Flynn Warns, CDC Vax Admission, Max Money Printing

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 486 6.25.21)

General Michal Flynn is warning of a Deep State/Democrat attack to take the attention off the coming revelations found in the Maricopa County 2020 Election audit.  Flynn says they are going to continue to attack President Trump.  Right on que, a New York appellate court has suspended Rudy Giuliani from practicing law in New York.  Giuliani was President Trump’s point man on election fraud in 2020.  The court said Giuliani lied about fraud in the 2020 Election, but the court never had a hearing to get Giuliani’s side of the story.

The CDC made a rare admission of a danger with the experimental DNA altering drug trials called a “vaccine” for CV19.  The CDC admitted the “jabs” are linked to “rare” cases of heart inflammation in young men.  The CDC and Dr. Fauci have lied about everything with CV19 and the vaccines.  Why would anyone believe this is “rare”?  They can’t even come out and inform people that these vaccines are experimental as they only have what the FDA says is “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA), which means the jabs are, in fact, experimental.  (Here are the forms from to fight your employer or school forcing you to get the jab against your will.)

The economy is in deep trouble.  If it were not, the Fed would not be printing money at a record pace to keep it all propped up.  Congress just passed another nearly $600 billion infrastructure bill with zero tax increases.  This means even more money printing to pay for it all.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 6.25.21.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Journalist Alex Newman will be the guest for the Saturday night post.  Newman is an expert in the Deep State, and he will tell us all their latest plans to ruin our lives and liberty.  (Please support our truth tellers.)


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  1. Stan

    Hey Paul, I was thinking about you when I was driving my Bentley this afternoon. Why don’t you join me and my buddies this summer in St Maarten for a few days? We’ll educate you about the monetary system. If you can’t afford the airfare we’ll buy you a ticket and you can work it off by cleaning a few yachts. My friend from JPM has an older Bertram 60 and my friend from the NY Fed has a Ferretti 750.

    • Jerry5

      Yawn…… we go with the bragging again. You remind me of a monkey trying to screw a football when you bag on Paul. Let me clue you in on something. Truly wealthy people don’t try to impress you. They don’t need to.

      • allen ols

        greg jerry; gen flynn will be speaking in our sunday morn tent service at global vision bible church w/greg locke, live on f b

      • lanie

        he must be NEW MONEY..

      • lanie

        he must be from new money….or 12 yrs old..

    • Paul ...

      Thanks for the offer Stan … but I be spending the summer at my Castle on Long Island … making connections with movie producers to rent out my pink Corvette, Olds 442, etc. for use in their movie productions … it will be busy this summer for me and I am on the verge of buying (and fixing up) another Corvette to add to my movie car collection … as for the monetary system you bankers created … I think I know how it works all too well!!

      • Paul ...

        You know what you can do for me Stan … arrange a $100,000 dollar business loan for me with one of your banker buddies at about what you guys pay (about 1%) … I promise not to buy gold with it!!

        • Stan

          Paul: We would never lend a tiny sum like 100k. We would only talk to you for a loan of 75 million & up.

          • Ray

            For $75 Million you could build your very own bridge and then jump right off it when you shoot your mouth off about the price of gold reaching certain levels.
            I suppose there are some things that $75 Million just can’t buy……one being personal integrity to be sure.
            As I mentioned last week: The Life Of Stanley……an uproarious new comedy about a basement dwelling keyboard warrior and his mushroom fuelled fantasies of monetary wealth creation. Coming to a cinema near your this summer.
            *** Mushroom Fuelled Stanley, Field Goat Bentley and Fictional Fed Friend action figures sold separately ***
            Ray, Canberra, Lapdoglia

          • sk

            Witty Stan! MY group starts at 20 gazillion! I can’t understand why we don’t have any borrowers. Maybe it’s because I am 12?

    • Marty Priolo

      Hey Stan,

      With all of your new found wealth from shorting gold, I do hope you are supporting USAWatchdog with some serious money. Many of us are contributing what we can to Greg and it sounds like you are in a position to contribute much more. If you are already doing so, thank you, if not, why not?



  2. Paul in OZ

    Could be the Australian Government is acknowledging the truth … Poison vaccine … the deep state always lets the truth out for those with eyes to see …. keep up the great work Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul in OZ.

      • dusty

        The white horse rides. Bad translation in English. 4 ruachs of yah. He is given a crown and a bow. Crown is corona. Bow in greek reads as simple peace of cloth. The jab is the toxin of scorpion. Changes your DNA. This is the abomination of desolation which daniel the prophet speaks of. You are the temple. The temple is corrupted. As in the days of Noah. Fallen angles at play, kicked out of heavens sept. 23 2017 with rev 12 sign playing out in heavens above Israel. Worth a watch. Eth cepher. Worth a watch although i know you are busy and get sent tons of things. May Yeshua bless you.

      • Hannah

        Hi Greg, just want to let you know that your notices of new posts are still coming to my email, but I can no longer get to your site with the link. It comes back as: “you cannot preview drafts” for some reason. Never happened until now. I had to manually put in your web site in the brave browser search bar. Hate to think about it, but I think we’ll eventually loose internet at least temporarily. Keep up the great work & God Bless You GH.

    • regaleagle

      In other words…….Hey let’s see how many we can get to volunteer for the poison jab. We’ll set up some guidelines and make everything look “official”, use strict medical verbiage and terms that detail and describe the guidelines, and coerce the public into thinking it is mandatory. We should be able to jab hundreds of thousands who willingly volunteer to be poisoned.

      • regaleagle

        Of course we’ll scare the bejeevers out of them first, and then we must never divulge the true nature of what might occur to those that take our poison jab.

  3. Jaun Valdez

    What is meant by “what is coming on the world” in Luke 21:26?
    Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. What is meant by “those things coming”?
    Luke 21:26
    ESV – 26 People fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken.
    I humbly submit for your consideration the unfolding events of the worlds current news cycle, which may seem to indicate the slow coming apart of it’s many revered and trusted subsystems within the larger corrupt Babylonian system. (Proverbs 27:12)

    As we witness the various seemingly uncontrolled whirlwinds raging upon our sphere, shaking it to it’s very foundations, know that this is just the beginning or the opening act of a common future history that has already been clearly spelled out.
    (Proverbs 24:11; Mark 10:27)

    On this ever changing landscape ruled by fear and confusion, narcissistic, elite puppet like leaders scamper about as frightened children proclaiming one truth in the morning, and then before the setting of the sun, sometimes the exact opposite via a new truth from their controlling puppet master…(2 Corinthians 11:15)

    The Christian should be at peace maintaining their joy at all times and in all things, above all that this shaking bankrupt world system with a limited understanding offers. Remember in every era, mankind has been forced to cope with unique circumstances, take heart and be of good courage. (Mark 9:49; 1 Corinthians 16:13)

    Remain secure in the knowledge that we are in Christ and He is in us and never will He leave or forsake us, wherever we may stand on this battlefield, as this battle belongs to the Lord. (Joshua 1:5; Joshua 1:7; Ephesians 6:18; 1 Corinthians 16:13.)
    Charles Spurgeon said;
    In the Lord’s freedom always……….. warrior on!

    • Catherine

      Excellent advice.
      Remember Psalm 91. By trusting in the Lord He promises us peace and protection. It’s called the soldiers prayer and the prayer of protection from plagues. One must believe with ones heart though and trust in Him. Nothing exits but God and mans free will allows him to choose whether he wants God in his daily life or not
      Choose life not death and trust in the Lord Have COURAGE.

    • KathyM

      Amen. Good word Juan Valdez.

  4. Scott

    Best study to date on the efficacy of Ivermectin

    “Conclusions: Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

  5. ddrake

    Rumble is saying “This Video is Restricted/Private” – can not access on Rumble.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please try it now, tell me what you see.

  6. Linda Copping

    Where does inner strength come from? it comes from facing what needs to be faced
    it comes from uncovering the lies about you being a victim, being powerless but
    when you step into a new level of your own authority those lies will no longer be believed , the public are awakening, the walls are a tumbling down. Should be an interesting next four months. Cliff High says July will be panic for the demons that rained down chaos and death on the entire world.

    • Catherine

      Clif High did say that…. and just this week a 21 year old girl friend of my son had a stroke after getting the vax She EMS and was forced to get it. An older woman physician got Covid and the jab after and now is complaining about brain fog every morning. Another older woman’s brother got the jab and is now suffering from cognitive disorders
      I am astounded by the evil of our country against humanity and its own citizens.
      However all works for the good. God has allowed this evil to be exposed and new and better world awaits all good people.

      • Paul ...

        C … Seems someone else is also having brain fog problems from the “jab” …
        no Powell … 1 Trillion + 1 Trillion … … “is not” 3 Trillion dollars …

      • RTW

        Don’t be too shocked about our evil government. After all they’ve been honing their skills for decades and during that time they have become more and more outrageous. Let’s not forget that they’re still high fiving themselves for 9/11. Back then people were asking how they could possibly top that and today we’re seeing just how. The next event they are planning has to include ET’s.

      • Paul from Indiana

        All of your points illustrate that one must think for oneself. Don’t let others do your thinking for you. That’s what has gotten us to the point we are. Best always.

  7. Greg Gilmore

    Greg, I tried to watch this on Rumble but they say it’s private or restricted.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try it now. Tell me what you see.

      • Farah Bazzrea

        Greg, thought you should know this pop-up ad was on your website:

        Re-Elect Nancy Pelosi
        Contribute Now
        Nancy Pelosi has our back every day in Congress. Now, she
        needs our help.

        keep up the great work. i appreciate you!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Farah for your observant eye!

    • catherine

      how true, how true. sad. Better to be aware than asleep and be a test pig for the creatures that call themselves human.

  8. Jim Ledyard

    The courts are corrupt from top to bottom, populated with Soros funded DA’s & judges. We can no longer seek solution or relief via legal channels.

  9. William Sheets

    Greg I don’t trust a single word out of the mouths of ANYBODY that has any connections with our government, period. That is a truly sad statement that I never thought that I would ever think, let alone make in public. But the deep state is all too real. The FBI, CIA, DOJ, state department, all need to be torn down too there very foundations, and remanned with people who actually care about OUR COUNTRY!!! As for the gene therapy poison shot, it will be a cold day in the frigging Sahara before these evil globalist bastards get that crap in my damn arm. Keep up the great work Greg my friend, keep swinging 😁.

  10. Jeff Robbins

    In a strange turn about of 24/7 news it sure seems that most people would be better off watching less tv, news, internet. It is a no brainer that natural immunity would be superior to a vaccine, but that’s not the message on the 24/7 propaganda along with so many other stories that are just unbelievable. Always enjoy your weekly news wrap.- markets- curious if you have ever come across a forecaster that would use historical accounts of similar circumstances to help us know things to look for.- I like history, hoped for a name or book to read up on.

  11. Marie+Joy

    IF Americans don’t take a real stand, we are toast.

    • Marktbuilder

      Please look in to Jeffrey Prather. We want you on the team.

  12. Carla hayes

    I enjoy your videos and guests,keep up the good work! I look forward to them every week!

  13. David Fogleman

    Mr. Hunter,
    Generally I agree with most of what you cover, but one area that I strongly disagree with you is your Blatant support for the CORRUPT Law Enforcement/Judicial System. Police of today, are the ‘Red Coats’/Standing Army from when the Declaration of Independence was written. Read the Charges on that U.S. Document, and you will see numerous correlations.

    Do we need Law Enforcement? Yes, but we need Law Enforcement that actually follows their Oath of Office which states that they will uphold the U.S. Constitution and their State Constitution. As an example, can you tell me where in the 4th Amendment (or a State Constitutions Equivalent) where the ‘Smell of Marijuana’ or a ‘Police K-9 Drug Dog’ is listed as an Exemption in those Documents for the need of a Warrant?? You can’t, which means Law Enforcement is violating their Oath, and both Constitutions. Law Enforcement also violate their Oath, and both Constitutions, when they enforce ‘Red Flag Laws’ and ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture’ , both of which violate a Citizens 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment Rights. It is also Unconstitutional for Law Enforcement to demand Identification from people who have NOT committed any Criminal Offences (such as passengers within a Vehicle pulled over for a Traffic Citation, just so they can ‘run the Names’ for warrants).

    Laws, passed by the U.S. Congress or State Legislatures, that are NOT made in pursuance (accordance, execution, harmony) of the U.S. Constitution and the State Constitution are NOT Lawful and not the ‘Law of the Land’. This means that a Constitutional Right/Freedom has the higher authority, and if the Congress or State Legislature passes a Law in violation of the either Constitution, Law Enforcement MUST NOT enforce that Law, yet they do because they are ‘just following Orders’ and want their Paycheck/Pensions!!

  14. Jaun Valdez
    Dr. SHIVA Interview
    Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email and polymath, holds four degrees from MIT, is a world-renowned systems scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. He is a Fulbright Scholar, Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist, India’s First Outstanding Scientist and Technologist of Indian Origin,…

  15. JC

    Politicians are taking untested experimental drugs and forcing them on everyone without any guidance that there may be serious interactions with other medicine or some people may be predisposed to such dangers. What about the people dead or injured from these vaccines. They are just “collateral damage” like killing countless babies, more than those killed in Hiroshima, by invading Iraq? The callousness of how politicians look down upon us, the great unwashed, is beyond description.

  16. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for WNW486. WNW – the #1 True News broadcast.

    While I shun MSM advertising, with its tilt toward the establishment propaganda de jour, I would support advertisers on USAW. They would be deserving of my attention. I wish you every success.

  17. Paul Nelson

    Hi Greg,
    I live in Idaho and I am getting hit with non stop ads on U Tube and all the TV stations at the gym for the Covi-19 so called vaccine, that has to cost some serious money. I have never seen such an effort by both the State and Federal governments to promote an agenda. I have read all the information that I can find but I still am in the dark as to the real motive and reasons behind all of this. Talked to a long time Vet doctor the other day and she is of the opinion that there will be many side effects. Read a good book months ago and the theme was that run away inflation would be the destruction of our country, looks like it is arriving. When the money does not arrive to load the welfare cards home invasions will be the norm. Times are changing rapidly.

    • Mario

      Hey Paul
      I hope all is well.
      The real reason behind all of this…. it’s quite simple and has been said many time’s by several of the elite. They think of us as useless eaters. We are using up valuable resources. They want the world population to be less than 1 billion. The Georgia guidestones actually has it at 500 million people. It’s a depopulation agenda.

  18. H.G. Barnes

    Hi Greg,

    I’ll support your sponsors if there’s something they have that I need.

    God Bless

  19. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  20. Jan

    Thanks again for good work Greg,
    How did we get to this?

    Famous (German) Doctor Develops Safe Vaccine Against COVID; Germany Prosecutes Him

    It really looks like they want us dead. As you always say: Our only safety net is the Holy Trinity. Even the evil have to bend knee to Him.

  21. Andrew Cox

    Greg – Great comments.
    I live in the UK and try toavoid the mainstream media propaganda.
    Keep up the good work!

  22. Tim Scanlon

    For the most raw and best news around with a touch of sarcasm, a dash of satire, a blast of trenchancy and a peppering of ridicule. Love you Greg Hunter!!!

  23. Rodster

    13 year old boy dies, days after taking Pfizer vaccine. Cause of death? Heart inflammation and not a peep from the National Media. In fact thay are still pushing this crap on the public. This is what Martin Armstrong referred to as a loss of confidence in government.

  24. Rodster

    Curtis Sliwa, Founder of the Guardian Angels is about to pull off a Donald Trump as he clobbered his opponent for Mayor of New York City. Populism as Martin Armstrong predicted will change the government landscape both on a local and national level. People are getting tired of the BS and corruption.

    • Bill

      Yes, I remember seeing Curtis Sliwa on TV several years ago. I respect his integrity for having formed the Guardian Angels to keep New Yorkers safe!
      Did you say, that Sliwa beat some other Politician in New York Primary?
      Off the Top, Sliwa would be automatically be better any day, than DingBat Bill Deblasio!

  25. Jim Hall

    I think that the possibility of a false flag event is very high. It should be obvious to everyone but the indoctrinated that this election is a fraud. Why anyone would pay any attention to anything that they say is beyond me. I have spoken with people that actually believe that Biden won. They say that the Biden voters were afraid of the covid and voted by mail. Perhaps a very few were actually this stupid. The disparity in the rally attendance were also the covid fears. I could have gotten more people to attend a rally to launch my career as an exotic dancer than Biden and Harris attracted to their rallies. But they sincerely believe that they have all the answers. I was once deluded by the msm too, but was awakened by Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, 911, and other glaring examples of government atrocities. I did believe that Oswald shot JFK but I was nine years old at the time. I must say that they are very effective at propagandizing the masses. I am heartened by the fact that the msm ratings have dropped so precipitously. This will not be an easy time to be alive. I believe what we will witness will be unprecedented. Just try and take solace because it really is all in Gods hands. Take solace in this during the difficult times ahead. May God bless you and yours.

  26. Martin Coombs

    Juan Valdez amen brother, peace in your heart past any understanding , we can see the shaking from every ware, chemical skies, jabs, cancel culture , blm, Antifa, gender fluid lgbtq xyz etc , schooling indoctrination , wars & rumours of etc, rules for thee & not for me ( G7 royal ascot ( masks, distancing, ( not) so blatant now. Upside down statements everywhere , lies with laughter put in your faces it goes on & on, even so come Lord Jesus, come quickly, all glory to God , God bless you Greg & God bless yall, 🙏ABBA father .

  27. Marie+Joy

    The only thing that matters, in any election, is WHO COUNTS THE VOTES.
    Please become an election monitor.

  28. Nathan Dunning

    Here in Tasmania it’s as if there never was a Pandemic. My family & I just go about our lives as normal. Only it was heart Breaking when I couldn’t visit my eldest son in Prison when they had the Covid Lock Down. Ever since visit’s restarted my son has been locked down so many times it goes against Human Rights. In Australia the punishment for crime is Going to Prison. Once you are in prison you are still entitled to Human Rights. Cruel and Inhuman Punishment is forbidden. We are hoping for Sentence reductions for non-Violent Inmates that endured the Covid-Lock Down.

  29. Andrew de Berry

    Thank you Greg.

  30. Paul - Respecter of the flag

    I am sorry to say that I no longer recognize my own country. My neighbor’s kid graduated from Yale University with a criminal justice degree and got a job with the FBI. This kid now in his mid 20’s has become an extreme critic of our American heritage with extreme hatred for old glory. He has propagandized his entire family to be suspicious of anyone that doesn’t have extreme leftist leanings. This family use to be conservative, but no more. I no longer assume anyone is conservative and it has become dangerous to assume so in this extreme environment.

    • Bill

      Yale Radicalized him! Bill and Hillary graduated from Yale Law School.

      • Crawfisher

        George W Bush graduated from Yale

  31. Steve

    Thank you Greg,as always great job

  32. Porter

    I suggest do yourself a favor and don’t waste time bashing Fox or Tucker. Most of your viewers are news consumers and they have to get it somewhere. Fox is the best alternative on most cable media. If you took the time to review Tucker’s program regularly you’d discover you’re basically on the same page. So you’re not winning any fans for bashing his program. Lastly the term deep state is a misnomer. The government is fully infiltrated by operatives of the deceiver, so it’s not really the deep state it is now the state at large, especially with the current administration. The plan is in place, there is no recovering what once was America without the Lord’s intervention. His imminent return for His church is the only foreseeable next step. Buying gold or silver as a hedge against the incoming rule of the Antichrist is a foolish investment. Invest in the Kingdom, in those spreading the gospel, it’s the only solid investment now.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are not on the same page and I don’t give a crap if I am winning fans. I am in the truth business not the fan business. If so you would hear Tucker say the same things as me and you don’t. I have watched many times. Did Tucker report on the AZ audit???–ever??? Did he tell you not to take the shot? I rest my case.

      • Robert K

        Bravo Greg! And we watchdoggers are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for you and the knowledge and truth you bestow upon us each week.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Robert K for all your support!

      • Robert B

        Amen to your position on Fox News and Tucker. You are right Greg. He is part of the program the propagandists use regularly, you criticize or acknowledge 5% of the problem (vaccinating kids) and effectively rubber stamp the problem itself, the vaccine (though it is unnecessary based on known treatments). You are exactly correct in your statements concerning what is NOT being said, sometimes the truth withheld is even more marginalized by some lesser truth revealed. To Tucker I would say, “Thanks for telling me the bushes two doors down are on fire, I’ll just go have a look while your allies burn down my house.” Donating each month to ya Brother, thanks for the hard work you are in our prayers in Christ’s name every night. Excellent information compiled nowhere else except

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Robert B for your analysis. Your support & donations are much appreciated!

      • Richard Bruno

        For the record Greg and I’m not blowing smoke but I love your commentary because it’s facts and truth.

        I just love how people say the election wasn’t stolen when it’s so easy to prove. Well I did a little of my own research Add up the column and you’ll come up wit 213 million registered voters. What percentage of registered voters voted? Not exactly a right leaning paper right? 213 x 66.3% = 141 million votes cast. Subtract 74 million for Trump and Biden is left with 67 million votes! So where are the votes Greg? I notice they never report something like this on the Lame Stream Corporate Media.

      • Russ D

        Well said Greg! Keep speaking the truth. FOX is compromised and I will never trust them again!!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Tucker’s just another dog on a leash. Best always. PM

      • Porter

        Sorry to touch a nerve there bro. I’d like to mention a couple of Bible verses to help keep things in perspective – “… he that is not against us is on our part.” Mark 9:40. Similarly from Luke – “And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.” Luke 9:50. Have a great day in the Lord!

        • Greg Hunter

          If you are lying by omission then you are against us. Sorry bro. Look up in your Bible about “lying by omission”

        • catherine

          hey porter,
          dont hide behind your soliloquy of bible verses. obviously you are a lib…and pretending to be a Christian…. if you pick on Greg in your haughty attitude, you are a dead giveaway.,,

          also and unfortunately, Fox News was originally set up originally to hide the fact they were infiltrated with libs and homosexuals who supported the libs….so the few that do a good deal of ACTING (Hannity) like Americans who love America, were never conservatives, because if they were truly conservatives and God fearing individuals, they would be NOT working there.
          But of course, you already knew that didn’t you.

    • bill

      Tucker is like a Rino, he only reports on selected issues, otherwise he might miss his $6 million dollar salary?

    • JC


      Dave Hodges:
      Before you champion Fox News as the king of the conservative press, please note this “conservative network” still has not uttered a descriptive word about the criminal election audit findings in both Georgia and Arizona. This Tucker Carlson piece should considered to be nothing more than predictive programming. You have been served notice that FEMA camps are in your future.

    • Mark Heuer

      Tucker does speak as if he is on our side, but when “we the people” needed him to STAND UP about this election fraud early on, HE DID NOT! Don’t you remember? Where’s the proof, and we all know that PROOF was everywhere. I have the memory of an elephant and I will never watch Tucker and especially that commie controlled FOX! If you want to be deceived you might as just as well watch CNN, you will get the message quicker there, but make no mistake, it’s the SAME MESSAGE!

  33. Anne Stecher

    God bless you for bringing us the truth.
    Always a fan.

  34. Shawn Brown

    What if the Delta Variant is about to conveniently crush the economy (again) in order to ‘save’ the financial system?
    At last count, 85 countries were experiencing a surge of infection rates in the latest iteration of Covid-19. Ok, got that silliness outta the way. You’d be hard pressed to find 2 out of 10 people who believe ANYTHING coming out of NIH Director Fauci’s pie hole these days, don’t count us among that minority.
    Basel 3 and NSFR are about to go live, at least in continental Europe on June 28th, why does that matter? It’s actually the reason the world will soon be in yet another unnecessary lockdown, but Delta will be the official reason. BTW, the Delta sign is a pyramid, like the one on US fiat. Coincidence? Doubt it.
    Vlad Putin announced a few weeks back, Russia will be completely de-dollared (it’s not a word, we know) around the same time as Basel 3 launches. Something tells us, he’s the one to watch. Is it a precursor to the SDR or some type of gold backed Ruble? If it is the latter, China will do something similar with the Yuan, prob the digital variety.
    Obviously, there has been no recovery, almost certainly going according to plan. Biden whispered strangely that he’s there for ya, $250 big ones per month, if you have kids between 6-17. Boost that by fifty if your child is younger. That’ll be a very popular, indeed.
    Convince us that paying taxes of any kind even matters in this phony simulation, even cartoons stink nowadays. If you’re lucky enough to be going on vacation next week, go to fly-over country, you’ll be around to thank us later. Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand. Stand firm! Ephesians 6:13

  35. Jerry5

    They say follow the money. I say follow the military.

    For months now I’ve been posting information about cyber polygon being planned by the world economic forum. And now you have the military game planning for it. I would say it’s definitely in the works.
    The next phase of the global takedown will involve setting up the technology that they want to control through 5G and star link. This is part of the plan. Be ready.

  36. Steve Carter

    Keep the Truth coming Greg ! You are doing a great Job ! This is going to end badly for Biden and his Deep State buddies. The Country is finally wising up to the false flags and BS they put out. All 3 letter agencies are corrupt and need defunding !

  37. Da Yooper

    WHY dosen’t the corrupt MSM talk about “Natural Immunity” because they are involved in bill gates eugenics movement & want to see the herd ….thinned out….. every one except ….them. tucker is nothing but a bought & paid for talking head.

    “Get ready – Stay ready”

    Well said Greg ……remember the Ant & the Grasshopper folks ………google is evil boycott it when ever & how ever you can.

  38. Louis


  39. Jerry5

    At the bottom of the COVID plandemic this is what you will find.

    The globalist have decided that the next step of human evolution ( if you believe that – I don’t ) will involve linking human beings with artificial intelligence in a global matrix. That’s why they will not stop trying to inject us. Eventually the nanotechnology in vaccine will help create neural lace. That’s the goal. Along the way, if a few million people die that’s alright, because in their sick way of thinking, that will help eliminate global warming. Sounds crazy right? Come on Greg any other time if several thousand people would have died from a particular drug the FDA would have pulled it. Right? Instead they’ve doubled down on it.

    I keep getting emails and text from government agencies wanting me to complete a census on the vaccine. Data mining. Eventually they will isolate all those that have not taken the vaccine, and label them as domestic terrorist. It’s just a matter of time before the trackers show up at your door. That’s why sloppy Joe pushed the infrastructure bill. They need to create more internal agencies to isolate and track people. Unless you happen to live off the grid there is no escape. And even then I’m nit sure you can escape drones and satellite surveillance. Pray.

  40. Skip Havely

    I totally support you trying to include advertising to support USA Watchdog. It is important to allow you financially to continue your GREAT efforts. God Bless You Greg!!!!

  41. Robert K

    Does anyone else find it odd, possibly interesting in the timing that John McAfee was found dead by “suicide”. Allegedly he hung himself… He said that if he ends up dead, he did NOT kill himself, and what happens? Poof, death by suicide and hanging…

    It is reported that he has over 31 terabytes of information on all the players, (Clintons, obamas, CIA, deep state, etc.) and that if he was killed, the information would come to light… McAfee even got a tattoo right before his death that said “Whacked”. He said right before he was found “hung”, “If I suicide myself, I didn’t” …

    What about the idiot VP meeting with extremist and blatantly racist Stacey Abram and blm after the GOP rejected the voting reform bill? Abrams, the same extremist and racist who stated, “If we can change Georgia, we can change the South” during her bid for Governor against Kemp. What happens? Oh, that’s right… Ossoff and Warnock are elected in a runoff, which NEVER needed to take place and Georgia flips and Trump loses Georgia to Traitor Joe/General Dementia? Hmmmm Nothing to see here…

    • Paul ...

      John McAfree tweeted this message before he was suicided:
      John McAfee@officialmcafee
      Getting subtle messages from U.S. officials saying, in effect: “We’re coming for you McAfee! We’re going to kill yourself”

    • catherine

      I read this and then did research on it. The building in Miami that was detonated to collapse in its own footprint (911) was apparently the apartment he kept files and possibly where one of his sons was staying. Today, Monday July 5 they completely destroyed the rest of the complex due to the possibility of a tropical storm and they said they could fine the bodies (over 100) much more easily. How convient.
      Thanks for the heads up…I had no idea of the possibility of the connections and just knew the look of a demolition job that happened at 911 in NYC since I live in NY and will never forget it.

  42. David+Bain

    I don’t feel safe sending in the new federal protection squad..wink… expand there takeover of the big cities!!
    I hope the Sherriff’s can see through this scheme.
    Ronald Reagan said TRUST but VERIFY.


  43. Earl Thornburg

    Fox News? Why watch that, its more dangerous than CNN because Fox is the fox in the hen house, or the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Designed to direct conservatives and direct them off task or limit the depth of conversion.
    Greg, your my go to news source.

  44. Vincent

    Thank you Greg for all you do, it is appreciated more than you may know. I encourage all to support this channel and pray for you. My only comment is to look at how Social Security cost of living is calculated when inflation is 12-15 % and it transfers to under 3%. Self serving Congress votes themselves a raise that dwarfs any raises of everyone working , retired or disabled. The people are being fleeced in taxation and robbed by a crime cabal.

  45. Michele

    You are one of 3 people in this industry. Telling the truth and putting out verifiable fact.
    If folks survive this, it will be in large part to you and your cohorts.
    American Patriots all. The truth is Revolutionary.🇺🇸🌲

  46. Larry

    Anecdotal evidence FYI. Co-worker is 36 year old male. Healthy and fit. Member of airforce reserves. He took the shot because wife and airforce encouraged it so life could return to normal. Three days after shot looks like %@#$ and goes to Physician. Is diagnosed with co-vid and goes home for 2 weeks. Recovers and returns to work Monday June 14. After further testing Physician informs him on 6-22 that he had Delta variant. He is currently being pushed to take the booster. Keep up your reporting Gregg.

  47. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, excellent analysis as usual.

  48. Carol quintana

    Greg please try to get Mel k. Or Charlie Ward They have information that is positive God wins Thank you for what you do Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
    Dr Charlie Ward .com

  49. Johnnie

    Isn’t it interesting that the politburo of the CCP is a place of zero diversity. All Chinese, all males and all engineers (electrical, mechanical, hydrological…). They answer to no one but themselves & like it that way. Meanwhile the west must struggle with all kinds of dilemas for some reason.

  50. Art Barnes

    Greg, once again, I summit that the high ranking Chinese official a few months ago was quoted as saying “America is a failed society…” was spot on. Sorry folks, but the truth is the truth. The America I knew and loved for my time on the planet so far is no longer. The
    left & its sponsored media has destroyed this great country, its not my father’s country any longer. Its decline in moral, social, & truthful structure, practices & endeavors has reduced our government to no more than a leftist banana republic. Yes, its a failed society. America, yes, I am missing you.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, who let it fail? I’ve been screaming and hollering, begging and pleading, at all my supposedly traditional-values friends for at least 40 years, and what has happened? Traditional-values America died , while “we” went to the voting booth! Please get out of CA while you can. Best always. PM

      • Art Barnes

        Brother Paul, got out 5 years ago. To answer your question as to who failed us, our bought and paid for political class, that’s who. The real Americans kept voting for American values, but the political class continued to go to D.C. and the State Houses and vote for the demise of America – So, here we are. Nice to hear from you Paul. a b

  51. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear brother Greg, The democratic party is doing what all socialist countries do to political opponents, and that’s try to destroy them, or put them in prison, out of sight of the public. Its clear, that they were greatly threatened by Trump as President. Even now, the same powers are trying to destroy Guliante. They are savages, meant to be burned, because of their unrestrained wickedness. Flynn knows first hand, how they work. Our nation is now fixing to collapse from the financial fraud carried out against our nation, all so the elite can move in like vultures and buy up all the assets, with free tax ma restore republiconey from the public and given to banks and financial institutes like Black Rock, who is buying up vast amounts of housing, as people are forced from their homes. Their plan is plain, to own all assets, and make American people forced renters of the very housing they ounce owned. The last stage of the NWO grab is taking place, as all elite groups and individuals, like Gates are on a buying spree of crop land and housing. Own nothing and be happy, while you and family become peasant class, made to scavenger for food and housing. Makes me sick my friend. Our hope is in Christ, who will soon return for His redemned, in the rapture. The internet is full with information about a restored republic, as if a secret pursuit is being followed to right all the criminal activity, but what I know of scripture supports the idea of things shall get worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived, as satins final utopia of global government and kingdom will appear as the scripture says it will. The Pope, is gathering all apostate Christians under the catholic umbrella to form mystery Babylon of scripture, the mystery city. And as John was showed the Lambs bride, as a city, the celestial city, so to does satin have a bride, called mystery Babylon, a city, the mother of harlots, and abominations of the earth. That’s where we’re going from here. So I’m looking for the rapture of God’s church soon. Farewell my friend and take courage.

  52. Country Codger

    Excellent!!! Greg, your passion for the truth cannot be topped. Keep up the great work.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Country Codger for all your support!

  53. Jim

    Trump enabled the coerced vaxxes. Giuliani was involved in the 911 cover up. Flynn did nothing when he was in a position to and stupidly got entrapped by the FBI—and Trump quickly threw him under the bus.

    • Mark Heuer

      In Trumps video podcast to the Lindell rally last Saturday, Trump once again was telling everyone how great these vaccines are, Trump said that millions of lives were saved, is Trump that obtuse to what these vaccines are doing? 4D chess player, please. I want to rejoin the Trump bandwagon but to many things are pointing to Trump being just another puppet in this NWO agenda/scheme. This is a very hard pill for people to swallow, but it sure looks like it is the truth.
      Trust in the Father and Son, I never read anything in Revelations of a man coming to save us, only the Holy Son when He returns. All of these politicians are in the same club. Peace and Love to all.

  54. Proff Chaos

    Thank you sir, for another Weekly Wrap-up.

    *Oh, and I think Tucker is sooo great, why cant you be more like him? I have all his episodes, and I will send them to you right away so you can see how great he is…..LOL.

    * I’m know you don’t have time for this tomfoolery, so for that I apologize Greg. (Please delete or edit my comment)

  55. michael

    Friendly suggestion. Charge 1 dollar for your weekly wrap up. All your problems will be taken care of. All your viewers will gladly pay 1$ for it.
    Yep that’s it.
    Also thanks for getting a better microphone.

  56. David Gordon Dunne

    With the killing of John Mcafee and the stealing of Rudy’s Law License, they now are so enboldened, and have said Trumpsters in Congress are next to take down, I see mass murders now of them, of Conservatives in the News business and also killing of those who support Maga and our country. The EVIL owns the military, have decapitated the Cops so who in the world is going to protect the people now? I say noone and the Mao/Stalin/Castro/Madero bloodbath is going to begin soon. I pray deeply 3 hours a day. We got run out in 2016 from OB’s chithole Immigration after fighting them for 3 years coming legally and doing all perfect. Now, in Thailand and probably will die here.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Dunne, one of two things will happen: traditional-values Americans will find the the will and means to separate and reclaim self-determination, or traditional-values Americans will acquiesce and meekly capitulate, and the US become a mishmash of mediocrity and dependency. The 2nd choice is the more likely of the two, given the fact that the largest part of the traditional-values cohort is (far) over 65. But don’t worry; we’ll vote our way out of this, right? Worked so far, right? Best always. PM

      • JC

        Paul from Indiana,

        Soon, we in the over 65 crowd and our values will be gone, but in the future will people be singing the old 1960’s Armour Hot Dogs jingle? Hot dogs, Armour hot dogs…

        Predictive programming in the Demolition Man film?

        • Paul from Indiana

          Maybe that’s my problem! I don’t think I ever ate Armour hot dogs! There was a brand out of Cincinnati called Kahn’s . Their slogan was “The wiener the world awaited!” That’s darn-near biblical, and the hot dogs were good. At one time, Kahn’s was the official hot dog of the Cincinnati Reds. Best always. PM

    • Paul ...

      Seems the “Night of the Long Knives” has begun … as the Nazi/Commie SS (Surveillance State) now consolidates its power in the US!!

  57. Greg Smith

    This is the Best News program the Internet ! Thank you Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Greg for your comments & support. Much appreciated!

  58. john beasley

    It is so interesting that the elite are buying out the industrial world with fiat money, at the moment in time when industrialism if failing – bigly. Their plan is or was to buy out everything and sustain industrialism by building huge inefficient supply chains around the world. They buy their own products from themselves with fake fiat money to sustain their industrial supply chains that their power rests upon. They convinced nations around the world to go into monumental national debts to build infrastructure to support industrialism, at a time when industrialism is not only failing, but is unsustainable. The nations are in debt, their national currencies are worthless: The solution is global fiat currency. So what is the elites plan to solve the failures of industrialism? To kill as many of the common people as possible and to introduce marxist industrial feudalism. The happy days of feudalism will return. The elite have created a worldwide economic Soviet Union. What could go wrong?

  59. Cheryl

    Tucker and his manufactured mRNA “expert.” We don’t need either Tucker or experts to tell us this injection is dangerous. Discussing propaganda as if it’s true to make it appear to be legitimate is despicable.

  60. Greg Smith

    This is the Best News program on the Internet ! Thank you Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Greg for all your support!

  61. Bruce E. Sanborn

    I look forward to USA Watchdog every Friday ,Greg! Your work is greatly appreciated, and I rest assured that the information is true! Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce!

  62. JC

    A scholar got “schooled” on the mean streets of Chicago. I guess this blows her theory/thesis to hell.

    Anat Kimchi, a 31-year-old Israeli-born doctoral candidate and scholar at the University of Maryland, wrote a paper published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology in 2019 attempting to prove America’s criminal justice system was racist against “young black offenders” and “black drug offenders.”

    While visiting Chicago over the weekend, Kimchi was ambushed and stabbed in the back and neck while walking near a homeless encampment at 401 South Wacker at around 3:35 p.m. Police said witnesses told them the assailant was a homeless “slim black male with long dreadlocks who wore a red bandana and a blue tank top,” CWB Chicago reported.

    • JC

      So all the media outlets hid the subject’s description except one! Imagine that!

      ‘Every last media outlet appears to have hid the suspect’s description in accordance with their new rules against “amplifying narratives that connect Black and brown communities to crime” but CWB Chicago reported it straight.’

      • Paul ...

        Jesus wasn’t a white man … and that’s probably why he is still considered “a good man who was unjustly killed” (like George Floyd) according to the MSM Demon rats … and is likely why the BLM terrorists have not torn down all the statues of Jesus (hanging on a cross) … however… notice how the MSM never states that it was “brown-skinned-middle-easterners” who killed Jesus !!

        • Paul ...

          Think about this … the “racist” Georgia Guidestones propose to kill proportionately “a lot more brown-skinned people in the world” … so why? … why are those stones still standing???

          • Mark Heuer

            I didn’t see where the Georgia guidestones went into detail about races of people that would be killed, was I looking at a different Georgia Guidestone than you were? The one I seen was just calling for the reduction of people to 500,000.

  63. Brick Stonehead

    Greg- Thank you for all the work you do for our benefit. There is nothing wrong with having advertisers on your website. I have always thought that ‘Pubic Radio’ would be much improved if the had sponsors who would give the audience a reality check and balance their far left ideology. Keep up the good work.

  64. iwitness02

    The Branco cartoon is a nice summary of this present administration.
    It seems like the government is trying to make the population go crazy through the non stop hypocrisy they push on us. Seems as though they want all of us to be as insane as they are. No thanks.

  65. Charles H.

    It ALL boils down to either a Truth or a Lie. Values Clarification came into Public Schools back when I graduated – 1971. It taught that people decide for themselves what is Right and what is Wrong. There is NO objective Authority: only what YOU decide.

    Those who subscribe to this nonsense, generations by now – will NEVER be accountable, or responsible. They cannot be convicted by anyone else; and they certainly won’t correct themselves. ONLY those who are willing to face the Truth can possibly be responsible and accountable.

    The terribleness of this – beyond the destruction of human affairs: is that spiritually: if you will not face the Truth in this life, that you will face it in Eternity. God the Creator has set it up so. God has manifest His Truth in this world: and man must find and face it; or be judged by it after death. (God’s Word, the Holy Bible; and Jesus Christ, Who it reveals.)

  66. pbd

    Mike Flynn – is correct in warning about the DS planning something potentially for before or around the 2020 election forensic audit results being made public.

    The DS is telegraphing loudly that the next false-flag event(s) – potentially will be related to the (supposed) national security threat posed by “white-supremacists”. The DS is building the false narrative that questioning the 2020 election and the current JB pretendency – is by white supremacists that want to take over the country – by having Trump put back in office. It is logical that the next false-flag will be (a) race-based, (b) extremely violent, (c) blamed on white-supremacists, and (d) linked by false accusations of incitement to Trump.

    The DS sponsored 1/6 insurrection blocked Trump as the duly elected U.S. President from taking office by forcing Congress to certify an obviously fraudulent 2020 electoral vote.

    A future DS sponsored violent false-flag event will be used in an attempt to block (delay) the de-certification of the fraudulent vote and correct-certification of a confirmed valid 2020 electoral vote, and therefore block the peaceful justifiable removal of the illegitimate JB and the peaceful transition of power and return of Trump to the Presidency.

    The question now is – will the DS recruit & frame a patsy, and stage a strategic focused targeted very public assassination/attack on a public official or recruit in-mass useful idiots that can be guided and wound-up by agent provocateurs to be involved in a mass public violent attack – either of which will be part of a DS false narrative about involvement of “white-supremacist” that attempts to falsely implicate Trump once again.

    Hopefully, good American Patriot insiders can expose and derail any such DS plots before there is bloodshed.
    Best of luck all!

  67. CarolAnne Tucker

    What a nightmare we are currently living in!!! Though McConnel is better than Schumer, my Lord….He is still married to a chinese SPY that was the head of our Transportation Department under President Trump that was infiltrating the USA for Socialism & Communism! I am a truck driver and ALL THAT was trouble for career drivers as well as America in general for transportation deliveries in EVERY STATE of our Union!!!

  68. Jane jones

    The great Russian entangled err, Glen Simpson of Fusion Gyped us yes. Entangled in ad nauseum Russian scandal’s. Is back in da Golden Shower’s, Russki News! Drip, drip, drip!
    This guy’s Chinese water torture on us needs a Hypersonic nuclear tipped missal, where da sun don’t shiny and can’t read!
    Steele Dossier Nov. 22, 2019
    Fusion GPS Lights a Candle for the ‘Pee Tape’
    By James D. Walsh
    Skip the boring B. S. article from a couple of month’s before the Wuhan Kung flu and go directly to the facts, the comments section. It nailed him even then.
    If the China spy chief isn’t Arkansided and buried, we got Simpson!

  69. JonesJane

    The great Russian entangled err, Glen Simpson of Fusion Gyped us yes. Entangled in ad nauseaum Russian scandal’s. Is back in da Golden Shower’s, Russki News! Drip, drip, drip!
    This guy’s Chinese water torture on us needs a Hyper-sonic nuclear tipped missal, where da sun don’t shiny and can’t read!
    Steele Dossier Nov. 22, 2019
    Fusion GPS Lights a Candle for the ‘Pee Tape’
    By James D. Walsh
    Skip the boring B. S. article from a couple of month’s before the Wuhan Kung flu and go directly to the facts, the comments section. It nailed him even then.
    If the China spy chief isn’t Arkansided and buried, we got Simpson!

  70. Steve Read

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for what you do.
    I appreciate the honesty and commitment that you do with every show.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for all your comments & support!

  71. Jr Jon

    Mike Adams who has been using the term “monkey hammered” lately would welcome you with open arms at his brighteon channel – contact him for an interview Greg – he has direct advertisers and/or sponsers on his own podast –

  72. JC

    Maximum Insanity Alert! Goodbye work ethic.

    “I support this idea called baby bonds,” Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., told CNBC. Booker has proposed a baby bonds policy called the American Opportunity Accounts Act, which has been co-signed by many of his Democrat colleagues.

    The bill, if passed, would create a savings account for every child with at least $1,000 in it.

    “Depending on the wealth of your family, every child will get a deposit annually up to [age] 18 into that account, upwards of $2,000 for the lowest income children,” Booker told CNBC.

    When the child turns 18, depending on the families’ income, they could have nearly $50,000 in this account.

  73. Michael B Anenberg

    I buy a “subscription” to Greg’s Channel and give 5 bucks a month.
    That’s only 60 bucks a year! I get a lot of value for that small amount.
    I suggest everyone do the same!
    Thank you! Thanks, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael for all your support & for being a great cheerleader for the site!

  74. Johnny

    Hey Greg, just a heads up. I received a letter today from Wells Fargo stating that they are ending their CC line of credit effective Aug. 30. All balances must be repaid in full by then. I’m paid up but I bet thousands are not. I’ve had this line of credit for nearly 20 years… 60 more days and its it’s gone.

  75. Linda

    An absolute must listen to!!!! Joe Rogan’s podcast reaches millions. They are suppression treatment and censoring and its all being exposed here.

    Share this far and wide.

  76. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Lt. General Flynn is 100% Correct – Rudy is being screwed!!! Voter Fraud was Rampant in the 2020 election – I was watching on your site when you were talking with Gerald and Bo – when you ended your coverage – Trump Won – Pennsylvania was overwhelmingly Trump – Wisconsin was Big as was Michigan – Georgia was going Big for Trump – Az called by the networks way early was beyond sickening. Greg you have been Right every single day since the election. Lastly In God I Trust

    • Fred Daake

      Even if there was no election fraud, this is no excuse to remove Rudy’s authorization to practice. The legal cartel requires everyone to hire one of their lawyers to have a reasonable chance in court. With that monopoly protection comes an unwritten duty to make that representation available to everyone who needs it. By putting lawyers on notice that the syndicate must approve the political disposition of each client, they are drying up the only source of representation for those who have no other choice.

      To bring home this point, they are trying to make it impossible to challenge Democrat election fraud so that they can get away with criminal actions themselves.

  77. Galaxy 500

    Great broadcast Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Welcome back 500!!

    • RodShott

      Hey, Galaxy. Your old girlfriend was a prophet?! She don’t sound so crazy now, eh?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Good to see that “handle” pop up! Now, stay around for a while. Best always. PM

  78. Marie+Joy

    Nothing, short of kinetic war, will bring America back from communism. To expect rule of law, decency and fair elections is naive and unrealistic.
    Thank you, Greg, for all you do. CYA.


    The world is now a digital nightmare. This is a joke, the fed creats money every night and puts it in the stock market or on member banks ballance sheets, Banks have so much money they don’t know what to do with it, and they don’ want anymore. It won’t be long, they will have to put it in our accounts, or we wont be able to buy anything. Nobody will have to work, we will all sit at home, play video games, and watch youtube garbage. We can just make extra money on our robinhood accounts. I believe that the Democrates controlled by some elites created this virus, so they coulbeat Trump, and I believe all those people that are involved should suffer the penalty for treason. By the way Tucker wants you to come on his show


    Hi Greg,

    No matter what I do with my settings, your emails show up in SPAM.

    We are learning and experiencing as time goes along. Empires historically when they run out of victims to pilage internationally, they turn on their people. Up to this point, it seems that the good side of humanity prevailed with a high cost. The insane cost in the last generations were 10s of millions of lives and untold financial loss. Thirty percent of mankind has psychopathic tendancies. From observation there is no denying we have a big problem on our hands. It is going to go to big violence . It just escallates. The 2/3 are going to have to organize and stop the 1/3. or we are dead. Destiny?

    • Greg Hunter

      Big tech is pure evil!!!

  81. Karl Thistle

    Greg sarah westall has a great interview on bitchute with dr. Zev zelenko and he explains how hcq and ivermectin allow the zinc to get into the cells of thee body. Its a great interview. Do you remember him? Hes the old jewish doc from up state new york that sent a letter to trump lasrt year.

  82. RTW

    So a 12 story comes down in a matter of seconds and the talking heads begin speculating about the cause before the dust settles. Over and over they keep mentioning the fact that HVAC workers were working on the roof as if that was a viable cause. Maybe one of them left his toolbag up there and the added weight caused the disaster. (This is me being sarcastic.) The thing nobody will dare touch is the fact that our navy set off a 40K bomb a mere 100 miles off the coast of Fla. This explosion triggered a 3.9 earthquake which could have loosened things up under that building possibly opening up a sink hole. I’m not saying that’s what happened but it at least warrants a look or two. It makes more sense than people working on air conditioners. The people who lived in that building deserve a thorough investigation instead of the usual b.s.

  83. Randy Best

    There is no question that the US Government / FED have become evil. All they are trying to do is prop up a failed system. Trump was right when he said the MSM was the enemy of the people. The USA is following in the footspteps of Rome.

    • Joe Wong

      Very True statement my friend. You know that Communism Collapsed back on November 9, 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell, and the beginning of the dissolution of the USSR as well.
      You also know that Capitalism Collapsed back on September 16, 2008 when four (4) of Wall Street’s biggest Investment Banks (Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Meryl Lynch, and Smith Barney) all FAILED and went BELLY-UP to to excessive GREED. So what’s next ??? They just keep printing and giving them more TARP, QE, and the Repro-Market welfare monies to the Wall Street Gamblers and Banksters jut to keep propping this FAILED system.

      • catherine

        they are not propping up a failed system….they are CREATING A FAILED SYSTEM..
        Americans are resourceful and hard working however if we are stopped from producing and thriving in our own right,,called free market…and taxed into bankruptcy then get sick and pay to die….that is the system created by the libs to destroy us. And it will NOT prevail. The American characters is one of innovation and survival…Its in our blood and was in our ancestors blood otherwise most of America would be still sitting in poverty and living in Europe under kings and popes.

  84. Bill

    Greg, this is all about control and implementing the World Economic Form’s agenda (a new world order agenda that is taken right out the Bible and all your major corporations are on board with it – it is in your face!). Their website is very detailed and it should have everyone’s concern if not scare the beelzebul out of them! Blessings!

  85. william lesieur

    We’re at war.

  86. Mark Alan

    Greg your recent video is giving me a “DRAFT VERSION NOT ALLOWED” prompt when I try to open it.
    Never had trouble before with your mailings.

    Kindest regards

  87. tim mcgraw

    Thanks Greg for your latest WNW.

  88. Joe Wong

    That’s because all the powers to be were PAID-OFF BIG TIME by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as Asshole-Zeneca (aka BIG PHARMA). THIW’s. Money Talks and bullshit walks.

  89. Steve

    It was an after thought, ” oh my if all vaccinated adults die, there will be too many orphans”, “we must vaccinate children toddlers and infants.”

  90. travis moss

    i want to thank the late stan monteith of radio liberty, and even the late joyce riley of the power hour that opened my heart to the truth. i might not even know of you Greg or any of the other men and women of the truth movement.

  91. Jill Vaughn

    I wasn’t able to access the Alex Newman report from my email box. I got an error msg. through WordPress.

  92. Josepch

    In my personal opinion Dr. Fauci is nothing more than a dirty liberal quack mouth piece of the deepstate/swamp.

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