Globalists Want War, Ukraine Lies & Propaganda, Economy Tanking

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 519 3.11.22)

Even though Russia and Ukraine have been talking, zero agreement has been reached in stopping the three-week-old war between the two countries.  There is no good faith effort to end it, and it appears the Deep State globalists want this conflict to continue. The only conclusion you can come to is, ultimately, this leads to war, and that’s what they want.  Be prepared for this conflict and escalating sanctions to continue for some time to come.  Maybe this is why Martin Armstrong sees a big war cycle coming in 2023.

It’s been difficult reporting on Ukraine because of the lies and propaganda.  For the past few weeks, the Biden/Obama Administration has been denying there are U.S. bio-weapons labs in Ukraine.  They called it conspiracy theories and “fake news.”  They should have told that to State Department Under Secretary Victoria Nuland because in Senate testimony under oath, she basically confirmed the U.S. did indeed have bio-weapons labs in Ukraine.  Nuland said she was worried about the labs falling into the hands of the Russians, and she was not talking about the Russians finding out about a cure for cancer.  This breaks a 1992 agreement by the U.S. and Russia on bio-weapons.  Another example of propaganda in Ukraine is many of the videos you are seeing contain old video from other battles and even video game footage that simulate war.  A big percentage are fake or total misrepresentations of what is going on in Ukraine.  It’s all used to sway public opinion against Russia and for NATO.  Even globalist George Soros is shilling for Ukraine, and that alone is a huge red flag.

As the sanctions on Russia increase, the economy continues to tank.  The big issue is supply of goods and commodities causing spiking inflation.  Just look at wheat prices.  Last fall, when winter wheat was planted, the grain was around $5.50 per bushel.  Today, thanks to sanctions on Russia, it is averaging more than $11.00 per bushel.  Expect the free bread at Outback and every other restaurant to not be so free in the future.  All indications are the tanking of the global economy will keep going because the Russia/Ukraine conflict has no end in sight. and that’s what the Deep State globalists want.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 3.11.22.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Precious metals and financial expert David Morgan of “The Morgan Report” will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He thinks the up-trend for metals is here to stay, and there are many geopolitical reasons why.

Rob Kirby Update:

Doctors have taken Rob off the respirator, and he is breathing on his own.  I think doctors are going to slowly bring Rob out of his medically induced coma this weekend!!!


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    As the song goes

    • Lyon Barbara

      It’s hard to decipher who’s telling the truth anymore. How do we know these two guys are telling the truth?

      • Better Chetter

        Hard to know who’s telling the truth – INDEED !!
        on 911 in USA, besides Twin Towers – Bldg 7 fell, all by itself –
        Did anyone tell the truth then?
        Massive 48 story bldg falls all by itself, pancake or controlled demo-style

        Hard to know who’s telling the truth … early ophthalmologist surgeon doing cornea transplant, Dr. Jerry Tennant, with PPE on, still gets encephalitis/brain virus – n doctors can’t operate as it’s in the brain, so he’s doomed to live in fog the rest of his life. But he had 1 hr of clear thinking time each morning, and knew he do self-heal, and he did with pH – Alkaline-Acid re-balancing. Drs only think drugs/surgery – he self-healed and youtube vids are called Healing is Voltage, as pH linked to hertz frequencies – and he doesn’t directly challenge orthodox medicine. What virus do we know of today that could benefit from pH re-balancing in our bodies? What truth is not being told?

        Last “Aha” moment is JFK – to know who’s telling the truth – it was/is lone gunman, till Geraldo, about 20 yrs later, shows Zapruder film on live TV, and his head goes forward with 1 shot, then backwards with another shot. Media reports, and always concludes there is not enough evidence to overturn the prior decision/spin.

        The best we can do is be open minded. Look for more than what mainstream media presents – USAWatchDog, Martin Armstrong, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell news site, Zerohedge site – plenty more out there. While any can be wrong, no news agency is perfect and opinion mixes with researched data – but if you/we watch different sources, our “still small voice within” can help in our discernment of truth.
        Good luck

        • A Anthanovich

          The globalists are never going to tell us the truth when are actually trying to kill us. This fact should now be crystal clear to anyone who has been paying attention since 9/11.

          The recently released Pfizer documents…the documents they wanted to keep secret for 75 years…proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the so-called vaccines were released to the public…when they had full knowledge of numerous damaging adverse events and death that they would cause. In effect, they (our globalist masters) decided to cull the herd by damaging our immune systems, etc….which is causing many debilitating diseases, serialization, and death.

          Don’t believe me…go to the link below and look at the …Appendix 1 List of Adverse Events of Special Interest Page 30. Now copy any one of the listed adverse events that you can’t even pronounce…and paste it into your search engine…then start reading….unbelievable!

          1) If you manage to fight off the effects of the mRNA gene therapy, they will finish you off by financial ruin…which is happening now with inflation.

          2) If you refuse to get the mRNA gene therapy, they will prevent you from working, shopping, etc…so your demise is sure to happen eventually.

          3) And lastly, if you manage to survive all of the above, they will outfit you with some transhuman gear so you will be a willing and useful slave …”who will own nothing and be happy” until you succumb to the technology or get replaced by transhuman 2.0

          Every single person who promoted these deadly injections needs to be rounded up in a holding facility until they can stand trial for murder…starting with Biden, Fauci, and yes…Trump.

          Of course, you won’t hear about the “smoking gun” Pfizer documents…because the globalist criminals decided to sacrifice Ukraine ( and more poor people) to cover up their covid crimes. Unfortunately, the majority of the American public is now focused on the globalist’s instigated war with Russia…just like they focused on (and believed) the covid plandemic. Whatever happened to fool me once…shame on you…fool me twice, then shame on me?

          If there is no accountability for the covid crimes…then humanity is finished…and a New World Order will emerge with transhumanism…a despotic world completely controlled by a small number of money changers.

          Again, don’t believe me…watch one of Klaus Schwab’s advisors…Dr. Yural Narari openly talking about his vision of transhumanism in the short video linked below:

    • SOD

      Historically, the last act of all corrupt and bankrupt Nations is to kill and loot their citizenry. As Daniel Webster once noted, ‘There is nothing as powerful as truth—and often nothing so (awful and) strange.” SOD

    • Mike

      Greg. Thank you for the truth . Please, stay out of the field and stay in the office. The field. And the wind is a big distraction. May God bless your work.

    • blamb

      If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.

  2. Richard

    Thankyou Greg for all you do. Like you mentioned war is not a good thing but I believe the truth has to come out Hopefully then our eyes will be opened to the evil and corruption that run this world and maybe people will turn to our one and only saviour, Jesus.

    • IIG

      Our eyes “have been opened to the evil and corruption that runs this world” – and while Bribe’n now has us going to nuclear war to defend Klaus Schwab – he has likely already bribe’d American news organizations from ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as cable TV news stations Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC (using taxpayer money) “to go along with nuclear war just like they gave false medical advice to help Bribe’n jab everyone” (by saying positive things about the Killer Clot Shots) – documents obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services shows hundreds of news organizations “took bribes paid by the federal government” to advertise and advance the killer vaccines for Big Pharma as part of a “comprehensive media campaign of deception and mass murder against the American people” – now that Big Pharma’s Clot Shot “vaccines” have been proven to be dangerous and ineffective the American public should demand RICO payments from both Big Pharma and the News Media Corporations to recover all the taxpayer money spent on producing and promoting the killer vaccines which have been the biggest fraudulent medical experiment in the history of the world – Big Pharma and the American corporate media paid off by the Bribe’n Administration have to make amends to the American people for their criminal actions leading to the deaths of many thousands and the injury of many millions – this has been the largest and most comprehensive breach of medical and journalistic ethics that has ever occurred in recorded history – almost everyone in Big Pharma and the Main Stream Media (MSM) took our taxpayer money and lied to us – and the damn MSM (supposedly the fourth branch of government) refused to report anything negative about the “killer vaccines” – they were paid to close their eyes and they did it for just about worthless fiat money – RICO laws should be used to retrieve all the vaccine and bribe money taken from the American people by all those implicated in this immoral crime against humanity and the Big Pharma and News Media corporate heads brought to trial for premeditated murder!!!

      • Johnny Cool


        Don’t worry, everything is ok because…



        “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, more commonly known simply as Dr. Strangelove, is a 1964 black comedy film that satirizes the Cold War fears of a nuclear conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States.”

        • IIG

          Dr. Stangeglove (the psychopath Biden) has been putting his finger up the ass of a nuclear armed bear (with his regime change, bio-weapon labs and moving nuclear missiles into the Ukraine) thinking there will be no consequences ?? – he is going to get his ass handed to him!!

        • IIG

          Wonder what the consequences would be if Putin built 30 bio-labs in Mexico – to genetically engineer viruses “that only killed Americans”?? –

      • Earth Angel

        I Don’t think B’riben has had anything to do with the mainstream news outlets or what they’re putting out. They are already OWNED by the globalist cabal. They know B’riben is too doddering & senile to have any effectiveness of his own accord. That’s why they put him in! It’s B’riben’s HANDLERS who are running the O’biden administration (O’bummer’s 3rd term) and its machinations of destruction about the world right now. (as they have done for decades, if not centuries). This is what gives them such hubris, but never fear, the TRUTH is coming out quickly now from EVERY corner and every direction and exposing these bast@r&s for the demon rats that they are. Let the chips fall where they may; and may the hand of justice give them exactly what they deserve. All GLORY to Jesus Christ- but men must ACT for HIM to work through us. And so He is doing right now. Peace be to all. Gratitude to Greg and ALL who are working to bring the TRUTH to light at this time. May God have mercy on us all.

  3. Lacris

    I think you are right with regards to inflation.
    The CPI is fake and inflation is much higher.
    Where I am, in Sweden, the current price for a gallon of diesel is 12,22 dollar.

    • Earth Angel

      WHAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for reporting this. The bast@r&s doing this are destroying world economies (and everything else as well). They MUST be stopped! In Sweden 12.22 per gallon?! That’s Insane. I guess their final goal is to have us all walking everywhere we go!

  4. Dr. Joseph

    I’m so sick of the continued lies and deceptive practices. Would they know truth if it slapped them in the face? I think not..

    • JungianINTP

      Dr. Joseph,

      Root Cause of LIES and DECEPTIONS :

      The American Communist Lawyers Union removed school prayer—and the Ten Commandments from the Public Square. Then, public schools taught values-/virtue-free “situation ethics,” instead of instilling Right vs. Wrong lessons for students. And we wonder why we find ourselves in a morality challenged Medical community/society ? America has become Pottersville, after George succeeds in killing himself—in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


      • Charles H.

        Excellent. Remove God and authority: all that remains is self criteria – ‘truth’ is only what you want it to be.

      • Laura McDonough

        Liberal or apathetic parents send their kids to public schools ongoing now for generations, parents seldom instill values and morals (kids raise themselves) Younger generations and some older will condone any type gov. we get no matter how corrupt, or if families are separated in work camps.. Most patriots have passed on. Few are left mostly elderly now, many disabled or homebound. 5% maybe really know the real issues and are informed on WEF, agenda 2030 and who the players are here and overseas. They will also know ho the political sell outs are by name.

  5. Johnny Cool

    Victoria Nuland. Evil.

    Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
    G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 718

    …In 2013, Barack Obama was ready to attack Syria after another claim of a chemical attack on civilians by the Syrian army, but Vladimir Putin managed to defuse the situation.

    …As you read in Chapter Ten, Putin even appealed to reason through a September 11th, 2013 New York Times Op Ed piece.

    Biden’s senility is the subject of major news stories and Barack Obama’s shadow power in the Democratic party is obvious. Deputy-Secretary-of-State, Victoria Nuland was a major player in the NATO coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014. Today, she is in control. The players have not changed.

    The precise nature of Nostradamus’s predictive power is on display here, because I am providing interpretations that I wrote over a decade ago. This is the proof that people always demand to see when wanting those Prophecy Miracles.

    • Diana Brown

      Well, I believe they would if for no other reason to keep the truth from the population in general. That truth of course to bury the lot of them!

      • Ivan Petrov

        In 2013 it was Great Britain, not Putin that stopped the US invasion of Syria. They voted “No” in their parliament by a very small margin that Great Britain will not support USA. USA, as empire has always used coalitions when they attack small countries so that they are not to be seen as the only aggressor, but the leading country in a battle between good vs evil. That act by the British parliament has made Obama to completely abandon the plan for war. At 2013 Russia was far weaker than it is today. Putin couldn’t have done anything to stop US invasion. That’s a very bizarre case, probably God’s intervention as Great Britain is 99.9% doing what Evil wants. This is the only case I know they were on the side of Goodness.

    • IIG

      Victoria Nuland “was never elected” to her high positions of power (she was never once elected to any of her positions over the last decade) – who made “her” America’s Dictator?? – who put “her in control” of both American foreign policy and control of Billions of our taxpayer dollars to overthrow foreign governments (from Libya to the Ukraine)??? – what happened to “our representative government” where the American people are supposed have the final say over how we spend our money and what wars we fight????

    • Coal Burner

      I don’t know about Nostradamus but I have been watching Vic Nuland since she orchastrated the coup in 2014. She is a lowlife , dirty beeotch. The nigth or that coup, tunmarked transport planes were landing and loading Ukrainan gold, 140 tonnes and hauling it away. I assumed to the US at aht etime but later changed my mind to London. Probably the Rothchilds Dragon Mart “The City of London” thier company which sits in the middle of London Britain. Yes, even the Queen has to bow to those most evil, most rich devils in the world. Murder is their middle name. They make Soros look like as pipsqueak.
      Too continue the story, Then those incompetent Nazi mercenarys in Ukraine with CIA weapons shot down that Asian Airliner full of Dutch people. Blamed Russia of course, all lies. The CIA had tipped them that Putin’s plane was flying over the area a little later in the day, but as it turns out he changed course, mid stream, typical maneuver, Surely. Anyway the Dutch did the investigation, figured it out, no doubt with some leaks too them. And they negotiated for a hundred tonnes or the gold that they had been refused by the world thugs and us a couple years before. Not funny but a lot of innocent dead people and a bunch of idiots managed to get the Dutch some gold to survive the future. If anyone can tell me I am wrong about any detail, you may pipe up. Meantime God uses Karma but humans murder a lot of people to make things go around. Keep watch on your own back. Remember the 13 green kids at the gate in Afghanistan. Consider if it was not a jihad bomber but another, this time, incompetent Biden State Department screw up.
      But like Hitlery says What Difference does it make??? Well if you are related to those 13 boys and girls, it makes a crap load of Difference to someone, just not these filthy Satanist trash.

  6. Lacris

    Where I am the price of a gallon of diesel is 12,22 dollar, so you bet prices are going higher.
    Sweden has currently the global record in fuel prices, but these prices are soon coming to a place near you

  7. Trish L.

    Greg thank you for the update on Rob Kirby, we’ve been praying for him. Trish

  8. Robert Olin

    I hope Rob is tanking 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D3 with K2 each day. Also NAC which is so effective it was removed from Amazon, but you can still get it at Ebay. I design, inspect, install and service septic systems. I got covid 2 years ago and hardly knew it except my wife had a slight fever and was tired for a couple days. Our vitamin D blood levels are over 50. Also you can buy an inexpensive nebulizer at Amazon and use a week solution of hydrogen peroxide or iodine. Works get if you get a cough. Natural immunity is best.

    • Frank D2

      Robert (and all Watchdoggers), I just bought more NAC thru the iHerb website ( I get 500 mg of Bluebonnet Nutrition, NAC, 90 Vcaps. $20.20. I purchased two bottles for $40.40.

      • IIG

        NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) can be found in high protein foods – the top 10 foods containing the most amino acids in cysteine form are:
        Lean Pork Chops
        Skirt Steak Beef
        Lean Chicken Breast
        Low-Fat Yogurt
        Sunflower Seeds
        Swiss Cheese
        PS: In addition an April 2015 study in the Stroke Journal reports that eating a diet rich in cysteine foods, including chicken, turkey, garlic, yogurt and eggs, showed a decreased risk for strokes (that the Clot Shot “jab” has a major tendency to produce in the vaccinated)!!

  9. Jerry

    I’ve been warning about this for months, and now it appears the globalist will pull the trigger if Ukraine falls into Russian hands.

    The internet now controls everything from banking to communications.
    If it should be down for any length of time at all, you can only imagine the chaos that would ensue. It appears to me, the Russians are already prepping for cyber polygon by withdrawing from the web, and setting up their own forms of transmissions. I would definitely take this seriously because even though we are sidelined in this conflict so far, the Russians are all in no matter what happens.

  10. Maria das Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter for your clarity and determination to seek the truth.
    The tragedy of the Ukraine is obviously a political move by the wicked World Economic Forum and its acolytes that pepper the very companies we all use.
    I am just a cleaner here in London,since the 1st February 2022 I have had urgent clean and detailing jobs in houses we have been cleaning for years many occupied by staff who we would have helped in the cleaning.Those same houses today, 11th March 2022 ,are eerily empty of people and art works. We are still being paid to clean them and really strangely these houses are NOT owned by Russians but by others,do they know they will be the target next?
    A friend who is a cleaner at a building in Europe run by NATO was chatting, as girls do, and was telling me of the horror so many of the NATO team in that building have of being dragged into a war with hardened Russian soldiers. They are desperate to avoid any Russian provocation, of course being Northern Irish she congratulates each soldier particularly the British contingent for going to war to defend Klaus Schwab, looks of panic have been plentiful seemingly.
    Anecdotally,Thursday 10th March 2022,yesterday, police the new Stasi,were out in force here in Central London,with chemical,biological and NUCLEAR back ups all over the place.As we were being shouted at to move on, I asked if a nuclear bomb was near by and should we be getting out of London altogether, a moment of silence hit the crowd and the Stasi officers,and they had to gather themselves together for us to just move. Whispered panic followed me down side streets as people hit their phones to call loved ones. No reporting of this incident in Chelsea,London,UK.
    Still our economy is truly awful and prices are sky high thanks to politicians.

    • Mary V

      Hi from New England, on the East Coast, USA.
      I always enjoy reading your comments as you are so insightful.
      I love London, as does Martin Armstrong !
      I used to walk the Chelsea, Victoria and Pimlico areas.

      Kindest Regards,

      Boris, Natasha , Bullwinkle;
      no really, just MMV

    • Mary V

      Hi did you get my reply?
      It may not have gone they.

      Mary V

  11. PersonaNonGrata

    Brave and astute young man tells it how it is on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Evidence of ‘the great awakening’? Strange that Fox / YouTube have facilitated this video . . .

  12. William Cilldhaire, DC (USA)

    Hi Greg, thanks for the great content and interviews. Thought I might add some information from Australia. Seems people are having heart attacks with no comprehension by the chimpanzees as to where it may be coming from. Carlos Marin from Il Divo had a heart attack in Sea of Dubai age 53. Died in hospital, they now say Covid-19. Shane Warne international Cricketer died of a heart attack in Thailand last week, age 52. Shane was a big advocate for being “triple vaxed”.
    Victorian Senator Kimberly Kitchner dropped dead from a heart attack yesterday, age 52.

    I made an appointment to see a Cardiologist (I’m 72). Six month waiting list and you’re not allowed in the waiting room unless you are “triple vaxed”. Apparently Cardiologist are unaware of Myocarditis and Pericarditis. The two major grocery stores here are laying off employees if not “vaxed” and are withholding annual leave, so they will be unable to feed their families, even after years of employment.
    Australia is having the worst floods in 1000 years and after years and years of daily summer chemtrails, I have seen none all summer long.
    More and more the “vaxed” are behaving strangely. Hebrew University historian professor Yuval Harari states that ” Covid-19 is a great opportunity for Trans Humanism. We have no use for a “Ghost” that lives up in a cloud to direct us. In 100 years humans will evolve to be as different from where we are today as we are from chimpanzees.” Ain’t it going to be great?

    • Judith

      Absolutely jaw dropping post. I’ve never heard of God being referred to as a ghost. sheesh…..

    • lara bell

      What do Russians think now? 2 weeks after the start of WWIII
      246,344 views Mar 11, 2022
      86 people rejected to participate in this interview, and only 15 actually took part!

      They’re Working Overtime To Cover It Up!
      82,152 views Mar 11, 2022

      Tucker: We should be very concerned about this
      1,317,633 views Premiered 15 hours ago Fox News

      Maybe My Last FRIDAY Night Live from St Petersburg, Russia. YouTube is About to Be BANNED Here. LIVE
      622 watching now Started streaming 45 minutes ago Baklykov. Live
      Russian media, recently restricted by YouTube, demand “Roskomnadzor” (which is “The Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media”) to ban YouTube ASAP, as now it is not allow them to be heard, and thus makes no sense on a territory of Russia.
      Today, at the 11th of March, 2022, “Roskomnadzor” is already announced the ban of Facebook and Instagram in Russia. YouTube is gonna be next.
      My Telegram to stay in touch IF Roskomnadzor will ban Youtube, or YouTube itself will turn off the Russian segment –

      MSNBC’s Joy Reid blasted for claim about Ukraine
      579,758 viewsMar 9, 2022 Fox News
      Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss rising gas prices and MSNBC host Joy Reid suggesting Ukraine is getting media attention because of race.

      ‘Flat-out lie’: Biden cops backlash for solely blaming Putin for rise in gas prices
      298,923 views Mar 9, 2022 Sky News Australia

    • IIG

      Six month waiting list to see a heart doctor (and you’re “not allowed” in the waiting room unless you are “triple vaxed”) – seems to me these heart doctors (have no heart) as they are forcing people to be triple vaxed to create even more heart patients for their business – as “doing no harm” is not a part of their moral or ethical code (it is simply making money that drives their actions)!!

  13. Nick de la Gaume

    Males with beards wearing skirts terrify me!!!!!!!!!!!
    Earthworm poo tea regenerates soil instantly. Dr Elaine Ingham on U Tube. Easy to make in large quantities. Earthworms do sex, eat and poo. This problem is an opportunity.
    My food sources will not be affected by lack of artifical fertilizers. The price of diesel, yes.

    Freedom and Independance for La Gaume.

    Fab, as ever, Greg.

  14. Scott P

    Both Dr. Malone and his wife Ruth have worked on vapor and tobacco technology to combat diseases. That said, we own the only current patent pending technology US 17/210,366 that naturally destroys any of the 40,000 coronaviruses in GENBANK. We have shared is with Greg, and he is free to eat this processed food. God created all of the plants on this planet. Fortunately for us he gave us plants digitally coded in DNA. The product of some of these plants creates molecules that protect us from viruses made by the fallen and evil people. God is great. The story was written from the end forward with all knowledge. The back doors given to us in our DNA codes came on day 3 of Genesis 1 when the gifts of plants were given to us. These back doors have been put into our DNA operating system to protect us from these viral digital nanomachine technologies being created to harm us!

    Psalm 23 – “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”

    When this is over, we as humans will break free of the common cold and all of these diseases.

  15. Russ D

    “The corporate-state propagandists have been hard at work selling the world one lie after another. War is their time to shine and after two years of Silent War propaganda, they’re good and ready to deliver some proxy hot war gems. All of it designed to manipulate the unthinking masses who outsource their brains to the narrative managers and resort to expressing their manipulated feelings as if they were valid. Whenever panic and hysteria kick in, people shut their brains off and you’d better be feeling what they’re feeling or they’ll get angry. The latest feelings we’re all supposed to have is that Putin is evil and Russia is a monster state. Putin is one of the smartest and most rational statesman alive and while he may be corrupt and a dictator, he certainly shares many of the same qualities as Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Ardern, Johnson and other western corrupt traitors who lock up their citizens, suspended civil liberties, jail political opposition and force toxic bioweapons on millions of their innocent unsuspecting citizens. How are they any less evil? Trudeau just seized bank accounts of law abiding citizens, working class peaceful protestors. The things they want us to believe.

    In International Relations theory Putin is simply doing what any smart leader would do. He’s cleaning up a mess at his border that has been out of hand for eight years. He tried the diplomatic path and was rebuked at every step by a CIA and Pentagon controlled western executive branch, under Obama, then Trump and now especially under Biden. They funneled more money, more arms, and spread more lies about Russia each year, blaming Putin on CIA and FBI domestic coups, on election meddling that was actually done by Clinton and Obama, and now after twenty years of poking a bear who is finally growling a bit, they want to paint him as a lunatic dictator who will start world war three. They’re even saying he suffering mental effects of “long covid”.”

    • IIG

      Think about this logically without letting your emotions get in the way – what is the difference between Biden threatening Putin with nuclear war (if he tries to take out the bio-weapon labs developing viruses “that kill only Russians”) – or Trump threatening Putin with nuclear weapons if Putin tried to take Ukraine – the difference is – Putin figured he could get away with it under Biden – “so in a sense” the world is better off with Biden running the show as these bio-weapon labs are now being destroyed (at least in the Ukraine) – remember I said control your emotions – but here is the kicker – perhaps God is working for us in mysterious ways “by putting complete incompetents” into positions of leadership here in the US!!

      • IIG

        cont. : and Canada and Australia and New Zealand, etc., etc. – the greater number of fools running our governments – the faster the people of the world awaken to throw the psychopathic idiots intent upon nuclear war and murdering people by “jabbing” them (now with virus laden mosquitoes) out of power!!

      • regaleagle

        To be honest……I thought about that at least 6 or 7 days ago and told it to my brother. I actually told him that this is God using Putin(a bad actor) to expose and destroy many assets of the Khazarian Mafia in Ukraine. Now we have further proof of the Biden’s deep involvement in Ukraine, along with a whole cast of other high-ranking US officials……all with their hands in the cookie jar to get their slice of the pie. And now we learn of the bioweapons labs and how many there are over in Ukraine…..well why not Ukraine, Huh? A very “natural” and “perfect” place to carry on subversive bioweapon and disease technology. I say it is time for Devolution Revolution and arrest all these treasonist traitors.

        • IIG

          And the treasonous traitors are now trying to brainwash the world into believing the Bio-weapon labs “that contained deadly viruses specifically designed to only kill Russians” – were simply “Health Facilities”!!!

  16. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thanks for WNW519.
    Totally agree with your emphasis on bribery.
    IMHO, bribery has caused the insidious undermining of all the institutions that previously held society together and facilitated individual freedom. The Federal Reserve Act, passed on 12-23-1913, conveyed the right to create the nation’s currency to a cabal of private bankers. With the ability to create currency, comes an unlimited ability to bribe – at any level and at zero cost to the perpetrators (all currency created is a debt owed by the citizens). Clearly, it took many years to undermine each and every institution, but by all the evidence the banking cabal has managed to buy a majority of the votes at the Supreme Court and in every other institution of governance. ‘We the people’ are in the fight of our lives! It’s vital to know who the real enemy is and to stay focused.

    • IIG

      Actions speak louder then words – since the Fed was created look at the actions they have taken against our US dollar – – knowing full well that America’s power was in having a strong and reliable currency – now that the US dollar has gone “to zero value” they intend to replace it with “something also worth zero” (like electronic crypto) that they can manage better then cash (which gives people the right to use it as they please) – they want the power to control “how we are able to spend” our money – for instance – if they determine people should not be driving gasoline powered cars – they can simply adjust their computers so that your crypto currency can’t be used to buy gasoline – or say they determine that because the world is short of food you will not be allowed to buy meat with your crypto currency – or more likely – tell you your crypto account will be frozen if you don’t get an abortion and abide by their “no child policy” – so all you crypto lovers – you are playing into the hands of the globalists plans for complete control over every aspect of your lives – is it worth giving them this unlimited power – by giving in to temptation and greed for the promise of unlimited wealth – or acting like Jesus did in the Garden (when Satan offered him unlimited wealth) – and refuse to take the bait!!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Totally agree with your comment ~ especially, ‘actions speak louder than words’. The intent of my comment, and many others I have made over the years, is that ‘we the people’ must know who our real enemy is and keep our anger and determination focused on them. ‘They’ are past masters of misdirection, of ‘divide and conquer’. How ludicrously simple it is for ‘them’ to misdirect us to hating Bashar al-Assad, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Vladimir Putin. I have written their names in full deliberately. Many readers will feel their hackles rise at the mere mention of their names. This is an emotional response, a response based on unrelenting propaganda. Propaganda designed to keep mankind in turmoil and to deflect us from the realisation that our real enemy is the cabal of dynastic banking families*.

        *Not just my musings. ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin explains in detail how the Fed was set up and who owns it.

  17. Thomas curran

    Nato is dead.
    Thanks to WEF/Davos and a corrupt banking system.

    • Jeff

      Good. Nato is evil.

    • IIG

      Now we need some Saudi’s to fly a plane into the UN (and have it collapse like Building 7) – lets hire that security firm Bush used to plant the demolition explosives and instead of doing it on 9-11 we can do it on 11-9 in celebration of 1) the “removal” of the liberal-left leader Robert Blum during the Vienna revolt – and 2) the Byzantine Emperor Zeno being “forced to flee” his capital at Constantinople – and 3) Piero ruler of Florence “losing power” and fleeing the city – and 4) the “fall” of Berlin Wall – and 5) the Northeast Blackout that put nine US states and parts of Canada “in the dark” during the worst power failure in history – lets “remove the UN Globalists” – “force them to flee” – “lose their power” – “fall” – and “put them permanently in the dark”!!!

  18. Jim Wade

    Current Venezuela oil production is ~700,000 bbls/d. That is a decline from ~2.5 million bbls/d when Chavez took control. The industry is run down at the heels. No maintenance for years. Russia and China are BIG partners with Maduro. So is Hezbollah.

    So Biden wants to go there and buy 600,000 BOP/d. How long will it take to ramp up production? What will be the cost? Which contractors and producing companies will re-enter there? This is a childish dream of fools. Not well thought out.

    Connect Keystone. There’s 800,000 bbls/d from a friendly trading partner.

    If this stupidity continues the market for EV’s will shrink because who will be able to afford one?

  19. Anthony Australia

    Prayers for Rob Kirby. A gracious man who took the time to correspond with me years ago and even sent me his publication.

    • Charles H.

      Ditto. Rob Kirby has only spoken truth. Too pray he will live.

    • Toni

      What happened to Rob? I just see the update about being put into a medical coma. Prayers love him,

  20. Christine Bloom

    “Planet of the Apes” thinking is somehow in man’s subconscious as our level of evolution becoming a reality. Why do you suppose this movie was made to begin with? The globalists are in keeping with acceptance of the oath taken ‘they’ must tell us what is planned to happen before it happens. Look at both the gorillas and man- like apes. Compare both to each other. This film wasn’t that far removed from then to now….

  21. Roger...

    John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  22. Andrew Cox

    I love the fab leather bags.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do to Andrew:

      • Ronald Dalton

        Thank you mr. Greg Hunter for everything you do oh, keep on spreading the truth oh, you’re one of the only places we can get that God bless you and stay strong!

  23. Dusty Dude

    “…. In that case you’ll need to call Jesus and you do that on your knees… ” Love it!
    Thanks Greg

  24. Marie Joy

    Expect the grid and/or the internet to go down.

  25. Ralph Zimbouski

    G.H. good job
    The only change I would make would be to emphasize the threat of Ukraine entering the EU. It is my understanding Ukraine is the forth ranked nation in the world concerning natural resources. They have enough natural gas reserves to replace Russia in supply to EU. Russia needs to control Ukraine to save their economy. If they fail the price of NG would plummet and the Russian natural gas would go to China on the cheap and the Bankers in the US would suffer (they provided hedges at 2.20 to 3$ and make the most from these high prices)

  26. ron martin

    Watch Warleaks on YT and you will get an idea of the sophisticated anti-tank and anti-personnel weapons supplied to the Ukrainians by the US & Europe. Russia is fighting a “gentleman’s” war trying to limit collateral damage while the western-backed Ukrainians are ordered to use shock and awe and the civilians be damned. Russia must either use conventional WMD’s to accelerate their victory, pull back and allow the WEF to put nukes in their backyard or say “the hell with it” and launch MAD. The world has gone crazy, mad, insane and beyond human effort to stop it. Only our Father and Son can stop what is coming.

  27. Tommy

    When a 4 year old denies eating the cookie as he is eating the cookie we’re amused. When Jen Psaki denies eating the cookie as she is eating the cookie what’s not amusing is that over 40% of Americans beleive she isn’t eating the cookie. ABC news has a report issued today at 5:59 am saying that the Ukraine bio lab story is Russian misinformation that it is now being backed by China.
    The Biden family relationship with Ukraine should be evidence enough that there was something going on that wasn’t right. But Trump was impeached over a phone call. How can there be any hope? At least we have VP Harris to bring some sanity to the situation. (cackle cackle cackle)

  28. Mark Lanctot

    Thank you Greg, the Voice of the silent America.

  29. Captain K

    Is Potash a product of coal (fired powerplants)? Are electric cars really seven times mores harmful to the environment than gasoline cars? Am I insane?

  30. Roger Stamper

    tks greg!

  31. Ccw

    GREG. Thaks for keeping us updated on Rob Kirby’s condition. I hope his medical team knows how important Rob is to all of us.

    Thanks too for speaking for us all. We want to know the truth about our condition as a country and the real shape of our world.

    You are a brave and stalwart person.

  32. eddiemd

    The gasoline price went up 30 cents a gallon in a single day yesterday Thursday March 9th in Phoenix. I drove by the gas station at 5am and it was 4.09 a gallon. On the way home it was 4.39 a gallon. I keep topped off just in case of a day such as this. It is day to day.

    Russia is loaded with rare earth metals needed for the green new pipe dream. Same with the Andean ridge countries down south like Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. The Chinese are all over Peru. They have been moving in for the past 20 years.

    Buyer’s regret on the vaccine poison. They have enough people who willingly took the injections. It may be out of the news cycle but they still intend to make it a mandatory part of the “vaccine passport”. They are working behind the scenes.

    It is interesting to see the biological labs in Ukraine. I had heard that they were gathering slavic DNA for the potential development of a bioweapon targeted against the russians. I believe that here in the USA ancestry and DNA 23 and me were collecting DNA from people in the states for the development of the coronavirus bioweapon. The evidence is out there that coronavirus was engineered to target people with certain genetic markers. I have posted the details about this over the past 2 years.

    I watched Psaki news briefing yesterday. The narrative is changing to a false flag chemical attack to be blamed on russia.

  33. Saved by Grace

    Greg, it’s time to CELEBRATE:

    Russia cured covid.
    RUSSIA. ….

  34. Clint

    No. Jeff Sessions was a swamp rat sellout. You don’t attempt to catch murdered by letting them murder. You stop the crime before it happens. We didn’t need to allow a stolen election to know they would try it. Sounds like you listened to one to many Q videos.

    • Laura McDonough

      Sessions was a swamp rat indeed. When politicians stay in office long term they all become sellouts to globalism.

  35. JerseyJoe

    Greg onw way to remember Jen Psaki’s name – call her Jen “Nut-saki.”

    • Jr

      or psaki puppet

  36. david wilson

    Great News on Rob Kirby.
    Everyone please say a special prayer for Rob.

    Thanks for bringing the truth Greg.
    I try and tell people what has / is happening and they tell me I am not an American.
    When you are wrong you are wrong and the USA is wrong and corrupt as hell.

    • The Ogs

      There’s a real oppressive ‘misguided’ patriotism running amok right now. You know, where you’re either with us or you’re with the Russians heheh…
      But to be truly patriotic would be to eschew foreign entanglements as the founding fathers intended! And to be righteous and honest. Not seein’ too much of that.

  37. william lesieur

    Corporations weighing in by destroying shareholder wealth proves that the merger of corporations and state is real thus we have fascism.

    • Charles H.

      Mergers and acquisition – government is the official dog tp pay to dance.

  38. Angelo Aguila


    Very good points about Sessions and Trump. However there is an overarching agenda that seems to be just moving along as planned. Consider Operation Warp Speed. Are you suggesting that it was necessary? Could it be that behind closed doors they are all buddies and are laughing at us for being divided by the issues they put in front of us? The countless lives ruined by this plague of corruption is beyond a shadow of a doubt the desired goal of all these nefarious actors.

    I say gather like-minded people in your community and form a real community around you. As diverse as far as trade and skills as you can. It’s about to get progressively worse…

    • Laura McDonough

      Agree, all this bickering and sidetracking is to neutralize patriots which are today few in number. Community organizing for bartering and the skills and trades for fixing things needed to getting us back on track. As I look back decades, I see voting as another useless activity. Divided by unfixable issues 70 plus yrs now, and activities like rallies or hearing speakers bloviate (Trump rallies recently for the MAGA cult followers) won’t get us anyhere.


    Can you see the trend.
    Cancel Culture has reached a new high (low).
    The western Khazarian Mafia is now in the process of cancelling an entire country and all of its citizenry. Anyone even trying to objectively explain the Russian perspective and history on Ukraine will be labelled a traitor. You may also be doxed and cancelled.
    They will want to escalate this further before the US midterm elections.
    Everything they do is designed to stay in power; destroy opposition and evidence of crime and rigged elections; crash the world economy and crush the morale of its inhabitants. Their Great Reset and New Normal.

  40. Ralph Kenniston

    Thanks for the update on Rob! 🙏👍

  41. Steve

    Biden in office Keystone Pipeline closed, oil leases suspended. Purposefully cutting oil production. Maybe all knowing that we would have a war in Ukraine. Inflation is not from war or sanctions it’s a pure monetary event. More than doubling the money supply. So lies and more lies as inflation is a pure monetary event. Biden a China puppet so do you think China CCP is calling the shots? Hush hush on this one. Total subservient to your masters in your Electronic Prison. No one is immune. It’s going to get more insane. To take a country requires the citizens to be poor and controlled. Venezuela for America ….soon. All according to plan and is working splendidly.

  42. Paul

    The birthplace of anarchy is the cemetery of freedom. The land of the free is Only if it is the home of the brave.

    Supply availability in my area is down fifty percent. Demand destruction is in play with rising costs.

    Continuing to destroy businesses that Covid did not take out.
    Hard times ahead.

    Thanks for your hard work, greg
    Paul from arkansas

  43. jon

    Hi Greg, During the days after the USSR fell in the 1990s. The IMF Carpet Baggers went into Russia, setup shop and proceeded to systematically loot the resources. When Putin moved into power. He analyzed how to stop the IMF Carpet Bagger theft of Russian resources. He used the west’s own methods against them. He declared the western industries in violation of Environmental Laws, fined them out of business and confiscated the abandoned properties. He will do the same type of thing with the Western Companies that are abandoning their contracts and properties in Russia.

  44. Rusty

    Am I the only one on the planet who realizes they don’t grow wheat in Ukraine or Russia in the dead of winter? That the world supply should be completely unaffected by this war (so far)? Yes, I know prices are set on future markets but it’s more likely than not that the war will be over by planting time in the spring and that by harvest time in the late summer or autumn there may be more wheat produced than ever before (because high prices will encourage farmers to plant).

    Also, take this for what it’s worth; OAN had one guy who seemed to really know a lot about Russian military capacities (and huge problems also caused by bribery/corruption). He said that the bio labs in Ukraine are likely not producing weapons themselves but are for researching vaccines and such for countering weaponized germ and chemical products Russia and China are working on. Now that the story is out there and we can’t really know the truth of the matter, Putin might just gas his own troops and blame it on Ukraine. That tactic seems to have worked in Syria.

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      “About 95 percent of Ukraine wheat is winter wheat, planted in the fall and harvested during July and August of the following year.”

    • Jeff

      Rusty says….” He said that the bio labs in Ukraine are likely not producing weapons themselves but are for researching vaccines and such for countering weaponized germ and chemical products Russia and China are working on. Now that the story is out there and we can’t really know the truth of the matter, Putin might just gas his own troops and blame it on Ukraine. That tactic seems to have worked in Syria.”
      That was by far the dumbest post ever made here.

    • Computer Guy

      True but there is no way to know if this war will be over in time for the planting season. Also, Russia just stopped exporting fertilizer. The second half of this year is going to catastrophic. These fuel cost increases just started, the price of everything is going to go up.

    • IIG

      Rusty – Get your facts straight – the CIA-Mossad false flag in Syria “did not work” and it won’t work in the Ukraine!!

      • Rusty

        The Syrian gas attacks DID work for what it was intended—to convince people Assad is pure evil and to get Congress and several European nations to spend yet more money on “defense.” Because you and a small percentage know it was a false flag operation doesn’t in any way mean it didn’t work. In fact, just yesterday I heard a “conservative” news anchor say Assad did it and if you don’t realize that at least 90% think the same then you’re living on another planet. And I shouldn’t have to explain that or have to write pages and pages explaining everything down to the last detail. I shouldn’t have to waste my time explaining everything about prices of everything, all about the economy, the political landscape, the fact that there’s a drought in the West, that the liberals are destroying dams and on and on and on.

        And Jeff, I’ve read and heard some extremely informed people, two military experts, a chemist who worked in US chemical and bio weapon labs for 20 some years and one doctor–all of who are considered very intelligent—say EXACTLY what I wrote. You don’t even understand what I said and what’s stupid to the extreme is to just blurt out what you did without even giving a reason or AT THE VERY LEAST trying to do some research. Seriously, try learning how to read.

  45. Steven Allen Pool

    ah come on greg, you know how the u.s keeps its word on treaties. just ask the native americans

    • IIG

      Do you mean if the “unvaxed” Truckers sign a treaty with Bribe’n “not to be forcibly jabbed” – they can still be thrown into FEMA Camps by the forked tongue slithering snakes in Washi4ngton DC (who will likely hand out small pox infected blankets to the truckers to keep them warm as Bribe’n shuts down the remaining coal, gas and oil pipelines)???

  46. robert

    Do American administrations dishonor treaties? Just ask any Native American.

  47. Nancy McDaniel

    We are already at war with the US already surrendered to chyna and the European central banksters. Our government is usurped. Communications have been cut years ago with only FAKE NEWS. Our food and food production overtaken. Our water overtaken with manipulated weather drought. Our fuel natural gas, oil and gasoline has been usurped. All these things (communications, food, water and fuel) are what an aggressive ENEMY does when they are seizing and destroying a country and has been done this way for thousands of years. We are not the head anymore but the tail ass end just like Deuterotomy says–curses instead of blessings because of wickedness and the breaking of the covenant with The ALMIGHTY. Yeshua says when you see all these things happening to look up for redemption is near. REPENT and live forever!

  48. Joe

    The gooberment and the politicians lie all the time to us, the taxpayers who have to pay all the bills (through both taxes and inflation.) So it’s no surprise our gooberment would lie to foreigners, too. (Unless, of course, our politicians are bought off by those foreigners which often is the case.)

    When are people going to wake up and realize we are ruled by criminals?

  49. Provocateur Astrology


  50. Frank D2

    Ed, I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking on your part. Sessions did no such thing. Ever hear the term “slow justice is no justice”? How LONG are we supposed to wait to see the bad guys put in jail or hung for treason? It’s been many YEARS now! Remember “Trust Sessions”, “Trust Wray”, “Trust the plan”? NOT!

  51. Fred Engel

    The billions spending bill passed will also support the azov (Neo- nazi) battalion and their street thugs. Saw another report that Russia is also like China making alliances with other countries, like Nigeria in debt but vast oil reserves. They are walking away from the dollar here it comes, saying its a forex crisis. May have to pay dollar debt in naria (their currency). Russia comes in Aug 2021 signs a military agreement with Nigeria. Nigeria’s oil reserve 10 in the world. Oil production 15th in the world and oil consumption 37th in the world. Some left over. These countries are alining against the USA and the Federal reserve note. Have a great weekend Greg! Fear not!

  52. YesAllTruthHurts

    For a very long time people were asking what it would take for the majority – or the many – to wake up from their slumber. A slumber that was induced by thoughts of superiority, by consumerism and the abandonment of the teachings of Jesus. Buying into the artificial divisions created by those who “divide & conquer”, way too many people descended into these divisions – people of the same standing, of the same class, of the same needs, turned against each other. Agitated and incited by the “main lies media”. But there is actually only one real division: the one of the top from the bottom. The top cares not about the bottom – unless it serves its interests. The top exploits the bottom of the pyramidal scheme, wastes it for illegal wars for profit, injects it for the profits of an industrial disease complex. For way too long, people trusted their “goverment” institutions. Never understanding that”EPA” stands for “Environmental Pollution Agency”, “CDC” for “Center for Disease Creation” – the list is as long as the gaslighting of the people has been going on. Solutions? Oh yes, plenty of solutions. Solution number one: withdraw any and all redpect for the people in charge. Especially under bi-partisanship. Thank You very much for speaking the truth.

  53. Gary

    Hi Greg. McDonalds,Dairy Queen and Burger King and ALL the other fast (supposed) food stores food is garbage food.These company’s should be shut down or FORCED to make healthy food and NOT the SLOP that they sell in the name of money and they KNOW that their (supposed) food is GARBAGE.If it is proved then they know, they should be charged with POISONING people and crimes against the people.

  54. Jr


    You should start your own RCPI (real consumer price index) that tracks FOOD, GAS & HOUSING (rent & home prices) to contrast what people actually spend their money on vs the fake CPI index –

  55. Gary

    Hi, Greg.ALL the fertilizer that is produced is made from oil field products and is destroying our land and POISONING our food.They have to make fertilizer out of NATURAL products to enhance the nutrition in food instead of the TOXIC slop they are producing to promote their DEPOPUTATION agenda.

    • The Ogs

      Yes. Actually if there’s no fertilizers it sort of solves the problem.
      Farms would need to quarter their land, and 1/4 would go fallow each year and be plowed under, and that how they did it for thousands of years…
      But even then mother nature needs to be somewhat cooperative! Modern irrigation good.

  56. Kim

    Hi Greg, Been watching USA Watchdog for years. Thank you for all that you do to bring truth and factual information. God Bless

  57. Fred Ziffel

    Sex (select one):
    [ ] Male
    [ ] Female
    [ ] Incompetent <<<Get them off the streets permanently along with all felons, permanently. You can't rehabilitate pitbulls, and you can't fix stupid. This is the only way civilization will survive.
    Split it into two societies.
    1st- A normal society, hard working law abiding legal citizen taxpayers and no welfare moochers or college goldbricks; 2- a society for lawbreakers, beggers and perverts…. and let them run their areas without the police and without taxpayer help. Like "Escape From New York"

  58. Felix A Renteria

    Sorry to say I don’t believe one word our lying criminal government says,I was red pilled after 9/11 I realized it was complete bs they were feeding the people around the world.The oligarchs and corporations are the enemy of GOD and humanity,they are all owned by blackrock and vanguard that is why all these corporations are going after russia.As far as putin that is the trump card,some say he was a student of the economic forum,I believe he is a nationalist like trump they love the motherland but the evil forces still try to control them.I also heard they have a rothchild central bank,so he who prints the phony money writes the evil rules.Intriging and crazy times we are living in but the savior will return,AMEN

  59. Paul

    Being in the wholesale distribution business, two new jobs added recently are them looking at all orders incoming and then rationing supply to these customers.

    I had two years supply in warehouse before Covid. I did not believe in just in time inventory. I am faring better than most, but it’s getting worse daily. Customers are frantic, for supply keeps their enterprise open.

    I fear this rationing will hit food later

    Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.

    Paul from arkansas

    • JayJay

      YES, I have been storing food since 2008 and finally used the 2008 cans and such.
      I had a comment insulting me and asking what I was gonna do in 50 years since I don’t grow a garden(have fungus) and I wrote back…I’m 71..and I do have food to last me for rest of my life.

  60. Brad Erickson

    Re6:5 And when He had opened the third seal,
    I heard the third beast say, “Come and
    see.” And I beheld, and lo, a black horse;
    and he that sat on him had a pair of balances
    in his hand.
    Re6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the
    four beasts say, “A measure of wheat for
    a penny, and three measures of barley for
    a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and
    the wine.”
    My study bible says that measuring out grains
    by a hand balance means scarcity and that a
    penny was a good part of a days wages. All I can
    think of is Yul Brynner’s voice as he plays

  61. henry wale

    i hate to admit it , ….but i must say im on putins side of this and i hope he has a quick victory and exposes the illegal actions of the us and nato in all of this

  62. DrGonzo

    The end of wars is not about trade, it is about ENDING the FED Greg. A fact, removing the western central banks and the criminals who are in charge which will spill over to Congress who MUST be complicit with the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System as Congress who is culpable does not comply with the duty of the printing of money, and not a fiat, worthless currency invented to rule and control. 110 years of fraud, and the IRS that is the unconstitutional bagman for the predatory criminals. Too late for firing CEO’s who are a tool of the fascism that is the rule and not the exception with the greed of the actors playing leaders installed by the duopoly, the illusion of choice now gone full fraud insuring OUR vote is fully compromised and meaningless.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Totally agree. ‘We the people’ need to recognise our enemy and keep focused.

  63. sharon

    Obama, Biden, Nuland, and RINOs fucked up Ukraine for $$$ for pedo/druggie Hunter and the Bankster/Military/Industrial/Prison complex!! Why should we sacrifice blood and treasure for the US Puppet, Zelenskyy, when Ukrainians can’t stand him?!

  64. Really Awake

    Covid and now Economic War are both deliberately hatched to wipe out the current socioeconomic-geopolitical worldwide system and replace that old system with a Build-Back-Better New System.

    Can Americans handle the truth? Most can’t. The truth is the world as you knew it is being destroyed and replaced with with something that’s going to starve to death a billion or more of poor people who are living hand to mouth and day to day.

    The U.S.A. won’t have a middle class – at least not in the traditional sense. Tens of millions of Americans are about to lose 80% of their purchasing power and be thrust into a Great Reset.

    You! Mr.&Misses America are about to be “reset”. And the reset is going to crush you. That’s the plan: crush, kill and destroy. Why? Because The Powers That Be want a massive worldwide population reduction. They want the surviving ignorant masses to live a very frugal lifestyle so that the natural resources of the earth can be preserved.. In other words the Powers That Be have decided that there are too many of you and your consumption is too high. Basically, they are going to cull your ass….

  65. Lori York

    Thank you Greg!! Praise the Lord that Rob is improving!

  66. al

    Study the speech pattern obummer has, then listen to the people that are closely associated with him and you will find that they adopted the same speech pattern. I am referring to the “uh” inserted after every few words.

    Show me a person with this pattern and I will show you a closely affiliated obama-ite.

    Now, in an admission of guilt, the State Dept is saying that the labs did exist, however they were working on stopping bio-weapons. Really? What do you call the last two years of torture?
    They think we’re stupid.

    What Russia is doing is what we did in the 1940s against NAZI Germany. Unfortunately, we are part of that NAZI regime.. at least for the moment… and notice that Banks are fighting with the NAZIs.

  67. Carol Stopps

    Per Dr Stephen Hatfield…Warroom AM 3/11/22
    We are being gas lighted again…. these labs are all over the world…. NOT bio weapons labs

  68. Denise Andersen


  69. Judith

    God answers prayers, thankful for His Mercy on Rob Kirby.

  70. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, great wrap-up. The statement from Victoria Nuland was highly significant. Yes she was under oath in a Senate hearing, but when did that stop the DS from obfuscating the truth. There is no difference between a bio-research lab and a bio-weapons lab other than intent — a distinction without a difference. Research transitions to weapons with success. When it’s obvious her side is losing and all she has left is credibility, she chose to keep it — and the truth is out.

    As for how long the Ukraine conflict will drag on — hard to say. Putin’s intent though is plain — a demilitarized (and de-Nazified) neighbor for whom all prospects of joining NATO are gone. Crimea and Donbas recognized by Ukraine if not the rest of the world as sovereign.

    What else did we learn? Poland has Mig-29’s that are old and that Poland’s leaders are smart enough to not send them directly to Ukraine. That would have involved Poland in the conflict on team Ukraine which would have potentially expanded the war to a NATO member. Was that the intent all along? Warsaw didn’t get the memo. Fortunately, before a stupid plan got too far along, an adult at the Pentagon let everyone know it wasn’t going to happen. So the airplanes and the no-fly zone that Zelenskyy has requested are not going happen and Ukraine’s prospects of joining NATO are gone. At this point in the game Putin is counting moves to checkmates.

    Other than world politics — watch Wisconsin and then PA, AZ and GA. Something is going on in CO too. 2020 election fraud is still the elephant in the room.

  71. Dawn Garini

    The list of companies pulled out of Russia are pretty much the same list that conservatives post as companies to not give money to unless you want it used against you later. I say bring on the losses for those companies….. LOL

  72. Twenty thirty-four

    ALARM!! Government Spending in the United States to exceed 50% of the GDP in 2022. Government spending was 44 percent of the GDP in 2020, up from 35 percent in 2019.

    The trouble: this number won’t decrease without destroying the entire economy of the world, and will likely be 75% by 2030. Remember, each year we must produce more goods or value [AND THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN]; or the government must out-spend the previous year until the end of time, or the entire economy turns to shit.

    The year is 2030, and you’ll be happy owning nothing. Your diet has become corn and insects. You’ll get your government handout, of course minorities and the unsexed Karen’s will get more than straight white men. The handouts will expire in three days so you’ll spend it the moment you get it. You’ll love living in the new inner city 200 sqft death trap units and share all accommodations with hundreds of neighbors. You’ll spend most of your life online or playing mindless games. You’ll be so doped up on drugs and have no desire to learn new things or even leave your deathtrap building.

  73. Scott

    New land was spinning a yarn to throw blame on the Russians. The labs that are in Ukraine are the same sort of labs that are run by every state department of health in the United States. These are put in place to monitor disease outbreaks in agriculture and humans and to gather samples of local endemic diseases for research purposes. In order to carry out their task these labs must be stocked with small amounts of known pathogens such as tuberculosis etc. so that the researchers have standards against which they can calibrate their test assets. These labs are not capable of doing bio weapons development

    • IIG

      I guess because it is “small amounts” it is OK with you – how about when Bill Gates puts “small amounts” of known deadly pathogens into mosquitoes to be released upon the “unvaccinated” – is that also OK with you??

  74. iwitness02

    Vicky didn’t kill herself.

  75. Lada Aston Holden

    Russia Convenes UN Security Council Meeting To Present BioLab Evidence
    The American Journal
    March 11th 2022, 12:29 pm
    How will the world react to the information being presented?

  76. Dan Gowin

    Google-owned YouTube has censored Ukraine On Fire, a 2016 documentary chronicling the events of Euromaidan, the uprising that overthrew Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and installed a pro-EU, pro-NATO government.

    The documentary features filmmaker Oliver Stone, who is well-known for his criticism of western foreign policy. It was produced and directed by the Ukrainian film director Igor Lopatonok.

    Lopatonok discussed YouTube’s censorship in a post on Twitter, revealing that the Google-owned video platform had removed the six-year-old documentary for featuring “violent or graphic content.”

    The filmmaker also asked the public to download the film from Vimeo and “post it everywhere.”

    #YouTube #BigTech deleted #UkraineOnFire film from our production official channel, I’m asking everyone who like our film to download it from our Vimeo here and post it everywhere. As a copyright holder we giving to you – The People that rights

    — Igor Lopatonok (@lopatonok) March 9, 2022

    In a comment to Breitbart News, a YouTube spokeswoman confirmed that the documentary had been taken down for graphic content. The documentary had previously been hosted on the Google-owned platform for six years without running into any problems.

    Ukraine On Fire is still available to watch on a number of other platforms including Odysee, Vimeo, and Rumble.

    Copyright Right Free Download made available to the People.

  77. Janice

    I can’t help but wonder, where is the organized opposition to this hellish plot against all that is decent?… All of a sudden here in California everything is being chained down or put behind locked doors at stores! That must be evidence that things are about to go terribly wrong. I’m alone in my family to be unvaxxed, they’ve all had covid despite their vax, plus my son had a seizure shortly after his 2nd and one of my son-in-laws (age 40) suddenly developed a very aggressive esophagus cancer and his younger sister diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The medical industry makes you get a booster in order to qualify for treatment and deny any possibility that the vax is culpable. It’s very disturbing. California going to make it state LAW that everyone 5 years & older MUST BE VAXXED with gene therapy. Very insightful comments from everyone… Thank you, USAWatchdog, for your continued news, reports and Bible verses!

  78. mike reid

    Just a note, that fuel saving do dad ad in the side bar helps my 2004 Toyota Carrola get 34 miles per gallon on a tank of gas, which is what it is supposed to get. No improvement over manufactures specs. Good show, good job Greg.

  79. L.Holden

    Americans call “bull” on Biden’s claim about rising gas prices | Digital Original
    39,910 viewsMar 11, 2022 Fox News
    Drivers spoke to Fox News about President Biden’s role in rising gas prices. #FoxNews

  80. Charles H.

    More like – YOU put out one historic fact in order to float 99 wrong inferences. But, hey – whatever mud sticks, sticks.

  81. The Ogs

    What you see is what you get, Wayne – I mean, I don’t think you’re discovering any secrets here.
    Americans were raised on Rocky and Bullwinkle, and the Russians were always the bad guys. From an early age! It’s ingrained in the culture.
    Point is, to be objective is a REALLY big challenge for most Americans at the best of times, although our Greg is of course far more objective than most.

  82. J. Kimble Allen

    wayne, please provide specific, relevant, material, factual evidence to prove the veracity of your statements regarding Greg Hunter. Thanks!

  83. Frank Stiles

    Read that Pfizer is delisted off the NYSE and is going private. Hey, I thought Pfizer only gave jabs in the arm!?

  84. Paul

    Stupidity lies in WANTING to draw conclusions.
    The negative mind will never give you a positive life
    Are you preparing today for a better tomorrow, if not, how can you dare to live a better tomorrow.
    Fear can be a lack of preparation
    Trust in yourself and God

    Paul from arkansas

    • Greg Hunter

      You have to understand what is going on to prepare. Hosea 4:6

      • Paul

        Thanks for your response
        Hopefully with your words, esteemed guests and commentators, that people coming here wake and see where all this is going. Well read participants at usawatchdog.
        Most people still prefer illusions, it’s easier.

        Empty pockets never held anyone back Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.

        Paul from arkansas

      • Paul


  85. eddiemd

    Here is Zelensky the satan worshipper in his homo erotic video.

    El presidente Zelensky of Ukraine is compromised. He will do what the filthy satanists want him to do. It makes you wonder what the russians have on the Biden crime family.

    Everything that is hidden will be exposed.

    Watch Egypt.

    • IIG

      The psycho queer homo transgender “story-time” pedophile Satanist child abusers who have been let out of the closet to take over the reigns of power in all Western oriented governments by Soros and Schwab (the SS Nazi twins) ) have finally met their match – as both Russia and China now clamp down on these psychopathic perverts!!

  86. Tim


    Great report. It sounds like we are headed for a depression.

    Take care

  87. eddiemd

    The USA has supported and is supporting the nazi throwbacks in Ukraine. WE have had been connected to them at least since the early 80s when I was a radio operator on a US Special Forces team in 10th SFGA. They were part of the underground/Gs in western Ukraine who we were supposed to link up with in wartime. They were going to provide escape and evade networks in western Ukraine for us and others who needed assistance in the vent of mission compromise.

  88. Jr

    The great state of TX along with LA OK CO WY SD need to form a gas/oil alliance and make a joint announcement that until to the ongoing election steal scandal is cleared up they regard all regulation changes since 1/20/21 null void and proceed to ramp up production and do it enforced by beefed up state national guards and deputize all male volunteers – ie tell o’biden & co to stick it where the sun dont shine – something most of them are quite proficient at. But that would be called leadership…

    • IIG

      Excellent idea – we would be “energy independent” simply using clean coal!!

  89. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. It appears that (Defacto Washington, DC actors that occupy offices) have continuously and intentionally provoked Russia by using Ukraine as the tool to accomplish that by ringing Russia’s borders with missiles of the United States and NATO hate group actors moving closer to Russia over a long period of time. It also appears that Ukraine is another hotbed of organized crime by Defacto Washington, DC actors with the usual bribes, human trafficking, currency laundering. It appears that the United States has controlled and owned Bio-Chemical labs in Ukraine, no surprise there. From what I can tell from reports is that Russia is exposing the bio-weapons labs program and securing them and that the United States owns and operates those bio-weapons labs and it appears that Russia is rolling through Ukraine gathering evidence of the criminal operations regarding the bio-weapons labs of the United States official actors. The other part of what Russia appears to be doing is detaining Washington DC funded Nazi paramilitary soldiers and charging each Nazi they capture regarding a genocide program of Washington, DC. Have you noticed that the sanctions against Russia actually punish Americans? The effect of sanctions is minimal against Russia, they can adapt to those, they have been under sanctions forever, this latest round of sanctions is Defacto Washington, DC having a hissy fit that their crime secrets in Ukraine are spilling out by the minute. The only individuals that I am aware of that would use bio-weapons is Defacto Washington, DC actors. You can be certain of one thing, Defacto Washington, DC actors love war, love murder and will do everything in their power to escalate anything war related and I suspect Defacto Washington DC will churn up a bio-weapon war against civilians and blame it on the new enemy Russia, in their effort to drown out the facts of the United States owned and operated bio-weapons labs in Ukraine that Russia has exposed and other places where the U.S. operates bio-weapons programs are likely areas where Defacto Washington, DC will use the fog of war to keep sane people confused by causing a bio-chemical release and then blaming their new boogeyman.

    • IIG

      Exactly right!!

  90. David Jones


    Please interview ED DOWD. He gave interviews on Infowars and Steve Bannons show.
    This year deaths among millennials (25-44) was 61,000. It is a Vietnam level event for American millennials.

  91. Matthias

    As a result of the sanctions Russia will now according to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also put an end to Globalism on its part and make sure to never again depend on Western institutions and companies. Source:

    TASS: Never again will we rely on the West: Lavrov says Russia will solve its economic issues

    ““We will solve this problem in such a way that never again will we depend on [our] Western partners, be it governments or companies that are not guided by the interests of their business, but have become a tool of political aggression, Russia is now experiencing from the West,” he said.

    “We will make sure that we never find ourselves in a similar situation again and that no ‘Uncle Sam’ or anyone else can make decisions that are aimed at destroying our economy,” he vowed.

    “We will find a way to no longer depend on it, and it should have been done a long time ago,” Lavrov added.”

  92. Scott A Baldock

    If Trump wouldnt have hired all those losers around him and not have fully endosed the clot shots, he might have been viable.

  93. swimfinz

    Greg in Missouri! I love your farm reports. I’m down the road from you in New Mexico.
    You are the news now. The waning days of the Deep State will be quite a show.

  94. Shirley Thompson

    This is great news on Rob Kirby – thanks for keeping us posted. He’s in my prayers for a full recovery.

  95. Titus Nelson

    All the hype about Putin will pay if he uses chemical weapons. You can bet the dastardly terrible footage of women and babies dead from chem attacks will show soon. Either same footage created in Syria against Assad will be used or new ones created via a false flag with cameras magically in the right place at right time will be used. Easy stuff for our friends in Hollywood to do. Either way, Putin doing what they want him to do (he’d be stupid to do) or the West does it, accomplishes the same result. Off to war.

  96. Coal Burner

    Remember Greg: China said we had those labs in 30 countrys. What kind of idiots do that! No wonder Fauchi the monster of Covid 19 did nto want to be found out. He has 30 more besides our lovy dovy friends and butt buds “CHINA”.

    Notice how many Republicrats approve of all this destruction of Middle America! They wanted Biden and they knew what he would do to us! They would not fight the illegal votes. They are mostly no damned good just like Democrats.

    Wait Greg, these companys’ know how bad it will get and they are protecting their company’s. It is not about Russia. They looked down the road, knowing what the NWO wants and they see World War, probably finishing with some Nuke exchange.

    Speaking of NWO, they are the real monsters behind this whole world destruction. How else are they going to be in ownership of everything by 2030? They have to destroy the resistors, who are the resistor???? Russians and the American Middle Class. Who is in the cross-hairs now? Yeah, us! I don’t really want to chum up with Russia but us and them are the people the NWO needs desperately to kill off and break down the survivors. It is going to be hell. Personally, I hope the first one Russia fires is for Brussels when Davos is meeting there.

    • IIG

      Cut off the head of the snake and the slithering body entangling all our governments will be put to rest!!

  97. Coal Burner

    Hey Greg,
    I ordered from Happy Hollow Farms! Nothing beats real quality.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s nice stuff.

  98. pap

    Hello Greg,

    Russia also broke the agreement. There were limits in place to reduce nukes. The US reduced nukes, but Russia didn’t. …

    Chew on that one while you re-search the Russian Death Hand.


    • Greg Hunter

      How do you know USA reduced nukes? By the way I am talking about what got us in the situation we are in now in Ukraine. What you are talking about isn’t even close to the point.

      • pap

        Hello Greg,
        The point I was making Russia is not as innocent as you mentioned in your report. I agree the US/new world order communists instigated is whole damn thing.
        The problem I have with all of this, I believe this is ALL all of this a false flag event and the ccp-china the communist russia, and ccp-biden all in on it…
        Here is the proof: biden he acts like a dictator. Like elections don’t matter… He could care less about the US citizens. Look at Afghanistan, open borders, and the covid bs lies and lock downs. What do communist have in common. They KILL. It doesn’t matter who dies just as long as they are in power.

    • Ted Montana

      Actually they did, and it was monitored During the Bush years. Facilities and nuke supplies on both the U.S. and Russia was examined and much of the Russian nuke material was purchased by the U.S.

  99. Bill

    I have learned a lot about Biden in the last 2 weeks. After his election I didn’t pay much attention to Trump’s claims that the election was stolen. Watching and listening to Biden’s straight faced, bold lies about Ukraine has really got me paying a lot closer attention. I also wish I had paid more attention to Trump when he was withholdings funds and weapons to Ukraine. I am still not a fan of Trump or any superpower. I recently read an article where all political leaders were called psychopaths.

  100. r.v.

    US economy received Colombian Necktie from biden admins over oil and gas sanctions which is hurting average households. Believe making a deal with Venezuela and replace Moscow Federation ex. USSR one tyranny for another one go figure… Appears raving Brandon admins looking to sanction China more boomerang results for consumers.
    Old days taxation with representation nowadays out right corporate theft!
    Greg. Thanks.

  101. tim mcgraw

    Yep, it’s all bribery. But where does the money for this bribery come from? It comes from the central banks like the FED in the Eccles Building in DC and the European Central Bank and the Bank of International Settlements in Geneva. Also the Bank of England and Japan. The bribery money comes from the inflation tax that we all pay as these criminal counterfeiters print all this fiat currency.
    We will never be free as long as these central bankers exist. They have to go away.
    Jesus cast out the money changers from the temple. It is in the Bible for a reason.

  102. tim mcgraw

    PS: Greg, I like your outfit. You look like a spy about to go behind the Iron Curtain. LOL. Or is it now the Europa Throwuppa?

  103. tim mcgraw

    I went to the local hardware store two days ago to get fertilizer, soil, and bark for our garden. The fertilizer shelves were half empty. I haven’t been able to get oyster shell for months. If you need fertilizer, get it now.

  104. MCasey

    Greg, SO glad you moved inside…I was wishing you would! I was freezing just watching you. Such an oasis to come here and hear the TRUTH! About Russia/Ukraine in particular. Stay well.

  105. Robert Messina

    when first seal opens

  106. BDS

    Hi Greg,
    IMO, I believe the politicians know they should be putting together a “FARM AID” package to offset the inflated price of fertilizer so we will not have as big of an inflationary prices on our food come this fall, winter and 2023 spring! The politicians can pass a bill for $1.5 trillion on debt spending to avoid bad publicity on midterms (on our dime) and give a $14 Billion to Ukraine ; why not a few $ Billion for we the people via FARM AID so we can afford to eat?
    Politicians will be responsible for this calamity now that they have time to make it right instead of worrying about the Jan 6 peaceful rally!

  107. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg, for another week of perspective dedicated to help us understand the insanity. Also, glad to see your sponsors grow. It is my hope they will aid you in building independence. We sincerely appreciate you.

  108. Paul

    The people who run Carlyle may hate the word secrecy, but their words and actions make it impossible to know where the policy-making ends and the money-making begins.

    The meeting is expected to address Russia, China, nuclear proliferation, globalisation, and “the war on information.” Year 2017
    Same as Covid planning

    Bring in Kissinger for the coverups

    Paul from arkansas

  109. Self Exiled

    As well informed and interesting as Cliff High is he still is caught in the worlds maze. I respect his perspective and insights and would like to know him personally. He is intelligent and his perceptivity is exceptional. He is on my prayer list, and I hope he comes to another spiritual crossroad in his life and chooses Wisdom.

    “If you will turn and pay attention to my rebuke,
    Behold, I [Wisdom] will pour out my spirit on you;
    I will make my words known to you.” Proverbs 1:23

  110. Justn Observer

    Greg, For a brief moment one thinks the media is getting it as Tucker Carlson points out =
    only then to see and hear what so many the media apparently do not…and exhibit a huge failure of the history of actors leading to up ‘the events’ in Ukraine and who and what some of the ‘bad actors’ = those the ‘school play’ inside the ‘school play’ being perpetrated on the viewers of ‘the event’ being presented and propagandized hoping to get the ‘public approval’ to accept getting into ANOTHER endless war?

    What seemed rather clear in what Tucker had to say fades as wayback reality finds its why forward….so retrospect sure muddles and confuses the narrative by others reporting/pushing narrative does it not?

    Then added to it all we get the ‘proof’ of the bio-lab’ issues and now even proof the blatant lied and fake reporting being used in a hope to ‘win the minds’ of the ‘normies’ as they hope further to ‘justify’ the expansion and escalation of a possible world war #3 =

  111. Paul

    “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”
    Henry Kissinger
    New York Post (September 17, 2012)

    More Kissinger -the setup man- info

    Want a cover up call Henry link

    2015 backstory of Ukraine and nato with Henry link

    It is evidently a real horror for a Khazar to be known as a “Gentile.” After all, for their entire lives, most Khazars have been taught by their rabbis the Talmud’s plain teachings regarding the inferiority of the Gentiles. The Gentiles, the Talmud says, are “unclean animals.” Their mission in life is to be nothing but “servants” to their Jewish Masters. Worse, the Talmud requires that, The best of the Gentiles are to be killed.”

    Why should we look to the past in order to prepare for the future? Because there is nowhere else to look.

    Paul from arkansas

    • IIG

      “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”
      Henry Kissinger
      New York Post (September 17, 2012
      How did Kissinger know “a decade ahead of time” that the Jews would all be “jabbed” to death??? – was some secret deal made with the Soros “Nazi’s” to exterminate them all????? – and the man trying to De-Nazify the Globalists who want to take over the world is being threatened with nuclear annihilation himself!!!

  112. Marie Joy

    “Russia Threatens Attack On NATO Weapons Shipments To Ukraine: LegitimateTargets”.
    From ZeroHedge on 3/12/22

    Constant Escalation is a theme in all genocides.

  113. Paul

    A friend is the one person that doesn’t leave you worse off by their actions or yours

    Paul from arkansas

  114. Ted Montana

    We are a slave to the gas prices because we don’t have a reasonable way to produce fuel on our own.

    But I hook a generator up to a home built windmill or water wheel or geothermal or solar, or tidal if I live near the ocean. If I need to lose weight I can hook a generator to a bicycle.

    Electric vehicles don’t have the range of gas powered or even the work capability, but the power source can be under the control of the individual.

  115. Skip Havely

    THANK YOU GREG for all of your continued great work. God bless you.

  116. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Sessions ain’t no hero, bro, give me a break! Q was a hoax all the way, nothing but a delay and distract tactic! Think! How else could they get that monster Hilary and McCain to walk around being photographed in ankle bracelets? Still waiting for those arrests…?? 🙄

    The Bolsheviks did the same thing during the Russian Revolution! Seeded the public with misinformation through phony newsletters; Monarchists loyal to the Czar were supposedly working “behind the scenes” to weed out the radicals and restore order to the nation.

    Meanwhile, thousands of monasteries were being sacked, looted and burned! Untold thousands of monks and priests were murdered, the faithful had to go underground to the catacombs, and a glorious, centuries old Christian nation was utterly destroyed.

    Very dangerous to believe these things online, they’re out there by the enemy to make us complacent. We sat around waiting rather than taking action. Please don’t take offense, if I’ve offended you, I apologize. We’re going to need each other in the dark days ahead. God Bless.☦️🙏🏻

  117. Tami Pantzke

    I love your podcast, have learned so much from all of your guests. All data points. I appreciate your professionalism, your ability to draw out of your guests nuggets and insight for us, your audience, to consider and ponder. Great stuff.

  118. William Baxley

    Ask the American Indians how well the United States holds true with TREATIES! Sadly we are dealing with the same ungodly entities today.

  119. Pélé

    Greg, I thought you’d enjoy reading this, since you’re one of those guys…waking up is hard to do, right?!?

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a huge lie and propaganda. Victoria Nuland admitted Bio-weapons labs in Ukraine–period. (She was under oath in a recent Senate hearing with Mark Rubio. You are one of those troll liars spreading disinformation.

      • Wonner

        She did not. LISTEN to to the clip (I did, twice) and you will not hear anything even close to the word “weapon”. You are putting words in her mouth. Apparently, you heat what you eant to hesr, and that’s not very professional. Nearly all ciuntry have biological research, which serve many purposes. She did not respond with the phrase “biological weapons”, as you describe. STOP your disinformation game. It’s right-wing self serving trolls like you that will divide and eventually bring down this country. You are siding with the bad guys In black hats in this western, Greg.

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