welcome treat. Listening to you two guys going over current events is the next best thing to having access to an actual CRYSTAL BALL. Like the great Gerald Celente is fond of saying, “Current events predict future trends” and you all certainly have a keen eye for spotting both.

    I was wondering if you could ask the next guest on USAWatchdog who specializes in precious metals about what the situation is regarding TRANSPORTATION of both bullion and precious metal coins into and out of the USA. More specifically, OUT of.

    I’d appreciate learning as many details as possible regarding that topic and I’m sure many OTHER readers will be as well..

    Thanks again for having Dr Roberts on!

    • Laura

      I second that!

  34. DanTheManWithThePlan

    PS Greg: I was wondering if you could have MATT TAIBBI on one day? I believe he may be one of the best investigative reporters remaining in the USSA.

  35. Smaulgld

    Albert point take re banking.
    Today a massive unhealthy portion of the economy is banking and manipulated markets
    That itself stifles the innovations you cite as banking cartels and manipulated markets fund and enshrine losers

  36. DanielC

    Hi Greg,

    I really enjoy your interviews and especially the time duration. No sound bites here and I like how you can allow your guests to go into further detail on various issues.

    Next time you have Dr Roberts on again, can you have him go into some details regarding the Exchange Stabilization Fund and it’s relationship with the current U.S. Dollar policy and Gold manipulation? Since the ESF is part of the Treasury Department I would think Dr. Roberts would have some interesting insights.

  37. Jerry

    I have read many post on this site considering alternatives to help rebuild our economy, such as solar power, new technologies etc. etc. etc. but I still have one nagging question. How is any of this possible when we have over 125 Trillion in unfunded liabilities and only 2.5 Trillion per year in revenue? While all of this sounds great, I don’t see how any of this is possible mathematically. The truth is, when you create dependency with entitlement programs, you can never get people back to self reliance. Case in point. One of my clients, just finished off drawing two years of unemployment, and just recently filed for disability. When safety nets become hammocks, you pretty well destroy any incentive for people to work. Here is the harsh truth people. Mark this site on your favorites. When the index reaches 3.5 its game over.

    Use this time to prepare. Greg is doing everything he can, for you to see the truth.

  38. Ken Anderson

    Hi Greg

    Great interview! Thank You for keeping us informed…I thought I’d share a quote from Jim Rawles website yesterday 1/8/13 which is survivalblog….

    “What is the meaning of a gold standard and a redeemable currency?  It represents integrity.  It insures the people’s control over the government’s use of the public purse.  It is the best guarantee against the socialization of a nation.  It enables a people to keep the government and banks in check.  It prevents currency expansion from getting ever farther out of bounds until it becomes worthless.  It tends to force standards of honesty on government and bank officials.  It is the symbol of a free society and an honorable government.  It is a necessary prerequisite to economic health.  It is the first economic bulwark of free men.” – Walter E. Spahr, Professor of Economics at New York University

  39. Fraser

    Thanks Greg…
    PCR’s intellect shines as brightly as ever. I believe that his common sense view and determination to pursue it will eventually flip the world (like a switch), once critical mass is reached in the “hearts and minds”.
    So my question is to you Greg… How goes USAWatchdog’s reach and trend, both in terms of numbers and demographic? Are we any closer to reaching critical mass (which I estimate to be around 15% of the population). Do you have any insight into how the other Alternate Media Sites and how the Main Stream Media are going?
    This is possibly the most important news story – please comment!

    • Fraser

      The evolution of the media results from the ongoing battle to represent “reality” to the masses. Over time, the “main stream media” present a reality that gradually diverges from the actual, until it can only be regarded as a propaganda tool of the ruling class. Market manipulation forms an integral part of this deception.
      However, some people (usually the smartest) stop listening and seek another view and the popularity of alternative media grows. The success of that media outlet depends upon the accuracy of the reality portrayed. This process occurs gradually at first then accelerates until a critical mass is reached (estimated at around 15% of the population) at which point a “flip” occurs from the false reality to the actual one. At this point, the population rise in anger, all hell breaks loose and markets correct themselves. My question is – where are we in that process – do you have any data?

  40. Ugly

    Ask your boss for 9% raise each year. Here is why. Lets say ‘real’ inflation is 9% when you include all durable goods. Lets say you make $50,000 in year 1. With 9% inflation here you go on value of $50,000 each subsequent year….

    Year 1 $50,000
    Year 2 $45,500
    Year 3 $41,405
    Year 4 $37,679
    Year 5 $34,288
    Year 6 $31,202
    Year 7 $28,394
    Year 8 $25,839

    Yes, with no raises and in 8 years your take-home pay will be 50% of value of the original $50,000 pay. Show your boss this and ask for a 9% raise each year. If you get fired, please do not blame me!

    • jc davis

      Its your fault Ugly. LOL
      Good idea if I could get the paper work signed .

  41. gerald

    Looks like everyone needs to move to my neck of the woods. Housing is good. Business is good. Spending is good. My realtor has 9 closings on homes this week. That is ONE agent. There is a ton of commercial real estate going on. New shopping centers. Another new Walmart. All this sure makes it difficult for me to keep my pm’s. But I will and add to them when I can. I totally agree that there is a day of reckoning coming.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ultra low interest rates are helping the economy but it will come as a tremendous cost. Where do you live? Thank you for commenting with real world reporting!!

      • lastmanstanding

        Probably lives in western Montana…or eastern.

        • Greg Hunter

          Last man,
          He might be in North Dakota too. I am happy he’s doing well!!


    • Jerry

      Check your history books. The Stock Market was hitting all time highs just before the crash in 1929. Business was so good, they called it the roaring twenties. My grandfather referred to the 30’s as the dirty thirty’s after it all fell apart. I think we should call our time the ” Criminal Millennial ” .


    @ Liqiud mo

    you said -“As for the “excess labor” …the human race has advancements in technology for a reason. We don’t go forwards to go backwards (reverting to manual labor to soak up the excess…seems incongruent to Advancement.

    I got to respectful disagree with you there. You call it going backwards, i call it finding a BALANCE. I love history, and although this may seem very “pseudo science-y” , take a look at this example of “balance” that once existent in humanity.

    when you have the chance, look up Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco, or if you really have the time to invest, read this book Finger Prints of The Gods by Graham Hancock (http://megpugh.com/files/Graham_Hancock_FINGERPRINTS_OF_THE_GODS.pdf) link provided is a full PDF of the book.

    History taught in the “education” system is a complete utter lie. Human civilization eras ago (based on my personal research) used to be EXTREMELY high tech, perhaps one can even argue just as advanced of capabilities we posses today. Back then, i feel like human conscious was more in tune with the concept of being in harmony with nature.

    There is no doubt in my mind, there have been civilization’s in this world a long time ago who had the capabilities of preforming “god like” feats due to their unique forms of technology that are hidden or lost today. Yet, they learned to maintained balance… they combined the concepts of being humble and not exceeding there needs , and possessing god like powers, while respectfully maintaining this beautiful “balance” of simplicity, technology, and nature.

    A little factoid….Have you heard of Nicola Tesla’s unlimited free energy source that lies in the stratosphere? Guess what inspired him to pursue this project? The Pyramids of Egypt. But we are taught that the pyramids were built by Egyptians to house dead Pharaohs…

    You said an army is needed to compete with mass machinery….i say, so? I feel like humans working out in a field with soil between there fingers and the sun shining on their backs is far superior to most other employment occupations (my opinion obviously, not a fact of course). And although it is an incredibly hard feat to complete a perfect utopia…in the perfect world…all of these workers would be millionaires, living like kings and queens.

    you said -Whilst technological advancement accrues many benefits to the human race…we cannot obfuscate the fact that it is destructive. Find me a leader that can harness or remedy the destructive phase, then you will have a nation that will prosper eternally.

    Cant argue with you there. It is VERY hard to come across anybody who wouldn’t abuse these gifts. But, although the world is in shit (excuse my language no other way to put it so clearly) i still have hope and faith that good people still exist. They are indeed low in numbers, but they do exist.

    @ Anne Elliott
    Absolutely, plenty of other factors involved in the demise of human population, but just to add, in my opinion, i don’t think FEMA camps are death camps. If you look at pictures of them online…they are actually really “nice”. I feel like FEMA camps will be used to house and protect government employees and government supporters and people of “value” (intellectuals, scientists, etc) from the upcoming possible social revolts.

    @ Smaulgld
    You call it “unhealthy”….I call it ” the game”.
    Again, that’s my “realist” perspective. Banking and all things related, follow the same rules as war, win at all costs, there are no rules, deceit and cunning are rewarded. I don’t think its “evil” its just what it is…Wall Street holds inside it the 2oth century warriors. They aren’t supposed to project “goodness” they are just supposed to “win”. Hence why a part of me holds no ill will towards the “corruption” of bankers….that’s their job….to win.

    @ Jerry

    Things like solar power and all things related will prosper in the future as more technology is released to the public and developments and and mile stones are reached. Also, people here are spoiled…who wants to “downgrade” from a) ALOT OF ELECTRICITY USING OLD MEANS to b) SOME ELECTRICITY USING NEW MEANS. America (actually, perhaps its even say the world) is tainted with this idea that less is worse, when really, less is more.

    I recently read an article about a man in remote country in Africa (forget where exactly). He one day, managed to get his hands on a computer and internet connection one day. He google’d -“how to make a windmill”.

    He then built a windmill from raw materials around him , and was able to provide quite a decent amount of energy to the first time to his village. Of course, Africa doesn’t really require permits and what not like we do here in the States, but you get my point.

    To all those who respond to my comments, much love, hence why i try to respond back to the best of my ability.

    • Liquid Motion

      Appreciate the link. I will read with great intrigue and open mind.
      I recall seeing a documentary several years ago that discussed the idea that the pyramids along with other well known structures of the ancient world, would do exactly what you described when certain stars/planets were in alignment. Some even link the Orion Star system to the configuration of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. More than coincidence ?
      Your point about balance is taken. However this does not explain the demise of ancient worlds where balance did not endure a species/race/religion. Additionally, in all ancient civilisations of Rome, Greece, Egypt and Babylon there were pyramid or hierarchical order…from peasants to Kings / Emperors. There will always be workers (slaves) and rulers. As for …did we go backwards ….in order to advance ….I don’t know…but I do agree that there was a significant disparity of time and technology between 5ooobc and 2000 AD.


        @ liquid mo

        I laughed a little while I read your comment (for good reasons).

        Your on the right track of thinking….

        “However this does not explain the demise of ancient worlds where balance did not endure a species/race/religion.”

        Again…i don’t want to tell you what to do, but man you got to read that book/PDF i provided.

        I don’t believe in fairy tales, but i do find it VERYYYY interesting that during a particular era in history, many ancient cultures seemed to express a very similar story about a flood of epic/biblical proportions occurring across earth.

        No amount of technology can save everyone from a tidal wave

        Its explained in more detailed in the Fingerprints of the gods (PDF link i provided yesterday).

        Happy reading : )

  43. Glen

    Mr Hunter. Great interview with Dr Roberts. What are you going to do for an encore? Hey! I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you bring back that nut job Karen Hudes? Or, what about Lindsay Williams? The honorable Pastor who is now shouting from the rooftops that anyday now we will have a Global Currency Reset? HaHaHa. Just send him 24.95 for his latest video and don’t forget your pencil and paper!

    Again, great video. Been following Dr Roberts for years.


    • Greg Hunter

      I have Dr. Jim Willie lined up next. He’s always a favorite. I hope you like him.

      • Glen

        Mr Hunter, I absolutely love Dr Willie. I don’t live far from him. He is out there with some of his idea’s but he can back up some of his claims with a proven track record of being spot on. And, he doesn’t make outlandish predictions with time tables that no one can possibly know. He does have a conspiratorial side to him that I do not agree with but he mostly keeps that to himself or saves that part for his subscribers. Dr Willie is entertaining but at the same time, pretty much or close to being spot on. Bring Dr Willie back! Yes, there will be a global currency reset! I just do not know when this will take place nor does Dr Willie. Keep on keeping on. Glen

        • Greg Hunter

          Dr. Willie will post Sunday or Monday coming up. I like him too.

    • m

      Karen Hudes believes Obama is trying to do the right thing. No credibility there.

  44. Wendy Davis

    relating to, measuring, or measured by the quantity of something rather than its quality.

    gerund or present participle: easing
    make (something unpleasant, painful, or intense) less serious or severe.


  45. Nexus789

    They (the Fed) is between a rock and a hard place. They have boxed themselves in:

    1. QE has had no impact on the real economy and only benefited the banks and those that own stocks/equities/commodities – the top 5%. The reduction in unemployment is an illusion worthy of a magic act. A reduction in QE is desired to reduce speculative activity. This may, however, trigger a significant ‘readjustment’ of the equities and commodity markets – QE and a near zero interest rate have distorted asset valuations so no one knows where the new values are – free fall comes to mind.

    2. 10 year Treasury Bond rates are likely to rise without more QE and this will create a crisis as the cost of debt will rise in the US and globally as interest rates rise – QE has been used to keep Bond rates historically low. The rate has already edged up to just under 3%. All of this will flow into the ‘Shadow Banking System’ with unknown and possibly disastrous consequences.

    It should be borne in mind also that the issues with bad bank behaviours and the creation of derivatives and other pointless but highly risky financial products were never addressed after 2008.

  46. Smaulgld

    @Albert tesla . Hence why a part of me holds no ill will towards the “corruption” of bankers….that’s their

    Nor do I- what I oppose are bankers that are state sanctioned masquerading as public servants and reaping monopoly style profits for winning rigged bets on the markets

  47. jstick

    Hello, Mr. Hunter.
    I think I like it here. [GREAT job on Dr. Roberts.]
    I just saw George Ure’s post where he mentioned the ‘snake eating its tail’.
    It seems like an odd but apt illustration of the ‘government economy’.
    It made me wonder tho, about what point does the snake have to stop?
    Doesn’t seem likely that it could continue to eat itself all the way, does it?
    Still, the ‘government’ is a fraud, as are almost all its claims.
    Pretty much all the politicians, too.
    BTW, *everybody*;
    This whole thing is going to end soon, maybe before the end of this ‘new year’. [I sincerely hope that Pres. Obama is the last president.]
    The promise is that God has set a day in which to judge the world.
    It looks like it will commence with the nations attacking religion,
    & some think that has begun.
    Ezekiel 38 says;
    “ It will be to get a big spoil and to do much plundering …”.
    One religion [nameless] has more money than a large number of the earth’s nations.
    When the excrement contacts the atmospheric oscillator,
    the government(s) will look around at all the wealth,
    and in line with their confiscatory attitude attempt to ‘liberate’ “all that money”.
    When you see that, know that the end is near.
    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  48. Troy

    Great interview. Mahalo Greg! Have a great weekend

    • jc davis

      Good to see you still posting Troy. Hope all is well with you.

  49. Bopeep

    Extremely informative interview… especially in the threatening environment our countrys’ people find themselves in… Thank you . I did notice that nothing was mentioned in commentary of the activities of the NSA … and the huge amount of monies being applied… doesn’t anyone realize that all the Banking and Insurance fraudulently activities started when the banking laws came in to have access to our personal records, all in the name of terror. Peering into all purchasing abilties, every penny of descretionary money has been tallied, and now it is being sucked from our households. No one realises that each time you use your little membership tag when shopping, data is being collected/ mined… especially how much you spent. Also take note… in every state capital building the Insurance Commissioner is right next door to the Banking Commissioner…
    I would so much want this all to be some ‘far fetched’ think tank scenerio…. but alas it is not. Take care and be kind… so many are hurting, but more, Our young need the strength from consistent, implied hope, please try to give it to them!

  50. Frannie Fargo

    seems like he is snickering and mocking us all. did help set up this mess, you betcha!

    • Greg Hunter

      Frannie Fargo,
      I think you are reading him wrong. He has a very nervous laugh because he knows what’s coming and he’s trying to warn us. Use your time wisely. Thank you for your comment.

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