Inventor of Completely Untraceable Communication – Tanner Haas

By Greg Hunter’s (Sponsored Post)

These days, privacy with your smart phone is virtually non-existent.  Everybody knows Big Tech spies on us, but did you know virtually every piece of information about you is sucked up and sold off?  “Even your address book and full contact list” is taken off your phone by some social media sites.  Tanner Haas invented a new app that he calls “the future of privacy,” and it cuts the spying and data harvesting off completely.  It’s called Converso, and as the slogan says, it is “Completely Untraceable Communication.”  Haas says, “It gives you the peace of mind that everything you say is between you and the intended recipient. . . . If we are talking, the conversation is only on your phone and my phone.  I can also ‘Unsend a Message.’  This means if I ‘Unsend a Message,’ it is off your phone, it was never on a server and it is gone forever.”

Haas also points out, “If you have all your conversations on Converso, they would not be able to see who you are talking to.  All your conversations are managed on your device. . . .  The only way anyone can see who you are talking to is to physically grab your phone.  You cannot see call logs, it’s not on a server and it’s all private.  Our tag line is ‘Untraceable Communication’ because we want to have friends and family communicate in privacy.  That is a God given right, and we are here to give that back.  We have one feature that is called ‘Sensors Off.’  It’s no secret these companies want to listen in to your conversations and access your camera and microphone.  This is what the NSA did in the Obama Administration.  So, we created ‘Sensors Off’ . . . it can completely deactivate your camera and microphone. . . .We also have a feature called ‘Screen Shot Protect.’  If I am texting you my credit card or personal information and I enable ‘Screen Shot Protect,’ and if you try to copy the screen shot, all you will get is a blank white screen. . . .$30 billion was lost to spam last year.  It’s because people send their credit card over text or email and that information can get out. . . .If you value your privacy, you need to use Converso.”

Here’s the best part.  This cutting edge privacy app is totally free until July 31, 2023.  You do NOT have to give your credit card to sign up.  You also will not have to give your credit card unless you want to pay for Converso privacy services.  Even after that, there will still be a free level you can use.  Click on to get more details.

There is much more in the 18-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Tanner Haas, inventor of Converso: “Completely Untraceable Communication.” 

After the Interview: 

Go to to find out more about the privacy app Big Tech would love to stop.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Nobel Prize awarded!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree, and it’s totally free. No credit card taken until after July 31, and there is still a free level after that!!!! Works internationally too.

      • Anthony Australia

        All over Greg, thanks so much.
        Easy to install and use.

      • Gary justin

        To many ads. Crazy

        • Greg Hunter

          Too many free-tards.

        • AhhBaloney

          The word you are looking for is TOO, but you are too dumb to know.

  2. Thomas Fiust

    “I’ve got nothing to hide.” Bring on the surveillance. Haha.

  3. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the info – I will certainly be looking into Converso. If you have Tanner Haas on again, please ask him about the technology that enabled this privacy service. Also, has his company been approached by any agencies seeking ‘backdoor’ access?

    • Tanner Haas

      Hello, thank you for your comment. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

      1) A few brand-new things coupled with device-to-device communication, state of the art end-to-end encryption, and absolutely no user or meta data.

      2) Not yet. I am sure it will happen, however, when it does there is nothing there since there is no user data, no meta data, conversations are end-to-end encrypted, and each conversation is only managed on users’ devices and NEVER uploaded onto a server.

      Thanks again!

      • Scott

        Will you offer web browsing and email soon as well eventually???

        • Tanner Haas

          Hi Scott, we absolutely will. Stay tuned!

  4. Graham


    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like

      • Graham

        Aha! The AdBlock Greg, forgot all about that. In another life I fixed these problems. Lol, how, stu-pid.


      • Vicki

        Do both parties to the convo need to have the app?

        • Greg Hunter


  5. MacGuy

    Brilliant!!! Easy-Peasy love it. I have been looking for a secure service like this for a long time. I can’t believe their price plan which is awesome. Thanks Greg

    • Tanner Haas

      Thank you for your support and kind words. If you are enjoying Converso I would really appreciate it if you would leave us a review as this helps us get discovered more easily and fight off big tech.

  6. Frank Kasper

    Do both people have to have the app to communicate to each other?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes and 4 people can use one app.

      • Tom C

        Thanks very, very much, Greg.

        • Michael Myer

          Greg,if your sending through converso to someone that doesn’t use converso say Google can they intercept?

  7. Don

    Greg, It’s not surprising, we have lost our privacy with this advanced tech age. This a dream for all the people with evil intentions. I long for the days when the invasion of our privacy was only we heard someone on a party line pick up! Lol

  8. Fieldhand

    Am checking this out. It’s good that there is a free 3 month window before they start charging on this app. Thanks for the heads up Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Even after July 31st there will still be a free version.

  9. jeff Delwo

    Now your talking.
    Thanks Greg

  10. wayne

    Greg Re; converso. If you have converso an the other person you talking to doesn’t are you still being spied upon? Wayne

  11. TimberDonkey

    Remember Lavabit…..the gubmit has to have the encryption keys….

    Use a smaller font when asked!

    • Nika

      That’s one way, to make them unhappy.

  12. Kris

    any way to down load converso app without google play? I refuse to do anything with google.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: [email protected]

    • Jerry

      I am glad you asked, I refuse to use google play as I despise it as well. In fact I never logged into the account on my phone.

  13. Carolyn T

    I couldn’t get to the server.

  14. Edd

    I clicked on their link yesterday, when I first saw the banner.While I do plan to download the app, I still have aprehensión. This seems to good to be true.We all know the old saying about that. I may be a sceptic, But still willing to give them a try. All your other sponsors are First Class .

    • Nika

      You are right, to have apprehension. Some lady called me up 8 months ago. She said, she was from my cell phone company, she told me the company was switching over to 5G. She told me, my 3 G flip-phone would not work on the new 5 G system. She said, she would send me a New 5G phone, if I would remain a customer. I gave her, my address. I never received the 5 G phone that she promised me. Then, 6 weeks later, some lady started calling me again, asking if I wanted a free 5 G phone. I told her, I already registered with the company, and when are they going to send me my new phone? She said it was coming! However, she wanted my address again. I told her, I’m not giving it again. She hung up. She keep on trying to call me,during the week. I did not answer her when I saw her number. Then I all of a sudden, my phone stopped Working! My phone told me, it was operating on emergency power, so I was forcd to call the emergency number and speak to the cell phone company, if I wanted my phone to work again!

      • Greg Hunter

        Converso will work on your new phone.

        • Nika

          Hi Greg, First of all, will this App. work on my flip-phone or do I have to have a Smart Phone? The people that were calling me were NWO people or whatever. That is why I never received a New Phone!

  15. Paul Seward

    If I have Converso and I communicate with say, my mother, does she also have to have Converso for it to work?

  16. Nika

    I tried sending a email to Converso, the email came back twice with the same message: Error: 5.5.0 invalid address.
    Is there a telephone number that I could call?

    • Greg Hunter


      Try this email: [email protected] Tanner is answering emails at this address. Lot’s of people emailing.


      • Nika


  17. Patricia

    What a beacon of bright light! And trust you to promote it, Greg! Well done, both you and Mr. Haas 🙂

    • Tanner Haas

      Thank you so much for the kind words Patricia. You just made my day.

  18. Michael McCammack

    Loaded it already.
    Praise God!!!

  19. tim mcgraw

    “Untraceable communication”? Do you mean the old analog world (the 1950s, 60s, 70s)?

    • Ted Mongomery

      Totally Incoherent Question.

    • Ted Mongomery

      Is this Guy for REAL??

  20. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. The privacy app sounds like it might work.


    ” piece of mind”? Really Greg? But then there is one thing that IS TRUE about you, no peace of mind in you at all; you try to rile everyone up with what makes YOU afraid then you give them your dim-witted lip service that even God does not listen to.

  22. Olaf from Oz

    Thanks Greg for the tip. As You may Know, I use PROTON MAIL (Encrypted)

    To download Converso, I went through Firefox instead of Chrome on my phone.
    I had a problem which was later rectified when Converso suggested to change one of the settings on my phone, then I had to get a one-time 6 digit code, after I gave my Phone number by clicking the Country 61 (Australia) and my number before the 6-digit code was sent.
    I am practically Phone illiterate, but I managed to send a Text Message to one of my contacts. (The receiver did not have Converso installed, so I hope they got the message)
    I am 72, and my “Stupid” phone was operated by my late wife, and She used to be the only one who used it before.
    Olaf from Down Under

  23. Carolyn Hoffman

    Thank you Greg for having Tanner Haas on your show! Everyone needs to hove this on their phone for protection! I will be adding onto my phone!

    • Tanner Haas

      Thank you for your support! If you wouldn’t mind leaving us a review it would be greatly appreciated.

  24. dennis burton

    are zoom and Skype or other meetings spied on as well ?

    • Tanner Haas

      Unfortunately, more than you would think. Give us a few months and we will have a solution for you!


    William Benny and Thomas Drake stated years ago that NSA has hardware installed on the internet infrastructure (steller wind). They are seeing and recording all data packets in real time. They can go back and look at anything. I know he means well, but if you need privacy go speak in person to someone in a field of mooing cows.

    • jon

      It sounds like they are using high grade encryption, with asymmetric keys. That is the most likely. The data is not being sent clear text. It is not feasible to attempt to crack it regardless of who is monitoring the traffic.

  26. Joseph

    It is always the Smalls.
    Be sure to read the Privacy Policy found here;
    and their Terms of Use here ;
    The majority of people just click agree and never read them.

    Have a Blessed Day Greg

  27. regaleagle

    This kind of invention and intervention would NEVER be allowed in China or Russia. The good ol’ US of A is STILL the beacon of freedom in the world…..regardless of the heavy infiltration of socialistic(communistic) idealism invading all facets of our society here. This is part of the fight…..we must embrace it as a freedom-loving people and fight the good fight against the tyrannical leftists that pervade every nook and cranny of our lives without our knowledge/permission.

    • Nika

      Little by little, the Deep State took away our Freedoms, over decades!
      Little by little, we are taking our Country back!

      • Tanner Haas


    • steve

      I would say russia is more free than the US- cut out the kool aid

    • Tanner Haas


    • EagleGunLover531

      Well said, my fellow patriot! It’s about time someone recognizes that the United States of America is the ONLY country in the world that truly values freedom. The leftists and their socialistic(communistic) agenda are trying to destroy everything that makes this country great. We need to stand up against their tyranny and fight for our God-given rights. We can’t let them brainwash our children with their liberal propaganda and we must put an end to the biased media that supports their agenda. Let’s keep America great and free! God bless the Second Amendment and God bless EagleGunLover531.

  28. Dee

    This is what the Insane Evil Rich NWO Elites are planning for those who survive. May God Bless Us and Help us from these Evil ones. It is a Biblical war of Good vs. Evil.

    BEYOND THE RESET – Animated Short Film

  29. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg.

    I have been occasionally coming across this podcaster for about a year, Styxxhexxenhammer666, a.k.a. Tarl Warwick out of Rutland, Vermont / expat in Netherlands.

    Has a post on YT today (title below – but not posting link here) giving you full credit for inventing the term “Lying Legacy Media” (LLM) about 25 years ago. About 2 minutes in. Later talks about full-on discrediting and abandoning legacy media.

    “NPR Ragequits Twitter… HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!”

    Of course, you have been referring to it as, Lying Legacy Media lately.

    FYI – A bit of salty language if you listen to his podcasts, but walks a tightrope on some of the platforms; has different versions for YT, Rumble, etc.

  30. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  31. jon

    I am glad finally somebody is creating this for the public at large. There are many in the private world that use the PPP point to point protocol for direct device to device communications. In the old computer days we used FTP and Telnet to bypass any server intermediary with computer systems. Encryption and PPP is the key. It sounds like this is what they provide with smartphones and telephony Very good to hear this.

  32. Lady Au Stackers United

    Problem is, my phone goes to Google Aps, which means I have to sign in to a Google account. I do not and will not subscribe to Google so I do not have an account to download Converso. I don’t even subscribe to FB!

    • Olaf from Oz

      Try downloading the FIREFOX App. The latest version is great for privacy.
      Since I use it I never have problems with spam on my Computer. I since have it installed on my “Stupid” Phone and it works well.

  33. Tanner Haas

    Hello, this is Tanner Haas. Thank you so much for all your support. If you have downloaded Converso and are enjoying it, please leave us a good review on the app store to help overcome the swarn of Big Tech bots that are sure to come. Also, if you are experiencing any difficulties or have any questions please contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you immediately, instead of leaving a bad review for this lets big tech win! Thank you! Now everyone can enjoy conversations in private once again!

  34. james Rodgers

    Tried to open “” running android 9 on a moto g and every time it came back
    “this site can’t be reached”.
    I was able to connect on my computer running windows 11 wuth no difficulty.
    Seems like the weasles at google are blocking it.
    Absolutely sick of their BS

    • Greg Hunter

      Talk top Converso customer support here: [email protected] They will help you.

  35. Mark Alan

    If Greg Hunter is all for this, Ill get it ASAP.

    Im on their terrorist watch list for speaking out at “them” so I really need this app!

  36. Devin


    Question: What if you text someone who DOESN”T have Converso on THEIR device? Would the bad guys get to see YOUR texts from the other persons phone? A good question to ask.

    • Greg Hunter

      Converso must be used on both ends of the call or text. It’s free.

      • Devin

        Yes, I understand that. I’m saying that if the person on the other end doesn’t have it, it won’t do you much good. 🙂

        • Greg Hunter

          So, you get them to sign up. It’s free.

  37. Stephen Weber

    Way cool!

  38. Janice

    I had set up problems on iPhone

    would not accept code

  39. Faith

    Uh sorry Mr. Hunter, I was in the Signal Corps in the 80s, during the Cold War.

    Barracks phones had a sticker on them: THIS LINE IS NOT SECURE.

    Any online conversation can be hacked.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not with Converso. Your tech experience is a bit dated.

    • Tanner Haas

      Not if they’re only managed on the users device and are NEVER stored on a server! The only way Converso is hacked is if “they” physically get your device. Other then that there is no trace.


  40. erick

    Dirt Tech and a few others look up how the Dept of Homeland security is buying up app data to control and put you in prison. Everything you see and watch and upload of family everything. Its about total control. They can data collect your phone while in groups with the new cell site technologies they do not want you to know about through the harris corporation in florida. Its all a money game look up geogroup 2019 brief on where all the money is collected from with the bureau of prisons. Its all about control over the american people. Why at borders they scan a phone while you are sitting in your vehicle what ever happened to articl 6 section 2 or the 4th amendment? Get these police or agents on a stand they will throw out a case. Always ask Trial by Jury. It is very real i am going through this right now.

  41. erick

    Also there needs to be a button to hide everything coming through the border i have had them go through my laptop and cell phone hold me for 9 hrs in my underwear they have a god complex at borders what they are told in training in geogia i know this because i have had friends who were with the dhs. They flash a paper stating this is the statues i have to abide by but the statues later on as they take your info to look up these laws are for illegal citizens and violate federal laws. Keep in mind before any statues or bar associations there was the constitution and Articles if you ever read up on the federalist papers. Even a judge told a man i listened to was that the 7th amendment does not apply in court and was done away with in the 1930s really? I remember shown years ago what looks like a calculator you push in a 4 digit code and has photos and videos secretly hidden. I was told of a man working at the border hacked into a university and gave himself a bachelors degree he used to get into the dhs what you are dealing with. It is us against the state.

  42. steve

    Brilliant, thanks for bringing this to us.

  43. kevin

    It sounds good to have secure comms,
    how do you keep it out of the bad guys hands, like terrorists.

  44. Chris

    Greg — pray for discernment, and a technical consultant — before you accept advertising such as this. Smart phones are inherently insecure, which is why I never communicate sensitive information on mine, financial or otherwise.

    If Converso were open-source and Mr. Haas’ claims VERIFIABLE by the white-hat security community, I would consider using it. However, the “interview” confirmed my worst fears — Converso is closed-source and as inherently untrustworthy as the Android and iOS operating systems. Claming “guaranteed untraceable communication” is hand-waving at its worst. Total cringe to anyone skilled in the technical arts.

    • bryan

      Chris, spot on. No source code, first strike. But not also that much of what Mr. Haas describes relies on one or more trust relationships once the data enters the network. Trust in tech has been betrayed over, and over and over. Does Converso operate their own server farm, or do they use AWS or some such?

      As the commenter above stated, every communication system is hackable, and to assert otherwise requires a very careful, thorough and skeptical assessment of the system, not just an app.

      Cell phone systems are not limited to intentional communications. They are constantly producing and receiving unintentional signals – which is the source of many if not most privacy vulnerabilities.

      My information is not out of date – I work in tech every day, and the way security professionals assess these systems is by picking them apart, hacking them, until they find a flaw. This method of security auditing is big business itself – any big money tech system is in an ongoing, never ending war with hackers.

      The security chain needed to do something as simple as downloading our firmware into our products securely in a factory in Asia is only relatively secure – a determined adversary can hack anything we might try – depending on the value to them. We have to make it just hard enough to be not worth it with the existing hacking tools. Be assured, new exploits, new approaches and new tools are developed every day. Check out Darknet Diaries on youtube to get a view of the broad scope of what is possible in this world.

      • Tanner Haas

        Thank you for your questions and comments. Please see our answers below.

        1) Can’t be open-source until we finish filing our patents. Then we will be. We’re in the middle of that.

        2) No we do not use AWS. We use our own independent servers with no reliance on Big Tech or anyone else for that matter.

        3) All conversations on Converso are only managed on users devices never uploaded onto a server

        4) We are aware of this and have a team designated to fight off hackers

        5) We’ve had three independent security audits and passed them all with an A+ rating.

    • Tanner Haas

      HI Chris, thanks for your comment. Please see my responses below.

      1) We can’t be open source yet until all of our patents are filed and we gain more traction. Why would we want some other company with more funding to take what we’ve created and we wouldn’t have the resources to defend ourselves (financially)?

      2) We have had 3 independent security audits all turn out flawless.

      3) All conversations, anything relating to data is only stored on the users devices and is NEVER uploaded onto a server. Conversations are encrypted in transit, at rest for 0.1 seconds, and then all conversations are only managed on the users device so I disagree with your ending statement.

  45. SouthernStyle

    Very disappointing that I made two respectfully stated comments yesterday that questioned this product and its’ mode of acquisition, i.e., Google Play and Apple Store, and these questions/comments are not allowed to be posted on this board.
    Perhaps, Big Tech and the Government are not the only entities to be wary of.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Southern Style,
      What is “disappointing is” “You look like a troll with zero research in your very first comment!!! Reach out to Converso and get some facts: [email protected] Why do you think it is your right and duty to come on and trash my people with your “Opinion”!
      Oh yeah, you are a paid AI/Human troll!!! Now, go away and don’t come back.

      • Pine O Kleen

        Greg, any company talking about privacy SHOULD offer the APK files since privacy-conscious customers DO NOT use Google Play spyware, knowing full well what Google apps are doing.

        You censor just like the Mainstream Media does when it comes to your poorly-chosen sponsors. You clearly need a technical consultant so you don’t mislead your audience again.

        A privacy app that requires Google Play to be installed and imakes ludicrous claims and – to top it all off – is closed-source: it really doesn’t take much to impress some people. Swallow another load of your powdered ‘superfood’ and hit delete on this one too.

        Never upset the sponsor: something you have learned well from your time building your nest in the Mainstream Media.

        Calling people trolls is a low blow when you clearly selected poorly. Money talks. Truth walks.

        • Tanner Haas

          Hello, thank you for your comment. Please see my responses.

          1) We absolutely cannot offer an APK file right now as we are in the process of completing our patent applications and we CANNOT make our code public UNTIL that is complete. Why would we provide a big tech company access to that or any other company access to that?

          2) That is why we are closed-sourced at the moment. As soon as that is completed of course, we will become an open-source app. Doing so this early would kill us as EVERYONE would try to copy our features and we wouldn’t have the money to fight them off.

          3) Don’t think you need to be as rude as you in all honestly? I do believe by your name “Southern Style” you left us a one star review for some reason on the Google Play Store (that only benefits Big Tech when you do that) We are trying to give people their privacy back. If you knew the legal threats we’ve ensued from Big Tech demanding we offer it on their platform “or else” you’d be a little more supportive. Also the questions they asked how we did this or that and we didn’t tell them. We had to get our LEGAL TEAM INVOLVED!

          It is ILLEGAL on Apple to not go through to App Store. We are working on another solution. Google we will eventually offer APK files but the MAJORITY of people don’t know how to install that and won’t. So to punish up for that I don’t think is fair at all.

          Also, anything inside Converso is completely invisible to any company as users conversations ARE ONLY MANAGED ON THEIR DEVICE AND ARE NEVER UPLOADED ONTO A SERVER.

          Please feel free to comment back.

          P.S. One day we will make our own phone and app store with TRUE PRIVACY. If after you read this feel any different about your review I would 100% appreciate it if you deleted it as it is hurting our ranking and all I want is to fight off big tech and give people their privacy back.

          Thank you,

          Tanner Haas

  46. Donna Riggs

    He hit me when he said “your Dad” can have 4 lines. How wonderful elderly are amongst the financially pressured…they will be able to chat with all their family for free…LIKE THIS COMPANY!!!!

    GREG< Is the BEST

    • Tanner Haas

      Thank you so much for your support!

  47. Joe

    Hi there.

    As a watchdog I wanted to offer this link, which you might find very interesting:

    Also the app has been pulled from the App store and from Google Play, as the article suggests.

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