Germany Secretly Planning on Joining BRICS-Jim Willie


By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial newsletter writer Jim Willie says no matter who shot down the Malaysian commercial jet over Ukraine recently, there is going to be massive fallout.  Willie contends, “Here’s the big, big consequence.  The U.S. is basically telling Europe you have two choices here.  Join us with the war against Russia.  Join us with the sanctions against Russia.  Join us in constant war and conflicts, isolation and destruction to your economy and denial of your energy supply and removal of contracts.  Join us with this war and sanctions because we’d really like you to keep the dollar regime going.  They are going to say were tired of the dollar. . . . We are pushing Germany.  Don’t worry about France, don’t worry about England, worry about Germany.  Germany has 3,000 companies doing active business right now.  They are not going to join the sanctions—period.”

Willie goes on to say, “It’s a war game and Europe is sick of U.S. war games.  The defense of the dollar has come to war versus trade.  Are you with us or are you against us?”  As far as the NSA spying on Germany, Willie says, “I think they are looking for details on assisting Russia on dumping the dollar.  I think they are looking for details for a secret movement for Germany to get away from the dollar and join the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.)  This is exactly what I think they are going to do.” 

Willie thinks as countries move away from the U.S. dollar, the money printing (quantitative easing, QE) increases, and the economy gets worse.  Willie calls this a “feedback loop” that he contends, “You get the feedback loop from the damage of lost income that comes from the higher costs that comes from QE.  It’s not stimulus, people.  It’s a back door Wall Street bailout that degrades, deteriorates and damages the economy in a feedback vicious system. . . . You are seeing the free-fall and acceleration of the damage; and, so now, you get even more cost damage.  QE didn’t happen by accident.  Foreigners didn’t want to buy the Treasuries anymore.  They don’t want to buy a bond where the same central bank is printing money to buy the bond!  QE raises the cost structure and brings about shrinkage and disappearance of profits.  QE is not stimulus.  It’s capital destruction. ”

On the so-called “recovery” the mainstream media has been harping on for years, Willie says, “I believe the U.S. has gone into a recession that it is not going to get out of until the dollar is gone.  When you factor inflation in properly . . . we got a monster recession of -6% or -7% right now.  I don’t think it will get better until the dollar is disposed of.  So, we’re entering the final phase of the dollar.”

In closing, Willie says, “You want to get rid of political obstacles?  Go straight to commerce and trade.  Why is it that Exxon Mobil is still doing projects in the Artic and still doing projects in the Black Sea, which is Crimea, with the Russians and their energy companies?  We already got the U.S. energy companies defying our own sanctions, and yet we are prosecuting French banks for doing the same thing.  This is insane.  We are losing control.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie, Editor of “The Hat Trick Letter” which can be found on

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Jim Willie also said, “All the stories are converging as we now approach the climax.”



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  1. Steven meng

    I am wondering why Chinese government purchase US treasury bond at recorded speed?

    If German government get too closed to Russia, German commercial banks and corporations does not get punished like the case of BNP Paribas?

    If the dollar collapse finally, there will be nuclear world war III?

    • Agent P

      China is a mercantilist economy. They must keep the Yuan in check in order for their export machine to function properly. Fear not however, for while one hand is purchasing U.S. $debt, the other hand is purchasing real money (gold) hand over fist, bypassing Hong Kong and going directly to Peking… No one will know the amount until the time is right to drop the trap door on the U.S., and that will likely come as a consequence of foreign policy miscalculation by the United States in China’s backyard…

      • Tin hat

        I truly believe China will continue to purchase US Treasury only if the US continue to play interference, blocking gold flow to other countries such as Germany and India, to maximize gold flow to China.

        Gold is the real money, everything else are smoke and mirrors.

    • AndyB

      It is doubtful that there will be nuclear war. Those in power know full well the disastrous effects of the Fukushima unstoppable radiation on the Pacific and North America. Very few born today on this continent and those bordering the Pacific will make it to 50 without an incidence of life threatening cancer. Nuclear war would put a definite crimp in the globalist plans to rule the world. Although you never know with psychopaths.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        Agreed. John Kenneth Galbraith put it this way:
        “A nuclear war does not defend a country and it does not defend a system. I’ve put it the same way many times; not even the most accomplished ideologue will be able to tell the difference between the ashes of capitalism and the ashes of communism.”

    • J.C.Davis

      Steven. The short answer is the borrower is the servant to the lender. As a last resort land, and various goods will be sold to China to keep the dollar alive.

    • Jeff

      Steven The Fed has not slowed the purchase of debt. They only say they are but like everything in our country it’s just a lie. These treasuries continue to be bought by indirect bidders. China might be buying as a temporary stability to their currency but will dump them when it is politically expedient. They are always thinking 2 steps ahead. Unlike the bozos running our country.

    • Kenguru

      If China took control of the Federal Reserve as Jim suggested a few times, it makes sense. They want to consolidate all America as a colony in their hands. Think of America in this case as of Hawaii after WW2. So Americans took control of these islands financially. The same thing is happening to America but on a bigger scale.

    • Mike

      China only purchases enough debt to equal it’s trade imbalance with USA.
      America is broke and China only buys enough debt to equal what they sell America.. in other words… China is financing their own economy,, they buy the debt America can’t pay for to buy Chinese goods.

  2. Steven meng

    The two air calamities , Malaysia Airline M370 and M17, crashed at Indian ocean and eastern Ukraine. I feel they were planned, Malaysia airline was victim, the purpose is to destroy the relationship between Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and China.

    Note: M370 was shot down just a few days after BRIC banks were announced and World cup Final – we saw Angela Merkel , Putin, Poroshenko sitting together.

    • eddielaidler

      Worth noting.
      Steve Quayle is linking to this bit of content.
      Study slowly and carefully before jumping to conclusions.
      Let some time go by to see if more anomalies appear.

  3. bob

    greg, we have been hijacked! corporations and the banks. other than just take our country down, whats the purpose? now what? it also makes me wonder if you did own gold and silver in this country, how long will you own it? the powers that be have stollen and hijacked everything else, who’s to say they outlaw gold and silver.
    brics are going to be a major deal. russia and china leading the way. is this the fight against the new world order? or is this the new world order?
    one last thing. lindsey williams talks about this huge reserve we are sitting on in alaska. one of the biggest if not the biggest oil tanker sits right there ready for use. it was said that it would supply the world for at least 200 years by itself.

    • chip

      Two words, black market…

    • allen ols


      prudue bay, gull island, I also have thought of this. tks

  4. Merc

    -there has been price inflation for over 10 years!!!
    -yanks eat fake info, yanks are screwed by MSM lies

    The Boss prints paper money and buys the world (ukraine, japan, korea, canada) and also the leaders of these countries…until someone stops the scheme. They can create fiat money and then buy their own stocks and then get out of town before it all implodes (they hope). It is an end game, a hit and run.

    ex: how about bringing ‘democracy’ to Iraq – what a scream, eh? Infation is 2%! Unemployment is around only 6%! And on and on…non stop spin op, a psy ops aimed against all of us. Words just aren’t enough.

    • deeper

      Gull Island Oil – Alaska

      Eugene Island Oil – LA – Gulf of Mexico

    • archivesDave

      Spot On!…
      This is where Willie is all wet!
      And there is more than one ‘ocean of oil’ down below 30,000 ft.
      To wit, the Gulf of Mexico where the pressure was so great, they claimed
      they couldn’t handle it.
      Google search ‘abiotic oil’…Oil is not called ‘petro’ for nothing and the
      Russians (and Gold), proved this over a half century ago!
      ‘Peak Oil’…What a CROCK!

  5. uneasy

    As a German I can see not 1 indication for Mr. Willis thesis.
    There is not 1 politican which acts or speaks in a way so you could assume such a trend.
    Our State-Propaganda TV is spilling the same shit as everybody else in the west.
    Sorry, as much as I would like to see this I can`t.
    I would like to hear something which would prove the assumtions.
    But noone asks about that.
    “Germany is an occupied country and it will stay that way”.-US-President Barrack Obama June 2009 at US Air-base Ramstein.
    There is no peace treaty between the US and Germany.
    Would you this call a friendly relationship?

    • allen ols


      just posted to my e mail,

      Jim Willie CB
      7:32 AM (14 minutes ago)

      to bcc: me
      ​Germany hits the accelerator pedal to join BRICS
      it is happening faster than I expected​

      ​from HTLetter client / jw​

      My post to the jackass;

      A shocking new report prepared by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) circulating in the Kremlin today states that Germany’s Federal Foreign Office (FFO) contacted Moscow this week requesting an accelerated membership course for their joining the BRICS economic community as they plan to leave the European Union (EU), a move Russian experts said would “spell doom” to the Obama regimes “dream of empire”.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jim Willie is a smart and knowledgeable man. I value his contributions. But his claim that Germany is going to buddy-up with the BRICS coalition goes against everything in German history and culture. I’m not saying it’s not possible and that it won’t happen. I’m just saying it’s difficult to buy. The whole point of the Euro was that Germany knew they would be the proverbial last man standing when the thing, of necessity, came apart, and the Germans would “own” the continent without firing a shot. Which is why the Swiss and the Brits never joined the alliance. WE’RE NOT DEAD YET. PM

    • Serg Derbst

      I am also German, but I do think that this a possibility indeed, simply because it would be the absolutely reasonable thing to do. But I wouldn’t expect any politician to talk about this openly. He’d probably get executed for real or politically like our presidents Köhler and Wulff were.

      Western democracy is not a democracy at all (if it ever had been, I’m not sure). But today it definitely is a foul horseplay of democracy and the job of a politician is to help create the illusion of a democratic process and by that to represent what the oligarchs of the country want. It’s all a PR stragety show. That’s for one thing.

      Who has the real power in Germany? Despite the US gov (yes, we’re still occupied and I consider America – the elites, not the people – an enemy) it is mostly our big companies (and banks – but mostly the industry). They have been behind WW1, they have dismantled the Weimar republic and were behind WW2 (Hitler was just a patsy they thought they could use against communism/socialism) and they have been responsible for the policy in post-war Germany (including the reunion). The strong civil movements of the 60s to 80s have forced them to consider, for example, green policy. That was a short era of a little bit of real democracy. And these oligarchs, most of them old families like Thyssen or Hoesch, are not dumb and I am sure they know very well that the Dollar empire is about to collapse, so leaving NATO and EU and joining BRICS would be in their interest as well as the country’s. But that cannot be done easily, even though I believe the BRICS would be happy to welcome us.

      First, we’d need a peace treaty with Russia, with safety guarantees from Russia, in order to deal with our American occupiers, before we could ever leave NATO and put an end to occupation. We need to deal with our European neighbors (maybe France wants to join, too?). So, it’s a possibility, that talks are made, and they would have to be made without the NSA getting a whiff of it, so they could never be in be the open.

      Mr. Willie. is just a very good analyst who correctly assessed the geopolitical situation for Germany.

      Btw, I think that German sovereignty truly has the potential for a new civil movement.

    • Republican

      Germany & France should not forget that their claims of sovereignty carries no weight as they are dependent on US & UK for their defense. They should be clear in their head for this.

      • Lars

        “Germany & France should not forget that their claims of sovereignty carries no weight as they are dependent on US & UK for their defense. They should be clear in their head for this.”
        Making jokes?
        Germany depends on US&UK for their defense? Defense? Against who?
        Right. Against US&UK. The current occupiers of Germany. Since 1945.

        Of course Germany needs help (military backup with nuclear weapons) to get rid of “our defenders”. Maybe Russia. Maybe China. Maybe both.

        I am sure: The German government is waiting for a fundamental crisis of the US to leave NATO and welcome Russia as real partner – in military and economical affairs.

  6. NZ 76

    Greg, another great interview with the Golden Jackass!

    One aspect of QE which interests me is how many of those new dollars get into circulation vs being hoarded by the 1%. If most are hoarded, i.e. not noticed by the market, then doesn’t that mean inflation would be unaffected?

    For example, if I were to suddenly discover a thousand tonnes of new gold in my backyard, but not tell anyone about it or put it up for sale, the market price won’t be affected because it hasn’t increased ‘supply’ to the market demand.

    Any clarication or insight from you or your commenters on this point would be appreciated.

    • Paul from Indiana

      This is the same principle under which the QE “money” is “printed”. All is well so long as the hoard is contained. But for how long? Best always. PM

  7. woody188

    Jim seems to view the US market in a vacuum. All fiat currencies are trending downward alongside the dollar. They all still want to sell into the US market, and are racing to the bottom to keep their trade imbalances with the United States. If the dollar goes, the entire global economy goes with it. Every market will at once become local only. Where does this leave the BRIC’s?

    Full of products with no buyers, ie a deflationary spiral, and aside from Russia, few natural resources and huge starving populations suffering under crushing poverty. The BRIC’s aren’t where they need to be to separate themselves from the dollar just yet. They can’t hardly build infrastructure for international events. The USA is a far better bet at this time in the game. Jim is pumping and dumping…or it’s my normalcy bias. 🙂

    • yaya

      This is a good point. the Brics have explosive growth over the last decade because the west buys their shit products. I agree with Jim Willie on a great many things and he has enlightened me on a great many things, yet markets everywhere react as soon as anyone gets a gimpse that china is slowing down? we can rationalize it out to some degree…the Brics may be buying gold at a herendous pace, along with other hard assets all over the world. They can trade with each other?! yet that wouldn’t compensate for collapsed fiat currencies, and the resulting loss of orders at BRIC factories. Actually, I would expect a reversal in trade flows. suddenly it would be cool to operate manufacturing in a system with a feeble currency and economy – wait, isn’t that how the Brics became so powerful?

    • Tin hat

      The new dollar are not being hoarded, they are replacing the dollar that were lost or vaporized in 2009. The fed is robbing the US citizens via QEs so the banks and 0.1% can stay rich.

    • softplacetoland

      Well, mix of “exceptionalism”, selfimportance and, of course, bias. Nothing new.

  8. Doug

    Hi Greg
    Jim Willie hits a grand slam in this interview. The Cabal only does things in their best interest and it appears they have now gone too far. Economic destruction for everyone but the Cabal does not work. The world is awakening like a sleeping giant and perhaps a new era is coming into place. It now becomes a question of does the Cabal go quietly in the night or does world destruction await us? We are now in the Final Act of this Cabal Play. Peace!

  9. Malcolm

    Dear Greg
    Jim Willie as usual always dramatic but entertaining.
    Nobody disputes Willie’s economic take on things but when it comes to belittling Paul Craig Roberts on geo-political thinking Willie is on very shaky ground indeed.

  10. Jerry

    Greg I really love Jim Willie, but he was late to the party on this one. The final paradigm shift away from the dollar happened months ago. Forget about the BRIC nations. They represent only a small portion of over 128 countries who have already signed currency swap agreements with China. Germany just being one of them. What is significant though is that Germany is the largest economy in Europe, and when they leave it will be the end of NATO and the dollar.

    So the question is when? When will the world decouple itself from the dollar and place the Yuan in its place as the new reserve currency? As I have posted before, that will be decided in Ukraine. The glue that is holding everything together right now, is the belief that the United States is the worlds superpower. Once that is gone, so is the dollar. After all, a piece of paper is only worth something, as long as someone says it is, when you have nothing to back it up with, other than a promise.

    So Russia goes into Ukraine to dislodge a Nazi cabal regime that it views as a threat to its sovereignty. The United States and NATO jumps into the fray to stop it, and gets it’s clock cleaned. When that happens, this whole mess will begin to come unraveled . NATO ceases to exist as we know it. The United States will be portrayed as a weak paper tiger by the world. And then the dollar will begin its swan song.

    Have you ever thought that, maybe President Obama is hesitant to get involved in Ukraine, because he knows what is coming next, and wants to delay it as long as he can so he can still be President? That thought has crossed my mind, as I have watched him hit the links.

    • HTC

      Thank you Jerry, I enjoy you summing up the information that you provide. I like to keep things simple. So we watch and wait for the water to boil over in Ukraine. If there was any natural event that would cause our dollar to fail it would have happened by now, and I believe they can and will keep it on life support until the tptb are ready to flip the switch. Watching, and waiting…


      Jerry, I’ve had the same thoughts. I think our golfer in chief is way over his pay-grade, as he himself would say. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a smart guy indeed, but he’s young and a nice guy and the neo-conmen and women got him and if it wasn’t for Michelle STOPPING him and of course Vladimir Putin, in no uncertain terms, we’d all be dead by now from the nuclear devastation from the red line over Assad’s alleged use of Serine gas. Credit also goes to our free press who actually did their jobs and proved Assad’s so called gas attack was bogus. By free press as you Watchdogs know, I don’t mean our maimed steamed media, that soon will be in shock, at just how devastating their negligence will be! Ronald Reagan was older and wiser than Barack is now as president and coming from outside of both Washington and Chicago, he cleaned house right from the get go. He was no dear or roo in the headlights, he was a guy who played the Hero in the Movies his whole life!
      Without warning, a football sails over the fence from a nearby gridiron where the school’s varsity was practicing. It hits one of the young men. He picks up the errant football and kicks it back over the fence 70 yards away.
      On the other side of the field, a coach whistles in awe and races over. “Hey, You! You with the baseball. What’s your name?”

      “Gipp,” comes the laconic answer.

      “Where you from?


      “Play high school football?”


      “Well, I think you’ll make a football player,” says the coach. “Come out tomorrow. We’ll suit you up and see what you can do.”

      The young man shrugs. “I don’t know,” he says vaguely. “Don’t particularly care for football.”

      Thus was the meeting of Gorge Gipp and Knute Rockne!
      President Ronald Reagan is tagged fondly as “The Gipper” as the result of his movie portrayal of Notre Dames’ legendary football player. The nickname is so firmly attached to the president that the real Gipper is nearly forgotten.

      How Reagan Beat the Neocons
      New York Times: Archives
      By John Patrick Diggins
      Published: June 11, 2004

      Almost everywhere in the press one reads that President Bush sounds an awful lot like Ronald Reagan. Commentators and politicians alike have drawn the comparison between Mr. Bush’s ”muscular” foreign policy and the Reagan doctrine. However macho and aggressive Mr. Bush’s foreign policy may be, when it came to the Soviet Union, Mr. Reagan’s was anything but.

      In 1985, Mr. Reagan sent a long handwritten letter to Mikhail Gorbachev assuring him that he was prepared ”to cooperate in any reasonable way to facilitate such a withdrawal” of the Soviets from Afghanistan. ”Neither of us,” he added, ”wants to see offensive weapons, particularly weapons of mass destruction, deployed in space.” Mr. Reagan eagerly sought to work with Mr. Gorbachev to rid the world of such weapons and to help the Soviet Union effect peaceful change in Eastern Europe.

      This offer was far from the position taken by the neoconservative advisers who now serve under Mr. Bush. Twenty years ago in the Reagan White House, they saw no possibility for such change, and indeed many of them subscribed to the theory of ”totalitarianism” as unchangeable and irreversible. Mr. Reagan was also informed that the Soviet Union was preparing for a possible pre-emptive attack on the United States. This alarmist position was taken by Team B, formed in response to the more prudently analytical position of the C.I.A. and then composed of several members of the present Bush administration. The team was headed by Richard Pipes, the Russian historian at Harvard, whose stance was summed up in the title of one of his articles: ”Why the Soviet Union Thinks It Could Fight and Win a Nuclear War.”

      Not only did the neocons oppose Mr. Reagan’s efforts at rapprochement, they also argued against engaging in personal diplomacy with Soviet leaders. Advisers like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld, now steering our foreign policy, held that America must escalate to achieve ”nuclear dominance” and that we could only deal from a ”strategy of strength.” Mr. Reagan believed in a strong military, but to reassure the Soviet Union that America had no aggressive intentions, he reminded Leonid Brezhnev of just the opposite. From 1945 to 1949, the United States was the sole possessor of the atomic bomb, and yet, Mr. Reagan emphasized to Mr. Brezhnev, no threat was made to use the bomb to win concessions from the Soviet Union. Read the rest at;

      Obama vs. McCain

    • wd


      Do you really think Russia is capable of defeating NATO/US so easily? It seems they always out flank every attempt to “corrall them” but an out and out defeat?

      Thanks, looks like what you were predictions you were recieving have come true- I had my doubts but what is going on has raised it to a new level….

      • Jerry

        The only reason I said Russia would win a US / NATO conflict is because that is the script that the City is following. It makes sense though, because the only thing we have left is the image of strength from our military. They have to destroy that image to further their agenda.

        • wd

          But this whole situation has getting to be getting out of control. I mean you can only control so much. BRICS seems like a huge thorn in their side. Like it was almost an “ambush”.
          I have a hard time believing Putin declares war against this whole new order and then joins it.
          This seems psychopathic and I am positive its evil.

          Thank you for your posts…48 hours within your time frame….and Ukraine govt is collapsing. It seems like someone in charge has got to be getting scared.

    • allen ols

      I think what is important here is the BRICS DEV. FUND of 100 billion, which will compete w/ the IMF/world bank, it think. And remember when Germany/france,/italy join the brics, look out. I think he covertly added Iran, Indonesia, by calling it one time
      BRIIICS. not sure though.

      • allen ols

        …… also when Germany, and poss. France, and other of the 128 nations u mentioned join the brics dev. fund, it could turn into a trillion or so, fund, a SUPER FUND if u will. al

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, it doesn’t matter what Obama wants or thinks. If he is truly the puppet on the City’s strings, as most of us believe, then his preferences or desires don’t enter into it. He’ll either do their bidding, when they say, or he’ll be gone, and perhaps literally. If he IS able to have influence or say-so, then the City is not as all-powerful as we think. It looks more to me like he’s biding his time until the call comes through. Best always. PM

  11. J.C.Davis

    Greg. Great information to consider.
    Jim Willie is somewhat arrogant when he looks at all Americans, and viewers of this site as stupid. What can the man on the street do to turn this country around ? Everyone on this site is preparing for the worse. That’s why they are listening to a 52.05 minute interview. Our vote don’t count. We have to use the dollar for our survival at this time. What ta do? Grab a pistol and shoot at drones? We are stuck with no clear way to fight the world oligarchs. Sorry for the rant. I still must say Jim Willie has more raw knowledge then most. Yet nobody likes to be called stupid even if it is true.

    • Jerry

      I’m with you. At least we’re not hiding from the drones in South America like he is. The dirty little secret is when the SHTF he will stick our like a sore thumb as the “dirty gringo” who helped bring pain to their country.

      • mark

        I agree with J.C. Davis comment that “no one likes to be called stupid even if it’s true”. But honestly, after listening again to Jim’s comment at the 23:18 mark I do believe he mis-spoke and meant to say “and I don’t think any or much of your viewers and listeners (as belonging to the “90% sleepy dopey Americans” who don’t know what is going on), when in fact he actually said: ” and I don’t think much of any of your listeners and viewers…” which is a miswording and can easily be taken to mean that he has even less respect to the listeners and viewers of Greg’s site which would include those listening to this interview as well which is how some have interpreted Jim’s statement. But that is inconsistent with both his published statements and comments made in other interviews. Again I think the interview he gave with Paul Sandhu in two parts is one of the best he gave. He was relaxed, clear, articulate and basically dialed back a couple of notches, more “listener friendly” if you will. But then being a “Jackass” most certainly has its challenges too. He never claimed to know it all or be bullet proof. He is real and I do appreciate him for that. He does not attempt to present an image of himself that is more or less than who he is and I believe that is valuable. But make no mistake, as he mentioned, his ability to infer by analyzing data points and weighing them in relation to each other and how that forms an over-all outcome is surely one of his strongest abilities. As to “being late to the party” on this one, Jim has mentioned the over 100 countries which are in pursuit of or already setting up trade agreements outside the dollar. All the very best Jerry, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. amen

    • Old Dog

      JC Davis.

      We ALL are not stupid in America. The listeners at this site are trying to be informed and trying to be prepared as best they can manage.
      I found Mr. Willie’s insult to be totally in line with his character. Just what one would expect from a unAmerican “jackass.”.
      I did not listen to him for information.
      I did not listen to him for entertainment.
      I got bored last night and thought, why not?
      He gave me a lot of good reason why NOT to listen to him.

    • allen ols

      J C, Jerry;

      I remember Winston Churchill , Patton, Macarthur, Montgomery (Monty),and many great leaders, (not all) tend to be arrogant, pushy, etc.
      TRYING TIMES require, men of this sort.


    • Mason

      What to do, you ask? First, educate yourself. Second, educate your loved ones, friends, strangers, and the online community. Make a project out bringing insight to someone who was not aware previously. Make it so that he or she does the same. Third, prepare. As for the drones, 3D-printing of stingers might provide a solution.

      • JC Davis

        Mason I love your reply. Laughing yet love the thought. I like to listen to JW , and will listen to any, and all informed folks regardless to how emotional I get over there statements. The best we can do is don’t play there game. We may lose but on our terms not there’s.

    • allen ols

      I wasn’t offended as i have positioned myself in the 5% enlightened, not with the 95% sheeple, therefore i didn’t feel offended. We who are in agreement couldn’t possibly be offended. 🙂 btw I called u yesterday, u must have been in buen aqua, on u farm ette’. I will drop by and see your ram pump, to figure out what size i want. tks.

  12. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    It’s the golden carrot on the stick approach. When one peers through the Word of God into world events one sees the carrot is about to be set on the table:

    Daniel 11:27-29 And as for both these kings, their hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table: but it shall not prosper; for yet the end shall be at the time appointed. (28) Then shall he return into his land with great substance; and his heart shall be against the holy covenant; and he shall do his pleasure, and return to his own land. (29) At the time appointed he shall return, and come into the south; but it shall not be in the latter time as it was in the former.

    Father appoints the time the lying kings of this world must agree with their father the devil:

    Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.
    John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    Think of it in 7’s:
    2000~stock market high
    2001~collapse of towers on 9/11 ushers in patriot and homeland security act

    7 years later:
    2007~stock market high
    2008~collapse of housing ushers in “tarp” through the threat of martial law followed by QE to infinity

    7 years later:
    2014~stock market high
    2015~collapse of global economy ushers in a covenant with many that begins 7 years of escalating hell on earth all for the purpose of drawing out a people who will trust the Lord their God alone:

    Psalms 91:1-2 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (2) I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

    I highly recommend becoming one with the Word of God!
    Here is a good place to learn whats coming on the earth my friends:

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother!

  13. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Whatever is happening is by design, but by whose design?
    Well in the USA and in West is clearly things were designed by globalists and executed by crazed fools, fanatics and politically correct incompetents. On global stage things are bit more complicated, because Russian elites/leadership has a plan too (and other nations tag along because of their national interests). So the Russians have better concept of globalisation (globalisation is objective process i.e. people are coming together into a bigger structure and the question then is how and according what concept will you manage it:, have better plans, better execution of plans and knows the responds and patterns of the responds of the fools, fanatics and incompetents in charge (and they are easily predictable and everything but original).
    So the Russians incorporated the responds of Washington and its puppets in Brussels in their plans and not to mention the local elites see this (with Russian narrative): “Alliance, friendship and business partnership with Anglo-Saxons (USA/UK) is dangerous and expensive, if you stay with them you will lose everything. Come here there is an alternative you will prosper with us.” And France, Germany, Turkey etc made or making their choice and mostly because globalists put in charge fanatic, crazed fools and politically correct incompetents in Washington and in Brussels.

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very simply we are headed for financial calamity and war all at the same time. I hate to say this but that is what the data is pointing to.

      • Oracle 911

        Not sure about the war part, although some “somebody” want it desperately and crazed fools in Washington are doing they biddings. Let me tell you direct war between USA/UK and Russia/China would result the wipe out of life on this planet.
        The sane part of the elites knows that, so the Russians playing the game according this (they are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst).

  14. lastmanstanding

    At about 21:00…if you won’t play our game (sell our s-bonds and continue to help dump them), you are out. “No more soup for you!”

    All. Having spent a ‘fair” amount of time in the statistical process control racket, the numbers NEVER lie. Math and numbers are earthly, honest and innocent.

    Again, that is how the earth works. Want a good chance at living through this, you had better increase your chances of survival. Look to God and the earth that he created for any chance…and while your at it, “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    He brought most of us into the world kicking and screaming…leave the same way.

    “YEA BABY!!!”

    ps…No offense Greg, but I think that JA is correct that 90% won’t notice. Very sad.

    pss…At about 34:00…and everyone thinks that all of our oil, gas, hay, coal, livestock, etc., etc., etc. is a shortage or being used by our country. The debt collector no longer wants T-bills…he wants tangible. Wake up America.

    Greg, totally look forward to your “stuff”…please get outside and enjoy what we have been given.

    • allen ols

      lastman agreed

    • Jerry

      How about those five gallon buckets? You can use them as portable toilets, to carry water in, grow plants in, or do what I do. Store all the horse manure the MSM has been giving us about the recovery of the economy.

      • JC Davis

        Jerry. The buckets are a wonderfully useful tool. I use them for toilets, storage, Faraday cages, and presently working on a igloo dome shelter. I have been saving them, and have close to 1000 buckets.

  15. EyesWideShut

    Wow!! Greg that was a spectacular interview!! Chock of full of substance, as always, from Jim Willie!! In fact, the de-dollarization continues as Turkey confirms that it no longer communicates with Obama, and has no further use for the dollar!! Things have certainly accelerated since the BRICS meeting – just like I said!! Next up? More countries continue to move away – one after the other. US economy accelerates decline, etc.. By fall, we have the start of hyperinflation here in US (milk@$8 p/g, bread@$6, meat@$8-10 per package, gas@$5+ p/g)

    • EyesWideShut

      The dollar will collapse, and there will not be nuclear war. The strings behind the FED/WhiteHouse are orchestrating de-dollarization and rise of the East! Order out of chaos!

      • allen ols

        E W S

        I AGREE, NAILED IT, they russia, china, do not want war, they want wealth, and they want power, enter, collapse of usd. tks ews.

  16. Apollo

    Greg, could you or one of your guests speculate why the medium of the BRICS $100 Billion Reserve To Bypass Fed, Developed World Central Banks was set in US currency and not in Chinese or Russian or in a basket of BRIC’s currencies for that matter?

    • Eddie Laidler

      I am no expert but it seems that BRICS is trying to step outside the IMF that is a tool of the west.
      As far as what dead currency it is backed by?…….The Dollar is still king at this time.
      So you can still take the political message as anti western yet still valued to the other basket of currencies.
      Anyone want to make a stab at this?

    • Paul from Indiana

      First off, that $100 billion “floor” is chicken feed (I would gladly use another four-letter word to describe it, but you get the idea) in today’s world. Big deal. Secondly, it has to be denominated in DOLLARS so that it has some comprehendable value. NOBODY KNOWS what a yuan/renminbi is WORTH, so it has to quoted in DOLLARS. Listen, much of this talk is bravado, pure and simple. Watch China turn back into the agrarian, feudal plantation it always has been when there is no MARKET for its products! They are laughing all the way to their own self-destruction. KILL AMERICA (and Europe secondarily) and YOU KILL THE WORLD! People, WE’RE NOT DEAD YET. First step is to resoundly defeat all DEMS in 2016 and take control of Congress. Best always. PM

  17. Sam Grant

    I eagerly await any and all of Jim Willie’s interviews because he’s the ONLY one out there who knows the REAL reason behind the PHONY reason we’re given explaining why things happen. When you hear the real reason you go, “Of COURSE that’s why that happened!”. Knowledge is power and we can either be powerful or pitiful.
    In spite of my worship of Sir. Willie, he gets a little too competitive sometimes with others in his arena. I disagree with his assessment of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts that PCR only has info from this side of the pond. That’s factually not true. PCR has often spoken about the connection between Russia, China, Germany, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and their reaction to the US’ bullying behavior and money printing, etc. etc. Perhaps PCR doesn’t have all the “behind-the-scenes” information about the banks in Europe that JW has, but to say PCR’s information is ONLY from the US is glaringly untrue. Other than that, the Willster is an extremely valuable resource for all of us. Keep going Greg and Jim!!

  18. Diogenese

    Perhaps someone can tell me what the losses to US banks will be in exchange charges , they charge me 2% to turn $ into GB pounds , as 80 % of world trade is in $ that’s 2% of 80% for doing the deal , litteraly billions of dollars a day , that must mean a spectacular loss of earnings as the world turns against the US dollar when US banks are frozen out of the deal .

  19. smaulgld

    Another good one. I love that most guest shows are about 20-30 minutes but it’s hard to get a Jim Willie show in under and hour! He has a lot to say.

    He is right, QE is just a back door bailout, an ongoing program- Bailonomics.

    I think if the Fed actually stopped QE, I mean really stopped it not as Kirby points out continue to find/force/sneak ways of buying of T bonds, the dollar would collapse because the only thing that holds up the treasury bond market is the comfort in knowing that even though the US can never pay back its debts, the Fed will always print money to pay their bond holders.

    If the Fed were to actually stop printing dollars to buy T bonds (and there is no alternative buyer(s) , the T bond market and the dollar would collapse and gold and silver would soar.
    Watch this 24 second clip first
    Then check this out:

  20. Chris

    I think Willie is right. In 2-3 yrs, maybe sooner, the U.S. will find its currency reduced to toilet paper and be isolated from the rest of the world having destroyed its remaining credibility. Joblessness is so rampant right now in this country that I think Americans would have no problem taking a job with a Chinese (or Russian) company.

  21. Paul Bennett

    Greg- I’m a state legislator in a Northeast state. That 90 percent is spot on. There are only a handful of us who know what is happening. Due to your work and many others I am not running in 2014. Please check out John Rubino’s podcast on Peak Prosperity…..Be well.

  22. Elwyn Evans

    Thank you for having Jim Willie back again. I don’t seem to get the same information out of the others. Jim puts the financial with the politics and he is sure bang on.
    Thanks again for your great website.

  23. Judy

    “This will likely spur fund investors to reallocate a material portion (perhaps half a trillion dollars over time) of prime fund assets into government-only funds, which will likely retain a fixed NAV. ”

    “The new rules also will allow fund boards to impose a liquidity fee of up to 2% and suspend redemptions altogether if weekly liquid assets fall below 30% of total assets.”

    Sounds like the new rules mean many money market funds will be buying US debt, that money market funds can acquire 2 percent of your money to keep the fund solvent and can keep you from getting your money out if you need to. If this is true, where do I sign up? Although at this point half a trillion is probably a drop in the bucket. But if many financial rules are changed all the drops might add up to enough to kick the can down the road a bit longer. I apologize for the mixed metaphors.

    Learning a lot from your site. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is good info Judy. Very good!! Thank you. We are learning from you as well!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Can anyone say “bail in”? I knew you could. Best always. PM

  24. Malcolm

    Dear Greg
    This is an interesting video regarding MH17 and MH370. Worth a look especially the video further down the page.

    • Greg Hunter

      I can’t tell who’s telling the truth. What I do see is the world is inching towards war and financial calamity.

  25. windcatcher

    Show me a fascist regime (merger of government with corporations) in history that wasn’t an arrogant and belligerent bully that claim that they are the “indispensable and exceptional” rulers.
    Russia and China’s business is, taking care of business, while Washington is obsessed with “their” world government and “their” world banking ponzi scheme while bankrupting America into complete world central bankster police state control. The globalist think they are in control.
    The absurdity of Washington’s sanctions against Russia is hilarious,
    Exxon Mobile is operating in the Russia Arctic and in the Crimea Black Sea with Russia and their energy companies.
    American energy companies are defying our own government sanctions against Russia, yet we are prosecuting French banks for doing the same thing. Ha. Ha.

  26. Doug

    Hi Greg

    A confirmation of Jim Willie on Germany…

  27. Samsara

    According to the 100 year inflation adjusted gold chart, gold was $1975 and silver was $102 in January 1980 with a ratio of 19. The shape of the graph in September 1976 looks similar to now just prior to upward move to 1980. If the same proportions happen again, we could be looking at $5000. Silver could be the big mover as mentioned in a lot of these interviews. The MACD is worth viewing as well on the monthly chart for both gold and silver. Jim Sinclair March 16 2014 interview is a must watch.

  28. Diane Carol Mark

    At about 23:22 minutes into this interview, your guest blatantly insulted you and your audience as follows: “and the sleepy dumb Americans that comprise 90% of our population, and I don’t think much of any of your listeners and viewers, the dumb sleepy Americans will not know the difference”.
    I generally don’t listen to this guest because his language is deplorable, his attitude is condescending and he’s full of himself. But, due to the topic, today I listened.
    I recommend that either this guy clean up his attitude or you find a new guest whether or not your audience “asks for him back every month”.
    🙂 Diane

    • Pinocchio

      @ Diane,
      @ Richard

      Amen and Amen. I stopped listening to JackASS long ago. He is a waste 0f my time.

      • allen ols

        So U didnt listen to this interview, or u did?

      • Pinocchio

        Hi Greg,

        My apologies for my previous post. I try to never put negative energy into the universe. And I allowed myself to falter. I love your blog, and what you do here. I do not want to be part of the problem, so I will never post another negative comment. Again, my apologies to you. May you be richly blessed for telling the truth in today’s world.

    • J.C.Davis

      Diane. I agree 90 % with your post. However Jim Willie is very intelligent, and full of knowledge concerning world events. J. W. greatly underestimates the people on this site. Apparently he has never read the comments. What would he do if he were in our shoes ?

      • Silence is Golden

        I can assure you he does read the comments. One has to have acute eyesite and hearing to notice the subtle insertion of phrases and words into dialogue he uses.

      • Old Dog

        JC Davis

        Don’t overestimate Mr. Willie’s intelligence.
        He may have a good data collection system in place (maybe), but his attitude and behavior does not indicate a man who has wisdom.
        Knowledge (data) puffs up; wisdom knows how to apply knowledge in humility.
        And indeed he probably does read the comments here and found that some on the site recognize him for what he truly is and state so.
        His feelings probably got hurt.
        I’m sorry.
        But facts are facts: He is unAmerican and he is not good Samaritan.
        He is out for himself and himself alone.
        Listen to someone who has knowledge but also cares about the humanity who is about to suffer greatly.
        I agree 100% with Diane.

        • Old Dog

          JC, to answer your question of what Mr. Willie would do if he was in our shoes? You have the answer. He sees the impending tragedy about the unfold, he packed and fled the country… and spits in the eye of what was once his fellow citizens.

          Why seek the counsel of an ungodly man?
          Seek instead, the counsel that God would give.
          Because I believe, in spite of all that many write here, GOD IS IN CONTROL. It may not go down the way the Jim Willie’s of the world predict.

          What would God have us do?
          That is the question.

          • mark

            Old Dog,
            I recently posted comments to Greg with regards to the 12 men sent to spy out the land that God had promised to the children of Israel which He was giving them as an inheritance and which they were to go in and possess. But 10 of the 12 came back with an “evil report” saying the land was filled with giants and we are like grasshoppers in comparison. Only 2, Joshua and Caleb were “of another spirit” and said “let us go up at once and possess it for they (the giants) they are bread for us”. The evil heart of unbelief in shrinking back from the living God is what caused the children of Israel to wander in the desert for 40 years under judgment as the Lord had determined that none of that generation would inherit the land as a result of their unbelief. When John saw the Lord Jesus in glory in revelation he “fell at His feet as dead” but He laid His hand on me and said “Fear not, I am the First and the Last and the living One and I became dead and behold I am living forever more and I have the keys of death and of Hades. Write therefore the things which you have seen and the things which are and the things which are about to take place after these things.”…So we need not be paralyzed with fear for He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind. As for Dr. Willie’s comment I do believe he mis-spoke but then he claims to be nothing more than a jackass anyway, albeit a golden one at that. He is a man that has weakness and frailty like the rest of us, but we have a High Priest Who ever lives to intercede having entered the Holiest of all by His own sp0tless blood sacrifice having obtained for us an eternal redemption so we need not fear him who has the power to kill the body, but rather fear Him who has the power to destroy both body and soul in Gehenna forever (Matt 10:28) for He has destroyed him who has the power of death, that is the devil, that He might release those who because of the fear of death for all their lives were held in slavery. (Heb 2:15). The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Old dog, amen.

          • Old Dog

            Thank you, Mark.
            Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.
            His Word is the light unto my feet.

            A tree is know by its fruit.
            A bad tree cannot produce good fruit; nor a good tree bad fruit.
            Everyone who listen to Mr. Willie knows his fruit.

    • Jim Taylor

      Couldn’t agree more! Mr. Hunter you’r last 3 interviews were fantastic before this guy. EVG, Johwn Williams, and Rob Kirby. Amazing stuff. So sad their interviews were 30 minutes and this clown was over 50. He has no business using that vulgarity. To me it hurts his credibility. Pelase keep up the good work. All your other guests are leaps and bouders better than this clown.

      • Jim Taylor

        Forgot to add a suggestion for guest. Howard Davidowitz. He is very entertainign and funny, but he does it in a way that is not in poor taste.

      • Greg Hunter

        Point taken. That said Jim Willie has made some very big calls (years in advance) such as the BRICS bank. He’s on record here and other places and it happened. Thank you for your feedback and comment.

        • Jim Taylor

          Thanks Greg. Those are very good points. Thanks for brining us the best week in and week out.

    • allen ols

      diane carol mark;

      One must have testosterone when listening to the Jackass, I would recommend, u avoid the Jackass, as a Thick Hide is required, no offense intended.

    • Mason

      I don’t agree with you and think he is a great guest. If you don’t want to listen to Jim Willie, just don’t listen to him. I don’t care about the “insults”. We don’t know each other personally, so how can he insult me? I think you are taking this way too personal. I only care about his information, and if it is accurate. And he has lots and lots of it, although I’m not sure if it’s all accurate, but time will tell. The one thing of your argument I will give credit to is that in general humility and empathy are positive for integrating information in a meaningful way, whereas ‘being full of oneself’ and a lack of empathy in others is negative for integrating information. Mind you, I’m not saying that this applies to Jim Willie, although he seems to be a guy with a more developed right half of his brain (eg better in math) than his left half of his brain (eg better in empathy). I think he uses other means to integrate his information, as he seems to have a superior network. But that being said, how can you just zoom in on the “insult” part and ignore his enormous trove of information? In any case, I vote for keeping on Jim Willie as a regular.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Diane, bless you and yours, as you are obviously a person of class and character. Yes, Willie is in love with himself, and he is nearly pathological in his hate for the country that he perceives as having let him down. I know the feeling, as I have watched this country do nothing but sell itself out in my 61+ years of life. But I’m not a quitter, and I’m still fighting. Willie is a resource. If I were to shut out all resources based on their lack of personal appeal, I fear I would be short-changing myself. Hold your nose and listen. And please continue to share your grace and thoughtful insights here. Best always. PM

    • mark

      If you go back and listen again to what Jim actually said you will find that what Jim was talking about when he referenced the listeners of USA Watchdog is that he does not consider them to be part of the 90% sleepy dopey Americans who are asleep. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Diane.

    • mark

      I think Jim meant to say ” and I don’t think any of much of your listeners and viewers” so as to exclude them from his comment of general criticism, but instead said ” and I don’t think much of any of your listeners and viewers” which would serve to set apart the listeners and viewers of Greg’s site in particular as worthy of such criticism.

    • mark

      Diane I would like to think that if Dr. Willie were to married to a lady with class such as yourself he would be more refined in his delivery and probably a whole lot more relaxed in his demeanor over all. But it is difficult, I will grant, to be the wife of a self-proclaimed Jackass.

  29. Richard

    Willie is smart and all, but his profanity and crudity have lost me as a listener. His comment about wiping his ass is repulsive and I just don’t need that kind of imagery in my life. I’m better than that and so are you.

    • allen ols

      When dealing with highly qualified , factually intell. folks like the Jackass, one must grow a really Thick Hide. Some are arrogant fools, a legend in their own minds, who think they know everything, and require a Jackass event.
      The Jackass qualifies many of his statements, and probably deals with alot of incompetent people. JW, doesnt have to agree entirely with PCR, or others, but quotes him often in HT Letter. The Jackass, often humbly corrects Himself, when he, screws up on info in the HT letter. I like Him, and rely on his info. al ols

      • mark

        thank you Allen. I too agree. Jim is a real guy warts and all. To my observation he never attempts to present himself as anything more than what he is. Like I have mentioned before, I believe the interview he gave with Paul Sandhu in 2 parts was one of his best. He was relaxed, clear, articulate and as I just commented to Diane, if Jim was married to a lady with self-respect and grace such as herself, he would probably be more refined in his delivery and much more relaxed in his demeanor, but then, I said, it is difficult to be the wife of a self-proclaimed Jackass. All the very best, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus be with you.

    • Charles H.


      To some point – I must agree: Dr. Willie is vulgar and irreverent. His information though – shared without cost to us here is probably quite valuable. As to his use of metaphors – I must admit that not everyone can afford a bidet. I, myself, am confined to using toilet-paper; and because I live in Mexico – the gut-flora makes for a bit messy: but that is life! I am happy that you are better than that.

  30. Larry

    If you follow logic at all, Jim Willie makes the complicated very understandable and the impossible seems to be probable. The US appears to be a victim of their own hubris and belief in their own press. For all of our sakes we can only protect that which is closet to us.

  31. SilverSax

    So the US military “melted” Panamanians?
    The Coast Guard “escorts” drugs onto US soil?
    Germany’s leaving NATO?
    We’re moving “quickly” around the solar system?

    Why does “Dr.” Jim Willie think he can get away with ridiculous claims like these?
    1. “Dummy, sleepy Americans.”
    2. “I don’t think much of any of your listeners.”

    • tROT

      Too right, Sliver Sax’s and and glad yer back! You cant believe everything thing about Jim Willie, he’s not holed down in central America, but central Australia, workin with those Langley boys & girls he talks about so much in a desolate spot called Woop Woop! Very hush hush I might add and do they love him! He’s ah hansome bugger, spittin Image of Rod Taylor! Now you know why the Aussie’s want us out.

  32. Dan

    “Germany will leave the EU and leave NATO too”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. I don’t know why this Jim Willie guy is so popular with your followers Greg. I dislike people who shout & rant unnecessarily and personally I think he’s just two notches below Karen Hudes in terms of crazy. Even his name sounds like a joke.

    Tell you what: if Germany leaves the EU and NATO, I hereby solemnly swear to EAT MY KEYBOARD!!!

    Tell you what

    • Winston Churchill

      Qwerty or Chinese keyboard.
      Do you want fries with it ?

      • allen ols


        cute, lol

      • Charles H.


        I have to agree…. doing business with the USA is becoming a lose-lose situation. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If Germany doesn’t leave the EU and Nato: they then have been corrupted more than I would ever have imagined.

    • malthus

      Sometimes he stumbles into being 80% right about economic manipulation, however he is way off base on tin foil hat stuff and I’m in the tin foil hat business. More John Williams, Stockman, David Walker, Roberts, etc., please

  33. allen ols


    The Jackass is the heavyweight champ. of world, in; financial analysis, political insight, world events juggling. His mere “conjecture” alone proves 95% correct most of the time, minus his covert insiders info.

    ‘i knew he was up next’ 🙂

  34. The War to End All Wars

    Massive fallout incoming; James (Jimbo) Willie
    Lets pray, R A D I O A C T I V E NOT!
    ” A free press means a free people” Do we have a free press? Are we still a free people?
    Don’t believe me? Your reading this, yah reckon? Well listen to this!

    • Eddie Laidler

      Savage at his best with a very credible guest.
      Neocon McCain was calling for action almost immediately in a terrible rush to judgement.
      That was when my hackles went up.
      Checking out Robert Parry

  35. allen ols


    I am reading a book by BRAD THOR, and he is featured perodi. on glen beck y/y. The comment is made, HE as well as Joel Rosenberg, have an uncanny way of writing these thriller books on current thoughts, only to find out what they write the scenario or plot happens a year or two later. SO

    SO, this book “act of war” is plot formed, around chinese running fake farms and villages in N Korea and how to protect them from and internal plot to blow 6 emp’s to shut down our eletc grid, ie fry it, and how they will protect the farms, and food production, and the chaos ensueing.

    Greg if your interested in reading it, i wish to pay for the book via pay pal, just let me know. tks. al ols

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your offer my friend.

      • allen ols


        20 bucks on the way!! enjoy

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Allen!

  36. REAL poop!

  37. Arizona

    GREG ,theres GERMAN military bases all over america,and yes they do fly the german flag over their bases and openly brag,THEIR going to take everything we have,AMERICA has been infiltrated and the american people don’t care,I would suggest you be getting ready,the police gangs and the us military are in bed with the destruction of america ,and americas own military children will be killing their own families,IT can’t be stopped either,ITS TO LATE NOW,all america can do is GET READY FOR “RED DAWN” .the movies warned everyone ,and they thought it was just a movie,BUT it will be way worse then the movie,THEY DON’T INTEND TO LOSE,and be HANGED FOR TREASON………..

    • allen ols

      thanks, can u possibly post some intel on this, locations, pictures and stuff. al

  38. Mason

    I have read a number of your comments and checked out some of your links. I think most are good reads, so thank you for that. You mentioned the role of the city of London a few times and its history, so therefore I thought you might enjoy this link, if you haven’t read it already. I have just discovered this and it’s a bit of a heavy read, so as of yet I have only read the first part of the three part series. I believe the third part isn’t available yet:
    First part:
    Second part:

    • Jerry

      Thank you. Good information.

  39. mj

    Willie is always entertaining, but imo it is a poor strategy to insult potential customers. My guess is that a large portion of his subscribers are Americans. Our govt. has been hijacked by the cabal as have other govts on the planet. We are the victims and not the perpetrators. Willie should get that fact straight. I am fed up with all the talk about stupid Americans. Throughout the history of this planet, the deceivers have manipulated the peoples of the world and the tragic consequences are quite clear, but most did not realize what was happening at the time of the deceptions. Willie cannot relate to us common folks – way too smart for that. But he can stop giving vent to every insult that comes to mind. By the way, more and more people in America and throughout the world are waking up – this is a revolution and the so-called elite controllers will eventually be defeated. Americans are a hardy people and for the most part a decent people – have a little faith.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’d like to think he meant uninformed Americans in general not this audience. I love all you folks, even the ones I disagree with sometimes. Your point is well made and well taken.

      • allen ols


        correct, He wnjoys witty, intelligent people, but scorns fools. One must “mann up in these times”

      • mark

        I would also agree. In going back and listening again a couple of times more closely to Jim’s comment regarding the “sleepy dumb Americans” who comprise 90% of the population he stated that: ” and I don’t think much of any of your listeners and viewers”, I do believe it is highly possible he was attempting to exclude the listeners and viewers of your site from his criticism of the general population but in doing so actually used language that sounded like he was particularly setting them apart for contempt, which would not and does not make sense having heard many of Jim’s interviews and reading his work. I do believe Jim mis-spoke in this case and could have worded his criticism more clearly. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Greg and to all. By the grace of God in Christ Jesus we fear not.

  40. Bert

    I hope you don’t mind, but I am using that dilusional laugh at 11:58 as my incoming email sound.

  41. ThirteenthFloor

    I would say FRB buying 3B MBS and 10B T’s and Agency’s per business day X 20 days per month from a very knowledgeable position regardless of public statements.

  42. Jeff

    Diane and nj…….. I have to completely disagree with both of you. I believe the figure is between 95-98% totally clueless Americans. Even lots on this site displaying a lack of knowledge……. Not one of my friends or family (that’s 100%) understand what’s really going on. That after multiple discussions that only result in eyes glazed over……Nothing to see here, turn the volume up on your “Survivor” or “Dancing with the Stars”……..btw, this has all been planned. How else could you get the sheep to march to their drumbeat……btw(2) some friends watch Fox and believe they are informed. Just as dangerous. Just another distraction thinking the NEXT election will change things……It’s always the next, isn’t it ?

  43. Jerry

    Can you handle the truth? If you can, you will find this information particularly interesting since it lays out who the ” Powers that be” really are, and why “The City of London Corporation” has a hand in everything.

    A few years ago, I would never have believed that any power on earth would be evil enough to shoot down a plane full of helpless people in order to promote an economic agenda. And then I discovered the City of London Corporation through an acquaintance. If you still believe that free markets still exist, and that things just work themselves out under the principals of economics, you can stop reading now.

    That world certainly does exist, but only to a limited degree in a localized economy only. The fact is the entire global economic table was tilted (rigged) many years ago by a syndicate of powerful families that seized control through the Banking system, and then through various governments of the world. Conspiracy Theory?
    Maybe, but then answer these questions.
    1. How is it that these entities avoid paying taxes?
    2. How do they avoid arrest with so much Bank fraud that has been reported?
    3. How come no criminal arrest have been made with the murders of over 30 Bankers?

    Answer: They control the system. All of it. And as the old saying goes ” he who has the gold makes the rules”, These people were living in elegant castles, sitting on piles of gold, while most of our ancestors were living in mud huts being taxed to death for bartering chickens. The rules of the game never change. Just the players. How clever they were to give us a piece of paper, and make us believe it was worth something, while they were hording gold the whole time underneath our noses.

    My friends America has been stolen from us. We let the wolf in the henhouse the day congress agreed to let the Federal Reserve Bank, (who are the very same people who enslaved our ancestors), control our finances. They do not, nor have they ever had our interest at heart and the time is drawing near, when they will no longer need us. My advice. You’d better own some gold, or a chicken.

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      You’re on the right track. I also commented below. But in addition to a blogger’s website, here’s a link to what appeared in the Guardian UK newspaper concerning that Corporation:

    • mark

      Really? Do you honestly believe having lived as long as you have that no power on the earth existed that had such capacity for evil that to shoot down a plane with how ever many passengers to forward an economic agenda was really beyond imagination??? Really???? How about the Lusitania? How about Pearl Harbor?? How about the Gulf of Tonkin incident???? HOW ABOUT 9/11??????????? You are that surprised Jerry??? I have come to learn this is the way the world works (under the Prince of Darkness), but his days are numbered regardless what the “City of London” says or does. We answer to a Higher Power Who holds the keys of death and of Hades. Don’t fear Jerry. He loves you and gave His life for you. These bastards are illegitimate and will not inherit with the Firstborn. Jesus is Lord amen. I say again Jerry, DO NOT FEAR!!! HE IS FOR YOU!!!!

  44. dchayden

    I had a lot to comment on today, but I changed my mind. Instead, I just want to say, thank you Greg !! You, and your site, are a very real asset to all us loyal viewers, and contributors !


    • Greg Hunter

      We all thank you Derek.

  45. Sam Grant

    Jim Willie did say Germany is conducting SECRET negotiations in order not to tip tip off the USA, or there would be hell to pay. So they can hardly broadcast it over German television.
    I checked on Wikipedia. You would know better than I, but Wiki says Germany signed The German Instrument of Surrender with the Allied Expeditionary Force (which included the USA) and the Supreme High Command of the Red Army, with France witnessing, on May 7, 1945. However, with the US Army base being situated in Germany since the end of WW 2, it does appear as if Germany is indeed an occupied country.
    Jim Willie gave four reasons for Germany to sever ties with the USD and it surprised me that Germany not getting their gold back from the US wasn’t one of them.
    We certainly are living in historic times……………..

  46. Dumb Vet

    I myself (10 months ago) even said Germany would go by way of Russia. However, she didn’t get her gold and she has nothing to bring to the table. If I were Her, I would keep the “front” IN front. In other words, she would be better with friends of new then of old. Germany has played and lost again.

    There, I said it. There is a bunch in there people if you take the time to digest it.

    • Jeff

      Vet….. Germany has the strongest economy in Europe. It still has a lot of gold because all the citizens have gold. Sound familiar (like china) ? I believe it’s also the largest trading partner with Russia. I believe it’s the world’s 4th biggest economy……. Russia could do worse. When I heard about them joining the BRICs it made perfect sense. So why shouldn’t they work with Russia………. as an aside, which world country has the least gold per capita ? Same one who lost it over the decades suppressing the price…… Now they (guess who) will pay the price.

  47. art barnes

    Greg, Jackass is well named! I’m sorry but his vulgar demeaning & condescending attitude towards us is outrageous. He may well know what a derivative is or a naked short but I’m beginning to wonder if he really knows how to wipe his own behind to coin his golden vernacular.

    • Greg Hunter

      You point is well made and well taken. I think he meant most Americans and not the folks on this site. This was an impromptu interview I put together at the last minute because I had a guest cancelation. He usually outlines the entire interview before he comes on but not this time. Please don’t be offended and try to get something out of h=what he’s saying. A few years ago he predicted some sort of BRICS bank and a few weeks ago it that prediction came to fruition. He’s not right about everything but he hits a good percentage. Thank you for weighing in my friend!!

      • Arthur Radley

        Probably just need to remind Dr. Willie that you no longer work at CNN.

    • mark

      I believe Jim’s comment regarding the “90% of Americans” being “sleepy and dumb” is with respect to the general dumbing down which has taken place among our citizenry over the past decades with respect to monetary and economic and political history and dynamics. I do believe Jim was attempting to exclude the listeners and viewers of this site in his criticism, but it came out sounding as if he was setting the listeners and viewers of this site aside as being worthy of contempt in particular, which I do not believe is consistent with Jim’s stated position in other interviews and articles. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Art.

  48. Paul

    Hi Greg,
    I visit your site often to get the truth . I have trouble reading because of my eye sight fail ing.
    Could you ask Jim Willie if his Hat Trick letter could be in a voice format, so I could listen
    to it. I would then subscribe Thank you for all you do.

  49. Scott

    I have come to the conclusion Jim is a space monster cloaked as a human male.

    • mark

      and Scott, If he could have a wife such as Diane who by all appearance is a classy self-respecting woman, Jim would do very well by her. But as I said, it is not easy being married to someone who is a self proclaimed Jackass. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Scott.

  50. Chistopher Martin

    To add to Jim’s comments about Germany, the rail link is already in place- just needs upgrading. Here is President Xi welcoming a direct freight train from China to Duisberg
    The article mentions the Silk Road economic belt which doesn’t seem to get any coverage in US. I think it is a game changer and Xi has a ten year presidency to put it into effect.
    Germany has two priorities – energy and markets. They are looking East for both.
    They have to rescue their banking sector and this is best achieved with their own printing press. They will have to exit the Euro

    • allen ols

      great info tks al ols

  51. Sam Grant

    I honestly don’t think Jim Willie meant to diss Greg’s listeners at all. I think he truly misspoke. I think he meant to say that we are not like the 90% of asleep Americans, but his words came out all wrong. Because he obviously knows that we know about the criminal cabal controlling the world, so he would have no reason to be rude to us.

    • Jim

      Willie tells it like he sees it. Saves time. Some of the smartest, most capable individuals I know deliver their message, to the people they know best, in a far rougher manner than Jim Willie does here. I don’t want any sugar coating on matters as grave as what I also believe is coming to this nation in the not so distant future.

    • allen ols

      agreed, He likes people of common thought.

    • Silence is Golden

      That’s your interpretation.
      What makes you or any of the others think you know what is REALLY going on in the world ? AND what makes you think Jim Willie thinks he knows more so as to be so condescending. What is portrayed is his point of view. The World is evolutionary…just like JW’s thesis. He formulates concepts and ideas and modifies them over time as more information comes to hand.
      The world and its people have become hostage to the amount of noise that is circulating. It has become quite deafening, because like the propaganda issued by our controllers it assists in the misunderstanding the true dynamics at play. We become enthralled with day to day, week to week happenings that we actually cannot decipher the true work that is being done to enslave and capture our minds, bodies and souls.
      The current world paradigm is a work in progress. But rest assured there are devious minds at work to provoke intolerance and to initiate actions against differences between factions and religions. Those nations intent on survival as a result of being divided will be forced into fighting themselves so completely, that it will leave them physically, mentally and economically exhausted.
      If the power struggle for world domination bringing about WWIII is not enough, what is planned for the world after this event has played out, is even more diabolical. A century and a half of time has passed for the invisible government to achieve its goals to date.
      Days, weeks, months and years of conjecture supported by a library of information…..and still we cannot see.

    • Roger

      Agree, Dr Willie gets a bit excited at times and I cannot believe he meant to criticise the discerning readers/viewers of Greg’s site. I can also forgive him the mention of personal hygiene in unseemly terms, his analysis is second to none and although some of what he says seems incredible he does know more than most of us with his vast network of sources. Another excellent interview, Greg you get the best out of your guests and your format just seems somehow to provide absolutely compelling commentary.

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Yes, I have to agree. Jim is, to put it mildly, “tightly wound” and prone to hyper verbosity.

    • mark

      After listening more closely to Jim’s comment as pointed out by Diane at the 23:18 mark I would agree. I believe Jim meant to point out the ignorance which is so prevalent in our modern American society (“90% of the population”) with regards to what our monetary and foreign policy actually is and how it is carried out. I believe he meant to exclude the listeners and viewers of Greg’s site in his comment, but it came out sounding as if he was heaping his contempt upon them in particular which would be inconsistent with Jim’s articles and comments in other interviews. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Sam.

  52. Jerry

    And the dead bankers keep piling up, as the strings that hold the financial system
    together continue to unwind.
    Like I said before, with the “City” its nothing personal, just business. You might even say spring cleaning, preparing for the new tenants from the East.

  53. Dennis

    I believe Jim just was talking too fast and mis spoke. This guy is full of knowledge and I personally like to listen to him. I hope Greg that you ignore the do-gooders that had their ears ruffled. They all knew they were listening to Jim Willie from the Golden JACKASS! This was not a church social. I’ll bet every one of them watch R-rated movies. I blame the people that worry about being nice, as the main reason our country has been over run by criminals. Its time people in this country grow up and face reality. Guys like Jim Willie, shove reality right in our face. We NEED this! As an Ex-Marine Jim Willie is mild.

    • Mason

      Well spoken! I second your comments. I can’t believe so many of the comments on this forum are focussing on him maybe having insulted the feelings of this audience, and not about the enormous amount of information he supplies. Seriously people, get some perspective, we are not dealing with a Tupperware-party here. If you don’t want to listen to him, just don’t listen and stop complaining. I think he’s great and fortunately, a lot of people on this forum do appreciate his information and insights (if it turns out to be accurate that is).

      • mark

        not a “Tupperware party”!!!!!! I can’t believe it….. “Tupperware”!!!! Is Tupperware even around anymore??? That, if I recall correctly, was one of the great American success stories that made this country what it was, that someone by the name of Tupper could come up with a line of plasticware for use in the kitchen and market it all over the country through home grown sales, not “Big box” retailers. Very interesting Mason, you definitely struck a chord!!! The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Mason, amen

  54. Coalburner9

    Greetings Greg;
    Great job. Sometimes you have to do a double listen but Jim was making a sarcastic joke about the Coast Guard. Not serious. Yes he likes to get lots of twists in a discussion but he is good at putting the puzzle together. And I read PRC the other day and did not buy one of his conjectures either. I see lots of wild stories and I don’t buy them till I get a enough convincing evidence. I know them and I do not believe even the best of government agencies of this stuff at least without some bumbling and info leaks. If the 90% don’t blow it, too many patriots will do a
    Snowden on them. Usually that is a Whistle-blower event that gets out to the news. I can still sift through the Willie blarney and find the info he is trying to relate. And it is usually worth the effort.

  55. g

    that panama laser crack was golden, i was there running radio serving with special ops next door this is the first i have ever heard this. on things like that i loose interest, i am almost questioning if this guy is actually out of country or if he is just a good illusionist. i am sorry but i am done with this.

  56. Edward Ulysses Cate

    As you know, the 1889 book “The Great Red Dragon” comes right out in the introduction and says their goal is to “own the earth in fee-simple.” I think the BRIC’s bank is to distract folks away from seeing the financial sociopaths’ real goal. To form the BRIC’s bank had to involved deep financial connections. Here’s just ONE example:
    And just like in 1889, control seems to be in greater London:
    Nothing major happens without their knowledge and/or consent.
    We just don’t know who the puppeteers are behind the curtain.

  57. Malcolm

    For all readers that like their ‘true facts’ about MH17 plus MH370 and Russian sanctions from the mainstream media and biased reporting. Please look away now. Please do not click on this link. The truth can be very disturbing.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know what to believe but I do know no matter who did the dirty deed the war there is going to get much worse.

  58. NoNeed


    this message is meant as supportive criticism, I hope you can take it.
    (I’m not an American so my English is far from perfect but I think I’ll get the message across.)

    I’ve been listening to your audio interviews for about a year now and you have some great guests on but sometimes they spread absolute …….

    This is Greg Hunter and I have edited out the rest of your comment. If you want to criticize me then man-up and use a real verifiable name and include you resume so I know where and who is heaping criticism on me. OK??

  59. Ugly

    The meltdown of the USA economy has happened slowly.
    The collapse of the USD Dollar is happening now and going faster.
    The overtake of the USA will happen suddenly, almost over night….

    You must look at main ideas so it doesn’t suddenly come to you. Questions to ask:

    1. Do I have any food stored and how much.
    2. Can I get fresh food somewhere?
    3. Do I have access to fresh water?
    4. Can I defend myself and family?
    5. Am I ready to cooperate with neighbors to be civil and work together?
    6. Do I have any supplies like water filters, wood stove, matches, solar lights, soap?
    7. Have I done any practicing such as cooking and using supplies so I have knowledge?
    8. Do I have any purchasing power such as silver coins, cash, or barter items?
    9. Have I asked God for daily guidance?

    Those are probably the bare minimums. When the dollar loses another 50% value in a few months to maybe a couple years! we will wish we spent more time with the more important stuff and not so much on pensions, social security, and retirement….

  60. asmith

    I like to listen to Jim Willie for his info and analysis since I’m not a Hat trick subscriber and don’t take anything he says as an insult because I think he’s has an Asperger’s like personality disorder and doesn’t realize his vulgarity or insulting commentary. That being said, I do find it hard to believe a) the US will EVER allow Germany to align itself w/Russia and b) Russia will have a naval base in Cuba unless the US suffers a major defeat in Ukraine.

    I did find this rather extensive interview of PCR on youtube that the readership might find interesting:

    • mark

      Hi Greg,
      Asmith just reminded me, what about having Dr. Paul Craig Roberts check in for his take on what is going on? I love his laugh at the most appropriate times and no one will be offended by his use of language. He is a knowledgeable and wise gentleman. All the very best Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, amen.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Mark.

  61. Naughtilus

    V.I. Lenin and the Bolsheviks of Russia were predicting the collapse and fall of the Capitalist system every hour of the day, 24/7, one hundred years back or so. Now look where they are and where the capitalism is.
    Also, when talking about QE, try not to forget that there is very little, if any (except, maybe, as a replacement for bills lost in circulation due to natural tear and wear), need for extra printed paper money in the Western hemisphere, especially, on the part of those who are identified here as 1%.
    And just to prove my point, let’s watch the prevalence of freedom of speech on this site as this post never appears. 🙂

  62. Jerry

    America No More.
    It should be apparent by now that the globalist are setting up #3 distinct trade platforms in which to administer their new currency system through.
    – The EU ( European Union) – which will be based in Frankfort ( as Jim Willie predicted)
    – The AU ( Asian Union)- which will be based in Shanghai
    – The NAU ( North American Union) – which will be based in Chicago
    Want proof?
    Wake up people. Its right in front of you. Two weeks ago a four star general told us what was planned, and now you have proof from yet, another General. The Central planners are so sure that we won’t do anything about, they are no longer hiding it.
    The systems are up, and have been tested, so its just a matter of time before they pull the switch on the dollar.

  63. brian

    Economic sanctions have historically led to further escalations of conflict and not the reverse, the guys pushing for these sanctions know damn well they are taking the world down the road to war and have no illusions that what they are doing is done to ease the conflict here. I guess the guys in charge are showing that they are willing to do just about anything to stay ahead of justice–as more folks wake up the more dangerous things will become as the more desperate to stay ahead of things the crooks will get–on the other hand it is a general sense of ignorance on the publics behalf regarding the actions of those in charge that resulted in the situation we have here today–its a sad catch 22 I guess and everyone knows that there is no painless way out from under the rotten rule of criminals. Get ready for some real pain I guess.

  64. Jerry

    Government in Ukraine collapses.
    Well there you go. The reason needed for Invasion . To restore order out of chaos. Right out of the play book. The bigger question is, what will the Nazi Cabal and NATO do now? Its time to put up or shut up. CAUTION! Conflict ahead.

  65. 70andOut

    “Foreigners didn’t want to buy the Treasuries anymore”

    Treasury auctions are over-subscribed by a factor of between 3 and 4, on average. That means there are far more buyers than there are available bonds to purchase. Entities worldwide continue to buy treasuries. It’s just the gold bugs trying to suck people into buying gold. It’s not a currency; you can’t buy things with gold; you have to convert it to dollars.

  66. Mike


    Germany would love to break with the US, Britain, and NATO because it will be economically ruined if it doesn’t. The US and London have nothing to offer but the increasingly worthless fiat Dollar for German’s real goods vs tangible assets that Russia and the East wish to trade. The US bought a lot of time by buying off Merkel but there is now too much pressure from German business to allow her to continue in office.

    No one likes to be called a stupid sheep by Jim Willie or anyone else, especially if it is true, but the fact is that 30% of Americans are on some drug or another and can’t think straight, 50% are victims of mainstream media propaganda, and 10% are insane. Only 10% of Americans are somewhat rational and half of those have some financial interest in the status quo. It is really depressing but nothing is going to change until the people are too broke to afford their drugs and pay the electric to keep the TV on.

    • mark

      Dear Mike,
      I think I know what you mean. I work with these people everyday. They are over medicated, under educated, and struggle even to move around because of their obesity. It is completely sad and very discouraging I will admit. But to those who by their evil design have perpetrated such a curse upon mankind I am reminded of Matt 18:10 wherein we read ” See that you do not despise any of these little ones, for I say unto you that their angels in the heavens continually behold the face of My Father who is in the heavens. For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. What do you think? If any man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountains and go seek the one that has gone astray? And if it so happens that he finds it, truly I say to you that he rejoices over it more than over the ninety-nine which have not gone astray. In the same way, it is not the will of your Father who is in the heavens that one of these little ones perish” (Matt 18:10-14). The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus be with you Mike, amen.

  67. Jeff

    70andout……..It’s a well known fact many of the major countries have drastically cut back on their treasury purchases. First, because they perceive the dollar as worthless (well someone has a brain) and second their own economies are contracting and the flow of investor capital is dwindling……. Can you tell me who these entities are that “over-subscribe” ? I’m well aware of the process. Do you think that the same Fed who hands out $Billions to banks for zero % doesn’t have strings attached ? Like using the money to artificially prop up the market AND buy our debt…… Imagine that…..Can you tell me how little ‘ol Belgium can purchase 4 times their GDP in treasuries ? If you can I’d like to hear it……Fact is, we have a debt balance of 10’s of $Trillions. Can you tell me how we are financing that 70andout ? We are printing $Trillions with a “T” just to keep this Titanic afloat. That money is going everywhere. Especially to our central bank “friends” who just might buy some of that debt. That’s if they know what’s good for them…… No QE, right. When they announced they were going to “reduce” said QE I had to laugh…..I know that if we stopped for one second buying this debt, rates would explode and the interest payment would exceed out total tax revenue…… Truth be known, even at zero % we are already exceeding that. Everything is smoke and mirrors, lie upon lie. We are actually spending @ 5 times what the gov reports because the wars and Pentagon spending, ect, ect aren’t even added to the budget…..Did you know we shipped off well over $16 Trillion to Euro banks yrs ago……. Shall I continue ? No QE….don’t make me laugh…..

    • mark

      thank you Jeff, excellent.

    • Greg Hunter

      Who is buying all this debt. If Treasuries are “oversubscribed” then why have Euro-clear buy billions and stash them in Belgium. Do you really think the debt of the U.S. is AA?

  68. laurais

    Maybe this has been said but one way for the Fed to finesse a portion of the public’s savings would be, under SEC auspices, for the Fed to buy the bonds of a Federal agency created to purchase shares in private companies and to signal to these companies to stop the buybacks. P/E ratios drop to more normal levels to entice individual and institutional investors to purchase company shares with their pension accounts. The government is on the other side of the trade and quick spends the money on its many boondoggles avoiding a hike in interest rates. As share prices correct investors and retires are left holding the bag as the bogus Federal agency goes the way of Fannie and Freddie.

  69. laurais

    I should have added that the Federal agency in question, prior to dissolution or bankruptcy, would naturally be shorting its trades.

  70. 70andOut

    My only initial point was that the writer said no one wants to buy Treasuries any more, and I said that was incorrect that they are currently and have been for a long time over-subscribed, and included links in a subsequent post to substantiate my statement. I hear this type of statement in numerous blogs and reports, and I suspect, but obviously don’t know for sure, that the writers are trying to justify their precious metal holdings. Also, your bloggers would briefly respond to my point, and then drift off into their favorite, somewhat related, topics and basically ignore my point.
    I agree with the fundamental position that you and your bloggers take that US debt is unsustainable, although I think that as a result of the “sequester” and higher taxes that the day of un-sustainability has been pushed further out in time. Look, I agree with most of what’s said, but if we get all our facts right we will present a more compelling argument.

  71. Ken

    Great interview! Mr. Willie clearly outlines in order to understand the Political aspects, which in turn exposes the presstitute propaganda you follow the money and the battle to control the money supply. The Federal Reserve system which is and soon to be was the vehicle to control and funnel money and intrinsic assets to the elite has run its course and they are looking for a replacement vehicle. Mr. Willie like yourself is a beacon of light in the dark room of the cabal. Keep up the great work!

  72. Angie

    After this interview my of initial opinion of Willie as an pompous ass is confirmed – yet he is entitled to his opinion and many here welcome it as I do to some degree.

    The idea that many are moving away from the USD is obvious yet it is also obvious that Europe and is not sitting pretty nor are the BRICS for the most part. Regardless of what currency one uses there needs to be consumers — just who are the consumers! We are in a global depression and the world consumer, the USA is bankrupt.
    India a new consumer —- pleeeese. Depending of who is controlling the stats, the poverty line which measures a person lives below $1.25 per day on purchasing power parity basis is about 30%. Also consider that 40% do not even have electricity. Strange, I do not see them at huge market for Smart Phones.
    China — LOL — the guys would rather have a date than a Smart Phone…
    As bad off as we are I do not see anyone else standing high and mighty. The name of the game is resources and contrary to Willie the USA is in a good position. Keep in mind that foreign ownership can be changed by the stroke of a pen. Does anyone really believe that Americans will see their families starve while foreigners export our lands production? If you do you are not a student of history or human nature.
    This country is heading for a revolution be it by election or by blood. When the regime changes there will be stark changes in all polices especially foreign polices and property rights. In 1949, Mao refused to pay interest or principal on the bonds issued earlier by their enemy of which the US was the holder of. This was not the first time or instance that this occurred. If China did it then so can we.

  73. IcedCoffee

    What if i told you, Atom Bombs are a Hoax! They don’t work, they are another lie, like many, many other lies from the correupt, criminal u.s. corporation.

  74. Danielle

    no Germany is NOT joining brics. brics wont want Germany as Germany sanctioned Russia and cant handle the eu Germany wont ever be accepted on top of that Germany is very corrupt.

  75. Bob

    I’m just proud my grandfather and all others ( the greatest generation) who fought in ww11 is not still alive to see what they fought and gave so much for this country, and to see now what it has become.
    It,s like Jim willie says we better wake up, it makes me so damn mad and sad.If it’s not to late already it’s time for a good ole time revaluation, to clear out the corruption before our constitution becomes just a word.

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