Goldman Problems and John Crudele’s Warning

By Greg Hunter’s

John Crudele is one of the good guys when it come to telling the truth and protecting your investments.  The article below is nothing short of brilliant, concise and adds real clarity with what stinks about the economy.  When I say stinks, I mean fishy.  If you have money invested in the stock market, you should read this until the very end because  Crudele offers a warning everyone should give serious thought to.  I have been reading Crudele’s column in the New York Post for years, and he has a habit of speaking his mind and backing it up with fact!   See his must read article below:



By John Crudele/ NY Post 8/27/09

AMERICANS should boycott the stock market.  No, I’m not kidding. And this isn’t going to be one of those funny columns.  In fact, I’m deadly serious that investors shouldn’t risk any more of their money until there are promises of a thorough investigation of Goldman Sachs.

Over the past few years I’ve looked into the much-too-cozy relationship between Goldman and Washington.  I’ve suspected that this Wall Street firm has been acting, in essence, as an arm of the government. And I am also pretty sure that if Goldman and Washington have something secret going on, the investment firm isn’t doing it for altruistic reasons. There’s money to be made.

In 2007 I reported in this column that Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson let the cat out of the bag when he confessed on a cable TV show that it was “my job to talk regularly to market participants . . .”  Paulson had been the chairman of Goldman right before taking the job as head of Treasury.  So, if he felt it was his “job” to talk with people on Wall Street then who else would he speak with if not his old friends at Goldman?  The head of the US Treasury would, of course, know lots of secrets. In the olden days, this would be called “inside information.”

And despite Paulson’s contention it would be entirely inappropriate for him to discuss sensitive matters with people who could profit from the information. It is, in fact, illegal. And the penalty could be jail time.  More on the story…

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  1. John Stafford, J.D.

    ALL of these Manhattan and DC-based bankster criminals MUST be prosecuted and imprisoned and removed. They are still stealing trillions—in plain sight—but have bought protection from such prosecution by their massive bribery of the politicians financed by their high profits due to their frauds and thefts for decades from us, the public.

    • Greg


  2. John Stafford, J.D.

    Goldman Sachs was FOUNDED about a century ago AS a Ponzi scheme fraud operation. Nothing has changed. Both the big bankers and the “Fed/Feds” are running huge, multi-decade Ponzi schemes (inherently unstable fractional reserve commercial banking, government debt issuance against a deliberately-depreciated “dollar” paper currency scam, etc.), stealing trillions. Without their removal from positions of power, obtained by bribery, NOTHING will change for us, the public. ONLY criminal prosecution means anything to these criminals. JUST like Al Capone in the “Chicago Outfit”-controlled Obama’s utterly corrupt Chicago, they have had the huge profits from their multi-decades of crimes to finance their briberies, and therefore to buy that protection. Social “Security” was initiated to drive older workers out of the workforce to “alleviate” the 25% unemployment rate in the 1930’s, artificially “creating” jobs for younger workers, and fraudulently portraying the unemployment rate as “lower” because those older workers were no longer counted as “looking for work”—-JUST as they are being manipulated today, exactly! SS is also a Ponzi scheme racket. These fraudsters KNEW about Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme for decades. They did not CARE about his thefts. But they threw him “under the bus” when that was a convenient way to divert the short attention span of the public from their OWN much more massive theft operations. Got it???

  3. John Stafford, J.D.

    John Crudele has been very good for years, especially in writing about the deliberate corruption and fraud by every Rockefeller/Trilateral Administration, regardless of “Party” and for many decades, through the subversion, misuse and corruption of the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Dept. of Labor) in intentionally mis-stating the real unemployment statistics to fraudulently make them appear “better” [i.e., less unemployment than there actually is, and therefore a lower rate of joblessness] than they really are, as even revealed by one of its top civil servants 3 years ago, and as so well-documented by my good friend, John Willams, who founded his Shadow statistics website, dedicated to truth and accuracy. The BLS also deliberately and fraudulently understates the inflation rate by a similar manipulation of the CPI. That has the effect of holding down the reported Federal budget deficit—now sadly a permanent feature—and of therefore defrauding Social Security beneficiaries and civil service retirees and military retirees, etc., etc., out of their rightful benefit amounts. It is an ongoing criminal fraud. Never prosecuted by the corrupt US DOJ, of course.

    • Greg

      Both John Crudele and John Williams are great talents. I have quoted Mr Williams or his stats in several posts and I will continue to do so because the world needs the truuth. Thank you so much for your comment.

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