Geoengineering-Fast Track to Total Disaster & Total Collapse-Dane Wigington

Dane Wigington on Geoengineering and Climate EngineeringBy Greg Hunter’s

Dane Wigington runs a website dedicated to exposing and explaining to the public the dangers of climate engineering, also known as “chemtrails.”  This is not some sort of conspiracy theory but hard science, also known as “solar radiation management” or “geoengineering.”  What does Wigington say to the disbeliever?  “We have film footage of these tankers spraying at altitude, up close nozzles visible.  We have close up photographs of these nozzles right behind the engines.  At that point, the argument ends.  We have footage of the crime happening.  There is no argument or dispute–it is absolutely going on.  We have President Obama going on the record saying that climate change is the greatest national security threat of all. . . . Do you think that they would ask our permission before they do this?  That is a very naïve thought,” says Wigington.

Wigington says the greatest true threat is chemicals and heavy metals being sprayed globally.  Wigington contends, “Although geoengineering, or solar radiation management, is sold as a runaway warming mitigation, we have enough data to know it is making the situation worse and not better.  So, at this point, it is an attempt to hide the problem. . . . Climate engineering is shredding the ozone layer, which allow more thermal energy to come in.  So, the more they spray, the more they have to spray.  It is also redirecting upper level wind currents, which is also redirecting ocean currents.  We have warm water now pumping into the artic, and that is releasing methane.  We have a global methane cataclysm going on right now.  Geoengineering is making a host of bad things worse.”

How bad?  Wigington says, “We have a species extinction rate today that is likely approaching 300 every single day.  200 to 300 different plants and species going extinct every single day.  So, we are in the sixth great mass extinction now. I don’t care how much money you print.  I don’t care how much you falsify unemployment figures.  If the planet can’t support life, it’s game over.  We are on a fast track for that place. . . . The bottom line, at this point, is the power structure is doing all it can to hide reality from the climate, to the species extinction rate, to the economic figures.  It’s like a snake eating its own tail.  They simply are trying to hide it as long as they can to stay off panic as long as they can but we are on the fast track to total disaster and total collapse. 

How much time do we have before total collapse?  Wigington says, “I would be surprised if we reached the end of this year without some very big shoes dropping.  That doesn’t mean that everything comes to an end.  It simply means they will have a very hard time hiding the gravity and the immediacy of what we face for much longer.   We have massive military operations like Jade Helm taking place, which is absolutely unprecedented.   We have alarming things starting to occur, and I would argue that the power structure is being pushed further and further into a corner.  People are waking up, and the moment people wake up to climate engineering . . . at that moment our paradigm will shift.  The power knows this, and I would argue that they are preparing for that right now. . . . This is a matter of record.  The Pentagon has been preparing for total global societal collapse for quite some time.  A lot of bad things are happening all around us while we are watching football and Dancing with the Stars.”

In closing, Wigington says, “We are talking about a climate shift.  The climate is disintegrating right now, and climate engineering is helping to fuel that process.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
Wigington has spent his retirement money warning the public about what is going on with climate engineering.  He has zero monetization or advertising on his website  He says he does not want to taint the site or the scientific data on it.  If you would like to support Dane Wigington’s work, you can donate by clicking here.

If you would like to see how some state legislatures, such as Rhode Island, are taking on this issue, click here.  You can also find a tremendous amount of scientific proof and information on 

If you are searching the internet to do your own research, Wigington says do not use the search term “chemtrails” because you will get conspiracy disinformation and not pure scientific information.  Wigington suggests you use scientific terms such as “geoengineering,” “climate engineering” or “solar radiation management.”

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  1. David D

    I.M.H.O. this is the most important interview you have ever conducted
    on the “Watch Dog”. Dane Wigington is spot on in his assessment of the
    current climate situation. I live on Lake Michigan and have witnessed
    the Chemtrail spaying early in the morning. It looks like large planes
    playing tic tac toe. Then by eleven in the morning what looked like was
    starting out as a beautiful sunny day, became a grey overcast day.
    This has been going on for the last five years consistently. When I would
    remark to people about this constant repeated occurrence they would
    remark that I was a conspiracy nut. I’m neither an optimist nor a
    pessimist, I’m a realist. There are things more important in life then
    money and wealth. Your health should always be number one. Without
    your health you are no use to anyone including yourself. Thanks for
    bringing this guest on and I wish you and Dane Wigington good

    • Tracy Biggs Pinckney, MI

      Excellent interview Greg. It touches on so much that is happening, Agenda 21, Jade Helm etc. I was married to a psychopath. Best books on psychopaths-“Confessions of A Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight” M.E. Thomas (not her real name) and Bob Hare’s “Without Conscience” (find his Psychopathy Checklist online)

      Thomas Sheridan would be another good one to interview because when you look at the Fed banksters, the CDC and FDA and Merck and Monsanto (the revolving door with government), the false flag created wars, they are psychopaths. Thomas Sheridan on Psychopaths from You Tube (only 11 minutes)

      Also, see Red Ice Radio. You and Henrik are the people I listen to the most. See his interviews with Jon Rappoport ( on vaccines. Another form of dumbing us down and global control. Keep up your awesome work. We will make a difference.


  2. Chip

    Greg, thanks for having Dane on. He’s spot on that if awareness of this matter would increase, it would lead to a watershed event. We are in a race now to wake up before the elites have us all on the ropes.

    I live a few hours south of Dane and for the last three days, every single “cloud” in the sky has been man-made – wispy trails with striations throughout. I often bring this to the attention of the farmers around me, but they dismiss it, sometimes with a chuckle. My experience has been that the wealthier they are (and the more they stand to loose), the less they are willing to register ANY of this. Meanwhile, it’s straight above their heads, as plain as can be, yet they won’t see it. It makes me wonder if we aren’t fit for destruction, given our general insolence.

    • Chip

      Greg, i’m the other Chip who frequents this site. What your guest said about CO2 proves that he is full of it. CO2 is a REQUIRED plant NUTRIENT. As your guest to address this REAL science which is plant biology 101 and is not and can not be disputed…

      Photosynthesis can be represented using a chemical equation.
      The overall balanced equation is…
      6CO2 + 6H2O + Sunlight Energy ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2

      Where: CO2 = carbon dioxide
      H2O = water
      Light energy is required to force the chemical reaction to produce…
      C6H12O6 = glucose (plant building blocks)
      O2 = oxygen (what we breath)

      I say again CO2 is a PLANT NUTRIENT required of all living plants on land and in the ocean…

      • listen again

        It’s the balance of nutrients that matters. Anything that can benefit you in a certain dose can be deadly in another. Too much CO2 may not harm plants directly, but it is killing the planet in myriad ways. Besides which, A) no need or want for more CO2 because we are cutting down forests everywhere, and B) you are not a plant!
        And O2 is necessary for humans, and is being rapidly diminished in the atmosphere because of geoengineering and, yes, global warming. The oceans are dying (well documented by the Nuclear Proctologist), and they are the source of 50% of O2 in the atmosphere. We are being asphyxiated. Why do you think they are building all those underground bunkers? Because they have always wanted a basement apartment?

      • Papa Ooo Mao Mao

        Chip, yes CO2 is a plant nutrient. So is H2o. What happens if your garden gets too much H2O? How about if you put down too much Nitrogen on your crops? Too much sun?
        You might wish to read the following hearing transcript from the government printing office.
        An excerpt from page 6:
        Solar Radiation Management (SRM) or Sunlight Management
        Solar Radiation strategies do not modify CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Instead, they reflect incoming radiation to reduce the atmosphere’s solar energy content and restore its natural energy balance. Proposed reductions of solar radiation absorption are usually 1–2% 10; around 30% is already reflected naturally by the earth’s surface and atmosphere.11 The methods are space, land, or ocean-based and involve either introducing new reflective objects within or outside of the atmosphere, or an increase in the reflectivity or albedo 12 of existing structures and landforms. SRM could reduce increases in temperature, but it may not address the non-temperature aspects of greenhouse-induced climate changes. SRM strategies would generally take effect more quickly than CDR strategies. However, once started, some would
        likely require constant maintenance and/or replenishment to avoid sudden and drastic increases in temperature….

        Then again there are conspiracy theorists like SecDef William Cohen
        ALthough to quote William Cohen Sec Def 1997 Cohen’s keynote address at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy at the Georgia Center, Mahler Auditorium, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.:

        ‘Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.’

        Just because it’s not reported on cnnabcnbcfox doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Please remove your tin-foil hat that protects you from uncomfortable facts.
        There is a reason they call it television news “programming”.

        • brian

          well, too much water rots the roots and gives rise to fungus issues, too much sun kills the plants pretty quick, too much nitrogen will diminish the bioavailability of various minerals..the other person was right in saying too much of a good thing is…well…too much.

          And besides, Dane made the point that all the metals in the air are inhibiting the plants ability to utilize all that extra CO2 due to soil toxicity.

      • Kerry

        Have you looked at Venus lately? Talk about a runaway greenhouse effect! Yes, CO2 is a necessary greenhouse gas but TOO MUCH is not good! Venus cannot cool down because the runaway greenhouse effect on that planet has literally baked the water out of the planet. Earth is not exempt from this effect-actually, as the sun brightens with time, with age, on its way to becoming a red giant star, the earth will no longer be in the best position in our sun’s “goldilocks zone” and will get warmer with time-no one knows how bad it will get but the earth could begin to go through a similar runaway greenhouse effect as has Venus. This shifting of the goldilocks zone is not man-made but a natural occurrence-but screwing around with our delicate climate balance/feedback system is NOT A GOOD THING! If there were any Venusians, they would tell you how bad it can be-surface temp of Venus is 864° F.

      • Dane Wigington

        Hello Chip, it seems you have accurately receipted some of the usual disinformation that is often put out by the fossil fuel disinformation people, I hope you will do some objective research so that you will have all the pieces to the puzzle. Your equations can look impressive to the uninformed, but in the end Co2 is only a part of the equation that produces flourishing forests. Excessive Co2 in the atmosphere has some major downsides you did not mention. Skyrocketing Co2 levels and countless other forms of human damage to the planet (geoengineering is at the top of the list) have now helped to trigger mass methane expulsion which will be the end of the road for us all if it continues. To look at your equation in another light, water is certainly essential to all life, but what happens of you are an air breather and find yourself 1o feet under? The threats we face are real and imminent, I hope you will do an objective investigation on the bigger picture.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Dane for coming on and getting involved in the discussion after the interview!! We will have yuou back my friend.

  3. Mack

    I’m sorry, but this dude is brainwashed…..300 species going extinct every day? That would be 109,500 different species going extinct every year. What a load of BS! The Satanists want people to believe this (I’m not saying he is one). The Satanists hate God, and hate everything that is good. Our dear Lord made a wonderful Earth that is very resilient, and capable of supporting many people. Imagine if all of the resources that are spent on war, theft, fighting, idleness and corruption were instead put into good and productive things.

    This man has some good points, but I don’t believe “the planet is dying” line and that 200-300 species are going “bye-bye” every day.

    • Wally

      It may not be that high, but it is still very alarming…

      • Mack

        Ha! Look at the websites name…Center For Biological Diversity…on the bottom there is a “donate” link. I’d be willing to be it is funded by the elitists – you know, the same ones that put up the Georgia Guidestones. Don’t know what the Georgia Guidestones are? Look them up! These same people are trying to kill off 95% of the world’s population. They will put out any propaganda to make us believe that “humans are evil (destroying the earth), we have to eliminate them.” It’s all HOGWASH. Please, no offense, but be skeptical of things you read. Familiarize yourselves with the globalists’ agenda.

    • Chip

      The guy is a slick talker, not unlike Presidents Clinton and Obama, but that does not mean that he’s right. There may be some truth to what he says but the CO2 was a deal breaker for his credibility for me… (the other Chip)

      • listen again

        Why do people take one element of a talk and use it to discredit all the information they just heard? If someone told you that they were going to come into your house and destroy everything and everyone in it, and oh yeah, Al Gore is cool, would you blow off the potential threat?

        I would suggest that Mr. Wigington, who has a strong scientific background, is not blowing smoke here. He clearly differentiates between what is shown by data and what is his opinion. Don’t let fear prevent you from seeing the truth.

        Greg, you showed immense courage and integrity in taking on this issue, and I salute you – and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Kerry

      Actually-the planet can change enough to no longer support life as we know it-see my previous comment about Venus. Too much screwing around with our planet’s CO2 cycle is a BAD THING! We have had “snowball” earth’s and hot earths, either way-many species have gone extinct in the past and due to changes in climate that will no doubt happen the future (next ice age?) more will go extinct. We just should not be doing things to speed up the process, but should try to preserve as much as we can-be “good stewards” of our home planet.

    • Dane Wigington

      Hello Mack, the facts I quoted are indeed accurate and backed up with science study. You will find this to be the case if you actually do objective investigation. Perhaps you did not know there are thought to be over 100,000,000 species of various living organisms on our planet. You may not be aware that we are currently in the sixth great mass extinction and the current rate of extinction is from 1000 to 10,000 times the background rate (hats at least 100,000% of normal). In the last 40 years the human population has doubles and wildlife populations have declined by almost 60%. For the record, its now about what we believe, but rather what is. Again, I sincerely hope you will continue your investigation.

  4. Dale

    You need to get James Corbett on the program talking about China and the New World Order. See the current sgtReport

  5. Gert

    ‘Having Full Assurance of the Hope’

    Although we cannot be certain about everything we hear, read, or see, we have good reason to trust in the Creator. He is not only the Supreme One but also a loving Father who cares for his earthly children. About his own word, God said: “It will not return to me without results, but it will certainly do that in which I have delighted, and it will have certain success in that for which I have sent it.”—Isaiah 55:11.

    Jesus Christ taught the truth from God, and many who listened to him accepted it with conviction and certainty. For example, a group of honesthearted Samaritans told the woman who had first listened to Jesus: “We do not believe any longer on account of your talk; for we have heard for ourselves and we know that this man is for a certainty the savior of the world.” (John 4:42) Likewise today, despite living in times of insecurity, we do not have to be uncertain about what to believe.

    When it comes to religious belief, many are of the opinion that rather than trying to understand, we should simply believe. The Bible writer Luke, however, did not share that opinion. He did research and provided accurate information so that others might “know fully the certainty of the things” that he had written. (Luke 1:4) Since family and friends who do not share our faith may fear that we will end up disillusioned and disappointed, it is important that we are able to defend our faith. (1 Peter 3:15) Only by knowing accurately the reason for what we believe can we help others to trust in God. The Bible describes Jehovah in these words: “The Rock, perfect is his activity, for all his ways are justice. A God of faithfulness, with whom there is no injustice; righteous and upright is he.”—Deuteronomy 32:4.

    Take that last statement: “Righteous and upright is he.” What evidence do we have to be certain of this? The apostle Peter was fully convinced of that fact. He told a Roman officer and his household: “For a certainty I perceive that God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.” (Acts 10:34, 35) Peter said these words because he had just seen how God’s own hand directed matters so that a family of Gentiles, formerly considered unclean and unacceptable, became acceptable to Him. Like Peter, we also can be convinced of God’s impartiality and righteousness when we see with our own eyes “a great crowd” of people around the earth who have abandoned their former way of life and walk in the path of righteousness.—Revelation 7:9; Isaiah 2:2-4.

    As true Christians, we want to be, not fanatic or dogmatic, but humble and reasonable. Yet, we are not uncertain about what we believe and what we expect of the future. To first-century Christians, the apostle Paul wrote: “We desire each one of you to show the same industriousness so as to have the full assurance of the hope down to the end.” (Hebrews 6:11) Likewise, the good news from the Bible has brought us “the full assurance of the hope.” That hope, based solidly on God’s Word, “does not lead to disappointment,” as Paul also explained.—Romans 5:5.

    Moreover, we are fully convinced that teaching others the good news from the Bible can bring them security and certainty spiritually, and even emotionally and physically. We can join Paul in saying: “The good news we preach did not turn up among you with speech alone but also with power and with holy spirit and strong conviction.”—1 Thessalonians 1:5.

  6. Brent

    Hi Greg,

    I have been a long time follower of yours but I have to say chemtrails are straight up tin foil hat nonsense. It is up there with the conspiracy of lizard people run the planet. Most of your guests are great and I learned a lot from them, but this kind of stuff belongs on Alex Jone’s website, not yours. Please take this as constructive criticism, not insulting.

    • Anne Elliott

      These geo-engineering topics have been discussed at the United Nations. Do a little research before you dismiss in its entirety.

      • Anne Elliott

        Here is one site on solar and earth changes that discusses the topic rationally and even critically (see their video Top 6 Climate Change Problems).

    • Wally

      You may want to have a look at this video. If you can explain it, please do…

    • Desert Rose

      I’ve seen them here….in the middle of no where….many planes spraying at a time.
      Chem trails are fact and leave a whitish residue on water surfaces.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      If you believe that this is just “tin foil hat nonsense” then I suggest you should visit these two links;
      Just a thought. These chemicals are known to make us humans both docile and stupid….well it looks to me as though they are working extremely well.

      • Kerry

        now that is funny! “docile and stupid”, indeed!

    • Dane Wigington

      Hello Brent, yes, you are correct about the “chemtrails” term, there is no science behind it. This is why I stick to the science terms that relate to the ongoing climate engineering occurring in our skies, I see that you did not quote any of those. Solar radiation management (SRM), stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG), stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), cloud albedo enhancement (CAE), etc. If you stick to the science, you will not get diverted on to ridiculous subjects like the “lizard people” that you mentioned. I understand your skepticism, I was also skeptical at first. But I have done (and continue to do) an immense amount of research and lab testing which forced me to face the fact the climate engineering insanity is real and ongoing. I am not asking or expecting you to believe anything I have stated, rather it is my hope that you will do some actual investigation on the dire climate engineering issue.

  7. George Baron

    Dear Greg.
    The government take on chemtrails (and also your guest’s) is that they are being produced to combat “man made” global warming or these days just global warming. This has already been shown as a government sponsored misdirection from what is the REAL purpose of chemtrails..
    Miles Mathis ( hits the nail square on the head in his latest article.
    The purpose of chemtrails is very simple. They are to get rid of noxious materials produced by various industries including the defence and pharmaceutical industries. Most dumping of noxious waste is prohibited by law but the distribution of these materials in the air is not. The small amount per inch on the Earth’s surface is not thought to cause too much harm but the build up certainly does.
    People continue to be misdirected by the “climate change” argument that aids the government’s powerful donating industries to keep the spotlight off of what is pure dumping of waste.

    • Chip

      Could be! As they say, “The solution to pollution is dilution.”

    • Jay

      Brent, do you know the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail?
      Are you a pilot?

    • listen again

      Mr. Wigington clearly stated that “combatting global warming” is NOT the real purpose, but one “stated purpose” – he said, in fact, that this spraying is making the climate situation worse. In other interviews he has emphasized that “there is nothing benevolent about these programs” – perhaps he should have done so here. But if you heard him saying there was a noble intent behind this, you may have been listening with a preconceived bias, and should try again.
      They are almost certainly dumping waste from coal combustion, but that’s probably because they can get it on the cheap (maybe even charge to take it away). But there are many other toxins being sprayed – look at if you want to be even more worried.

  8. Mike from the North

    Do I doubt that this situation is real…..absolutely not.

    Last summer in the morning while the sun was still to the east I was walking to my local grocery store on a very clear day.

    Directly above at a height much higher than what is used by commercial airlines I saw 4 large planes in close formation heading directly North.

    I watch the skies all the time. Never ever have I seen planes flying in that direction. Huge planes at extreme heights heading towards James Bay area.

    Greg, you are one courageous man taking on this subject.

    Please watch your back my friend.

    The powers to be will not like you bringing this to the forefront.

    I think that you would be doing the world great service by bringing this guest back on once a months for the balance of the year.

    If we are to have a future we need more people like Greg and this guest.

  9. Maurice

    Matthew 24:22
    And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

  10. Tommy

    Great interview Greg. We know that something is wrong and hopefully enough people will generate the critical mass to get the people in know to come clean.

  11. Paul

    Greg, great job on you lining up speakers, It just seems that there are so many issues to address, Economy, Wars, Climate which all seem to be in a downward spiral direction. Its difficult for the average person to be aware of all the issues and problems and take much, if any pro action when the average person is just struggling to work at his job pay the bills and support his family, This is why we elect leaders to handle these matters, but unfortunately we don’t have these leaders representing the interest of the people. It does seem doomed until humanity starts all over again from scratch.

  12. James Hastings

    I’m sure most of his presentation is true. There is so much going on, in all phases of our global societies, that the system can’t continue. There are so many factions manipulating their interests, that at some point, some will collide, causing enormous changes. People live with normality bias….they just don’t recognize reality. America is overrun with stupid people. We are crazy. Why else do we keep trying all these economic and social programs over and over again? Why do we keep electing the same morons….again?

    Good interview. Everything will play a part in the final act.

  13. Jerry

    Greg, do you want proof of Geo Engineering? The next time you see the crisscross patterns of chem trails in the sky, go outside and look about twenty minutes later and watch the cloud banks form. I see this all the time. From what I’ve been told, the chemical of choice that is being sprayed is some form of aluminum oxide. The theory by climatologist is that by building these cloud banks with aluminum oxide they are shielding the earths surface from the suns harmful rays caused by ozone depletion.

    Dan Wigington is right. All the spraying is literally killing us by breathing in all these toxic metals. I have seen new strains of upper respiratory disorders I have never seen before. My wife and son have had continual nagging coughs for months that mirror bronchitis, that never go away. The Physicians have told us, other than taking antibiotics there’s no other form of treatment they can offer. My son is now going through his third month with this stuff.

    The thing that pisses me off is I don’t recall anyone asking me if it was O.K. for me to be sprayed with a chemical. But yet under HIPPA I have to have a signed authorization form to pick up a prescription for my wife at the drug store. Insanity! I’m jsut waiting for someone to file a class action suit against the government making them liable for toxic poisoning program they’ve created. I’d gladly sign on!

    • Chip

      ” I’m just waiting for someone to file a class action suit against the government making them liable for toxic poisoning program they’ve created. I’d gladly sign on!”

      The kicker is that NONE of our elected representatives have any official knowledge of these programs, so they cannot be practically held to account. The ones that are doing this are untouchable, as yet, through the system.

      • bija

        Go to youtube Geoengineering Related Class Action Law Suit for info on legal preparations in the works for this fall.

      • Jerry

        Clearly we have a shadow government that is running things in Washington. How stupid can people be? All you have to do is walk outside and look up. Do you really think a commercial airliner would fly back and fourth over the same ground for hours laying down a vapor trail of chemicals that does not disintegrate? I have seen the inside of those planes. They have been retrofitted with bulk chemical storage tanks that run the entire length of the plane. But hey. Who am I ? Just some guy playing with a mental pinwheel. I’ll leave it to the critics who have all the answers to come up with a plausible explanation.

    • Jerry

      Greg I would have labeled this as tin foil hat material myself, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have personally sat in meetings with environmentalist who believe this stuff. In their warped way of thinking, over population has created a threat to the global habitat.
      Do you want to see something really twisted? How about the New York Fed moving their office to Chicago for “environmental reasons”.

      • JC Davis

        FED= Fear of Eventual Death.

    • Desert Rose

      We all need to detox constantly. Chlorophyll works, bentonite clay works, and food grade hydrogen peroxide 35% diluted works well. Look them up online….they work.

    • Jerry

      Still think Geo Engineering is a myth? The g20 doesn’t.

  14. Rodster

    Dane seems like a sincere man, I don’t question that. I guess I fall into the camp of, “I can’t say for sure but I wouldn’t rule it out”, with all the claims he’s made especially when he added commercial jet airliners being culpable.

    But then I came across this story this morning: “Artificially manipulating Arctic climate by ‘whitening’ surface of ocean to reflect sunlight back into space will fail, say scientists”

    Except: “Attempts to artificially manipulate the Arctic climate by “whitening” the surface of the ocean in order to reflect sunlight back into space and so mimic the effect of lost sea ice are almost certainly doomed to fail, scientists said.”

  15. JC Davis

    Herd Roberts is a wild herb that reduces bad radiation in the body with healthy radiation.
    Caution there is a toxic look alike so know what your eating before hand.
    Greg/Dane. What is the connection with the MIC space program ? Seeing there are several HAARP systems world wide would removing climate engineering leave our country defenseless ? Thanks JC

  16. john duffy

    So do our masters have a death wish? Their lives and their childrens are affected too. Financial collapse, riots, GMOs, polution, disease, radiation, moral collapse etc etc. May as well roll over and die!

    • Jan

      One thing I found interesting is when I was watching a program that was filmed in Siberia, a plane flew over spraying chem trails. It is everywhere. We are being bombarded here in N.C. …..I understand organic sulfer is very good to take the chemicals out of the system as well as fulvic minerals.

      I would also like to say that the book of Enoch speaks of the fallen angels that were cast from heaven. These are the ones who are in control. They have no conscience. They are not like us…..They are not the children of God. We would never consider doing the things they do, think about it….This is the time of Armageddon, the time of the judgement. Their time is up. They have been judged. It will take time for them to cycle out of the system. They know it and want to destroy this planet and take as many with them as they can. They declared war on the children of God since day one. One of the last things Moses said to his people was, do not mingle with your neighbor. He was talking about the fallen angels. He did not want the children of God mate with them. These are the same ones that Jesus rebuked….You are not of my Father. This judgement causes a disintigration spiral. Those who are the children of God who are connected to the ways of the fallen ones….drugs, sexuality, sensuality, lying, carnal mindedness, etc. will get caught up in this spiral and go down with them . It is time to separate out from them and obey the laws of God written within. this is the meaning of the separation of the tares from the wheat. It is up to us as to what happens to us as we have free will.

  17. Alan

    Bravo and thanks for having Dane Wigington on USAW Greg!!! His intelligence and integrity are more than evident and yet what he shares about a quantum climate shift as a result of geo-engineering can often be just too much for some to grasp or even acknowledge as the reality it is. I’ve been following & supporting his work for the past few years, and things have only gotten worse during that time. Yet despite my own efforts to help acquaint others of the real and present dangers we’re facing, most don’t or can’t seem to “get it” sadly enough. Often people just don’t want to even look in that direction as it’s yet another circumstance the vast majority feel utterly powerless to do anything about and are already maxed by. The disinfo campaigns only magnify the sense of disbelief too, would not be surprised to see some of that from one or more of the trolls who lurk on your site.

    We are in some deep stuff on this planet, it remains to be seen whether the ongoing 6th great extinction will overwhelm Earth’s recovery capability or if it will in fact soon be game over. As absurd as ongoing discussions and plans for a new football stadium in California may be (or the latest Dancing With The Stars side show, etc), this is the kind of misdirection and distraction that TPTB want to take the masses’ attention off topics of dire import to our survival as a species and civilization, let alone the other species that don’t stand a chance against the onslaught of homo sapiens’ insane march to our collective oblivion.

    Thank you for bringing this extraordinary individual and his tireless efforts to inform the rest of us to the attention of the USA Watchdog audience. Disturbing as the information he shared is, it helps to put a lot of other issues in their proper perspective.

    Best always my friend,


  18. Jallen

    What a BARNBURNER of an interview. In Pennsylvania we often get Chem Trails and they are easy to spot. Whenever I see them, I pray they are negated. Please bring Dane on again for updates. I am begining to think we are in the ‘Last Days’ as mentioned in Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible. There is little doubt the Bankers control the wealth in the world and will create the Mark of the Beast. Jesus said one of the signs of his coming will be the increase of knowledge, need I say what the last hundred years or so has brought! Fukushima is wrecking havoc in the seas of California with radiation poisioning and killing off sea life. With a drought in California land animal life may be under attacked soon. Our economy is shutting down with the potential for an all out collapse! It looks like mandatory vaccinations will be the way of the future. Our schools have been infiltrated with a false doctrine. Our Political system has been hijacked
    by the corporate world and the so called elite. It seems to me the world is being set up for an all out World War for the purpose of population reduction. I would not be surprised, if some of our Churhes have not been infiltrated and preaching a false doctrine. Many Generations before us thought the conditions of Christ’s return were imminent only to be disappointed. The major difference between this Generation and previous Generations is Israel has been regathered. Israel needs to be rebuild the Temple and the Abomination of Desolation sacrifice performed on the altar and we will know for sure Jesus Chirst the only begotten Son of God will return to claim his Kingdom. Stay alert and Pray for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Fear not Greg for the time is at hand!

  19. Doug C.

    Excellent video Gregg.
    It just gets worse and worse with every passing day, month and year lately. I wish there was some quick solution to the Halfwit’s that are running your country that the rest of us could easily implement. It is very sad that over the 51 years I have been on this planet the U.S.A. has gone from (at least preceived to be) being a becon of human rights with the “Million Man March’s” and the highest standard of living in the world, to a massive terrorist organation/police state, with huge unemployment, electronic bread lines and sychopaths destroying the atmosphere. Your country is a mess and if Jim Willie is correct, I think that Russia has a huge amount of information that is going to come out about everything from 911, to market rigging, to climate control. 10 years ago I would have never thought to say, “I hope Russia takes down the U.S.A.”, and by that I mean your Insane Political leaders. I know many American’s and the regular people are just like all countries regular people, ie: caring, compationate, loving and generous. It’s the Political and Military class that needs to taken down before they kill us all off.
    Keep up the great work of awakening the masses.

    • Ugly

      America has sinned and is unrepentant. God has always allowed another Nation to punish another Nation. For instance, Babylon took Israel. Persia took Babylon and then Greece took Persia. And then finally Rome was the power of them all.

      Americas day of judgment is soon at hand and who knows if it is China or Russia or both.

      We need to repent and pursue forgiveness. Pray for our country and our leadership.

  20. Matt

    I applaud you for working on raising awareness of this insidious program. It amazes me how individuals can be so blind to this activity when it is “hiding in plain sight”. As I have said previously, this is a big part of the extraterrestrial Intervention that is well underway on earth. Aluminum and barium agents are poisoning the soils, which will make it very difficult for anyone to grow food and feed themselves. When Monsanto controls all of the food, they control all of the people. Add manufactured drought that is designed to move humans into the areas where They want us, you have a further mechanism for control. In the near future, there will be a MASS human migration in a quest to find water. Make NO mistake, this program is part of an Intervention of extraterrestrial resource explorers who want to preserve the resources of the planet for themselves, and have gained cooperation and support from specific humans whose sole focus in power and wealth. This program is in it’s mature phase. We are all “on the clock”. Thanks again Greg.

  21. Anne Elliott

    Thanks for having Dane on, Greg! He is very passionate about it all, and if even half of what he’s saying is true, then we are a frog in the cook pot – being killed even if we don’t know it.
    Thought it was interesting that he brought up the same point you did a while ago – that if there is truly “global warming” going on, there would be no areas experiencing temps colder than normal, or wetter than normal (like Boston this past winter).
    Really wish he had specified what the climate shift will bring, though.

  22. allen ols

    Greg; excellent,
    ……and guess whaaat, I had morons on this site call me a cool aid drinker and a tin foil hat manfg./wearer for bringing this up about and posting links.

    • Silence is Golden

      I do recall ….in fact I posted a link last year to this very topic in response to one of your comments….to assist and support your concern….about Chemtrails.
      Here it is again….
      Oh btw…..that link was to Dane’s presentation……on Geo-Engineering !!
      Well worth re-visiting this….very comprehensive coverage.

      Critically important topic Greg. Like with matters of finance…it requires studying to fully appreciate its effects. Dane has committed himself to do the hard yards…I would implore others to do their own due diligence.

      • allen ols

        I remember this video, and had seen it a while back. I posted a whistle blower article long time ago, but no comments, everyone ignored it. 🙂 got a lot of crap from the dude g 500.

      • JC Davis

        SIG some of my friends gave me a tin foil hat as a gag Xmas gift. I wore it proudly ever knowing there lack of knowledge on these issues.

      • Silence is Golden


        Can we say …DENIAL…..or even….NORMALCY BIAS…?

        Conspiracy theorists are proven correct ..when its officially on public record…go figure ?

        Happy days gentlemen.
        Best SIG 😉

  23. Art Barnes

    Greg, thank you for having Mr. Wigington on. I’m going to look into it more, once we find out that its true what do we do? Who do we complain to? Is it the military spraying? How can we stop it? If I understand his thesis correctly, the manipulation of the worlds weather will result in mass extermination of all life, including human life. Sounds like the elite want population control & this may be their idea of how to get it. You question about the elite having to breath the same spayed air but have a antidote procedure seems plausible & it would have been known prior to the initiation of the program(s). Not being a scientist I can’t speak to anything about this but knowing all things are never like they are presented by the elite I wouldn’t put anything past them.

  24. eddiemd

    Geoengineering, Fukashima, Monsanto, fracking, biological warfare agents…

    Can modern society get any better?

    No where to run, no where to hide.

    Isaiah 2:18-20

    18But the idols will completely vanish. 19Men will go into caves of the rocks And into holes of the ground Before the terror of the LORD And the splendor of His majesty, When He arises to make the earth tremble. 20In that day men will cast away to the moles and the bats Their idols of silver and their idols of gold, Which they made for themselves to worship,…

    Revelation 6:15-16

    Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains; 16and they said to the mountains and to the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb;…

  25. Mark

    Great interview Greg! This is a subject that doesn’t get enough attention and one I’ve been hearing about on other outlets as well this year. The matter of climate engineering in California is concerning since they produce a lot of our food supply. This would appear IMOP to converge with Rob Kirby’s assertions of the master globalist plan to make people more vulnerable and therefore compliant with government edicts to control the population.
    I hope this and Jade Helm 15 plans are eradicated for the sake of all people. Thanks again for having this guest appear on your program!

  26. Farmer Dave

    Here in Nor Cal it seems to me that most of the jet trails that don’t disappear and grow wider are coming from 4 engine jets. Aren’t most domestic passenger flights these days done by 3 or 2 engine jets?

  27. vincent_g

    This doesn’t look like it’s reversible.
    If Dane is correct it’s too late to do anything.

    They would have to create ozone generators to replace the missing ozone.
    They would have to stop peppering the skies with these chemicals and hope the weather would wash away the damage.

    But neither will happen as once government starts a project nothing short of an act of God will stop it.
    The USSR lost a lake the size of Lake Erie due to a government project.
    No one was able to stop this from happening.
    Do you think this government is any different?

    Reagan once said “The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program”

    The evil is man’s insatiable desire to control.

  28. mushroom

    Another great interview.

    The current viscous cycle of oil polluters financing politicians in a kickback system with lower kickback potentials from renewable energy will push us all beyond the tipping point.

    bye bye…

  29. dchayden

    Great interview. If you want to look at “climate change” you have to include the biggest climate changer of them all. The Sun !! Would love to see you get John L Casey on here to talk about climate change. He was a a former White House national space policy advisor, N.A.S.A. headquarters consultant, and space shuttle engineer. His organization is supported by over 31,000 Climatologist and Weather Scientist around the world many from prestigious University and research centers. He has a number of books out, and you tube interviews ( yes he does interviews) concerning the sun heading into a cooling phase and expects it to be a rough transition. I would love for you to check him out and also weigh in on his research, as the sun and its phases absolutely has to be factored in to this climate equation !


    • Kerry

      Absolutely! The sun’s sunspot cycle, variations in the tilt of earth’s axis, location in the galaxy, all play a part in our climate. As the sun ages, and begins to go through its natural cycle toward a red giant, there will no doubt be more extreme climate changes as the sun’s output both dims and brightens. Yes, it will take a very long time for the sun to die, but we will be faced with the sun’s changes for generations to come.

  30. Andrew Maggard

    The coming economic reset has captured my attention since it became evident that no other alternative exists. It was logical to connect the dots to the rapid militarization of the nation’s police forces to this event. The forthcoming Jade Helm military exercise can be construed to simply be a part of that process of preparation for large scale disorder. However upon viewing this presentation by USA Watchdog and connecting the dots to a number of other facets involved in climate, HAARP , contrails/chemical trails prompts recognition that just perhaps Mr. Wigington’s presentation is a sincere one and further investigation is warranted, while some skepticism is a health attribute, however a dedicated effort to conduct a principled inquiry is definitely in order. The information disseminated within this presentation demands investigation simply because a connecting of known facts corresponds with the hypothesis of this presentation. A dedicated effort of research in a principled inquiry could well be revealing. Should the primary facet of this presentation disclose factual evidence the entire premise of the financial reset emerges into a greater evolution of complicit deceit by the powers that be. I reflect on the evolution of the origin of Conspiracy theory as it relates to the disinformation effort. I expect any day now to read, “Evil is a conspiracy theory.” Such is the depth of deceit as is practiced today.

  31. Ryan Rich

    I always feel that government shills have penetrated this discussion and also the discussion of aliens. I love your show and think economics is a broad enough topic to be able to find plenty of worthy discussions. I guess what I am saying is you have a good image right now and the information gained from interviews like this are not enough to justify the changes it makes to your image as an economics analyzer. Anyways love the show!

  32. Mike

    Thank you Greg for providing this interview of grave importance.
    I’m amazed at the many that I talk to that deny chemtrails, claiming that they are contrails. I first noticed the spraying in 1997. I always look up, prolly because my father was a flight engineer in the USAF and my love of flying. Even an idiot can see the chemtrails continue to create clouds 20-30 minutes after the aircraft flyover. Not to mention the massive amount of spider web looking material that collects on my 260′ of crane boom while not 1 singer spider is present! Thanks again!

  33. Gary Pennington

    Kudos to you, Greg, for your willingness to investigate this issue. You and Dane Wigington deserve much credit for bringing this crime against humanity to light. Thank you!

  34. Cindy Ferguson

    Greg, you asked, “What can we do?” and Dane’s answer was something to the effect ‘we need to all get on board and raise our voices in protest against this and let the truth be known. The prayer of Solomon, from II Chronicles 6 comes to mind, as he dedicated the newly finished Temple of the Lord.
    He asked that if the skies are shut up and there is no rain, if there is famine or a plague or crop disease or attacks of locusts or caterpillars or enemies besieging the land, whatever disaster or disease there is, but the people turn to God and pray, would God forgive?
    And God’s answer to him , recorded in II Chronicles 7:13 and 14 says “At times I might shut up the heavens so that no rain falls , or command grasshoppers to devour your crops, or send plagues among you. Then if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”
    I always wondered about that ‘healing the land’ part but in the context of Wigington’s message, it makes perfect sense.
    Dane is correct that we need to raise our voices in a concerted effort to combat this on going situation. If we as a nation will turn from our wicked ways and seek God’s face, there will be forgiveness and restoration of our land. What can we do? Pray!
    USAWATCHDOG is my go to place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Thanks for faithfully manning your post on the wall!

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope I don’t run out of ammo. Thank you for your comment and kind words.

  35. Timco

    It’s all true. I sent rain samples from Cincinnati, Ohio to 2 labs for analysis. One lab in California and another in Missouri. The aluminum, barium and zinc were 5000% higher than the EPA limits. I called the EPA and the Ohio Air Quality Monitoring Station in Cincinnati, and no one would return my calls. I also called my state representative John Becker in district 65, Clermont County, Ohio. He would not talk to me. We live in the twilight zone my friends.

  36. brian

    Once the point is made as to what is going on, and the admission is made that the why is unknown there is only one avenue which can be taken forward that does not involve futile speculation; that is to begin to put enough pressure on known liars so that they are fully unable to do anything but sputter, stutter, scream and mumble the truth to us. If this is not something that can be done, then we should simply prepare to die in a world run amok.

  37. andyb

    Greg: thanks for having Dane on; his knowledge, just maybe, could lead to an epiphany for the cognitively dissonant masses. If you connect recent statements and predictions by Gov Brown and various think tanks wherin the solution for California, the US, and in fact, the entire planet, is massive depopulation. Brown says California can sustain only 500,000, not 38 million. The think tanks envision the US in 2025 with a population of only 65 million. The Georgia Guidestones warn that the entire planet needs to reduce population to 500 million. So how will these goals be reached? Because up to now, the incremental genocide has been limited to chemtrails, poisonous vaccines, fluoridation, GMOs, Fukushima radiation, and who knows what else. The obvious answer is WWIII; but maybe too obvious. The elites cannot be happy with the slow progress. “Something wicked this way comes”.

  38. Ish

    All anyone has to do on most any given day when you see “clouds” in the sky is to look up…they are not normal clouds…they are manufactured “chemtrails”. Like he said, most are to busy watching football, baseball, racing, dancing with the stars…etc…etc..and etc. The powers that be know that and they just laugh at those that are oblivious to it all. Look UP people for your redemption draweth nigh.

  39. Gerald

    Good on you Greg you have done a very fine thing in doing this interview. I thing you are going to be a real power house in the new media with these type of interviews. Great job Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gerald. Wigington is the guy who made the interview sing.

  40. dbcooper

    Greg, Right-on !! As a farmer/rancher I am outside a lot; everyday and I have experienced numerous multiple symptoms from chemtrails… I know they are real; know they are bad and Dane is probably right… it may be too late. But you didn’t ask him about gold?? LOL… Thank you for your work and courage, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN DB

    • Ugly

      As an Agronomist in Eastern Idaho I can tell you this is by far the warmest on record. Little snow in the Tetons. Last years wheat ruined by unusually heavy rains before harvest. This years wheat many fields infected by a strange virus called Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus. Idaho might have two bad years of wheat which is unheard of. Something is different.

  41. Mark S

    I have to hand it to you, you asked all the right questions to Dane Wigington. The focus of your site has primarily been financial, I have followed Dane for some years, he is sincere and a pragmatic realist, if you do as he says and one gets off their lazy ass, they will see no doubt our issues are much greater than financial. There is a multi faceted collapse coming our way and very soon. Blood in the streets will be an understatement. I left the U.S. a long time ago, get out of cities asap! The truth is, we are involved in the ultimate of spiritual warfare, all else are sub-primes of that! Great job in your interview of Dane!

    Its about to spin & fast!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark S.

  42. NC Gal


    An outstanding and scary interview! I had been aware of the web site and the problem for awhile, but have no idea what to do about it, given the context in which it is occurring. It’s yet another piece in the train-wreck-in-progress and it doesn’t seem like there’s much hope for putting the brakes on it, in time. It also underlines the total insanity and disregard for life on the part of those who are backing these programs.

    Given the timing, it would seem that collapse is a given and open protests will only contribute to the depopulation goals of the elite. It certainly explains the cooler weather we are seeing here in North Carolina this year. Every day that we have clear skies, those particulate trails are criss-crossing the skies everywhere.

    The question that dogs me is, “Can the elite be THAT stupid, and if not, what is their backup plan to have a world left for them to rule?” The seed bank in Norway indicates that they expect to go on somehow, but that is little consolation to the rest of us. Sigh. These DO seem to be the end times, on so many fronts at once! It ‘s a bit overwhelming when one feels like they don’t count at all.

    • Ugly

      America reminds me of Babylon. They were very strong and very powerful. They were also complacent in their ability to be conquered. Overnite, the Persians dried up the Euphrates and walked in and conquered Babylon. They blocked the river upstream as the army waited.

      I think America could see that same shock. Friday things are fine, and then by Monday things have changed dramatically. Read Rev18 and see what you think?

  43. Tom

    I Love Contrails! I have been watching them the past 40 years and have made many myself flying 31,000 hours plus around the world. I have seen no noticeable changes in their make up. We have never seen any spraying activity nor airplanes equiped with it. Yes, at times the air can be compressed to where the wing looks like it is spraying something but is completely attributed to moister in the air. A beuatifulsight! I would like to see more science than what Geoengineering has to offer. I agree I am an idiot with only a Masters in Areoengineering. Destroying the Planet? Maybe gradually? This sounds more like Al Gore at work. Climate Change? Hasn’t anyone notice our climate has been changing the past 2 billion years? I agree we all must keep a watchful eye. Solid Science Please! This isn’t it!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are an expert just because you are a pilot? Read the site. This is undisputed science. Thank you for your comment.

      • Tom

        Greg, I love your site and all the info you have provided. I never have commented before.

        I have looked at the Geoengineering site several times and still not convince with the info provided. Just so happens what got my attention was he had worked for Bechtel Engineering who had paid for all my University engineering education through scholarships and even worked for Bechtel a short time. I never met anyone like Mr. Wigington there and find him very interesting. Also I have been on my airline pilot interview commitee for many years interviewing new pilots. Not one has done this to my knowledge. Wouldn’t you think just one pilot would want to move up to the majors? All the videos Geoengineering offers I have seen at one time or another in the air way before this craze started, so not evidence to me. Some are the typical fuel dumping proceedures. I have done that several times myself in emergencies and have seen it done from the ground. Chemical content in the air is another fact I am not sure of except I can not breath while in China.

        Needless to say I agree with others asking who is doing this. My ears are open as are my eyes. Global dimming has been proven to a point over the years and I agree with that. Yes, we need to keep an open mind. My limited thinking abilites needs a factual over load and not shrill.

        No, I am not an expert and just an idiot as I said in my post. Takes more facts to bring me to the conspiracy side as it should be for all. I question the undisputed science like the earth be flat. More facts please.

        Keep up the great work and find you provide a well needed alternative news service to the World!

        Thank You for that!!

        • Ugly

          Lots of paranoia here, and that includes me. I love the Twilite Zone and read all of George Orwell stuff. I even listened to Art Bell for years.

          Nonetheless. Something is going on. I think we are heading to a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

          Can we stop this? I don’t know…

      • don

        Greg, he stated he has a Masters in Engineering. So he more than a pilot.

        • Greg Hunter

          If he want’s to come here spread disinformation without any fact, I really don’t care what he has. There is a tremendous amount of provable scientific fact out there that talks about “solar radiation management” and “climate engineering.” This is real science.

          • Tom


            Facts are easy to find. The premise that modern engines have difficult time making contrails is in error. This video should explain a few things based on the past 60 years of contrail knowledge.

        • Ugly

          He stated MS in AeroEngineering.

        • Tom


          I should had known better! Never argue with the professor you admire! Greg has his reasons for believing this and I am still trying to learn! This is way out of my league as a believer since in real life I have seen no evidence. I even look for UFO’s when flying and never have seen one nor have my friends. Still searching!

      • Dan Stanfill

        I hate to see you going down this road. This is undisputed science?
        “People need to understand the science…The high bypass turbofan engine which is on all jet aircraft…..that engine is almost incapable of making any condensation trail…” . Greg, I am so sorry to say this, but that statement is not a misunderstanding, it is an outright lie. The reasons he states are the reasons the fanjet makes more contrails, not less. Seeing more contrails per mile flown today would be expected with the switch to the fanjet.
        I can’t show you pictures or videos, or even tell you to look up and follow an airliner in the sky to prove this to you if you want to believe they are aerosol injections. Contrails would form behind a piston engine if you could fly it high enough. I have seen them form from the wingtips of a piston plane under 5000 ft agl in high humidity, and from the wings of military aircraft near ground level.
        I too have a very fancy engineering degree, and I am an inactive private pilot. There are several of us trying to help you. Don’t turn on those who are trying to be your friend.

    • Winston

      Tom, sorry you sound like a troll or a bot. Anyone who doesn’t think chemtrails are real needs to remove their tinfoil hat! I live in N.J. And have seen many a clear sunny day become hazy and cloudy after watching these jets crisis cross the sky, never saw this as a kid growing up in the 70’s – or 80’s for that matter. I try pointing this out to people but the indifference I encounter is rather alarming.
      Great interview with Dane, everyone should be writing to their congressman expressing their concern

    • eddielaidler

      Then you must know that Contrails are clouds formed when water vapor condenses and freezes around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust. Some of that water vapor comes from the air around the plane; and, some is added by the exhaust of the aircraft. The exhaust of an aircraft contains both gas (vapor) and solid particles.

      So if you accept that please explain why my sky near Wright Pat Air force base is covered in contrails starting in the early morning and continuing till evening . Explain why this can happen on an 80 degree day at low altitude.

      These contrails never happened in the 80s when I was flying in tankers and always around aircraft .

      Contrails happen at higher altitude where water vapor can freeze. That’s science.

      • CJ Hoff

        Have to agree with Eddielaidler. Even when the weather is 85 degree and above , I watch the little white planes lay trails that don’t ever dissipate. Instead the trails drip, then broaden, then wisp out. Eventually, they form this light whitish film over the entire sky, and create a dull blue sky. Then the next day, same hot weather, but no trails….huh? Did all flight activity just cease? The trails always have a sudden beginning, and then suddenly end….huh? Seems like definite nozzle on-and-off activity to me.

        Thank you Greg for taking on this issue, and writing this excellent article.

    • JC Davis

      Tom. Thank you for explaining your personal experience. I am open to the other side of view point. When I was young the vapor trails would dissipate in a few minutes. Today they stay for days and even on clear blue days there are so much in the sky it looks like a overcast day. If Greg will permit I would like to read your explanation.

      • Tom

        Nasa explains the subject much better than I could. I did my internship for my masters at Ames Research (NASA) in Mountian View Calif while going to Stanford which at the time was the world’s largest wind tunnel. I have seen some contrails last hours while crossing the Pacific. Actually felt good knowing we were on track before GPS . Reasons can be found in NASA’s explainations. Completely normal. Only reason I and many of my fellow aviators are upset with this conversation is that we are being accused of the Earth’s mass destruction without true facts. Of course, some damage must be going on burning fuel at altitude. We will never know exactly how much damage, but complete destruction?

        • JC Davis

          Tom. I studied there reasons on this issue years back. It became exhausting to understand. I agree there are many time more airplanes, and this could cause atmospheric changes. Still hard to explain the ones that stay for days.
          Fly safe Tom , and thanks for your comments.

    • steve

      Contrails are not chemtrails. Chemtrails are layed at lower altitude and spread wide and last for a while why they fall onto the land, its easy to spot the difference.

    • RTW

      Tom, you are to be commended on your admission to being an idiot. Not many people have the courage to do that. Chemtrails are real and completely different from contrails. Contrails dissipate in a short time. Chemtrails spread out across the sky, congealing togther to form man made clouds. Being a pilot, you can appreciate an eyewitness sighting of two airplanes flying in very close proximity,next to one another, spewing out artificial clouds. You’ll admit that these could only be military aircraft flying that close together, obviously just “compressing air”.

  44. LizG.,Kenya

    Honestly,the flesh profits Nothing.
    i.e.Excess knowledge(being overfed) without applied Wisdom;Past,Present,Future. EZ16:49,50
    Stick this verse in your heart with super glue.We shall be held accountable in the End.Each on his own..
    Progress NOT Perfection.
    That’s why i am calling out for Adams.Its a choice: where we can be satisfied with the term “only You oh LORD know”.By FAITH n not by sight.
    Daddy YAHUVEH is good.Pray Up,Pray Up,Pray Up.

  45. Jay

    Wow, ok I must say the jury is out on this one at the moment, as I am not well educated with regards to geoengineering. I also have not visited the linked website yet.

    I often see these trails coming from the back of commercial airliners, ,is this guy telling us that Boeing and other manufacturers are complicit and make these planes with tanks in them to spray these chemicals? Are we to believe that British airways and American Airlines and all the other airline companies allow their planes to be loaded up with these chemicals? Are we to believe that at all major airports around the world there are secret warehouses filled with thousands of drums of these chemicals that get loaded onto the hundreds of flights every day from the thousands of airports around the world?

    This is just my initial reaction to the interview, it is such a claim that I struggle with the basics. I will, however, look into the website.

    • brian

      There are two methods of spraying thought to be employed; one is the use of dedicated aircraft modified or built for the purpose of spraying and operated from military bases, the other is by way of a fuel additive used in commercial flights.

      • jay

        ok that would make sense as its the easiest way to do it. BP is one of the biggest suppliers of aviation fuel in the world. Are BP complicit in this matter then? These are the questions in my opinion that we should be asking……..

        • brian

          Indeed we should be asking such question, we should be pointing these questions at the right people…only after those certain people have been made appropriately aware that lying would have most unbearable consequences.

  46. Dolly dagger

    Another killer interview today Greg. . Dane’s credentials, integrity are top notch as his site, videos, etc. testify this. Compelling and totally depressing info but excellent work.
    -Dolly x

  47. Jim G

    Way to go Greg. I was hoping you would start interviewing people who could provide clear overviews on topics considered taboo or off limits. There are many subjects that should be given the highest priority, as they truly deal with imminent danger including life and limb and not just someone’s financial situation.

    Being retired and with an investigative background, I have spent the past 15 years or so reading and researching conspiracy theories and what I have found is there are many more conspiracy facts than there are theories.

    The people you need to interview and who are in the know, may talk about different subjects but their conclusions will all be the same. We have reached the end of the road, there are no solutions, at least none that will work, and it’s time to prepare for the worst. Stocking up on food, guns and ammo, along with a few gold/silver coins is not going to make it.

    The calvary is not coming and there are no more American heroes to save the day. The USA will soon become a battleground, which just reminded me who Greg should try to interview next – John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute. In fact, he just wrote a #1 best seller called Battlefield America. He can be reached at

  48. LizG.,Kenya

    You have a strong brother in Al.Whatever you do down there in your rabbit hole..may the LORD be with you.
    We Truly have some interestin characters here,Thanx to Greg.
    Calgal,may the LORD keep you.
    Take care people n keep warm coz the climate change saga is gettin funny funnier funniest(if you indeed have such terms down there).

  49. Rock

    Kudos to you Greg for having this interview. You are truly a guiding light at this dark time in our history. These dark forces must be exposed.
    May God’s blessings and protection be upon you and your guest.
    He is in control, and these things must occur according to His grand plan.
    Our Savior is coming back soon, so be of good hope.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock!

  50. Felicia

    Greg, interesting ideas this guest has. Some of his ideas may have validity but I tend to trust more in cycles. Other U.S. (Cliff Harris a climatologist) and Russian scientists are saying the solar minimum we are into will result in an ice age ranging anywhere from 30 to 200 years depending on how the cycle plays out. JMHO

  51. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Bravo, Greg!

  52. Angie

    Thank you Greg for this interview! It does sound outrageous and even unbelievable but if people were to just look, think and do some research it starts to become clear. Living in CA I have noticed completely clear blue skies without any clouds at sunrise; at around 7 am you see the plains laying the lines in perfect grid formation; by 4 pm those same grids are still visible but have made “scallops” in the sky that look like soft white thin clouds—- this happens daily!!! Do not tell me this is normal. I started pointing this out and some skeptics started changing their minds. There is a lot more going on here as all many have to do is pay attention.

  53. VShook

    The first ever recorded warning that the world was coming to an end was found on an Assyrian tablet. Date? 2800 BC. Just sayin’.

    • brian

      The question is not when the world will end, for it ends and begins and ends again and again. The question is what place you decide to take in the world you have found yourself to live in.

      • RTW

        Brian, unfortunately for us you are absolutely correct. There is proof all over this planet that many, once, viable, thriving civilazations have completely vanished except for the decaying ruins left behind , for us to ponder. Apparently we’ve not learned anything from it. Like the saying goes….those who do not pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it.

    • Ugly

      Are the Assyrians here today? Well maybe it did end for them.

  54. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you very much for topic diversification. Some 15 years ago, I heard about chemtrails, then noticing these patterns in the skies, it felt true.
    What they target with it, is a trillion dollar question. There are a lot of explanations, as weather manipulation seems a plausible one. As far it would be the reason, then the question arises ‘is it successful?’ To spray poison is crazy, as nuclear test explosions are crazy. The elites are crazy beyond the imagination.
    As far the information is correct the spirit world caused the Californian drought, I take for granted it will rain again before they dry out. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  55. Herb

    So we now can await two disasters — economic collapse/martial law and death due to chemical spraying. Can we at least hope that the economic collapse will stop the spraying by defunding it? Then we would have only one disaster to worry about.

  56. Bill S

    The idea of the government controlling the weather is moronic. The weather is most affected by solar output, ocean currents, and the jet stream. None of which is controllable by mankind.

    I don’t believe in chemtrails, the dangers of fluoride, stargates, the return of the Nephilim either.

    • RTW

      I tend to believe that the sun is The controlling factor of our weather. If the moon can control the tides, the sun, which is infinitely larger, surely has a greater affect. So, if the chemtrails are not being used to alter weather, you then have to ask….What are they being used for? Because they are real.

  57. dbcooper

    OK Greg, here is another thought… bearing in mind that our mission is to connect the dots and take steps back until what we see (all this craziness) makes some sense… what if the goal here is to totally dry up the largest bread basket in the country and a byproduct is the weather in the east… connect all the other dots and pretty soon you have major societal disorder; civil unrest; blood in the streets and oh maybe a reduction of the US population down some 95%.Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN DB

  58. paul

    Life on the land of Earth was impossible for the first billion years of Earth’s history … until the ozone layer in the stratosphere formed … but when the ozone layer was destroyed by industry and holes in the Earth’s ozone shield began to open up … it allowed ultra violet radiation to impinge on dark ocean waters amplifying the solar heating of these oceans … then as the oceans warmed huge blocks of frozen methane on the ocean floor begin to unfreeze and bubble up into the atmosphere … this huge release of methane destroys even more ozone (as it is 10 times worse then CO2) effectively bringing Earth’s Shield down producing a “runaway greenhouse effect” that can heat our planet as hot as Venus … for those who don’t know the greenhouse effect on Venus has heated that planets surface to 900 degrees fahrenheit.

    Methane-induced climate change in the past is now strongly supported scientifically as the cause of the greatest extinction in Earth’s history … the End-Permian Extinction when 93% to 97% of Earth’s species went extinct …

    Arctic lakes contain vast amounts of methane … as that methane is released it creates more warming … causing more methane to be released, etc., etc. … as the feedback cycle goes exponential a “greenhouse effect” is created … the quantity of methane available from just thawing Arctic lakes is 10 times the entire methane content currently in the atmosphere … it is this frozen lake methane that is at a much higher risk of escaping into the atmosphere than the deep ocean methane … although methane’s current contribution to greenhouse warming is less than that of CO2 right now … methane (pound for pound) absorbs infrared radiation 100 times more strongly than an equivalent mass of CO2 … so all the current government limits being placed on CO2 emissions is nothing when compared to the damage methane can do … and then as more water vapor evaporates and rises into the stratosphere … it too amplifies warming by an additional 10%.

    Methane oxidizes and turns into “less potent CO2” in about 10 years however it’s the “rapid release of methane” that can have an immediate and profound effect on the level of warming … so all this government geoengineering is most likely being done to prevent a rapid release of the methane locked in the permafrost … if it doesn’t work … there is going to be plenty for humanity to worry about.

    So what are all the oil companies doing about this rapid thawing in the Arctic?
    Does it give them pause? … No!
    In fact they are scrambling to claim vast stretches of thawing permafrost land and melted Arctic Ocean … FOR NEW OIL DRILLING … so it can be burned up in cars to produce more CO2! … What a joke on humanity if electric cars are not made the only cars allowed to be produced … to do otherwise … doing all this geoengineering (and poisoning us) to buy time for the oil industry may simply turn into one tragic indictment exemplifying the depths of human folly, lust and greed!

    • paul

      Correction: Methane is 100 times worse then CO2!

    • MargfromTassie

      Great post Paul. This makes a lot of sense.

  59. Sayonara

    With regards to climate change, yes, the climate has been constantly changing since the beginning of earthly time. Is man creating climate change? I think not. One major volcanic eruption will change the climate on multiple scale than the last 50 years of mans existence on this planet. The elitists (Al Gores of this world) are desperately trying cash in and control the populace to the tune of multiple billions of dollars if not trillions.

    With regards to this Chemtrail theory, is it possible? I suppose. However, whenever I hear the infamous collective “They” (the elitists), I become very skeptical because if there is so much purported evidence about this issue, we would know exactly who “They” are. I did not hear in the interview who “They” are. If all of these planes are flying around dispersing the chemical agents, we would know where these planes are as it would have to be an incredible air force and who “They” are. And I am skeptical that those who are in the “know” that this catastrophe is coming, are remaining silent because they will lose their jobs or worse when they will lose their existence sooner than later. As to “Why”? That I understand. Need a lot more specific factual information about “They”, “How” and “Where”
    Very provocative interview!

    • MargfromTassie

      The IPPC already takes volcanic activity into account. The sun, the moon, the oceans, the jet stream, the Gulf Stream, volcanoes all influence our weather enormously, especially sun cycles. That’s a given and always has been. But, over the last century, the level of Co2 and methane emissions has steadily increased as a result of human activity – industrialisation, burning of fossil fuels for the manufacturing of just about everything around us, motor vehicle and other transport emissions, meat production, extensive land clearing and deforestation, destruction of the ozone layer resulting in methane emissions from the darker regions of the sea. All this increased co2 and methane in the atmosphere is now resulting in “tipping points” as the situations in the Artic, Greenland Siberia etc are currently bearing witness to – loss of ice cover exposing darker ice, soil and peat thereby retaining the warmth of the sun for longer and accelerating the melting process. As the Pentagon report in early 2001 said, this poses the greatest security threat to mankind ever and could, within another 10 years, result in millions of climate refugees migrating away from the worst affected areas.

  60. Mike from the North

    Are we seeing a trend begin…..

    Is Alternative Media becoming Mainstream….

    I think many realize that MSM is loosing its audience.
    One can argue that there is the group that only watch Sports and or Reality TV.
    Then there is the group of society that cares what goes on and many of them like myself now refuse to watch the regular news because we see it as controlled or ignoring the subjects that should matter to us.

    It would be interesting to do a major study or survey on the matter.

    Sites like this one and many others that we follow appear to be increasing their audience almost daily. If we add all of these together one can argue that maybe slowly the truth is beginning to emerge.

    I was surprised twice this week. Once by seeing Bill Holter back on as a guest much sooner than expected.

    The second surprise was to see this guest on Watchdog. Last week I watched a video done by this man and I concluded this man is Real.. This man is putting himself out there and I am reaching this conclusion.

    The truth is beginning to generate critical momentum.

    There is no stopping the truth now.

    Problem is we may have gone too far.

  61. Larry Carter

    Greg, the science is their if you want to seek the truth. We, as a country, part of the world have allowed the elites to speak on our behalf thru charlatans and the MSM. Agendas always trump reason and the truth. If we fail to bec0me aware of the truth , then we all destined for the final resolution of all of humanity. I pray that the world citizenry wakes up and forces the elites to face the truth and not their ideology and their drive for wealth and power.

  62. Edward Ulysses Cate

    When discussion like this take place, I always recall this:

    When the last living thing has died on account of us,
    how poetical it would be if Earth could say,
    in a voice floating up, perhaps from the floor of the Grand Canyon,
    “It is done.” People did not like it here.
    Kurt Vonnegut

  63. Edward Ulysses Cate

    One more thing:
    “Wigington has spent his retirement money warning the public about what is going on with climate engineering. He has zero monetization or advertising on his website He says he does not want to taint the site or the scientific data on it.”
    That’s exactly my reasoning behind It hasn’t been updated for a while simply because I don’t like repeating myself. I’m sure Wigington would like the reasons for his website to go away and not be needed any more. Same here.

  64. Paul

    I don’t know what these chemtrails are but you would have to either be a troll or a moron to deny they exist. I see them daily and sometimes nightly. It’s a rare experience to see a clear sky any longer. Why does the DoD even have a program called ” Owning The Weather 2025 ” ? Or why in the PNAC Document, “Project For A New American Century ” do they reference using weather weapons ? I inquired here with the Canadian Government and they refused to answer. Contrails disperse. Chemtrails just leave a whitish background across the sky. What they are and why they are doing it I don’t know. But to me the tinfoil hats are the trolls that deny there existence.

  65. eddielaidler

    We are closer to government disclosure regarding Geoengineering (their term by the way) than most people think. I have followed it for years and never made a decision to believe it until recently. Part of the reason I have come around on it is because the activists are now getting mature and professional about it. The facts are there and now the means and the methods are coming to light. Part of the trouble is that people are not informed about how and why normal contrails form. But even then I am astonished that people don’t just look up and complain about what would be normal pollution from jets flying low. Where are the environmentalists on this? Even without aluminum and barium being put into the atmosphere the skies are being ruined by the ever spreading contrails that always form cloud cover. My goodness if our automobiles were doing this it would be an outrage. I am ex Air force and flew in tankers and was looking at the skies all the time in the 80s. The skies are different now. At the very least someone should be questioning what might be new in the fuel to cause persistent contrails. I am sad that the populace is so numb,blind and distracted by just getting by that that is all they can think about.

  66. paul

    The Bankers are not going to like this … because it will send the price of gold “skyward” … but ancient history shows that the God’s were “better then men” … men are unconcerned about the health risks being imposed upon humanity by their geoengineering of the atmosphere … while according to ancient Sumerian tablets of Enki … he describes how the God’s of Heaven geoengineered the atmosphere of Nibiru using nano-particles of gold (which have no harmful health effects on living organisms)!

    Just imagine if the governments of the world became more Godlike and decided to buy tens of thousands of tons of gold to spray into Earth’s atmosphere as nano-particles to geoengineer our planet and save humanity … the price of gold would probably go “skyward” likely way beyond $50,000 dollars per ounce … but knowing our politicians … they would probably say everyone has to contribute their gold (for free) to save the planet! Is this why the US got rid of all its gold and Chase is now loading up on silver?

  67. paul

    Greg … Here is an interesting tidbit … seems the Fed has “thrown in the towel” and will just keep printing fiat until the planet burns as hot as Venus … wasn’t there something in the Bible that said this time around things would end in fire!

  68. Donna

    THANK YOU for having the courage on interviewing Dane Wiggington!!!!
    Do you see now the scope of the problems we face? look at the disagreements
    in the comment section! some just FLAT OUT denying geo engineering is
    happening right over their heads and the elite KNOW THIS! they keep the
    helegian dialectic dialogue going to fool the people. This topic of geo engineering and the consequences of aerosoling the planet is so dire, so important , so cataclysmic and here we are, arguing amongst each other as to whether it is even happening!
    The people who deny Geo engineering are the same people who believe the govt is there to protect us and would NEVER do citizens harm.
    Well I say to you Gregg Hunter, thank you for doing your part in interviewing a knowledgeable person on the most important topic we face as humans, the eminent destruction of our planet.
    To those of you who deny the Geo engineering program, you will remember this 30 years from now. Just like the truth of how the Vietnam war started or who the Federal Reserve is. Its all based on lies and the truth finally reveals itself with time. Dane is sounding out the warning bells.

  69. Jerry

    As Paul Harvey used to say ” Here’s the Rest of The Story”. This is my tribute to all the Bankers who gave their life (or should I say had their life taken?) by the NWO.

    1) David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal working at the Dow Jones news room 2) Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG 3) William Broeksmit, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank 4) Ryan Henry Crane, age 37, JP Morgan 5) Li Junjie, 33, Hong Kong JP Morgan 6) Gabriel Magee, 39, age JP Morgan employee 7) Mike Dueker, 50, who had worked for Russell Investments 8) Richard Talley, 57, was the founder and CEO of American Title (real estate titles) 9) James Stuart Jr. 70, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO was found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz 10) Jason Alan Salais, 34 year old IT Specialist at JPMorgan since 2008 11) Autumn Radtke, 28, CEO of First Meta, a Singapore-based virtual currency trading platform 12) Eddie Reilly, 47, investment banker, Vertical Group, New York 13) Kenneth Ballando, 28, investment banker, Levy Capital, New york 14) Joseph A. Giampapa, 55, corporate bankruptcy lawyer, JP Morgan Chase 15) Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, voormalig topbestuurder ANB/AMRO, Laren, Nederland 16) Juergen Frick, 48, CEO Bank Frick & Co AG, Liechtenstein 17) Benoît Philippens, 37, directeur BNP Parisbas Fortis Bank, Ans, België. 18) Lydia…, 52, bankier Bred-Banque-Populaire, Parijs 19) Andrew Jarzyk, 27, bankier, PNC Bank, New York 20) Carlos Six, 61, Hoofd Belastingdienst en lid CREDAF, België 21) Jan Winkelhuijzen, 75, Commissaris en Fiscalist (voormalig Deloitte), Nederland. 22) Richard Rockefeller, 66, achterkleinzoon elitebankier John D. Rockefeller, Amerika 23) Mahafarid Amir Khosravi (Amir Mansour Aria), 45, bankeigenaar, zakenman en derivatenhandelaar, Iran 24) Lewis Katz, 76, zakenman, advocaat en insider in de bancaire wereld, Amerika 25) Julian Knott, Directeur Global Operations Center JP Morgan, 45, Amerika 26) Richard Gravino, IT Specialist JP Morgan, 49, Amerika 27) Thomas James Schenkman, Managing Director Global Infrastructure JP Morgan, 42, Amerika 28) Nicholas Valtz, 39, Managing Director Goldman Sachs, New York, Amerika 29) Therese Brouwer, 50, Managing Director ING, Nederland 30) Tod Robert Edward, 51, Vice President M & T Bank, Amerika 31) Thierry Leyne, 48, investeringsbankier en eigenaar Anatevka S.A., Israël 32) Calogero Gambino, 41, Managing Director Deutsche Bank, Amerika 33) Shawn D. Miller, 42, Managing Director Citigroup, New York, Amerika 34) Melissa Millian, 54, Senior Vice President Mass Mutual, Amerika 35) Thieu Leenen, 64, Relatiemanager ABN/AMRO, Eindhoven, Nederland 36) Geert Tack, 52, Private Banker ING, Haaltert, België

  70. Paula

    Thank you for interviewing Dane Wigington! I too finally began to question why the skies were getting more and more odd looking over the years.
    Here is an article by Peter A. Kirby

    that outlines the government project that began in the 1960’s. Types of planes, chemicals, where the chemicals are made, where planes are retrofitted.

    Nobody seems to look up anymore or notice anything other than their cell phones and text messages… This project has been going on so long I think people must think that clouds forming in straight lines is normal… hardly ever see a clear sky anymore in California.

  71. Garrett

    greg I tried clicking the donate button to donate some funds to Mr. Winginton but it took me to a “sorry-your last transaction can not be completed screen” whats up with that. Also Thank you for all your hard work and your tremendous interviews!

  72. David B.

    So if it’s occurring in California, then Jerry Brown doesn’t have the cahones to pose a legal challenge against Barry.

    I wonder if Great Britain and Canada have their own geoengineering program, or does
    The Great Satan have sole possession?

    • Dolly dagger

      David: They have been spraying here in the UK for years!

  73. David S

    Hi Greg

    Dane Wigington said the US government was also weaponizing the weather to cause droughts in Iran. Not wishing to go further down the rabbit hole but its an awful thought that the nazi neo cons running everything could cause famines in Africa at a whim to reduce populations.

    Hugo Chavez also said that the US had a weapon that caused the earthquake in Haiti. Absolutely no way of proving that of course.

    • paul

      Ever notice that earthquakes occur around the areas being “hollowed out” by oil and gas extraction … pumping out all that oil from under the Gulf of Mexico must be leaving some huge hollowed out caverns under the sea … quakes occur when they collapse!

    • David B.

      Ultimately, we’re talking about population control, are we not? That, and another method by neocons and/or the Obama administration to gradually stifle Iran and the Middle East.

      I’m wondering if their is a drought in Israel? I would need empirical observations or scientific observations before assuming a definitive conclusion.
      Sanctions come in many forms.

  74. By Design, Over Time

    Mr. Hunter:

    I totally agree with your very first commenter on this interview with Mr. Wigington. It is without a doubt the most important one you have ever done. Bill Holter’s most recent being second. Back to back grand slams. I ask all the believers to discuss this issue with their friends and family and focus on the science of the topic. Geo Engineering is real, it is destroying the environment, the weather systems, and the people’s genomic structure. It is multifaceted program where the power elite or perhaps worse (see Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Joseph Farrell, et al) have a plan to rule or destroy the world as we know it.

    Dane is so correct in his science that it is empirically verifiable on a dozen different levels. Even if 30 species a month are going extinct; that is 30 too many.

    I came to the subject on a personal level. I had a sinus infection that would not cure even with antibiotics. I had a metallic taste in my mouth that I could not discern for the life of me and it has lasted for months. Burning eyes, and lately even burning lungs have become common because the level of the spraying has increased EXPONENTIALLY where I live in California! This is the bread basket of the Nation where they grow an enormous amounts of fruits and vegetables and where the weather systems off the Pacific can be most easily blocked with geo engineering.

    (Control the food supply along with the currency and you control the people. Drug the people and you control them even more, especially when they are not working and not being productive. Kill them and you save enormous amounts on Medicare and Social Security. Isolate them, compartmentalize them, take away resources and food and allow millions of foreigners into the country without an affinity for our way of life and they kill each other.)

    When a close friend mentioned it might be the “chem-trails” I began to search, to study, and first arrived at “thrive movement dot com”. They are covering it but not nearly as in depth as does Dane and his circle.

    Even the doctors in California do not know much about the subject and so now I’ve taken it upon myself to educate them even creating a database and sending them basic research material. Many are claiming that their lethargic, allergy ridden patients are suffering from auto immune deficiencies.

    This morning I had just mentioned to a friend to go to when I discovered at the same instant you were interviewing him. I was excited and after listening to the interview thought you asked the questions that needed asking. Excellent interview.

    I called Governor Brown’s office today and the spokesperson for the office was surly and rather supercilious when I asked him when the geo-engineering was going to stop. He insisted that these trails in the sky were nothing more than “com trails” and had a detailed explanation of how jet engines leave those “compression settings” in the atmosphere even though it can be clearly seen that the trails are coming out of the wings and not the engines. In other words, when pressed about the “poison raining down upon us”, “and when would it stop” he had to return to a preordained script because those kinds of answers were not extemporaneously given. I asked if he received many inquiries in the same vein to which he replied he could never address that kind of question. Why not? Obviously he had!! If there is nothing to hide, why hide it! His attitude spoke volumes.

    To repeat, your audience must know that these “chem trails” at least in California are increasing at a feverish pitch on a daily and weekly level over the past month which is both frightening and alarming. With Jade Helm around the corner, people expressing they have no energy, California so dry, problems appear at every turn. Nothing occurs in a vacuum.

    An event is coming. According to the harbinger, to the Secret…, to the 7 year cycle, an event is coming so people need to prepare now and act according.

    Most importantly, people need to garner the courage to speak out and take a principled stand. We need critical mass and quickly if changes are to be made in our system. All politics are local. Right now is almost too late. We must all tell our friends and family to “get on the stick”. Every single voice, every letter is important. We have nothing to lose. Get behind Dane’s efforts. Look around your hometown and see what you can do but reach out!

    I am both amazed and appalled when I’ve brought up the idea of those most visible “chem-trails” in the sky as we are looking at them being formed and people think they are com trails or they don’t care. We must care or we will lose the planet and our lives and those of our children. Geo engineering and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) go hand in hand along with FRACKING as it poisons our water–especially our ground water. It is all INTEGRATED! How can we eat “certified organic produce” when poison is raining down on all of mother nature? Greenhouses”
    Why do they fight against GMO labeling so hard? Studies in eating 2end generation GMO foods prove it causes sterilization in rats. Think about it.a

    Greg, I consider you to be a patriot along the lines of Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Jefferson. We all need to take just one issue and make it our own. I do believe I’m taking this one. Thank you for all you do.

    By design, over Time

    • paul

      If they have to spray to save the planet … do it with nano particles of gold and “eliminate the adverse health effects” of using deadly aluminium and barium … the Fed has to take all that gold they have stored in their basement vaults and disperse it by helicopter … hum?? … maybe they already have??

      If there is no gold left … we need a plan of action that will “stop the poisoning of the people” … the governor of California should begin building a giant plastic “air conditioned” dome over the entire state … evaporated water that condenses on the inside walls of the dome will run down the sides and can be collected for both drinking and irrigation … and all those unemployed people in the state can be put to work washing the aluminium and barium dust off the outside of the dome so sunlight will get through to grow our vegetables and fruits.

  75. Arizona

    WELL you won’t like this,BUT,you haven’t been listening to GODS PROPHETS,and if you have, you know the BATTLE is over,PLANET EARTH LOST,everything on earth is so badly polluted,the oceans are gone,the trees are all dieing,the fish have been lost,the microbes in the soil have died,the bees are gone,ALL the wild animals of the forest are now dieing,The BIRDS are disappearing and dropping dead,AND THE LORD says EARTH only has a few more years and it will be completely uninhabitable,ALL LIFE IS DIEING and earth has gone over the Cliff,its the ROCKS below now,THIS CAN BE LAYED AT THE FEET OF AMERICA,many other nations helped,but the main cause was the USA,and WILL BE HELD FULLY ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD for destroying his planet,and HES hopping mad at america now,THE PEOPLE REFUSED TO STOP THEIR GOVERNMENT,they will be paying dear for this,WHAT WILL COME ON AMERICA will be nothing less then FULL ELE events…..THE blood will run in the streets like water………….

    • Hilde

      All is not lost, Arizona. Go for a nice long walk and calm down. Someone should give you a hug. Just because this site focuses on things that need attention and research, doesn’t exclude the fact that something can be done about it. That’s why it’s great that various info gets out there. I am definitely of the belief that one should keep a postive mind, be alert and be informed. That however does not include doomsday-thinking at all IMO.
      It’s just a matter of common sense. Being alert is the opposite of succumbing. Now take care, and take a long stroll. That helps ease the mind.

    • Desert Rose

      It’s God’s planet….and he can do anything, along with Mother Earth.
      But you can leave earth anytime…..

    • Alarmed

      Your scenario does not agree with the Bible. I stand on God’s Word.

  76. Grafique

    Whether this particular charge is accurate or not I can’t say, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised. Liberals are fools, and I say that not trying to be derisive but descriptive.
    Liberals in general reject the idea of a Creator and instead worship creation.
    The Bible calls Satan “the prince and power of the air”, and liberals certainly consider the air holy.
    *****SIGH!!!***** Jesus can’t return soon enough for me.

    • Alarmed

      I also find liberals use “Science” as their religion as well.

  77. Arizona

    HERES PROOF,this is the stupidist country on earth,THE americans and russians,have hatched a PLAN to KIDNAP NETANYAHU,they intend to travel through a tunnel from palestine,into JERUSALEM,and kidnap NETANYAHU,and force him to break the covenant between GOD AND ABRAHAM,BY SIGNING A PEACE AGREEMENT,it will split ISRAEL into four pieces,which will not last till the water gets hot,but who in america thinks anymore,NOT ENOUGH,thats for sure,Netanyahu is a BLOOD relative OF THE LORD,did you know that,He is KING DAVIDS great,great grandson,and SO was the LORD,ONLY the LEADER of ISRAEL can break that covenant,and america,within 24 hours will have fire and brimstone RAINING down on them,and that ain’t all,DEATH will be everywhere,YOUR government knows it too……..

    • paul

      Instead of an Iron Dome … Israel should lead the way and build a Plastic Dome over the entire country … then sell the technology they perfect to California!

    • Winston

      Wow, I think you just went off the rails on the crazy train! Netanyahu a blood relative of the Lord! If you’re referring to the singer Lord from New Zealand that could be plausible but I’m pretty sure you’re not. Great grandson of King David? I know Netenyahu is old but how old. LOL. There’s many who believe Netenyahu is a terrorist and Zionist war mongerer and our Lord must be wincing in pain knowing he may be somehow related to him.
      Greg, I know you like to give commenters a wide bearth but comments like these are just plain ludicrous

  78. Ugly

    I wouldn’t suffer from paranoia if there were not a billion reasons to suffer from paranoia. But WWII gives us reasons. And the future even more. Big Brother is indeed Watching Us and probably getting ready to control us. Like the comedy movie stated, ‘I sure picked a bad day to quit sniffing glue’.

  79. Lt. Bruno Stachel

    New Tesla Battery Could End Electricity Bills

    News & World Report

    Tom Risen

    5 hrs ago

    Tesla Motors may be close to eliminating the electric bill, at least for some consumers.

    Company CEO Elon Musk is expected on Thursday to unveil batteries capable of powering a home or a business, giving consumers with solar panels a chance to generate and store their own energy, and to potentially cut the cord with traditional power providers.

    Musk – also chairman of clean energy company SolarCity – revealed his plans in a recent earnings call, letting slip that his company will “unveil the Tesla home battery … that will be for use in people’s houses or businesses, fairly soon.” MUCH MORE; A perfect bug out battery?

  80. Brad27

    I live sixty miles from Dane. Watch his videos on youtube for a lot more details and research on the Aluminum in the soil, water, and on the foliage. I was skeptical until I was invited to look skyward. If you note the fresh trails, then check its progress five minutes later, then ten, then fifteen, etc., they do not dissipate, they SPREAD and spread, linking up with neighboring trails. They often stretch from horizon to horizon. They do not dissipate in the normal manner (disappear). They spread thin and just become hazy, but sometimes they become more robust. The convincing of the skeptic is achieved in watching the PROGRESSION, not just taking a single glimpse at the sky. The weather forecast calls for “partly sunny” most of the time. Growing up here, summer days were almost always “severe clear.” Now they are a hazy mess. A plane zooming by at 500 mph will, by the action of combustion of jet fuel, make a change in the temperature and moisture content of a tiny band of air. They usually quickly disappear. In a normal contrail situation the air mixes with the vast mass of surrounding air and returns to normal (clear). These man-made trails are laid down most times in carefully spaced locations and then link up to form a messy, overcast sky. These are global warming fanatics at work here. Keep looking up and you will see the true nature of this outrage hiding in plain sight.

  81. Gert

    In Case You Missed It!
    aussie jeff 04/28/2015 •
    Do you have a position on the “blood moons Gert?” Sinc you mentioned a scripture referencing such signs?

    Gert 04/29/2015 •
    The ‘Blood Moon’ Prophecy?
    Aussie Jeff Down Unda,

    ‘Blood Moon’Could a series of four “blood moons” be connected to the return of Christ and the end of the world?

    About halfway down Jeff!

    • Farmer Dave

      Brad I completely agree, living a bit further south in the Yuba Sutter area, these trails do not dissipate but spread out and join with others. This happens over the course of the day and by afternoon you have a hazy milky sky.

  82. Ross

    I don’t agree with Dane on CO2 being the devil gas. If you click on the link below and look at long term temps and CO2 gas ,there is little correlation with temperature. We had an ice age when CO2 gases were 10 times the present levels. Dinosaurs thrived with much higher temps. CO2 is a plant food.

    Volcanoes have put far more destructive gases into the atmosphere and the Earth though always changed, it recovers with time. So don’t get too pessimistic.

    George Carlin puts this in perspective. “The planet ain’t going anywhere , you are.”

  83. Lt. Bruno Stachel

    Iran harassed a US-flagged cargo ship last week: US
    6 hrs ago

     AdChoices

    Iran harassed a US-flagged cargo ship last week: US

    6 hrs ago

    © Provided by AFP

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guards “harassed” a US-flagged commercial ship last week in the Gulf, days before seizing control of another cargo vessel in the Strait of Hormuz, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

    The two incidents over a five-day period raised concerns about the security of shipping lanes in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, spokesman Colonel Steven Warren told reporters. MORE BELOW;

  84. paul

    Notice what happens when people as individuals stand down and won’t obey the politicians … wars are canceled!

  85. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    My utmost admiration to you Greg for helping to expose yet another astonishing example of humanities reckless disregard for planet earth.
    Sad to say it but we have overwhelming evidence of chemtrails being used extensively down here in NZ as well.
    This perhaps is not altogether surprising, given that historically we have regularly been used as a testing ground for new and often dangerous technologies especially when they happen to be spawned by the Anglo American Axis. [AAA].

    • Brain Jones

      Greg Hallet says NZ got the trails first back in the 1960s. We were maybe the first in the world to get them. It was a poisoning operation according to him, and nobody knows about it. They did the spraying at night so nobody would see it. He offers no proof of that however.

      I haven’t seen any spraying myself, but I remember the painted apple moth spraying in West Auckland where planes flew very low and sprayed everything – purportedly to get rid of a suspected infestation of painted apple moths which were supposedly a serious danger to our horticulture industry (NZ has VERY strict bio-security laws for importation of goods and they can fine you $400 at the airport for having an apple in your bag).

  86. paul

    The fragility of the Earth’s biosphere and the fragility of the economic, financial, and social systems of the US is now at extreme levels. We have bubbles of methane and bubbles in the markets about to break … all leading to the tearing of the social fabric of our country … even if gold nano-particles are not used to more healthily bring our planet back into balance … at least gold will help to make our financial system more healthy … looks like Ackerman’s projection of 120 for the US dollar index is in trouble from the looks of the US dollar index chart below:

  87. Calgirl

    Those who are currently “in charge” of these programs need to be “outed” and disgraced as we lab-rats are powerless to stop or even influence the programs themselves. A case in point is the “Monsanto” program. It is widely known that Monsanto is producing products which are negatively affecting our health and the planet. Entire countries have banned their products, yet we still are being fed their poisons. Would outing the head dogs and shaming them in the media be more effective? Such as the fellow who claimed “Round-Up” is safe to drink, but angrily walked out of the interview when challenged to drink a glass.

  88. IndianaJohn

    Am I the only one who remembers the story, Chicken Little ?

  89. Cozycitygirl

    You mentioned great concern over the drought in California. Please watch this video: – Stealing Water For Profit & Power – Deborah Tavares . Water is a renewable resource.

    Deborah also speaks about COMMODIFICATION – Commodification is the transformation of goods and services, as well as ideas or other entities that normally may not be considered goods, into a commodity (in the Marxist sense of the word). The Marxist understanding of commodity is distinct from the meaning of commodity in mainstream business theory.

    Everything ties together and it’s not just the financial destruction of America…

    Thank you for providing such important information.


  90. All Knowing

    A bizarre PSA put out by lobby group AARP now being broadcast on television and radio stations across the country contains a bizarre subliminal message about martial law being declared in America after nationwide riots.

  91. Rcevan

    Setting myself up for too many negative comments 🙂
    I went to the Geoengineering website. I watched their top video showing “proof.”
    Here is the comment I left on Youtube re it:

    The video is silly (not necessarily the audio). It is in NO WAY proof.
    “Spraying” is false. If it is a passenger jet, it is in no way set up to spray anything other than the chemicals that are in the fuel.
    The “sputtering” of the contrail indicates the plane passing in and out of atmospheric areas of varying humidity.

  92. Mike

    “Something wicked this way comes”.
    As Dane said we can all speculate on the “why” behind Geo-engineering. Perhaps the “why” is that the elites know and have known for a long time that a extinction level event will soon be upon us. Climate change and Geo-engineering are increasingly desperate attempts to hide and distort the effects that are already occurring. Something has perturbed the orbits of the outer gas giants and is affecting the sun. Sacrificing the west in order to minimize the climate effects on the heavily populated and urban east is intentional to maintain public ignorance as long as possible. Plans are in place to mobilize against a panic when the reality can no longer be obscured. Ineptitude in Washington D.C., political polarization, obvious financial insanity by central banks, racial unrest, even wars are all distractions to keep us from looking up. Just because you cannot see something does not mean it is not real….can you say GOD? Greg, recommend you interview Bob Fletcher to discuss what the elites have be doing to prepare…for their survival…not ours.

  93. Paul from Indiana

    And about any of this, whether chemtrails, abrogation of the Constitution, currency destruction, and whatever else is discussed here, we are prepared to do what? Best always. PM

  94. Gert

    Ruining of the Earth

    “[God will] bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”—REVELATION 11:18.

    ● Mr. Pirri works as a palm-wine tapper in Kpor, Nigeria. His trade has been devastated by a massive oil spill in the Niger Delta. “It kills our fish, destroys our skin, spoils our streams,” he says. “I have no livelihood left.”

    WHAT DO THE FACTS SHOW? According to some experts, 6.5 million tons of litter enter the world’s oceans each year. An estimated 50 percent of that litter is plastic that will drift for hundreds of years before it degrades. Besides polluting the earth, humans are depleting its natural resources at an alarming rate. Studies show that the earth needs one year and five months to regenerate what humans consume in a year. “If population and consumption trends continue, we will need the equivalent of two Earths by 2035,” reports the Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald.

    WHAT IS A COMMON OBJECTION? Humans are resourceful. We can reverse these problems and save the earth.

    IS THAT OBJECTION VALID? Many hardworking individuals and groups have raised awareness of environmental issues. Yet, the earth continues to be polluted on a grand scale.

    WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is there a need for God to intervene and save our planet from being ruined—just as he has promised to do?

    The Seventh Trumpet from ◄ Revelation 11:17-18 ►
    …17saying, “We give You thanks, O Lord God, the Almighty, who are and who were, because You have taken Your great power and have begun to reign. 18″And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath came, and the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your bond-servants the prophets and the saints and those who fear Your name, the small and the great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth.”


    And God Will Bring to Ruin those Ruining the Earth!

    Those words were written nearly two thousand years ago, about the future, our time. How could primitive man possibly have known that man would be ruining the earth? There was no gasoline or vehicles, no factories, no toxic wastes, no deforestation of the earth, no global warming, and no tons and tons of garbage dumping, besides other forms of pollution. How could they have even conceived of the earth being ruined as it is today? Looks like a fulfilled prophesy of ruining the earth to me. In fact, polluting of the earth to bring it to ruin did not really get going until the start of the industrial age in the 1820’s. How do you explain that away? And it’s not vague either, the earth is literally being ruined.

    Yes it is a strong verse Rev 11:18, and soon this prophesy will be realized to the relief of those who call on God’s name.
    The nations of the earth will gather themselves to fight against God’s kingdom but will be destroyed at Armageddon. (2 Cor 4:4)
    God’s kingdom is going to put an end to human rule, the governments that have mismanaged mankind and the earth. Gods kingdom will rule the earth and will stand forever to times indefinite.

    Daniel 2:44

    “And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite;

    Revelation 16:14-16

    . . .They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty. “Look! I am coming as a thief. Happy is the one that stays awake and keeps his outer garments, that he may not walk naked and people look upon his shamefulness.” And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon.

    The political systems of this earth are doomed. We have a government that will satisfy all mankind’s desires. When? When “Kingdom Comes!” If your old like me, when you were a kid, we always heard that term, “When Kingdom Comes.” Mom when’s dad gonna fix the shed? Mom sharply screams back, when kingdom comes! Dad whens mom goin fishin with us? Not till Kingdom come son, not till kingdom come. It was usually used as a derogatory term that we really didn’t know the meaning except that it meant, never, never to happen, never to come about, ect. . .
    They know doubt didn’t know the real meaning either except of course something that was not to be. But now when everybody is wondering if it is a probability that A god in heaven could possibly save us from ourselves with a kingdom, written about in our holy book so long ago, “thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven,” you never hear the expression anymore. Amazing!


    With each passing year, the world is becoming more and more dangerous. It is overrun with warring armies, dishonest politicians, hypocritical religious leaders, and hardened criminals. The world as a whole is beyond reform. The Bible reveals that the time is near when God will eliminate the wicked world during his war of Armageddon. This will make way for a righteous new world.—Revelation 16:14-16.

    God our heavenly father selected Jesus Christ to be Ruler of His heavenly Kingdom, or government. Long ago, the Bible foretold: “A child has been born to us, a son has been given to us; and the government will rest on his shoulder. His name will be called . . . Prince of Peace. To the increase of his government and to peace, there will be no end.” (Isaiah 9:6, 7, footnote) Regarding this government, Jesus taught his followers to pray: “Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.” (Matthew 6:10) God’s Kingdom will soon remove all the governments of this world, and it itself will replace all of them. (Read Daniel 2:44.) Then God’s Kingdom will usher in an earthly paradise.

    The Bible assures us: “There are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to [God’s] promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell.” (2 Peter 3:13; Isaiah 65:17) Sometimes when the Bible speaks of “the earth,” it means the people who live on the earth. (Genesis 11:1) So the righteous “new earth” is a society of people who receive God’s approval.

    Jesus promised that in the coming new world, those approved by God would receive the gift of “everlasting life.” (Mark 10:30) Please open your Bible to John 3:16 and 17:3, and read what Jesus said we must do to receive everlasting life. Now consider from the Bible the blessings that will be enjoyed by those who qualify for that wonderful gift.

    Wickedness, warfare, crime, and violence will be gone. “The wicked will be no more . . . But the meek will possess the earth.” (Psalm 37:10, 11) Peace will exist because ‘God will bring an end to wars throughout the earth.’ (Psalm 46:9; Isaiah 2:4) Then “the righteous will flourish, and peace will abound until the moon is no more”—and that means forever!—Psalm 72:7.

    God’s worshippers will live in security. As long as the Israelites in Bible times obeyed God, they lived in security. (Leviticus 25:18, 19) How wonderful it will be to enjoy similar security in Paradise!—Read Isaiah 32:18; Micah 4:4.

    Food shortages will not exist. “There will be an abundance of grain on the earth,” sang the psalmist. “On the top of the mountains it will overflow.” (Psalm 72:16) Jehovah God will bless his righteous ones, and “the earth will give its produce.”—Psalm 67:6.

    The whole earth will become a paradise. Lovely new homes and gardens will occupy land that had once been ruined by sinful humans. (Read Isaiah 65:21-24; Revelation 11:18) As time passes, parts of the earth already subdued will expand until the whole globe is as beautiful and productive as the garden of Eden. And God will never fail to “open [his] hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”—Psalm 145:16.

    There will be peace between humans and animals. Wild and domestic animals will feed together. Even a little child will have nothing to fear from animals that are now dangerous.—Read Isaiah 11:6-9; 65:25.

    Sickness will vanish. As Ruler of God’s heavenly Kingdom, Jesus will do healing on a far grander scale than when he was on earth. (Matthew 9:35; Mark 1:40-42; John 5:5-9) Then “no resident will say: ‘I am sick.’”—Isaiah 33:24; 35:5, 6.

    Dead loved ones will be restored to life with the prospect of never dying. All those sleeping in death who are in God’s memory will be brought back to life. In fact, “there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.”—Acts 24:15; read John 5:28, 29.

    What a marvelous future awaits those who choose to learn about our Grand Creator and to serve him! It was to the coming Paradise on earth that Jesus pointed when he promised the criminal who died alongside him: “You will be with me in Paradise.” (Luke 23:43) It is vital that we learn more about Jesus Christ, through whom all these blessings will be made possible.

  95. Al Hall

    Greg: great interview- I know I asked you for this- and maybe people will start asking
    more questions to their Congressmen- When I ask they won’t even reply!
    The Congress is bought and paid for- they don’t dare say anything- or they end up dead!!!

  96. paul

    Sometimes when I think “outside the box” I come up with some pretty outrageous ideas … here is one that may just happen to have a “germ of truth” … remember back during WWII the Allies would drop “chaff” during their bombing runs to confuse enemy radar … well that “chaff” was made of ALUMINIUM!

    So now lets take this thought one step further … if all this aluminium the government is spraying in the air is to “knock out” enemy radar to prevent detection of our military movements from space … “what enemy” is the government worried about? China? Russia? … or Aliens?

    If it’s Aliens the government is worried about (because Alien ships have already tampered with our military missile silos, etc.) … then perhaps all this aluminium they are spraying in the air is part of a worldwide defense plan to protect Earth against an Alien invasion? … and guess what else all that aluminium in the air will do … it will degrade the laser weapons the Aliens have on their flying disks!

    Just a thought … but I throw out as a possible explanation for the governments seemingly crazy actions … maybe the government and military believes “the benefits” of aluminium in the atmosphere (to block enemy radar detection, degrade enemy laser weapons or prevent global warming) outweigh “the side effects” of aluminium (poisoned blood, allergies and alzheimer’s).

  97. aries

    Complete stupidity – do people even know what thermall dynamics are? For every one thousand feet of the ground the temperature lowers by one degre F, at 30 thousand feet normal commercial plane flight thats 30 degrees lower then on the ground, at what temperature does jet engine burn again with afterburners for efficiency, in florida my car exhaust fogs at 60F, imagine jet engine at 30F fluing 500 miles an hour, when the space shuttle used to take off near my house the exhaust trail stayed in the air for 3 hours before it blew away thats oxygen and hydrogen fuel, what does that make when it blows up i wonder? like i said DUMB AS ROCK PINHEAD

    • Dan Stanfill

      It’s 3 degrees/1000. 33000 ft, fl330, is 100 degrees f below the surface.

    • Alarmed

      Name calling is a (negative) revealing trait.

  98. VShook

    Most scientists estimate that there are 8.74 million species of plant, animal and mushrooms. At a rate of extinction of 300 per day, that means in 80 years they (we) will all be gone. Does that make sense to anyone?!? ANYONE?!?

    • brian

      you are assuming the rate of extinction is locked and linear…since when does anything in nature behave so rigidly? As species vanish some are replaced by larger numbers of others who can cope, or as diversity wanes the extinction rate accelerates, or something completely unexpected and unpredictable happens ..its nature. The important thing to remember is how well we as a species are utilizing the assets we have, and how comfortably we are fitting into this place that is literally packed to the walls with other living things….if we irritate too much stuff you can be rest assured we will be dealt with somehow.

    • Ugly

      Ill let you know on the 79th year.

  99. Hilde

    You are a brilliant reporter , Greg.

  100. Joe

    Hello Greg
    After reading and watching the video, it reminded me of a prophecy that actually addresses what was talked about..

    A Catholic Prophecy

    “There is going to be a major disruption in a region of the world that will affect everyone. The world is now seriously out of conformance with the Will of God and what He created and intended. There are those who would reconfigure the very creatures He has formed, and who meddle with the texture of life. For this reason, the Lord will allow a huge reorientation. If not for the action of Heaven, what God has created on earth will soon be damaged beyond recovery. A very dramatic effect already is in progress as regards the support structures of what man calls nature. Such cannot be allowed to take the final realization of total realignment when it comes to the very way elements and life forces interact. The event to come will surprise everyone who has offered a prognostication, and will show even recalcitrant scientists, though not all, that there is a fundamental alarm in Heaven over their arrogant and wayward course. Nothing that is artificial in a way that disrupts what God intended will be allowed to stand. “Heed this too: the politics of denial will be struck as with a plague.
    “The smallest of what lives is precious in My sight” The angels have their instruction from east to west, and now a timetable has been set in motion. “When the huge light is seen, I will act in a way I have not acted before.” It was an unusual light, seen in the skies over Europe, that constituted the “great sign” of Fatima in 1939.

    I have this posted on my office wall along with a Chemtrail handout. As usual the masses really don’t want to hear about this and its chips and beer and TV – wow what fun.


  101. Mary Casey

    “Climate change can now be considered the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” February 16, 2014: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speech in Jakarta, Indonesia

    …and Rep Kucinich apparently believed in chemtrails….14 years ago….

    H. R. 2977 – 2001…EXCERPTS…
    (III) by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person.
    (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as–
    (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;
    (ii) chemtrails;
    (NOTE: “CHEMTRAILS” was in the original…see URL below….but deleted after first reading)
    (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;
    (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;
    (v) laser weapons systems;
    (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and
    (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.
    (C) The term “exotic weapons systems” includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.

    [Congressional Bills 107th Congress]
    [From the U.S. Government Printing Office]
    [H.R. 2977 Introduced in House (IH)]
    107th CONGRESS
    1st Session
    H. R. 2977

    To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.
    October 2, 2001
    Mr. Kucinich introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Science, and in addition to the Committees on Armed Services, and International Relations, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned______

    This Act may be cited as the “Space Preservation Act of 2001”.

    • 421

      I work from a two story building with large windows on all sides. My friends and I have been watching chemtrails since the mid 90’s. This may be new to many, but they are real, they are manmade and someone has been doing this for at least 15 years.

  102. JC Davis

    Greg do you ever feel the world is spinning out of control and your standing still.

  103. steve

    Chemtrails to me are one of the big coverups going on. How vested interests can spray our air is criminal. Here in New Zealand we have them but they are rare.

  104. Coalburner

    I doubt anyone else will see this and I am fine with that, but I am with Tom and Dan. I have to see more and better proof. Are people seeding the clouds? Yes! It is expensive. Would some of these elitist morons like to spray chentrails? Probably that stupid , yes! The money it would take? Gia-normous. I am usually accused of wearing the tin foil hat and do not mind wearing one but on this subject, I am not yet buying it. One more thing I like to fallback on besides a poor boy’s hardwon, Engineering Degree and 35 years in the most professional agency that ever existed under DOD, still woith warts galore! This chem kind of operation would take a very large number of professionnals. You could not keep it quiet and there are just soo many people in government everywhere that just cannot measure up to this level. Less than ten percent of them carry the load, the rest are hangers on! You can check that with, Jerry, Al, a few others. Insiders are Americans and will whistle blow the devious, illegal and wrong stuff. Look at the sacrifice some have made. We are them, they are us! That is by the way bama’s biggest disappointment. For Dictators wanna be’s and Elites, Americans are the biggest pain in the posterior ever made.

  105. Don

    Greg, I am with Tom on this one. I too am an airline pilot and see con trails from other aircraft every day, 99% of which are equipped with high bypass turbofan engines. I visited Danes web sight and recognized the nozzles on the engine pylons that he claims are being used to spray chemical agents as fuel dump nozzles. every large aircraft is equipped with them. As aircraft routinely take off at weights that exceed the maximum landing weight, a pilot must have a means of dumping fuel in the event of an emergency. These nozzles are for spraying (fuel). Surely Dane has been confronted with this fact by dozens of pilots. Yet, he clings to these ridiculous assertions about aircraft. This is most discrediting to a man that might otherwise have some very valid information to share about climate control. In short, you and your audience are being miss led. At least to some degree. I hope you will steer clear of this kind of sensationalism. It truly undermines the integrity of your message.

    Thanks for all you do!


  106. Table Rock Jayhawk

    Greg, I love your site and the interviews you have on here. I watch every single one of them.

    I’m a Meteorologist, and started my career in 2000.

    What this guy is saying needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

    There is no doubt that we have weather modification programs in the high Plains to increase rainfall from thunderstorms in order to provide additional moisture to crops. I’ve know two guys that have worked in this industry in the past.

    Silver iodide and potassium iodide are used as ice nuclei to help thunderstorms become more rainfall efficient, which are sprayed into thunderstorms.

    Regarding this guy’s theory, it’s REALLY out there beyond the fringes of speculation. The tone of his voice indicates that HE even questions his own story.

  107. LizG.,Kenya

    Haiti Equake;MANMADE.I know how witchcraft which is being used in our churches work.(profit Dr.Owuor) is a fallen angel/illuminati.With his background,he can manipulate events 4his own good-followers.He is related to the buddha god(sun).If kids younger than 30 here can TESTIFY he is fake,then am at peace.His followers r (!!!)TRIED n TESTED.
    Dare go tell the cops n u r in 4mental checkUp (been there).Let the FOOLED UP puppies die.God will sort us out.Snake handlers n rain makers r also in pulpits.

  108. omniversling

    Personal message: Hi Greg, I’ve been watching your broadcasts for approximately 3 years (almost every one), and wondering how far down the rabbit hole you’re prepared to go. I’m an environmental activist in SW Australia mainly campaigning on fossil fuels (offshore oil, coal and gas fracking). My conclusion after many years of research is that we are being led to the gallows by a death cult. I have my own theories (and links) about WHO makes up the majority of the ‘tribe’, but that is less relevant to me than the survival of the well-meaning and good-hearted human beings whom I believe make up the majority of the Earth’s inhabitants. Below is a post that opens up the subject that Dane has addressed. I’ve just read through all the comments to check but didn’t find these references, hence my logging on to comment. I greatly appreciate your stepping forward toward the ‘more honest truth’ that the MSM is conspiring to keep from ordinary people, and offer my gratitude and thanks to you, my American Cousin. I believe that we are approaching a desperate and dark time that requires huge courage and ‘cojones’. If you would like a broader ‘reading list’ of links and sources, please email me at indiginous_ omni versling at hot mail dot com . Best wishes and sincere thanks for your contribution to the awakening of well-meaning humanity. Rob Alder.

    Bravo Greg for having Mr Wigington on. I hope you continue to believe in your expanding readership’s need for truth, and will have the immense courage now required to face the possible consequences of ‘whistleblowing’ from a psychopathic and increasingly brutal elite who are in the process of transforming Earthlings from milking cows to beef cattle (but fear not!).

    The discussion on ‘why the elites would do this to themselves and their children’ is only partially addressed by Mr Wigington: chelation and other techniques. What is not addressed is transhumanism (including ‘blood hardening’). Apart from manipulating commodities markets for profit, here are far more sinister agendas in play than even ‘Owning the Weather by 2025’. These include ‘activating’ the air (otherwise passive) for better propagation and transmission of frequency (electro magnetic and other) with it’s potential for mass mood manipulation, mind control and ‘memory jamming’ with pulsed microwave radiation (cell and GWEN towers) and phased array antennae (HAARP). Researchers Sofia Smallstorm, Clifford Carnicom and SkizzitGesture reveal truly ugly and terrifying consequences of Synthetic Biology being unleashed on us (as it was with Corexit, an artificial genetic ‘concoction’), resulting in conditions such as Morgellons. It is now apparently possible to create nano-tubules that deliver biological material in the same aluminium oxides that are a major component of geo-engineering aerosols. This is NOT for the faint hearted, but please check the following links:

    ‪From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (FULL LENGTH VIDEO)‬

    ‪Part 2‬

    ‪The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving‬

    Skizit Gesture: Morgellons Playlist

    “…the (now defunct) Sunshine Project, charting the USA biological warfare program (right on your doorstep):

    “In the book GERMS by Judith Miller, Steven Engleberg and William J. Broad, they report on the U.S. Government’s Germ Warfare program. They describe a genetically modified version of Variola (smallpox)-Ebola combination created in an American Military Lab specifically for “culling” large swaths of an (supposedly) enemy population. Variola-Ebola is as contagious as influenza with an 88% mortality rate. It is an ugly death. All the Kings in their 1% Brightly Shining Castles couldn’t escape if this piece of Military Grade Software were to ever get out of Fort Detrick, Maryland. True story.”

    Patrick Wood – Technocracy Rising (RedIce Radio interview – 1 hour)

    Why in the World are They Spraying? (Full Length w/ Foreign Language Subtitles)

    Weather modification:

    “ Truth never damages a cause that is just…Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” FEAR NOT!

  109. Orlando

    NASA has proven that much of the west coast aerosol emission are coming from China, via riding the jet stream, thus affecting the US. Aluminum smelters are prevalent there. The livestock are dying in places over there because of the pollution. Here is hoping all of the believers contact there legislator instead of just commenting here. If this is true, and the data supports it, whistler blowers need to step up as they are protected under the constitutional amendment #1 even though Wigington claims otherwise. I kept hearing “they” in the interview, but he never said who “they” is. Better clarification will help. Also, what levels (in ppm or ppb) of aluminum are being measured in the air. Compare that to health levels. Little more supporting data helps.

    Also I suggest people look up the science of a “contrail” and how they are formed. Then tell me if you can distinguish a difference between that and a “chemtrail.” Thanks.

  110. Ian

    Hello Greg;

    Thank you for bringing this issue to the forefront.

    As your guest, Dane Wigington indicates, this has been happening for a very long time, and it’s getting worse. I was a kid in SW Ontario in the mid 1950’s and early 1960’s. By the late 1970’s I’d noticed that the sky was not the same deep blue it had been. I once again saw that deep blue to the horizon when I moved to the Northwest Territories of Canada in 1980. Around the mid 1990’s, the horizon started to appear more cyan than blue, and as an avid amateur photographer, I could see the difference year after year. The only other person I’ve spoken to who has noticed it was an elderly native man who spent most of his lifetime in the wilderness.

    Today, very few people even notice the haze and the diminished intensity or dullness of the sun. We don’t have the chemtrails up here that I’ve seen in photos from the south; in fact, the contrails I see over Yellowknife are normally only about 10 – 20 times the length of the plane itself before they vanish. Some days there is absolutely no vapour trail. But it appears the effects are impacting far more than just the areas in which these trails are visible from the ground. This should be of concern to everyone, but we are so pre-occupied with our day to day existence that we don’t have time to observe the natural world upon which we depend, unless it is immediately inconvenient to our routine.

  111. Ian

    If you believe that whistleblowers are protected, you should google Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning. I guess the protection thingy depends on whose whistle gets puffed.

  112. Rob

    Why on earth are you giving Dane Wigington air time? I’m not sure if he truly believes this nonsense or if he is just a dedicated fraudster trying to drive traffic to his website, but he is way off base here. Calling chemtrails “geoengineering” in an attempt to make them sound sciencey does not make it less of a tinfoil hat theory.

    Here are some hard facts:

    1) Geoengineering is a real proposal to combat global warming, but it is just that. A proposal. No geoengineering has ever been carried out in the real world. (Please don’t confuse geoengineering/ climate modification with WEATHER modification, or cloud seeding, which is wholly unrelated)

    2) The geoengineering proposals, aka SRM (solar radiation management), would take place in the stratosphere, around 70,000 feet. That is twice the altitude of the planes we see in the sky.

    3) SRM would be virtually invisible. It would not create “stripes in the sky”.

    The simple fact is that the white lines and cloud cover seen by Dane and others are simply contrails from commercial air traffic. It is easy to verify this with a flight radar website and/or a good telescope.

    It is a fact that air traffic increases cirrus cloud cover, as the contrails spread out I to cloud. This in turn has a slight oval warming effect. But to claim that the white lines in the sky are chemicals being deliberately sprayed is utter nonsense. They are ice crystals.

    What next, an exposé of the Roswell incident?

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey “Rob” next time you want to come on and criticize someone please use a verifiable real name. This makes you look like a paid troll especially since this is your very first comment.

      • Dan Stanfill

        I like USA Watchdog. I want to see your site, and you, grow rapidly. So Greg, I am writing this to you personally, and it doesn’t matter to me if you don’t want to post it. While this is satire, it is factually based.

        This is some of what you must believe to believe Dane Wigington is telling the truth:

        1. The products of combustion from an aircraft engine do not contain water vapor that can freeze in -40 degree F air if enough “uncombusted” air blows out the back of the engine.
        2. The products of combustion of an aircraft engine do contain water vapor that will freeze if a similar amount of air flows around the engine and mixes with the exhaust shortly behind the nozzle.
        3. Virtually all contrails from aircraft ended in the 1990’s.
        4. No climate scientist became concerned regarding increasing cloud cover due to contrail formation.
        5. None of the climate scientist that never became concerned ever studied variations in contrail formation brought about by higher efficiency turbofan engines, and reported truthfully.
        6. These scientist who never became concerned and never studied contrail formation never concluded that the high efficiency turbofan engine produces more contrails than the old, dirty, turbojet engines.
        7. No high altitude IFR airways exist on which high speed jets are routed between cities.
        8. These non-existent IFR airways never cross.
        9. All aircraft that cross in the sky are intentionally spraying chemicals that will destroy the earth as we know it.
        10. None of the pilots flying those aircraft are aware of any of these things that do not exist.
        11. The airlines that operate these aircraft do not take extraneous measures to safeguard public welfare.
        12. Since aircraft no longer produce contrails, every time you see an airliner leaving a trail, it is spraying strange chemicals that will wreck the planet and kill you, probably in September.
        13. 31,000 flight hours in high performance aircraft does not impart one with useful knowledge of aircraft behavior.
        14. There is a massive infrastructure of tank farms, trucks, and airport fueling facilities, with fuel trucks, to supply liquified aluminum oxide barium suspension to passenger jet aircraft at all major airports.
        15. The above infrastructure has Klingon Cloaking Technology such that pilots, passengers, and the general public have never seen it.

        When you start with a lie, nothing you say afterwords matters. Promoting those who spread such statements is not in a persons best interest. You know better. You have seen sufficient evidence. And my name is on it.

  113. Ken Welch

    Having watched and studied chemtrails since they began in 1999, I have noted with a certain amount of awe how easily CIA can float a complete hoax about their chemtrail program and have it completely take over the web. As Rob pointed out in his comment of 5/05, “geoengineering” was never more than a research proposal.

    A similar hoax was created fairly early-on when someone located a proposal to run a test involving barium in the atmosphere. In this case they actually ran the test. But only once. However a CIA-funded website, pretending to be put up by a concerned citizen (like so many others), has made a fine income promoting the idea that barium and other heavy metals have something to do with chemtrails. Must be more than a decade now, and that’s a sizable chunk of taxpayer money.

    The first chemtrail false cover story, and the most effective I think, was broadcast by radio. (Art Bell?) In it, an airport tower operator assured the radio audience that a visible group of spray planes were shown on his radar to be operating at “high altitude.” No one disclosed that altitudes on airport radar are provided by transponders on the planes themselves.

    In fact, there are TWO methods by which observers on the ground can measure the altitude of spray planes. One involves two parties and some home-made surveying gear, and the other uses simple optics when an identifiable aircraft is overhead. Both methods yield altitude measurements from 18-20,000 feet,

    The tragic irony of the chemtrail mystery is that the active ingredient in chemtrails was identified almost immediately by the same investigative reporter who first alerted the world of their appearance a week after Pearl Harbor Day, 1998. It was, and still is, the banned pesticide Ethylene Dibromide. Unfortunately, none of us who were following the story could think of any reason for its use. Until now.

    I’ve spent a lot of time in west Texas, southern New Mexico, Arizona, etc. This is country where the myth of overpopulation becomes patently absurd. Towns are few and far apart, and usually the horizon is a long way off. Here you can easily see the truth about chemtrails. Spray missions focus entirely on centers of population. From a good vantage point, you can easily tell which towns are being hit on any particular day.

    Of course if you have been following the chemtrail story for some time, you know that the governments of virtually all western nations, and particularly those with a high “entitlements” burden, have their own chemtrail programs. The question you need to answer is simply this: What is the financial advantage of subjecting an entire population to severe, long-term pesticide poisoning?

    To find the answer you must first understand that pesticide poisoning greatly amplifies a certain type of immune response called the “Cytokine Storm.” You can google this term, and you will quickly learn that it is killing stroke that quickly dispatches victims in an avian influenza pandemic, 1918 being the classic example. The benefit of boosting the cytokine response is that you don’t have millions of victims requiring many months of constant medical care while they try to recover from the damage done by the attack. You can simply bulldoze them into mass graves and be done with it.

    I might also point out that many countries with heavy chemtrail programs have been importing large numbers of new workers – and consumers – for some reason that is never ever disclosed.

    Seeing a lot of Bird Flu stories lately? Want to guess what you are being set up for?

  114. Michael Glynn

    I am an airline pilot with 18000 hours in the environment that Mr Wigington claims is being sprayed with a variety of chemicals.

    Mr Wigington may know some of the details of the PROPOSALS for Geoengineering, but he knows nothing of aviation or meteorology and this is where he comes unstuck.

    Mr Wigington also makes the error of conflating weather modification I.e “Cloud Seeding ” with Geoengineering. This is typical of many of his brethren.

    I have pointed out many of the examples of his lack of knowledge in critical subjects that would dispel the fear he has of ice crystals in the sky, and offered to debate him publicly on his claims.

    These have ALL been studiously deleted from his Geoengineering watch page.

    Please be advised accordingly. He permits no dissent on his page. There can be no counter opinions from people who may be able to point out, for example, that a trail that persists in the sky for 10 minutes, would weigh more than any aircraft can carry.

    He deletes comments from people such as myself that point out that the lines in the sky are generally identifiable as commercial airliners flying BELOW the level of the stratosphere, and hence by definition cannot be engaged in SAG or SAI because the proposals for that dictate spraying well below the absolute ceilings of ALL aircraft capable of carry any useful load.

    These sorts of comments get deleted from Danes page. One must ask… Why?

    So I issue a proforma challenge for a debate on the aviation and meteorological aspects of Danes claims.

    The topics to be debated include all the aspects of this that are never addressed by people such as Dane:

    A. The weight aspects of a contrail with regard to aircraft performance.

    B. The logistics aspects.

    C. Please explain how theses trails EXPAND and THICKEN instead of dissipating. Are you saying that these trails find EXTRA MASS in the atmosphere that allows them to expand and thicken. What is this extra mass? Please explain in terms of the meteorological science that says there is water vapor present which allows this in the terms of contrail science, but no known supplies of aluminium, barium or strontium hanging about in the upper troposphere that would allow this.

    D. Please explain the gap being the engines in terms of those chemicals having some previously unknown invisible state.

  115. Anderson

    Thank you for this truly stunning interview Greg.
    Dane Wigington is clearly an authority on this issue – the amount of information at his website is simply incredible.
    The spraying is happening here in Australia as well – it is obvious for anyone who cares to look away from their iphone for a minute and up at the sky. We get very few clear days anymore.
    Thank you again for this tremendously informative interview and please make sure to get Dane back.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your reporting from Australia!!

      • Wes Kabler

        Greg, god bless you for taking the time and inititive to help get the word out regarding geoengineering. I’ll keep this short but I just want to plant a seed with you and any readers that might be able to utilize this suggestion. Short of anyone involved with climate engineering/weather modification coming forward there is to my way of thinking only one main way to cut through the secrecy and slight of hand that conceals these programs and that is this: Samples must be collected at altitude and analized by several labs that cannot be comprimised. It is relatively easy to collect upper air samples using a small private jet and sample collecting system and have them analized for metals, polymers, etc.etc.. I bet many people would contribute to the cost in order to get reasonable ‘proof’ of these ongoing cloud building operations. The concentrations at altitude, based on what falls to ground, must be intensly concentrated and sampling could easily show this. Maybe we could even find someone who travels occasionally on business by jet that would be willing to attach a small sample collector and return some samples to the lab for analysis. I really feel this is about the ONLY way we are ever going to get past this continuous merry-go-round of denial. Anyone agree and want to try and move this forward?

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you and Dane Wigington will be on again.

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