Housing Market-It’s all Manipulation-Fabian Calvo

Fabian CalvoBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Real Estate investor Fabian Calvo says, “Trust me; there are enough troubled assets for the Fed to be buying much more than $40 billion a month. . .  It’s all about manipulation.”  Calvo says, “In essence, they are creating another bubble.  I believe in 24 to 48 months, they are going to pull the rug out again, and we’ll see prices go down when rates go up.”  Calvo predicts, “The Fed balance sheet will likely be $5 trillion in toxic assets by the end of 2014.”  Calvo thinks what is going on behind the scenes will one day come to light, and it won’t be pretty.  Calvo thinks the mortgage rate forecast will eventually go up, but the Fed will suppress rates as long as it can.   Calvo says, “It’s kind of like Enron.  When it falls apart, then you realize what level of corruption and deceit was really taking place. . . . It’s a trillion times worse than Enron.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Fabian Calvo of TheNoteHouse.us.

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  1. jc davis

    Greg I know this hosing bubble will be bad for the country , but I will be glad if I can sell my home in the city to move onto my land outside the city. Great interview. Great information. I continue to learn more from your interviews then any other sites. Certainly a step above the rest.

    • Greg

      JC Davis,
      I’d sell while rates are low. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    The BIS, the Fed, the ECB, the G7, and the G20 have been planning and have most of the pieces in place for a centralized global control grid using biometrics to control our ability to buy and sell:


    Isn’t it really interesting how this was all for told 2000 years ago.

    In CHRIST! Rob

  3. Stan

    In my small subdivison of about 60 homes two have sold in the last six months. Both where forclosed on as the notices where posted in the window of the homes. They both sold quickly with sold signs coming only days after the yard signs went up. Nobody has moved in! The homes have sat empty now for 6 months. No families, not even renters have moved in. I guess one of the big home buying groups talked about in your interview is buying homes in my area…

    • Greg

      You are probably right. Thank you for the comment and info.

  4. Al

    The stench just gets better, if you like complete corruption that is. I just don’t believe any investigation will ever be done as America will be under lock down by a police state. Another false flag 9-11 would do that, as Fabian mentioned. So, we have the populous asleep and out of work, and our government stealing our future in the shadows. Sounds like Sci-Fi novel set somewhere in Gothem City. I only have one question—-Did we vote on this?

  5. AndyB

    Greg: given the declining levels of income among the middle class and the educational debt enslavement of the presumed next generation of home buyers, it is not unreasonable to assume, after all the manipulation is exhausted, that the final holders (purposeful or not)of the majority of US distressed homes will be the owners or cronies of the FED. After all, what segment of the population can still qualify even at reduced prices and low rates? Very few actually. The first time organic buyer is dead, never to return until well after the great reset. The headwinds of increased property taxes and home insurance, higher utility bills, and far less available discretionary income combined with ever declining median income certainly ensures this fact.

  6. anonymouse


    The FED is completely out of control–It prints money from thin air, is going to buy trillions of $ of Treasuries which are up to the taxpayers to pay off–TO WHO–WHO IS GOING TO OWN THIS DEBT–THE BIG BANKS OWN THE FED–Therefore the Big Banks and their owners–the .1% will have the taxpayers on the hook to pay off these debts brought about by counterfeit fiat….Just as the Big Banks used the depositors money to play their derivatives game –they take off with the money and leave the depositors with the losses. The Big Banks thru the FED will own all the housing too and forced renting will become the future… Next will come the Company Stores… This is a scam.

    The Big Banks own the FED, The Congress, The Executive Branch and the Supreme Court–It is all outright fraud and the Attorney General is totally absent along with the SEC and CFTC..

  7. hjb

    i live in an affluent neighborhood in florida out.. of 45 homes eight are empty obviously owned by banks slowly deteriorating in the sometimes merciless sw florida weather… 29 are being rented by people unused to living in relatively luxurious surroundings chewing up the lawns with their vehicles ..3-4 families sharing the exorbitant rents beating the houses to death inside …hot tubs ripped out of lanais filled with torn cushions,beer cans torn screens etc and before their last rent payment one night they will leave taking all they can carry like $500 front doors copper from walls a/c units rugs etc owned by some investor it will sit as the rain /bugs /roaches invade until the owner or the property manager comes by and sees it like a crime scene for another month until it is visited by police,insurance company adjusters etc then boarded up it will sit forlorn with a for sale sign on it until thieves break in and steal all the windows doors,tile etc …its happening folks in places where the prices are very low “great buys” of course the electric ..water .code enforcement fines…taxes etc keep accumulating even if th water electric occupancy has been turned off WELCOME TO FLORIDA now go home broke or just come for the winter

    • Greg

      Thank you for the real world reporting from FLA!!!

  8. Chip

    Good interview Greg.

    OT but you will find interesting if you didn’t know…

    Members of the National Governors Association were told during a meeting last weekend that even after sequester, nonsecurity discretionary spending will rise by 5.1 percent to $389 billion in fiscal 2013, primarily as a result of disaster funding for Hurricane Sandy. Still, the start of the cuts will initiate belt-tightening among federal departments and agencies, which are expected to begin sending out thousands of furlough notices this week. Because 30 days’ notice is required, temporary layoffs will not begin until April.

    So spending is INCREASING from 2012 to 2013 by 5.1% even with the Sequester…

    You can’t make this stuff up… Good day to you Greg…

    • Greg

      Good to know Chip!

  9. Chris R.

    As always, great material. Thanks. Sounds like a “pump and dump” scenario. This starts to make more sense as I’ve been confused lately trying to reconcile data from multiple sources. For example, some say buy real estate at depressed prices before the dollar drops and you end up with a dollar that buys less, or buy real estate with a mortgage and pay the mortgage back with cheaper dollars, while others (e.g. Aftershock book – that I’m reading) warn to stay completly as far away from real estate as possible pending a a great inflation period and an upcoming further bursting of the real estate and other bubbles. Again, what you and Calvo speak of now sounds to me like a “pump and dump” scenario. Thinking of it that way sort of helps bridge the gap in my mind to explain facts like housing prices in my neighboorhood (southern california) seem to be creeping upward, yet I’m still underwater, meanwhile, I hear that multiple offers are helping to bid up prices (i.e. the investors you spoke of). So, as to reconciling what looks like conflicting guidance, one take away from this interview is the notion that with proper guidance, someone can possibly get in AND OUT of this market with some hope for profit.

    • Greg

      Thank you Chris, Charles and Paul.

  10. Charles H.


    I am no full-time scope-er or skimmer of information sources; but I try to keep up. Having said that – I can’t think of anyone else drawing in all the sources and presenting the calamitous reality that encompasses America as well as you are doing. Not roses here – plenty see it this way too.
    It is incomprehensible to me the scope the the lying, corrupt shell-game being played at such a fantastic, ie. government, level. I sadly resign myself to the realization that the flower of American virtue and power has passed. Most young people have NO idea what America WAS like; and as you can’t tell them anything – they just won’t believe where it is heading. Great interview.

  11. Paul Severe

    Greg – This guy (Fabian) is one of my favorites, and this topic is one that really makes my blood boil. Yes, the Fed has created another mini bubble in housing, and believe it or not, housing prices have risen – in the middle of a fricken depression!!! It’s insane…but all that matters to them is putting more money in the bankers’ pockets, and to keep the illusion going longer.

    The sad part is that with higher housing prices, more money is taken from the working class people who need the money and given to the criminals who control this “monopoly game.” So sad.

  12. William Betts

    There was some good news yesterday. Iceland nominated Private Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize. Bradley is on trial for showing to the world what the USA is all about in its foreign policy. Sweden has endorsed this nomination also. I think this thing has some long legs. The world is fed up with the USA…… Betts

  13. BOB D

    This guy down the road from me, is trying to sale his house. He’s under water about 100,000.
    My home tax says the value gone down about 80,000. I own the home and have no plans to leave.
    I live about fifty mile from Seattle. My kid has a home in Seattle, his house is going up in price.
    Inflation ,deflation everything is local, that’s why the NWO will never work.

  14. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Here’a a recent video form Kyle Bass /last month.very good


    Great reporting Greg /Thanks .Dave

    • Greg

      Thank you dave!

  15. In the know

    As usual great reporting and interview ! I would like to add to the thought that the banks and the FED are waiting to offload these properties once prices rebound. Well I am here to tell you that, It’s not going to happen and here’s why. There are 10,000 baby boomers per day retiring in the USA, that’s 70,000 a week. So you ask yourself how are they funding these retirements? They are trying to sell their oversized, underwater house’s that they raised their kids in and trying to extract any equity they may have left in them, to possibly downsize and have less maintenance to tend to. Who, with the unemployment and wage deterioration even qualifies for a mortgage, has the down payment savings or a job to even buy what they are selling to support prices ?………………………………no one; and that’s why it will never recover.

    Also apply the same scenario above to the stock market/bond markets/annuity markets/any equity markets/any market.
    You know from that question and answer, that the market is being printed higher and actually printing money itself due to naked short selling/naked long buying through the non-regulation, non-position limit and non-reporting of borrowed and electronic creation of shares. Certs are created electronically, if only long enough to extract the vig for milliseconds through HFT. They’re then put back on the shelf readied for their next electronic manipulative deployment with no tracable electronic signature.

    Thanks again !

  16. overtheedge

    The increasing bank ownership of real estate is predictable and from one perspective, quite logical. If the PTB can reign in the budget and turn the economy around, this make so much sense.

    The ugly flip side is the economy tanks for many years and the banks lose the property for taxes. Over time, the properties are either completely abandoned or they will be sold.

    Property needs an owner that can be taxed. One way or the other.

  17. Thomas Blankenhorn

    The Fed is going way beyond their mandate of price stabilization and maximum employment. They really had little control over employment in the past as it hinges on so many factors including the legal workweek.

    With the forces of increased productivity, outsourcing and insourcing to illegal immigrants, American citizens are getting squeezed. With the added assault of the Federal Reserve creating a new record wealth divide each day, it is raising the cost of living on the majority of people.

    Why is the fed so concerned about keeping inflated house prices up? There are either clueless or it’s purposeful to cause a civil war. Look at my site above where I put together an essay and house price calculator. I’ve kept abreast of the RATIO of the median house price per median income since I was a kid. Per 1990 levels, house prices are 30+% too high. I tell you, Bernanke needs a lesson on economics. You cannot have prosperity when such a ratio is high and going higher. It breaks down the economy, not helps it. Helping the wealthy by coddling the housing market and the stock market with the OBVIOUS OUTRIGHT manipulation is CRIMINAL. The DOJ gives Bernanke a free pass to commit treason!

    With taking away bank interest while the real inflation rate is around 7-8 percent, and hurting those who were compelled to invest by being FAR on the correct side of fair value in the pig stock market being bank interest was taken away, which by the way means short-selling, simply ruins the economy and society more. What reporters do not tell the public is the the PE ratio for the S&P500 tends to 6 to 8 in bad times, not 100% higher than this range, and the average PE ratio is closer to 13, not 15, as any mathematician worthy of being called such would know since 1990 the outliers are so numerous, the data must be discounted. And furthermore, what does an average PE ratio have to do with today that is NOT average?

    The Fed or Congress should set up a fund to compensate all those who lost in the stock market due to the Federal Reserve UNLAWFUL MANIPULATION. To my surprise, some members of Congress want to further prop up house prices by coddling all the underwater homeowners who refused to abide by historical ratios of house price per income. We need lower house prices, not higher. Go see more of the overall plan on http://proposedsolutions.blogspot.com

  18. Weston

    Hello Greg,
    Thank you for the informative interviews.
    I live in the Denver, CO area. The buzz regarding Real Estate here is that there is a shortage of homes to buy. A friend is looking to buy and was told, “Better contract quickly because if you don’t, someone will!” I want to buy as well, but I’m not in a position to do so yet. I know there must be a large shadow inventory of bank-owned homes that are not on the market, so it concerns me to buy into a false market. Any suggestions?


    • Greg

      If you are not ready to buy don’t. Please watch the latest Fabian Calvo interview on the site I did a few weeks ago. There will be plenty of time to buy a house. The Fed is massively suppressing interest rates. When rates go back up, prices will fall a new. That’s my take

  19. Kathy

    I am curious. Does anyone know why the Secretaries of State and President Obama are taking pay cuts? What do you suppose is going on?

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